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Batman v Superman: Ultimate Edition – Movie Review

hey so i did a thing i i watched batman,vs superman ultimate edition,because i was like all right well were,getting the snyder cut i should probably,re-watch this movie and if im gonna,rewatch it im gonna watch the,directors cut to see hey what else does,it have going on yeah i should have,watched this a lot earlier,because its a lot better than the,theatrical version so im going to give,you my thoughts on it maybe its a,review maybe its not i dont know im,probably still going to title it a,review regardless,this is essentially my thoughts just,what my reviews are so if you dont,remember when batman vs superman came,out i was like,this is pretty lackluster considering,its batman versus superman,then there was this ultimate edition,that had a half an hour,it was half an hour longer that makes,the running time three hours and i was,like,i just dont want to sit through three,hours of that movie i was like okay on,but yeah after watching it thats a,pretty important half an hour of content,damn it okay so,initially when i was watching batman vs,superman at the very beginning you know,lois is in the desert and,just right off the bat in the theatrical,version im sitting in the movie theater,and i was like this just feels choppy as,hell yeah because they just,sliced up a bunch of stuff in that scene,which you see in the ultimate edition i,was always like,how how did they frame superman i mean,yeah people died and then i guess they,blamed it on superman but this one,shows them burning bodies in the,ultimate edition theyre still gonna,have bullets in their heads but,i imagine no ones gonna do an autopsy,on that [ __ ] im sure after the story,lex luthor just had the body shoveled,away or something i dont know point is,while im watching ultimate edition im,like well that scene was a lot better,lets just see what else they got and it,does have more i mean most of that,extra half an hour is in the first half,of the movie in a lot of,investigative angles everyones,investigating everyone you know its,like clark kent is investigating,batman lois lane is investigating the,whole scene at the beginning that frames,superman which is in the theatrical,version but its just a lot more fleshed,out here actually i said something in my,review of batman vs superman and the,pacing in this movie this movie is two,and a half hours long did it need to be,i guess to cram everything in this movie,that they were cramming into this movie,yeah it had to be two and a half hours,long however there are enough elements,like threads you can just see them,youre like that didnt need to be in,there,they could have taken that out could,have taken that out ah me before,2020 broke me but that phrase is a,double-edged sword when there is,a plot point or a series of plot points,that just feel like,half-assed plot points that are,shoe-horned into a movie the natural,course that i go to is like yeah you,should probably take those out but on,the other side,what you could do is flesh them out and,actually make them relevant i didnt,know it was filmed to be fleshed out and,made relevant and then,sliced up to make the movie shorter and,thats what they did they actually,fleshed out a lot of those investigative,angles and side arcs and,theyre actually important in looking,into the batman clark kent actually goes,to gotham and instead of the movie,lightly implying or,telling you that clark kent doesnt,agree with batman it shows how he comes,to the conclusion that this batman is,judge and jury,you know the mark all over guards dont,care thats the judge,he talks to residents who seem scared of,batman i mean what good is the batman if,he makes people afraid it was an,interesting arc whereas in the,theatrical version it was like nobody,cares about clark kent taking on the,batman,okay guess ill stop good talk so it,does such a good job at illustrating,that clark kents like this guy,is dangerous hes just a vigilante,criminal that makes everyone feel afraid,all the time and that was just another,scenario where i was like the theatrical,version kind of,implied things whereas the ultimate,edition,you see it it just did a better job at,really showing how batmans going crazy,like someone whos a millionaire in,dresses up like a bat,to scour the rooftops and be a vigilante,already,theyre kind of not stable you did a,better job showing after the events,of man of steel batman is losing his,mind hes taken the tumble down to,villainy to the point where,he doesnt necessarily care about the,people as much as he probably did at one,point which means alfreds words of,warning felt more impactful it just,felt like batmans soul was on the line,which makes it more profound the fact,that the one who,saves his soul essentially the one who,helps batman remember how to be a hero,is superman the alien he was hell-bent,on destroying earlier on in the movie,and i know this was all,essentially in the theatrical cut im,just saying an extra half an hour of run,time,fleshes it out as an extra half an hour,of run time probably should its amazing,the difference that half an hour can,make,still not a fan of jesse eisenbergs lex,luthor in fact there are a few things in,the theatrical version if they annoyed,you there,theyre gonna annoy you here if you felt,doomsday was shoehorned into the end,youre gonna feel like that here,im still in here jesse eisenbergs lex,luthor if you werent a fan before,youre probably not gonna be a fan now,thats the case with me though,i will say on paper hes lex luthor if,you think of his lines being said from a,lex luthor lets say,the animated series lex luthor yep,michael ironside darkseid animated,series lex luthor pointed as i was i was,a fan of the portrayal,of the villains in that show apparently,if you think of the lines,lex luthor says in batman vs superman,you think of,that lex luthor saying them they are lex,luthor lines his motivation very lex,luthor but that arch enemy,mastermind lex luthor thats on paper in,here just kind of gets,lost behind jesse eisenbergs [ __ ],betrayal of lex luthor so yeah in the,end finally watch the batman vs superman,ultimate edition the directors cut,essentially of batman vs superman the,three hour cut and the half an hour of,extra footage,it went places it was important stuff it,takes it from feeling like a