1. Avocado Eco Organic Mattress Review (Best Budget Latex Bed?)
  2. Avocado Eco Mattress Review
  3. Avocado Eco Organic Mattress Review – The Best Organic Mattress?
  4. Cheapest Organic Mattress! – Avocado Eco Mattress Review
  5. Avocado Eco Organic Mattress Review – The Best Affordable Latex Mattress?
  6. Avocado Eco Organic Review (Affordable Latex Mattress Under $1,000)
  7. Quick Avocado Eco Organic mattress review

Avocado Eco Organic Mattress Review (Best Budget Latex Bed?)

hey everybody im jd with the slumber,yard and in this video im bringing you,our review of the brand new eco-organic,mattress from avocado so if you didnt,know already avocado is probably one of,the most popular natural and organic,online mattress brands out there right,now they make a number of different,options but the eco organic is basically,their most affordable bed to date so,its designed to suit your eco-friendly,values along with your pocketbook we,just got the bed over here at the,slumber yard weve been testing it out,for a bit now so in this video i just,wanted to bring you our thoughts on this,mattress and give you a well-informed,opinion of it before you decide to buy,so in this video were going to cover,the types of policies that youre going,to be receiving should you decide to,order it online then were going to get,into the big stuff like this beds,construction how it feels how firm or,soft it is elements for couples to,consider of course pricing and at the,very end ill sum things up with a final,verdict on who we see this mattress,being best for and why now if you end up,enjoying this video give it a thumbs up,subscribe to the channel we always,really appreciate your support and if,you find that you need more information,about this bed once this video is,through check in the description to see,so much more content on it but without,further ado lets review the eco organic,[Music],okay so right off the bat lets cover,the types of policies that youre going,to be getting with the eco-organic,mattress from avocado and just spoiler,alert these policies are going to differ,a little bit from the other beds that,avocado offers and we did receive this,mattress for free from avocado to review,but if you buy it online you should be,getting completely free shipping to,start so the bed is likely going to,arrive at your door in a box thats,around like four feet tall and the,unboxing process is super easy and kind,of straightforward to do and its,actually kind of fun if you have a,friend there to help you out now once,the bed is in your possession and set up,you also get a 100 night sleep trial and,this is basically your time to see if,this bed is actually going to be right,for you for the foreseeable future or,not and if it isnt for whatever reason,at all you get completely free returns,within that time frame but on the other,hand if you end up sleeping on this bed,and loving it thats great because its,backed by a 10-year warranty and were,going to try to link some more,information about the eco organics,policy stuff down below in the,description if you want to learn more,about those things so now that youre,somewhat aware of the types of policies,that youre getting with this mattress,lets delve into the bed itself and talk,about what exactly its made up of the,cool thing about the eco organic is that,its entirely comprised of sustainable,materials so on the bottom it uses,recycled steel coils for its support,base and this factor naturally makes the,bed a pretty good option to handle all,body types including heavier folks and,on top of those coils it uses dunlop,latex foam for its primary comfort layer,and dunlop latex foam is basically the,firmer style of latex foam and its,really responsive and almost spongy on,top of that latex foam it uses organic,wool to serve as an additional comfort,layer and to act as a natural fire,barrier and rounding everything out is a,nice organic cotton cover that gives the,bed that fresh and earthy aesthetic this,bed is also backed by a bunch of eco,certifications to prove just how,sustainable its construction is and for,the price it probably has the most,amount of them all of the wool cotton,and latex foam used within the bed meets,the global organic textile