1. Why does Atlanta season 3 hit different?
  2. Atlanta Season 3: Lost What Made It Great
  3. A Philosopher Reacts to Atlanta Season 3
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Why does Atlanta season 3 hit different?

donald glovers atlanta season 3 has,just ended and i think im ready to call,it my favorite so far,maybe regardless one thing stands out,about this season over the other two it,just hits different its darker more,serious and more focused on a central,theme than the previous two seasons over,the most recent 10 episodes the team in,atlanta managed to expand the shows,universe and tackle all kinds of issues,from the deadly consequences of systemic,racism to white guilt and the ignorance,that comes with privilege and just a,note for going forward im not going to,be showing all the examples for these,themes going out throughout the season,because if i did wed be here for over,an hour i dont think either you or i am,ready for that kind of commitment just,yet today id like to talk to you about,the three main reasons that season three,of atlanta stands out from the first two,and delivers something that feels fresh,and unique but well get into that in a,second first we need to go over the,previous two seasons to quickly help us,understand why season three of atlanta,stands out as much as it does,[Music],the first two seasons by no means,qualify as normal television donald,glover was quoted at one point calling,the show twin peaks with rappers and i,would definitely agree with this,comparison in the first episode we get,the bow tied man on the bus who offered,earn a nutella sandwich and then,promptly disappeared off the bus only to,reappear next to a dog that darius,noticed right before the shootout at the,beginning of the episode and the list,would go on from justin bieber being,black drake being mexican teddy perkins,existing and my personal favorite the,invisible car,all these elements of the show usually,fall under the label of surrealism or,some film theorists might call it,magical realism where the piece of art,appears to mostly exist within the,confines of what we would consider,normal in our world but then,incorporates elements that break our,conceptions of what is real and what is,possible within this world making parts,of the show feel magical if you want to,hear more about this i highly recommend,checking out a video thomasflight,recently posted diving deeper into,atlantas connection to a growing,artistic wave called afrosurrealism so,while the surrealist elements of atlanta,were always ever present a couple things,remain true about the series 1. the tone,of each episode lean comedic a majority,of the time now i understand that darker,tones and deep cutting social commentary,have appeared throughout the show,numerous times and even full episodes,have focused on a more serious tone but,these moments and episodes were always,punctuated by comic wit often found in,marginalized communities akin to gallows,humor too the focus was always on one of,our four main characters even when we,had episodes that only followed one of,them or showed them as children all the,episodes still included one of our four,main actors this will be important later,in this season the creators have decided,to raise the bar again by exploring what,topics it can tackle these are the three,standout elements that make season three,feel fresh excuse me,all right listen i work here all right,you cant come to my place of work,marshall johnson you owe me money if,youre not subscribed to the channel,please consider doing so as i am brand,new and every viewer counts number one,a darker tone,the first standout element of the new,season is the heavy and dark tone it,brings from the very first scene in the,very first episode this tone is,instantly established with an eerie,scene of a white man and a black man,fishing together in the dead of night on,a quiet lake the two men share some,dialogue back and forth the black man,expresses his uncomfortability of being,on the lake this late and recalls an,experience he had on this same leg as a,young boy where he almost drowned,describing the feeling like he was being,pulled down to the bottom the white man,doesnt seem surprised at all and,explains that he probably was being,pulled into the water because the lake,resides over a haunted ghost town that,was once a thriving black community,before the state government built a dam,and flooded the entire town wait what,this is the second season opener with,characters well never see again well,mostly and just like the number 17,robbery in the previous opener this,feels unsettling and puts us as the,viewer in a state of tension and unease,however its very intentional like its,trying to tell us something you see,right after the story about the town we,are given this gem,thats what pulled you under,town full of black folk they were almost,white,get the hell out of here man what are,you talking,they were almost white,well its not a real thing right,theres no scientific basis for it,people just,become white,social,with enough blood and money anyone can,be white,its always been that way,but the thing about being white is,it blinds you,its easy to see the black man is cursed,because youve separated yourself from,him,but you dont know,youre enslaved just like him,now this is what i would consider the,thesis statement of the entire season,but more on that later of course in,typical atlanta style after doing a,little digging youll find that not only,was the story about the drowned town,terrifying but its also accurate lake,lanier was,created in 1957 to flood the area to,make the lake the u.s government,displaced over 700 families and,relocated 20 cemeteries including the,bodies but they didnt manage to move,all of the grave sites today what you,have is a lake an hour outside of,atlanta that is visited by approximately,14 million people a year while residing,above a literal ghost town with dead,bodies and gravestones the shade room,did a great video investigating the,unnerving things that happened on this,lake bad things do happen there boat,accidents fires drownings even just in,april 24 year old pro basketball player,dorian pinson drowned after jumping off,of a rented pontoon boat,even this viral video a young girl,dancing on a boat just slips right