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Ashley Furniture Review

whats going on youtubers welcome back,to the madden jojo show,and today were going to talk about how,we got screwed in the booty hole,jojo for real a little finger in the,booty hoe,youre probably wondering what the hell,this is a review guys it is it is a,review because,if you havent been screwed by ashley,then you havent been to ashley,furniture,you dont know who ashley is shell,screw you raw with no ky,jelly or nothing we just bought a house,which you guys know,and we had no furniture in there at all,whatsoever,weve been sitting on a damn mattress in,the living room for how long,well since weve moved in and you know,we went to ashley furniture,and we asked what did you have what do,you have in stock because we have no,furniture in our house we,are you know sitting on a mattress,sleeping on a mattress,and they led us to something that they,said they had in stock,and it really wasnt our first choice,but we liked it enough,and they were supposed to deliver it,like within a week or so,and they lied it is a month and a half,later a month and a half later we spent,2600. and keep in mind we ordered some,at macys before that,and i went over there and canceled that,order because they said they had it in,stock,so they lie they bs to,make their commission so if youre out,there and youre shopping for some,furniture,dont go to ashley furniture because,they will change the delivery date a,whole bunch of times,they will never ever call you back and,once they realize youre frustrated,theyll even stop answering your phone,calls,the first red flag was when i made the,purchase,and they said their computer was down,they couldnt give us a delivery date,right then,from the very beginning from the very,beginning yeah,so they will bsu a lie to you do,whatever they can do to get that cell,so we went back to macys and i went,back to ashley and told her i aint,getting screwed in the ass ever again,and i got our refund so leave a comment,down below and let us know,have you had an experience like that,with ashley furniture,im curious i know theres other people,out there that are extremely,disappointed in their service,and their customer service is horrible,horrible their google reviews,are awesome but theyre yelp reviews,ill leave them right here check this,out,horrible look at that look at that i,cant believe this,some people even had the same exact,experience as us,even the manager kept telling me ill,call you back,id call up talk to him for a second he,said give me 30 minutes ill call you,back with the answer,yep and for the record never got a call,back the manager,never once called us even when he knew,we were,an unhappy customer never lifted a,finger to call us,he had no balls he said hes gonna call,me back today,he sent me a text he said so whats your,decision,i said you know what i showed up there,in person and said i want my money back,i aint playing no games yeah and you,know really,bad for them because we have a whole,entire,house to furnish two living rooms a,kitchen,uh bedrooms multiple bedrooms like they,if their customer service and if they,would have been on point,they could have made some money with us,definitely but they lie theyll do,whatever they get to sell so,dont go to ashleys unless you want to,get screwed in the booty hole,by ashley bye ashley so we love all you,guys,thats our review im gonna leave them a,review too oh you know i think i am too,and im not one to do that though no,i never ever left a bad review in my,life i always leave five star reviews,for like,restaurants and places we go out to eat,but this will be my first,bad review because it was horrible,service they lie,they bs and the customer service,is a thumbs down so hopefully you guys,like this video and uh,well have more videos coming out yeah,we will and once,our house is pimped out were gonna,leave you a video with that too,oh yeah definitely we love all you guys

Ashley Furniture/Ashley Homestore Review

hello and welcome back to my channel,so today i am going to be reviewing,ashley furniture,i bought three different things from,ashley furniture,and the first time i bought something,from ashley furniture it was a while,back,and i had nothing but a great experience,with them,i bought a couch from them and,i bought it i made payments it was like,payments and increments,and basically you pay it pay this amount,like a certain amount each month until,you pay it off and then they end up,shipping you,your items so thats what i did and i,loved,the couch that i had it was beautiful,and everything no problems there,so this time i ordered this,lovely bed frame from them,so i had seen this bed frame online,and i was like i dont know if i really,want that,or what i even talked to an agent online,then i was like i really dont know i,think i should go into the store which,most of the time if im able to go into,the store im probably going to go into,the store and purchase it,instead of buying it online i like to,touch it and feel it and really see for,myself if i like it or not,so i went in the store i walked all the,way around the store,looking for a bed frame i looked at all,the bed frames and this one,still had my eyes so i ended up,purchasing it,and the sales representative he was very,very nice,talkative very friendly no issues with,that,i really loved his service and i thought,everything was gonna go,super duper fine afterwards,so i ordered it with no issues so,it was no rush for me to get my,furniture,because it wasnt like i was moving to a,different location,and i needed it like right now no,so i ordered in december and im going,to call it the rona you know,the run has been around and i know it,was mailing,delays and everything with everybody,every company,had mailing delays so that was already,expected but,it wasnt any rush even a sales person,asked me is there a specific time frame,that you wanted by because usually when,people come in they want it,within two weeks or something like that,something like that i was like oh no,its not rush i dont need a specific,time frame,i have a bed that i was sleeping and of,course already,it wasnt like i was sleeping on a,mattress or on the floor or anything,like that,so it was no rush on it so i had,original date and he,he scheduled the date and it was the,earliest day and i had the original date,and that date came,it was the day before that date and i,was like hmm,i havent received any like