and latex,standards and the entire mattress itself,is also greenguard gold certified which,is actually one of the toughest,certifications for natural inorganic,options to get nowadays and if you want,to learn more about those ecological,certifications or you just want to know,what kind of standards this bed meets,again were going to have a ton more,information linked down below in the,description for you but thats basically,the construction of the eco-organic in a,nutshell so now lets talk about what,this construction gives the bed in terms,of its overall feel well we described,this mattress to have that,quintessential latex foam feel,associated with most other natural,inorganic options within its class latex,foam as i mentioned is a very responsive,material that snaps back into its,original shape almost immediately once,you relieve pressure from it so this,gives the bed a really springy and,almost spongy type of feel and this,coupled with the extra comfort layers of,organic cotton and wool should provide,the bed with a lot of support and a,little bit of pressure relief now this,type of feel should be accommodating to,most sleepers out there especially if,you dig more natural inorganic options,but we would say that this particular,model is on the firmer end of the,spectrum avocado currently advertises,this bed to be right around a medium,firmness on their website but after we,tried it out over here we thought it,felt much firmer than that we perceived,it to be in between a medium firm and,actually a proper firm on our scales so,yeah thats quite a bit firmer than your,average bed in a box mattress so instead,of being a perfect option for all,sleeper types like avocado recommends we,see this model being best for strict,back and stomach sleepers who usually,prefer the most amount of support from,their bed but hey since everybody is,different if youre like a side or,combination sleeper that actually likes,a firmer mattress you may prefer it as,well simply put though wed say that,strict back and stomach sleepers are,likely going to be getting the most out,of the eco organic but now its time to,talk about something pretty fun that we,do over here at the slumber yard and,its our monthly mattress giveaway club,the short story is we give away one,brand new queen-sized bed to a lucky,winner every single month its awesome,and if you want to figure out how you,can win for months to come check down,below in the description all the details,on how to enter are going to be linked,there i wish you the best of luck and i,hope you won a brand new queen size bed,for months to come but now lets get,back into this review so now lets talk,couples if youre in a relationship and,you plan on sharing the eco-organic,mattress with a partner you want to be,aware of a few different things those,mainly being edge support so how sturdy,the perimeter edges of the bed hold up,under pressure motion isolation which is,how well the bed absorbs cross mattress,movement and temperature regulation and,that obviously means how cool or hot the,bed innately sleeps in terms of edge,support wed say its actually pretty,good they did incorporate reinforced,recycled steel coils along the edges of,this mattress so if you do sleep pretty,close to those edges youre probably not,going to be falling off the eco organic,anytime soon in terms of motion,isolation wed say its pretty much just,average latex foam beds usually dont,perform the best in this category,especially when you compare them to,memory foam options but all in all the,bed will probably deaden a good amount,of cross-mattress movement based on our,tests in terms of temperature regulation,we see the eco-organic pretty much,sleeping temperature neutral overall the,pocketed coil and wool layers are,advertised to make the bed sleep super,breathable but wed say it all adds up,to create a temperature neutral sleeping,surface the thing to remember about,temperature regulation is not really the,bed itself but other factors like how,hot you keep your room the types of,sheets or pillows you use all that stuff,plays into the whole temperature,regulation thing a little bit more than,the bed so its probably not going to,actively cool you down at night but it,certainl

