1. Astroneer Review // Is It Worth It in 2022?!
  2. Should You Buy Astroneer in 2022? Is Astroneer Worth the Cost?
  3. I Set Off So Much Dynamite It Ended Reality in Astroneer
  4. 10 tips and tricks I WISH I KNEW sooner | Astroneer
  5. Why Astroneer Is So Awesome
  6. Astroneer Review – Worthabuy?
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Astroneer Review // Is It Worth It in 2022?!

so astroneer is the game that i wanted,to play for really really long time,since its early access and now the game,is actually fully released and i,actually played it and i played a lot of,it well in this video were gonna be,breaking down whether restaurant here is,actually a great game or not and whether,its worth it or well not so without,further ado lets just get it started so,what is actually astronomer im pretty,sure you have already some ideas what,this game is all about but its actually,very difficult to explain for the ones,who doesnt know but i will try so,estronia is if minecraft satisfactory,and kerbal space program of all things,had a baby and that baby just jumped,into pool of very bright paint well,thats a simple explanation as it can,get about western ear so in reality,estrania is actually a crafting,adventure game something similar to,minecraft but without an enemies this,game does not have any enemies there are,some dangers and there are survival,elements but there are other enemies,that you need to fight or you can fight,or that can kill you except for the,plants there are plants that can kill,you and basically start a game you land,on a planet and the terrain of the,planet can be fully manipulated meaning,that you can actually destroy and,rebuild everything as you see fit so,thats where comparison to minecraft,actually goes you go around you mine,resources you build your machines and,thats where satisfactory settles in so,like in satisfactory you actually can,automate your different machines and,build well more and more complex things,you build these machines you mine for,more resources and eventually you will,hit a wall where you actually need some,resources that do not exist on the,planet and now you will actually need to,build a spaceship and you can actually,freely travel between different planets,which there are seven of in that solar,system and while entire game is actually,all that you go around you craft the,resources craft your bases go around the,planets and build better bases etc etc,so overall the goal of the game does not,look very interesting or rather very,intriguing however this game is not,about the goals this game is all about,the gameplay and and this game actually,features very very amazing and very cool,gameplay survival elements of this game,is basically based on two things first,is that you need a constant supply of,oxygen because yeah you need to breathe,air and to do so you need to build a,system of tethers basically that,connects to your oxygenator on your base,or you can use your vehicles who has an,oxygen supply and you need an energy and,there are actually two main ways for,energy production there is wind or solar,but there are also fuel generators as,well that you can just constantly run,and gameplay loop is basically that you,just build minor resources build the,better machines research more,interesting stuff and uncover more and,more interesting points on the planets,which there are a lot of the planets are,actually pretty beautiful and each one,of them features various unique places,that you can uncover but the main fun,and the biggest downfall of this game is,actually its interface or rather lack,thereof as you can see from gameplay,there is very little interface or hud,theres practically none of it because,everything is integrated directly into,the game even an inventory system when,you go and look into your inventory with,a backpack you literally see your,backpack and how things are actually,sorted there and if you take any of the,resources these resources take a,physical space and if you want to store,these resources you literally use a,physical space even in large storage,facilities that you can build later in,the game and that actually makes game,pretty interesting and pretty fun and,you actually see all the fruit of your,work and its actually pretty fun and,pretty amazing but why its a downfall,well because its pretty difficult to,get used to it i wont be lying to you,when i started the game first hour of,the game was pretty big chore for me i,didnt like how it worked but when i got,used to it after an hour around an hour,or two,then it got pretty intuitive and it got,pretty fun and interesting but you go,through this one hour because yeah its,pretty difficult to find out where the,things are and how things work and what,you how you can build stuff and,it even took it even took me a few,minutes to find out where the turret,manipulator is which is on keyboard just,press e and yeah you can just take a,turn manipulator and just get all the,resources that you want yeah it was not,explained very easily but maybe that,maybe it was just me who missed that,overall it can be a bit difficult at,first but its actually not that,difficult and you will get used to it,pretty quickly so whats the final goal,of this game well there is none your,goal is actually to build more and more,and more and eventually encompass all of,the planets of your solar system thats,basically it there is no overarching,goal and no deeper meaning,in this game there are some there are,some remnants of the story and the lore,but,overall there is nothing very big and,very important basically you are an,explorer who is exploring this star,system and thats basically it and i,wont lie to you if you dont like the,crafting games and if you dont like,playing as a miner or playing as,a researcher in any type of the games,and you want constant action youre not,gonna like this game thats thats just,truth this game has a very niche,audience if you