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Babbel vs Duolingo Review (Which Language Program Is Better?)

hey whats up everyone john here from,testprepinsight.com and today im going,to be directly comparing babel and,duolingo our team has purchased used and,thoroughly tested out each of these,programs and now its time to tell you,which we think is better so if youre,ready lets get to it,okay welcome back i should mention up,front here that since ill just be,focusing on the major pros and cons in,this video today if you find any more,detail at any point you can always check,out our full detailed written comparison,on our website an easy way to get there,is just to google test prep insight,babble vs duolingo,alright so out of the gate here lets,compare pricing so both companies offer,multiple subscription options with babel,they offer four different plans in total,ranging from around seven dollars to,fourteen dollars per month and the,lifetime option costs right around five,hundred dollars total so it just depends,on how long you want to commit to and,pay for in advance then switching sides,over to duolingo theyre a little,different in that they actually offer a,free plan thats right totally free you,just need to sign up and youll have,access to around the 20 or so languages,that duolingo covers,but before you get too excited as you,might expect the free plan does come,with some serious downsides first,duolingos free version is ad-supported,which can become really annoying and,distract from your main purpose,second the free plan comes with limited,amount of hearts which are essentially,just misses or incorrect answers you,start with five per day and if you,answer a question incorrectly during a,lesson then you lose a heart and when,your five hearts are up you either need,to stop for the day or go back to old,lessons in order to earn some hearts,back it can just become very,discouraging as you try to learn,and lastly free users also have a,limited amount of test outs ill cover,the structure and format of the duolingo,lessons in more detail here in a minute,but essentially if theres a skill or,topic that you already know really well,and you just want to skip ahead to keep,learning new material you can take a,short quiz to test out of that,particular topic and move on to the next,lesson but the issue here is that free,users only have a very limited amount of,test outs that they can use so again,its just another annoying aspect of the,free count so if the free plan sounds,like it might be too frustrating or,limited which it is for a lot of people,out there duolingo also offers what they,call their plus plan which is a paid,subscription it costs 84 dollars per,year or seven dollars per month and for,upgrading to the plus plan duolingo,removes those annoying ads includes,unlimited hearts unlimited test attempts,and adds personalized lessons to review,your mistakes among other features so if,you compare the paid plans from both,companies pricing is pretty much the,same youre looking at around seven,dollars per month for a full year so,really its tough to declare a winner,here but what i will tell you though is,that both babel and duolingo are more,affordable than other competitors in the,language learning space like rosetta,stone and pimsleur,and i should also mention that both,companies also give consumers the chance,to test out their programs before fully,committing with babel you have a 20-day,money-back guarantee if youre not,satisfied and with duolingo consumers,have a 14-day free trial period to test,out the plus subscription also i should,just mention that both babel and,duolingo offer deals and special promos,from time to time so be sure to check,out the description below for coupon,codes ill do my best to drop any,current discounts that i can find down,there for you,and by the way we work really hard to,produce honest helpful and informative,content all totally free so if babel or,duolingo end up being the right choice,for you wed really appreciate it if you,would use those links listed down below,in the description thats how you can,support us and keep our channel going,and if it turns out that neither babel,or duolingo are a great fit its no,problem it doesnt matter to me what,language learning program you go with we,have a ton of other helpful reviews and,comparisons that you can check out,alright so next up lets take a look at,the structure of each companys lessons,and really theyre fairly similar in,terms of both length and format so lets,go ahead and start with babel their core,lessons are about 10 to 15 minutes in,length and go by super fast and thats,because each lesson is made up of,several quick hit interactive drills and,exercises for the first two minutes you,might be listening to new words or,phrases and then repeating them then the,lesson will quickly transition into a,digital flashcards drill for a few,minutes,from there you might read a short,grammatical or conjugation lesson and,then reconstruct words or phrases by,using your keyboard and afterwards you,might be asked to complete a,film-to-blank exercise by following a,mock conversation its just a very,fast-moving blended approach which i,found to be engaging and effective,now duolingos lessons are short as well,in fact they move even quicker each one,is only about five to ten minutes long,and like babel the duolingo lessons are,made up of a dozen or so quick hit,interactive drills and exercises that,include listening drills filling the,blank exercises matching pairs verbal,practice writing full sentences and more,so all in all duolingo and babel are,very similar in how they deliver their,lessons both companies rely on short,interactive exercises that span reading,writing speaking and listening im a big,fan of how babel and duolingo throw the,same content at you in a variety of,different ways all in a very short time,frame i think this really helps to keep,you engaged in a tenant and i also think,its great for busy professionals or,moms and dads who maybe dont have an,hour to dedicate to learning a new,language with babel and duolingo you,just need 5 to 15 minutes per day to,knock out lessons and feel like youre,making progress,and by the way if you want to see some,examples of the lessons or drills from,both companies be sure to check out our,full written comparison ill have it,linked down below in the description i,have screenshots and examples over there,so you can get a better feel for what to,expect,okay so now that you know babel and,duolingo are similar in terms of pricing,and lesson format lets get into the,distinct differences between these two,and the major pros and cons that i took,away after thoroughly testing each,program but before i get to that i,should mention that every single month,here at test prep insight we give away a,free language learning course to one,lucky person its super simple to