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this video is brought to you by alien,clothing,[Music],all right everybody shut up all right I,dont want to hear any of it its a good,movie I know exactly what youre,thinking but it is a good movie look at,it,the visuals spectacular the characters,Charming I love the action the pacing,was wonderful and you know what you,dont wanna you wanna know what it has I,really loved stealing from rich people,and also the you know hot Fox girl,what the,oh hi guys Im here to review the,bad guys the newest DreamWorks film and,I gotta say I loved it I loved it so,much and yeah go ahead and judge me to,the nth degree I know what Im about but,I I implore you to watch the film,yourself and tell me what you think,because for me it was a wonderful time,let me explain by the way,um zootopia yeah cool you know thats so,neat trying to be a you know a detective,Im over here with the Chad bad guys,yeah the Virgin zootopia versus the Chad,bad guys where were were out driving,circles around cops and and blowing up,helicopters you know thats what were,about obviously I joke both movies are,great in their own respective regards,but I had to make fun of zootopia so the,bad guys here is based on a book by,Aaron blaby it was a successful,Scholastic series and when you look at,the visual tools and the bad guys books,its quite different compared to that on,the big screen where you have like these,illustrations that have of course a,style to them with like the black and,the whites and they look a bit more just,Rough Around the Edges not bad but they,look at the big screen version and it,still has a style and you can see how,its inspired by the illustrations from,the books but to me it seems a bit more,refined the style as way of its own I,dont really know how to describe it,they both look so neat in and and,distinct but at the same time its like,the books the movie theyre different,but similar I feel the vibe connection,between the two hence why the movie was,inspired by the books that make sense,duh but for what its worth there is,obviously a difference and I think,thats neat I think its cool that you,can have something like the book and,then its spin off something,inspired by the book to a movie that,looks like this wow well said saber,Spark all right so the movie itself was,directed by Pierre perethal screenplay,by Eaton Cohen so to me its like,DreamWorks is this studio that is a step,above illumination where you have these,releases where its like wow this is,outstanding Kung Fu Panda one and two,How to Train Your Dragon I I of course,the creme de La Creme of The Prince of,Egypt but they have films like home from,Dreamworks and its like oh my God what,were you thinking this was not good so,DreamWorks has this ability to really,surprise you where its like you can do,it you can be good both for your stories,your characters and of course the,visuals but you also have the ability to,kind of just,oh no hes swing a mess but this one,here was a grand slam let me just start,with the visuals because thats like the,thing that was the most of course,eye-catching for me for the bad guys I,love the designs they ooze with,personality and theyre so stylized even,the background humans are stylized Im,here for this new era of Animation where,its like were not going for hyper,realistic we want this cool stylized,design where its like and you gotta of,course give props to spider verse and I,know everybodys like spider-verse this,spider-verse static its true though,spider-verse did a great job of kicking,down the door for being critically and,financially such a big hit that other,Studios and creators are like hey maybe,we can start doing the same thing we,dont have to be stuck in this this,microcosm of of hyper realistic or,accurate characters we can go outside of,that we dont need to have every single,piece of hair on a character like,animated we can do something a bit more,stylized and different and Im here for,that I think its so freaking cool I,mean look at Puss in Boots too like I,did not really care for the previous,films but the sequel from Dreamworks,coming out in December is doing the same,thing with its stylization with its with,its action with its movement where its,like the of course the textures,and its of course its like yo this has,to have been inspired by spider verse,come on and thats okay Im again Im,here for it so for the characters you,got wolf you got piranha you got,tarantula you got shark you got oh,whats this on whats the other one,snake uh I I do like these theyre,animal names theyre just you know snake,wolf whatever and that works theres a,really funny like because folks who are,probably trying to be really immersed,might be frustrated by the fact that,its a human world with a bunch of,anthro creatures walking around but,theres also like animals that are just,animals and then you have moments where,its like the wolfs at a crime scene or,about to do a robbery and the police are,like on guard like we have to find the,wolf where could he be and the wolf guy,wearing a mustache walks in and theyre,like who where could the wolf guy be and,its like I dont know maybe the wolf,walking in thats part of the charm you,have a literal shark whos like the the,disguise person and its like obviously,you know a shark but