1. Aventon Aventure Review | Fat Tire E-Bike (2021)
  2. Aventon Aventure Fat Tire Electric Bike Review
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Aventon Aventure Review | Fat Tire E-Bike (2021)

hey everybody my name is sam gross with,electricbikereport.com and today we are,taking a look at the all-new recently,released event and adventure fat tire,e-bike now this is a ventins first time,building a full-size fat tire e-bike and,its really impressive theyve done a,great job of putting a 750 watt rear hub,motor from the fung in the back a larger,than average 720 watt hour battery,thats really nicely integrated into the,frame and you can just look at it they,built a really nice looking bike today,were going to put this bike through a,series of tests that will demonstrate,how quickly it slows down how quickly it,accelerates how it climbs hills and how,long it will last on a single battery,charge so stick with us and well see,how this thing performs,so for a sub 2 000 bike eventin has done,a really good job of giving you a lot of,bang for your buck with the adventure,starting from the top down we take a,look at the specs here so the display is,an lcd backlit color display and of,bikes that weve tested at this price,point this has got to be one of our,favorites at ebr its color it has lots,of cool little features like it tells,you how much carbon youve saved and how,many trees youve saved it tells you,your speed and then the really big deal,for us is the fact that it has a,percentage-based battery readout so,instead of having a little bar,telling you how much battery you have,left itll actually tell you almost,exactly how much battery you have left,and in our range testing we found that,that percentage readout was very,accurate it was really helpful figuring,out how much further you could go,moving on to the brakes you have bengal,hydraulic disc brakes that do a good job,of slowing you down also the grips these,velo rubber grips and im going to put a,special emphasis on the fact that these,are rubber,something that a lot of bikes are doing,right now especially fat tire full-size,bikes just like this one is theyre,putting these,faux,stitched leather ergonomic grips on them,which they look really nice and under 90,of riding circumstances theyre really,comfortable until your palms get sweaty,and as soon as my palms get a little bit,slick that faux leather becomes very,slippery it gets tough to grip so its,super awesome to see a ventin putting,rubber grips on this bike that is,something we always really enjoy to see,the seat is also really really,comfortable its branded as a vent in,were not sure who makes it but it is,custom made for them,event and seats are just theyre very,nice for comfort seats theyre large,theyre flat theyre supportive uh you,can ride this bike for an extended,period of time without getting any sort,of numbness or discomfort were a big,fan of the seats moving on to the,drivetrain,you have some shimano acera,seven speed drivetrain,really great setup pretty standard for a,bike of this price point we have really,no gripes with it it does its job well,so powering the adventure is a 750 watt,the fung rear hub motor again this is a,pretty standard motor that we see on,full-size fat tire e-bikes of this size,but theres something that eventon has,done here with this motor that has made,it just exceptionally fast this bike is,class two thats how it ships thats how,a ventin advertises the bike but inside,the settings in the display its really,easy to change to a class three which,gives it with pedal assistance so no,throttle up to 28 miles an hour of motor,assisted speed this thing is just fast,its really torquey its really fun to,ride it has no problem clipping along at,28 miles an hour and uphills which,youll see later our hill test which is,on a pretty remarkably steep hill the,thing climbs like a mountain goat its a,great bike the battery is a little bit,larger than what you see on some of the,competitor bikes in this same category,its 720 watt hours 48 volts 15 amp,hours thats a pretty sizable battery so,it gives this thing a pretty good range,i wouldnt say it gives it a range,thats necessarily a leg up on its,competitors but it does exactly as,advertised and well get a little bit,more into the details of how this thing,performed in our real world range test,later in the video the eventin also has,a really nice integrated front headlight,thats controlled by the display you can,turn it on and off its just the push of,the button and then in the back which is,really cool inside the left side,chainsaw which is the side that cars,would be passing you on if youre riding,in a bike lane theyve embedded a brake,light which is just a really cool,feature theres a lot of little things,that event has done on this bike that,make it just really awesome to ride and,then the version of the bike that we,tested came with optional racks we,really dig the racks theyre an add-on,if you choose to buy the bike the front,one has a 20 pound weight capacity the,back one has a 55 pound weight capacity,and it also comes with fenders metal,fenders which is a huge deal they are so,much quieter so much stronger and they,actually just look nice and solid so it,comes with kenda fat four inch tires,again really nice tires from a name,brand we love to see name brand,components on these kind of sub two,thousand dollar budget bikes,it has a,cadence sensor that will tell the motor,when to turn on and off and in addition,to that a speed sensor that also kind of,gives you a little bit of added uh added,engagement speed it it works well so,tying things together at the front of,the bike and taking the edge off on some,of the rougher terrain that weve ridden,on is an 80 millimeter zoom suspension,fork does a really nice job of kind of,just smoothing out the road smoothing,out some of the light off-road riding,that this thing is going to be capable,of its a really nice fork one thing,eventon has done a great job with this,bike is making it just solid everything,fits together really really nicely for a,sub two thousand dollar bike and a,ventons first shot at building a,full-size fat tire e-bike were,incredibly impressed in the type of the,amount of value that theyve been able,to pack into this thing,so stay tuned and well show you just,how it does out in the real world,[Music],so to talk about the adventures handling,we came out to a spot that we actually,think this bike would be perfect for,were in a campsite this would be a,great bike for people who are trying to,get into the outdoors,maybe youre not quite ready for a,mountain bike maybe youre not really,interested in mountain biking,but you want to get out in the dirt a,little bit,this would be a great bike