1. Astro A10 Review|Is It Actually Any Good?
  2. Astro A10 Gen 2 Review, BETTER NOW?
  3. NEW 2022 Astro Gaming A10 Headset Review + Sound Quality Test ($60 Astro A10 Unboxing)
  4. ASTRO A10 Headset Review ($60 ASTRO Gaming Headset!)
  5. Astro A10 Review and Unboxing
  6. Astro A10 2021 Review | Best Gaming Headset Under 50 Dollars?
  7. Astro A10 Budget Gaming Headset Review: Worth $60 Bucks?

Astro A10 Review|Is It Actually Any Good?

here we have the astro a10 which is an,entry-level gaming headset that gives,gamers impressive audio performance,at a budget price although harold when,it first came out do they still hold up,in this video were going to be going,over key features seeing who this,product would actually be good for,how it compares to the competition and,whether its worth your hard earned,money,at 60 dollars the astro a10 was made to,offer a rather affordable solution,to those looking for a higher end gaming,headset,nonetheless theres plenty of,entry-level gaming headsets that are,cheaper than the a10,but as youre about to see its properly,worth the extra few dollars to buy,quality that will last versus going with,the no name brand,when it comes to the actual design it,certainly doesnt fare well against the,newer headsets,theyll look much newer and slicker but,it does have a nice nostalgic look to it,its kind of bulky and rather than the,typical round oval,or even square ear cups asherah went,with a unique,six-sided design which is not quite as,refined and contemporary,as the a50 or even the a40 and stands,out quite distinctly,the large boom mic also is quite,distinct you wont hide the fact you are,definitely wearing a gaming headset,youll find many budget headsets are,very plasticky with hollow brittle,frames and flimsy joints,so it was great to see a tens to have,flexible reinforced steel,for support and no joints or swivel on,the ear cups,which are often the weakest points and,prone to breaks when it comes to comfort,we found the a-10 was quite,lightweight with thick memory foam ear,cushion fit,nice and snug possibly a little too snug,depending on your ear size,the cups are on the smaller side but we,had no issues gaming with them,on for hours on end although it did feel,good to briefly air out,and decompress here and there the cups,dont swivel 90 degrees and even though,you can tweak them,about 2 inches up or down the clamping,force is higher than average,adds pressure to the ears and side of,your head,that being said the padding on the ear,cups are high quality,and for the price we found the comfort,level more than acceptable,the a-10 comes in various colors,including a cod and zelda themed special,editions,and versions aimed at xbox one ps4 and,pc gamers,but the 3.5 millimeter audio makes it,compatible for any platform,now the a10 has been touted as audio,tuned for gaming,and it gets backed up by incorporating,some impressive tech,youd normally find on headsets twice,its price by now,we know that the price doesnt,necessarily reflect the performance,level,so the a10 has become one of our,favorites for a while within the price,range,although its only a few years old you,wont find any mic or volume controls on,the ear cups which is a little,surprising and somewhat disappointing,but you do get inline volume controls so,we didnt feel it was really a deal,breaker when we considered the entire,package in price,the boom mic is long and quite malleable,for positioning and can be swiveled up,to mute it,or have it out of the way which is a,common design for the majority of gaming,headsets in this class,audio quality was on par with others in,its class with nothing standing out as a,sticking point either way,as for the overall design and comfort,the a-10 doesnt necessarily stand out,as anything stellar compared to the,competition,but once we look at the performance the,a-10 starts to shine,now youll recall we did mention the,a-10 features impressive tech youd,normally find on headsets twice its,price,so youll love finding the same 40,millimeter neodymium,magnet drivers that are specifically,tuned for gaming in the a10,as astros premium a50 model essentially,youre getting the same,premium sound in an entry level set of,cans and more importantly,at an entry level headset price we found,nice punchy highs and solid lows,on pretty much every genre from easily,picking out enemy footsteps in overwatch,to hearing where shots are coming from,in cod to really feeling the engine revs,and tire screeches,in asphalt 9. once we got into the game,it was easier to overlook the comfort,level and could play for hours as,mentioned these cans work with xbox one,with a 3.5 millimeter jack,but you can also add on the mix amp m60,which attaches to your controller,and lets you activate various eq modes,and a few other options,so whats the verdict well the entry,level gaming headset is pretty,competitive,with some heavy hitters like the hyperx,cloud stinger or the logitech,g231 prodigy including the flood of,gaming cans that are considerably,cheaper,but if youre looking for top end audio,performance for gaming then the astro,a10,hits the check marks that are important,theres no denying youre getting a,premium tech,in a budget build thats all for this,video hope you guys liked the video if,you guys did,please go ahead and give it a like if,youre new to the channel and you like,the video consider subscribing,on this channel we review tech in a,simple straightforward manner for the,average person,so if you want tech reviews made easy be,sure to subscribe,be sure to check out the description for,links to find the most up-to-date,pricing,until next time hope youll have a great,day

Astro A10 Gen 2 Review, BETTER NOW?