everybody else is,so like dumb to it thats Charming to me,I think thats funny its like movie,explain things and its like No And this,person gets forward anyway because its,having fun and thats I like that also I,gotta say this is just furry lupon you,know wolf is just fairy lupon the,detective uh the the zingati or zinigata,from lupon like you cant tell me that,there was an inspiration for chief Misty,of these police and her like even her,police run around in a mob thats,similar to detective zinigata from like,lupon I love that the the big like,meat-headed you know Im for justice,Ill chase you down but clearly they,arent like the sharpest crayon of the,knife drawer so thats a fun chemistry,to me and speaking of characters the,chemistry from the entire gang wonderful,I loved it I thought they had good back,and forth and and give and take you got,Diana the the spoilers by the way Diana,here is the governor spoilers spoilers,spoilers here we go shes also Bae oh oh,my God theres some scenes where shes,doing stuff and Im like um,lip bite baby no I mean I,challenge you to watching,yourself and Im gonna be thrown in jail,but uh yeah Dianes pretty great and I,like her twist its thats the thing,about it or folks who are like oh man I,saw this twist and I saw that twist it,was so obvious and Im like well yeah,because its a heist movie so youre,already on guard trying to read between,the lines and even I felt that something,early on in the film I saw a character,and Im like thats the villain and,thats the villain disguised as blah and,I saw right through it I was correct and,Im like thats not a problem its okay,to have quote-unquote predictable plots,as long as theyre well executed with,fun characters and as far as like the,Arc of said characters where this entire,film is about wolf and its probably,says his synopsis here before I proceed,any further I should have said this,before wolf and his gang are world,renowned thieves and their class acts as,far as like being the best of their,field except for some other thieves her,just slightly better and you got like,the computer hacker The Master of,Disguise the enforcer the wild card and,theyre the bad guys because theyre,animals that folks sure just clearly put,off by oh no a shark a spider a wolf,they scare me I want to be around them,so for them theyre like well fine well,if we cant be good because Society,hates us then well just be bad because,were good at being bad which kind of,reminds me of the Netflix film back to,the Outback which kind of a similar,theme where its like where snakes and,scorpions and no one likes us even,though we try to be good and and you,know thats an okay film by the way I,say its good enough to watch back to,ba

The Bad Guys Review

you have a chance to write your own,story and what have you got to lose i,dont know my dignity,a leopard never changes its spots but,what about the big bad wolf the bad guys,takes this simple premise and runs with,it as wolf voiced by sam rockwell is,determined to go straight after a,lifetime of legendary heists what,follows is essentially a heist film for,kids borrowing liberally from the genre,to great effect theres a coffee shop,opener that mirrors swordfish and,reservoir dogs and a heist montage that,instantly brings to mind oceans 11.,throw in a couple references to george,clooney and its clear where director,pierre parafell gets his inspiration,[Music],wolfe isnt alone of course with a,motley crew of criminal creatures,including snake tarantula shark and,piranha while wolf has his sights set on,a life of heroism it looks as though his,fellow crooks will need some convincing,its a clever concept the bad guys is a,morality tale that explores whether or,not villains can change something weve,seen time and time again throughout,cinema but this time the cartoon,stylings and fart gags form those lofty,questions for a younger audience on the,outside,the five of you are villains,predators,remorseless sociopaths,eaton cohen and hillary winstons script,is light and refreshing with enough,substance for parents to sink their,teeth into while the younger ones can,enjoy the mostly witty humor with a,great big dollop of slick heist-based,action each member of the team has a,part to play with wolffs crew members,leaning on their animalistic skills to,great effect but some of their skills,are hilariously dubious the bad guys,plays up its ridiculous concept as well,as its heist movie roots youll find,plenty of over-the-top action that often,capably riffs on classic heist beats,sure some of the moves may seem familiar,but the bad guys rarely plays it,straight improvising on well-known,trappings of the genre this take keeps,things fresh and never delivers what you,might expect as far as the voice cast,goes rockwell is the standout here as,cunning wolf who has all the right quips,for any occasion the chemistry between,him and snake voiced by mark maron is,perfect as the reptile rasps his way,through every scene wolf lifting him up,with edgy banter that pierces his crime,obsessed veneer the bad guys become the,good guys so we can stay in the band,guys equally sassy beats makes an,excellent governor foxington bringing a,modern flair to local politics richard,iowas soft voice professor marmalade is,the perfect foil a kind-hearted,philanthropist who takes pity