alerts,saying oh your furniture is going to be,delivered,tomorrow like i didnt see receive,anything like that,so i was like interesting so the day,came,and i didnt hear anything so im like,thats,interesting so i called the company and,i was asking them where is my furniture,do you know when its going to be,delivered so then they gave me a,different date,which was way later and im just like,okay,i it was kind of annoying because im,like why wouldnt they contact the,customer,to tell them hey its going to be a,delay,we re scheduled for this like it would,be understandable but nobody ever,contacted me,so i had to contact them so i was pretty,upset about that and i wanted to speak,to,like a customer service person or,something to complain the manager,supervisor,and do you know what they told me they,told me there is no they dont have a,supervisor,to talk to no manager and i was like are,you serious,and the person had attitude with me on,the phone which i really didnt,appreciate,but i chunked it up to the rona,and people just you know people havent,been,having hard times basically so i left it,alone but,it really was like really how do,how do you not have anybody to talk to,about issues,and why did nobody ever call me and tell,me,hey its gonna be delivered on,a different date then this date receive,nothing so then the next date came,and left still nothing from ashley,furniture,like nothing from ashley furniture to,tell me,oh we moved the date back nothing like,that and i was just like okay,so then i called again and there was a,real,friendly lady on the phone this time the,first time i called the lady was very,rude,but the second time i called this really,nice lady and she literally,like explained to me this is whats,happening,you dont want us to mail you your,bed with only a few parts she wanted to,be delivered as a whole and she was like,really,sincerely a nice lady and i laughed on,the phone with her she was so sweet,so that day she gave me a date and,that date came and left so im like okay,so you know what i just i just put it,out my mind put it on my mind,whatever ill get the bed whenever i get,the bed,mind you i ordered a mattress from,somewhere,else and i kept on having to push back,the date of delivery for the mattress,because when i ordered the mattress i,ordered the mattress the same exact day,that i ordered the bed at ashley,furniture and,they wanted to deliver my mattress like,that day the day i ordered it they were,ready to deliver it that day and i was,like,no hold on i have to have my bed first,so i called them probably like four,different times to reschedule my day,and the last time i know the second to,last time i called,i told them i really dont know when im,going to get my bed,but can you just push it back the,delivery day,into the latest time,and so i gave them a date and they were,like oh we cant push it back that far,but ill push it back as far as i can so,i was like okay so,so the mattress people ill do that,review later but,man the mattress people they were,they were on point great customer,service each and every time i called,them to,push my uh mattress delivery day back,like they had no issue theyre like okay,thank you maam well do this for you,and,also when i was like sounded like,defeated on the phone,talking to them about how i really dont,know when my bed is going to be,delivered theyre like,oh we want to help you out um,we can send you this to sleep on for,this certain amount of time until you,get your bed they were like,really coming up with solutions trying,to help me,but i was like no thats okay i have a,bed to sleep on im just waiting on my,my new bed so put it on my mind,then my crazy self okay another cell,came,around mind you i still hadnt got my,bed frame from ashley but i ordered,something else from ashley,and thats another thing that im going,to talk about in a later video because,that,goes in a whole category of itself but i,ordered that item,during a sale and i was like are you,crazy,why would you order something from them,again when they havent even delivered,the other thing to you but i still did,it anyways,because it was a really super duper good,price,and also let me tell you although,this one bad experience that ive had,with them actually,this experience in the third experience,that im about to talk about,but although i,had different experiences with them let,me tell you,their products are always quality that i,experienced,so i did go and order something else,so let me tell you about this third,thing that i ordered from ashley,so i ordered it no issue,and i called them because i thought that,i accidentally ordered it twice because,the first time i clicked it it never,gave me like that confirmation page that,i ordered it so i did it again,so then i called them i was like i think,i ordered it,twice and they were like no you,or only ordered it once and i only,received one email but i,could have sworn that i actually clicked,it twice and just one time i actually,got the confirmation,so theyre like no you only ordered once,im like okay,[Music],so randomly im looking at my,card statement and i see that im double,charged,so i called them back again hello,my card has been charged twice for this,one,item theyre like how many times it did,you get a confirmation number and i said,i only got one confirmation number,and i also called right after i ordered,because,i feel like i accidentally pushed it,twice,to order i just didnt get a,confirmation the first time,and so theyre like no maam whenever,they s

