1. The 2020 Audi S4 is a Near Perfect AWD Luxury Sport Sedan
  2. 2023 Audi S4 review // Comfort, power, prestige and style.
  3. Is the Audi S5/S4 actually too good? | ReDriven Audi S5/S4 (B9 – 2017-2021) used car review.
  4. Road Test: 2013 Audi S4/S5
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  6. The Sporty and sophisticated Audi Sedan: the 2022 Audi S4
  7. 2022 Audi S4 (Premium Plus) – Features Review & POV Road Test

The 2020 Audi S4 is a Near Perfect AWD Luxury Sport Sedan

[Music],[Music],when i think of a near perfect luxury,sports sedan the audi s4 fits that,description nicely,over the last three decades or so the,audi s4 has represented an ideal blend,of luxury technology comfort,and of course speed now over the years,the luxury sport sedan formula has,changed drastically especially with,tesla really changing the market with,the model 3,all-electric sports sedan and its,forced audi and all the other german,manufacturers to make some significant,upgrades to their,compact luxury sports entries for 2020,audi is making some significant changes,to the s4 in terms of its design,on the outside its interior technology,however the basic formula remains with a,turbocharged v6 under the hood,standard quattro all-wheel drive and a,new torque converter style 8-speed,automatic transmission,now this week audi has sent me the,latest version of the s4 painted in this,beautiful shade of ibis white with the,black optics sport appearance package,and the question i want answered,if you guys are looking for a luxury,sport sedan that perfectly blends,everything that youre looking for in,this segment,does the s4 still represent the best of,the bunch thats what were here to find,out,[Music],so obviously you guys should know that,the s4 is essentially an audi a4 just,the higher performance version so,because its the performance model lets,start with underneath the hood this is,what,differentiates an a4 from an s4 the s4,comes standard with a three liter,turbocharged v6 now if you guys remember,the previous generation,that had a supercharged v6 audi put a,turbocharged v6,back in 2017 and this makes a little bit,more horsepower this year 349 horsepower,which is actually about five horsepower,less,versus the 2019 model audi says that,its changed because of the way they,measure horsepower has changed as well,it does it does make around 369,pound-feet of torque so we get roughly,30 more pound-feet of torque versus the,old supercharged v6 this engine is a,torque monster,its designed to really shove you back,into the seat which well talk about,later on in the test drive now audi also,replaced,the old seven speed dual clutch in the,previous generation this year with an,eight-speed torque conver,contour converter automatic um that was,a huge change that a lot of enthusiasts,really questioned the manual,transmission of course is gone as usual,quattro all-wheel drive,is standard audi says performance is,really good youll get to 60 in around,4.4 seconds,as this car sits it weighs just under 3,900 pounds and fuel economy,well thats rated at 20 in the city 27,on the highway please be sure,to put premium gas in this thing,now closing the hood and looking at the,styling of the s4 this is where a lot of,enthusiasts really criticized audi for,this generation the b9 generation when,it came about three years ago,and as you can see audi has made some,pretty aggressive changes for 2020,i actually really like the way this,looks now i was in palm springs,california,testing out this car back in february,and that was a gray car that didnt have,the black optics sport package this one,here painted in ibis white,with the black optics package really,sets off the styling really nicely i,love the black,with the white exterior color with the,black accents typically with an s line,product,they have a lot of metallic silver,accents like right here in the grill,theres a new honeycomb style grill the,black accents really go with whats,in today especially when you look at the,styling these full matrix design led,headlights are standard on this,particular one because i have the,prestige model it does a little cool,light dance whenever you lock,and unlock the car you also have led,turn signals led low and high