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Audi Q3 SUV 2020 in-depth review | carwow Reviews

this is the new Audi q3 and its a,little bit like a man bag in the way,that its trendy and usefully practical,money this isnt some practical that I,can fit my iPad in its on its lavender,carriage anyway its a DQ trait its a,premium machine so it isnt the cheapest,thing starts from just over 30,000,pounds however you can save an average,of just under 1,500 quid off wad through,car light even though its brand new now,if you want to see how much money you,can sell in a new car click on the,papaya balance to their top-ranked on,the screen on that link below the video,and youll get a car Wow alternatively,just Google car while deals and you can,check out the best deals and offers on,the latest new cars on our website this,new cuter has a lot more presence than,the old one which is just a kind of blob,from the lights and theyre called,graphics in them the big bold aggressive,grille the deeper front bumpers of this,s-line version and theres this blue,paint which really stands out and it,really highlights the cars strong,creases and look at these rear horn,shes very muscular its a smart looking,car I think Im gonna take this off of,this is not trendy at all its a very,poor example of a man bag but this is a,great example of a small SUV because yes,it may be small but its actually got a,decent sized boot but some of the,biggest boots for this size of car yes,theres a little bit of a lip to lift,things over but you get this nice posh,shiny scuff plate so you dont scratch,that beautiful blue paintwork when you,drag your luggage out and look at that,boot is a nice square shape is different,storage areas down there and down there,you have tether points as well to tie,things to which is great hooks to hang,things off and look at this lovely,feature good old Audi like this you can,wedge the false floor apply it to mess,around down here now you cant get it,with the space saver spare wheel this,one actually has what looks like a,subwoofer for that graded stereo system,here in the boot but that is detectable,if you need the space this one does have,a spare way like I say its got the tire,sealant goop which isnt great but it,makes us storage areas ran there if you,need that and look you can of course,lower the boot which is a bit more,capacity there youre probably best,believing it up like that if youre,wanting too low at the rear seat,problem is when you come to load those,receipts you have to walk round to the,back which is a bit annoying cousin,leavers right down at the seat base said,okok around did this just bear with me,to bear with me imagine dealing with a,bunch of restless children or shopping,and having to do this bit of a nightmare,thats one oversight bad I wish it had,leavers in the boot to lower those seat,backs but knock once youve load them,nice flat spacious spacious floor dead,easy to slide things right to the front,of the car now,I just put the seats back but its quite,handy got the suitcase here cuz it can,illustrate that the doors are relatively,wide and that does help when youre,doing stuff like messing around with a,child seat Im trying to get in so to,release the box ones gonna have to put,on the lever its actually locked down,in place which is quite good but its,neat so far for gonna come over here to,do it that seat just and lock that down,as well now here in the back to the door,its quite upright but thats because of,course look yes you know it they do,recline and they recline quite away put,this one down as well there we go,its nice and even then I can show you,just how much room there is back here so,plenty of headroom look more than the,depth of my hand,lots of knee room as well and I can,actually take advantage of that me,reform auntie by sliding the bench,forward so you could you know sacrifice,some knee room if you wanted a bit more,boot space not that you actually need it,foot wells are big as well so its very,very comfy you sit quite at 90 degrees,like youre sitting on a stool which is,good so it makes it just a bit more,comfy on longer journeys and like if you,need to carry three people in the back,at once yes there is this hump in the,floor but its not too wide its quite,narrow so lets learn the foot room and,even in the middle look Ive got a,decent amount of headroom yes you can,carry straight ups in the back of this,car for shorter distances and its,absolutely fine kids 3 no problem at all,kids will also like this look so the,window line isnt too high youve got,big glass area there another one here,and if I put the window down it goes all,the way look so you can lean your arm,out like so thats nice nice or so is,the fact that youve got your coat hook,there so it doesnt get in the way,sometimes theyre there look at the seam,second one here actually other little,useful features so you got some knits in,the seat back which they bit flimsy,actually but theyre large so you can,put my iPad pro in there this is just a,normal sized iPad here you have an arm,lesson oh that just feels expensive and,solid and I like the fact that the cup,holders are covered so when theyre not,in use its not annoying your arms gonna,rest on those cup holders look Ive even,whats making storage down here by the,seat so and you can fit lucky steer,bottle in there no problem at all show,you this as well look if I press this,you got 3-way folding seats so you can,actually have two people either side,were still decent about a room and,carry longer items such as skis or I,dont know whatever you want to carry,some furniture from like here whatever,you know look at that a 2-liter bottle,fitting in the back door bins she just,put this one lasting out look the eyes,fix covers are removable and theyre a,bit awkward to do and youre putting,lose those but thats my only complaint,really actually its quite easy to fit a,childs seat in the back of here for,more detail on this cost practicality,click on the pop-out banished of their,top anchor on the screen or follow the,link below the video to watch my,detailed practicality video so Ill show,you just how easy is to fit a childs,seat back here how much stuff you can,cram into this cos boot and what its,like with red dots in the back lets,move into the front Im going to take my,water bottle with me because if you,think the back door bins are bigger than,the ones in the front even larger it,isnt a good job in terms of,practicality here so heres a flask fits,in easy but theres room for that toilet,bowl and a flask which is incredible in,terms of the other storage well theres,bits Im pleased with and bits are not,so look so youve got some extra storage,down here plenty of space in that secret,cubby just down by the steering wheel,glove box is a reasonable size yep,thats fine and youve got a little dial,there so you can actually put the air,conditioning cold air into there if you,want to call some drinks now lets move,this out the way here under they almost,though its not the greatest space,theyre not much room then you have the,cup holders here and the way this thing,is that it looks like it should have a,cover over it for when you dont want,the cup holders its just a bit messy,and scrappy you know thought that I,would have thought about doing that just,for the aesthetics and migrates problem,with having cup holders there is that,some,if youve got a manual car they get in,the way at the gearshift if youve got a,tall drink in there a very very large,latte theres some of the storage bits,and pieces here another storage tray,down there which I suppose you can put,your mobile phone into if you wanted but,once again you can do with having a,slider over it to cover it up its handy,having a mobile phone there because then,youve got your USB normal USB input,there or a brand new USBC there which is,just far more modern and speaking of,modern its interior is very very,up-to-date its a really nice design I,like the way that youve got these slabs,the infotainment system looks great as,well the way its integrated into the -,its got this huge

