1. 3 Best Assurance Wireless Alternatives 2017
  2. Assurance Wireless Motorola G pure review
  3. Assurance wireless review 2019
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  5. Assurance Wireless FREE Phone Review
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3 Best Assurance Wireless Alternatives 2017

if youre looking for a cellular phone,and service alternative to assurance,Winer,youve come to the right place our,selection includes providers that offer,free lifeline service as well as,standard options for those who do not,qualify everybody needs a phone plan so,start here to find the right one for you,ezvid wiki introduces the three best,assurance wireless alternative the most,recent update to this ranking are only,available by going to wiki eg vidcom or,clicking beneath this video lets get,started with the list number three,coming in at number three is a global,tag Mobile is a wireless service,provider dedicated to ensuring that,everyone has access to a cell phone as a,participant in the lifeline program they,provide free phones and service plans to,those who need them they also offer,upgrades on both devices and sorted for,those who need the exceed what is,offered at their free tier while,eligibility varies by state that makes,it easy to enroll and get started,quickly it is currently available in 20,states nationwide how do the fully,featured service that is adaptable to,its customers needs they offer,international calling to over 75,countries for a reasonable fee her,customer service department is open at,all hours every day of the week in case,you need assistance theyre partners,with multiple major service providers to,ensure nationwide coverage some,customers have found certain services to,be excessively seen for the most part,however the service works well visit the,wiki get the most recent list of the,best assurance wireless alternatives you,can get go to wiki easybib.com or click,beneath this video to see it pick number,two in the second position in our wiki,is safe link safely inquire is a program,provided by tracfone to bring modern-day,telecommunications to low income,households they offer free and,discounted phones the qualifying,individuals through the federal Lifeline,program,their plans are available in 40 states,across the country as well as in,Washington DC and Puerto Rico customers,benefit from their nationwide coverage,that choose the latest cell towers from,all major networks they dont require,customers to sign up for a long-term,plan and a variety of phones is,available,Stacey link is dedicated to providing,their customers with affordable,communication solutions that work for,them as a testament to that their toll,free technical support hotline is open,until midnight every day of the week,some applicants have reported having a,hard time getting approved even though,they qualify for government assistance,most issues sort themselves out in due,time in addition you may not get to,choose a model of your free phone they,also have a program called safe link,assist this is for low-income,individuals who do not qualify for the,Lifeline program to get the newest list,of the best assurance wireless,alternatives available go to wiki eg,vidcom or click beneath this video pick,number one choosing Quine is our number,one choice choosing is a free cell phone,provider under the federal lifeline,program similar to services like,assurance it is designed for people who,could not otherwise afford a phone plan,they offer basic calling and data,services for free to qualifying,residents of the states they cover,eligibility is dependent on state,regulations accusing quill helps you,determine if you fit the bill and guide,you through the approval process if you,are looking for reliable nationwide,service and a free phone accusing is a,great place to start,its a user friendly service designed to,get you connected quickly unfortunately,customer support can be a bit slow email,take up to 72 hours to process in their,system and their calling hours and,limited,that being said their service is free,and dependable they offer low cost,replacement for lost or stolen phone you,can also keep your existing handset when,you join if you prefer wiki,easybib.com is the worlds video wiki go,there to see the most recently updated,list of the best assurance wireless,or click the link beneath this video and,here are a few more notes you should,know about choosing one of these,services assurance plans only work with,Android devices they also have limited,options in terms of device choice,between these services you can have,virtually any device you want most work,would iPhone but there are also options,for Blackberry or Windows users among,our choices you dont need to get rid of,your existing phone to join in most,cases you can even keep your phone,number when it comes to payment a,handful of the services are free and,only available to low income users if,you run any form of government,assistance you most likely qualify if,not youre in luck some lifeline,services offer plans at a low cost to,those who do not qualify otherwise the,regular providers on our list can help,theyre competitively priced plans can,include everything from calling and,texting to an unlimited cellular data if,youre feeling apprehensive about,switching cell phone provided dont most,services make it easy to join and,provide plenty of guidance in the,process if this is your first time,signing up for a plan just look for the,features you know you want and go from,there wicked easy vidcom is the worlds,video wiki go there to see the most,recently updated list of the best,assurance wireless alternatives or click,the link in this video,[Music]

