1. WHICH TO PICK?! ???? 86 OOP Barkley Player Review – FIFA 23 Ultimate Team
  3. Alto Sax Mouthpiece Review | G&A | @Barkley Brazil | Beechler | @Felicity saxophonist
  5. THIS CARD IS NICE! 86 STRIKER OOP Barkley Review! FIFA 23 Ultimate Team
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WHICH TO PICK?! ???? 86 OOP Barkley Player Review – FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

whats going on guys always your help,welcome back to Brandy videos so EA have,gone ahead and released a new out of,position player SBC and they have,released two versions of Ross Barkley,one of them is a striker and the other,is a right wing and you can only pick,one of them the striker can play in a,striker position and send a forward,position while the Winger can play right,wing right mid left mid and left wing so,way way more flexibility both of them,have got four star skill moves and a 5,Star week for Big W by the way from EA,to upgrade them from low low work crates,to high low work crates that is simply,insane the Winger version has got better,dribbling than the striker better,passing than a striker and way more Pace,than the striker as well but the striker,version has got way better shooting if,were talking about like finishing,attack and positioning volleys and,penalties honestly there isnt like a,crazy difference with the long shots and,shot power and the shrike has also got,way better physicals as well this,version has got lengthy straight up so,you dont have to worry about upgrading,physicals or anything like that but this,version hasnt got lengthy but you can,give them lengthy so I feel like the,Winger version is the way to go because,hes got way better dribbling like going,from 71 agility to 80 agility is not a,joke you are definitely going to feel,that in-game so I feel like this version,is the way to go because you can give,him length feet and hes got even more,Pace than this version anyway but yeah,the striker version isnt bad at all I,definitely do feel like though,if youre an old gen because obviously,lengthy is you know not a thing I would,suggest going for the finished chem,style the finisher chemistal on this,card looks amazing because you give him,plus 15 the finishing which is,incredible and also increasing his,agility and dribbling just in general is,going to be beautiful so yeah if youre,an old gen go finisher If Youre Next,Gen I definitely do should suggest going,for the Arctic chem style because you,give him lengthy and that kind of pace,down the line is not gonna be a joke but,yeah he looks like an amazing card hes,got five star a week for a four-star,skill moves high low work crates uh no,shooting trait same thing as the striker,as well long shots on a car look crazy,passing stats look beautiful I feel like,you can definitely play him in a cam,position but just know because hes got,high low work race in the cam position,he probably is going to be super super,aggressive and obviously the physicals,those kind of physicals down the line,arent a joke like 95 strength is gonna,be beautiful youre just gonna be able,to get him into situations that he can,use his strength and hes going to be,able to hold off players with his 95,strength now positions Im gonna be,playing Ross Barkley in two positions,the striker position and the Winger,position actually three Ill play him in,a cam position just to see how hes,gonna move there but with him having,high low work crates Im expecting him,to be a very very aggressive Camp uh,were getting not campsite uh links,there you go Ive eventually got it out,links with Ross Barkley are all right,the fact that he is English you know you,can use players like tomori you can also,use players like Carl Walker and you get,a nice link there but lets all be,honest the club isnt amazing for links,a towel probably will get a special card,very soon so maybe thats when more,people would be using this Ross Barkley,when a towel gets a special card because,you get a very very good link between,the two but yeah lets get into the,games and lets see how good out of,position Ross Barkley is gonna be he is,not coming towards us hes kind of,sitting back lets see how Ross Barkley,is going to feel on the ball here nice,turn go for a few step overs get that,acceleration in front and he ends up,missing that opportunity now would the,striker version finish that opportunity,maybe maybe because that shot definitely,had power its just the accuracy was too,close to the keeper I need to go all the,way up here hes controlling a player,down low and he is not unselecting him,and that is an amazing finish thats,right into the corner thats more like,it look at Messi making that run decent,through ball can he get on to it nah,Ross Barkley was in behind as well I do,like how he saw the send back out of,position he saw the wide open Gap and he,made a run straight into it so far hes,movement you can definitely tell hes,aggressive like right there he was,actually coming short which is nice but,I can guarantee you guys yeah hes gonna,be making runs look at him trying to get,him behind lets give him the ball nice,skill move across goal oh okay I could,maybe get that in front I see him in the,middle there you know what were gonna,go for it that is not where that was,meant for but weve got a goal I thought,he was offside thats why the keeper,thats why I thought the keeper missed,it how is he on side and why is the,keeper done that let me get around the,corner there they go thats perfect for,a sparkly oh my God talk about a ball of,dreams that couldnt be more perfect,honestly that was so assisted as well I,did not aim it there but it was insanely,good how good of a pass it actually was,and yeah Barkley I doubt hes going to,miss an opportunity like that Renato,make movement going forward there you go,driven pasta into Barclay decent turn,trying to keep it a bit more simple I,dont want to do too much with him well,honestly he doesnt feel bad on the ball,at all and he finishes that as well none,times top bins comfy Barkley comfy hes,trying to make her run there see what we,can do here nice