1. Awake (2021) Netflix Movie Review
  2. Awake (2021) Netflix Movie Review
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Awake (2021) Netflix Movie Review

theres a brand new netflix original,movie did awake,keep me awake no i didnt like that one,lets try it again,theres a brand new netflix original,movie did awake,put me to sleep,[Applause],what is up netflix fans welcome back to,my channel on june 9th,awake drops on netflix i want to say,thank you to netflix for providing me,this screener were going to talk about,it,no spoilers in this review so after a,mysterious global event wipes out all,electronics and takes away,humankinds ability to sleep chaos,ensues but,jill an ex-soldier with a troubled past,may hold the key to a cure,in the form of her own daughter starring,jennifer jason lee gina rodriguez as our,main character of jill and her daughter,played by,ariana greenblatt who plays matilda,and this is one of those movies you,immediately think of like,a quiet place a bird box this,post-apocalyptic,madness but it almost feels like stay,with me on this because not a lot of,people like this movie,it almost feels like the happening,because theres this mysterious thing,thats,happening to where everyone cant go,to sleep except for maybe one or two,individuals and one of those individuals,is gina rodriguezs daughter,in this film so she is doing her best to,keep her safe but not only that kind of,prepare her for the future,uh because without sleep for so long,eventually,people will start to die but before that,they slowly begin to lose,their minds and once word gets out that,there is,a person or people that have the ability,to sleep,when no one else is able to sleep well,chaos ensues,it gets a little crazy and this movie um,it has a very interesting concept and i,wont lie the first five to ten minutes,i was sitting there going okay,awake kind of has me intrigued im,interested to see where they go,it starts out with a car crash it starts,out really intense and it had those,thriller vibes that you want in a movie,like this and,you know everybodys brain is going to,go to bird box because thats kind of,this,netflix genre launching point,the post-apocalyptic ask or at least,were getting there in this film,type of film and again with this concept,you know its going to take a lot to,make it uninteresting,unfortunately my problem with this movie,is,after the first well even say the first,act it just kind of,stays level instead of amplifying that,intensity and it ends up being,uninteresting,at the end of the day a lot of that has,to do with where we go in the third act,and how it just kind of,ends with little to no answers and not,that a film like this has to answer all,of my questions,im fine with being open-ended on a lot,of these things,and i really appreciate the small-scale,attempt thats what a quiet place brings,us were focused on the family were,really,not worried as much about how it all,began and what not but,in a wake not only do they not answer,that question,but they dont really give us any,information outside of the here and now,and that even,has to do with the backstories of these,characters you know,we know a little bit about jill thanks,to the beginning of this film,but i didnt personally know enough or,learn enough to,understand her mentality during certain,situations you get it shes a mother,trying to protect her daughter at all,costs and again when people start to,learn about this ability they are after,matilda,absolutely um and thats the part that,we get but theres also some things,about her past she used to be addicted,to drugs and,uh she comes from a very interesting,place and we get shades of that,um but we dont get enough there and we,really dont get enough,when it comes to her relationship with,her kids especially her son,um to really impact us during those,moments that,could have otherwise been really nailing,the emotion and thats one thing i,missed in this movie now,thats not to say awake is all bad again,interesting concept gina rodriguez is,genuinely great here she is compelling i,would love to see her,be the lead in more movies like this she,was great in a movie like annihilation,so shes been here before,in this kind of film but man i really,really dug her performance,and honestly her daughters as well not,every performance,was great there were some that were very,lackluster uh but those two,were solid certain elements you know,when people i mean myself and clue when,i dont get a lot of sleep well,i dont really sleep that much but when,i dont get the proper amount of sleep,that i personally require,i can get a little bit cranky imagine,going three,four five days without sleep being,unable to sleep and so you can imagine,people are beginning to lose their minds,now i will say,our characters our group here they will,bring in someone,or encounter something that just feels,random and the implications never really,carry over into the next scene,one in particular where they encounter a,group of people as theyre driving down,the road,it happens it becomes a really overly,violent scene and im okay with that,because again,i was looking for that intensity it was,there during that moment but then it,just kind of,ends and they never mention it again and,im thinking,was that just there to give us a little,bit of intensity because you understand,that this story,has really been struggling with that or,was there more of a purpose there that,just wasnt explained,either way its just not a scene that,meant,as much as it could have been and then,the entirety of the third,act well its been long enough people,are really starting to lose their minds,my favorite part was when someone thinks,i think it was a pine cone,was a grenade and they just yeah it gets,a little weird but,understandably you know people havent,had their sleep,but everything that happens just kind of,happens,and then the movie ends in a way that,answers one question but never really,provides us with,anything else and we are left kind of,scratching our heads,going okay unless we do a sequel here,um which i dont know is going to happen,i dont really think they,did that much to give us a satisfying,conclusion the end for me,was a big misfire and overall awake,is a film that attempts to stand out but,the dull screenplay unfortunately gets,in the way of the movie finding any,success so before i give you guys my,score thank you so much for watching,this video if you like,streaming reviews were talking all,things streaming every single weekend,drop that thumbs up down below and,comment your thoughts im gonna go 40,with the wake you know its not a movie,that fully delivered,um on a really interesting idea and an,idea that we can all relate to,because all of us have went without,sleep for a while,but just imagine going to the extent,that they went to,but again when it comes to all of the,apocalyptic questions that i have i,didnt really get my answers so,awake is just one of those movies that,didnt quite provide me with everything,i was looking for but,i would love to know your thoughts if,you agree disagree all of that is,welcome in the comments down below and,stay tuned,plenty more reviews to come okay guys,ill see you later