Assurance Wireless Motorola G pure review

all right guys,so i just got this today from,assurance wireless,comes with this uh paper,in the box,this is the um,box that it came in,so,lets see what we got says moto g pure,and i kind of cut this open beforehand,because,holding the phone with one hand and,doing this with the other,makes it a little hard,alrighty,this looks like the phone,nice nice,lets see what else we got here,its like the manual,some other stuff,sim card tool,usbc plug,and the part that plugs into the wall,i think thats all for in the box,uh they also did send this,i guess,i put my own sim card in,lets unwrap the phone,second,okay lets see,so this is what it looks like,pretty nice phone,lets turn it on,maybe i should have put the sim card in,it,lets see,hello,yeah so,thats what you get from uh assurance,wireless um i was looking them up,beforehand,and i guess they were sending out some,other phones i dont know if it was,called a week,or something,but there was definitely a lot of,complaints because the phone was really,slow,and usually when i think of uh,government phones,you would think of something real slow,laggy,i think my very first government phone,it was a pink blackberry,and it wasnt even a nice blackberry,i was like what the its not even a,smartphone,and then i went to uh q-link,and they sent me some crap-ass phone and,then now they dont even sell uh,give out phones anymore,ive also tried a centex wireless safe,link,and i decided to give assurance a try,and these phones are actually pretty,pretty nice they come with android 11,and i think theyre about to get android,12 here soon,so,yeah these phones are actually pretty,fast uh i have another one,this one is the same exact one,and its pretty quick as you can see,but yeah thats what you get from,insurance,apparently they upgraded their phone so,thats pretty good im not sure what,network they run on it might be t-mobile,or att usually its t-mobile,but uh,yeah thats it so,if you like this video give me a like,maybe a subscribe and check out some of,my other reviews that i have on some,other phones

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Assurance wireless review 2019

