1. The Whisk(e)y Vault – Episode 28 – Basil Haydens Bourbon
  2. Basil Haydens Bourbon Review
  3. Basil Haydens Ranked: Which Bourbon or Rye Reigns Supreme?
  4. Basil Haydens BOURBON – 5 Min Review
  5. Which One is THE BEST Beginner Bourbon? | BLIND COMPARISON Basil Hayden vs Angels Envy REVIEW
  6. 5 Whiskeys You SHOULDNT Buy!
  7. Basil Haydens Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Review!

The Whisk(e)y Vault – Episode 28 – Basil Haydens Bourbon

welcome to the whisky vault Im Rex Im,Daniel hes a level 3 whisky Somali a,and he is a level five thousand whisky,mooch because i outrank him no no no,theres no such thing though basically,you dont want to know how i know i,dont rank him,hey somali a pour me some whiskey oh ha,ha ha and yo hell do it thats how it,goes wait a minute I think I just,graduated 5001 yeah it was like I,decided all right mooch today were,pouring basil Hayden for a very specific,reason all right lets get into it,Cheers so this beta Laden is one of the,small batch drawings from jim beam which,is bakers bookers which we have we can,try basil and the knob my favorites yeah,the now Ive never tried it already my,favorite you can never do end up Greek,so how have you not tried not Greek hey,I dont have a bolt yeah but youll need,a vote for non-greek in like every bar,in America but whenever you get whiskey,for free its really hard to justify,spending any money,mmm this is a higher riper bin now Im,gonna tell you why I board this the,basil Hayden the basil tonight and,although I prefer to think about a,bobblehead,theres no Bays at the english theres,no bigger basil in it yeah yeah Valvo,Hayden thats right so Im this company,last week I got the chance to go hang,out with one of our level one Somalias,and austin erin beavers who put on a,kick-ass of hint in downtown Austin I,got on Congress Avenue where they took,over in a bud building for a special,event yeah my god yeah we were we were,like king they did it right yeah they,did it right yeah you ever want someone,to run an event for you Erin beavers is,the guy they had shoe-shining am a,serious polish I guess I could have,gotten my nail then yeah see I was,invited but I had much more exciting,things,no no but well plenty would actually,happen like meet with my accountant yeah,what actually happened was I said hey,you want to go green and hes like not,too far to drive no so they had oh I,forgot to bring it up here begging then,a guy engraving copper jiggers and,cocktails trainers yeah and they had,photo booths and they had a bar where,guys were hand carving like with a saw,and a chisel hand carving bowls of ice,for for whiskey on the rocks like it was,impressive yeah yeah now my only,complaint was that the music was really,loud and Im deaf on my left ear and so,when background noise is really loud,have a hard time hearing anybody at all,yeah and so Im there sitting there,talking to people this far away and,theyre shouting at me and Ive no idea,what theyre saying its smug Im just,trying to read their lips my oh yeah,like that thats just because Im older,that that I like to know your Somali a,did you breath oh he didnt badass job,it was uh it was chock-full of a cool,people yeah Im sure BAE Laden was,pleased as well,I was not cool enough to be there lets,just put that one but I walked in and I,yeah I might,I like at 50 percent cool factors were,on it be able to stand and this were,honest youre not too old enough to walk,into Walgreens thats why I only go to,TV alright lets talk about the loot,guys what do we have good so again its,just a bourbon yeah but its a higher,Im at obviously left to right right and,if you look into it then youll find out,that actually its the same mash bill is,a lot of the other classics coming out,of Jim Beam or similar theyre just,different theyre just putting them out,at different proofs and barely emit,different proofs or doing different such,kids but its good whisky it yeah as a,matter of fact its surprisingly smooth,if you had to introduce somebody to a,bourbon here does it drink bourbon,normally and bourbon is normally really,dramatic yeah I would I would instantly,start that veil its not dramatic as,much spiky,that question to me would be so big like,what would these be bourbon no no I,would probably have to camp out in here,and sample your with all of them for,Ive done it work you didnt I have a,cop and I have done it and Im telling,you you just sleep here,basil hidden is the perfect introduction,to bourbon is it so friendly well,occasionally you get you get out of your,stupor enough yes the trial off the cot,try another one that one bring it Im,pleased with this this would be,something just to sit down and relax and,not have to worry about getting punched,in the face but youre well while youre,with you would you like I can prefer,sometimes but now that Layton is a,friendly whiskey Ill tell you they were,making cocktails at that event big lady,making damn good cocktail yeah so,alright Im not normally I avoid,cocktails for reasons Ill explain,someday actually I think Ive explained,in the video previously its that,theyre too friendly,right they shamed how you let me ask you,then the sugar content kicks – do you,think the fact that one of your Somalis,is brought into a basil Hayden evid and,it was really cool and you were not cool,enough to be there as we were projecting,that experience onto the quality of this,whiskey or are you thinking what Im,objective enough to judge you to talk,about whats in the glasses but I think,Ive always known Ive been tainted by,the amazing imitated by the amazed I,know Ive always loved beyblade as well,as the whiskey I always keep it the,house for that very reason is so,friendly and aaron is actually not just,wasnt invited this Molly hes a luxury,brand rep for Suntory bean night and,basil hidden is one of his brands so he,didnt get the chance to really struck,his stuff right he was running an event,yeah and he ran an amazing event but if,you ever catch him when hes at get the,poor with you talk about it yeah thats,a different errand I think you were,giving this 17% more love than you would,oh I can give a 17% love right now we,cant get on camera haha,Andys got weird then,did a whole video without getting weird,I dont make it weird alright so what,would you drink this whiskey with what,would you be doing what would I be doing,other with I or tell you exactly,whatever you doing basically I would be,staking off the top of my head here Id,be downtown you always have an answer to,that so Fran,downtown add an event where as making,this really loud music just improv and a,lot of hipsters like yeah people would,think I feel really uncool and theres a,guy I know hes running things perfect,place to drink beyblades oh yeah,I was drinking basil Hayden with the,shoeshine they had it yeah see I told me,they have yeah all right yeah I miss any,of you as Im eating my accountant hes,sending me pictures wow thats really,about it like right Hank okay I think of,a spreadsheet yeah all right well till,tomorrow me youre crazy stay this side,of legal and then you return to us,before we have time to miss you Cheers,[Music]