all went dribbling go,for it again see if I get the outside,foot angle and yeah the keeper is uh,going for a trip or something I dont,know what hes doing he didnt even dive,he didnt even look like he was actually,looking at the ball lets go far through,all the way to the top there there you,go Neymars open please say he keeps,that in barkly be aggressive there you,go great run go on get in front of him,and everything get in front of him hes,using that strength by the way boys its,a foul yeah I was about to say its not,really a foul like in real life that,shoulder to shoulder no way its a fail,but in this game that gets given weve,got plenty of space to run into whos,this tomorrow going in bappy going in,bappy for our scoop ended up passing,option I see Messi just tried to get,this into the inside eventually Barclays,came feet nice lacroqueta beautiful,needs to go in it needs to go in I love,the fact that hes got a five-star weak,foot like I can turn to the left side,there well because hes got five star,weak but its still going to be a good,shot its not like hes got a three-star,week for a four-star week for four star,week for this game is good but sometimes,it cant have a few dodgy moments but,yeah that was only stronger foot there,and he goes right into the side netting,Ive just sent him on a run lets see,what we can do kdb it needs to be,perfect and it is five star weak foot I,know its a hard angle I should have,gone closer I should have gone closer,there the thing is right you can tell,the pace theyre getting behind there,was amazing I had so much room as well I,dont know why I decided to like heavily,go on that five-star week for and shoot,so early I could have gone inside the,box and shot I could go for this messy,can you please sit on a plate for,Barclay yes you can its a decent touch,away its just my opponent has brought,out a keyboard perfectly there like it,is spot on how he brought out that key,but he did at a right moment first time,that Messi ran a corner to Barclay,roulette crazy good,I thought for a second because he was,bringing out a key but I thought a,keeper was going to get out to me so,quickly there because he was looking,like it its just yeah thankfully he,didnt get out in time and Barclay just,placed it into the corner with an,outside fo


hey guys whats going on Inception here,and welcome to another video ladies and,gentlemen today we have the new SBC Ross,Barkley to review,oh thats,huh,okay,lets take a look at these in-game stats,so six foot one high low work rates has,a five star weak Foot Right footage,okay so high low in the side position is,he high low on the striker position too,oh it might be a striker position Flex,Im not gonna lie to you,because Hilo is nice in the side,positions Im not saying its not,because diabes high low right but in,the striker position it is one of the,better ones to work with,in-game in-game stats okay so you give,this card a hunter,dribbling is still not in the greatest,area lets see what this card looks like,in game,I think its gonna be the striker flex,no,yeah I oh listen hey I always go with,the most popular alright so look,130 195 I mean from the options right,183 129 so people like this one more,okay let me see here so if I go if I go,to the striker one,hes a lengthy player,he is a lengthy player,on a hunter Chemistry Style,a bunch of chemistry is going to have 94,acceleration 94 Sprint speed shooting is,going to be in a fantastic area with a,five-star weak foot the dribbling,however is not in a fantastic area but,its an English striker,thats gonna play on top with lengthy,while being six foot one high low work,rate high in average body type,and then the Winger one,lets see the differences,so massive difference in the dribbling,which makes sense being played excuse me,in the side positions,the striker obviously has better,shooting,and then the pace is lower or higher in,the in the pace Department,see this isnt this isnt like wait,do you know what it kind of looks like,Im not gonna lie to you guys it kind of,looks like,whatever console youre on is what is,which one you choose,does that make sense because like,this card,on Old gen on a hunter kind of makes,sense,right but then because of lengthy on the,New Gen has a striker high low Hunter,Chemistry Style,on a lengthy you know you know what Im,saying it kind of looks that way,oh EA make a striker like this its,Portuguese man please please bro please,do this yeah I think Im gonna get this,one,I personally dont like player pick SPC,selection but thats just me you know,see the thing that makes me a little bit,confused right is that this card is less,popular,than the right wing card the right wing,card has more likes to dislikes,this one clear both awful another one is,uh other one is lengthy,76 balance on right wing Division 10,moment,hes not wrong about like the agility,imbalance because the thing is right is,like youre youre dribbling doesnt,have to be amazing but if youre going,to have dribbling like that lengthy kind,of compensates for it,um Im gonna go with the striker one,just because of the lengthy but,regardless were gonna see what the card,is gonna is gonna be like because for,the New Gen version of the game I think,it makes the most sense,um,so well just do that Hey listen listen,before people freak out right he is the,number one spot so were gonna choose,that because of that all right cool okay,guys so we put a quick team together,here uh for Barclay honestly really well,formatted for the striker position,so lets do this right so were gonna go,ahead and,I mean hes definitely like on a hunter,right like hes gotta be because its,the finishing boost that I want so let,me go get the hunter quick all right so,just fixing the uh tactics for the four,two three one,playing him up top stay Central boom,boom,uh just cover Center,stay back Bang,okay cool,um so yeah well give him that Hunter,Chemistry Style and well see how he,plays in the striker position its just,a quick team that I put together with uh,the players currently in my squad so,yeah well see what hes like man,offside uh,unlucky