2022 Audi Q3 review // Still our top pick?

weve got the Audi Q3 is it still our,favorite in this category big shout out,to Audi downtown Vancouver for letting,us borrow this car for the day we,appreciate it,Dynamic mode,[Music],right whats under the hood of this one,Andrew what hes looking like yeah,youll see in the video uh whats under,the hood of this one Andrea weve got,the more powerful,q345 it has a 2-liter turbocharged,four-cylinder engine with an eight-speed,automatic transmission,228 horsepower and 251 pound-feet of,torque theres the less powerful option,the q340 with 184 horsepower and 221,pound-feet of torque the Q3 comes,standard with all-wheel drive and the Q3,is rated to run on regular gas no need,for premium youll get about 664,kilometers or 413 miles per tank so this,video and one of the reasons why we love,the Q3 is its about value you get a lot,for your money and the fact that it runs,on regular gas oh yeah thats a big big,deal the others the competitors its,premium so the value story what do you,get with this what are the key standard,features the base trim comes with an 8.8,inch touchscreen a 10 and a quarter inch,digital driver display Apple carplay and,Android auto heated front seats a,powered driver seat and a manual,passenger seat leather seating surfaces,a heated steering wheel panoramic,sunroof a power tailgate 17 or 18 inch,wheels and a temporary spare tire so,weve got Drive select we were getting,here off-road Comfort Auto Dynamic and,what else can we put it in put it in ask,for subscribe and hit that notification,Bell youll be notified when all of our,reviews drop and then you can watch them,and we do this the couple car review,twice a week the first one drops on,Wednesday we put another one out on,Saturday so make sure you like subscribe,hit that Bell but also follow on,Instagram its motor mouth underscore,Andrea to get a sneak peek behind the,scenes for me its motor mouth,underscore Auto and the links are below,the like button this video is brought to,you by Canada drives shop online for,your next used vehicle and enjoy the,convenience of two-year door delivery,and the confidence of a seven day love,it or return it guarantee visit Canada,drives.ca to learn more so if youve,never been here before we have a segment,coming up later called The Hot Topic you,sent us a question on Instagram we,answer it and the one this time around,is all about this versus the Tiguan this,car comes with two engines one of them,is the base model Tiguan engine right,Andrew yeah and I think its a great,question a lot of people will wonder,about this and how it differs I think,that this handles so well its agile it,is a great City run around especially so,easy to maneuver in and out of traffic a,breeze to parallel park the only thing I,find Zach is that the steering is a,little bit light for me yeah I always,drive it in the dynamic setting as I got,to take it out of subscribe and put it,in Dynamic but that gets you a little,bit more of a weighted feel but still,lighter than my taste but you know what,they do this on purpose they do it to,appeal to a wide range of potential,buyers especially women Drive these,vehicles theyre popular so I think,thats why its done yeah and the,suspension isnt very firm on this and,its interesting because our friends,have just done some cross shopping with,vehicles and believe it or not they,didnt like the Porsche Macan that they,owned for three years because the,suspension was too stiff for them back,to the point what did they look at the,Q5 because it just appeals to the masses,when it comes to the lighter steering,and the softer suspension so we do have,that question coming up a little bit,later on the base engine is the Tiguan,derived engine the engine that were,driving is the GTI derived engine the,previous model of GTI I like more power,oh yeah way more fun so I really like,the looks of this it is sporty it has a,youthful vibe to it it comes with,available 17 to 20 inch wheels we have,got the base model why dont you ever,get the base model you never get we,usually get the fully loaded one so its,nice to actually drive in the car that,you know people are going to buy yeah,and this doesnt even have a package to,it so you can see with the exterior it,doesnt have the black exterior accents,and the black Grille its all Chrome,which I think is kind of refreshing I,like it with this black paint to have,that bright finish on the window,surrounds and the wheels I like it and,it comes with standard LED headlights,and tail lights this model because,because its the q345 it comes with the,advanced LED headlights but all of them,get the dynamic rear turn signals now,you can add a package to the Comfort,trim called the Vore sprung package,unfortunately what the chip shortage is,not available right now so what Audi,Canada did is they added the Canadian,edition package which has all of the,black exterior trim if you want it and,one thing in the voice run package that,you cant get right now is Audi side,assist what this one of the things is,like you are going to have to go,shopping for any brand and take what,theyre offering you because or order,something and wait for it because,theres just so many features that are,being moved in and out of the build as,these go down the line you can pick up,one of these thats equipped one way and,then maybe a couple of months later it,comes equipped differently so this is a,snapshot of what were driving right now,so now we turn our attention to the,inside we went through the key standard,features Andrea ran through that a,moment ago and this is the base model,and Id be happy with this it comes with,everything that you need you will be,comfortable with this youve got the 8.8,inch touchscreen and a 10 and a quarter,inch digital driver display now this is,a big deal because some Brands really,make you get a much more expensive,package to get a panel roof Im not a,big fan of pan or roofs but a lot of,people will like that yeah I do you know,how much I love a Pano roof one thing,that you dont get on the Comfort trim,is a power passenger seat youve got to,move up to the progressive trim or with,the premium Trim in the US you can add a,package to get the power passenger seat,but at least there is a ratchet system,like some Brands its just fixed and I,like the availability of moving it power,is better you can obviously pay to get,that but the fact that its adjustable,is key now one thing thats interesting,we drove this vehicle about two years,ago and thats why we decided to get it,back its been a couple of years one,feature it didnt have as an option was,memory seats for the driver that has now,been added and thats a big deal so you,get a car equipped with memory seats on,the panel roof and the nice screens,thats really all you need driver seat,memory is only available on the top Trim,in Canada and as an option in the US in,a package if youre looking for the,larger digital driver display 12.3,inches or the 10.1 inch touchscreen and,Wireless Apple carplay you can get that,on the top Technic trim but you can add,a package to the progressive trim to get,those features as well there is a Sonos,sound system that is available in the Q3,and only on the top trim Sonos thats,new I know because Ive never heard of,Sonos in my car we have it loaded in our,were big Sonos fans in the house but,Ive never heard about it in a car now I,can hear it in the car we dont have it,in this model,all right the size of this is it is a,you know subcompact crossover vehicle,heres me getting in the back seat you,know the great thing about Audi is if,you need more space they will sell you a,Q5 or a Q7 so you know go into this,knowing what youre getting its a,subcompact unit back seats comfortable,though the BMW X1 offers more second row,legroom and overall cargo capacity same,thing cargo isnt massive this is a,subcompact utility if you want more,space a Q5 might be better but overall,its competent we talked about it,already we do have our Hot Topic coming,up and more as we

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A budget luxury SUV? BMW X1 2023 review | Better than Audi Q3, Mercedes GLA & Volvo XC40?