you all remember about two years ago,whenever i covered the astro a10s my,goodness i sure hope not because thats,when i was first starting youtube and as,an old video dont go watch it but long,story short i did not like them well,astro just came out the refreshed,versions of the a10s right here are,these gonna be better than the old ones,am i going to like these and in your box,here of course youre going to get your,headset youre going to get a splitter,if youre using that on pc and you get,this nice long 3.5 cable with some,inline volume controls your microphone,is just like the other ones flip down,active and flip up to mute now of course,where we have to start is comfort guys,because no matter how great they sound,or how great of a deal they are or if,theyre a hot new release if theyre not,stinking cozy were gonna take them,right off lets go and fire up the scale,here slap these guys down of course we,dont have the wire on here right but we,are gonna get,244 grams and let me tell you what they,are lightweight they really are now as,far as adjustability of the a-10s its,pretty much the same as we saw with the,old ones theres no swivel but your ear,cups do go up and down right here but,theres pretty much no swivel whatsoever,you all know i need my swivel now as far,as adjustment on the headset it slides,up and down on this bracket right here,and its in there nice and firm i dont,think its going to accidentally slide,on you its got a really nice smooth,firm adjustment now as far as ear pads,and headband guys here okay lets talk,about the density of them as you can see,theyre definitely memory foam like,clear as day you press it down,yo look how slow that is to come up,right there so its really nice memory,foam quick tip when you first get your,headset out of the box these are gonna,feel very very stiff so i want you to,take them just kind of massage those ear,pads a little bit get to know your ear,pads a little bit better youre going to,hear them start creaking and crackling a,little bit kind of popping in there what,youre doing is just kind of breaking,that memory foam in right there and then,itll be perfectly silent and a lot,softer but other than the softness and,the plushness of the ear pads yo these,ear pads are tiny take a look at the,measurements right here okay youre,seeing the break in the middle right,there youre probably looking right at,two inches and then we look at the width,right here,and then right there as far as you open,it about an inch and then the depth the,depth is perfectly fine if we can even,look at that and why im saying that,guys is these ear pads are so small when,you put them on your head let me get my,hat off here everyone says dude,you know what i mean so when i put this,headset on these are not over the ear,headphones or headset you know these are,on top of my ears now no theyre not,hurting theyre not pinching me theyre,not really annoying and when i use them,i wasnt like ouch but they are clear as,they sitting on,my ears but again the soft,plush memory foam ear pads kind of make,up for that but its definitely weird,and different now going up to the,headband up here you still have that,memory foam i wouldnt say its as,memory foamish as the ear cushions but,still got plenty as you can see right,there and by the way all these are cloth,the ear pads and the headband they are,cloth right there so plenty breathable,and yes you can take them all off as you,see heres your ear pad you might be,able to see the density of it right,there how its holding that foam you can,see your drive right there but you can,also replace the headband and the way to,do this just tilt your headband or the,headphone back right here and then were,gonna peel it up and as you can see its,attaching by that velcro right there so,really nice to be able to replace your,headband in your ear cushions if you,needed so right out the gate as far as,comfort i think you all can see exactly,where im gonna go with this right no,way is it gonna get that stinking cozy,badge is it even cozy no its not is it,comfortable,borderline is it passable yes because,again it never i never caught myself,saying ouch or yo let me get these off,but again i like over the ear you know,what i mean i like swivel its lacking,two big things right there i would class,this ass and ive actually let my,seven-year-old son try these he put him,on and he said the pads were perfectly,fine his ears actually went inside them,so again it feels almost like a,kid-sized headset but other than comfort,how about that building you probably,just saw me stretching like crazy to get,that headband off they feel pretty solid,i can stretch them out i can twist them,up and im not necessarily getting,worried im gonna come out here what,worries me is this plastic the arm going,into that plastic bracket right there if,you see in the camera you can see thats,what its sliding in on right there,thats a big thick plastic part and,theres nothing else connecting to it so,you dont have this little joint in,there its actually held in there but,again its just how firm it is and how,stiff it is right there i dont know it,just makes me a little bit worried but,as you can see theyre solid so how,about features and functions so like i,stated before im going to start,including my microphone test within it,because i think its a feature and,function you know and thats exactly,what youre hearing right now is the,microphone from the astro a10s as you,can see its right here this microphone,is plenty multiple its pretty soft,actually like as far as the molding is,real soft its not firmware you kind of,got to force it out there really cool,feeling again flip up to mute,and then it flips down now you get a,mild click in the headset a very mild,one you dont get any tone or anything,like that but of course if the,microphones up you kind of know its,muted right there again the headset,connects right by 3.5 you have that,detachable cable and you have your,little volume control right down here,midway on the wire and again this is the,microphone test on the astro a10s so how,about the sound on the astro a10s and by,the way i tested this on the xbox series,x the ps5 the nintendo switch and then,pc and also my mac across different,things music movies and of course 90 of,the tests being games right there a,variety games halo destiny forza and,then horizon forbidden west has been one,im still hooked on right there so again,story games dialogue racing shooters,were going to talk about all that right,here now unfortunately i cant find out,what driver size are in these head this,headset right here my guess would be 40,millimeter because heck thats what,astro always uses i dont know why they,would change it right here frequency,range is 20 to 20 000. okay so lets go,and talk about this here okay and this,is going to go pretty much across every,single game i played from forza to a,story game to a shooter,it had,a solid astro sound if you used asterisk,before and you like that sound where you,have bass you have highs and you have,mids but nothings too much,not too much bass not too much highs,its kind of right here its that,comfortable,fun sound,right does that make sense with your,right youre not getting screechy highs,youre not getting muddy bass a,comfortable fun astro sound if you use,the 40s the 50s anything like that you,kind of have that signature astro sound,right here which was great across all,that playing horizon im shooting a bows,on the back of the uh robot animals,whatever you call them right there you,know what i mean and you heard that pop,you heard the bow you heard the arrow,hitting you know that was really cool,playing halo you heard the footsteps you,heard the spanker you heard the grenades,going off right you also got that,dialogue kind of compiling all that up,into like fours or something like that,right getting the screech into the tires,the music the crowd and all that you had,it all and nothing was ever too much i,never cau