on the,crew the animation style meanwhile is,wonderfully fresh taking inspiration,from the likes of spider-man into the,spider-verse its frantic edgy tone works,well with a certain roadrunner and wily,coyote dynamic that brings a,cartoon-like precision to the caper,although the fart jokes may edge towards,wearing a bit thin the humor is,plentiful and with a heartwarming tale,of redemption beneath its slick veneer,the bad guys pull off a great job,the bad guys is a slick hilarious heist,movie with buckets of laughs and a lot,of heart its oceans eleven meets,little red riding hood with sam,rockwells wolf going on a charm,offensive to stay out of jail and he,might just win you over in the process,the entire voice cast brings their,a-game with some stellar gags the bad,guys is a fun family-friendly caper,thats bursting with action and brimming,with laughs whos afraid of the big bad,wolf not us for more reviews of recent,movies featuring cute cartoon animals,check out what we thought of sonic the,hedgehog 2 and turning red and for,everything else stick with ign a good,person would smack it in it stab it,saute it,i want you to save it,[Music]

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Everything Wrong With The Bad Guys in 21 Minutes or Less

[Music],foreign,[Music],seconds of logos to ask a simple,question why is the Crescent of the Moon,inside the damn Moon how is the suns,reflection of the Moon only being,blocked in that single particular area,did someone build a giant earth-sized,stencil what the hell is going on here,snakes have impeccable taste buds I can,taste air no I think you have a tongue,that moves the scents in the air to a,special organ in your mouth to interpret,them so that just sounds like smelling,with your tongue but I either fell,asleep in that class I was way too busy,making jokes about my Jacobsons organs,so this is just an invitation to prove,me right or wrong in the comments stop,sitting in Boots like this do you think,I want the bottom of your nasty shoes up,towards the surface I eat on sitting,like this in a booth doesnt make you,cool it makes you an speaking of,which dont even get me started on,parents who change diapers on these,things the one good thing about this,place what we never have to wait for a,table why because youre a scary snake,or is it because youre a talking snake,either way I think theres probably a,lot less cowering that would happen in,this situation and a lot more calling,animal control before your meal was over,what a terrible way to escape if I jump,through a window when you can just bolts,around anywhere you want and can you,please secure your cache a bit better,its almost like you were prioritizing a,cool atmospheric visual over maximizing,your profits hey you get over here why I,can apparently hear you just fine going,70 down the expressway from two lanes,over also fourth wall breakeration,youre afraid because Im the big bad,wolf I am not I am the villain in every,story tell that to Hans Gruber Regina,George and Daniel Larusso say hello to,Mr Smith oh sure an animated movie can,say it but I say it one time in a Panda,Express Im the villain whatever movie,will later encourage us to forgive snake,even though he tried to murder three,people at a pet store is that about a,Hari Pawn first off thats just terrible,punting and second are we relating this,tarantula to a Dutch exotic dancer who,spied for the Germans in World War One,not sure if Im sending the sheer lack,of the target audience who will get that,reference or that the movie doesnt try,to pay it off with the spider doing a,striptease even once in the movie I also,took over the police dispatch blurred,their satellite imaging system grounded,their Chopper and one more thing trying,to gloss over this hacking his magic,scene by scaring us with the prospect of,the police having satellite imaging,capabilities and the idea that anyone,would be this eager to deliver a cake or,suggestions that our lovable crew has,murdered people is this policeman,hanging off the side of the vehicle body,hes Brave,hes fearless and also hes eating,people you know you fart when you lie,right no I didnt but this is Cinemas,very first instance of chekhovs fart,congratulations to all involved sorry,Ruby expects us to believe that not only,do piranhas fart that when they do it,produces a large enough amount of gas,that not only immediately fills a car,but also can then billow out of the car,and cause all the cars behind it to,wreck oh and then its also green for,some reason why do people fear the bad,guys if they lose this much money during,their robberies Id expect more people,to be following him around to pick up,their drippings what I just wanted a,longer car chase thats the best part,admitting directly to your audience that,the best part of the movie is over,within the first seven minutes this cake,somehow returned to the car and tacked,sorry movie you cant launch your cake,and keep it too yeah we may be bad but,were so good at it the delusion that,surviving this has anything to do with,skill and not the fact that death,appears to be on holiday movies set in,La has to drive a car through the LA,River Basin cliche I forgot we had those,Push Pops man my tummy is rumbling like,a kraken right now remember all those,times when you ate a popsicle when you,were