1. Audi A3 review – better than a Golf, 1 Series or A-Class?
  2. 2022 Audi A3 | Review & Road Test
  3. All-new 2022 Audi A3 review // A lot of bang for the buck!
  4. Audi A3 v BMW 1 Series v VW Golf v Mercedes A-Class: which is best?
  5. 2023 Audi A3: Worth Buying Over A BMW?
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Audi A3 review – better than a Golf, 1 Series or A-Class?

this is the new audi a3 and its a,little bit like,a burberry polo shirt being a small,family hatchback,its as ubiquitous as a polo shirt but,the design is just a little bit,sharp its got some snazzy detailing,here and there and of course,the brand is desirable as a result it is,a little bit more expensive than your,run-of-the-mill,hatchback so it starts from 23 000,pounds though you can save an average,of 1200 pounds off on through car wag,now if you click on the pop,out banner up there you can download the,car wow app its completely free,and you can use it to research which car,to buy and to see what offers you can,get back,from our trusted dealers if youre not,looking for a car yourself right now,tell your friends about car wow because,we could save them a ton of cash,on their next car buying a new car then,head to car wow and my team will help,you find your next car,at a fair price car wow your one stop,car buying comparison site,lets start this video by talking about,the design audis press office was very,keen to tell me,how this is the largest roof spoiler,fitted to any a3 ever,in fact its twice the size as a spoiler,on the old a3,who knew and who cared really wow,now if you get the s-line model which,this car is then you get a sportier rear,bumper which i,do like the look of but you then get,these fake exhaust pipes as exposed by,the car wow,twig of truth its a bit of a shame,really because otherwise i think this is,a really cool looking rear end,down the sides this car has been,inspired by two of the vehicles,so the back part here with the haunches,are supposed to be like those,on the audi quattro now the rest of it,like the surfacing on the doors,apparently have been influenced by the,lamborghini countach,im not really seeing that to tell you,the truth now as standard the range,kicks off with 16-inch alloy wheels,which will look terrible but they go all,the way up to 19s at the front,depending on which model you get the,light design is ever so slightly,different this part here,the graphic on it changes quite like,that feature yet again being the s line,you get a sportier front bumper than,normal but all cars get the big audi,grill of course and if youre in america,you dont have to have a number plate so,it looks,much cooler its really good i like the,design of this car actually,but once again look a bit of fakery,there,you only get on the s line though dont,know what it is with audi theyre trying,to outdo mercedes now for the fakery,shane because i think this looks really,smart its instantly,recognizable as an a3 just looks more,modern cooler than the old car,hopefully its the same story inside,well it certainly looks new,though i actually think i prefer the,design of the old car its just a bit,more,classy now i do actually like this part,of the dash the bit that the passenger,gets to see,well apart from this bit here before you,ask someone,vandalized the dash by slashing it and,then now they have to quickly stitch it,up before they sent the cart out to us,this is a design feature,i think this has been inspired by,frankensteins head,[Music],while this area apparently has been,inspired by yet another lamborghini the,urus,the way the vents are up there i dont,think it works just looks a bit,odd another thing thats annoying is,that depending on where you have the,steering wheel,the top of the wheel can cut off the top,of the dials which is very,peugeot-esque now there is plenty of,adjustment in the driving position so,you can sort of like work your way,around it by jiggery pokery,with the steering wheel and the seat but,really you shouldnt have to do that and,its quite an unusual thing,on a german car quality is a bit unusual,as well so the bits,feel really nice then theres bits that,are a bit,cheaper and then down here its all a,bit scratchy and,yet again the old car seemed a little,bit more premium with its materials its,no worse than a mercedes a-class,but a bmw one series definitely feels,that its been made for more expensive,materials and if you click on the,pop-out banner up there you can watch my,full,in-depth video review of that car,speaking of the bmw it also has a better,infotainment system than this one in the,audi,now its not bad and the processor in it,is loads quicker than in the old car,and it moves between screens pretty,swiftly and the satellite navigation is,easy to use plus i like the way that,theyve moved the climate controls out,of the touchscreen,into physical buttons so theyre easier,to operate while youre driving along,which is great news,but the graphics are a bit dark and,miserable at least you get this,big huge screen as standard and you also,get digital dars as standard the ones on,this car actually,now you can pay extra to have them widen,by an inch or two which does seem,appealing but you dont really need it,now with a mercedes a-class you start,off with two small screens then you have,to steadily upgrade to make it look good,thats perfectly fine,im impressed by that now you can,obviously scroll through different views,and make it go widescreen,which is all very nice and its easy to,use as well and you can do things like,control the volume here like that from,the steering wheel,thing is that theres a little pad here,very close to the passenger where they,can control the volume,and pick the track so youre going to,end up in those arguments where theyre,taking control if they dont listen to a,song that you,enjoy and they dont like youve got,some usb ports,there so you can charge your mobile,devices and the,tray is big enough to even hold look the,big samsung phones,theres pointless storage under here,then theres the cup holders theyve,tried a new design with a cup holder so,this flips out so you can,put a bottle in there itll supposedly,hold it,badly then youve got a glove box thats,average,in size youve got a little storage area,there which is quite handy but you,probably lose your keys in there and the,door bins,are large enough like look big bottle,fits in them anyway lets check out,the back seats,so,here in the rear of the a3 youll see,that theres plenty of knee roam,headrooms good as well people over six,foot should be fine part the reason for,that,is that the seats are low here in the,back than before that does help things,also the middle seat its okay to sit in,when youre on your own,but when you