1. The Best Way to Prepare for Your Board Exam
  2. 2023 CAPiTA Defenders of Awesome Snowboard Review | Curated
  3. ABIM Board Certification Exam: How I passed the Internal Medicine Boards
  4. ABIM Board Certification Exam – Which Resources to Use for Board Exam Preparation. #boardexam #img
  5. GI board review part 1 12/17/20
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The Best Way to Prepare for Your Board Exam

2020 was a year like no other year not,because of the covet situation but,because it was the year that i have to,sit again for my abim re-certification,exam which is the american board of,internal medicine board exam i remember,i suddenly found myself having only six,weeks to prepare for the exam and i had,the opportunity to postpone the exam for,another year because of the coffee,situation of course and i was about to,do that but then i was like why let me,just study for these six weeks just get,it done and get over it and thats what,i did i did study for six weeks and this,was the result,so how did i pass the exam by just,studying for six weeks thats what i,want to share with you in this video,today how to smartly prepare for the,abim exam the american board of internal,medicine exam i have a few practical,steps to tell you about these tips,should give you a clear guide in your,exam preparation journal before we start,make sure to hit the subscribe button,and to push the notification bell so you,can stay up to date with our videos as,soon as they are released lets start,first how much time do i need to prepare,for the exam preparing for the board,exam is an ongoing process starting with,your first day in internal medicine,residency in the first two years work on,improving your general internal medicine,knowledge along with solving both style,questions from time to time again the,goal of this kind of study is to improve,your intended medicine knowledge and,become a better internist now during,your last year of residency your study,style should shift to what we call exam,oriented study which is different here,you slowly focusing on things that can,help you rule in or rule out some,answers looking for clues and hints in,the questions and in this year you,should put more time solving board style,questions at minimum make sure you have,six months to do this kind of exam,oriented study especially if you are,sitting for the exam for the first time,dont leave it to the last three months,and definitely dont do it like me by,just studying for six weeks so make sure,to plan your time well and dont stress,yourself with time second what to study,internal medicine textbooks are not for,exam style study even mix-up books,believe it or not are not good for exam,oriented study mix apps are great to,build your intended medicine knowledge,like in the first two years of residency,but once you switch to the exam oriented,study we are looking for two things to,do please just do these two things and,leave everything else all you need is an,intensive board review course and a,board style question bank ive tried two,board review courses one ten years ago,when i sat for my initial board,certification exam back then i attended,awesome board review it was intensive,six day board review course in 2020 for,my research certification i did the acp,the american ecology physicians board,review course the great thing about at,this time that i have access to the,videos you dont have to go physically,there i could watch them anytime and,again it was great and it immensely,helped me pass my board example,re-certification exam based on my,personal experience i highly recommend,one of these two courses awesome board,review or the acp for review i cannot,comment on other intensive board review,courses simply because i dont have any,personal experience with them but they,may be good or even better than these,two courses i mentioned just ask your,colleagues about their experiences at,the same time you need to sign up for,one internal medicine board question,bank mixer question bank is great your,world also is excellent i also tried the,new england journal of medicine,knowledge plus question bank called,knowledge plus review but i found its,way inferior to mix up or you word and i,dont recommend it this time again these,are the ones that i tried personally im,sure there are other great questions,back so just ask around to be clear i,have no sponsorship or anything to,disclose with these courses or question,banks again you need one board review,course and one question back dont try,to do more than one of each this can,greatly distract you and decrease your,concentration third repetition study the,board material and repeat as many as you,can study the board review course,material at least twice but the more you,repeat the more the information sticks,in our mind also do as many question as,you can thats why having adequate time,is very important to prepare for the,board exam fourth please carefully study,the exam blueprint exam blueprint,describes the weight of each topic in,the exam which i mean the number of,questions in each specific topic as you,see this blueprint here cardiovascular,has fourteen percent gi nine percent id,nine percent some other topics has six,percent and other less than that so make,sure to take a look at the most