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  2. Barrell Dovetail – What is in This Bottle?
  3. Barrell Craft Spirits Dovetail : The Mash & Drum EP47
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  6. Barrell Dovetail Review
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Barrell Dovetail Whiskey Review! Breaking the seal episode #58

[Music],its won awards [ __ ] awards Ill get,them from Cisco 2019 double dildo old,not double gold sometimes one of the 18,people is like no silver just ruined it,for you they could have been moved on to,the finishing dance they could have beat,say more Passport,shut up I dont know thats rude were,about to find out,well back what forgiveness Im damned,Im hoping that up with a little baby,bird that was down I thought you were,dying,nope I was trying to hold it in there,hes praying like a play tonight we,drink now wasnt bad whoa I feel like,that would have been really good next to,the mic got some barrel dovetail it,sounded like it was in there so,so Braille dovetail is whiskey from,barrel craft spirits the number one most,confusing brain on the planet so this,one finished rum port type port pipe LBV,pour pipe I dont know but it was it was,just says that late bottle vintage which,means it was super unpopular oh yeah,done vineyards Cabernet barrels so two,wines emerald two wines,interrupts Blackstrap rum as they call,it assume thats the difference not like,a spirits expert fortunately this is the,thing took them a year making what,whats funny because it really does,smell like rum import like its very,roomy it is really forty those are birds,they are now your love like a verb is an,action descriptor may be an adverb they,ported this you know what else oh did,they around it so those are verbs well,there you go,not my sense for all right smells like,Hawaii,I like ramen my Cola Cola types of,flavor smells smells okay I got like a,serving anyway it smells really rich,does smell surfing,it smell so dark yeah its super cold I,cant get off that now nice thats,whats not like no yeah I have some in,the house Im gonna get it dude theres,like a chocolate in this too as well I,think so oh my god I keep trying to get,a big width and I keep forgetting its,cast right sixty one point nine percent,what is that sixty what chunky one oh I,thought I said sixty nine point one by,the head man no I bring 61 literally,with a 662 toilet 124 said the big,slices Lexi poof,I need a second this is getting my nose,is good clogged right not crazy cuz like,theres a lot of stuff going on to it,and I dont feel like it doesnt dart,work to get dark black cherry like dark,sweet black juice I got it oh its,syrupy like if you get the candy,charities for like an old-fashioned,something like that,you know water right here oh and why is,that kicking my ass,listen ah apparently that is warm like,dark well thats like a is so rich and,it is chocolate cheery really if youve,ever had cheery coke with grenadine holy,[ __ ] thank you or its not cherry coke,its just coke that they put grenadine,thats true Rico okay Im sorry if you,go to Buffalo Louisiana cherry coke they,bring you cope with Granby nan-oh,but its also they bring you grenadine,with coke yes yeah give me the sugar one,of those I theres a special charity,blues for old-fashioned theres you know,there yeah this is these like those,cherry one of those by itself that kind,of taste it taste like thats in here,this all seems like an insanely high,proof cocktail theres so many different,like fruity dark rich flavors in it its,very syrupy its very thick viscous and,then all sudden you realize that,thickness is burning your mouth man that,is like literally yeah like you said,like a Hydra cocktail its a loop its,like that an actual syrup from that,stuff if you just proof the hell out of,that like though the cherry from a,little were like its proved Woodford,made those old fashioned cherries,deployment jars,it has Watford in it I believe or their,aged or their like something Woodford,Reserve but theyre theyre black,charities and those were delicious I,like this so much more than you know,what I think we are that we dont,experience very often its a fans of,barrel proof finished whiskeys,yeah they are actually all this not,gross I think I but so usually cast the,and fans this Im enjoying we dont most,people cut these British whiskeys down,like quite a bit and I feel like a lot,of times what you do is you get whatever,its finished in you just destroys you,somewhere is like no the whiskey is,really really like cutting that out and,competing with that flavor so youre,still getting a good whiskey flavor and,then your pilot on with those,initiatives oh man the longer it sits,the more opens up the more rummy it gets,I feel it was crazy dark we had that we,did like a decent monitor glass at one,point is very dark,yeah this this leg reminds me of that,Pilar yeah the womans to breathe,burgers barrels like that seems sir if,you reach needles out of it oh my god so,good the guys heard you inhale already,oh,drunk from your nose in the whiskey,crying I like this yeah okay cool were,shooting this because it was like kind,of excited about this,its a waiters bottle MSRP is around 80,I look for something ahh but I believe,its supposed to be I think people safer,around 100 there thats complex theres,one other thing there is a lot going on,real fat pork leg kicked it to another,levels the pork comes in ice and the,finish comes in law so good it comes,into like sugu the rum comes in kicks in,the door and hasnt wants to party yeah,and then as the rump like gets drunk and,fades out the pork like upcoming so yeah,like it comes in super spicy hot and,then like it fades out into that subtle,like chocolatey rich pork flavor that,you want with Im such a fan its an,interesting followers if you cant oh we,like this a lot,definitely interesting theres I took,theres a lot to say about it waiting,great youll see brains going to a grave,80 bucks,$80 MSRP normal normally 100 in a lot of,stores how