Awake (2021) Netflix Movie Review

talk about a miserable experience not,being able to nap,thats the stuff of nightmares right,there the new netflix movie awake,shows us the horrors of what happens,when you dont get a little shut-eye,after a sudden global event wipes out,all electronics and takes away,humankinds ability to sleep,chaos quickly begins to consume the,world only jill an ex-soldier with a,troubled past,may hold the key to a cure in the form,of her own daughter,the question is can jill safely deliver,her daughter,and save the world before she herself,loses her mind,gina rodriguez stars in this as jill the,ex-soldier and mom of the little girl,who may hold the key to survival,the movie doesnt waste too much time,thrusting us into the story,we get a tiny bit of character,development on jill before just,all heck breaks loose as the event that,causes the chaos happens,we dont really know whats going on or,what the cause is,i mean i could argue that the cause,itself isnt terribly important,but i do think it could be interesting,events unravel very quickly as people,just arent able to sleep its briefly,mentioned that the symptoms for sleep,deprivation,are accelerating but theres not really,any reason why,so its mostly just a plot convenience,they throw in to get the action,and the story moving along faster now,along with rodriguez the movie also,stars ariana greenblatt who you may,recognize,as young gamora from infinity war but it,also features jennifer jason lee,as well as shamir anderson and that guy,was most recently in the netflix movie,stowaway,he was my favorite part of that movie so,it was great to see him again in this,something that i really liked is that,one of the symptoms of sleep deprivation,is confusion and incoherence,so as the movie goes along our,characters become very,unreliable narrators sometimes we are,looking through their eyes and seeing,from their perspective,but is whats happening really happening,i love the idea that were taking along,for a ride,and stuff gets more and more confusing,from their point of view,there also came some times where i found,it oddly humorous now im sure it wasnt,intended to be but the characters are,walking around and kind of just,mumbling to each other like just,everybody is stoned out of their minds,so the conversation felt like we have,two,sky-high people asking who had the,ding-dongs,and each muttering nonsense in reply but,then accepting it,as the appropriate answer now the,visuals were kind of cool at times,like i had mentioned we see the,perspective of the characters,and as they get more and more tired the,world starts to go wrong and distorted,and i like the view that were shown,light and images bend and warp and it,really does cause a sense of confusion,now actors did a good job of playing,spaced out and sleep deprived characters,i mean i was impressed at how they were,able to create urgency in their actions,without being rushed their processing is,slowing way down,so their decisions are labored and,confused and they made me feel the,pressure while kind of going in slow,motion,but even with that everything in the,story feels rushed,like i said we dont really have any,character development the story just,thrusts us into the action so we have to,either accept it and go with it,or we turn it off and there are only,slight lines of dialogue to kind of hint,at character backstories,and because we dont get good,development the characters are flat,they lack the depth required to really,become invested in their outcomes now,the race against time does make sense,and it does feel right,but the end goal just doesnt feel as,earned even the ending was just kind of,okay to me,we have a serious build up of tension,and anxiety,with a building intensity that was,really exciting,and then theres a decision poof were,at the conclusion then,and the dialogue seemed to skip over,some parts that could have been brief,interactions or even explanations,which would lead the characters through,a certain thought process,or to a conclusion but because it,doesnt include the necessary,info the characters feel like theyre,just magically coming up with these,ideas,that shouldnt come naturally like they,did now this is only 96 minutes long and,i wish they would have taken some more,time,to build out details of the characters,and the storyline,i mean the tension and urgency were,entertaining and exciting,but the story just lacked a lot of,consequence because what was at stake,seemed futile or at least implausible,and the race against time,especially as mental acuity is declining,along with,society it makes for an exciting watch,but once its over,its just not memorable so this really,is a 50 50 type watch for me,i like the characters and loved the,rising anxiety as the clock ticked,and our players declined but because the,story was pretty shallow and we dont,have a ton of reason,to care about our characters it makes,this a mixed bag,so if you want to watch something that,is a little fun fairly tense with some,pretty decent action sequences,but you dont mind it being lackluster,in the story development area,and you dont mind if it doesnt stick,with you once the credits roll,this isnt a terrible way to spend an,hour and a half i mean there are,certainly worse things you could be,watching,but then again there are also better,ones too theres no sex,some nudity a lot of profanity and some,crazy brutal violence,i give awake two and a half out of five,couches,so do you nap i mean i find it funny,that as parents,we spent so much time fighting to get,our kids to nap,and now that theyre grown they totally,appreciate a midday snooze,naps truly are wasted on the very young,right,so are you watching anything good right,now let me know in the comments below,if you enjoyed this review please give,it a like also dont forget to share and,subscribe,im chris this is movies and munchies,thanks for couching with me,what youre still here the movies over,go home