Avocado Eco Mattress Review

hi and welcome to numbers reviews today,were reviewing the eco mattress by,avocado,weve been reviewing the eco mattress by,avocado for the last few days and it is,the brand new mattress that is coming,out in january of 2022 that we got a,little bit ahead of time so that we,could be some of the first to let you,know about how we feel about it how it,sleeps and who we think this would be a,good mattress for,before i tell you about the mattress,specifically i want to tell you a little,bit more about avocado mattress as a,mattress brand and they specialize in,making organic mattresses so they have,several different kinds of mattresses,they even have a vegan line of,mattresses if you are looking for,no wool and no materials made from,animals so if youre looking for just,plant-based they do have,a vegan mattress,and the other mattresses will usually,have some wool in them,but they are all organic and,all of the mattresses are greenguard,gold certified,which certifies to the end user that all,of the materials used to make the,mattresses are natural and organic,so the eco mattress for example has only,four materials in it um and they come,from farms that are usually co-owned by,avocados so youre going to find in most,of the avocado mattresses or certified,organic latex and latex comes from a,tree it comes from the rubber and the,latex is coming from farms a farm,collective that is co-owned by avocados,so avocado has an interest into those,farms they are one of the co-owners and,they are able to control the product,from the farm all the way to the end,product and the mattress that comes into,your home,youll find so latex youll find organic,cotton,you will find organic wool and the wool,again,they come from the bottom of the,himalayas and the farm the farms are,co-owned by the,avocado as well as a few other owners so,they own herds with thousands of sheep,and they know exactly where the wool,that theyre using is coming from and,they can ensure that it is fully organic,that the animals are taken care of and,they know what goes into the mattress,and then when they use steel for coils,they will use recycled steel,and they will never use glue so thats,one thing that can be very toxic is just,one of the toxic things in mattresses,that avocado is not using theyre not,using glue theyre using the end of some,of the steel hooks to keep the materials,together and bind it together instead of,glue so just wanted to quickly touch,base,on what goes into avocado mattresses all,of their mattresses because were very,impressed and theyre one of only three,mattress manufacturers in the us that,have the made safe certification,and the maidsafe certification ensures,that the mattress company is not using,any ingredients,that have known or even just suspected,harm towards humans animals ecosystems,and aquatic lives so when you bring an,avocado mattress into your home youre,bringing a very safe and clean product,its going to be safe for you its going,to be clean for the planet and you are,definitely making an investment that is,making a difference and that is safer,that is non-toxic whatsoever,everything used is natural and,everything use is organic and certified,organic lets now take a look at the eco,mattress by avocado in more detail,youre looking at a 10 inch thick,mattress made of three layers its a,very easy build very straightforward,using clean materials the first layer is,the quilted cover so the cover itself is,very stretchy and made of organic cotton,the fact that it is stretchy means that,when one partner moves on the side of,the bed the,cover moves with the body into the,mattress and is not pulling the person,sleeping on that side of the bed in,other words the movement of partner a is,not bothering partner b now inside the,cover it is quilted with one inch of,organic wool,again the wool is coming from hertz that,are co-owned by a collective,of,farmers including avocado so avocado,owns the herds they own the animals,theyre able to ensure the welfare of,those animals from the time that theyre,taken care of,all the way through the wool extracting,process and making of the mattress,because they own the the farms and the,animals and well see later on they they,also own the latex farms theyre able to,pass on those savings to the end,consumer which is you and ensuring that,they price this mattress very,competitively,the wool inside this mattress and wool,is probably my favorite material used in,mattresses today it is naturally a flame,retardant so theyre not adding any,chemicals theyre not adding anything to,the wool to make it flame retardant,which is a requirement in mattresses,most mattress manufacturers use very,toxic,chemicals to flames in the event,of a fire,in this case um there is nothing,unnatural in the mattress this is simply,using wool and its a safe and clean way,to flames in the event of a fire,the wool is also a material that will,repel smell so it will naturally repel,the smells and keep a fresh smell year,after year,it will also sleep cool,so wool is coming straight from the,sheep and it has properties that are,naturally antimicrobial which means that,if youre suffering from skin irritation,rashes allergies this is going to be a,very safe and clean material for you to,sleep on and it will allow,your body moisture to be wicked away,quickly in other words if youre if,youre sweating,the body moisture we will get into the,wool and be absorbed and wicked away,from your body ensuring that your body,is able to thermoregulate itself,so in on a cold night you will be your,body will be working with the wool to,keep you warm and on a warm night you,will not be sweating any moisture will,be wicked away from your body and youll,be able to regulate your temperature to,a comfortable sleeping temperature,so really a great material for the hot,sleepers and working really well with,those with skin skin issues eczemas and,and those sorts of conditions that can,be bothering this is going to be a clean,anti-microbial cool sleeping material as,the upper layer in this mattress,underneath is the second layer which is,two inches of certified organic latex so,latex if you dont know about,comes from the sap of trees,but there are two ways of manufacturing,latex theres dunlop latex which is a,lot more eco-conscious than talalay,latex its also more expensive because,of the extra steps involved into its,making but dunlop latex is what avocado,is using in this mattress so again,theyre owning the farms its a farm,collective theyre owning the farms and,theyre ensuring that theyre putting in,the best latex,today available on the market into this,mattress by passing on the savings to,you,latex has an open cell structure meaning,that the air will come and youll see,because well be talking about the coils,in a minute but the air will enter the,mattress come through the coils raise up,through the open cell structure of the,latex and then come back up the wool to,keep you cool,latex is also compared to foam a,material that has a lot more bounce,what bounce is good for um so say your,body is laying here and youre moving,onto this side of the bed if youre,using or if youre sleeping on memory,foam a lot of times the foam will just,take a while and just kind of eventually,end up sagging,and take a while and give you that,feeling of being stuck as youre trying,to change positions latex bounces back,so as soon as your body moves out of,position it bounces right back up to its,standard form,it is also the best material for those,bedroom activities,if thats something youre engaged in,thats going to be a more comfortable,material to,have in your mattress,additionally latex is more durable uh it,will last longer and you can expect your,mattress to react the same way for years,to come instead of of sagging and taking,in the shape of your body,now uh because this is coming from a,sustainably harvested forest you know,that you know that youre bringing in,the best latex into your mattress and,into your home th

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Avocado Eco Organic Mattress Review – The Best Organic Mattress?

