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Battlefield V – Single-Player Review

(dramatic music),- [Dan] Welcome, Battlefield fans.,This year, weve broken up the Battlefield V review,into its single-player and multiplayer components,to give fans of each style of play,a better idea of whats up.,This review covers only the single-player mode,,with our multiplayer review,and overall Battlefield V review coming separately.,Refreshing, Battlefield Vs set of two-hour campaigns,are more than just short tutorials,for the multiplayer systems.,They take you through a diverse set of locations,,and the short war stories that accompany them are well done.,Id just love to have seen them make better use,of Battlefields awesome set of tools and toys,to put us in the middle of a full-scale war more often.,This is a run-and-gun shooter,,where the health is regenerating,and the weapons and ammo are plentiful.,As a result, whenever the action heats up,,the pace is generally as fast,as the explosions are spectacularly loud.,(explosion),So its an odd design choice by DICE that,after a brief intro, two out of the three campaigns,have you fighting almost entirely on your own,,emphasize the just okay stealth gameplay,,and keep you on foot so much of the time.,The first campaign, Under No Flag,,stars a young delinquent recruited by a gruff veteran,to join Britains special boat service,,which, as it turns out, has very little to do with boats.,Their sabotage mission to North Africa,begins fairly linear and straightforward,,but it finds its footing with a wide-open map,where you have the freedom to choose your targets,and even hop on a plane.,It has a very Far Cry feel to it.,And even if the AI and enemy variety arent great,,its loop of tagging targets, thinning the herd with stealth,and then finishing the job with machine gun fire,works for similar reasons.,The second campaign, Nordlys,,sends us to a Nazi-occupied Norway,in the clogs of a young female resistance fighter who,,I kid you not, kills enemies by throwing knives at them,while she zooms by on skis.,Those knives do make stealth much easier to get away with,,and the skis get much more fun and useful,in her second to last mission, which again opens things up,and lets you choose your targets.,In a boost to gameplay variety,,Nordlys makes use of the weather,to force you to warm yourself at a fire every so often,to keep from freezing to death.,I wouldnt have wanted this mechanic to go on,any longer than it did though, since patience,,stealth kills, and time limits dont mix well.,I had a harder time getting interested in this character,,in part because its hard to read subtitles,for Norwegian voice acting when youre being shot at,,but also because her motivations and origins,are so straightforward.,The third campaign, Tirailleur, is by far the best,,for two reasons.,The first is its story,,which deftly handles its commentary on racism,during the liberation of France,by making it the motivation for its protagonist.,But its more universal statement on the human costs,of bravely and ambition takes center stage.,History, it says, does not always favor the bold.,Second, Tirailleur is the only campaign,that makes me feel like Im an important part,of an army in a war, rather than a superpowered Rambo.,Right from the start, you fight alongside your fellow troops,and their presence makes the whole scenario,feel much more plausible.,These battles are large-scale,,and even though you never get to drive or fly any vehicles,,we do get to see the spectacular sights,of a battle raging across the map.,This is clearly what Battlefield is best at.,Replayability in the campaign missions comes from,scattered collectibles and achievement-style challenges,,which gives you something to do,besides the path of least resistance.,It should be noted that the campaign screen,has a spot held open for The Last Tiger,,which at some point in the near future,will let us play as a non-Nazi German,conscripted into a tank crew.,(gunfire),Battlefield Vs single-player campaigns,have a heavy reliance on stealth,that doesnt always play to the series strengths,,but they do tell some poignant stories,and deliver great looking and sounding gunplay,and explosive battles.,A lack of enemy variety or consistent AI,makes it feel a little whack-a-mole,in the more linear segments,until it opens up and gives you some options,for how you want to tackle its objectives.,For more on Battlefield V,,check out the first 15 minutes of gameplay,,and stay tuned for our multiplayer review,and overall review score.

Should You Buy Battlefield 5 In 2022? Is Battlefield 5 Really Worth It? (Review)