on Loki,foreign,dude I dont expect that I Im sorry,thats a horrible command EA,horrible Im trying to shoot the ball,hes dribbling the ball,oh we hit the post no way man,oh hes outside again man out of time,nose,more power on that pass you can see Im,activating it though with his high low,work rates,no real venom behind the strike there,this team isnt really like well,formatted for the uh 4231 so were gonna,actually switch to,Eric Japes is uh 433 here so were gonna,do 255.,balance balanced,25,.,and then its on high okay then this is,pressure on heavy touch yeah were gonna,do that instead it makes more sense for,this team,okay I missed that one,we score that one,well done Ross Barkley well take it,probably get the runoff there,rashfords week was not gonna do the,craziest pass,oh I had it there too Im lucky,drag weak foots there you go,nicely done,oh dont work the space there,yeah thats what I want to work with,drag it into place right use this weak,foot in that situation,and stuff,okay,super Jammy but uh well take it,no go there,coming off of a drag as well,imagine if I got that off that would,have been cool,oh,I probably should have finessed if our,post,why are you still offside Ross I even,havent come back in defense for him I,know hes a high low but at least a,little bit for you to go back on side my,G,man,ah,good initial run though,there we go all done,on that five star weak foots,ah so Jimmy uh by the way hes a high,low worker to card but he very often,Comes Close to You to receive the ball,then push forward like he does that a,lot,yeah I feel like I should do I dont,know I get closer to a finesse,foreign,Ill work with the gem,Ill work with the gem,lets try I should have done a a power,shot there actually,okay,sounds good sounds good,nice,its always good to time the left stick,against the goalie there because Im,telling you guys this right now its,still good in that area in normal areas,its not as good anymore,too much power,good chip good chip,with the weak foot there too okay guys,so final verdict on the Ross Barkley SBC,so this is an interesting one right,because with the way that these cards,play in game what you notice is that you,know with a card like this youre,probably gonna get him for the New Gen,version of the game but then for this,card over here because the whole thing,of accelerate is not really like a thing,there youd probably get this card give,him a hunter Chemistry Style and then,just work with the dribbling stats as it,is playing in the side positions right,thats what my current thought is right,thats why theres a light to dislike,ratio thats higher for a card like this,uh because thats the way that I see the,card being used now for the striker card,guys so lets talk about how this card,performs in game so uh when it came to,the running animations the running moves,that he ended up making on the pitch it,was noticeable whether thats the,lengthy whether thats the high low work,rate working together those two things,were noticeable in certain cases and in,his case you guys will notice that his,playstyle is come close,is Come Close make the pass you know or,come close out for his support and then,push forward that play style I dont,mind working with because of his lengthy,theres so many different patterns of,play that you notice where youre,playing into the side positions and then,youre going back into the middle back,into the side positions and you can see,that Ross Barkley is kind of behind hes,not actually like lingering the striker,position in certain cases what he does,is that when he lingers behind and then,he pushes forward you really notice that,lengthy kind of taking into effect uh,when youre actually building up the,play that way so if your build to play,is in that way uh he plays it really,well obviously with the hunter chemistry,style uh regardless you have to work,high percentage strikes in this game,thats just how it works doesnt matter,who the card is right but we always try,crazy dumb angles uh but on a hunter,camera style youre able to utilize the,lengthy accelerates uh Pace being high,is very very helpful when it comes to,utilizing high low work rates right and,then the shooti

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Alto Sax Mouthpiece Review | G&A | @Barkley Brazil | Beechler | @Felicity saxophonist

free the printed j barbara zeer,ambitieus leuk hoedje van is mijn,keyboard,[Muziek],hey,[Muziek],wel,[Muziek],mooi,[Muziek],en,[Muziek],een,[Muziek],[Muziek],op,[Muziek],oh,[Muziek],[Muziek],voor,[Muziek],[Applaus],[Muziek],ja,[Muziek],dat,[Muziek],tot,[Muziek],[Muziek],baby klamboe luxe rust en bye bye petje,wat voor de decimaal en meezing,saxophones trip from as i love music,kids building hoe ik dit kon hoor de,first one piece uitbleef was jimmy,openings hebben dit is de brand by the,kocht me,wordt alles freely ik zou de de bouw,iets te antibacterieel materiaal iets en,free the printed,technologie saai en finish en niet game,witte league het sure which is also made,by berry innovatieve materiaal,de brein is branche air france,nauwelijks tribale samen office with a,price and ball had,easily and play on the small piece video,santa monica die man is je niet de grime,vooral optician at etty minuut limburg,wit respons op de markies,is verscheen de logisch door de samen,was voor en jazzy en smoel,argilac heb ik er slecht voor julia in,op get my met een advies ben was zo,heeft dus zeker eens rond in de haar en,mijn humeur zonder extra hulp wil ik een,man op een chip kunnen geven komaan,tribunes michels ik wil ik uw controle,en nieuws of sound production and dit,exact le bon je niet los op de precious,marieke en aanvinkt is meeste man,pi-formule commander wordt namelijk,stukken basis ik hem advies hoedjes,werd het eet dit spy barclay brasil,zo ftc bartlett als je dingen very high,quality product familie,like how they pay attention to every day,time this movie cisco spa heffing is dus,het one by one,maar de mossen import een film is de,bakvorm,concave marcel de v wordt de emission of,babys sterven,hoedje af execute frequenties en,dominees me van