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NEW 2022 Astro Gaming A10 Headset Review + Sound Quality Test ($60 Astro A10 Unboxing)

is pre-order time baby,[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],yeah whats going on everybody its your,boy ipad king carter here i want to,welcome you guys,back to another unboxing and review,and oh my god isnt it so sweet,literally one of the most viewed videos,on my channel is me unboxing a a10,headset and look what we got here,generation 2,astro 10 brand new color scheme,should i say it,is lit,listen listen listen listen,all i can say is,for everybody who loved the a10 after,you watched my video im here to tell,you,this bad boy is,not just as good,but better when we talk about next,generation gaming you have to bring up,the fact that astro gaming has keep,breaking down walls time and time again,and today,finally i get to unveil the new astro,e10 with you guys and lets get one,thing completely clear,the colorways of these new headsets,definitely mesh with the new range of,gaming back when you know the first,astro a10 came out all people could,think about was sony playstation,xbox series x pc,now were talking about the xbox series,x the nintendo switch the ps5 new pc,gaming new rgb and mobile its so many,different facets of colors and colorways,and just the array of things that you,can do with this new astro a10 and i got,to open it up and show it to you guys,but i want to let you know,that its still,sixty dollars amen look man you can,pre-order right now man price aint,change,the game aint changed but guess what,the product has the product getting,better and at the same price,the same come on well do it better,lets be out who do it better lets be,honest come on can we can we be honest,with each other all right now that weve,been honest lets go ahead and unbox,this bad boy right quick now i know what,you guys are thinking wheres his,handy-dandy knife i dont know i lost it,i havent done an unboxing in a pretty,long time but i got my handy dandy box,cutter okay so were gonna go ahead and,do it with that all right lets see what,we got here,oh,i think i just i cant just cut the,whole box over sheesh,all right now of course we all know,astro is known for their boxes,if,if it is a company that really,takes the detail to the next level with,their boxes its astro i have boxes from,seven,maybe eight years ago that are still,intact still rugged and i still put,stuff in it because,i be running out of storage space but,checking out this astro box when you,open it up,we all know,letting you break down what the astro,a10 really is you know what i mean what,what youre really looking for and of,course yall know the handy dandy stop,yeah im saying before you do anything,stop,read the directions,also astro im loving the fact that,yall again yall sticker game up yeah,im saying because you know i got a lot,of products i need a lot of stickers so,appreciate the sticker and can i be real,with yall why it look like im about to,unbox the yeezys of headsets right now,like,yo hold on,this feel man recyclable,this this smell mad good for the,environment,hold on,if i could tell yall what this fabric,this aint even fabric this is some type,of recyclable,you know what were going were going to,go ahead and get past that but look,hold up let me go ahead and unveil these,bad boys to you real quick let me go,ahead and unbet im saying let me see,hold on,all right so first off before we get,into the cordage because you know yall,always be worried about the cordage,right,the reason why i picked the great,headset is because they got the violet,to this bad boy so check it you you see,the wiring yeah im saying you see the,wiring this,listen im telling you this thing is on,a thousand and im saying also,im saying yall know what im about to,do,im telling you the product has changed,but to get the games,still the same you feel me but look,check this out right so as you guys can,see here yeah im saying a little a,little attention to detail when it comes,down to it a little attention to detail,um also i know a lot of people would,have loved for them to come with custom,ear tags because astro is big on custom,ear tags but not just yet but of course,we still got the flippy down mic you,guys already know about that flippy down,means youre talking flippy up means,youre muted yeah im saying your moms,yelling at you right now im saying,always when mom come through and she,finna yell at you about not taking out,that trash because youve been on the,game for three to four hours make sure,you put your head said john you put your,little flippy mic up now also the ear,cups,and the headband,are,my face im gonna just do it im gonna,just do it because i dont think yall,believe what im talking about right now,you could you could take it off you,could take off the headband you could,take off the ear cup everythings,detachable,listen i aint gonna lie,this is a big ass kids dream im a big,ass kid im just going to go ahead and,put that out there like im im a huge,kid and i believe,the the new line of customizing for,gaming headsets will be cushions itll,be your ear cups your headbands and can,i say astro,great job at letting people know early,that they have options with their,headsets because these headsets just,dont come in gray,they come in black they come in white,they come in this great like im telling,you its going to be so many different,variations i cant wait to see the,gaming community take these by storm and,really go crazy with them you know me,im im a real chill 850 type of guy,yeah im saying but listen these a-10s,when im out and about,im telling you these the ones man but,just to let you know a little disclaimer,noise cancellation is not there okay and,my watch going crazy oh you know what,thats it my pre-order just popped in,hey astro hey appreciate yall that guy,doing pre-order you feel me listen you,know i had to get a black one man you,you know im saying i had to get the,black one but you know that pre-order is,on on tilt right now and im saying all,right so like i was saying right so,right ear cup on yeah this on the head,test you know what i mean its,i i sound muffled when im speaking so i,know if somebodys yelling my name and i,got loud game sounds like fortnite call,of duty apex nba 2k eldon ring uh,marios uh,to any game on any console that i want,to play i know its going to be hard for,me to hear somebody else but there is,not noise cancelling technology which,means it does not add an extra drowning,sound like youre sinking you know what,i mean where you cant hear anything you,can still hear a little bit,um what else do we have here,let me go ahead and,i want yall to hear this,oh yeah,yeah oh yeah,ah yeah yeah,yeah we in there now yeah we fully in,there now but listen what else i got in,this box,all right,lets go ahead and see what this bad boy,came with oh man,listen listen listen listen listen,can i just say,astro,youre doing a heck of a job,you are doing a heck of a job so,in my last astro a10 video,with the first gen,i told you guys about the y splitter so,im guessing if you buy the gray version,or maybe any version itll come with a,nice little y splitter because i know,that some people still like the old,school wide splitters and still want to,use them,but,this is what i want to talk about,oh man look at this look at this oh man,recyclable my recyclable look at that,look at that look at that all right so,pete,yall know my wingspan is crazy i can,touch this monitor,and touch,my gaming station my so basically my,table is 73 inches long right and i can,almost touch both ends of the table,i cant,make this cord,oh i think i might break it drop down my,hand because its that long this cord is,super,super long i have to cuff,cuff it to make like basically hold this,part in my hand to straighten it out if,i try to straighten it out with the tips,i cant so,yet we have another,long cord,and with this cord of course it has the,astral branding on it and you can change,your volume of course you know what i,mean listen,i want to let yall know in on a little,secret,i know that a lot of people

