1. Miami GP Formula 1 Hype? W Series, WEC, WTC, British GTs, NASCAR and more!
  2. F1 Season AWARDS! Biggest Ferrari F*** Up, GOATIFI Moment of the Year & MORE! FULL EPISODE 15
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Miami GP Formula 1 Hype? W Series, WEC, WTC, British GTs, NASCAR and more!

welcome to the love cars on the grid,podcast your global motorsport roundup,with me tiffany dell and paul woodman,welcome to love cars on the cruise your,global motorboat podcast roundup weve,gone from the sublime to the ridiculous,because we had amazing audio last week,and this week hes on his phone but,dont let that put you off because its,a ram pack week kicking off with formula,one we got w series wec,world touring cars british gts and,nascar um but of course,uh in like-minded but in true fashion,were gonna kick off with formula one in,miami welcome to miami oh my goodness,was it really miami i didnt know it was,miami was it miami miami,oh i was so put off by the hype i always,i dont know it just just its going too,far its american ownership and a lot of,people in the uk were really fed up with,just,every journalist tv presenter that sort,of on the payroll in some way from,liberty obviously you know worked as,commentary they were just overdoing it i,got so tired of it all the babys seen,five lives from pairing you know they,were talking about what was it the,the heart and soul of formula one the,biggest event ever not heard of monaco,grand prix the indy 500 that has 350,thousand spectators one year and then,talk about the guest list i want a,weekend the guest list thats about,and i think you know the the the marina,oh gosh we just want to get on with the,racing,which sadly after all the hype it didnt,turn out to be that exciting,it was a bit dull wasnt it i mean but i,think the most exciting thing bar none,was martin brundles grid war because,these guests he didnt have a clue who,they were he they didnt have a clue who,he was and it was without question tv,gold if you didnt see it please watch,it on be available somewhere but he was,literally going up to the wrong people,it wasnt his fault he was told by the,little voice in his ear,tv,i loved it a what a brilliant addition,that is to uh to form one coverage i,think even youll agree that was good,fun yeah i mean i missed that great walk,i dont watch so much anymore so i i i,better check him it was that good but,the race to be fair max verstappen im,in a master class you know lets had big,laurel somebodys the classic bush that,the bold outside move at the first turn,uh obviously sights of the dirty side of,the grid which helped max you know get a,bit of a launch uh but the trademark,bold move around the outside seven,knocks later took the lead and then at,the end you know really holding off well,obviously couldnt get his tires going,as quick as like claire when the when,the pace car went in,so you have to hand it to max a real,master class,i love it,the only thing about red bull got about,you know they now talk about the red,bull being such a slippery cuff their,error is so good the lone drag red bull,when mercedes were quick and straight,line it was always oh their engines,more powerful than ours you know were,losing half a second of the straight but,whatever theyve got a quick,conversation a quick driver um so pretty,much a master class from max,uh the number two drive was both sort of,dropping back a bit,uh poor old favorite broadcaster like he,might have a fifth place great weekend,for him qualifying but he made a mistake,after restarting that lost his place for,the two the two recovering mercedes,who you know had a weird weekend i mean,that kind of george russell he was fast,hes in fp2 or something wasnt it,and then you know its no way slower in,qualifying and they cant work out when,this thing poor person when its not,gonna poor person,um its really weird what these cars are,like at the moment,its funny it is funny where mercedes,going i mean you know it was quite,flattering i think the fifth and sixth,because like you said botox had a big,moment after the restart and the restart,really was the only thing that made it,interesting it was such a a snooze fest,after all the rides,and then the restart it was exciting it,was brilliant to see max and charles,going head to head max is the real deal,theres no question about that whatever,yeah,i quite enjoyed the track i mean you,know testing and qualifying theyre all,spinning off you know just what a,challenge it was a couple hit the wall,hard and ocon was complaining about the,concrete blocks i mean it was a very,slow fairly slow quarter he crashed out,and he went in slime and worked,so,he wanted his tech pro and then the,track started you know a lot of rubber,offline they didnt like that so it,wasnt perfect of course once we,actually got into the race street,circuit tip thats what a street sticker,is,dont they want to know,its the same thing you know what most,of the drivers said uh prior to the race,and then you throw the toys out the pram,when you dont do very well and its a,another racing driver excuse me most of,the drivers said the track was brilliant,lewis hamilton said the tracks,brilliant he didnt particularly like,this game but he thought that he loved,the track,yeah,but all the hype the commentators when,they came and first came out for fb1 the,commentators said you know well this,packed eight hundred thousand packed,grandstands watching them and then the,cameras showed about you know of course,they feel were there was i just i just,got bored with everybody trying to hype,everything up um and then they were,racing with a snooze fest but i actually,quite liked the look of the race channel,people complaining yeah you said i think,louis liked it one of the shames put on,mick schumacher wiping out vettel when,he was about to get his first ever point,so that was a bit of a shame to see him,um alex alborn no start against the,bricks coming up to get another point,for williams um mclaren again off the,pace not i mean they go up and down the,grid you know from podiums to nowheres,um which is a bit of a show of course we,will lose losing his tar that we really,finished off a bad weekend for him well,its funny social media jumped on to the,back of that and said the reason they,did