many I have to get this to,bins,if you like sinners frisky this is made,you have to buy this if you like,finished whiskey a hundred cents theres,no way someone wont pick that me like,day that isnt good but at the treatment,thats fantastic,lets deserve you know what if youre,not so big into desert whiskey finish,waiter want I still think its like a,solid b-plus I think if you want an,experience you wont pass it if you want,an experience Bowl together flat around,a – dont drink this no theres a lot,going on its really hot whats gonna,take your mind off the movie on top that,drinks really warm and then you were,gonna be drunk so you wont remember the,end of movie thats a good point think,that through and on top of that I feel,like youre trying to comprehend whats,going on is going to attract attracts oh,yeah alright were the Bourbon ws okay,this is the other video I didnt even,give it a grade because I dont even,care dude and I dont even know the,format of our own YouTube channel so you,want to give that a great Im gonna give,it a B+ um I dont know its but one of,the better finish whiskeys Ive ever,had,yeah I like the barrel proof aspect of,it the cast ranks oops it kicks it up a,lot same unit level adds a lot of,complaining because weve added a small,amount of water and it drip drops,probably announced its will to the quest,now from us some ham um thanks for,watching the video like comment,subscribe,appreciate patreon supporters there if,youre transferring Channings bull oh,its just you know like comment,subscribe like the first ones because,so yeah Hansons on patreon,well theres some good ones that every,Sunday though this video in Malaysia so,yeah thanks for watching,I just feel like and we just we really,did rail the Ken,[Music]

Barrell Dovetail – What is in This Bottle?

welcome back to adhd whiskey my name is,matt tonight,we are deep diving into a bottle,that i have wanted to taste and try,for so long and i just never did it i,just never bought a bottle,until i did and now were doing the,review,tonight were taking a dove,and its tail and pouring it in the,glass,and telling the tale about the dovetail,the barrel craft spirits,dovetail ive heard good things about,this bottle ive heard great things,about this bottle and ive heard,bad things about this bottle gotta clean,it up gotta clean it up,nobody wants a fingerprinty bottle,nobody,come on porter get your act together oh,that looks way better,barrel dovetail whiskey finished in rum,port and dunn vineyards cabernet barrels,cask,strength 124.7 proof,this is a patreon cork pop shout out,to a man who has two first names,and then a last,name you can call him pat,if youre on a first first name basis or,you can call him rick,if youre on a last first name basis but,his mother and his closest friends call,him patrick,and his last name friggin her miller,thank you for your support thank you for,being a patron and thank you for being,amazing patrick,adhd whiskey to a glass friggin dovetail,thats a lot while i spin and swirl this,beautiful tail of a dove,its kind of noisy while i swirl this,dovetail,check out my brand new hoodie its a,matte,worlds top whiskey taster zippy hoodies,its got a zipper its got a zipper so,you know whats good,swirling the dovetail twirling the,dovetail you got to get past,the bottle because the bottle is so,beautiful and the beautiful bottle might,sell itself,bottled by barrel craft spirits,louisville kentucky distilled in,indiana and tennessee dovetail is a,marriage of spirits,meticulously,meticulously,meticulously sourced finished and,blended,their origins paths and flavors differ,greatly,but they come together in this,harmonious and progressive blend,its bottle that casts strength so you,can experience the true flavor,lift your spirits joby address limited,release,barrelbourbon.com couple things first of,all,first of all buzzwords galore here,if youre gonna use words like,meticulously,origins its a big word for me,harmonious and progressive im a sucker,for big words on the back of the label,i was i wasnt even gonna buy this,bottle until i found out,that it was progressive and harmoniously,blended,through their origins and theres some,meticulous work that went into it,thats what sold me and i bought it what,i also noticed on the label,is on the front of this slb here it says,whiskey finished in rum pork and done,vineyards cabernet barrels,so having read the label that says,whiskey,it makes you wonder its not bourbon,and its not rye its not a blend of,bourbon and rye otherwise they would say,that they just say its,whiskey going to the nose wow,wow that,is aggress okay you know what,im sick of using the tool glass the,tool glass just makes me mad,into a glencairn there get out of there,color,is wow thats a lot of whiskey thats my,bad thats totally my bad,um a new penny,its a beautiful bright copper beautiful,bright copper,the nose is very,grapey like a grape laffy taffy,like a purple laffy taffy yes,purple laffy taffy vanilla extract there,is,like a chocolate oh shoot,you know those teddy grams a chocolate,teddy gram,a little bit of raisin and some rock,candy for sure not a lot of spice to it,maybe a little bit of cinnamon but not,much,the nose is unique and enjoyable i do,like the nose a lot,its not a traditional bourbon nose,because its not bourbon it says whiskey,and its finished in freaking rum port,and,done vineyard cabernet barrels whatever,the hell those are,but i do know that the nose is,compelling it makes you want to taste it,youre like what is this going to taste,like,and the only way to find out is if guess,what,you taste it done that,[Music],that,[Music],wow what the heck okay whoa,thats wow still going,okay the finish is,not finished it keeps going,and this tastes,this is a light whiskey i i cant say,that for sure,i i cant i cant sit here and tell you,that this 100 for sure is a light,whiskey,but i am the worlds,top whiskey taster officially,and this tastes,like a light whiskey 100 like a light,whiskey finish to barrels,so what do