enter,everyone is eligible ill put all the,details down below in the description,itll take you less than 10 seconds and,hey you never know you could win a free,subscription to babel or duolingo plus,okay so lets start with the things that,i really like about battle number one i,like that babel incorporates grammar,content and exercises into its lessons,whereas with duolingo it doesnt seem to,be as much of a priority but the nice,thing here is that babel doesnt hit you,over the head with dense boring,grammatical principles because sometimes,i actually think that can do more harm,than good especially at the early stages,instead they integrate grammar,instruction into their lessons in a very,subtle and efficient way for example one,grammar exercise might include just a,quick one to two sentence explanation in,english regarding adjectives versus,adverbs then babel will ask you to,complete a fill in the blank drill to,reinforce what you just learned so,overall i just really like that babel,makes grammar instruction a priority and,i like how they integrate it into their,lessons,okay number two i found that babel is,better with using natural sentences and,phrases whereas with duolingo thi

Do I remember Babbel vocab after 1 year? (Babbel Vocabulary Review Manager Demo)

[Music],hey everyone in todays video Im going,to be reviewing my babble vocabulary for,the first time in every year and so for,those of you who dont know I am,primarily a self-taught French and I,learned up to intermediate level pretty,much only on travel and as youre,learning on the Bible lesson they put,kind of like the broke up that you learn,and into this big kind of review manager,and it will prompt you at certain times,to kind of do flashcards and things like,that to help you memorize the things,that youre learning and one of the,great things about Babel is even when,youre not paying the subscription and,you still and keep all your access to,the vocab that youve learned so you can,still review all of it,so thats what Im going to be doing,today and a lot of the videos on my,channel have focused on my speaking,French and not so much on my written,French so I thought this could be useful,for you I also thought it might be,useful if youre thinking of buying a,Bible subscription you can see the types,of things that the program offers and if,you do enjoy this video do you need me,like do leave me a comment and I can,make this a bit more of a frequent thing,if you guys into it okay lets get going,here is all of my babble vocabulary as,you can see Ive not looked at some of,it in over a year and a half and theres,also beers as well the only last summer,that I looked at I dont really know,whats going to come up this is a,complete surprise so were going to,click review now and Im going to go for,writing and with flashcards that pretty,much relies you just say did you,remember it or did you not and I dont,think thats much of a test and with the,speaking its a bit like a kind of,multiple choice and so each time it gets,narrowed down so I dont think its much,of a test since it kind of gives you the,answers for a much preferred to go to,writing and then it tests your spelling,as well oh okay,ProQuest to know a guy watching over Joe,whatever hes got so this caramel for,video from a Dobler,did you like so did you drive off,shot me dead,ah youre a course I dont have,them,Napa disco tragedy hippo Janelle is afar,oh and the concept by the skipper,amazing the concert this group finds in,you also a personal tour angel Jin you,try music oh music yeah oh yeah shall,fallen Idol the day well it would it be,BA over the big ticket yeah I think she,got responsible fair could you buy him a,jazz record to told me I should see our,discuss did jazz suggestion could adjust,a lot like zoom lets make the day all,this is what my video was about the,other day when I did make a cake say,this is a lambda hat es right so it,should be oh this is this is the yeah,imagine if I got that wrong what type of,music do you like cow music oh Ken Jong,good music to play dodge alternatively,you could buy him a jazz record path to,good machete on discouraged as by Papa,gesture just evolved and thats the best,one done can I can Ill just correct my,error can John do music to pick the,Jordan urgently what generated music,pleases you basically I will do another,one why not another writing come its,ready oh this is another woo I should,know right,so venir like this let me take place the,next different or I should use I just,dont go on a little capital e this is,just I would see any other day in my,videos okay myth on the song we call it,up and I love this one bubble and so,Malones ID and a faint radio apically,oh ah oh,guano was an old waddle oh I met metal a,part of we go melakarta psycho many,paths off we go okay um Chris Randall,hepzibah gone by fruit are vastly vastly,different okay um melange a melange paw,pull it off the tonal little I always,are a petition so there are just two,sure are bouncy the cell just wrote a,fetuss fancy just says oh I got all,these rights,this is so typical bubble this reminded,me so much when I was first in bubble,and I learned all this stuff on bubble,by the way and yes it makes the dough,well with oh Im sweet,how do i remembers with a food pyramid,all here the faster I go how would I do,the Western whisk is crazy there are two,vests and a doughnut salad da I even,without the chances it also reduces to,an approximate Blanc resolution a Rondo,on another nada nada the three this is,wise limited cheating cheating because,like I would have written that but you,can see that it doesnt fit it must be,Dupree responsibility shoulders pain to,men okay yeah its not that a year ago,she went to Indian answers to something,or uh okay no no no no oh I did this on,my French course in Paris but I forgot,uh my neighbor is playing music and its,distracting me this is my excuse,yeah I dont know the music is to us,okay Ilyana,yeah no a bachelor okay listen we,shouldnt noona is usually on she,preferred option I give me the flattened,ESPYs,Donaire mark and Kayla zoo,simply and what is having an insertion,today its okay and net la god oh no I,meant thats how I already surpassed,both we go into it well about a,psychologically you just need to add a,pinch of salt,you fool encore as you say,unconstitutional oncologic a classic,said on stage cell okay hmm,thats good – oh its all of my wigs are,just like quitting whispers really,I seen on an unplanned okay,I should think of it before yes three,crest a clue Long Tom could reduce a,testicle occupation do non-focal,I dont know what I said okay correct my,errors Julia yellow a detachable,prohibition on hooking me look bad,off we go still to develop at a,psychologically men a part of reducing,to play and good to a a language really,risky to ela and should we do one more,ok well do one more minute over okay so,this is the approach