hey guys today I am going to do a quick,talk about insurance wireless by itself,insurance Wireless is a lifeline,provider through call governmentĂ­s,system of you know give you monthly free,service for low people that have low,income that are on Medicaid to stamp etc,health in the system and all that but,when you freed or come with the limited,cost will also come with very low amount,of service where you can use but today,were mainly focus on insurance wireless,you will get a free phone like this if,they call 8 + S + S stand for America,Network something I dont remember the s,but this phone its free but I wouldnt,expect to last any longer than 10 charge,maybe so if you can get it to work,maybe Im just happen to be the look,look what I have got a bad bump but,thats alright so insurance Wireless,give you 300 megabit 1 350 minutes of,talk time unlimited text which is,standard throughout all doesnt matter,what network you choose you know other,providers such as you know you name it,so insurance Wireless also give you our,limited text which is called mas picture,message and service such like that you,you basically have unlimited fact you,only have one gig of data which is very,low but better than before I think I,remember when when they first started,was like 500 make a bit which is an,increase of by 500,so if youre not a super like you dont,use your phone for a gaming for like,anything or watch your video online you,were at one gig or definitely serve you,good for sure and the other thing I want,to quickly mention is basically when you,get your insurance Wireless we see a lot,of it is like okay brought you by burn,Virgin Mobile yes it is brought you by,Virgin Mobile a lot of phone that that,you got from boot from boost and virtual,or sprint you will not be able to take,your phone to insurance Wireless theres,a reason for that for some reason this,specific carrier wont let you bring,your own phone but all other carrier,does most of it I really think insurance,wireless should allow you to bring your,own phone in the sense you already have,a phone and it will save more you waste,or just call electronic waste because,this will only charge about once or,twice I think,and then its quit stop stopping,charging even if I leave it overnight it,wont charge any more than it did so,keep that in mind if you want the by,phone from Insurance Wireless which is,its up to you but I wouldnt recommend,it just because youre kind of you will,have to like if anything the phone go,around youth you have either 30 day or,90 day to to dispute the issue were,basically contact Insurance Wireless but,insurance Wireless have a very good,customer service speaking to contact,customer service their customer service,I personally like,I think there I can give the a four star,easily I think that can theres,definitely room to improve for any other,carrier but theyre there in certain,times so I would say for the amount of,customer they have probably 30 minute or,less thats pretty good maybe because,theyre using virgin virgin mobile so,Virgin Mobile uses sprint and we all,know,Virgin Mobile is Sprints umbrella-like,boost now 400 the boost nothing wrong,with virgin and also this phone,specifically right front of me this boat,its only a 30 or 40 I think is no I,know its 40 because it doesnt go on to,LTE network the talk quality the text,part they all works fine I texted and,its very easy symbol to activate your,phone all of that stuff so customer,service customer satisfaction great I I,would say one limitation if insurance,Wireless can approve on its a light,customer friend their own phone I will,very happy to see yes any many many,other provider let you do it doesnt,matter your CDMA GSM or whatever youll,be able to bring your own phone no,problem why why wouldnt insurance,wireless do it theyre the same lifeline,program say frankly do it do you link,let you do it like wirelessly do it and,what else but those are most popular in,my area that let you bring your own,phone so I think thats one of the,downside about insurance Wireless if you,willing to put up with every month,getting a new phone in but you know,order a new phone up if the battery died,on you like me know youre okay with it,sure go ahead,they they do have those very very what,you call dinosaur phone like those old,granny phone I dont know what you call,it but I dont want to sound food but,like those film that I let you just dial,phone number and call out thats about,it you know that kind of phone gets you,like you know the minute does not all,over any minute thats unused for the,prayer premium previous month will be,erased according to customer service,which is I personally when is that but,any any service that you have on the,previous service you will not be able to,reuse it again thats not a Dell site,but thats okay because all provider,does that if you dont use it you lose,it,and you are required to make a call or,text or internet doesnt matter you have,to do one of it one of it once its gone,in an hour text or call for once what,was in the thirty day of building cycle,otherwise your phone will become,deactivated which is standard policy,because if youre not using a wide the,government pay for 9.95 cents every,month for serviced are not being used so,keep that in mind,the other thing is about porting number,into a insurance wireless insurance,Wireless let you pour in from any of the,providers such as AT&T t-mobile and,Verizon and Sprint I hopefully I,mentioned but anyway if youre from,Sprint its easier to port in if your,front booth its I dont know about boo,spa but if youre from AT&T you will,have me to account number address thats,associated with account account number,pin number and etc its a standard,porting process if you are sprint sprint,is actually called migrating you are,migrating from postpaid to,insurance water thats in his piece of,cake why do I say a piece of cake I go,back to a good customer service good,customer service to let you had to thing,thats a lot quicker,I personally the time that I have,insurance Wireless theyve been,constantly picking up their phone,answered our customer treason was at,equal equal respect which doesnt matter,if youre low income or not but I think,thats one thing that,and since Wireless have something to,look out for it its all so again its,about satisfaction and about yearly,review about how people think sprint,suck watches I personally think its not,true I personally have very good,experience was sprint on the on the post,paid aspect impact prepay boost,I think spread its you know deserve,their praise but I do think spring have,a very theres one negative thing I will,have to say about Sprint you know but,this would be the last thing but Sprint,have a lower infrastructure for their,network tower their network tower is not,as strong thats why they give out,called magic box when they give it a,magic box magic box basically you must,have a post player account to be able to,request a magic box but magic box is,also not available through all area so,you must be able to be on the pair 41 to,qualifies for example if you have a,tower nearby the capable of bouncing off,paying for you want yes that will help,you a lot but keep in mind you must have,post pay and you must be wanting to keep,the device active and you know least,somebody to connect to it for the time,that your connect to watch is for me,its great but I be able to use it,Spray magic box so thats something that,sprint uh has something lookout to it,but I do think friends you need to,compete with the t-mobile and not AT&T,but frightened for sure because thats,not some of the carrier that I think the,Sprint its affordable but at the same,time I never in my life wont like to go,on to Verizon just because I think,Brighton is for sorry for me to say this,its a for rich people to be on but,again verizon thoughts have very good,reliable coverage it is designed for,business use and people that have a,business account users and they do give,a bus

