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Audi Q5 2021 review – better than a BMW X3 & Mercedes GLC?

this is the new audi q5 so whats new,about it,well in this video im going to tell you,because audi has made a mid-life,facelift to this car,its going to talk you through all the,upgrades and changes over the previous,version,and youll be able to find out whether,you think its a better buy than a bmw,x3 or a mercedes,glc obviously im going to take it for a,drive and as part of that im going to,test its real world economy,also because im at a track im going to,time it from 0 to 60 see how quick it is,because this is the turbo petrol engine,if ive got enough space,im even going to try and do a standing,quarter mile in it because thats really,important consumer testing,now the reason im doing it is because,im at watson and this is car wow,buying a new car then head to car wow,and my team will help you find your next,car at a fair price,car wow your one stop car buying,comparison site,lets kick off this video by talking,about the price so the new q5 range,kicks off,from around 43 000 pounds thankfully,though look at this you can save an,average of just over 4 000 pounds off a,new q5,through car wow so if you want to see,how much you can save for one of these,new cars right now ill put a little,link up there popping out in the top,right corner of the screen,click on that you go straight to kawaii,check it out alternatively if you want,to do that at a later date or after,this video you can simply google help me,car wow and then my team will help you,choose the right car for you,and get it for a fair price from one of,our trusted dealers lets talk about the,design changes,audi has made to the q5 now its always,been a stylish looking suv but they try,to,make it even more desirable by giving it,some new,tail light designs the led though on,four spring the top of the range car,you actually get oled tail lights like,on your mobile phone,theres also this big strip running,across the back of the car,on normal cars its silver but on four,sprung or this edition one,you get it in black theres also some,new,bumper designs as well here at the rear,im not so sure about this let me,i need to just snip into the woods to,get something to just check,[Music],okay right ive got my log of truth,yeah huge huge huge,huge yet fake exhaust i mean what on,earth,howdy its terrible,now ive got really dirty hands great,i feel dirty actually just looking at,those its just horrible,anyway right down the side pretty much,the same as before you do have some new,alloy wheel designs,they start at 18 inches these are 20,inches on this car,though they do go all the way up to 21,which you get as standard on the four,sprung,also theres some new side cells these,are in carbon,pretty sure these are an optional extra,but in the first edition you also get,the audi logo there the four,rings very sporty are same as before,down the side pretty much,at the front there are some changes,though youve got led headlights as,standard but from s line trim and above,you get matrix leds so theyll do that,thing with a blanket part of their beam,so they dont dazzle on coming drivers,and of course being an added they do,that clever little dance when you turn,them off and on,its really nice now the grill what,theyve done theyve actually widened it,i forgot my hands were all dirty anyway,they made it wider,but its a bit shallower it looks very,similar to the old grill once again,being the edition one and the volkswagen,had the black surround rather than,just a normal silver surround and the,rest of the bumper is slightly different,than before,yeah oh and theres some very very fake,vents at the front here as well,so youve got fakery at the front as,well as at the back,bravo audi lets check out the inside,see whats new in here,so the biggest change here in the q5s,cabin is this,the new infotainment system so youve,got this large touchscreen,on top of the dash standard on every,single model,and youve got audis latest operating,system,fairly easy to use satellite navigation,bluetooth all that kind of stuff but,youre not going to use those youre,just going to plug your phone and use,apple carplay,or android auto thats what i do you,also get the digital drivers display as,standard now on the q5,love this system its really clear easy,to use you can just cycle through,different menus get lots of different,information,and you can change the view of it as,well to go full wide screen on your,satellite navigation,lovely jubbly another change are some,different,fabrics for the seats so this being the,edition one,gets quilted leather you also get on the,range topping four spring model,lower down with the s line you get,alcantara and leather,then you get two types of leather on the,entry level sport model,seats themselves very comfy driving,position brilliant as well really like,it,youre gonna find it easy to get an,ideal driving position as well look at,this,oh yeah this car got here has an,electronic,steering column which is actually slower,to operate,than than the manual one but,it does feel premium and the rest of the,cabin feels premium so build quality,is very good in here everything feels,solid most materials are very very nice,i do like it quite a lot there is one,thing thats a bit odd though,in the old car you used to have a swivel,wheel to control the infotainment system,which admittedly is a bit easier to use,when youre driving them prodding away,at a screen,but because theyve removed it theyve,now replaced,that with a very pointless,cubby hole theres also another,pointless cubby hole here and its the,usb,charging point the 12 volt socket,because i dont know what youre going,to put in there,theres no way youre going to fit a,modern mobile phone in there because,its way too small,theres another weird slap there which,doesnt fit anything in particular,cant criticize this though look at this,right so the cover for the cupholders,has a wireless charging on it so you can,put your phone there,slide it away and its still charging i,think thats brilliant,unfortunately wallace charging is only,standard on the range topping four,spring model,thanks adi now the cup holders there,wont fit my very big bottle but they,will fit,a normal size bottle or flask underneath,here