get two people either side,because the roof slopes into the sides,theyre gonna end up having their head,squished like that so its not going to,be,great really ill tell you something,else thats not great look at this right,if i down the armrest youve got exposed,cup holders there so you end up putting,your arms in them,on the previous 83 that had a cover on,it so,it wasnt an issue and i think this is,part of bits of penny pinching,that out is having to make on its cars,these days you see its had to pay,huge fines for the emissions scandal so,its having to cut costs here and there,another example of that is the door tops,here scratchy plastic,like in the back of a budget car so the,premium feel doesnt,fully extend everywhere it does in terms,of these leather seats well i say,leather seats theyre port leather part,fake leather,which isnt really going to appease the,vegans is it because you cant,part kill a cow this seating is,available in,sport trim and above and you get some,sport seats in the front as well which,are very comfortable,last thing i need to tell you about the,rear seats is what its like to fit a,child seat,so if youve got those big bulky,rear-facing seats youre gonna have to,move the front passenger seat forward,but thats the case on all of these kind,of cars and once youve got it in youve,done that its very easy to fit the,isofix anchor points are exposed the,whole time so theres no covers to flip,up,or to flip out and lose which is good,finally,oh you have decent sized store bins in,the back,some storage 12 volt socket though its,a bit of a miss that this car hasnt got,usb ports its just an old-fashion

2022 Audi A3 | Review & Road Test

just so were all up to speed the audi,a3 is a small premium sedan that,competes with the bmw 2 series grand,coupe and the mercedes-benz,a-class this is the fourth generation,audi a3 i think were going to be,friends,you might have vague memories of audi,selling a hatchback a3 but these days,the sedan body style is your only choice,versus generation 3 the latest a3 has,grown a skosh its marginally longer,wider and taller but the resulting shape,retains the a3s tidy charm,[Music],yours is the opinion that matters but,personally i am charmed by the a3s,chiseled face,muscley fenders and fit middle it looks,like its been hitting the engelstad,crossfit,[Music],as expected a slightly bigger outside,yields a slightly bigger inside lets,subject the a3s interior to my intense,5 foot 10 inch averageness,up front let me guess im going to fit,just fine,i fit just fine though i do like the,driving position you have a pretty good,extension on the steering wheel here and,yeah that fits nicely,theres my front seat position how do i,fit behind myself,okay this looks a little cozy,knee clearance is okay but i will say,that headroom is a little bit tight and,for demonstration purposes let me move,over here so you got a better view on it,yeah top of my heads hitting you know,im five foot ten but i do have that,long sexy torso so that does make the,headroom a little bit of an issue this,is cozy i could hang here for a bit but,just a bit,unsurprisingly the small audi is small,the trunk is also cozy but it offers,large load flexibility via a super wide,pass-through stylistically the cabin,reflects the same taut athleticism,expressed by the exterior you might,notice theres a strong driver-centric,theme here what with the center screen,angled leftward sorry front seat,passenger,ive also noticed that the drivers side,air vents are quite prominent its,almost like audi expects me to work up a,sweat driving the a3,you know me well,from a tactile perspective theres a,satisfying mix of upscale materials and,reasonable feeling plastics this might,be the entry-level audi but it doesnt,feel cheap,there are a few oddities though i like,the look of this genuine stitching on,the dash but im not sure what its,meant to be stitching together thats a,form over function situation there and,then weve got this little vestigial,drive selector down here which id be,more on board with if it didnt make,this little squeaky plastic noise when i,push it,let me counter those with a little bit,of praise i do like this arm rest its,quite adjustable so you can kind of,figure out your ideal position thats,sort of a classic vw thing that has,found its way into an audi and i like it,very much,[Music],before i forget let me bemoan this dust,and fingerprint collecting black plastic,trim,moving on to screen space weve got a,standard 10.1 inch center display plus,this standard 10.25 inch driver,information display that can be upgraded,to a 12.3 inch unit for smartphone,connectivity wireless apple carplay and,android auto come standard,regarding infotainment i like the,interface youve got these clear,different icons with different colors,its just really easy to find your way,around ive got a wireless apple car,play here and you can also use your,voice to activate the system to give it,your demands hey audi,hey audi,what can you do for me what can i do for,you can you turn it up the temperature,blinking things what temperature should,be set,73,i am increasing the temperature to 73,degrees fahrenheit i am enjoying the,warmer temperature i do have one,complaint though down here youve got,your volume control instead of having a,proper knob youve got this little,capacitive unit it actually works fine,but im old school man i prefer a knob,how do you feel about knobs,so far theres lots to like but the a3s,potential isnt fully realized until you,put it in motion,the a3s premium premise is supported by,a fairly quiet cabin as for ride quality,you definitely feel the road but it,doesnt feel harsh,i also like the steerings precise feel,lets put it to good use,lets see,oh look we got a roundabout lets see,how the a3,steers steering feel lands in the,predictable and enjoyable category,by disposition the a3 has a balanced fun,comfort ratio for power the a3 utilizes,a standard 2-liter turbocharged engine,with a 48 volt mild hybrid system,if you find yourself in stop and go,traffic you will note that the 48 volt,mild hybrid system turns the engine off,a lot to save fuel and the restart isnt,completely seamless theres a little bit,of a clunk,if all that engine on engine off action,starts to grid on you the off button is,right down here,full throttle acceleration yields a 0 to,60 time around 6 and a half seconds,which is good,but the passion inside of me wants more,well on screen micah you actually do get,more with the base engine specifically,more miles per gallon than the previous,a3 here are the 4th gens fuel economy,figures,yes front wheel drive comes standard if,you want all-wheel drive with the base,2-liter engine budget an extra 2 grand,if the more