this is a Mini Cooper what a lot of,people dont know is that the old BMW X1,was based on the current mini but no,longer introducing the new BMW X1,BMW says that almost everything about,the new X1 is different and better so,the question is is it good enough to,take on the big selling Volvo xc40,Mercedes-Benz GLA and Audi Q3 lets find,out,for now only two versions of the new X1,are launching but come early next year,the fully electric ix-1 will join the,range now that should be interesting,kicking things off is the X1 s drive 18i,from 53 990 before on-road costs or for,another twelve thousand dollars the,x-drive 20i from 65 990.,the 18i uses a 1.5 liter three-cylinder,turbo petrol engine to drive the front,wheels while the 20i scores a 2 liter,four-cylinder version with all-wheel,drive while both see price jumps over 10,percent compared to before theyre also,now shockingly well equipped for a BMW,along with the standard items like,automatic transmission satellite,navigation a reverse camera Apple,carplay Android auto wireless phone,charging and alloy wheels even the base,grade Now features keyless entry sport,seats a head-up display Dual Zone,climate control adaptive LED headlights,a power tailgate adaptive cruise control,automatic parking and a blind spot,monitor no longer is it necessary to,bypass the base grade for access to,equipment that others have long included,as standard making up for the price,rises in these latest X1 models,seriously this is progress for being W,especially when you consider the Brands,improved warranty more on that later,[Applause],[Music],the previous speed of connection is gone,with this all-new platform being longer,and wider than the last version plus the,bodys been completely redesigned and is,much larger than before lets dive into,some of those details right now starting,from the front the nose is bigger and,more upright as per every other new,release BMW SUV with a massive kidney,shaped grills dominating but somehow it,gets away with looking friendlier clean,taut surfacing helps cut drag for better,aerodynamics the wheelbase has been,stretched by 22 millimeters improving,the BMWs proportions and interior,packaging and the bigger and boxier rear,connects visually with the flagship IX,EV Progressive yet unexpectedly Pretty,In the Flesh the X1 should sell on looks,alone,its fair to say the new X1 is roomy,enough to have some people think twice,about spending more on its bigger X3 or,even X5 siblings case in point entry and,egress are aided by large doors body,hugging front seats provide great,location as well as long distance,comfort and theres a sense of space,thanks to the generous glass area,Slimline horizontal Dash presentation,reduced switch gear and lack of overall,bulk BMW also has practicality aspects,covered with ample ventilation plenty of,storage and even an upright wireless,phone charger cradle which makes,glancing at it safer and easier plus our,german-built SUVs interior features,quite a lot of interesting shapes and,textured finishes amping up the premium,Ambience while in most cases anyway,enhancing the user experience,stepping into the rear seat area theres,sufficient clearance for most Heads,Shoulders Knees and legs and most,amenities are present including,ventilation Outlets USB ports and cup,holders for a small SUV the BMW is quite,large inside so BMWs really work hard to,improve the details in this car things I,love about the new model include the,floating console,the excellent large multimedia screen,including the new operating system the,more natural and much more responsive,High BMW voice control system and the,sliding rear seat which is a worthwhile,option one of the areas where the X1,really shows up its predecessor is in,cargo capacity Rising by up to 50 liters,depending on options to a handy 540,liters best of all for families the x1s,boot is now within 10 liters of the,larger BMW X3 in fact its so big you,can now even fit a mini inside,[Music],if youre familiar with the previous X1,you might think that the petrol engines,are carryovers from before actually,theyre 90 new or improved according to,BMW for slightly more power and better,efficiencies compared to before for the,record the S Drive 18is 1.5 liter,three-cylinder turbo petrol unit pumps,out 115 kilowatts of power and 230,newton meters of torque it slashes more,than half a second off its predecessors,zero to 100 kilometer an hour spring,time the x-drive 20is 2-liter,four-cylinder turbo petrol engine,meanwhile delivers 150 kilowatts and 300,newton meters and needs 7.4 seconds to,reach 100 kilometers an hour both,engines employ a seven-speed dual clutch,transmission with a larger one including,paddle shifters to help with fast,throttle responses as well as cut fuel,consumption in the S Drive 18i drivers,sent to the front wheels only while the,x-drive 20i has an electronic all-wheel,drive system that engages the rear,wheels when greater traction is required,the old X1 was a little bit too many,like to drive it just didnt have the,BMW feel and uh Dynamic prowess that you,would expect from the brand but this,latest model this third generation car,does push that envelope out at last,thank goodness lets start with the S,drive 18i this one the three-cylinder,turbo really performs just like the four,cylinder one around town at low speed,because the way its been tuned it sets,off the line smartly it accelerates,quickly and it feels Punchy right,through like it doesnt feel like a,small engine in a heavy SUV so its only,when youre out in the open road and,youre going up hills or you need to,overtake that you realize that the three,cylinder is a wee bit small but for most,purposes and for most people it should,be fine,moving on to the X drive 20i with its,all-wheel drive system,that feels,significantly faster and stronger in,acceleration as you expect from the,four-cylinder turbo engine particularly,out on country roads it also is smoother,and quieter and that engine really is,one of the great four-cylinder engines,available today now being an X1 you know,its meant to appeal to the most,mainstream audience that BMW sells to so,its never going to be a racy or firm or,particularly challenging car to drive,and as a result the steering is quite,uh its quite light its quite soft its,very easy and for you know 99 of the,people that buy X once thats fine the,good thing is if youre willing to spend,a bit more and get one of the uh the M,sport pack options then you do get a,variable ratio steering so the handling,steps up with the Adaptive dampers that,comes with the m adaptive suspension,pack it also both rides better when,youve got it in regular mode and,handles better when you decide to really,step on it and put