if i slide that out of the way,youve got another usb,port there and you got some place to,store some bits and pieces,the glove box average,its lined with felt its nice i dont,know why they do this still,i think these are little holders for,coins,then door bins good size they will,fit this big bottle look no problem at,all nice practical cabin and the layout,of everythings really simple as well i,like the fact that youve got normal,climate control buttons here,and dolls and knobs and stuff like its,just easy to use when youre driving,and you have your temperature displayed,within those dials very nice,very very nice lets go to the back and,check that out,so there is no change really here at all,apart from no not even that i was,thinking that theyre going to switch,the usbs to usbc so we all modern about,it but theyre not theyre just normal,ones there but youve got two,and 12 volt socket plus net its netted,give me a moment come on,car reviewing in dignity with matt,watson,yeah big door pins in the back here,it is very practical in the back just,like in the front and lots of knee room,headrooms good as well even though this,car is fitted with the glass roof which,is optional,and that does ease into headspace but it,doesnt really matter because this car,is so tall anyhow,look at this as well you can picture to,have,slidy seats if you want here in the back,they all do recline though,if you need them too so very good for,carrying passengers in the back if you,need to carry three people at once you,can do,that this middle seat is a bit narrow,and theres this huge lump,in the floor which you have to straddle,ah,and really i do think that mercedes glc,is slightly better for carrying three,people,in the back at once now if you want to,find out more about the mercedes glc,a

Audi Q5 SUV 2020 in-depth review | carwow Reviews

there is a new Audi q5 and if you only,want the heck Im starting this review,in this rather bizarre white its,because Im trying to make a point now,the point isnt that Im a huge diva and,comic border to walk the point is that,this car is an average adult male,lighter than its predecessor in fact,its improved in so many ways,but youve got to play for like you see,this car starts from 36,000 pounds,theres a click up there to get a car,like a dot uk you can compare offers,dealers and black price your confidence,in now for me the biggest improvement on,this car is actually on the inside now,the first thing that grabs you is the,tech that Audi has chucked at this car,so Ive got a huge entertainment display,here the graphics chip on it is super,fast as well you can connect the,internet you can have Google Maps and,its all very very slick this ones also,got the virtual cockpit so digital,drivers display I can cycle through,different screens have a Navi there as,well also the size of the dot its all,absolutely lovely but out of being Audi,you have to pay for it,so as standard the car actually comes,with a smaller screen with a slightly,slower processor and the entry-level EFI,court doesnt have satellite navigation,as standard though its not the end of,the world because you didnt get apple,carplay and android auto so you can use,the maps from your phone but really at,this price point its a bit mean isnt,it and if you can upgrade to the screen,its over up ground and if you want this,virtual display then you have to pay an,extra two hundred or so pounds on top of,that now if you click up there you can,actually our detailed entertainment,video review and have a good look around,this card cabin whilst summarize now,this design is really effortless its,bit simple easy to use and it all feels,very very well-made apart from one bit,of plastic Ive found here thats maybe,a little bit on the cheap side so yeah,dont go doing that or touching it and,you wont mind in terms of practicality,yeah this costs pretty good a decent,house glovebox got some good storage,under here two USB inputs for your,driver and your passengers mobile so and,the door bins they can hold a big bottle,and its the same story actually in the,backseat see even rear passengers they,have large door bins now,let me show you the space you got back,here so neriums really good plenty of,headroom,one slight problem is that this kite,isnt great for countering the back,because this middle chair is a bit,smaller than the outer two and youve,got this huge lump in the floor so yeah,a bit firm this seat and well you have,got enough room in the foot well,thankfully and her drink isnt bad in,the middle but you know it could be a,little bit better you do have the option,of folding down piece of dramas and with,some cup holders in there and if you pay,an extra three hundred and so pounds you,cant get feature which slide and,recline as well depending on whether you,want a bit more passenger space or boot,space depends on you doesnt it now in,terms of boot space the capacity is on a,par with its German rivals when you got,the seat in a normal configuration you,also stand to get a automated tailgate,you may like that or you may not depends,on your point of view so the boot itself,is a nice square shape but its not odd,percent perfect for instance there is a,little Ridge to lift stuff over its not,too bad but other cars like this you can,slide up and straight out there is no,lip also I cant for the life of me find,a 12 volt socket in here and standard,there are very tethering points here and,here under this floor yes theres not,much room for anything else weve got,all the goodies for the puncture repair,kit now like I said earlier this one has,the upgraded rear seat and as well as,being on the move forwards and backwards,actual when you move them forward you,increase the boot capacity by around a,fifth you can fold them down,individually so look you can fall down,the middle one on the stomach all you,cant do that,and you can fold the others using these,levers the only problem is as you can,see they dont actually fold down very,well on their own accord so you have to,go and do it yourself and once youve,moved them down youve kind of got a,almost continuous load space there so,its run its a little bit of a faff you,know you dont expect that from an OD do,you if you want more detail on this cos,practicality you can click up there to,watch more detailed practicality