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ASTRO A10 Headset Review ($60 ASTRO Gaming Headset!)

hey guys drifter here today Im gonna be,reviewing the brand new Astro a10,headsets from Astro gaming this is their,first foray into less expensive headsets,Astros have always been very nice,headsets and theyve always been some of,my favorite but if youre getting,something nice like the Astro a 50s here,this is gonna be a $300 headset which,not everybody is on board with getting a,headset the same price as their console,and even when theyre on sale are on,discount they only go down to 250 200 so,a lot of people have been wanting a less,expensive version and Astro has finally,come out with the good old 8 ins or will,there the brand new I dont know why Im,calling good all them out of my mind,its right before e3 Im filming it I,got the product early not gonna be doing,an unboxing today because as it is a,simpler product it doesnt have a fancy,or complicated box theres no fancy,paper and no fancy packaging you just,open it up and you have your headsets,right here good to go so today were,gonna focus on what makes these,different compared to the expensive ones,is the sound quality of the same and a,few of the more unique features such as,durability but I would like to point out,that this is a sponsored video Ive been,sponsored by Astro gaming for a long,time and there is a link down there in,the description that you can click on to,go to their website directly to the,a-10s and check them out and of course,as always we will be ending this episode,with some animal testing I will be,testing out the headsets on my dogs,because if theyre not safe for the dogs,theyre not safe for you so Ive been,using the a-10s off stream now for a,couple of days and you can tell that,they look very similar to the a 50s but,much simpler the microphone is,essentially identical but the headset,band here that the headband I would say,is just one solid piece of plastic they,are adjustable over the ears you can,open and close them but you cant really,twist them they dont have the rotation,that the a 50s and a 40s do and they,have a slightly less expensive material,for ear covering so its not quite as,complete and as youll notice there are,no fancy buttons on the side theres no,mute theres no volume up and down,theres no changing your equalizer,settings and no removable speaker tags,which is kind of a shame because thats,what Astro is famous for but what they,do have is the most important thing they,have the same speakers,in the a 40s and a 50s here in the a-10s,so what you really want to sound quality,if what you want is just a nice pair of,headsets and dont care about anything,else this will get the job done they are,also incredibly simple and I think that,is what makes them very good Im gonna,go ahead and put them on my head here,for a second well Ill adjust it Im,being goofy when you get it theres no,mix amp theres no fancy cables theres,no USB theres no drivers to install you,get a regular old pc audio jack cable,that you will use to plug into the,headset into the bottom end which is,right here very simply just one plug,nothing else going on and once youve,done that if you want to use your,headset you can just plug it straight,into the playstation controller and its,good to go or you can plug it straight,into the Xbox controller and its good,to go or you can plug it straight into,your phone and its good to go thats it,this is the most standard simple analog,straightforward setup that is compatible,with everything on the planet that you,could possibly get downside being no mix,am no equalizer settings no advanced,audio no digital audio no nothing crazy,but you do get simplicity and simplicity,is very nice one of the very cool things,about the a-10s,which I absolutely cannot say for the a,50s or a 40s is that these are,remarkably durable not that these break,easy because thats not true at all but,just look at what I can do to these,headsets they just snap right back into,position I can twist them I can stretch,them I can be mean to them I can drop,them and they just they just dont break,they just go straight back yeah I mean,[Applause],theyre still good to go theyre just,one simple piece of plastic and you can,work them I talked to the guys at the,Astro office they say theyve been,incredibly mean to him slang him,slamming him down on the parking lot,kicking them around trying to break them,and they basically dont break as it is,a new product it is difficult to,estimate the lifespan or the durability,but I am just gonna guess I cant even,break that off,Im just gonna guess that based on me,being able to do this consequence-free,that its gonna last a very long time so,yeah last but not least the most,important thing is that they are,inexpensive this is a $60 headset its,so inexpensive that the typical astro,discount link thats in the description,of this video doesnt apply so if you,click the link itll take you to the,site where theyre available but no,crazy discounts but its a $60 headset,this puts it in line with all of the,cheap Tritons that cheap turtle beachs,that chief after glows all the really,you know cheap junk that you find in,walmart youll actually be able to get a,very nice Astro headset at the exact,same price point which i think is gonna,be huge for the company and I think its,gonna really upend the entire headset,market as for me personally youre gonna,ask well drifter are you going to be,using the a-10s,and my most honest answer is no not,because I dont like them but because,Ive already got Astro a 50s and while,these are nice and they are inexpensive,and quite durable mind you I have,Wireless a 50s so I dont need to use,the wire date ins what these are,probably gonna be for me these are gonna,be my travel headsets these are gonna be,the ones I take with me on the road the,ones I take with me on the airplane,because theyre remarkably simple they,dont require charging theyre,compatible with literally everything and,I can just do commentaries on the go,with them,so guys I hope you enjoyed this review I,hope you learned something fun about the,headsets if you did I hope youd like,favorite subscribe the video or check,out the link in the description to the,Astro store and eventually Ill find a,way to break these but wait we forgot,about the animal testing hey buddy hows,it going you like your new eight ends,hey booboo do you like your eight ends,esky do you want to take over the camera,well Im gonna do what you guys might,not see here is were gonna hook him up,kinda hooked up to my phone and what we,are gonna do is we are gonna play some,emo music for the dog turn the volume up,real loud what are we playing here today,were playing I write sins not tragedies,but,panic at the disco and were gonna put,it on his ears can you hear sounds oh,God,hold up wait wait wait,is he listening to music hey but its,okay hes listening to music jazz again,hold up the other dark wants that hey,look Im gonna get you up here,alright Ripper oh nice dress rest in,pepperonis Ozzie do you like the music,blood its okay but look up its okay I,think he likes the email music what do,you think,animal testing is a complete success