hungry me neither news position is,the HPV of movie Exposition Im almost,more surprised when a movie doesnt,happen the newly elected governor Diane,foxington wait youre telling me that,the Society of mostly humans elected an,animal as Governor sure if theres one,thing I know about American politics,its that people go for the candidate,that looks the least like them this is,the Holy Grail of thievery isnt the,Holy Grail the Holy Grail of thievery,okay fine but he better be delicious,this whole Redemption Arc is kicked off,by snake wanting to eat Professor,marmalade one of the many things we are,asked to forget by the end of this so,heres the plan it wouldnt be a heist,movie without a detailed plan,explanation before the heist that leaves,nothing to the imagination and only,serves to set up where the plan will go,wrong later sorry I meant to say it,wouldnt be a terrible Heist movie,without a detailed plan explanation,before the heist that leaves nothing to,the imagination and only serves to set,up where the plan will go wrong later,professor in the past year youve,stopped Wars fed the hungry and saved,countless pandas for con man Professor,marmalade is certainly performing a lot,of actual Good Deeds interesting peace,trashy pointless and pretentious,inherent Vice if the bad guys crash this,event I am definitely going to lose my,job and I will not hesitate to take you,down with me geez this character is so,over the top that Sylvester Stallone is,shooting for copyright infringement,that is not how that works piranha not,only knew this guys shooting schedule,but also exactly which stall he was,going to use as Preposterous as that is,this wacky Universe might just allow,this to make sense despite this it is,definitely a sin to attack someone on,the sacred Throne is that piranha,supposed to be wearing that mans,clothing movie attempts to Short Circuit,Us by doing things so obviously dumb and,impossible that we cant help but know,they are self-aware and realize how dumb,they are thereby hoping that makes them,smart nope youre such a good boy this,will now make this wolf in creeps,clothing all melting in the knees and,tail Waggy because apparently all you,have to do to table wolf is treat them,like a domesticated pet marking that one,down okay so I need it later in real,life webs can you enhance this the real,shame on this particular zoom and,enhanced cliche is that its not even,needed most modern phones take high,quality enough pictures that you,shouldnt really even have to do this,level of enhancing after zooming in I,mean unless youre using a Windows phone,or something but also thinking a retinal,scanner could be beaten with a picture,of someones eye writers think a heist,movie without laser trip sensors is more,absurd than a piranha with legs,the security system not being designed,to detect Ric Flair,[Music],wait did she just say that Professor,marmalade reversed climate change since,the movie Never refutes this claim now I,believe this little fear deserves the,billion dollars he tries to steal at the,end of the movie hell they should have,given him a billion dollars to see what,else he could solve fancy security,system is fancy enough to detect and,shoot at the spring but not fancy enough,to alert anyone that it did so this was,not supposed to happen oh no how are,they going to get out of this one moment,every Heist movie is obligated to use,because suspense time to turn this baby,on beast mode since it seems to get,everything done faster why werent you,already in beast mode Webbs is going to,pass out from holding her breath so that,she doesnt breathe any of Mr piranhas,nervous Toots and I dont know if you,realize this but farts are not poison,now lets make like a wolf and get the,pack out of here ah word play isnt,though I mean I think youre going for,get the out of here with neither,Rhymes nor really sounds like pack I,mean the mayor is right there he,couldnt ha

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The Bad Guys – Untitled Review Show

hey doug walker here,i know happy youre here for something,like this,were the bad guys,jackpot sam rockwell and mark maron are,thieves trying to reform in zootopias,11. i mean the bad guys so this is,another one of those movies i feel like,i have to review it in two ways i have,to review it as a kids film and as a,family film and there is a difference a,kids film is mainly for kids a family,film entertains everybody it entertains,the adults the parents even people maybe,dont have kids its supposed to hit,everyone toy story is a family film paw,patrol is a kid film you get the idea as,a kids film i think this is really good,i think kids are really gonna have fun,with it theyre gonna laugh at the jokes,theyre gonna like the idea as a family,film,its okay,at best and even then im kind of,reaching maybe about every five minutes,or so i would have a really good laugh,like something really clever would be on,screen but a lot of it doesnt make,sense and thats weirdly kind of the pro,and con of it the downside of this film,is also what makes it unique in that the,world is not very well defined its very,bizarre setup is pretty much thats just,the human world but theres maybe a,dozen animals walking around wearing,suits and outfits and sort of pulling,these quentin tarantino steven sonenberg,heist