1. Barstool Pizza Review – Nanuet Restaurant (Nanuet, NY)
  2. Barstool Pizza Review – Nanuet Hotel & Restaurant (Nanuet, NY)
  3. Dave Portnoys Top 10 Highest EVER One Bite Barstool Pizza Review Scores
  4. Barstool Pizza Review – Brooklyn Original Pizzeria (Haddon Heights,NJ) presented by Omega Accounting
  5. Joe & Pats Pizzeria – Barstool Pizza Review
  6. Barstool Pizza Review – Doughbriks Pizza (West Hollywood, CA)
  7. Barstool Pizza Review – The Mountain House (Sparkill, NY)

Barstool Pizza Review – Nanuet Restaurant (Nanuet, NY)

[Music],thank you,all right please review time uh this was,a drive-by Austin you know why because,were driving by to the Nanuet,um hotel and restaurant and we saw this,sign it says bar pizza Im a bar guy Im,a bar pizza shadow Monty Swampscott the,only Perfect 10 Ive ever given is it a,perfect 10 no did I grow up on it yes,does it get Hometown cooking yes Montage,Pizza,Lynn,ten so here we are Nanuet restaurant bar,pizza one bite ever knows the rules,there it is bar pie,um,in like the restaurant down the street,who I loved I loved the people it has,that pan Upper Crust thing going on,so they cook it in the same pan whoo,its very hot,a little bit on the Flop Edge,Ive had a lot of bar pie today for a,guy who likes bar pie this has been a,fiesta of the census,yeah I am I just heard my name one bite,ever knows the rules lets see what we,got,very hard they had to be the same size,it had to be,[Applause],then from the Boston truck yeah thats,great,its a little floppy with my bar pie,needo I gotta hear a little bit of that,crunch can you see me hold on,yo you gotta this is just in the mulch,yo whats up Dave this is in the mulch,hold on,um,no Ive had like 30 pizzas tonight Ill,go 7-2 on this Im gonna go 9-2 on the,sign nine uh two on the sign all right,yo its a great place it looks great so,there you go,um were in now you its still to me,this name of this town and the sign I,feel like I gotta be in the Hamptons at,the cape uh that was a drive-by review I,dont know weve got cross talk in here,this guys in the mulch I dont know you,hear me or him or him or me thats a,review,w,ow W Hotel,W Hotel what about it are you there I,show you walk out of there oh did I have,I stayed at the W Hotel in Hoboken,before yeah is that where youre at yes,Ive stayed at the W Hotel before all,right no so we uh love your uh flour,that you uh did at Hoboken the flower,shop pizza shop pizza shop flower good,stuff great recommendation love it its,really really good yeah its awesome,very good very good

Barstool Pizza Review – Nanuet Hotel & Restaurant (Nanuet, NY)