you seek specifically,relates to horsepower there is a,solution its called the s3 which also,features a 2-liter turbocharged engine,minus the base engines mild hybrid,abilities and tuned to produce a more,vivacious 306 horsepower im told the s3,cuts about 2 seconds off the a3 0 to 60,time yes math geniuses thats about 4,and a half seconds for the s3,while less efficient and pricier the s3,benefits from a sportingly lowered ride,height larger 14.1 inch front brake,rotors standard all-wheel drive and a,standard adaptive suspension,for fun sized thrills with an audi badge,this is the play,excluding the late arriving rs3 of,course complete with its 2.5 liter,inline 5-cylinder 401 horsepower engine,its torque vectoring clutch based rear,differential drift mode and a standard,price around 59 grand,ill add that regardless of engine all,a3 variants employ a seven speed dual,clutch transmission,traditionally dcts have offered very,quick shifts but sometimes clunky,operation at slow speeds in this case,its not quite as velvety smooth at,creep speeds as a normal automatic,transmission but its not far off,helping minimize the a3s crash,potential are standard lane departure,warning and forward collision warning if,you do get into a crash there are 10,airbags ready to cushion the impact,including rear side airbags,you can also upgrade the a3s active,assist technology with options like,blind spot monitoring automatic parking,assist and full speed adaptive cruise,control a feature that ive often noted,comes standard on a twenty thousand,dollar toyota corolla,in cheapest guys a front-wheel drive a3,premium trim costs right about thirty,four thousand dollars not including,destination charges at that price the a3,comes nicely equipped with a sunroof,four usb c ports three zone automatic,climate control and leather seating,surfaces plus heated front seats,offering four-way power lumbar support,the mercedes-benz a-class starts right,about the same price as the a3 while the,bmw 2-series grand coupe,is about 1700 costlier though the bmws,price premium is partially accounted for,by its slight horsepower advantage,if you want to fancy up your a3 you can,add niceties like wireless phone,charging more dazzling led head and,taillights fancier interior appointments,and my mandatory add-on of choice smart,key access because reaching in my pocket,to push a button on a fob is very 1999,if you long to drive an audi the a3 is,the absolute cheapest way to do so but,that doesnt mean its a bummer to own,quite the opposite,the a3 looks feels and drives just like,an audi except on a smaller scale as a,guy who would rather not wrap up all of,my funds in a car payment,thats a formula i love,[Music],you

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All-new 2022 Audi A3 review // A lot of bang for the buck!

weve got the Audi A3 big shout out to,Audi downtown Vancouver for letting us,drive this for a couple of days we,appreciate it,pretty quiet isnt it yeah its a,polished car considering it is their,base model sedan whats under the hood,of the Audi A3 a 2-liter turbocharged,four-cylinder with a 48 volt mild hybrid,system a seven-speed dual clutch,transmission 201 horsepower and 221,pound-feet of torque standard all-wheel,driving Canada but front-wheel drive and,all-wheel drive options are available in,the US you can put regular fuel in this,Audi as we move forward were going to,talk about this again in questions,coffee and cars this is basically based,on the Volkswagen Golf platform so there,are some similarities well get into,that as we go through it but right now,at premium car what do you get with it,you must get some nice stuff the base,trim comes with a 10.1 inch touchscreen,a ten and a quarter inch digital driver,display Wireless Apple carplay and wired,Android auto Wireless in the US at 10,speaker Audi sound system power driver,seat and a manual passenger injure seat,heated front seats leather seating,surfaces with stitching a sunroof a foot,activated trunk release and 17-inch,wheels in the U.S the base trim comes,with a power passenger seat there are,three features the Audi A3 does not,offer a heated steering wheel ventilated,front seats and heated rear seats youve,got the drive select button here easy,easy Draya it actually has a button,instead of having to go on a screen,thank you Audi what are we going to put,it in got to put it in s for subscribe,and if you can hit that notification,Bell youll be notified when all of our,reviews drop and then you can watch them,and we do this the couple car review,twice a week the first one drops on,Wednesday we put another one out on,Saturday so make sure you like And,subscribe but most importantly hit that,notification Bell but also follow along,on Instagram its motor mouth underscore,Andrea to get a look at whats going on,behind the scenes for me its motor,mouth underscore Auto and the links are,below the like button this video is,brought to by Canada drives shop online,for your next used vehicle and enjoy the,convenience of two-year door delivery,and the confidence of a seven day love,it or return it guarantee visit Canada,drives dot CA to learn more you know,what Andrea I Ive known you a while,right a while yeah for sure I look at,you in this car and I see this is this,is your kind of car it is its just so,modern Im really enjoying it I like the,way that this handles you know most,Audis that we get into the steering is,quite light thats not the case with,this A3 the steerings a bit heavier the,suspension a little bit firmer Im,really enjoying it more than I thought I,would so that drive select button well,take it out of subscribe when you when,you hit that you can get the Comfort,Auto Dynamic and individual you set it,up the way you want yeah on this this is,the base model which is nice for us to,get a base model it adjusts things like,the throttle response the weight of the,steering and the calibration of the,transmission but it doesnt change,change the suspension because this car,is available with adaptive suspension,yeah but what trim do you get that on or,available on you get the damping,controlled suspension on the top Technic,trim but its an addition so its going,to cost you an extra thousand dollars,and then with the progressive trim you,can add the s-line package to get the,sport suspension but weve got the base,model I got to tell you Im not missing,either of them I kind of disagree with,that I would like the S line I want the,sportier suspension I find over bumps,the front suspension is soft which is,great because this is a luxury car and,Audi calibrates their suspension and,typically theyre steering to appeal to,a wide group of people making it,comfortable and relaxed and you still,get that