1. BAERskin Tactical Hoodie 2.0 Gear Review | Is this the Toughest Hoodie Youll Ever Buy?
  2. BAERSkin Hoodie 2.0 Review is it legit?
  3. BAERSkin TACTICAL Hoodie – Is it worth the price?
  4. Baerskin Tactical Hoodie 2.0 – Updated Materials and Hood
  5. Baerskin tactical hoodie 2.0 quick review!!
  6. I Tried the Baerskin Hoodie 2.0 | Freaktography Baerskin Hoodie Review
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BAERskin Tactical Hoodie 2.0 Gear Review | Is this the Toughest Hoodie Youll Ever Buy?

today were looking at the bare skin,tactical hoodie 2.0 thats next,[Music],welcome to Backcountry Renegade Im Jeff,this channel is all about hiking,backpacking the outdoors and all the,gear in between and if youre into those,things too consider subscribing today we,are looking at the bare skin tactical,hoodie 2.0 now youve probably heard,about this hoodie before because youve,seen ads on YouTube or Instagram,advertising this as the last hoodie,youll ever need to buy this is a hoodie,that is versatile its warm its Burly,and its super comfortable as well but,lets check it out in a bit more detail,and see if it lives up to its claims the,Bearskin tactile hoodie is quickly,becoming a popular option for tactical,hoodies it has good style good fit good,comfort and good warmth this comes in a,variety of sizes and colors this one,here is in a mens small the original,price is listed at being 249 dollars but,is often found on sale including right,now for 99 this is is sold all over the,world and is made in China full,disclosure Bearskin did send me this,hoodie to review but all the thoughts,and opinions are my own so lets check,it out starting with the material this,is 330 GSM polar fleece thats actually,an upgrade from the previous version,that used 280 gram polar fleece now that,means this is going to be warmer its,also going to do a better job retaining,the heat Bearskin says its a 100,percent double naped and brushed polar,fleece that means its not going to pill,very easily its durable fleece and its,a thick fleece as well they also,advertise this as having insulation,design now this does not mean that it,has a built-in wind blocker like,Gore-Tex or anything like that but it,does mean that the design helps reduce,wind penetration significantly now what,is that well you actually have a wind,flat behind the zipper to reduce cold,drafts you also have elastic waist cord,to cinch the hems down so cold air,doesnt get in and then you also have,velcro sleeves to really cut it off but,because this is such a thick fleece its,drastically going to reduce a lot of the,wind penetration at that but it doesnt,totally do away with it from my,experience compared to other things that,have wind blocker technology such as,Gore-Tex I did notice that this fleece,does a sufficient job repelling rain but,its not waterproof to an extent at all,they do advertise this as being,weatherproof mainly for blocking that,wind and it can repel some light rain at,that they do not list this as having any,kind of dwr finish that would be,something a nice addition to add to this,jacket to make it even more weatherproof,at that now lets talk about the weight,of this jacket bare skin doesnt,advertise the way to this jacket on,their website and it would be a nice,thing to add on that but I did weigh,this and it is on the heavy side for,fleece jackets and that should come as,no surprise because it is a super thick,fleece at that now this hoodie on my,scale this is the mens small by the way,weighed 29 ounces so thats 1.82 pounds,which is relatively pretty heavy if,youre considering a fleece jacket but,its done at the purpose so you dont,have to wear numerous layers as well,which also add to weight if youre,considering all the different layers you,would need to get the equivalent heat of,this jacket lets talk about the pockets,one of the big things that this jacket,really stands out for is having a ton of,pockets tons of storage options the,first one you can see is the chest,pocket here this is a Napoleon type,pocket and you can really fit like a,phone in there its a pretty sufficient,pocket at that you also have two front,pockets down here that are zippered as,well you also have two more pockets on,the sleeves so as you see the sleeve you,can