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AWAKE Ending Explained! This Movie Is…

when im not out teaching my daughter,how to siphon gas im at home watching,yet another netflix post-apocalyptic,original trying to imitate the success,of bird box,remember the cloverfield paradox io,cadaver,i am mother arc black summer tribes of,europa,the silence well you get what i mean,awake is netflixs latest horror,thriller which asks the question can i,stay awake watching this movie,luckily i did and i got you covered with,a full ending explain some cool details,you missed along the way and will even,poke a little fun because there are some,ridiculous parts in this movie now come,along and sleep with me platonically of,course and make sure to like and,subscribe im so close to that 400k goal,and every bit helps,now this video will be a bit different,than my usual ones i began,it as an ending explain but then it got,so absurd i just had to dunk on it so,im gonna attempt to do,both awake starts just like it ends with,an image of space and thats because,this whole sleep event or should i say,non-sleep event is the cause of a solar,flare messing with our internal clocks,making humanity unable to sleep,and it makes sense this has something to,do with electromagnetism seeing as,all electronics have fried including,vehicles its only when these vehicles,are jump-started that they can,work again at detail these super crazy,smart scientists have seemingly,overlooked in their journey to find a,cure,in our first shot of the film what,appears to be a star gets closer and,closer to the camera but its actually a,satellite crashing to earth a result of,this solar flare,all the shooting stars those are,satellites noah,its here we meet jill our storys,protagonist she got a job as a campus,security guard through her old friend dr,murphy played by jennifer jason lee,coincidentally jennifer and gina,rodriguez also starred in 2018s,annihilation the two characters know,each other from their time working in,the u.s military where jill aided dr,murphy in conducting sleep deprivation,torture on u.s,enemies although never explained in the,film this may have been what caused,jills addiction to drugs that combined,with the death of her husband,only briefly mentioned in one line in,the entire film,jill was court-ordered to give up,custody of her children to her,mother-in-law,doris who is the evil mom from titanic,will the lifeboats be seated according,to class,she secretly steals expired drugs from,the campus science lab and gives them to,a drug dealer named greg,jill picks up her kids from grandmas,and gives her daughter a book about,dinosaurs we briefly see a page,depicting how birds evolved from,velociraptors in fact matilda jills,daughter is seen carrying books about,birds throughout the film and birdie,is even her nickname not sleeping birdie,only my dad called me that matilda like,the dinosaurs will have to find a way to,survive in order to evolve in this way,matilda is like the bird in this analogy,having found a way to carry on in a,world thats going extinct,things really start to kick off when,jills car malfunctions and crashes into,a nearby lake a result of this solar,flare wreaking havoc,jill and her son noah ironically named,after the biblical character who saves,the last of humanity in a giant arc,emerged from the water to find matilda,being resuscitated by a local sheriff,because matilda was dead and brought,back to life it essentially,reset her allowing her to sleep while,others cannot in order to get stitched,up they traveled to the va hospital,where even the coma patients have,awakened although with the inability to,function as normal with everyone,partying in the streets since the,powers out greg asks jill for more,pills hell even double the price,so she does what any mom would do and,ventures out in the middle of the night,for some sweet sweet drugs,her mission is cut short however when dr,murphy barges in with the military on,their way to a place called the hub,a science lab where the worlds only,sleeper is being held,one of the things i didnt really like,about this section of the movie was how,fast everything went its only been,about 12 hours since the event yet the,military has already started making this,hub,learned about the sleeper brought her,there and know that everyone will die,due to a lack of sleep it felt way too,much like an exposition dump that they,tried to mask by saying,everything is accelerated symptoms are,appearing two to three times quicker,so jill fearing that the world is slowly,going to hell decides to pick up her,kids and head to the hub,only thing is her daughter is with doris,at a church where its members are going,completely insane,we should sacrifice her no yeah its,been one day without sleep at this point,and theyre already talking about,killing a young girl what church are,these guys going to,in storms brian whos related to dr,murphy telling them that matilda has to,be taken to the hub and theyre like,we should sacrifice her no no hes,actually shot by one of the cops,in the commotion jill is able to rescue,her children and they take off leaving,grandma,yes sorry grandma youre getting the,boot your grandmother can run in okay,she has a condition,yet the majority of the film takes place,in a car its pretty weird that kids,never mention grandma after this or,mourn her which is strange considering,she was,a big part of their lives but this is,the kind of thing that happens when you,put plot over character so where do you,go when you need a ride the drug dealer,of course,and hes dead these two other dealers,have killed him although theyve been,able to get a couple cars working one,which jill is able to steal and while,matilda and noah are waiting for the,ride,matilda out of the blue asks noah if,hes had sex with his girlfriend,do