Astro A10 Review and Unboxing

hello everybody I recently just got,these Astro a10s off of bestbuy.com for,40 off actually no 40 off sale,um normally theyre 60 according to Best,Buy and now theyre 20 and its the,early Black Friday sale so if you want,to cop them uh Link in description if,youre watching this video you probably,already bought them or youre looking to,buy them and want to know if theyre,good or not so Im going to be unboxing,and reviewing them,um Ive already unboxed them I took out,the uh cord and stuff that you need to,plug in obviously to use the headphones,but Im gonna put them back in just you,guys can see the unboxing experience,here so heres the box as you know,theyre just Astro a10s you know nothing,too special,um mid-range headphones definitely uh,not high end but definitely not low end,either Im pretty comfortable from the,couple hours that I was using them,before and uh yeah so here they are they,are not Bluetooth they do have a wire,which is um right whoops,which is uh right here and it does come,with the headphones obviously they do,not not come with the wire otherwise you,wouldnt be able to use them,um one thing that I do like about them,which has a pro and a con is they have,cloth ear cups here and compared to my,old headphones,which have uh well,they have fake leather and the fake,leather wore off and what happens when,the fake leather wears off is it starts,flaking and then it gets in your hair,and it gets on your ears it gets in your,ears and thats not good they become,uncomfortable and to be honest these,werent the most high quality headphones,anyways in the first place to begin with,so Im just glad to be getting an,upgrade now and uh yeah Im gonna be,upgrading to these white Astro a10s to,match my white keyboard my white mouse,and uh kind of contrast well with,everything else is black in here like,the freaking monitors uh the mouse pad,all that and my Xbox so yeah Ive got,the nice white and black setup going and,yeah so these are the Astro a10s one,thing that I like about them as well is,they have a bendable microphone you know,even though it looks kind of rigid from,the outside like when you have it like,this it looks like its rigid plastic,um its actually made out of rubber I,think or something like that and its,nice and flexible so you can position it,um anywhere relative to where your mouth,is when you have them on and they have,pretty good noise isolation even when,theres a nothing playing through them I,can I can still hear my voice pretty,clearly but if something were to happen,around me like Im not going to get,distracted from something slight like a,slight noise in my room or anything like,that so thats good,um Im gonna do a microphone sound test,later on in this video but Im gonna put,them down right now and Im gonna,actually plug them into my computer,and Im gonna plug in the cable right,here this is how you plug them in by the,way um so like I said before it comes,with the cable inside the box right here,and then what you got to do is you just,got to plug them in right here on the,left headphone I believe you got a left,headphone and then you take it to,whatever youre trying to plug it into,these work on Xbox these work on,Playstation these work on computer they,work on anything that has a 3.5,millimeter audio jack right here,so Im going to plug it into my computer,and I already did a sound test because,Ive already obviously Ive already used,them before because I opened them today,I did just get them today but from what,I can sell uh so far is yeah theyre,pretty decent headphones,um you can find them as low as like,forty dollars when theyre not on sale,but Best Buy I guess had them in for 60.,and so 75 percent off uh because 20,bucks of 60 thats 75 thats one I mean,now thats three fourths off so thats a,really good deal,um I wouldnt say that theyre worth a,60 price if you got them for sixty,dollars but I also would say theyre a,great deal for twenty dollars,um build quality overall is really good,um no creaking whatsoever when I shake,them you dont really hear any rattling,or anything theyre nice and well built,theyre solid uh the cloth feels really,nice and um the con that I was talking,about before about the cloth,um well actually theres two pros and,one con the two Pros are that the cloth,feels nice around you ears I prefer to,leather personally,um and also theres nothing to wear off,because its just cloth theres no,theres no covering on it its just a,straight up cloth and the con is that,your ears are going to get heat theyre,going to get um theyre gonna get hot,and they might get a little sweaty,because cloth is not as good of a uh,whatever you call it,I dont know theyre just not as good to,resist the Heat and kind of keep your,ears cool as leather is or the Pu fake,leather thats um on most headphones but,uh yeah I still prefer cloth to Leather,So if thats what you want these,headphones for then you can get it right,here with a cloth if you want leather,then Id go buy something else I guess I,dont know but uh yeah so Im gonna plug,them in actually I already havent,plugged into the computer and Im gonna,do a microphone test for you guys right,here using uh the microphone which by,the way it has a flip to mute system so,pretty much right now the microphone is,live and right now the microphone is,muted the only way to mute this,microphone theres no switch theres no,um button that you press there the only,thing thats on the cable itself if I,could find it holy crap,um,where am I going crazy right now oh here,it is I plugged it in upside down,um this part of the headset that youre,supposed to plug in to the headset,itself and not your computer is this,part right here that has the volume,thing right here so when youre plugging,in the cable to the headset make sure,that you do have the uh side plugged,into the right side or make sure you,have it plugged into the right side so,that way you dont just act like a,like I was doing,until I put it back on here uh the,adjustment system,is very smooth,uh theres like little lines I dont,know if you can see this on the camera I,was focusing or not but theres like,little lines right here theyre kind of,shiny,um and they just kind of tell you like,where it is and Im sure it fits pretty,much all head sizes Im not having any,complaints with mine uh much more,comfortable with my other headphones,nice and cushiony and uh yeah so like I,was talking about before there is no,mute switch or button on the headset all,there is is this little volume uh this,little volume roll thing right here that,your volume scroll and thats how you,control the volume on the headset,um like I said before flip up to mute,all that so uh yeah if you have to mute,really quickly then youre gonna have to,like I dont know like jerk your hand,over to your headset and like,something like that uh so yeah if youre,trying to mute really quickly not the,greatest headset but I dont know why,you need to do that in the first place,if youre just doing like some casual,Xbox gaming or on your computer and a,Discord called the homies or something,like that and uh yeah so Im gonna go,with the microphone test right here Im,gonna open up audacity on my computer,and then Im gonna switch the audio from,uh my main microphone right here thats,recording on the camera to the headset,audio from this microphone itll get,started directly with the test,okay this is the microphone test for the,Astro A10 headset on sale 75 off at Best,Buy,um I was having some tactical,difficulties when I was trying to do,this because this part was not plugged,in all the way so make sure while it is,a nice convenience to have a detachable,cable for your headset make sure its,plugged in all the way otherwise the,microphone is not going to be,functioning correctly and nor will the,speakers inside the headset themselves,um so yeah just make sure you have this,plugged in all the way when youre,trying to use it and you should have a,perfectly fine experience uh like I said,before th