for that just,like what the the name is the adventure,its supposed to sound like adventure so,as a full-size fat tire e-bike,its not going to handle super well and,really tight single track thats why we,say its not quite a mountain bike its,its a lot of bike the thing weighs,almost 75 pounds but that weight,shouldnt really scare you off as long,as youre out kind of in the open on an,open bike path open road open dirt road,it handles really really well and it,handles its weight really really well,its a fairly snappy handling bike but,because of those four inch tires and the,geometry its really stable feeling its,really confidence inspiring you can go,around corners with plenty of amount of,speed and you can also go through rough,stuff with plenty amount of speed,youll see in this video i wrote it on,some mountain bike single track and it,held its own fine probably wouldnt be,where i i spend most of my time on this,bike but it did it just great,so quite possibly the biggest thing,weve noticed about this bike is how,just stable and put together it feels,quite often especially under that two,thousand dollar price point what we can,kind of consider are value or budget,buys,you get bikes that just rattle they make,noise they they go over rough things,like its rough it shakes you around a,little bit the event is this really,smooth ride and its quiet it feels very,bolted together and solid im gonna,almost get really repetitive he

Aventon Aventure Fat Tire Electric Bike Review

whats up everyone this is samson from,electric bike journal and im here to,talk about the event on aventure fat,tire electric bike this is a class 3,pedal assist bike that will get you up,to 28 miles per hour with pedal assist,and theres a thumb throttle thatll get,you up to 20 miles per hour,it has a 720 watt hour battery,integrated nicely into the frame and,that powers the 750 watt rear hub motor,that has a peak power of 1 130 watts,this is an 8 speed bike and that is all,controlled by the thumb shifter that is,on the right side of the handlebars this,bike has a cadence and a speed sensor so,the cadence sensor will sense when you,are pedaling the bike there is a nice,color display integrated on the,handlebars and that shows you a speed,readout a battery percentage readout and,also an odometer to show how far youve,gone out of the box this bike comes set,up as a class two e-bikes so thatll,only take you up to 20 miles per hour,but once you download the app to your,phone and you scan the qr code on your,bars and sync that all up youll be able,to unlock this to a class 3 bike and,thats how you get up to 28 miles per,hour the app is cool because it has the,same information you have on the display,so itll show your battery percentage,your odometer your top speed and you can,also share some rides on there on their,social platform that they fill on the,left side of the bars you have the thumb,controller and this is where you access,the different pedal assist modes and,theres an information button where you,can run through the different,information on the display and theres,also a button for your headlight and,your tail light that is integrated onto,this bike the tail light is super cool,it is integrated into the back of the,frame and when you hit the brakes it,acts as a little blow brake light in the,daytime but when you have the headlight,on that brake light will always be on,this fat tire bike comes with 26 inch,wheels with four inch kenda tires and,that really helps give you that nice,plush comfortable ride that people,expect when youre on a fat tire bike to,help with the comfort and the cushioning,of the bike it is equipped with a,front suspension fork with 80,millimeters of travel and that thing is,just awesome when you start hitting some,dirt roads with a few rocks in there and,its even really great on the bumpy,streets standard on the bike are the,front and the rear metal fenders and,those cover the four inch tires nicely,the brakes on this bike are hydraulic,disc brakes and those have 180,millimeter rotors on the front and the,rear it also comes with a nice big,kickstand on the back of the bike so you,dont have to lean against a tree or the,side of a building and have the chance,of it tipping over there are also,options to get a front and a rear rack,so if you really want this bike to be,super versatile you can get either of,those to help carry loads around the,town the estimated range on this bike is,51 miles per hour in pedal assist one,and 19 miles in pedal assist five and,were definitely getting around those,numbers but it really all just depends,on the terrain and the situation so,thats going to be different to each,rider and how fast they want to get,somewhere how many hills they want to go,up and how mellow they want to take it,this bike comes in weighing at 73 pounds,so its not a light bike but the battery,is removable so you can remove that,battery if you have to go upstairs to,charge it there is also a step through,model of this bike so it makes it a,little more accessible to everyone the,event on adventure is just under 2 000,at 19.99 so youre really getting a lot,of bang for your buck we had a lot of,fun riding this bike and everyone who,wrote it just had a blast and i even had,some people that havent ridden a bike,in a long time and they got on this bike,and they were just blown away and i,think it changed their perception of,wanting to get back on a bike again and,just having that little bit of pedal,assist really made them want to get,outside and go ride the bike even more,lets take you on a ride to show you,some of the features that it has and we,got to ride it in a variety of,conditions from rain dry days city,out on some trails and even got a nice,little snow ride out of it going to go,through a quick loop through the,neighborhood to show how the pedal,assist works and the speeds it gets you,to and,right now im in zero,the throttle doesnt work in zero and,im in the lowest gear and cone up hill,and its,not so easy so lets get going,okay,got us in one,gets you to,just under,10 miles an hour,so lets get lets get going were going,to,click up a few gears,mellow our cadence out,two,well call that 13.,okay lets go to,three gotta shift up cadence picking up,since were getting some more speed,three gets us,im really pedaling 17 and a half,oh yeah youre still,getting a workout,its not a free ride up the hill,even though youre getting a assist from,the,motor,make this turn,lets get it up to four,okay four gets us,to 21.,which is quick 21 is good going uphill,we did a road race around this course,and,on a regular bike and i was not going,anywhere close to 21 miles an hour,so this is,solid for going uphill,tires hold well on this wet concrete,could be slippery