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  5. Aviation American Gin Review!
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Aviation Gin Review | Is Ryan Reynolds Gin Worth It?

aviation gin owned by former sexiest man,alive and overall dreamy movie star ryan,reynolds and in this video im going to,give you my honest review on his gin is,it worth your time should you pick up a,bottle is it a good gin and to answer,that i tried it three different ways,before finally giving you my thoughts on,if aviation gin is worth it so what is,aviation gin well aviation gin is a uh,gin that was originally created in 2006,in portland oregon and they call it an,american dry gin but the reason we all,kind of care about it is because in 2018,uh ryan reynolds became a part owner of,aviation gin and it started to explode,all over our tvs and on the internet and,thats how we got here i have a smaller,bottle here its a 375 milliliter but if,you get a 750 it usually costs about 22,dollars so not the most expensive gin on,the market um reasonably priced the,bottle is pretty sleek i like the way it,looks it,gives off this really like old-timey,kind of vibe kind of like almost maybe,pre-prohibition or like 1920s in a way,its a nice bottle its sleek its,pretty right lets get to tasting it so,i am going to taste this gin in three,different ways i want to be able to,taste this in applications rather than,just by itself um because i think that,different spirits they may not taste,that great on their own but maybe in a,cocktail or in a mixed drink they could,be they could do the job so first we are,going to taste it on its own though,all right so,so i do kind of get what they were,saying there by it being kind of an,american dry gin its not very juniper,forward you get just very very small,hint of juniper um and it is very dry so,theres almost no florality to this gina,at all really um overall not too,terrible tasting on its own um i know,people dont really drink gin on its own,but what can i say it doesnt taste bad,on its own next were gonna try the,aviation gin in a gin and tonic because,whats more classic for gin than a gin,and tonic so were gonna do an ounce and,a half of our aviation gin,right into our glass fill it up with ice,and then last but not least were going,to use fever tree tonic my absolute,favorite tonic out there and then were,just going to fill this up to the top,and cant forget a nice little lime,wedge,[Music],all right lets give that a sip,not bad i find that in my gin and tonic,because the tonic has kind of that,dry-ish flavor on its own i like my gin,and tonic with more flake a more floral,gin but thats just kind of a personal,thing smooth easy to sip refreshing and,nice served cold a little bit of lime,over the top pretty good pretty good g,and t if i do say so myself and so now,were gonna make a pretty simple gin,cocktail uh to see how the aviation,plays with other flavors in a cocktail,im gonna be making for you a bees,knees which is one of my absolute,favorite gin cocktails and its very,very easy to make and lets get to it so,were going to do three quarters of an,ounce of honey syrup,put that right into our shaker there,three quarters of an ounce of freshly,squeezed lemon juice,and then we are going to do two ounces,of aviation gin,[Music],lock this up and give it a good shake,all right so,now were going to grab our chilled coop,glass here and were going to double,strain,and now lets give it a sip,[Music],so not bad not bad it kind of gets a,little little lost in there because,because its such a dry,gin and theres not theres not much,florality or juniper to it it almost,gets lost in this cocktail uh you can do,taste a lot more of that lemon and a lot,of that honey it doesnt really feel,like the gin is complementing the,flavors all that much but it by no means,is bad its still a pretty good cocktail,with the aviation gin i just think that,it gets a tiny bit lost in a cocktail,even a simple cocktail like this so i,would probably prefer something a little,bit with a stronger flavor when if,making a cocktail like this but again,really not bad of a cocktail and its,not you could definitely do worse than,this in a cocktail and so now that weve,kind of gone over uh tasting it in three,different ways what are my final,thoughts on aviation gin is it worth,your time should you pick up a bottle is,it a good gin i believe that,for the price its not a badging at all,especially if youre not accustomed to,drinking a stronger flavored gin its,actually a pretty decent starting point,for the price that you can find it at,around to 22 its really not that,expensive its not gonna break the bank,for you to pick up a bottle and its,easy to drink it goes well with all the,different things that i said im just a,little picky with my gin i like things,that stand up a little bit more in,flavor but if youre really not,accustomed to gin i dont i think thats,a pretty decent starting gin its a good,starting point uh for it um i think that,if you love ryan reynolds and you want,to kind of support him,theres worse ways of doing it i mean,its a pretty okay gin its not bad its,not terrible id probably give it like a,six or a seven out of ten um i think,there is room for improvement but then,again i am a little picky but two of my,favorite gins that i should mention,which um are not all that much more,expensive than the aviation are escape,grace and st georges,escape grace and st george are two of my,favorite gins um they have a much,stronger kind of flavor theres a lot,more juniper in the,scapegrace and the saint georges,botanifor has some really awesome,botanicals but it is there more of a,take on the london dry style so,theyre both still dry-ish style gins,but they just have more flavor in my,opinion so i think that they stand up,better in all of those applications that,i mentioned in a gnt in a cocktail,theyre both owned by some pretty,awesome people,and i think that they do it the right,way so these are two of my,recommendations if you wanted to try,something outside of aviation but if you,really are one of those people who love,celebrity spirits and want to know more,about them i highly recommend you check,out this video i did right over here on,kendall jenners 818 tequila,and well catch you in the next one,cheers

Aviation American Gin review!!!