Astro A10 2021 Review | Best Gaming Headset Under 50 Dollars?

again this compared to this this ones,definitely better,but not by much youtube what is going on,savage here in todays video were doing,something a little bit special i,currently am using the astro a40,generation 4 with the tr mix amp headset,and im gonna go ahead and compare it to,the a10s now a lot of you guys dont,want to go out and spend 300 on a,headset and trust me i get it so were,gonna break out this bad boy im gonna,go over the pros the cons and literally,give a head-to-head comparison of the,two headsets of course,i fully expect this one to perform,better than this one but again for the,price point this being 50 and this being,six times more expensive im really,genuinely curious to see how good these,actually are if you do enjoy the content,and want to stay up to date on current,gaming equipment make sure you subscribe,the channel today drop a like on the,video without any further ado lets dive,into this now it does say xbox on here,however um it is compatible with xbox pc,mac mobile and playstation thats how,ive always done it with astros again,ive been using astro since the gen 2,and theyve never matched the system,that i bought it for i used to play on,xbox i had the playstation because i,liked blue um and so on and so forth so,guys dont let this scare you if you,guys want the green get the green if,yall want the blue get the blue it,doesnt matter what this little label,right here says it just color coded to,match the system now holding this in my,hand i genuinely am curious about the,durability it seems pretty durable its,just a simple band,um this part here actually seems like it,may be more durable than the a40s and,ill show you why right now so my a40s,now theyve been through it of course,ive had them for about a year but this,part here slides up and down relatively,easy so as im gaming,literally it just slides down my head so,i have to adjust it once or twice a,stream which usually lasts about six to,eight hours size wise this ones,definitely smaller definitely sleeker,has a lot more minimalistic appearance,which i do love especially again for the,price um as you can see with the band it,looks as if,its the same material now my biggest,complaint with the astro a40 headset and,this is not a video on them but just to,let you know and compare the two is that,the padding is basically non-existent,after you use it for,a couple months so it kind of does leave,a little divot in your head whether you,have hair or youre bald like me it is,definitely noticeable um this does seem,to be the exact same setup the exact,same material so thats kind of,worrisome right there um but even,compared to the 300 version and the 50,version i still think were so far at a,win now the microphone is not removable,from the headset it is stationary unlike,this one which is removable now i dont,see any volume controls on the actual,device but i do believe it may be on the,cable now neither does the astro a 40s,but the a50s do and the reason the a40s,dont is again because of the mix amp,which is over there and again im going,to test this without the mix amp and,with the mix amp and let you guys know,my opinion because if for some reason,this headset performs extremely well,connected to the mix amp you can,literally get a setup just as good as,this for probably a fraction of the,price all right the volume control is on,the auxiliary cable its kind of small,and it looks like it may be a pain in,the butt to,actually do especially if youre mid,game and if youre playing war zone or,any first person shooter nowadays you,know that explosions and footsteps and,sounds like that are completely drastic,um so the volume control being so small,is kind of worrisome because if youre,you know if youre trying to listen for,footsteps youre gonna have to reach,find the auxiliary scroll it up and the,next thing you know you have an,explosion that blows your eardrums out,you have to turn it down but it is just,for convenience purposes that im,griping about it