so badly because they were treating,him like a bit of a circus theyre,hanging out with james corden he was the,uh he was the official mclaren,ambassador for the weekend i think,was he oh my goodness holy crap all the,fuss about their crash helmets they,paint up and you cant even see the,crash helmet within the cars apart from,the on-board cameras well i didnt quite,like land those landers said they were,good they were fine also social media,kicking off about christian horner,theyre saying that uh sky sports,christian horner must be on the payroll,because hes on there more than a lot of,the commentators because it literally,cuts to him on lets go to christian,what do you think about mercedes tires,christian what do you think about the,weather christian what do you think,about,is so,that was kicking off a little bit on,social media other than that nothing,much happening on social media everyone,was quite pleased for max i think,and of course the w series was,supporting their first race of the year,and again the commentaries,i mean its awesome this is not just wsu,as i might say you know they said,theyre coming out this huge crowd for,the wcs everyones looking when they,got on the grid there was there was,three people in the grandstand there was,nobody in the ground there virtually um,but to be fair to w series this happens,in formula three and four with two im,down hosting corporate guests at monaco,grand prix and uh im there in the,morning were having some bucks fees and,panicked pastries and stuff and,champagne,and you know some nine oclock until i,guess its four or three now your,grandstands three minutes walk you know,formula three more champagne,half an hour four or two now you want to,watch the formula two,more champagne theyre awful those,corporate guests that eventually say,well drivers parade oh theyll rush out,to go watch the drivers parade with 20,little figures standing on the back of,the lorry so but anyway the wc is and i,dont know where were going with the

F1 Season AWARDS! Biggest Ferrari F*** Up, GOATIFI Moment of the Year & MORE! FULL EPISODE 15

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manscape.com check it,out down the description below last lap,boom,all right you lot dont forget to give,us a follow on Apple podcast or Spotify,and while youre at it give us a five,star rating trust me it really does help,us out,welcome everyone to the inaugural,showing of The Last lap end of season,awards yeah man come on were looking,fancy right now weve got the suits on,ladies and gentlemen energy crew were,suited and booted booted and Strongbow,dark fruited ladies and gentlemen oh,yeah and ready to go yeah weve got the,booze out so this one might be a little,bit wild but uh I am the bartender so I,did supply all the drinks here so you,did literally Supply the drinks what I,thought is is its the because we did we,celebrated your uh last um oh yeah what,are you doing mate I figured like its,um end of the season you know like also,for the crew as well crew has also got,beers and stuff though its got,production I thought everyone could sort,of celebrate a little bit thats it and,um yeah lets lets do it boys lets uh,lets talk,Awards,starting with,2022 driver of the year and were going,straight in at least,retention,[Laughter],weve got some weve got some cracking,categories to be honest weve got some,better Awards,forgotten that it was on but we moved so,weve got a few put the call out on my,YouTube Community last night actually to,get some some recommendations well get,some audience recommendations get some,of yours as well and then well well,come to a democratic decision as to who,should take the awards yeah Max,verstappen of course a name up there,Nando Norris the drivers world champion,rookie of the Season,put himself in yeah any other names,youre thinking driver of the year,theres been so much press about latifi,you just you cant you cant fault the,guy honestly you cant get away from it,also the coffee pretty banging yeah Ill,drink,um anyone else I think thats pretty,much it there already what we said I,mean there is only 20 driver visits from,so uh how are we arguing anyone for,Stefan mcnik DeVries you know honorable,mention and Nick DeVries well 100 record,I dont know what I mean I dont know if,this Castle is gonna its an underrated,category coming up because there is an,underrated category Ill Ill be quiet,then there is an underrated I wasnt,winning that either no hes not whatever,of the year,foreign,[Laughter],however but however but if were looking,at teammate versus teammate relations,teammates,as well as just squeezing and extracting,the most out of a car in a Midfield you,know being so far clear best of the rest,its been some Sensational performance,is the only driver outside of a top,three team thats got onto the podium,this season I think is that is that,legitimate,yeah,um I I feel like its a strong case I,think hes a very good second place,on the max no no I dont hear it no well,democracy wins congratulations,theres three of us oh this is this is,unfair your time will come can you,imagine if this is what an actual would,happen at the Oscars yeah they just,decided on the stage lets bring it,together Max for stepping you our driver,of the Year congratulations uh just run,us down the uh the official reasons as,to why hes the driver of the season for,you guys because hes look at how many,points hes got look how many wins hes,got look at how many like how little he,crashed Ill give him that look he won,some things and he got a medal at the,very end yeah I dont even know how you,get an F1 gold medal but he did it so he,did also convincingly beat his teammate,you know and ultimately when youre,going for the top step of the podium,theres that extra level of pressure and,expectation which you cant you know the,Midfield is I I think as much as London,did a great job I think hes maybe a,good mention for the next category,must underrate your driver of the year,oh,see here Im Im putting in Nick the,freeze Nick DeVries yes because,technically hes a driver he got points,on his debut and lo and behold boys some,of the greatest of all time what do they,do they got points on debut and this is,a guy whos gone to pretty much all,everyones teams had a seat in it almost,had