recent,exam blueprint pick the topics you,should focus on the most and the topics,you should pay little attention or skip,them at all especially if you are,running out of time fifth prepare will,for the day of the exam and this should,start the day before the day of exam in,the day before the day of exam you,should do the following make sure you,watch the exam tutorial familiarize,yourself with the look of the exam as,this will save you time on the day of,exam because you can skip the exam,tutorial and use this tutorial time for,your break times make sure to know how,to mark a question and how to come back,to it also in the day before the exam,day put your exam day schedule when and,how many breaks you are going to take,during the exam day so dont leave it to,randomness plan this ahead now during,the exam day please do the following,always start by reading the last part of,the question to know what they are,asking about from the get-go this can,save you a lot of time and get you to,the right answer very quick second,please dont get stuck with any,questions mark it leave it and then come,back to it please never leave any,questions black even if you have no idea,about the questions always pick an,answer and dont leave it blank once you,are done with the block forget about it,dont think about it at all regardless,if you did well or bad on that block,just focus on the next block at the end,i wish you all good luck im very sure,by following these tips i mentioned you,will be able to pass your board exam,without any problem if you found this,video useful please pass it to your,friends and dont forget to give it a,like and of course subscribe to our,channel thanks for watching

2023 CAPiTA Defenders of Awesome Snowboard Review | Curated

come on,[Music],hey everyone Im Everett pelkey Im a,snowboard expert here at curated who has,helped hundreds of people find the right,setup for them today were at Powder,Mountain here in Utah and I was able to,write the capita Defenders of awesome we,are not sponsored by any of the brands,you see here today all these reviews are,completely unbiased if youve been,around a mountain in recent years youve,undoubtedly seen the capita Dua its,seven time Goodwood Award winner from,Transworld it is an all-mountain,freestyle go anywhere bored got a cult,following for good reason it features,the resort V1 profile which means its,got camber between the feet its got a,little bit of flat rocker right around,the uh the contact Point into rocker,into what they call the wolf pal tip and,tell which just kind of kicks it up the,DOA is a true Trend shape it has aramid,sidewalls got a ton of pop its at home,in the park outside the park this board,I thought was gonna be loose because,its softer outside your foot but,somehow still stable in those content,points you know thats like the soft,spot initiating turns felt really good,especially for spins like trying to hit,an edge and then pop out and this thing,comes around quick that was the most fun,Ive had so far it was such a good run,today if youre looking for your next,setup click the link in the description,below to be hooked up with an expert,here at curated so we can get you on,your next board,foreign,[Music],this board is a ton of fun depressing,ability the smooth spin initiation it,really just unlocks all the features you,can get this board down so quick and,really progress your skills in the park,so fast you know it does feel a little,narrow but if youre someone with bigger,feet just be aware of the waist width,size it does come in wider sizes you,know no matter your boot size you should,be okay I wouldnt recommend this board,for a true beginner but you could still,get away at a lower level Rider as your,first own setup its going to have the,soft points where you need it its a,little forgiving in the right spots and,does not take a lot of work for it to,open it up you can be a little bit more,of a softer rider thats learning how to,push their limits with a board like this,but you can take it all the way to the,more advanced Park and freestyle of,Rider it is going to handle all those,capabilities I wouldnt recommend this,board if youre looking to dual mostly,free riding if youre looking to charge,steeper conditions there are better are,options from capita but if youre,looking for something thats playful all,over the mountain that really just,excels in not excelling anywhere the DOA,is a great option for you for that one,board quiver so theres tons of,different types of boards for all styles,of riders out there click the link in,the description below to get hooked up,with an expert like me or one of my,fellow teammates to make sure we find,the right setup for you if you enjoyed,this awesome video of The Defenders of,awesome click the Subscribe button below,so you can see more great content from,curated,[Music]

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ABIM Board Certification Exam: How I passed the Internal Medicine Boards