we think this is,lets be clear i like it i like it a lot,this bottle is like,90 bucks like 85 bucks or so,and it is a really sweet really unique,pour,distilled in indiana and tennessee,so that leads me to believe that,there is some aged,light whiskey blended with george dickle,and its blended really well because the,george dickel which typically has,specific notes that some people find,off-putting,arent present here if i sip this next,to an,unfinished light whisky i would find so,many similarities,call me crazy but i think i pick up a,little bit of,rum on the mid wow okay,second sip second sip im starting to,taste the rum barrel i think,so typically port barrels youre gonna,get a lot of raisin and a lot of,dates like some figginess to it im not,getting a,tremendous amount of that so im not,sure how long they were finished in,those barrels but im getting,i feel like im getting some rum,characteristics off there its good this,is really good,for them to source whiskey from indiana,and then tennessee,and then blend them and finish them or,finish them and blend them however they,did it,they did a great job this is good i like,it a lot,this bottle is for the person who enjoys,an extra,sweet whiskey at cask strength its,extra high proof,its very viscous the finish is,extremely long,its great its good when its,gone will i buy another one maybe,its hard to say this is one of those,whiskeys,that you could certainly crave im not a,doctor,or a bird or a veterinarian but this,dovetail,medically speaking is,ridiculously,my name is matt and this is adhd whiskey,and like i always say keep your head in,the clouds but your mind,on wearing slippers in the house,because you never know when youre going,to step in something,like legos,or chihuahua poop that just happened to,be pooped,that nobody saw and then you stepped in,it or,trouble if you step in trouble baref,barefoot first youre in big trouble,so a slipper will help you not be in so,much trouble,and will also keep the chihuahua poop,off your feet,and lego pain away

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Barrell Craft Spirits Dovetail : The Mash & Drum EP47

[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],are we doing everybody welcome back to,another episode of the Masters your,whiskey room I am Jason C and if youre,a subscriber thanks for watching if its,your first time here youre looking for,the latest in whiskey and bourbon news,and reviews you have found the right,channel so think about hitting that,subscribe button below and also think,about hitting that Bell notification so,you know when Im putting out a new,video today we have something really,cool really different unique I have,never tasted this before really excited,to get into it this is the bow craft,spirits brand new bottling called,dovetail lets get into it,alright guys a little bit about battle,craft spirits theyre based in,Louisville Kentucky theyre independent,Ballard unique aged sourced whiskey and,even rum spirits now the company blends,products that explore different,distillation methods barrels and aging,environments and bottles them all a calf,strength is awesome now every batch is,produced as a limited release and all,have a really distinct flavor profile,their bottles are currently sold in,about 42 states throughout the United,States,so since 2014 battle craft spirits has,been releasing a lot of award-winning,Bourbons and the occasional rye and also,rum as I mentioned now since no two,expressions are ever the same bow craft,has quickly acquired kind of a cult,following of sorts and its newly,released bow craft spirits 15 year old,bourbon which retails for around $250,was named American whiskey of the Year,by claimed whiskey critic Fred Minich,all right so this takes us to todays,review well were back off spirits have,really taken bow finishing to another,level with this new release called,dovetail now it is a blend of a,ten-year-old Indiana whiskey finished in,Dunn vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon casks,an 11-year old Tennessee whiskey,finished in Blackstrap rum casks and,late bottle vintage port pipes in fact,it has so much of a finishing character,to it that the alcohol and tobacco tax,and trade Bureau wouldnt allow barrel,to call it a whiskey which is why its,actually called dovetail so battle craft,spirits found that joke Beatrice and,master distiller Tripp Stimson worked on,dovetail for almost a year and seem to,care about releasing more interesting of,a spirit thats high-quality,more than they do fitting it into a,specific category which i think is,really cool now this blend is bottled at,cast strength of 60 1.45% ABV,or 100 22.9 proof it has an MSRP of $80,and became available as of December and,2018 alright guys so heres a closer,look at the bottle one thing thats,always stood out to me about battle,craft spirits is their bottle design,its its very distinct it seems its,kind of a simple kind of elegant design,I really like it so again as I mentioned,for ducktail this is a blend of ten year,old Indiana whiskey finished in Cabernet,Sauvignon casks and 11 year old,Tennessee whiskey finished in Blackstrap,rum casks and late bottle vintage port,pipes its bottle that cast rank thats,sixty one point forty five percent or,one hundred twenty two point nine proof,so lets get into this a little bit cut,the little tape up here all right lets,on the port this and it was squeaky ooh,that smells amazing on the cork all,right lets get a pour no dripped a,little bit all right lets get into it,alright guys so Ive been swirling this,around for about ten minutes now trying,to release some of those aromas those,flavors you know buy all that one,hundred and twenty two point nine really,trying to release a lot of those notes,so before we get into it lets get into,the color a little bit its a nice dark,golden honey color maybe hints of amber,in there really sticks to the glass well,really coating it yeah beautiful,beautiful looking whiskey alright guys,so Im excited lets get