1. is Bang energy drink good for you? NOPE! 4 Reasons Why! (Brutally Honest Review)
  2. We Drink Every Flavor Of BANG Energy for the First Time – RANKED!
  3. Energy Drink Haul! How to Choose a Healthy Energy Drink at the Grocery Store
  4. The END Of Bang Energy
  5. Monster Reign Energy Drink VS Bang Energy Drink; Monster Reign Product Review
  6. Are Bang Energy Drinks Healthy? | Bang Energy Drink Review Video
  7. BANG vs GHOST – Energy Drink Comparison – Which Energy Drink is Better?

is Bang energy drink good for you? NOPE! 4 Reasons Why! (Brutally Honest Review)

is bang energy drink good for you no,heres four reasons why a brutally,honest review,everyones raving about how great it,takes for having zero sugar and zero,calories and the pick-me-up it produces,and this makes me concerned because only,a handful of people are talking about,whats actually in it not real sure what,all that means random label we see it,featuring creatine which is extremely,rare for an energy drink and not just,plain old creatine mono its super,creatine that by some kind of science,sorcery was bound to El leucine a BCAA,which accompanies the other two,isoleucine and valine which essentially,takes this from an energy drink to a,body fuel it also has CoQ10 which is,known to be good for the heart as well,as the caffeine and some vitamins sure,to give you a nice energy boost however,the biggest concern is the sodium,benzoate preserves freshness what it,does is it makes the food more acidic to,prevent mold from growing as well as to,enhance the flavor and just FYI an,acidic state is the opposite of the,healthy alkaline State sodium benzoate,is known for many side effects and,uncommon cases you can bother existing,stomach ulcers and cause mellow,hyperventilation but most importantly,this unnatural substance was found to,significantly increase damage to DNA,which triggers some mutation and cancer,if paired up with ascorbic acid or,vitamin C and hey what do you know,ascorbic acid and full Glory now someone,might argue that the FDA approved this,preservative so it cant be that bad but,the truth is they only set its okay to,consume small amounts and have you,thought of other sources that you might,be getting this preservative because if,you dont notice this stuff in an energy,drink chances are youre consuming,plenty of it from other sources as well,such as salad dressing syrups juices,pickles sodas and other beverages Meats,the list goes on to be brutally honest,FDA is a joke the nice stuff that shows,promising potential like brass Tam and,allow stuff that is potentially harmful,and dangerous although its not always,the case they sure seem to [ __ ] up a lot,in their judgment now back to bang issue,number two is the artificial sweeteners,no sugar in it I dont know sure it,tastes good but its sweetened with,sucralose and a sea salt theme from,personal experience when I used to,consume drinks sweetened with these two,I had a noticeable decline in my,thinking ability but aside from my,anecdotal experience heres what we can,find on Google for side effects,[Music],definitely something you dont want,especially considering that there are,healthier Alternatives available like,Stevia monk fruit even Xylitol good not,great issue number three is calcium,disodium EDTA another preservative with,more side effects EDTA is a chemical,that is added to certain foods and,beverages to help them keep their color,and flavor one of the most serious side,effects of EDTA is kidney damage and,kidney failure supplement makers claim,that over-the-counter forms of EDTA can,be taken by mouth to detox the body and,make your gastrointestinal tract,healthier however theres no scientific,evidence to support this the FDA says,EDTA is considered safe but with so many,side effects the fdas Judgment seems,that much more unreliable Issue Number,Four they dont disclose the source of,BCAAs so for all we know it could be and,most likely derived from duck feathers,or better yet human hair,now I love energy drinks and Im quite,the caffeine junkie but do you want to,deal with these mentioned side effects I,dont thats why I cant just sit here,and remain silent youve been warned I I,know this video wont go viral but I,would feel better if a few of you heard,me who knows in the long run may even,save someones life I feel like I have,to at least speak up and bring this to,your attention so you can make a fair,judgment and maybe think twice about,buying this stuff if enough of us stay,away from buying bangs for a while maybe,the company or considers and use safer,ingredients so I too can enjoy the sweet,nectar because theyre healthier less,dangerous and more potent Alternatives,that Ill be making a video about in the,future if you want to hear more brutally,honest reviews that subscribable button,because theres much more I want to talk,about until then stay safe Stay True,Brew tally TV,foreign,[Music],[Music]

We Drink Every Flavor Of BANG Energy for the First Time – RANKED!