realistic pasta,compose way right ah the way step wait,were getting opportunities images,ooh-mwah where they are helping each,other dont you suffer,so is it like to do with like traveling,I think is when its like effort and not,apply and remove mmm oh I get it,no news no news emotion is it that,little shawl she got oh Mousavi BAM,Patsy one of the festivals of our,mitochondria vote open mitochondria,all right today pave juice Community,College is committed to the Paulo de las,Tres new mmm okay well talk about news,all panel just a little effort in Sao,Paulo crystal okay okay,you knock you pages and this on vsauce2,on Romano compare channel Cape,discussion hermano Cuba Jumana coupe,sorry Jim mono coop okay so i guess,thats after this video so you get an,idea of what the Bob or if you is like,apparently I still have it I can still,do it I think I probably can do some,mobile review so if you guys would like,to see kind of more videos,seeing my level of memory having done,bubble I mean Im kind of amazed as I,could remember some of that because Ive,not done like proper French in a while,and so if you enjoyed this video Jeff,get to give me a like I do make videos,on my channel about learning French,so start switch it in to do click,subscribe and Ill see you all next time,bye bye,[Music]

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Babbel Review: Not Groundbreaking But Good, Trusted Courses | ALR

whats up and welcome back to all,language resources todays time to,review Im really glad that were,reviewing this app because I think its,a good one may not be as popular as,duolingo for example but its still,pretty well known first big difference,with duolingo is that babble works as a,subscription method and do we think its,worth the price sure but well get into,that later,right now it has 14 available languages,and the courses are quite long as we,usually do in this channel this is a,collaborative review made with Brian or,blogger and Nick the founder of old,language resources you can check their,stuff in the description box so lets go,into the details so pale it look like a,vampire babble is an e-learning app,created in 2007 and has a desktop and a,mobile environment at the moment it has,over 1 million users and its steadily,growing and as I said before it uses a,subscription-based method and with as I,said before it uses a subscription-based,method and visitor the rates,it has beginner intermediate and,advanced levels but I wouldnt say,youll end up with an advanced level,after completing the course a high-end,intermediate level seems more realistic,which is still pretty impressive after,that its up to you to keep improving,apart from good and extensive vocabulary,lessons it covers grammar pretty good it,pinpoints the grammar rules and then,give you different exercises to practice,them sorry about that I cut my finger,while cutting vegetables but yeah,thats another story the listening,exercises are actually quite impressive,in our opinion the audio quality is,pretty good and they do a good job at,recreating different dialogues for,everyday situations,another thing we really enjoyed about,Babel is their lesson structures theyre,pretty well designed making the learning,curve very gradual this is a big,positive for us since it can be very,frustrating when you get stuck while,learning a language the lessons are,generally entertaining it can get a bit,repetitive after a while but I think,thats pretty normal in any case the,fact that,have different types of exercises makes,it engaging without falling too much,into monotony one thing that definitely,can be improved is their speech,recognition dont get us wrong the idea,is great its a way of getting better,with your own pronunciation but,sometimes the program doesnt detect the,word that youre trying to say and it,can get very frustrating anyhow lets,log in so I can show you how the app,works so this is the homepage my name is,actually not Nick its Matt but Nick,whos the founder of all language,resources paid for this so thank you,Nick and as you can see its pretty,self-explanatory the design is very,simple and you have a little calendar,here then you have a review section up,there your level then here you have like,languages and yeah lets just jump into,it so here lets you choose if you want,to use the speech recognition or without,the speech recognition I personally,prefer writing it I guess its easier to,remember for me but and as we said,before the speech recognition is not,super good,[Music],Sedalia listen so here you have four,examples and its in the movie were,doing the French version so its in,French and then in English so yeah lets,just press Continue,alright now you have to put each option,with a French phrase,so for example with Reshef 1110 send,Michel its Im looking for the,seneschal fountain so you just do you,just click on the option C on to the,music locative idle its between the,museum and the Cathedral then also the,picture makes it easier CTI a lesson,its on the other side of the center or,behind Dahlia its behind but yes and,excuse moi Monsieur excuse me sir excuse,so this is pretty easy and lets just,continue oh now its when we write and,then as I was telling you you can also,do like the speech recognition one that,you youll just have to talk yeah,this way it forces you to to write which,I think its excellent,so yeah lets go for it,yeah I generally put the accent but if,you dont put it it still still works so,yeah oh this is a listening exercise,this is one of the strengths of this app,so yeah lets just check it out its,very interesting because it uses the,words that you just learned and to,choose the option lesson so we share the,fort denison Michelle Im looking for,the san michele fountain document,proceed only capital attachment last day,Alison according to my map its in the,Latin Quarter in a square on the other,side of the sand for behind the sand so,yeah yeah,Sedona thought through daddy Allison,[Music],and this is again in tiara so yeah its,pretty easy but I know its a its a,good lesson its good exercise to make,it stick in your head oh so now its,just time for a recap from the worksheet,just learned so yeah lets just do it,really fast,so that was pretty much it as you can,see its very easy to use we didnt have,as much grammar like a as another,exercises but theres a bit of,everything and the fact that there are,so many listening exercises makes it,very useful when you know because you,have to go to France and you have to use,the language in that day to day,situation so with this youll be,prepared for that so as you can see its,pretty easy to use its very intuitive,so lets just jump into the pros and,cons lets just start with the pros,first of all its very easy to use,sometimes it takes a little while to,learn how to use a new app but that,doesnt happen with Babel because its,very easy and intuitive the lessons are,short we