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whats up my suggest ashley here and in,todays video we are doing a highly,requested one and that is going to be an,in-depth update of my tanabe couch from,ashley furniture home store i have had,this couch in february a year so its,been a little bit over a year and i am,going to go over all of the most,frequently asked questions as well as,details and my personal honest thoughts,of this couch this video nor this couch,have either been sponsored or endorsed,by ashley furniture home store these are,my honest feelings as i purchase this,couch with my own money so if you are,interested in seeing my honest thoughts,and review of this couch then just keep,watching,[Music],i right you guys before we get into the,video i am going to do my monthly,installment of my dossier perfumes and,this month i am so excited because it is,always such a nice surprise to be able,to open these up and see what i have for,the month this is going to be aromatic,pineapple as you can see here this is,going to be notes of ginger pineapple,and it is inspired by ysls why so if,thats something that you have worn or,used before then this would definitely,be an option for you so this is how they,come packaged i absolutely love and,always talk about how much i love the,packaging its always very sleek simple,and beautiful and of course very,high-end looking with that nice magnetic,closure on the cap so lets see how the,aromatic pineapple smells oh this is,really nice this reminds me if you are,familiar with the aqua digio from,giorgio armani in the mail version this,reminds me of what a female version,would smell like its very nice it has a,nice light scent i definitely am sensing,the pineapple,i think this would be a great perfume,and it also has a little bit of,sweetness to it so if that is something,you are into as well then definitely try,this one out im really liking the way,that this smells and i think this would,be a nice evening perfume for the summer,nights so lets see what our next,perfume is going to be this one is,floral honeysuckle floral honeysuckle,has notes of green leaves orange and,honeysuckle and is inspired by gucci,bloom so if that is something you have,worn before in the past then you,definitely will love this,lets check out the way floral,honeysuckle smells this is really nice,as well definitely different from the,one that i just smelled this ones going,to be a lot heavier and definitely more,of that floral note i would say overall,this one is a little bit stronger as,well i tend to go for the lighter ones,so i will probably be sticking with the,pineapple but if this is something that,youve worn in the past again the gucci,bloom then this one is definitely going,to be for you and again this is what the,packaging looks like really nice and,sleek and i of course as always well,leave all of the information about,dossier and their perfumes in the,description box down below if you have,any let me know which one you guys have,im always up to find a new one to try,and without further ado lets go ahead,and get into the video all right you,guys we are doing the most requested,video and that is an update on the,tanavi couch from ashley furniture and i,have had this couch for a little over,a year almost a year and a half now and,i wanted to give you the good the bad,and the ugly updates so we are going to,first start off with what exactly this,is this is the tanabe couch from ashley,furniture,it is sold as sets online as well as,individual pieces inside the store,so what i have are two corner pieces as,you can see one here and one here i have,two individual,side pieces that i put in the middle,here and then i have two ottomans that,are on the ends here so this formation,is really long its right under 200,inches if you are curious about the,length and i can leave all the exact,dimensions in the description box down,below so if you have a really large open,floor plan like we do then this size,will definitely work for you again they,do have some predetermined sets online,if you are interested in seeing those i,will link the website for you and some,of the options um in the description box,down below but this set in specific was,done in store because i got each piece,individually to create this customized,look now as far as the color of this i,love it because of the color is a really,nice neutral beige bone color there is,more beige than gray in it it is not,white it is light but not white so i,have a couple of throws here on the,couch that will kind of show you a,little bit of that color this one is a,taupey color which has got a little bit,of gray in it and then this one is very,very warm in color tone so as you can,see its not as gray as this throw but,its not as beige as this throw it does,have a really nice kind of thread of,color throughout with a little bit of,white as you can see here and then a,little bit of that beige to kind of,create,this color which really is beautiful,it does come with these little side,pillows and then the back pillows which,can be taken off and unzipped if you,wish,as well as this cushion on the ottoman,that is velcroed underneath for it to,stay in place now as far as some of the,questions that ive had about the upkeep,and about the update on this couch is,does it move,i have not had any issues with it moving,i have seen some things that you can,purchase after the fact to connect them,together to make them more stable but,underneath it does have feet they are,definitely really inset underneath there,and theyre very small and shallow but,as far as moving,to me it does not move easily the other,question that ive had is in regards to,the cushions have they flattened out any,of that sort of thing i will show you,they have a little bit of a dip in them,from sitting but i do flip them and i do,fluff them they do have a layer of,almost that if you can hear it goose,down type feather on top of the foam so,it gives it a little bit of softness but,theyre not too stiff and theyre not,too mushy if that makes sense to me it,really is right down the middle,so after this amount of time in my,opinion if youre looking at the,cushions i dont see really any issues,as far as them dipping into being too,squishy and i dont think that theyre,super super structured so again that,really is personal preference and what,it is that youre going for as far as,the look goes the sides of it are pretty,structured and a little bit more on the,modern side the back of it does dip down,low and has a very clean,simple line so if again thats something,youre looking for then i would,definitely look into getting this couch,this by the way is one of my favorite,consoles from home goods it is still,available in case youre looking for,something like this behind the couch as,well so as you can see if you wanted to,separate the pieces to clean you could,do that,and then you can just push them back,together i havent had any issues again,with them separating now moving on to,the next most requested question that,would be the pilling im going to say,two things about that number one,its a couch its going to happen,whether its the fabric changing texture,or pilling happening i mean it is the,couch so things are going to change with,time i think that that just kind of in,my opinion goes with that being said but,apparently thats a shock to some people,and number two to me it isnt anything,that cannot be remedied the things that,i have done to remedy this are two,things i use all the time this basket of,throw blankets i leave this beside the,couch,anytime we use the couch i grab a,blanket i kind of throw it over and then,thats what we lay on and that really,does help to,protect the couch from any sort of,spills stains and of course damage as,far as pilling now i will get up close,and show you an up close look at what it,looks like,right now i dont have any pilling again,if there was anything i have been using,those throw blankets a lot,but if in the case that there are any,which if i lift up the cus