thats the last spot oh my gosh,how is that so bad,[Music],well here we are austin three weeks into,the new year it was a pretty pretty,banging year last year wasnt it no you,dont think so no you know you dont,think things you know werent rocked and,they were banging no not last year,bang into 2022. i mean i banged into,2022. youre just banging around and im,not banging yet oh you want to get,banging i want to get banged were going,to get banging bang,well today weve got 26 flavors a bang,at least we have this handy dandy chart,to keep track of our banging and booty,flavors if you havent figured it out,booty isnt good or but its not banging,booty thats not bad maybe we mix the,best with the worst make it a good one,that could be the best of the best,i want to find out lets do this lets,do it round one,now if you cant tell these are going to,be blind taste tests were not going to,know,the flavor until its revealed to us but,were going to rank them beforehand,not bad i mean even though its clear,i feel like that is a very,strawberry-esque flavor oh yeah like a,strawberry shortcake i could see that,like a little little,vanilla e in there thats what im going,its pretty good its pretty banging all,right this one is,oh i was right delish strawberry quiche,okay do we want to go its the one to,beat or we just stick it snap dab in the,middle i think middle middle and then,well just go okay we got 20 cents its,now thats gonna be a lot of moving,were gonna get so lost by like 10 in,were gonna be like crap what do the,other ones taste like,round two,this ones got a little bit of a tint i,think so tiny kind of looks like uh like,an icy yeah like a,cloudy wine,this ones tasty key lime pie no way,this one almost has like a skittles vibe,oh it does kind of this ones really,good i dont know how to describe it,its a mystery flavor but its delicious,its definitely higher than strawberry i,like it a lot way higher than strawberry,black cherry vanilla wow,the devil did he find that that ones,hard to come by so okay were better,so heres the thing i like the,strawberry one but i will say some of,these energy drinks if theyre too sweet,tasting im not a huge fan i get that,because i cant drink a whole can of it,i get that just too much round three ooh,this one smells good,cheers fool,[Music],its not great its the after thats a,weird aftertaste its like a licked a,fence post like a dirty vinyly fence yes,you know what im saying it leaves your,tongue feeling dry what are you that is,weird youre not great so im curious do,you guys have a favorite flavor of bang,yes i think pear guava which i could see,this being a pair of guava because its,kind of got that dryness of the pear i,feel like the paraguava tastes better,than this i hope so this is definitely,not my favorite one yeah its not what,is your fruit yes blue yes,blue raspberry blue razz is my favorite,one what do we have i knew it rainbow,unicorn that is different than i,remember i remember not liking it i,remember the very first time i saw this,and it was a guy at the gym,super beefed out and hes drinking a,rainbow unicorn and im like that is a,power place soon,yeah,[Laughter],well cam weve been banging here but i,got a question yes sir have you been,banging,on your helix sleep mattress oh dude dad,i bang on that mattress all day long i,can bang off the shoes i can bang under,the sheets ill bang all over that thing,yeah me too that helix sleep mattress is,the best place to bang,well this episode is brought to you by,helix and uh lets just show you a,little taste of what they do well show,you what theyre all about so you can,have a bang on a healing sleep mattress,too,great for banging,[Music],ah yes the best place for a bang,[Music],helix sleep is a premium mattress and,bedding company,customized fit your needs and,conveniently shipped to your door for,free everyones different and helix,knows that so they made this sweet quiz,to match your sleep preferences and your,body type with just the right mattress,for me being a side sleeper and a big,boy they matched me up with that helix,plus and its fantastic it comes rolled,up in a box and its super easy to set,[Music],up wow,way cool i want to do it again,[Music],so cam how long have you been banging on,your mattress oh its been a few months,few months a few months of premium bacon,my premium bangings been going on a,year and a half now and its fantastic,say what you like most about the,mattress i like banging,i mean since austin took my answer i,love the support it gives keeps these,hips in line keeps his back feeling,great hey we get it buying things online,can leave you a little bit nervous so,helix has a 100 night sleep trial if you,dont love it theyll pick it up for,free and give you a full refund boom,helix mattresses come with a 10-year,warranty they have financing options and,flexible payment plans,and if youd like to give it a try you,can go over to helixsleep.com,tribe get up 200 off your mattress and,two free pillows,you guys know were talking about,drinking bang right yeah thats all what,else we talk about,nothing well huge thanks to helix for,sponsoring this episode truly a banging,mattress you gotta check them out on to,round four,i dont even know why im smelling them,some of them have real fun smells this,tastes just like something we already,had,and were four deep,they all have the same baseline flavor,is it froze rosette,man they all taste like smarties,i mean if im being honest i feel like,it could go here probably thats really,good,wow its kind of like a weird grape i,dont like that go put a red in there,all right lets get right in there im,happy we can agree yeah round five,all right i know that smell smells like,apples this is already getting to me,dude i know which one this is,its the apple one its in like a green,and like a like a reddish can yeah that,is definitely apple scented,yeah,all right apple crisp candy apple crisp,all right where are we going with this i,mean i like him more than that one how,do you feel about it more than the i,dont know man i like that purple haze i,just had a little bit of an aftertaste,for me really yeah all right deal all,righty,round,six,give it a nice sniff any more of these,ill be begging your mom dad,what on earth is that flavor it happens,so fast i cant pinpoint it now kind of,like a lime yeah lime and some sort of,like little killer pie kilo pie,and it,goes here okay yeah yeah thats fine all,right round,seven,what are you gonna say with me dont be,slurring your words yet were not that,deep,that smells like,perfume thats the blue one thats froze,rose maybe it is i dont really know my,tongue is tanked i think its a blue one,what does it taste like i forgot,it doesnt even have a flavor its just,no it does it tastes really good its a,blue one all right give it to us what we,got wait before you see better be the,blue one where are we going with this if,its blue and it goes in front that you,see you cant be biased by its my,favorite flavor you dont know that,until you see the color i do know that,without seeing the color because i like,the flavor not just the tell me on the,board where you think its going its,gonna go in front that one was really,good that one was really good i would,say it was i like that weve had thats,one that does not make radical,skedaddles oh its the skittle one that,was really good okay why is it the same,can as the unicorn very i really have,that one very original bro i like that,thats why i was thrown off ive never,had it radical skedaddly its like the,skittles that does taste like skittles,yup oh wow,when you shove them in your mouth you,chew on them it creates the juice oh,that ones tasty that means somebody,just baby birded all the juice from,their skittle chew until they can,get the flavor thats what they should,do ground,eight,doesnt matter it goes here,i dont like the aftertaste thats trash,what is that garbage we went from,radical skedaddle to garbage,watermelon yeah it tastes like a,water