it in sport mode so,its really it just caters for a broader,range of consumers about the only thing,that is a black mark on this car is,theres quite a bit of road noise,intrusion that comes through,particularly on our course bitumen roads,but generally its as good as you could,expect from a front-wheel drive biased,BMW SUV and you know what,that two liter engine it just is a gem,so it pretty much is something for,everyone in this car,not even BMWs vaunted engineering,buffens can make a car thats,substantially larger and at least 70,kilograms heavier than before consume,less fuel which means the latest s Drive,18i uses slightly more petrol at 6.5,liters per 100 kilometers similarly,todays xDrive 20i all-wheel drive is,thirstier than its indirect front-wheel,drive predecessor weighing well over 100,kilograms more,it returns a still respectable 7.2,liters per 100 kilometers for something,with warm hatch performance note however,that all x1s have a taste for more,expensive 95 Ron premium unleaded,finally if youre hankering for a diesel,version Im afraid your Lux run out its,petrol electricity or nothing at all for,this generation of X1 anyway,Euro end cap has recently awarded the X1,a five-star crash test rating and a,similar result is expected from

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BMW X1 vs Mercedes GLA vs Audi Q3 2017 SUV review | Mat Watson Reviews

small premium SUVs they need to combine,the style Pacifica love a posh car brand,with a sort of toughness and,practicality that you just cant get,from a regular hatchback well which you,choose between the Mercedes GLA the Audi,q3 or the BMW x1 its a case of a star,versus some rings against a blue,propeller Im of course talking brand,logos to help you decide which of these,three is best for you Im gonna critique,their designs definitely got the X,Factor,its just that Im more of a Britains,Got Talent kind of guy inspect their,cabins,it doesnt lag behind the other two cars,see how practical they are premium as,well as practical hell yeah,and tests like to drive it will be a bit,like performing surgery in urban gloves,so lets start off with some numbers the,x1 range starts at just over 27,000,pounds the Audi q3 reigns kicks off,about a grand cheaper whereas the,Mercedes is a grand cheaper still with,its range starting from just over 25,000,pounds but really what might surprise,you pay now if you click up there to get,a car while co uk using a better offers,from dealers and buy a price youre,confident with and on average people,save 3600 pounds on your car a car Wow,even with compact SUVs like these youd,expect them to cope with looking about,plenty of kit and people so lets look,at practicality the Exxons boot is,absolutely massive also like the fact,that there is no load lips so I could,use it as a seat you also get some loads,actually of underfloor storage but my,favorite part is this look I dont have,to lean in to load the seats I can just,press the button in then they go yeah,Im so nonchalant the way that the BMW,shrugs away suitcases and boxes is,pretty casual too its got the biggest,boot of the three and plenty of space,when you fold the rear seats down so can,the Audi run it close so the keys where,is booth is smaller than that on the,other two cars but its still going to,be big enough for most people and Im,going to forgive it because under here,there is room for a space saver spare,wheel I also like the fact that its got,a retractable load cover like a proper,SUV premium as well as,go hell yeah sorry I got a bit,overexcited there anyway with all the,cities in place the key three has a,smallest boot here and it doesnt have a,12 volt socket like the other two now,that Ive calmed down a bit lets move,on to the GLA this car its actually a,pretty decent size so theres lots of,useful features in there as well as the,exact various places to store stuff,tethering points 12 volt socket I like,the fact likely actually well there we,go,essential for those Alpine holidays and,here youve got some storage as well,including which Id like to give you,these occasionally its the special,Mercedes collapsible,basket we can keep your kittens in there,yes the TNAs be tightening is slightly,bigger than the q3 and features a 12,volt socket curry hawks and storage neck,and that makes it more useful however it,has a smallest load space with all the,seats folded but which is the best for,keeping passengers in the back first up,is BMW this cars really comfy here in,the backseat I mean theres absolutely,loads of room and you can get in seats,that slide and also some finer limbs up,it recline you know what Ive no idea,why people need something like an x3 or,next 5 this is this is big enough lots,more its really impressive with three,people in the back the bench seat is,nice and wide and foot wells are massive,and thanks to the back doors which I put,almost to a right angle fitting a child,seat is a breeze to the door bins can,swallow several-week bottles and there,are loads of little cubbies dotted,around elsewhere next then its a turn,of the IBEW q3 the back seats of this,area easily up to family life I mean,Ive got enough knee and Headroom and,people over six will be fine as well and,keeps our liking because the windows are,quite large you do get a good view act,load the q3 up with three and the,narrower body means that shoulder room,is little tighter than in the x1 it,would have been nice about it offered a,center armrest as standard – and,installing a child seat is a little more,awkward because the rear doors are quite,narrow on the plus side though is the q3,is great for storage especially the,enormous front door bins the GLA does,pretty well for storage – and benefits,from a pair of huge couples in the front,but whats it like for passengers,theres definitely enough room faculty,in the back of the GLA the problem is,more the fact though it seems a little,bit dark buckets so youve got small,windows these big head,rest of which are integrating the think,theyll kind of block the light out so,were using an internal light to help,with this shot and look what happens,when we turn it off you commonly see me,nail Canyon,those seats bring on the problems too,theyre so bulky that it on any space of,feet if youre sat in the back the small,doors mean that its trickier to fit a,childs feet than in the bm2 blue but at,least the ISOFIX points a date easy to,locate overall then the Mercedes is the,worst here for carrying backseat,passengers with a BMW the clear winner,but does the x1 keep up the good work in,front I really like the interior of this,car it looks good it feels good and I,looking the qualitys a cut above the,other two and then its in the payment,system I mean if I