love that the lessons dont,take too much time makes it easier to,organize your course you can always fit,an extra lesson whenever you have time,to kill this helps a lot to remember the,vocabulary or the grammar rules there,will always be exercises to apply what,you just learned it also covers many,areas you know theres a bit of,everything theres a bit of vocabulary,grammar listening writing reading so I,mean theres always something new to do,the conversation lessons are very good,as I said before level stands out for,their conversational exercises the audio,quality is great,they have different dialogues for,different situations which is very,useful oh and then this is a pro for me,and is the fact that you can always,access the review exercises once you,finish the course and stop your,subscription you can always get into the,app and do the review exercises which I,dont know it,its always good to jump your memory I,never know what to do with my hands its,kind of uncomfortable I know how I can,be more persuasive yeah sorry,and now lets jump into the cons first,is that that you dont have in a,pronunciation support I mean they have a,couple of lessons I guess but you,basically have to work it out with your,hearing and then as we said before the,speech recognition program doesnt,always detect what youre saying and I,can get a bit weird I guess that can be,improved then another thing is that the,review exercises are not very thorough I,mean it works perfectly for vocabulary,that it doesnt have much grammar,support so youll have your grammar or,exercises but sometimes we need like the,explanation to chop your memory a bit,and the third negative that we found is,that it can get a bit more arduous but I,think thats something that happens with,almost every single language Renia and,in a way its up to you to keep on going,and the thing is that with Babel at,least it has different types of,exercises and theres a bit of variation,so that was it for Babel its a useful,platform and as far as we know theyre,still improving the rapid bring down,thing I guess its a good sign theyre,adapting two times or whatever but it,speaks very well of them as always if,you need any extra information it may be,in the description box and if you enjoy,this episode dont forget to subscribe,see you soon,[Music]

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Babbel French Review 2022 (Best App For Learning French?)

hey whats up everyone john here from,testprepinsight.com and today im going,to be reviewing the babel french course,ill cover how the program is organized,what the lessons are all about pricing,and of course what i like and what i,dont like so if you keep an open mind,and stick with me to the end this video,should be all you need to figure out,whether babel is the right fit for you,to learn french so if youre ready lets,get to it,okay welcome back so right up front here,i just want to mention that since this,is just a video review ill just be,covering the major highlights and low,lights today so if you find you need,more detail at any point you can always,check out our full detailed written,review over on our website an easy way,to get there is just to google test prep,insight babble french review thats a,quick way to find it,alright so to kick this review off lets,start by discussing what the babble,fringe program is all about,so in terms of structure and,organization its pretty standard,essentially there are various levels,think newcomer beginner intermediate,advanced etc and then within each of,these levels theyre typically somewhere,between two and eight courses that cover,different topics and themes and then,within each course there is anywhere,from five to fifteen lessons to complete,and the good news here is that the,babble lessons are very short each one,only takes around 10 to 15 minutes to,complete and they go by super quick,thats because each lesson is comprised,of several quick hit interactive drills,basically each lesson is made up of,around a dozen or so rapid-fire drills,that hit on reading writing listening,and speaking theres digital flash card,drills fill in the blanks matching pairs,listening repeat type exercises matching,phrases to images completing mock,conversations short grammar exercises,its a very diverse blended approach,that moves really fast,and frankly as ill touch on later in,this review im a big fan of how babel,throws the same content at you in a,variety of different formats and really,forces you to interact with material,this differs from other language apps,out there like rosetta stone for example,which sort of hit you with the same,exercise over and over and over again,honestly you never get bored during the,babble lessons and this fast-paced,blended approach makes the app pretty,fun so from an overall lesson,perspective apple definitely gets high,marks from our team and by the way if,you want to see some examples of the,babel drills and exercises that i just,rattled off be sure to check out that,full detailed written review that i,mentioned ill have it linked down below,in the description i have screenshots,and examples over there so you can get a,better feel for what to expect,okay so now that you have an idea of,what the babble lessons are like lets,quickly touch on pricing and how that,stacks up against competitors so babel,actually offers three different,subscription options a three month plan,a six month plan and a 12 month plan,these range from around six dollars to,nine dollars per month after discounts,and for those of you who are interested,babel also offers a lifetime plan which,costs around 200 and actually includes,access to all of babels languages,so from an overall pricing perspective,babel stacks are pretty favorably,against competitors their plans are,cheaper than rosetta stones pimsleurs,and rocket frenchs just to name a few,for six dollars to nine dollars per,month babel is definitely on the,affordable end of the spectrum and i,would consider them to be a strong value,not to mention if you want to kick tires,on the sap before fully committing babel,does have a 20-day money-back guarantee,its not as good as a free trial but,basically serves the same purpose also,as i alluded to just a minute ago babel,frequently offers deals and special,promos so do be sure to check the,description below for coupon codes ill,drop any current discounts that i can,find down there for you maybe save,yourself a few bucks if babel ends up,being the right fit and by the way if i,could just say we work really hard to,produce honest and helpful content all,totally free so if babel does end up,being the right choice for you wed,really appreciate it if youd use those,links listed down below in the,description thats how you can support,our channel and it allows us to keep,creating these types of helpful review,videos if it turns out that babel isnt,the right match for you its no