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Energy Drink Haul! How to Choose a Healthy Energy Drink at the Grocery Store

so today were in Carmel California and,were gonna run into a Safeway which is,just like Avons like a Randalls like a,Tom Thumb depending on where you are in,the country so what were gonna do in,Safeway is were gonna check out energy,drinks okay because you may think the,energy drinks are all bad but the,reality is some of them are actually,pretty clean and simple so we can break,down the simplicity of the best ones,that are there and the nice thing is I,know that Safeway has just a wide,variety of energy drinks so although you,may not have a Safeway in your community,you will probably have the energy drinks,that were gonna look at so lets go,ahead lets jump in and lets have a,little fun and hey if you want to make,sure that you check out fat snacks so I,put a link down below in the description,so you can check them out so they are a,low carb healthy cookie play the,cleanest low carb cookie thats out,there so I put a link down below if you,want to check them out theyre a big,supporter of this channel so huge shout,out to them now lets go ahead look at,some energy drinks alright lets see,where this energy drink section is now,so normally Im not the biggest fan of,energy drinks right its not like I,drink them regularly but theres still a,lot of people to watch my channel and,you might be one of them,that still has an energy drink from time,to time so you might as well know whats,clean and whats not might as well break,down the good ones and the bad ones now,theres a few very simple ingredients,that you need to look for so I can make,this video relatively short and sweet,this isnt to brand Bosch this isnt to,even brands support this is to just,basically give you the breakdown of the,basic ingredients need to look for so,you can see theyve got a good selection,here so it gives us a wide variety to,really teach on so lets start straight,up lets go ahead and take a look at a,low-carb monster Im not even gonna,bother looking at the ones that have,sugar right okay we know I dont need to,just continually say this so lets take,a look at what Monster has first,okay so carbonated water and then in,this case still has glucose this is the,low carb one citric acid natural flavors,taurine so Tory has some interesting,processes within the body it does help,support your energy levels you know its,not made from holes I know people used,to say tourists taurine there is like,this old myth out there its perfectly,simple fine amino acid that you can use,sodium citrate more just a preservative,panax ginseng ex-writer you,they have ginseng thats nice and,ginseng is actually coming before,caffeine so interesting there sucralose,alright we want to avoid sucralose and,benzoic acid is also preservative that,has been shown to have some negative,effects within the body so we want to be,careful there l-carnitine heres thing,carnitine is not really needed in the,body if you are deficient in carnitine,which by the way is pretty rare then yes,you need carnitine but markers out there,will say that contine is going to help,you burn fat because heres what happens,carnitine is an amino acid that allows,energy to transfer into the cell into,the mitochondria specifically fatty,acids so yes its called the carnitine,shuttle pathway and normally fats need,to ride on carnitine but only if youre,deficient in carnitine is this going to,be an issue and chances are I almost can,guarantee youre not deficient in,carnitine so its an overly marketed,product however on the ketogenic diet,you dont even use carnitine ketones,pass through the mitochondrial membrane,without carnitine in the first place so,anyhow the sucralose alone already just,deterred me so lets go ahead put this,back lets not waste a lot of time on,ones that we know are not that good okay,lets take a look at banger because,everyones talking about bang right now,the protein coffee ones I dont really,want to talk about because theres just,a lot of moving pieces there we have way,too many different things going on there,like this is a 140 calorie energy drink,thats not thats a more of a meal more,than anything so lets look at just a,basic one,okay lets look at one of these that,just has like a super creatine for,whatever reason that has creatine in,there okay so weve got in a typical,bang,we have carbonated water citric acid ina,hydras weve got natural flavors so,natural flavors is way high up on the,list,okay natural flavors as I talked about,in many of my other grocery videos okay,there are over 100 different inorganic,non even disclosed compounds that can be,in quote unquote natural flavors so we,have to be really careful with what we,see there because they are just flat out,not even FDA approved because they can,be considered negligible ingredients,because theres such a small amount well,it doesnt take a lot of arsenic to,cause a problem within your body it,doesnt take a lot of poison to cause a,problem within your body right so even,though its non detectable or its,discretionary huh natural flavors still,scare me especially when theyre that,high up on the list caffeine anhydrous,thats fine,thats a very inexpensive form of,caffeine that has a very powerful,diuretic effect so you are gonna drop,some water weight with this sodium,benzoate potassium citrate monohydrate,essential amino acids okay I gotta give,me credit there okay they have leucine,isoleucine valine lysine okay theyve,got the EAS thats pretty nice then we,get into some of this other stuff,sucralose once again okay its,interesting that they use sucralose okay,theyre putting all this effort into,putting essential amino acids in there,which are actually not cheap okay EAA is,you know thats not the cheapest thing,to put in a simple energy drink but,whats wild is that the sucralose is,completely just obliterating your gut,bacteria studies have shown that it,kills off 50 percent your gut bacteria,why wouldnt they use stevia or monk,fruit just kind of frustrating the other,thing that I really have to pick on here,a little bit is you have an energy drink,that has zero calories right okay so,typically would be okay on keto or some,would think that it would be okay during,intermittent fasting but it has the,aminos in it thats the issue with bang,theres a lot of their products have the,essential amino acids or the branched,chain amino acids which if youre trying,to build muscle and youre not worried,about your metabolism things like that,sure thats great but this is going to,spike your insulin to a point where its,probably going to break a fast and have,a negative effect on your fast so with,that being said I would stay away from a,bang however I know they have some other,flavors I see,looks like they only have the super,creatine version which has creatine and,everything in it not a big fan of that,alright so I will just go ahead and cut,to the chase here all of the monsters,either use sucralose or acesulfame,potassium those are two things you want,to be careful with let me tell you,something to be honest if you are not,super concerned about your gut bacteria,then deal with sucralose you will be,fine its not the best stuff in the,world but youll live but one thing you,really want to look out for is,acesulfame potassium itll also show up,on an ingredient label as acesulfame k,or ace k okay this has been shown to,cause a pretty significant insulin spike,sucralose doesnt cause as much of an,insulin spike so thats whats,interesting,however acesulfame potassium is a very,unhealthy stuff it causes whats called,a cephalic insulin response because it,is so hyper sweet it actually triggers,your pancreas to produce insulin again,is it going to give you energy sure but,its gonna break up fast you just want,to be careful of that,okay so coca-cola has some energy drinks,I think these yet country water 2% of,natural flavors once again caffeine,guarana extract d3 and b6 pyridoxine,hydrochloride top there it is right,there just to show you acesulfame,potassium ahead of super low so a lot of,times Sug