video,so much stuff you can fit in this cos,booth how easy it is a bit of child feed,and exactly what its like with three,adults in the back so far then the Audi,c5,is pretty impressive how does it feel,its the road now the first question you,might have is a CSS UV in the sports,utility vehicle exciting and then sir,that is no appeared to be x5 is more fun,to drive however the other question,youll probably have is is it a good car,to drive and the answer that is without,doubt yes so this thing steers well,enough,you guys arent corn as well theres,loads of grit all models come with,Quattro all-wheel drive and yet you know,does all that it needs to its,comfortable as well so I do have a word,of warning you see this particular model,is the F light its got lowered,different suspension and it perhaps,rides a little bit too firmly but if you,ask your dealer to go with the normal,suspension yeah he goes in with very,very well,however for around a thousand pounds you,can get the optional adaptive dampers,and then its even more comfortable you,know what better than that around 2,000,pounds more you can actually get this,car with air suspension and then it just,glides up the road like a luxury,limousine now you can also alter the,height of the car with that if you want,to which is ideal if you want to go,off-roading them to be safe you into,off-roading Land Rover Discovery sport,is better but lets build it how many,people take these kind of cars off-road,hardly any terms of engines you can get,a v6 turbo petrol yes q5 and thatll do,naught to 60 in around five seconds if,you want pace but with better economy,dont forget a v6 diesel now most people,go for a 4-cylinder engine and if youve,been put off diesels of late then the,2-liter TFSI to perpetual is pretty good,however if you can forgive out of diesel,gate then the two ladies in this car is,actually its the best event because,its pretty much just as quick and more,economical now all our DQ fives come,with an automatic gearbox and standard,and the interesting thing is you own,this car it it has been cleaned a little,to control function but you ever going,to use it but so long as youve got the,car in its dynamic mode youve got the,stability control in sport mode the,gearboxes in sports I dont have to lose,pull up put your left foot on the brake,for the floor itll hold the revs and,release the brake and,egg doughs and apparently this call do,nought to sixty miles an hour in seven,point nine seconds so that will of,course affect your economy this,particular car place of these 55 miles,per car now Im getting 39 Im a little,bit disappointed in there other things,right its called the disappoint me,visibility actually its pretty good but,if you click it they can see for,yourself like joining me for 360 degree,package arrived video from an else then,maybe the fact that you do notice a tire,wall a bit but I dont think thats,because this car has particularly bad,road noise what is better than its,rivals its just that your is seem to,pick it up because theres absolutely no,wind noise at all,thats probably due to fact youve got,this acoustic windscreen which Demi most,of the sound I like to store something,if you pay so for the piloted assist the,car can effectively drive itself just,that you cant take your hands off the,wheel for too long otherwise the system,disengages which is a bit of a shame,because otherwise you could use the car,pretty much as a chauffeur just jump,into the back both of it theyre only,making disengage for le

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2021 Audi Q5 Review // Best all-around Luxury SUV

weve got the audi q5 it has a,fresh facelift and weve been waiting to,get our hands on this,thanks a lot to audi downtown vancouver,for letting us,borrow this car for a couple of days,andreas excited,lets go for a drive now were in the,audi q5 and andrea we should come clean,and say we had an audi,a7 for four years and we absolutely,loved it and we had no issues with it no,no issues at all and that was a hard one,to,give up for sure we wish that we could,have kept,our new car and that one but not,possible so we like audis well just put,that out first andrea whats under the,hood of this q5,a two liter turbocharged four-cylinder,engine with a seven-speed automatic,transmission,261 horsepower and 273 pound-feet of,torque,so we have a lot of stuff to cover in,this review we have the fuel economy the,price,the competition questions coffee and,cars are a hot topic,theres a whole bunch of stuff so dont,go anywhere but right now lets get into,our key standard features,the audi q5 comes standard with a 10.1,inch touchscreen,7-inch colored driver display apple,carplay and,android auto a 10 speaker audi sound,system,heated front seats leather seating,surfaces with stitching,leather steering wheel with paddle,shifters led headlights and tail lights,power tailgate and 18 inch wheels,this drive select here you can change,settings on the car what do we have to,put it in,we got to put it in ask for subscribe,and if you can hit the notification,bell it really supports the channel then,youll be notified when the videos drop,and then you can watch them also hit the,thumbs up thats a big deal as well,now you want to follow andrew on,instagram its motor mouth underscore,andrea you get a sneak peek of the cars,were going to be driving,when theyre going to drop all of that,kind of stuff plus you can get your,questions,in for the show its motor mouth,underscore andrea and for me,its motormouth underscore auto and the,links are below,this video is brought to you by carcass,canada get the dealers cost list of,rebates plus discounted interest rates,use the promo code motormouth to become,an expert member and get extra searches,the link is in the description below so,the one that were testing is the,progressive trim,and it has the s-line black package on,it,so when you take a look at the exterior,youve got the black grille youve got,black accents throughout and it comes,with 20 inch wheels,i think also you get upgraded seats,right with the s line,yeah you get upgraded seats and you also,get this black,inlay and the black center console,thats all part of that package and that,package is just over twenty three,hundred dollars,i think theres actually not bad value,in