Basil Haydens Bourbon Review

welcome neighbors to an evening here on,the deck weathers turn nice and I,thought I would look at the last Jim,Beam small-batch bourbon and that would,be basil hey catch after the break,[Music],[Music],so thanks for joining me for this quick,look into basil Hayden Kentucky Bourbon,Ive actually been wanting to review,basil Hayden well the whole small batch,bourbon line that Im working through,now for a while waited till the weather,turned I started with Bookers and now,were here of all the small match,bourbon coming out of Jim Beam these,days I think basil Hayden is the most,critically reviewed online I did find a,few people that really enjoy it but I,would say most people that are taking,the time to share their thoughts or,review bourbon online struggle with this,one so whats in the bottle well basil,Hayden it looks nice although its easy,for the paper to get torn or a wrinkled,Ive noticed but I like the wood band,and the B H basil Hayden across the,front so nice packaging I believe yeah I,believe the history behind this is basil,Hayden was a leader one review I read,mentioned he was a Catholic leader and,had got a group of people that came down,led them to Kentucky and then started,distilling among other things and one of,the things that history seems to a,credit or give credit to basil Hayden,about is to have a higher rhyme,Asheville so again Ill put it under the,notes what we believe the mash bill to,be but just in general whereas other rye,other Bourbons Ive looked at in this,line have maybe 10 to 13 percent rye,theres supposed to have quite a bit,more maybe 20 percent which can give a,lot of spice and a lot of kick well,well see this is only 40 percent so,thats a little interesting since most,while all the Bourbons that Ive looked,at in this line are higher than that but,first thoughts so I poured a little bit,I let it sit for about 10 minutes,Oh age its a nonage tamp bottle which,means we dont know what the age is,theres rumor that its around eight,years but I think at this point if it,was eight years I think they would share,that,so its probably in that range right Id,have some older but might even have some,younger fresher bourbon around six years,or so in it Wow,you know its a its an interesting nose,I would say theres some fruit some,floral so theres a little bit of that,rye but theres not heavily sugared not,heavily not a lot of strong caramel home,but there I got it I got that a little,bit of corn sweetness maybe maybe a,little bit of mint or maybe the the nose,feels fresh like like you get with mint,well gentle though definitely forty,percent and no worries pouring this and,and feeling overwhelmed by ethanol or,anything like that,nice but lighter I would say lighter a,lighter nose a little bit of fruity yeah,all right lets give it a taste so quick,on the palate would also be a little bit,of sugars lighter fruits for some reason,is getting an utter like a almost like a,coconut there but I wouldnt I havent,noticed that before so lets go with,maybe a little bit of walnut,you know its um its actually thin in,the mouth but smooth through the palate,usually I equate smooth to sort of a,coating like a buttery thats not the,case here,definitely the higher right content,creates a cleaner drink it it finishes,dry or drying its a very interesting,thing because I like rye and I actually,do enjoy having rice oh I was gonna say,I drink a lot of right it sounds funny,but I do I do drink a fair amount of rye,and there now with time some of that,spice is there but one of the things for,me that when I when Im drinking a good,rye the spice usually comes fairly quick,and really it does two things one I find,it really really grabs the edges of my,pal of the edges of my tongue perk up,peppery and aww whats that and then as,I swallow that I get a nice warming,warming hug I dont get that with this,here Im getting a little bit of,liquorice in the finish some oak a,little more vanilla gentle caramel but,more vanilla I would say than caramel,the fruit is light for me still its,like a light cherry like a maraschino,cherry a little bit of not did I say to,the question Im getting a bit of,licorice now on the finish so Im,describing a few flavors however my,notes about basil Hayden say and I would,I would echo its a fairly simple,bourbon you know its artfully packaged,you know now coming back the nose is,pretty good its a little richer,Laura almost got a hint of marshmallow,now one which is interesting but this is,where I think some people maybe are are,quite critical of basil Haiti this for a,bourbon I would suggest is quite gentle,its still 40% all called old port for,someone who only ever drinks wine and,think theyre just gonna love it its so,gentle I make that mistake too often,where you know I have a lot of whiskey,and so when Im excited to share with,someone new as I was just at the,conference I forget that people who,dont drink whiskey dont usually drink,forty to sixty five percent just right,over the tongue coming back to this to,basil Hayden I actually think its quite,enjoyable its not I mean now with time,is a little bit of bitterness but thats,okay its its coming back from the wood,that its in um I think its very,approachable I think the flavors are,good,theyre not as wide-ranging as maybe I,was talking today I would say its,fairly this restrained profile but its,an interesting nose or a good nose and,and it and its nice and the palates a,little drawing which means you know,youre gonna want to have another sip,and so I would say its um you know when,youre looking to move up in bourbon,thats a pretty nice choice I know that,my brother-in-law Dave Dave bislane,really enjoys it and so its worth,trying the challenge is I find its,using around fifty dollars and thats,you know now you really want a bottle,its gonna blow you away,even fifty five Ive seen that lately,but you know its its readily available,and it is a good bourbon to try to give,it a star rating and I really have said,this so many times Ive got to change my,ratings to let me fine-tune a little bit,better for me this is decent I enjoy it,I would enjoy it and share it with,friends so its its a three and a half,a star for sure for me you know Im,really pushing for I know many online,viewers be like what but I do find it,enjoyable and would recommend it for,that context someone just expanding,their bourbon range or someone who,really likes a gentle drink an easy,drink a nice a nice pretty uncomplicated,bourbon having said that at 40%,I have found it doesnt the water makes,it sweet like cherry and nothing else it,really thins it out it becomes very thin,in the mouthfeel and I also dont like,your ice so its just okay the way it is,but dont add more so that would be my,read basil Hayden thanks for joining me,okay if you want to stick around what I,thought I would do is I almost want to,do this with everything not a pure,comparison but I pulled another bourbon,out of my closet that is priced the same,its a little darker this was aged a,little longer it has an aged Damon this,one and its 47% I wonder if you can,guess what it is age statement 12 years,47% bourbon yeah and you dont for the,price though much Richard knows that,its now caramel not just late vanilla,its now if I went with cherry this is a,darker or a or a apple not as floral,maybe thats the Rye not spicy at all,[Music],richer more coding,its funny it caught my voice funny but,just as smooth just as drinkable not,hanging around in your mouth longer so a,little more coding a little more butter,but butter toffee butter caramel finish,Im getting stronger wood notes sorry Bo,Hayden if I gave this three and a half,pushing for this one is easily for,pushing four and a half and its the,same price range so nothing wrong with,basil Hayden should definitely give it a,try nice clean easy drinking light 40%,this 47% bourbon just all-around better,I wonder if you could guess what it is,its hard to find nowadays but its not,a terribly complex bourbon but very

