1. BEFORE YOU BUY Baccarat Rouge | Jeremy Fragrance
  2. Maison Francis Kurkdjian – Baccarat Rouge 540
  3. Women React to Creed Aventus, MFK Baccarat Rouge, Mancera Cedrat Boise & PDM Layton Fragrance Battle
  5. Group Blind Reaction to 7 Popular Niche Fragrances (Aventus, Baccarat Rouge 540, Santal 33 & More)
  6. Baccarat Rouge 540: What Makes This Perfume So Popular? – ★ Fragrance Review
  7. Baccarat Rouge 540 By Maison Francis Kurkdjian (Miami, FL) – ForeverLux Fragrance Review

BEFORE YOU BUY Baccarat Rouge | Jeremy Fragrance

before you buy maison francisco giants,baccarat rouge five things you should,know,first thing there are many clones out,there that smell exactly like this one,for example would be ariana grandes,clout dear ladies this is almost sad to,know that the performance of this is,equal to this that the smell is equal to,this for about one tenth of the price I,dont encourage you to wear this one,instead of this because you feel,different if you wear a Rolex replica,watch if you are not wearing the Chanel,handbag but a fake Chanel handbag you,yourself know if youre wearing a fake,or not so I dont encourage people to,wear cloned fragrances but be aware,before spending the $300 there are cheap,alternatives to baccarat Rouge by the,order perform over the extracted puffer,dont buy this one dont buy the extract,a puffer its more expensive well this,already is very expensive but the main,thing is this already is loaded with,oils this already is so potent so strong,its too much if you apply too much so,making more than too much of what,already is too much is what you have in,here it does not make an artistic sense,in an everyday situation the DNA here is,almost like glue its unbearable,cloyingly sweet in an everyday situation,so I rather suggest you this cosy sweet,sexy all the puffer concentration over,the extract de parfum third thing you,should know guys this is the molecule,based fragrance so this does not have a,tremendous amount of natural ingredients,there are fragrances,I have a lot of natural ingredients bleu,de janeiro de parfum with a grapefruit,with the instance with the patchouli we,have the Umbra nuit by christian dior,with again the tobacco with the,patchouli it is loaded with natural,ingredients but just that you know,ladies and gentlemen just because a,brand or a fragrance doesnt use a lot,of natural ingredients doesnt mean they,have cheap ingredients in fact one of,the ingredients that Im using for my,brand is 20 times more expensive than,natural cedar wood its in fact,biological extraction from a sugar cane,to make a very seductive,sweetness so they extract from the sugar,cane it technically is a synthetic,molecule but its still 20 times more,expensive than natural essential oil of,cedar wood so its not bad if a,fragrance has less natural ingredients,so whenever you go into a department,store and they try to sell you they have,a lot of natural ingredients good for,you you can also buy a $5 essential oil,of bergamot and drip it over your head,if you want natural ingredients its,about the perfect blend of everything,this is a perfect blend of everything,however you should know ladies and,gentlemen this mostly is a molecule,based fragrance fourth thing you should,know its popularity is its curse and,its blessing what does it mean it means,the following people smell you and know,what you are wearing this can be good,because they know whoa this woman spend,a lot of money she is rich shes wealthy,which means shes successful which means,I should be friends with her because,shes doing something right in life or,some people could say yeah I dont want,to smell like everybody else because,this is very popular amongst people that,are getting into the niche connoisseur,type of a fray,world so be aware of it its extremely,popular fifth thing you should know baby,its so versatile Im going to wear,today I love it man ah man this smells,like a second skin this is the perfect,description it smells like a cozy second,skin baccarat Rouge Mike Lee alert,recommendation if you want to have a,cozy second skin type of a fragrance,with immense performance and you are,willing to spend the money and you dont,buy the extract de parfum and you want,to have the versatile fragrance and,youre not angry that it doesnt have a,lot of natural ingredients and youre,not angry that many people wear it then,I clearly again suggest you to buy this,one as sexy fragrance for men and for,women unisex thank you very much for,watching ladies and gentlemen have a,great day bye