floor in de shop of,leather watch van chinese ik blaas de,frequentie is bing concreet en stap over,ik denk loes laterally catcher weg met,alle rossa meter,mouwen stukken balmain passions and,reaching the small piece van bartlett,brazilië bouwt manier eagle eye toy play,all in all play live kan ze riepen en,archer sprong back to my beachwear,malpie speakers alles gestript en de,reason eerste,dit malfidus express in de dagen dat,healing like akkrum play en zo,achterland zijn en geen night rider,small piece and for 3 dan eet en als een,meesparen potentiele on the small piece,flow gisteren en middenregister foxp2,en de anti-sovjet ribbeltjes en,trainingen,vimodos hai jongens kon solide was die,in parijs en htc accu probably never,chance to we to the small piece again be,cause im just three koning saul,pobox angst en hij niet de man vies, sorry expressief,have you the chance to get en dan we,keep you updated hm,archer liep er is ingevuld nou tsukuba,de second hem advies van banken bashir,en watjes emmaweg zullen zo this my,heart you receive some time after the,cause i really wanted to the beach and,then try and under my piece from marley,bril en een game die snappen this,amazing is barry excuus om advies is,waar het simpeler absolute,to beach kleur ik ben natuurlijk insight,archery,ik haastte stappen bar for which,provides and bright sun dit games game,wifo leather look at you with en,wethouders en ether en in silver plating,vinden spuit maar in persoon is een,cao-akkoord ik mag vies worden in,staccato grateful van gestolen of en die,stalen you benieuwd naar bierflessen,werden,[Muziek],[Applaus],and finally i am i going my life in word,beachwear customs hij ook wie is de lamp,is mat peace mijn hans leerink ampères,en wit barclay plaisier line filler,beecher bos classics princip moet je was,very surprising toen ik in hersen medion,haibach lunchen kinsi en open chamber,which supports een briljant contemporary,sound,de originele leageu roosbroeck in,showtime using and they kwartaal eye,catcher,het is een heb een methode is aan ether,[Muziek],ze kronkelen this may duel mulatten say,this video was het spons oord,a8 jullie simon lampjes es gibt,en aitches vond het zo lief down to your,effort met een porsche en ombudsman is,is mijn keyboard zo in this case iphone,cover try again liefde werden rate this,was werk pixar prize for mee aan real,love this one piece by in die koopman,if you do not zwart is van ivy liever,kan aan dit en alle geliefden link down,below,zo je kinderen van en verving de all,information i and please video komen en,ik nog wat je van was juffie worden

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hey guys whats going on Inception here,and welcome to another video this is not,gonna be a uh consistent thing with the,two players like the only reason why I,have this card right now uh is because,one of my boys that you know lets me use,his accounts that you know from previous,um,previous years right I still had his,account and hes like hey man like I did,the right wing version so I was like,okay okay cool you know lets just,review the card and see um lets see the,difference you know with the with the,two versions right so guys with Barclay,on this version of the card its also,going to be six foot one high low work,rates right footed Four Star skills five,star weak foot,um for the right wing version guys,it does look like it makes the most,sense to either give them the Finish or,Chemistry Style or the architect now the,reason why I dont want to give him the,architect Chemistry Style to make him a,lengthy player is because his shooting,stats guys is not in a good area and,neither is his dribbling right so I,think giving him the finisher Chemistry,Style to improve the dribbling and the,shooting of the card is going to be more,ideal ideal even if it makes them,controlled right if youre on the old,gen version of the game youre probably,still going to give him a finish or,Chemistry Style if you choose to end up,getting this card right so hes gonna,have 89 acceleration 94 Sprint speed to,work with the fact that he is a,controlled player uh shooting on the,card also going to be in a pretty solid,uh area when it comes to obviously,utilizing weak foot strong foot all that,kind of stuff passing on the card also,going to be in a fantastic area,considering the faculty as the five-star,weak foot with an 84 for composure 84,for composure uh yeah dribbling we will,be experimenting with because with the,finisher Chemistry Style we are going to,be working with 88 agility 80 for,balance and the 99 for dribbling while,being a six foot one player high and,average body type defensive stats he,actually has a few defensive stats which,could be helpful from time to time and,obviously when it comes to physicality,in game uh the card is going to be,working with okay physical stats right,so uh it definitely looks like a very,interesting card,um obviously we have tried out the,striker card I dont feel like theres,gonna be like a massive difference,between the two because I feel like the,bass mechanics are still going to be,like a thing,um so if you guys just watched the,striker card were gonna go ahead and,check out the right wing version in game,the way that we are going going to be,using him is in two different formations,its going to be for the 4231 to be fair,this team is not really well formatted,for the 4231 I do feel like its way,better to have high high work rates for,all three of the cam but thats why,were also using him for the 433 that I,showed you guys recently where he is,playing in the right wing position right,so that one hes gonna have uh the state,forward cut inside getting behind,against the box of the Cross considering,the fact that hes working with the high,low work rate you should see him,um often do all that kind of stuff so um,yeah well see how he plays in game,hopefully hes decent,in the center of Midfield and the idea,is to have just the one Striker okay,sure thing sure thing well take that,uh you gotta it has that Loop you got to,get that Loop there,yeah I just have to wait to see you