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Aspen Dental Review Watch before you visit!

hi my name is jamie and today were,gonna review aspen do I went to this,company twice because online and if you,look at their commercials and stuff that,claim they have the best denture they,have a seven year warranty its the best,thing around,Yatta Yatta now the first time I went to,Aspen Dental they they brought me in the,office blah blah they told me ask me how,many dentures I had as soon as I told,them I had more than two dentures she,said she couldnt help me and refer to,me as somebody wasnt even in my network,alright so I get to the front I leave,and Im like what the [ __ ] man why the,hell cant getting the denture at Aspen,Dental I call it their corporate office,and they sent they said theyre sorry,yada yada theyre going to let me go to,a different location so I Drive all the,way to a different city like [ __ ] 30,minutes away and its even worse I go in,the damn office the dentist is right,there just like the other one within the,first five minutes I tell them what look,I like I dont need to waste your time I,need a replacement denture I want to,thing in the picture the compy lights I,have insurance how do we do this okay,hes like okay let me write it up it,takes an hour for some friggin lady or I,guess the office manager to come and see,me and be like oh well I was on the,phone with your insurance and thats,what took so long so I get back there,she prints up a thing for $14.99 for,their comp you like denture now on the,website it only says $12.99 so didnt,make any sense secondly it my insurance,should have paid out for that it does my,insurance clearly states 55 percent,dentures implants major surgeries like,most good insurances of course mom will,pay for implants because theyre [ __ ],scammer but now so she prints me up this,thing saying it only pays like $400 at,$14.99 which is overpriced to begin with,and I dont have time to argue cuz I,already been there like over an hour and,a half man I call my insurance though,theyre like look and this is the answer,I didnt like the answer,all I do is argue with them for once,they action were on my side here the,insurance companies like you know they,cant do that a dentures a denture the,codes are wrote up by the ABA they they,put in your your car code and then they,put in some fake code of charged denture,so you should only have to pay that the,four hundred or whatever theyre full of,[ __ ] and Im like well Im glad I didnt,sign that [ __ ] paper,now Im sure when I call them up and,tell them this theyre going to be like,well we dont want to get you a denture,so by the way I also saw their denture,before let thats the last thing I want,to mention a good denture and Ive had,Ive had a few good dentures has,European a really good denture European,teeth theyre like very white if you,want them to be theyre not like [ __ ],tobacco shade or or you can see your,tongue through them or anything like,that,its [ __ ] got grooves in it its,white its [ __ ] snow or you can even,be like not white but you still has,grooves and looks real secondly a good,denture has you look at the gum line I,mean first of all you shouldnt got to,see the gum line if its a good dentist,but if you do see the gum line you,should be like vein structures blowing,through the gums um this should also be,like a speckling look its like it looks,like little bubble wrap all over the,denture this makes this [ __ ] look very,real now again my problem is I cant get,one that fits because I need implants,but that is what you want to look for in,a denture so my review on Aspen Dental,is like [ __ ] four thumbs down it,sucks,there are scammers the reason why they,have so much business is because they,prey on people without insurance to not,know this [ __ ] so what theyre going to,do if you dont have insurance is by oh,here heres a free x-ray exam now if you,do have insurance theyre charge to,share out your insurance but by the way,thats even another scam and then,theyll be like man our dentures like a,[ __ ] zillion dollars or $14.99 wearer,but well make a payment plan with you,and thats how theyre getting away with,this preying on people that dont have,the insurance that dont know [ __ ] about,dentures [ __ ] Aspen Dental,dont go there if you go there I told,you so youre going to experience the,same thing Ive been to two locations,both of them are [ __ ] and thats my,review thank you for watching