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Basil Haydens Ranked: Which Bourbon or Rye Reigns Supreme?

[Music],basil haydens,ranked now basil hayden not really,historic mainly because of the proof the,proof self-proclaimed profounds but we,can appreciate lower-proof things right,when we started somewhere right and it,wasnt that it never went down,but we historically have said bourbon,kind of starts at 86 proof and goes up,for there for us so weve kind of left,basil haydens but its obviously very,popular so popular like i feel like a,lot of you know new bourbon drinkers,really latch onto basil hayden because,its so approachable and light and easy,and it comes in a pretty bottle and its,easy to find so people are always like,hey whyd you leave basiladen out of,this list why didnt you guys ever do,any base ladies content right so we,thought we would do that and the most,fair thing that we could think of is to,taste them blind and rank them so we,sort of scored them wrote down our,feelings and then revealed what it was,so were gonna start with number nine,coming in at number nine is the dark rye,the dark rye not a thor movie thats the,dark world its so sweet no its sweet,were were not here to you know try to,try to trash the entire,brand but this is our least favorite of,the night so they only get better as,they go up whoa as you said kind of,almost sick sickening,sickeningly quickeningly sweet nose on,the nose it reminds me of like a,cocktail that has orange juice in it but,its just like too sweet and its not,even orange juice yeah more like uh i,dont know when we were kids sunny d yes,yes sunny d got the purple stuff oh its,not quite orange juice,it just smells so sweet and like almost,tangy its like having a1 sauce on a,steak because i can taste the steak,underneath which in this case is the,bourbon but that tangy sweetness which,is the dark rye is covering that up its,just sort of slathered on there and that,makes this our least favorite i said,they only get better from here lets,move on to number eight,at number eight we have the caribbean,reserve rye which is a rum finish,typically we love rum i do normally love,rum finishes this one was very,overwhelmingly like maple on the nose i,remember when we poured it it was just,like smelling pancakes and maple syrup,now this is our second rye in a row,maybe basil haydens doesnt do so well,with the rye i mean they were a bourbon,first and foremost uh i dont know but i,really think its the,what they what they add in here which is,the black strap rum so the thing to,remember with these last two is that,with the dark rye they do blend the rye,whiskies but they add port into it its,part of the blend and then this one they,add that black strap rum into just a,touch it says but its added so i think,thats whats giving the extra sweetness,to these past two right so to clarify,youre saying instead of taking the,bourbon or the rye and putting it in a,empty rum barrel theyre actually,pouring in some blackstrap rum into the,mix and i think that comes across and i,think thats what is giving these past,two so much sweetness that,overwhelmingly influenced from the port,and then also the rum banana pancakes,with maple syrup and walnuts,if youre into it,coming in at number seven is the two by,two rye you guessed it another rye our,third rye down here at the bottom but,chad we like rye we do we love rye,actually kentucky straight rye whiskeys,blended with kentucky straight bourbon,whiskeys that sounds fine we got no,other alcohols mixed in here no whats,not to like well it wasnt so much that,we didnt like it it was just so boring,and flat it came across very flat but as,youll see,weve put a herding on this bottle so,like right were not that into it then,how did it get so low and a few years,ago we were taste testing some food,pairings and found that this bottle goes,particularly well with uh crackers and,brie and apricot jam i actually love,this with that food pairing by itself,its just its just boring its just,okay yeah,all right three down before we get to,the top six we want to tell you about,todays sponsor which is magic spoon it,is cereal reinvented it comes in at four,delicious flavors you got cocoa fruity,frosted and my favorite peanut butter,which is anyones surprise mr nutty,squad over here loves the peanut butter,flavor oh man yes but as chad said it is,cereal reinvented which for me is,important because its zero grams of,sugar 13 to 14 grams of protein and only,four to five net carbs per serving and,im always telling him he needs to get,more protein in the morning because he,gets so cranky i loved having a big bowl,of cereal you know saturday morning,really any mornings but you grow up and,you start actually looking at the things,on the side of the box and youre like,okay this isnt the best so i cut out,cereal for the longest time but now here,grown-up me can get the best of both,worlds and have the nostalgia and the,taste of cereal back well grown up me,still knows that im eating good stuff,and lets be honest chad were not just,having it in the morning you like to,enjoy a handful or two after this after,you know a sunday night live uh yeah and,at only 140 calories its not a bad late,night snack and heres the best part,down in the description is a link where,you can go and get a variety pack and,enjoy five dollars off your total,purchase by using promo code bourbon,thats from its bourbonnite,or you can go to magicspoon.com,bourbon and get that same deal and its,backed by 100 happiness guarantee so if,you order and you try it and you dont,like it for any reason theyll refund,your money all good so click that link,down below to get five dollars off your,total order and enjoy cereal again,all right were back and coming in at,number six is the basal hayden tenure,bourbon truly were shocked by this one,did not expect it if you had asked us to,rank them based on perception alone this,one would have ended up at the top along,with the 10-year ride theres people out,there going why its 10 years old how is,dont worry is better whats going on,not always we you know weve learned,that proof isnt everything and also,ages and everything it is very mild its,very mellow it does have a little hint,of some more mature notes in there on,the nose i feel like its just,so,watery it just kind of tastes like oak,flavored water i dont know yeah,and this could also be the the result of,taking the the things that an older,bourbon like a tenure bourbon or above,gives you like a little bit of that,tobacco more of the barrel a little bit,of uh leather when you water it down to,80 proof it can just react differently,right then then thats fair whiskey,thats had less of those flavors and,part into it because its been not been,in and out of the barrel as much dont,ask us to explain it we just know this,this is how it happened blind and we,should also say we took our top six we,really concentrated about going back,through on those top six so this one got,a fair shake it did a few times yeah i,will say though about this one is that i,feel like it is very approachable you,know you get the basics like a hint of,caramel and vanilla and a hint of oak,and its very easy and low proof we both,said that we thought like anyone could,drink this like this could be a great,first bourbon for somebody to introduce,them now it is more expensive at that 70,mark so you may want to just stick with,the regular basil hayden but i said even,my mom who hates bourbon yeah could,maybe like this because its so easy,coming in at number five is basil,haydens subtle smoke another kind of,surprise well i think it was surprising,because we hadnt tried it before we put,it in this flight it was brand new,bottle for us yeah this first one on our,list thats featuring the new bottle,design i think normally for us the idea,of adding extra smoke can get into you,know smoky pd scotchy territory and,thats not usually where we gravitate so,i would have thought that i would have,ranked this lower i think it was just,you know your normal typical baseline 80,proof basal haydens but then give

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Basil Haydens BOURBON – 5 Min Review