hey guys eddie gutierrez here and im,very happy to say that i passed my abim,on the first try and id like to give,you guys some suggestions and tell you,what i did in order to pass the test,and hopefully it will help you,have the same results okay,first things first,um i like to thank my foundation in,medicine in other words my residency,training program for giving me a good,amount of training and giving me the,confidence necessary to pass my tests,thats very important just a disclaimer,i took my test as soon as i finished my,residency,within the first couple days simply,because i started my fellowship and i,didnt have all that time to study i,also wanted to get the test over with,take it as soon as i was fresh at,residency i didnt want to delay and i,think that that was very rewarding,because a lot of the topics i saw were,so fresh in my mind things that i had,seen while training basically,that i was able able to implement it on,the test,the other thing that really was helpful,was,mix up,my residency excuse me a second my,residency program supplied us with the,mix up 16 books,and i honestly did read through all the,material at least once but most,importantly what was very helpful was,taking the doing the questions at the,end of each book,throughout the three years of my,residency every month our program made,us do,one of the one of the sections of the,mix app program and answer a lot of the,questions as a test,even though you could go ahead and,memorize the answers and do well on this,test it was still very beneficial to us,because we would review the material and,even though we were tied up with,clinical duties and research duties we,would still go ahead and review the,material and mix up and just,familiarizing ourselves with the terms,and with the concepts and the way the,questions were asked,was definitely beneficial for the test i,wont go as far as to say that the abim,gave the same exact questions as the mix,app because im not allowed to say,whether thats accurate or not but it,was helpful because a lot of the,concepts presented in mix app did show,up on the abim its medicine and thats,medicine so they are both applicable,the other thing that i found to be very,helpful was you world,and you world once again i do not have,any sort of uh economic benefit from,this i wish i did but u-world is,something that you could download for,for your ipad or for your computer and,what i did was a 90-day subscription,to the service and,over the course of those 90 days i was,able to complete all,all the questions which were over a,thousand questions and i was able to do,them more than one time,im not smart enough to be able to do it,in uh just continuous mode,in other words just answer all the,questions like a test format,and uh go back and learn what i did,wrong im more of a tutor type person,who needs to do a question and,immediately be rewarded or punished and,know right away if i did the question,correctly or not if i answered it,correctly or not,and the u world has that particular,benefit one of the things thats very,helpful in new world is that they give,you nice tables that will help you,learn the concepts that are so important,on the boards and i do feel that that,was beneficial,also on the boards,lastly i was fortunate enough that my,residency training program paid for,all the residents in my program to go to,dallas texas for the med study board,review course now,this is basically the syllabus that was,given to you to us from the med study,board review course,and this i do not feel it was so helpful,though some people might feel its,helpful but for me,it was 10 days where i basically enjoyed,time with my friends like a paid,vacation from my,training program more so than being,beneficial,simply because after doing a couple of,years worth of mix up and already being,exposed to the euro material this just,wasnt as,high yield as i expected it to be,so,one thing that you should expect during,the boards and this is something that uh,is mentioned to you in the abil,information is that there are questions,that are not counted towards the,examination so,just,be aware of those because you will run,into things that youre quite unfamiliar,with and dont beat yourself up over the,head about it,in all honesty i started studying for,divorce pretty much three months prior,to the actual exam date that was enough,time for me to,uh,not necessarily feel comfortable because,one will never feel comfortable with how,much one has studied but more so feel,prepared for the test to be honest with,you i didnt care about obtaining the,highest score i just wanted to pass like,most of you hopefully just want to pass,i was very satisfied with my score,because i did,better than just passing so i was in a,higher percentile,um and thats not writing or anything,thats just saying that these particular,steps could help you obtain a passing,grade the test by no means is impossible,the passage rate is greater than 80,and if i passed it im sure you could,pass it too you just need to give,yourself the proper preparation give,yourself enough time to study um i was,very fortunate that my fellowship,training program provided me with a,research block prior to prior to,examination which allowed me about 10 to,12 hours a day over a two-week period to,study for my examination and i felt that,that was very beneficial however you,will feel quite burnt out when it comes,to the few days prior to examination,obviously the anxiety the stress the,nervousness everything that you felt,when you were taking your,step one step two step three all those,things just come right back into your,system and you feel