hi guys well its been a while since,Ive recorded anything,and well I,its happened what I wanted to talk to,you about was aspirin dental,Ive had a problem with my teeth somehow,I got an infection of my gums and it,just totally destroyed what little teeth,night good piece I had and,its unbelievable I will show you my,teeth,isnt that disgusting Im so embarrassed,and I went to Aspen Dental and they were,very very gracious they didnt make me,feel humiliated or you know whats wrong,with you or anything like that they were,just a very very professional and,compassionate and they helped me make a,decision to just get dentures and so,thats my newest plate Im going to,adventures so tomorrow Im going to go,in and have,a fitting you right onto some plastic or,something Ill let you know how it goes,after I have a procedure done and then,next Saturday I will have the extraction,and instant dentals in you know the the,dentures which will be temporary and,then six months after that you get the,permanent they helped be with financing,and I know its expensive its a lot,less expensive than implants but lets,face it at my age and with my financial,state right now thats not an option,so the dentures are the way that Im,going to go and I know that the,youtubers that posted their journey with,you know getting dentures helps me,tremendously make a decision and to feel,less fear than I you know experienced,prior to that theyre watching their,videos so that is why Im making one so,that I can help someone whos going,through the same thing that Im going,through right now,so Im on my way to the fitness club and,I will get back with you tomorrow after,my impressions are made and thank you,for watching and talk to you later Mike,hey everybody its me again this is my,second video on my ass potential,experience and Monday I went in for a,fitting for my temporary dentures and,what they do is they put the impression,medium in a tray and its shaped like,your gums and they put that in your,mouth and you you know have it bite down,on it they push it up or push it down,depending upon its upper lower and its,peppermint flavored so it doesnt going,to gag you it wasnt an unpleasant or,painful experience it was just you know,that one that I choose to do and so they,had difficulty making my impression,because my gum line is irregular and,they said it was difficult but not to,worry that they were going to work on it,and if they had to theyd make a special,tray for me but it seemed like after,that you know ii tried that they did get,a good impression,so just to make sure theyre calling me,back in today for a fitting for the wax,impression theyve made a wax impression,of what my dentures would be like and,im going to try that on and see if its,going to you know fit properly so that,one and they do make my dentures theyll,be exactly what i need and want,so thats what im doing today and now,ill let you know how that goes,well everybody todays the day,Im just getting ready to,go in to have my teeth extracted and my,new dentures put in,I stopped,and splurged you got a Starbucks Im,gonna wait here a few minutes build up,my courage its a bittersweet thing Im,excited and yet scared at the same time,no pain no gain so Im on my way Ill be,seeing you soon,well good evening people as you can tell,its been like 24 hours since I had my,dentures put in and Im loving it Im,not getting weird looks from people,about my snaggletooth,smiled you know Im still swollen and,Im still kind of like getting adjusted,to having dentures in my mouth and,speaking differently and but its,fabulous and one thing that I have to,say a Madison Thank You Aspen Dental for,changing my life,for helping me overcome my fear of,getting the dentures for being so,professional and understanding and,helping me along the way and I know that,you give me continued support for any,fittings and in six months Ill choose,my permanent dentures and theyve,already said you know were here to help,you have the best smile that you can and,anything that we can do we will help you,with it so um you know until they get,used to talking again and the numbness,is still a little bit present you know,but um thank you as Ben dentist youre a,great company and no I wasnt sponsored,I had to pay for this myself but thank,you and Im so appreciative so everyone,have a great day and Im talking to you,soon