Vibe with this car for me,personally I would like it a little more,fine-tuned though Im going with the,least expensive version Im going with,this Comfort trim which is our base trim,in Canada and its just under forty,thousand dollars the only thing I would,add is 18 inch wheels and theyve done,that with this this one so Audi downtown,around Vancouver gave us the base model,with upgraded wheels and youre right it,does look pretty good yeah so on the,handling front it is an Audi and it is,based on the golf platform but its not,exactly the same and of course as we,mentioned a Quattro all-wheel drive is,standard in the Canadian Market thats a,big differentiator but what about the,looks of it it sure is cute isnt it,yeah I think its quite sporty its got,a sharp look to it it comes standard,with LED headlights and LED tail lights,but the dynamic turn indicators it also,has standard 17-inch Wheels but,available 18 and 19 inch wheels I like,the look of it I mean you can sport it,up a bit and get the black Optics,package where youve got black exterior,accents thats your choice I kind of,like this because the window surrounds,are already black on this base trim so,this is a brand new model if youre not,aware Audi follows the Cadence of the,Volkswagen group so the golf comes out,first then they build this off that same,platform so it has a new updated look on,the outside of course its going to look,like an Audi its a small thing for me,Andrea but those bright sort of Chrome,or polished elements on the lower part,of the bumper I dont know its so,simple I like it yeah it gives a nice,contrast especially to this black,vehicle this is bigger and its wider,than the previous Audi A3 so youre,getting a little bit more space in here,too A lot of people Lament The fact no,hatch we used to get the hatch years ago,we got the e-tron the plug-in hybrid,version but now its just sedan and no,RS3 no the RS3 is not coming only in the,US its an emissions thing apparently,okay now lets turn our attention to the,inside we mentioned its a brand new,model and boy you see it here I like the,simplistic look in here there is some,hard plastic as well as soft materials,this comes standard with that 10.1 inch,touchscreen you have to go into the,screen to do a lot of the features but,theres tabs on the left that makes it,so easy to get in and out of this car is,a perfect combination of new Audi with,old Audi so you get into a vehicle for,example like the Q7 that has all of the,screens this one still has real switches,and rotary tabs on the steering wheel,yeah you still have heat controls that,are real switches you still have the,drive select button and theres a new,feature which is the volume and scan,tool for the radio its a pad in the,center console and you skim over it like,you do a volume knob that actually works,better than what Volkswagen uses yep and,its not glitchy at all actually when,you touch it to bring up the volume its,easy enough to use now at the center,console theres a small shifter now,which we actually see in the GTI as well,I dont mind it I mean Im just happy,that its a traditional shifter its,very natural to the touch easy to shift,without even looking they buy a bunch of,these Andrea because they use it in,Volkswagen they use it in Audi and they,use it in the 911. you get a 911 you get,the same little a lot of people say it,looks like a little razor this,some pretty good standard features it,doesnt have a standard power passenger,seat that is standard in the U.S but,its available on the middle Progressive,Trim in Canada so its a ratchet system,same thing kind of like youd get are,exactly the same when you get in a golf,and its got the rotary dial on the side,for the backrest thats a little bit,clumsy so heres what you can do you can,go to the middle Trim in the Canadian,Market its 3 500 more it adds the 18,inch wheels weve already got it adds,the power operated passenger seat and it,adds some safety features too right Audi,side assist and rear cross traffic alert,plus that Progressive trim allows you to,add some packages

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Audi A3 v BMW 1 Series v VW Golf v Mercedes A-Class: which is best?

if youre after a poshmore family,hatchback your choices are the new audi,a3 the mercedes a-class the bmw one,series,and of course the volkswagen golf today,im going to find out which of these,four cars,is best job you have a very german,contest boom boom dropping technology,got english stats stored together no,nick full spark sorry buying a new car,head to car wow to get offers from the,uks top dealers,car wow dot co dot uk the car buying,comparison site,right lets kick off this group test by,talking about the price so the,volkswagen starts from just over 23,000 pounds the bmw 25 000 pounds,the mercedes just under 24 000 pounds,and the audi just over 23 000 pounds,but thats the list price what really,matters is the price youll actually pay,at a dealer,so if you buy through car wow you can,save an average,of almost 2 000 pounds of the volkswagen,three thousand pounds off the bmw,almost four thousand pounds off the,mercedes and just over one thousand,pounds,of this audi now i think you can see the,benefit of using car white if youre,looking to buy a new car so if you are,click on the pop-out banner up there to,download our app its completely free,you can check reviews of all these cars,and many more and see how much money we,can save you,or if you dont want to do that you can,just google car wow and,you can go straight there if youre,watching in germany or spain we also,have car wow germany and spain,so just google car wow dot d if youre,german or car wow,es if youre spanish audi always does a,great job of redesigning its cars,without overdoing it but always ensuring,they look smarter and more desirable,than before this rear part is actually,inspired by the sport quattro and you,can see like the extended haunches,though audis designers claim that this,part,was inspired by the lamborghini cuntash,im not really seeing that to you its a,bit like me saying that this video,review,has been inspired by the film casablanca,of all the gin joints in all the towns,in all the world,she walks into mine,the bmw one series is certainly no,ingrid bergman its all down to that,grill it looks like hes having some,severe,dental work done everyone actually goes,on about the size,of bmws latest grills but theyre way,smaller than audis its just that audi,manages to do grills a lot better in,fact id rather go to audis house,for a barbecue than bmws as you move,down the side of the car,it looks a bit better though its still,a bit near whereas around the back,its very very smart i like the rear end,in fact this car is a case