that same type of,anxiety theres nothing you could do,about it except go into your testing and,try to do the best you can and dont,freak out,okay so those are basically my,suggestions the things that i did in,order to pass the abim and im very,happy that i do not have to take this,exam at least for another 10 years lets,see what happens to the abim,so if you have any comments or questions,or anything that you want to go ahead,and ask me ill be more than happy to,answer those questions for you,[Music],quite accessible,like this video subscribe to my page,anything i hope to be posting more,videos soon ive been quite tied up with,my fellowship and i havent been able to,upload as many things as i would like,but,hope your studies go well i wish you,luck on the examination to those of you,who passed your exam congratulations to,those of you who,didnt pass the exam i dont blame you,that exam is very very difficult and im,sure the next time youre just going to,kick its butt,thanks

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ABIM Board Certification Exam – Which Resources to Use for Board Exam Preparation. #boardexam #img

welcome today i will talk about,all the resources which i used and,found beneficial for the american board,of internal medicine,certification examination one of the,subscribers of my channel requested to,know,the resources which i used for this,exam preparation before i begin,here i want to make it clear,that i do not have any financial,relationships,with all the resources and companies,which i will mention,in this video so all these resources,im mentioning you based on my personal,experience,first i used mksap,i used 17 because that was the latest,edition,that time now they have mksap 18.,so what i did i mainly reviewed all the,questions,um from mksab then i also did their,virtual diagnosis,as well as i did the flash cards so all,these,um techniques and all these divisions of,mksap helped me to learn in different,way,and i believe it also helped me to,remember,as well and just before the exam i,only read the educational objectives of,all the questions because i did not have,enough time,to prepare because i started my job as,soon as i finished my training,so i needed to be very vigilant,and very efficient of my exam,preparation,so i mainly highlighted and focused on,the educational objectives,maybe one or two days before my exam,however before that,i read all other things which i already,mentioned,secondly i used usmle world,i mainly used um their question banks,nearly for three months before my exam,and same thing i did before few days,of my final exam i read the educational,objectives,and also practiced some questions,in a time mode that was very helpful for,me,another thing here i would like to,mention that,during the residency either it is like,three year or four years,try to attend majority of the morning,reports,noon conferences and grand rounds,so as a result what will happen uh when,you are,joining all those you will learn,many things you can like really never,imagine that how many things you will,learn,with all these sessions over the,many years and also what you can do,i know that majority of the program they,offer,board preparation um like courses,either it could be paid outside or maybe,inside of the hospital join those,sessions because,all those attendings are very,experienced and they,know what they are talking about take,the advantage of those courses which are,offered,by your residency program,finally one resources i found very,helpful,which one what i will do i will share,this screen with you so that you can see,it easily if you,go to the sap website american college,of physicians website and,if you type here boat preparation,you will be able to find all those,slides under the sap,board prep curriculum i found those,slides very helpful,because along with important topics,they described very briefly as well as,they had,some questions as well and before my,exams i review them,at least two or three times because they,are very brief however focusing on the,topics which are very often tested so,try this resource i believe you will,find it helpful,as it was quite useful for me,so mainly i used mk sap usually world,joined the grand round morning reports,all those,directives and finally i used the sap,board curriculum slides from the sap,website,i want to mention here that,sap this american board of internal,medicine,examination not only testing your,knowledge however you need test taking,strategies in order to finish all those,questions,in time and pass this exam in first time,so try to learn both because it will,truly,help you and in my other video,i also mentioned all those tips and,strategies,that you can use and implement before,the exam,as well as on the exam day so please,take a look at that video,i hope you will find that useful if you,have any other,resources that you found helpful for,your preparation,please mention in the comment section so,that other can benefited from your,knowledge,and expertise as well if you have any,questions,comments or if you want me to make a,video on any particular topics,please mention in the comment section i,always make sure to go through them,very attentively i hope you find this,video,useful please like this video subscribe,this channel,to your friends and colleagues i will,see you in the next video,best wishes for your exam preparation,take care