hi im bridget a certified sleep science,coach and mattress expert here at,sleepopolis and today i am going to be,reviewing the avocado eco organic,mattress im going to put it through a,variety of tests and let you know how it,does on our sleepopolis scorecard,but before we get going here are some,quick facts you should know about this,avocado its a hybrid mattress made with,eco-friendly materials like organic,cotton organic wool organic dunlop latex,and coils that are made from recycled,steel,a queen size mattress at full retail,price is currently about a thousand,dollars which is a pretty affordable,price for not only an organic mattress,but a mattress in general also we have,coupons to always help out with the cost,as well just click the link in the,description below the avocado eco,organic ships for free and comes with a,100 night trial and a 10-year warranty,they also offer free returns,it arrives compressed in a box wrapped,in upcycled paper so give it a day or,two to fully expand also a queen size,weighs 94 pounds so you might want,someone to help you out with getting it,set up,now lets test for motion transfer,motion transfer is how movement carries,from one side of the bed to the other so,think if youre a light sleeper and your,partners tossing and turning on the,other side of the bed and you really,dont want to be woken up by it in order,to test out motion transfer i am going,to do the classic red wine test it is a,great visual representation i put a,glass of wine on one side and then i,laid on the other side and moved around,to see how it affected it and these were,pretty average results which isnt too,surprising with latex and coils,so overall id give it three and a half,stars out of five for motion isolation,now lets do the edge support test edge,support is how well the perimeter of a,mattress can support weight so think if,you like to use the full surface of the,bed or sit or sleep near the edge of it,to first test out edge support i sat on,the edge and moved around like i was,tying my shoes i felt okay here with a,little bit of sinkage so id give it,three stars for sitting then i laid and,moved around on the edge of the bed and,id give it four stars,so overall i would give this avocado,three and a half stars out of five for,edge support,[Music],alright now its time for the pressure,map test although i can tell you that,this avocado has a medium firm feel the,pressure map takes it a lot further it,uses heat mapping technology to show,where pressures building across my body,when i lay on the bed so heres the gist,when youre looking at these results,blues and greens are good and are low,pressure reds and oranges are bad and,are high pressure,youre going to want to see low pressure,around your back hips and shoulders if,you sleep on your side or back when i,laid on my back i saw low pressure,pretty much all throughout on my side it,was also pretty much low pressure all,throughout with all blues and greens but,if you have sensitive joints you might,want a little bit softer of a mattress,as a side sleeper,so overall i would give this avocado eco,organic five stars for pressure relief,for back sleeping and four and a half,stars for pressure relief for side,sleeping and i will add it does not come,down to pressure for stomach sleepers,were about to talk about that more,okay so lets talk about the different,sleeping positions and how they all do,on this mattress,every sleeping position is going to want,to have the spine in alignment but,theyre going to need different,qualities out of a bed to make that,happen,stomach sleepers need a firm mattress to,keep their hips elevated and spine,aligned because there isnt too much,sinkage with this avocado i think most,stomach sleepers will be comfortable on,it and could get some lift at the hips,overall id give it three and a half,stars for stomach sleeping,side sleepers need some contouring,around their shoulder and hip so id,give it 4 out of 5 stars for side,sleeping and finally back sleepers need,a bed thats supportive and comfortable,which i think the avocado is both for,the sleeping position so i give it 5,stars for back sleeping,alright now lets test for,responsiveness this shows how easy it is,to move around on a mattress which is,important if youre a combination,sleeper or if you want to be able to get,in and out of bed without any struggle,thanks to its layer of dunlop latex and,coils the avocado eco organic has some,nice bounce to it and is easy to move,around on and when i move into a new,position i feel like the bed adjusts,well to that new sleeping position,because of this i give this avocado 5,stars for responsiveness,okay so now that weve gone through all,of our tests i want to give the avocado,eco organic a final score the score is,going to be out of five and along with,everything weve already covered im,also going to rate it on different,components like its cooling capabilities,its materials its warranty and more so,when i put it all together i give it a,final score of a 4.23 out of 5. all,right i hope you found this review,helpful if you have any more questions,you want to learn more about this,mattress or others just head over to,sleepopolis.com dont forget to hit that,subscribe button before you go and ill,see you next time,[Music],[Music],[Music],you

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Cheapest Organic Mattress! – Avocado Eco Mattress Review