into the nose,on this one its already could already,start smelling it here we go wow really,really heavy rum note on here that that,rum that Blackstrap rum cask influence,is definitely on the nose its got a you,definitely getting those typical vanilla,caramels from the you know really nice,aged whiskey chocolate covered raisin,definitely definitely some really deep,dark molasses sitting here that I could,smell oh you know what I smell in here,or on the holidays they make them its,like a gingersnap cookie,its like a spicy ginger note but you,know you have molasses mixed in there -,its like a gingersnap cookie mmm and,underneath all that really as its,opening up now Im getting a really nice,dark fruit flavor almost like a,strawberry jam strawberry blueberry,maybe its thats got to be from the,Cabernet cask the Cabernet cask,influence in there,Wow the nose is just super inviting and,delicious I mean you could probably sit,with this for hours and just pick apart,different flavors probably different for,everyone all right guys Im ready to,taste some stuff hope youre ready -,here we go first sip Cheers lets get,into it whoa wow did that light my,palate up wow you really feel the,alcohol on the first sip mmm but now the,finish all right all those deep dark,flavors I was getting on the nose Im,definitely getting him on the finish but,you know that first sip well I really,got was alcohol so lets get to that,second sip and see we get here Cheers oh,wow so yeah that dark molasses that,gingersnap cookie I was getting on the,nose Im getting on the palate its like,caramel and vanilla meat super dark,molasses ginger really immediately just,thats what Im getting hitting so far,on the palate but now on the finish a,little bit is where that kind of the,darker fruit is starting to show itself,a little bit all right lets go for,another quick sip here Cheers,wow so this is crazy so each sip I take,its just getting better and better and,different things are showing itself so,as we talked about this is finished in,port rum Cabernet Sauvignon casks and I,feel like you get a little bit of each,of those influences as you keep sipping,on it in the front youre getting that,really nice dark molasses note probably,more likely from the rum then that those,dark fruits kind of make their way onto,the palate as it works its way down with,the probably some of the Cabernet,and the port finishing mmm and then kind,of intermingled in there you have just,some really beautiful vanilla and,caramel influences too its you know,just from from the different types of,wood that its been in its really,delicious,alright this stuffs just too damn good,Im going for one last sip and see what,we get now because it just keeps kind of,evolving here as I sip on it so Cheers,last sip ah the finish the finish let me,talk to you about the finish its okey,its spicy its dark fruits its a little,bit of maybe some cocoa powder in there,and really just really great sugary,sweetness this is one of those bottles,that is gonna definitely I could already,tell its gonna evolve over time,different flavors are gonna come out as,I keep sipping on this its absolutely,delicious like I mentioned you get on,the front it takes you through kind of a,dark rum molasses experience kind of,trending into a little bit more caramel,vanilla maybe more some more typical,bourbon notes there and then it gets,into these dark fruits cocoa sugary,sweetness on the finish coupled with,that vanilla oak its its a super super,amazing blend by battle craft spirits,this is really really delicious,alright guys so what Im gonna do now is,Im gonna add a little bit of water to,this and see if it opens it up a changes,it is 100 22.9 proof so I have a little,bit of water here so lets drop this in,a couple drops now my pal has gotten,used a little bit to the alcohol flavors,in here but Im hoping that it can maybe,open up some more of those sweet flavors,alright guys so this has been sitting in,here for about five six minutes been,swirling around lets see what we get on,the nose here oh it definitely,definitely got sweeter now its just,pure rum candy in there Wow a lo

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Just Whisky ????: Barrell Dovetail vs Seagrass

[Music],hi im john from just whiskey if you,like todays show please give it a,thumbs up,like and subscribe,and consider becoming a patreon with the,link in the description,below thanks for all the new subscribers,coming on board much appreciate the,support,and,lets celebrate stubbornness,um,normally i focus on,scotch,but um today were going to are going to,be comparing and,talking about,barrel,seagrass versus,barrel,dovetail,but remember its just whiskey folks,okay,the seagrass i have previously reviewed,so please check out that review im,going to be um,just going over,the basic,differences and taste and smell with,these,since ive already previously reviewed,the barrel seagrass,but,this barrel seagrass,version batch that i have is,59.56,abv,and whats interesting that i learned,with um with the barrel products,they come in different batches,and the batch numbers are very hard,theyre camouflaged,youre going to need a magnifying glass,with the barrel,if you look on the label,over here okay where,where im pointing or moving this finger,put a magnifying glass,with the end of the label,where the green and the blue meet,and,theres actually you know,theres actually you know grass thats,drawn as part of the label at the very,end of the last blade of grass,and,minuscule,print,um are the batch numbers and they are,challenging to locate and challenge to,read for sure um,this particular batch is batch,five,okay you do need a high-powered,magnifying glass all right,the,barrel dovetail,does not have grass its you know the,blue label has all these lines like a,dumped like a dovetail joint and,carpentry right but at the very end,it almost looks like the two last,dovetail lines on here but,i believe it says 11.,um i could be wrong,because um,again,the two ones,mimic the