off,so far this year weve had seven,drownings on lake lanier,last year we had seven in total for the,whole year these are the top three,places you dont want to visit in,georgia number one lake lanier number,two lake lanier number three,lake lanier okay i think you get it,people think this lake is hella haunted,yall the rest of the episode continues,with this dark theme as we meet,liquarius the boy who was dreaming the,first scene we just watched after,dancing in class in a moment reminiscent,of reality when middle school students,at ron clark academy found out they were,being given free tickets to black,panther liquarius gets disciplined by,the school his parents are called a,teacher misunderstands interaction with,his mom social workers gets into the,house his mom thinks the kid called them,and kicks him out and in a jarring,bizarre set of circumstances we find,ourselves watching aquarius being taken,to a home operated by two white women,and the vibe is off from the jump oh my,goodness,welcome home son,this is where i would say atlanta is,taking a stab at white performative,vocalists the house smells the food is,bad they gaslight the kids in the,thinking this is their best option every,chance they get oh and they wont even,call aquarius by his real name,this says larry,oh well i didnt know how to spell a lou,queria so i figured wed call you larry,larrys a great nickname,this episode continues in this fashion,like showing how when aquarius tries to,get the attention for police officer the,women are able to dismiss him causing,the officer not to take him seriously or,how he later gets called out for being a,snitch by one of the mothers for doing,so you know where you come from,they have a name for what you are,what,a snitch,and how old the kids are being forced to,do what is essentially child slave labor,as the threat of these women getting,found out increases and their

Atlanta Season 3: Lost What Made It Great

now before i begin talking about my,feelings about season 3 i want to,preface it by saying that by no means,was the season bad in my opinion in fact,i actually really enjoyed it i think it,came in really strong with some great,moments that i felt really pushed the,story forward especially with the,characters and any and all my issues,with it are quite minor and generally,did not take away from my enjoyment of,atlanta as a whole though the third,installment was noticeably different in,its approach from what i remember it to,be again not in a bad way but strikingly,noticeable from prior seasons i could,entertain the idea that its because,its been roughly four years since,season two or i might have outgrown the,show but as i said before i did enjoy it,and found myself looking forward to each,episode so that is very unlikely anyways,after gathering my thoughts on,everything that it was i was still left,wondering what exactly i watched so i,took it upon myself to go back and,refresh to where it all began all the,way back when ern was a homeless yet,resourceful manager paperboy was an,up-and-coming artist with celebrity,dilemma and darius was a lingering,mysterious yet esoteric entity who,occasionally dropped the odd pearl as i,was watching with all things considered,i got the impression that atlanta was,bound to head in the direction of where,season 3 went the first season was more,like an experiment robin season was more,conceptual than the one before it and,the third being exactly what we received,and arguably the latter may have been,the show donald envisioned from the very,beginning but i digress earn in both,season 1 and 2 for the most part felt,like the main character while at the,same time the heart of the shows humor,it was the situational absurdity that,carried those seasons at least in my,opinion the series followed him and i,dont think we got much of that in,season three perhaps its because ern is,finally at the place hes always wanted,to be manager-wise and hes simply not,willing to risk jeopardizing what hes,building towards and not only that,season three was a time skip so we were,introduced to a much more experienced,urn its good because seeing his growth,from the troubles he once faced they,pale in comparison to the inconveniences,he goes through now and from a narrative,point of view i think it would only be,fair to cast the spotlight onto,something else or someone else which,leads me into my next point kind of in,hindsight i thought that alfred was,given more time to shine as a character,this time around to my surprise a theme,in plotline that was relatively,prevalent within all three seasons was,the emphasis on the identity of alfred,there were a handful of moments where he,was forced to make the decision in what,persona he was to conform to based on,the situation and this is sprinkled all,throughout the first season the woods,from season 2 being a great example of,that similarly to new jazz narratively,speaking these character beats force,alfred to not only examine his life but,to unveil the insecurities of paperboy,season one alfred enjoyed the perks of,being famous but dreaded the,misconceptions people had of him because,he was a rapper but i do strongly think,its been that exact dilemma that has,kept him from being completely honest,with himself the idea of leaving the,rappers mold may pose such a threat and,that could be his biggest challenge yet,and so as we wait for season 4 that may,be the resolution to his character in,the end,[Music],now im 100 sure im not alone when i,say this but the whole anthology,approach was the last thing i was,expecting if not at all we got,anthology-esque episodes in the past but,the main thing was the characters were,very much involved in those stories even,if they were featured into a lesser,degree but according to atlantas,executive producer stefani robinson she,stated the decision felt like the,natural progression of what we wanted to,try creatively donald has done such a,good job of making us feel like the show,can be really whatever we want it to be,and he referred to it a couple times as,a playground or at least this is how it,feels you dont have to be shackled to,this idea of making a more traditional,sitcom or comedy structure this is,something very different to be fair im,not particularly surprised this was the,reason after all donald did