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Assassins Creed Valhalla Review

what is it what has happened,this was not for you harvey,like assassins creed odyssey and,origins before it,assassins creed valhalla continues the,series trajectory into a full-fledged,open-world rpg though ubisoft has dug up,some of its stealth action routes to,make that style more appealing,valhallas focuses on the absolutely,massive recreation of dark ages england,brought to life with stunning beauty and,a level of detail ive rarely seen,and its been an impressive showcase for,the xbox series x playing in 4k,and a near constant 60 frames per second,you have to put up with some new,progression system ideas that dont,quite deliver,and an abundance of bugs but theres a,staggering number of things to do,explore and discover in and around,valhallas more atmospheric storytelling,the main story follows avor their,brother siegert and the friends and,enemies they make throughout their,exodus from the frozen fjords of norway,as viking wunderkinder,i smell the stink of a dozen kingdoms in,your beard its just,the start their search for wealth and,glory in englands rolling hills,lush forests and political upheaval is,darker and sadder and more grounded than,the past few games had led me to expect,with hard decision-making that left me,reeling and thats all propped up by,main characters delivering some intense,and haunting,performances this was the fate woven for,me,so i live it this vast world is home to,clashes between,danes norse saxons britons picks,the word of christ pagan mysticism and,norse mythology,complete with an excellent use of the,pantheon and an interpretation of asgard,i am stupidly excited for everyone to,see,the assassins versus order of the,ancients dynamics starts softly,almost optionally slowly acclimating,avor into the ways of the assassin by,weaving,in and out of this tale with admirable,restraint before the,usual dan brownification picks up and,reveals everything is touched by these,organizations,but the focus rarely shifts completely,from avors more engaging efforts to,build a network of alliances throughout,englands four kingdoms,and its many many shires thats a bread,knife my lord,do you mean to bother me stay back,back i say ill fight you many of,valhallas consistent high points come,as you lead your viking clan in raids,against the gold swollen churches and,monasteries of england,loaded with supplies and materials,needed to build your new settlement,that acts as your home base and quest,hub the pageantry of raiding is powerful,as thatched roof huts erupt in flames,while priests and villagers wail and,scurry throughout the fray,the medievalness of it all has cranked,up another notch in assaults on,fortresses and castles,which serve as the payoffs for longer,quest chains breaking through defenses,and working toward the inner keep is a,very cool spectacle,and oh my god are these places,incredible to behold,i know its common to gush over a big,ubisoft open world,but valhalla might be its most gorgeous,and detailed yet,ive regularly forgotten what i was,doing when i turn a bend in a snaking,river and get blasted by the golden sun,or the clouds and mist roll across its,swamps and forests and the lingering,bones of the roman empire,its absolutely stunning on the xbox,series x,and its not just for show i shot a fox,from what seemed like a mile away thanks,to incredible draw distances,and its unbelievable to me that load,times are virtually non-existent when,the fidelity is this high,[Music],while valhalla faithfully sticks to the,open world script of origins and odyssey,there are some new systems in play for,better rewards,this time around skill progression and,abilities rub me the wrong way for two,reasons,first you have to spend points to reach,and reveal the next cluster of,unlockable skills before you have any,idea whats in it or whether its,something you want to work toward,and secondly these are more passive,skills that augment combat rather than,introducing new abilities,granted a lot of them are incredibly,useful vital even but the majority are,unexciting stat upgrades,the game-changing new abilities are,hidden throughout the world in books of,knowledge,so unless youre exploring and hunting,for them from the get-go,the big ticket abilities like the,bulrush or ground in pound or that,infamous kick may or may not end up in,your arsenal for dozens of hours,because of this the first 10 or 15 hours,i felt like valhallas combat was,underwhelming next to odysseys,bombastic style and flair i was,eventually proven wrong,of course and it became flexible and,fluid and brutal as ever,and it even brings back instant,assassinations if you want to go back to,that old style of stealth,it just takes way too long to start,adding that complexity,so especially if this isnt your first,assassins creed game the initial,scuffles are,some very bland hack and slash,on the other hand i love what theyve,done with inventory in quests here,for instance theres less loot in,valhalla so instead of finding 400 junk,level bearded axes that youll,inevitably sell to a merchant anyway,valhalla gives you different kinds of,the archetypal axe or shield or,greatsword each version is statistically,slightly different and carries passive,bonuses for flavor preference but,if you find one you like you can invest,in it and upgrade its quality,and its level its so much less of a,hassle and more rewarding in the long,run,the other great change is in the greater,flexibility and organic discovery of,side quests and activities,ubisoft has done away with the cascading,lists of side quests to track,in favor of revealing color-coded points,of interest on the map for mysteries,wealth and artifacts often youll find,one of the many insane and lighthearted,side stories like one involving a crazy,cat lady,my pretty babies but it could also be a,place of mystical power,a psychedelic hallucination challenge or,an ambush by abandons,theyre quick reprieves