a sniff at McLaren when Landon,Norris had food poisoning he literally,got his overalls on the day off just to,get his seat fit and everything,um I think its an amazing thats where,like a Rookies really coming and just,shown and like to be pretty flying this,flower didnt you yeah because it wasnt,just preaching his case and I think like,you know when you come in and you slap a,driver,um its not feu device either yeah,um but I think like I think just Monza,just really just showed a case how good,of a driver hes going to be and Im,really excited to see what hes going to,do because like,just imagine me in latifi this random,rookie comes in here I had not done that,much fp1 or fp2 sort of testing as well,I know he did one with another team FPU,two at uh was it Aston Martin I think he,was that moment,yeah,but the fact that he had a complete,rookie come in driving a car that,theyre not used to whatsoever and then,be able to deliver points and properly,slap him up like lets see if he must,have been there so thats why thats my,thats my vote You Know What I Hear It,for the pure mathematics right,that he came here yeah yeah thats that,energy drink from earlier he had one,race in Formula One this season and it,was good 100 100 its like Tamil advised,me as England manager,basically he came in to be England,manager had the Scandal straight away,yeah then got sacked how soon ago was,this oh this was ages ago this was like,20 yeah oh yeah four context of my,football knowledge I asked these guys,earlier if Peter Crouch was still,playing yeah some other lights was,England manager he would but is he,playing podcast yes he is okay so I I,hear Nick DeVries I wanna I wanna put in,a couple more names into the Intel and,then introduce them to them but what,about uh estimate rock on you know how,much do we really rate estabanocon you,know beefer,again w

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all right welcome everybody to the,formula 8 podcast this is our miami gp,review um before we get into our regular,schedule of programming,we want to introduce a very special,guest we have our friend and fellow,racer,at a much higher level samantha tan,thank you very very much for joining us,oh thank you guys for having me,excellent and,we understand you were sitting in the,first corner at miami so we just wanted,to get your take on how the race was,from your perspective and some of those,moves you saw from well mainly,verstappen but obviously some contact,between schumacher and battle too you,had a front row seat for some stuff so,you want to tell us what it was about,for sure like im gonna preface by,saying i had the opportunity to actually,interview max and checko on the saturday,right after qualifying,so like normally im a die-hard ferrari,fan uh thats who i came to support but,then after interviewing them and getting,to know them a little bit i ended up,like secretly rooting for max and gekko,on sunday but yeah i was sitting in turn,one it was blistering hot and humid like,i did not come for peanut,um but you know i got to see all of the,action i mean watch the start obviously,max took the lead i think pretty early,on in the race did he yeah i think it,was lap nine or lap yeah it was lap nine,yeah okay so so pretty pretty early on,in the race um and then he kind of like,held or kept gaining time on um,on uh who was inside leclair,right,um and then yeah i mean,trying to deal with the freaking heat up,there but managed to see vettel get,absolutely bodied by makeshift walker um,which im sure was pretty frustrating i,dont remember who ended up getting the,um the penalty for that also i think i,saw,i think i saw alonzos little incident,as well,um,but yeah again a lot of action felt,super bad for uh norris at the end there,um,but again i mean it was it was like 33,34 degrees celsius with like 55 humidity,or something so i cant imagine,how,the drivers felt,um i remember talking to gekko the night,before and he was literally telling me,how,they were probably gonna lose two to,three kilograms of water and i was like,damn stay hydrated friends,so from a drivers perspective on that,like have you ever raced in temperatures,where youre like by the end of the race,or by the end of your stint because i,know i think you do 24-hour endurance,racing too so have you ever been in a,position where you know by the end of,the race or the end of the stint youre,just like completely exhausted and like,completely dead,well i mean,i train almost like five times a week to,prepare for these races um luckily a,majority of the races ive been in over,the past year internationally wise,havent been like,excruciatingly hot,um,mostly like yeah pretty like nice,temperature and like there is ac in the,car luckily,um but there was one race that stood out,to me last year it was a 24-hour,barcelona um our ac wasnt quite working,i ended myself and didnt drink enough,water before my skin i actually did get,heat exhaustion in my first sin i think,i only ran like an hour and a half but,they literally had to pull me out,because i was like yeah guys im feeling,pretty dizzy um,but again i mean like most of the time,you can just chug a lot of water and i,like feel fine um but there are times,when,you know,ambient temperature is pretty high i,think it got up to like 130 degrees,fahrenheit in the cockpit itself during,barcelona so,it was pretty brutal i will say,cheese yes thats,brutal,a little bit i mean asides from the heat,um how was the actual miami track itself,did you enjoy it i mean its new to the,calendar and it seemed like a pretty,good vibe there what did you think,yeah i mean it was packed and like as,you know like it was really really hard,to get tickets like leading into the,race theyre like im pretty sure like,grandstand tickets were selling for,something like five thousand dollars of,pops,i know paddock club passes were like 15,grand but overall i mean like they,brought they brought in a lot of like,celebrities and i think there was a lot,of like hype around the event i think it,was like pretty successful,um i will say it was still kind of a bit,unorganized um as it always is when they,go to a new track,um but overall it was it was pretty,pretty cool to uh be able to witness the,first ever miami gp to witness max win,after chatting