you guys ever do it i found this,conversation,so strange since it doesnt have,anything to do with the plot and,especially considering an hour ago she,was almost killed by a group of insane,church people this would not be on the,top of my things to discuss,so our fam heads off and of course,decides to stop by a vicious accident,where jill finds the victims to be those,drug dealers from the auto shop but,whats really important here is this,badge in fact this badge will be the,item that allows matilda to link her,death and resurrection,with the ability to sleep matilda first,sees it on the sheriff the sheriff is,killed by the drug dealer who takes it,the drug dealer is kid and then jill,takes it,its never explained why she takes it it,serves no purpose to her,but i guess the writers needed some way,to eventually get that badge to the hub,while searching for a map to take them,to the hub their car is stolen as a,group of scary-ass inmates descend upon,the town,but their carjacker has a change of,heart and ends up coming back to save,them and jill shows her appreciation for,being saved by immediately holding him,at gunpoint this is dodge and we dont,get much of a backstory on him why he,was in jail or why he decided to come,back,jill doesnt like it when he swears,around matilda because shes just a kid,shes a kid and they do all sorts of kid,things together like siphon gas,shoot books teach a 10 year old how to,drive and telling her she has to grow up,quick because everyone except her will,be dead in a few days,they eventually do make it to the hub,where jill decides to go in alone and,check things out and thank goodness the,guards are saying the code out loud so,jill can sneak her way inside and no one,seems to notice shes not supposed to be,there when she puts on a white lab coat,but hey they might be so out of it from,the lack of sleep theyre just not with,it jill finds out that the sleeper this,old woman here has been held against her,will and has been treated like a science,experiment a fate that matilda would,likely experience,should she be found dr katz here even,experiments on chimpanzees apparently,the only other animal to have this,sleeping problem meanwhile dodge is,captured alongside matilda and n

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[Music],if youre trapped in an apocalypse where,no one can fall asleep,and in five days the entire population,will die from sleep deprivation,what do you do these insomniacs are,going to lose their mind so quickly that,youll never want to stay up late again,im going to break down the mistakes,made of what you should do and how to,beat the sleepless apocalypse in a wake,this family is going to have the longest,day of their entire lives,matilda here is out on a drive with her,older brother and her army veteran mom,when the radio suddenly goes out,and the car loses all electric power her,mother swerves to avoid an uncoming car,and just when her family thinks theyre,safe a truck crashes into them,setting them tumbling into a lake they,manage to escape their sinking vehicle,as the mother swims to the surface and,finds her so noah but thats when she,sees two cops giving cpr to her daughter,on shore,the girls resuscitated and the mother is,relieved but the police officer has bad,news,the power is out everywhere and no,vehicles are working,noticing the mothers wound the cops,suggest they go to the va hospital,nearby but none of them realize that,this power outage will stop them all,from sleeping and,kill every human on the planet the,family tries to get medical attention at,the hospital but the power is out and,the place is in chaos,suddenly the mother hears a woman,screaming for help and when she goes to,look she finds that every coma patient,in the hospital is awake,okay this would freak me out big time,when a room full of coma patients are,all waking up at the exact same time,after years of no response id be,secretly hoping that the dead are waking,up too,because if a zombie apocalypse is upon,us then i can finally use my samurai,sword the way god intended,the truth however is far more terrifying,what these people should be way more,concerned about is the power outage,because when everything goes out,instantly over a large area like this,you can be sure its either from a very,powerful e1 electromagnetic pulse,or a geomagnetic disturbance from the,sun now in the hospital,this guy said he thought this was a,terrorist attack and noah here scoffed,at him but its actually not a,ridiculous claim,if a country of nuclear weapons,detonated a nuclear bomb at a high,altitude over the country it would wipe,out all solid state electronics,any digital communication would be,impossible and its not just your,smartphone that dies but satellites,computers and banking systems would all,be gone too,honestly its an absolutely devastating,act of terrorism because without,electricity even the most powerful,country on earth would have no working,technology to respond to the terrorist,threat,a lot of military equipment is protected,against emps by built-in fail-safes but,with only seven,percent of u.s power generation,controlled by the government most of the,nations power system is under private,ownership that view an emp event as,highly unlikely so there has been,virtually no preparation for this,scenario,the collapse of our power system could,require 10 years to fully recover and,would cost 2 trillion dollars to restore,if that doesnt sound like a disaster,waiting to happen then i dont know what,does,this family needs to be preparing for a,decade without power and if i were them,i would ditch the hospital and head to,the nearest grocery store to grab as,much food as possible before its too,late,i would then try to find a car with no,electronics in it so we can travel,further to scout for resources,one huge problem is that we still,wouldnt be able to fill the tank at a,gas station because gas pumps are,electronically activated so well need,to siphon,as many of the abandoned cars as we can,find before others have the same idea,now there is one alternative theory here,that is equally terrifying,because this power outage could also be,caused by solar magnetic pulses from the,sun called geomagnetic disturbances,a coronal mass ejection from the sun,would have the same effect as a powerful,emp,it would fry all