that and thats one of the things i,want to talk about when we get into,the pricing and everything a little bit,later i think audi is better with their,pricing than bmw and mercedes where they,have all of these multitudes of,packages audi kind of streamlines it a,little bit better so the base model,comfort trim comes,as you heard plenty of standard features,but i would recommend getting the,convenience package which is just over,fifteen hundred dollars thats where you,get,the drivers seat memory the side power,folding mirrors,you get front and rear parking sensors,and the power tailgate at the back once,youve had a power tailgate,youre always going to want one hard to,go back in this progressive trim you get,the panoramic sunroof,you get the power liftgate 19 inch,wheels now because we have this package,as i said,weve been upgraded to the 20 inch,wheels which i think looks really sharp,if i could afford it,i would definitely add this package to,my progressive trim,so when i was picking this up at audi,downtown vancouver thanks again,i said whats the difference between,this fully loaded progressive and then,going up to the top trim the technic,and he said it really comes down to the,bang olufsen stereo yeah you get a 19,speaker stereo system,for some people thats important im not,really fussed about it myself,when it comes to comfort level in the,interior i think the seats are quite,comfortable theyre not as,firm as the x3 this has a really nice,perforated steering wheel it feels,really natural to the touch,its very simple and clean and honestly,i think it will stand the test of time,i call the audi q5 the best all-rounder,it does,everything really well does it excel in,one particular category is the interior,the best in this class,maybe its the mercedes-benz is the,handling the best in this class,that might be the uh the x3 from bmw but,this does everything really well it,drives well its smooth its comfortable,it has that luxury feel and nice,amenities,and its a good size the one thing i,find with this i dont know what theyve,done but the doors are kind of bowed,like this,it feels bigger than this class i dont,know why,there is a little bit more legroom and,rear legroom in this model compared to,the x3,but the x3 offers more cargo space but,theyre very equivalent,yeah i think this is like i said the,best all-rounder in my opinion i think,theyve done a good job now on the,inside they made a big change there used,to be an mmi controller here that was,the wheel with the switches and you,could control the head unit,thats gone you know why everybodys,using android and apple yeah,so they needed touch sensitive,capabilities i wish however,that they could have you know they put,the nice big screen in there what size,is that,10.1 inches all right so thats good,theyve upgraded that screen its,standard on all trims but they got rid,of the wheel,so i like to be able to touch it for,android and apple but i like to be able,to change the radio station and stuff,with the wheel like bmw has both,im not fussed about that im just happy,that i have,a touch screen the fact that it doesnt,have the center console dial is a-okay,with me this comes with a 7-inch,driver display but you can upgrade on,the progressive,trim to this 12.3 inch which i think is,really quite beautiful,i also really like this center console,and how its laid out it has a little,bit of storage,uh compartments here you could throw,some money in there it holds yourself,wheres the money show me the money,uh throw a quarter in there zach for you,to call all my friend,so um i really like that about that i,think its well designed,all right thats not enough for a cup of,coffee but lets stop anyway,time now for questions coffee and cars,your questions from instagram i have a,bit of the giggles because weve had,quite the day with some technical issues,some we were just laughing about it and,zach said we should have just stayed,home and drank wine all day,but the cars got to go back on we go,and we havent been drinking no,oh no no no no you have driven a porsche,macan and now the q5 theyre built on,the same platform with porsche doing,their own tweaks how different,a drive do they have and which do you,prefer,well can i start okay,so the macon is definitely more dynamic,this is super comfortable its a good,daily driver the only thing is you know,with the macon,its the price point so i can get this,fully loaded for,less than the macon and i could also,make the stretch and get the sq5,thats what you should get um for about,six thousand dollars more,so im going with this audi if you think,that the porsche,and the audi are exactly the same,underneath youre mistaken,they took the audi q5 platform and,heavily modified it,porsche actually said after the fact it,would have been easier for them to just,build an all-new platform,than to modify this one so heavily,because thats what thats exactly what,they did,sure what do you think of the driving,dynamics i drove an sq5 a couple of,years ago but it felt a bit,stiff in the back seat space not too,forgiving either,well this is the regular q5 and it,doesnt have the same suspension you,notice the difference you got the,smaller wheels,and the smaller wheel you get so dont,get the 20 inch wheels get the 19 inch,wheels,its going to feel much mor

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2021 Audi Q5 55 e Quattro Reviewed + Off-Road and Snow