GI board review part 1 12/17/20

um so for you,those of you who havent met me my,names nick im one of the second-year,gi,fellows um and i put this lecture,together,trying to not cover a specific topic,but instead to try to be most high yield,for the boards as i,as i could so i used,when i did my board review i i went to,my program thankfully paid for it but,this awesome review course,and i cannot recommend it enough um,if you have some educational money or if,youre,you know you have some money to spend on,board review it was probably it was,twelve hundred dollars,um it was by this id doctor out of the,northeast i think baltimore,um but it was six days long like two,long weekends,and this guy would just lecture for 12,hours straight every day he was,its really intense so you like go into,it if you do choose to do it,its not like a vacation like its not,like uh,you know if youve gone to national,conferences where you oh ill go to a,few lectures and then,you know go to disney world for the rest,of the day its not like that it is um,its intense but he does such a good job,of reviewing um all the high-yield,information,and then connecting everything um,that you talked about you know the day,before,so um yeah i highly recommend it i,i pretty much just did his material and,you world,and um i did pretty well,on the boards so um so were going to,kind of use his,you know his gi section as the,um kind of,structure the backbone of how we walk,through here well start up top at the,esophagus and move down to the colon,um and go about it that way um the one,other thing i did,want to mention is when youre doing,your board studying this,choosing wisely campaign um especially i,took,im a do but i did take the avin boards,um so if you are taking the abim boards,the people writing these tests are,usually,involved with this choosing wisely,campaign and theyre all about,cost-effective uh medicine so,you know some of the things that we do,in clinical practice in real life,are not what they do in the boards and i,think to try to help,differentiate that um from the,management,style of questions reviewing the,choosing why like taking just a day or,two the month before the test and,reviewing that,their campaign um i thought was really,helpful for me because,as you some of you know if youve,already you know started taking practice,questions a lot of the management is,like i wouldnt have done that,if i saw this patient um so you have to,kind of think,differently when youre taking this test,and and that kind of helps you,um uh yeah and then,general board tips just because i was i,mean it was just a year ago that i took,it,i start studying early for me that was,about,six months before so right about if,youre in your third year,i would like this month in the next,month,come up with a plan and start studying,you can be the best uh,doctor in the world and if you do not,study for this test,you will you know youll theres a good,chance that you fail it because,its not like clinical practice youre,doing a lot of,you know they test youre testing on a,lot of stuff that youre only going to,see once or twice in your career so,start studying early and have a plan,um i used u world i think its,i think its the best question bank but,just use some question bank where youre,youre getting your uh your stamina up,and thats the one thing that i didnt,do that looking back i wish i did do,was do some four or even a full eight,hour mock exam,in the months prior to your actual exam,to build up that stamina,because even though i was doing 20 30,questions a day every day and i knew the,material pretty well,if you you havent taken a board test,other than your in-service,exam for you know years you sit down to,take this test and it is,you know by the sixth block youre like,holy sh you know get me,get me out of here um youre just when,you know,youre just tired so train for it,um you know like anything else,um and then they do have abim websites,that you know when you start,thinking about studying and preparing,for this test,they do the abm has a blueprint,it breaks down not only the medical,content but also,this cross content category so i would,definitely use this to guide,how much time youre spending on things,um,so like cardiovascular disease for,instance 14,know your murmurs and all you know the,valsalva that what happens when you,squat to all that stuff,know it front and back because getting,those points and moving on to the next,question,is a confidence boost and youre gonna,have a lot of straightforward uh,cards questions if you know the material,um,and then as you can see gi is nine,percent so its,its pretty significant dont forget,about rheumatology either that was by,far my worst,i got wrecked by rheumatology questions,so,dont forget that stuff,okay all right well lets get into it,hey nick i dont know are you still,talking because i cant hear you anymore,hey sorry no i had to grab something im,at home and,shut the door real quick no worries,got a seventh month old i think hes,about to wake up from his nap so i had,to get,my backup support,help me out all right so,well start again from the top and work,our way down,so dysphagia,you know they could ask some