with him on saturday,so how was that interview like what uh,what were they like like are they,completely different like off the,cameras or like what the media kind of,portrays them like,what uh what are your thoughts on them,yeah lets start im gonna ask you a,question what you what do you guys think,like first and foremost like of how like,their personalities are because im,pretty sure i asked kyle like before,going into the interview like how max,and check over,well let ryan start thats a good one,im gonna take a gap im gonna take a uh,i guess at this i would assume max is,polite but hes,hes quick he wants to get it over and,done with and when times up he wants to,go and i can see perez being the more,friendly one thats wanted to talk a,little bit longer thats obviously a,pure guess,thats honestly kind of the same vibe,that i get off of max like i feel like,hes just,constantly flooded with like people,wanting to ask him stuff and like im,sure hes like a nice like a genuinely,nice guy to like the people in his,circle i just feel like hes got like so,many people trying to ask him questions,and probably like the same questions,over and over that he just kind of like,just wants to get it done over with and,like,just kind of be alone a little bit and,then checko is very like,very social very excited like just a,happy camper overall,yeah i mean like i kind of had the same,idea walking into this interview and,like it was crazy when they first,arrived like the event was at uh jungle,plaza which is an outdoor mall and like,all of these fans that couldnt get into,the into the event were like on the,balconies and stuff like literally,yelling at max and checkout trying to,get their attention and it was like,crazy kind of hype around them but it,was actually the opposite in terms of,personalities max was so nice he was so,polite he actually wanted to talk more,he made the interview so easy for me,um but i actually i prefaced to them as,well i was like hey like im so sorry,youre probably gonna get asked the,exact same questions that youve been,asked all weekend,but no they were both like extremely,extremely polite very nice max was,actually like cracking jokes perez,actually thought was a bit more reserved,in terms of his answers um but overall,like a good vibe from both of,i actually got to ask them at the end of,the interview like if they thought that,if there was ever going to be a female,f1 driver in their lifetime and i think,i caught them off guard a little bit,um but overall it was an awesome,interview,yeah because i know that w series now is,starting to take a lot more popularity,and is getting a lot more uh like uh,media attention too i think like f1,literally just made a post like a couple,hours ago about jamie chadwick and i,think she won in miami for the w series,race or whatever it was so its its,nice to see that theres more uh more,publicity more action,on the female side of things as well,chadwicks also extremely dominant,correct me if im wrong shes won she,won both races that weekend actually so,yeah so i ill be honest like im not,super familiar with the w sears is it,basically like just the women driving,the f2 cars then,theyre f3 cars actually um,yeah uh i have a very strong opinion on,w series maybe thats a topic for,another time or if youd like to hear me,elaborate go ahead but yeah i think its,20 20 cars and i believe jamie won both,of the races in miami oh wow,i have a question sam for the listeners,i want you to plug it right now um where,can they find that interview with max,and checko so they can check in,and see it,i myself am still tryin

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The dispute that’s brewing over Andretti’s attempt to join the F1 grid

formula one may yet welcome a new team,in a couple of years with the first,hints that michael andrettis efforts,for a 2024 entry might not be in vain,since the powerhouse andretti racing,family failed to buy the sauber,organization last year it has set its,sights on starting a new team from,scratch and submitted paperwork to the,fia earlier this year expressing its,interest,f1 owner liberty media seems to have,opened the door to a new entry and,andretti himself conducted some,opportunistic paddock canvassing while,f1 was on american soil in miami last,week,now there are some hints that andretti,might have a chance of getting on the,grid and has been working on the project,while waiting for an answer,f1 has comprised 10 teams since mana,dropped off the grid ahead of the 2017,season,there have been multiple public,declarations of interest from,prospective entrance in recent years,though as liberty medias overhaul of,the championship has made it,increasingly appealing,the most substantial expression of,interest came from xf1 driver and,indycar champion michael andretti who,runs a multi-disciplined race team under,the famous family name,governor body the fia has so far failed,to officially respond to andrettis,inquiry from february while various,teams have made it clear they would,prefer the grid stays at 10 entries to,protect their revenue and the health of,the championship,in fact the fia even went as far as to,say it was not in a position to consider,new entrants at this time,but that was three months ago and,speaking in miami last week ahead of the,inaugural grand prix in the city liberty,top dog greg mafay opened the door to a,grid increase in the future,the president of liberty media said that,there is potential that f1 will increase,its number of teams over time but he,indicated it isnt a pressing concern,presumably referring to the likes of,andretti maffe said that a lot of people,would like liberty to take that step but,he reiterated that so far they have felt,no need to,weirdly mafee indicated that logistical,issues were a stumbling block as there,are places that dont have more than 10,garages but the reality is that,financial considerations are at the,heart of the objection,andretti is willing to pay a 200 million,dollar anti-dilution fee that would be,shared between the existing 10 teams to,help temporarily cover what they would,lose by another team taking a slice of,f1s prize money,but f1 the faa and most teams are,basically saying that this alone is not,enough,after the kovid 19 pandemic