we test the new 2021 audi q5,phev on land and uh c,to see if its finally time to consider,a plug-in vehicle,thats coming up right now on driving,sports tv,for 2021 audi has refreshed its most,popular crossover with more aggressive,styling,on the entry level you have the q545,tfsi with,a turbo 4 putting out 261 horsepower,that starts at 43 300,on the high end you have the sporty sq5,with a turbo 6 good for 349 horsepower,that starts at 52 900.,right in the middle you have this the,2021,audi q5 phev it is,squarely positioned between the q5 and,the sq5,thats because this has more horsepower,than the base q5 it also gets better,economy,so is this really the goldilocks choice,in the audi q5 lineup,lets take a look the model were,testing today is a q5,55 tfsi e-quattro,with several upgrades it includes a,premium plus package,navigation upgrades bang olufsen sound,20 inch wheels and some other bits,prices you see it here 60 740 us dollars,including delivery this is a premium of,8,600 over a standard q5 but keep in mind,on top of all the extras you get with,the plug-in electric,this also has a 14.1 kilowatt hour,battery,that means it qualifies for federal tax,credits of up to six thousand seven,hundred and twelve dollars,that brings your actual price to within,spitting distance of a standard q5,with the phev you get a powertrain with,a combined output of 362 horsepower,and 369 pound-feet of torque thats a,hundred more horses than the standard q5,its even more horsepower than an sq5,this comes from a turbocharged 2-liter,combined with an electric,motor which is sandwiched between the,engine and a 7-speed dual-clutch,transmission,using quattro all-wheel drive power is,pushed to the back with a drive shaft,that means all-wheel drive power is,available both in gas,and electric modes well show you how,this works later in the video,epa rates this setup at a combined 27,miles to the gallon if running gas only,combined with electric its good for up,to 50 mpges,it also has a 19 mile range of all,electric motoring,if you really want to tow with this it,does have a tow capacity of 2 000 pounds,in the back you can open the gate with a,wave of your foot with all the seats in,place youre looking at 25.8 cubic feet,fold them down with easy pull levers for,53.5 cubic feet,our test car also included a charging,cable which is stored in a bag,other amenities back here include led,lighting and 12 volt power,with the seats back in the upright,position lets move to the second row,oh this is really nice big airy sunroof,i have room for my knees even though,this seat is in the position where i,would want it im six foot one,this is where i would be sitting and,back here lots of leg room,here i have a fold-down armrest with,integrated cup holders of course its,german so theyre terribly complicated i,get my own,climate controls and then i also have,two usb sockets and a 12-volt,now interesting here is that they,decided to go with the old style usb not,the new usbc,its not bad and i love this sunroof it,is so bright and airy back here,quite nice,this looks like every other audi,interior for the last several years,but they have done some updates that i,think a new buyer would appreciate,first off gorgeous high resolution,virtual cockpit the last version of this,vehicle,had a virtual cockpit as an option but,it was still kind of low res,this one just looks amazing now virtual,cockpit isnt on every single q5 you buy,if you buy the,entry level model you do get analog,gauges some people still prefer analog,and so its nice to have,options however the phev comes,exclusively,with the virtual cockpit now we also,have just this really nice,wood inlay here we also have lots of,metal,this plastic right here im just not,feeling that it looks its hard,it looks like fake leather material not,doing it for me,luckily theres a lot of really nice,metallic switch gear,right inside of it and it feels good to,the hand it feels like these are,quality buttons that are going to last a,while i also really like those displays,on there,the seats have lots of adjustments i,even get lumbar support,and lower back adjustments um they are,leather believe it or not this is,actually leather but its a little on,the rough side not exactly what i would,consider a premium leather,like what we have on the steering wheel,this this feels nice,and of course this is what your hands,will actually be touching all the time,as will down here so i guess you could,say this this is,probably designed for longer wear this,is designed to feel,good sunroof is a panorama,and it is huge i guess youd call that a,moon roof or a star roof or something,but,anyway there it is they did tack the,display on there,but it is a gorgeous display and that is,standard across the board now,plus it has three stages of heating no,cooling even at this price level,the transmission is a seven speed proper,sportronic transmission its not a cvt,i can control it by pulling i can then,shift,manually or i can use the included,paddle shifters,to say these paddle shifters are very,small and not,very appealing theyre like little push,buttons almost i think id rather do it,down here it is surrounded by a lot of,piano black which will scratch easy so,im not terribly fond of that around the,bin here,although it is nice that they give me a,nice big bin here just to throw stuff in,now we do have a charging pad and i love,how they integrated the charging pad,you can actually access your beverage,holder and it just slides the phone out,of the way,right now that phone is charging and of,course yeah this also has,wireless carplay the first time you plug,it in you can use a cable,like you know old school and you plug it,into the usb up here the moment you plug,it in,it will say hey do you want to use,wireless carplay i just said,yeah and boom wireless carplay its,awesome best setup ever it works its,smooth,the screen is gorgeous this is one of,the best looking screens ive seen in a,car in a while,and its bright the colors are nice its,quick,even with wireless mode of course here,we can also,play with the radio we have xm satellite,radio and its,really quick to switch through all the,channels and then theres navigation now,navigation,you can either use touch screen so lets,go ahead and do a search,and well search for cafe laudro,l-a-d-r-o very quick now if i wanted to,i could also,write that lets do the last d,d r,o now lets use voice command,please say a search term find the,nearest cafe laudro,please wait one moment while i find,destinations for you,i felt i was pretty clear about that,lets try that again,please say a search term cafe laudro,okay so clearly the voice commands need,some work but you can always type in a,destination or,just use apple carplay we have several,drive selects on here including off-road,which will,actually reduce the traction control,system so you get a little more wheel,spin which is good for sticky situations,we also have comfort auto dynamic and,individual,adaptive suspension is available on the,q5,however with the phev you have to option,the sport pack,this vehicle does not have that in,addition to the presets you can also set,up an individual,personalized driving mode and here,really all i have is balanced or sport,for power output and steering,set your ev preference with a push of,another button,when you hit it you get the option,between electric driving only where you,can use that 20 mile range,i can also do auto hybrid where itll,use both or i can do battery hold where,it will,maintain the charge of the battery and,that way so like if im going to go,off-roading like im going to do a,little bit later if i want to try,eat electric only off-roading i can just,hold that charge so i dont use it up on,the way up to the mountains,in terms of advanced safety features,this has a lot of stuff going for it it,has pedestrian detection,as well as collision mitigation up there,it also has blind spot warning and i,love the blind spot warning,indicators on t