questions,about dysphagia i think it would be,difficult,i think one of the the most common,things i would try to test you on is,when to do barium swallow first before,egd,so if they give you something like this,like intermittent dysphagia,both solids and liquids with associated,chest pain,theyre trying to get at some sort of,esophageal spasm,motility problem again because its,intermittent,in with the chest pain you think that,those spasms can do both of those,so just know dont go straight to egd,again,all these boards its all about uh,in clinical practice we would probably,do an egd you know first,um to rule out anything but um if its,intermittent like this,do barium swell first on the test um,because its cheaper and,um you know thats what theyre going,for,um so then they could give you a picture,like this,you know you do the um you do the berry,and swallow,and you get this corkscrew esophagus,and then theyll ask you whats the the,best next test to confirm the diagnosis,again probably trying to get you to bite,on egd,and its not its manometry okay,um so you do manometry and it shows,non-peristaltic,contractions theyre not going to test,you on the actual manometry so dont,worry about that,um so the next step in management for,this,most things in your upper gi tract is an,empiric ppi,um youd be surprised how many people,just get better,on a ppi um but then no response,you can use calcium channel blockers,like diltiazem,so i could see them giving you a patient,thats already been on a ppi what do you,do with them,um you could start a calcium channel,blocker there is,some data supporting its efficacy but um,again just to mention real life we dont,do this at all because the dosing,is four times a day nobodys compliant,with it,you know theres side effects so i,i can count on one hand how many times,ive seen patients with,esophageal spasm on calcium channel,blockers but,it you know they could test you on it um,if you have clinic patients like this,peppermint oil actually has some empiric,evidence behind,it and i i really like using peppermint,oil,for dyspepsia for a lot of functional,upper abdominal stuff um,bental obviously smooth muscle relaxer,you could try this on your patient that,gets admitted overnight with chest pain,that um you know had negative troponins,and theyre,really complaining and they keep paging,you and paging you just you know maybe,try some dental,um it might help overnight um,and then try cyclics or kind of the last,ditch effort in,gi when its functional pain that we,dont uh,dont have anything else to treat,um so shotskys ring they could call,this steakhouse syndrome they could call,it a peptic,stricture they could call it a lower,esophageal ring,um this is going to be a patient with,just solid food dysphagia,a lot of times you know they get stuck,and then they ac

Hollywood Hogan vs. Roddy Piper … Whos the Real Icon? – WCW Starrcade 1996 Review

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the,best possible way this group has not,nearly jumped the shark yet now we get,one of the real peaks of creative around,this time with WCW starrcade 1996 from,December 29th at the Nashville Municipal,Auditorium in Nashville Tennessee this,show is nominated by Chris Thompson and,Adam vanderplum over at patreon.com,wrestling with regret and the big Lynch,pin to Star arcade this year the thing,that everything is revolving around is,being dubbed the match of the year the,decade the century the Millennium and,yeah there are a few matches as well,happening on the undercard dont forget,about those so what else is happening in,WCW around this time well EVP Eric,Bischoff recently turned to the dark,side and he revealed that he was The,Mastermind and the leader of the end NWO,he drew a lie in the sand and gave,everyone in WCW 30 days a deadline to,join the team or get destroyed so in the,last few weeks we saw some quick,turnovers and defections like Buff,Bagwell Michael Wall Street Scott Norton,and Big Bubba meanwhile there are,questions lingering about the,allegiances of guys like Diamond Dallas,Page and of course the mysterious sting,theyre back in Nashville for the third,year in a row last years show of course,was known for the WCW versus New Japan,series which does kind of carry on in,some way during this show and if you,want to hear what happened in starrcade,95 you can check out my review of that,right here 9030 people in attendance on,this night 345,000 pay-per-view buys at the time a huge,company record but of course the next,years star Kade would blow that out of,the water Tony shavani Dusty Rhodes and,Bobby Heenan on commentary here your,Opening match is a barn burner folks a,unification for the J crown and WCW,cruiserweight titles as Ultimo Dragon,takes on Dean malenko look at ultimate,Dragon Here accompanied by Sunny Ono and,his seven championship belts they keep,saying hey but Im pretty sure I only,count seven here and the shot is there,an invisible belt I dont know I want an,iconic look though nevertheless the look,for dragon the gear the belt theres a,meme that Ive seen for years where it,says you may be cool but youll never be,Ultimo Dragon holding like eight,championship belts cool and its true,its kind of an evergreen sentiment Mike,tenae joins commentary for this one,because someones got to provide context,and