threatened,the survival of multiple teams and put a,huge dent in f1s own finances nobody,really wants to risk unsettling the,stability that has been worked hard for,in recent years,liberty negotiated a new concord,agreement in 2020 that revised the way,commercial revenue is awarded to the,teams addressing the biased payments,that some teams received and upping the,income the smallest teams had,mafe said that even f1s back marker,teams are now worth at least 400 million,dollars and said talk of billion dollar,team valuations has attracted investment,and interest,while this would seem to be an argument,for opening up the grid as high quality,prospective entries are presumably among,the interested parties f1 still wants to,shore up its existing 10 teams,thats why it keeps referring to them as,franchises keeping the championship a,close shot and encouraging any,interested parties to invest in existing,teams which just bumps up the quality,and security of the entire grid,but andretti hasnt lost hope and,theres a lot more to say on this,subject but before we get on to that we,want to invite you to let us know if you,think andretti should get into formula,one leave a comment down below give this,video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and,subscribe to our channel if you havent,already all of that really helps us out,and well reward you by making more,videos that we hope youll like in the,future,michael andretti wants his f1 team to be,called andretti global be based out of,the united states and use renault,engines hes so committed to this,project and apparently so confident he,will eventually succeed in breaking down,the door that work has already begun to,piece it all together,that includes preparing to break ground,on a new headquarters later this year,and having what sounds like a guaranteed,deal with renault for a power unit,supply,all of this despite no significant,progress being made since he submitted,that paperwork to the fia in february,outlining his intent and stating the,case for the entry,andretti was a busy man in miami last,week making full use of f1 being on,american soil,he had a short chat with fia president,mohammad bin salaam which andretti,claims was positive and further boosted,his hopes he will get his entry in the,end,so far there are no official signs of,that the fia has effectively reiterated,its position from earlier this year that,its not currently in a position to,respond to andrettis initial,correspondence or consider its approach,let alone commit to opening up the entry,process,andretti also lacks backing among the,current teams with the exception of,mclaren which is run by his friend and,business partner zach brown and of,course alpine the renault works team,in fact in miami andretti was seen,canvassing various team principles in,the paddock trying to gauge their level,of support and apparently trying to get,all of them to sign a document backing,his bid,unsurprisingly mclaren and alpine were,the first two teams to sign alpine ceo,lauren rossi who is ultimately in charge,of all of renaults works f1 programme,barely concealed his companys support,of the andressi proposal over the miami,weekend he said his gut feeling was that,the andretti entry would add something,to f1 although his official position is,to let the mata go through the formal,process at mclaren zach brown has been,the most vocal supporter of andretti so,far,speaking in miami brown reiterated that,mclaren remains supportive of an 11th,high quality team and he believes thats,exactly what andretti would be,michael andretti himself is an indycar,champion and xf1 driver while his father,mario was the 1978 formula one world,champion andretti autosport is a,successful organization competing in a,range of series most notably in indycar,this bid has lent heavily on that family,history and its u.s race in pedigree,from the beginning but it is also said,to have significant financial backing,and brown reckons it ticks the boxes of,being a credible racing team with the,right resources he also said that other,teams were simply acting selfishly even,though he understands why f1s history,with vulnerable underfunded teams may,provoke caution but at the moment there,are still several of those supposedly,selfish teams that are willing to stand,in andrettis way if they can,[Music],if this situation comes down to andressi,needing the support of all 10 existing,teams he will find that an uphill task,we mentioned earlier that the concord,agreement which sets out the commercial,terms the teams operate under has a,provision for an anti-dilution fund,this is the 200 million dollars required,to be paid by any new entry and would be,spread across the current 10 teams,it exists to effectively offer some,insurance against the teams having to,share the same part of f1 revenue with,an extra entry but as this one-off fee,only provides short-term protection f1,stakeholders all seem to agree that any,new entry would need to do more than,just pay this to be let in,basically someone like andretti needs to,make a compelling case that they would,add further value and boost revenue long,term mercedes boss toto wolff is the,most high profile person to say publicly,that andretti has not yet done this,his argument is that the existing f1,organizations have invested more than a,billion dollars over the years so they,should not be expected to risk diluting,their revenue unless they have been,completely convinced,and

GP Emilia Romagna de F1 Podcast Autosport