go ahead and open it and there is a,quite an abundant amount of room in,there for a sleeve pocket you also have,the same kind of design on the other,sleeve there as well also about the same,size so pretty neat at that now on the,back of this jacket you also have these,two back pockets which are pretty cool,theyre kind of angled as a v you can go,ahead and open them up and as you see,they connect so you can go ahead and,store things in here not only do they,have pockets all on the outside but they,have three more additional on the inside,so well go ahead and open this up and,as you can see you have a drop pocket on,the right side you have a drop pocket on,the left side and then you even have,another drop pocket right above that one,on the left side behind that Napoleon,pocket now these arent zippered Pockets,or anything like that you just drop,Pockets you can store glasses gloves,anything like that lets look at the,sleeves here in addition to those,Pockets that we talked about you also,have some velcro above them for morale,patches now I added my little morale,patch of this American flag here and it,matches the jacket really nicely its,kind of a like a black and gray flag now,looking a little bit further down the,sleeves what you see is these sleeves,are pretty wide theres sufficient,amount of room and stuff so if youre,going to put gloves on and then put the,sleeves over it you can do that and its,not going to be too bulky or anything,but you also have these cuffs here that,you can really lock down that air gap in,between your wrist really helping the,wind to not get through that jacket as,well now lets check out the zippers,here because you do have an abundant,amount of pockets you do have quite a,bit of zippers the zippers they do feel,smooth and quality but they are not YKK,zippers nevertheless these are called,nylon Zips and theyre relatively light,but they do a sufficient job Ive had no,issues with them so far so you do have,two zippers on there and Ill show you,the reason for that here but go ahead,and put that in there and then you can,zip up your jacket all the way to the,top and when you do you do have this,kind of zipper cuff at the top here so,when its all the way fold up and and,your Chins right here youre not going,to be scraping it on a zipper or,anything like that its going to be nice,smooth and flush and comfortable for you,as well but lets just say youre using,this for climbing and youre wearing it,a harness or something well you have,this double zipper here to where you,dont have to take off your jacket you,can go ahead and just open that zipper,and what thats going to do is now allow,you to have access to your harness and,everything behind the zipper you do have,this storm flap this is uh to help stop,wind from penetrating through the zipper,so thats going to do a good job of,keeping your chest areas nice and warm,looking at the hood its a bit larger,than normal hoodies that I would say you,do have this little additional Hood flap,at the top that goes over a hat nicely,as well that makes it a little bit more,aerodynamic so if you get some wind that,comes through its not going to blow,your hood off one of the additional,features that they did add to the hood,was they did add these adjustable,elastic cordage here it makes it nice,and and easy to adjust your hood to,tighten it all the way down or to just,make it a bit smaller as well when you,do tighten it all the way down it does,cinch up a little bit and creates a,little bit of bulk on the sides but,something just to keep in mind with that,one of the things that they also list is,a thermal collar now the collar here is,extra thick material right here and that,allows it to be used in a whole lot more,varied conditions colder conditions,especially but its meant to actually,block a whole lot more wind as well so a,little bit thicker material right here,in the collar you can definitely feel it,and you can even see it there reinforced,there from the back there another cool,feature that we see with this jacket is,you have dual hem cinch cords here this,is really nice because you can tighten,up the Hem of your jacket to prevent any,cold wind drafts from coming in and it,helps you get a really nice f

BAERSkin Hoodie 2.0 Review is it legit?