problem,at all i just want to make sure that you,get matched up with the right language,learning app and we have a ton of other,helpful review and comparison videos,that you can check out okay so now that,weve covered pricing what the babel,lessons and program are all about lets,get into the good stuff what i like and,what i dont like about babels french,program and lets start with the things,that i really like,number one im a big fan of the format,of babels lessons theyre fast paced,diverse and just plain fun for people,that dont have an hour to work through,a lengthy lesson and are trying to,squeeze their studying in around a busy,schedule then i think babble is ideal i,just like that their lessons only take,10 to 15 minutes to complete theyre,perfect for busy working professionals,and moms and dads,okay number two i really like how babel,blends grammar instruction into their,lessons now grammar is a topic thats,often difficult for language learning,companies to balance i personally think,its extremely important to establish,the basic grammar building blocks as,early as you can with a new language but,if companies place too much emphasis on,grammar then i actually think it can,slow down your progress and hinder your,learning but luckily i think babble does,a really nice job in this respect they,keep their grammar insights and,descriptions short and they do an,excellent job of subtly weaving these,quick teaching points into the lessons,alright so number three this is a short,one i think babels speech recognition,technology is top notch as i completed,various verbal practice exercises i,found their software to be quick and,accurate which isnt always the case,with other language learning apps so,overall babel gets two big thumbs up in,that regard,then pro number four are babbles review,sessions essentially every time you log,in to complete a new lesson babble will,hit you with a quick review session,theyre usually really fast and only,take three to five minutes to finish but,theyre great for refreshing your memory,and helping to make the content sink in,seeing vocab time and time again like,this is what makes it really sink into,your long-term memory and whats cool,here is that babel offers you the,ultimate flexibility when it comes to,review sessions you can choose between,flash cards listening drills verbal,practice or writing exercises its,pretty awesome so if you feel like,youre lagging in any particular area,you can really focus in on that area,until you gain more confidence,alright so pro number five i love,babels digital platform and interface,across their desktop and mobile app its,very polished and professional its fast,everything is laid out in a logical,manner and its super easy to navigate,honestly its one of the sleeker apps,that ive tested in terms of both design,and user experience,okay so last step here as far as,positive scale i like the fact that,babel also offers live classes for those,of you who prefer more of a classroom,style learning environment,now to be clear these classes are not,included in babels standard,subscription and you do have to pay,extra but essentially the company offers,hundreds of small group live classes per,week across all different learning,levels each class is typically around an,hour long and covers all sorts of,different topics overall theyre just a,fantastic way to dive deeper into,specific subjects converse with your,peers and learn from experienced,instructors and since there are so many,classes you c

hello ladies and gentlemen its shell my,eye were in quarantine day number 570 I,dont know guys I dont know you know a,lot of people I think are curious to,know like what I might think about like,the like popular mass-market language,learning apps which I usually dont use,and to be honest Im also kind of,curious to see what I think about these,popular mass-market language learning,apps because I never really used them to,be honest so were gonna be doing five,different apps today we have were gonna,be checking out duolingo were gonna be,checking out rosetta stone were gonna,check it out memorize were gonna be,checking out Pimsleur yeah and also,babble as well and were gonna were,gonna were gonna see these I think,these are probably the most the five,most popular apps for for language,learning at least in the u.s. I think,and so were gonna check this out so I,have my rosetta stone I load it up here,you know so they have this like this,free trial and were gonna were gonna,go into core lesson over here now lets,go guys lets learn some Chinese okay,Nihao oh I got it right New Year in 90s,is dumb and now Im going well yeah,because its right here like what I,dont get it I think the idea is you,have to learn these two blue oh I see,and I earned nine ran now youre again,nine red,okay now youre done ujin now now lets,try doing it in an obviously bad way,ujin it just passed me with speaking,total nonsense,now highs up so pick the one that,matches not high to the this one now,youre good just matches none run okay,not really following whats going on,here okay using youre gonna need you,again you had to okay Im not impressed,by this app honestly not high as a not,high as a not high as a yeah oh so I,guess the idea is that you have to see,not has and just be like oh that means,boy so Im gonna click on the boy,picture not even in Iran is over here,you hide some new houses girls so its,over here wow this is really boring guys,so I see what theyre trying to do here,guys but theyre trying to just like,have you learn vocabulary from context,by trying to pair it with pictures I,dont know because like weve spent like,10 minutes 20 minutes so far and weve,learned like three words it just it just,isnt I dont know I feel like its not,a very efficient use of your time like I,could just load up on key or like,flashcards with you know the same number,of words and in this time that we spent,on this website you know I probably,could have learned like ten words rather,than three so yeah all in all this,rosetta stone I dont know I mean you,know youre probably gonna learn,something but like I dont know so lets,check out duolingo lets get started so,stick with Chinese here great now choose,a daily goal casual regular serious or,intense intense is only 20 minutes a day,bro,Im supposed to figure out what sound it,makes I mean the answer is number one,but this one could be possible I could,see how somebody oh yeah alright Ill,write this in English Nihao write this,in English yes you ha how is good,you are good hello select the correct,character for how all match the pairs,need how I dont Im gonna match the,pairs what does it put you know need,any nee ha ha I see where this is going,so we did one lesson we basically,learned how to say hello in Chinese,again it didnt really feel to me like a,very efficient use of time I mean I see,what theyre going for like you know oh,if you have a