electronic devices,across the world,the scariest part about this is that it,already happened in 1859,it wasnt a big deal at the time because,back then they only had telegraph,systems but in 2012 a massive coronal,ejection missed the earth by nine days,ahead of our orbit and it would have,wiped out anything with a microchip,both of these scenarios are completely,possible and the only people who will be,prepared are the old order amish,the entire country will be begging these,cow milky mennonites that teach them,life skills on how to survive because,theyve been living without technology,for centuries,and if i have to ask amish people for,advice on how to survive this is not the,apocalypse i want to be a part of,with no car the family walks to their,grandmothers house to spend the night,it gets dark and they all go to bed but,the mom is restless and no matter what,she does she cant fall asleep,upstairs her son is looking out the,window and notices several shooting,stars,but the mother realizes that these are,low orbit satellites and theyre all,crashing to earth that morning she heads,into the sleep lab where she works but,is startled when a soldier barges in,with his gun raised,the mother explains that shes a veteran,and her boss dr murphy comes in to vouch,for her,though one tells her the government is,setting up a military hub to research,why nobody can fall asleep and,asks her to join them but the mother,turns the doctor down to stay with her,children,this research assistant tells her shes,making a huge mistake,and explains that people are suddenly,experiencing severe insomnia throughout,the entire world overnight and everyone,will die if a cure isnt found but,theres still hope,theyve found one woman who can still,sleep and he believes they can discover,why,she tells him that her daughter was able,to sleep last night and that catches the,mans attention,he makes it clear that if her daughter,can sleep shes one of the only two,people on earth who can still do that,realizing how serious this is the mother,leaves the building and rushes back home,to find her daughter,okay this is a new terrifying reality,this research assistant just told us,that without sleep,everyone will die and hes actually,right because theres a limit to how,long we can stay awake before dying,now the longest documented case of,someone staying awake is 11 days but,diseases like fatal familial insomnia,which makes you unable to sleep are a,hundred percent fatal because without,sleep your organs shut down completely,this means matilda here will be one of,the only people living on the planet and,she has no skills whatsoever to survive,this changes everything because from,what the researchers said the symptoms,from sleep deprivation are appearing two,to three times faster than normal,that means 99 of humanity will die in,five days,instead of 12. now this mother has been,awake for 24 hours so shes already,quickly losing her critical thinking,ability,if the average human has an iq of 100,after 24 hours this womans iq might,actually fall below her own daughters,intelligence,she needs to use these valuable hours of,normal brain function to teach her,daughter everything she knows about how,to survive,shes been awake for 24 hours and in,four more days,shell be dead now there was one,decision that they could have made,months ago that would have saved their,lives,bespoke post is a monthly membership,club delivering awesome boxes of top,shelf goods from under the radar brands,and when the apocalypse hits youre,going to wish you stocked up with,bespoke,post the trail kit they sent me comes,with a field box thats sturdy enough to,protect ammunition,tools and pretty much anything else with,a water resistant compression lid and a,beefy construction,as well as a gut hook knife a pocket saw,with nylon straps paracord bracelet with,10 feet of potentially life-saving cord,and importantly this book surviving the,great outdoors by b

New Awake RÄVIK Review | New Models RÄVIK S & Awake RÄVIK 3

[Music],whats up champions,welcome back to our show today im very,excited to introduce to you our special,guests,right from sweden eric and florian,from awake theyre going to introduce to,us two new models,awake ravik s and awake,three right exactly very excited to try,these boards myself,few years ago i was testing original,awake,ravik exactly it was a great board very,powerful,but little bit too boxy i was not,honestly a big fan of the shape,it was way too narrow so it was harder,to turn so i see all the improvements,you did the shape is completely,different now wider,and more smooth so im very interested,to see all the improvements,and talk about them so lets start by,talking with the basics,the speed the riding time the charging,time the weight,so basically today we have two different,batteries the battery standard and the,extending ride so which gives you the 51,is 50 percent,more uh riding time than the other one,so for example with a ravik tree which,has a higher buoyancy,you ride with a xr battery between 25 to,15 minutes depending on your weight and,your riding size,and for the arabic s with the extending,right battery is between,15 to 35 minutes depending same of your,weight and riding time because its a,bit more aggressive so it should go,really fast of course youre gonna have,a little bit less and then on the,thunder battery,its 15 to 20 minutes on the ravichs and,um 25 to 44 to 40 minutes for the ravi,tree,okay and whats the weight of the,battery and the whole weight of the,board fully armed,the battery is around 15 kilos for the,standard battery,and 18 kilos for the xr battery so the,board all together is around,38 kilos depending on what battery you,put its,more or less so lets talk about the,differences between,original one ravik s and ravic3,aside of the shape what are the main,differences,exactly a work a lot of work have been,put on the on the shape of the board,because the arabic one was really wide,on the tail,and really flat underneath which was,making the board really easy to learn,but also harder to turn so what weve,tried to do,last year with the arabic s make your,board really sporty,or performance oriented so you can see,the board,as a rocker underneath so its not flat,anymore which,reacts really well in the chop for,example and if you want to jump so,basically on the arabic