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The END Of Bang Energy

whats going on guys today we are,talking about none other than if you,were not banging you were not hanging,when I drink bang energy I feel like I,can see other peoples words because,youre reading,them oh,and of course if you know that phrase,you already know who it came from the,infamous and notorious,cringe Master Jacko wok and who is,Jackal walk well he is the CEO of bang,energy now Ive made so many videos of,course trolling and going over bang,energy it almost just seemed like an,endless cycle of cringe content where,you could just produce it forever but,some recent news broke so many of you,may remember from my videos you know a,few years back where Monster Energy got,into a lawsuit with a bang of course,monsters won the leading energy drink,companies in the world so I mean with,that standpoint you probably wouldnt,want to go into a lawsuit with them,theyre gonna have more money than you,would know what to do with like,regardless of what your product is or,what theyre gonna just win okay the,lawsuit of what transpired was Monster,was suing bang over false advertising,many of you may remember and its still,on the bang energy cans the super,creatine I made videos talking about the,super creatine and how BS it was and,then also there was Jack O walk and I,believe also his marketing team going,out insane as ridiculous as this is and,they actually put this out I dont know,who who allowed it or who thought it was,a good idea in general at all but they,would say that drinking bang energy,could cure retardation and that it could,help cure Alzheimers and like all these,ridiculous claims that could not be,further from the truth so monsters sued,bang energy over false advertising,pretty no-brainer right that theyre,going to win after all the claims that,we just discussed and uh its a whopping,293 million dollars now it does say that,Jaco walk and bang energy has filed,bankruptcy so who knows the future of,the company whats going to happen or,transpire but now the classic saying if,youre not banging youre not hanging I,dont know if thats going to be around,much longer I mean I mean unless Jack,elwak finds a different career maybe you,know starts some new facet and just,create some new like cringe content gets,every single girl on social media to,start doing dance moves and holding the,bang energy can I really dont know but,once again I want to make this point,that Im making every Bang video if you,are affiliated you work with bang I know,you are desperate for money because how,do I know know why would you ever stoop,your morals and your self-integrity to,that level just to secure a bad but then,again also now were finding out theyre,not going to have a bag any longer,because that is a fat 293 million,jumping back to the super creatine it,was stated or they claimed that the,super creatine would be 20 times more,effective at reaching the brain than,other forms of creatine and once again,that could reverse mental retardation,but Monsters main claim in this lawsuit,was that the super creatine see on the,cans now currently if you were to go out,and buy one I dont know how much longer,theyre going to be available but it,does not contain real creatine or,provide any of the health benefits of,creatine like its just complete false,advertising once again I dont know who,on their marketing or who thought itd,be a good idea I mean I understand how,it sounds right like the general,population people would see the can,super creatine oh my gosh this must be,super beneficial Im gonna drink it but,from a business standpoint how would you,not understand that putting something,thats not going to happen on your prod,product is going to result in you right,into issues especially as the company,continues to grow and develop because,bang became one of the leading suppliers,in energy drinks you know I believe in,the world thatd be like if half Wicked,or these other supplement companies,randomly put on the bottles you will,instantly gain you know 47 pounds of,lean muscle tissue upon taking your,first dosage like by the sounds of how,well Jack and bang did for many many,years uh maybe that is a good idea until,that idea comes plummeting down because,one of your Rivals then you know sues,you for false advertising if you were,not banging you were not bankrupt,[Music]