sloppy mess,to an,interesting dark batman and superman,investigative story like you look at,terminator 2 the terminator 2 directors,cut is a half an hour,longer than the theatrical cut but it,works there were things taken out where,its like yeah you can take that out you,can do that differently theres a scene,in there thats completely different,with the chip in terminators head its,amazing but the point is the theatrical,cut,is coherent and the directors cut just,it gives you more and fleshes it out,same with lord of the rings the lord of,the rings theatrical cuts they work,theyre amazing,the directors cut the extended editions,they are better but,either work batman vs superman is like,theres one version that works,and thats the ultimate edition the,directors cut and the theatrical cut,just,there was no way to shave a half an hour,off of that movie and make it coherent,so yeah glad i watched it,finally actually im actually bummed out,i didnt watch it earlier could have,spent more time enjoying batman vs,superman rather than being like oh you,mean that sloppy messes out in the,theaters which i do want to clarify here,the snyder cut i saw quite a few,comments in my comment section like well,whats,zack snyders justice league directors,cut gonna do differently how is it gonna,be different,its not like this its not like the,batman vs superman ultimate edition,which is a directors cut of the,theatrical cut no zack snyder film,justice league and then due to a family,tragedy,stepped off of justice league and,instead of warner brothers being like,hey,well wait for you you take your time,they were like all right we want to make,our deadlines well bring in joss whedon,who re-filmed a lo

Batman V Superman – Why The Ultimate Edition Is Great

so with the release of zack snyders justice  league just around the corner and having done  ,a video essay on man of steel i thought it was the  perfect time to do an extended video on batman v  ,superman and in particular an analysis for the  ultimate edition of the film this is a three  ,hour version of the movie that can be found  on the blu-ray releases and its one which  ,really maximizes the potential of the plot and  gives us a better understanding of what snyder  ,really tried to do with the project im going  to be discussing why this edition of batman v  ,superman was so much better and why i personally  think the film deserves more love than it gets i  ,am covering zack snyders justice league when  it releases later this week so dont forget  ,to subscribe to the channel and turn on your  notifications so that you dont miss out on any  ,of this content also if you enjoy this video  remember to give it a like rating but without  ,further ado lets dive into why the ultimate  edition makes batman v superman a great film  ,so after watching batman v superman dawn of  justice at a special midnight screening in 2016  ,which included a double bill with man of  steel i left feeling weird i liked the film  ,but i thought that something was wrong and my main  critique was the pacing of the movie there were  ,plot points such as the important one of superman  being questioned after the incident in africa that  ,felt like it could be a really good one to explore  but there was something missing fast forward six  ,months later and the ultimate edition of batman  v superman was released on blu-ray this version  ,of the film included 30 minutes more of footage  and really allowed the film to have more time to  ,set up all of the elements it was juggling more  importantly it included a few early scenes which  ,focused on this superman conflict and brought more  tension to the film come the second and third act  ,now the film still presents a weird feeling but  one that involves seeing these iconic characters  ,being placed in a deep situation and  questioned over their very purposes  ,i think its unusual for the audience to see  superman so down and batman so unhinged but  ,in regards to the story and the mythology of  these characters this is the right approach for  ,what snyder was going for and i must say after  many re-watches i really appreciate what he did  ,to the point where i think the ultimate edition  of batman v superman is actually a great film  ,coming to the plot of bvs we know that superman  has arrived recently while others like batman  ,have been in this world for a while so we get to  know this universe from supermans point of view  ,but we also learn batmans one now many criticize  the reasons behind the fight between superman and  ,batman but i think those criticisms were too  influenced by the mixed up feeling left by the  ,movie mostly due to pace and cuts if we analyze  the plot itself on paper its a good one the main  ,one is the possibility of superman being a threat  and whether we are willing to let that happen  ,we get this feeling through bruces perspective  and we understand it right from the beginning  ,when he sees his whole building and the city  of metropolis being destroyed right in front  ,of his eyes we can actually feel his rage when  he looks up to the sky watching superman fight  ,zod the consequences of the existence of a  being like superman are disproportional and  ,unlike anything we could ever imagine and since  we can blame him for bringing those threats just  ,like bruce said to alfred that he brought the war  to us theres every reason to take down superman  ,along with the main plot we have all the political  religious and society aspects mixed in and that  ,makes batman v superman an interesting film to  begin with with the theatrical cuts my and many  ,others main critique was the pacing and this was  understandable when you watch the ultimate edition  ,everything feels so much smoother has time to  breathe and manifests better in the mind of  ,the audience you notice easily every cut which  has been removed from the theatrical version  ,and watching the movie in its whole as it was  supposed to be and as zack snyder had in his  ,mind from the beginning it can really make you  change your mind about how everything works  ,this is clear from the beginning when superman  comes to save lois in the african desert  ,there were actually many cut scenes in this part  and when you get to see this scene complete the  ,rest of the movie makes more sense and the plot  events hit that much harder for example we see  ,a more