o,Olá a todos sejam bem-vindos ao podcast,Autosport desta vez para analisarmos o,Grande Prêmio da Emília romana a pessoa,dizer bem vamos dizer Grande para mim,muito mais fácil para todos e conosco,temos Pedro Mendes e Jorge Olá a todos,o Olá boa tarde está melhor tá lá vamos,então é mais de modas falarmos do Grande,Prémio de imola com uma vitória,Espetacular bastava depois deixaram,claro que ter dado um recital desta vez,foi a festa das Papas uma corrida em,grande o fim de semana Quase Perfeito,vagabundo,Jorge claramente a gente muda aqui uma,resposta afirmativa ao desafio que essa,gatinha lançar o Grande Prêmio da,Austrália,que é verdade a Red Bull desta vez que,menos carros os carros sempre ditaram o,rd viemos ao sair do carro conseguir mas,aparentemente frágil uma vez tinha,abandonado,o gastar e o Perry senão abandonados em,sakhir hoje vamos Rafa nem em Melbourne,estava lá era uma questão de realizarem,o carro muito embora hein O Operário,tivesse com quem,O filme é mais forte do que é Bull a,desta vez foi ao contrário até de burro,um carro piada a conseguiu obter alguma,vantagem para a Ferrari o que Deus,espera promessa,muito dinheiro entre eles Talvez um,bocadinho morrer a vantagem para a Red,Bull a jogo tu fez a diferença realmente,foi Acabei de chegar dos pneus,mercado dos carros da viu tanques era,mais eram manter um carro mais mais,simpáticos pneus cometia caro três mais,tempo sem,obviamente que não temos que ser que a,gente vou trazer um pacote de,atualizações que foi relevante para este,fim de semana o próprio é muito Marco,admitiu da o tempo que o grande grande,segredo desta Vitória esteve também no,pacote de atualizações por causa disso,Xavier ouvir Não é castigo não pode com,os dois pilotos da República Pedro e,[Música],ao longo do fim de semana sempre isto,que quer que havia o equilíbrio grande,em relação à rede pública a Ferrari ou,havia Salon,suspeita-se que a reconciliação aqui,mais forte quando as pessoas assistem a,trazer o,e,antes mais um outro também já está em,ordem também disse isso mesmo e o tomate,mas no se calhar no início no fim de,semana o primeiro treino não foi assim,que eu visito para isso a em,qualificação requalificação notou-se que,a Apple estaria um bocadinho melhor que,é Ferrari na Sprint acho que ficou ou,menos previsível quinta destruiu em,termos o desgaste de pneu a Red Bull tem,um pouquinho mais a volta a propaganda,espera um bocado impressão desculpa fica,um bocado a impressão que é Ferrari em,piso molhado tinha tinha uma ligeira,vantagem mas depois a gente ir cedo o,cenário para sempre e r a culpa se as,cartas mais usado,é,que os cara não concordo com isso porque,porque o,o Red Bull passamos sempre muito rápido,tanto Inter como é que pisou eles melhor,principalmente o que acontecer no,Ferrari e que não tinha dito antes ou no,aparecer os quilombos neste em piso,molhado como ele pessoalmente seria aí,mas mas acho que o Red Bull já tanto em,peso de ser utilizado a partir da,qualificação por ser muito mais rápido,ou pelo menos mais competente nenhuma do,que de que o Ferrari talvez aí,é muito bem a referir que vai estar para,responder a letra a web e depois de uma,uma uma grande exibição em Belo arrastar,para liderar a corrida todo consegue a,pouco consegue a volta mais rápido,e dá um passo importante na luta por um,tipo um passo que era necessário e esta,este Grande Prémio talvez tenha sido,muito importante para as aspirações do,Max verstappen do lado leclerc Caldas,vamos Vista a primeira vez este ano uma,facilidade parte lote mangás que Jorge,acreditas que foi a pressão que de,alguma forma acertou no quarto nessa,nessa presa,se,você quiser ação ficção acho que é,o Uber queria criar o segundo lugar e,foi atrás dele,e arriscou e a responde vazia não não,sinto que ele tenha sido opção de buscar,o segundo lugar porque,gostar gostar em primeiro campeonato e,necessidade de de,perder os pontos pediu para ver se tapa,do que terá sido mesmo,sentido podia ir só se lugar e para isso,há risco a responde Mas e aí é que eu,erro com pelo na frente alta a rua acho,que acabou por ter sorte até ficar lá,acho que em 90 porcento dos casos as,pessoas ficam lá e eu aconteceu,continuar Mas,que são sete pontos sonhamos sete pontos,Que diferença entre o sexto lugar,incriminou e o outro lugar em que,poderia terminar assim sem problema,nenhum e e e determinantes no final do,campeonato e,jogo O Edson produto que que é muito,comum próprio acho que vai aprender com,isto,e Mas qualquer das formas sobre o,estrago está feito e como escreve,simsimi Geraldo isso no final do ano já,sou obrigada a desassociar nest neste,ponto as nesse falou de diferença de,maturidade da costura entre o tanque,vertical basta aparecer um bocado mais,impossível cueca um pouco mais cerebral,digamos assim nesta corrida se calhar,temos uma os papéis inverteram-se Vimos,um Clark é cometer o erro e ele vai,estar ao pagamento por força da gestão,começar a fazer aqui uma corrida,perfeita acreditas que que este,incidente não belisca o,a press aspirações de klerk mesmo é a,hora que eu tinha a conta dele ser um,piloto já preparado para o seu pedido,e eu acho que essa resposta vai ser nada,com a forma com ele vai reagir a este a,este,acidente este isto aí sim é isso,acredito que eu agora em Miami para ter,muita pressão subiu ele vai ter que,responder isso aconteceu hoje,E aí,daqui a qual é a temperatura para o,conhecimento é se olharmos para trás,para açúcar para a sua carreira vemos,por exemplo o em mãos em 2019 tinha o,óculos as cores diferentes mas tinha,voltas e o ano que nasce e ele tempo e,perturbaram meu lugar e ganhou ganhou,fornecida por um eu eu,considero que ele tem a capacidade para,reagir de uma forma positiva a esta é a,eu,aconselho que eu passo aqui agora mas,nós vamos ver não é que o tatu aqui para,1l que é muito mais,denso do que metade qualquer outro,título note mylista a todos Joice sobre,sobre eu ela queria aqui na ponta,Ferrari carrega neste momento existem,ações da Ferrari,por afinar o monte uma onda que eu,costumo dizer entre a muita pressão,sobre ele tudo Considero que este,difícil de hoje não foi esse dessa,pressão me atende eu já disse da,Essência dele querer Carlos que lugar,mas agora vamos ver como é que eu vou,esquecer esquecer alguns dos pontos de,interesse para o mundo inteiro,e,qual é a tua opinião sobre sobre esse,tema considere as que o parque tem tem,surf para lidar com a qual o teu tipo ou,acreditas que vai estar para neste ponto,mas quando tem a vantagem do seu lado,por já ter a experiência de uma luta,muito intensa com óleo de coco exemplo o,ano passado,E se o resultado para além terá a,presença do ano passado está mais,tranquilo e ele próprio disso lá no,início do ano e alcançam carinho por já,ter por já ter conquistado o título,mundial é possível que a mais para,frente acho que concorre com com Jorge,lá mais para a frente Possivelmente do,opção de ter que ganhar o campeonato do,mundo,possa se isto continuar assim como tá,possa aperta um bocadinho completo mas,acho que para já não vejo não vejo o que,deletar vou sentir tanta pressão Até,porque eu espero que a fase mais negra,do carro sem passe e eu tenha,com uma competição interna para resolver,também por isso não será a pressão do,campeonato exatamente carabina de,pressão do próprio colega de equipa a,de dentro de dentro da terra,e ainda bem que tocas no almoço Carlos,tem mais uma vez que os mais azarados do,fim de semana mas antes disso tanto eu,como o Sérgio férias apesar de terem,tido um início e fim de semana -,positivo conseguiram recuperar bastante,bem caro na corrida Sprint e obviamente,que recebem comida não conseguiu fazer,muita coisa mas o pênis nesta corridas,tem novamente com em bom nível Pedro a,achas que,ficou provado que este fim de semana que,o os teóricos número dois da Ferrari tem,de facto de qualidade para colocar,impressão no São João 10 e e as várias,equipas naquilo que pena,e antes mais quer dizer que disseste que,eu toquei no local sarros não sinto que,Ricardo Sanc