Monster Reign Energy Drink VS Bang Energy Drink; Monster Reign Product Review

Hey everybody, Caffeine Man here. And today were going over Monster Reign versus,Bang energy drink….. yep.,INTRO: C *THUD* M *THUD*,*Lightning Strike!*,Hey everybody, Caffeine Man, here thanks again for joining me,,Im very excited to be going over this video today I mean, Im so,excited its not even Tuesday yet! This isnt my normal Tuesday upload this is a bonus,Saturday upload just because I wanted to get the information out to you as soon as possible.,Thats right, Ill still have my normal Tuesday upload, and for now, you got this one.,Its gonna be a busy weekend.,Yeahhhh, Im gonna you to go ahead and need you guys to work the weekend.,And if you wanna stay informed on all things caffeine related feel free to hit the subscribe button.,Normally at this point of the video, I tell you what to expect from this video, but the title pretty much says it all.,Monster just released its Bang rip-off… What? I cant say that?,Monster just released its new brand called Reign, in order to compete with other energy drinks on the market,such as Bang. Bang hit the energy drink market hard! I mean, the way this stuff is gaining,popularity, its incredible, the rate of growth its had. I mean, it started out as,a pre-workout energy drink and it just exploded!,According to sales from Neilson, dollar sales of Bang are up 784%,,which is 273 million dollars in 2018! So wheres that money not going to?,The other energy drink companies. Its no wonder that Monster wanted to try and compete.,And theyre not the only ones trying to cash in on this. Rockstar came out with Xdurance, which is extremely,similar to Bang and several other companies have popped up selling similar drinks like Scorpion.,Now, if youve watched my other videos on Bang, youll know that Monster,and Bang do not get along. Monster has tried to sue VPX pharmaceuticals, which,is Bang if you didnt know, 3 times already, none of which won and they still have one pending lawsuit going on.,But as the saying goes, if he cant beat them, join them! And thats just what Monster is,trying to do. They actually made Reign into its own company, so theres nothing,that says Monster on here at all… but we all know is made by Monster.,So for this review Ill try to refer to it as Reign and not Monster…. no promises.,That being said, Bang energy drink just filed a lawsuit against Reign! Why?,Well, because Bang already owns the rights to Reign!,Man I cant wait to see how this plays out.,Reign energy drink contains no sugar, no calories and 300 milligrams of caffeine, similar to Bang.,Monsters just starting out with six flavors and all the flavors are similar to bang.,And the six flavors are Carnival Candy…. Cotton Candy.,Sour Apple … Sour Head,Razzle Berry …. Blue Razz,Peach Fizz …. Peach Mango,and Lemon HDZ, which stands for lemon heads, if you couldnt figure it out …. Lemon Drop.,And melon mania … I dont have one for that.,And if sales are good, Im sure Monster plans on coming out,with a lot more. But they have a lot of catching up to do,because Bang has over 22 flavors out and growing.,So what do we have in these drinks? Reign, in typical Monster fashion, has the nutrition facts panel as,2 servings per container, so when I give you the numbers, Ill do the math for you.,Both drinks have zero sugar, zero calories, zero fat, and zero protein.,Minor differences between the two is that Reign has 2 carbs and Bang doesnt have any carbs.,And when you come to think of it, 2 is relatively insignificant.,For the sodium, Reign has 200 milligrams of sodium, which is only 8 percent of your daily value.,While Bang only has 40 milligrams of sodium, which is 2% of your daily value. And once again overall not a huge,difference. For potassium, Reign has 70 milligrams, which is 2% of your daily,value, while Bang has 85 milligrams, which is also 2 percent of your daily value, so,once again, not a big difference. Some of the bigger differences in the two? For,the niacin, Reign