said it once Ive,said it a million times,BMW does the best entertainment system,the iDrive is brilliant next ones I,Drive comes with a 6.5 inch screen as,standard but the navigation plus package,comes with a higher resolution,eight board eight inch display which,ever you go for the menus are clearly,laid out and its just a doddle to work,out so how does the Audi compare the,quality here inside the q3 is pretty,good its just the interior design I,started to feel a little bit on the old,side minahs this look in the different,screen its a pop-up version which I had,to do with my own hand and invitation,system itself well its got added older,MMI system if you try the new system in,the new a for your v matters a bit,slower yeah basically not as good and,thats the thing about the q3 it was a,great coming when it came out in 2012,but these days its not a patch on out,his best efforts all its rivals like the,BMW Mercedes gets one over on the q3 the,internalist GLA does feel the my sport,II a lot like youve got this leather,left on the – its red stitching and,these big circular air vents as well any,problem is is that the quality it,doesnt lag behind out of the other tube,card and then theres the entertainment,system so this is the mid-level warm,with a Garmin sat-nav and when you,compare that to the Google Earth you can,get with the Audi and the reviews,beautiful system just seems a little bit,on the cheap side and I dont think the,infotainment system here on the Mercedes,is quite as easy to use as those in the,BMW or the Audi anyway alright though,but alright isnt good enough against,the best at the end of,you and Andi has to offer at least the,sporty look continues on the outside I,really like to look at the GLA,especially the back end I think just,smart and sharp even these fake exhaust,tailpipes at Lisa have exhaust actually,coming out with them unlike those on,some other cars,if theres one criticism of the GLA its,that it isnt much taller than regular a,class that its based on so some people,might not think its a proper SUV that,isnt a problem though for the x1 and,Ive been introduced other X vehicles,the oldest one didnt look anything like,an SUV but this new one it really does,definitely up the X Factor its just,that I more of a Britains Got Talent,kind of guy the beams will be minor be,to everyones taste but at least it has,presence the q3 design is a little older,and Audi has already given it an ippon,tough to try to help it keep up as part,of a midlife facelift only gave the q3 a,new grille and some snazzy pulsating,indicators as another didnt change much,and so overall the design is a bit yeah,so 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Audi Q3 In-Depth Review | Is it the perfect SUV?

hello everyone and welcome to the audi q3 a plush  compact suv it aims to bring the expensive feel  ,and quality of audis larger models  into a smaller more affordable package  ,and yes while the good old fashioned audi a3  hatchback is still very much available many 21st  ,century car buyers prefer that elevated driving  position and suv credentials that the q3 brings  ,trouble is the original audi q3 that launched in  2011 was super successful and thus encouraged more  ,and more manufacturers into the market the upshot  is that this second gen model now has to battle  ,against the volvo xc40 bmw x1 range rover evoque  and lexus nx to name just a few as always im  ,going to give you my hand on heart honest opinion  on all aspects of the q3 and let you know whether  ,its worth your hard earned cash over the numerous  alternatives currently on the market im hope  ,ellen and this is another parkers cars review  before i get started dont forget to subscribe to  ,the channel and turn your notifications on so you  get a reminder every time we publish a new video,at the time of filming the audi q3 is  available with five different engines  ,including a 150 horsepower 2 liter turbo diesel  and a punchy 245 horsepower petrol plug-in hybrid  ,that were reviewing here if you fancy even  more power then theres also a 400 horsepower  ,rsq3 version thats quick enough to  trouble even the spiciest of sports cars  ,as a rule of thumb audi interiors are some of  the best in the business thanks to their logical  ,layout and impressive quality admittedly the q3  isnt up there with its finest cabins but its  ,still a strong effort in a sea of well-appointed  rivals first thing to talk about is the fact  ,theres no analog instruments at all in the  q3 whether this is good or bad is down to your  ,personal preference but in my opinion it does  give this car a nice high-tech feel eyes front  ,youve got a 10.25 inch virtual cockpit display as  standard with a larger 12.3 inch version available  ,on higher trims whichever size you opt for its  extremely useful and probably the best example  ,of a digital dashboard display its super clear  with tons of different screens all controlled  ,via buttons on the steering wheel in addition to  this the central infotainment touchscreen measures  ,up at 10.1 inches and delivers slick attractive  graphics and menu systems however the absence of a  ,rotary dial controller like you get in the bmw x1  does mean that its a little tricky to use on the  ,move credit must go to audi however for sticking  with these lovely intuitive climate control dials  ,they are so much better than the ones that are  integrated into the infotainment system quality  ,levels are pretty good in the q3 but you will have  to put up with some cheaper plastics lower down  ,the dashboard regardless of trim level otherwise  the layout is logical and attractively designed  ,plus i really like how theyve ever so slightly  tilted the center console towards the driver  ,storage space up front is decent thanks in part to  some very large door pockets a nice secret cubby  ,under the steering wheel and one forward of the  gear lever however what im not a fan of at all  ,is the fact that if you have a tall bottle in  this cup holder here every time you go into the  ,gear lever youre gonna knock into it thats  just annoying and even more pain in the bum  ,if youve got a manual transmission version  visibility looking forwards is sound and to  ,help with reversing you get standard fit rear  parking sensors on all models one thing im not  ,so keen on is the total lack of adjustable  lumbar support on all of the trim levels  ,it was available on boar sprung spec cars but now  they got rid of that its not available at all  ,speaking of trim levels the q3 is available in  technic sport s-line and edition 1 specs and  ,while the aforementioned adjustable lumbar support  is a bone of contention standard kit is otherwise  ,respectable if not