is this the best organic mattress for the  money its the avocado eco lets talk about it  ,thumbs up for the avocado shirt all right yall  welcome back to the channel just like james  ,said today weve got the avocado eco now it is no  secret that we love our avocado beds we have tried  ,the original the original comes out to a whopping  21 hana doulas long island and thats for the king  ,size this ones about thirteen hundred dollars  which is what thats about forty percent cheaper  ,now is this 40 less of a bed i dont believe so it  has a lot of those same certifications that youre  ,gonna get in the avocado original so if youre  paying a 40 more for the original does that mean  ,youre getting 40 more for the money well not  necessarily so both of these mattresses have  ,their 100 night trial period both of them still  have the 10-year limited warranty both made in  ,the usa both all of the organic certifications  that you could ask for and they also both have  ,free shipping and returns if you compare  this mattress to others in the same category  ,this is actually the cheapest now i was doing some  research here the amore natural that we reviewed  ,is lets see here 1654 kings so thats more  expensive the hapsy king was 1699 and that  ,one was actually a little too springy for us and  then the awara king is actually not really fully  ,organic it has a few top layers that are organic  but thats 13.99 and the wool was coming out of  ,the cover with that one and then theres the  last one is naturepedic now they make the most  ,expensive at twenty eight hundred dollars so all  of these mattresses are more expensive and they  ,all had some problems or they just werent the  right fit for us so really for the price this is a  ,killer organic mattress you might be wondering if  it always costs more why would you even go organic  ,like its just a mattress right so some things  to think about that i didnt even know beforehand  ,some non-organic mattresses are sprayed  with harmful chemicals you dont want to  ,be breathing that in while you sleep sometimes  theres different micro plastics and things that  ,are built into your mattress weve even slept on  mattresses before that as a fire retardant they  ,use fiberglass like thats not something you want  to be sleeping on so for your own health organic  ,mattresses can offer an awesome benefit and  then not only that but theyre sustainably made  ,so that is a great thing i would say this is a  little bit more firm of a bed which i really like  ,um but it sleeps super comfortable i would call  this maybe like an 8 out of 10 on a firmness scale  ,and whats really nice about a hybrid bed too  which this is is the edge retention on it is  ,pretty darn good so youre not going to roll off  this thing in the middle of the night and because  ,it has those pocketed coils youll see as soon  as i get up it just springs right back to life  ,its got a little bit of bounce to it so it has  like a little more of that traditional mattress  ,feel super comfortable just sleeps a little more  firm so this eco mattress is 10 inches in overall  ,thickness you can see it looks pretty similar  to the original ill show a side by side here  ,but this is a 100 organic cotton and then you can  see the bottom here we have a big large stitching  ,right here that really keeps this whole thing  really in place it has a one inch perimeter around  ,the whole edge to keep the corners you know well  maintained and so the original has i think three  ,to five inch like different zones this just has  a perimeter and also this has less pocketed coils  ,this only has like 900 and something versus the  original has a few i think its 1 500 something  ,so theres less coils in here has a simpler  construction also this only has i think two inches  ,of a dunlop latex versus the original has i think  three to five so again its not as fancy but its  ,the same ingredients you can see im 200 pounds  and you know even at 200 pounds the edge retention  ,is very very good for some pros and cons of  this bed lets just start with the obvious  ,that were all thinking about this is the  cheapest organic mattress that you can find  ,so i dig that i also love that its organic it has  every certification under the sun that could make  ,it organic thats pretty awesome and for me a pro  of this is that i think this is super comfortable  ,um now as far as cons are concerned this is  definitely preferential but if you dont like a  ,firm bed this might not be the one for you because  it is a little bit firmer and then when it comes  ,to motion isolation if youre sleeping you know  with someone else in the bed this doesnt have the  ,greatest of motion isolation just because theres  not a ton of that latex on top of the coils so  ,just something to think about but i will say we  have loved turning this bad boy into a super bed  ,with this entering the eight sleep this thing has  seriously changed the game especially in somewhere  ,like arizona where its just hot at all times uh  you can give your ac a little bit of a break with  ,this thing this cools down the bed you can make  your bed like the arctic im not exaggerating its  ,awesome we have loved pairing this up with this  bed to make the ultimate super bed so for more  ,information on this we have got a full in-depth  video on it click the link right above my noggin  ,here to check that out also you can use code am to  pm to save yourself i think its 150 bucks on this  ,on the website so check out our deals so if youre  looking for an affordable organic mattress check  ,out this one in the description below we have  links and coupons and stuff like that also more  ,mattress videos right here and more organic beds  over here and well see you guys in the next video,you

Avocado Eco Organic Mattress Review – The Best Affordable Latex Mattress?