beams and,then theres no fog lights this right,here may look like a fog light but this,is actually the sensor for the radar,cruise control instead,audi puts an all-weather light in the,headlight bezel so if you guys,you know are driving in inclement,weather you still technically have a fog,light it just doesnt have a separate,look,when you compare it to the previous,generation model now this is again a,sedan its a traditional stand body,style you guys can go for an s5,sportback which is a hatchback design,but if you prefer the traditional look,of the sedan the s4 definitely has a,very nice cohesive look to it i actually,think,its a good looking car if slightly more,conservative i kind of wish that,the s4 had a more aggressive shape but,thats probably why you would buy,an s5 sportback instead now this,particular one here with the black,optics package includes these 19 inch,wheels now i have to say for a black,optics package i wish the wheel had a,little bit more,black in it theyre just kind of a more,gray finish theyre wrapped in 255,series tires,the s5 sportback offers a 20-inch wheel,so thats another reason why youd want,to go with that,my tester here also has the sport,package which includes the upgraded,brakes with the red calipers and it also,includes audis trick sport differential,so its all-wheel drive,but it technically also has a limited,slip differential my tester also has the,dynamic steering option which,well talk about that as we go into the,test drive now as you can see here a,standard sunroof is included on the s4,the s5 sportback offers a panoramic,style sunroof so thats something to,consider,the silver trim that you got on the,windows and of course on the side,mirrors has been blacked out with the,black optics package which i think looks,really good,so if you guys are looking for that look,you might want to consider checking that,option package and then out back you can,see,the look is a little bit more restrained,the tail lights have been redesigned to,go with more of the,newer audi design language here the,chrome here has been blacked out same,thing with underneath the rear diffuser,and then as usual audi s-line products,have a quad outlet exhaust although this,one here is real,uh it actually looks good and it also,sounds pretty good but audis have a,typically,soft limiter but ill fire up the engine,let you guys hear that really quick,so the s4 actually has some real quad,exhaust tips and thats always been a,signature audi thing but how does the,thing actually,[Music],sound,[Music],it has a very nice burble but as usual,audi has a pretty lame 3500 rpm soft,limiter on it,and the engine sounds really good but if,you guys are looking for a little bit,more noise you may want to consider the,rs5 sport bag as well now opening up the,trunk you can see here,audi says you get around 12 cubic feet,of space which is actually a little,small,which is another reason why you want to,go for the sportback which offers,roughly 20 cubic feet,of space we should we should probably,get in the car,we should lets get in the car,[Music],like seriously theres a big storm,coming although look at that rob should,we go to the house,lets go back to the house like ill go,yeah well go back to the house because,i dont really like the way that looks,oh lets here lets sit in the car and,then well wait because,like i dont know if theres like a,tornado coming or something you know,you dont think theres a tornado coming,whoa,ah so obviously audi made pretty subtle,changes to the s4 for 2020 on the,outside but what about the interior this,car already had a really nice interior,when it was shown,about three years ago and as you can see,for this 2020 version,everything that we liked about the,pre-refreshed model is pretty much,intact let me first shut the door,because its starting to rain,the door has that very solid typical,german funk feel to it it really adds to,that impression of quality,and as you can see my tester has these,very beautiful looking sport seats now,the one thing about audi is they do,really beautiful seats that hold you in,place really nicely,they look good theyre comfortable they,come with a 12-way power on the drivers,side,eight-way i believe or 10-way on the,passenger side