Baskin says this is the last tactical,hoodie youll ever need to buy Six,external Pockets three on the inside,elastic waistband and insulation Lets,Get Taxi,you know everybody loves a hoodie,but theyre not really that functional,you look like a bit of a slob when,youre wearing one so I was looking for,something a bit more useful and Tactical,thats when I found this guy I must say,Bearskin did a great job with this,jacket and I was really happy when I,bought it it replaced so many of my,other jackets whether I was going out to,the mall or out to the woods this is my,go-to,when I heard they brought out a 2.0,I had a habit lets take a look,so lets just talk about why I love this,one this polar fleece is lovely it had,all the extremely useful zippers,everywhere storage hoodie and so warm,but theyve made a couple of,improvements,lets take a look,[Applause],I can definitely see an overall,Improvement in the quality oh look at,that from actually embarrassing logo,over here weve got these really nice,textured toggles on them,nice,all right apparently they went up from a,a 280 GSM to a 330 GSM and you can,definitely feel that weight and,quality on it all right lets lets put,this on,yeah Im noticing this little,Improvement that theyve made here they,call it a storm flap its a definitely,nicely reinforced you can see that its,gonna its gonna wear well just like the,previous bare skin we got the six,pockets on the outside theyve even,extended the back here a little bit,extra coverage thats great theyve also,included three pockets on the inside to,keep your sunglasses in here maybe,youre eating,great you can really get the scene of,fit perfectly no matter your size its,almost like its customizable in a way,theyve made some really great,functional changes to this so previously,we spoke about these guys right here,instead of the thumb holes weve got,these velcro straps now much more,adjustable plus you really keep the wind,out here theyve also included these,toggles on the waist so you can get a,nice and snug around here then,even on that hoodie,this is amazing I can imagine this on a,cold wintry day its been blowy outside,and you just want to keep that off your,ears,wow really customizable Im well,impressed about the previous one for,about 70 this one for 99. the,improvements that theyve made not only,in the weight and the quality the,zippers the wind solution,Im hard-pressed I must say to find,anything wrong with this but if theres,a small Improvement that Id like to see,on 3.0 its not 100 waterproof and its,definitely going to protect you from,most of the elements so to wrap this up,Id say you need to go to,bearskinfutty.com I got four colors for,you to choose from weve got a tiered,pricing structure sixty percent off,free delivery its there to think about,you might have to get me a few more,Im gonna give this uh 4.5 out of 5,screaming egos,Corys reviews out

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BAERSkin TACTICAL Hoodie – Is it worth the price?

why am i reviewing a hoodie well its a,tactical hoodie at least thats what the,bearskin website says stay with me,welcome to writers range first thing i,want to do is make it real clear that,this is not a paid promotion its not a,product placement or anything like that,i paid,a regular price uh discounted right now,well get to that in a minute,on the manufacturers website for this,hoodie they dont even know that ive,got it,certainly not for this kind of review so,again why am i reviewing a tactical,hoodie well tactical must have something,to do with firearms right um okay,you guys have seen enough of my channel,to know that i am not a tactical guy uh,i dont have a beard i dont have tattoo,sleeves i was never on the swat team uh,the seabees were a construction unit in,vietnam not a,a tactical warfare unit i dont wear,body armor i dont wear a chest rig,im not a tactical guy,but yet um this tactical hoodie for some,reason got my attention when i saw the,original advertisement for it now the ad,had this at sixty percent off so okay,that sounds like a pretty good deal it,was still 69.95 with the 60 off were,going to cover that again here in just a,minute too anyway it looked attractive,enough so that i dug into it a little,bit i looked at the manufacturers,website and everything i saw looked,attractive it looked like it had some of,the stuff that i want for either a fall,spring outer layer or just a a layer for,winter use so it took a couple of weeks,to get this hoodie but it arrived in,good condition and,initially i liked what i saw there are,some caveats however but very first,thing i want to get to the things that i,do like about this hoodie now it is a,100 polyester medium weight all of the,website builds it has polar fleece mixed,with polyester fibers im not sure if,that makes a whole difference or not but,the tag does say that it is 100,polyester,and that should work pretty well for,again for a layered look or even,outerwear in,in transition type weather supposed to,be windproof and even water repellent so,again it looked attractive and it looks,like from the website it comes all of it,i didnt find where it specifically said,but the pictures on the website look,like it come in four different colors,charcoal black there is a little bit of,difference between those two green and,tan now since its tactical the green,has to be od green and the tan really,should be called flat dark earth i mean,after all its tactical right the the,sizing was accurate