Maison Francis Kurkdjian – Baccarat Rouge 540

hi guys Jeremy here today were gonna,talk about baccarat Rouge by Maison,Francis cook John this guy is a master,perfumer he has created one of the most,selling mens fragrances on the market,which is Jean Paul Gautier lima he was,so successful he created his own line,and ever since then he has released top,sellers just like this one so this one,is a molecule fragrances alright its,mostly synthetic mostly molecule based,synthetic sounds bad its not bad in,fact synthetic ingredients often are,pretty expensive and you dont only pay,for the ingredients in a fragrance but,also the performer and his knowledge,behind it so please respect the work of,a performer dont say well the creation,of efrains,is only based on the material cost its,not thats like saying Picassos,pictures are worth 3 euros 20 because,the paper is painting on three euros 20,to me as a fragrance review as a frames,critique I see fragrances as an artistic,object and not only as a usage type of,an object,alright so this mainly is molecule based,so you get it a lot of these molecules,like you know them from molecule or one,like you know them from Juliet has a gun,this is not a perfume so you wont get a,natural cedarwood some type of bergamot,some type of citrus stuff you will get,some transparent molecule smelling,fragrance that is brutally long lasting,a transparent molecule based fragrance,that is brutally long-lasting is what,you get with baccarat Rouge Ive tried,it a couple of times I have received a,couple of times of compliments I have,asked ladies do they like it or not some,like that some do not like it same goes,with men so do I think it is a cool,fragrance yes I do think its a cool,fragrance however its not a must Bible,it is,for the man or the woman because its a,unisex fragrance there is not so much a,fan of fragrances because what this does,it creates a coat of a silky smooth aura,around you what is very inoffensive but,present this thing creates a coat of,transparent molecule stuff around you,which is very inoffensive yet present,all right pretty cool it is again for,the people that want to be a bit,different because this does not smell,like many fragrances it is for the,people that dont want to offend other,people yet want to be smelled and it is,for the people that dont want to think,too much about fragrances since this is,very versatile this can be worn all,season all occasion every man every,woman any age can wear this one again,its in offensive yet transparent you,can wear it everywhere any time and its,very very long lasting all right so,thats my little review about baccarat,Rouge if you like it buy it I can give,you thumbs up its nice I dont think,its the best ratings ever however if,you like these molecule type of,fragrances check it out thank you bye,[Music],[Music]

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Women React to Creed Aventus, MFK Baccarat Rouge, Mancera Cedrat Boise & PDM Layton Fragrance Battle

Hallo my aantreklike en sexy vuil bastards welkom terug op my kanaal! So vandag gaan ons,die mees gewilde nisgeure veg. Ons gaan baklei met Baccarat Rouge van Maison Francis Kurkdjian,ook die enigste Creed Aventus, die sexy Parfums De Marly Layton en Mancera Cedrat Boise,dit is die nisgeure waarna baie mense regtig mal word. So ons gaan,uitvind waarvan meisies die meeste hou. Dit is die rede hoekom ek met hierdie geure sukkel om,uit te vind wat meisies die graagste aan jou ruik. Nou gaan die dames,blind reageer op hierdie geure hulle het geen idee wat hulle ruik nie en ek gaan ook vir die dames vra of dit,die prys werd is. So ek hoop hierdie video gaan jou die antwoord gee oor wat om te koop of probeer en praat,van probeer ek kry al my monsters van Scent Split hulle is die nommer een webwerf om dekante,van te koop. Scent Split is n aanlyn parfuumwinkel, gespesialiseerd in nisgeure en hulle