like the game like,satisfactory and factorio and if you,like minecraft for the things that you,can actually create in that game then,im pretty sure you will like this game,and if you want,a constant action or constant tense,atmosphere or even a little bit of,horror then no absolutely not this game,is absolutely not for you this game is,just incredibly bright color there are,no enemies you cant die from falling,heights or oxygen suffocation or,some random plants can kill you but,other than that there is no danger and,and thats basically main point of the,game your main point is just to relax,and enjoy the game not to constantly,fight for survival okay but how much,does this cost so game is actually,available on steam for the base price of,29.99 for tier 1 countries and 1449 for,tier 2 countries and it can go as low as,15.99 for tier 1 countries and 941 for,tier 2 countries thats a weird sale,number basically you can go as low as 10,for tier 2 countries and the game is,actually all available on a game pass as,well and thats how i myself actually,played it so yeah you can actually play,this game for free if you want so lets,get to the conclusions is this game,actually worth it for any of those,prices or not well if you like crafting,games and if you dont care about any,action in these games and if you want to,build and just expand and do things like,that if you like games like satisfactory,or factorio then this game is actually,worth it you can actually have a lot of,fun of it especially if youre playing,this with friends because this game has,full multiplayer and it is much much,much more fun to play this game with,your friends if you have friends then,its absolutely worth it even for a,higher price even for the full price,however if you dont like crafting games,and if you are seeking actions in the,game and especially if you dont like,the survival genre which this game is,not very deep into but still some,elements are there then no youre not,going to enjoy this game for any price,um this is this is just just that you,can try it and you can test it on a sale,or its and especially if you can test,it all on a game pass but if you dont,like this type of games you dont like,the relaxing type of games where you,just,build stuff like for example,similarly to a stardew valley then no,youre not gonna enjoy this game this,game is difficult to get into especially,if you dont like crafting games so you,are goin

Should You Buy Astroneer in 2022? Is Astroneer Worth the Cost?

hey guys and welcome to should you buy,it where all we do is talk a little bit,about the game and whether or not we,think its worth the cost,in this episode well be playing,astroneer the space survival crafting,and exploration game where you can morph,the terrain to your will in order to,help you uncover the many secrets of,astroneers universe now the first,question that we always cover in these,videos is what stage of development is,the game in and in this case astroneer,is currently in full release and,available on pc as well as most consoles,for thirty dollars so what exactly is,the game well astroneer is first and,foremost an exploration game the big,selling point for a lot of players,however is the terrain manipulation that,you can do you see unlike games such as,minecraft you wont be just simply,mining a node or a block in order to get,your resources instead youll be digging,your resources out from the ground with,a tool that allows you to manipulate the,terrains formations the dig function of,this tool is the one youre going to be,using for that as it simply digs out the,ground in a sphere-like shape until,enough of that resource is exposed for,you to gather it now the terrain can,also be built and flattened youll often,find in your travels that you may need,to build upwards in which case the tool,will do just that and build upwards in a,spherical or cylindrical shape this is,great for building a pillar in order to,get out of a cave however it can also be,used to flatten surfaces for things like,building structures and more importantly,air bridges which may be needed to get,across large empty spaces in order to,explore anything within astroneer though,you are going to have to have oxygen to,get that oxygen you will need to be,tethered to some form of oxygen,generator at the beginning of the game,you will be given a starting facility,that essentially can produce an infinite,amount of oxygen however if you decide,to wander off and gather resources or,explore you will quickly find yourself,in trouble as the reach of your tether,is rather short you can of course extend,this by making new tethers that,essentially act as a chain back to your,oxygen source so that you can stay alive,at a further distance from your base at,the beginning this is your primary way,of being able to explore further areas,but you will soon notice that you will,be able to create vehicles like the,tractor which provides oxygen on the,move without needing to be attached to,the main tether system there are several,different vehicles in astroneer and each,provides you with better ways to explore,the solar system i dont want to spoil,them all for you so well just use the,first two important vehicles that you,come across as examples the first one,youll have is a tractor that isnt much,faster than a running player but does,give you that added bonus of oxygen on,the go it does require power though so,you will need to provide it with the,power source in this case that is just,simply electricity the other form of,vehicles i want to mention are the space,exploration ones these are essentially,ships that you can take off the planet,they will require you to build thrusters,to power them but at the end of the day,its important to note that space travel,is more of a point-and-click adventure,to get to another planet where planetary,travel is more about mobility and,convenience in astroneer there are,several different planets and