well hello today we are looking at basil,Haydens Kentucky straight bourbon,whiskey is that a good thumbnail yes I,[Music],love the sound of the bottle opening ah,its a great sound as you might notice,the bottle is pretty darn empty and I,just got this yesterday we had some,family over and taste tested ourself I,was gonna save it for today to try it,like on camera but I couldnt wait,cool looking bottle alright lets just,lets just give it a go lets give it a,try and I will just share with you my,own personal opinions on it,first of all mmm the heavenly nasal,notes what if thats what it was called,what if aroma was called nasal notes,alright lets see hmm okay first,thoughts as I think them its its very,light for a bourbon it sips very easily,and part of the reason is because it is,an 80 proof I recently had some was it,something Creek Dry Creek mule Creek,cider Creek Prairie Creek I cant,remember something Creek and it was a,hundred proof that one has a bit more of,a bite this being 80 proof and also,being I just think a good quality,bourbon I mean you could sip this all,day long and be like is that bourbon or,water I cant tell and its very but,its very flavorful it has all the,flavor that you want out of a good,bourbon its not overly syrupy which I,appreciate some Bourbons are so syrupy,so sweet and thick its fine Im just,not a big Im not as big of a fan as I,am of the hmm I like this sort of,bourbon better its definitely lighter,both in terms of like I said its only,80 proof so it doesnt give you as much,of a bite,also like its its almost like if you,took a syrupy bourbon but you put it,through a really fine strainer and he,came out with more of uh almost like a,watery tight texture you know it doesnt,feel as heavy or as gooey and its also,not overly sweet at all its light,across the board if a full flavored,syrupy thicker strong hundred proof,hundred proof bourbon is like a wave for,him you know what a wave form is like,music like a wave for this is like you,put a normalizer on it do you know what,a normalizer is get with it it just sort,of takes the peaks and valleys and,squishes them down a little bit to where,everythings a little bit softer thats,what this bourbon is like yeah but its,a good bourbon so you get that bite that,you want you get the flavor of a good,bourbon it just doesnt leave a thicker,kind of residue in your mouth I dont,know how to describe it but its just no,syrup,[Music],this I would note I would say I mean,this is a great a sipping bourbon Im,sure it I mean it mixes well we mixed it,in some drinks last night but I also,would say this is probably a great,introductory bourbon if youre somebody,who wants to get into bourbon this is,probably a good way to do it because it,gives you all of the flavor notes and,the the best parts its so heres what,its like its like the best parts of,the bourbon are in this and everything,else is not there so theres other parts,of bourbon that you might enjoy more as,you get more into bourbon maybe you like,a more syrupy just strong in your face,punch you in the gut kind of bourbon but,if you just want to start into it like,this is just a clean smooth delicious,bourbon but it leaves you traces of what,bourbon is known for oh its good its,very good I would highly recommend this,as I scratch my nose they call it a,sophisticated taste I could see that,true to the old family recipe with more,ride and traditional bourbon hmm and its,trademark spicy finish now that is true,its just thats the thing like you,taste it and theres not a little,theres not a ton there like its just,like oh this goes down so smooth but it,definitely gives you that spicy note at,the end and also the bottle looks so,good anyways hope you enjoyed that just,a quick little taste review Im gonna,start doing some taste reviews of,different Bourbons cuz gives me excuse,to go out and try new Bourbons hope you,enjoyed it if you like this channel we,do like tobacco stuff family stuff,bourbon outdoorsy things like its just,everything thats good in life is,included on this channel so subscribe,wont you I would love I would love your,subscription and I want I want YouTube,to be proud of me help make YouTube,proud of me by subscribing this channel,thanks for watching until next time,[Music],[Applause],[Music],Oh,[Music],[Music]

Which One is THE BEST Beginner Bourbon? | BLIND COMPARISON Basil Hayden vs Angels Envy REVIEW