2021 Audi Q5 | Review & Road Test

ah,the audi q5 we at kelly blue book love,this luxury compact,suv so much that weve named it at best,buy more than one year in a row,so whats new for this kid im glad you,asked,[Music],first and foremost for this mid-cycle,refresh okay sure throw in the graphic,the main change comes in the power,department,so this q5 gets more horsepower in its,base model,2-liter turbocharged four-cylinder,engine and it also gets a 12-volt,mile hybrid motor both of those things,make it,quicker and more efficient,it gets 13 more horses to be exact,thats a nice little bump,the higher powered 55 tfsi engine comes,as a phev,wow thats a lot of four-letter acronyms,and that gets a total of 362 horsepower,all q5s get a 7-speed automatic,transmission and quattro four-wheel,drive,while the q5 doesnt drive all that,differently,dynamically speaking the extra,horsepower definitely gives you a boost,you really feel it at tip in,and it makes you more nimble and easily,maneuverable,the q5 still rides really comfortably,and provides the driver,excellent stability and balance i like,the steering and the brake feel,on the q5 really rounding out a very,solid driving package the suspension,feels great even if you dont opt for,the expensive optional adaptive,suspension,of course this wouldnt be a luxury suv,without a performance version,and the sq5 fills that space nicely with,its 3-liter turbocharged v6,0-60 in 4.7 seconds uh yeah i will,totally go to costco for you,for the other changes the face gets a,lift the grill gets thinner and wider,the intakes uh fake intakes,are taller and trapezoidal the,taillights are now connected by a,horizontal trim piece,add in the diffuser and the effect is a,wider more planted appearance,who isnt in for some stamps the,standard q5 gets 18-inch wheels while,the plug-in gets 19s,want 20s either upgrade yourself or get,the sq5 for those,so i will always crow about audis,interior i love their design,aesthetic to me its neither pretentious,nor flashy but its still,upscale and really elegant even on the,base model which is the premium trim,level,you get lots of excellent standard,features including apple carplay and,android auto,tri-zone climate controls a leather,interior and a 10.1 inch touchscreen,not bad for the around 44 large youll,pay for it,fork out more doubloons for the premium,plus or prestige and get more goods like,virtual cockpit plus,and a panoramic sunroof as well as,additional driver assistance features,such as adaptive cruise control,and lane keeping assist the cabin is,still,super comfortable and luxurious you know,they always pick materials that i think,are top-notch,this wood is beautiful and micas little,sensitive elbows would absolutely,love this so you always know when youre,sitting in an,audi that your money has been well spent,like look,this detail pretty cool you can keep,your drinks cold,or hot thats amazing,fuel economy numbers wont decimate the,rest of your bank account,that phev version gets 20 miles of pure,electric range,so just a quick note on the phev audi,has a system called predictive,efficiency assist which works with their,nav system,and will tell you how much range you,have,left until the nearest charging station,which i think is,really helpful for that range but also,extremely helpful,for their all-electric e-tron for our,money the sweet spot here is with the,base engine model in the premium plus,package,you get enough extras for right around,51 000,the plug-in hybrid starts around 52,grand but is eligible for a federal tax,credit,that performance sq5 starts closer to 53,000 so we are still singing the praises,of the audi q5,but will it win another best buy award,i guess youre gonna have to stay tuned,and find out also go subscribe to our,youtube channel,[Music],you

The only Mercedes youll ever need!

this is the new Mercedes GLC and its a,little bit like the Apple watch you see,both of us introduced back in 2015 and,now for 2022 theyve had major updates,theyre all new so weve got the new GLC,and weve got the new Apple watch eight,wait a minute I think this is the Apple,watch 7.,while in rubbish,this is all new though and in this video,Im going to talk you around the,exterior the interior Im going to try,out some of its technology see how,practical it is take it for a drive and,of course Im going to launch it to see,how quick it is from naught to 60 miles,an hour because Im at Watson and youre,watching Carl wow Buy sell car wow,the new GLC takes on some of the design,cues from the C-Class its based on the,C-Class but its the SUV version isnt,it so youve got Sleek tail lights this,looks like its a full length light bar,but its not its just a piece of trim,bit of a shade because I do like the,overall design of the rear until we get,to this bit lower down here and thats,the reason why Ive got the car wash,sticker truth because Mercedes are still,at it the buggers look,completely fake exhaust I lost a bit of,stick there but it didnt go in the hole,it just dropped out because there is no,hole because actually,the exhaust is underneath you can see it,another thing thats fake these vents,here these non-vents sorry its a bit of,a shame because the overall design is,really really nice quite sleek and,sporty looking for an SUV real sizes,start at 19s these are the 20s and,youve got three trim levels theres AMG,line AMG line premium and then theres,AMG line Premium Plus but really they,look pretty much the same from the,outside apart from the wheels they all,get