from the darker,heavier tones of the long,multi-part main story quests and the,freedom to pick what you want to do,feels liberating a visitor for chad the,bewilderer,the most radiant and rakish riddler,do you have the wits to best me there is,cake in it if you do,no matter where you go in assassins,creed valhalla though youre sure to,encounter some,lets call them quirks everyone and,everything here is fighting a common foe,a large number of bugs and technical,hiccups that span the spectrum of,hilarious annoying frustrating and,downright broken ive run into a half,dozen heart crashes,like this breakable items that are,anything but,staircases that had one job,enemy ai that is odd nitro powered,rowboats,david blaine quests that get stuck for,one reason or another,hud elements that overlap or stay on,screen enemies that inexplicably regain,health,and the ability to survive any fall as,long as you attack on the way down,among others you get it valhalla is,buggy,real buggy that said it wasnt,overpowering,looking back after 60 hours played all,those nagging issues feel like small,footnotes and whats otherwise been many,great hours of exploration and discovery,assassins creed valhalla is a big bold,and ridiculously beautiful entry to the,series that finally delivers on that,much requested era of the viking and the,messy political melting pot of englands,dark ages,it walks a fine line between historical,tourism top shelf conspiracy theory,and veiled mysticism against the,backdrop of a grounded focused,story fresh takes on the series,established loot and quest systems help,to keep things fluid and nuanced though,progression could use some refinement,theres also a bigger than usual horde,of bugs and blemishes to contend with,from start to finish,but while it may not be the most stylish,or polished its rugged and brutal look,at the muddy business of scandinavian,expansion is as memorable and dense as,an assassins creed,has ever been and it makes great use of,the new consoles,for more on assassins creed valhalla,check out the first minutes of gameplay,in

Assassins Creed Valhalla – Review (PS5/XBOX Series X)

[Music],son of a [ __ ] the same of you who hates,most nintendo [ __ ] im the one who calls,games what they are i even own the 360,and hate gears of war,got his friends his money on games,[ __ ] car just a funny guy became a,youtube star,are you the owner,owner,thats such a naively hopeful world,what can i get you,assassins creed vahalla is the third,game in the new trilogy and i am happy,to report i really enjoyed it funny fact,this was actually my first xbox series x,game that i played and it was great to,get to see this big open world starting,with kind of like this frosty but lovely,ice area to this small quiet forest to,towns filled with lively people wanting,to you know kill and rob you everything,i wanted in a viking style game was put,into valhalla and besides a few hiccups,here and there this was actually a great,adventure and it had a good showcase for,the series x to show its graphical power,and what it can do so i really like that,part now lets get into the game at the,start of it you get to choose between a,female or a male version of avor and,although the story isnt really,effective with either choice that you,make the fact that you can make a choice,and then can switch back and forth mid,game is a great idea let you feel and,look different and both voice actors i,think deliver a solid performance and,theres plenty of cool customizations,for each one to make them feel different,and look different so i enjoyed that,kind of a step up from odyssey,so once you embark on this adventure,your best friend and crew decides lets,take over the lands in true viking,fashion so thats what you do but,throughout the adventure you can still,make choices that will actually have,direct consequences killing off even,major characters unlike odyssey where it,felt like more of that was just for show,of the choices this game actually builds,upon choices its not often though that,the choices matter too much but the fact,that they matter at all is a nice change,to the series on top of that,like most games they give you choices,you can actually build relationships in,this game and do side missions which,give you new like warrior championships,sorry champions to help you in raids and,such and fights and that i really,enjoyed you also can do romance options,now i wish the romance options gave you,more than someone just admitting they,had some good sex with you last night,but it was a step in the right direction,at least,the cinematic feel of this game is leaps,and bounds better than origins and even,odyssey it feels like a true,over-the-top almost movie almost like,uncharted feel at times well none of the,events were that big or the set piece is,that amazing to match uncharted theres,some actually breathtaking shots in this,game when you climb mountains or even on,some story missions and raids when,something happens when you do a big,fight it looks great and its very,cinematic uh talking about raids the,gameplay first is probably the best of,the bunch of the newer games while,assassination is still a major factor,and i used it plenty the option to go,true viking warrior is not only of use,this time but it is fun as hell going,full berserker rage and slashing cutting,stabbing and beating people with various,different weapons such as swords daggers,maces and more is all extremely,satisfying and fun some of the finishing,blows too were the best in the entire,series for me as i mentioned before the,raids those are kind of a new feature in,this game you get to kind of call in,your crew to come and help you take over,a place and loot them uh its really fun,it gets a little tad repetitive but the,epicness of it is really fun and they,spread them out throughout the story,enough where it doesnt feel daunting,like youre doing it every like 10,minutes,the boat traveling in this game was,simple enough and the fact that you can,have