[Music],all right pizza view time,uh were at Nuance is this lighting what,was going on Nuance newet restaurant,sounds like it should be in what like,the Hamptons or like the cape nuat nuat,theres only like eight people in there,but theyre going bonkers over me,dont be shot,[Music],dude you look young man and um,I watch your reviews,at the end of the night or youre not,listening to another Pizza review Im,like I need to know where the best pizza,is Im like Kobe comes to us yeah this,is a cool spot place is an absolute like,I like it almost feels like here you,wont go by it feels like a uh you know,a movie like a space house like a fun,house in there like every rooms totally,different you got the young people video,like uh uh claw game on the other side,of the bar you got the old heads but,look like theyve never havent been,outside in 20 years its a little,everything signs honestly if you want to,just talk pure uniqueness of a joint,form a hotel thats gonna be what top,five like just weirdest most interesting,unique environments every room was,different this is a eclectic place its,maybe the first fish tank,okay,hows it going how are we its different,dining room yeah the snow is snow yes,its like a VIP table of sorts its like,10 different places in one I love it,yeah its right here Hi how are you good,how you doing good upstairs secret room,and people up here has his own bathroom,has a secret door to the main Hotel so,there is a hotel yes,21 bedrooms holy moly so you do you use,this at all anymore no just for the tour,yes heres the pizza bar pie,um,and it does have that crackery which I,generally like the uh Pete and Elders,Vibe and that is a Delicious Pie right,there thats what were gonna find out,right there my man just a Delicious Pie,one bite ever in those rules not It,nuant nawant restaurant n-u-a-t not,thats not a great undercarriage,that by the way,that crossed Chicago you see that,sometimes the up like cake crust can you,zip like,almost a pan crust like sometimes see,that in Chicago with the pan style,um,lets see this is bar pie,[Music],super light trash guy,um,its good its a its not the lightest,piece of all time like it gets light,around the crust but it has a decent,amount of thickness in the middle a,little bit greasy,veteran move there,usually click bad firm,Im gonna go,they want me to come back in there,foreign,[Music],Im gonna lie Im gonna say seven seven,probably gonna be honest seven three but,Im gonna lie because theyre awesome,people guys from Ireland I think he said,the wife were,a delight the place is cool got so much,character,do we have to go back in there,I think I think so,it seemed like theyre expecting you to,come back in so Im just gonna say I,hope they dont think Im ticks but its,like Im gonna say seven six it was,seven three seven three is not bad but I,think they want more and I just I dont,want to look disappointment I cant deal,with that so Im gonna say something six,its a seven three I love the people I,love the place,[Applause],okay 7.7 7.8 76 okay wow,yeah wow Im super happy all right thank,you yeah yeah is that on your soup yeah,right now,hey thanks for coming so much can I ask,you what you would have changed,something I said when it came out of the,oven yeah and of course a little see how,its like puddly yeah okay so I like it,like drier yeah did you get a,photographer yes we did I did it Ill,take one yeah absolutely what yeah thing,says,its good what is this by the way what,creates Ive seen this a couple that,okay so its a pan pizza,Chicago style for like yeah but cooking,them for about 25 minutes and then they,take it out for the last five got it,yeah that was good real good youre more,of like a pastry crust though yes,all right nice,thank you

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Dave Portnoys Top 10 Highest EVER One Bite Barstool Pizza Review Scores