of,nice ass shame about the face in,contrast,the mercedes a-classs rear end is its,least successful,part but it still looks good although,im not so keen on this like the,horribly fake exhaust is exposed by the,car,stick of truth and a fake diffuser like,youd get on a racing car,like this car needs downforce for going,around town into the shops,down the side it looks really sharp,really like the proportions and the,creases at the front,its a big status symbol isnt that huge,mercedes grill and lets be honest,thats one of the reasons people,will be buying this car the golf doesnt,quite have the badge appeal of the other,germans but youd hardly call it a,budget brand also its a reasonably,smart looking car it always has been,and because i havent changed it that,much over the years it probably always,will be,im not so sure about this color paint,and that new face either its sort of,like the cars got a migraines,going ah ive got a splitting headache,get me the codeine will ya,when you climb inside the golf you feel,as though the codeine has started to,take effect,because everythings just calming its,not too radical,yet it feels modern enough material,quality is nice generally yes all the,bits youre gonna touch,feel suitably solid and luxurious,a bit slow down are cheaper but thats,to be expected,vw has actually got rid of a lot of the,buttons most of the work is done through,the screen,you can actually control climate,temperature by swiping here which is a,bit odd rather than pressing a button,but if you want to do the fan speed you,do have to bring up the climate,and then do it that way there we go,which is a bit annoying when youre,driving,i started every car gets this big screen,this is actually the upgraded one with,the,inbuilt satellite navigation and gesture,controls and voice commands tell you the,truth you dont actually need it because,its 1600 quid and the standard system,is as big as that,and youre going to use apple carplay,and android auto anyway as standard you,also get a digital drivers display,which is nice and clear you can move,through different views,very simple to do and you can make the,display a little bit bigger if you want,to as well,or very simple or very clear or very,volkswagen,the audi isnt quite so audi though you,see in the past there was a clear,distinction in terms of interior quality,of the a3 compared to the golf but now,its not really any better in fact some,of the materials,feel a little bit cheaper than they did,in the old a3,also theres the design of the dash i,really like this part its very modern,cool but theres a weird stitch in it,like someone slashed it in that to,repair it,also this part the instruments inspired,by lamborghini urus and they just dont,seem to,fit with this part it looks like the guy,who designed this was working in a,different location to the guy that,designed this part and they tried to do,it all together over a zoom core because,of covid and it just,came out a bit of a mess as standard you,get two big screens,one central infotainment system and one,digital drivers display the main,infotainment system is pretty easy to,use that the graphics,are dark you do get satellite navigation,and all that kind of stuff but obviously,youre just going to use your mobile,phone,arent you the digital drivers display,is really nice its nice on the one in,the golf,and you can actually upgrade it to a,bigger widescreen version but you dont,really need to because the standard,setup,is pretty clear and once again you can,change the views oh look,weve got google maps here yeah i like,that i think audi does the best digital,drivers display,the bmw one series is the only car here,that doesnt get a fully digital,drivers display as standard,you get part digital dials this one has,the upgraded system,which isnt that great either the,display is dark im not a fan of the,layout of the dials,and it just doesnt show as much,information as in the other cars,if you get the upgraded digital drivers,display it comes as part of a pack,with an upgraded infotainment screen so,normally you have a slightly smaller,screen,this is the bigger one all singing all,dancing and its pretty lovely,nice and easy to use and you can control,it touch screen,swivel wheel voice commands gesture,controls,for some reason it doesnt understand,that one and it should the rest of the,cabin is really nice,i think the design is better than the,audis and the vws and the quality,is slightly better as well so squidging,us extends all the way,down here i think overall the one series,has the highest quality materials,here on the inside inside the a-class,there are a few bits and pieces which,feel a bit cheap that you wouldnt find,in the bmw such as here yeah and thats,a little bit wobbly,and thats scratchy but other than that,this car blows the other three into the,weeds,for interior design i mean look at it,its just so,much cooler its dominated by these,screens,now be warned cars lower down the range,have slightly smaller screens so you,have to,upgrade to get the full widescreen,effect but its well worth the extra,cash the infotainment system itself is,the best here as well so like the bmw,can control it with a touch pad,you can swipe and stuff like that,theres voice commands,but the layout is just easier to use in,the bmw the graphics are clearer as well,the digital dars are really nice and you,can change the view of those and the,look of them as well the out is a bit,

2023 Audi A3: Worth Buying Over A BMW?

okay so actually getting up and moving a,little bit here,oh that transmissions super responsive,Im gonna pop in the manual setting,because I want to see hey everyone its,Ben Hardy here and in todays gonna be,going over the all-new Audi A3 before,you end this video though as always a,huge shout out and thank you to the,Strong Audi here in Salt Lake City Utah,forwarding me sometime with this A3 Im,gonna include link to their inventory in,the description down below so you can,check out they have currently if you,have any questions or need any help just,ask for Landon and then on a side note,if you can save time and money the next,time perch car link to my carbine guide,in the description down below lets get,into it,thank you foreign,[Applause],under the hood we have a turbocharged,2-liter four-cylinder that goes through,a 7-speed dual clutch automatic,transmission fuel economy is 28 around,town and then 38 on the highway with,power outputs being 201 horsepower 4 800,RPMs and then turn 21 pound feet of,torque at 1600 RPMs,hey do you want to mention if you see,more videos just like this then I,recommend you subscribe because I post,content every single day so starting,with the hood here you guys can see,youve got distinctive lines there