Oh gin lovers and welcome back to no,nonsense gin reviews with me Bobbie,Freeman now then Im very very excited,today because we have a very unique gin,point now not ever will recognize this,so let me introduce you ladies and,gentlemen to none other than aviation,American gin now this is really gaining,popularity at the moment not least,because its owned by the actor Ryan,Reynolds and thats right yet Ryan,Reynolds actually owns this chin II,didnt start it off but you bought it,because he tried it somewhere he liked,it so much he kind of weaseled his way,in as as an owner and to be honest when,youre Ryan Reynolds you know honey he,turns up to your tiny toon company says,Id like to help out why wouldnt you,and um I do a lot of research for these,kids before I make these videos usually,but I must say that this has been the,most fun research of any gin Ive ever,looked into because the things about,Ryan Reynoldss hes hes like its kind,of annoying because hes a really good,actor hes really successful super,handsome good-looking guy and annoyingly,hes really funny as well hes literally,got everything going for him and he they,have like a video on their website and,he does it and it completely takes the,piss out of himself and and of the,company its just its genuinely really,funny it said I could cool little comedy,sketch so get yourself on the websites,my first bit of advice before even tried,it its really really funny I love it,its great,so um Ill give you a little bit about,the background the origins that,companies were because its just kind of,fascinating really so its a little bit,of reading but just bear with me cuz I,think it needs to be done so at a party,in Seattle in 2005 bartender Ryan,Megerian or Mark McGowan not sure if Im,saying that right,was introduced to a summer gym by a,friend from Portland okay,struck by the subtlety of the gin with,less juniper he recognized it as a,movement away from the traditional gin,okay so a lot of jinns are very very,strong in that juniper and a lot of,people dont like that so theyve,already sort of they fly in the face of,that and they try to make a gym where,the juniper is kind of toned down a,little bit which I find really really,exciting Ryan had a growing interest in,classic pre-prohibition cocktails okay,when the spirit is centered and scent,and never mask so lets get to the old,top off shall we again as you can see,the seal is intact so Im trying this,for the very first time with you to try,and get the whole authentic experiments,do we have a core note weve got a screw,top okay so lets give this a go shall,we,or straight away oh my god its,something its very very different its,very different but you get a sense that,its gonna be strong were gonna be,right because it is 42% volume you,almost like get a sense of the grainy,sort of smell in there real it smells,like a real pure gin and Im really,excited about were not gonna do too,much sniffing it well I never like to do,too much nothing as you know so lets,get that in there,a little bit I think thatll be alright,Oh get a bit more of the tonic in there,right,so any porn mini gin and tonics on this,because I make a few videos and Ill be,completely wasted and my girlfriends,getting getting annoyed with me turning,up to our house all drunk and emotional,so give it a go shout lets see what we,go here we go this is the first an,American Jim Cheers,right oh my god that smell strong whoa,oh my god whoa Wow BAM right okay,right strap him strap in sit down dont,go anywhere because theres stuff going,on here this is this is gin if I could,paraphrase Captain Kirk this is Jim but,not as we know it its you done right,you do get a very sense oh my god you,get a real strong sense of it being very,strong this is that this is a hearty gin,with a lot of alcohol content as it says,and in the website it is smooth its,incredibly incredibly smooth I dont,think Ive had a gins,that goes down so easy and just so oh my,god why the only word is smooth it,really is its the best way that scares,you get like a past a little too harsh,and sort of smell just before you taking,just before you act,take the sip which almost makes you,think wow this is gonna be something,like a big punch in the face like a big,gin uppercut but then it just sails down,and then this relaxing its like Jim but,some of the dials have been turned up to,ten and some have been turned down too,when they just completely changed around,but its really hard to sort of discern,exactly what it is its kind of a,mystery my tits end in my brain to a,complete like sort of said that its,like a spirit doesnt know whats going,on its like its gin but what I dont,know I often talk about balancing,flavors I tell you what this is balanced,to like a scientific degree like theyve,used laser balancing or something,it is beautiful theres no weight to it,at all it just hangs in there and almost,floats its its really wonderful,I