s,what weve done to orient its,performance its we have a,narrow tail which gonna help a lot the,rider to turn,and make the boat really more reactive,you can see,the line here the roacher is more,increased,so which makes the ball going better in,the chop and also in the dip turns its,going to help you,to bounce back in the turn so it gives,this feeling,really like um aggressive when you ride,and we also made like,big rails here which gonna hold really,well in the big turns when you want to,turn 90 degrees its going to push a lot,of water thats why you can see some,pictures with a spray which is even,above the rider,because you can hold the power of the,motor with the ball,basically thats the main character you,think of the ravi case,we are its actually a pretty fun boat,to ride,i was really surprised the first time,uh when uh when i rode it and,i think there is a lot to do still and,to push with this ball,for advanced riders even if youre the,the,most experienced team rider and,and weve all seen what you can do with,this board i think,uh as you said theres so much more to,do actually i havent done even ten,percent of the,abilities of the ball yet so its a big,learning curve,you can really push it and you cant see,it here but the buoyancy,is is lower its thirty percent lower,than the arabic one on the rabbit s,so it makes the boat sits really well in,the water when you turn,so it increases driving uh feeling on,your ride,i cannot help but mention your jet pump,its probably,one of the biggest jet pumps ive seen,in jetboarding industry its also,completely different,its out of the board and not inside,tell me whats the idea behind it,exactly no yeah so the the the biggest,difference between having,the jet pump and everything outside of,the board instead of inside,is that you will always have full grip,from the the jets,in the water so even if youre riding in,really choppy waters it will never lose,power and start sucking air instead,so thats the the biggest difference and,with this big one,you have the engine up here and its a,11 kilowatt,engine and if that is too much power you,can always limit the power through the,app,so we have kids mode echo mode sport,mode and extreme,so you can go all through all of them,and then for the,throttle sensitivity we have easy normal,and aggressive,perfect yeah its a very good idea to,limit the power,especially for the learners exactly its,a great way to learn to start someone,off in,echo mode and then they can learn that,and get a feeling for the throttle and,everything and then when theyre done,with that they can move up to aggressive,and yeah everything sits perfect,and ive seen youve been testing the,new kind of things tell me uh what,things youre tasting right now i mean,were working with mfc which were,making things with them and we try to,develop,special fins for our type of riding,which is so different from surfing its,in your sport,so of course we need to improve all the,time so now the guys from mfc they sent,us,new carbon fins and with different,stiffness and were just trying i mean,that way we try all the time to,improve work on the small details even,if its the fins because its so,important in the driving of the ball,so now im trying some kill fins which,is a bit wider to see how they react or,they could add for some different riding,style because,we see more different rider now way more,rider in general,so they have different riding time and i,suppose everyone can customize the ride,a little bit,within what they do if its wave flat,freestyle choppy water,and we can change this small data with,details were just going to make the,rise,better perfect,[Music],so lets cover rabbit3 model and the,differences as well with the original,and,ravi cast yeah the idea between behind,the rabbit tree is to make a model which,is in the middle of the arabic one and,the arabic s,which is going to be great for learners,but also for people who wants to push,more so this board is made for,fast carving and like a nice uh,improvement curve basically to come from,zero to 100,and its also really comfortable to ride,in different,chain of waters because it floats a,little bit more a bit more comfortable i,would say,and it still turns really naturally,so you dont have to force it the board,just follows what you want to do,so this ball you can read it strapless,or with the straps,so for beginners we would recommend,strapless in the beginning,just because we figured out that a lot,of beginners,have trouble to slide their foot in the,strap because you get unfocused from the,hand controller and,it gets a bit rodeo style and messy so,its best to start strapless and then,you can put,one scrub the front one and then both,straps to have full control of the ball,but also for people who wants a little,bit more,natural style you can also write,strapless for fun,and what i really like that you were,thinking about the learners and the,whole top surface of the board is,covered with,soft rubber so there are no sharp parts,here that going to hurt your legs when,youre learning and its not slippery,like when you are the boards ive seen,on the market,theyre very slippery they dont have,any handles so its very hard to carry,its very hard to stay on the board,youre always sleeping of the board,exactly and there is no arch neither so,because sometimes the locks of the arch,are the sharp,parts on the on the board so this makes,the board really soft everywhere,and another feature that i really love,is the plug-and-play solution for your,battery,basically we dont have any cables no,cooling cables no data cables power,cables,all this mess all we have to do is j

I Found THE WORST Movie On Netflix | Awake Review