the dovetail lines,but i believe this is batch 11. um so,thats how you can tell what the badges,are look on the uh the labels to the far,right,where the,two color graphics meet,and and small small small,minut,print you will find um,the batch numbers,so the barrel seagrass,is distilled in kentucky indiana,tennessee and canada,and it is a,rye whiskey finished in martinique rum,madeira and apricot brandy barrels,okay and again uh the barrel seagrass,this batch five is 59.56,and the barrel dovetail,is distilled in indiana and tennessee,okay,and,barrel craft spirits,are,they,they buy sourced,products,and they finish them,and,then they they blend them themselves,okay,so the dovetail,is a whiskey finished in rum,port and done vineyards cabernet barrels,and the dovetail comes in at batch 11 i,believe,comes in at,62.35 percent,all right,first im going to start off with the uh,with the seagrass,and one thing i recommend with any,spirits,maybe not vodka but,but,bourbons ryes,scotches,rums,you need to let them open up and air it,a little bit because when you when you,pour in either one of these,the first thing youre going to get off,the nose is acetone,so just let it sit for,even just two or three minutes and the,acetone dissipates and you and youre,left with the essence of the the true,spirit flavors and,and nose and palate and sensations,all right,so the so the seagrass,on the nose,its more of a,of a rum influence and youre getting of,course the,little bit of the apricot in the nose,not a lot but its you get the the nose,is fruitier,than,the dovetail,yeah again the seagrass,wow its very complex,theres a lot going on there,its its an explosion of flavors and,sensations,um,its slightly sweeter than the dovetail,its,more syrupy than the dovetail but not,overly so,um,i think the seagrass,has,more of a mouth coating,mouth feel to it,um,its its a more viscous,syrupy but again not,sickly syrupy by any means but a slight,sweetness,sticky sweetness,syrupy,with a huge,rye,bite,with a strong,long,finish,okay a little pallet cleanse,okay,so,the barrel dovetail,which comes in at a higher proof 62.35,on the nose,again im just doing,im not dissecting these things like,like i normally would do with maybe,with,with a scotch only because i previously,reviewed the seagrass,on the pallet im in the nose,with the dove tail,youre getting,prominent,vanilla and caramel,um,the palette,its more,uh,its more funneled,its,its uh,the flavors are more,defined i guess more narrowly defined,so the dovetail,on the pallet,youre getting banana,pineapple,and youre getting a slight rye bite and,i dont believe theres any rye in that,but,i am getting that and its not because i,had this first and ive obviously been,doing a pretty good job in both of these,the dovetail is slightly darker in color,um,so back to the uh the dovetail,it has it has a,a slight rye bite which could be an oaky,bite,by no means is it woody,at all,and,the dovetail,is a,has a little more dryness to it a little,more pencil shaving to it,it has a sweet long finish but also a,drying sweetness,if that,makes sense,these are both,very enjoyable,and it really is,the old cliche it really is,apples and oranges,they both have,different nuances,but they also,are similar um,in my opinion,um,in my original review of the seagrass,i highly raved about it gushed over it,and i and i gave it a in a range between,90 and 92.,the dovetail,for my liking is again its apples and,oranges,some people prefer this over the,seagrass,personally i prefer the seagrass but the,dovetail is no slouch,for a,score on the dovetail,im going to go more like a,89 to 90,okay which is still a a great score,so basically,you can throw the scores out the window,id be,equally happy if you poured me either,one of these,um,i have,but i have,four other backup bottles of this,and i have one backup bottle of this and,im good with that,um,i will continue to buy,um,more batches as they come out if they,come out of the seagrass,whereas the dovetail i have i have one,as a backup and im good with that i,think,i highly recommend them both,you can be the judge for yourself,hope you enjoyed todays show remember,folks its just whiskey whether its rye,or scotch or rum even though rum isnt,whiskey but a lot of rum is finished in,whiskey,barrels,or matured whiskey barrels,so if you like todays show please give,it a thumbs up like subscribe consider,becoming a patreon with the link in the,description below and as always hats off,to you all and take care


[Music],[Music],[Applause],[Music],well hey david thank you for coming to,the speak easy and tasting my pick one,today my pleasure im excited to figure,out what you tried to trick me up with,today yeah i love this part i love when,you dont know what youre drinking and,you just make a fool out of yourself are,you ready im ready okay,i got some honey on the nose all right,no im going first,im getting some honey on the nose,no im getting i am getting honey im,getting honey im getting a little bit,of like an oatmeal like an oats get a,little bit of a floral almost a,honeysuckle,get some nice oak character out from uh,from oak barrels obviously a little bit,of spice,a little bit of spice a little bit of,proof,cheers cheers,kool-aid,whoa and then the end is like a rich,caramel,im getting a little bit of a kool-aid,smooth creamy vanilla fruit punch,kool-aid,some spice,i am,im a little bit shocked im getting a,good caramel lots of vanilla,but that first note you get its kind of,its like its like a red kool-aid like,a red sugary kool-aid fruit punch that,is weird and i always say its weird,because i cant place it its got a,really kind of a oaky,a little bit of a tannic quality too,but that like theres this like,a grapeiness to it too i almost,wonder if its a sherry cask finished,one or a pork cast finish a lot of the,sherry cast,cask stuff,kind of gives me some of this notes so i,get the grape its really really spicy,though like i feel it,it does give you a hug like its yeah,its got a really strong spiciness its,got