trojan horse,atlanta fx so if this was the direction,the show was heading in ultimately it,was inevitable and you know as im,writing this script and looking it over,im starting to think my personal issue,is that the show greatly deterred from,any and all familiarity again which is,not a bad thing but it did feel like the,atlanta eyes were too occupied with,trying to make a point while in the same,breath juggle pre-existing storylines,which at first do me for a loop but,offer perspectives i havent seen in any,other medium so it wasnt all in vain,just confusing at first and i have no,strong version of social commentary and,if done right i consider it to be a,power move if you have the platform and,i think donald steven and the rest of,the atlanta staff just made the most out,of the opportunity that was in front of,them but anyways thats really all the,things i wanted to say in regards to,season 3 of atlanta the gang will be,back home so maybe things will go back,to normal if thats the right word um,lets just wait and see,anyways thats all for this video ill,catch you in the next one see ya

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A Philosopher Reacts to Atlanta Season 3

– This videos is brought to you by Surfshark VPN.,(upbeat music playing),Whats up everyone?,Michael here,,and today Im gonna do a philosophical reaction,to the show that dared to ask,,what if Tupac has been alive in Amsterdam the entire time?,- Pretty sure thats Tupac.,- What?,- Im talking about season three of Atlanta.,Now, in the first two seasons,,they used things like surrealism, absurdism,,a little bit of existentialism,,to explore possibility contained,in seemingly impossible situations i.e.,,that an aging weed dealer could become,an international rap superstar,,that a college dropout living in a storage space,,could be the manager for that superstar,,or that you can barter your way to wealth in any situation.,- Actually, let me get this sword, man.,- But, in season three,,they seem to be exploring the opposite perspective.,Which is, that sometimes,,situations that seem like theyre brimming,with pure possibility,,actually are riddled with impossibility,and really finite limits.,And, in particular,,that these impossibilities can stem from things like racism,,colonialism and its deep history.,And, these things are so ingrained,into the fabric of reality and society,,as to make them unavoidable.,I wanna check out just a couple of episodes from this season,to see how some philosophy might help us make sense,of whats going on,,and might help us understand the larger implications,of what went down this season.,So, welcome to Philosopher Reacts to Atlanta season three.,And, spoilers ahead for the show Atlanta,,which were watching.,Obviously.,But, before we dive in,,I wanna talk about this videos sponsor Surfshark VPN.,Surfshark VPN secure protocols and uncrackable encryption,,keep your personal information safe as you navigate the web.,Now, one of my favorite things,about using a secure VPN like Surfshark,,is that it helps me avoid price gouging.,Its actually pretty simple,,because Surfshark hides my location,websites cant inflate their prices based on that location.,And, that can add up to significant savings.,Especially when shopping for things like plane tickets,,which are very expensive right now.,Another of Surfsharks perks is secure file sharing.,Because all of your internet traffic is encrypted,,your downloads remain safe and secure.,So, go ahead.,Download every image that comes up,when you search for Kierkegaard and Nietzsche,,but in bikinis sipping cocktails.,And, no one will ever know.,Not that Ive ever done that or made those images.,One subscription covers all of your favorite devices,from your laptop, Xbox, and Android,,all the way to your Amazon Fire Stick and beyond,,including options for apps like Chrome and Firefox.,So, get started today by clicking the link,in the description and using the promo code wisecrack.,When you do, you can get Surfshark VPN for 83% off,,plus three extra months for free.,Go to Surfshark.deals/wisecrack,or hit the link in the description.,Protect yourself online and download Surfshark VPN today.,And now, back to the show.,Okay, so it was hard to pick,from all the episodes this season.,I wanna start with episode four.,Its called, “The Big Payback.”,Which shows us what happens when Doug,,from The Hangover movies,,starts a new life in Atlanta,,far from his sociopathic friends.,Note that hes perusing the snacks.,Uh-oh. Hes gonna grab the cookies.,Hes gonna grab some cookies.,Hes gonna grab some cookies.,Oh boy.,- Your order.,- Wow. Now, the balls rolling.,Ah, hes gonna give it back?,Oh, hes happy with himself.,Hes eating his crime cookies.,Hes so happy about it.,Okay. This is important.,- [Radio Guest] You have a black man suing Josh Beckford,,an early investor in Tesla,,due to the fact that his ancestors were enslaved,by relatives of Mr. Beckfords.,That human capital and profit can be directly linked,to the financials of the company.,So, I do think theres merit.,I mean he could win the lawsuit.,- [Radio Host] Not could win. Did win.,Mr. Mbaye did win the lawsuit,,a scenario that seemed.,- The look on his face right there.,That subtle head shake.,I like whats going on here,,and I think that the cookie scene is interesting, right.,Cause we see this character get away,with stealing something without consequences,,and being happy that he stole it without consequences.,We then cut to a scene where hes in the car,with his daughter,,and we hear about a trial taking place,,where a black person sues an early investor in Tesla,,cause his ancestors were enslaved by his relatives.,But, this brings up this question of how much our identities,and our own sense of responsibility,,is tied to our past and our history.,So, if we think about this in a classic,existentialist framework,,theres this idea that were born completely free, right?,Unshaped by external or historical forces,,and we, and we alone,,are responsible for our choices.,But, not for those of our parents, our grandparents,,our great-great-grandparents, and so on.,This is why Sartre very early on says,,”Existence precedes essence.”,Meaning that what we do shapes who we are,,and theres not this thing of who we are is pre-programmed,,thats determining