these satin roof bars satin window,surrounds an SUV running boards as well,moving to the front takes on the design,yet again at the new C-Class but,obviously jacked up so youve got a,bigger Grill than before the lights are,more integrated into the Grille compared,to the old GLC huge Mercedes badge there,and another one on the body just to,confirm that it is indeed a Mercedes and,you get the mg line body kit so these,sporty bits in Europe they actually get,an avant-garde trim which is a little,bit more normal looking but in the UK we,like our sporty looking Motors some,vents there which actually do serve a,purpose smooth airflow down the side of,the car yes its smart locking and it,looks expensive because it is expensive,this car starts from 52 000 pounds which,is the highest starting price than its,key competitors for a BMW Porsche and,Audi now if you want to check out the,latest offers on all the latest cars,make sure youre paying a fair price,click on the pop-out barrel for the link,in the description below to go to car,wow now if you want to do that a later,date just simply Google help me call wow,and my team and I will help you choose,the right car for you and get it for a,fair price from one of our trusted,dealers here on the inside the GLC is,just as stylish really like the interior,great design its similar to the C-Class,as well this being the range shopping,version has this fake wood effect on the,dash otherwise the dash is like this,sort of like Magic Eye pattern which can,give you a bit of a migraine but overall,really nice design especially the fact,that you get this leatherette not real,leather but it feels like it on the dash,just makes it feel expensive another,thing you get in this range shopping,version is,panoramic glass roof look at it just let,that do its thing it takes a while so,Ill continue with the driving position,which is very nice obviously youve got,electrically adjustable seats as,standard theres a decent range of,motion in them as well I like this,feature look,I dont know why it just pleases me Ill,still just have it in the normal,position but I like that functionality,obviously theres lots of adjustment in,the steering column as well and because,its a portion Mercedes its,electrically operated no manual,operation here so overall looks really,good youve got all the tech but there,are a few bits and pieces that just let,it down that feel cheap like the drive,selector there that just feels nasty,this button here,thats cheap this bit of trim here cheap,as well and when I go low down here the,door bins thats scratchy I think this,is more stylish inside than a BMW X3 but,the materials throughout the X3 seem a,little bit better now if you want to see,my fault in-depth video review of the,BMW X3 click on the pop-out button up,there for the link in the description,below one thing I definitely prefer,about this car though is infotainment,system I think Mercedes infotainment,system is bang on its easy to use lots,of functionality youve got Wireless,Apple carplay and Android auto then,youve got this digital drivers display,which is nice and clear and you can,cycle through lots of different views,for that really easy to use got all the,information you want what I dont like,though are the touch sensitive buttons,on the steering wheel because theyre a,little bit finicky accidentally press,them sometimes when youre driving and,that does annoy me rather a lot as for,the practicality well look weve got the,big center console there with two USB,ports,under here you have two cup holders and,they are adjustable so they can hold,smaller items like that and they can,hold bigger items as well then youve,got a wireless charging pad which is,standard and under the USB port there,the glove box is a reasonable size up,weve got the manual in there theres,still plenty of room for lots of other,stuff as well and the door bins are,absolutely massive,normal size bottle,[Music],lets try to illustrate the massive by,chucking the bottle in there and missing,but hopefully well cut out the first,Bell take or they just might not just,one meal anyway now that blinds gone,back I can show you this the glass roof,opens,though its another short how to operate,it its just like such a fiddle come on,you know you open further than that,whats going on how am I supposed to do,this it opens More Than This I Swear,there we go,oh I want to stop it no no its going,back what,what its totally lost its mind its,making me lose my mind Im not giving up,come on open open all the way open all,the freaking way what is going on with,this,right,first stage,no what why,is that Bloody manual,okay okay,was this operator error or Engineers,error lets find out to open Swipe,backwards across the control panel and,hold,okay so it was operator but it just,wasnt intuitive its a bit like the,buttons on the steering wheel where you,swipe and touch sensitive and then press,some other times its the same with this,its just yeah,I understand it now sorry Mercedes,my bad its a bit embarrassing lets,move into the rear rear passengers are,treated to the same kind of quality as,those in the front like its all very,nicely designed and this rate up your,car has a burmester sound system with,really nice speaker grilles and it,sounds epic weve also got lovely,contoured seats as well feels special,back here knee room is good Headroom is,good and look at this the foot Wells,theres enough room in them and because,the chairs are actually raised up so you,can put your feet underneath them if you,need to carry three people in the back,at once this big hump in the floor does,get in the way but the thought was all,just about big enough to cope with three,peoples feet and the body is wide,enough that you dont feel too cramped,when it comes to kind of child seat its,quite easy to get it in and the Isaac,example points are really easy to locate,because you just push past these little,covers slight issue I found is the,design of these seats the way this bit,like pops out of the top means if youve,got a bulky rear facing so you do have,to move the front passenger seat forward,a little bit which is a bit annoying for,the front passenger they dont have that,problem in an Audi Q5 and if you want to,see my in-depth review and that car,click on the pop out button up ther