each one,of them has different resources on them,for an example one planet might have,titanium while another has iron these,resources are important as you will,eventually need all of them in order to,craft the many different structures,vehicles and items that you will either,need or want in order to progress,throughout the game the main progression,however comes in two forms the first,form of progression is simply your,research and unlocks in order to unlock,something you will need to spend,research points also known as bytes that,you get from scanning materials scanning,large researchable items finding small,collectible items and through unlocking,special research pods these are just the,primary ways to get bytes but the idea,is that in order to progress you will,need to spend both your time and,resources to get these points these,points however are not the only way in,which you can progress in astroneer the,second way that you can progress is,through the games mission system i say,mission system instead of story as it,feels more like a series of tasks that,are given to you in order to help guide,you throughout the game for an example,these can be things like hey go collect,four nuggets of composite reach the,center of the planet or even tame a,specific creature each time you complete,one of these missions youll be rewarded,with either some new recipes items or,research points again this is more of a,guide rather than an actual epic,storyline thats going on now before we,move into the pros and cons we would,like to mention one of our favorite,places to buy games which is humble,bundle now aside from the fact that you,can purchase basically any game for pc,and console all in one place and the,fact that becoming a humble bundle,member will earn you tons of free games,every month and give you great discounts,on purchases humble bundle also gives,you the ability to donate to a great,cause and help support this channel if,you are interested in getting some great,deals on games while supporting charity,check out our link in the description,below with that being said first up for,the pros is that the game doesnt have a,true ui this is nice as in most survival,games these days you have a ui that,tends to clutter up a large portion of,your screen with things like hotkeys and,mini-maps this really helps emphasize,the sense of cool visuals and,exploration in the game as you were able,to feel more immersed and see more of,the universe another pro is that,astroneer has a great sense of,exploration and we dont want to spoil,anything here because it is a main,aspect of the game but there are some,pretty neat and satisfying things to,discover after that is the unique and,colorful art style that astroneer offers,if you are tired of staring at plain old,dirt and trees in your survival games,then astroneer may be a great breath of,fresh oxygen for you and finally for the,pros is that the game is just simply a,relaxing and laid back experience there,are some threats in the game but for the,most part they didnt take away from the,relaxing atmosphere that the game offers,now for the cons the first con i have,for you today is that astroneer really,doesnt have a whole lot of,replayability value and what i mean by,this is that once youve gone to every,planet and youve seen and discovered,everything there is to see and discover,theres not going to be anything new the,next time you play sure you can maybe,hike up the difficulty a tiny bit but at,the end of the day its not enough to,really warrant another playthrough i,know there are players who love this,game but just dont want to play it a,second time because theres nothing new,for them to discover and the last con i,have for you today is that the game,really just felt pretty repetitive after,about the six or seven hour mark theres,only so much difference that you really,can have between all of these planets,and at the end of the day most of them,felt pretty similar when you went to a,new one to go mine or do whatever you,were gonna do on that planet the only,real change was that there were some,different plant monsters and some,slightly different biomes that were a,little intriguing to see but nothing,more than what you would expect from a,game like no mans sky where you go to a,new planet and yeah sure theres some,new looking vegetation theres some new,creatures or whatever but its not,enough to warrant you actually going to,these new planets because they dont,feel like that new of an experience so,now its time for the rating for the,g

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I Set Off So Much Dynamite It Ended Reality in Astroneer

hey there its josh welcome back to,lets game it out were checking out,astroneer today,a fun planetary romp where you go down,to various planets,take every resource you can and leave,the planet way worse than you left it,that sounds like fun doesnt it so lets,get started our journey begins as our,little spacecraft takes off from orbit,lets watch as our little craft finds a,suitable place to land,and the moment we exit our drop ship it,magically transforms into a habitat for,us,after which time like a virus asserting,itself our tiny little building grows,and perfect im already a plague on the,planet so to be the ideal astroneer,theres two things weve got to do,first we need to expand our base and we,need to take up all the planets,beautiful resources,and then maybe when were done we can go,up to this planet here or maybe those,planets,dont worry you big beautiful rocks in,the sky were coming for you so heres,our starting cubes the basic building,blocks what we need to get started of,which first weve got the oxygenator,this is going to generate beautiful,oxygen for us,via this lovely tether that you can see,going from me to the base but to make it,work we got to plug the thing in,thankfully you can pick up things in,this game really easy and apparently,move them all over the place