but the four inch,tires you know get a lot of rubber on,this mint,were gonna get a little,little straight away here,click us up to five,you can really feel it pushing to want,us to go faster when youre in five,make sure to stop at our stop signs and,its about to click down but,learned a little trick is,get that throttle,get you going a little bit,get some speed and you can change your,gears to the right gear that you need,so since were going uphill,five,can get us to 20.,but it really shines when its flat,or you got a nice downhill,we got a downhill coming up so well see,what top speed we can get,lets hit it,here we go,its nice having the front suspension,with these bumps,definitely dampen some of this,the bumps in the road,gives you a better ride,all right so i was 28.,well continue down gets a little,steeper here,see if we can get this thing to,30. i think we can get it there,dog obstacles,go still pedal it push it hard,33.,people probably think its a motorcycle,coming by from these big tires,it feels stable,bikes heavy so it handles like a,motorcycle a bit,lets take some dirt,this is where this thing gets really fun,these fat tires really hold up,a little jump,suspensions good,its definitely not a mountain bike but,it does,its really fun to take on these,packed dirt roads and,some gravel roads if you need to,little tree tunnel,the brakes stop this bike really well,too,coming in at,73 pounds,and some decent breaks,a little dog obstacle,snow day in april got the event on,adventure gonna see how it does in the,snow,here we go,fat tires holding up,kind of plow right through the,somewhat powdered snow which is awesome,i aired down the tires a little bit to,get a little more traction,probably not,the best for,efficiency in the flat streets but i,want to get as much traction as possible,in the snow,yeah i could see this being difficult on,a skinny tire bike you can see one track,ahead of me its kind of squirrely all,over the place,little tree tunnel,its a big tree that fell,no problem,okay another one,i dont think these trees are ready for,the snow,lets see if we can ride through it,oh,no definitely not riding through this,one,oh all right so spikes a little heavy,but,feels stable,hopefully you dont have to do this too,much,lifting it over trees,here we go,more down trees,okay shouldnt be under here then,lets flash through,lets get to the stairs,go down some stairs get back in the open,so we dont have a tree fall on us,okay,all right weve had this bike for a,little bit now and put it through a,variety of riding conditions and i even,had a few other people ride it to let me,know how they feel,and off the bat we just love how the,bike looks just a good looking bike from,the paint to a bunch

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Hey, guys Im Alastair,from Trail & Kale, the gear review website and YouTube channel.,So today I am taking a look at the Aventure from Aventon,and this e-bike is quite something.,Its built to go over pretty much anything because its got these really thick,four inch fat tires on the front.,Also, its got suspension on the front, so it gives you,a nice comfortable ride.,It is an absolute beast.,This one here has eight gears.,Its also available in a step through version.,So that means youve got a much lower frame.,So for anyone with mobility issues then that would be the version to get for you.,This e-bike also has plenty of levels of assist.,Five levels in total.,What that means is, as you’re stepping through your gears,,you can also step through motor assist so it makes your ride much easier,and youll find,you can get up much steeper hills than you would normally be able to.,And for that matter, matter, youll be able to go much faster too.,And that takes me to the top speed of his bike, which is 28 miles,per hour, and its got a range on average of about 45 miles.,So thats really good.,And one thing I really like about the bike is that it,does have a throttle, which you can see here on the front,of the left handlebar.,So you push that down and youll just be away,and you can quite easily hit top speed with that.,So whats the Aventon Aventure like to ride?,Well, its tons of fun.,Like I said earlier, you can go over anything,so you dont really have to pick the bike for the terrain with this bike,,because you can literally ride it on gravel, dirt trails, light trails, roads,,concrete, cycle paths, anything you want to this bike would fit you very nicely.,So its a pleasure to ride.,Its very comfortable.,Its got a very wide saddle, as I said earlier, as well.,It does have suspension, so it takes out that,hard ride that you might get without it.,And the fat tires are brilliant.,So with fat tires, you dont want to pump them up all the way.,You want a little bit of give in there.,So it gives you extra kind of,give on the trails.,You know, its a little bit of bounce and a little bit of absorption of the trails.,So one of the things that I also like about his bike is its,probably the one that most people comment on.,They either say, Oh, cool e-bike,or they just want to know what it is because it is unusual.,Its one of those slightly bigger utility ebikes.,But yeah, it just draws attention to people.,They want to know what it is and I kind of like that.,So before I go into any of the features,,I have also written and created a video,review of the Aventon Soltera 7 e-bike.,Go check that one out after this review.,Its a very different bike, so I think thats definitely worth,watching as well, if youre looking for an e-bike.,All right.,Lets get into some of the key features I really like about this bike.,As I mentioned earlier,,its got the throttle here so you dont have to pedal at all.,And you can literally just zoom off with this throttle when you need a little rest.,On this little control panel here, you can see the power button.,Thats how you turn the screen on over here.,On here, you can also use the headlights that turn headlight on,and also the rear light down here,so you can see thats on now. Now,,this bike also has brake light functionality.,So when I push either of the brakes,,that light goes on and off.,So thats a great safety feature and I like that theyve added down,this bike – so it’s all complete with the bike.,So its not like you have to buy lights separate as an accessory.,So thats great value there.,Also on this dial youve got the plus and minus which controls the level of assist.,So you can have no assist from the motor or you can have five.,So there are five,levels of assist – five being the fastest.,And that will just take you flying when you pedal, which is great fun.,Over here on the right handlebar,,you can see this is where you do your gears.,So youve got eight,gears on this one and thats