an auto guide in it was really nice,im not a huge ship person so doing this,about ninety percent of time worked for,me i also enjoy traveling through this,environment and while i wasnt as amazed,as i was going through odysseys world,most places say for finland hate that,[ __ ] place who are really fun to,explore so a lot of good here right i,talked about that and thats mostly my,experience with the game but there are,some things i didnt love uh like most,of the new assassin creed games or even,some of the older ones as it got later,in the series theres one major issue,bloat the game side missions as other,games are pretty dull well its cool,that sometimes they just randomly pop up,in an open area i like that its not,just an icon thats a nice change but,the fact that theres a ton of them and,about half of them arent that fun,isnt great and the hunts for the bigger,animals they could be a cool idea if,they really added anything other than a,trophy in your room after you killed the,beast i really wish like you could wear,its skin or something really cool like,that,i also think the main story dragged far,too long and uh cutting about id say,about 10 hours or maybe even 15 hours,would have really greatly helped the,pace of this game and i enjoyed the,story and the characters but by the 65,70 hour mark i didnt do too many side,quests id say maybe a little less than,half or maybe half,i was getting a little bored of the main,storyline because it was so long at this,point um thats not great,but saying that my time with valhalla,was almost always a good game despite,but saying that my time with valhalla,was almost always a good time despite,its length and bloatness being a,negative factor and a few glitches here,and there the amount of fun i had would,you know hearken more back to like the,days of assassins creed 2 and,brotherhood for me would i say it is as,good as those games,maybe not quite there those are some of,my favorite games i could send on,classics of that era,but it is definitely my favorite of the,new trilogy for sure and i spent 70,hours so obviously i enjoyed myself so,im gonna go with a great score of 8.5,to me its the best of the bunch so far,but i am excited to see what ubisoft has,planned for next um as i believe were,getting closer to like a big year for,them the 15th year i think next year so,lets see but yeah this is an 8.5 what,did you guys think if you think this is,the best of the trilogy the worst of the,trilogy do you just hate it or did you,just love it and its the best,assassins creed of all time i would,love to hear what you guys think put,your comments below hope you enjoyed the,review i just wanted to do these three,in a row and now im gonna do other,stuff in between like comic reviews and,so on so stick by but i think i am going,to do some more video game reviews that,i missed out on the 2000 and the 2017 to,2021 so stick around and i hope you guys,enjoy,have a good day,ah

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Assassins Creed Valhalla Review – The Final Verdict

[음악],tier 5,아 바이블렉스 r x 얼마 2월 뒷맛은 토르,re 낸 주요 scent 졸 스트링스 한테 x 나 있죠,용암이 직접 썬케어 뉴스,아우디 운에 그 오행 스웨이 해당 끼울 포틀렛 성과 줘 있지,빤 와 씩,그 가이드 음 으,아 으,아 가점 그렇게 리쿠,tonga 아,으 아,구례 아,퍼스웰 tool 사우디 s2 수박 줄,리브스 막 무슨 백열 브라우징 학부 야,밖에 밖에 홈 알수 없 알수 있나요 딸기 보시오 only basic 2세,스카웃 user 곱셈 주 서버와 수유,앞쪽 린 펀딩에 써포트 사스 소요 5일전 쏘는 책임보험 쓰다 앞선 top,50 opg 태울 조 우리보다 rs2,쓰고 있어서 놓고 값도 못 살 onto any 터널이,옷도 씨앗은 to 어허 와 eru 홈 영아,듀얼 수인의 말로 등 같이 8살 쇼핑,이런 중학생 비교 쉬울 다 보입니다 so fierce 줬어야,fc 오이스터 led 마스 오븐으로 밥이 g4 5명의 싸웠어 그렇죠 머,스 카 운 터 넷 메이킹 팩 슈프림 yeah 퍼온 열 배출 드와이트 소드,바스트 2구 볼,스승 싸 핀 5번째 하게 외계어,whoo hoo 원료 자소 2인데 빨갱이 in rows average,or from depo 악셀 약초 curso de mai 홈 서비스 있는,스님 건 출 인건지 에서도 파일인지 싸고 갱 감,뭐 to win 아오 공원 없어요 4인 리스트 rtos 퍼걱 & 캡,스포츠 라인 제품을 조 incite into 홈 홈 수백번 로머 스웩,루 쌩 3자 2 미아 바하 5 얻은 뭐 eh 코아스 조합시 5 와 드는거,한성에서 등포 여기서부터 뭐 싫고 아스 사이크 알수도 오웬스 알 수,있는데,어헉 eng sub 앞에 joints 업으로 ox to score 가,부초 2종류 갤스 유니크한 북스 and we make in 100 턱은,레어 루퍼 이 사업 은 더욱이 저기요 스페셜 ers 넣어 아 v.23,n.5 뭐 줬어 이 뭐 안 써 주어 허그 기술적 비프 이름도 port,스케일을 마 소스 are shown us tax 인도 5월 죽어 있을,수도 있다는 쓰던게 이제 taste 않게 우쭐 센츄리 익룡 루트 바와,면제 때 키퍼 맹 rsr 잎의 있습니다,뭐 하고 해서 내 올릴 있어서 뭐하다 on 탐스 using 뭐 이게 보쉬,계획,뭐 크리스마스 아 스크린 게임 eto 서머 세포의 를 포함되어 있음 주어,쌓아 스스로 시스템 와서 파워포인트 달러 파인드 coex 브릴 맨유,웨스트햄 줬어요 5월 초 4 of l 들여서 귀여워 아이스 웨이브 포함해,느낌은 집세 스파이 아마 우와우와 파스 codex 둘다 무아로 ceo,ito y 소스 섬 빅 4 우리도 보면서 어느 앞으로 쯔,lte m 처음 해 볼 터치도 인턴 스테이 모이는 파운드에 낸 출제 쉬워,씨앗은 스크린 게임 so power 스쿼드 발등 거에요,두둥 통한 찍어 오빠 오수 보나 어업이 축,뉴 e200 twe,ebs of scope and more,b wait for spouses 티슈 to it,서울대학 초보 중요시 놓고 와 썩은 쌍 어헉 어비스 어머 스틱스 보고,masters,앱 voters rates on 걔 아편 있는 기업 우는거,of isis 2회분 own 2.5% term 왔어요 버디스 인공 어찌,할게 뭐 이 우미관 박사 2 3,검은 웨딩 n flores 먹음 expend 돋아요,로드 센쓰 더운밥 어느 워크 마 ma 정씨와 빅리그 알써,영혼이 왜 뭔데 게임에서 포함 지우 졸음 제약될 왜 갑자기 있습니다 ex,mv 태아 펜스 보센 or so,siwan 내가 추억의 그 웨이 my way 야,ows 제법 5w 하셨기 때문에 뭐 on concern 비어있을 아들,보았으며 채 on 출 갱신 건지도 모르고 있었네요 이런 5 -,아들 no wonder t 브리스톨 태극기 님의 아 스몰 owe 아스크림,어와 성큼 같은 마을 xf in disk 좋은 게임 식인 화이팅 카페트,션 샌딩 프로가 준비 쪼아 조스 뭐 어 거야 선납 그 언어와 몸속으로 5,특히 분께 her wet cuc 금 보이게 normal 넘어서 좀 좋아해,보아 필요할 탭이 있는 게임,easy 래 머 11 에서 프로보 1 프로게이머 슈퍼에서 빨갱이 된다,이렇게,그게 더 행여 클로 소주 수출 헌데 왜 버렸으니까 홈씨어터 펜 터 링,doesnt os 도 좋은 추억이 표시 엔틱단추 아쉬울 습관처럼 싸 보면,ces 기사 그야 선택 즉 엔플라잉 안 씹을 하 욱,그땐 france in town so we make a person or,scan xpert olefin 써보면 월 이후 nu find a toi,해보기 생리 웃는 게 임을 범서 가운데 아셈 주로 볼 거야,뉴스 센터 풀타임으로 쌓아 스크린 게임 회사의 레이스 초하 부엌에 계신,유압을 ak 아트홀 습득에 뭘 더하우스 와이번스 또,비어서 만 총은 작업 2dx 병 n 스푼 이제 된 situ 올드 홈스테드,에덴 simple,업그레이 와이번스 통합해 선팅 드리운 결과 하옵소서 아스크림 파워와,of imam 지분 서브 바이 언어와 킹 엔딩 uc os 누군데 아래나,부담보 삽화로 말씀부터 밍 쓱쓱 아버 센 좌우로,of cold water 2조 하우스 skills to discover,a 스템 투페이스 때 아마 주가 &,그래서 바스 트 웨 어 바 옵션 스파이 듀오 오뎅 승합차 open 쌀,엠마우스 2p 용 학 민 포제션 스튜디오 봐 익힌 기운을 dota2,아파트 50 얘기로 뭐 pos 와의 겸용 단어 나서 슈얼 뭐 바침으로써,보면 그가 or tom tom 씨앗 급습 젠스 더 비기닝 town 게임,wii fox 벽에서 등기가 될 거 efi 특허 2,링 티빙 어서 하우스쇼 스윙 더빙 에이 뭐 그 openfeint won,버거 시키며 유보,여기서 이상 쓰기 5 초기 투자에 벤치 웃는 게임 해산 나 부대앞 fix,drx german dance bo 2급 9 or look 원조 쓴 of,rain,eiko to 6 weeks 맞춰 큰 스 센터에서 뭐 뭐지 easy,for xp 5위 엄니 거기선 포스 북의 까서 하얀색 모이스처 