it fits nicely its,not too bulky it fits over a another,fleece vest again for layering if its,under a heavier winter jacket,and again sizing was relatively accurate,i kind of vary between a large and extra,large depending and im glad i went with,just a large uh i certainly would not,have wanted to go with an extra large,for this so,sizes do run relatively true now i like,the fact that the sleeves arent,elasticized i like that they are long,enough to basically cover my hands,they do have thumb holes im not a,a thumb hole guy,and,but it does help keep the sleeves down,over the wrist if you need it of course,certainly a problem this is one of the,drawbacks the,thumb hole really if im trying to hold,the the sleeve with the thumb hole,really messes up my grip so i certainly,wouldnt want to handle a firearm by the,way this case you cant tell this is not,a real gun this is a strictly a training,plastic gun,thats for the youtube manual reviewers,of course so i really wouldnt uh use,the thumb holes but again theyre handy,for keeping the sleeves down if you,really need to work it that way,plenty of zippers um and well talk,about one caveat on the the zipper here,in a minute but plenty of zippered,pockets and the the zippers certainly on,the,uh lower pockets,work so that i can unzip with a uh,with a glove if i need to so it has a,variety of mostly useful pockets that,has the zipper on the front goes all the,way up better than some hoodies and it,does keep my neck protected i certainly,like that,and it does have an elasticized,drawstring down here in the waist and,its uh,actually the the catch on each side is,fairly well captured so you dont lose,that you dont have a lot hanging down,again another relatively nice feature,and i do like the the velcro patches on,it because i do like wearing a flag on,at least one sleeve,and uh again thats what makes it,tactical right being able to wear a flag,on the sleeve of course and for the,69.95 i paid that of course that,includes shipping and handling so that,was my total out the door price 69.95 i,okay its pretty much comparable with,some other,mid-weight outerwear that ive purchased,in the past so i really cant complain,about this because 69.95,now there are some some knits,nits and gripes about this particular,hoodie and when we get to the end it,comes to the question would i buy it,again first thing theres no labeling on,the brand i cant really see it im not,going to take it off to show it but the,tag in the back simply says,the size in,united states european and a third type,in there uh theres no branding on it in,any way shape or form they ought at,least have their name in there one would,think and the uh the care tag,on it,just,see if i can get a wrap around that fur,there it is it has the washing,instructions and heres where it says,made in china,if i had known that it was,made in china would i have bought it im,im not quite so sure,i couldnt find anything on the,manufacturers website that said that it,was made in china so,i took a chance on it here it is of,course what these days is not made in,china but im trying to buy american as,much as i can now the this hoodie does,not uh look just like the one thats on,the bearskin website the the pockets are,different on that one and uh i got a,little concerned did i really get the,real thing uh so i looked at the,packaging and everything that came with,it and yeah its from bearskin so uh,their website has a chat feature on it i,got on there actually got a response,from uh from somebody on the chat and i,said it doesnt look like the the one,that uh,that i got matches the website and they,said well theyve changed it well youd,think theyd also change the pictures on,their website although i maybe it cost,too much to to redo the website at that,point,now i wore this the other day i had to,go out and plow snow so sitting on the,tractor for uh an hour so while im,plowing the driveway in the road um with,the hood up,and of course uh zipped up i had had,this layered under my carhartt jacket,and,unfortunately theres no way to tighten,down,this hood so,uh when i was having my back to the wind,no big deal when i was facing into the,wind,then this thing is just catching all of,it and uh i had to go back inside and,get something at least to cover my ears,if i could have cinched it down i would,have been fine but nope its acting,almost like a sail so um it does have a,nice,kind of a brim on the hood that,good coverage just,no way to cinch the thing down,and as im pulling the zipper down that,brings up,another interesting point,this zipper is backwards,im a right-handed guy,almost in fact all of my jackets the,zipper pull is on the right so when i,put it together,i have a certain way im used to doing,it without looking i noticed that on my,wifes clothing uh anything shes got,with a zipper the zipper pull is on the,left um on the other hand this thing is,made in europe maybe thats how they do,it over there i dont know but its,backwards for me and just,not a deal breaker but certainly a knit,because im not used to it that way,now it has pockets on the sleeves and,these pockets are relatively useful i,can slip my phone into a sleeve pocket,if i want that works out okay but heres,another knit about the the pockets,i like the fact it has a chest pocket on,it but,the pocket if its on the left side is,oriented for a right-handed person,problem is,two things actually,one the the pocket,goes to the right of the zipper not the,left so it really is not con