versend,wêreldwyd. Hulle verskaf monsters wat n slim manier is om duur nisgeure te probeer,. Hulle proe ook n paar gewilde ontwerpergeure en hulle het net 100% outentieke geure.,Hulle gebruik hoë kwaliteit spuitbottels en hulle bied monsters in een milliliter, twee milliliter,,vyf milliliter en nege milliliter. En hulle bied ook vol bottels teen n kleinhandelprys.,Scent Split het die meeste van die geure waarvan ek vandag praat, so probeer hulle nou,wat in die beskrywing gekoppel is. Goed ouens, kom ons begin met die stryd, kry vir julle,n koppie koffie en sit julle balle in n goeie posisie en kom ons begin dit!,Goed, wat dink jy van hierdie geur?,Hou jy daarvan vir mans, ja of nee? Ja ek doen. Jy doen? Goed en jy? Wat dink jy?,Wees eerlik. Ek dink nie so nie. Dink jy nie so nie? Goed,Wat dink jy daarvan op vel?,Net om seker te maak. As jy regtig nie daarvan hou nie, eerlik.,Dit ruik soos n vroueparfuum. Ek hou minder daarvan op die vel. Minder op die vel? Ja,okay goed. Dis te veel naskeermiddel. Te veel naskeermiddel?,Te basies. Te basies ja. Te vars. Goed, wat dink jy hiervan?,Nee,Ja ek dink. Ja? Eintlik ja,So jy hou van die eerste een op papier, jy hou van die tweede een tot nou toe. Kom ons kyk na die derde een,O ja, ek hou regtig van hierdie een. O ja, daar was n “o ja” okay,Wat?!,Ja, ek hou regtig daarvan,Hou jy nie daarvan nie? Nee regtig regtig nie.,Dit is soeter,Dit het meer diepte. Dit ruik soos hout of iets, nee. Ja, jy is reg, daar is hout in. Ja ek hou daarvan.,Goed, hou jy van die varser een? Ja,ons hou van verskillende soorte mans ek dink,Ja ons doen,Wat dink jy hiervan? Ja, ek hou ook daarvan, maar ek hou van hierdie een beter.,Jy hou beter van hierdie een, hou hierdie.,Vir my net die tweede een dink ek. Dink jy dat hierdie een die beste is? Ja. Ruik dit,Ja. Goed, so jou geur waarvan jy hou,Hoe goed is dit as n man dit van een tot tien dra, hoe sexy is dit?,n agt. ’n agttal? 8,5. So dit is regtig sexy vir jou? Ja. Goed, dit is goed. En joune?,Ek dink ook n agt. Ook n agttal. Ja. Goed, al hierdie geure was soos 400,dollar geure, so hulle was baie duur. Is dit die geld werd? Nee. Nee. Nee, goed, dis wat ons wil hoor.,Maar hulle is sexy? Ja. Ja. Goed dit is goed.,Baie dankie dames.,Is jy gereed? Ja. Goed, wat dink jy van hierdie geur vir mans?,Hou jy daarvan of? Wees eerlik, ruik dit weer.,Nee. Ja okay wees eerlik daar is geen probleem as jy nie daarvan hou nie.,Wel ek hou daarvan. Jy hou daarvan goed,So jy hou van soet? Goed, kom ons kyk wat jy hiervan dink. Ek hou daarvan. Hou jy van hierdie een? Okay, beter as,die eerste? Ja ok, beter as die eerste. Hierdie een?,Nee dis te veel. Te veel? Te sterk? Goed,, so jy hou daarvan? Selfs meer as al die ander? Ja, ek dink dit is kragtiger, manliker,Manliker, warmer. Ja ok, so jy hou van vars. Goed, kom ons kyk na die laaste een.,Van watter een het jy die meeste gehou? Die tweede een? Derde een.,Nee. Geen tweede hierdie een nie? Goed hou dit goed.,En vir jou?,Aventus,Nee dit ruik bietjie bitter of iets. Bietjie bitter? So jy hou van hierdie een? Ja.,Jy het die naam gesien, weet jy nou wat dit is? Nee. Nee, dit is goed. So, hoe sexy is dit as n man dit dra?,Hoe sexy is dit? Is dit sexy of nie?,Of is dit net goed? Wees eerlik. Sexy?,Ja, maar hoe sexy is dit van een tot tien as jy dit n nommer moet gee, hoe sexy is daardie,cologne as n man dit dra? Ek dink agt. n Agt, so dit is goed? Goed en vir jou? n Nege,n Nege? So jy hou regtig daarvan? Ja. Goed, dit is goed en jy weet ook nie wat dit is nie?,Nee. So hierdie geure waarvan jy hou soos n 300 euro geur is jy soos n 400 euro,geur al hierdie geure was meer as 300 duur geure is dit die geld werd?,Nee, ek dink daar is dupes, goedkopers. Ek dink goedkopers is ook goed.,ek dink dit is die moeite werd. Dink jy dit is die moeite werd? Dit is nie te veel nie, maar dit is ook n bietjie,tussenin dit is nie te veel nie. Is dit die moeite werd? Goed jy het duur smaak meisie,Dankie!,Hou jy van hierdie geur vir n man ja of nee?,Dis oukei. Dis oukei. Ek hou daarvan. Jy hou daarvan, oukei.,Ja. Jy hou daarvan, oukei. Tweede een is hierdie een beter?,Want ons moet uit hierdie vier weet watter een die beste vir jou is. Dit is beter.,Nee,Hou jy nog van die eerste een? Ja. Goed, kom