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Shop with me Ashley Furniture Homestore and Steinhafels

whats up guys we are going shopping at,ashley furniture today,lets go see whats up over there,so here i am walking into ashley,furniture,sort of taking everything in right to,the right there was this section of more,modern and masculine furniture sort of,an industrial vibe i like this sofa but,it was,a little too big for my space although i,like this desk i want to point out that,this chair look really cheap in person,a lot of the fake leathers really look,plasticky in person,now i actually like this swivel chair,but i could actually buy,something nicer at west elm for less,money,this dining set was potentially one of,my favorite things i saw,i dont like things in a set but that,set look good together,again this looked really really plastic,in person,now i did like these lamps but i thought,99,was overpriced this dining chair looked,really nice but it,felt very cheap when you grabbed it it,was super light so if youre looking for,something lightweight maybe its an,option,now i liked this bust of the body and,then i looked at the price of 200,and i genuinely laughed out loud but,then upon further reflection i compared,the restoration price,to the ashley price and this is actually,a great dupe at a great price,so if this is a look youre going for i,highly recommend it and ill link it,below,heres a quick walkthrough of the kid,and teen furniture section,again everything looked super super,cheap,overall my impression of ashley,furniture was everything was very,low quality and nothing like looked very,real or high quality,in person whereas ive seen things,online,now i will do a follow-up video all,about restoration hardware dupes,that you could buy at various different,places including ashley furniture,but i just thought that in real life i,would,much rather buy something that looked,higher end and quality in person,this sofa made me laugh because i mean,it wasnt hideous but look at this,it is totally a recliner and i was,zenned all the way up now its 3 500,which i think is,genuinely laughable this was an,apartment-sized couch i mean you could,buy this anywhere,now this coffee table does raise up,which is convenient for those of you who,eat dinner in front of the tv,but you know not me now i did like this,bed but it was huge,in person these are great restoration,hardware dupe,but as you see me open the drawers,theres no dovetail drawers or anything,high quality about them theyre really,inexpensive finishes but they have a,nice higher end look on the outside so i,will link that down below,by the way any of the products i liked i,will link down in the description below,this table i eyed for a long time,because i was thinking about buying it,and i was disappointed when seeing it in,real life,felt very plasticky and just not as high,quality as it looked on the website,so i was definitely a little,disappointed by that,overall you guys again i was pretty,disappointed by the quality of items at,ashley furniture,but if youre going for a farmhouse or,you want to like sort of,pick pieces for a restoration hardware,vibe,i will definitely do a video that sort,of pulls everything together that if,youre going for that restoration,hardware look that these are the,individual pieces to buy,and i will link things down in the,description below this mirror by the way,was 600,i thought that was a genuine,joke overall my shopping experience at,ashley i was,pretty disappointed i thought it would,be,better in real life,by the way i love this chair but again,overpriced for what it was,i thought this dresser was interesting,because it was a combination of like,high,and low in terms of size so if youre,really needing a lot of storage,something like that would be,a good option i didnt hate this vibe,but the chairs just look so plasticky,and fake leather so this is genuinely,a walkthrough of ashley furniture if,youre ever curious what its like,this is exactly what its like,[Music],[Music],[Music],i actually love this coffee table if,youre looking for a large space,and you wanted a large coffee table to,style and put a lot of accessories on,this would be perfect i eyed this,sectional for a while because its,incredibly neutral somewhat modern,it can be customized to fit almost any,space and the price was right for what i,was looking for would have been about,fourteen hundred dollars,disappointed in what we found we decided,to run across the street to steinhoffels,a story,again never been to before it was,huge and the selection right when you,walked in wasnt so bad,of course big box furniture stores,always have cheesy pillows match with,you know sets that i would never buy,together however,i was impressed with the furniture right,when i walked in,i could immediately tell that the,quality of the pieces at steinhoffels,was significantly better there was,nothing that felt,plastic or fake however again look at,these,silly pillows that they match with,everything its like so cringy,but they had a ton of neutral options,and,shapes so i was very pleased with the,wide variety,im telling you there must have been a,thousand sofas in the store,and then not to mention the other areas,that they had as well,so this is sort of everything i saw,right when i walked in,again for the price i did notice at both,stores i would,much rather buy a smaller size,swivel or side chair at a west elm,or a cb2 or even a pottery barn based,upon the price and the quality you get,it seems much better at the higher end,stores,than at some of these big box stores i,think they get you because they think,youre going to buy,everything in one big shopping session,and therefore youll buy it all in one,place but you are way better off,shopping around and mixing pieces,together i actually,loved the sofa it was super super deep