with your,mind powers or if youre not a wizard,hold it in your bare hands,and if you look under the machinery,youll see these two little sockets,wander on over to the side of our base,and youll see a nice place to put it,there it is all content in its new home,totally oxygenating meanwhile weve got,these two other crates one of which,is this starting platform which once we,unpack it you can see that it also has a,bunch of those sockets,im gonna go ahead and put you right,there we go perfect and look at this,something to put in it this here is our,medium printer which has got those two,little sockets so lets go ahead and put,this thing in its new home,ta-da its beautiful now through this,thing we can make all kinds of items,like a larger printer,and a research chamber but we cant,print these things just yet because we,need to get these components,stuff like resin and compound which are,things we can make by plundering the,planet of its resources but you might be,wondering how can we get those resources,well im glad you asked behold my,terrain,gun thing with this little thing we can,run right over and just start sucking up,resources,as well as terraform the planet just,suck up all those resources,watch as they go into the gun forever,okay cool if you check out my backpack,now,not only am i filled up on whatever this,material is but its popping out of the,top of my backpack,as well as every orifice of my gun thank,god theres so many ways to collect,resources so now we have plenty of,compound okay lets make ourselves a,large printer huh doesnt seem to be,printing oh its because i need to give,it power,which means we just take this little,cable plug here and just,go ahead and plug it in just like that,each platform has,four of these power cables i mean you,only need to connect one but im not,gonna miss a chance to make something,hideous so lets do our part and connect,all four um looking excessive oh yeah,there we go,print my dreams into reality oh and then,gift wrap them for me,thanks you stay right over there for now,were also gonna make a large platform,to go with it but first we need to pick,up some resin which i think i see way in,the distance here,i believe this is it that thing that,looks like mac and cheese dont be shy,earth vacuum get in there and get it all,i can also pull my backpack off and get,a better look,although it leaves my guy looking,weirdly naked but hey yep thats resin,alright and put that enriched pasta to,good use,so heres another thing we have to worry,about you see my little glowing tether,there if i get too far away it,disappears,and thats when you can see my oxygen,meter slowly going down and if that runs,out i think we all know what happens,thankfully theres always fresh,astronauts to take their place so to,solve this oxygen problem we can just,extend the tether to do that we can,build stuff right off of our backpack in,this case a bunch of tethers,all it takes is a little compound and,tada a whole bundle of tethers which i,can then add to the landscape and as,long as im connected to these things,im always getting oxygen which im sure,you can see where this is going and if,you didnt im sure you do now,at least nearby the base anywhere you,walk is gonna find itself connected to a,tether you like,oxygen because youll get it and here we,have our modern art i call it spider-man,hates mac and cheese or loves it too,much,i also like it because if it gets dark,out were gonna have no trouble finding,our base,since all these tethers are nice and,glowy and ive got even more tethers,strapped to my back,because what if i want to go out into,those trees where i see some plane,debris well thats no problem we just,drop tethers as we go,hello wreckage and what might you be,what is this like a space sailboat,salvage huh well i dont really know,what to do with this yet so for now,well just go ahead and put it on top of,our base with everything else,oh speaking of my large platform,finished printing lets also put that up,here,and unpack and then lets print another,large platform,okay so i discovered something pretty,interesting if you take a box and just,hover it in the air like this,then drop it down and quickly open it it,just stays up there well lets see if i,can get it some power,oh perfect now lets take my large,printer and lets give it its new home,high in the sky well i think i know how,this base is gonna go okay that seems,like a good start doesnt it connect,this one here,this guy goes right here and up here,and there we have it a very normal space,base,i like to call it the space nest well,now that this exists we gotta find some,stuff to put on all these platforms and,for that were gonna have to unlock some,stuff so if we pull out our backpack,weve got something along the edge the,game calls the research catalog which is,where we unlock a bunch of stuff and boy,are there a lot of different,things one lock stuff we have to use,something called bites and currently we,have,zero so heres how we get bites we run,around the landscape,looking for stuff like this ah a,research sample,i shall hold and scan it for bites,cool we did it but its not just those,little clown hats theres other stuff,too,like this lovely fellow compatible with,research chamber ah geez wheres that in,my tablet ah research chamber,already unlocked dont worry little guy,were gonna give you a good home oh look,at that its printing it right onto that,platform how doubly convenient,lets get you researched i believe this,means its going to get me a cool 400,something bites at a record pace of 12,bytes per minute thats fine you just do,your thing we got plenty of things to,keep us occupied for example lets do,some,exploring surely well find something,interesting out here right like whats,this beauty over here,looks like a piece of a rocket ship well,first lets tether it off like its some,kind of archaeological dig site and now,lets dig it up,oh yeah its just like jurassic park you,remember that scene in jurassic park,when they delicately revealed like a,rocket thruster can i get rid of trees,too,oh thats a big old yes well looks like,we got two goals here now,one is to get rid of all the trees that,have probably been here untouched for,generations,ooh and look look what we got a new,specimen oh we got a couple of specimens,actually,okay i think were almost good i think,weve almost freed the thing i am,definitely in the right position for,when this thing falls,i stand corrected i think no matter what,i do the thing floats can i hop,inside the answer is yes and it has a,thing i can take back,cool quite the hall we got here ugh do i,have to carry them all the way over,there,cant i just unlock this buggy n