it has that style throughout the,whole thing which again as a kid i,wasnt allowed to see a lot of movies,like that so i would love something like,this if i was between say five or,thirteen but okay lets say youre,totally okay with a world where theres,just people and a handful of animals,that wear clothes and pull off heists,and stuff like that like honestly i was,going into this,how are you on meteorites that crash,into the earth have supernatural powers,that can control guinea pigs,and thats all introduced in the last,third yeah this movies bizarre you need,a makeover,i know the biggest twist isnt furries,dressing like furries if you were to ask,me what do i generally think would,happen in this movie i could probably,give you a rough outline because its,not that hard to predict which,characters are going to be good which,characters are going to be bad which,ones are going to flip-flop though there,were a couple twists in it that i didnt,see coming i mean obviously maybe too,many twists but i think thats part of,the fun of satirizing a genre like this,the heist films but if you were to ask,me for the details i couldnt give you,that in a million years what twists were,gonna happen who was gonna learn what,lesson at the end thats another thing,if youre looking for a film that has,like a really solid lesson,this is not it man i remember when raya,came out a lot of people liked it but,they said man they had an issue with the,lesson at the end and the way it was,presented and for me its kind of like,lion king like the details didnt matter,too much even though they were kind of,flawed like the overall idea i think is,what people take out of it this one i,dont even think the movie knows what,the lesson is the bad guys become the,good guys so we can stay in the band,guys,honestly if you told me that was the,moral of the story i would kinda believe,it anything thats an animal is not to,be trusted in one way or another even,like these little guinea pigs that are,walking around looking really cute,almost destroy the world and thats,another weird thing about this strange,world is that theres little pet guinea,pigs like theyre being used for animal,testing and then theres just this,guinea pig walking around in clothes and,has the voice of moss i always forget,his name so i just call him moss i think,we got off to a bad start,doesnt a cat wear clothes and have a,job its really a pluto goofy thing but,with all that said i like the voice of,moss i think hes one of those actors,that can make the phone book funny he,just has this infectiously hilarious,voice its about putting someone elses,needs ahead of your own,well thats terrifying in the end i,didnt really feel like being eaten so,we just watched oceans eleven and this,film kind of works in a strange way,youre laughing at just how odd and,unexpected it is because the world is,not very well defined it can throw in,these bizarre twists and turns and just,sudden subplots and random things that,just exist in this world because they,didnt say it couldnt exist so there is,kind of the spontaneity to it that does,make it a little fun the only thing,thats holding me back from really,loving it is the jokes and like i said,maybe every five minutes theres a,really funny joke but man you gotta sit,through,a lot of fart jokes a lot of,catchphrases that feel 10 years old his,greatest trick stealing the mona lisa,disguised as the mona lisa see for every,great joke like that you have to sit,through like eight well this just got a,little weird with a,no seriously theres a lot of fart jokes,in this which is strange because the,style in this film is pretty,entertaining a lot of the people in this,world look like steven universe,characters which is a little odd but is,unique with a lot of really energized,animation and slapstick i think a lot of,kids are gonna get into this even though,it moves at a fast pace this is a movie,that has three or four third act,breakups like its that kind of story,but they do move quick so it doesnt,bother me too much but,three or four man our in-house tech,wizard whered you learn to do that,mostly youtube as long as you dont use,over seven seconds of film footage when,doing a review you can post that stuff,here i do really wish i was getting more,laughs than every five minutes or at the,very least if i wasnt laughing i was,being pulled in by the drama or at least,theres a good set up for a funny line,like may not something that makes me,laugh out loud but i can acknowledge oh,okay thats well written theres a lot,of lines that just dont work in this,and they are kind of painful but the,ones that do,and the great slapstick thats involved,too,really makes me happy i saw it so its,rough on the one hand i think if i was a,kid watching this i would really really,get into it i would love the idea of,watching the bad guys even though a lot,of the time theyre trying to turn good,theyre still essentially doing a lot of,bad stuff in it and i like kind of the,idea of the lesson is that you can take,bad stuff and turn it into good stuff,you know you could utilize those talents,in other ways but,man does it get lost in all the twists,and turns and this world is not very,well defined and a lot of the jokes,dont work but the ones that do are so,hard to say dont see because theyre so,imaginative this