a decent mouthfeel a decent finish,its you know i dont think its a,bottom shelf bourbon,im not blown away by it i cant say im,blown away by it either,this is the first time as far as i know,ive ever tasted this one before yeah i,dont love it im getting a little bit,of like an apricot,very mild apricot some fruitiness there,a little bit of floral like i got a,little floral on the on the nose and im,getting a little floral on the palette,for okay proofiness im gonna guess,proofiness its,im gonna say its like 120.,youre close yeah yeah its gonna be,right around 120 on the proof so the,more and more that i sip on this and,that kool-aid is starting to turn into,kind of a red berry for me,a little bit,so given the proof given the red,berriness,im,ive i know ive suggested i think im,gonna go with stag junior,i feel like you picked that every,picture because it reminds me of you at,first at first hold on hold on at first,i thought it might be the um,um whered it go,i have no idea i was thinking stag,junior and then i started thinking about,that rare character,but the rear character has a lot more,red berry to it so what is it what is it,what is it,oh my gosh,this is dangerous oh the dovetail,okay i see that you got you got some,explaining to do here david i dont i,mean i like dovetail okay but i dont,love it ive i mean ive not disliked it,but ive never been like wow thats been,amazing to me yeah i can see that,yeah the kool-aid flavor of it at the,beginning it just is a very artificial,taste and i dont love that taste and i,dont love it on even kool-aid so yeah,uh,wait you cant come in here and then,just like take over well i wanna i wanna,reset i havent had stag junior in so,long and in your videos i keep saying,stag junior on every flipping does one,of these days im just gonna do stag and,youre gonna be like thats will it pot,still i know youre not gonna be like,ill drink ill taste some stag though,too,oh thats more like it oh yeah thats,way,that is head and shoulders better,tons more caramel now the red berry is,just bla like blowing up in my mouth and,its like real red berry like yeah its,not the kool-aid artificially taste,okay i like this one im not even close,yeah its its not its a completely,different experience the mouth feel on,that so even though proof wise theyre,actually in the same ballpark the mouth,feel on this versus this,that is an amazing mouth feeling a bit,yeah,an amazing mouth feel an amazing finish,and thats part of the thing problem,when youre blinding something and you,havent you cant dont have something,to compare it to,like i forgot how good stag is compared,to some other things this isnt like,gross in my opinion its not terrible,no,i just,again it gives its kind of like the,name brand version versus the,wannabe brand,yeah and i dont know thats how thats,how it tastes to me like like its,almost perfected in the brand name,but its does that even make sense yeah,its the imitation version yeah yeah,its artificial so barrel dovetail uh,this is an older batch so its its not,like one of the current ones i bought,this probably a year and a half ago,barrel dovetail barrel craft spirits uh,this is finished in rum port and dunn,vineyard cabernet barrels so again the,grape is the port and vineyard cabernet,barrels that were picking up some of,that wine finishing,which,those of you who follow whiskey row you,probably know that i dont love wine,finished bourbons yeah particularly so,im not surprised i didnt love this one,like you said its kind of like an,imitation version of,a really good barrel proof yeah like,stag junior or,four gate or something like that are,these typically findable these are,typically findable bear craft spears,puts out some pretty good stuff,this is findable usually this runs right,around 80 bucks maybe 70 80 bucks 100,bucks,you know price is very i probably,wouldnt pay over like 30 or 40 dollars,for it this particular one 124 proof,they they put these out this is a,distilled in indiana and tennessee so,its a mix of,um mgp and,probably george dickle probably,and the combination yeah and then they,then they put them into stuff so,barrel crafts beer says some some,interesting stuff some of the stuff i,really like some of it i dont love,and uh seagrass,oh sorry no,are you gonna suggest that seagrass is a,good um pick why dont we grab that down,tell me i want to taste something that,is like in the brand,like,one of their good picks so i would,consider a good pick so i love the,barrel seagrass to me thats like one of,the best things from barrel craft,spirits that ive ever tasted and its,this delicious delicious apricot balm,so think when youre drinking this think,apricot,right like a fresh apricot and youll,get fresh apricot candied apricot um but,its a rye its a rye whiskey not a,bourbon yeah its weird i almost get,like a little bit of orange,youll get that so its its rye whiskey,finished in martinique rum martinique,rum mediera and apricot brandy barrels i,feel like,118 proof so it again its a very very,proofy proofy uh proofy glass so im,getting brown sugar from the rum im not,picking up apricot on the nose im,getting a little im getting a little,bit of orange im getting a little bit,of a like dried fruit,along with the orange i can see that hey,you get a little bit of a proof up front,some spice and then it goes theres tea,thats the rye you you always describe,rye with with the tea note,and then it goes to apricot its a very,very fruity juicy apricot okay i like,this one this one is this is so so good,i love the tea taste mixed in there it,kind of like sooths it down a little bit,where,it tastes like you know tea and lemon,and i get that apricot that youre,talking about its really good almost,like peachy,when i first got into bourbon uh the the,dovetail was one of the one of the,earlier more expensive bottles i bought,and i really liked it because they,brought that kind of candy red berry,thing,and,then as i had other bourbons and i got,into and i had to stagger junior and i,had some other you know some of the,other buffalo trace products that are,that are a little hard to find some,really good knob creeks some other stuff,like that,theres a lot of them obviously but but,thats when it kind of exposed this,particular bottle and dovetails change,batch to batch so the new batches may be,different they may be better yeah and if,you guys have the newer batch comment,below tell us how you like it but to me,the seagrass is l