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10 tips and tricks I WISH I KNEW sooner | Astroneer

im going to share with you these must,know secret tricks that only pro,astroneer players know and i wish i knew,when i started these tricks are going to,make your life much easier so make sure,to watch the video to the end i have not,listed them in a specific order but the,last ones are generally less known and,more useful consider subscribing for,weekly astronomy content and lets start,with a simple one that not everybody,know number 10,if you cant reach an item far away no,worries extract the terrain tool to,reach for objects in the distance this,works even with rubber seats and shadows,and its useful to go back quickly to,your vehicle or just save the game its,also a very handy feature when you drop,something and want to get it back just,extract your terrain tool quickly and,get your item,number,nine,well need to dig in order to get,resources from the caves and look for,the core right well theres a way to do,it very quickly start by digging a hole,then find a slope that is lengthened,enough to start the sliding animation,when you press the key to sprint then,use the terrain tool with the flattening,mode and there you are a highway to the,core of course make sure you have a soil,canister and enough oxygen,this used to work better but now from,time to time you may get stuck when that,happens just repeat the procedure,number eight,i dont think this is widely known but,before you finish the game i recommend,that you make a restarting point at your,starting base what do i mean well when i,ended the game for the first time i,spawned at my original base the very,first base you spawn at when you start a,new ward but the problem was that i had,moved to my base and i had nothing there,other than the original shelter so i,spawned there and i had no idea where i,was or how to get back to my new base,and i had no oxygen so i recommend that,you leave a buggy with a wind turbine,this will help you to go back quickly to,your main base once you finish the game,number,seven,dont use the terrain tool to gather,resources in large quantities rather use,a node extractor to maximize production,so when you need resources you dont,want to walk for 15 minutes just to,collect 10 hours right,rather use an odd extractor so that you,can maximize your grinding all the,extractors gather up to 15 times more,resources than using the terrain tool,also once a resource deposit is gone is,gone forever,no resource is going to spawn again in,that area forcing you to look for,resources further and further away so,make the best use of that deposit with a,creepy old extractor,[Music],number six,our next pro trick that i wish i knew,earlier is also related to wood,extractor overclock your audio extractor,i dont know what would be more,professional than overclocking another,extractor this is not my design i have,found a few different designs on the,social check the video in the,description if you want to overclock,your road extractor and make it work,even faster,number,five,we all know the pain of using a paver,right you are trying to make a nice path,or a bridge and the paver works very,well but man its as low as a snail so,heres a trick keep on pressing and,releasing the key that activates the,paver and it will go way faster you can,even try a different pattern in the way,you press the keys to find the paving,technique that you prefer pave effect,number,four,you probably know already that you can,place down tethers with a specific key,its the t key on a computer and you,probably know that if you place items in,your backpack widget slots you can,activate them by pressing the c or v key,but did you know that you can place down,extenders just like you would tethers,this is how you used to do it place the,extender unpack another one place it,down connect it to the presidio one and,so on really a pain in the neck and this,is how i do it now place the extenders,in one of your widget slots then just,pull the cable out as much as you want,just press the keys you use to rotate,items and an extender will be deployed,for you,i 100 wish i knew this earlier this,makes automation so much easier,number three,also contrary to popular belief did you,know that you can put deployed tethers,and extenders back into their packages,if you want to add them in a stack into,your backpack just press the sprint key,and click on them or if you want to,place them on a storage just grab them,and add them to the same slot,this is a huge tip,literally thats huge,[Music],number,two,when using your terrain tool you,certainly know that you can switch,between modes the dig mode the add mode,and the flat mode but most people,including me keep a button pressed to do,so im still doing this because i always,forget that i could use the keys to,rotate items cnv on a computer to scroll,between modes,and once i have selected the one i want,to use i dont need to hold,any other button,and in creative mode youre also gonna,get the color picker mode and the,painter mode these modes can help you to,pick a color and paint the soil with it,this is gonna save your pinky finger,granted before demonstrating tip