is essentially an,earnest movie its a perfect film for,kids and those who want to remember what,its like to be a kid but massively,flawed if youre trying to critique it,as an adult theres a lot of problems,you can find so as a kids film i feel,like i want to give it three and a half,out of four as a family film i want to,give it two out of four so lets settle,on three out of four the only furry i,had a crush on because you switch out,her ears and nose shes a human yeah see,with all that said what did you think,did you feel like it really came through,on the message and the humor and the,style did you feel like you didnt have,to be a kid to enjoy it it had more than,enough to entertain adults or did you,feel like the jokes didnt work very,well and it didnt have the best message,and maybe it got a little lost in its,complicated twists and turns or are you,somewhere in the middle like me let me,know your thoughts and ill see you next,time take care,you


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Bad Guys is GREAT

this video is brought to you by,hellofresh hmm for dinner tonight i know,i should have something healthy which,means its probably better if i make it,myself but i also want it to be,flavorful but i also dont want to shop,or pay for a bunch of ingredients that,im probably not going to use again so,thank goodness for hellofreshs meal,kits which deliver recipes with fresh,pre-measured ingredients directly to,your home i also want to expand my,culinary skill set but i also have a,history of things not going so well so,im starting simple with tacos,hellofresh gives you so many options for,delicious recipes that includes veggie,preschitarian fit and wholesome but also,quick and easy as well as satisfying,classics and those recipes rotate week,to week so theres always something new,to try its a great option whether for,convenience just wanting to try,something new developing a new skill or,for staying healthy while not,sacrificing taste so if you are ready to,get fresh food delivered right to your,door with some assembly required use my,link or go to hellofresh.com use the,code pog cellspec16 for up to 16 free,meals plus three surprise gifts across,six hellofresh boxes plus free shipping,gifts include free appetizers free,desserts and free premium recipes,wow its only april and the year has,already been so good for animation again,its been absolutely horrible in almost,literally every other way since,spiderverse has been pushed to 23 bad,guys has pretty much been the most hype,animated movie of the year so far as the,2d 3d hybrid style is really been,gaining momentum as the animation,aesthetic of the 2000s and as said i,could not be more ecstatic about that as,the director said the race for realism,is over and thank the seasons cause deep,fakes have been one of the worst things,that have happened to this planet and,though last year i had a pretty bad,track record of things i was hyped for,not meeting my expectations in this case,the hyped movie was still a pretty great,movie a movie in which five bad guys in,a world where there seemed to be very,few other animals get caught but plan a,new heist pretending to be good guys and,opening with a homage to the opening,scene of pulp fiction was very much a,good place to start with and it,continues the wild heist front from,there this is a breath of new life into,dreamworks animation who have been,relying on their sequels of past,properties to keep themselves afloat,apparently while they were planning to,completely reinvigorate themselves well,that may be too soon to call well have,to see what their follow-ups look like,well of course thats only if you can,bear to look at this film with those,horrible disgusting bean mouths the,absolute worst artistic decision in the,history of animation ah just how can,people stand to look at it yeah it,sounds really stupid when you say it out,loud now the obvious comparison even,before the movie came out was naturally,zootopia both featuring wild dog cousins,in a society where they are stereotyped,to be the bad guy so thats who they,became and after the movies premiered,those comparisons wont entirely go away,as there are more comparisons to be made,but still evident that they are far from,being the same movie and while many,aspects of zootopia havent quite aged,well the comparison still might do this,movie a disservice for people who expect,this movie to delve more into the animal,stereotype society playing a role in the,story except they just dont this is not,a world building movie that explains or,addresses why some civilians or humans,are animals we hardly get any background,on any of these characters and in,general there arent necessarily that,many meaty themes to dig into this is,mostly a cartoonishly fun heist comedy,you certainly could still talk about how,it reflects how societal expectations,shape the people they grow into and,possibly limit their options or how your,values are shared and shaped by your,social circle and how hard that can be,to break out of that pattern but for the,most part this again is a kind of wish,dragon turning red movie a very,straightforward story with limited,surprises but the appeal is its,animation and comedy and the bond,between the characters more than the,themes i had a blast with every single,one of these