씨앗은,스크린 게임 우주 커버 매트 게임속 nfri 5 4 5 5 5 5,water to meet once in seoul 효능은 미르 큰 모습이,언어학 주 2 s 기업 쇼핑 및 뭐 outer 쓴건 이나 뭐 약점 가운데,배웠 있으면서 게이머 언어학적 나 바보 거냐,fix tool was 복습 넣은 슈스케를 줘야 더 보러 오던 씨앗은,솔잎하 화와 hemi 로 간호 학생 이것도 그리스가 파월 스압 또 뭔,쓰기 화월이가 너,1인 즉 이 집이 있었어 위치함 아이도 비켜 쓰던거 를 해보고 입이 하는,지점이 yoobin 스파이 인가봐 쓰는 h1 cnn 어 벌써 첫 링 데서,벌여 개어 쪼까 쉔 지금 5 악셀 게임 vin,x lion 옥상 베어 이와오 얜 쉬울 새책 인간아 앞,cooperatives usd 들 모음 링 서해 모래,루디스 준지 메이크 유어 q 도입된 기어서 합 몹 at 엔버 화와,완등 리뷰 twice to resolve mns,버그 포츠 교회를 fso 패딩 기교 등이 어울리 해야 우주 또한 큐리,소스 3매 튀어서 이 펀드는 여부는 걸로 oriented 못타 아스,노스페이스 tote in dmz notes or s 극 s 앞으로 이런게,매기는 부여 뭐가 쌀때 po 엄마 추모를 원행 는 쏘아 핑거 마우스,알리고 그,어디 1l 이게 뭐야 스크랩 와와 pop 빼 worse 전미 펄스,modes,그래서 감 배 써는 줄 알았습니다 맥박이 님 스파이 멀티 컵 말씀 여기에,쏠 수 있으며 wdp sdm 3p 와이프가 볼 때는,요거 하겠네요 이제 수요 소비 soon 쇼 100톤 기울 든 이제 너,알아 씩 six 올 모드 cortex 게임은 게임 스파이 캠프인 번에,보도와 싸이 toms crossfit 펀치 컴에 아저씨 아스코 2,doors 2,처음에 1유로 스포츠 파이트 사스 paperism 이유로 보 or a,몰라 우세를 팀 인구 좋아했 거야 뭐 수요일 업소 sposa 멤버 화원,제품이 되었습니다 앞에서 포인터 floors of no 웬디 입맞춤을 적,인건비 로퍼 계셨어요,그렇게 my white robes ex 아픔 어어어 디스 타임 유 레디,수적으로 메이드 뱃속 인게임 가스 요 x 너 무 서 워 하 워 하 드,스위스 스카웃을 주도하고 나쁜건 되시오 크다 우리 네버 or,ooc 디오스 작곡의 쉴 수 율 땐 이름이 커다 왔어요,서피스 spi 떠서 번 폰 개발 툴 써서 쏘이 다 봤어 모두 drama,션 center of ws 소리 게임 슬럼화 오나요,뭐 맨큐 쭈그려 것 멋진 빨어 fts 포인팅 카드 시스템과 테스트해야,선배는 좋았어 나눠주세요,민호 아돌 캐쉬 세팅해서 wo usc 스택 쇼 팝 nsc 큐브 악행 엔터,마우스는 박가현 올린거 문질러 긱스 다크에덴 바람에 섭취하면 초이 써,팝의 v 나오는데,scores norse 모든 프랑스 게임 sing 온 저를 뽑아주셔서,세우고 너도 뭐 넘었으며 마우스 인데 지우마 스프도 넘게 a e i o,u b 섭 뭐가 올지 키 선택 마우스 더욱 그렇다 어디다 아쉬울 sc,vs lg 포포 러플 크게 몸 아래 라벨 시오,이렇게 po 배추 9a 아쉽 네이버 채팅 추문이 땅 쓴 싹 파이 생기기,쉬운 가습을 쏙,뭐 osi 스텝 4 플라워 누구 볼 수 있나 아세요,15 어머니는 배출된 스템 큐레이터 오브 도즈 8일 싸지만 캡스 is,over the school store,그래 임마 정말 어휘 있을까 아 3,score i am now free type into some,이래서 게임 데모 쪽 마디 더 좋았으면 afro 어 머 어 스프링의,안쓰면 que su ro wo to my fingers on deep,down 펜스 yoy 우드는 to in woo hoo woo hoo,woo woo woo s

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I Was Wrong About Assassins Creed Valhalla

[Music],if youve been following me for the past,couple of months you will know that i,wasnt the biggest fan of assassins,creed valhalla when it first came out i,found it boring clunky unpolished and,just simply not fun my review for it was,generally pretty negative i didnt like,the combat the quest the modern day,story the animations basically there was,practically nothing i liked and i hated,doing such a negative video to be,perfectly honest especially since i was,lucky enough to get an early review code,thanks to ubisoft and look ive always,been a huge fan of the assassins creed,franchise and even though i do have a,preference for the early entries in the,series i did enjoy my time with the more,recent games despite the fact that they,are so far away from what made me fall,in love with that world in the first,place but where i was able to find,numerous qualities to origins and,odyssey valhalla just didnt work at all,for me back then but recently a couple,of months and multiple updates later i,decided to give the game a second chance,but this time instead of playing it on,base ps4 which was arguably the worst,version on the market i played it on ps5,and since i didnt have to make a review,i was able to really take my time with,it and i came to the conclusion that i,was wrong about the game because believe,it or not im having a freaking blast,[Music],now before you say that im making this,video to clear my name or something know,that ubisoft doesnt care at all a week,after posting my review they still sent,me a review code for immortals phoenix,rising so it has nothing to do with,reputation or anything like that my,thoughts on the game just changed so,today were going to do something,special were going to look back at my,review tear it apart and see where i,currently stand on some of the things i,said im basically going to roast myself,for 10 minutes straight so heres why i,was wrong about assassins creed,valhalla,first of all lets talk about the,technical aspect when i first booted up,the game on my 7 year old playstation 4,i was shocked at how technically broken,the game was from animations to frame,rate all the way to crashes and glitches,this game was a complete mess at launch,as good as the main story is it sadly,told through some very poor facial,animations and generally awkward,movements so if you add the pretty,disappointing animations to the,generally lackluster combat and sprinkle,all the glitches bugs and issues on top,you get a game that looks severely,unpolished and that pills in comparison,to other ubisoft games of the past,playing valhalla a couple of months,after release though after numerous,updates and on playstation 5 is a,completely different thing now running,at a pretty stable 4k 60fps the game,isnt ruined by insane frame rate drops,and other visual hiccups now its much,smoother sharper and generally looks,more polished its still not perfect but,to me it felt like playing two,completely different games i found,myself so much more immersed in the,experience which was a feeling that,never actually happened during my first,playthrough i also noticed a lot less,bugs and glitches that most likely got,fixed through updates valhalla remains a,very clunky game overall with issues,like screen tearing and things like that,but this time my enjoyment wasnt,dramatically affected by those issues,because they were far less common what,didnt really change though is the,animations if improvements have been,made since launch there are very little,and barely noticeable to be honest i,guess the characters do feel like they,have a little bit more weight the combat,sequences arent as messy and some of,the facial animations look slightly,better as well although i can confirm if,ubisoft actually improved them since,launch or if my mind is just being,tricked by the 60fps and the 4k,resolution even if the game can look,absolutely gorgeous at times i still,think the technical aspect is the,weakest element of the game especially,when you compare to past ubisoft titles,but id be lying if i said that it,completely killed the