i,think it was fifteen hundred dollars for,the sofa,and i thought that was a great deal of,course the pillows looked crazy,now heres the clearance section i just,did a big,walk through to kind of show you,everything that they had they had some,great prices,if you were looking for a smaller sofa,or,a smaller piece for a apartment and you,needed to get a good deal on something,that youre gonna have for a couple,years,i would highly recommend the sort of,clearance section here,but it was nothing to write home about,per se,but you know this couch isnt bad it was,inexpensive it was small and,it would get the job done if you had a,small space and a small budget,another thing i noticed that throughout,the store a lot of times the sofas or,the chairs were fine,and the coffee tables in real life,looked,super cheap so i would recommend that,you buy something off facebook,marketplace or invest a little bit more,money,pretty much at this point everything,sort of went downhill,into recliner and leather kingdom,for our grandpas and dads without style,now i will mention,i did love this coffee table,and i liked this leather sofa if you,wanted something leather but it was,way overpriced but from here again,recliner city and then we went into some,dining tables which were,genuinely just disheartening so you have,my sympathies if you are also in the,marketplace for a dining table right now,like i am let me know where youre,shopping to find your dining table and,chairs,so this is pretty much how we finished,off our shopping experience,thanks for coming along i will link all,the products that i love down in the,description below and,look out for my next video with,restoration hardware,dupes on a budget talk to you later bye,[Music]

ASHELYS FURNITURE SECTIONAL | 1 YEAR UPDATE | Should you buy?? | Carnaby 5-Piece Sectional w Chaise

hey guys welcome back to the channel i,hope you guys are doing well and i,really hope you guys are happy i hope,that this video makes you happy child,because were going to be addressing,this,this,this,and this in todays video so its all,going to be about our sectional that we,have for about a year and a half im,going to give you guys some updates and,everything i like and dislike about the,sectional so if youre interested just,keep on watching,b,[Music],okay guys so just to get started and let,you guys know what sectional it is we,picked up the sectional from ashleys,furniture or ashleys home store,depending on what you guys call it um,last a year and a half ago so a little,bit over a year ago its been about a,year in four months so almost a year and,a half this is the carnaby five piece,sectional and you guys have definitely,been asking hows it been holding up so,lets go ahead and take a look as you,guys already know it is a seven seater,okay so it has one,two three four,five six seven and if you want to,include this piece as a eight part but,it is the chase it is a seven seater,okay now for the sake of the video i did,remove the table so once i set you guys,on the camera you can really see what it,looks like but this is what it looks,like completely cleared off,right,so were going to talk about the,longevity and everything about this,sectional i really really feel like its,a good piece so lets get lets get to,talking about it so everyone thats came,to visit has talked about how,comfortable and how deep the sectional,is but its not too deep to where you,cannot place your feet on the floor so,let me show you guys uh when i said this,is usually my spot or the chase over,here so when i just sit here,right i feel comfortable my feet is on,the floor i have a lot of back cushion,it just its giving me what i want to,give when i actually sit down on a couch,and want to be comfortable so you guys,can also see how low this is compared to,the other two it really really holds its,shape thats one of the reason i enjoy,the sectional is because once you get up,its not just completely did it out and,im saying sitting for hours once you,get up the shape is still going to be,there you might have to fluff you might,have to turn over the actual cushion,because thats what i do once we sat on,it for about a week once i do my weekly,cleaning i just go in and i turn over,our cushions however thats going to,prolong the life of your sectional and,it allows you to sit as comfortable as,you want to see so this is pretty much,how far it sinks when im sitting on the,sectional so i think this is a a good,ratio i dont feel like it goes all the,way down you feel comfort like i dont,know if you guys can see that but you,its firm you can bounce on it its firm,its not going to sink all the way down,and thats what you want in a couch you,dont want to catch this too hard you,dont want to couch this too soft,because you want the longevity and you,want to be able to be comfortable ive,slept on this couch i sit on this couch,ive eaten on this couch and when i say,that the longevity,after you make sure you do your,maintenance which is flipping the,sectional over making sure youre,cleaning up etc etc the longevity of the,cushions i think theyre theyre made,very very well lets take a look of,whats actually inside the cushions just,to kind of get up so you guys can see,what it looks like when i get up so this,is the one i didnt sit on this is what,i did sit on and this one wasnt sat on,either,so i dont think thats bad at all it,sunk down a little bit but not too much,and lets sit back down and get back up,bounce on it a little bit,lets down on it a little bit yall,and then lets go ahead and get up,i think thats perfect,i dont see an issue with it i feel like,the cushions were made very very well,now you guys know that i was pushing my,back up against here theres really no,difference with these back uh pillows at,all were gonna get into that but lets,look at the cushions really quick,so guys here is what is inside of the,cushion portion im going to be honest,with you,ive never looked inside of here at all,but this is whats inside of it,so theres a very,firm,padding in here and it goes all the way,around then it looks like its followed,up with some more firm padding,on both sides,so that this definitely shows me that,if ever i can change it out,they zip right on up,so what i like to do i vacuum this,portion out and i also just go ahead and,flip this cushion so if i was sitting on,this side im going to put this side,down and flip it,place it all the way up against the back,and voila,its good as new,okay