detailed version of how superman is the  victim of a conspiracy making him seem like a  ,bigger threat to the opposite side with the whole  movie and pace being smoother than the original  ,we now film more of the tension that zack snyder  had tried to set up compared to man of steel where  ,its based only on superman batman v superman dawn  of justice also doesnt have quite the same amount  ,of action but we have much more at stake and  the tension which increases from the beginning  ,lasts through till the very end the action  scenes get more intense and close to each other  ,when we approach the end of the film which makes  sense as we finally get to know the outcome of  ,the story with doomsday now i do think that there  was a lot that snyder tried to put in this film  ,and it might have been better to focus more on  the elements in the first two acts of the movie  ,such as the dilemma with superman and keeping the  rage from batman there but regardless of this the  ,third act does form the outcome of the conspiracy  with lex luthor and having a clearer picture  ,of what he was up to makes the third apps also  hit that much better with the ultimate edition  ,this is where we come to the action of the film  and the faithfulness that snyder does also keep to  ,as mentioned above there are not many action  scenes compared to man of steel they are  ,calculated and escalate progressively in batman v  superman but from the car chase with the batmobile  ,the battle with doomsday batmans warehouse fight  and against superman its just the right amount  ,with the right timing during the movie we already  know how superman fights but to see this new  ,batman is delightful he fights the way we would  have expected from the comics and in a way that we  ,never had the chance to see before and we have all  the batman toys so smoothly incorporated into the  ,movie too hes been around for a long time and he  uses his weaponry as we would have expected from  ,the caped crusader just like wonder woman uses her  bracelets but also suddenly uses her shiny lasso  ,without the need of telling us anything they all  are iconic characters with iconic abilities and we  ,dont need to waste more time on certain details  that we already know about them but what the plot  ,and action focuses on is the tension that is built  up throughout the film and this is the integral  ,element that keeps everything streamlined and  interesting and the actual confrontation between  ,batman and superman is perfect it doesnt change  a lot with the ultimate edition except for a few  ,cuts but if we pay attention superman does try to  talk to batman but doesnt have time to negotiate  ,and has more important things to do like saving  his mother batman is stubborn and superman is only  ,left with the option to take him down quickly  despite this we do see the pure goodness that  ,we expect from superman the fact that he doesnt  want to kill batman otherwise he would have done  ,it already now for the one saying the fight  was too short its important to note that  ,in this grounded world we have essentially a human  fighting superman one laser through the skull  ,one sharp move one snap of the neck or pound to  the ground and its done batman is not zod and  ,cant take supermans hits for too long  even though he doesnt want to kill him  ,and if

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this kind of review isnt something I,normally do but Im genuinely interested,in whats being changed for the Batman V,Superman dawn of Justice ultimate cut,edition the BBS DOJ uce if you will so,quick recap I reviewed the original when,it came out Ill link that below if you,care and Im okay with it I wasnt a,massive fan of the characterization of,Superman and overall there are a lot of,enjoyable moments but I found the whole,thing bogged down in muddled,storytelling and unclear motivations now,when talking about the ultimate cut im,only referring to the digital release of,the movie excluding the extras ive got,no idea how the blu-ray stacks up plus,thats not out for a bit i bet its got,some great statue of superman though or,whatever i dont know i never i never,buy these but is this addition and,improvement on the theatrical version,well yes and also know depending on what,you take away from it okay so this,version has an additional 30 minutes of,footage into woven into the film,sometimes its whole sections and scenes,and subplots theres a lot of fleshing,out going on here you know a couple of,extra lines of dialogue or extended,shots Im not really sure the extent of,it because I dont know the original,version well enough to determine what,was added and where but we get little,things like lava slain using Jena Malone,to decipher what happened in Africa and,the character of Jimmy Olsen being,specifically named Jimmy Olsen ah Jimmy,y-yeah but you know thanks for shauna on,the whole these extra moments dont hurt,the film a lot of them actually enhance,the story talent were actually given,reason as to why everyone thinks,Superman killed all those people,when rescuing Lois I always figured that,if the bodies were riddled with bullets,when you stop to think about it the,indestructible man who doesnt need a,gun probably didnt do it Clark Kent,also gets a bit more of a go which I,found much appreciated sings as he,initially got something like 45 lines of,dialogue hes seen going into Gotham,speaking to people who know of the,Batman and hes also given more,motivation for wanting to stop his,vigilante antics vigilante antics Vigil,antics although overall like I said a,lot of these additions give clarity they,dont really alter my additional,feelings about the film all too much I,still feel the Batman Superman fight,kicks off under paper-thin circumstances,plus both lead characters are incredibly,hypocritical for wanting the other to,stop what theyre doing and with the,additional runtime the back end of the,film feels even more way down and,a lot of smashing smashing punchi punchi,but leading up to that not really much,of anything action was and thats the,thing longer doesnt always necessarily,mean better this film does feel like a,bit of a drag at times actually took a,couple of breaks in order to comfortably,get through it and I dont feel too keen,on visiting it again anytime soon I,think if youve made up your mind about,this film the BBS do ju c