to be honest really not,that big of a deal again 49,really not that bad now unlike the a40s,where you can actually pivot the headset,and it can fit your head relatively well,this is again stationary so you cannot,you just hope that your ears are,actually shaped perfectly for it and im,going to try it on because i have some,big ass ears all right so this is the,way the astros fit on me and again,through gaming they eventually slide,down so i have to consistently,readjust it and again the band being,really crappy kind of leaves a rivet in,my head you may be able to see it now um,but its relatively comfortable the,ashes are extremely comfortable i got to,say that much even with the top band,being so thin not really that big of a,deal now lets try these bad boys on as,you guys can see its a lot its a lot,wider i feel like,i feel like princess leia im gonna be,honest i really dont hear anything the,the foam pads actually fit better than,these do to be honest i think the,padding in here is a lot better and what,i mean by that is the outside sounds i,cant really help hear it its muffled,greatly which is great for for headset,design now im going to go ahead and,hook this bad boy up,to,my tr mix amp and im gonna try it out,with the actual mix amp and get a,head-to-head comparison then ill try to,without the mix amp and give you guys,again uh my input so basically im gonna,find a video and im gonna play that,video,okay so so far with the mix amp,literally just not the one nowhere near,the ashtray 40s honestly not even the,same ballpark kind of scary to be real,granted i havent messed the equalizer,and things like that there may be some,good equalizer settings for them but,right now just a standard tr with this,no bueno so im going to hook this bad,boy up to my computer and were going to,get actual volume and ill let you guys,know but a scale of 1 to 10 um as far as,with the tr mix amp completely stock no,adjusting anything i give it a 4 out of,10. very very,quality,all right im gonna be honest dude i,really was i had i had low hopes low,expectations after i heard it on the tr,mix amp however,literally just plugging it into your,computer through the auxiliary port and,by the way you can use this headset for,pc xbox and playstation all the consoles,and all the systems um but wow that was,actually really good the base is out of,this world the base 10 out of 10 100,um lets go ahead and see if i can find,some trouble honestly im watching,warzone gameplay right now and with,footsteps and explosions its a very,good headset for fifty dollars,blown away i remember for fifty dollars,i bought a brand new um turtle beach,headset no shot at turtle beaches this,is a decade ago um so im sure theyve,evolved since but,it sounded like it got run over by 18,with the the quality was so bad so one,again the pads are extremely comfortable,the headset rests relatively firmly on,my head i dont think im have to adjust,anything,the base is fire you can hear footsteps,you can hear explosions its not,overwhelming,like the a50s are so overall im going,to go ahead and give this headset an 8,on 10 and im honestly surprised for the,price of the headset i was expecting,genuinely out of the gate giving it a 5,out of 10 maybe a 4 out of 10. um again,connected to the tr mix amp dont even,try it unless you have some kind of,magical equalizer settings that might,turn it around but you dont even need,that for 50 plug it into your system,plug it into your computer and youre,ready to go again i was watching warzone,gameplay in real time i saw my live,reaction the trouble seems a little bit,lower than id like it to be i like,higher trouble just for footsteps so for,design im gonna go ahead and give it a,nine out of ten i will say the top,headpiece i wish is a little bit more,comfortable but as its sitting on my,head i dont even notice it i just know,eventually that this little piece will,be wearing down and at least on the a40s,i can replace it this headset i dont,believe you can

Astro A10 Budget Gaming Headset Review: Worth $60 Bucks?