welcome to stuff and whiskey im josh,and im aaron and we just did a totally,blind head-to-head between these two,easy sippers basil hayden and angels,envy stay tuned to hear what we think,when all potential bias from the label,is removed,[Music],welcome to the channel bringing a real,world perspective to the real world,whiskey consumer were not professional,whiskey tasters were regular people,just like you but what we will do is we,will randomly select one of these match,ups from our double blind pool well,taste them well give you our completely,honest opinions on them we wont know,whats in either of our glasses but you,will and youll be able to see that,information in the description below,youll see us discuss the things that,matter to us in whiskey the taste the,price and the availability and whether,wed buy it again or not in the end,well give each of these pours a real,world score and that is entirely,informed by what we find out in our,double blind tasting all right lets do,our random selection okay we got to see,what were drinking tonight which pair,so weve got 18 pairs of our sample pool,out,six six so,five is in the middle six six okay cool,were gonna get these poured well be,right back with our first impressions on,glass one,[Music],lets get into the glass one,oh,super fruity sweet on the nose i get,stinky feet im sure youre not smelling,muscle ive been getting stinky feet a,lot lately maybe youve been on sneaky,people maybe its you or me maybe i have,to keep yeah and thats what im,smelling better hygiene is maybe,necessary,just kidding yeah a lot a lot of fruity,sweetness on this not much else,what does it taste like,its pretty sharp its sharp its good,its like,basic its very basic,yeah theres not a lot going on it,really falls off on the back end,it says in our first pour of the day,this is,interesting i dont know it has like a,asian food,like,theres something im getting,when i swallow,its like a soy flavor i think,i can kind of see what youre getting,there im getting kind of like a,graininess,its its pretty bland yeah its not,bad or necessarily off-putting,but i wouldnt call it good either,yeah yeah yeah its like fine its,pretty standard just kind of general,sweetness it kind of dies off i dont,know if id say it has much sweetness,yeah the sweetness is coming down but,what what youre getting there is like,sweet,alcohol,yeah yeah all right lets get in the,glass too all right,that has more sweet smell more sweetness,more richness no stinky feet im getting,like that banana laffy taffy i actually,got that yeah yeah i beat you to say in,it you beat me to saying it but i smell,it for the first time probably ever,thats more syrupy sweetness and more of,a banana sweetness,well,i really hit home with someone to think,of a banana laffy taffy or a run not,just like an actual banana,man this one just dies too yeah like,theres a better nose on it better no,but on the palate its very just,mellow,and,theres just not a lot going on there,id say theres more going on,but still not alive i dont know,this is like sweet alcohol and this is,just,like,really,mellow alcohol its a little tingly for,me yeah a little bit okay itll be itll,be interesting to spend some time with,both of these going back and forth,clearing out our palettes in between,starting with the second glass going,back to the first class,youve seen our first impressions were,going to give these their proper due and,well be right back with our results,[Music],all right after spending some time with,these what do you think lets start with,glass one all right so glass one on the,nose got just okay it was just okay,uh also on the flavor just okay,it was just okay,and experience it was just okay all,right last ones really blowing out of,the water we see pretty just okay class,one for me on the nose just okay i put,caramel corn sweetness thats about all,i got on the nose very simplistic not a,lot going on there,for the flavor i gave it a thumbs down,it was just,it was sweet alcohol graininess theres,just not a lot,of flavor there its just not very good,to me,and then on these tell me how you really,feel from the experience i gave it a,thumbs down,i oh my gosh this is like the worst,score in joshs this is the worst score,that ive given its flat thin and,bitter on the experience and its its,not good,i didnt like it lets go on to glass,too its fair where are you at on glass,too okay so for glass two,i gave it a thumbs up on nose uh it was,weird because i smelled like the runts,the banana runs or the banana laffy,taffy and then i went back and it kind,of had like a bacony smell i can get,that yeah like it it like morphed it was,very weird and i kind of loved it so i,gave it a thumbs up on the nose,um it got just okay on flavor because it,like,it left me as soon as i swallowed it,yeah um but it was fine and then but the,overall experience i gave it a thumbs up,because i liked the kind of the morphing,of the smells okay okay cool glass two,for me i gave it a thumbs up on the nose,i said it had a pleasant banana,sweetness it was very pleasant and there,is like an underlying,little bit of richness there kind of,like neediness or smokiness or something,theres something to me its more of,like a caramel like a mapley sweetness,yeah yeah but i can see how like a maple,bacon yeah kind of,thats going on in the nose so thumbs up,on the nose for me,flavors,just okay,i said that that pleasant banana,sweetness carried over but theres like,a sour note there that hits me that i,dont like so if that sour note wasnt,there and it just stayed sweet then i,would probably give it a thumbs up but,to me just okay on flavor experience i,gave it a thumbs down,it was flat thin and it had this drying,finish on it that i just did not like i,know the nose was good you didnt give a,decent experience look i dont like,either one of these okay i mean,obviously i dont like either one of,these i like the second glass more the,nose on the second glass is the best,thing thats happened in either of these,glasses tonight thats true ill agree,with you otherwise like i couldnt care,less if i ever see one of these again,wow i just dont like them i just dont,like them,this is like,these are the worst,like breaking news josh this is a very,rare time like experience i like it i,like whiskey i just dont like these too,okay very much at all thats fair i,guess we should find out what these are,yeah its time lets do a reveal lets,find out,[Music],glass one is number eleven and glass two,is number 10. okay so lets talk price,first yeah were going to find the price,out before we find out what they are and,react to that completely blind first so,theyre pretty comparable on price so,price so glass 11 11 about 40,are you serious and 10 is 45,ouch so,comparable on price but not super cheap,either no,like not expensive i would not i would,not pay that for either one of these,i dont like that price on either one of,these,all right do you want to find out what,they have to hit the button lets find,out glasses one,basil haydens,okay,and,glass two is angels envy wow,you like angels envy usually right um i,mean we did that smoothest bourbon as,kind of like a fun thing and also it is,smooth it is smooth and it doesnt have,a lot of flavor it is pleasant that you,know this makes sense now that little,bit of the drying finish i got yeah i,wouldnt have guessed these were these,yeah but that little bit of drying,finish i got is kind of characteristic,of finished bourbons and angels envy is,a finished bourbon in a port wine,barrel,so,that drying note makes sense flat and,thin checks out,yeah well the banana sweetness is weird,theyre pretty low proof though basil,haydens is 80 proof and angels envy is,86.6 proof so theyre pretty low in the,proof point which,makes sense as to why the finish,probably is just like bye yeah theyre,both super low proof these are both,super approachable i mean i put flat and,thin because to me thats the experience,i get a lot of newbies to bour