great if youre not using the assist because,youre going to need them for going up hills on a heavier bike like this.,And its very effective. Its great.,Going back to the dial here, the “i” in the middle, that is for switching through,the settings on the screen.,So thats how you get your max speed, calories burned, trip,time, total distance.,All of that can be found on here.,It also shows you your top speed on there too.,So theres obviously a kickstand at the back here too.,Thats pretty essential for a heavy bike like this.,And you want something sturdy that can hold this bike up and,keep it off the ground when youre not using it.,So this is where the battery is on the Aventon Aventure electric bike.,To actually use the bike, you do have to push this button.,So if youve just got one,and youre wondering how to actually turn the screen on and the bike on,,you have to push this button first,and you might not be able to see but it actually goes blue.,Thats how, you know, the battery is activated.,This is where you recharge that battery,in there.,So you can actually remove the battery and charge it too,which I will demonstrate now, unlock and then it pops out.,This is the battery.,So this battery is actually pretty heavy.,Its pretty huge. Its got to power a heavy bike.,And thats how you get these 45 miles,and that power out the bike is coming from this,So thats probably most of the weight of the bike,as well.,Very easily clipped back in there, you push it and its locked,and yeah thats the battery.,Looking at a saddle it has a quick release clasp here.,Very easy to use.,You can drop the saddle, raise it as necessary.,Should you have another rider who needs to use the bike?,It does have fenders,,and for fat tires like this, which youre probably gonna be using on a lot of dirt,,youre going to need these,to keep yourself nice and clean if youre commuting or generally,,if you like to be a clean person then its nice to have fenders.,But one thing I will say about these fenders is,there is a little bit of rattle,in there,,Im not sure if that is my bike,if something isnt attached properly.,And to be honest, its something I could very easily fix,because it seems to be in here,,but thats something I could,just put some rubber or tape in there just to stop the vibration.,Or of course I could just take the fender off if I didnt want it.,But like I said, I like to stay calm on some riding as much as possible.,So thats the only thing I would say.,Maybe the downside of this bike is a little bit of rattling,and also there’s a touch bit of rattle,in the kickstand as well, while I’m riding.,Okay, youre,probably not going to get a bump like that on your ride, but you can see,it could use a better mechanism,to actually lock that in place when its up.,So aside from the fender thing I mentioned earlier and the kickstand,,this is generally a very high quality bike.,You can tell by how everythings been crafted and put together.,The quality of,all the mechanics on here is just great.,The bike does cost $2,000, so you kind of expect that.,But I think for a bike thats this powerful,and this versatile, like I said, it can go on pretty much anything.,And with a range of 45 miles and a top speed of 28 miles per hour,,I think youre kind of getting good value for money with that.,It seems very durable as well because youve got these huge tires. So,,yes, Im going to give this one a thumbs up.,Its definitely worth those $2,000.,And there is a discount on the at the moment at aventon.com.,So definitely go check that out.,You can get a discount on this bike at the moment.,Okay.,So Im not going to do a demonstration,of what the bike’s like to ride kind of top speed, acceleration.,Maybe you just use it with throttle as well,and hopefully that will give you an idea of noise levels of the bike.,So lets get to it.,First off then,,Im going to use just the throttle,,here we go.,So as you can see that its pretty quick and that’s literally,just the throttle, I didnt pedal at all.,So you can imagine being abl

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Aventon Aventure electric hardtail MTB! (complete review)

i have always loved the aesthetics of,event and e-bikes,so i was thrilled when they offered to,send me this adventure,for review it is brand new for 2021 and,it is eventons,first foray into a true electric,hardtail mountain bike,it combines beauty and brawn into an,eight,speed fat tire e-bike with an integrated,battery,and a hub motor capable of peaking at,over 1100 watts,it sustains 750 watts means that its,classified,as a class 2 e-bike which means that you,can write it most places where,non-e-bikes are welcome thats really,important to the writing that i do on,nearly a daily basis,the adventure is intended to allow you,access to more,adventuresome riding without cutting you,off,from the kite and writing that youll,find on bike paths or paved greenways,eventon has a well-earned reputation for,offering higher spec components than,found on many,similar e-bikes so its not surprising,to me that the adventure comes with,things like hydraulic disc brakes an,8-speed drivetrain controlled by,a shimano rapid fire shifter the list of,upgrades doesnt end there,though making the adventure a very nice,step up from,many popular multi-terrain e-bikes,eventin,also sent me these racks about halfway,through my evaluation,which is why youre not gonna see them,in my product close-ups that are,going to be coming up i always shoot,that footage first thing,right after taking a bike out of the box,and putting it together,because i will never get an e-bike as,clean as the day i put it together,once i do the kind of writing that i do,and as youre about to see,the adventure is perfect for the kind of,writing that i do,[Music],the event in adventure is a fat tire,hardtail e-bike available in three sizes,to fit most riders from five foot one,to six and a half feet tall this is the,camo green but you can also get the,adventure in,fire black ventin is known for its,beautiful frames with integrated,batteries and this adventure carries on,that design feature the 48 volt,15 amp hour 720 watt hour battery is,removable and is made with,samsung lithium ion cells that is big,enough to provide an average 45 miles of,range from the efficient hub motor,capable of a sustained 750 watts of,power the motor peaks at up to 1130,watts to power you up steep climbs or,through sticky mud,like many other e-bikes the adventure,ships as a class,2 e-bike with both throttle and pedal,assist limited to 20 miles per hour,however you can remove the throttle to,meet class 1 regulations or you can even,boost the top pedal assist speed to 28,miles per hour per class 3 regulations,settings are changed via the full color,lcd display