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Aspen Dental Review

welcome to my channel,today I want to do something new,something I have never done before on,this channel,I want to give a review,to not a product,but to a business,specifically a dental business,Aspen Dental here in Ashland Kentucky,my wife she has had a problem with two,third two of her teeth,or,the past year she just went to dentist,after dentist all the thing theyve done,was build it and told her she need a,Big Time surgeon in order to remove it,and uh the surgeon was going to take all,the way up to December,she has set in an abscess,was in excruciating pain,for,two days,uh recently,and,no Dennis was wanting to,pull her teeth,I dont get it,so we thought it was like you know,Lets uh,lets contact Aspen Dental,see Ive never heard of him before so I,mean because we,really didnt do what you call a whole,lot of research,uh when it came to those kind of places,we always went for like you know the,ones that we already knew,well we contacted Aspen Dental,they set her up for the next day,oh they said that well they do walk-ins,they,you just gotta go down and see if,theyll take you,we went down there,and uh they took us that day,got her in there done a wonderful job,with her x-rays and everything and uh,theyre very professional very nice all,of them,and uh,the doctor came in and uh seen her,seeing her problems and its like well,yeah youre abscessed,put her on antibiotics,and the funniest thing was is he said,that uh you will feel better after two,days by Saturday,by God if he wasnt right,they set her up with surgery uh or a,week later,and she just went in today,had it removed,and another like nothing,they did wonderful,they helped her when nobody else would,after that for that I congratulate them,big kudos,thank you all a lot and I hope that,many people will bet that you are Im,pretty sure the rest of yalls,businesses,um are just as good you all seem like,good people,but thank you a lot and uh,we found our new dentist for now on,I appreciate yall a lot,God bless yall

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Aspen dental review

this is my bridge from Aspen Dental let,me take this out of the case and Ill,show you what the build ups look like,that Aspen Dental did to glue these two,that little black spot is a piece of,metal sticking out from the little root,thing or whatever they call it the pin,that was like that when they glued it on,cuz I asked about it and he said its,fine you can see this ones starting to,turn black in the back who knows if,thats even saleable now,its pretty much just the kind of work,youre getting Im uh going up there,right now Im gonna have them basically,redo that and try to build it back up,some more and I dont know Im not much,of a dentist nor do I have much,knowledge but pretty sure its not,supposed to look like that whenever,youre getting dental work make sure you,get copies of everything you get or,everything you get done make sure you,get copies of all the paperwork and make,sure you check what theyre doing before,they just glue [ __ ] on because if you,come back off and it looks like that,its kind of scary looking over 10 grand,to get these teeth fixed and put in have,six root canals done a lot of work a lot,of pain and now Im going back again to,see what were gonna do because these,things didnt even last a year and,theyve already fallen off doesnt make,sense,but thats pretty much it Im gonna get,my ass down here to the dentist thanks,for watching this is a good warning to,make sure you watch what your dentist is,doing because you cant trust everybody,and you spend a lot of money you want to,make sure the work gets done right so,thats what Im gonna go do then go make,sure this gets done the right way