Leclerc wisselt in Miami van motor, Ferrari komt met nieuwe MGU-K | GPFans News

goedemorgen lijkt erop dat je alle clare,komend weekend voor het eerst dit,seizoen van motor gaat wisselen niet uit,noodzaak maar vanwege strategische,overwegingen,richting het weekend in miami,tot nu toe heeft leclerc en probleemloos,seizoen gehad na drie races had hij twee,racen school mijn zou geen concurrent,max verstappen twee keer uitvallen en,puntloos blijven in imola ging leclerc,onder druk van thatcher is echter voor,het eerst in de fout maar toch heeft hij,nog voorsprong van 27 punten om max,verstappen die in imola met red bull wel,heel erg goed voor de dag kwam,en dit lijkt ferrari ook gezien te,hebben een ferrari had al aangegeven dat,er komend weekend update zouden komen en,maar jij meer zal dit betekenen dat,ferrari voor het eerst dit seizoen,updates gaat toepassen tot nu toe is er,weinig redenen voor ferrari geweest om,de auto te verbeteren aangezien de tot,imola eigenlijk beschikking had over de,snelste auto van de great ferrari gaat,volgens de italiaanse tak van motorsport,punt com een nieuwe mg uk meenemen,richting miami iets zal gebeuren samen,met een aantal andere updates,bijvoorbeeld ook de achtervleugel deze,zal een stukje kleiner zijn dan vorige,raceweekenden decleir krijgt daarnaast,volgende website ook een nieuwe motor,niet omdat de problemen zijn hoor maar,vanwege strategische en technische,redenen en waarop zijn vorige motor wat,beperkingen aangebracht,maar goed daar is in de prestatie en de,betrouwbaarheid van de out van de,afgelopen raceweekenden hij heeft het,wel laten zien dat dit niet nodig is,zijn deze beperkingen nu door ferrari,weggehaald goed de motor van de eerste,die resus kan nog wel gewoon door de,clare gebruikt worden tijdens,bijvoorbeeld trainingen,ook zullen er nog meer updates volgen,zoals onder meer de i see you en de,batterij en die moeten allemaal gebeuren,voor de deadline in september die,vastgesteld is door de via je kids een,ode aan heeft de laatste sector in miami,vergeleken met een formule 1 circuit het,formule een circus rijst dit weekend af,naar miami voor de eerste campri van het,jaar op amerikaanse bodem het circuit,rondom het hardrock stadium is speciaal,voor de formule 1 ontworpen en het doet,sommige rijders een beetje denken aan de,baan in saoedi-arabië maar de afbetaling,koor vergelijkt met een familie circuit,waarbij de veel krappe en smalle bochten,zouden zijn,ik heb de baan op de simulator gereden,en de eerst twee sectoren zijn vrij snel,met een aantal middelhoge en hoge,snelheid bochten,sector 3 is wat ik noem een formule een,sector met erg veel krappe bochten en ik,denk dat het over het algemeen een,interessante baan lijkt te worden om te,rijden ondanks de nieuwe autos verwacht,synode niet heel veel in acties ik denk,dat het leuk wordt hoewel inhalen,misschien moeilijk wordt dus we moeten,ons goed kwalificeren aldus je kies een,ode aan,ja goed dan nog even de tijden schema,met je door te nemen het weekend wordt,morgen om half negen in de avond,afgetrapt met de eerste vrije training,en om half twaalf is het dan tijd voor,de tweede oefensessie,zaterdag is het tijd voor de derde en,laatste vrije training om zeven uur in,de avond,en om het zien uur kunnen we genieten,van de kwalificatie grandprix van mij,mee wordt zondag 8 mei om half tien in,de avond verreden was hem dan het geen,vers nieuws van de donderdagochtend voor,dit een leuke video laat het even weten,in de commissie onder het geeft je ook,zeker niet te abonneren dit kanaal

Verstappen Laat Zien Waarom Perez Altijd In Zijn Schaduw Zal Staan | Podcast

zolang het seizoen op voorhand leek de,dure zo snel was het ook weer voorbij,wat door de Grand Prix van Abu Dhabi,zijn we aan het eindgekomen van het,Formule 1 seizoen van 2022 die werd,gedomineerd door een Max Verstappen en,Red Bull Racing leuk dat je weer,luistert of kijkt naar de 42e aflevering,van dit seizoen de Formule 1 podcast van,Racing News 365 mede mogelijk gemaakt,door dl mijn naam is Joris mosseldijk de,host van deze podcast zoals gebruikelijk,is ook weer Formule 1 kennen Ruud,dimmers aangeschoven Ruud hoe voel je je,over het feit dat je eh komende twee,maanden gewoon je weekenden weer terug,hebt,eh raar dat is zwarte gat zo dadelijk,invallen hè dus Maar ik denk dat we,gewoon met met drie een beetje,gezamenlijke troost moeten hebben dat,kijkt om begint ook al emotioneel aan,zijn hoofd te wrijven,12 uur s middags hè Ja maar ik denk,gewoon dat wel eens Formule 1 uh,verslaafde gewoon onze slaaf Moeten,blijvenderen deze winter en dan komt,best wel goed dan gaan we doen vorige,week was hij nog zo ontzettend druk in,Nederland waardoor nog niet te pakken,kregen in de podcast Maar hij zit nu in,het zonnige Dubai was zondag tijdens de,race nog in Abu Dhabi en maakt nu wel,tijd voor ons eh hoe was de race gister,uh Tom Ja was hectisch maar dat kwam,Merle dat ik heen en heel liepen vanuit,het Paddock naar de tribune waar wij,zaten dus eh ja ik eh ik heb wat litjes,vochten daar verloren maar wel was de,rest natuurlijk heel mooi om mee te,maken omdat het gewoon heel veel,Nederlander zijn ehm ja toch die tweede,plek Dat was toch ergens zon klein,beetje spannend gaat hij wel helpen gaat,hij niet helpen Heeft hij er wat aan ja,weet je dat was eigenlijk maar voorbij,de Focus op lachen want één ding was,zeker Max was gewoon openmachtig