tell you what this has been so,interesting um if youre really into,jinns if you just starting off on your,gin ladder I probably wouldnt go in,this straight away try something stuff,first to get an idea get sort of a basic,sort of noise there but if youre really,into generous I guess you are if you,kind of watching this program this is,something for the connoisseurs I tell,you and its something different because,there is a lot of gin,that is very very similar these days,well because theres so much deer on the,market especially in this country that,youre gonna get a certain degree of,repetitiveness but if youre looking for,something thats out there and you,really know your gins and you want to,try something different something,exquisite this my friends is the fellow,to go for now I did stretch the budget a,little bit with this this was 34 pounds,and I always say you dont you shouldnt,pay more than that 30 pounds for a gin,but occasionally you know what something,is worth there and I thought to myself,well at that price it needs to be some,in special and by God by God yet blue,meanwhile is so my advice to you if,youre consider yourself any sort of,vans,vaguely advanced gin lover youve got to,get yourself some of this this is,awesome and also get yourself on the,website and watch the video because its,absolutely hilarious as well so ladies,and gentleman this has been a pleasure,to make this video something really,different with departing from what we,normally do here so this has been a V,asian-american gin get some get some now,Ive been Bobby Freeman this is no,nonsense gin reviews and Ill see you,next time bye bye,[Music]

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Irish People Try Celebrity Alcohol

celebrity alcohol,[Music],The Glitz and the glamor I have a,feeling this is going to be more like,the getting out of a car with a skirt of,like riding oh my God you saw my photos,oh I saw them and they changed me,[Music],Im feeling its going to be like were,gonna have,Ryan Reynolds gin Aviation gin that in,the mix Dan Aykroyd he has the Crystal,Skull Vodka right right and I its like,the coolest looking bottle ever its,like something like Connor Jones I hope,we get like a real mix of backgrounds,you know I want why are you so worried,Ive just seen you in these videos and I,know its fine Im gonna have a great,time I know that inherently when youre,excited it means bad news for whoevers,paired with you were gonna have a great,time I promise,oh okay Ive seen these before but I,didnt I wasnt aware there was a,celebrity behind this sea Rock snap,Frost vodka oh,suck of course this is um Diddy yes okay,who Hanks,this vodka offers a taste experience,that is lusciously different and,elegantly smooth if P Diddy says its,good then puff me up Daddy,oh,oh that shmode oh its delicious oh yeah,oh no my chest is on fire warm on the,chest but a warm on the P Diddys,how pricey does it feel I think it feels,high priced which is proof that the,Diddy partnership worked because it,wasnt did you laugh at me saying Diddy,in Ireland if you say Diddy it means,boobs these are titties boobs in Ireland,lets get struck tonight its a bit like,a bit souvenir shopping I dont like the,circle above the Ciroc eye of Sauron is,coming to like watch over it just by,Smirnoff instead yeah I reckon for the,ex for the price that this probably is,youre better off just getting smart,enough I drink that very smooth I dont,think thats straight yeah,yeah did he did it did he done and went,instead of a nice damn drink so we did,go Diddy no go go Diddy Go,[Music],this is a crazy turkey going around,hurting me bourbon whiskey good news,turkey that has a turkey on it,oh I know oh turkey is I have no idea,2016,.8 was hired as a creative director and,celebrity,all right all right all right Im trying,to do a question,Im on Wilson,foreign,oh my God I love him so much oh wow do,your best Matty,thats Owen Wilson,oh my God,oh Im thinking all right all right all,right thank you wow Ive had one drink,guess theres no its 50 and a half,percent,Id have to put the extra half percent,in there,oh now I have a challenge,okay I dont really like brown comes,that much but the ones that I like you,know how to lose Guy in 10 Days oh my,God youre Ive never not drank it,before the other person Ill tell you a,sec,its through this Renaissance where he,basically oh no it doesnt taste like,its 50 sometimes when you take a shot,you just need to like breathe like a,dragon you know,it burns its a nice bourbon but uh its,not its not Fireball which is the one,whiskey I do like,I never knew that he was behind the,brand I feel like I will reconsider what,are you talking about thats him right,[ __ ] there hes so massive hes such,a mess Im so mad that he is a turkey,gobble gobble gobble,I have a question is this one of the,turkeys that gets pardoned every year at,Thanksgiving youre [ __ ] doing a,great job youre