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Baerskin Tactical Hoodie 2.0 – Updated Materials and Hood

chansul with,ingearmit.com one of our favorite places,in the mountains of Colorado right now,we are testing out the bare skin,tactical hoodie from True swap,this is a fleece jacket thats full of,pockets and updates from the previous,version I know a lot of people on the,internet have been requesting these,features so really excited to share with,you first these updates so lets get,into it,[Music],first and foremost lets talk about,sizing I am six foot one 210 pounds 45,inch chest 33 inch waist 36 37 on the,arms this is a mens extra large it is a,good fit especially in my chest and,upper back thats something I have a,little bit of a trouble with with a lot,of jackets are meant for really trim,people and Im more of an athletic build,so its nice to have that accommodation,the gut has a little more room which is,totally fine you can adjust the Hem,right there to seal that up and then,then youre good youre keeping that,warmth in it is a 320 weight fleece,thats substantial fleece,so thats going to give you a lot of,warmth its very very comfortable not,only myself but Dan Jimenez and Ryan,Humphreys fellow and gamert Riders also,vets were actually very curious about,this before I even was even aware,theres a company they had seen this in,their Instagram or Facebook feed and,they were really curious about it,because you can put the morale patches,on it has that tactical background and,look to it and then both being vets and,very active were curious about it,serendipitously stars aligned and they,send us over three so well have three,different reviews for you on this new,version,one of the big updates on this is the,upgraded fleece to 320 which is I uh I,jokingly called it a tactical Snuggie,because its really really comfortable,and how I used it was uh here camping in,the fall here in Colorado uh last night,got down to about 20 degrees Fahrenheit,and I had just just this then on over a,150 weight wool shirt and I was good to,go in fact I slept in it in a rooftop,tent with just one 20 degree quilt and I,was good to go you should have a 20,degree quilt with additional quilt just,to keep me warm but nope this tactical,Snuggie as I called it was very very,cozy,another big update this one I think is,really important is the hood is now,adjustable Ive gone through previous,reviews and people love the jacket but,didnt like the hood so they listened,and now you can adjust the hood which is,nice its still a very sizable hood fits,over my hat no problem its got this,additional flaps right there not too,sure if youre a fan of it or not Ive,never actually seen that in other gear,before nine Pockets nine nine Pockets so,we got two hand Pockets right here,zippered of course one Napoleon pocket,right there next to the microphone,two arm Pockets sizable at that,and youll notice morale patch areas,right there so were going to actually,have some made for our vet-based gym,existence Athletics as well,on the inside oh first I should note,double zippers one two so that makes a,lot of people happy right there,and European style zipper is on the,other side,on the inside,drop pockets,one drop pocket,two drop pocket,three drop pocket yeah as a third drop,pocket behind on putting Napoleon pocket,so,plenty of ways to keep gear organized,good neck coverage like I mentioned,double zipper,the my observation on sizing is pretty,spot on the only thing Im not a fan of,is this extra girth in the forearms,however as my colleague Ryan Humphreys,point out Id rather have extra girth,here than have it be that super trim,Alpine fit that we often come across,with a lot of mountain based brands that,seem to be geared towards really skinny,people which is fantastic I know a lot,of climbers are very svelte Runners and,such,us with our fitness background and,liking to pick things up theyre heavy,and put them back down have a little bit,more sizable girth in our forearm which,allows us to do our activities with more,ease theres also many studies that show,that grip strength correlates to quality,of life and length of life,something to look into,long story longer better to err on,baggier than trimmer so my my,observation complaints is about nil,you do also have hook and loop,adjustment right there to accommodate,that so here it is its a 320 weight,fleece jacket its got that tactical,look with like nine Pockets very,comfortable uh its tactical right they,have any word I call it the Tactical,Snuggie because its so flip and,comfortable and I enjoy it for for what,Ive been using it for base camp a,little bit of hiking I wouldnt want to,go ski touring and so it would get warm,really really fast which is I think most,of demographics are shooting for warmth,Comfort at a static position,so if youre looking to keep warm fuzzy,and you like that aesthetic of the,Tactical look this might be on your,radar if so its a very fair price I,think MSRP before discounts like 220 240,but its on sale as of this review and,Ill put a link to that below for 99 for,99 thats its a good deal thats a good,deal hopefully youve seen it on a,person is helpful to get you an idea on,the sizing and the aesthetic and all the,functions of the new updated version,update material updated Hood good job,with that Im Sean Sewell owner and,director of stoke court engagement.com,and until next time,take care,[Music]

Baerskin tactical hoodie 2.0 quick review!!