2023 Audi S4 review // Comfort, power, prestige and style.

weve got the audi s4 big shout out to,audi downtown vancouver for giving us,this car for a couple of days we do,appreciate it,its fun it sounds like mode is good,theres some piped in sound but it also,theres some sound on the outside too,this is the s4 the higher performance a4,whats under the hood of this thing a,three liter turbocharged v6 with an,eight-speed automatic transmission 349,horsepower and 360,pound-feet of torque standard all-wheel,drive so in the u.s they have multiple,trims in canada just one trim now thats,crazy right lets get into it what do,you get what are the key standard,features the 2023 model comes with a 10,inch touchscreen wireless apple carplay,and android auto mmi navigation plus,audi virtual cockpit plus heated,steering wheel heated front sport seats,driver seat memory nappa leather seating,surfaces with diamond stitching a bangin,oluson 3d sound system and a sunroof in,the u.s there are three trims as we,mentioned the beast model has a lower,starting price point so it doesnt come,with all the features we have in canada,including the bang olufsen sound system,and audis virtual cockpit so usually i,say what are we going to put it in and,andrea says put it in s but were in s,were in,s4 so but well still go through the,shtick andrea what are we gonna put it,in put it in s for subscribe do us a,favor and if you can hit that,notification bell thatd be great youll,be notified,see now were all out of whack,we just messed the whole thing up okay,lets keep doing it again lets do it,again put it in ask for subscribe and if,you can hit that notification bell,youll be notified when all of our,videos drop and then you can watch them,and we do this the couple car review,twice a week the first one drops on,wednesday we put another one out on,saturday so make sure to like and,subscribe but also follow on instagram,to get a look at whats going on behind,the scenes its motormouth underscore,andrea for me its motormouth underscore,auto and the links are below the like,button this video is brought to you by,canada drives shop online for your next,used vehicle and enjoy the convenience,of two-year door delivery and the,confidence of a seven day love it or,return it guarantee visit,canadadrives.ca to learn more,[Music],when you kick it this thing goes in,dynamic mode everything just gets a,little bit firmer and a little bit more,fun i find auto is really good weve,owned an audi and every audi i drive you,put it in auto it does a very good job,of figuring out what youre trying to do,yeah like it knows andreas a hooligan,so it firms everything up for me i just,sit back and enjoy my questions coffee,and cars but anyway its its an,adaptive system and thats great um but,it doesnt really ever give up its too,true audi,comfort this comes with sport,differential and s adaptive damping,suspension as well as dynamic steering,but youve got to pay extra for those,theyre in packages weve got that,addition to our test model and i think,it makes a difference listen it depends,whether you just like the idea of having,a performance sedan or you want to have,a little bit more performance yeah and i,want a little more performance you want,a little more performance okay so the a4,is not for you no you know what i like,is okay,before we get into the looks and all,that this is part of the a4 family yeah,so the airfo family is the regular a4,the s4 also the uh all road yeah thats,the one i like,and then you have the a5 and the a5,sportback all based on the same platform,and theyre all excellent cars yeah we,had an audi a7 we actually bought it at,audi downtown vancouver we had it for,over four years and we loved it and,every time you get back in an audi its,very comfortable for us but you look,particularly comfortable in this and,thats a key word comfort right yeah i,mean on the highway this thing not only,has the power that you need when you,need to pass and accelerate hard but,its so smooth and comfortable i can see,this being such a great daily driver and,it will appeal to the masses with the,light steering in here then you add in,all the creature comforts on the inside,which well do in a second but you know,its interesting that the,gateway used to be the compact premium,sedan to a luxury brand so it was the,three series it was the c-class it was,the a4 those were the gateway drugs now,its all the smaller suvs like the gla,and the x1 c3 but this used to be the,car you got if you were a somebody and,you could afford the s version yeah and,i can see that you get that sportier,look with the s4 some s details include,s bumpers the quad exhaust pipes a,lowered suspension and the rear spoiler,in the back all of these ups the,sportiness compared to the a4 ah its,sportier but a lot of people might say,you know audi isnt really taking any,chances with the design its a slightly,sportier version of a conservative car,hey we get that this particular one has,the dark satin grill and the dark window,surrounds with the black paint looks,mischievous you can even take it a step,further and get the audi rings in black,some people find that the exterior,design is kind of boring and like zach,says audi doesnt take chances but,theres another way to look at it as,well its simplistic and it stands the,test of time you can see an a4 or an s4,around and you dont really know what,year it is you go back to those 90s a4s,and you look at them today they dont,look horribly dated they still look you,can still see the essence of the brand,they have stood the test of time now in,canada with our only one trim it comes,loaded and you can see that with the,exterior weve got the led matrix design,lights,19 inch wheels and performance tires and,then weve got the addition of the red,brake calipers as well in the us youve,got three trims so that base and middle,trim dont come with the led matrix,lights you get it on the top trim just,like in canada and then you turn your,attention to the inside this is a very,comfortable car we talked about that,already but they forced in some new,technology to an older platform this car,is kind of getting to the end of its run,so the tablet stuck on the dash is very,functional and close at hand but it does,kind of look like its an afterthought,id really love to see the integrated,touchscreen thats in the a3 or even in,the q7 that you see i think its going,to happen for the q5 and its going to,happen for this a4 and s4 for sure its,a 10.1 inch touchscreen in here and you,get the 12.3 inch digital driver display,i think that the seeds are very,comfortable and the nappa leather is,beautiful what do you think of the,quilted stitching in here you know i,always go on about quilted seats ive,kind of overdone but im always that way,with kind of brown quilted seats,whenever i see an audi with this sort of,black and white motif boy it looks good,the center console love the traditional,shifter in here theres some storage,compartments i guess you can put your,phone maybe put some change in here ive,got the key in there right now well,thats where the old mmi controller used,to be thats the multimedia interface,that audi has abandoned and gone to just,this touch screen thats why the screen,is being retrofitted into this older,platform because they got rid of that,controller which i kind of miss but this,ones very close at hand and its pretty,easy to use theres plenty of space in,the front row in this sedan its not,best in class its the bmw 3 series and,the alpha romeo julia that offer more,obviously this trim is fully loaded so,weve got it all in here from heated,front seats heated steering wheel heated,rear seats,are extra along with the head-up display,and in canada there is no option of,ventilated front seats for 2023 anymore,thats odd they took that out it could,be a chip thing who knows i never use a,ventilated seat so im happy and i would,say in the us the middle trim is the,sweet spot thats where you get the,banging olufsen sound system which is,750 watts its a 19 speaker