immersion and the,fun i had with the game,now lets talk about the story the first,time i played the game i did have some,nice things to say about it,the main story of valhalla is by far my,favorite part of the game as someone who,loved the narrative of witcher 3 diving,into the politics intrigues in,courtships of the viking expansion,across europe was a blast,throughout the adventure youll be,offered numerous choices that will have,an impact on how the story unfolds,sparing or killing someone can have a,genuine effect on the various,relationships you build as you meet and,form bonds with people,right now i wouldnt say its my,favorite part of the game but it remains,a very enjoyable part of it although i,dont really agree with myself when i,said that decisions altered the course,of the story because even though there,are dialogues that will have an impact,on which ending you get most options are,pretty meaningless unfortunately and,dont change the plot whatsoever one,area of the story where i did a complete,180 is the modern day storyline and just,the overall lore and mythology of the,game so ive always been a fan of the,modern day storylines and overarching,lore of assassins creed from the very,first game i thought it was the secret,ingredient that made the series special,genetic memories ancient civilizations,all of this is my gem i was a big fan of,the whole desmond saga but once he died,in ac3 i kinda lost interest when layla,was introduced in ac origins i was happy,to see them try to make a more cohesive,modern day story because the last couple,of games were really messy with how they,tackled it even if i much prefer,desmonds story layla still felt like an,okay return to form but i think that,what they did with valhalla is actually,very promising for the future how they,blended viking mythology with those who,came before is actually freaking awesome,and if you take the time to read leilas,computer you can stumble on some pretty,fascinating stuff as well theres also,avors visions that have a much deeper,meaning than i thought and you get to,see how the templars came about this is,truly the first time in a while that i,felt like the writers actually cared,about the lore of the franchise which is,refreshing to see but the sad part is,that i completely missed all of those,things when i first played the game and,i think this is the main reason why it,didnt click with me in the first place,its because i was doing a review for,the game and i wanted to have my video,out at the same time as everybody else i,quickly dismissed it as a bad rehash of,ac3 and i didnt care enough to look,deeper into it which was a mistake,obviously,[Music],now lets talk about the gameplay and oh,boy theres a lot of things to say here,which brings me to exploration this has,always been my favorite part of the,series and unfortunately i did not enjoy,it nearly as much as i usually do,although if the main story is engaging,the same cannot be said about the,secondary storylines and all the site,content you find during your exploration,of england mysteries never reach the,quality of the side quests of the,previous games and instead appear like a,collection of random events puzzles and,boss fights that are not particularly,interesting to play in my opinion,when it comes to exploration and quests,i really dont know what the hell i was,thinking to be honest because this is,pretty good actually i think the main,reason why i wasnt able to appreciate,the exploration and especially the quest,design is once again because of the,pressure of doing a review when youre,trying to make some progress as fast as,possible only to be interrupted by,quests that dont reward you with,anything significant or with random,puzzles it can be frustrating but with,that particular mindset you simply cant,appreciate what the developers wanted to,achieve which was encourage the players,to explore m

Should You Buy Assassins Creed Valhalla In 2022? (Review)

should you buy assassins creed valhalla,in 2022,assassins creed valhalla released back,in 2020 right before the next gen,consoles released damn where did that,time go i avoided valhalla for many,years mainly due to the fact everything,i heard about it was very negative,things like valhalla being bloated,endless and just boring in general but i,got you play plus or whatever its,called so i thought why not lets give,it a shot and well i havent finished it,as i want to play other games and review,them but i have put a good chunk of time,into assassins creed valhalla and im,pretty certain my thoughts wouldnt,change after another 20 hours so lets,find out if assassins creed valhalla is,up your alley and if you should buy it,let me make myself clear on my stance on,the new direction of assassins creed i,liked origins and despise odyssey so,its not the direction that i dislike,but the lack of capitalizing on a game,that has limitless opportunities to,innovate from a gameplay and story,standpoint i also am biased to the older,games i grew up on them and they were an,escape from the world when i was a kid,but the new games in my opinion do a,poor job at innovating or providing that,escape i used to get im not making this,from your perspective or ubisofts,perspective its mine and im gonna try,not to be biased but the cracks will,always be there and on that note,valhalla assassins creed valhalla is,ubisoft blatantly telling old ac fans to,valhalla ds nuts,im gonna say right off the bat if you,want the classic ac experience youre,not going to get it here and you,probably never ever will again so lets,talk gameplay aspects lets start with,stealth dolph is bare bones you sneak in,some bushes and stab just like previous,games only like origins and odyssey your,stealth attack most likely wont do,enough damage to kill anyone in the game,titled assassins creed this is pretty,annoying but there is an option to turn,this off so did ubisoft design the,missions around limits on your level,which you have to attain to progress in,the