who we are.,Sartre also says that,,”Man is condemned to be free.”,But here, the show seems to be starting,to pose this question of,,what responsibility do we bare,for choices made by past generations?,Particularly, if we benefit in seemingly unfair ways,from those choices.,This brings up this question of freedom versus facticity.,So, when we think about freedom philosophically,,for me at least,,I think about the ability to self-determine.,So, if I have freedom I have the ability to reflect,,decide on a course of action,,and self-determine that action.,But, theres this other thing called facticity,,and facticity describes elements of my existence,that Im sort of born into.,Martin Heidegger used the term thrownness,to talk about this.,So, when Im thrown into existence,,I didnt choose who my parents were.,I didnt choose where I was born.,We dont choose our hair color,,when were born in history,,our class status.,Were just tossed into existence by two people who had sex.,Facticity describes all of those things,that were born into that are outside of our control, right?,Right here, theyre bringing up this question.,Are we responsible for that facticity, right?,Are we purely free,,or is it the case that people could be held responsible,for the actions of their ancestors,,and how that affected their lives?,And, obviously,,here theyre connecting that to the idea of reparations,,which is the idea that America owes financial reparations,to the ancestors of enslaved people.,Who again, people who were enslaved,,were thrown into that situation.,They did not freely will, or determine to be that.,We kind of have those twin questions right here.,Who is responsible for what,,and what is the limit of responsibility,when we look at history?,Our main character, of course,,ends up getting sued by someone,,because his ancestors enslaved hers,and she wants some money for it,,and hes not handling it well.,So, he reaches out to some co-workers for their opinion.,- Hey man, how you doin?,- Pretty good.,- His whole demeanor has changed,,now that hes on the other side of things.,(chips crunching),- I know this is a crazy time and everything,,and I really dont know what to do.,No thanks.,Im just a guy, you know,,trying to get by,,and I feel like this woman is harassing me.,I just dont know what to do.,- Yeah.,That whole notion of Im just a guy trying to get by,,really seems like its him trying to disconnect himself,from his history and the way hes benefited from it.,- The only thing you can do is say you were wrong,,and give her as much money as you can.,Shell probably wanna meet with you one on one.,Cut you down a bit.,- I just dont know what to do.,- Honestly, my advice,,gotta fight that (beep), man.,- Its like when youre a kid,and one parent says something you dont wanna hear,,so you go to the other parent hoping theyll say that.,Its basically wh

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its a very surreal show too,you know i just use that word a little,while ago and you probably hear me use,it again because it really is,uh its weird,and you know i think that that is cool,because as much humor as we saw in this,trailer uh the show,that weirdness in the show is kind of,reflecting how crazy the weary the world,is right now and,what you dont see in that trailer right,there is that a lot of this is scary,[Music],best podcast at the,austin chronicle best of austin awards,how do you do that well you go to,vote.austinchronicle.com,you sign in,you go to the,category of politics and media,you scroll down the podcast,and,there we are at the top woohoo you vote,for us right there very easy to do so so,please vote for us it means a lot and it,helps us out a lot,so,weve had a lot of people ask us about,atlanta im talking about all these,shows aint nobody watching atlanta and,i do love atlanta at least,season one and season two that i had,seen had not seen season three and,people were,people had feelings about that people,were talking about man how can you,talk about you love atlanta you aint up,on season three yet this is now this is,the show thats created by donald glover,and a,couple other people on there i know,theres a guy that directs a lot of,these episodes oh hero mariah yeah yeah,straightforward it seems like a first,about a guy named earn,trying to manage an atlanta rapper on,the rise paper boy played by tyrese i,mean im sorry henry whats his name,david tyree dave david tyree henry,but now pay for brian tyree brian im,sorry brian tyree henry who plays,paperboy whos youve seen a lot of,made his way i mean this guy blew up,after this,hes,kissing dudes now in marvel movies and,everything so he went from gangster,rapper to,superhero to gay,superhero but now character paper boy,hes over in europe thats how much hes,blown up and during that time the show,has got wild man the show has uh,has taken some uh,some really surreal turns of direction,here,so,you know i was going to talk about,season three along with atlanta in,general just going to talk about this,real quick because now the show after,three seasons,now that uh uh its,its a bigger show more people know,about it peoples curiosity is is up a,little bit and people thinking they can,come into the show at any time and start,watching and i wouldnt do that first,you know let me tell you about how i,feel about the show and also and you,know anybody else in the room whos seen,it,please chime in and also im going to,tell you not only how i feel about it,but,as someone who,might be getting to the show late,or you might have not seen,a season for a while and you get back,into it like i am im gonna tell you how,to watch this lets go ahead and get,caught up real quick here on season,three though with the trailer for,atlanta season three,you know what the streets think the,streets bro what the [ __ ],youre about to beat the [ __ ] up,run girls if we catches you,a little more in the moment,its like if youre a first-time weed,smoker or drug users on you need to ease,into this,you dont need to just jump right into,it and,you need to understand this show,really to get into it now you said,something earlier where you said please,help me so im im just assuming by that,statement that this show kind of threw,you off a little bit three foot loop,uh,well ive seen the first two seasons,okay have you