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Is the Audi S5/S4 actually too good? | ReDriven Audi S5/S4 (B9 – 2017-2021) used car review.

gday and welcome to re driven now,if the world of cars was the academy,awards surely the audi s5 would take out,the best supporting role in a,medium-sized premium coupe category why,the supporting role well see the,somewhat introverted s5 is commonly,forgotten due to its far more,extroverted rs5 sibling but we feel like,the s5 deserves far more attention which,is interesting because short of the,single turbo setup in this versus the,twin turbo in the rs5 and the rs5 is,kind of pumped bodywork and a few other,minor details the s5 is incredibly,closely related to the rs5 plus its far,more affordable hence why we feel this,thing needs far more attention but even,though when these are new they are,superb that goes without saying what,about when theyre not new what about,when theyre like this one thats quite,a few years old and have many thousands,of kilometers on them what goes wrong,are they reliable what do they like to,live with every day what do they cost to,own and operate and most importantly,should you buy one lets find out,now before we get deep into the s5 i,should mention that this generation s4,is incredibly closely related to this,basically the s4 is this but in a sedan,or a wagon or if were going to go into,audi speak its a saloon or an event but,if you are in the market for an s4,hopefully this video will help you out,as well,[Music],now this generation of s4 and s5 is,called the b9 and its been with us,since around about 2016 or 2017,depending on variant and where youre,watching this from actually speaking of,where youre watching this from in this,video were going to be focusing on the,australian variants of the s5 but if,youre not from australia dont worry,dont freak out because everything were,going to be going over should relate to,s4s and s5s in your local market now,here are some fun facts about this,generation of s4 and s5 these are,actually built on the volkswagen groups,mlb evo platform which is also the base,platform for the audi q5 and therefore,the sq5 as well as the volkswagen tuareg,the bentley bentayga the porsche knn,even the lamborghini urus and then,theres the engine not only is the three,liter turbocharged v6 the exact same,engine as fitted to the sq5 this engine,is also in the volkswagen touareg again,the porsche panamera nkn and a host of,other audis including the q8 as we,mentioned earlier in s4 guys this,generation is available in saloon and,event form but even in s5 trim there is,the option of this the two-door coupe a,two-door convertible or as a sportback,also the s4 and the s5 are made in,germany unlike the sq5 which is made in,mexico and the link to the sq5 review,video is just up there now look wed,love to go over every graphic detail of,the s5 but that would just take far too,long but we have gathered all that,information and we put it in our handy,re-driven cheat sheets our cheat sheets,are invaluable as they provide a full,breakdown of the cars model range its,common problems what you need to look,out for before handing over your,hard-earned cash how much of that cash,you should be handing over and so much,more check it out at redriven.com or in,the link below now guys if you already,own an s4 or an s5 or youre like an s4,and s5 expert and youve noticed that,weve missed something in this video,please let us know in the comments like,were doing our best to cover everything,we can but we generally find its those,that own these cars that are the true,experts so yeah if weve missed,something let us know,so does it look good,abso bloody lootly look i know looks are,supposed to be subjective but,come on if you dont think this looks,good theres something incredibly wrong,with you yes the rs pumped archers make,it look a little bit more muscular but,even in s5 trim stunning looking car now,the reason this thing looks so good is,because this is just basically a mild,evolution of the b 8.5 which in itself,was a mild evolution of the b8 meaning,that audi got it right from the start,the fundamental design of this thing was,great right from the beginning and the,reason it looked so good from the start,is because walter de silva designed the,first one and he also designed the audi,r8 walter ken can draw a car however,there are a few little issues and,problems that can arise but well get to,those soon,[Music],okay so hows the interior well look,its typical audi,design wise absolutely spot-on even the,materials they use are just beautiful,like youve got alcantara here youve,got a great level of squidge up here i,love the carbon fiber trim all the metal,bits they all feel nice and premium cold,to touch even the way the buttons work,and feel,just spot on,beautiful even the sitting position and,the comfort of these seats like these,are the s sport seats but theyre not,you know two race car theyre still,super comfy on a long trip but,supportive when youre going through,some corners driving position spot on,heaps of adjustability with the steering,wheel,bloody brilliant now look obviously this,car isnt that old and only has a bit,under 30 000 kilometers on it so wear,and tear wise its not an old car but,wear and tear so far so good like the,steering wheel is getting a little bit,like a little bit shiny but not bad at,all even the leather on the center,console here is beautiful to touch i,feel like its almost softened up a bit,if youve got you know baby smooth,forearm skin like i do rubbing it,against that is almost quite soothing,even like the weight of like any of the,rotary controllers here and here but,even the weight and tactility just feels,spot on and look i know ive said this a,million times before but thank you audi,for having actual buttons rather than,just a touchscreen in a car like this,having actual tactile tactile tactile,buttons to press makes such a difference,maybe im just getting old but i love,buttons now im 71.88 tall this isnt my,driving position and look i know it,might look like im kind of cramped in,here but its actually its not too bad,for a two-door coupe because this is,based basically on an s4 and even the s5,sportback has rear doors,feet rooms a little cramped legs are,okay as long as youre willing to spread,them a little bit it does feel a little,bit claustrophobic because the windows,are quite small and my heads kind of,banging against the roof but for what,this is its pretty good as far as wear,and tear goes back here look these,backseats dont get much use at all so,everything feels honestly pretty brand,new it even kind of still smells a bit,new however even though this particular,s5 is fantastic inside these things can,suffer from a few interior gremlins but,well cover those shortly,hows the tech well it is brilliant and,there is heaps of it so much so that if,we were to go through it all in this,video it would take hours hence why its,all listed on our cheat sheets on,redriven.com but to give you a quick,overview heres me rapidly doing a,voiceover the audi s5 comes with audis,12.3 inch virtual cockpit with 8.3 inch,dash top infotainment system with mmi,touch rotary dial controller which,features plenty of goodies like google,maps display bluetooth phone and audio,streaming dual usb ports apple carplay,and android auto and audi connect mobile,internet capabilities audio also offered,a range of different options like the,technic package which includes a head-up,display and matrix led headlights and a,bang olufsen sound system,so is it practical well in terms of boot,space yes this actually has a bigger,boot than the equivalently sized bmw and,mercedes coupes and theres nets and tie,down points and little hooks to hang,your shopping from everywhere,excellent oh and also you can fold them,fold the seats down for even more space,which you can do with these actually you,know what with the seats down and like a,pillow you could,genuinely sleep back here this could be,used for camping theres also extra,storage under here as well okay,practicality in the back seat youve got,a spot for your phone or jus