ons kyk, derde een. Nee. Nee. Nee okay,Nie beter nie. Nie beter nie. So jy hou nog steeds van die eerste? Meisie okay. Goed laaste een,Nee,Dit ruik na deodorant. Soos deodorant? Ja. Maar hou jy daarvan? Ja. Maar dit is nie beter as,die een waarvan jy hou nie? So jy hou van die eerste een? Goed hou dit en jy hou van die tweede een? Ja,okay vir n man as hy dit dra, hoe goed is dit van een tot tien.,Hoe sexy is dit as n man daardie een dra, die een waarvan jy hou.,Of is dit net goed, glad nie so sexy nie,. Dis goed, maar…,Nie so sexy nie?,Ja maar nie…Wat is die nommer, as 10 die sexyste geur vir jou is, daardie een?,Wat is die nommer? Sewe. n Sewe, so dit is bogemiddeld. Ja okay en vir jou? Agt oukei,Wel, jy hou van Baccarat Rouge 540 en jy hou van Aventus. Albei die geure is geure wat baie,duur is bo 300 euro geure of 400. Is dit die moeite werd?,Ek dink daar is beter, dit is goedkoper.,Daar is beter en daar is goedkoper. Vir jou? Ja. Beter en goedkoper? Ja beter en goedkoper.,Goed so dit is nie die moeite werd nie? Nee dit is nie. Nee goed dankie meisies ja dis dit super. Ek hou daarvan dat jy eerlik is.,Wees asseblief eerlik,. Ok is jy gereed? Ja. Hou jy van hierdie vir mans ja of nee? Nee te soet so girly of girlly okay,O ja. Meisie? Nee ek hou daarvan. Jy hou daarvan, so as n man dit sou dra, sal jy daarvan hou.,Ja in die somer. In die somer ja okay. Goed tweede een, is hierdie een beter vir jou? Ja. Hierdie een is beter,Ja beter. Beter? Goed alles reg. Kom ons kyk of hierdie een nog beter is of jy hou,by die tweede. Ja, ek hou hiervan, maar my pa kan dit dra. Kan jou pa dit dra?,Ek hou van die tweede een. Ja. Maar is dit die sexy pappa-geur? Ja, wel,vir ouer mans. Goed, maar nie vir die kêrel nie? Nee. Nee. Goed laaste een,Dis nie regtig sterk nie. Nee nie regtig sterk nie dis waar.,Maar? Ja vir die somer.,Nee, ek hou die beste van die tweede een, maar die derde een vir ouer mans,So derde een is sexy vir ouer mans? Ja wat is die ouderdom,45. 45? So regtig oud. Ja 40 plus, ag nie regtig ou nie jammer ouens. Of anders kry ek kwaai ouer manne,in die kommentaar soos dis nie oud nie!. So julle albei hou van hierdie een? Ja. Hoe goed is dit as n man,dit van een tot tien dra, soos hoe sexy is dit as n ou dit dra? Sexy? Of is dit nie sexy nie, maar net goed?,Dis net goed. Net goed, so nie sexy nie? Maar as jy agter iemand aanstap en dit is so is,dit lekker. O ok, so dit is nie die sexy sexy nie, maar dit is net lekker. Ja dis lekker.,Goed, wat is jou nommer? My nommer? Ja. My nommer?,Kan ek jou nommer kry? Ses ses ses drie ses vanaand,Van 1 tot 10? Nee nie die telefoonnommer nie.,Die ouens in die kommentaar wil seker weet,Okay maar wat dink jy? Sewe en n half. Sewe en n half, agt, sewe.,Ja agt. ’n agttal? Ja. So jy hou daarvan? Ja ek hou regtig daarvan. Goed, dit is goed. Is dit ook,400 euro werd? Nee. N

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and this,is the maison francis kojan bakararuj,sankarong or,they say oriental floral fragrance for,women and men so units,2015. top notes are saffron and jasmine,middle notes are amber wood and amber,green or amber grease,base notes are fear resin and cedar,this is not the first time,lately,discover,[Music],first time second time third time fourth,time or whatever time now trina kosha,says,somewhat,online store from the usha etoying,boxing,the whole day and thi,i dont know francis,is,you para matricium brain nino,to buy more on this aisle or to remember,this area,category molecule the perfume i hope 19,then you guys my comments,below or kung mas madi describe ninja,nama,with the way you understand one copy,paste guys,and also if you find it interesting,okay,[Music],[Music],[Music],need to control your spray or actually,this is the first perfume i think,controlling spray illumi,i have to check online again i will put,it here,you prices,because its sweet kind of airy aldus,and it will last long i say five hours,so,[Music],[Music],um you dont need to at least experience,kogasa its a base experience,you dont need to to over spray congo,meeting every day,to try cushioning summer time,im happy now with this they cant and,congregate,i think one thousand five hundred uh,link the description box below,congratulations,i would control my spray and then put,this,around the philippines,very safe yes it is,is,so thats it guys i hope you learned,something today,something helpful and thank you for,watching bye,[Music],you