has 100% of your daily value, whereas Bang only has 25%.,For vitamin B6, Reign has 100% and Bang only has 25%. As for B12, Reign,also has 100% of your daily value, and Bang, once again, only 25%.,Reign doesnt have anything listed for vitamin C and Bang has 50 percent of your daily value for vitamin C.,Next onto the “extra stuff”. Reign doesnt have any creatine in,it. Creatine isnt water-soluble, so its difficult to be in drinks. The leg-up,that Bang has is that they developed super creatine. Its the first water soluble,version of creatine and since Bang made it, they patented it… so other people wont,be for a while.,But apparently, from third-party studies, there isnt much creatine in Bang to begin with.,Since Bang didnt list how much super creatine was in the beverages, nor did,they list how much CoQ10 or BCAAs were in it, third-party laboratories started,doing testing on these drinks to find out if what was in there was actually,beneficial. Several laboratories reported that they only found traces of those,ingredients and they say that theyre insignificant and negligible.,Therefore, Reign actually skipped putting any creatine in their drinks and focused on,the other two ingredients. Although Reign also doesnt show how many BCAAs are in,their beverage or CoQ10, Monster CEO Rodney Sacks, said that Reign will have,five times the amount of those ingredients, compared to Bang.,So it seems like Reign has studied Bang, found its weakness, and trying to pounce on it.,Now, on to the important thing, the taste test!,I mean look at these things. They look identical.,Now, first I just want to take a second to say something. This is the,first time Ive ever said this on camera…,*deep breath*,Im actually not a fan of monster.,*phew* I finally got it out there!,But its true. When I first tried Monster, I thought it,was way too sweet and then I saw what the sugar content was and thats not,good for anybody! But I didnt give up. I tried the low-carb version, but even then,I still wasnt a fan of it. So why am I telling you this? Because I want you guys,to know that when I do these reviews, I will always give you my unbiased opinion.,Even though I dont like Monster, Im gonna tell you exactly what it tastes,like and give it a fair chance. Plus its not really Monster its Reign…,…its Monster.,So on to the Carnival Candy.,Yes, thats actually pretty good. Im finding a little difficult to describe,it at first; its my first time trying it. And Im trying not to think of Cotton,Candy too much, because it doesnt actually taste like Cotton Candy, but,neither did the Bang Cotton Candy when I tried it. Its definitely sweet like,candy and I can taste a hint of cotton candy, and even, kind of a bubble gum kind,of flavor to it. So if you like sweet and you like candy youre probably gonna like this.,They did a good job with it… But you know what?,Lets get a closer comparison? Im gonna try some Bang Cotton Candy, its been a while.,Okay, I actually take it back. The Reign does taste very similar to the Bang Cotton candy,and the Reign is actually slightly sweeter. When I do my Bang reviews, I sometimes,compliment Bang on its light flavor, because its not too heavy, but if you,like your energy drink to have a little more bite to it / slightly more,carbonation, thats what youre gonna get from Reign. So Im gonna take one more sip,of Reign after trying the Bang, just to see if its got that bite.,Yep its got that bite to it. If I had to compare the two I might be picking this one up.,But I havent abandoned Bang just yet! Personally Im not much of a fan of,carbonation, so the slightly higher carbonation is a turn-off to me, but the,flavor does seem slightly stronger than the cotton candy for Bang.,Its a close fight so far. Good job Reign.,Oh, Im just sipping some milk in between drinks. Someone mentioned in the comments that they didnt,think my tasting was accurate because I drank them back-to-back. I let them know I drink milk in between.,Why dont you see me drinking the milk? Because