how and you have a mean,you put them together like we get anyhow,and then it teaches you theory I guess,to recognize the characters but like I,dont know it didnt really feel like a,very efficient use of time jeong-ja,watch on me call me jianming see this is,actually interesting because what,theyre doing here is theyre trying to,like this sentence we havent learned at,all but theyve but theyre trying to,like they taught us how to say Jiao,which means call it which means me they,taught us and then we have this name,jeongmi right so so basically were,actually forming sentences here which is,kind of nice so Ill say this definitely,feels to me a lot like a game like its,fun but I dont really know like how,much Im learning I would say maybe a,little bit more than rosetta stone but,you know like I do I do really like the,fact that like they have these,interesting little lesson plans here and,that they kind of try to get you to like,build sentences on your own but at the,same time this ones still it still,feels to me like,like fruit like for the amount of effort,that you put into each one of those,lessons like you get you kind of get a,sense of progress but in actuality you,might not really be learning so much you,know what I mean like it seems very,repetitive and I might as well just,implement like a like a space reputation,system and just memorize the flashcards,but overall not bad look I actually like,its its fun I would just wonder,whether Im learning so much okay lets,try lets try babble babble this is a,fun one they actually have a really good,YouTube channel I want to learn,theres no Chinese here what okay lets,just finish okay I I just enjoy learning,languages how much time do you want to,commit to learning Spanish Oh see these,guys are serious see duolingo was like,maxing out at like 20 minutes a day,babbles like yo Im spending an hour a,day thats thats more like it thats,more like it guys lets go okay now,after refreshing the website lets start,with lesson 1 select the Spanish word,and listen to this no no entiendo no in,the end of matching time you say this if,youre learning Spanish youre learning,Spanish would be a friend and youd like,to repeat something you dont understand,something annoying at the end oh wow I,like this guys I like this because you,know why we just learned three sentences,of Spanish in the first five seconds of,starting with this website thats cool,thats something I like that whereas,duolingo and rosetta stone is like cat,hello goodbye like oh my god get to the,content like these guys are like bam bam,bam alert to speak right away,Bravo babu kajal listen and choose the,correct answer david is on vacation in,Malacca and is excited to speak his,first Spanish sentences it was Michelle,cuánto cuesta a so its a questa is your,chocolate mmm,Wow look at this,where is the potato potahto they just,gave us a whole Spanish sentence and and,our answer is preserved here knowing oh,theres going ham theyre just like ooh,boom sentence then fit sentence ends,were literally this is like a whole,conversation of Spanish from the,beginning I loved it I loved it,Oh bueno look at that guys wow this is,a great service promises its not,sponsored listen choose the correct,answer so its a quest yes your chose,Olynyk mm-hmm where is repeated is your,chosen Aras ah Wow habla espanol,Almighty God poco guys friend OS but,basically they just gave us an entire,conversation just through straight into,the deep end being like yo this is a,conversation see if you can understand,it and then theyre quizzing us on this,conversation so we just learned an,entire conversation of Spanish in the,time it took duolingo and rosetta stone,to get us up to boy and like hello very,impressive I like this website I like,the service you know I still think like,if we still had to talk about the,negatives like I would wonder like yes,you do when youre learning this,conversation you definitely do get a,feeling like youre learning like that,felt very good but at the same time,though I would wonder I would want to,see in the rest of the course like how,they continue to drill that conversation,that weve learned because like we did,get some familiarity with it but I would,want to see how the rest of the lessons,progress and to see if they can maintain,that like vocabulary that we just,learned how we would build on it because,one thing Im noticing about this is,like yes that was really great but it,was mostly like passive like we were cut,like I mean you were clicking on things,to get to get access to stuff but I,would like to see like what,that w

Babbel German Review | Best App To Learn German? (2022)

hey whats up everyone john here from,testprepinsight.com and today im going,to be reviewing the babel german program,ill cover how the course is structured,what the lessons are like pricing and of,course what i like and what i dont like,so if you keep an open mind and stick,with me to the end of this video this,should be everything you need to figure,out whether babel is a good fit for you,to learn german so if youre ready lets,get to it,okay welcome back so i just want to,mention up front here that since ill,just be running through this review,quickly and focusing on the major,highlights and low lights in this video,if you find you need more detail at any,point you can always check out our full,detailed written review over on our,website an easy way to get there is just,to google test prep insight babble,german review thats a quick way to find,it,alright so lets kick this review off by,breaking down how the babel german,program is structured and what the,lessons look like i think this will help,provide some context for my thoughts on,their app,so from a high level the babel program,is broken down into about 15 different,overarching levels such as newcomer,beginner 2 intermediate and even more,thematic levels like business german and,traditions within each of these levels,theyre usually somewhere between 2 and,8 courses then within each course there,are 5 to 15 lessons that each take,around 10 to 15 minutes to complete,these lessons are the building blocks of,the program and your goal more or less,every day will be to complete a lesson,or two thats a pretty standard,breakdown and a good example of what to,expect,but in any event across all these,different levels and courses there are,about 250 hours or so worth of lessons,to complete,and i know that sounds like a lot but,remember youre learning an entirely new,language and there is a ton of content,to cover,so thats how the german program is,structured at a high level,then getting into what the actual,lessons are like which youll be working,on on a daily basis ill start with this,theyre very short as i mentioned,earlier each one is only about 10 to 15,minutes long and they go by super fast,basically each lesson is made up of,around a dozen or so short exercises,that come in a