thats bad thats like almost nyquil oh,my gosh that smells like play-doh,i would just go,just go,hmm,manly a man who has on a flamboyant,suit im not a big fan of like the whole,like candy smelling fragrances,i know what this one is,[Music],hi everyone welcome back to our channel,im courtney and i am teddy and today we,have a reaction video planned were,going to have random people react to,popular niche fragrances so we,handpicked some popular niche fragrances,to have people blind react to to kind of,get their just sense on what they think,of these scents so in this video were,going to do is were going to have all,these out on testing strips theyre,going to go through theyre not going to,see the brand anything so theyre not,going to be sueded anyway just get their,first impressions on the smell when we,spray these different testing strips,then at the end theyre gonna rank their,favorite and least favorite lets jump,into,[Music],it this one smells nice this one smells,a little citrusy,actually very citrusy,this feels like a mature vibe,mixed with like an aisle on whole foods,like the potions section,cardamom,i smell sage i smell a bunch of spices,that belong on some kind of meat,another fresh one i like that reminds me,of,a shower,big red chewing gum i like this would,you wear that one,probably like under the shirt,you know like,when you spray cologne people got the,wrist like,i would just go,just go,and just put it on i wouldnt like wanna,smell like this in a group of people,this is like a mens fragrance to me at,least,i can see like oh its like a little,like,spice undertone im almost thinking like,tea like this reminds me of certain teas,that ive had,woods so like forest floor,uh,warmth,a fire and like uh,you know like,fallen leaves on the ground,like peppermint tea sort of feel to that,one so not my personal taste i dont,think you should smell like a breath,mint,manly like,sophisticated,and,i just want a girl i dont need one,and we like that,[Music],whoa,smells like baby powder,nope,absolutely not,if youre a man thats looking for more,of a hippie or chick and youre into,that,shed eat you right up,me im not into that but she will eat,you up this ones actually pretty unique,this one definitely has some depth to it,i like it its got a little bit of that,like powderiness to it but its like,its lighter,kind of summery like kind of its this,is in my opinion something youd wear in,the spring for sure,smells like um like uh febreze room,freshener so,not a bad smell but i wouldnt say if,you smelled like that its fine but i,dont think that that would be your,cologne choice because you could be,doing better than that i would say,this definitely feels like number one,was more of like a masculine fragrance,this,maybe could,be like right in the middle i dont know,im,im not really getting anything on that,sorry number two,oh,oh my gosh that smells like play-doh,that reminds me of the smell of play-doh,i cant say i would like that as a scent,on someone,no this smells like,smells fishy not actual fish it smells,it smells,i guess trashy,this,smells this smells like a shot it does,it smells like a shot of alcohol like,somebody,got around the shots,i dont i dont like it,i dont i dont like it i dont,gravitate toward it,it might be a little like,sweet sweet ones are funny to me like,they i think in the summer theyre good,um,its pleasant though i really i do like,that for a girl yeah it doesnt it just,doesnt really smell like anything,its i mean i smell it but it doesnt,smell like i cant smell any,flavors or notes or,yeah no it smells like rubber alcohol do,you think that ones more feminine or,masculine,this one is more masculine thats really,different but i kind of like it i dont,know what it reminds me of but i like,that smell,it reminds me i feel like it reminds me,of a memory like it reminds me of a,hotel this to me smells like a cheap,fragrance,leaning towards like a masculine,fragrance to me,i dont know just like not much going on,kind of boring like very