5 Whiskeys You SHOULDNT Buy!

oh you just want to drink expensive,whiskey and now that Im here we have,expensive whiskey why would we not drink,it America youre like lets grab the 24,Buffalo Trace store pick or,[Music],welcome back were the bourbon junkies,again the whiskey theft I,um,how much more,were gonna tell you about five whiskeys,or lines of whiskeys thats what you,want we,stay away from personally yeah because,either of value yep back story,AKA non-transparency yeah or shitty,whiskey in our opinion some of them all,three at the same time yeah listen those,are not mutually exclusive you know and,what youll find is a lot of them are,value and I feel like thats a good one,to go first bottle one family one line,one oh this bottles at least this,whiskey is a month old I believe yeah a,month,you didnt hear me a month one now,Cleveland tried this neat trick where,they thought science existed they tried,to get fancy with it and science isnt,they tried to cheat Papa time and you,came you just cant,they they take some nice big old steel,drums yes they put their one month,distillate in there yes throw some,chartered Oak in there pressurize the,[ __ ] out of it and see what happens and,then you get prop whiskey no yeah no,this problem weve drank about this much,of this bottle and then weve used this,much of this bottle yeah so great the,thing is the experiment isnt a bad idea,right the idea of trying to hurry things,or move things along,this idea of like lets make good,whiskey in a year instead of 12 years,thats cool its really cool maybe,someday it happens now this bottle was,50 for us this is the black reserve the,problem comes in you shot your shot the,problem unfortunately when it just,doesnt work sometimes yeah so dont,sell it for 50. man what if your whiskey,is two years old and then you try your,process yeah,one month old for fifty dollars lets,make our white dog taste like [ __ ] its,what they know itd be interesting to,taste a white dog actually because I,wonder if the white dog like actually,like this is good maybe you should just,actually age it yeah just give it some,time,number two now this is a full-blown,product line This is without this is,without this is not a wavering opinion,of ours,this is a strong and offensive,situation is among in our opinion one of,the worst thank God there arent the,other ones over there Id get them but,um you get the gist here this is a 60,bottle of whiskey no its not it no it,is a bottle of whiskey that costs 60,theres a wild distinction there well,statements are slightly different,technically those statements are good,you paid 60 for that such high hopes not,knowing that regular Basil Hayden is,nine years old this was a soul Crusher I,guess great Bamboozled on this one,yeah listen theyre all 80 proof so,theyre all probably our biggest grape,with it and theyre all overpriced yeah,you can go get Knob Creek 100 for I,dont even know where its at the the,old grab that blue label at the front of,the table right there you can get this,for 22 and its a similar proof and its,drastically better so just we stay away,from this because theres drastically,better value on the market even for,people getting into whiskey thats an,intro whiskey its also not the best one,no especially for the price still people,weigh as much as possible yeah and were,not a fan all right I might get some,hate for these ones,I dont think so I think these are among,the worst about this video is turning,into the worst values in whiskey I dont,hate the idea though I dont dude this,idea of experimentation is a great idea,yeah I love the idea of experimentation,so the Jeffersons ocean line they take,their barrels they put them on ships,they let them go around the world and it,apparently in the sloshing you get more,contact you have the whiskey with the,woods that part is a factual thing right,yeah the the more contact because Normal,normally if a barrel sits only X percent,which a very small percent in a 53,gallon barrel is actually touching the,wood at any given time when youre