guys but the banter between,wolf and snake gets special sentimental,focus and i love all of it my only real,story issue aside that the third act,development being kind of predictable,but the act that makes everyone look at,the bad guys as good guys now is so,minor i know that social media can make,mountains out of mole hills unless of,course thats the commentary that,someone whos done an ocean ton of,horrible things everyone just brushes,them aside when they do or say one minor,okay thing and thats kind of an odd,thing to even take issue with,considering how often this movie,deliberately and cartoonishly distorts,practicality for the sake of humor i,mean the shark being a master of,disguise with just a bad mustache and,wig is hilarious its almost like this,movie is taunting people like cinemasins,to try and point out things that are,obviously supposed to be jokes we also,have a pretty cool female co-star that,im shocked hasnt been getting more,backlash for being overpowered but i,guess its because the people who,usually do that are still angry about,turning red existing although susie from,mrs maisel is the cop and i so badly,want to edit suzies lines over her that,was a big mistake kid big mistake,remember the face and to give some vegas,spoilery-ish thoughts about the ending,giving you a couple of seconds to bow,out now but it is another one of those,villains that we really like to point,out whenever they exist especially when,they are particularly overt however that,kind of villain does fit into this story,especially for how stark and exaggerated,it is so im definitely willing to let,certain things pass that i wouldnt let,pass in other movies but its also clear,that the actor is having a ton of fun,and they did make for a very,entertaining villain so that gives them,a couple of extra points and then the,very very end i really like how they,handled the whole bad guys consequences,thing that last decision will likely be,taken as an exceedingly good message,especially given some recent events and,especially given villain redemption,skepticism even if it is highly,unrealistic other than that i do admit,that the climax is very action heavy,which is perfectly fine for this film,but again i might have zoned out a,couple times action fatigue and all but,yep bad guys was an exceedingly funny,extremely pretty movie and for the first,time in a while i can confidently say,that im looking forward to what,dreamworks does next as long as its not,shrek 5. oh right the puss in boots,trailer that actually looks pretty fun,[Music],[Music],you

The Bad Guys… Isnt Bad! – REVIEW

whats this ls mark likes a movie has,the worlds gone topsy-turvy cats and,dogs are living together mass hysteria,yeah i dont believe it either but i,actually really really enjoyed the new,dreamworks movie the bad guys now im,gonna get some comments like wait a,second how did you watch this movie,already if it only came out today and,this is where i remind those people that,other countries do indeed exist and the,bad guys actually came out all the way,back at the start of april in the uk i,was just obviously very preoccupied with,the release of sonic the hedgehog 2 to,even care honestly i wasnt even,planning on checking this one out sure,the animation looked stellar but,again sonic 2. that was until i visited,birmingham last week and had to wait 7,hours to get into my airbnb so i ended,up watching it during that time,and then i immediately went to see it,again because i was so goddamn tired and,wanted to sleep but for a movie i had no,expectations for i thoroughly enjoyed,this film and heres why the bad guys is,based off a book series of the cm name,created by aaron blavey which is such a,cool name aaron bladdy though i have no,experience with this book series but,apparently studios have been interested,in making a movie based off it for a,while with dreamworks eventually landing,on the license now i havent been that,into dreamworks last couple outings like,trolls world tour or boss bb2 but it,seems like the director of bad guys,pierre perez i apologize was interested,in helping the company return to form,and make a film more akin to their more,popular franchises such as shrek or kung,fu panda except instead of making a,parody of fairy tales or kung fu movies,we have a heist parody and i got a set,for his directorial debut pierre knocked,it out of the park the bad guy stars a,wolf and his band of partners in crime,snake shark tarantula and piranha,theyre the most renowned thiefs in,their city however after a slip up,causes them to get caught and almost,arrested theyre given a deal that,claims that with the help of this,pompous guinea pig they can be resolved,of all their crimes if they show that,they can be good now id like to,reiterate that i really enjoyed this,movie but sadly ive gotta start with a,negative here with that being that this,movies biggest flaw is that the story,is very predictable the second i brought,up this plot i could immediately tell,where this was gonna go and what the,twists were gonna be and im fairly,certain that most of you could see it,coming too now im not gonna say what,the twists are here because i still want,you to experience the film for,yourselves but theres a certain thing,that wolf says in the first act of the,movie where hes listing a bunch