Astro gaming has put out some great,headsets over the years theyve also put,out a few that I was not super impressed,with now theyve got an offering that,comes with no bells or whistles but,syncs to a price point about two hundred,dollars less than anything else the,company sells they are the Astro eight,tens and let me ask you are they worth,three Lincolns Astro has never widely,released to my knowledge a headset that,cost less than $250 in the Astro a40,theres a ton of competition in the,gaming headset market these days,companies like hyper X have made,lower-cost headphones competitive at,least in terms of sound quality to the,higher priced players in the market its,a smart move for Astro to put out a,headset like this they get to suck up,some of that market from the sub $100,range and maybe the a-10s are a gateway,drug to higher price models like the 840,and 850,but its only a smart move if the,headset doesnt suck so lets talk some,pros and cons and see how they hold up,first off lets talk about the build,solid plastic nothing special nothing,fancy nothing that feels too premium but,Astro claims that you can beat the hell,out of these things,and they wont break I reviewed a lot of,headsets and one of the most frequent,comments that I get is that headsets,break usually around this place right,here I dont know what people are doing,with their headsets I dont know if they,have giant heads or whatever but it just,seems to be something that happens but,Astro claims their build will solve this,problem and they put their money where,their mouth is or something like that,the plastic is very malleable its soft,there is a metal band inside here and,likely will Bend if you really torque,these things out of shape but thats not,an everyday use case now is it I imagine,theyd be fine if you threw them against,the wall in the midst of a ragequit but,Im not going to do that because you,know I might want to return these the,ear cups are fabric not velour but not,bad the opening is a little narrow and,sort of odd shaped with this thing folks,with big ears might want to try before,you buy the pad on top of the headband,is a little narrow to evenly distribute,the weight when you put them on but they,are kind of really wide they fit wide on,your head I wore them for a few hours,over the weekend it didnt find them,uncomfortable no hot spots of pain up,here anything like that theyre not the,most comfortable in the world but I,suppose theyre $60 worth of comfortable,there are no detents in the ear cup,adjustments the tents are like the,little like clicky clicky so most likely,you will be adjusting these every time,you put them on but this thats no big,deal its easy enough to do just like,that the cable is about a meter long,it has inline volume control up and down,not too bad and of course the muting is,taken care of by flipping the mic the,mic itself is like comically floppy but,I suppose thats a good thing when it,comes to durability it doesnt,necessarily go out of shape or anything,lets move on to sound because thats,really the most important thing right,lets cover the mic first and then Ill,move on to the headset both in games and,which is like casual music listening,first lets take a listen to the mic,okay folks so this is a the microphone,for the Astro 810 so Im recording this,right now just on the QuickTime movie,player no bells and whistles and just,straight into the back of my Mac my iMac,with QuickTime Player running and the,video so you can see that right here I,am Im here mostly suppose,this causes of roses but Moses supposes,erroneously tell me what you guys think,down in the comments below this is the,mic of the Astro a10 $60 headset so let,me know what you think down in the,comments I have to admit Im more than a,little impressed with what I hear from,this mic its not full bodied or,anything youre not using a large,diaphragm condenser mic or anything like,that but its clear and its not really,shrill and painful on the top end I can,definitely see people using this without,any trouble,and without and and feeling good about,the sound they were getting if they,wanted a stream with this mic for,comparison heres a test of the mod mic,5.0 which is much beloved for its,quality and cost nearly as much as this,hole through this whole headset okay so,here we are with the mod mic 5.0 this is,a almost 50 $60 microphone that you can,get too attached to any headset that you,want to use this happens to be the super,luxe 661 vs or whatever they are I love,this setup I use it with my a 40 mix amp,that Ive got over there this is the mic,5.0 lets compare it to the Astro a10,microphone and see how favorably they,can they compare now lets remember that,the a10 headset costs nearly as much as,this microphone by itself so let me know,what you think down in the comment the,mod mic sounds better its a little,tighter a little more controlled but the,differences are huge I mean this is,easily the best mic that Astro has ever,put on any product theyve released they,figured something out lets hope that,this quality carries over to the mics on,their more higher priced offerings,because basically those mics are garbage,compared to this I played a couple hours,of games on the ps4 with the a-10s,everything from battlefield 1 to Witcher,3 to try and see how they did both with,the booming sort of con combat type,stuff where you want to be able to hear,the footsteps but you also want to feel,the atmosphere and then I also went on,this more subtle sound design with stuff,like Witcher 3,theres a boo meanness in the base and,the lower mids that gets a little a,little too overwhelming in combat games,its a little goofy I also found that,the DualShock 4 didnt drive these as,much as I would want they were okay in,Witcher 3 but I just couldnt quite get,the volume that I wanted in battlefield,1 Witcher 3 however a different story,the sound was cleared pretty,well-balanced up top and they werent,too shrill they they werent painful in,that high end there was still more,low-end than I liked but it wasnt the,constant presence because you dont have,explosions going off all around you all,the time so not too big a deal they,seemed like they tried to go for a,balance of sound design for games like,Witcher 3 and games combat like games if,youve watched my headset in headphone,videos then you know I like a more,balanced sound and the a-10s,are definitely not that that doesnt,mean they sound bad I listen to some,music on these coming straight off,Spotify plugged in to the iMac and I,found that they did a pretty nice job,kind of punching above their weight in,some ways with several different kinds,of music they are what I would call a,fun headphone with that smiley face EQ,curve where its up in the bass and a,little up in the top accentuates that,bass and sparkles just a little on the,top the tuning of the bass in the low,mids was still a little wonky and kind,of covered up some of that details and,lower sound but they perform better with,music than I expected and they,definitely perform better with music,than most gaming headsets Ive done the,same test on the only big misstep Astros,done here with this headset is that they,dont include a Y cable with the PC,Edition which is what I have here Oh,to me thats a huge mistake because can,consider the folks that are likely,buying the $60 headset they probably,dont have a bunch of Y cables laying,around from all the other headsets that,they have this seems like a serious,omission to me and Id love it if Astro,would tell me in the rest of the,community why they decided to go this,route if youre a sound board,looking to get those footsteps in in the,combat games the first-person shooters,these wont get you there these are not,that kind of headset,theres no surround sound or tuning,available here these things are 100%,analog just cable and a volume control,and thats all yet they are a great,everyman everything headset that seems,to be built for the market of jablow,kne

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