which can be used by itself,or paired with the event and app on your,apple or android smartphone,more on the app later in the video the,control pad allows you to choose between,five levels of pedal assist with the,thumb throttle giving you access to,motor power when you dont want to pedal,or when you want a little boost above,your pedal assist setting 180 millimeter,rotors sit inside,bengal aries 3 hydraulic disc brakes for,strong stopping power with good,modulation the two finger brake levers,cut power to the motor when pulled,regardless of pedal assist or throttle,position a shimano acera rear derailleur,shifts between the 8 speed,12 to 32 tooth cassette the excellent,shimano acera rapid fire shifter,is a huge functional improvement over,the thumb shifter more typically found,on sub 2 000 e-bikes most importantly,its finger and thumb triggers give you,quick access to your desired gear,without requiring you to shift your hand,off the grip 170 millimeter crank speed,the 46,tooth chainring with alloy pedals,provided by firemen despite the beefy,appearance of its fat tires and battery,gobbling down tube the avengers total,weight is a class,typical 73 pounds the integrated battery,moves more weight over the front tire,compared to mid,or rear frame mounted batteries damaging,that weight is a zoom,forgo springer fork providing 80,millimeters of travel,with your class typical preload,adjustment and lockout 26 by 4 inch,kenda crusades provide the traction,event and went with the black wall,version forgoing the reflective sidewall,in favor of,spoke mounted reflectors this definitely,gives the adventure a more rugged look,though anyone planning to ride on public,roads at night should leave the easily,remove reflectors in the spokes,typical the e-bikes in this category the,adventure includes a headlight wired,into the main battery however a tail,light is,integrated into the left seat stay which,means it will be visible whether or not,you load up the optional rear rack,the tail light also doubles as a brake,light to warn drivers and other riders,when youre slowing and stopping the,saddle is made especially for aventine,by velo the most popular oem brand and,e-bike saddles it doesnt have a,built-in handle but the wide rear,provides plenty of space to get a good,grip when you need to the adventure,comes standard with front and rear,aluminum,fenders though the coverage is more akin,to what youd find on a typical mountain,bike versus the larger fenders common to,commuter e-bikes the same components are,found on the step-through version of the,avenger,except instead of three frame sizes the,step through comes in small medium for,riders from four foot eleven to five,foot seven,and medium large for riders from five,foot eight to six foot two,both sizes are available in the same,green camo i have,plus a striking red adventure,assemble like most e-bike companies,event and ships their bikes nearly fully,assembled with the tools required to,finish the job however the tools a,venting includes are much higher quality,than typical,including a nice sized axle and pedal,wrench that makes getting the right,amount of torque on these important,fittings much easier than with the tiny,folding wrench normally supplied with,e-bikes this is a pre-production unit,sent to me as media that had a little,bit more assembly to it than the bikes,regular purchasers get namely the rear,fender should be pre-installed and the,front fender fully assembled and ready,for installation,just as shown in eventons excellent,assembly video,not counting the time it took me to do,those parts of assembly that will,already be done for the general consumer,i spent about 25 minutes getting the,adventure assembled and bars adjusted,for my preferred riding position you,dont have to be especially mechanically,inclined to assemble the adventure,yourself i recommend watching the,assembly video if you have any doubts,but know that even if you decided that,point to contract assembly out any,competent bike shop can do it for you,eventon ships the adventure,as a class 2 e-bike with pedal assistant,throttle,limited to 20 miles per hour but,they give you the ability to change that,so this can be a class three e-bike,where you can ride those you can also,remove the throttle,if youre riding in a place thats,limited to class one e-bikes,pretty much everywhere i ride its class,two e-bikes and below,so this is perfect for me one of the,first things that i get to test,with a new e-bike on this test route are,its brakes,and ive said many times that mechanical,disc brakes are fine for most people,these hydraulic brakes are absolutely,noticeable,as a step up,its not technically in being able to,provide,more stopping force because its the,same pads,the same discs one of the biggest,differences is,these are hydraulic from the levers all,the way down to the pistons,and so you dont have any cable stretch,you dont have any friction,that you have to overcome with your grip,and providing that,braking force and so,these hydraulic brakes allow two-finger,braking,with the same power as might take me,three fingers to generate a mechanical,disc brakes,thats really nice this is an eight,speed,with a shimano rapid fire trigger,shifter,which i love i really cannot stand the,thumb shifters,that come on a lot of e-bikes because i,hate having to shift my grip,in order to downsh

Aventon Aventure Fat Tire Ebike 2021 Review

my biggest gripe with this bike is the,name i i just cant say it eventon,avenger event an adventure no its the,eventin adventure,[Music],over the last few years fat tire e-bikes,in particular have become really popular,today were going to be reviewing a,sweet fat tire e-bike called the eventin,adventure im here with andrew here on,the highline canal trail its a,beautiful day andrew tell us about this,amazing bike the ventin adventure,features,massive 26 by 4 inch kenda tires its,got a 750 buffon watt motor and with a,peak power output of 1130 watts it,features a 48 volt battery system with,15 amp hours so its a 720 watt hour,system and this thing rips it comes with,a class 2 e-bike but you can unlock it,the stated unlock speed says 28 miles,per hour but ive actually got it to go,32 miles per hour so i love this thing,because i could pick up speed really,fast yeah im going to do a,speed test on this a vent in adventure,ive got to unlock its only going to go,20 throttle but,it will go faster when i pedal so lets,go,lets see how fast its going to hit,pedaling,so yeah the max it says online says 28,miles per hour so,impressive that its going to 32.6,looks like mid 33 so,where are we at speed wise we hit 32,four miles per hour over the stated,speed limit,were going to keep riding its a,beautiful day here on the