Aspen Dental – Denture review

whats up YouTube yeah doing this video,to show my journey and my decision to go,to Aspen Dental to get a full mouth,extraction and upper and lower dentures,the reason why I wanted to do this video,is because other videos that are out,there that Ive seen that kind of give,Aspen Dental a bad rap some some bad,things that you know people are saying,that they experienced that they had and,I wanted to just go through and let,people know my experience and let people,know that that do your research whether,you go private or you have insurance or,you dont have any insurance and its,coming out of everythings coming out of,your pocket research theres more than,enough videos out there that will let,you know where to go and then and youll,know the right choice when you come to,it and but I cant stress enough going,through the research and finding out,whats best for you keep in mind when,you go through this and you finally made,the decision which is a huge life,decision to get dentures I can tell you,that I went through it it took me,forever to decide that I was gonna go,through with it and the only thing that,pushed me over the edge to do it was,that my teeth were horrible but I was,living with it I knew pain or anything I,just you know I had three teeth left at,the top I had about four or five left at,the bottom teeth and it wasnt it was,something that I did to myself you know,I smoked I did,I did coffee everything possible wrong,that you can do to make your teeth bed I,did,so it was nobody blame but myself,it wasnt genetics it wasnt anything,other than I didnt take care of my my,teeth and the way my decision was to,actually push me over the edge to go and,get it done,wasnt one morning I woke up and was,going to work and I got a breakfast,biscuit at one of the local places at,Burger King and my first bite into it,two out of the three teeth that I had,left at the top came out and ended up in,my first bite and that sucked and and I,mean I basically looked like the way the,best way to describe it when I looked in,the mirror after realizing that my teeth,had fallen out was that a cartoon,character of the baby with the one tooth,sticking out you know when he smiled I,got that one too thing and thats what I,looked like and I decided new cant live,like this I thought it was bad before,but this is a really bad I went to went,to work and immediately logged on to my,computer and I had decided because I,didnt have any insurance or in all the,videos that I had seen an advertisement,and stuff I was gonna go and try has,been dental I paid out of pocket for it,I dont have insurance dental insurance,so which is one of the things that kept,me from doing it you know putting it off,and putting it off Im not gonna have,enough money for work but you know I can,say if youre gonna do it do it its,worth the investment if you have to,start saving up then then just do it I,mean the life changes you get and the,self-esteem that you get from it,and just go through with it dont put it,off,do your research know what you want know,what you can afford and do it you know,which is you know my name on here is no,Fox because it have the Fox just do it,Livie life you know the benefits of it,after being embarrassed to smile at talk,to Peter people its well worth it and,its not really for what you get its,not really that bad money-wise anyway I,kind of got off at a track but basically,I logged on back to my story a log on,has been dinner when I got to work that,morning and made it real simple I mean,they go through setting up an,appointment first and you do everything,online and ask you questions and and,what you plan on getting what you want,the dates you set up the appointment on,the dates and times that they are,available put all your information in,once you finish that theres also,patient forms that need to be filled out,on your first day that you can do online,which I suggest doing it saves a hell of,a lot of time you can do everything,online,except for