hey how you doing welcome to my channel,this is Chris with money spent reviews,where I review things that I spend my,heart earn money on to help you purchase,certain items so lets get straight to,the point today Im reviewing a new,product just came in the mail Ive been,waiting on it,um its the bare skin tactical hoodie,2.0 version,um getting ready to unbag it and take a,look at it and give you a quick,description of what it is and how it,looks on me so its other videos with,this same product but Im just going to,get straight to it and try it on and,tell you I like it and how it feels so I,came today,from bare skin Tactical,so,lets do unbagging and try on and see,how she feel,picking it up,it already has a nice weight to it,took a while to come I think it took,about a month yeah about about a month,to come I ordered it uh the beginning of,the month and its the last of them well,the same time of the next month so,ordered on the 7th tomorrow will be the,seventh so theres a save a month so,right now its about,I say about 40 degrees in my garage so,um,of course it cuddles with tags and all,that stuff,Im not going to do the made in China,and all that stuff wherever its made,but um,bare skin tactical so,oh right,I went with the gray I also bought the,black but I figured Id do the gray so,you can see it on the camera a little,better it shows up a little better,so,lets put her on,see how she does how she looks,I can tell already that its got a nice,weight to it its nice and thick I went,with a large so the way its fitting on,me I recommend you go with a large pull,it from your chest if you are I am five,nine weigh about 185 so,um a large fits me great if youre,planning on wearing something underneath,this I would go with an extra large but,the way it fits you can get a hoodie up,under this as well so lets zip it up,they keep advertising this bad boy so I,asked a couple of friends and they said,they had one as well I was like oh well,let me try one too so I decided to get,two so lets zip it up see how she fits,this is a large you got your velcro,straps,I heard it was a different type of thing,going on with the wrists on the velcro,straps from the previous model but you,got your placket here got a pocket here,pocket hearing a chest we got the,pass-through pockets,and,you have your inside pockets as well,they have one on this side down here one,over here and I believe one up here yes,so you have three inner pockets,and four outside Pockets because you,have to pass through pockets and you can,use them wherever you want water,whatever you already know so lets zip,it up again that way you can see,one last time it does have double,zippers on it,zippers pretty smooth its not a YKK,but real nice smooth zipper,and you got your bottom zipper as well,the split so bare skin tactical logo,here on your hip here you got your,drawstrings on the side with your,Stoppers,so fits nice,put the hood on I like the way it has,the bib on the front,give you a nice cover from the wind they,say its windproof so were going to,test that its brand new today so I like,it so I cant say anything bad about it,they say its the last hoodie you will,buy but I have a lot of hoodies and I,like them all and this is another one,Im adding to my collection that I like,and I think Im gonna love it as well,large fist very nice so thanks to bare,skin Tactical for sending me my hoodie,Im sorry if I wasnt patient enough but,I was really really waiting for this,hoodie and I wanted it so,um the black one is nice all the rest of,the colors are nice as well,um just wanted to give you my Brief,Review slash opening unboxing but no box,so lets open the bag and the plastic,bag so bear tactical they also on their,website have a 60 off of these hoodies,right now so we recommend you check out,their website bare skin tactical and you,got your pamphlets and your 20 off and,you also have your QR code so,and thanks for watching money spent,reviews,um Chris and Ill see you on the next,one

I Tried the Baerskin Hoodie 2.0 | Freaktography Baerskin Hoodie Review