on a,boat,obviously the Whiskeys gonna move,because this is how physics work I could,explain it but I dont have time you,know what Im saying,youre stupid oh that ones gas this,ones a cast theres a 120 bottle of,whiskey we sourced uh I think its,contract distilled now I dont know that,its Source I think its contract,distilled nobody knows where it comes,from lets put it that way but we kind,of enjoy the whiskey in there yeah we we,actually didnt hate it when we reviewed,it I remember that thats true but now,the price tag perspective is not the,same anymore,um I got this because they marked it as,a normal Jeffersons ocean so I got it,for 80. and thats the barrel proof when,I pay 80 for another Barrel proof,Jeffersons ocean no definitely not,um I dont know and I dont think that,these should be anywhere near 80 the,normal ones theyre 90 proof and I dont,listen its just so expensive Im not a,proofs now I love a 1910 from old,Forester yeah there was a lot most of,the whiskeys I drink I would say are sub,100 Proof most of the time yeah but when,when youre asking that premium price,tag and youre not putting like really,premium whiskey in there youre youre,paying for story here yeah here is where,youre starting for the marketing,theres you yeah you paid because it was,on a boat and it and it went around in a,place and then it came back to a place,and now youre supposed to drink its,supposed to taste like salt I swear to,God we have better,Im gonna say 30 bottles on the Shelf,than this 80 model I swear to God oh,yeah so what weve talked about here is,oh I didnt know if you thought I was,wrong,I started moving and then I was like oh,Dans moving nice got it hes got it set,this one gently on the box so you could,have exploded that one and I would not,have shed a scene or not wrong this is,actually the best one to throw yeah in,the whole hot almost 30 bottle that if,it exploded wouldnt care Woodford,Reserve Masters collection and the,reason this is a problem is were back,to this experimental issue with the,experimental thing is cool and,apparently we just hate experiments with,whiskeys no because we dont four Gates,experimenting we liked all of them the,issue becomes,youre paying 130 130 and now theyre,putting out at least two of these a year,right now so two 260 for two bottles of,whiskey that are sometimes the wall dude,garbage this thing is off the wall and,this one is just really weird this is,the the Cherry right this is a nice,thats a nice 60 yeah we buy one of,these for 60. yeah Im gripe about you,give give that to somebody like thats,interesting 130 is like Smoky bourbon,its interesting but I will say this is,still one of Dans favorite bottles ever,had three though I just wanted to that,was so close Ive had three of these all,right but its this is an older release,yeah seemingly within the dude since the,Brandy cast came out were listen this,is all with a huge asterisk with the,batch proof it we dont stay away from,the batch roof we I dont know if its,worth the money were not gonna say that,but,I wouldnt say avoid it like the plague,these,this avoid like them,and just Burn It To The Ground dude I,swear to God and its 130 you you will,feel so taken advantage of with your,first drink and youll think maybe itll,open up dont worry it doesnt its,still bad the other heres the other,trickery chocolate Malta dry now hold on,theres fine print that you need to read,Kentucky Straight Bourbon whiskey eat,the bourbon you just [ __ ] excuse me,though did you say not even a ride,excuse me sir and madam what are you,doing dont put Ryan the big letters and,then make it a bourbon,trusted you,nope were gonna rip something I would,have thought better it was but we do buy,The Bash grooves just because content,they change and every year weve we have,a good one and we have it yeah one,anyways hey guys moving on last bottle,of the video of the list this you you,probably are gonna leave us a comment,you know what before you do leave a

Basil Haydens Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Review!