explain what the hell a j Crown is,we begin with some great technical,Mastery by both men here malenko,grinding down on Dragon with some holds,Dragon lays in the kicks as fans begin,to chant USA Dino blocks the skinny of,the cat and throws him out of the ring,Ultimo responds with a big body slam on,the floor dragon with a fake out and the,dive Mike today on commentary kind of,spoiling the finish here where he says,the winner of this match is going to,face juice and liger at January 4th in,the Tokyo Dome at one point he also,mentions that the acai Moon saw Bears,dragons own name and Dustys like,Dragon Moon fault and today says acai,moonsa thats his own last name and,Dustin acai means Dragon oh dream dragon,applying holds of his own to Milenko but,Dean comes back with some big suplexes,he works on the leg nice drop kicking to,the side of the knee Dragon Gets Out of,a leg lock and begins to come back deem,reversing a tombstone attempt with one,of his own and a kick out double,underhook suplex another kick out on the,outside Dean takes too much time and,takes an acai moonsalls Ultimo with,another moon salt attempt in the ring,but he misses Dean locking in the Clover,Leaf but Sunny Ono distracts a Brain,Buster another kickout series of,counters Dragon hits the tiger suplex,the pin and the win Ultimo Dragon,unifies the belts Ill give it four and,a half stars out of five I mean its an,all-time Opening match just a match in,general great work here I love the,technical stuff the high flying thrown,in there it slows down a little bit in,the middle but it just builds,anticipation for when the pace quickens,once again I thought Dragon was looking,really tough here and Dean was a great,foil for him as well I mean this is just,a terrific matchup to start things off,as far as what would happen in the Tokyo,Dome about a week later juice and liger,would beat Ultimo Dragon for the Jay,Crown up next the finals to Crown the,inaugural WCW Womens Champion as Akira,hokuto takes on Medusa hokitos,accompanied by Ono and her husband,kensuke Sasaki Lee Marshall joining,commentary this time hokito jumps Medusa,from the get-go Medusa gets tripped up,by Ono but Sasaki gets in his face about,it hokito is sort of a hangman sleeper,in the corner but Medusa counters with a,hurricane Rana Akira transitions from a,sharpshooter into an stf Dusty with this,great call well shes a bit in the foot,Akira with a neck claw Medusa comes back,with a float over DDT but a big German,suplex by Akira Medusa with another DDT,and a power Bond theres a kick out goes,for it again but Akira sits on her,hokuto with a super Plex still not,enough Akira is dumped out of the ring,but as Nick Patrick is distracted oh no,Dex Medusa with the same American flag,she came out with missile drop kick then,Emerald flosian Akira hokito wins and,becomes the first and ultimately only,WCW womens champion before the belt is,retired I give it two stars out of five,I really enjoy the physicality in this,thing I mean its a style that youre,not going to find with almost any other,womens wrestling happening in America,during this time what little there is on,the mainstream during this time I should,say uh just like last years star k,though too much sticking around by Sunny,Ono on the outside and I think that this,match was a bit too short it didnt have,a chance to get into another gear I,think its really odd that like Medusa,left the WWF and came to WCW threw the,belt in the trash and with the promise,of like oh were gonna build a division,around you were gonna make a,championship a year goes by before a,title is finally introduced and she,ultimately never

2022 CAPiTA Defenders of Awesome vs. 2022 CAPiTA Super Defenders of Awesome | Head 2 Head | Curated

– You ready? – Lets get this, bro.,- You ready? You ready for Head2Head? Lets go!,(fist bumps) (helmet bump),Whoo!,(energetic music) (laughing),- Whats up everyone.,Im Curated Expert Mike Leighton.,- And Im Curated Expert Bobby Chadderton.,Today we are at beautiful Copper Mountain, Colorado.,- And in this episode of Head2Head,,we are pitting the CAPiTA Defenders of Awesome,against the Super Defenders of Awesome.,- Super!,(energetic music),So were going to be putting these boards to the test,in three different categories.,Thats gonna be freestyle,,freeride,,and carving.,Just so you guys know we are not sponsored,or affiliated with any brands.,- All of these reviews are completely unbiased.,(energetic music),- Personally, I think that on a regular, groomed run,,I felt like the Super DOA really held up to,a more high powered carve.,Do you agree?,- [Mike] I do.,With all that extra carbon in there, I really felt,that it was really stable, especially at speed.,And as you really started to crank turns over,,it felt really confidence inspiring.,The only thing was, if you get lazy at all, its like…,- [Bobby] Its going to buck you.,- [Mike] Yeah.,Like we saw, I got bucked. (laughing),But overall, the stability on that,,I didnt really feel the same thing on this.,This felt a little bit softer, a little bit more chatter,as you try to drive those turns.,It was still a great board.,It was fun to turn on and was stable at speed,,you could still go fast on it,but you cant just lay into a turn as much,which I felt like on the Super DOA, it was just fun.,Just