foreign,hardcore hiking and but before I go I do,want to show you guys what Im going to,wear and uh tell you a little bit about,this really awesome booty that I got,this here is called the Bearskin hoodie,bear skin hoodie 2.0 its a very,comfortable fleece hoodie its got,a hood,I dont know how many pockets its got,lets count the pockets right now one,two three four five,six,got one on the back,and you got,one,two,two pockets inside,three so six seven Eights got nine,pockets in total pretty lightweight,super comfortable I actually wrap this,around my pillow last night made for a,really comfortable sleep I have one of,those camping pillows that you,self-inflate but theyre not very,comfortable so I actually wrap this,around the pillow its made for a really,comfortable sleep so anyways Im gonna,put this hoodie on and I show you guys,how much stuff Im gonna pack into this,hoodie for my trip so its got,Velcro on the wrists,a little bit big I wouldnt mind if it,was maybe like an elastic instead of the,velcro,thats just my personal preference,though anyways this is a size medium,Im usually a large but the medium fits,me perfect,so you do it up and as you can see it,fits really good right okay so now Im,going to show you guys what Ive got to,bring today to put in my pockets a bag,of nuts,I got a map,Ive got a knife I have my beard comb so,I can look good for you guys a,multi-tool Ive got a bar and Ive got,Kleenex hand sanitizer Ive got my,gloves and Ive also got my cell phone,so Id say for easy access if I want to,eat something Im going to put my bag of,nuts in my pocket right here hand,sanitizer and Kleenex,in the left side pocket,Im going to eat my bar a little bit,later on,Ill put this in the inside pocket,so I think Ill use this one right here,this is cool this is my map that Ill,need for the day,I will put it,um Ill put my beard comb in here,put my gloves in my pocket,and then my cell phone will go on one of,the inside Pockets so now my hands are,free,comfortable its got all kinds of stuff,in here,a couple other things about this hoodie,Ill show you guys first of all its got,a spot on each arm for a patch you put a,patch on this arm I put a Canadian flag,on this arm and then this one you got,another one I put a skull super cool the,skull actually came with the Canadian,flag got these on Amazon pretty cool,uh the hood,super good here so I got back up so you,can see it so the hood covers your whole,head its got a little bit of a visor on,it and then its got your uh,its got these so that you can you can,zip it up so if youre cold you can,bundle up with your face get your face,all nice and warm,and then you close it all the way up you,just pull in here,pull in here and now youre nice and,safe and youre safe from the from the,elements from the wind and your face is,nice and warm its also got those uh,pull pull pulse highs here on the bottom,so if you want to keep your body heat in,you can,just pull that in nice and tight and,thatll contain your body heat inside,the hoodie instead of being released at,the bottom of the hoodie so you have a,nice tight fit keep your warmth inside,and then youll be nice and warm and,cozy this thing is so comfortable guys,so anyways bare skin hoodie 2.0 is going,to be a link in the video description,down below for you guys get one of these,and uh anyways lets go click the link,in the video description to get your,very own bare skin hoodie 2.0 and use,the code 10 Dave to get 10 off your,hoodie,thank you,[Music]

BAERSkin Tactical Hoodie 2.0 – Whats new for this version!

foreign,[Music],[Music],nobody else,[Music],[Music],[Music],hello everybody and welcome back to,Wilderness Adventures UK now if youre,new to the Channel please do leave me a,thumbs up maybe a comment below what you,thought of the content and uh yeah maybe,that subscribe that subscribe really,helps so a lot of youll be asking what,were doing here today and uh yeah were,here to talk about clothing clothing is,quite an essential part of the,Outdoorsmans life so at hoodies and,fleeces and things of that nature I,imagine like me you lot have an awful,lot of them I bought a few in me,rucksack today just to show you a few,different varieties that you can get so,as you can see I bought four with me,today plus the one Im wearing five,theyre range this is a fleece its got,no hood on so its technically not a,hoodie its a fleece,then this ones slightly thicker made by,a company called Ridgeline again,no hood but it has got two chest pockets,and then weve got the classic Adidas or,Adidas depending on how you pronounce it,with the one kangaroo pouch on the front,and this is a hoodie this is what I,would class as a hoodie and finally this,is off a friend of mine who makes some,night vision here in the UK,and this is the kangaroo pouch again,its quite old this one Ive been using,it for all sorts of stuff but yeah this,is what I would class as a traditional,hoodie so were not here to educate,people on what a hoodie and what a,fleece is what were here to discuss,today is what Im wearing so this is the,bare skin tactical hoodie 2.0 version,now Bearskin were kind enough to send me,this out for a review and just to give,you my thoughts on it so if like me,youre on various different types of,social media you will have seen adverts,for the Bearskin hoodies coming up all,over the place theyre on Tick Tock,theyre on Instagram theyre on Facebook,theyre everywhere and theyre promoting,this