knocking them back I,dont know what you were worried about,Im worried about the next step I have,because its gonna tip me over the line,I have a very I have a very fine line,where I can be like but I have to go,back down together,on see Im getting closer this one,definitely tastes more expensive this,one Im like okay I can understand why,you might be paying a few more extra,books because a celebritys face is,attached to it,[Music],no whiskey again oh hoax,what oh James no way The Pogues oh my,God,the official whiskey of the legendary,band oh brilliant Ive never had this I,really really wanted to try this they,even didnt need to go as far as 50 and,a half percent they just kept a nice,cool 40 because theyre that cool and,whos The Pogues thats the man who goes,wow isnt it thats him right,whos one of these people all right all,right all right cheers to Christmas Eve,in the drunk tank,[Music],I could only get half,oh my God,its Fab isnt it,no,thats lovely,oh no theres something in that is there,theres like,its high single Mall content makes it,very versatile and easy to drink it is,very easy to drink Im versatile and,also yum and easy to drink tall glass of,water oh I like boiled turkey better,wild turkey was definitely better than,we hate to knock the lads and a project,of Ireland but uh this is a bit shiny,now yeah and the cake fell over it yes,oh I finished before you for the first,time ever,and try history,is no longer the cute drunk one I am,okay well I guarantee you this is a,better method than during this all right,watch so take a little bit okay,brush your teeth Ive been too pretty,there you go,no still still Burns yeah I thought that,might happen,God thats so,[Laughter],its [ __ ] happened I warned you that,once I hit this line there was this news,did I get what the [ __ ] its okay babe,its not for everyone,I want to go home,I hate it here,[Music],clearly quit this and we talk and moving,at the big guns now were bringing out,the door,oh no okay the aviation was just some,Howard Hughes oh look at the lid on that,Aviator gin oh,as if you wouldnt,Ive had this before and you know what,Ive had this before on the flight over,to America theres an instrument this,whole thing no its not 40 its 42,thats a very important distinction,that is Fab I think I like this it was,very smooth it was very smooth the,spirits to me just mean burn and pain,this didnt do that for me Im like oh,my god what happened to you you drink,this in a robe having gotten the phone,call that your husband has died under,mysterious circumstances,Frederick oh no the brakes on that rolls,were always troublesome,usually were in youre trying to just,put it with tonic order and you might,add some Caravan pods you might add,grapefruit or whatever and then that,makes the flavor with this theres,already loads of flavor already in it,yeah it was so smooth this ones really,smooth I love this one finals I I have a,little bit more respect from but its,not just like Shilling like crap yeah,lets knock her back ready baby,so far its my winner this is so yeah I,totally get that its your favors,thats not intended its a,its a drink,Im just not a [ __ ],you [ __ ] I knew it was there kidding,Im kidding Im nice I want to go home,nice,no its gorgeous I just really like the,wild turkey never meet your Heroes never,meet your Heroes,[Music],[Music],because its only the most famous,celebrity drink in the world I never,even heard of it oh my God,I put this oh my God thats crystal meth,head this is thats so cool,oh my please tell me that Ozzy Osbourne,endorses this Im ready to do Bloody,Hamlet with this thing yes this is like,a last year York I knew him Horatio to,be here not to be that is the bloody,question you get a few drinks into at a,party right and then someone would have,taken like me to be like oh should we,put this,yeah,oh look at me Im in Indiana Jones four,Im just calling them oh my God this is,the this is the ink and Crystal Skull,is that what its based on no but I,really want to hold it now God damn it I,know I know I have the crystal skulls,[Music],youre just ready to go,learning about the drink are we are we,supposed to be trying lets go,[Music],[Music],oh Alexander Delight the bottle base of,the Paris shared fascination with the,legend of the 13 crystal skulls I,[ __ ] told you its to do with this,Christmas cook have you not heard the,legend yeah its Vodka its quiet its,meh its just it tastes the exact same,as like the Vodka formality if youre,gonna get something like that I wouldnt,order the vodka with skull on it it just,wouldnt appeal to me its gonna be,danger oh God was it warning us this,whole time I think the novelty of this,is the head youd buy it just to have,that and thatd be a Storyteller if you,oh look at me I have my head,I never would have thought this was,som

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Are celebrity liquors any good? (we try the best three!)