number,10 i should tell you that theres,actually gonna be one more extra tip,that im gonna show you right after this,one but our last and most important tip,is,number,one,subscribe to my im just kidding i have,a real tip for you seriously though,so tip number 10 is use the research,catalog light lets say that you cannot,afford an item yet because you dont,have enough bytes well just leave your,catalog at that item collect more bytes,and once the green light turns on well,youll got yourself enough bytes to,unlock that item thats pretty neat,since youre still sticking around and,watching my video let me show you one,more useful trick that i wish i knew,earlier maybe its not gonna change your,life but its definitely going to make,it much much better,number,well theres no number its just an,extra trick you know,so we certainly all know that we can,navigate the catalog by using the keys,to move our character and thats,something we do constantly in astroneer,to look for the items we want to print,but when you need to turn page and go to,the next tire what do you do dont you,use your mouse and hover to the next,tire and click that page well thats,what i used to do too,since i have found out the trick of the,tricks you can use the keys to rotate,objects to move to the next page of the,catalog this is so useful watch one of,these videos next to learn more,astronomy tricks and let me know in the,comments which pro tips and tricks you,wish you knew sooner did you notice that,one of my thrusters is upside down,whats going on a huge thanks to all for,your support especially the subscribers,and members of the channel feel free to,check my merch store stay safe

Why Astroneer Is So Awesome

– [Presenter] This video is sponsored by Surfshark VPN.,Ive been playing video games for nearly 15 years now,and with the blessing of this YouTube channel,,Ive really been able to dive into various games,,play through them and get a feel,for what makes a game good and what makes it bad.,Im at the point now where I can tell when a game has heart,and personality put into it and this type of game stands,in stark contrast to a game that doesnt have these things.,In fact, basically every game that Ive reviewed,since I brought back game reviews on my channel,has been like this each with a unique vision,and a development team that knows what they want.,Just look at the catalog, the Long Dark, Subnautica,,Breath of the Wild, outer wilds,,they all have the same indescribable feel,that the developers really care,about each and every aspect of the game.,You can tell that they arent gonna make compromises,that distract them from their overall vision,of what the game should be.,If you still dont understand what Im talking about,,you can easily tell the type of game that isnt like this,and is a mere cash grab released by developers,in the hopes that they can make millions.,Look at any of the garbage released by Code Hatch.,Theyre all generic survival game clones,that could be created by a four-year-old,with access to game maker studios.,They use reused assets, trash sound design,and copy and paste mechanics,that are basically interchangeable.,Theres no thought into what they do,And their only goal is to release something,and make some money.,This can also be seen by simulation games,that add nothing new and creative to the genre,and only pump out stupid shit that doesnt push boundaries,and try to be creative in any way shape or form,like theres this one company thats released,a bazillion different bus subway, firetruck,,ambulance, airport, police,and whatever other monotonous things simulators,your heart could desire.,And this is a another prime example,of something thats aimed primarily,at making money without any form or creativity whatsoever.,Now that I explained this,,I think you get what Im talking about.,You know the feeling that I mentioned earlier,and you can tell when a game has it.,Now for a smooth transition,,one of the biggest examples,of this type of game for me is Astroneer.,Merging a sandbox voxel environment,with advanced crafting, automation, exploration,and resource management,,Astroneer is a true gem that deserves,an infinite amount of attention.,I came across this game back when it first launched,in December of 2016 and its one of those games,that I always come back to when I have no idea,what I want to play.,And every time I come back to it,,its just as enjoyable as it was before I left.,Its quirky, simple, which you know Im a big fan of,,extremely charming and a lot of fun with friends.,So how does this little indie game that looks like it came,out of a Play-Doh can hold such a special place in my heart.,Why should you play it?,Well, Im gonna answer those questions,and talk about the very unique development story.,In todays video, discussing why Astroneer is so awesome.,You know what is an awesome?,Losing your personal information,to sketch you weirdos on the dark web,especially when using public wifi at places,like coffee shops or airports, your information,could be flowing out to the masses because its pretty easy,for hackers to get it.,Thats why Ive been using Surfshark,the sponsor of todays video for over a year now.,Surfshark is a VPN which is a tool thats used,to guarantee your online safety by encrypting data,to hide your personal information from the public.,But Surfshark is actually better,than many of the competitors with one account giving you,unlimited access on an unlimited number of devices,,even on gaming consoles.,Browse privately, hide your location,or even change your virtual location,to access region restricted Netflix shows,and online content with Surfshark.,If youre interested, click the link in the description,and use code Robokast for 83% off,and three free months on me,and not to mention you get a 30-day-money back guarantee.,So theres literally no reason not to check it out.,Now back to the video.,So about that cool indie space game.,Yeah, lets