spectacular all models get led  headlights hill descent control if you fancy a  ,spot of off-roading cruise control wireless  apple carplay and dual zone climate control  ,climb into the back of the q3 and youll note  doors that open reasonably wide and more very  ,large door pockets which is pretty rare in the  back of cars this size headroom and knee room is  ,very good plus youve got the ability to slide the  seats backwards and forwards to give you more boot  ,space you could even recline them also note that  theres three isofix points in this car two on the  ,outer rear seats and one on the front passenger  seat finally i would definitely recommend getting  ,the optional storage pack as its cheap but adds  things like storage nets on the back of the front  ,seats 12 volt socket in the boot and even a hidden  compartment under the drivers seat to those  ,sliding rear seats the q3s seats up boot capacity  ranges from between 530 and 675 liters while seats  ,down it achieves 1525 liters very healthy numbers  in comparison to rivals just be aware that if you  ,opt for the plug-in hybrid q3 like we have here  capacity drops to 380 and 1375 litres handily all  ,versions get an electronic tailgate making boot  access easier should you have your hands full  ,so the q3 looks very family  friendly it seems fairly easy to use  ,but weve got to do a quick usability  test to see really how effective it is  ,and were going to do that in hopes car olympics  now this is a very special test where i have  ,three requirements fold down the rear  seats so theyre flat tuning the radio  ,to absolute fm and set the sat nav to take me  to buckingham palace lets see how i get on,right first were gonna go in here uh is there a  thing at the top no so it must be this whoa i was  ,right correct should do the trick obviously  you can make the boots face bigger remember  ,were gonna go in here do the same thing pull  this little whip oh give it a patty pat pat  ,jump into the front seat oh its windy  out there today shut that door right  ,click onto this radio signal absolutely there  absolutely oh yeah some rock music right then  ,were going to go on to navigation this  is just so quick at responding search  ,but oh actually going to try this little squiggly  thing its a little bit slow though isnt it so  ,im going to finish typing that because we are  against the clock after all [ __ ] ham not han ham  ,palace there we go it even tells you the weather  in the parking which is insane and i love this  ,map and i think yeah im all set im gonna  be there by quarter to seven lovely stuff  ,so i feel like that went pretty well my  highlight was honestly this map because  ,i just love how it looks the satellite  view that youd see on like google maps  ,and its also on the virtual cockpit as  well which i like the chairs folding down,not sure about that um because obviously with  a lot of cars having it there you get used to  ,that so at first its quite confusing to  know where youre actually meant to go  ,and it doesnt fold them down completely you  have to then push so minus two points for that  ,but overall i quite enjoyed the situation  now lets take this bad boy on the road  ,as you know the q3 that im driving  here is the 45 tf-s-i-e version  ,otherwise known as the q3 plug-in hybrid and  its worth 46 000 pounds when it launched back  ,in 2021 it was audis first phev compact suv  and it offers a middle ground between petrol  ,and full electric combining a turbocharged  1.4 litre petrol with an electric motor and  ,13 kilowatt battery the 45 tfsie can deliver up  to 31 miles of all-electric range between charges  ,that means a claimed fuel economy figure of 176.6  miles per gallon but in reality the real world  ,figure is entirely dependent on how you drive the  car and how much and often you top the battery up  ,ive got to say i do like how one minute i can be  wafting along in near silence not using a drop of  ,fuel and then the next ill be getting power from  both m

2022 Audi Q3 // A Whole Lotta Style and Tech for $35,000! (2022 Changes)

whats going on youtube so audi makes a,crossover for pretty much everyone and,what im standing next to today is their,smallest and most affordable offering,the audi q3,this packs the style from the bigger,audis all at an attainable price tag,starting at just a little under thirty,five thousand dollars and for 2022 audi,is throwing in even a little bit more,standard equipment so with that said,lets go ahead and see if this is the,luxury subcompact you should buy,[Music],[Music],so from my view the audi q3 has always,been a bit more stylish than its bigger,brother the q5 and that carries on for,2022 especially when you choose the,options that we have on this one now,what im referring to is that we have,the black optic package so thats going,to take that traditional audi single,frame grille black out everything,including even the badging and these,elements down here on the lower fascia,just to give it that more sporty look,and then coming over here to your,headlights of course youre gonna have,standard full led headlights with the,newest design signatures like the,multi-part led turn signals,now next up weve got the wheels which,im a really big fan of these are,optional 20 inch alloy wheels,with a really nice and unique design you,have your silver spokes but you have it,kind of outlined in this dark trim,really love the way these look you do,also get standard 18 inch alloys and,available 19 inch alloys on the other,models but this is the top wheel option,you do have an s-line branding the,s-line exterior which is a little bit,more aggressive is standard on the,bigger engine and then taking a look up,here at our mirrors of course they are,going to be standard heated,you newly have standard blind spot,monitoring with rear cross traffic alert,for 2022 on all the models and then the,premium plus will throw in auto dimming,and power folding,so here at the side of the q3 obviously,you can tell this is a little bit,smaller than the q5 this is their,smallest crossover in the lineup and i,do want to point out if you go for the,black optic package that will black out,your window surrounds as well as your,roof rail,now as far as the rear is concerned,i really like the way this q3 is its,like a little bit more of a sporty vibe,than the q5 so has a little bit of q8 in,it but it also has a tasteful just,elegant audi look now since we have the,black optic package we have the black,audi badge as well as our q3 over here,and then as far as the tail lights are,concerned youre going to have standard,full led tail lights and youre even,going to have the really nice dynamic,turn signal then if we drop down here to,the bottom