yes,all right frankie uh continuing in new,haven,the place is so old school in there i,felt like i was in the sopranos or,something just very old school this,string that he took like five hours,putting on to to its gonna take me five,hours now to get it off have you ever,seen that where they string the pizza up,and it it is we i didnt know what to,expect whether when we came here it,would be all different style this is,again coal fire looks the same exact,pizza big box baked and served on the,premises 237 worcester street frankie,i could take this my my arm i dont have,a good arm i have a bad shoulder,shoulder surgery i would have been the,big leagues if i didnt have shoulder,surgery hit like 420 as a freshman all,the way through i could hit a ball a,country mile the harder you threw it in,the harder it went out thats how i,played couldnt throw at all having said,that i could throw a baseball down the,street and be uh to pepes theyre that,close,this place,cash only,like i said old school old school vibe,everything about it i loved it i can see,why people say no new havens the pizza,capital of the world and look at it,look at that,pie it makes me want to [ __ ] cry,frankie,the [ __ ] work of art the crust so,brown lets see,what we got an eight eight and eight,five so far in new haven one bite,everybody knows the rules the worcester,street right thats where were at yep,frankie theyre all the same theyre all,[ __ ] awesome,its nitpicking if theyre gonna go one,from the other this is [ __ ],thats good good yeah its real [ __ ],good,[Applause],[Applause],nine two,nine two,all right this is the leader in the,clubhouse this is it were one,pepes theres pepes and then theres a,batteries right after that whats the,one after the lattes theres pepes and,then the batteries pepes right across,the street,that face is on this road we just did,puppets,yeah i dont know what apathe is its,right right next to it did you see that,frankie across the street,all right is it and its on the same,level as these guys its you know i,maybe put a peg lower whistle,pepes i gave an eight,five,nine two and modern i gave an eighty,and now im go were gonna go do bar,after this,do you agree with those rankings uh i,totally agree with those rankings i,think youre spot on i think sallys,upbeats is the best in new haven for,sure,yeah oh thats the other youre doing i,dont know what you was doing,oh pizza i have no idea what that means,that must mean something a,pizza a beets is that like italian beets,american italians like we dont call it,mozzarella we call it moose i know,thats what my guy frankie does okay,beets ive never seen us ive been to,450 places ive never seen the a if you,see the a maybe it means go 9.2,thats a real deal frankie i im very,close to declaring new haven pizza,capital of the world these are three,pizzas that are [ __ ] spectacular,spectacular a beats like this you say i,just learned it but you say it like this,a beets,a beets a with the pizza frankie show,them,thats what a 9.2 looks like a beets,of beets,[Music],well you worked there,i yeah actually,she works its listen its my favorite,but you worked there you just kind of,gave yourself up there no [ __ ] [ __ ],she thinks its the best she works there,it is it is my favorite of three but i,mean her opinion throw that out the,window,[Music],all right were at lazaras pizza,we went to do rangers blue carpet some,[ __ ] clown yelled at us in a suit a,suits like you cant tape i think,[ __ ] kevin hayes is fine with doing,barstool all right [ __ ] chill out,suit dude before i stick you in a,[ __ ] locker you [ __ ] piece of suit,um anyways lazarus pizza is one of the,weirdest entrances ive ever seen,i feel like sopranos godfather put a,[ __ ],gun in the toilet grab the [ __ ] gun,come out and shoot somebody right in the,[ __ ] lasagna face um very excited if,this isnt great pizza,my names not davey,one bite everyone knows the rules one,place important,um,lets see what this [ __ ] joints,about,[Applause],if