highline canal,trail it is its going to take us around,denver and so at our next stop were,going to talk about things that we love,about the event in adventure,[Music],all right so this is a rugged looking,bike it just looks really good i love,those big fat tires andrews going to,tell us what he loves about this bike as,jimmy was saying the fat towers is what,i really love its a beautiful colored,display the display actually has,bluetooth connectivity so you can,connect it to an app it also shows you,your carbon offset and also how many,trees you save all right i need to know,more about this carbon offset what is,this carbon offset yeah it just says,your trip co2 reduces ive reduced 11.6,kilograms and i saved 0.9 of a tree so,if you just cut off a tenth of a tree,thats how much of a tree ive saved,today so just on this ride that weve,done yep okay exactly the carbon offset,i love the cable management too a lot of,times e-bikes can look like a spaghetti,mess in the front so this has pretty,good cable management thats ran through,the,tube but whats really awesome about,this is i i dont love that cables,around to the tube if you have to fix,anything but all of these actually have,components that you can connect on there,so the connector on the rear motor has a,big gauge wire that you can actually,disconnect if you have ever have to do a,tire change or replace the motor where,most of the time you have to try to find,it connected to the controller which,becomes a very big pain in the butt,lets see the wiring that youre talking,about okay yeah so normally what you,have here is,in order to do a tire change you just,have to pull off the tire and let the,motor cable hang and try to avoid the,motor cable at all times whats really,incredible about this bike is you dont,actually have to remove the controller,you just actually have to undo this,threading right here and you can pop off,the motor right there and pull it off so,its really easy to pull off the motor,cable,um and its a higher gauge wire its got,great suspension in the front it is a,hardtail it does have a removable,battery a lot of times you look at,e-bikes it almost looks like theyre,pregnant with the battery sticking out,of it this one you dont actually see,the battery its integrated into the,frame and you can pop it out to charge,inside your house the other thing i love,about it is how fast this bike can pick,up to it can go up to 32 miles per hour,the stated max speed is 28 miles per,hour so i do enjoy that i can go a,little bit faster because i am a speed,demon theyve done really great jobs on,the weld jobs and theyve also done an,amazing paint job on here weve never,seen a light integrated into the frame,is that a brake light as well yeah its,a brake light so it gets bright if you,have your lights off it just turns on,with the brake lights and while were,down here,one of the things that i really like is,this kickstand this kickstand is beefy,and it just looks rugged,fits the entire look of this bike weve,had scooters and bikes that look really,rugged look really tough and it comes,with this little wimpy kickstand not the,case with this this light looks so dinky,weve seen bigger lights on e-scooters,on other e-bikes but this light,outperforms the bigger lights it was,incredible i was blown away by how,bright this was compared to like the,aerial rider the aero rider grizzly has,a big light on it and this competes with,that big light,you can connect it to an app as well and,in the app is where youre going to,unlock the speed setting on there you,cant actually unlock the top speed from,the display you have to connect it to an,app show us the cockpit and what we can,expect when we sit and ride in this bike,so this is different theyve moved the,throttle on most e-bikes you see the,throttle on the right side or scooters,this throttle is actually on the left,side and its a thumb throttle you have,the controls itll tell you like your,calories burned your trip time tell us,about the quality of the ride ride,quality smooth even though its a hard,tail it really rides like it has full,suspension just simply because of how,big the tires are and you roll over,everything,i saw my wife trying to go up this curb,i was like,yelling at him like hey curb curb curb,and she just went right over and shes,like it wasnt that big i was like,actually it was a real size full-size,curb you just didnt notice it because,of how big the tires were but there is,some downfalls too and well talk about,that when we get to the next stop,[Music],were gonna talk about the things that,we dont like about this bike andrew,what are some some things you dont like,about the event in adventure the number,one glaring issue that i have is how,much of a delay there is with this ped,with the pedal assist and also with the,throttle it has a cadence slash speed,sensor which i really havent been able,to get full clarification on theyre,typically either cadence or torque,sensors this one has a cadence speed,sensor and either way they both have,delays as soon as i smash down on the,throttle it takes about one second for,it to actually go as soon as i actually,pedal it takes about a second and a half,to actually pick up on the pedaling,which i found other cadence sensors have,been actually better so there is a delay,right there,[Music],i think you need to be careful about,on ours it came with the sun face,shifter and a derailleur so that is one,issue that um a lot of people are having,theyre expecting shimano parts but,didnt get it and they were really upset,youre not always going to get a shimano,shifter on it or a derailleur although,it has suspension although it has,massive tires and i can jump it off of,pretty much anything when i jump it the,fenders rattle a lot,on other bikes that people have received,theyve actually had a chain protector,on the rear that protects the chain from,when it bangs on the paint our bike did,not come with that so just know that,sometimes the bikes arent coming with,that chain protector these do have,pretty low pedals so when you go take a,tight turn and your pedals down a lot,of times youll actually scratch your,pedal so instead of having your pedals,like this when you take turns you want,to kind of be like this to try to reduce,your pedal clipping on the ground you,can use the pedal assist and go up to 32,miles per hour but the throttle maxes,out at 20 miles per hour i do wish that,i could use the pedal or just the,throttle to go up to 32 miles per hour,if i didnt want to pedal the throttle,does not work when you have pedal assist,at zero its not really a huge turn off,but sometimes with me i dont even like,to use

Rad Power Bikes RadRover 6 Plus vs Aventon Aventure | What Fat Tire Ebike is Best for You?