guacamole you are delicious but you are,expensive,hey guys martin here from mattress,clarity if youre trying to save money,on guacamole or avocados i cant help,you out but if you try to save money on,an avocado mattress i can definitely,help you out today were here to talk,about the avocado eco-organic mattress,were going to take a look at its,construction my experience with it who,its a good fit for and who its not a,good fit for definitely head over to,mattressclarity.com as well for in-depth,reviews and more money-saving coupons,before we do that i am going to eat my,guacamole,so now lets peel back the cover of the,avocado eco-organic mattress well not,really lets just look at the layers,okay so on top here we have a layer of,organic cotton thats going to be your,cover very soft breathable as well a,nice durable material also organic,beneath that a layer of organic wool can,add some fluff to this mattress its,also a natural fire retardant also quite,breathable so nice and cooling a lot of,airflow at the top of the mattress,below that youre gonna have your main,comfort layer a layer of thick dunlop,latex its going to be all natural,organic breathable and also quite,durable,beneath that youre going to have your,main support layers is going to be coils,a lot of room for airflow here also very,supportive adds some nice support to the,top of the mattress and that rests on,top of a canvas bottom,[Music],so now lets talk about firmness and,feel in terms of firmness i put the,avocado eco-organic mattress close to a,seven and a half and a ten definitely,firmer than average thats because,pressing into this mattress,i cant press my hand in too far you,definitely have that more durable latex,right on top and some very supportive,coils as well so for me a seven and a,half out of ten now speaking of feel,definitely has more of that kind of,responsive latex feel so no surprise,here push my hand in it bounces right,back into place,test to bounce out further though we,have our ball here so lets drop it,its got a fair amount of bounce i think,some of the wool on top is actually,stopping some of that movement but,definitely guarantee is a very bouncy,mattress,so now lets talk about how i feel in,different sleeping positions on the,avocado eco-organic mattress,starting off in my back its actually a,little bit too firm for me again its a,seven and a half out of ten i kind of,feel like my some discomfort under my,shoulders also my hips and butter kind,of being pushed out of the mattress im,about 270 pounds if youre much larger,than me you might collapse this mattress,more it might actually be a better match,for you but for me not the best match,for back sleeping,moving to my side again being a firmer,mattress not a great match for me as a,side sleeper feeling some serious,pressure on my shoulders and my hips,but moving to my stomach being that it,is a firmer mattress a great match for,stomach sleeping good support under my,hips im not blowing in there im not,getting out of alignment overall i think,a good match for many types of stomach,sleepers,[Music],here at mattress clarity like to make,subjective opinion with objective tests,and one of those tests is the pressure,map so i lie down on my back side and,stomach you see anywhere from blue for,no pressure all the way up to red for,high pressure now pay close attention to,my side sleeping results lets get,started,[Music],if you sleep with a partner you also,want to think about motion transfer that,basically means if youre lying down on,one side of the mattress your partner,moves around on the other side youre,gonna feel that motion or not the test,motion transfer out on this mattress,gonna use a glass of water place it here,in the center and kind of make a,disturbance around it,you can see even just by pressing a,little bit the water is definitely,moving im actually kind of afraid its,going to tip over unless we know the,motion transfer is not that good in this,mattress not too surprising though with,a latex mattress not really absorbing,too much of that motion like a memory,foam mattress might,also test out the motion transfer with,this mattress i lay down on one side and,rod moved around on the other side he,changed positions got in and out of bed,and i definitely felt some of his motion,on my side of the mattress overall not,the best handling of motion transfer,with the avocado eco-organic mattress,[Music],if you sleep with a partner or you just,like sleeping towards the edge of the,mattress you do want to think about edge,support that means if youre sitting or,youre lying down to the edge of a,mattress are you feeling secure or like,youre gonna roll off and onto the floor,you definitely dont want that,so here i am sitting down near the edge,of the avocado eco organic mattress you,can see its collapsing just a little,bit under my weight but keep in mind i,am a larger person not too bad overall,in this position,now lying down on this mattress,im lying super close to the edge im,rolling around not collapsing too much,under my weight so overall looking at,this mattress some pretty decent edge,support,oh hey,well since martin is a much taller,person and a little bit heavier than me,i thought i would give him my take on,the avocado eco-organic mattress so im,a petite person about average weight but,to be honest i had a similar experience,as martin this mattress feels like a,seven and a half out of ten to me and it,really wasnt the best fit for me while,i was back or side sleeping felt a,little bit of tension along my shoulders,and i just didnt quite get that,pressure relief that i would need this,mattress is a pretty decent pick for,stomach sleeping though because its,really firm and supportive so if youre,an average weight or a lightweight,person and a stomach sleeper this could,be a good choice,so now lets talk about the pros who i,think the avocado eco-organic mattress,might be a good fit for,first off youre looking for a mattress,for hot sleepers this is going to be a,very good option for you it is a latex,hybrids which classically are really,good for hot sleepers and this mattress,is no exception so breathable cover get,the latex in the comfort layer not,trapping heat and the coils allow a lot,of room for airflow so hot sleepers,definitely take note,its also a good option if you want a,more affordable organic mattress a lot,of times you want a natural organic,mattress youre gonna pay an arm and a,leg but not with this mattress for a,queen size under a thousand dollars a,very good deal for what youre getting,and last but not least speaking of,sleeping positions i think a good option,for stomach sleepers it is a firmer than,average mattress quite supportive so,good support under your hips and across,your entire body a great match for,stomach sleeping,and now lets get in the cons or who i,think this mattress might not be the,best fit for,first off if youre a fan of more of a,memory foam feel with that kind of,quicksand feel you lie down totally sink,into the mattress not what you get with,the eco-organic mattress overall more of,a bouncy response to feel so you want,that memory foam feel look at a memory,foam mattress,i think also we want more of a deluxe,organic mattress you might want to look,elsewhere this is kind of more of a,simple streamlined mattress very nice,but if you want something more deluxe,look at one of avocados other offerings,and last but not least speaking of,sleeping positions i think probably not,the best match for side sleepers again a,firmer than average mattress you might,feel some serious pressure on your,shoulders and your hips i think side,sleepers should probably look for a,softer mattress overall,so now to give you some additional,information about the avocado,eco-organic mattress first off it comes,with free shipping and returns it comes,with a 100 night sleep trial and a,10-year limited warranty,so now i have to answer some frequently,asked questions about the avocado,eco-organic mattres