know,what happens afterwards,Ill take that though well take that,I try to take the small touch to get a,finesse shot off but,didnt come off,all right okay this guy goes for how to,even though the balls on the floor the,registrations fantastic,theres a slight rule pass and running,in behind nice,So This Is Us using him in the actual,right wing position for 4-3-3,um,hes working on nicely like you have to,understand that if you dont really care,about the lengthy and using him as,Striker for that position,um,obviously with Pace being lower thats,something that you have to take into,consideration when using him in the side,position but pace is not really hugely,relevant in the game nowadays unless,youre like a player thats lengthy that,can really explode into certain like,positions and stuff EA register my fake,shots you can make him a lengthy on an,architect but I just feel like on this,card you need the finishing a finisher,Chemistry Style for the uh dribbling,boost as well as a shooting one,yeah so thats his work rate still,pushing him forward anyways,is he upside,really,I miss timed that like that no,good layout pass though,Val Verde,precise ball movement oh nice try nice,try offside but I want to try out the,shot the strike you know,good pass Messis not good for those,like super long distance runs though so,maybe an extra extra pass through on top,hold to Barclay,its looking promising,oh I try and get the roulette off there,unlucky,most of the strikes Ive taken with him,so far on the outside foot has been uh,the direct ones,can they convert nice,lets go boys,ah,no,[Music],[Music],monkey Im lucky,and the Kings moving the ball with,purpose,takes on the shots,probably should have been a goalie on a,green as well while hes pushing out his,goalkeeper but we move,ah bad choice there,ah I try to catch him on the dribble,there Im lucky,foreign,now Messi,opportunities,yep nicely done boys nicely done a build,up,ah what is that man what is that,well done boys,there we go how to work that space there,okay guys so final verdict on the,Barkley SBC so,um I do stand by what I said in the,striker review video uh that Im not too,crazy about this SPC you know cards like,uh,cards like arnautovich kieszas sbcs,those are cards that I told you guys to,do because honestly they performed,really really well in game they fit the,meta criteria really well,um with Ross Barkley you know I give him,a finisher Chemistry Style guys but he,still feels a little bit strange you,know again in this years game these,cards are so much more usable like if,youre decent enough of the game you can,definitely make him work and hes gonna,do some stuff for you right but you,cant base reviews off of whether or not,you can make it work and rather than the,actual quality of the car because if we,did that you know I can go to Harrys,videos see him absolutely destroy and,demolish people with Calvert Lewin but,obviously Harrys a monster of the game,right so you do always have to take that,into consideration when it comes to the,cards,um I just dont think Barkley is that,crazy you know personally,um I feel like as an SBC its them,trying to,create a situation where if youre on,the olden version of the of the game,youre probably going to go for the,right wing version and if youre on the,New Gen youre probably going to go for,the striker version just because of the,lengthy accelerate yes Ive seen people,say that you can make them lengthy on,Architects for this version of the card,however you have to understand that it,doesnt make sense for you to give an,architect to this guy because his,finishing is at an 80 and his agility,imbalance is still in the lower area,sure if youre using it in the side,position Those runs will definitely be,helpful but that finishing will be,annoying from time to time if you dont,improve it as much as possible so thats,the type of situation for this card,right you give them the finisher,Chemistry Style his dribbling still,doesnt feel that crazy right because,hes a six foot one player high in,average body type right using that in,the side positions might not be super,ideal maybe if he was like an explosive,player it would be a little bit better,but yeah it just didnt feel that,interesting to use you know like uh its,funny because this jota card I cant,wait until he gets some sort of card in,the future this this card in my opinion,is,like just a better card to use right,because listen you give this card a,hunter Chemistry Style right he has the,pace he has the shooting dribbling is,there passing de

THIS CARD IS NICE! 86 STRIKER OOP Barkley Review! FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

the reason I came to nieces because in,the Europa League in todays episode,here Im going to introduce the concept,of a nice car you know obviously,anywhere that Im needed to play in the,football pitch Im open to play but you,know Im a second player I like scoring,goals in the system as well as a key,part of my game,you want to know why I love this Ross,Barkley SBC not only is the Winger,version looking over jealous of the,other Barclay the striker Barkley,because hes lengthy but the highest,rated Barclay card that weve ever had,in the history of Ultimate Team came all,the way back in FIFA 19 when he got,himself an 84 made of the match for some,performance that he had for Chelsea this,guys an absolute Legend we never get,special cards based on Ross Barkley so,for that reason I think its a dub bull,something boys and welcome to the out of,position 86 Ross Barkley about to say,rule breakers out of position Striker,Center forward player pick card episode,yet today weve gone ahead and we have,selected the 86 Striker that can also,play center for their is however another,option if you complete this 100 000 coin,card in the form of I believe a left,wing left mid or whatever he can play on,the wing uh and uh he is non-lengthy,gets himself from pretty good stats has,has some nice dribbling stats I believe,has a little bit more Pace but for me,and it seems like most of the community,this 86 Striker Center forward Ross,Barkley card is the