hey everyone ryan from ebike escape and,in this video were going to be,comparing the event in adventure to the,rad power bikes rad rover 6 plus so,lets get into it,[Music],before we get into the comparison if you,are looking to purchase one of these,electric bikes and you do find this,video helpful id really appreciate it,if you use the link in the description,before you make your purchase as it,makes videos like this one possible,thanks in advance and i have a big long,list of things im going to talk about,and then towards the end of the video,were going to do some riding footage,and since i know there might be some,very specific details that i miss out if,you own one of these electric bikes and,you want to highlight a different,comparison that i may have missed please,let me know and help others who are,looking at both of these electric bikes,with that lets take a closer look of,our comparison here on the left we have,the eventin adventure step through this,is the electric red which is more of a,cranberry red in my opinion and then of,course we have the gray high step model,rad rover 6 plus one thing i wanted to,point out is pricing so both of these,electric bikes are currently priced at,19.99 i am getting this video out right,before black friday and eventing is,currently offering 100 off their,electric bikes and you can actually get,additional 100 to spend at a later date,so basically 200 off of course that,extra 100 off is going to be great if,youre looking at some of these,accessories you can see we have the rear,rack on there and rad power bikes has,been running a sale throughout november,300 off two electric bikes and you can,use the referral to get a hundred,dollars off and i do believe they are,going to have a black friday sale as,well so that will be all updated in my,black friday deals page also linked,within the description but as i record,this in november 2021 both of these,electric bikes at their regular price is,19.99 lets get started going through,some of the comparisons now these are,all things that i have personally dug,into these are the more important things,that i think you should consider if,youre looking at these electric bikes,and if youre looking for me to give you,an answer by the event in versus the rad,power bikes sorry im not going to be,able to do that in this video what im,really trying to do is give you the,information to help you make a decision,thats right for you because i do think,both of these models are very compelling,and you can decide as were going,through the comparison what bike is,really the better fat tire e-bike for,you first off lets talk about weight so,the event in adventure lists a weight,capacity of 300 pounds which is higher,than what rad power bike states by 25,pounds so 275 pound capacity on the rad,rover 6 plus now one of the big,considerations is of course the,electrical components so the event in,adventure comes with a 48 volt 15 amp,hour battery and it is nicely tucked,into the frame as you can see here it,actually comes out of the side i really,think this is a super clean battery,design and of course this integrated,battery is much different than well,find on the rad rover 6 plus now on the,rad power bikes rad rover 6 plus we do,have their new battery so the rad rover,6 plus was the first model that they,introduced this semi-integrated battery,so this is a slightly smaller 48 volt 14,amp hour battery so you are getting more,capacity on the event and adventure and,on the adventure youre also getting,that nicely integrated design though i,am a pretty big fan of the,semi-integrated design i think it looks,still pretty good and i really love how,this battery pops out and its super,easy to handle with just one hand and,you can simply put it back,in the bike like so as far as charging,goes all rad power bikes models come,with a 2 amp charger and you get a 3 amp,charger with the event and adventure so,going to charge your battery up slightly,faster now pretty much all electric,bikes on the market today come with,these slow chargers usually i see two,amp chargers i have seen a four amp,charger but usually two to three is most,common lets talk about motors this is,obviously something that a lot of people,pay close attention to so the rad rover,six plus has a new motor in it from rad,power bikes they basically improved upon,the previous generation of motors on,some of their other models for better,hill climbing ability but it is still a,750 watt peak motor now on the event in,adventure we have a 750 watt motor that,peaks according to a ventin at,1130 watts this is a buffeng branded,rear hub motor and another important,distinction is the event in adventure is,advertised as a class 3 electric bike,which means you can go into the app and,change the top speed now in my riding i,did full reviews on both of these,electric bikes so you can check out,those if youre interested in the hill,climbing ability and things like that,now the top speed i was personally able,to hit on the event in adventure was 26,maybe 27 miles per hour i was testing,this with the gps during my full review,and the rad power bikes rad rover 6 plus,comes shipped as a class 2 electric bike,and what that means if you arent,familiar is a top speed of 20 miles per,hour with the throttle as well as pedal,assist up to 20. now when i did my,throttle only test on the event in,adventure the gps speed was reading only,18 or 19 miles per hour i did find that,the event in display was reading higher,than that but the gps speed was reading,18 or 19 whereas with the rad power,bikes i was definitely hitting that 20,miles per hour and of course to remain,within the current regulations the,throttle on the event in adventure does,not help you after that 20 mile per hour,mark after 20 miles per hour youre on,your own to hit that 26 or 27 miles per,hour so without a doubt i would say the,ventin adventure has a more powerful,motor given that it peaks much higher,but i will say the rad rover 6 plus with,its new motor still has pretty,impressive power especially on the hill,test so took these bikes both up the,same hill the rad rover hit a minimum,speed on throttle only of 11 miles per,hour and the event in adventure hit a,minimum speed of 12. now of course,theres other factors i rode these bikes,on different days you have tire pressure,so i would say hill climbing ability,throttle alone they were actually pretty,similar which is a bit surprising and,you can see that footage for yourself in,my full review one thing to be aware of,comparing these electric bikes is those,throttles the rad power bikes all their,models actually come with right hand,twist grip throttles i actually prefer,the twist grip