e so i said,probably wont sway you too much either,way if you loved it then in that respect,theres more for you to love but if you,dont I cant see there being any,significant changes to warrant a,purchase you might want to hang back on,this one a listen to the price goes down,Im gonna give BBS DOJ uce the same,rating I gave the original cut a best,movie ever yeah its its okay,filled with a lot of interesting ideas,but there are some elements that really,hold the movie back also upon reflection,I really dislike this version of Lex,Luthor you know I just I dont,understand how a man whos so unbalanced,how he could possibly function in the,position that hes in hes just so,unpleasant Im not like in a villainous,way but in a kinda hey just stop stop,whatever youre doing its its weird I,dont like it Suicide Squad looks pretty,good though I wonder whos gonna die,first,I made it you know itll definitely be,slipknot but speaking of actually hidden,a whole lot of Suicide Squad Easter eggs,in this video I thought that would be a,fun a fun little thing if you can find,them all I guarantee you absolutely no,prize but youll earn the respect of,your peers not not really what did you,think of the Batman V Superman ultimate,cut though and if you keen theres two,videos there that you might be,interested in one on all that Justice,League information that just came out,and the most interesting reveals and the,other one about a whole lot of unused,concepts they didnt make the original,Batman V Superman cart including a lot,of stuff that wasnt in this version,either there you go also have a podcast,its linked below yeah alright thanks,for watching everyone,take care,you

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Batman V Superman: Ultimate Edition Review

hey there guys John cant be here with,my quick thoughts and review of Batman,vs Superman the Ultimate Edition Ive,had a whole bunch of people surprisingly,emailing me and asking me if I can give,my thoughts on it so I thought Id do a,quick video on this here now um you know,first of all lets say this get the big,general stuff out of the way I do feel,like Batman V Superman The Ultimate,Edition is a better version of Batman vs,Superman than the theatrical cut I do,believe its a better one is it a night,and day difference because Ive been,reading about some people saying oh its,a totally different movie and after,watching remember Im a fan of the,original theatrical cut I like the,original theatrical cut having watched,it though I dont see where people are,coming from saying oh its a totally,different movie no no its its still,the same movie with a couple of,significant differences I also dont,think its a vast improvement over the,original like I believe it it may it,takes a good film and makes it a bit,better but I dont think its a night,and day difference that some people seem,to be making it out to be but there is,one key difference I find that we get in,this Ultimate Edition than we did from,the theatrical edition and that is this,I found that the theatrical edition of,Batman V Superman was really a movie,about Bruce Wayne and Batman with,Superman being a very important and key,character in that story to give context,to this story of Batman but having,watched The Ultimate Edition what the,Ultimate Edition does with I you know,Im just taking a wild guess here but I,felt like 25 of the 30 extra minutes of,footage were really about Clark Kent,and Superman and what the Ultimate,Edition has done for me it has changed,my perception of Batman vs Superman from,being a Batman movie with Superman being,a key character to being a Superman,movie with Batman being a key character,watching The Ultimate Edition I felt,like the main just of the whole story,was this its really a story about,Superman trying to understand his role,and his place in this world post,Man of Steel I mean because even in Man,of Steel we saw soup,man and kal-el struggling with between,the ideas what does it mean to do the,right thing we saw his Kryptonian father,have one idea his earth father having,another idea and him trying to figure,out his place in that but we see that,even more so in a world post Man of,Steel we see kal-el right from the,beginning like with the whole fiasco in,the desert and Im glad the ultimate,edition gave more context to what we saw,in the desert but what we have here is a,Superman who not only struggles to,understand what does it mean to do good,and what does it mean to do the right,thing but hes also understanding the,consequences of doing the right thing,that we even when he does what he thinks,is the right thing what he believes is,unquestionably the right thing bad,things can still happen when he does,what he believes is unquestionably the,right thing people in the world still,get angry at him and people in the world,still hate him its kind of funny,because thats the same thing with that,happened in the real world like in Man,of Steel in that great scene where he,was faced with a choice that he either,had to kill Zod or allowed to kill that,family he chose what he felt was,undoubtedly the right thing and yet all,the cry Barry cry-baby suck bags,watching mana sober you know Supermans,a murderer no no he was not,he was faced with an impossible dilemma,and he did what he felt was the,unquestionably the right thing and as we,move into Batman vs Superman the,Ultimate Edition we see him now,struggling with that and trying to come,to copes with what does that mean that,when he does the right thing and hes,struggling with it when he does the,right thing sometimes bad things happen,and when he does the right things people,still hate him and he doesnt know like,he strolls with do I just give up should,I just give up this whole notion of,doing the right thing,because bad things still happened and,people still end up hating me and it,gives great context to that conversation,he has with ghost dad up in the snowy,mountain because now ghost dad gives,that story about we save the farm but,somebody else drowned like we did the,right thing but you have to accept that,sometimes bad things will happen and it,gives far more emotional reticence to,when Superman sacrifices himself at the,end and dies,like I remember Jon Schnepp saying that,was the big,to him that really change for him was,when Superman died after watching The,Ultimate Edition it had much more,emotional impact