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Road Test: 2013 Audi S4/S5

motorWeek is made possible by Rock auto,firing and 3m with the recent launch of,an all-new BMW 3-series and fresh,competition like the Cadillac ATS,joining the fray,it was clearly time for Audi to update,its compact luxury sports today and,coupe and for those of you that are,familiar with Audis performance S line,you know that when the S replaces the a,youre in for a treat,and this time its a double,[Music],they may not be all new but the 2013,Audi s4 sedan and s5 coupe have been,significantly refreshing with more style,and features in order to keep up with,the marketplace outside out ease for,compact luxury sports sedan,wears a new face with its large,single-frame grille adding a sharper,edge hood lines are more pronounced and,the usual s4 accoutrements including,polished side mirrors front splitter,rear diffuser and quad exhaust are all,present and taillights have been,redesigned with LEDs the five coupe,shares the sedans chassis as well as,most of its styling updates but with its,100 8.3 inch wheelbase and 180 2.7 inch,overall length coming in a few inches,shorter than the sedan it is the,better-looking of the two both cars also,share the same engine which is a,supercharged 3 liter direct injection v6,which forces 333 horsepower and 325,pound feet of torque through standard,Quattro rear biased all-wheel drive and,both come with a very nice 6-speed,manual transmission but rs4 had the,optional 7-speed s-tronic DCT we have no,complaints about either but it was the,sedan with the DCT automatic that,actually with the power down more,efficiently as it exploded off the line,and took us to sixty two tenths quicker,than the coupe at 4.7 seconds we had 106,miles per hour in the quarter mile and,did so in 13.2 seconds the manual coupe,did the same tasks in thirteen point,four seconds and 105 miles per hour with,the 0 to 60 sprint taking 4.9 seconds,handling of both the S 5 and s 4 are,comparable with an eagerness to turn in,and a responsiveness that belies it,slightly softer ride than rivals,electric power steering further reduces,weight and does so while still providing,a decent amount of feedback fun to drive,was the comment most echoed by our,staffers as weather on back roads or,highway both S 4 and S 5 have an,entertaining feel that we put right up,there with the 3-series all-wheel drive,does add weight especially up front but,we were struck by how solid both cars,are very substantial the ultralight feel,of older compact Aldis has been,replaced but we dont really miss it,there is still some understeer but the,esses are glued to the road and the ride,is really dialed in we have a lot of,praise for both interiors to each,updated with better materials throughout,the ultra-modern cabins and an easier to,read gauge cluster back seat space is,not super plentiful in either car but,obviously less so in the coupe,the sedan also has the most luggage,capacity at twelve point four cubic feet,but both cars include folding rear seat,backs for longer items outies MMI,control system is one of the best,designs out there but even it can be,distracting at times especially when,playing with Google Earth or checking on,your in-car Wi-Fi both the s4 and s5 are,very impressive theres plenty of power,and performance and due to the electric,steering and reduced weight better,government fuel economy ratings as well,which are now 17 city 26 highway and 20,combined for the manual s5 coupe and 18,city 28 highway 21 combined for the s4,automatic and our test loops were right,where they should be still energy impact,scores are only average at fifteen point,seven barrels of oil consumed per year,with annual co2 emissions of seven,tonnes both of these cars are indeed,very nice but sometimes even nice is,pricey with the s4 sedan starting at,forty eight thousand four hundred ninety,five dollars and the s5 coupe going for,fifty-one thousand,ninety-five dollars if you can do,without the v6 performance the,4-cylinder a four sedan and a five coupe,share most of the same updates and,started a more reasonable 33 thousand,three hundred ninety five dollars the,2013 audi s4 and s5 are both real treats,to drive and live with on a daily basis,and may even eclipse the vaulted BMW,3-series and a few areas like interior,and ride were still not 100% sold on,outies long-term reliability but that,wouldnt keep us from parking either one,of these cars in our garage better yet,well take both so lets do make it a,double,[Music],you