in our comment section we have a lot of,requests for us to try,celebrity liquors and so today,thats what were gonna do we have,terramon tequila aka the rocks tequila,we have aviation american gin ryan,reynolds and last but not least we have,conor mcgregors proper 12. im excited,honestly speaking i havent tried any of,these were going to start with ryan,reynolds aviation gin here first thing,about the bottle i like the shape its a,little bit different i like this little,tag here where he quotes its just vodka,uh if its wish or branded owner and,booze genie thats what he calls himself,so,its got a good smell smells good smells,clean yeah it does,whoa,taste is,if you like botanicals,or let me say if you dont like,botanicals stay away from this one that,is yeah thats thats piney im like,licking a pine tree over here i think,thats pretty good in my mind i like it,good im gonna give you a thumbs up i i,think a gin like this would be really,good in martini because theres not much,to a martini so you need some sort of,added flavor you know what i mean okay,pour lets just try something pour some,more in your glass so let me just try,something with yours now im just going,to take this im going to put this in,im just going to do a little,okay,good,dont be afraid,now does the,the lemon zest change it at all,for you,um honestly the smell is it smell you,dont even smell the gin anymore which,could also impact the taste thats my,point,it it almost does it a little bit more i,would say maybe its the ice melting,though okay i dont know all right so,thats my only point so when you take,to your point maybe you need to put it,in a cocktail yeah and you start doing,other things with it its more palatable,and you can enjoy it more so all that is,i didnt do anything but spray the zest,on there right give you a little bit of,listen ryan,you did good youre done good young,fella im proud of you when we meet and,i can shake your hand and well have a,drink together right,the next drink of choice taramana,rocks oh one second one timeout,i got something i forgot something,now what do i do,all right,lets get it going for the rock tara,manas represent tequila first thing im,gonna note is guys this bottle is,beautiful you cant feel this label,right now but its um,engraved almost another great thing to,note is he mentions the distillery the,nom right here so i think its pretty,legit has the nutrition facts on the,back thats pretty new you know one day,rock and i are going to do a workout,video together i really want to save the,workout video for me and you,but,if rock calls me,that smells nice,right im gonna do unique,to the man cheers,a little lighter than others,i smell what the rocks got cooking,thats smooth,thats smooth that is really i was going,to say the same thing it is smooth,smooth and ive seen the rock borderline,chug this stuff out of the bottle and,now i um now i know why,rocky done good whoevers helping you,giving you a hand im sure theres a,more than one person,behind this and youve got your face and,name on it really good thats good last,but not least we have proper 12 aka,conor mcgregors whiskey now first thing,to note bottle,pretty basic nothing too crazy about,this um decent label here,its traditional i mean it fits the,theme of what youre doing in the i,guess in an,irish whiskey i im feeling that,signed by the master distiller as well,as connor i like that its a cool touch,okay,all right i like the color its cool,well,first thing on my mind it is smooth its,cool on the tongue its easy,has very little very little but very,little i was expecting,something,with more smoke to it right theres no,theres no heavy smoke to this theres,not much to it but something in there is,throwing me off i dont know what it is,listen,i i cant i cant say anything bad about,this and im not looking to say anything,over the top unbelievable either about,it but,i im enjoying it its its its not bad,its certainly coming from you know,our whiskey experience and what ill say,is now my my palette of,of having a lot of varieties of these,im not even sure how much this bottle,is dont even tell me if its,inexpensive then its probably worth,its probably worth trying it i dont,think its bad do you think theres a,whiskey that i could buy from liquor so,that you wouldnt like have you ever had,a whiskey like wow yeah really oh ive,had plenty of whiskeys that just burn,the heck that they just taste like crap,no this is smooth i i so how much is it,is it really oh i got to tell you its,very commercial well its very,traditional okay,i,without knowing how much it was i didnt,think it was an over-the-top expensive,bottle,but this is probably a good way for,people to to start with the whiskey if,its 20 something 30 whatever it was,well good for you conor mcgregor and,thanks for not coming over here and beat,me up okay cheers connor i want to see,you roll on the mat with him and teach,this kid a little something hes a,grappler though,brazilian jiu-jitsu bjj come on lets,see what you got im gonna take you out,well suppose he said to you all right,well do it but no stand up because,stand up would obviously advantage him,what do you think he has a black belt,i know just im just hopefully,optimistic check over here because we,just did or not just that we did a video,a while back about kendall jenners 818,tequila so thats it for today guys,thank you so much for watching we will,be back very soon thank you guys that,was good

Aviation American Gin Review!