unfortunately theres going,to be no exposed exhaust outlets on any,q3 however if you get the s line,exterior appearance package thats going,to make this a little bit sportier down,here,now the audi q3 does a really good job,of throwing in a lot of your safety,system standard so youre going to have,three out of four of them standard,equipment which will be your ford,emergency braking your lane keeping,assist and your auto high beams that is,worth noting thats actually even more,safe systems than what you get on the q5,standard and then if you go for at least,the premium plus trim level that will,throw in their adaptive cruise control,with a traffic jam assistant,well guys as you can tell the outside of,this q3 is very very stylish now lets,go ahead and check out the usable,interior before we take it out in a spin,and before we do all that we would truly,appreciate it if you hit that subscribe,button down below like and comment,so walking up to the q3 you will find a,smart entry system standard on the,premium plus trim level or available on,the premium trim level via the,convenience package and it does continue,to have this older style audi key fob,with the switchblade key,but to get inside the vehicle itself all,you have to do is of course just reach,behind the handle it will unlock,and taking a look around the interior of,this q3 of course youre going to see,that modern audi design language carry,all throughout the cabin so as far as,your interior material and color options,just like with every audi product you,will have standard real leather on the,q3,thats going to come in your choice of,black okapi brown or pearl beige however,this model here has the black optic,package thats going to get you these,sport seats you see here,in your choice of black or this rotor,gray,now turning over here to your door trim,youre going to see the same colors and,materials reflected up here so we have a,leather,armrest with the rotor gray and the,stitching detail some leather above that,it is soft touch along the top as well,as far as our windows therell be one,touch auto up and down for all four,taking a look at the seats themselves,are gonna be eight wave power adjusting,with 4-way lumbar support,we do have a manual thigh extension,right here,like i was saying we do have real,leather seats these are the sport seats,so youll notice the bolsters are,actually quite thick well hold you in,place well the little alcantara inserts,there and the s branding,so as ive mentioned in past reviews i,continue to be very impressed by the,cabin materials because really this q3,is just as premium as the bigger q5 so,across your upper dash this is going to,be finished in a soft touch plastic with,a nice texture to it as we move down we,have a kind of shelf this is covered in,a textured aluminum and then on this,specific example we have a genuine wood,trim that runs on this side of the panel,going down more soft touch materials,as we come down to this lower dash this,part will be hard touch however,everything in here does fit together,with precision as we expect from an audi,product,now start up your push button start is,going to be located right there,[Music],now even though this is your most,affordable audi crossover they havent,skimped on the virtual cockpit situation,so you actually have a standard,10.25 inch digital gauge cluster on the,base model and the premium plus and then,we have the optional full 12.3 inch,virtual cockpit setup which as you can,see includes all the typical fun tricks,like the other audi products including,the full satellite google earth maps,now pulling back here to the steering,wheel its got the typical audi design,of course it has electric power assisted,steering nice leather wrapping and the,steering wheel itself is going to be,manual tilt and telescoping,and now well go ahead and take a look,at interior storage,this is another area where its actually,not much different than the q5 so lets,start out underneath our center console,we got a decently sized storage company,its a little small and a little shallow,but we do have a rubber lining at the,bottom of it,lets put it to the test though we got,all of our big extact coupons,so we can stick those in there looks,like theyre kind of going to be stuck,out the top a little bit but luckily,this is actually adjusting armrest so as,you can see you can actually keep them,from crushing it still,now up in front of that weve got our,two cup holders a little place to slide,your phone,youve got another nice storage cubby up,here in the front with a wireless phone,charging pad on the premium plus trim,level and you have a usb type c and a,usb type a connection,now pulling back here to our shifter,this is actually just a traditional,style shifter instead of an electronic,option,and you can push over here to the right,side if you want to shift manually and,we do have paddle shifters on the,steering wheel as well,heading into reverse you are going to,see a backup camera of course the,standard equipment but we have the 360,degree camera system which for 2022 is,now standard equipment on the premium,plus trim level so as you can see you do,have active trajectory 360 view you can,press this button right here to change,between some of the other view options,you dont have the 360 degree spin,option though like you do on some of

Audi Q3 Sportback SUV 2020 in-depth review | carwow Reviews

this is the new audi q3 sportback now,because its a sportback its got a,sportier back and its effectively like,a normal q3 thats wearing its cap,backwards cooler,yeah did you notice the mistake thats,its a bmw cup sorry,anyway,this car is actually a bit more,expensive than the normal q3 because,its cooler starts from 32 000 pounds,but you can save an average of 3,thousand pounds off one through car wow,now if you get a car wow you can use it,as a car comparison website basically so,you can compare deals financing leasing,check out all the different cars in our,reviews and if you click up there,you can actually download,a new app,exciting you can do all the same stuff,there and get a car valuation tool as,well and even scan number plates,to get information on any car that you,pass in the street so go to that,lets start this review by talking about,the q3 sportbacks design because thats,what this car is all about so its got a,more rakish rear end than the standard,q3,different bumper design as well and its,got a diffuser like you get on racing,cars,its fake it does bugger all,but i am glad there are no fake exhausts,looks like audis finally quit it with a,fake exhaust thank god for that you,really noticed the design changes in the,side profile there it does look good and,this section here with the