2021 Audi S4 | MotorWeek Road Test

motorweek is made possible by,rockauto.com,one car design thats always been a,favorite around the motorweek office is,audis compact a4,sedan lineup theyre sweet to drive and,easy to live with,so a mid-cycle refresh of the a4 gives,us a great excuse to revisit a favorite,and what better way to experience the,newness of the four,than with their high performance s,version so buckle up for sports sedan,streaming,audi style,the audi s4 is part of the german big,three if you will,as along with bmw and mercedes,counterparts,they largely define what it means to be,a modern sports sedan,not a member of the ultra high,performance rs family,the s4 occupies the sporty middle ground,similar to the bmw,m340i and mercedes amg,c43 now unless youre really an audi fan,you probably wont even notice its most,recent updates,but for a mid-cycle redo theyre,actually quite comprehensive,especially outside with virtually every,body panel having been addressed,since this generation of a4 debuted in,2017.,starting up front audi single frame,grill has gotten wider and flatter,with larger air intakes down low in the,front fascia,down the sides wheel arches are more,exaggerated,and c-pillars have been thinned out on,top of all that,the s4 gets aluminum trim a trunk lid,spoiler,and sweet looking quad exhaust tips,while you could be disappointed to not,see any additional horsepower under the,hood,we prefer to look at it as a bonus that,theres not,less as audi has played that tune before,with the s4,so the 3 liter v6 turbo still puts out,the same 349 horsepower,and 369 pound-feet of torque as before,wed file it under the just right,heading as at no time does it overwhelm,or feel,underpowered standard quattro all-wheel,drive and eight-speed tiptronic,transmission,and a heavily revised suspension are,also part of what sets the s4,apart from the standard a4 fare,our first s4 test came in 1992.,a time when audi was attempting to,establish itself as a performance brand,here in the u.s,we loved its understated styling quick,acceleration,firm handling powerful brakes and,luxurious interior and we werent the,only ones,noting that the entire u.s allotment of,92,s4s had already been spoken for,all of those attributes continue to,apply to this s4,especially inside where the interior,remains the definition of understated,elegance,2020 saw the arrival of an updated,infotainment system,that was not just bigger but better,operating 10 times faster than the,previous system,the s4 gets diamond stitched full power,sport seats,with adjustable side bolsters and even a,massaging function,rear seat room is typically tight for,the segment but trunk space at 13 cubic,feet is quite good,with 40 20 40 split folding seat backs,to allow flexibility for longer items,getting to the good stuff at the test,track the s4 is basically,everything you want in a sports sedan it,launches,powerfully with flawless grip for,sprints to 60 and 4.3 seconds,the turbo v6 sounds great and the,tiptronic shifts gears quickly,right when you want it to throughout the,12.8 second quarter mile which we,finished at 108 miles per hour,it has that stable high-speed behavior,that only german sedans do,floating over our test tracks rough,surface yet feeling like its ready to,pounce in any direction,should you nudge the wheel traditionally,enhanced quattro grip comes with some,understeer to deal with,but thats been less evident in recent,years and darn near,eliminated here the s4 is like a thai,starfighter,that somehow zooms through redwoods at,insane speeds without hitting anything,of course we feel like were not doing,our jobs if we dont point out some,issue,and thats the steering feel like many,of its counterparts it seems to have,been forgotten somewhere along the way,on the other hand you feel the brakes,bite hard if you even breathe on the,pedal,for solid consistent stops of just 108,feet from 60.,but the one thing that makes the s4,truly special,is away from the track its comfort and,luxury are hard to match at the price,and audis drive select still has great,separation between drive modes,comfort mode is indeed that an amazing,transformation from sports sedan to,luxury car feel,devoid of ride harshness government fuel,economy ratings are 20 city,28 highway and 23 combined we averaged,an underwhelming 20.8 miles per,gallon on premium in all an average,energy impact score of 14.3 barrels of,yearly oil use,with 6.3 tons of co2 emissions,there are three trims for the s4,starting with premium,at fifty thousand nine hundred forty,five dollars up to prestige at fifty,nine thousand two hundred forty five,dollars,fortunately bargain shoppers willing to,sacrifice some performance for almost,the same experience,can pick up an a4 for as little as forty,thousand,one hundred forty five dollars while all,of the german sports sedans attempt to,deliver,essentially the same thing audi seems,the most unique in how they go about,doing it,so its ultimate appeal largely depends,on where your allegiances lie,but clearly to us the latest audi s4,is the best s4 yet a sweet ride that is,even sweeter,delivering what we love and expect from,a sports sedan,better than ever,[Music],you