Are Bang Energy Drinks Healthy? | Bang Energy Drink Review Video

hey yall welcome back to the general,wellness youtube channel and today were,doing another,product reviews these are one of my,favorite things and hopefully yours too,so if you like these food product,reviews comment,like these subscribe so you dont miss,any more of them and if you have certain,food products drinks,whatever that are claiming to be healthy,that you want me to review to see if,theyre actually healthy and worth your,money,leave a comment in the section below but,today we are doing a,super popular product as you can tell,here,and saw from the clip im sure we are,reviewing bang,energy drinks these are everywhere every,influencer every fitness person whoever,claims that these are the best thing in,the world so we are actually going to,look at these and see,what the deal is as always were,reviewing these products for,four different things so the first thing,is going to be the nutrient facts,label second thing is ingredient list,third thing is,cost and the fourth thing is going to be,the taste so you can see i have all my,little cups here,were going to be tasting these i only,got three flavors im,im sure there are tons have a favorite,one you can let me know and i can try,that one too but,figured these flavors would give me a,good rundown,okay so lets dive into it were going,to be looking at the nutrient label,theyre all gonna be the same because,theyre all basically,zero on everything so im just gonna,pick up this one and were gonna look at,this nutrient label,but if you look at the back of this it,literally says,zero for everything if youre just,glancing at that youre like great this,is awesome,what a healthy product but we all know,theres not nothing in this right,so that will lead us to number two but,yeah like i said,zero total fat zero cholesterol zero,carbs zero sugar,zero protein serving size is one can,this is amazing right,it has lots of vitamins listed at the,bottom that you can also see on that,nutrient facts label but,going quickly into number two because we,know theres not nothing in this,lets actually look at the ingredients,because thats what matters on a food,product or,drink that youre having that says its,healthy ingredients are everything so we,have to look at that,so here lots of different stuff,listed on the ingredient list um,carbonated water citric acid natural,and artificial flavor so weve already,got artificial flavors in there once,caffeine obviously a bunch of different,things that youll find in a lot of,different,energy drinks so sodium benzoate,citrate all this kind of stuff and then,specifically with these their marketing,is all about their branched chain amino,acids so it has,eaas which means essential amino acids,and bcaas which means,branched chain amino acids the spoiler,alert,with branch chain amino acids is that if,youre having an adequate protein intake,these do nothing for you performance,wise or muscle growth wise or anything,like that,i hate to be the bearer of bad news but,lots and lots of research has shown us,that that is the case,if you dont have enough protein intake,during the day,this could help you because amino acids,are the building blocks of proteins,in general if youre someone whos,really focusing on working out proteins,important,make sure that youre getting enough but,bcaas and all of that are really just,not worth your money,if youre eating a balanced diet and,trying to grow your muscles so you heard,it here first,most likely um and thats the case,thats what research shows us so dont,bite into the marketing schemes,about branch chains amino acids okay,moving on,then weve got vitamin c cool lots of,other things some vitamins minerals,weve got sucralose in there which is an,artificial sugar,so thats why on this ingredient list it,can say zero,grams of sugar because theres,artificial sugar in here,without going too far on a tangent we,dont fully know the effects of,artificial sugar on our bodies,um a lot of it can cause,gastrointestinal problems we dont want,that especially when were working out,um its a gross aftertaste for some,people some people do have certain side,effects to it and are sensitive to it,so thats something to watch out for in,these products if you are sensitive to,artificial sugar,overall health impact-wise though we,dont know,over the next however many years what,that would end up doing to our health we,know its not,natural um typically things that arent,natural are not going to be the most,healthy for us so take that with a grain,of salt,for what it is and then theres,something i think is particularly funny,in here called super creatine,its just creatine creatine is great it,can,help you get those extra reps in in,order to gain,strength so theres a lot of,misconceptions on what creatine is and,what its not,um and i wrote a blog post all about it,that i will link in the description,below so you can read,what the real deal is with creatine how,much to take and all of that and what,exactly its doing in your body but,i do kind of like that if this is an,energy drink that youre drinking for,like a pre-workout,that it has creatine in it right so that,can be a good option,but as youll see from the blog post we,need to regularly take the creatine,thats always available on our body and,i dont know that this is something i,would regularly have you drink,so creatine by itself might just be a,better option coq10,um thats just a different thing thats,acting as an antioxidant in your body,that they,are starting to note that people who,have heart disease might have lower,coq10 so it could be heart,heart disease preventative a couple,other claims with coq10 again its,pretty new on the market,thats not gonna harm you that its in,here theres some adverse side effects,but theres not too much in here to,where it should be,anything to worry about but its going,to increase the cost of this,all of these added things increase the,cost where they just might not be,worth it depending on why you drink this,so thats nutrient facts label,and ingredients overall my assessment my,review,of those two things so far is that i,dont love that it has,artificial ingredients artificial,flavorings,and artificial sugar we just dont know,its not natural,its not something i would regularly,consume or recommend anyone to regularly,consume,but theres a lot of different reasons,why someone might drink an energy drink,pretty much none of them on the market,are great options,low sugar ones have our artificial,sweeteners in them so those arent great,theres a few natural ingredients are a,few,natural energy drinks out there that are,good like clean,cause is one that i love um and highly,recommend,its you know a more natural source of,caffeine a lot better ingredients and,stuff,like that but if youre just drinking,this grab a random one to stay awake i,get it weve all been there,at late night road trips whatever else,is going on you need to wake up,um could could be a decent option if,youre drinking them for health benefits,or to grow muscles,um or to do some kind of pre-workout i,just dont think its your best option,theres lots of other pre-workout,options out there,like coffee can be a really great,pre-workout option,natural right i have a whole video on is,coffee healthy for you or not,spoiler alert yes it can be as long as,youre not adding a ton of cream and,sugar,so coffee getting creatine and elsewhere,and then taking a vitamin,could be a better option than this its,all going to depend on your goals so,ill let you assess that,for yourself i did receive a couple,questions about these particular,products on instagram that i also want,to address,so one of those questions is is it okay,to get your vitamins and minerals and,things like that,from a drink like this my quick short,answer would be,no not really thats not something to,rely on theres something called a,synergistic effect of food fancy term,that just means vitamins and minerals,are healthy for us but we know that,theres lots of research on why these,are gr

BANG vs GHOST – Energy Drink Comparison – Which Energy Drink is Better?