foreign,[Music],[Music],hello and welcome to kentucky brew,reviews im radar special k and tonight,we have some aviation gin yeah its an,american gin batch distilled with an,adventurous blend this is for spices,from around the world for people that,can fly 42 alcohol by volume or 80 proof,i like the bottle its very classy it is,i think you put that on like a,like a fancy little bar end table thing,i like this cat too what are you doing,im just admiring the cap actually its,got gnarling on it,[Music],its just because you know i hate it,when you do that i know,what are you doing,ive never seen im not entirely sure if,this is a screw cap or a pop there it is,its a screw cap ive never seen anyone,have this much trouble with a cap before,i thought it had i thought it was a cork,im trying to pull up on it its a screw,cap this it looks like it would be a,cork i kind of but there was no cork,inside of it well you know i you cant,really see because of the distortion on,the glass there but yeah thats what it,is,its made in our kansas arkansas im,sorry kansas regular campaign oh just,regular kansas okay not the arkansas,uh its me its distilled from grain oh,portland or kansas,well in the work yeah we dont know,which one,so if you didnt know this is that uh,this is a celebrity i dont know if he,owns it or he endorses it,but ryan reynolds,oh yeah,yeah uh deadpool,deadpool yeah from the end of that one,movie um uh x-mens origins yeah yeah,yeah also green lantern,had his mouth sewn shut,up oh yes green lantern was the best,suit ever hes the best green lantern he,was like so buff for that movie,so good then you gotta do a lot of,working out to uh to fit into that suit,uh smells like jen,its,kind of medicinal which is kind of how,jen is its more medicinal than,a typical jet typical genius its very,junipery little pine this ones got like,a medicinal quality its got a lot of,pine to it not as much junipers i,thought it was going to have but,it smells great,again like i said 20,25 ish bucks,thats thats actually pretty good,i wasnt expecting this to be great,since its like,its main thing is that its celebrity,owned,um,its kind of weak as far as gym goes it,doesnt it has its very clean,ill say that,um it doesnt have any harsh burns it,doesnt have any harsh alcohol flavors,in it see for me most gin is you cant,drink it straight i could actually drink,that straight and be happy about it it,doesnt have much of a sweetness light,juniper like pine up front,tiny bit of medicinal quality to it but,its,straight ive had better shred,i,i havent had a whole lot better,straight i do,i do gotta say though theres not a,whole lot of gin that i would drink,straight and be,okay with myself,that actually doesnt doesnt hurt to,drink straight theres a lot of gin out,there that hurts to drink straight,like a lot,how would you feel if ryan reynolds,actually watched this review,and the first thing he said was,i mean its just one of his best roles,i am im proud of him for,doing that entire movie with a straight,face,uh that was impressive,um,im gonna go with a,five and a half straight i think its,just slightly above average im gonna,give it a six i uh,i think this is a this is a totally,serviceable gen straight,um,it doesnt have anything bad in it at,all but also theres nothing thats,particularly amazing or wow theres no,wow factor yeah its not its not super,stand out yeah and im fine with that,uh,i think itll make a really good base,i think i think the uh the score is,going to go up substantially,now we debated on using um tonic water,and lime but we decided we only do one,ingredient so we just went with the,sprites because thats how we roll,now if we had some lemon lime seltzer,water that would be the way to go,unfortunately i think we have apple,oh no thats key lock oh we screwed up,thats definitely been open for a couple,weeks oh never mind either way um really,its time this is papery it loses all of,its gin character,and theres like no,no symbols of sprite in there either,though on the nose at least,all right,lets do it its almost water now like,theres not very much scent at all,i think its a bit too sweet actually,i,lost almost all of his gin character,theres still some juniper on the back,end but it doesnt really taste like gin,at all again it was a pretty pretty uh,wheat thats yeah thats it,i still like it better,um because any of that medicinal quality,that i had is gone it just you get a,tiny bit of juniper and a tiny bit of,pineness but um,pretty neutral like the sprite pretty,much neutralizes any of the alcohol the,second step was a little bit stronger,theres a theres a bit more,gin in that second sip,just uh,i was not expecting it to just mute out,like that im gonna give it a six,as a mixer slightly better,than straight but its still,i would say its a slightly above,average gin but its not anything to,write home about,im gonna give this a six as a mixer,also,i could honestly do it i i could i could,drink this either way,i think i almost prefer it straight,though like theres a lot more interest,in it straight,if that makes any sense yeah i mean it,has a great the bottle is a great,presentation the label looks nice its,very uh its the most pinky out thing,ive said for,probably years and its just a really,good looking so much more interest,straight,its a really good looking bottle of a,gin but uh yeah its just not nothing to,write home about you if you get some,glasses that kind of match the uh the,lines on the back of the bottle this,would look super cool on like,like on your couch behind your tv or,something you can get seagrams,distillate reserve,uh not regular secrets gin secrets are,still reserved thats the black bottle,not the clear okay thats theres the,difference theres also the blue bottle,so the the cheap one is like nine bucks,its the clear bottle the black bottle,is six fifteen some of the stuff that,hurts to drink uh the the the,distillation is over the black ball is,good then that gin is what whenever,somebody asks what gin they should start,out with i always recommend that one,because not everybody likes shin and you,dont want to spend on your legs so 16,bucks,the secret still reserve black and gold,bottle way to go um this one,its a shelf sitter,i think this is this is on par with the,distillers reserve honestly its not,super strong so i think you could,definitely get this if you were starting,out if you were just like the first time,you were starting your bar and you were,like i want to get gin but i dont want,it to be the kind of gin that gets up,and kicks me in the face,yeah but for 25 bucks thats a lot for,starter bottle for,gin specifically these gins generally,gin ranges from about 15 to about 24 to,25 25 for high-end this is not high-end,this is like,if somebody gave me this and told me to,guess the price on it id be like thats,like a 16 17 bottle maybe id think,about 20 because its clean,because its