one-dimensional,smell but then also like not in an area,that like i wouldnt wear this,um,maybe its a womans fragrance and i,just cant tell the difference,oh,i like that one,im kind of yeah it smells warm and,inviting and,just,like a cute boy would wear it,okay,not bad definitely,im not a big fan of like the whole like,candy smelling fragrances,this kind of got this a little bit,oh thats fun,kind of like an orange peel,smell a little orange juice in here pulp,thats a nice one too i mean,would you wear that one,absolutely i would wear this full bore,just spray it,from head to toe,id wear this to be honest,like,if youre more so on the feminine side,not theres anything wrong with that at,all theres manlier and theres feminine,but,if you were,a little bit more feminine,thats what youre trying to attract,this is amazing i love that i,if i didnt already have,honestly perfume on my neck id shove,this one right on me too,love it i really do,the only thing im gonna say,i wouldnt wear this in the summer if,this was more between,november and,april,id be on that but if youre gonna wear,it beyond that id be,a little afraid because,you need to change it up a little bit,now this is wild,this smells like a swisher sweet,swiss or sweet i would not wear this i,would be scared to get arrested,i dont like that i think yeah no if a,guy was wearing that i dont even know,if id be able to smell it on him to be,honest with you,so kind of a waste of time and money,its all right i wouldnt be impressed,if a guy was wearing that,is this red tobacco by monsieur,i dont like that one,im im not really,not really liking this one either,but im not really i really dont like,to i dont really dont like the,tobacco inspired,fragrances,that also reminds me of something i,cant think of what it is but i dont,like that smell for,like a fragrance another candle kind of,one you would prefer it as a candy yeah,a candle or its just,like laundry not laundry like a room,spray or something yeah,something there is like reminding me of,like brushing my teeth or,like some type of like medicine,its like a cream soda pop,medicine or toothpaste or candy or,something like when you used to get,fluoride and they would like,shove the stuff in your mouth and youd,just be stuck there with a smell,man this is robitussin but the cherry,kind,which is actually worse than grapes so,um,oh lord have mercy that,thats bad thats like almost nyquil,so im not going with that guy or girl,we just not going there,its kind of giving me a headache it,smells uh,red chewing gum,who do you picture wearing that one and,would you wear it uh,i will not wear it whos wearing this,a man who has on a flamboyant,suit,[Music],very floral,with a hint of root beer bottle caps,flavoring,its very sweet its floral,its its a little too much no nope,its its too in your face it smells,like um,yankee candle,this is not something i would want to,smell,this could ruin a dinner for me if like,someone wore too much of this,it smells like a little like outdoors,ish,but like artificial like its trying to,be outdoors so i dont love this thats,the candle thing again,like cereal this smells like if you,growing up had like a candy drawer in,your house that just had like everything,in it it had like sweet tarts,it had gum,just other things in there this smells,like if you open up that drawer this is,what youre smelling,id like that if it was on a guy i would,also probably buy that for a guy i was,seeing its for women,shaylee actually wants her man to say,well okay thats fine though because,i feel like if a woman this still seems,like a more masculine smell for a woman,in my opinion so i dont i wouldnt,judge a guy for wearing it thats nice,this is this is just a nice wholesome,fragrance what kind of girl is wearing,that like this is like a wedding like a,bridesmaid fragrance,last time i smelled this was when i was,going up my elevator,and my seven-year-old man had,the stripper in it and i called it,before i even saw her so,n

Baccarat Rouge 540: What Makes This Perfume So Popular? – ★ Fragrance Review