seen the end of the third,season ive seen the first three and a,half episodes,okay,yeah yall you know you need to ease,into this and im gonna like i said i,want to address this for all the people,that say hey man,talk about atlanta just a little bit so,ill tell you uh i still enjoy it man i,really do i love this show,uh dont always see eye to eye with the,show but i do love this show man its a,bizarre show and for some people it,would be,even if you getting probably on the,first season its gonna be a what the,show,with people and i get it man i get it uh,you know its because its going to,challenge people just simply with his,format,now format is really going to be,something that people that you know its,its not going to be something used to,seeing and i get that but thats why i,admire this show and i think i get it,because,the show,is a very surreal show too,you know i just use that word a little,while ago and you probably hear me use,it again because it really is,uh its weird,and you know i think that that is cool,because as much humor as we saw in this,trailer uh the show,that weirdness in the show is kind of,reflecting how crazy the weary the world,is right now and,what you dont see in that trailer right,there is that a lot of this is scary,you know a lot of this kind of has a,horror movie 10 uh uh aspect to it a,little tinge to it uh because i think it,does that because america is scary right,now for people like us,you know i mean its a its a really,frightening place normalize racism,efforts to silence to silence us,disempower us you know take rights away,from us i mean it might seem exaggerated,to a lot of people out there to go,through it but its fully active right,now sure uh take our history away,if you dont youre not in that position,its a crazy place right now in a very,scary place and i think the show,sometimes takes on horror aspects of it,itself to uh,to show how,its you know whats going on in this,world some of the scariest parts is,happening more blatant than ever,uh,you know the point that they want to get,across,with racism and,all these social issues that were,talking about right now where,atlanta does it with humor you get some,other places where they just victimize,us sure you know victimizers terrorize,us and people just get at least i get,tired of seeing that [ __ ] we just went,off on one show that was on amazon that,was trying to be a combination of some,jordan pills [ __ ] in atlanta they came,from some place worse well have to make,this place worse,and thats the show them from,uh from uh amazon and some people might,like that show yeah yep wow you even,tried to play on that,and some people might like it no offense,to people who do it really but i just i,was just through seeing you know,victimization and i just had enough and,believe that shell beats that [ __ ] into,the ground they beat black people to the,ground on this show with that,killing babies and you know and,no hardly any humor involved its just,like jesus they it made me even say damn,white people aint that evil exactly,thank you,i saw you shaking your head when you,when i was talking about the four,of this oh and i wasnt disagreeing with,you oh okay i i wasnt saying you,disagree and i thought you just kind of,been like yeah i could see that you know,oh yeah yeah yeah for sure uh,that that was the thing when the show,originally aired the first season,i wasnt even that crazy about it i,think i i bailed on it it wasnt until,the middle of the second season,with the uh special episode what was the,the perkins,teddy perkins that you like hey we gotta,watch this one and watching that one how,surreal that one was that got me,that endeared me to the show,ive,went and watched all the second season,and then went back to the first season,yeah,well i tell you listen,uh the format is something itself to get,adjusted to been watching this now you,know i like i said i really love this,kind of tell you real quick why i love,this so much,uh i just its just one of the most,unique,shows on television it actually goes,back to things that,you weve seen before,you know uh surrealist stuff like this,uh twin peaks thats thats what ive,always thought like this is this is uh,donald glovers i was gonna say this is,donald glovers twin peaks because yeah,it does like supernatural fantastical,stuff,or it does yeah no yeah who knows twin,peaks there was a show called northern,exposure back in the day you know these,were quirky shows about just,weird things in weird locations,and donald glover made atlanta like a,weird low type of surreal location now,when it

Atlanta Season 3 Ending Explained | Episode 10 Recap

Atlantas European tour came to a close this week in Paris…,Season 3 ended with a genuine “WTF” moment.,Van was in Paris, living her best life as a carefree, Amelie-esque ingénue, French,accent and all, when she bumped across her buddy Candice — remember her from the party,at Drakes house in Season 2s “Champagne Papi”?,— Candice and her pals were led on a crazy excursion by Van, which included a baguette,pounding, a banquet of fried human hands, and…,Alexander Skarsgard?,Van sadly acknowledged to Candice that she was only attempting to reinvent herself after,going into a terrible psychological malaise when Candice challenged her.,According to executive producer Stefani Robinson (who wrote the finale), it answered a lot,of issues viewers had about Van this season — and the Atlanta writers had the same questions.,They knew they wanted Van to accompany Earn, Al, and Darius to Europe, but “the issue was:,OK, what is she doing here?”,So they came up with a theory: “What if she was having an existential crisis, a mental,breakdown, or an identity crisis?”,And we portray that via a set piece that starts out lighthearted and amusing but quickly turns,grim.”,Because Van was the one tagging along with Candice in “Champagne Papi,” Robinson says,that bringing Candice back was an opportunity to emphasize how much Van had changed.,”That turnaround is so fantastic because its such a reversal of just how we perceive Van,in general, and of most of the female relationships that shes been in,” she says, noting Season,1 episodes like “Value” and “Juneteenth,” in which Van was pushed to the side.,”Shes in charge here, and shes the one whos ultimately making these decisions