this is 90 minutes that im never gonna,get back,[Music],hello i just saw the new netflix film,awake,starring gina rodriguez,and uh so to summarize awake is about,a random event that occurs,where all the electricity in the world,is completely shut off,and the byproduct of this for some,reason,is that after that nobody can sleep,anymore,or theyll die they fall asleep,[Music],i know what youre thinking yes that,sounds like a pretty terrible premise,for a movie that you shouldnt watch and,youd be right,i this is 90 minutes that im never,gonna get back uh there are only two,people,in this universe who can still sleep,after this weird,no electricity thing and one of them,is a completely random arbitrary,character with no real significance of,the plot,and the other one is gina rodriguezs,daughter,so very convenient thank goodness there,was a second person i dont want to be,overly negative here on this channel so,were going to start with some of the,positives,about this movie gina rodriguez is,really good shes a really good actor in,some,scenes in this film seems like maybe,shes over acting a little bit but,some of that is sort of on the director,who you know could,could always stop the scene and adjust,where things are going but,whatever overall shes really good,overall her her daughter and her,son in this film uh which were pretty,much the only characters,aside from some other ones who arent,really ever that important,uh theyre all really good so from a,performance perspective,a great job doing your,job you could say that there is another,silver lining here,there are a couple of action sequences,in this film,one at the very beginning where they are,drowning in a car,and another one actually they all take,place in cars another one is where,theyre trying to get away from some,people,those are great and its like i dont,know what happened,because these two scenes are shot so,well,that they almost seem completely,unrelated,to whoever else was in charge of the,rest of this movie,because it almost seemed impossible to,watch those scenes and go,yeah lets make sure we only do this,twice because theyre so well done that,you,think they would want more of the movie,to look,like those scenes the way those scenes,are directed theyre chaotic,and theyre frantic and they give you a,lot of anxiety as theyre happening and,thats great,unfortunately thats uh thats kind of,where the compliments end,this movie is a complete dumpster fire,that has no idea,what it is what it wants to be or where,its going and its,frustrating because when it wants to be,really good,and make you anxious it does,unfortunately,it doesnt do that very often one of the,big problems with,a story whose inciting incident is,something so mysterious,is that youve got to have an answer,i believe and i saw this with a movie a,while ago on netflix named cam of some,horror film,or some a.i was like creating uh,you know other versions of people sorry,to spoil the whole movie if you hadnt,seen it,but what came about in that film is that,it was clear they had a good idea,for what would start a movie and then,they just,had no answer as to why it was happening,and uh,you know i guess minor spoilers for the,12 people including myself who are going,to watch,awake um thats sort of what happened,here,they had an inciting incident that was,mysterious and even the characters are,like we dont know why this is happening,and then they just dont explain it,ever like the movie ends,and we still have no idea why any of,this is happening,uh yeah its disappointing its really,this is a you know,i tried not to look at the reviews until,the move is over because,this movie is really boring,and some of the dialogue,is just who is writing this,what is the tone that they think theyre,going for because its not working,whatever it is aside from the fact that,jane should have picked michael,i dont know i dont know whats going,on with gina rodriguez in some of these,movies,she was in miss bala chelsea didnt do,very well shes trying to to do like,action stuff it seems or,i dont know just more dramatic she was,great jane the virgin she was great and,jane the virgin,and i dont know if were experiencing,like uh this is sort of what dwayne the,rock johnson had to do where he took all,these crappy movies,until they started giving him real,movies to be and maybe thats what shes,doing,maybe her agent is saying look this,movie sucks,its going to be bad whether or not,youre in it so,take the part take the money build up,your your film cred,and well take it from there i can i i,pray,that gina rodriguez has better overall,judgment,in projects than this because awake is,bad this is a film that will waste your,time nothing happens in this movie,until maybe 10 minutes left like,actually nothing like,nothing relevant nothing necessary you,could have cut out,probably a good 50 minutes of this 90,minute running time,and so maybe they had a short film and,they just tried to stretch it out,i dont know this is bad this is a bad,movie and its too bad because like,the trailer was intriguing and it seemed,like they had something but,beyond the first 10 minutes of the movie,they have,no idea where this is supposed to be,headed they dont have a statement,theyre making,there is theres nothing here,[Music]


[Music],thats nick and thats joseph and today,were here to talk about,awake the third film from canadian,director mark rosso,uh which netflix will be premiering june,9th 2021.,this directors other films i have not i,havent seen right uh neither by,copenhagen and kodachrome uh which,stars jason sudeikis and i have heard,good things about that i like those,names,so i was excited to see this because of,the trailer,it was giving me bird box vibes very,bird box,and i would say its along those lines,certainly more violent i think right yes,in ways that dont,seem to yes we need to get into that but,the basic story is,there is a solar flare so its modern,time,theres a solar flare that occurs and,creates some electromagnetic something,or other that causes,all electrical devices to cease working,and people cant sleep it affects their,lymphatic system,whatever that i didnt even look at what,a glymphatic system is but,i dont think it matters we dont get,that explanation until,you know halfway through so people cant,sleep,the story revolves around a woman named,jill whos played by,gina rodriguez who i do like,i do like her a lot too yeah although i,know people have problems with her,because the review we did for,kajillionaire people wrote like nasty,comments about her,like i guess shes done some bad stuff,but i dont know that so you know i just,know her in,this movie kajillionaire thats it uh,jane the virgin she wanted,to vote for she has a voice on big mouth,oh shes,also in annihilation which also stars,jennifer jason lee whos in this film,so jill has issues with substance abuse,so shes she used to be in the armed,forces but then had to leave and now she,works as a security guard at