on,either side and you know I think this,white paint looks pretty good and then,coming down below now that you can see,the contrast with the white and the,black it looks really good so youve got,like the black dot Audi badges daytime,running lights which actually look,really cool here on the A3 parking,sensors there on the front end as well,and then when you put it all together,this new A3 looks pretty dang aggressive,come around the side here tire wheel,setup is 225 40 18 in the front and over,in the rear as well and then you can see,the design on the wheel its actually,really cool youve got like the silver,on the top the metallic gray below that,and I like how its kind of like sharp,with the edges and then putting it all,together those Wheels really pop out and,again the blacked out elements including,like the roof that you can see is kind,of blacked out with the center side of,things and then also the trim around the,windows it kind of all pulls it together,so heres our key fob for the A3 you,guys can see not much happening there on,the back but on the front weve got our,lock function the opening for the trunk,and our unlock function with the Audi,logo so Ill press the trunk function a,couple times and itll pop right open,and then actually popping inside you,guys can see weve got all these rubber,floor mats here in the rear and overall,storage space is actually super solid,here with the A3 again its not a,massive car but its pretty dang,practical then when youre all done just,up and then here are the taillights so,normal Audi fashion got a cool like,sequential design with the turn signal,and they can see all the badges are,blacked out here on the back as well and,no exhaust tip popping out but you can,see the design at the bottom kind of,makes it look like thered be something,and then theres also parking sensors in,the back now for me personally Ive,actually never been a fan of the A3 when,it comes to styling because Ive always,felt like its looked too like stubby,but they have nailed it with this new A3,the proportion versions are just,absolutely fantastic,and then take a look at the door panel,in the back you guys can see the silver,trim that goes to the handle itself and,look at the padding down below like that,cross stitch design thats pretty fancy,and now taking a look at these seats you,guys can see the stitching there in the,center and pretty nice looking seat,overall legroom back here is actually,pretty dang solid you got a little cargo,net right there for storage weve got,some vents here for the rear passengers,and I can actually adjust the,temperature and then some USBS and then,headrooms also really good and of,course we have if I can pull it out the,cup holder armrest,and then take a look at the front door,panel here you guys can see again the,silver trim that goes to the handle that,is really cool and theres a quick look,at the mirrors and then youve got all,of your window controls down below again,that padding just like what you have in,the back and theres the door panel now,these front seats are actually pretty,dang fancy you have like suede here on,the side around the seat which is kind,of interesting but then same design,there in the center of the seat and then,we do have all of our power adjustments,right there pretty normal pedal layout,here at the bottom and then you guys can,see all the controls for the lights,foreign,[Music],for the A3 you guys can see the leather,trim all around and you got the darker,stitching on the center to match,everything weve got our controls like,the voice command phone controls volume,controls on the steering wheel paddle,shifters for that seven speed dual,clutch there and then you guys can see,weve got this for the view button for,the center and then weve got some other,controls for the center stack as well,turn signal stock cruise control stock,windshield wiper stock now we have this,cool full digital gauge cluster and if,you want to make things go away you can,just press the view button which is,pretty neat overall um but yep it it,looks great and thats all now I do have,a backup camera here with trajectory,lines that turn with the steering wheel,and resolution solid and then heres the,infotainment system first off shortcut,bar here on the side and overall,response time with that shortcut bar is,pretty solid does take a second for,certain pages to load up but you can see,pretty easy to use overall and then we,go to the vehicle tab this is where you,guys can see stuff like I guess your,efficiency assist but the drive mode,sucked so we have a comfort Auto Dynamic,and then an individual mode as well I,guess were in Dynamic but well go to,auto and then down below you guys can,see youve got our Dual Zone climate,system heated seats for the front and,then down below that drive mode sucks,stability control Auto Stop start and,then your hazard lights I suppose thats,our little charging area with a couple,of USBS and then you can see our stop,start button right here and then this is,your little volume control circle thing,not sure how to feel feel about it I had,it in the new Audi e-tron GT and hey I,got a note of it from time to time and,then we have our like shaver shifter,thing Im not sure what this is about,but I mean it feels really like premium,for a car in this segment which is nice,parking brake here and then you guys,these little 12 volts got a couple cup,holders and then look at the center,console it this things nice decent,storage space too,thats cool they put like the cross,stitching design here on the dash and,then you guys can see down below weve,got a little Audi logo right there and,then glovebox has decent storage space,and then up top here you got a control,for the sunroof and its just one of,those Shades that you can pull backwards,and forwards so heres the window,sticker for this 2023 Audi A3,and see how the standard equipment there,the warranty information for your 50 000,mile new via quarantee base MSRP 34 900,and notice FWD so this is front wheel,drive,um this has stuff like the black Optics,package which is definitely worth it I,think it makes local a lot better but,anyways totally MSRP 38 675,lets see how it drives,lets talk about this buddy before we,set off heres your visibility over the,hood both of the mirrors,and throughout the rest of the rear and,set off okay so we are officially,setting off in the A3 and I had to wait,for this stupid truck to get out of the,way they were sitting there for like a,minute straight not moving and I kept,trying to go around them and then they,kept blocking me but anyways,actually setting off here on the A3,this is a funny situation because I,reviewed the RS3 and now Im reviewing,the A3 I havent reviewed the S3 so I