one smash like on,episode if you think its kind of,emotional the way hes doing his Dynamic,pick smash like on the Epi if you agree,that its kind of cool that we got,ourselves a card today that you know,doesnt get crazy informs all the time,doesnt get crazy special cards for that,matter and its just kind of nice to see,Ross Barkley and its very strange to,see an English player in Lay gun he,might just be the only English player in,Ligon but today were gonna test out his,card and were gonna see if hes worth a,hundred thousand coins smash like on Epi,if you want an RTG Epi tomorrow I dont,know three thousand four thousand likes,if you guys are new to the channel hit,that subscribe button down below and,without any further Ado as they say,lets just dive right into it so what do,you get with this card you get an 86,Ross Barkley right off the top uh there,is a Pepe in form that you can link him,into as well as a Casper Michael so that,goes a long way to get at least I,believe two or three diamonds he gets,four star skill moves five star weak,foot high low was born in 1993 with the,hunter chem style he is lengthy goes up,to 94 acceleration 94 acceleration,whatever 86 Plus 8 is his attack,position goes up to 92 finishing goes,all the way up to I believe 95 shot,power goes up to 97 already has 90 long,shots the volleys go up to 95 really,good passing stats dare I say it may be,a really good Center for it or Cam Im,gonna be testing out A variation of,boriss 442 uh four Triple Two tactics,uh that RTG Epi will be live on I,believe Tuesday or Wednesday again guys,going to England so there wont be,videos I think on Thursday and Friday,Im gonna be going to England for a,special event and then also going to be,going to Chelsea Dynamo Zagreb on,Wednesday night with Bateson and Tobias,shout out Tobias uh this card has 71,agility 75 balance so those parts of the,stats I think when people see that,originally its like but in this years,version of the game you dont need crazy,agility hes got the 88 ball control 88,dribbling with a whopping 90 composure,remember 5 Star weak foot 80 stamina 86,strength with 74 aggression and no real,traits to speak of if you have a Ross,Barkley card you put him in a league end,Squad were going to be using this isak,trayauri the absolute 6-8 freak of,nature uh and were also going to be,pairing them alongside the suzuko and,then this triora card uh that actually,came out today hamami hamari hamami,Hamachi hamari Trayaurus three star,three star looks like a pretty decent,card as well not the easiest to link,obviously he is from Mali but uh again,if youre putting together a fully gun,squad you can use this Terry to get him,links and uh were just vibing out,having a little bit of a little bit of a,fun time on a Sunday you guys maybe let,me know what you think about the Ross,Barkley card maybe 20 to 30 000 coins,too expensive uh but I think it is a,very very very fun card uh and we are,going to test it out in todays episode,yet but without any further Ado boys,match number one with Ross Barkleys 86,card is he worth 100 000 coins match,number one Alice hes a wolf supporter,hes got table courtois mascarano Modric,Jesus Navas and Radamel Falcao this is,just the kind of squad that I love,coming up against its a little bit fun,a little bit vibey uh Mastermind with,rosly rossly,the Ross Barkley trevella,Hey listen bro,Ill tell you whats an absolute Vibe on,a Sunday scoring a trevella the most,broken dude 88 shooting is nothing to,scoff at 86 dribbling Ive seen I saw a,bunch of comments on footpins saying,that its like a l content like a mid,card I mean okay maybe a little bit,overpriced but yo this Barclay card it,kind of spicy and hes already getting,out of here is,hes already out of here,wait I carrickson footbin says as a,villafane I can confirm Barkley is,overpriced and always out of position,well done for EA for being accurate IRL,thats tough,thats freaking that is tough dude Ross,Barkley a 22 approval rating man I dont,think hes that bad the socks you suck,triori and again the whole the whole,theme is to test this guy to test Ross,rossly Barkley out whats that left foot,looking like whats this I love it the,nice thing about this SPC is I dont,even need to check the uh what foot he,has well I mean he has two feet but uh,hes hes right footed so its really,not the end of the world whichever one,we use,hows he move whats the finishing like,Im Gonna Keep it an absolute Buck 50,with you boys man this Ross blockly card,is very good forget about the fact that,hes got Emmy Martinez to be fair hes,probably actually really cracked in his,own right but this Ross Barkley card man,nice little bit a nice little Berber,spin I might take him through the paces,Ive got a couple Ive got some Lee gun,boys in the squad that I could possibly,use I might just I might just test him,out in foot Champs tonight and play I,might just test him out in foot Champs,tonight and play my final 10 games with,him Ive got a isak treorary,foreign,come on man,78 Patrick banford like I mean,congratulations leads but like bro what,oh my God,oh my God close,no,like I just Im trying to figure out,what Im seeing on my screen right now,is that another Patrick Bamford goal,what am I seeing on my screen right now,dude,was that a known,whats lengthy look like thats lengthy,right there,oh,Rob sparkly lets go dude the raw,sparkly dead fish wearing the uh,Bohemian kit dude wed love to see that,Ross Barkley my guy,theres nothing bad about this card you,know 71 agility who cares man lengthy,with 88 ball control 88 dribbling man,yeah 71 agility what 71 agility what 71,agility what,oh my God if that that would have been,that might have been the best goal that,that would have possibly been the best,goal that I scored in FIFA 23. whats,his body type high in average dude I,think hes got,does he have the Alexander isek body,type,just literally bro,and hes not selfish he moved his keeper,oh I powered it up too much I got inside,my own head there thats why you,absolute fault my thoughts on todays,content I think the nedved in the Rye,card is actually a dub 260 for nedved uh,for the SB wait whats the SPC coming in,at the SPC for nedbed is coming in at,about about the price of the uh about,about the price of the market so you,could either pick him up or complete his,SBC theres the but ID for 90k the try,order for 79k theres the Lucas Vasquez,for about 100K uh and then the and then,the uh the Sal uh Swiss player for uh in,the Bundesliga so we love ourselves a,cheeky bonus uh Bundesliga