so clean,because thats the only like id say,thats the biggest factor is how clean,it is there are people that look for the,medicinal character in their gin and,this would really really match with them,uh,there are certain gins that are just,like,really really medicinal i do enjoy a,good gin every once in a while but i,gotta be in the mood for it kind of,thing,yeah i i feel that,like,the need to make a dirty martini every,once in a while just strikes and youre,like olives and gin,and then you have a dirty martini yeah,what were you at i have to do it on,every video,thatll make your martini actually dirty,make it go away,make it go away oh its coming soon,dont worry,just like,do you recommend it,yeah,i honestly do um,get you a bottle of this,its a its a good all-around gin its,not super duper medicinal and its not,really really heavy in in any of the,other uh,the,the medicinal flavors its not super,heavy in any flavor actually its just a,very very,calm gin get yourself this,and some soda water learn what gin is,i cant recommend it uh there are better,cheaper gins out

Aviation American Gin Review // Gin Taste Test

so today were reviewing aviation,american dry gym did you know that this,recently sold and one of its owners the,all-time famous actor ryan reynolds got,an over 600 million dollar payday well,is this gin worth every penny stick,around youre about to find out,so guys aviations american gin probably,the most iconic brand of craft gin,coming out of america and as you just,heard the face of this gin and also one,of the part owners is the super famous,actor ryan reynolds but on this channel,were into digging a little bit deeper,and did you know he only actually bought,into this gin company in 2018. but,aviation gins actually been around,since 2006 it was one of the original,craft gins that started the craze over,in the states ive said many many many,many many times on this channel im,usually a huge fan of gins that are,created by people from that bartending,and hospitality background and back in,2006 a bartender and a distiller,winemaker brewer came together to make,this gin and this gin might just be the,very first bartender distiller,collaboration ever at the time the craft,spirit revolution was only really just,starting to gather some momentum so they,created what they decided to call an,american gin and all that means is,theyve created a botanical profile,which is quite soft and a little bit,less heavy on the juniper those of you,that follow me for a while you know i,love a good punch of juniper so not,quite sure about this one yet lets give,it a crack though and see what its all,about,lets see what we get on the nose from,the aviation,okay its a little bit more subtle than,some of the craft gins ive been,reviewing on the channel recently its,definitely got a little presence of,juniper there its kind of dull though i,get this general kind of forest floor,earthy kind of aroma but theres some,nice complexity there too i get a little,bit of kind of floral lavender and i,know they do use actually lavender as a,botanical but theres a nice little,element of citrus zest there too kind of,like a sweet orange peel before we get,on to tasting the aviation if youre,liking the review hit the like button,now and let me know down in the comments,what you think of the aviation jet lets,see what it tastes like,okay wow a bit more full bodied on the,taste definitely a lot of the spice,botanicals come through were talking,cardamom and cinnamon and it even has a,little bit of a root beer like taste,that piney woody judo pano is definitely,a little bit more prominent on the taste,too what i really like on the finish is,those floral flavors and citrus flavors,come back and just really brighten,everything up offsetting all those kind,of spice and earthy notes i mean overall,its a pretty well balanced gin it,doesnt have that big punch of juniper,like your contemporary styles or even,those classic london dry styles but its,really got this nice floral citrus spice,kind of trifecta going on its going to,be really crowd pleasing and pretty,versatile in whatever kind of drink you,want to make with this one so i guess,thats the perfect time to talk about,how would i drink the aviation american,gin well this ones called aviation for,a reason it was actually named after the,cocktail the aviation and definitely i,found this gin works in some really kind,of floral cocktails so the aviation,being one of those but personally i also,really like a bees knees lemon honey,gin tying with those kind of lavender,botanicals is absolutely delicious i,wouldnt go throwing this gin in a big,ballsy drink like a negroni its just,gonna get a little bit lost as for a gin,and tonic oddly enough i dont really,like this one with elderflower tonic or,any of those kind of floral tonics,either it just becomes a little bit too,much a little bit soapy and then the gin,gets lost like i said this gin is quite,delicate so you might even want to do,this one with a sparkling water or soda,water instead of tonic but if you really,love your tonic mediterranean tonic,works amazingly well too and doesnt,overwhelm all the botanicals as for a,garnish a little bit of orange works,amazingly well whether that be a slice a,peel or dehydrated i find lemon or lime,a little bit too sharp and again it just,overpowers the gin but that orange,brings out the citrus notes of the gin,just nicely and lets you taste,everything so guys the moment youve,been waiting for the final verdict on,the aviation american gym like i said,overall its a pretty good gym its a,little bit more light and delicate and,subtle but its got a really good sense,of balance even if the juniper isnt too,prominent personally i tend to be a,little bit more of a purist and really,love the taste of juniper but if youre,someone whos just starting out i really,feel that this is the perfect entry,point into the world of craft gym i mean,you might not really be able to call it,craft anymore it was sold for 600,million dollars after all down here in,australia this ones gonna set your back,around 75 bucks for a 700 ml bottle and,its sitting at 42 alcohol i mean value,for money-wise this is okay its not,exactly cheap for what you get but its,not exactly that pricey either if you,want a drink that ticks all those boxes,of smooth and easy drinking this ones,for you so guys if youre just starting,out or you want a crowd please its,gonna keep everyone happy aviation,american gin is a pretty good choice so,guys if you like this review and you,wanna discover more gins just like this,one start right now by clicking,subscribe just up here so you dont miss,out on any new reviews as they come out,in the channel if you want to check out,all the reviews in the meantime that we,have click through to the playlist here,until next time guys i hope you enjoyed,cheers

Aviation American Gin Review (Best gin ever???)