a,university,under uh she works at a security guard,at this university and one of the,professors a character played by,jennifer jason,lee who they refer to as major murphy so,she is affiliated with,with military she this doctor was able,to get jill her job so thats their,connection,okay so no one can sleep,jill goes back to the school to steal,some drugs to help,make money and maybe sleep when,did you talk about how it opens how did,it open with a car crash,basically okay yes well okay,well thats integral but ill get to it,we find out that,um well jill has two kids,uh an older like teenage boy and then,matilda,and then matilda her daughter who looks,like shes 10 maybe,ariana greenblatt who also has a small,role in in the heights,oh okay,uh matilda can sleep yep so shes a hot,commodity,and people well have to get into it but,like the,the time frame because you know sleep,deprivation uh,causes hallucinations but the professor,in the movie says,like this whatevers happening is,accelerating it so after a couple days,people are like out of their minds,so the professor has set up a hub,where shes trying to do research to see,like how can we,like cure this and,she says she already has some lady there,who can sleep so theyre gonna research,on her,and if your daughter can sleep bring her,and initially,jill says no because i dont want yall,experimenting on my kid,but then shes convinced by her older,son like well were gonna die,because were not gonna be able to sleep,and,then what leave matilda here to fend for,herself,so they decide to make the track not,unlike in bird box where they have to go,to this compound,they make this trek to the hub to see,about finding a cure,but of course now its like day three,day four,and people are like insane so its like,violent zombies running around,so they battle all that to get to the,hub and when they get there they realize,that the professor hasnt found any,answers,so its just chaos all theyve developed,is a cocktail,uh which uh heightens mental acuity but,reduces the symptoms of hallucinating,but causes significant neurological,issues right okay,so it it gets worse and worse and worse,until,we find,it culminates with the understanding,that the way to cure whatever has,happened to us,is if you die and get resuscitated,i guess thatll like get your like,rhythm back in order your circadian,rhythm,yeah the rhythm will get you i dont,know so,the rhythm of the night in the beginning,of the film after the solar flare,happened and the electricity on,everything went out,um jills car like turned off and they,got into an accident,and like plunged into a lake or,something and matilda little girl,um drowned but was resuscitated by some,sheriffs officers,so thats why she was able to sleep and,then,towards the end when they get to the hub,the older boy whats his name i didnt,write that,uh its played by lucas hoyos,that person he uh dies from being,electrocuted,and then is resuscitated with like a,shock treatment so hes able to sleep so,the,so the two kids put two and two together,that if we kill our mom,they resuscitate her shell come back to,life so they uh,kill her they drown her and then perform,cpr,and she wakes up the end yeah,all right um yeah with a nice shot into,her pupil and uh,no like not unlike rose burns gasps at,the end of insidious you hear her,coming back tomorrow yeah all right,uh should i just go down my list,so its made very clear that jill has a,drug,problem what do you what purpose do you,think that had to the narrative,ah nothing uh well except that shes,separated from her children,she is because theyre cared for by her,mother-in-law,who you couldnt tell me wasnt tilda,swinton yeah that lady looks just like,dildo,i could and i did its francis i know,that its not but she looks just like,tilda,but francis fisher is a notable actress,like shes been around she used to be,with clint eastwood she plays kate,winstons mother in titanic shes an,unforgiven,francis fisher is notable and shes,looked the same for years,to be fair but she plays doris uh a,christian woman,uh which also uh theres a,subtext of that which drives uh jill to,well thats uh since youre sitting on,that i think thats probably the,creepiest scene of the film,is when uh matilda the little girl who,can sleep is at the church and the,priest whos played by,barry pepper so you know from crawl,oh thats really dad hes not like him,hes in the center as well,hes like saying like lets pray for her,its just all already when i hear like,lets do this,like its already creepy and then i for,sure thought he was going to like do,something inappropriate with her like,try to kidnap her,to figure out how he can cure this but,hes saying like basically they can,pray and god will use her as like a,messiah to help us,and but because well all the,parishioners,are just crazy because theyre sleep,deprived but also theyre like believing,that this girl will save them,so theyre like she cant go lets,sacrifice her like like things escalate,very quickly so i thought that scene was,interesting but i didnt know like,they like the development of jills,character is like um,like battling drug addiction and being,separated from her kids,i dont know that i needed that for the,story i would,prefer more explanation on like,well lets go to the next thing well,because i think that,uh,yeah i think the mechanism could have,played out a bit different,and still give us the fact that shes,been trained you know trained,professionally to deal with,strenuous situations yes because that is,utilized like she has military training,but because of her,addiction issues shes had to leave and,then now she works security,so um shes very uh,capable and competent and i thought the,scenes where she,uh is showing because shes assuming,that shes going to die,her sons going to die and that her,young daughter will be left alone,so shes trying to teach her how to,drive the car how to shoot a gun,i thought those were pretty impactful,and i think sometime more time could,have been spent on that like preparing,this young girl,for living by herself because thats,devastating to think about,but um but we didnt also what we dont,do,is the time frame is very interesting,because,it happens during the day the solar,flare and then i guess that and then,that night w

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