sign the papers which youll,do on the first day when you go your,first appointment thing when you when,you do all of that get everything set up,you know the date and time and the,location thats nearest you that you,want to go to then you know you hit OK,and it gives you an appointing you mail,with your appointment day and everything,like that about what I was surprised,about was about two hours later I got a,phone call from the Aspen Dental Clinic,that I was going to from the the,secretary or the the appointment setter,and the person that works in the desk,real nice just confirming it Thank You,me for choosing Aspen Dental just going,over everything telling me about,everything,and you know basically just thank you me,for choosing Aspen Dental which I,thought was really nice you know that,the fact that they reached out to you,just to confirm to make sure youre,gonna show up and things like that my,first appointment day was the day of,Valen you can you can literally do the,next day if an appointment is available,if you want mine was a several days,because of work and stuff I think it was,two days that I had went in and first,day I walked in and gave my name and,they they were ready they said okay next,if I had filled out the forms online I,suggested it I just have to sign shes,checked it printing them out I signed,signed in and she had me sit in the,waiting room real quick I mean its a,waiting room its a doctors office and,I was in there for probably about 15-20,minutes waiting I got you know once they,come out he gets you to bring you into,the back the thing that I really liked,because youre already nervous about,being in there you already are worried,about your decision you dont know,whats going on you dont know whats,gonna happen youre just nervous I mean,normal but when you sit down and theyre,talking to you they actually have a,setup to where theres a TV right front,of you I mean its sitting right in,front of you and you can watch TV the,whole time they give you a remote you,got the time the value you to volume and,everything and you sit there and you can,watch TV while its downtime or what,theyre doing what theyre doing um but,when you first you know sit down the,assistant of the nurse talks TX you know,what youre getting take a look at your,teeth and they they ask what your plans,are what youre there for,if you have any pain if you know,anything like that and then immediately,they bring you into the back to the,x-ray room and they take a full,my x-ray of your teeth and you know,usually when you go to an emergency room,where doctors office and they take,x-rays it usually takes a while for the,x-rays to come back this was maybe ten,minutes that the x-rays were available,and and printed up and they had him in,my room so I could see what my teeth,were and she could and and this is all,before you see the actual dentist and,then the nurse with another one another,nurse did you nurses arent are in there,and they measure your gums and the,recession of you gums and like I said,Ive always done dip so they measured,down here on how low my gums have gone,and they put it all into the computer,for the dentist and to come back and see,maybe about a took maybe about 15-20,minutes and then the dentist comes in,and verify check everything mouth and,goes over the same stuff and what you,want upper and lower dentures when you,expect what to expect he takes a look at,your x-rays make sure you dont have any,problems or anything I did not I got,lucky and everything was was doing um,with the teeth that I had left and the,nubs that they had to take out um I,ended up getting I think it was 24,extractions upper and lower and both,upper and lower dentures put him I had,surgery five days ago on February 6th,was my surgery date I actually you know,from the time that Im going through my,first appointment seeing the dentist and,talking to the dentist I know I got off,a subject again but when I was talking,to the dentist he confirms everything,and says yes we cant save a