hello and welcome to the tasting couch,my name is Will and this is Zoe,the tasting couch is a super comfortable,place where you can relax and enjoy fine,spirits,today were tasting Aviation gin,this was actually around for over a,decade before Ryan Reynolds decided to,partner up with the brand,it was one of my favorites then and it,still is today,the couch,thanks for asking,its a LoveSac sectional the colors,Venetian taupe,lets go,Aviation American gin Youll Always Find,this bottle at my house as it doesnt,disappoint,you know that dilemma that comes up,daily when you cant decide between a,gin and tonic or a vodka soda,well Aviation gin and soda is the answer,the Gin has less of that predominant,Juniper taste and more of well,in their words,adventurous blend of spices from around,the world,taking a look at this bottle and the,liquid,dont go anywhere,the bottle is a solid chunky heavy glass,it looks like a fancy flask yet more or,deco,its got solid ridges on the back and uh,a paper label on the front its very,clean and legible,its got a silver Twist Off cap on the,top with uh like a textured grip around,it,its a great bottle,if you dont see it at the bar look,again sometimes its uh turned sideways,on the back bar,and it kind of gets lost back there,what does the juice look like,lets see,its Crystal Clear,and the legs,they are predominant,nice looking legs,on the nose,the aroma,what we smell,this is gin,now I see why they call it American gin,you dont get that overpowering Juniper,scent,the aroma is actually,very pleasant without,being too much of any one flavor,yes,you do get Juniper,but you also get cardamom and coriander,you get Citrus orange peel,very light notes of,of lavender,wow thats amazing,lets taste,cheers,right up front you get a mixture of all,the Botanicals its very well balanced,you not only get the Juniper and the,coriander,and the Citrus orange peel,but you get floral notes and,lavender a nice,it has a soft mouth feel,I dont get any heat and its 84 proof,its easy to drink very enjoyable,on the Finish,lightly sweet notes of orange peel and,coriander,the Juniper,its very faint if not uh Gone,completely,the history and the process,first produced in 2006 by Founders,Christian crosstad and Ryan majerian,originally bottled in a wine bottle with,a blue label,in 2013 they switched to this flask,bottom,in 2016 the brand was sold to Davos,Brands and then in 2018 is when Ryan,Reynolds acquired a stake from Davos,in 2020 it was sold to Diageo and Ryan,Reynolds still maintains an ongoing,ownership interest,and hes doing a hell of a job promoting,it,the process,they use a four-step process Step One is,uh infusion eight Botanicals so cardamom,coriander French lavender anise seed,Sarsaparilla Juniper and two kinds of,orange peel,all these are suspended in a neutral,grain spirit for 18 hours,step two is the distillation,the master is then poured into a still,with water and heated creating Vapors,that go into a cooling condenser,and form the gin distillate,step three is the cut,the heads and tails are cut,only the heart is collected,and that will be at 142 proof,step four is blending and bottling,you get pure water is added to the heart,bringing the Gin to 84 proof and then is,bottled,how do I drink it,I like it straight up chilled in a,martini with a lemon twist,its also great mixed with club soda or,tonic water,and uh,this was actually named after the,aviation cocktail,its a classic cocktail dating back to,the turn of the 20th century,so its worth trying,Ill put the recipe in the show notes,below,if you got any value out of this video,please hit the like button and subscribe,and follow us on Instagram at the,tasting couch if youve made it to here,thank you for that but thats the show,Aviation gin is a definite crowd pleaser,order it when youre out at the bars or,restaurants and pick up a bottle for,your tasting couch,cheers

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