story or by this option to actually,stealth kill enemies you know its kind,of vital to design your game around,balance but ah who cares just ship it,yeah assassinations are basically cheat,and assassins creed valhalla which is,really weird to think about it but it is,what it is so yeah youre required to,level up to assassinate enemies past a,certain level so this just cant really,be called a stealth game assassins,creed has never had good stealth i dont,think thats a hot take but this new,direction for the franchise has ruined,any element or any hope of stealth and,if anyone says its a good stealth game,they just they havent played splinter,cell i guess thats a ubisoft comparison,play splinter cell thats a good self,game the actual combat is pretty,satisfying for a few hours until youve,realized assassins creed valhalla is,like 50 hours long with so much blow but,i do think its the best combat system,from the newer ac games from origins and,onwards and is the most in-depth if i,dare say that you have a bunch of,weapons skills abilities etc etc to,choose from and you bloody well should,considering the games length you have a,few enemy types from your big brutes to,your usual cannon fodder enemies as well,as big boss battles and ill get to that,in a little bit trust me if you havent,played these newer games you will want,to hear where this franchise has gone so,with all these weapons armor types etc,comes looting and there is a lot a lot,of looting every five seconds youre,going to be looting something the whole,gameplay loop is designed around looting,its the same action over and over again,just in different areas and if thats,something you enjoy more power to you,but i really didnt enjoy this this is,classic ubisoft at this point and dont,expect any major changes youre gonna be,looting looting looting looting now,there is a fair bit of customization,right from the start you can pick your,gender but it really doesnt affect,anything other than the voice actor you,get both of which are just okay they,dont really have much to work with so i,dont blame them on their performances,but ill mention that in the next,section so you have different weapons,outfits abilities all of which are,unlocked through exploring the world or,taking part in loads of side missions,and the most unique mission which is the,raids and there is so many of them now i,review games im not oblivious to the,fact that some of you may think that i,just want short games because theyre,easier to get through and sometimes,youre not wrong but in this case,valhalla the the amount of copy and,paste missions is just,outrageous im probably not even halfway,through and ive played the same mission,probably a hundred plus times in,different areas and im just burnt out,after two weeks of playing on and off,the most annoying part is the raids they,are cool but at the end of the day,theyre just less interesting for,missions from assassins creed like flag,and rogue and times it by a hundred,raids are just really boring fort,missions and they are really cool for,the first like 10 times you do them its,its cool youre a viking youre going,in youre killing people youre looting,but it just becomes too much but if you,love that kind of lube and you dont,mind the repetitive nature of those,activities then youll love it but it,was just too much for me a lot of the,game is based around building up your,safe areas with these raids and looting,etc and its cool but not particularly,interesting its not like a game,mechanic thats going to blow you away,in something youve never seen before a,lot of games have done the same thing,and did it far better so thats that in,fact assassins creed 3 did a very,similar thing with homestead missions,but theyre much more interesting,because theyre much more focused,whereas this is just designed around you,going to specific areas in this specific,part of the map and doing specific,activities and you can upgrade and then,you can get pointless stuff and its,really pointless and boring i will say,though the gameplay loop for the first,few hours is really great i just wish,there was more of a focus on quality,rather than quantity not because im a,reviewer but because of the memory,factor you want to walk away from a game,thinking damn that was amazing i can,remember all those moments that just hit,different but it all just gets drowned,out after doing it for the hundredth,time and that just,thats that thats just that isnt just,the raids the entire gameplay loop is,like five or six mission types over and,over again a good example is a game like,max payne 3. sure it may not be the best,game ever made but damn is it memorable,that final mission with the original,skull finally blasting in an airport,making one of the coolest missions ive,ever played happen would not have the,same effect if something equal to that,happens a hundred plus times you just,take it for granted right now the bosses,and story ill try my best to spoil as,little as possible when it comes to,story but there is a reason im putting,the two together but i havent even,finished the game so i cant really,spoil the specific endings but i know,the bosses firstly a story this long,needs to have a really powerful,incentive to keep the player playing and,its just not here the main motivation,of your character evil that was built up,for hours gets solved at the start of,the game the start of the game the intro,is like five hours long well maybe not,five hours of being a bit harsh then,more like three and a half and then,suddenly we want to invade england,because we are vikings theres some,rival viking group and the assassins are,involved as little as possible because,who cares about the assassins right and,so far i just i just dont care that may,change but if the foundation is rocky,good luck pulling people back in and now,its probably not gonna pull me back in,but youre just invading england thats,pretty much it i get on

Is Assassins Creed Valhalla Worth Playing in 2022?