guys so lets talk about the back,cushion ive actually got quite a few of,you guys reaching out to me on instagram,if youre not following me over on,instagram definitely make sure you guys,do so im active in my stories you know,im getting my page together but im,definitely active in my stories and this,is something im going to actually post,about so instagram will get it before,you get it,but when it comes to the back pillows,theyre filled with that poly fiber now,i didnt 100 know about this until one,of you guys reached out to me on,instagram and asked well what are the,back pillows filled with are they,cushioned or is it like pillow uh filler,and its fiber its um,the poly fiber that the pillow filler,ill put it down below so you guys know,the actual name of it because im kind,of thinking of it off head,but um,its very very very tough okay the good,thing about this i know some people are,like no i rather have you know cushions,like the the seating part but not all uh,sectionals most sectionals have the poly,filler in it so one thing thats good,about that is that if it ever gets too,flattened etc etc you can always run a,home depot lowes wherever they sell,them and actually put some extra poly in,here to prolong the life of your back,pillows so that was a question on what,is inside of here and it is a poly,filler and it does hold up very well i,will say it holds up well when i do my,weekly cleanings this is something that,i also change i also flip them around,and change them over i not only just,flip my cushions i move them so ill,take every cushion can be moved except,for this chase part so ill take this,cushion ill put it over here by the arm,and ill move all the rest of them down,as well as flipping them over so that i,can actually prolong the life of the,sectional mind you weve had this,sectional for a year and four months,there we go weve had this sectional for,a year and four months and it is lasting,theres absolutely nothing nothing at,all wrong with it okay so i would highly,recommend it the only thing i dont like,is that of course,this,of course this chase piece,you cant move it anywhere but the chase,and thats fine im going to show you,guys what i do when we dont have,company and throughout the week im,going to show you guys the secret,the secret that i use to make sure that,my chase stays firm and its still,upwards and its not just sitting flat,is i move these out the way,now this thing is kind of heavy,okay,and i flip it this way,i allow us to sit on it this way in case,we get any,stains um any crumbs and so that the,chase life can also have a longevity as,well,we sit on our sectional,probably three to four times a week so,were not an active family inside of,this living room we sit outside mainly,in the office in the kitchen area so,when we do have our family time on the,sectional we really really utilize it,right if you sit on the sectional every,single day i strongly suggest that you,flip your cushions when it comes to this,sectional i strongly suggest that you,flip it,um once a week,i can go two weeks without flipping it,and maintaining the life of the,sectional but if you have little ones if,you,sit on the sectional you and your,husband your friends your spouse however,yall work it out if you guys sit on it,often every single day you know when you,get home yall laying on the secti


hey guys today im gonna be,shopping at ashley furniture,uh yall they have some really cute,stuff in here some stuff i did get for,my new,uh newly built home whats almost,complete,and i thought you guys would be,interested a lot of people like the rh,style and they do have some things in,here that i think,are similar so here im just,this is the entrance um,i went straight back to something though,because i really wanted to show you guys,this right here,this is the langford bed this is the bed,that i bought from my home yall,it is so close to the cloud,the rh cloud bed um,the just the style of it is very similar,and i thought you guys would be,interested um,i think i purchased it for like 8 49,i know the price is going up and its,also out of stock so,i also but the good thing you can go,in the store like i did purchase it,theyll give you a plan,a delivery date and you can get it,delivered,theyre making furniture so just because,something is out of stock doesnt mean,youll never eat it so,you may want to go into your local,ashley and ask for that but again its,called,the langford bed,im just here showing you online what it,looks like,but its its like more my style wanted,something more laid-back and comfortable,i cant wait i cannot wait for it,and after this im just gonna go ahead,and show you guys the,real orange cloud bed and see the,similarities,so now this is the wood version of the,length for bed that i just showed you,its more of a masculine styles that you,guys,may be interested in i do like it as,well,im just showing you the price of it,here,next up im going to go ahead and go,over to,the couch that i feel like is close to,the rh,cloud couch and i think i saw two,reviews,on youtube maybe one its,called the tanavi linen,sectional i did order it as well,its plain to be delivered about two,two and a half months away its like a,very,tough linen uh fabric but unlike the,cloud couch you dont have to,continuously fluff it,so i thought thats a real good benefit,with having kids,uh do you get a protection plan just in,case its something like ripped,or a wine glass spill,so thats something i feel comfortable,having,[Music],here im just looking at a a a,very nice leather sectional its very,expensive though,i mean for ashley its like six thousand,um so if you guys,are looking are looking to spend that,much you may like something like this,but i think its very nice as well,just looking around at some different,[Music],pieces,all right uh just,roaming around,thats my daughter now this is the other,bed,yall guess what i have a story,i first purchased this bed and then when,that other bed came,in and i saw it i went in and exchanged,it,and i got that bed this bed is nice too,i just wanted something more uh,i like the headboard on it i just wanted,something more,comfy and cozy,now im going around to this coffee,table im,interested in getting it to go with that,sectional that i showed you guys,let me know in the comments if you like,this style of coffee table,i know its more of a farmhouse style,its uh 500. isnt bad for,nice-sized coffee table,now here im just looking at this chair,i