get into that.,Astroneer was a project dreamed up by Adam Bromell,,Brendan Wilson, Paul Pepera and Jacob Lietchy, whatever,,you get the jest.,Each of these talented video developers,and artists had worked on Triple A projects like Halo,,Watch Dogs, Assassins Creed, Doom 4,and quite a few others so they knew what they were doing.,They all got together and quit their Triple A jobs,to form system era soft works,and begin work on their new game known as Astroneer,in early 2014.,Renting a small office in a co-working space,,the team went through many different ideas and phases,of development and even switched game engines.,But they knew that they wanted,to create something special and beautiful.,And of course that is exactly what they would end up doing.,At first, they were aiming it,to be like many other space survival games,where you have to exploit and steal resources,in order to survive a harsh alien environment.,They were going,for the traditional doom and gloom survival-game approach,but they quickly changed their mind and decided,to go with a bright, airy and colorful approach,where you felt curious and excited, not afraid.,And it was a good thing they did this,because the environment that they built,is one of the first things thats helped Astroneer,to excel to where it is today,and to become such an awesome game.,Astroneer has a truly unique environment.,LoPoly games are common,but its rare that theyre executed as perfectly as this.,The bright colors mix well with the rounded soft edges,of all of the models and when combined with the outstanding,and almost dreamlike soundtrack,,you feel immersed into the world,that Astroneer presents you with.,It feels like playing a game through the imagination,of a child that dreams of exploring space,and its a breath of fresh air compared,to all the heavy thought provoking,and exhausting games that are all over the place on steam.,The world is very calm, relaxed and often pretty quiet.,There arent any hostile mobs or any serious threats,except the occasional plant that you accidentally walk into,and combat doesnt even exist.,Theres no hunger or thirst or injuries,or even health bars to worry about making you stay focused,on exploring the colorful and airy world.,Each of these things go on to make,the environment very fitting for the experience,that the developers want you to have.,Now, while many people do in fact find this type of game fun,and relaxing, I have to say that it isnt for everyone.,If you need to action and risks to be stimulated in a game,,this probably isnt the game for you.,But if you just want to sit back, stimulate your creativity,and explore a whimsical space world,then this would definitely be a good pick.,The environment art in the game is fire, I will say.,And a lot of that has to do with the team,that helped to make this game a reality.,Paul Pepera, one of the co-founders and lead artists,of the game was a master of his craft.,In fact, the other co-founders of the studio met him,through an online forum that showcased his outstanding work,and they all admire the talent that he possessed.,Just looking at his online portfolio,,you can see the crazy things that he has created,and its no surprise that his work helped,to make the game so beautiful.,Without him the vision for Astroneer,would be nowhere near what it is today.,Unfortunately, Paul passed away in March of 2017,before he could see what the game would eventually become,but his legacy lives on inside the game,and its part of why Astroneer,has become a favorite title for thousands of gamers.,Artist of course important in making a game good,especially when its about exploring,but if theres nothing behind the art,,then its just pretty to look at,and will quickly b

Astroneer Review – Worthabuy?

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Astroneer Nintendo Switch Review!

astroneer originally came out back in,2019 for windows and xbox one and sees,its nintendo switch launch on january,the 13th aka today developed by system,era softworks and its a good example of,a very small team of friends working,together trying to differentiate,themselves from the likes of minecraft,the story isnt without tragedy either,with co-founder and lead artist paul,popera unfortunately passing away on,march 27th of 2017 and he never got to,see the official release of the game,well what i can say is i think he would,be more than pleased with the way its,shaped up on nintendos switch is it the,star attraction or just a constellation,prize ouch,lets find out,the narrative of astroneer is created,very much by the players own,experiences you initially drop upon an,alien planet and step out for the first,time on an unfamiliar world as the title,can be played solo or with a group of,friends your personal narrative,experience will vary there are however a,number of mysteries hidden within the,game youll find ancient monoliths,hidden research items and may even find,yourself on a journey to the planets,very core what you wont find though is,an overarching curated storyline but,youll definitely have tales to tell as,far as gameplay and controls go you,control your character from the third,person perspective,before you begin the game you have a few,customization options allowing you to,change the spacesuit and helmet design,as well as some of your colors as you,complete tasks within game youll unlock,more of these options and there is also,an optional cosmetics store from the,main menu this allows you to spend real,world currency to purchase new items and,gear not something im particularly fond,of in a paid experience but theyre,things which are in addition to what you,already unlocked within the game which,is something at least once youve,decided upon what you want to do youll,choose your play style the default being,survival with a creative mode unlocking,absolutely everything in the game and,allowing you the freedom to simply build,and explore for me though