you might have seen it you might have,heard about it the omnipresent fragrance,of the internet these days is called,bakara Rouge 540. now the question is,why is it so popular and how did it get,to that point today were going to talk,about it lets get right into it now,heres the thing one of the reasons why,baccarat is so popular is because of the,tick tock boom during the pandemic,people on there have said that br540,smells like money and swimming in,Scrooge mcducks Vault and oftentimes it,also made it on certain Rich mom starter,pack lists with a list of other items,that are popular with mothers and fancy,subcultures literally a synonym called a,rich mom approved other social media,accounts have made videos that basically,ask hot girls what perfume they are,wearing and then theyre flashing to the,picture of bakara rouge 540. it is,Savage and Fendi show Rihanna actually,once complimented a journalist who was,wearing the fragrance and said you smell,great the star whos said to smell like,heaven herself told the person it has,also been the basis for a lot of,supposedly similar scents like Ariana,Grandes cloud and Zaras red Temptation,now when you go to the baccarat Hotel on,Fifth Avenue where a lot of rooms cost,1500 bucks a night you can smell,baccarat for 40 for free in the scented,black chrome Lobby this is where the,perfume got its reputation as the most,complimented perfume when you walk in,you can smell a mix of smoke and candy,that had been burned its not new for a,hotel to have its own scent The Gramercy,Park Hotel is the most well-known,example because it helped made the,wildly popular santal 33 so popular,but when the hotel opened in 2015 the,scent came out in a limited Crystal,bottle edition of only 250 sampled it,was liked right away so much that,Francis could John the perfumer who also,made Le Mal for Jean-Paul gutierre and,narcissio Rodriguez added it to its,permanent collection our friends at,fergrantica a site where people review,and track how popular fragrances become,over time shows a steady rise in,popularity that looks much more like a,ski slope after 2020 when the pandemic,hit and so did The Tick Tock boom which,helped accelerate bakara Rush popularity,online while most fragrances have more,than 20 different ingredients there are,only seven ingredients and three Accords,in baccarat Rouge 540. unlike other,popular perfumes such as Dior or Chanel,Number Five which are usually made of,both synthetic and natural ingredients,this one is is made only of synthetics,now hear me out thats not always bad,this means that even though the perfume,smells a little bit like a burnt Jam,could John didnt really actually take,real Gem and distilled it into a lab to,make it the note all of the ingredients,were made in a lab using droppers and,beakers this is different from how other,especially expensive perfumes were made,which often involve real life steps like,picking flower blooms at night since,Jasmine only blooms at night thank you,Jasmine also bakara Rouge 540 doesnt,have anything to do with a celebrity or,a fragrance house like JLo glow or Gucci,Bloom so that was interesting on its own,so whats different about the perfume,for once the composition of the juice is,fantastic two two of the ingredients are,very different and can be thought of as,being on the opposite end of a taste,Spectrum for perfume ventil which is,also called ethylmeltol is known for,having a sugary sweet smell Angel which,was a hit for mugler in 2000 is where,most people may know it from and corjon,himself Likens it to smelling like,candied strawberries on the other hand,ambroxan has a Savory salty hit it is a,synthetic version of ambergris which is,a long price and expensive ingredient in,perfumery because it smells like bran,and is made from well puke or as could,John puts it on his website whales,natural excrement it can be off-putting,to some people some reviewers describe,it as smelling like old Band-Aids or,tinned pineapple and at the same time it,can be completely Heavenly to others,like cotton candy and Christmas trees,and that is probably the part that makes,it so interesting its unidentifiable so,so much so that people are surprised,when they first smell it some people say,that it doesnt really smell too flowery,or Woody but instead it has an,interesting fluid feel without being too,girly whatever thats supposed to mean,corjon says that