and going,on this crazy goose chase and [having] a really intriguing life,” says the character.,Weve never seen her like that.”,Weve never seen Skarsgard dance to Ashanti before, or appreciate Vans newfound confidence.,With a grin, Robinson recalls, “We had a list of fantasy persons who would be able to fill,out the job, but he was clearly at the top.”,”He simply put himself in there…,” He didnt appear to be hesitant to carry out the instructions.,If anything, he made it better.”,Fans may have anticipated the season finale to center on Earn, Al, and Darius, but Robinson,confesses she had no idea when she wrote the episode that it would be the season finale.,However, she feels it “brings some form of closure” and “answers these questions that,weve been asking all season.”,”Van is going through what were talking about this season, which is being away from home,and breaking out of your comfort zone…,This season, we looked into the question of what it means to be Black.,What does it mean to travel as an American?,What does it mean to be white in America” during this time of racial reckoning?,So I believe the Van of it all has something pleasant and definitive about it.,Its finally being able to admit that “I have no idea who I am.”,Is it all right?,In that manner, I believe it adequately summarizes the season.”,Earn did appear in a post-credits scene, when he received a piece of misplaced baggage that,wasnt his and opened it to find a framed portrait of a white guy and his family.,Robinson says that the white guy in the rowboat in the season premiere is the same person,who killed himself in Season 3s reparations episode.,She claims that while the standalone episodes this season “appear to reside on some dream-like,level,” tying them to Earns tale demonstrates that “the storylines weve been witnessing,actually may be quite real.”,There is some overlap here.,The way a lot of individuals are reacting to these bottle occurrences suggests that,they arent that random…,They exist as a kind of undercurrent to what were experiencing.”,Regarding those reactions: Fans have been divided about Season 3s solo episodes, which,see Atlantas core three on the sidelines for five of the seasons ten episodes, or,over half of the season.,”Even though everything appears chaotic and random,” Robinson tells us, “I believe there,is some meaning behind it.”,”Each season is like an album,” she says, quoting series star and creator Donald Glover.,”I believe thats a fantastic approach to look at Atlantas seasons.”,Each episode has a connection to the others, yet it may also feel like its own entity…,They compete against one other and share information.”,”Its quite spooky, but I believe a fantastic bookend,” she says of the last moment with,the framed photo as “closing the chapter” on Season 3s tale.

Atlanta Season 3 Ep 3 | Nandos Chicken and Ernest Hemingway

whats up guys welcome to 9 nerd yards,this episode was a doozy last week we,were in amsterdam with the gang now,were in london this video could easily,be three hours long but im gonna do my,best to get to the point so lets get,into it earn is leading the gang to stay,with a supposed billionaire but they,quickly noticed that the surrounding,neighborhood doesnt exactly scream,money i thought this was going to be,another season 2 situation north of the,border earned getting them into some,weird situations because he cut corners,on making arrangements for alfred but it,turns out that the billionaire is legit,in the dilapidated neighborhood is all a,decoy to hide his wealth which is good,for earn because it shows growth in his,ability to be a manager for alfred and,lets take a second to consider what urn,is talking about at the beginning of the,episode we see him talking to alfred and,darius about what they could get out of,the situation how this billionaire could,be the investor for their own success,and the businesses that they would want,to start in the future but hes coming,across as a bit nerdy and the gang ropes,him for having his white voice on jones,hey guys this is my white voice wheres,the blow at man thats how you sound,exactly like yourself man thats enough,i feel you heard i feel you a lot but,this seems to be a bit of foreshadowing,of the inner conflict earn has in the,episode but this billionaire setup has a,decoy house in the front but its,dripping with luxury in the back they,even got their own nandos in the crib,the gang splits up from here and the,plot of the episode is basically,centered around them navigating this,party so im going to break it down into,teams of a plot and b plot where erd and,van have their own separate plot line,which they are being showed around the,house by an investor alfred has his own,plot line which he plays a game of poker,with the billionaire who owns the house,and darius then has his own plotline,where he deals with the other party,guests expressing their white guilt and,virtue signaling so while earning van,and alfreds plot line served to the a,plot darius kind of goes off and serves,more to the b plot of the episode so,ill save him for the end of the video,so lets start with earn and van earn is,busy talking to the guy that invited him,there will the investor that earn has,gotten to know due to being alfreds,manager and making those connections,throughout the industry and theyre more,like colleagues but earn is wanting to,make nice with this guy because he can,lead him to new opportunities you know,hes just trying to get the bag while,ern and the investor are talking van is,kind of keeping to herself and going,around the party when we see her swiping,african sculptures i love how van is,coming off this episode and this season,but shes also starting to scare me a,little bit if you notice she actually,peeped game about this party way at the,beginning and it just kind of shows that,shes one step ahead of earn and you,know figuring this stuff out so the,investor is telling earn about how hes,actually financing a young artist to,stay with him and make art installations,and wants to introduce them earn and van,gogh and meet the kid and check out some,of his art and its immediately clear,that this kid is just playing the,investor in fact this kid has managed to,get 500k from this guy to start a co-op,where artists can stay at the spot and,make