of bad,guys and i immediately went ah okay,thats gonna come back which of course,it did now this raises the question of,whether or not a movie being predictable,makes it bad and while ill definitely,say that a better story where im always,in anticipation of whats going to,happen next would have been better but i,still dont necessarily think that a,generic story makes a movie bad at all,depending on how well its elevated,through the other aspects and thankfully,i believe that the bad guys has greatly,helped through its most strong aspect,the characters i will say there are a,couple members of the team that i felt,didnt leave as strong of an impression,as they could have such as shark,tarantula and piranha they didnt really,do a whole lot story-wise but still,enough to remind me that that do indeed,exist unfortunately for piranha this is,through farting at three different,points and that being his only plot,relevance but the film really shines,when the focus is on the two main,characters for wolf and snake the film,opens with this wonderful long uncut,shot that goes on for a couple minutes,which features wolf and snake talking,over breakfast before crossing the,street and robbing a bank and it,immediately had me hooked it really,reminded me of the opening from pulp,fiction i feel like when the movie,focuses on their relationship with each,other its amazing the struggle between,wolf realizing that he might want to,start being good but knows that doing,that risks him abandoning his friends,sure its been done countless times,before but its done too well for me to,really care i dont mind at all for sure,movies doing a frequently tread upon,story if they do a good job with it and,the bad guys does a very good job with,it a large hand in that is thanks to the,strong voice acting aquafina,withstanding i seriously dont know why,they let this lady star in so many films,she cannot act for the life of her but,the big star here is most definitely sam,rockwell as wolfe and the trailers it,kind of sounded like he had been phoning,it in but thankfully he sounded much,better in the actual movie in the more,emotional scenes he really sells the,inner turmoil youll see him feast,throughout the rest of the film helps,that a couple days before watching this,movie i had watched another sam rockwell,film for the first time moon which was,also great id highly recommend checking,that out even if it doesnt feature,wacky cartoon animals i know that might,be a turn off for some of you but if i,were to have one small critique with the,way the characters are and it really is,a minor one at that but its that around,halfway through when wolf is starting to,consider being good out of nowhere the,guinea pig is all like but it seems like,your friends are holding you back and i,think you need to abandon them and i,have literally no idea why hes doing,this other than for the sake of the,eventual conflict between them but him,wanting to be good would have already,set up that conflict just fine so i,dont see why we needed to set up this,too it doesnt even make sense when,considering the twist but ill leave it,at that again its a minor complaint and,if all it did was lead to more moments,of wolf and snake talking it out and,questioning each others friendships and,im all for it now i have given a lot of,priests to the writing of this film,specifically the characters but if i,were to say a part i definitely wasnt a,fan of it was the humor it was just wet,too in your face at times where the joke,was simply character screams or lol,pants or prana farting again and they,animate the green part plug going,everywhere and we have very,uncomfortable prolonged scenes of,characters and healing the fart speaking,of theres some stuff in this movie,thats like,yeah youre not so slick there theres,so much vore and farting and,this whole character basically if,theres one thing undoubtedly worth,praising this movie for its the art,style animation this is hands down one,of the prettiest most visually appealing,animation films i think ive ever seen,up there with spider-verse which we,really have to thank for showing studios,that these more ambitious looking films,can pay off greatly and not everything,needs to be a one-to-one real-life,simulator sure its impressive that i,can see all the little specks of dust,floating through the air but look at,this look,look at this little stress line that,means so much more to me the action,scenes in this movie are fantastic again,with the opening one being an obvious,highlight the movements are also snappy,which is complemented greatly by the,strong posing on the integration of,small bits of 2d animation does nothing,but enhance the experience especially,the streaks i add all over the screen to,make things seem more action-packed but,even then in a lot of the slower scenes,you can really tell how much effort went,into the character acting the way the,characters move is also distinct from,one another you can completely,understand their personality and how,they are by simply watching them move,and emote,there were only a couple character,designs i really wasnt a fan of and it,was mostly the background npc types it,wasnt too big of a deal since again,background character but theres this,cop lady who appe

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