hoodie at the moment which is why,were going to be showing it to you,today,okay lets start by saying its got six,external Pockets which are all zippable,pockets its got two hand Pockets down,where hand Pockets usually would be just,here,its got a chest pocket just here,keeping your mobile phone and whatnot,its got a pocket on each but I think,thats your forearm or your elbow its,got one on each side,and its got a pocket let me just,quickly do a spin for you its got a,pocket that runs right the way along the,base of your back this was known back in,the day as a Smugglers pouch but you,could keep your your water bottle or,something a bit larger in there that you,dont need to bulk up your front right,and then well move on to the internal,Pockets because not only has it got six,on the outside its got another three on,the inside,unfortunately these are not zipped so,you know be careful what you put in,these but its got a pocket just on the,inside,of this hand pocket and the same on the,other side and just above the left hand,pocket its got a smaller I suppose a,foam pocket that would be ideal for your,phone and theyre all lined theyre all,lined with a more of a velvety material,so weve just had it open to show you,the pockets so only logically should we,move on to the zip the zip is a two-way,zip,fits in just like that unzips up but if,you a man like me and you need to go to,the toilet or you need quick access or,you just need some air you can unzip it,from the bottom as well,which is a very very nice feature to be,fair so also a great addition to this,hoodie is uh the the adjustable elastic,waist so basically it comes with little,toggles like that you press the inside,pull a bit out and you can tighten it up,to give you further protection,from the elements its got one on each,side for your waist,and if I bring you up here its also got,them on the hood so you can cinch the,hood right down so if its blowing a,gale and you need to keep your ears warm,you can cinch it right down to keep,yourself warm but also on the hood,youll notice theres a bit of a flap so,if I wasnt wearing a cap,it would keep the water out of my eyes,and to be fair its a 330 GSM fleece so,its quite a thick fleece Im not sure,its going to keep you dry in the,elements if its absolutely bombing it,down you are going to get wet but if you,put a raincoat over this I imagine,youre going to be substantially warm,and warm enough unless youre in the,Antarctic or somewhere crazy where you,shouldnt be now I havent got the first,version of this as I mentioned in the,intro this is the 2.0 version so this is,the second iteration of this hoodie now,what bare skin will kind enough to do is,they sent me an infographic comparing,the two and talking about the new,additions to the 2.0 no doubts Im going,to forget stuff like the velcro straps,so you can adjust the sleeves and the,storm flap on the inside of the zip to,filter out some of that wind wind all,Ill do is Ill put this on the screen,so you can see right now,so Ive just taken the hoodie off just,so we can get some b-roll and I can,actually feel the cold so much more its,a bit windy today a bit blustery out,here and uh yeah definitely it does,filter out a bit of that wind and a bit,of that chilly air which you would,imagine it would do 330 GSM as I,mentioned,um fleece material which is great,now I took it off just so I could talk a,little bit about sizing,um,five foot eight I mean do the,calculations in Google Translate I dont,know what that is in meters,and I weigh about 70 kilograms so Im,not a big guy so I went for a medium one,now I purposely went for a medium one,because sometimes you do need a few more,layers I mean obviously I live in the UK,we have quite harsh Winters usually,January February down below zero,and uh yeah I do Camp so so I wanted,something that is actually going to keep,me warm this hoodie has got plenty of,room in for a man of my size being a,medium hoodie ideally if I wanted,something a little bit tighter a little,bit shorter I would have gone for the,small,um but touching on that they dont make,an extra small so Im going to reach out,to Bearskin and say you need to make an,extra small,um either for smaller stature women men,or even you know your children make,childrens sizes because its such a,fantastic product,so there are a couple of instructions on,how to wash it do not dry clean etc etc,and lets touch on price just egg quick,so at time of filming this video which,is October 2022 this thing is just shy,of 80 UK pounds 79.95 I think I checked,the website this morning is it worth it,Im not going to say yes or no Im going,to leave that for you guys to decide,after youve watched this video

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