yo whats going on guys michael here,from mp fitness thank you for checking,out the newest,video to the channel if you havent done,so please hit the subscribe button hit,that bell that way youll get notified,every time we drop a new video were,going to two to three videos a week,so appreciate any and all support as we,climb towards that 100,000 subscribe marker so comment like and,share this video as it helps the channel,in this,specific video grow so for todays video,we are looking,at two different energy drink companies,and were going to tell you guys which,one,is the best all right guys so for the,two energy drink companies were gonna,be looking at,ghost as well as bang,so in my opinion these are two of the,best and probably some of the most,marketed,energy drink companies out there i mean,ghost absolutely absolutely kills the,social media game,and bang absolutely kills the social,media,influencer game so im very interested,to see how these two are going to play,out against each other,so what were gonna do is throw up these,two graphics right here so we have,nine different categories that were,going to be,rating each one of these companies on so,we got,company reputation we have energy,focus taste caffeine the number of,flavors that each company brings,creativity so how creative does a,company get with collabs flavors this,and that,accessibility and cost all right guys so,lets go ahead and jump right,into it all right so first category is,gonna be,the company reputation so when i think,of ghost,i think of being very its very uh a,close-knit community,right i see a lot of their guys that are,on their takeover team that are,posting a ton theyre always commenting,back on one anothers posts,theyre very engaged with one another,and thats something that i like to see,personally,whereas with with bang,its a little bit more its going to,come off really bad,almost like forced right like you see,like theyre,required to post so many times which is,im sure ghost is but its like,forced to an extent right its not very,organic,as well as once again its a sound kind,of creepy,the owner seems a little sleazy a little,bit of a creeper,right just with how he presents himself,and everything else,not very honest very uh,thats what im looking for kind of you,know,italian mafia la cosa nostra right just,very,i dont know somethings off a little,bit right so with that being said,we got ghost right here were gonna give,them the green light,bang over here its not bad right,its not like they had the fda come in,and be like you cant,take stuff out this that the other were,gonna give them yellow,all right not bad but it could be better,alright guys so the second,category were looking at is going to be,energy right so how much energy does,each one of these cans bring right so,different levels of caffeine were going,to get into that later but how does each,can hit you,theyre both pretty solid right so with,with ghost,you definitely get that that kick of,energy,you get that like you feel like you just,had you know a good amount of caffeine a,good amount of,uh antioxidants b vitamins that and,everything else,with bang its the same thing its a,little bit more potent but,very comparable so for those were gonna,go green light as well,the third category that were gonna be,looking at can be the focus aspect,right but just something that in my,opinion it might be a little bit newer,to the to the energy drink world not,necessarily the pre-workout world,but with ghost you get a little bit of,alpha gpc in that,with bang theres nothing in there,thats for like a focus complex focus,blend so automatically,we got red right here not the diss that,whatsoever,so with ghost we got 150 milligrams of,alpha gpc,which is half of the lowest amount,thats recommended,to actually get you anything but at the,same time they still have that in there,along with,taurine and a couple other additives so,were gonna go with,yellow with ghost all right so the,fourth category,were looking at its gonna be taste,which is a very important category when,it comes to energy drinks,unlike pre-workout where you could just,dry scoop it or throw it in with six,ounces of water,you got 16 ounces to throw down right so,its not like you want it to taste bad,right ghost i feel like they pride,themselves on the taste of,all of their products especially their,pre-workouts and that really translated,well,with their energy drinks so with ghosts,were gonna go green,i havent had one of their energy drinks,that i,absolutely didnt love so with bang,were gonna go with yellow,although they have a lot of really,awesome flavors like this right here we,got radical skedaddle,they have a lot of flavors that are they,sound really neat,but when you actually like pop them open,to drink it youre like,what like no like strikeout right,are all the flavors like that no its,kind of split down the middle,so we got a split down the middle review,with it yellow,all right next category we got caffeine,which next to taste is probably to be,the second,most popular category that were going,to be ranking,all right so with ghost were looking at,200 milligrams of caffeine,which is a decent amount for an energy,drink i think zoe had like 180 some have,150 some have 80 milligrams 100 and,everything in between,bang were looking at a solid 300,milligrams of caffeine guys,300 milligrams thats almost pre-workout,level,so with all that being said,with bang were gonna go with green,ghost were going to go at yellow so,once again,theyre very its very close very,competitive but 100 milligrams different,thats almost a cup and a half of coffee,difference between each one so lets,move on,the number of flavors so with ghost,their energy drinks are,pretty new right so they only have,six seven eight flavors maybe maybe six,or seven flavors,with bang theyve been around for a,while and i feel like theyre coming out,with new flavors,almost every week right i mean some of,the flavors what is it like miami cola,we got radical skedaddle,you have the rainbow unicorn stuff like,its its pretty pretty crazy right,so with that number of flavors youre,gonna have more options,with bang than you are with ghost so,were gonna go,green and yellow all right creativity,for me this was a big one that i want to,look at and i feel like,theyre both creative in their own,special ways,so ghost does a really good job with,collabing with,a number of different from companies,like sour patch kids,sonic with chips ahoy and a number of,other different companies i think,jelly is like grape jelly as well which,is like like crazy,right so with that they definitely get,a little bit of a jump when it comes to,creativity,with bang even though they dont do any,collabs the creativity of their flavors,are really interesting,like i said we have miami cola you have,a bunch of different ones,froze rose radical skedaddle,key lime pie and the list goes on and on,but for me like this was close but just,because you have a lot of flavors,doesnt necessarily make it creative,right so green were gonna go,with ghost bang were gonna go yellow,right creative in their own different,ways but for me as this is very,subjective i think that ghost is just a,little bit more creative than bang,so accessibility how easy is it to get,your hands on,on their products right with bang you,get them literally,everywhere harris teeter target walmart,gnc online amazon their website,everything else with ghost really its,on their website its at gncs and a,couple of other different,small supplement stores like here in,raleigh you could also get it at all,nutrition,and a couple places like that there is,no shortage,whatsoever when it comes to getting,these so like,like zoa right very hard to get very i,feel like,quote-unquote exclusive for some reason,and,yeah its just different right but but,these,you can always find them and you always,find the flavors that you want,so were gonna go two green lights on,this guy right here all right and last,but not le

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