Avocado Eco Organic Review (Affordable Latex Mattress Under $1,000)

hey hows it going this is owen and in,todays video we have a review of the,brand new avocado eco organic mattress,which is this bed right behind me now if,youre familiar with avocado you know,that theyre all about making natural,inorganic products and this bed is,definitely designed to be a more,budget-friendly version of a latex foam,hybrid so were going to talk about,everything you need to know about this,mattress including its price point what,its made of what it feels like how firm,it is and who we think this bed is,actually going to be best for and if,that sounds good and you find the video,helpful make sure you give it a thumbs,up and you subscribe to the channel wed,really appreciate it,and lets just get right into it by,quickly covering the policies this bed,is going to come with this is stuff like,shipping returns trial periods and,warranties now avocado did send us this,bed for free so we could test it out and,let you know about it but should you,decide to go in for yourself youre,going to start with free bed in a box,shipping now this bed is a bit heavy so,i would recommend having someone help,you out with the unboxing process,but its pretty quick and easy to do,with two people once the bed arrives at,your door you get a trial period of a,hundred nights with this thing which is,significantly less than you normally get,with an avocado mattress i think this is,just due to the fact that this bed is so,much more affordable than their other,beds either way it should be plenty of,time to really form an opinion on the,mattress,and if you decide within that trial,period that you dont like it you do get,a full refund option and free returns,and if you wind up keeping the bed which,most people end up doing youre looking,at a 10 year warranty which again is a,little bit below what they usually offer,with their other mattresses so thats,all the policy stuff if you want more,information about it make sure you look,down below in the description theres,going to be a ton of stuff down there to,help you out with your mattress search,including our full written review of,this mattress and any discounts were,able to find help save you some money,and i guess thats a good segue to talk,about price the price point of this bed,is shockingly low now if youre familiar,with the avocado green mattress that bed,is a super high quality latex hybrid,that has a ton of certifications to show,off just how sustainably sourced all the,materials are and how environmentally,friendly all the materials are,now that bed is somewhere around 2000,bucks for a queen size depending on,whether or not you get the optional,pillow top but for the eco-organic,mattress youre looking at only a,thousand dollars msrp for a queen which,is crazy low this makes the eco-organic,mattress by far one of the most,affordable latex foam hybrids you can,find online,and i do believe this has the most,amount of certifications for this price,point now if you are interested in a bed,like this im guessing the,certifications have some importance to,you maybe some more than others well,try to link more information about the,certifications down below in the,description,but this bed is certified organic,and a lot of other beds that use latex,foam around this price point dont have,as many certifications as this and they,are running some discounts on this,mattress right now since it is brand new,were not really sure what theyre going,to be offering long term so just make,sure you look down below in the,description for whats current on this,mattress either way this is just going,to be one of the most affordable latex,foam hybrids you can find online and,speaking of latex foam lets talk about,that and the overall construction of the,eco-organic mattress so like i said,before this is a latex foam hybrid so,its support layer is going to be made of,recycled steel coils,this means its going to work pretty,well for all body types including your,heavier folks coils just provide a bit,more bi-directional support and,long-term durability as opposed to a,foam support base so youre covered,there,and then its primary comfort layer is,going to be a natural latex foam,now this stuff is actually made from the,sap of a rubber tree while most other,foams used in mattresses are,chemical-based which is why it is an,eco-organic mattress now having latex,foam as your primary comfort layer is,going to give you a pretty distinctive,feel we like to describe latex foam as,having almost the opposite feel of a,memory foam it bounces back into its,shape really quickly when you release,pressure from it youre not really going,to sink into a latex foam like you would,some other types of foam its going to,provide you with plenty of comfort and,cushioning however,and as long as youre not specifically,looking for that sinking feeling of a,memory foam i think a lot of people are,going to enjoy the feel of a latex foam,bed i know i do and then above that,latex foam you have a very thin layer of,organic wool and then the whole thing is,wrapped up in a nice organic cotton,cover so again the overall construction,of this mattress just uses a lot of,natural and organic materials and even,the coils are made from recycled,material so if you care about your,mattress having minimal environmental,impact this is a really good way to go,but lets move over to the subject of,firmness this is obviously a really,important thing to consider when,shopping for a new mattress,and even though avocado calls this bed a,medium on their website we definitely,wouldnt describe it that way in our,test we actually found this bed to be,somewhere between a medium firm and a,true firm on our scale firmness is a,pretty subjective thing based on your,body weight im actually fairly heavy,and even i found this bed to be quite,firm so if youre much lighter than me i,would expect you to feel this bed to be,extremely firm,now if you are a strict side sleeper i,wouldnt really recommend the avocado,eco-organic mattress just because if you,are a side sleeper you probably want,something with a bit more pressure,relief now i do think this bed is going,to work fantastically for back and,stomach sleepers looking for a little,less give in their bed if you are a,combination sleeper who spends some of,the night on their side you might be,able to get by on this bed but if you,are a primary side sleeper i would,recommend you look elsewhere or maybe,consider getting this mattress with some,kind of topper to soften it up a bit and,if you are a combination sleeper the,bouncy responsive nature of the latex,foam should make it really easy to,rotate between sleeping positions which,is something combo sleepers generally,like we have a few more things to talk,about but before we do lets take a,brief break to mention our monthly,mattress giveaway we give away a brand,new queen sized bed to one of our,subscribers every single month its,basically our way of giving back to,people who support the channel all the,information how to become eligible is,linked in the description so make sure,you check it out i hope you do all that,stuff and i hope you do become eligible,and one other thing i want to mention is,that the channel might be growing a,little bit we might be moving into some,other topics,so we actually want to know what you,want to see on this channel do you want,to keep talking about beds do you want,to talk about other furniture whatever,you think you would want to see write us,down below in the comments youd love to,get your opinion but lets get back into,this review lets wrap up with a few,minor things for couples this is stuff,like edge support and motion isolation,now i expected the motion isolation on,this bed to be not so good because it is,a firmer bouncier mattress but in our,test we found it to be pretty darn good,i dont think anyone will have issues,being woken up in the night by your,partner tossing and turning and the edge,support on this thing is also going to,be quite good just because it i