2021 Audi Q5 review – still a great large SUV? | What Car?

this is the second generation Audi q5,and in this video it will tell you how,good or bad it really is,in every area but before we get started,make sure youve subscribed to our,YouTube channel so you never miss,another video and if youre thinking,about buying a new car ahead – what car,duck cant go to a new car buying,section where we can help save you,thousands and theres no need to haggle,as you can see styling wise is very,similar to the first generation that,came out in 2008 but there are some key,differences model to model then this,second generation is around 90 kilograms,lighter it boasts a whole host of,efficient and impressive engines and it,also promises and lavish and spacious,interior what do you think of its looks,and how does it compare to Land Rovers,Discovery sport BMWs x3 and the Alfa,Romeo scale vo why not tell us in our,poll how D has a habit of showing other,manufacturers how to make cars look and,feel fantastic inside and this q5 is a,prime example press something thats,meant to move such as one of these,switches and without exception it will,click precisely and feel properly plush,press something thats not meant to move,and it wont because the fixtures and,fittings are so robust but it isnt just,inside the q5 that feels solid either,close a door and youll hear a,satisfying bunk while all the panel gaps,appear to be millimetre perfect its,only the bmw x3 that gets anywhere near,to matching its ultra high standards and,its also the only one that can rival,all DS MMI infotainment system you get,this rotary dial and also some shortcut,buttons which does make it really easy,to navigate your way around the menu,while youre on the move and on top of,that youve got this screen up here,which is really easy to see its crisp,its sharp and its in a really great,place you get a seven inch screen or,standard and if you get the upgraded,system its an eight point three inch,screen,every version of the q5 gets a height,adjustable drivers seat so theres also,plenty of range backwards and forwards,for those taller drivers and not quite,so tall drivers and you can move the,steering wheel up and down and in and,out so it just for reach and rake so you,should be able to find a comfortable,driving position not only that you get,four-way adjustable lumbar support so,you could get quite fussy with this Im,just getting it just perfect and then,theres also an adjustable driver seat,base and the seats overall a grip you,securely so if you are doing some,spirited driving around corners you,should stay in place its not just,comfort the q5 does well the digital,instrument display is clear and all the,buttons are clearly labeled and within,easy reach to hit on the move no matter,what size you are youll have plenty of,space because it is very large outside,this car and theres plenty of storage,as well so weve got banana mobile phone,healthy snack and underneath here weve,got two cupholders armrest a little bit,of stowage there and something theyre,not big enough for my sunglasses but,they will fit in the glove box and this,large bottle of water will fit in the,door bin excellent,in the back you get loads of headroom,and a decent amount of knee room and you,can fit three adults side-by-side which,you can in the Volvo xc60 and Land Rover,Discovery sport as well but in those,cars its a little more comfy because,theyre slightly more room as standard,you get 60/40 split-folding rear seats,which are easy to drop thanks to a,couple of Handy levers placed just,inside the tailgate opening wed,recommend sticking rear bench seat plus,on the options list though this gets you,sliding and reclining rear seats as well,as the more practical 40/20/40 split,folding arrangement as for the boots you,get a power tailgate on all models which,is really useful and the size is the,same as Mercedes GLC and BMWs x3 its,also a really useful square shape so as,you can see Ive managed to fit my,double pram in there and Ive got loads,of space left over so Ive got some,luggage here and if you dont have this,in the boot you can fit 9 carry-on cases,and with the rear seats if you go for,the optional sliding ones the boot then,is one of the biggest in its class,but how expensive is the q5 and whats,it like to run one these are the key,things you need to know about buying and,owning an Audi q5 being a premium badged,SUV the q5 is not exactly cheap to buy,however it is competitively priced,against its closest rivals the bmw x3,and Mercedes GLC it should be worth at,least as much or more than its rivals,when it comes to selling it on this also,helps with finance deals so its,surprisingly affordable compared to its,rivals on a PCP finance deal company car,drivers should look at the 40 TDI,because it has relatively low co2,emissions which in turn keeps company,car tax low theres also a plug-in,hybrid version on the way which should,have even lower co2 emissions that 40,TDI engine managed a respectable 41,miles per gallon in our real world true,mpg test which fares well against the,equivalent engine in volvo xc60 standard,equipment is reasonably generous across,the range but if you go for our,favourite model which is the entry-level,sport you get 18-inch alloy wheels three,zone climate control cruise control and,part leather seats consider adding a,technology pack and you get Howdys,virtual cockpit and the upgraded,infotainment system the q5 comes with a,three year 60,000 mile warranty which,you can extend to five years and 90,000,miles which you may want to do because,our D doesnt have a brilliant record,for reliability it finished 20th out of,31 manufacturers in our latest,reliability survey safety experts euro,end cap gave the q5 the full 5-star,safety rating six airbags as well as,automatic emergency braking are standard,the Audi q5 has a simple engine lineup,of 1 DS or 1 petrol and a plug-in hybrid,come and see,the 40 TDI diesel makes the most sense,its a 2-liter engine with 187 brake,horsepower and although it isnt,particularly quick it does get up to,motorway speeds with very little drama,and can match more better the pace of,rivals with equivalent engines its,fitted with a 7 speed automatic gearbox,which can be a little slow witted when,pulling away from junctions the 45 TFSI,petrol wouldnt be our first choice but,if you really dont want a diesel it is,worth a serious look this four-cylinder,revs keenly and feels genuinely lively,on the move the plug-in hybrid is called,the 55 TFSI II and gets a 2-liter,four-cylinder petrol paired with a,lithium-ion battery which delivers 362,brake horsepower and a nought to 62,miles per hour time of just 5.3 seconds,it has a claimed electric-only range of,26 miles,we havent driven it yet but it could,certainly be worth a look similarly if,you want some serious pace you can go,for the sq5 which is fitted with a 3,litre diesel engine and it is,effortlessly quick and thats available,at the end of the year sport s line and,black edition models get what Aldi cos,dynamic suspension as standard with this,setup the regular q4 I was pretty,comfortable but if you really value ride,comfort in your car then youll need the,adaptive air suspension unfortunately,its only standard on horse run models,and not even an option on the others but,if you do have it then the q5 offers the,most comfortable ride of any SUV in this,class but if you want to drive the q5,quickly it isnt quite as rewarding as,the very best handling cars in this,class the Jaguar FK or Porsche Macan,thats mainly due to the steering which,doesnt give you quite the same sense of,connection as these cars it is precise,enough to allow you to place the car,accurately through bends though and,against other large SUVs it handles very,tightly this is a wonderfully relaxing,car on long journeys wind noises well,stifled at high speeds partly help for,the standard acoustic glazing on the,windscreen and on all but the,entry-level sport versions the front,side windows to every engine is smooth,and hashed and,diesel is

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