the baccarat Rouge 540,Trail is very complex and has many parts,so some people are more interested in,one part than in others so in that,regard I guess theres something for,everyone in 2016 corjones said himself,that this perfume might be his best work,but today he doesnt talk about it in,those terms instead hes just very,appreciative and says that a hit like,baccarat Rouge 540,doesnt happen very often and if youre,lucky as a perfumer you might get one of,those tastes in your lifetime,and what do you think did you try,baccarus 540 are you over that hype do,you want to buy it now what is your,experience let me know your thoughts in,the comments below like this video share,it with a friend and Ill see you in the,next one

Baccarat Rouge 540 By Maison Francis Kurkdjian (Miami, FL) – ForeverLux Fragrance Review

this is what happens when you bring a,british man to miami it gets three,shades darker out,time out today we are doing a very,special review first of all we are at,the timeout market in miami beach you,all know the famous magazine it has,curated all the best restaurants in town,the most talked about chefs so i thought,we would do the most talked about,fragrance you guys have been begging me,on our youtube to review this fragrance,so your wish is my command we are doing,baccarat rouge 540 by mason,francis kurdigen,thats my best attempt at that name guys,sorry look at this bottle i love any,bottle that comes in its own coffin you,know its fancy this is an amber floral,fragrance is that why you guys have been,asking,it was released in 2015 it was actually,for men and women its unisex its niche,all right its got notes of,[Music],amber wood amber grease,saffron jasmine and,cedar,cedar,all right,you guys have been asking for it lets,see what i think,ive smelled this before,when i was seven years old and a fruit,punch high c high c fruit punch thats,what this smells like no its just very,very fruity im confused because thats,not really in the elements at all but,i cant see a man wearing this it has no,masculinity to it whatsoever it is very,vibrant and feminine,and i know this is a very expensive,fragrance but to me it doesnt smell as,expensive as it appears,um if i smelled this i wouldnt think i,was smelling a woman i think i was,smelling a flavor im not into it guys,im sorry im sorry this is how i feel,im going to give it a,4.8,dont kill me im sorry its just not,for me i wouldnt i would never wear,this but hey,what do i know maybe theres some people,who have better tastes in food and,drinks and fragrances than me lets go,find out i think it smells fine,i like wouldnt pick it but it smells,okay yeah,its like not super strong,okay its like subtle would you wear it,i would maybe wear this yeah,like daytime,probably evening evening it smells like,classy elegant like 350,i would not i would never no yeah,seven and a half seven point five,six,six,i love being in between two buff men,this is my comfort zone right here i,would say women,okay too,feminine for a man,for you yeah yeah its too sweet too,sweet yeah,nah,i wouldnt like it are you british yeah,this is what happens when you bring a,british man to miami gets three shades,darker buffs out,see to me that smells like a young,teenager girl,rather than a mature woman i agree would,you believe that its 350 dollars,wow not worth it,not worth it,okay id rather buy two bottles of tom,ford there you go so give me a score one,to ten,i would give it and its not a,disgusting smell,i would say like a seven,seven yeah any time anybody says,anything with an accent i believe it ten,times more like theres credibility here,i like it its a little sweet and i,guess you like the suite yeah okay so,one to ten,eight okay thank you where are you from,cuba whered you guys be,uh through the gym,that makes sense all right there you,have it guys baccarat rouge 540 not,worth the hype in my opinion but let us,know yours comment below what you think,if youre into it we got a code in the,description box but it only lasts 24,hours and if you want this fragrance,its niche you need it forever lux we,got you i am gonna go eat some lunch,because im starving i will see you next,time bye

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