wide variety of formats,theres digital flash card drills fill,in the blanks matching pairs listening,repeat type exercises completing mock,conversations short grammar exercises,its a very diverse blended approach,that moves very fast and frankly as ill,get to more here in a minute i love how,babel throws the same content at you in,a variety of different ways and really,forces you to interact with material,this is in contrast to other language,apps out there like rosetta stone for,example which just sort of hit you over,the head with the same type of exercise,over and over again,honestly you never get bored during the,babble lessons and this fast-paced,blended approach makes the app pretty,fun,so from an overall lesson perspective,babel definitely gets high marks and by,the way if you want to see some examples,of the babble drills and exercises that,i just rattled off be sure to check out,that full detailed review that i,mentioned ill have it linked down below,in the description i have screenshots,and examples over there so you can get a,better feel for what to expect,also one other thing that i should,mention about babels program is that,they also offer live classes,to be clear these classes are not part,of the standard subscription they are an,add-on but they offer a ton of value,what youll start to notice is that as,you get farther along into the program,youll have the ability to start,speaking conversationally but youve got,no one to practice with i mean unless,your partner or in-laws or someone you,know speaks german itll just be you and,your online lessons yet the best way to,accelerate your learning and get over,the hump is regular practice actually,speaking and thats where babels live,classes come in basically the company,offers hundreds of small group live,classes per week across all different,learning levels each class is capped at,just six students and youre grouped,with people from your own learning level,so the classes feel very intimate and,theres no pressure because youre with,others at the same level struggling,through the same pain points honestly,these classes are an awesome way to,really speed up your fluency and my,favorite part is that because there are,so many classes you can basically pick,the days and times that work for you and,then drop in and drop out of classes as,you want,again though as i just mentioned these,classes are not included in babels,standard subscription and do cost extra,and thats probably a good segue into,pricing which can be a very important,point so babel offers four different,subscription options a monthly,pay-as-you-go plan which costs 14 per,month a three-month plan that costs,around thirty dollars or ten dollars per,month a six-month plan that costs around,50 or 8.50 per month and finally a,12-month plan which is the best value at,around seven bucks per month,and then if you want to add on those,live classes that i just talked about,youre looking at around 50 to 100 per,month based on which package you go with,and current discounts,so from an overall price perspective if,you stack babble up against competitors,theyre somewhere in the middle of the,pack theyre more expensive than,companies like duolingo and memrise but,cheaper than pimsleur and rosetta stone,overall for seven dollars to 14 per,month theyre on the affordable end of,the spectrum and i would consider them a,strong value,not to mention if you want to kick the,tires on this app before fully,committing babel does have a 20-day,money-back guarantee its not as good as,a free trial but basically serves the,same purpose,also i should mention that those are,just the full retail prices battle does,frequently offer deals and special,promos so be sure to check out the,description below for coupon codes ill,drop any current discounts that i can,find down there for you maybe save,yourself a few bucks if babel ends up,being a good fit,and by the way if i could just say we,work really hard to produce honest and,helpful content all totally free so if,babel does end up being the right choice,for you wed really appreciate if youd,use those links listed down below in the,description thats how you can support,our channel and allow us to keep,creating these types of helpful review,videos and if it turns out that babel,isnt a great match for you its no,problem at all i just want to make sure,you get matched up with the right,language app and we have a ton of other,helpful review videos that you can check,out,okay so now that weve covered pricing,and what the babel lessons and program,are all about lets get into the juicy,part what i like and what i dont like,about babels german program and lets,start with the things that i really like,number one i love the design of babbles,lessons theyre fast moving diverse and,just plain fun for people that dont,have an hour straight to work through a,lengthy lesson and theyre just trying,to squeeze their language learning in,around life babel is awesome in this,respect i just really like that the,lessons only take about 10 or 15 minutes,to complete,number two i really like how babel,weaves grammar into their lessons,honestly grammar is a tough one for,language apps i personally think its,incredibly important to establish the,basic rammer building blocks early on as,youre learning a new language but if,you put too much emphasis on grammar it,can actually slow down your progress and,stunt your learning and i think babel,does a really nice job balancing this,their grammar snippets are short and,they do an excellent job of subtly,weaving these quick teaching points into,the lessons,okay my third pro is the regular review,sessions basically every time you log in,to do a new lesson babble will hit you,with

Ranking TOP Language Learning Apps (Tier List)

all rise for the honorable polyglot,ikenna,[Music],so i have been asked to judge these,delinquent apps,[Music],i will judge you now,in this video im going to be ranking,the 12 most popular language learning,apps in the world and theres going to,be a special mystery app that im going,to reveal to you guys so stay tuned to,the end listen i dont know what it is,but theres three things in life that,get me judgy,art,language learning apps and womens,clothing i,listen no lie when it comes to these,things,especially when it comes to language,learning apps i think its because,language learning apps have two,fundamental parts to them they have the,technical side meaning how well does,this app teach you a language how,effective is it and then they have the,emotional side which is does it motivate,you to use the app every single day does,it make you feel good when you use the,app and is the app fun and the thing is,the emotional side behind language,learning apps is even more important,than the technical side doesnt matter,how effective a language learning app is,if its not fun,you aint gonna use it so this is your,warning if youre