like high speed (swooshing),until you get a little lazy and then all of a sudden youre,on your head and thats less than ideal.,- No, I totally agree.,And I think one thing that I definitely noticed was,the power that I got,coming out of my toe side and heel side turns.,It was so much stronger on the Super DOA,especially on the heels.,Through variable terrain on the DOA,,on my heel side edge,,there was a lot more slip.,Whereas as soon as I engaged this heel side edge,in that same variable terrain, I was hooking,and I could use the carbon in this board,to propel myself out of that turn.,- Thats a DOA on steroids.,- [Bobby] Yeah. Thats exactly what it is.,- But I think overall, if I were to pick a board to,go carving on, I would stick with the Super DOA.,- Agreed.,(energetic music) (scribbles),- So what board do you really feel,was more playful out there?,- More playful? DOA all day.,If youre looking to butter, if youre looking to have fun,,just play around?,- [Mike] Which is basically all you do.,- [Bobby] That is the board for you.,Its much more forgiving in that aspect.,I know that a lot of the same variations of butters,that I tried and had success with on that board,,I found that when I was throwing them on the Super DOA,,I was really bucking myself into the air and I was,catching more speed and pop than I really expected to.,- [Mike] If I were riding this every day,,just playing around, nothing too big,,not really riding any of the big jumps,,this would be my go-to,,but I think if I was riding big jumps and,requiring a lot of speed, thats definitely the board.,But for this one playing around on it, that was fun.,That first run I took, the first couple turns,,it was just like, oh yeah, I know what this feels like.,And its very forgiving too.,Thats a huge part of a freestyle aspect is the forgiveness.,Were not trying to slam an edge in every time.,Theres some creativity to it.,Whereas, I feel like on that Super DOA,it was like very much like, you have to be on it.,- Theres no room for error for sure.,So I think if you are that rider who is looking for,a fun, playful freestyle oriented board that you wanna take,to the park, this things gonna shred it on,any jump line really.,For the big, big, giant kickers that they have,a detour right now, Im gonna say Super DOA.,But overall, Im taking the DOA for freestyle.,- [Mike] I mean, I agree with you.,Daily driver freestyle, for me that would be the DOA.,Its just fun. – [Bobby] Its just fun.,(energetic music) (scribbles),But, what are your overall impressions in terms of freeride?,- On the DOA, it was a lot of fun.,It was very playful.,Once you got up into those higher speed turns or,trying to like, slashes and side hits,,it definitely got a little bit chattery,,but that was kind of to be expected,especially with how soft it is from a buttering perspective.,But, that first time I ollied the Super DOA, I was like,- To the moon. – Whoa.,And then it was just like straight line. Oh cool.,Oh, you want to turn?,Well, I dont know if you want to turn, are you sure?,- Yeah, you have to be very certain,- Yeah. – with the Super DOA.,- I think for me,,I would personally prefer riding the super DOA,from a freeride perspective.,I just think its lighter, its stiffer,,its got more rebound…,- [Bobby] You know, considering they are both true twins,,neither the Super DOA or the DOA,are really suited for outright freeriding.,But, for everything else, side hits,,navigating through trees, just kind of doing your thing,at higher speeds at a more advanced level,,the Super DOA is a tool that you can rely on.,You just really have to respect it.,- [Mike] Its not a lazy man snowboard,- Exactly. Overall from a freeriding perspective,,the Super DOA is gonna take the cake from me.,- Yeah.,(energetic music) (scribbles),All right. Choose your fighter.,- Choose your fighter. – You can only have one.,- If I can only pick one, its gonna be the super DOA.,And that kind of surprises me, but I think that if are an,intermediate to advanced rider,,youre really looking for something thats gonna,have that much higher skill ceiling,,the Super DOA is a good tool in that aspect.,It is not for the very initial intermediate rider.,If you arent dialed in riding traditional camber,,although this is the Resort V1 profile,so it does still feature some rocker at the ends,,this is a board that you have to know what youre doing on,in order to really have fun.,- [Mike] I agree.,I think from a daily driver, if I had to pick one,it would be the Super DOA. But this is still a ton of fun,especially if you are someone thats,just looking to play around, get in the park a little bit,,explore the whole mountain.,You really cant go wrong with either, but for me,,the Super DOA and just blast in.,(energetic music) (scribbles),- So as you can probably tell from our banter,,these are two very different snowboards that are also,very similar, but they cater to different riding styles.,If youre looking to find the board that suits,your riding style perfectly, come to curated.com,to shop with an expert like myself or Mike.,- And if you like what you see hit that subscribe button,to see more awesome content from us,and comment below what boards we should review next.,- Yeah.,(energetic music)

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