The Sporty and sophisticated Audi Sedan: the 2022 Audi S4

hi this is emily the audience tonight,were going to be taking a look at a,2022 audi s4 this one is a premium plus,with the black optics package and is in,the color turbo blue turbo blue is my,favorite color that is offered on the s4,and the a4 and the a5 and the tt the,cool thing about turbo blue is it is,actually discontinued for 2023 so if you,have your heart set on the turbo blue,car better find a 20 22.,the 2022 audi s4 is powered by audis 3,liter v6 turbocharged engine and the,cool thing about the v6 is that its the,hot v so you have bank one of three,cylinders on this side bank two of three,cylinders on that side and you have the,turbo right in the middle it has it is,more efficient and it has better,throttle response this v6 is shared in,the s5 the s4 and the sq5 it has 349,horsepower and 369 foot-pound of torque,it accelerates from zero to 60 in just,4.4 seconds taking off the engine cover,getting a little bit closer look at the,hot v seeking of bank,side of the turbo available it more,efficient because it has to travel less,distance,[Music],[Music],at the front of the s4 here youre going,to see all the black optics that i was,talking about earlier you have the black,grille you have all the black extra,pieces this black part right here and,the thing that i love about this car is,how they optioned it they kept the,silver rings and badges so classy i just,love how it ties in and then if you see,on the headlights they have what i like,to call the eyelash design so each of,them have a different design of the,daytime running lights i love this,because on the prestige it actually has,the animation,this vent right here is non-functional,in the s4 but its cool because it plays,heritage to the sport quattros if you,come in a little bit closer i want to,show you the details of the black optics,on the grill so you get a honeycomb grow,with the s4 and you can see these little,indentations of black those would be,silver if it was an allo optic car i,love how its just a little bit more,classy a little bit more aggressive and,you get close you can see theres tons,of details packed in so these are the,wheels that you get with the black,optics package i like them because,theyre a two-tone finish and not jet,black still show some contrast for this,car the this vehicle also has the escort,package you get three things with the,sport package first you get red brake,calipers which youll see right here,they are six piston caliper and they are,13.8 inch brakes the next thing you get,is the adaptive sport suspension what,the adaptive sport suspension is is,suspension with dampers with valves on,it so that it can re open and close,valves depending on what youre needing,the vehicle to do it can open and close,if you want to be softer firmer and it,can adjust right through the mmi in the,drive select the last thing with the,sport package is the rear sport,differential which well talk about when,we head back there a couple more things,to get with the black optics package,when you come in a little bit closer,youll see it has the black mirror caps,and that ties in nicely with all of the,trim surrounds all the way along giving,it a really cool look this one has a,little bit of tint on it too and lfo,its got just a little bit more privacy,there,so the other thing with the esport,package is the limited slip diff along,the rear axle and it can move power,independently from one side or the other,pushing you the corner eliminating under,steer so coming along to the back you,can see where the s4 stands out this is,my favorite spot where you can come down,i like to start out here where you can,see these two quad tips that is the,easiest way to tell that its an s car i,love how the silver tips match the,silver rings and badges along this and,you can see you have the eyelash design,along here on the back as well,moving up just a little bit it has the,color matched lip spoiler along the,trunk,and this really cool contrasting black,line is a part of the black optics,package and then if you back up a little,bit further you can take a look at the,really aggressive diffuser along the,back and i like how theres just a,little touch of the honeycomb right here,as well,but the s4 isnt all performance it is,packed with tons of driver assistance,and safety features you can see the,proximity sensors along the back theres,four along the front as well,and you can see this high definition,back camera right there,the s4 has a huge trunk and if you come,a little bit closer ill show you some,of the features theres two clips on,either side and theres your jack for,the spare tire and this is my favorite,which is the cargo hook so that you can,have you can put your grocery bags back,here and that way they wont actually,hit anything theyll swing with the,movement of the car not rolling around,here in the back and it also has a spare,tire the back seats of the s4 do fold,flat theres a level right here,pull in these two are connected but they,are independent so you can just have,this centered on if you want it and then,you flip down the same side,this is high fit in the back seat im,five five and three quarters my,husbands a little bit over six feet,tall and he has adjusted the front seat,for himself you can see i have plenty of,room back here and can easily find a,very comfortable spot to sit and again,tons of headroom up top when you back up,a little bit im gonna show you some of,the other features that come with the s4,you can see the carbon inlays right here,and then the dynamica on the doors and,the contrast stitching,now in the interior of the s4 were,going to head in right here on the,digital cockpit so you can see how this,works i have it set up with the,boomerang display which is my favorite,and then you have the driver assistance,and anything else you want to see like,the trip computer long-term memory,short-term memory and were low on fuel,consumption and all that on the other,side theres date and time and then just,below that you have your boost gauge on,the s4 you get paddles so you get the,lesser gears and the higher gears and,the shifting on either side the view,button will make the dials big and small,so you can have it right there right,there and then a bigger view on the car,where you can see your engine oil,temperature and then your boost gauge,goes to right there,this does come with the heated steering,wheel which youll find on this side and,then you have the volume control and to,skip tracks this is where you can access,siri or if you want to talk to the car,and answer phone calls back underneath,here the car does have adaptive cruise,control in lane keep assist so turning,on adaptive cruise control pull it,forward to turn it on press the n button,to set it and then to adjust the,different distances you can move up and,down right here with this little lever,the s4 has the air wrap on the side of,the steering wheel it gives it a more,aggressive more grippy and then coming,down just a little bit you can see it,also is air wrapped on the shifter right,here and then coming up to the climate,control this is my favorite and easiest,way to use the climate control you can,adjust on the driver side right here,pushing on for auto on and auto off for,climate control and then passenger and,then there is rear individual,temperature as well however you can sync,them all and the driver would be the,master pushing auto and theyd all be,synced on this side youll find your,heated seats ventilated seats while is,an option is not common on this car,because you dont get the nicer seats,with the fine apple leather,up here this is not a button its,actually the interior temperature sensor,moving down a little bit you can see,where the drive select buttons are where,you can adjust the different drive modes,youre in well show you that in just a,bit this is your auto stop button so if,you dont like where it stops and starts,at stop lights you can turn it off this,is your traction control button press,once for