on him and I believe,the audience itll resonate with the,audience emotionally a lot more because,really now this is a Superman movie as,opposed to a Batman movie with a,Superman main character and that was the,big thing to me this stuff there are,some other really cute little additions,like the seven wolf stuff with the,mother boxes that gives context to why,suddenly Lex Luthor in prison is going,ding ding hes heard it the call in the,night the god is dead now we have,context for all that there are several,scenes like that throughout the movie at,the end of it though I still dont feel,that this should have been a three hour,movie like even with all the additional,stuff I still found that there were,things in this movie that could have,been cut out and really with some,peoples criticism Batman for Superman,being its called Batman versus Superman,we had to wait for like an hour and a,half for Batman to fight Superman well,in the Ultimate Edition you got to wait,two hours for Batman to fight Superman,so this edition is not going to make all,the critics happy its not going to make,the fans who didnt like the first,theatrical cut who really didnt like it,its not really going to make them happy,- but I do believe it is an improvement,over the original with that one key,difference that he gives us a totally,different perspective of Superman and,his role in this film and it really does,in my opinion change Batman vs. Superman,into a Superman movie with a Batman as a,key character who gives context to the,story so anyway those are my quick,thoughts on Batman vs Superman the,Ultimate Edition I did think it was an,improvement but not a night-and-day,improvement that some people seem to,think it isnt its great that other,people seem to think its that much,better anyway I want to know what you,guys think did you see The Ultimate,Edition yet jump into the comments,section and leave your thoughts on what,you thought of my perspective of it,anyway thatll do it for me thanks for,joining me my name is John Campea

BATMAN V SUPERMAN Ultimate Edition – SPOILER Review

Batman V Superman the rated or ultimate,cut the theatrical cut had mixed reviews,but now we have 30 extra minutes of,footage and the big question is does any,of this [ __ ] make the movie better,whats that dont worry Im gonna tell,him hey there guys how are you all right,so its no secret if you guys have been,watching my channel for a very long time,well you know I like Batman I like him a,little bit too much hes a vigilante of,Justice who guides me through life and,thats the truth and with all that said,in this video Im going to talk about,all the major changes that the ultimate,cut offers compared to the original,theatrical version if you guys want to,hear my initial thoughts and the,theatrical release which came out in,March well you can click this video,right here a link down below thats my,original movie review for Batman V,Superman dawn of Justice so Im gonna,put this back right here there you go,alright so lets talk about some of the,major differences the ultimate cut,offers us Batman V Superman fans first,things first this movies three hours,long now its three [ __ ] hours long,Im gonna talk about the runtime and,some other aspects of the film towards,the end of this video but the first,thing I notice we have a more cohesive,africa sequence in the beginning of the,movie you know where Jimmy Olsen is a,CIA operative agent okay sure he used to,work in the newspaper industry but why,not now I remember back to watching,Batman V Superman for the first time in,the theater and during the first 10,minutes of the movie it does feel very,choppy theres not a lot of information,to back up what theyre presenting you,and I was really hoping the rest of the,movie wasnt like that and I almost felt,like I missed something like I wasnt,paying enough attention and I went back,to see the movie two more times than,theater and nope I didnt miss anything,the movie just did chop out that much,[ __ ] so as far as that opening Africa,sequence goes where you have the,mercenaries killing guys with machine,guns but somehow they blame it on,Superman like last time I checked,Superman doesnt kill people with,machine guns but its like I get it okay,we need a subplot to carry Supermans,character throughout the movie and the,one scene that they cut out during this,opening sequence wheres where you have,this drone flying in a bomb the whole,area where Lois Lanes at because,theyre just like we dont give a [ __ ],casualties just just do it and then you,have Superman fly by punches the drone,it explodes and the flys down and saves,Lois Lane those same people were going,to die so why does the US government,have a problem when Superman is blamed,for those murders later on in the movie,I dont know its late I could be,talking out of my ass right now but,theres just so many subplots in this,movie that when you just think about,them they really dont add up and thats,my model with subplots if they dont add,up to something spectacular,dont bog the movie down with so many of,them like this movie does now this,version is rated R why is this version,rated R well a few reasons and get ready,Batman fanboys because Bruce Wayne has a,shower scene where you can see his ass,and also throughout the movie there are,a few scenes where blood splatter is,prevalent but it almost feel like an,afterthought to say the least I dont,really think that theatrical version had,any intention of adding the blood,splatter it felt like right before the,rated-r version came out they went in,there add the blood splatter just to say,yeah we got to rate it our version and I,have blood and its brutal now on a,positive note one of the subplots thats,expanded on and the ultimate cut is you,have the character of Clark Kent aka,Superman and hes doing some actual,journalism work throughout the movie,Clark Kents investigating the masked,vigilante Batman and hes trying to,understand how he works and the more he,investigates the more he dislikes Batman,because he feels like he is a vigilante,and he really is doing harm to people,because hes playing judge jury and,executioner so as far as character,motivations go for Superman disliking,Batman and wanting to stop him,well this helped develop that and made,it make some sense because in the,theatrical version its just like I,dont like you why dont you like me,I dont [ __ ] know and also in this,extended cut youre introduced to new,character her name is I wrote it down,right there Janet Kleiber and play by,Jena Malone I yeah I wouldnt remember,that ever and as far as Jena Malones,character goes in this movie she pretty,much just plays a lab rat who looks into,special metals and tells Lois Lane what,this is and what that is and thats,pretty much your only purpose,and speaking of Lois Lane and tracking,down where bullets come from that is a,major major major subplot its almost,like the movie derails from a Batman V,Superman movie and turns into a Lois,Lane investigation movie,I get it youre tracking down [ __ ],bullets that Lex Luthor is behind do we,really need to dedicate 30 minutes to,that now the other thing that the movie,throws in is you have a cameo from,Steppenwolf theyll becoming villain of,Justice League possibly maybe not I,dont know but he might be in the movie,and its really not a big surprise,because that original clip was released,on YouTube like two months ago so yeah,if you guys wanna watch that just search,for Steppenwolf deleted scene on YouTube,and last but certainly not least my,favorite addition to this ultimate cut,is there is an extended sequence we have,Jesse Eisenbergs character Lex Luthor,and hes,incarcerated and thats when the buff,badass bodybuilder Ben Affleck Batman,comes to pay him a visit and the reason,this is my favorite scene is because we,have more dialogue and some fanservice,that sent chills down my spine and made,my bat nips hard,Lex Luthors character says something,along the lines like since Im,criminally insane they cant try me and,then Batman says and its because of,that Im having you transferred to,Arkham where I could keep an eye on you,he subs yeah something like that well it,got me excited I was just thinking like,why didnt you just leave that in the,movie it took like an extra five seconds,now here are my final flicking thoughts,a Batman V Superman the ultimate cut I,would say from a storytelling standpoint,the extra 30 minutes of footage does,make for a more cohesive story it does,make things add up and make a little bit,more sense than they do and it feels a,little bit less choppy but does that,make it a better movie because really,all youre doing is interjecting more,time to subplots that really dont,necessarily all pan out to be all that,amazing or important or entertaining and,the one thing I really noticed the,fourth time around when watching this,movie with the extra thirty minutes of,footage which makes the movie three,hours long was just how little Batman,and Superman you actually get during the,3 hour runtime of this movie because,lets face it even with this ultimate,cut where some of the subplots do make,more sense you still only get eight,minutes of Batman fighting Superman in a,three hour movie and I just I dont feel,like theres any excuse for that that,should have been 15 minutes that should,in a really cool drawn-out long sequence,because thats the title of the movie,thats what we all wanted to see and,what I got to see I liked I just wanted,more of it so as far as all the,additional footage goes does it make for,a more cohesive story yes it does but I,was really hoping theres a few minutes,of footage in there that added to maybe,the Batman Superman fight or another,action sequence that we never got to see,so to sum it up when I buy the Batman V,Superman blu-ray which version will I,watch well Ill probably watch the,extended cut because I want subplots and,story elements that do make sense it,just makes for a better movie but the,fan inside of me was hoping for,something a little bit more special that,we didnt get seen th

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition MOVIE REVIEW!!!

get rid of this Superman Oh,what is happening yall feels good to,wear this belt man man man so I know,yall been waiting for me to do this,review on the ultimate the ultimate,edition of Batman V Superman,I literally purchased it digitally last,night Oh who do and man I literally I,stayed up till like 4:00 or 5:00 in the,morning watching it and I liked it yes I,did this review is going to be its,going to have spoilers in it if you,havent seen the movie shame on you and,kiss my ass if you mad at me for putting,spoilers in okay go another channel that,gives you non-spoiler on that but you,all should have seen at least the first,movie by now your land so well further,ado lets get it on,with spoilers the movie I got to say is,different with the extra half hour of,footage in there its different it,actually moves slower but is more,detailed and everything everything makes,sense when you see this you know then,thats what I loved about it I was just,like wow like everything all the hmm,wait a minute was that me ah well,instead of you filling in the gaps with,your mind because I did have it the,first one but still was able to follow,it and still came out [ __ ] love in,the film this one filled in everything,for people that didnt understand why,certain things happen it all was fluid,you know you understood the whole thing,with Lois,the desert I was mad though because they,cut out the part with a [ __ ] breaking,the heavens open and sonic booming all,the way down through there just you saw,him destroy like two missiles that a,drone shot at the place okay thats what,you saw I was I personally favored,though I mean I would stay pad to put,that in there you know I mean like come,on that was a three-hour dishing you get,a song but killing two two missiles and,then sign you know boom you know I made,a new kid did the whole thing main why I,still liked it um sort of things with,Lex Luthor and you know just mean just,everything worked man and you know I,really I really after what Im watching,this one it just really really feels,like its more Ben Afflecks movie than,Henry Cavill movie you know I mean I get,yeah we know he come on we know Batmans,the more popular of the two at the,moment he has been ever since Tim Burton,Tim Burton is solely responsible for,Batmans popularity and what has grown,in today and I think Tim Burton needs to,Pat himself on his scary back okay,because that dude right there,totally reinvented superheroes you know,and the own film I mean he really did,and like people took so much from him,and changed the character and a you know,they you know and whats interesting is,I think thats the reason