foreign back to another player review on,the channel today EA gave us Ross,Barkley as a player pick apparently this,is going to be happening every single,Saturday now were going to be getting a,player pick from certain promo and this,is quite an expensive car to be fair,its free squads coming in with an 85 84,and an 83 with a team of the week so,its not cheap you know hes English,playing in Liga which is quite nice,actually for chemistry also the packs,back from the SBC is really not good so,dont be expecting too much in regards,to the packs back but the cards are here,lets take a look at them and lets see,what we want to take of course were on,Old gen right now,so were going to talk about old gen and,new gems first of all lets look at the,striker Barclay 4 star 5 star high low,6-1 as well this card can be lengthy so,if youre on New Gen I would recommend,taking this actually looks like a really,good car to be fair his dribbling is,woeful but if youre playing on New Gen,definitely definitely definitely take,this card as he will feel a lot better,um in terms of the lengthy abilities,which you definitely can make him and,the card outside of that looks really,good for a striker a bit slow but still,a really cool collapsy with the five,star wheat fit in terms of the other,Ross Barkley were coming in with a five,star weve got four star skills again,high low 6-1 and right footed 90 Pace,8684 shooting 85 passing and 70 and 9,physical with 63 Defender which isnt,bad I assume neither of them have traits,no then as we look in to this card,um honestly looking at this,I honestly think guys looking at the,right wing version,I would probably take the striker for,both depending on Alternate positions so,the striker Barclay can only play,Striker and Center forward where the,right wing Barkley could play right mid,left mid and left wing but the dribbling,increase youre getting here is a very,very very small,and you can you know you can probably,make uh can you make him lengthy I think,you can still make the dribble in one,late fee but I just dont think looking,at it that the the right wing one that,looks very good so were going to take,the striker were going to play with the,striker one and were gonna pop him into,our team hopefully hes going to get,full chemistry I dont know if he will,and we might have to change a few things,just to get them on full cam but we had,Ivan Tony up front there Im gonna drop,Ross Barkley in there now hes only,going to get two chemistry points here,so were gonna need to,change this and maybe put Kim pembe in,to get him onto full cam Im hoping yeah,there we go now hes on full cam and,this from sparkly card does look really,good of course youve already looked at,the in-game as well take a deeper look,now,and you know the options are do you take,the shooting or do you take the,dribbling increase that is very,miniscule and honestly the shooting mod,just looks 10 times better so that is,why weve taken that one and his in-game,stats look brilliant you know the good,shot power and long shots good finish in,an attack positioning so good,acceleration and Sprint speed at least,its you know maxed out at 86 on both of,them and its not like a weird split but,passing is really good on this one as,well dribbling just is a little bit,dodgy in terms of agility balance and,reactions but were going to try and,change it with a chemistry style and,with that being said guys lets move,over to futbin take a look at what we,should be putting on this raw spark the,if he is actually there he might not be,here yet lets go,and take a look okay they have got him,and so a bit of striker one its 120k,the SPC which is crazy hes actually,lengthy by default as well which is,really nice the other Barclay is,controlled but can be made lengthy with,an architect as Ive as I thought,but Im pretty happy and content with,the one we took so for this card keep,some lengthy on almost everything other,than an artist engine and finisher and a,hunter is quite good for him if youre,not worried about the dribbling which,you shouldnt be if youre playing on,New Gen but if you are playing on Old,gen I would really look at something,like an engine to boost up that agility,imbalance where you can,get the same passing boost and get the,pace boost you know its up to 90 for,dribbling and Pace down and 88 for,shooting and passing 81 physical already,on the man this card looks absolutely,insane for uh 86 rated its coming in at,an eight-time rated cam with the engine,applied for us on uh old gen,and for New Gen other chemistry Styles,you can look at as I said a hunter is,really good,um I think a marksmans quite good as,well,especially a marksman four wheelchair,Ill probably go over Marksman on our,new gen sorry,um because it boots up that strength a,lot the the dribbling goes up but,dribbling isnt really important,when it comes to New Gen a hawk is also,really good for him if you want to play,on new gem but guys were gonna get into,a few games with this horse Barclay card,were going to apply the engine to him,on our old gem were only going to do an,old gem review here today guys because,Im currently like 9-11 Ive got some,things to do tonight but as I said take,this one for both versions of the game,and the engine is a really good boost,for him guys were gonna be playing him,as a striker in the full one time too,narrow maybe a cam actually well put,him in Cam and then well play messy and,rashford up front lets get into a few,games off Champs and see how this car,plays for cheap FIFA 23 coins make sure,to check out MMO exp.com to get fast and,reliable coins and make sure you use,code Viper at checkout all