this pizza is not a nine or above,i have no pizza instinct i dont even,deserve to be in the pizza game,what address is this,221 west 38th street lazarus pizza,without even giving it a review i,havent even one bited this [ __ ] i can,tell you if you dont eat it youre an,idiot,its the best pizza place ive had yet,in new york joes number two lazarus,number one best pizza place in new york,right here havent tried it thats how,confident i am and my whole instinct my,vibe my brain everything i just know,i just know somebodys been [ __ ],whacked in there too which i respect,[ __ ] up,come on,i asked if we could [ __ ] tape so we,wont get whacked just dont get the,person whos eating all right,yes yes look at the inside,i got a feeling this place can be,[ __ ] bananas good,i mean this is,this is how you [ __ ] walk into a,pizza,people there dont get them on tape,theyll just get like the atmosphere,here,its like cool,this is how i want every pizza place to,look let me get down that restaurant,buzz,oh never fails frankie,hundred for 100 in terms of [ __ ],knocking into people zero self-awareness,i literally,cannot be more excited for pizza,lazaras pizza 221 west 38th street,second floor off 7th avenue fashion,district your host sebastian tony danza,lazaria they welcome you apparently the,cherrybombrecords.com,dont know what that means maybe they,have a record company,square pizza,but it has the crust im still so,excited,anything less than a nine i dont even,want to be a part of this universe but,throw my head into a tailspin,its so hot that im gonna burn myself,can you see can you see me shaking thank,you thats how excited i am right,one bite,everybody knows the rules,be be real for me one time be good be,what i expect here,oh,frankie,one bite everybody knows the damn rules,yes,oh yeah i knew it what did i tell you,before this started,what did i tell you frankie it was gonna,be good its gonna be the best,thatll be at least the nine do you even,listen while im doing these this pizza,i just flipped it,yep,nine,point three,credit to lozaros pizza credit my brain,print defining this place must try pizza,youre going to love it if ive given,you any tips in this lousy city lazar,pizza on a few good things one few,silver linings in this entire dire,miserable gray city lazara pizza the,real deal try it out 9.3 great score,glad to be a part of it thats a review,[Music],okay we are at angelos across from,viceroy uh,119,west 57th,everybody knows the rules one bite till,we try them all we got one large pie,here,see what we got for angelos,i like the looks of angelo slice yes,come try but you got to give us a score,you got to let us know on a one to ten,what you think of it all right its hot,dont burn yourself yeah i was planning,to go inside because i love your pizza,yes you love angelos pizza oh i love i,always come in oh you got my finger you,trapped my finger okay thats okay you,want to slice two,yes what accent is that you guys got,beautiful actors albanian albanian yes,and you guys are big angelos fans i love,angels yeah all right well you guys just,wait until somebody would come out with,a full pie and then youre like well,well get them she was fishing her we,were,you got to let me know the score one,bite everybody knows the rules we try,every place in manhattan angelos,one bite what do you got for a school,number,one through ten you is it is uh over ten,no you cant go over ten thats thats,illegal ten perfect score but heres the,problem with that if were doing figure,skating rules what if you have better,pizza tomorrow what if you have better,pizza than this tell you something i try,so many places with pizzeria this is,good pizza but,i im always in angels this is really,good pizza i always come back whats,your second favorite pizza place,yeah and also i work right there in that,building carnegie hall tower and a lot,of clients they buy pizza from you guys,too as well they love you they love it,we put,our blood sweat tears into making th