throttles other people,prefer some throttles it is a user,preference so just keep that in mind and,of course with the rad power bikes you,also have these faux leather grips now,lets go ahead and take a close look at,the event in adventure throttle so left,hand thumb throttle i just find with the,thumb throttles if you are using them,quite a bit your thumb can get a little,bit tired and people who are perhaps,coming from a motorcycle background,definitely prefer the twist grip on the,right side because thats obviously what,theyre used to now the event in,adventure does have these really nice,velo locking grips definitely prefer,these to the faux leather grips that can,sometimes move around after a lot of use,on the rad power bikes models since,were in the cockpit here thought i,would talk about the brakes so both of,these bikes have hydraulic disc brakes,much nicer than mechanical that come on,many electric bikes of course these are,more premium electric bikes definitely,expect hydraulic disc brakes on bikes in,this price range so we have zoom,hydraulic disc brakes on the event and,adventure and on the rad power bikes red,rover six plus at least the one i have,these are nut hydraulic disc brakes now,i find both of these brakes perform just,fine i dont think stopping p

The Aventon Aventure 500 Mile Review: The Good, the Bad, and The Ugly

i have over 500 miles on this avatan,adventure,and today in this video were going to,talk about the good the bad,and the ugly,im kidding theres,theres nothing ugly about this bike but,lets lets get into it,lets talk about the good,if you have one of these bikes you know,that wherever you go somebodys gonna,make a compliment about it because i,mean look at it,people love the way this bike looks its,one of the reasons why i fell in love,with it and another good part is this,bike is tough ive taken it on a,mountain bike trail,[Music],i mean ive wrecked it and as you can,see,it didnt go well and it still looks,and rides great,with this being my first e-bike that,ive ever owned matter of fact one that,ive only ever ridden,there were some things that i didnt,know about it that i know about it,now,and i think the best way to do it is to,just kind of show you,what im talking about,if you dont have any of the power,on i mean i have the power on but i,dont have it in any,pedal assisted mode,this thing having big tires,im being heavy,but definitely get a workout by riding,her around,the hydraulic brakes are awesome,except when uh,you know when you have to bleed them i,didnt take mine to a,a local bike store,and uh took them like two days,to get it to bleed right just any little,bubble and every now and again,i still have a a week,a weak brake brake lever,but that only happens for like a second,and then you get full power again and,you know with cables,you dont you dont get that that,problem or that issue,you have to have the bike and at least,pedal assistant,number one for the throttle to work,which would have been a nice feature if,you could just,have it on zero power and then whenever,you wanted to hit the throttle and make,it go but i get it i understand,i also notice that when i have it in,pedal assist mode,and youre youre pedaling along the,moment you stop pedaling,like the bike just kicks back it goes,slower so it doesnt just like release,and like freewheel it and like go into,like neutral,instead,you feel it like kick back,on you at least for a little bit and,then obviously,if youve ever ridden this bike you have,to torque it a little bit to get the,pedal assist to work im sure the other,ones are like that too but i feel like,the pedal assist part to fill the motor,kick in uh actually lags a little bit,but really i mean for the for what,youre paying for this bike its a great,value,lets talk battery life now i live in,the city of chicago so im constantly in,either pedal assist level two i spent a,lot of time in three and pedal assist,number four even sometimes number five,to keep up with traffic or to just do,something where i feel like its safer,to go faster,as opposed to going slower with that,being said the farthest ive been able,to go on my event,is 35 miles,and the bike says itll do 45 on a full,battery charge and i believe it will if,you spend a lot of time in like um pedal,assist level one or level two oh im,sure you can get 45 uh miles out of that,battery probably even farther ive seen,some im in some facebook groups where,ive seen where people have gotten like,60 miles on one battery charge on their,uh on their venting,and thats and thats awesome but for me,in like you know real world situation,the best ive been able to get is 35 um,miles out of out of a battery charge,with eight percent is what i had when i,uh when i finished the ride,thats for me thats plenty i mean i,spent a lot of time riding around in the,city so,who needs more than 45 miles on a,battery charge it could be you,and if so a vinton offers where you can,buy an extra battery for your bike,now,carrying that around you would have to,put it on the back like a luggage rack,or something like that but it is an,option so if you are looking about one,of these bikes and thinking about,getting it well,that is an option now theyre not they,dont come out that often theyre kind,of hard to get but they do have them and,when they do come out they let you know,speed on this bike is also a factor now,when we first got it it comes as a class,two and the fastest you could get it to,go was 20 miles an hour,i,tried to figure out how to get it to go,faster and only by luck did i realize,that you have to have the event app,from there you connect it to the bike,and then you can actually make it um,become a class 3 bike and go up to 28,miles per hour although ive had mine up,to like 31 if you pedal it really hard,while its in that in that configuration,i love the functionality of this bike so,not only can i ride it through the,streets of chicago but i can also take,it on some some wooded or gravel roads,and it just it just goes through like,butter when i think about it and the,cost of what this bike is this has been,a great purchase i ride this bike way,more than what uh i thought i would than,what my girlfriend thought i would and,um im gonna keep riding the heck out of,this thing i mean ive only had it for,like six months and i have over 500,miles on it and that includes a chicago,winner if youre looking for an e-bike,and you want something thats very,versatile and has a lot of functionality,for what the cost is,the event inventor adventure the eventin,adventure,is the way to go in my opinion and now,that ive given you my review,the only thing left to do,is ride

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