right guys,into the game we go with rosef Barkley,lets see how we got this guys got a,pretty basic team to be fair Im,imagining hes gonna be a good player,grayer and Petri red with rashford,Sterling Messi Valverde oh my last year,military,Hakimi and then Luigi Donna rumor in,that lets get into it and see how we,get on guys Im expecting this Barclay,card to actually be quite cool,um you know once again its a player,pick that is intro oh my word is,interesting because,I think on a lot of them are like Alaba,was a really difficult one to pick and,we saw the backlash that I got for,taking the one I did take,um but you know I feel like this oh my,God okay,I feel like this card is quite unique,you know English playing in the uh the,Lego and of course oh its nice well,then Ross I could save good start though,good dribbling from him there as well,which is good to see because,of his actual dribbling stat not being,the best well his dribbling is quite,good but,you know the issue is hes got low,agility in balance and you can see there,that it wasnt really affecting him,which is nice,Im gonna Mark that out were gonna go,back anyway Im gonna go into Ross again,oh were not who just made that pass he,needs second from the team,oh man hes got messy in here,nice bit of dribbling from him can we,mocked that well enough no we havent,nice very very very very very very nice,yeah lets get this back into Ross here,oh I like that run I like that run buddy,hes on as well no chance was he offside,guys you gotta remember as well Im Nine,and Nine and over right now not nine and,one might be lining one after this game,but it looks of it though nice compared,mate,Here We Go Again Barclay I should put,that into Messi there Barclay into,rashford back into Ross were gonna,PowerShot that oh okay all right his,shots feel really good of course that,was a power shot its gonna feel good,um but yeah very very impressed so far,with him,why obviously running away when I press,R1 there,when you press I want to put it supposed,to come short for you but obviously not,in that that piece of play there, my goddamn word so even guys,apologies for that,it is again Ross use that strength oh my,God who is he just body there,hes just been bullied himself I mean a,towel there as well,Ross,he does actually feel really good I,cant even lie he feels re

Honest Review: BARKLEY LIVE REVIEW COURSE and AANP Certification EXAM

whats up YouTube its your favorite and,PHP and Im back with another video so,this video is about how I study for my,certification I did take the ANP sub,petition board and took the barclays,course which is a two day course it was,about $500 today eight-hour class and,they gave you a booklet of information,that you could write your notes down,is there a multiple guest speaker so it,was like it was never boring it was a,great class the question is did I feel,it helped me and who will serve or is,this birthday course I personally did,not I took a course for my NCLEX and I,felt like that guy just gave me the,extra stick to every question I mean was,I expecting that this time around of,course I was since thats what I,experienced before so basically I didnt,study any other material ID what barkley,gave us and I mean I memorized this book,I felt like I knew this book but I just,when I took the certification it was,rough like Im gonna be honest it was,rough so I guess I could tell you how it,started so I went to the testing center,and everything was going good and we all,got checked in it was about maybe 15 of,us there and not all taking I think I,was the only one taking you know this,certification the result of people,taking whatever suffocation they were,there for a penny so we all sit down and,we go to log on and then there was issue,logging on like no one could log on and,it took them like a half an hour the,person that was there working the,testing center wasnt sure what was,going on so he had to make calls to such,and such like a sec so it took 30,minutes 30 minutes with throw me off,like I was always enough I was already,nervous taking a test and then you go to,take the test theres something wrong so,its like is this a sign so going into,the test I was I was already,uncomfortable and,I dont know if that just made it more,difficult but I just felt like it was,hard it was hard it was not easy and I,thought I failed sorry this is little,mama here I thought I failed the test,but he gets the results write that in,there and its that I passed and I said,thank you Jesus because like I said it,was a hard tab so well I recommend the,Berkeley chorus to others I I would,because a lot of my friends who took the,course felt like it helped them a lot I,dont know what I said if I started the,test run and just how I went into taking,my test and it was just it threw me off,with stuff not working properly and,waiting half an hour and then just a,worried going into the test which wasnt,that which did not set a you know a good,tone so I mean I dont even know did it,help me like I still felt so,uncomfortable going into the test I,thought I failed but I did pass one of,my good friends who actually went to the,same school I went to and actually is,working with me fell it helped her and,we both passed I also had a friend who,did not take a course everything for she,just studied one book and she ties so,she just studies at an inch dont let,the testifieth is thats another thing,you just hear mixed things I heard the,AFP was easy I felt it was extremely,hard thats how I studied and like I,said I did pass and honestly I know you,guys would like to hear if I would,recommend you know taking the Berkeley,course and I cant really truly say I,guess its based on how you learn like,if you learn better by hearing and being,lecture to and it is for you if you have,self discipline and youre able to study,a review look by yourself,then you could go look that route but,point is that I Pat so I hope this video,was helpful in some kind of sort away,please like subscribe and until next,time I see you in the next,[Music]

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