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My Review On The Wiko Assurance Wireless Phone

what is up guys welcome back to another,video,and today im going to be reviewing the,wikko,or wyco phone that i got from assurance,wireless,and this is just a review and im going,to be telling you,two things that are very good in this,phone,lets start off with the display,so the display is,like the older shirts my list phones,but its definitely an upgrade and it,kind of reminds me of like,a google phone like google pixel or,something,and its definitely a lot more updated,and the one thing thats basically the,same,is like how the settings looks like and,this thing that pops up i dont know,what its called,but this is the one thing,that i want to show you aka the display,then we have settings,and then ill ill show you another,thing,but like this is one thing that i think,is very funny,is actually the sound the ringtones on,here,are definitely a bit weird and,lets listen to it i think that,like i dont know why every time i hear,the ringtone it makes me laugh,nope not this one,the old phone definitely has a lot more,ringtones which i do,like um but the phone is,pretty much better overall and,um next thing i want to really really,really show you is the designs of the,phone,im just going to say right now the,camera is probably the same as the other,phones,but just a little bit better so,you got your volume button right here so,its at the very very top which,on the other phones the power button,aka this button used to be at the top,needs to be switched then the back,it has like this new texture and design,to it,which i dont mind and it actually feels,pretty good,then another thing is the flash,um the flash is a lot bigger than on the,other phone,used to be like a dot so it used to be,like this big now its,a bit longer which is definitely better,and also this is made out of plastic,so its it basically supports it as a,case,and you guys may ask why do i still have,this on,it helps from scratches,and sometimes my nails do get pretty,long,but theyre not long now uh,and it actually protects your phone from,scratches,and eventually i do take it off uh like,i did with the other phones it just,takes a while,but anyways i hope you guys enjoyed this,review on the,wicco or michael phone i only sent two,things that,are important and this is my,short review and yeah im gonna make a,longer review,um but full detailed,um weve got were looking at the,android settings,um the resolution on,it and everything and yeah i hope you,enjoyed,um please subscribe if you want to see,more content like this and,you can learn more about these phones so,if you do go to assurance,you can probably ask him for which phone,you want and you know youre getting a,good,deal anyways i hope you guys enjoyed,thank you all for watching,ill see you next time peace out