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Barstool Pizza Review – Brooklyn Original Pizzeria (Haddon Heights,NJ) presented by Omega Accounting

[Music],thank you,all right pizza view time,um we are in uh,uh were in uh were in uh were in,dont tell me voted talk 20 were in uh,were in a,dont tell me,the [ __ ] off,what had in town Haddon Township,Brooklyn uh original Pizzeria is that,where our hiring established 2019,Brooklyn Heights original.com Brooklyn,style baby cooked to Perfection well,done never burnt I like that I kind of,like burnt work the weight voted top 20,best pizzerias in New Jersey by new,jersey.com I dont care what new,jersey.com says I get what I say because,I try them all till I try them all one,bite everybody knows the rules,um this is brought to you by Omega tax,solutions.com,omegaaccountingsolutions.com what they,do Im a small business Guy start this,thing from scratch Brick by Brick Brick,by Brick 20 years ago they help you to,benefit your business tax credits,whatever it may be whats the website we,go to check this out well maybe a tax,credits,Omega tax credits.com one bite ever,knows the rules here it is,um all right now they said right on it,always cooked never burned this I like,it a little burnt so maybe I would have,liked this thing in the oven but it is,right on the side,and when we go Square,I like to be offensive lineman I like,for to you know,look heavy but feel light this slice,feels like the box is heavy but we got a,chance here so we were at a Brooklyn,Original Pizza,one of my all-time races Brooklyn square,pizza right not to be compared with that,Brooklyn square but yeah I think right,the guy had cancer when I saw him,rushing to the hospital one of my,favorite guys shut up that guy by the,way picked what a day to come today was,in the freaking hospital Im battling,that Hodgkins little phone ran from the,hospital yeah I was on my way back yeah,I was there all morning the report is,good yesterday,thats good to know,[Applause],its good its fresh,Im not seeing a top 20 piece of pizza,places though in Jersey its good,Im hungry,foreign,I mean its good like I would never,complain about it but were driving back,from Philadelphia to uh New York City,Were Gonna See Molly the meatball,hopefully she won three to one dog by,the time this airs I love them all hey,Molly,win a lose I love you but lets kick,this girls ass today if I win or lose I,love you,but were driving all over look the best,of the best so I was a little surprised,7-3 Brooklyn original Pizzeria there it,is thats a review,another pie why because you got the,wrong way,we wanted to try the Brooklyn how do you,order the wrong one no no no Im saying,yeah I know we gotta go we got a we got,a round one for you Ill paint them if I,want you this is your go-to slice,and this isnt the best one you see,thats the resistance,yeah hes known for the square,whos known for the squares,uh the owner so then what and this is,the squares,yeah well now Im confused now Im,confused so were known for the switch,but if you want it around we can make it,around so theyre making you around,right now no I dont want I want what,you guys are known for,thats one of them you got to try that,one too it does stay home for the,squares on the website yeah,so why am I eating around yes,so you think they should take that off,the window then hold me thats the kind,I like so I dont know squares are for,certain things,youre the name of the place is the home,of,I mean on the T-shirt it says home with,the squares you cant then be like this,around,you know Im saying yes yes but you have,to try I mean all this [ __ ] is good all,this [ __ ] at first but that I mean you,cannot not try it around,because this is like that pizza right,there is like nobody makes it around,then it should say the home of the,circles yes,you get what Im saying we call in it,says Square so obviously we go with what,we think your signature things,this signature is the Brooklyn noise all,right okay thank you,okay,if I was gonna die and add one slice to,eat which one should I be using a broken,really thats my no Im not saying,nothing Im not saying nothing all right,we got all sorts of confusion going on,we did the review I got mad at you,because we got a square pie but it does,say home of the square so I like how you,not gonna get squares but then theyre,saying this is their Brooklyn one guys,like youre gonna try the circle I asked,two people excuse me if youre gonna die,what slice would you eat and then,everyone gave different reviews,this may gone on me well start with the,Brooklyn which some people are saying is,their signature well plate gone plate,gone man down,a little bit windy so well start with,Brooklyn this one is crispy soup,almost like Detroit style how they did,the sauce there,I think its very similar to the first,one I have same now well go with the,round I dont think theres much I kind,of like,theyre both same Texas light and fluffy,go down the garage,miss my mouth,I dont know what he was talking about,in there that nobody else said this is,just a traditional cheese slice Im,gonna stick with the square I dont Im,confused on what all the hype I mean,its good but it it I think he said,were the only one who do a round pie,its basically we said thats not true,um so were gonna stick with the,original review I think its very good,quality light squares I would go Square,here seven three stick with the original,um and I dont see a huge difference,between the Brooklyn and the traditional,Square to be totally honest so,it got a little convoluted there we go,thats a review,oh and green death,is that a girl soccer team yeah my,daughters,thats like the oldest Barstool story,ever yeah coach this is Im talking like,15 20 years ago the coach like was too,serious yeah and got any trouble like uh,maybe my daughter is only six yeah so,thats what the controversy they were,very young girls the coaches acting like,it was the world yeah,this is one of the top 10 story lines of,Barstool history the Green Dot Im gonna,google it but we sold t-shirts that said,green death I cant remember its a,little girls soccer it was unbelievable,Im gonna look that up,all right guys oh yeah oh that must be,come on shes married to my sister,did you hear that no,Steve Chase uh sister-in-law yeah,my worst enemy oh lets just be hearing,how great he is like every like holiday,right Steve J report yes,get bumps Bruce bleed a little big deal,its good for them but I do hope the,other team is the one bleeding,princess,es and figure out how to make a decision,live with the consequences the better my,heckling of the refs is actually helping,them develop,the real gold correct as police are not,welcome on my Sidelines Americas youth,is not competitive this competition is,viewed as bad I would go that,competition is good its important to,the evolution of our species and our,survival when its become increasing,Global competitive global economy,um second place trophies have nothing to,be proud of as they serve as a reminder,that you missed your goal their only,useful purposes and inspiration to do,the next set of reps do you go to a job,interview and not care about winning,dont end well see what they kill and,yes someone actually kills the meat weed,too it it isnt grown in plastic wrap,and speaking of meat I expect that the,ladies being put on the diet the fish,undercooked at red meats and lots of,veggies No Junk Food whos with me go,Korean death laughs