thought it was very nice here as well,i think its like a leather material,this bed i like it mainly because it has,that,uh bench at the bottom so cute you can,like sit there instead of,ruffling up your bed when you want to,put your shoes on you know,just have a bench already attached to,the bed its very convenient,[Music],here this table is actually on clearance,and i was very,very attracted to it just by the size of,it as a dining option,and also that it was on clearance and,also,the bottom of it thats very unique as,well to me let me know in the comments,if you guys think its a good,good deal for that i know you can,probably find,some you know chairs from wayfair or,something,here is another set that i thought was,cute,um it actually comes with two high,chairs like at each end,and those two chairs the mid in the,middle and,the bench which i think is very cute,im just roaming because i do have a new,build home,and trying to get some decor ideas and,different pieces of furniture that i may,be interested in,putting into my home so,here im just showing you the price of,it,[Music],now here im looking at this,uh dining table set its a little more,on the glam side if thats what youre,looking for,i think ive kind of outgrown that style,but i mean,its still very nice um,it has those um what do you call them,like diamonds,the tough the tough dick,i dont i forget what its called but,its its pretty,its just not my style anymore but i,mean if you guys are looking for,something glam,then definitely this would be something,maybe,that you would look at,thats the name of it there,[Music],i think its javana dining room,here i mean this table has a glossy,sheen to it as well but i really like,the,chairs that it comes with theyre very,sturdy,and look they seem to be stain resistant,i always think about that you know with,having little kids,something that i maybe could clean,easily,here is a coffee table that i thought,would be,um versus the other farmhouse table that,i looked at,that i thought would be um nice to add,to,this sectional that i got so you guys,let me know in the comments see you like,this coffee table,the uh versus the other one that was,more of a farmhouse style,this chair i just um thought it was a,different looking chair it has a,different style to it i like like a um,scandinavian maybe style,i dont know what if thats correct now,these two accent chairs,i really want something like this to,accent my,sectional let me know if you guys like,this style,chair its leather i know i probably,want to do a darker color,but these two chairs are something that,im very interested in getting to accent,the,sectional that i purchased let me know,in the comments if you like them,they almost have like a ostrich uh,if im seeing it right an ostrich,like texture to them,now this is another accent chair that,you,guys may even be interested in it like,that color,[Music],i think i was just filming here because,i like that bedding,very different and all the accent,pillows i i think thats the only reason,i was here,i also like to you know walk around and,get decor,ideas um you know you may,see a way that you want to um,decorate or design your home so,always like to maybe take a video,picture,of the way some of these furniture,stores have some things set up,and get inspiration from it here is,another dining table that i thought was,very,nice it has a very sturdy,accent chairs to go with it as well as,um its very thick wood and very,um it seems to be very sturdy and,well made theres the name of it,well i was showing you the pricing as,well,its the walletberg dining room,you can just and a lot of these titles,all you have to do is go on ashlynn type,dan,um okay so this coffee table i love the,black on it,let me know if you guys like this one,versus the other two that i showed you,this one has um some black in it and i,am going for a little black,accent theme in my home as well,this chair is a cute accent i thought,very different i thought it would be,cute,now this chair here,is i like the color of it as an,accent but i dont know if i want that,like those lumps in it i wish it was,just a smooth,like texture and i think i would be more,interested in it like the other one i,showed you here im just showing you a,bed,its okay i mean its more on a style,that im not going for,but some people are still interested in,that style so,still wanted to show you guys that they,did have different,options in ashley,here im showing you i was very,interested in this,i was showing you that um they do have,some bedding options,uh theres a this is a duvet actually so,you would have to get the down comforter,to go inside of it,and it comes with two shams as well so,i did like that part of it and it um,i think its okay on the price point as,well,let me know in the comments if you guys,know,a place where you can get like a similar,uh,sil

Working for Ashley Homestore review

whats going on everybody so this is,going to be my review of working for,ashley furniture in ocala florida,im going to give you the good the bad,and the ugly,uh so im going to start out bad,then im going to mention the good and,then im going to go back to the bad,because i think thats important and,its why i left ashley furniture,a little background on me i worked there,a little over three months about three,and a half months which was enough time,to get trained and have three full,months of training,now to,kind of give this some context its not,like i couldnt make it and i wasnt,selling let me give you a little bit of,background when you sell furniture if,youre a million dollar producer you,sell a million dollars worth of,furniture in a year thats kind of the,the,ive accomplished something so,my first three months uh and im going,to ballpark this but it should be pretty,close my very first month of selling,full selling i sold 87 000,my second month was either 82 or 83 000,and my third month was 97 000. so i was,already pacing a million dollar,uh,production now i did have a background i,sold furniture for a while so i kind of,the learning curve was not as steep for,me or it was i you know i caught on,much quicker,um the biggest thing i want you to take,away from this interview,is youre going to starve on the way in,and youre probably if if,what happens to you hap if what happens,to me happens to you youre gonna get,screwed on the way out and im gonna,explain both of those things,first of all when you sell furniture you,get paid on furniture you