Barrell Dovetail Review

hi guys im bobby from red ventures and,whiskey thank you so much for joining me,I know its been a while since our last,post here on YouTube but weve got a,brand new batch of videos coming and,were gonna kick things off with,barreled dovetail barrel dovetail is one,of the most unique whiskeys to come,across this barrel in the last couple of,years,barrel delta l is a blend of,ten-year-old indiana whiskey finished in,Cabernet casks and eleven-year-old,Tennessee whiskey finished in Blackstrap,rum casks and vintage port pipes as,everything from barrel its bottle that,cast strength in this case thats one,hundred twenty two point nine proof Wow,bear craft spirits their strengths lie,in blending I think thats what they do,best they go out and pick out,interesting barrels and Ive had in,single barrels from barrel before and,they ranged from its okay to wow this,is really nice in fact just recently I,helped take a barrel of barrel for the,New Orleans Bourbon Festival coming up,next month and it was beautifully,balanced it was really really good its,those classic bourbon flavors like I you,if I didnt know it was a single barrel,I would have figured it was a lot of,barrels batched together and blended,together to create that flavor profile,because each of the whiskies used in,this blend were finished in secondary,barrels the TTB didnt allow their Im,at least Im assuming thats the reason,didnt allow barrel craft spirits a name,this a whiskey so technically its not a,whiskey even though its a blend of,whiskies lets get to the smell and,taste,so its interesting to note here the,nose is very breadfruit forward so,thats thats indicative of those,company casks theres a bit of a caramel,not molasses but caramel,little floral and some oak spice so its,not traditional and in the sense of,bourbon or American whiskey where its,you know caramel and vanilla and oak and,thats sort of the main part of it this,the red fruits really really helps,soften things out and lift things up,[Music],taste and this is a neat by the way no,no water added,what I like about this is the,development of flavors,it starts out sort of like the nose,where its very red fruit-forward,berries and and like raspberry some,cherry a little bit of spice a little,bit of vanilla and then it develops the,rum casts were like Im gonna play on,my palate so theres a lot of though,that deep molasses theres a lot of,theres a little bit sorry of some,chocolate fruit mango especially as the,dog walks around and shakes the camera,part in the dog and then the port pipes,really come into play on the back palate,those darker red fruits darker notes so,its its a lovely sort of rollercoaster,ride of sorts it finishes long and it,sort of has its a sort of like Greatest,Hits,of what you just experienced in the,palette and it is warming I mean I mean,were talking 122 point three point nine,proof so its its definitely a great,winter DRAM if you are a traditionalist,looking for traditional bourbon flavors,you wont find those here if youre,trying to see something different its a,its a little rich its a little sweet,decadent those secondary barrel finishes,were really coming to play here and are,really crafted together and something,that I think youll enjoy so if you see,a bottle by all means I think youll,agree its one of the most interesting,things youve tasted in the whiskey,world as of late so with that Im gonna,finish this and enjoy the rest of my day,Ill see you soon Cheers,[Music]

Barrell Bourbon and Dovetail | The Whiskey Dictionary

bourbon blended cask strength lets get,into it,[Music],hello everybody and welcome to the,whisky dictionary I do the research try,to teach you a little something about,what youre drinking I hope you guys are,all doing ok with your extended home,time period thing that were all going,through here and I had heard that high,ABV alcohol specifically over 60% can be,used as a sanitizer so its only kind of,true certainly dont use whiskey for it,but it did get me thinking about cask,strength whiskies and I started looking,into barrel craft spirits which makes,blended Bourbons and what they do is,they take about 60 or so barrels and,they create a batch out of them now,theyre taking these barrels from all,over the place but mostly Tennessee,Kentucky Indiana,yes MGP but theyre taking all of these,very specific flavors and theyre,blending them together similar to what,blended scotches do and because of that,theyre able to take pretty much,anything theyve got all these,connections to million different,distilleries and theyre able to get,good stuff and theyve won a lot of,awards for doing this so I want to talk,a little bit about the distillery so,this guy named Joe Beatrice back in the,90s he was a tech guy and he kind of you,know was part of that whole boom and,decided to do something different so,while he was running his tech company,though he was a home brewer and one day,he went to a distillery and tried some,whiskey straight out of a barrel and for,those of us that have tried that we know,it can be a life-changing experience and,if you happen to be the entrepreneurial,type you might take that experience and,go turn it into a business like Joe did,so he ended up starting up his own,company now a lot of people in the early,2000s kind of saw the way that craft,spirits craft beers were going and you,know knew that the whiskey boom was,coming smart people and Joe was one of,these guys so Joe took instead of making,his own distillery like a lot of people,do he made his own blending house if you,want to call