15 plus recording sessions multiple,weeks this game gave me faith again in,the assassins creed franchise stick,around and let me tell you why,hey im hoodie welcome for those,wondering dont worry i wont be giving,any major story spoilers away in this,video let me start off by saying i was,not expecting what i got with valhalla,this game surprised me on how much i put,into it and wanted to come back to it as,well valhalla plays entirely different,from any other assassins creed game,that i have tried in the past which was,the very first game the third and,assassins creed unity as i wasnt a,huge fanboy of the series where i tried,every single one im a history buff,which was what had me intrigued to begin,with but you gotta admit some of the,games had a feeling of repetitiveness go,to this area heres your target stealthy,is healthy mission success some story,element and then repeat deja vu right,this to me was a fresh take on how the,franchise played as it does have some,classic assassin creed elements of,course but new ones mixed in as well,where it felt fresh to me gave more,freedom to the player where you take,control as ivor where you could build,the skill tree as you please which by,the way this skill tree was very,impressive as its built on a power,system the more you level the more your,power level goes up between the three,categories range stealth and melee i,found it to be awesome how they did it,in a constellation style reminded me of,another amazing rpg experience that ive,played,once past the intro sequence explore as,you want and they added more depth to,the side quests and things you can do,away from the main storyline there is so,much from doing raids where you can,build up your homestead base mysteries,around the world and assassinate targets,on the order web which was a cool,hierarchy looking chart and more they,even have it where you can switch up,your ivors appearance to be a lass or a,lad hairstyles tattoos and even love,interest in the game like when did,assassins creed add a love aspect into,the game this game plays like an rpg,which was a nice spin i think where if,you feel the game getting stale you can,always switch up what you are doing hey,thats new dont get me wrong there is,nothing wrong with the straight up story,game where its complete the task move,on to the next level or mission thats,perfectly fine in fact i play some of,those myself but like a little more,depth to some of my games as well and,this offered just that i took notice of,small changes they did that added a nice,touch to help round out the experience,like for example the horse you have if,you upgrade your base of operations or,your homestead which by the way that was,awesome there was a stable option where,you could train your steed which,basically was the upgrade station that,was nice because honestly in some of,these games horses should be able to do,more but act stupid as ever at times,[Music],so personally i found that to be a very,nice touch especially where it proved,useful as this map is massive i still,have to go back and explore so much more,as i didnt even complete everything,before this video as for the story which,is the biggest factor of whether you,should get this game or not i will tell,you this again no major spoilers it was,a great story not the best ive ever,played but i enjoyed this unique aspect,the one brought on with viking history,and viking lore as well which i found,very cool like cutscenes with odin in,them and other lore aspects but like i,said i wont give away the juicy stuff,with that being said unless you are a,viking fan and enjoy that sort of stuff,like i do this game probably will not be,for you unless you happen to be that,person that is like i have played every,assassins creed game there is i will,play this one if you happen to be that,person i wish you good luck and i hope,you enjoy,overall this game is incredible it did,catch me off guard as i didnt plan on,enjoying it this much basically a game i,tried to go in with no expectations but,i gotta say it surprised me and blew my,expectations away i found myself doing,all sorts of things in this game getting,sidetracked exploring the world opening,up the map to synchronizing from those,bird-eye locations which by the way have,you ever thought how on earth did they,come up with the idea of hey im jumping,off a point hundreds of feet in the air,into a bale of hay or even some leaves,and you managed to live seriously,oh ow,maybe im just the only one whos,thought about that yeah yeah i know its,a game just let it go but that thought,has always occurred to me this game,isnt perfect as i did run into some,issues along the way where id have,crashes or even points in the game where,id have to reload a process because id,get stuck in some weird aspect like,heres me sliding down this slope and i,got stuck in this for three to four,minutes and couldnt move ive fallen,and i cant get up but more often than,not this game did run smoothly and was,gorgeous looking like seriously some of,these views are amazing anyway id,recommend this one but like i said it,would be best if you were into viking,lore and stuff like that as this one is,all about the bikes i do enjoy games,that seem to exceed expectations like,this one it gave me hope in the,franchise again after all ive seen,reports of a an assassins creed,infinity coming in a few years id be,curious to see how that game goes but we,have to wait some time before that,anyway if you made it to the very end,thank you and i applaud your attention,spans as nowadays people have shorter,ones than ever it seems squirrel but no,seriously i greatly appreciate you,giving me your time let me know in the,comments below have you ever played an,assassins creed game before if so what,was your favorite one please drop a like,as it helps the video get seen more and,it takes quite a bit of time to put this,together as its just me subscribe if,you havent already as everyone makes a,difference and id be glad to see you,join the journey of this growing channel,join me please wont you and finally,make sure to take care of yourself have,a great day and ill catch you in the,next video

I Gave Assassins Creed: Valhalla Another Chance…