2022 Audi A3 // An All-New Audi for ONLY $34,000?? … and its NICE!

whats going on youtube,so a very important product in any,brands lineup is their most affordable,vehicle because it represents the most,obtainable model that new luxury buyers,can aspire for,and thats what im standing next to,right now the all-new audi a3 their,premium small sedan that takes a lot of,style and tech from its bigger siblings,and brings it down to a starting price,of only thirty three thousand nine,hundred dollars so with that being said,lets go ahead and see if this is the,audi sedan to buy,[Music],[Music],so of course this is the all-new audi a3,and that does mean it has the all-new,exterior design,so youre not going to notice like,gigantic changes because audi tends to,be a more evolutionary design process,but one of the important differences is,the fact that the single frame grille is,finished in this black honeycomb texture,instead of the previous bars this gives,the a3 a sportier more aggressive design,and if you want to take that a little,bit further audi of course does have the,black optic package and one of the,things theyve done with this new a3 is,made it available on all three trim,levels for a pretty small amount of,money thats going to black out all the,chrome on the front grille surrounds as,well as the silver elements down here on,the lower fascia,and in the rear as well,now lets come over here to the,headlights we now have standard full led,headlights across the entire a3 lineup,today we actually have the premium model,so this is the base trim level of the a3,thats going to come with reflector led,headlights however as you move up the,lineup youre going to have those,headlights upgraded until you get to the,prestige and those are going to have the,really fancy matrix led headlights and,the little bars that run down through,here for the animations in the front,now next up we have our different wheel,options theres only two to choose from,all three trims are going to come,standard with a silver 17 inch alloy,however i would strongly recommend,spending the 800 dollars to upgrade to,these 18 inch contrast alloys because,they look really nice and set off the,overall design,and as we come up here to the mirrors,youre going to have standard heating,however youre going to need to have the,premium plus or the optional convenience,package if you want blind spot,monitoring power folding and auto,dimming,lets go ahead and talk about the side,of the a3 so as you can see this looks,like pretty much any other typical audi,sedan and im happy to say that it,doesnt look too small and too compact,its coming in at 177 inches in length,which is up about one and a half inches,over the previous generation a3 which,definitely helps it give that more,substantial looking sedan design,now lets talk about the rear design,they have really changed quite a bit,when it comes to this all new model it,still has a very classy and elegant look,but it just has a little bit more of,those modern touches that weve grown to,expect from audi so we have our big audi,branding right here in the middle and,then lets take a look at these tail,lights these are hands down my favorite,element about their rear design these,are beautiful beautiful full led tail,lights you have all of the nice design,elements from the premium audi products,we have an amber dynamic turn signal and,thats going to be standard equipment on,every single a3 then if we drop down,here to the bottom one thing i am,slightly disappointed about is that we,dont have exposed exhaust outlets all,of them are going to come with this,design where its kind of hidden,underneath but you do have some silver,accent,audi gives you two out of four safety,systems standard equipment on every,single a3 and thats going to be ford,mercy braking as well as auto high beams,however you do have to go to at least,the premium plus trim level to get lane,keeping assist and their adaptive cruise,control system with traffic jam,assistant,well guys we really appreciate you,making it this far in our video please,hit that subscribe button down below if,you havent already now lets go and,check out the inside before we take it,out in a spin,so as we walk up to this next generation,a3 you will notice the smart entry,system standard on the premium plus trim,level or optional on the premium model,through the convenience package as you,can see we do have the brand new audi q5,design with the nice metal on the bottom,and then of course to get inside the,vehicle itself just grab behind the,handle it will unlock,now taking a look inside this cabin,obviously it is a night and day,difference from the outgoing generation,its also quite a bit different than,what you see in the a4 as well because,this is a very angular and modern,looking design were getting first into,our interior color and material choices,just like every single audi even this,entry level model does come standard,with real leather seating and on all,three trim levels you have the choices,between black parchment or santos brown,now as we turn over here to your drawer,trim it is pretty nicely appointed we do,have a soft touch material for the,armrest you have a leatherette above,that and it is going to be soft touch,plastic along the top with the silver,accent,the convenience package includes the,memory seating on this premium model it,is standard on premium plus and above,and then we of course have four fully,automatic windows as well,coming down to the seat adjustments,these are gonna be eight-way power,adjusting with four-way lumbar support,and like i already mentioned this is a,real leather seat even on the base,premium model we have the color contrast,stitching and then we have the cloth,accents that run around the outside,edges,now since this is audis entry-level,product youre probably wondering how,are the materials and im happy to,report they are very solid for this,category of vehicle so across the upper,dashboard its going to be finished in a,soft touch plastic,as we move over here to this area this,is also a soft touch plastic but we have,a kind of a cross stitch that runs,across the top to make it look a little,bit more premium,as we come down here this model has a,plastic trim as a faux aluminum you can,get an open pore wood trim to come,through here if you want a more premium,look,and as we come down you have more of,that silver trim is going to be hard,touch along the edges and then we have,piano black of course being an audi,though even this entry level model has,very solid build quality no panel gaps,and everything feels like i said nice,and solid,now to start it up put your foot on the,brake and press the standard button,and after you fire it up the first thing,youre going to be greeted with is a,digital gauge cluster actually,regardless of how much money you spend,on this model this is the,10.25 inch setup,so its not the full virtual cockpit,that comes on the prestige model or its,optional on the premium plus however,youll notice that it looks very similar,its just a little bit smaller youre,lacking a little bit of the,functionality functionality including,the navigation but otherwise you can,still do a lot of the same stuff,with reconfiguring the designs and going,through that kinds of information and,stuff like that,so this is really nice to be included as,standard,and then if you go for the prestige,model thats also going to give you the,head up display,now as we pull back to the steering,wheel you have the latest audi design it,is a very round looking steering wheel,but it is squared off slightly on the,sides for better grip as far as the,wheel itself it is going to be manual,tilt and telescoping across the lineup,lets go ahead and take a look at,interior storage because this is a,fairly small sedan,first of all the armrest does continue,to adjust just like the previous,generation,and then lifting up the center console,here we have a decent amount of storage,its not going to be a ton but we do,have a rubber lining down there at the,bottom,and ill get ou