Joe & Pats Pizzeria – Barstool Pizza Review

[Music],you want,whats happening good uh we got pizza,review,we got no im gonna do the pizza you eat,the ice cream,uh i dont know whats happening frankie,youre striking up a conversation,were not filming yeah im just telling,you you want people to know,well im just eating the pizza we just,we just no were just reviewing the,pizza,ill tell them to make it more obvious,what,plastic machine to say okay,what plastic the machine i dont know,where the plastic machine is,yeah this is crazy the guy is,leaking blood out of his nose walking by,looking for the plastic machine,this persons talking to you that,doesnt want to be on camera youre,going to choose im trying to do a pizza,review here,its crazy that guy had me speechless i,didnt want to make fun of him because,his face was just like bro,he got a napkin he just,well you gotta be on camera if you wanna,do a slice well then we gotta i gotta do,this pizza review,im not trying to embarrass you im,trying to im im not even talking to,you,um its not my pizza,place joe and pants,can i eat the pizza joe and pats,so horrible worst experience i ever had,frankie whats going on joe and pats,so they have a location since 1916,staten island when i went to staten,island the other day,everyone said go to joan pats go to joe,and pats we went to lees,jone path just opened this is day two,those two,this lady wont stop interrupting she,doesnt want to be on camera but she,wont stop talking,um yeah but,im doing a pizza review here and you,dont want to be on camera,all right so they just opened,it you fought a war world war,ii thats right attaboy thank you for,your service,um,what is going on frank all right so,were doing a pizza review,joe passed that island everyones like,this place is going to be great,youre just hysterically laughing i,dont know what the hell is going on,[ __ ] regroup because this is a big,pizzer view its their second day here,everyones like you gotta give it a shot,they knew i was coming the chef the,owner i think it was pat or joe one of,them came up hes like im excited for,you to be here we saw you in staten,island,so were gonna give this thing a review,one bite everybody knows the rules,he took over the making of it,looks like a good pie frankie i got an,anonymous tip,that said this would be my second,favorite behind johns oblique,one bite everybody knows the rules what,is it joe and pats,joan pax,very good,a lot of flop im surprised its that,floppy,but the sauce is excellent,one bite every other rules dont pat the,corner of east 10th,and first ave its brand new,this is good pizza anyway you saw i,dont know what those two people,i dont want to make assumptions i think,theyre gay i love gays,i think they wear that gay couple maybe,not maybe not that theres anything,wrong with it i dont care did they say,they didnt get their food,too bad because the foods very good,yeah for sure i know,theres an 8.4 a very good pizza frankie,i wish it was a little crispier that,surprised me thats the only thing that,kept this from being a night but the,taste the sauce the texture the cheese,the crust,spectacular its an 8.4 joe and pats,great new addition to downtown manhattan,what a review crazy reveal just a crazy,review,that lady you shouldnt hate homeless,people,i [ __ ] hate her hey either be in the,review or stop talking the old bag drink,your [ __ ] coke thats four days old,and all your bags and get out of my,review,[Applause],the second slice i just ate is so much,crispier than the earth,if the second slice was the score thats,thats a nine,i dont know how that maybe didnt,settle but the second had no flop,second was a nine pranker frankie i,cant stop talking,i dont know what happened with the,first fight the next two slices,have been unbelievable its a nine point,like three and rising,it sticks with 8.4 but every bike gets,better,do you hear that crunch

Barstool Pizza Review – Doughbriks Pizza (West Hollywood, CA)

hello,all right uh Pizza review time,in La for a day actually in Malibu which,is were from Australia high five,whatever,high five youre from Melvin high five,again,I first of all Ive never been to Malibu,I [ __ ] love it I dont know why,anyone would live in L.A now I do Malibu,despite the taxes Gavin Newsom lose the,worst Malibu I get it dobrevs Pizza uh,relatively new David dobrik big opening,always a line you can see it a lot was,it,like 6 p.m on a Sunday people out here,you told me you come here its instant,views,um I think Dover offered you the pizza,review with me Im like no because its,gonna be unbiased I dont want them,there they got two Styles,um they got a Tavern style which is sold,out and then a doughy what theyre,calling doughy dobric get it though,brick his name,uh so here we go one bite ever knows the,rules there are two slices Austin I,sprung weve been traveling all over the,place like let me get you a slice see,what we got it kind of looks Detroit,style but cut in a traditional triangle,all right or maybe like uh,Chicago deep dish it kind of looks like,a hybrid,I want you to take out and shut up,all right Im gonna keep you up Im,interested where he came up with this,like why why this style this,is kind of a mix it kind of tastes like,drunk pizza with me if were being,totally honest,[Music],thank you guys not my style,I wish they had the tavern,um it is Fluffy it is white but,six four,I want to go high thats why I couldnt,have him here I mean people love it the,lines huge,guys what a multi hundred zillionaire,how much is he worth a gazillion I mean,hes killed it,[Music],this is meat I dont think pizzas for,him,Ive definitely see him again its gonna,be awkward but I gotta be honest uh not,my style,dobrex I wish I had the tavern 6-4,thats a review uh I may get boot out of,here I dont know I dont know how that,works its a review,yeah like I like it what do you think,Dave its almost five its time no no no,no no yeah,hey what whatd you give us so I can,tell David,what is this Baseline Im trying to,figure it out just what he likes is his,style uh its kind of a mid-chicago yes,and the thing its like it almost to me,was like Chicago Detroit almost like,its mixed its his own its own style,but all the products in our top yeah I,mean it tasted fresh I dont like the,pizza generally like Im more of like,the the thin crispy youve gone into my,old pizza place in Saratoga Springs,deandres on on yeah yeah thats on the,main track yeah yeah thats on the,Caroline thats the one I started years,ago now I came out and worked with him,all right this is a zoo all right yeah,no its crazy people are loving all,right Im gonna have to tell Dave youre,gonna youre gonna I perfect what youre,gonna tell me the score so I can tell,him where he has to watch,six four oh man all right,I I knew he wasnt gonna lie I I got,but remember you dont like the thicker,crust its not my style its not a style,and you dont have the tablet not yet oh,it hasnt been its period yeah we,havent started yet I thought youre,just because the line is got it yeah,yeah yeah yeah yeah no I I said in the,review it may be awkward if I see him,but I I listen I got called as I see it,I I understand I just want to talk to,him all right all right appreciate you,yeah all right thank you see you guys,foreign