Assurance Wireless FREE Phone Review

hello this is my review on the assurance,theres free foam free 250,7:3 250 texts each month now keep in,mind the minutes do not roll over and,they just reset each month youll get,250 minutes and 200 pretext 250 Preet,excuse me I just want to give you a,general overview of the phone talk about,how you can qualify for the phone what,was the activation process and talk,about the actual phone hardware and all,the features that comes with it now to,qualify for the assurance Wireless free,phone most people dont need this but,for some people that do are usually,individual or disabled elderly who are,receiving SSI Medicaid Medicare or for,those individuals that are low-income if,you want to find out more just go to the,website and type in your zip code and,you can get more information from there,at first when I first got this phone I,was quite skeptical mainly the offer was,offering free phone free service each,month so I was quite skeptical but,anyway I went ahead and got the phone,and went through the process because it,seemed to serve what my needs are and,that is that dont make too many phone,calls and I dont make too many texts or,receive them but I do need a wireless,phone mainly because it has a 9-1-1,feature some services do not offer 9-1-1,feature on a phone i like it also,because if youre homeless you need,submitted this be great to be people to,get in touch with you also if youre out,about and,you know you get stuck in the rain and,youre disabled a a good phone like this,thats wireless it would be handy so,thats why I got it,and Im really trying to cut cost on my,bills so rather than paying 50 80 bucks,for a phone a smart phone when all I,really need is a way to make phone calls,I mean and do texting and I dont need,anything else thats why I got this,phone and on how to to go ahead and so,what I did is I went ahead and apply for,the phone the free phone and because I,live in California theres a deadline,for those people that live in California,if you want to get the free phone you,have to get it before June 6 for those,that live outside the California area,just cool that we share its website and,see what they offer in your area for,those who dont live in California you,want to get the free phone you have to,apply before June 6 other than that you,get the lifeline service if you qualify,as I mentioned before and you get those,minutes 250 minutes and 250 texts each,month and this whole thing seems to be,free to me so far so I havent paid,anything out of my pocket,but Im going to go ahead and tell you,how what kind of activation process I,went when I filled out the application,online was quite simple you can print it,out mail it to them or fax it back to,them in my situation I just went and fax,it to them and it seemed like a pretty,easy and simple process within like two,weeks I got this phone,so anything cost me and nothing so when,I first got this phone I went ahead and,opened up their what are the contents of,this box and you can see this app,this isnt also in Spanish as well as,English its got an instructional simple,guide on how to activate your phone good,general terms and conditions of service,and your user manual ok lets now here,is your power cord right here and I want,to talk about the power cord and get it,a phone when I first got the phone when,I plugged up the power cord to you no,charge up the battery and when I did it,seems a little difficult to plug it in,there so when you want to do it just be,firm and make sure that its nice and,snug in there but it youd seem to have,a little difficulty plug it in there and,then when you want to take it out just,put your thumb against the phone to keep,it stabilized I just want to just slide,the chart charger out also I noticed,that theres no cover for this power,plug peripheral port so it can easily,get damaged so you want to try to keep,the dust or any other elements from,getting inside the port otherwise,obviously if you damaged the port and,youre not able to get the power to,recharge your phone then your phone,becomes essentially useless and you have,to get another phone but what could I,say for a free phone hey Im not going,to have high expectations Id give this,overall phone a 5 out of 10 but the,reason why I give it a 5 out of 10,because I like to you know the the,speaker button right here,and then theres the normal back button,right there and then the power button,and the keys to the phone is tact to,feel very tactile so you can feel each,key pad and also theres a shortcut that,I like let me see here okay there we go,right now I have the phone in vibrate,mode and I just took it off and put into,the ring tone mode and how you do that,is you go to this power button right,here and you hold it down and for a,second and you can turn your phone into,vibrate mode there it is and that keeps,your phone silent and vibrant mode and,then if you want to be selected you hold,it down the power button and you can,turn it into regular ringtone mode and,also I noticed here is my power signal,on this phone seems to be like one bar,oh there goes my screensaver and but I,dont really have high expectations for,this phone and the reception that Ill,be getting because maybe its a free,phone and its I think the great starter,phone but I would expect more than what,they offer it is that its free and you,know and you know what are going to get,what you pay for so anyway when I,activated the phone let me take a break,I got a drink something here,all right whoo I was getting the,tongue-twisted here okay so anyway when,I activated a phone I manually activated,the phone and went through the prompt,features when it and answered all the,codes or whatever it seemed pretty,fairly easy process however when I made,that my first test call I got a message,saying that I need to top-up which,mainly means that I need to reload my,minutes on my phone and then I going oh,and I got kind of suspicious and I said,oh there is the snag there is the catch,on why theyre offering a free phone,service I knew this was too good to be,true,so I figured oh I didnt want me to buy,more minutes for the phone I said but,then again I said wait a minute you know,youre supposed to be able to get two,hundred three minutes and 250 texts when,I first get the phone so I got kind of,frustrated and laid the phone down and,then I came back and I tried again and,this time I call it customer service and,I called the 888 number and got a live,operator is a pretty easy but but I had,to wait a few minutes to get in touch,with them through the customer service,but it was pretty simple process with,them they helped me manually activate my,phone but they asked me to provide them,meid serial code number so when you get,your phone youre going to get a battery,that you have to put in this casing and,the reason why Im not opening up this,casing again because its quite,difficult to open it up and I was quad,really careful not to damage or break,off any of the plastic hinges that,connect and keep this phone secure and,fastened so I dont want to demonstrate,how to open this up but when you go,ahead and open up the casing and insert,the battery on the back of the phone,it shows the meid serial number if you,can go ahead and write that down for,future reference in case you have a,problem activating a phone through the,normal phones process and if you have,to do what I had to do was call the 888,number they required me to provide them,the the meid serial number and after I,did that and I gave him that information,it was just a simple minutes when I got,a message saying that I got 2 out of 3,50 minutes and free 250 texts and so I,was quite happy to see that message so,when I went ahead is Im going to just,show you a quick user interface of what,this phone looks like I went up to 2,bars ok theres the screen saver again,and I would go ahead and push the ok,button right here now Im gonna go ahead,push the menu I noticed this user,interface seemed analog because reminded,me back i