their art free of charge with the,end goal being that they will make money,by letting the public access the art via,a subscription service and im like damn,man rich people will seriously invest in,anything if it has a subscription,service i swear to god this sounds like,quibby all over again but anyway the,investor asks what earn feels about the,idea and earn holds off on answering,because he feels a bit conflicted about,the proposal right he doesnt feel good,about conning his way to success saying,it might actually end up hurting black,people then and at the end of the day,hes just not feeling the art he doesnt,actually believe in this kids art so,within this lies the main inner conflict,that earn is feeling this episode so,meanwhile alfred and darius are helping,themselves to some nandos when darius,excuses himself to peruse the book,collection and find himself a bathroom,make himself a drink this is when alfred,is introduced to the homeowner,billionaire fernando and no its not,fernandos of nandos alfred and,fernando have a miscommunication about,liking trees and they head outside,do you like,trees,theres a frog bumpers ass when they hop, yeah i like trees and much to,alfreds disappointment he finds out,that fernando actually met a literal,tree obviously fernando should have,asked darius instead,i know you dont know me but my name is,darius um i was just wondering,could i measure your tree,no not right now but fernando explains,it al that its one of the oldest trees,in london and the house is built around,it fernando also says that he used to be,a bit closed off but now he wants this,house to be a hub for influential people,to share ideas that could make the world,a better place however they mostly just,use the place to drink and gamble alfred,is cool with that and they go off to,play some poker and smoke some actual,trees alfred and fernando get inside and,they sit down at a poker table with some,red dead redemption looking,buy in is 20k and its no problem for,alfred it but i think its actually kind,of funny that last episode earn had to,collect 20k from the organizer uh before,bailing alfred out of jail but in this,episode al is putting up 20k to have a,seat at the table while theyre all,playing poker at the table fernando,tells a story about his house being,broken into he says the trespasser was a,pale black man that was soaking wet,however the security system was never,tripped and there was no signs that,anyone could have gotten in because the,doors were still locked so this leads,fernando to believe that it was a ghost,encounter fernando goes on to explain,that the ghost sprayed ectoplasm on him,kind of getting a laugh from everyone,but he believes that this actually,cleansed him of his sins implying that,this encounter with the ghost is the,moment that made him change as a person,and kind of open his house up fernando,asks alfred if he believes in ghost and,if not ghosts then does he believe in,god if he believes in god he must,believe in the devil this good and bad,spirits everywhere alfred,why do you think theres so much killing,in the world why do you think i have so,much money,the devil is just as powerful as god,everythings just looking for balance,outfit tries to laugh it off but e is,clearly disturbed by nandos story i,think alfred definitely believes in,ghosts because if we look back at the,season 2 episode woods alfred has an,encounter in the woods that was most,likely a ghost or an apparition of his,own consciousness furthermore this,encounter that alfred has in the woods,with a quote-unquote ghost was a,defining moment for alfred and pushed,him to change his thinking to reach for,higher success beyond the city of,atlanta again you know alfred laughs off,the story and actually wins the hand of,poker however fernando leaves without,paying everyone gets up dips out and,alfred is pissed so from there at this,point is when erin and alfred meet up,and talk about whats been going on on,each of their sides ern explains alfred,that hes not really feeling good about,playing along with the scam taking,advantage of will,and in the long run,thats just gonna make it harder for me,and other black kids who are actually,talented i dont know what to do and,alfred actually says that he should go,with the scam because white people scam,their way to the top all the time if,anything black kids need to scam even,more i mean yeah hes black but hes,still scamming me so white kids be,scamming all the time,hell you think tick tock is,and the arcade also shows up and he,explains

Analyzing Atlanta: Season 3 | Episodes 1 – 3

[Music],season three of atlanta begins with a,horrifying episode about being,victimized by ghosts and murderers,liquarius has been misbehaving in school,as a result his mother and grandfather,are called in she demands that he dance,in front of her as a way to punish and,embarrass him but its more than just a,punishment in her eyes its a warning if,you dont start using your common sense,and acting right these white people they,gonna kill you,kill,you,shaken by her words he gets three slaps,from his grandfather,[Music],whats the problem,[Music],as a result child protective services,shows up to their door,believing that laquarius called the,authorities his mother kicks him out of,the house he finds himself at a house,with a couple that have three other,black children as foster kids,there are bad vibes all around,especially with their concept of what,fried chicken is,uh how much should we do it last time 12,minutes was too long right yeah it was a,little dry okay lets do it,they comment on rihanna while refusing,to even attempt to say laquarious name,oh well i didnt know how to spell a,louis queria so i figured wed call you,larry,larrys a great nickname theyre,renaming and telling larry how to carry,himself is an indication of their,denying him his personality and where he,came from,this food is nasty,they dont care about feeding him hes,there to serve a purpose he works around,the house cleaning gardening he gets,tired and hungry and they wont feed him,it starts to look a little like slavery,especially when one of the women,suggests he sings a song while he works,sing something silly like um,i dont wanna work no more,something isnt right liquarius hasnt,figured out the purpose of them being,there but