why Warner,Brothers chose him to do the Superman,movie even though it never did get off,the ground because of what he was able,to do with bad name in the popularity,that came because beforehand we only had,the Adam West thing you know and you,know Batman was campy and corny,at a point you know just like people,were making fun of Superman at one point,you know so lets not sit here and act,like you know Batman is always being,cool because thats not the [ __ ],truth but um you know and because of,that you know I know that there were,fans that were very pissed because they,said that you basically you know bow,down to bat fans and it made it more of,a Batman movie then and that absolutely,may be true it may have been a fear,thing for Warner Brothers it may have,been like look I know this is supposed,to be you know more of a Superman you,know because I was I was actually,looking at a few different reviews at,the time and I was looking at a few,different articles and people are,talking about how its really really was,I forgot this one guy was explaining,with the titles and how theyre numbered,and what it really is and whether,legally is and stuff I was like wow that,guy knows more about way more about the,movie Presiden ideally but you know the,way he explained it I truly believed him,when he said this is the Man of Steel,sequel its not a Batman V Superman,movie like a UH,it isnt a offshoot of Man of Steel this,is the Man of Steel sequel no he,explained it I was just like why this,dude you know I believe him now um and,you can disagree youre not gonna get,[ __ ] but the point is it wasnt the,Man of Steels movie you know Supermans,kind of one-dimensional in a way in the,movie while they do give more depth to,Bruce Wayne by the way ladies you do get,to see bat flecks bat butt okay in the,movie great though it surprised oh and,by the way I dont know why it was rated,R hello,I dont know why was rated R I dont I,really dont Ive got to tell you the,action sequences were no longer okay and,from and Im just thinking right now,even the ending was longer remember when,Batman appears the lex luthor oso longer,come much longer conversation much,longer conversation um if he in fight is,a little longer Im like Im oh look at,this yeah the doomsday was killing,people and helicopters throwing [ __ ] at,him,the fight was longer and they definitely,the way they did this scene with gal,gadot getting dropped and her legs was,opening [ __ ] and she got that look like,oh and she grabbed she went grabbed her,sword and it though Im telling you yeah,like the whole fight was longer I really,liked what they did with the fight Im,just more of what I wanted um the the,car chase with Batman was longer the,fight scene which was the basically like,Im pretty much the best scene in the,whole movie we all know thats like the,jewel ah he was deep feet he threw a,[ __ ] crate at a dude and cracked his,skull against the wall but you seeing,the blood by on the wall when he was,done in like it was a part where he like,walked up to it dude at when the fight,was pretty much over and how no Bucky it,you would think because he I put this,knife into dude show you would think,that he punched him but I dont know man,I feel like he killed him though,whatever he did anyway movie was off the,chain I loved it only drawbacks was,because of how long it was the first one,did not feel tedious to me this one did,feel tedious to me okay there were times,right it just felt just like huh okay,you know and I must admit though our,while I was watching it I was busy,texting so I would pause the movie and,go back to,go back to the movie that could have,interfere although I doubt Im going to,watch it again today but the time when,it definitely felt tedious but,everything is tied in Jimmy Olsen how,Lex Luthor intricately and methodically,set this up if everything is tied tidy,everything is revealed and its like,okay now I okay and I do wonder what the,reviews would have been like if this was,diversion although I dont think the,reviews would have been much higher if,that just because I think its a thing,that you know um you know maybe maybe,Zack Snyder created and a movie that is,caveat that is an acquired taste the,elite fandom you know I mean because I,was sitting there still enjoying myself,being Tyrone Magnus you laughing,let let maniacally laughing at all the,hot parts you know just just loving that,damn movie you know to me I love it I am,really nothing else to say you know you,can all post your comments down below,and now let me know what you all thought,Oh Batman V Superman the ultimate,collectors edition 1 million,subscribers whoo,you may now subscribe

Batman v Superman Ultimate Edition Spoilers Review – Collider Heroes

whats up everybody its Jon Schnepp here,we are doing a special collider heroes,spoilers review of the Batman V Superman,Ultimate Edition all four of us just saw,the movie on the big screen over AMC 16,in Burbank and let me just say never,thought Id say this but man I actually,really like this version of the movie I,you know I was blown away as we should,say though that we decided not to talk,about though until right this moment is,our first time hearing those yeah we,rocked we have not said anything about,the film and I feel like I feel weird,because Ive been bragging on this film,ragging on this film relentlessly since,I saw it and then the second time I saw,it even liked it less but I got to say,this Ultimate Edition this must be the,version that all those Warner Brothers,people got up and did these standing,ovations about though we heard I mean,because theres something about this,version though its longer,it actually makes more sense and feels,shorter it feels it just everything,about it feels better Im not saying,its a masterpiece Ill get into the the,negatives that are still there but you,know what let me introduce the panel,first of all well get into some,specifics right over here we got Umberto,Gonzales hey everybody good to be back,its been a hot minute since Ive been,on Collider heroes I went to the theater,so let me see what these guys are up to,okay,hey were watching PBS come show hell,yeah super habit and see Umberto back,hes rocking his how heroic Hollywood,thing check that out on YouTube but he,decided to come by and be a pal and talk,with us about this we got frosty Stephen,why trouble over here whats going on