Quick Avocado Eco Organic mattress review

[Music],daniel boujou here from natural,mattressfinder.com today im going to be,giving you a quick overview of the,avocado eco organic mattress i do have a,longer video about this same mattress,going into,greater depth about all the,specifications so if youd like a more,in-depth review ill link the that,review in the description below starting,right from the top this is a hybrid,mattress that means that it is a hybrid,between an eight inch spring coil layer,that is on the bottom here and on top of,that rests the two inch dunlop natural,latex foam layer,so that is the type of mattress its the,hybrid mattress the materials are,organic cotton thats the organic cotton,cover below that is organic wool,that acts as the fire barrier and also,provides some cushioning,there is the,two inch organic latex layer thats,dunlop latex below that is the,8 inch spring coil layer and you do have,a very resistant,thicker cotton cover on the bottom the,firmness is medium that is rated as 5.5,out of 10. so this is perfect for most,people of average weight and if you are,overweight that is above 230 pounds you,might want to look for a mattress that,is a little bit thicker but what i,suggest if youre interested in,affordable natural latex mattresses is,try this one out and avocado also has a,two inch topper that you can add to this,mattress its also called the its,called the eco organic,topper and you can add that to this,mattress for a total of four inches of,natural latex cushioning the avocado eco,organic has a great support layer and it,has a reinforced perimeter so you wont,be,having a feeling of rolling off the bed,when youre sleeping on the side of the,mattress so also when youre sitting on,the side its nice and supportive for,getting out of bed or,tying your shoes getting dressed things,of that nature and so,when youre,on the side of the bed,theres no sense that youre going to be,rolling off this is a great feature of,that avocado eco organic,in terms of changing position,its very supportive,it supports every line of your body its,very contouring,this mattress comes with pretty much all,the certifications that you would want,to look out for,in regards to natural latex mattresses,so its certified by gots thats for the,cotton cover thats the global organic,textile standard the latex is certified,by gols thats the global organic latex,standard its certified by green guard,gold that is more for,vocs thats volatile organic compounds,its certified formaldehyde free by ul,environment,and its also certified by the,rainforest alliance eco institute and oe,kotex standard 100,this mattress comes with free shipping,free returns and you do get a 100 night,sleep trial to try it out and make sure,its the right fit for you,if you do,want to initiate a return avocado only,asks that you sleep on the mattress for,30 days consecutive days so that you get,a real good feel for it,so the avocado eco organic is made in,the usa from imported and domestic,components,and the dimensions for the queen size,are 80,by 60 by 10 inches in,thickness so if you want to compare this,with other natural latex mattresses the,key,dimension here is the thickness that is,10 inches so if youre price comparing,compare this one with other 10 inch,mattresses on my website right on the,home page,you can compare mattresses by thickness,on the comparison table just click on,the header and it will organize all the,mattresses by thickness once you go to,the thickness column so if you want more,information about this mattress head,over to my website,naturalmattressfinder.com,just type in avocado eco organic in the,search bar and the article will pop up,right away and there youll be able to,compare it against the other mattresses,in avocados line of mattresses and also,on the homepage of my website youll be,able to compare this mattress against,other third-party certified natural,latex mattresses so my name is daniel,pedro from naturalmattressfinder.com,thanks for checking out this quick,review of the avocado eco organic,mattress,i hope you have a fantastic day and a,fantastic sleep tonight and i will see,you on the next video,[Music],so,[Music],you

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