Aspen Dental Reviews – They just want to make money

um i scaled on an appointment with aspen,dental,for a filling to get that repaired and,um,they sent me through a whole procedure,from x-rays to,um checking my gums whatever the only,thing they did not do,and they were not willing to do was to,repair my feeling they wanted to send me,home without,getting that feeling done they made me,schedule another appointment and i was,really upset about that,that was not the purpose of my visit and,um,you know they sent me through a lot of,things i,didnt ask for and i didnt need it at,that point so i was really disappointed,what happened i just recently moved to,the florida area and i hadnt,established a,dentist yet so i broke a filling and the,dentist i,actually wanted to see was still,currently,closed due to the pandemic so i went,online and looked for a dental,office that is currently open so i,stumbled over aspen dental and i went,online,and scheduled an appointment filled out,all the paperwork you know they asked me,why i would schedule that appointment,for so i told them i have a broken,filling thats why im going there,so after filling out all the paperwork i,had my appointment,i showed up and i got taken into,a room to get x-rays taken which i,refused in the beginning to do,because i said its not necessary for a,broken filling i know whats going on,i dont need that and i said i think,its unhealthy its not good for me,so they convinced me they said well its,actually you know,less than a microwave i said i dont,even own a microwave i still dont want,it so i still refused,but they said its their office policy,so um,i had to do it now well i thought to,myself you know what i hadnt done it in,a couple of years,what the heck so i let them take i,thought one picture but no they,took pictures of all the teeth whatever,so,um i get sent into the dental office,where another lady asked me more,questions then they sent in an,agendas to check my gums and everything,i didnt ask for all i wanted was that,filling repaired,so a dentist finally showed up and,realized notice that oh there is a,broken filling i said yeah thats the,purpose for my visit here thats why im,here,so um by then an hour and 50 minutes had,passed,and um he sent in the office manager and,i was surprised about that i said,why am i supposed to talk to the office,manager so,um the office manager asked me to his,office and he told me well,um first of all we have to go over the,cost its gonna be,860 out of your pocket and i do have,dental insurance so i,stumbled over the amount i thought it,was quite steep,um but anyways there was not the big,issue um then he told me,i need to scale you in another,appointment to get my feeling done and,im what,i said you the one thing ive been here,for almost two hours now,didnt get done and now you want me to,schedule another appointment to get my,filling done,and i looked at him i said ive never,seen anything like that and ive been to,dental,practices before and he said no thats,thats a normal,every office does that and i said no,ive never seen anything like that i,said,the one thing i did i wanted to get done,didnt get done,nobody looked at it now youre sending,me home and i said no,this is not working out for me so i left,and went home and i told him i said im,i cannot work with you,so that was my story i was really upset,i see okay tell me please do you have,any suggestions to other customers,who can try to have their uh issues,resolved with aspen dental,well i would ask about the office,procedure in the beginning,because the way they do it they do all,the treatments and then,after you are done with all the,treatments then they inform you about,the office procedure what they call,procedure,and um i think thats the wrong way they,should do it the other way around you,know if they let you know right away,here this is what we are doing this is,the process,we have to go through and you know um,are you willing to do that and,just inform you up front and if i would,ever go there i would ask for the whole,thing,you know whats whats the way youre,treating me what are you doing what do i,have to expect and,you know this is the way they should do,it i mean,but if you ever go there ask up front,and lets imagine that they i did,everything like this for example next,time they invite you,to have your issue resolved yeah with,aspen dental,and um for example they uh give you all,the,points yeah all the uh main points will,you return to them,once again or uh you dont want to,experience anything like this once again,to be honest um i felt like i was not,treated honestly,and im not willing to work with people,that hide things,from me and you know do it their way,without informing me up front because,im the patient,i uh i should know what to expect,and i have to trust a physician a,dentist whomever i work with,so and the trust issue is is a big,problem for me so for that reason i,i have to say i would never go there,again,uh did you try to contact them,after the situation or you just decided,no im not gonna even,have any issues with this company,anymore,i i did receive the phone call but it,was just a recorded message that i cant,contact uh or could contact the customer,service which was yesterday i havent,done yet,but i will also do that absolutely most,of all i expect them to send me a bill,for the service,they did and i did not require and i did,not ask for so that is number one,and second of all i will certainly tell,them that i,feel that i was not treated the right,way you know if they have an office,procedure,they have to tell new patients that up,front and not after,you know almost close to two hours is,there any solution that they,could offer that would satisfy you,yes they could finally take care of the,one thing i,went there to get that filling done yes,absolutely,why did you decide to leave your you,know review on our website what was the,purpose of it,well i googled i wanted to find out if,other patients had a similar experiences,with this company,and i found out that im not the only,one that a lot of people were upset so,i figured you know what we have to make,this public you know this is not not the,way you want to be treated,this is not the way i treat other people,and this is not the way i want to be,treated so,um i think its important you know that,that you speak up,and and make other people aware of what,is going on