what is up guys welcome back to another,video and today im going to be talking,about how safe link and assurance,wireless are different,so i can just start off and say safe,link,has better phones after watching,multiple videos,i see multiple um customers there,getting samsung lgs and other kinds of,phones as youll see in this unboxing,so as i fast forward,so,like the,assurance wireless phones they come in,this box with like a number,and,a,guide on what to do with the phone,and then look at this phone,this is a pretty big phone,and its a zte,zmax one lte,so so look how big and professional,this phone looks,it just looks like better quality,and,it looks,more,advanced,now as i go grab my,old assurance wireless phones,im going to grab both of them my old,and my new,so heres the first one the old,its just umx they had umxs for a long,time,and,theyre,pretty fragile and not that good quality,then they upgraded to this wiko or waiko,waiko is not like a known brand,or wyco,and,you,really dont know this brand a lot,and for them zte is known samsung is,known,uh lg is known for safely,assurance its their phones and what,they,produce as a product,so,as we,[Music],continue looking at this,it comes with,instructions and,it looks like a really nice charger,and its a usb cable,too,[Music],and whoa look at this,um,oh this is,a product they made,their own screen protector,so this is their old phone i believe,this is their new one,and this is their old phone,so yeah thats crazy how,um,the phones are super super different,and if you look at safelinks website,they have a bunch of more phones,just,different and heres another one,um,it looks like a lg of some sort,nope its a tlc and look at their,packaging,um it looks really protective,but for assurance ill notice that they,bring it in like a plastic bag or,something,i its its not that im against,assurance its just that you can tell,their packaging its not as um sturdy as,this one same with their phones,their phones do look like higher quality,and it comes,with a bunch of more stuff as i see,tlc so it has a bunch of other brands,and um,this kind of looks like the wiko or,microphone,but,um,assurance was always,umx,and,nothing new besides the wyco or wicco,this is brand new,um,and,um,its only that one brand and this right,here it has that tracfone and tlc label,so,i guess its like,a merged company or something maybe,something like that,and um assurance,the phones barely they change,um,not as often,as um,assurance does,and right here once again,safe one wireless 2021 official free,smartphone,this person got a same song,um,yeah its the same song,and,this person got a,8th a30,i believe same song or something,they kind of record its a acatel,so,another so yes assurance,um if you guys can do upgrades that,would be awesome,and oh another samsung,as you guys see theyre lgs and,samsungs,so i hope um assurance wireless can do,something like this,but,yeah like if you agree that they should,do some upgrades or if i should get a,safe link wireless phone,review on here and tell you guys how,its like,anyways thank you guys for watching i,hope you enjoy,like if you agree that assurance should,do some upgrades and yeah ill see you,next time peace out

My New Assurance Wireless Phone!

what is up guys welcome back and were,actually back with the phone,so i woke up i found this package on my,porch,and it came really well packaged im,just gonna start off by saying that,um and lets get right into this,unboxing,subscribe if you want to see and learn,more tips on how to get these free,phones,um yeah so lets get right into it,okay so the box is opened and,the first thing we get is this guide,and ive been with insurance for a long,time so,i basically know what to do and these,guides,just tell you how to get the phone,running and,how to set it up and the woman that i,talked to,for just to get this replacement,she said call them when i get so i will,call them just,not in this video so,we got some foam to protect it,and here we go so we have the cube,all right so we have the cube its your,average,normal cube and then we have a charger,heres the charger this charger is a,usbc,and its pretty brand new,and its protected with like this,covering and it has some wording,i dont know what that means but so we,have the charger,now time for the actual phone,heres the phone the phone is definitely,a bigger upgrade,and it is definitely bigger,than the last phones and its called,wicco,or waiko so lets do,a quick comparison,and here are the phones i have from,assurance wireless,the brand new one my old one,my old old one and my old old old one,so as you see in size theyre pretty,much,the same height this one,has just a bit extra top for like no,reason,this ones a bit curved and then this,one overall is just,the shortest now lets turn this phone,on,okay so um im actually worried,to turn this on,oh just turned up oh and boom,it tells you accessibility,and now you just have to call 611.,anyways thank you guys for watching i,hope you enjoyed this video,for the visually challenged and impaired,to activate this feature,long press the center of your screen to,explore other accessibility features,tap accessibility button to continue,activation,press next okay that is weird,but anyways i hope you guys enjoyed the,navigation feature,oh my goodness this woman isnt gonna,stop talking,ill be back all right so,thank you for watching i know that phone,was just talking,but now you can enjoy your new phone i,hope you guys enjoyed,thank you for watching and maybe ill do,another video,like this next year thanks for watching,i hope you enjoyed and ill see you next,time,peace out

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