he knows something sinister is,going on,their fake kindness oozes out of them,like a snakes venom ready to strike,when you least expect it,when child protective services comes to,their door the agent clearly says that,the environment is not safe or healthy,for the children,where you come from,i have a name for what you are,what,a snitch,[Music],one of the women cant allow the kids to,be taken so she kills the cps woman its,not shown on screen but its strongly,implied when her clipboard is found by,the garbage,something possesses the two women to,decide to make a suicide pact of sorts,as they load the kids in to go on a trip,in their van,suddenly larry realizes that a,murder-suicide is about to happen,he helps the kids get off of the moving,van and he jumps off as well barely,saving himself as the two women crash,through the barrier and into the water,to their deaths,in the beginning a black and a white man,sit in a canoe fishing the white dude,talks about how there are ghosts under,the water from a black town that was,decimated long ago,[Music],what hes saying is that people are,treated differently when theyre on the,financial status of a wider culture,voice not a real thing,this video is brought to you by the,better internet initiative funded by the,fellow americans education fund today we,will be discussing the subject of mental,health nearly one in five americans live,with a mental health condition,in the past year twenty percent of all,adults worldwide suffered from a mental,health disorder,in america symptoms of depression are,three times higher since the pandemic as,of august 2021,youth mental health is also worsening,with nearly 10 of americas youth,reporting severe depression,all info is from the u.s library for,mental health genetics are not the only,thing that factor into mental health a,persons environment and lifestyle can,play a major role for example the,economy is now a significant source of,stress for 70 percent of americans so,thinking about money how to balance it,and a work-life balance are sources of,depression only 50 percent of employees,are comfortable discussing mental health,issues,investing and supporting access to,mental health care locally and,nationally is important its important,to make sure people can get access to,affordable resources for mental and,general health care breaking down the,stigma that surrounds mental health will,help us all progress as people and make,a change for those who are suffering,[Music],this is clearly based on the heart,family murders it was released on the,week of the four year anniversary the,main character liquarius is based on the,child devante jordan born in 2002 his,body was never found after the accident,which was just like the episode but he,was pronounced legally dead in april of,2019.,glover gives us an alternate ending to,the story that allows this boy to save,his siblings,larry is one of those who avoided,becoming one of the many ghosts in that,lake,episode 2 plays an interesting role in,the series apart from its plot despite,scenes reminiscent of asap rocky being,imprisoned overseas and maybe tupac,getting killed it says something about,the willful ignorance of people who,espouse racist thinking but wont,acknowledge it they cannot understand,how the people around them dont see it,actually hes black because he fell down,the chimney it feels like santas slave,but i respect the rebrand it is right,before paper boys showed that he,exercises his agency to not be part of,the theatricality,[Music],paper boys,hes not feeling too good hes actually,hes got what i got so uh probably,not gonna be able to perform tonight,isnt what but its when the promoter,beats the hell out of one of the,audience members in blackface because he,mistakes him for earn that we see the,absurdity of the not-so-covert racism,what are you doing,of course a real life person would not,confuse this man with urn but it,represents the lack of acknowledgement,of the individual and the prejudice that,comes with it things take a turn for the,extremely surreal in this episode when,van and darius go to a random cult,meeting they were led by an address left,in vans coat it turns out that these,cultists perform a very graphic and,excruciating form of assisted suicide by,suffocation,why they do so is unclear but the theme,this season seems to be about throwing,our characters in over their heads,the scene in the jail is particularly,amusing as it pokes fun at how much more,accommodating prison is there compared,to the near inhumane situations in our,prisons in america,whatever you like,for real, all right cool all right man uh,im gonna get that potato mash man would,you recommend the schnitzel maybe this,nicer version helps prisoners become,better citizens when they get out,despite his situation the character of,paperboy is really coming into his own,he has adoring fans respect and money,mentally hes just in a better place,the fans in blackface seem to show a,sense of ignorant racism that is they,are unaware as to how offensive they are,being despite how brazen it appears to,them being black is like a caricature to,play with and al is having none of it,despite being a performer paperboy isnt,here to tap dance hes here to rap,the third episode is called the old man,in the tree when earned paper boy and,the gang visit an eccentric billionaire,they learn an unorthodox lesson in,capitalism,billionaire fernando owns a luxurious,home with its own nandos restaurant,a strange man with an affinity for trees,and ghosts he invites paperboy to a,high-stakes poker game,meanwhile darius had been the target of,white guilt despite ensuring that a,woman he was talking to did not offend,him with a comment that she made,um i get him by black men a lot so,poor,the white liberal guests refused to,listen and become furious for darius i,thought that woman said that was,up,this scene really stands out because it,is an indictment against the fake woke,virtue signaling that white liberals,often employ in their interactions with,people of color and then shes like,thats a problem im not okay,they refused to listen and instead,continue to be incensed by something,that didnt even affect them personally,i dont know how youre okay people,typically do not want others

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