Aspen Dental Reviews – I want my money back and this resolved immediately

hi my name is Cindy and Im here today,to tell you about problems I have had,with Aspen Dental the people there have,been very non not epithet ik at all with,my situation and I would like you to,hear my story today too and so hopefully,you will not go there and have the same,story that I do,well started out I was had a tooth that,was broken and so when I went to the,Aspen Dental to find out how I could get,that tooth fixed they came up with this,astronomical amount of money to redo all,my teeth and and Im 65 years old so Im,not gonna put a ton of money into my,mouth red at this point especially when,Im a single woman with no retirement,you know and so I when I said no to that,they brought an option of doing a,partial and I said yes I would agree to,the partial because it was less money,and and eventually Ill probably have,dentures because I have quite a few,teeth missing in the back and so we,started that procedure of of having I,had to have the one tooth pulled and I,had that tooth pulled and it was fitted,for a upper partial and when they got,done with that the they couldnt get the,bite to correct and because I have like,a cross bite in my moms and so when,they they did that they said they would,have to pull another tooth in the back,and that tooth you know had a gold crown,on it and so they pulled that tooth,later and made the partial bottom,partial you know the mold for that so in,the meantime they were trying to adjust,the top one cuz it wasnt you know,fitting right and of course my mouth was,sore and was you know swollen and they,you know,and fitting range and I thought it was,just you know we could get this adjusted,and taken care of but as when the bottom,tooth was pulled one of the things I got,really upset with was that they never,never gave me back the tooth but never,gave me the gold back from the tooth and,that happened on a Friday and I went in,on a Monday to get an adjustment had,done on the partial and I asked about,that I said you know that tooth had a,gold cap on it and the girl got really,defensive and you know said well I had,nothing to do with the tooth point and I,said well I understand you werent there,but could you while Im going through,this could you get somebody to take care,of this and and get that gold for me,because I Ive had gold before and had a,little bit of money and if youre not,gonna give me the gold back give me a,little bit of a discount you know for,taking the gold out of my mouth so that,never happened,and so now Im getting the front partial,adjusted the bottom partial adjusted,that one I ended up having a bone spur,in that and that went to sit in there,you know so that had to be pulled out,the front makes me gag so theyve done,all kinds of adjustments on that to try,and you know shes she had told me we,cant do any more adjustments on that,otherwise the partial is going to break,and I said well it makes me gag I cant,even I cant keep it into my in my mouth,for over an hour Ive tried you know to,keep it in my mouth but it always ends,up making me gay and I have to remove it,and so Ive never been able to wear,these and this started in January,it is now June and so of course we had,a pandemic where things were closed down,but the top she told me I would just,have to learn how to wear it the bottom,never got adjusted I had missed I had,counted seven days of work I mean maybe,some of it was partial but I would have,to take off either early in the morning,or late at night to get to the dentist,appointment and there was a when I had,the teeth pulled I missed two full days,of work for that and so I told the gal I,said I cant take off any more work you,know my supervisor was getting upset and,that I was taking off so much work for,dental and so I I said are you have to,get me in at a time when I can can come,and the lady that was doing the,scheduling got kind of rude with me she,says well I just dont have anything for,a month and I go well youre gonna have,to schedule me for a month and during,that month the pandemic came and of,course that that appointment got,cancelled and and scheduled out to me,well they came along and I tried to call,Aspen Dental to see if we were you know,if what was going on if I was keeping,that appointment or not and I didnt get,any answer at Aspen Dental so I I just,assumed theyre not open yet and and,figured well theyll call me when they,open and reschedule I got the day the,day I signed up for pissed consumer calm,the next day I got a text from Aspen,Dental wanting me to reschedule my,appointment and I thought okay no so,I ended up the letter that I sent you,guys I sent that to the office manager,at Aspen Dental on six twelve and still,have not antennae reply from him so and,then also during this whole time five my,dad had cancer well he still has cancer,but he was down here in Florida with,living with me I was being a caretaker,so I was caretaking on top of all this,and he had gotten really sick so all my,family at different times flew down from,Minnesota to visit and there was one,time when they were going to pull one of,the teeth I said oh I have family coming,this weekend and you know I dont want,to have the tooth poke well they talked,me into doing it and I ended up having,all kinds of problems while I had,company here and that upset me and so,today Im still dont have any of the,partials adjusted you know I dont know,whats you know going on but its June,and this started in January might smile,Ive been without teeth a tooth here you,know with my smile for living I do this,for a living I do,Izu him with clients right now I go to,clients you know I did go to clients,houses but right now were with zoom so,I am talking with clients all day long,so this is very my self-esteem with,having my smile taken away is very bad,and and now Im still paying this bill,and collecting all these charges because,Ive paid quite a bit because I thought,well I dont want my you know credit to,go down,and so this last month I just I got,another bill from them saying that,youre late and you know thirty nine,dollar charge late fee charge and for,something I dont even have yet you know,and I dont feel like I need to pay for,something I dont have and frankly I,dont want to go to these people anymore,I dont trust them and it it puts me in,depression every time I go there and and,absolutely I have started depression,meds during this time there was yes,there was a lot of other factors going,on but this did not help having all this,dental work during this time well just,about the feelings I had because I had,been very open to them about not having,and having money to pay for anything,expensive and when I asked to have,things not done because of company,coming and not having any empathy to,understand why you would not want to be,feeling ill during that time and talking,you into it making it like if it needed,to be done right away also but you know,when I asked about the gold the gold,crown everything seems so secretive,and you know they kind of pushed me off,the door and and didnt let me talk to,anybody else just not being empathetic,to the customer you know when I tell,them my concerns they tried to smooth it,over and do it anyway and the scheduling,lady was very rude you know you can tell,them in your voice when I wanted to,I didnt want to miss any more work um,yes to let me out of the contract I,dont even care if they refund me the,money I just want to be out of the,contract I want to go to a different,dentist that I trust more and I just,want to be done with them,[Music]

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