[Music],hello and welcome to kentucky crew,reviews im radar special k,and tonight were doing basil hayden,fireman i believe,it is distilled uh by jim beam i believe,jim beamons company,um they sort of market this as like a,female,but uh basil haydens is,is kind of popular,yeah i guess it is more popular with,women than it is they they thats,interesting i never really thought about,it yeah they,marketed their advertising at least at,bourbon and beyond and,when we went to that oh yeah their,marketing was definitely more torques,here towards women,and just you know i really considered,that before and their model like,i dont like this label i mean this is,like a its like a,its like a um like those,weird shirts that everyone wore in the,cartoon version,of uh uh man what was that what was that,robin hood you know when robin hood was,a fox uh so,this runs anywhere from 25 to 35 dollars,depending on where you buy it,uh its 48 i believe 40 alcohol by,volume,so uh this was given to the show uh if,you guys remember indy he used to be a,cast member on the show,he um bought us this bottle for last,christmas and we i just had to sit on,the shelf finally getting around to,breathing i literally pointed out and i,was like hey,we have basil hidden lets do that i,forgot that we had it,all right so uh its a little slightly,lighter than a lot of bourbons,color wise i mean theres not a whole,lot and its a wide glass,uh very nutty on the nose,walnuts a little caramel,is there like there there is a smokiness,in this but i dont,think that its its not,charred its not like um whats really,whats really charred,uh its not a charred smokiness its,like almost liquid smoke smoke,if that makes sense yeah it almost,smells like a chemically smoked spicy,yeah lets do it,thats pretty damn good that is smooth,it is very smooth smooth its um,really really oily well not really,really oily but it is oily i do get its,very nutty uh hint of caramel,um yeah like walnuts um a,hint of hay grass yeah,very smooth some vanilla that is that is,really nice it cuts through the uh the,sort of the bitterness,of the of the nutty now ive had basil,haydens,once but i dont remember it i was very,drunk when i had it so,um its nice to go back and be able to,like really taste it,this is for the price uh 30 price range,i think its,at least from what im facing it seems,like the right price for it,um you know,i wouldnt say its quite as good as,woodford but,um its up there geez,i know its its not a real quarter its,a thats a its got a grip,yeah its got a death grip on that cork,so were gonna mix it with some ginger,ale gold which just tastes like,regular ginger ale it does,it looks like its like a regular ginger,ale in a tiny can,thats why its uh bold yeah the label,look like the label on this bottle looks,cool but like once you like get some use,out of the bottle,its just it kind of crinkles up yeah,im noticing that its starting to rip,here and here,yeah so thats from sitting on the shelf,yeah so my,friends are going to lose the label and,not know what this is i mean its going,to have,the the wooden ring is uh is glued to,the bottle so,thatll probably stay there its riveted,sort of i know its not,i thought it was riveted all the way,around its not actually no no not all,around its not actually,all right oh straight uh i think its a,im gonna give it an eight,im gonna give it an eight i think its,a solid eight um its a very smooth,bourbon uh very easy drinking and were,drinking at room temperature too,i think you know maybe with an ice cube,or something it would be killer,i think its i mean,theres theres so much argument about,whether or not you should drink it with,an ice cube or,or a splash of water depends on my mood,uh,i think this is this is good at room,temperature which is,this room is like 75-ish degrees,its kind of a warm room its 80 degrees,is it 80 degrees in here its hot as,balls,well thats what comes from driving,around all day without air conditioning,uh i think im gonna give it a seven and,a half and the,the the slightly the slight deduction is,coming from basil haydens is kind of,expensive,not really not for the bourbon i mean i,dont think its that bad,its not no its not bad i would well,i havent actually purchased a bottle of,basil asian before but i will,probably we havent either its free,thats true interesting,try that,okay i thought it said artificially aged,i was like how,what it says artfully aged,yeah its actually um this is bottled uh,and distilled uh three minutes three,minutes from the studio,its in claremont so um its like three,minutes from here,it is really close its literally thats,nice yeah its the next exit,so its literally a bottle there so its,not coming very far to us but even,though this bottle came from indiana so,it kind of did,i mean alcohol can travel like that that,is really interesting i like it with the,with the ginger ale im a big fan of,the muddiness the muddiness the,nuttiness to it um,nice um a little bit more caramel,it surprisingly doesnt take a lot of,sweetness away like a lot of bourbons do,when you mix it with the soda,or like ginger or something its a bunch,of the sweetness got caught on my lips,somehow im not sure what exactly,happened,its good uh,i cant say its im not gonna say its,better as a mixer im gonna say its as,good,so im still gonna stick with an eight,as a mixer i think either way,is good for basil haydens honestly,i think i will bump it up to an eight as,a mixer i am just a really big fan,of bourbon and ginger ale i think this,one lends itself really well to ginger,ale because the flavor,does does change pretty drastically like,the nuttiness really comes out,the sweetness is a little bit more,profound,its nice its not as its not as a its,not as strong,its still very smooth it says its more,rad than traditional bourbon it probably,gives it that spiciness,mmm that could be it yeah all right well,thats our episode theres something,youd like to see on the channel you can,leave a comment down below dont forget,to hit that like button im special okay,and im ready,thanks for watching

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