it that and he hired a guy,now I dont normally talk too much about,master distillers here unless theyre,rock stars but trip Stimson sorry,Stimpson he is a guy who is ex,brown-forman he has helped many,distilleries build their own,distilleries you know from a consulting,standpoint and he is,the master blender – although master,distiller is his current title of barrel,craft spirits and he helps to put all,these together so both Joe and Tripp,work on creating these batches now most,of these batches have one quite a few,metals and what I have here today is,batch 18 which is admittedly a little,bit old this was back from 2019 however,it won a ton of awards and I thought,this would be a good one to do now I,also have over here the dovetail and,were gonna talk about the dovetail this,is actually believe it or not this is,going to be the first non whiskey that,Ive ever covered on this channel if you,dont count my fireball episode that I,did last April first for April Fools,Day but dovetail is technically not a,whiskey because of some of the way that,its made and well talk about that -,they also produce rye they make random,different types of whiskeys all,different kinds and because of the way,that they make these whiskeys theyre,able to experiment fairly easily they,dont have to take time to age their own,weeded bourbon for example if you wanted,to maybe explore that and said they can,just get it from somebody else,so theyre able to churn out these,batches very quickly they also have the,dovetail which is a as Im going – not,exactly a whiskey because of some of the,way that they finish it however its,still very very good and very highly,sought after so lets go ahead and do,some nosing and tasting of the regular,barrel bourbon as I mentioned this is,batch 18 the newest one is going to be,23 I believe although it depends on when,youre watching this so lets go ahead,and give us a nose Cheers part I guess,nose,that is just a wonderful nose its very,um its not lets see this is this is a,little over 55% I forget exactly fifty,five point seven eight two percent hope,you can forgive my lack of precision on,the less than one percent so fifty five,point seven eight percent and the nose,on here it smells as if you have just a,nice heavy lower proof theres,absolutely no alcohol burn here and just,very good so some of the items that,youre getting out of the nose here some,of the smells are pineapple and I would,say pineapple is actually pretty,forefront for me and then you have mango,which also very good you tend to get,tropical fruits all kind of at the same,time theres specific bacterias that,produce that type of smell I would also,say theres kind of like a dark like a I,dont want to say reason maybe plum or,possibly like a red grape going on there,so thats thats really good,cinnamon and vanilla theyre gonna be my,my go-to for the nose here so one thing,thats nice is you can you can really,pick apart this whiskey it doesnt blue,even though its a blend those noses,dont blend together there are very,different smells that youre gonna get,if youre trying to find them so if,youre doing this along with me to see,if you can pick those all out all of the,different batches are going to obviously,be different but barrel bourbon overall,has a general concept behind it so my,guess is these these notes would be,somewhat relevant to whichever batch,your happen to be drinking so lets go,ahead and if I can I just want to thank,everybody out there who is working,outside of their own house during this,time in whatever capacity you are,whether you deem yourself essential,employee or not you guys are helping to,the world to continue to be some form of,normalcy so thank you,Cheers hmm Im glad after a toast like,that that this tastes good wouldnt be,bad if I just did a spit-take,right so overall youre gonna be getting,a lot of tastes of those tropical fruits,in here this is very tropical fruity,this has a lot of character to it that I,really really like so pineapple again,very much so some actually Im gonna Im,gonna say that mango again although,thats thats a little bit less than in,the nose however Im gonna go a,different way with this and also say,that Im getting some citrus fruits as,well like oranges and lemons and Im,gonna take another sip hmm you know what,Im actually getting a little bit almost,like a pina colada,which is a little weird so theres also,theres like some coconut going on there,theres uh theres a lot going on there,and the alcohol content although high is,not overbearing it settles in really,really nicely now I do have some water,here Im gonna try to if I can think,it or if I feel like its gonna be a,good idea Im gonna try to remember to,add water whenever Im drinking,something thats a little higher proof,so Im doing it for drops in here Im,gonna give it just a minute I actually,did not really do this before or filming,so this is an experiment for me too so,the water appears to have brought down,some of the nose so as far as the nose,goes I would not recommend adding water,but lets go ahead and give it a taste,hmm theres almost like a rhumb,influence now that Ive added a little,bit of water the water brings out the,cinnamon a lot more as well theres,virtually no vanilla and the taste,actually oddly enough just a couple,drops of water really make a big,difference a oddly enough we all can,relate to how water affects whisky but,theres a significant change in the,taste with a little bit of water added,so I would recommend doing both the in,kind of a bit of reversal here adding,water seems to give it more of a drying,tannin that you typically when I refer,to like a barrel or an oak flavor that,seems to be coming out a little bit more,here so you get a lot less of the fruit,and a lot more of that cinnamon barrel,tannins and just kind of that more,classic heavy oak bourbon type of notes,so interesting put that to the side,lets go ahead and bust out the dovetail,now for those of you tha

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