I,am super happy to be back so soon on,heroes thank you for having me and its,its seriously a lot to say yeah,definitely Im right over here we got,the main man Denis Zhang Zhang Master,whats going on man whats up we just,watched that three-hour cut and then you,know were gonna talk about and do,spoilers review and then a venture will,do a commentary review as well thats,right,tomorrow because this thing comes out,literally in like an hour so yeah were,gonna drop this right away so literally,when youre seeing this you can go ahead,and digitally rent the movie and watch,it right even before you hear us spoil,the hell out of it,speaking of spoilers thats what youre,watching right now,frosty rock on spoil away uh before we,get into spoilers I you want to like,just talk about what we all thought real,quick or yeah his general thoughts why,dont you give your yeah us right off,about it is its literally its night,and day its just its so crazy the,difference between these versions and,and I think the thing that I took away,when the movie ended was I actually felt,terrible or I felt bad for Zack Snyder,because this is the movie he made and,this is the version he wanted to release,like and I dont know if you guys ever,saw but I interviewed him at the junket,and he said I made a three-hour version,and I wish I could have released it but,you know I cant I got to release a,two-and-a-half-hour version and its,such a different movie and its so not,good compared to this one I think this,movie is so much better its exactly,what you said its not a perfect movie,it clearly has some issues with the,script story especially in third act but,its so much better in the first two,acts its like night and day,umberto I have to agree its literally,night and day there was some scenes in,there that they caught Im like what the,hell were they thinking is was at the,expense of Batman right ok spoiler the,Arkham scene how do you not how you,gonna tell Lex Luthor youre gonna send,him to Gotham thats a major fanboy,moment for DC fanboys I thought that out,of the movie were 15 seconds can I just,let maybe 25 thats all you needed oh my,god they cut so much stuff at the,expense of poor Batman Superman smiles,he gets some play in this movie time,yeah its not hey captain America and in,his own trilogy cant get laid with,Superman gets playing BVS in the,ultimate car um,jokes aside no but it like I have to,agree with Steve its like literally,night and day its like why didnt they,release this I want to know who decide,ok you gotta cut that you gotta cut that,you gotta cut that you gotta cut that,why by the way to confuse more than any,it is what I think it is that it it,probably is that this is the version,everyone at Warner Brothers saw and got,all excited about and it it makes so,much more sense because everyone was so,enthusiastic at the studio right,but anyway Oh Dennis for me it wasnt a,night and day like for you guys I,when we did our review of it I liked,this film obviously theres flaws to it,I think what this version does is it,makes it that flow better in the sense,of theres less abrupt cuts and then,also it flushes out certain scenes you,see the same scenes that weve already,seen before but theres theres more to,them like either in the beginning or the,end or we have extra scenes it just,makes the the movie flow a little better,its still I mean three hours is still a,long time for this type of movie at,least for me personally so for me I,thought I thought it was an improvement,but I dont I dont have that night and,day like you guys have yeah I felt like,I was watching a different movie yes,literally I mean for myself I want to,see the four-hour cut because I bet that,would feel like two hours Im like its,like adding back certain scenes crazy,with you though because not like this,man is on the verge of hating it I was,like manic to that the second time I saw,it,these it had such rough cuts and like,things that just didnt make sense that,they needed it they really needed to,flesh out that African sequence I mean,they really spent so much time having,Bruce Wayne be mad at the Superman,character for destroying metropolis and,destroying friends of his and merton,this that is like we you know we have to,take him down if theres a 1% chance and,that but they didnt add up enough of,the moments of the like the trial and,the gun and the whole Africa sequence to,pin it on Lex and show that manipulation,at least for my sins earlier yeah and it,makes a lot more sense,the villains plan is what drives most of,these movies but you see really early on,how Lex plan takes shape like and then,whats that scene uh like I something,that I learned was I thought it was bad,you know Batman brands the criminals,right okay and then they go and they go,its a deaf sense they go to dine and,you see all its Lex behind that making,sure like a cagey beast how the guy,makes a make sure ya get killed so its,like yeah Lexs plan is very laid out,its very meticulous and I got to be,honest like Jesse Eisenberg still,bothers me some of his portrayal but it,didnt bother me as much seeing how he,was being the master manipulator and,just giving him a few of those extra,scenes even if there were like 10 or 15,seconds longer to let those elements,play out for myself really made the,movie work a lot better Dennis what are,some of the elements in this ultimate,cut that stick out to you that make the,film work a little bit better,well definitely all the Africa stuff,because in the in the theatrical version,they just kind of cut like after,Superman comes and saves Lois and then,you see like all these things and youre,like what happened they just talk about,it it didnt really show it so in this,version you get to see it also the stuff,you know with with jena malone you get,to see you know we would theorize like,what kind of character people were,saying oh shes the female Robin shes,gonna some people thought she was gonna,be those nightmare sequences I wasnt,she was kind of more of a forensic,expert and that kind of helped flesh out,like Lois Lanes kind of motivation in,terms of finding out you know the thing,about the bullet and also with the with,the wheelchair so it showed a little,more behind the scenes for that so I,thought that was more developed and and,also with uh the the prison stuff that,you mentioned w

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