deliver so,just because you sell it you dont get,paid on that four thousand or twelve,thousand or two thousand dollars until,it gets in somebodys home and then you,get paid on the next commission check,now the way ashley was paying at the,time and they may ch have changed since,then i dont think they have,they basically pay you ten dollars an,hour,until you start delivering to a certain,point so in other words uh they pay you,10 an hour which is a gross of what 400,a week,until you actually hit a certain number,of deliveries now the reason i say,youre going to starve is this i did not,get a commission check until my second,full month there so even though i sold,80,would i say,87 thousand dollars my first month i,drew no commission i was basically,making,10 an hour so do the math sixteen,hundred dollars a month,whatever you take home from that eleven,or twelve hundred clear,um,now,one of the things thats important i,want you to take away from this video is,aside from selling furniture youre,going to be required,to sell something called the furniture,protection plan and this was really,probably the primary reason that i left,now what is that,the furniture protection plan is,basically a form of insurance that okay,so you buy seven thousand dollars worth,of furniture mr customers anything,happens to that furniture if you spill,wine on it or your kid,grabs a knife and scratches your table,we send somebody out right away and fix,that furniture,okay now first of all,understand that theyre going to pay you,excuse me on that,even if the furniture isnt delivered so,lets say you go four weeks youre not,getting a commission check for whatever,reason youre not there long enough,anything that you sell that you sell,furniture protection on it and its,usually about 10 of the cost of the,furniture maybe 15 something like that,so,they pay you on that but they dont pay,you on the furniture you sell so they,are going to and im not going to,sugarcoat this they are going to,pressure you,to,sell,fpp,um,im going to come back to that before,let me talk about the good i said i was,going to talk about good so im going to,insert the good here first of all the,manager that hired me matt,super cool guy,super competent,super professional,super patient,great trainer,uh in no way shape or form do i hold,matt accountable for any of this he was,fantastic from the time i started until,the time i left,the store is a clean store although,their air conditioning wasnt working,for three months so we had to run around,wearing a tie and heat but thats im an,old army guy i can suck that up um but,the furniture was ample they sell a lot,of furniture this furniture store in,ocala,sold over a million dollars a month um,i mean they they sold a lot of furniture,now furniture uh in ashley its not the,highest quality its i call it mid-grade,and even on some of that its a stretch,they do have some good quality stuff but,a lot of it,is uh mediocre to even poor quality,people still buy it they buy a lot of it,the store was clean,they kept it well stopped the turnover,was pretty quick in other words when you,sell furniture in a lot of furniture,stores you might have to go four or five,months before you get paid on it ashley,was pretty quick because of the way that,theyre structured,uh,like i said dude,it was 40 hours a week now the earning,potential,is pretty good you can make 70 to maybe,thats kind of a stretch but 70 to 100,000 if youre good,the problem is not how much they pay,its the way they pay it so now im,going to segue back into how they pay,so basically when i say youre pressured,to sell fbp they make money on that well,how do i know they they make money on,the furniture protection program first,of all,lets say they sell a million dollars a,month in furniture,lets say they sell 10,of the people that come in the furniture,protection program,and they do,so simple math a million dollars a month,thats a hundred thousand dollars a,month a million two and it might be up,or down at the end of the year they make,in this store makes an additional,million dollars give or take thats my,opinion doing the math that i know of,each year how do i know they make money,on it well they pay commission on it and,they pressure you to sell it not only do,they pressure you to sell it they sort,of hold you accountable now going back,to matt he was super cool no no pressure,you know he mentioned fpp,the problem with fpp,for me,um number one ninety percent of the,people dont need it ninety percent of,the people dont want it and heres the,kicker if you read the reviews on the,company that actually does furniture,protection plan,um,i think its uh,i forget the name of it but just google,it and do the research on this company,and they were atrocious people would,file claims and they couldnt get a hold,of anybody,it would take a long time for them to,come out and the kicker,was this company,would go to great lengths to disapprove,the claim so,if somebody spends six thousand dollars,on furniture theyre gonna pay for six,hundred dollars,for this,furniture protection plan,now,one of the things that actually did is,they would have us do something called a,six square the the car business is,something similar its called a,foursquare but it was kind of sneaky and,in my opinion unethical in the way that,they would,use a format to sell this fpp because oh,mr customer i just want to present you,with all of your financing options so,theyd show you you know what it costs,to finance over 12 months or 24 or 60.,oh its zero percent mr customer so,heres your monthly payments 12 months,24 months 60 months,with the furniture protection plan if,they mention it at all,um,so,people say no i dont want it oh well,what you know and they try to talk you,into it,yada yada,and uh,so,again,heres what got me in training and even,on the floor people go thats how you,make your money so in other words okay,let me back up here youre gonna get,paid ten dollars an hour,and youre gonna get paid for anything,you sell with fpp on it pretty much,right then for that week or maybe the,following week whenever it hits,so if you dont want to starve,if you dont want to starve the first,three or four months and kind of even,beyond uh that,youre forced to sell fpp otherwise,youre going to get two 300 paychecks i,mean for crying out loud who can live on,that,again you get a commission check once a,month at the end of the month oka

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