haunches,it kind of reminds me a little bit of a,bentley bentayga which is actually the,bentley bentaygas best bit because the,rest of the car looks a bit,this though i kind of look at this its,pretty smart like in this color this,color is pretty blooming cool at the,front its very similar to the normal q3,this seems a bit shinier and the key,thing is this grille it is different,its got this interlocking thing going,on so the real hardcore geeky audi fans,will be able to spot it if its in their,rear-view mirror,its important,here in the front of the q3 sportback,its pretty much identical to the normal,q3 youve got a very modern looking,design i do quite like it and on this,particular car ive got alcantara on the,dash its nice and squidgy up on the top,of the dash as well and,the panels do feel solid its just that,some of the materials lower down really,are a bit cheaper than you would imagine,in an audi q3 however the design layout,is pretty intuitive youve got various,driving controls there youve got your,heater controls there and then your,infotainment system and that brings me,on to this cars equipment list the q3,sportback range kicks off with the sport,model and it gets a large central,infotainment screen with apple carplay,and android auto and inbuilt satellite,navigation you also get a full digital,drivers display and dual zone,climate control,led headlights and taillights and cool,scrolling indicators,theres also cruise control lane,departure warning and auto emergency,braking s-line versions add some styling,upgrades including,partial leather seats s-line sporty,steering wheel aluminium trim on the,dash and aluminium pedals,lovely theres also ambient lighting for,the interior you have six,very similar colors you see it lighting,up the quattro badge also does door,trims and stuff like that as well and,then theres the rear privacy glass so,you can get up to naughty stuff in the,back seats then theres a range-topping,vorsprong model which has a bang olufsen,stereo adaptive suspension which you can,make firmer or softer a glass roof while,its charging for your mobile phone and,a 360 degree surround view camera system,self parking capability,and,adaptive cruise control with lean,keeping,assist anyway lets continue this review,by talking about the infotainment system,so its actually pretty easy to use the,menus are nice and big its neatly laid,out youve got these shortcut buttons,down the side the only thing is that,being a touchscreen its not quite as,easy to use as the older audi systems,when you operated them by a swivel wheel,yeah its finally sat still but when,youre driving its just a bit more,tricky now more expensive audi models,have screens that vibrate when you press,them on your mobile phone just so you,know youve hit a button but this one,doesnt because its slightly lower down,the range the navigation system is all,right and its okay navigating around,jams and stuff and its pretty easy to,put in a postcode and it will root you,pretty well i personally would just plug,in my mobile phone and use waze or,google maps because the mapping is just,better then we move on to the digital,drivers display i like it nice and,clear very easy to operate and you can,basically control most of the cost,functions using this and you can change,the view of it to widescreen or to go to,bigger dials i do like it think its,good however,its not quite as good as the,infotainment system you get in the new,mercedes glb in fact dare i say it i,think the mercedes now has the best,infotainment system yes,even better than bmws idrive mainly,because it has android auto there i said,it anyway lets talk about the layout of,this car so there is some space under,there,theres a couple of cup holders here and,a little slot for your mobile phone if,you want there is a bit of a problem,though if you put like toilet items in,there it kind of gets in the way of the,gear selector more annoying if youve,got a manual not so bad with an,automatic another problem is this,its like then in the way and anyway,when youre sat in the car look youre,like,youre not quite on the armrest it,doesnt extend far enough forward,so its almost,a little bit,pointless then its too low like that,oh well,there is some more storage here and,door bins cant complain about them,theyre big looking fit two bottles in,there,the glove box,its not quite as big as it looks but,its all right and theres another,little storage area under here,as well,then in terms of connectivity youve got,usb there usbc there and a 12 volt,socket there if you need it in terms of,getting comfy behind the wheel usual,thing lots of adjustment in the steering,wheel and in the seat so i like the way,you can extend the seat bases like that,for more under thigh support,you can move them back a long way if,youre tall,and,look you can move them up obviously if,youre short but you can actually get,really low down in this car so its,supposed to be an suv but now it just,feels like a normal hatchback i am that,low in the seat thats kind of good if,you want that sort of thing but really,why would you whats the point of paying,extra for an suv to sit really really,low seems a bit stupid doesnt it anyway,lets go check out the back seats now we,come to the problem with the q3,sportback and its the fact that the,sloping roofline means theres not,really that much headroom now i am 179,centimeters so someone taller than that,is going to find their head touching the,roof knee room is the same as a normal,q3 which is okay you do have seats that,slide forwards but i dont know why,youre going to bother doing that to,just get less knee room okay so it does,give you a bit more boot space but ill,talk about the boot in a moment and you,can recline the seat backs,but,you know you can either have them dead,upright which is even worse for headroom,or just as reclined as in a normal car,so its not really great bucket its a,bit annoying if you want to carry three,people at once youd have to step over,this hump in the floor,but the footwells are big enough,the problem is that yet again that,sloping roofline means the people on the,two outer seats really have their heads,up against that sloping roof its just,not as practical,there are some things which are okay,though for instance dorbens decent size,fold this down,really nicely engineered cup holder and,fold this bit down you have some through,loading,if you need to carry a child c if youve,got one of those really big bulky,rear-facing seats youre gonna have to,move the front passenger seat forward a,bit but locating the seats into place is,easy on the ice fix anchor points,because theyre dead easy to get at,however beca

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