2022 Audi S4 (Premium Plus) – Features Review & POV Road Test

what is going on ladies and gentlemen my,name is ty behind the camera from ty,drives and this is a 2022,audi s4 and the premium plus trimble,with the s sport package navigation,package this thing has quite a few,options its pretty loaded up so we have,a pretty cool spec out s4 for you guys,to look at today now within this video,were going to be taking a walk around,the exterior pointing out all of the,features,were also going to take a look under,the hood see what powers the s4 then,well start getting into the interior,and were gonna start that with the,trunk move forward to the rear seats and,finally make our way to the front seat,but youre gonna wanna make sure to,stick around to the end of the video,because im gonna strap this gopro to my,head and were gonna take it out and see,what its like to drive it,before we get started id like to give a,thanks to valencia of watertown,connecticut for providing this car for,filming,up front we have full led headlamps that,come standard so we even have led turn,signals and daytime running lights up,here so both high and low beams as well,very nice looking when illuminated,and if we take a look down below we have,some cool silver accenting youll see a,lot of this because this car does not,have the black optic package it kind of,has this aluminum look instead of the,painted black accents which i think is,pretty unique to this car then we also,have some sensors and whatnot down below,as well parking sensors,and your front camera 360 view comes,standard on the premium plus trim,i also have the s4 badging over here too,sort of a longer hood with some pretty,cool creases to it and some very nice,silver painted,alloys here,as we can see the tires measure 245 40,and the rims measure up at 18 inches,some pretty large red painted calipers,as well,pretty cool lines on this car too you,can see these sort of shadow lines that,go underneath the hood and kind of,continue all the way towards the back,again aluminum,capped mirrors and the,metal trim around the doors,and even some painted silver trim on the,bottom of the doors,you can see that all four door handles,have the smart key entry system which is,pretty nice,and back here we have the same wheel and,tire setup,up top we have a shark fin antenna and a,little bit of a,larger sunroof which is nice,and making our way around back again,same treatment as up front we got full,led tail lamps with the sort of the,dynamic turn signals which is really,nice,parking sensors back here,nice quad exhaust tips with the dual,mode exhaust and well take a listen to,that exhaust in just a bit,and the s4 badging nice little chrome,strip that runs the,um,the length of the deck lid,it actually goes into the tail lights,too which is a pretty cool design,element and you also have trunk release,reversing camera,and a little bit of a decklid spoiler so,what do we think about this s4 looks,pretty sharp in my opinion especially in,this configuration with the quantum gray,and the,sort of aluminum optic instead of the,black optic package,so popping the hood on the s4 reveals a,three liter,turbocharged v6 and its good for,349 horsepower,369 pound-feet of torque,so pretty potent power train for a car,of this size and thats kind of goes,head to head with other things like 340i,and things like that,but under here pretty tight and you have,some pretty cool uh red accents on the,top of the engine cover but again very,tidy everything seems to be tied,together very nicely you have battery,connections up here,and you can also see we have some a,little bit of extra rigidity with some,strut braces and things like that,under here,and we also have the hood latch,right in the center,[Music],oh,[Music],oh,[Music],[Music],so,popping the trunk next,reveals a pretty good amount of space,back here actually,and you can even expand that space by,folding the seats down,they normally fold a,60,40 split but you can also fold the,center down so its actually can be a,a,40 20 40 split so thats pretty neat,some very strange noises going on in the,background but we can ignore that,we have some net pockets to either side,one two over there,and we also have some pretty neat stuff,in here so the carpet floor mats you see,have this red stitching on it we also,have all weather formats back here a,little grocery bag hanger as well and if,we lift up the cargo floor,see you have a,spare tire back here,and you also have cargo tie-downs points,to each,corner of the trunk,and they also give you two handles one,on each side to close it down,and we can check out the rear seats next,fine nappa leather seats are an option,that this car has,so well have some very nice materials,on the interior including some sort of,microfiber suede or alcantara,we also have red stitching found,throughout and carbon fiber trim,nice,metal work,with the trim and the handle as well,we also have the 19 speaker bang olufsen,sound system which is also,an option just below,just under a thousand dollars i believe,which is a pretty good price for this,sound system if you ask me because it,packs quite the punch,very beautiful attention to the detail,on the seats contrast stitching on the,backrests and the bottom of the seats,and let me tell you this is some of the,most soft leather that i have ever,touched or felt in any car,very solid sounding,doors we also have a pretty good amount,of legroom so id say about an inch,maybe two inches of legroom about five,foot ten and i did adjust this front,seat to a normal driving position for,myself,i have a couple of things back here,worth pointing out we have a third zone,for the climate control so the rear,passengers have their own uh temperature,to adjust for the climate in case youre,wondering heated rear seats are only,available on the prestige model,for 2022,we have two usb type a charging ports,and a 12 volt,and you can fit somebody in the third,seat back here the central seat it will,be a little bit of a pinch but there is,a third seat belt back here,a couple of things here on the armrest,you can actually fold down uh the pass,through with a little handle under there,and thatll pat and thatll fold down,and you can even lock it for valet,purposes and that,gives you access to the trunk,you can fold that back up and fold down,the armrest which we have a couple of,cup holders,pretty neat the way they open and a,little bit of storage with sunglasses or,a little hanky chip or something like,that,we have grab handles up top,and led,lights,very nice,and a very nice view at the,dashboard up front,at this point we can check out the front,so you can kind of see on the ground,here that this has the,s,um,floor projection light so thats pretty,cool there,glad its dark enough so that you could,see that,front on the door panels same materials,you have the carbon fiber the aluminum,accents the microfiber suede and the,leather and the contrast stitching very,nice and you can also see the little,blind spot warning on the mirror that,will actually illuminate yellow when,somebodys in your blind spot,we have two person memory seats the lock,and unlock buttons we have individual,child locks for the rear,power folding and heated mirrors and we,also have a trunk release and a couple,of speakers on the door as well a little,bit of storage,take a look left the dash we have some,more carbon fiber accents we have all of,our lighting controls gauge dimmer and,sort of an all-weather lighting or sort,of fog lights you could say,so we have the release here for the tilt,telescoping steering wheel,a pretty big storage console in here as,you can see i have the whole owners,manual stuck in here and theres even,some more room back there to fit other,things,they also have a hood release over there,and some pretty nice aluminum accented,pedals,and the s,badge on the,kick plates there,very beautiful seats for this vehicle,you even have the little s logo up near,the head rests,very customizable too,for these seats uh theyre actually,massaged theres three different

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