Barstool Pizza Review – The Mountain House (Sparkill, NY)

[Music],thank you,all right pizza view time uh yeah we are,at Oak Mountain right Mountain House,Mountain mountain,Mountain House,in four years,spiders,its crazy,Steve Im a huge fan thank you,bro all right thats my daughter Olivia,hi Olivia,Dave,Dave yeah whos Steve,Im Dave,yes,yeah thank you what all right so we base,this trip around here Mountain House we,are in somewhere in New York where are,we whats what town are we in Rocklin,um in four years this will be a hundred,years of this place I got the insides,cool screwed up supposed to go around,the other side we went through the store,no big deal,um look at that bar pie,I dont understand you cant see the,light whats wrong the lights screwing,it up yeah youre too way too dark all,right all right,what about here lets go,okay uh thats a great looking bar pie,now were on a good bar by trip we did,Grand uh Grand City right before this,Grand Street Great loved it eight two,highly recommend if you like bar pie,youre gonna go its like a very,confident,this is a great great bar pipe this is,almost as good as bar prices are gonna,have great bar fight Im not gonna throw,any shade because Im not a shade guy,its about 20 minutes away I mentioned I,was going here somebody maybe the,bartender waitress is like I went there,the other week where better well see,Ill be the judge of that,that lady by the way that was like a uh,whos on first she was like huge fan,love you hey Steve thats Steve Im like,Dave Steve at one point I said um Dave,shes like no youre Steve,I do like how she resolves because I,dont give a [ __ ] I like Barstool okay,um the girl got it before she did shes,like Dave shes like no thats Steve no,Im Dave one bite everybody knows rules,look how thin,oh again just give me Pete and Alba,vibes,listen,I feel like Im gonna do a Mike Hartline,like dramatic reading put a pin in this,in terms of bar pie,I dont know in the history of doing,these reviews whether Ive ever had two,consecutive bar pies that are like as,much as these two,[Music],good jet yeah look at that bubble,look at that bubble you dont stay,around for 100 years as long as you can,bubble up,[Music],wow,[Music],in my brain I know we just did Grand,View,Grand Street Cafe which was excellent I,gave it A2,I just did it,is Mountain House better or worse,[Music],you know what,people are gonna say Im soft,theyre gonna say that Im uh to get,from BYU,Zach Wilson I gotta say Im Zach Wilson,you know why,because Im giving this an A2 I cant,decide theyre equal I cant look you,the viewer and I by the way I like Zach,Wilson I think hes good,um,you gotta take accountability I take,accountability Im an accountability guy,but,[Music],you cant say ones better than the,other usually cant,[Music],gone to head if I had this and Grandview,Grand Street Cafe,and you said Dave Im gonna shoot you in,the face if you dont pick one Id say,shoot me in the face Id rather die than,make a choice because theyre,identically good theyre a little,slightly different but ones as good as,the other Id rather die than rate one,ahead of the other,that makes me a [ __ ] well then so be it,thank you

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