anki sexual if youre,addicted to a certain green owl this,video is most likely gonna offend you,but at least its gonna be funny as,so im gonna be ranking all these,language learning apps from s-tier,to d-tier s-tier basically means that,the greek gods themselves came down from,mount olympus and crafted the app and,dtr basically stands for dual,it just basically means that the app is,pretty bad so in order the language,learning apps that were going to be,going through is drops babble busu a,mystery language learning app which is,this one uh lingvist,uh close master language transfer,memorize rosetta stone tandem hellotalk,pimsleur and lastly duolingo so youre,gonna get all my thoughts on every,single one so,first one up is drops where would i put,drops drops is actually not too bad,drops is a little bit limited if you,dont know drops is a place where you,can kind of learn specialized vocabulary,its interactive its a little bit like,a game,but it is,it is limited for what you get for it so,for example drops i know like you have,to pay monthly,if you want to learn use it for more,than five minutes a day if im just,looking at the full version i would,probably say that drops is in b tier for,the reason that it does what its set,out to do pretty well which is teaching,you specialized vocabulary,and it is a bit gamified its fun to use,uh my biggest drawback would be that,its somewhat hard to remember the,images because theyre all kind of,grayscale hence its a bit hard to,remember the image association but in,general overall i would have given an a,if there was a little bit more,functionality but i think you know it,does what its set out to do it is a bit,limited you can only learn specialized,vocabulary for it but it is a good place,to go if you want to you know mri,specialized vocabulary all right so,nothing too bad for drops wasnt nothing,nothing too judgy right the next ones,up are babel and busu theyre kind of,similar both of them are like language,courses it takes you from not knowing,language and kind of goes through all,the basics of a language and you know,they claim to get you up to intermediate,level however i kind of kind of doubt it,alright so now were gonna get to babel,where would i place babble babble is an,interesting one honestly im not gonna,sugarcoat anything im gonna i told you,im gonna give you my real feelings you,might be offended but it is what it is,um,i do not like babel for the reason that,although it is well marketed and you,might see it pop everywhere and you pop,up everywhere and you might be like oh,it pops up everywhere must be an amazing,app to use i do think it is actually,fairly good when it comes to the,technical side of language learning and,actually teaching you a language,but where it fails is,fun,it is dry if it is so dry to use ive,gotten my friends to try it out ive,tried it out myself everyone that ive,kind of,got to try it out including myself,couldnt use it past a day because it is,it feels like mary poppins brought a,textbook to life,and,its great its an interactive textbook,but it is not fun to use and personally,i have a huge personal gripe with apps,that use stock footage i dont know what,it is,but it makes me,mad when i see stock footage i just feel,like its a bit lazy and its just,it lacks a soul if that makes sense it,just it doesnt motivate me to use it,consistently and again even though i,feel like babel is actually pretty good,at teaching someone a language if its,not motivating you to use it,consistently if you hop on babble and,stop it for a month,youre not gonna have too much luck um,hence why i would probably put in the c,category busu is uh babels kind of less,popular cousin i would say busu you know,babel gets the girls or the guys busa,doesnt um its less popular i would,actually rank busu probably in the beats,here for the reason that i feel like,teaching wise it is almost one to one,with babble its very very similar busu,does have the added benefit of there is,kind of the whole community feature,where you can get corrections from,native speakers and for that reason that,reason alone,i do think its a step above,babel babble does have a lot of kind of,other miscellaneous features games what,have you but its just,it just doesnt hit um i just find it,boring busu on the other hand,um i actually i think both of them are,kind of like this but,and this is just a problem that i have,with you know apps in general i hate,when they use stock footage it just,just feels lazy i cant,i cant i cant bear it but um i think b,is a good tier for busu so yeah boosting,babble down now lets talk about this,mystery app so there is a mystery app,thats going to be coming out and it,might seem a little bit like you know,theres a bit of favoritism going on but,it is est here how do i know that its,st or what is this app well its the app,that i am working on when it comes to,language learning apps,im not necessarily content with any of,them although some are definitely better,than others i want to go into them hence,thats why ive been creating,secretly my own well not secretly you,guys know but ive been working on my,own language learning app for the last,two years and it is freaking insane it,is so cool it is it is almost,undescribable how much better my team,and i are trying to design this app to,be versus all of the current language,learning apps out there um it is,designed to be ten times more fun and,hopefully at least five to ten times,more effective than basically everything,out there duolingo included were,literally designing this app to have,flash cards better than anki a better,course than duolingo and one thats much,more enjoyable to go through social,features just like discord where you can,have groups of language learners coming,together however even better than,discord in the sense that youre,actually going to have language learning,specific features for example instantly,being able to correct people in chat uh,instantly be able to translate messages,etc etc and were going to be having,games and a lot of mini games that are,are basically our minimum standard is,kind of pokemon go minecraft level we,want things that are that fun to use but,all designed to help you review the,words that you know and learn new words,and to help you get as fluent as,possible as quickly as possible while,having as much fun as possible so if,that sounds interesting to you if youre,learning languages it should i would,highly recommend to get on the mailing,list now like pause the video its okay,get on the mailing list for this app,because its coming out later this year,and the earlier youre on the mailing,list the more of a chance that youll be,able to get alpha or even better access,to this app so its okay if you want to,pause the video sign up to the mailing,list theres also a link in description,down below i mean

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