its been a while since we gave,assassins creed valhalla a chance to,win us over and thats mostly because,the last time we played it was for a big,three-hour critique i made where i tore,the game to shreds and basically called,it a travesty sorry not sorry just,calling it like it is i mean i get it,not everything out there can be like,fosters home for imaginary friends,truly tremendous in every way possible,but even still i would have hoped that,there would be some stuff done in,valhalla that i could agree with and say,was like oh thats really good that was,brilliant i cant believe i didnt think,of that but almost every single change,they made in valhalla,after odyssey showed that ubisoft was,taking the franchise in a direction that,i certainly didnt want that many other,gamers didnt want,and over the last year to two years,since valhalla launched,weve seen them double down on almost,all of those design choices theyve,announced assassins creed infinity,which is said to be a living breathing,version of assassins creed which well,talk more about in just a little bit but,theyve also foregone major releases in,the assassins creed franchise instead,going for major expansions to valhalla,with dlc in the first year and then in,this second year releasing things like,the dawn of ragnarok dlc and you know,what ive been very outspoken about the,direction that they seem to be taking,assassins creed but i just was,generally depressed by all of it i,didnt want to play any more of valhalla,after putting over 100 hours in for the,video that i made on it which again ill,have a link in the description box below,underneath the like button and all told,i i just swore off the game i was like,you know what i dont want to touch,valhalla again im so burnt out on it,after finishing it for that video i just,want to move on enough time has passed,that i feel like i could go in without,immediately screaming and,self-flagellating so i decided today was,as good a day as any to give assassins,creed valhalla one more chance today,were gonna play a little bit of it see,if its as terrible as i remember or if,maybe i just was so burnt out that i,sort of had distorted goggles on and i,couldnt see the good in the pile of,crap i was just focused on the crap so,were gonna give the game a chance to,impress us today if you enjoyed the,video make sure to hit the like button,it really does help videos like these,and it tells me what i should do more of,so hit that like button if you enjoy it,and of course subscribe weve got a ton,of new critiques lined up for the next,couple of months so if you want to see,my take on dying light 2 horizon,forbidden west elden ring all of those,games make sure to hit that subscribe,button with the,bell notification on so that you get,notified of when those videos go up and,of course a huge thank you to our,sponsor nordpass in the modern day you,can never be too careful online a single,data breach from a major online website,such as playstation or twitch could,result in your personal information,being leaked and publicly available but,even knowing this most people are using,unsafe passwords and they dont change,them or check on them,at all in fact there was a recent study,done by nordpass that analyzed the top,200 most common passwords globally and,what they found was just as interesting,as it was outright depressing one two,three four five six is the most popular,password,worldwide but the reason people do this,is because they dont want to juggle all,of the passwords for different websites,theyre worried that theyre going to,forget a password to x website and then,mix it up with the password for this one,and thats understandable because that,is a major headache now it used to be,that you had to keep a notebook and,write down all of the passwords,individually but welcome to the 21st,century you dont have to do that,anymore there are tools that not only,make it extremely easy to keep track of,all of your passwords but they can also,encrypt them using military-grade,encryption services and generate,incredibly safe passwords for you so,that you dont have to come up with,something complicated on your own and,the one i choose to use is nordpass,nordpass is the password manager,developed by the same team that created,nordvpn because of that you know that,their software is extremely easy to use,its intuitive and it removes the hassle,from all of this furthermore you can use,nordpass across all of your devices and,i do i use it on both of my pcs here i,have it on my phone i have it on my ipad,so that no matter where im going or,what im doing if i need a password for,some website i havent visited in a long,time or whatever it may be nordpass is,there to fill it in automatically for me,and like i said if you happen to be,creating a new account for a new website,or youre going and changing the,password for a website that you visit a,lot nordpass can generate that password,for you completely removing all of the,hassle seriously all jokes and ads aside,its important to be safe online it just,is and in 2022 its never been easier so,check out nordpass at the link in the,video description box below or in the,pinned comment thats nordpass.com,forward slash luke stevens and make sure,to use promo code luke stevens at,checkout to make sure that you get that,70 off discount off of a two-year plan,and just for viewers of this channel,theyre gonna throw in an extra month,just for free again nordpass.com forward,slash luke stevens but okay lets get,into it assassins creed valhalla in,2022,played by somebody who hates it lets,lets give it a shot okay here we are,with one of my pc saves this one is very,middle of the road i got a bunch of dlc,direct from ubisoft so ive got like,gothic armor set ive got,mournful cry divine hammer and then this,center skull,and then ive got all of my boosts um,that that are defaulted i guess are on,pause because i dont want that to,affect any of this not like its going,to matter were not going to play for,dozens of hours but everything is here,set up very plainly so that we can just,see what the game has to offer with some,decent gear for the end game and with,everything else kind of as it would,normally be booting in i mean the first,thing im reminded of is just how,beautiful part of england is in this,game i mean i criticized the design of,the world of valhalla pretty heavily in,the critique because basically i just,said,its so flat its not that interesting,valhalla,it leans into some of the worst tropes,of the last few assassins creed games,namely that theyve gotten rid of big,cities because its quicker to develop,most of this terrain you can just,procedurally generate,which sucks because one of my favorite,things in assassins creed is getting to,climb big buildings and using the,parkour system theyve cut almost all of,the parkour system out of the games and,instead theyve left it with stuff like,this where youre basically just riding,through a countryside,and while it is beautiful i mean you,gotta look at this and appreciate,just the quality of what they put,together here it still is lame in,comparison to like assassins creed,syndicate which is a world thats much,smaller but i think is much better put,together,ah yes the dots i remember the dots so,in odyssey and origins one of the ways,that they told players where to look for,stuff in the open world is they had like,question marks on points of interest so,if you needed to go somewhere there,would be a question mark telling you to,go there and check it out in this game,they just got rid of like the top part,of the question mark and left the little,dot on the bottom and then color coded,it so wealth items,are all gold these blue items are,mysteries and then white is artifacts,i find it so stupid like i dont i dont,even know how to describe i just find it,so stupid like this isnt a reworking of,the system this isnt a new way of doing,things i find it dumb like honestly i,would rather if they just got

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