Better Value Than a Luxury SUV! (Audi A3 Sedan 2023 review)

when someone used to tell me that they,wanted to buy a base model audi a3 i,always used to say you got rocks in your,head go off and buy a volkswagen golf,highline because its better value its,the same to drive its the same car,underneath that advice is no longer the,case theres no more luxury-grade,volkswagen golf here in australia the,best you can do is an r-line and it,doesnt have leather seats for instance,so if you want a volkswagen group small,car that feels posh feels european and,isnt going to break the bank youre,gonna need one of these an audi a3 35,tfsi in other words the 1.5 liter,four-cylinder base model audi a3 spoiler,alert its actually a really good car as,were going to find out in todays video,and you feel like you are getting your,moneys worth which is about 50 grand,add on a bit more if you want to option,it up to kind of something a bit more,special were going to jump inside check,out the interior of this little luxury,car the back seat and the boot well,discuss the running costs and then well,hit the road here at the chasing cars,test track to see what the a3 35 tfsi is,like to drive and whether you should buy,one before we get started hit subscribe,hit the notification bell,the most important thing when you jump,into a car like an audi a3 is that it,feels premium when you sit down in this,seat and you look at the interior and,while the last a3 was totally revered by,owners and motoring jonos alike for,being a little bank vault on wheels the,new one which is radically different,inside is still really impressive and it,feels like its up to the price which is,actually not that bad for a 35 tfsi 49,dollars as a sedan but you can actually,save a bit of money if youre okay with,the sport back the a3 started life as a,hatch it gained a sedan in its lifetime,the sedan is now the more popular car,and therefore the more expensive car but,i still kind of like the hatch better,and it costs less,so usefully you can get into one of,these things for just a bit over 50,grand drive away and in 2022 with car,prices escalating quite quickly thats,not even that bad for an entry level,premium car at the moment and you get,quite a lot for your money first of all,you get standard leather its not audis,nicest grade of leather its not merino,or nappa but its serviceable easy to,clean its not cloth so you get that,impression that youre in a luxury car,straight away this cars got a black,leather interior theres also a grey,that you can get which is conservative,but then if you step up to the 40 tfsi,which is one variant above this car you,get another 30 kilowatts of power you,get a 2 liter engine you get a wheel,drive but you also get upgraded seats,and the option of beige leather which,would be really really nice in this car,under something like a navy blue or a,dark gray so thats probably how i do my,a3 i reckon but even at the base grade,here weve got this lovely leather,steering wheel with a thin rim its nice,to hold youve got paddle shifters,beautiful little airbag cover and youre,looking forward at one of the industrys,best technology packages so weve got,audis mmi touch system here single,screen its got a completely different,processor behind it than a volkswagen,golf or a skoda octavia and as such its,really really snappy and high powered,and the graphics are beautiful you get,an audi connect plus subscription so,youve got things like satellite mapping,google maps online search fuel prices,all in the system for your first three,years included,and you also get a virtual cockpit which,is customizable and easy to use in front,of you so the whole thing just feels,quite tech forward but still nice and,simple plus you get wireless apple,carplay and android auto which is a boon,even the base stereo sounds okay but you,can have an a3 with a bang olufsen,stereo which sounds tremendous and would,be worth the money now this car is,actually remarkably lightly optioned for,a press car which is great so it starts,at 49 400. this car has 1 250 tango red,paint red on a luxury car i could take,or leave its got 19-inch wheels with,platinum grey inserts but you still get,19s as standard so i would save the,1500s there color interior lighting,package for 875. yeah it doesnt do much,for me 650 heated front seats well its,pretty cold at the moment so i like that,and then this car actually deletes 260,dollars because with the semiconductor,crisis it doesnt have wireless,smartphone charging but what we do have,is two usbc ports which work better than,wireless charging anyway now down here,is where this car is quite different to,the old a3 sadly no more rotary over my,controller instead we get this vast,expanse of piano black which picks up,fingerprints way too easily this little,toggle shifter which is okay but you,just get the impression more could have,been done here but i love the fact the,a3 has physical climate controls which,just work unlike so many other,volkswagen group cars which are putting,them in the touchscreen the audi still,gets it right lovely looking dash all,soft materials cool kind of pilot,fighter jet style air vents if fighter,jets even have air vents i dont know if,they do center armrest here is,adjustable big cup holders,just a little bit cheap under the belt,line,but at the end of the day its under 50,grand,in the back seat of the a3 its a small,car so you dont have big expectations,and that means that i think youll be,quite pleased with what you find which,is room enough for four adults in this,car the middle seat its a small space,and thats because this isnt a wide car,you could use it in an absolute pinch,but think of this as transport for four,people and youre in the ballpark weve,got standard air vents to keep you,feeling cool back here no matte pockets,on the back of the seats probably,because no one carries a ubd anymore,just saying,hard materials on the door tops is a bit,cheap in an audi i must say but at least,we get a flip down armrest here with two,and a half cupholders and it is a comfy,place to sit and at least the armrest on,the side,is also soft seat base is at a decent,angle the point is its big enough for a,small car its serviceable and one of,our colleagues at chasing cars actually,owns an a3 sedan and has a big bulky,baby seat in the back and it all works,fine which i think is a great ad for the,fact that you dont need a massive car,as your family car or perhaps as your,second family car this is entirely,usable for those kind of duties,as i mentioned before while the audi a3,started life as a hatchback its,actually the sedan which is now the most,popular form factor and its relatively,practical but in a different way to the,hatch of course the hatch gives you more,vertical space here in the sedan the,aperture of the boot is way more narrow,than a wagon body or a hatchbody car but,it goes really deep 425 liters of space,is good its basically a big hole its a,cavern if you want more practical,features a bit more surprise and delight,youre gonna need to buy audis like an,a4 or an a5 which let you do things like,fold the rear seats from in the boot we,dont have any of that here in the a3,what we do have is,a boot floor with what looks like a well,for a spare wheel but with nothing in it,instead we have a tyre,inflation kit entire mobility kit all,that sort of thing but because the wheel,well is there i kind of think you,probably could order a spare as an,accessory and just jam it in there so if,you do a lot of country touring thats,something you could probably consider,weve got our warning triangle up here,no automation on the boot,on every a3 sedan the boot is manual but,on the sport back you actually can,option for a few hundred bucks a power,tailgate so if you like that feature,youre gonna have to go for the,hatchback,when it comes to running costs the a3 is,attractively cheap to own if you go for,the 35 tfsi version and it starts with,a bit of trivia,and thats that this engine is a new,engine a 1.5 litre mild hybrid,turbochar

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