en die,verdwenen aan de horizon,We gaan een beetje leuk want vorig jaar,hadden we natuurlijk eh de tranen de,beide de zenuwen inzinking van Tom,Coronel live op tv weet je wel thuis Ik,ben toen inderdaad 3 jaar minder oud,geworden maar gelukkig hebben wij eh,daarna heel veel mensen stil,tonbes eh ja dat eh ik was niet de enige,laat ik het nog even zo zeggen goed maar,eh het was een ander gevoel weet je was,natuurlijk ook kampioen ehm ik ging er,nu echt met een rustig gevoel ging erin,en dat was vorig jaar niet zo en toen,hadden we natuurlijk die ontknoping die,we nooit meer onder zijn meemaken en dat,dat is dat kan je niet beschrijven en ik,ben blij dat ik blij ben geweest Ik ben,er blij dat dit jaar was lekker chill,ben je de volgend jaar ook weer bij,laatste race van seizoen Grand Prix,Ik ben bij meisje die ligt hier nu in de,kamer hiernaast eh maar die eh Ja die,vond het wel leuk dat we altijd één keer,per jaar minstens naar een Grand Prix,gaan en en je ziet het achter me bedoel,je hier beneden is het allemaal echt zo,ontzettend mooie wij zitten op de palm,op het begin van de palm Ik zit op het,heeltun eh hotel daar Ja het is zo mooi,hier heb je hele mooie strandtenten,hiernaast zitten dus ja voor je partner,die ook mee is ja die vindt dat ook wel,heel erg leuk ik ben eh zaterdag en,zondag naar het Spie geweest vrijdag,weer ben ik met eh aantal relaties,hebben ze hier een bootverhuurd zijn we,gaan varen een beetje om de palm heen Ja,dat eh ja weet je het geeft net even dat,extra sfeertje weet je dat zeertje wat,je hebt Monaco eigenlijk ook al dat hebt,weet je wel een beetje die glitter Die,Glamour weet je dat Nouveau richardige,maar dan heel ehm heel heel nieuw weet,je Monaco heeft natuurlijk die glitter,Die Glamour met niet Story en dat is,hier natuurlijk is hier geen historie,want nu zie je achter me er wordt hier,weer die wordt weer gebouwd,op eh de 25e verdieping of niet Je kan,inderda 30% investeert kan je een,appartementje nemen en dan hoef je pas,over 10 jaar of je pas de rest te,betalen Ze maken hier allemaal hele,aparte deals Ik heb er iemand gesproken,die hier ook woont die zegt ook Ja maar,hij staat dan alles leeg Hij zegt Nee,het zijn residents adressen dus mensen,die dan hier wonen en die moeten hier,minstens één keer in de 3 maanden moet,ze hier zijn en dat is het dan geloof ik,Oké weet je trouwens eh eh Tom wat het,grote verschil is dus eh Dubai en Abu,Dhabi Ja volgens mij is het is het,gewoon een familie eh Thats It maar ik,zag het hele ik wilde zeggen in Dubai,houden ze niet van De Flintstones maar,in Abu Dhabi Doei,jongens Wij gaan naar de sorry mensen,Als jullie willen afgehaakt zijn het,niveau dus eh is niet heel hoog Hij,heeft vooral de reizen vis het,coronel.com en dan gaan we nou even over,Formule 1 hebben,[Muziek],[Muziek],Wij gaan naar de stellingen eh dat is,natuurlijk de allerlaatste Grand Prix,geweest maar er gebeurde natuurlijk ook,heel veel daarvoor laten we eerst wel,even gaan naar het het hoofd onbewerp,van de afgelopen 9 dagen de eerste,stelling is namelijk eh Verstappen deed,het maximale ontchenko te helpen Ja ja,hij heeft hij heeft hem een klein,sleepje geven en ik kwalie Nee er staat,1 en 2 eh daarmee heeft checken alles,een handen om eh het cadeautje uit te,pakken in de race heeft hij ook denk ik,op sommige fases wel een klein beetje,ingehouden om te zorgen dat checken ook,een beetje op die twee seconden bleef,dat hij Ja net wel die to heeft net die,paar tiende meer pakt alleen ja wat eh,wat moet je niet meer doen checken we,checken heeft het zelf checken doet het,inderdaad gewoon helemaal zelf want ehm,Max die heeft hem nooit in de weg,geweest en inderdaad gewoon echt op,sleeptouw genomen en als ik bij Max de,banden heel blijven dan zouden ze bij,checken ook heel moeten blijven en daar,was heel duidelijk in de race eh zat er,natuurlijk een probleem,checko kon niet de pezen rijden die mag,re constant met die banden aan het,verzonden Weet je hij wordt echt,eigenlijk op sleeptauwgenomen op een,gegeven moment Tsjecho die moest afhaken,die moest dus voor die twee stoppen gaan,ja zeker die eerste stint die was eh die,was eigenlijk om te huilen in één keer,waar ze banden gewoon weg je gaat alles,gewoon goed voor elkaar je had drie vier,seconden voor op eh op de Claire en dan,denk je dan zie je die rond de tijden,instorten en daarmee ging eigenlijk hele,plan ging eigenlijk een beetje ja onder,zeep en dan kunnen we die twee stoppen,te staan alleen het is wel een beetje ja,de story of tsjechos Life weet je,iedereen zit bandenfluisteren hier,bandenfluisteren daar en dan stond het,drukker volop en dat hoor je ook naar de,rand bij bij Red Bull wordt weer Hij,heeft het zelf gedaan Max die regel een,fluitend,Ja ja ik stond naast Jos toen inderdaad,Christian Horner aangelopen kwamen want,naast de races eh heb ik eh de hele tijd,bij Red Bull gezeten en daar zag je heel,duidelijk Christiaan was het heel,eerlijk over niet te geloven van Max,heeft gedaan Ja we hebben alles,geprobeerd op check hotel en eh ja heel,makkelijk Max hield zijn banden heel,checken niet,Het was ook nog natuurlijk een beetje,net op het einde van de race eh,natuurlijk eh de kleine die reed door,die ging niet naar binnen press ging wel,naar binnen kwam steeds dichterbij eh,hij werden op een gegeven moment,opgehouden door jukic door eh Pierre,cassi moet ik zeggen ehm volgens,brekeningen zouden het eigenlijk maar om,1 2 3 10 te gaan die er verloren perecht,Zal het zelf over een dikke seconde Nou,ja reken je dikke seconden door Dan had,je erop uitgekomen dat pressers in de,rest was gekomen of ergens ik,zie rutaal niks meer Joris weet je wat,het is Kijk dat jij het bij iemand,anders zoeken hè Je hebt eh 350 km de,tijd geld om je 2e plek naar huis eh te,harken ehm even pers zelf in je eerste,stint hè Oh mijn bakke was ook gewoon,kristal eh,Elder Rover zeg maar van,Ja jouw paysje hebt teveel van die,banden gevraagd in het begin van het,eigenlijk nog ineens nodig was eh,Daarmee kom je zelf zeg maar in dat,hoekje dat je een beetje die klappen,gaat krijgen en dan vervolgens dan zie,je dat de rest eigenlijk ook niet eh ja,weet je de laatste stint bij Max was het,zo van we gaan maar hoe ver bekomen en,dat was ook bijna klaar zo en Max zou op,

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