its all about,survival and as you drop into the first,planet you realize just how alone you,are youre given a few basic starter,base items and a notice board for,choosing different missions now the,mission board is very important although,there are some tutorial elements to the,game its designed to teach you as you,play each mission granting you a new,reward but gradually introducing you to,the new mechanics the key one of those,and one youll learn very quickly is the,need for oxygen you learn early on how,to produce tethers these allow you to,connect up to your main oxygenator which,youre given at the start of the game,and youll drop these breadcrumbs style,as you explore the planets surface the,quantity of them is finite though so you,will need to create your own and one,particularly clever aspect of,astroneers design is the lack of a hud,in fact youll find most of these,elements upon your backpack with the,oxygen meter for example shown up here,and the capacity or life of a battery is,shown directly upon it now every,players backpack is also an important,part of the game its from here that,youll use your small printer to create,personal items such as battery packs,power stations and those all important,tethers to make them though youll,require resources these are scattered,all over the planet both above and below,its deformable terrain and when you,discover a new resource youll be,excavating it using your terrain tool,modifications to this can be attached,directly to it and the same goes for,your backpack if you find a jet pack,this can be clipped right onto the side,as well as acquiring resources when,youre excavating if you have the,required receptacle youll also gain,some soil allowing you to switch modes,on your terrain tool and then rebuild,this can be great for making bridges,or for when you accidentally slide down,into that bottomless cavern youre way,too far from your oxygen and youre,desperate to try and get out again,unfortunately in this instance well i,died death within astroneer isnt very,punishing at all youre simply returned,to the oxygenator and once you return to,your body you can then get back all your,gear with such a minimal hud you might,be wondering how you navigate in this,world well there are a number of ways,first and foremost you have the compass,this will point you in the right,direction to your next objective if,indeed you have one and once youve,unlocked beacons and started placing,your own it can be very useful as a,quick way of navigating backwards and,forwards astroneer doesnt just take,place on foot youll unlock a few,different vehicles all of which youll,need to power and how you do that will,evolve throughout the game depending on,how lucky you are you might early on,find some form of wind turbine but just,as important as generating energy is,storing it so the creation of small,medium and large power cells and,batteries are of equal importance as,youd expect crafting and base building,play a large part in the game rather,than a workbench though youre creating,printers beginning with small moving on,to medium and large and these allow you,to create more and more complex items,base building has a modular feel to it,with everything needing to be,interconnected initially literally,tethered together to give things power,as you branch out into the world though,youll find ways of creating power,whilst out and about and in turn setting,up your own outposts now unfortunately,in the pre-release period theres no one,else online to play with but i can only,imagine that its going to be much more,enjoyable with friends online having,said that i have experienced a few,slight quirks with the online nature of,the game if you have it set to online,rather than local if you leave the,experience in handheld and then return,it tends to lock up for a while asking,you if you want to reconnect a minor,irritation but worth noting if youre,only planning on playing solo astroneer,is going to suit a certain type of,player if youre someone that requires a,strong reason or designed intent in your,gameplay experiences then this isnt,going to be for you for me personally,though its the exploration which really,elevates this one not only are there,many hidden items and things to find in,the world but i found the mission board,and reward system kept me engaged and,the biggest obstacle to my progression,were the environments themselves i,didnt have to panic about different,animals or creatures as there simply,arent any you might find the occasional,toxic plant but theyre easy enough to,avoid it was my own curiosity that ended,up getting the better of me most of the,time as i ventured just that little bit,too far when i was out of tethers or i,pushed just a bit further into that cave,and ended up falling down to an area,where i couldnt get back and would die,of suffocation i dont see these as,negatives the fact that the game makes,you want to explore and that it allows,you to build up enough to then move to,other planets it overcomes one of the,biggest hurdles of such experiences and,that being purpose i never felt aimless,within astroneer as far as controls and,movement go it certainly isnt as,precise as using a pc holding a trigger,and then manually moving the cursor to,attach power points or move items in and,out of your inventory will never feel as,precise on a console but it helps that,theres an element of magnetism to some,of the things you have to interact with,making the more fiddly movements much,easier i had no issue with character,control and sprinting around was easy,enough as well as jumping and using the,boosters the same goes for vehicle,controls triggers to accelerate and,brake and then moving with the left,stick overall ive had a lovely time,revisiting astroneer theyve added in,quite a lot of new gameplay elements and,if youre a new player to the game i,would suggest potentia

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