should you buy battlefield 5 in 2022,[Music],battlefield 5 right from its,announcement was a controversial game,for many reasons from its trailer to its,developers basically calling out players,calling them dumb because they didnt,understand women fought in world war ii,which is just not what people were,complaining about well at least most,people were not you always have that,kind of group in a community that,decides to take things to the extreme,which never ends well,so despite the controversies the,developers and publisher ea double down,on what they thought was the right thing,when battlefield 5 launched it got,destroyed by fans of the franchise the,majority of players called it a,downgrade compared to battlefield 1 and,when i played it in 2018 i actually had,to agree but is battlefield 5 worth,buying in 2022.,has the war stories aged well and has,the additional content thats been added,like the pacific maps improve the game,or just added more fluff to the game,that was already heavily disliked thats,what im here to discuss especially,after that disaster that was battlefield,2042. so andrew wilson who is the ceo of,ea by the way i hate you but i dont,hate the developers so lets get into,this lets start with the story or,narrative whatever you want to call it,narrative one of the most overused,zoomer words in modern day d on top of,overused here in this review dot [ __ ] me,is this as good as it gets happy smiley,just say story selected and then well,talk about the multiplayer and i do have,quite a bit to say after all these years,[Music],were almost at 7 000 subscribers which,is just insane as i always say so thank,you guys for all the support lets try,and hit 10k this year im hoping we,could do it battlefield 5 goes down the,same path as battlefield 1 did with war,stories these are separate mini stories,with different characters all from,different backgrounds and perspectives,which definitely separated the,battlefield franchise from their,competitors like call of duty taken from,high resolution scans of an actual seal,team service dog every detail is,replicated right down to the stars on,the nose,are they improved compared to,battlefield 1 no they are without a,doubt worse than battlefield 1 war,stories not because the gameplay is,worse but they just for me anyway they,just feel off they all pretty much play,the same and it feels like a very,dramatic retelling compared to,battlefield 1. obviously battlefield 1,was very um lets just say,not historically accurate but it was a,balance between historical accuracy and,you know dramatic effect battlefield 5,seems to heavily favor the dramatic,effect the quality of the stories in,terms of gameplay is actually really,good maybe even better than battlefield,1 but it feels like they were held back,in some way when it comes to creativity,the first two war stories play out the,exact same only just in a different,location with different characters start,the mission infiltrate place team up,with the character youre with then,separate from said character and go take,out three different locations labelled a,b c etc and then the story is over the,stories themselves are very different,for uh,in my opinion bad reasons but its the,same gameplay loop and honestly im okay,with that and all of the war stories,apart from one and that story is,nodeless i think thats how you say it,northless not least,no release,now before someone comments you dont,like the story because women well you,you know youre not wrong but youre not,right let me explain,so dyson ea have decided to do the war,stories again and thats cool you have,six years worth of war proper war,stories real war stories and im sure,there are plenty of stories that havent,been told yet so it seems like a great,and respectable endeavor and im all for,it however ea and dice did the one thing,you should never do when telling real,stories what was that mistake,oh i dont know what about completely,removing the real heroes from this story,completely theyre not even mentioned,till the end and making up new,characters for the story so the real,heroes never actually get mentioned and,your fake characters can take credit for,an incredibly important mission that,actually happened,now there is some defense over it,because at the end of this mission they,say the real mission happened this way,with this commando unit the truth is not,many people are going to look at that,theyve played the game theyre playing,a game for a reason and you know to take,that important part out and place it at,the end just seems really corporate to,me i dont i cant really put it into,words exactly why id hate it so much,but lets continue the story dice,decided to tell is of a soldier,infiltrating a base to rescue her mother,and then suddenly decide to do something,heroic for a country by stopping the,germans from potentially creating,nuclear weapons with um heavy water i,think it is,so its a pretty damn important story if,you ask me if it actually happened dice,completely replaced the real story which,was a group of norwegian commandos,infiltrating a facility shed no blood,whatsoever and destroyed this facility,which actually stopped germany from,potentially creating nuclear well im,not too sure if they did create nuclear,weapons im not a history buff you know,this is this is one of the things that,bothers me because its such an,important story if they genuinely,stopped germany from making nuclear,weapons pretty damn important and its,regarded as one of the most successful,acts of sabotage of the war which is,clearly an incredible achievement but,nah who cares about the soldiers who,actually pulled off i just dont get,that i dont know why dice decided to,tell this story,now i could understand changing bits of,the story for the sake of gameplay and i,get that but like i said there is six,years worth of potential stories out,there and yet decise decided to take a,story that probably didnt need to be,told in the gaming in in the gaming,format and completely change it and,proceed to insult anyone who called them,out on this i just think its beyond,scummy to do that but what do you guys,think could you accept a story like that,being completely changed for the sake of,gameplay or appealing to specific,audiences if theres six years worth of,stories to be told why would you pick,the one story in a first person shooter,game where the commandos were so,successful in infiltrating something,they didnt even fire a damn bullet at,least thats what they say it just,doesnt make much sense to me it seems,like,a big big big misdirection and i dont,know why they did it now i want to make,it clear before anyone comments every,story in battlefield 1 and 5 are pretty,damn inaccurate im not going to sit,here and say all the other stories are,perfect recreations of a conflict we,never saw however naughtless,however you say it,is the perfect example of how not to,tell a story that basically replaces the,real heroes well it says at the end of,the story that the commanders actually,put off but thats even more insulting,why did you tell their story but take,them out of it all you did was add a,little bit of conflict because in the,real story they pulled off without a,drop of blood which i would argue is,even more heroics they didnt kill,german soldiers that were probably there,because they had to be not every german,soldier was you know the word you know,what i mean,anyway other than that the war stories,do have some very cool set-piece moments,but overall theyre just a major step,down from battlefield 1 and felt a lot,less sincere when compared ai is still,pretty terrible and its a breeze to,play for a normal difficulty so i do,recommend playing on harder difficulties,and its just really forgettable each,weapon feels different but they feel,like they do the same amount of damage,obviously for realism you shoot a bullet,someone should die you know you might as,well just run around with a pistol and,hope for the best which kind

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Battlefield V Review (german)

o,habt ihr jemals eines dieser pranken,rogan videos gesehen ich habe mir das,zum glück noch nie angetan und muss,diese erfahrung auch nicht unbedingt,nachholen denn battlefield 5 oder von,mir aus auch battlefield wie vw t5 fühlt,sich für mich schon genauso an wie ich,mir dieses konzept vorstände nur ein,videospiel form und damit rede ich noch,nicht mal von der qualität des spiels,von anfang an plante man mit dem release,von battlefield fünf etwas großes etwas,riesiges man wollte den aktuellen nerv,treffen und ab da lief auch schon alles,schief was schief laufen konnte,eine gute idee brachte den stein ins,rollen und es endete in einer,verheerenden lawine,battlefield 5 wurde ende mai auf einem,großen review event zum ersten mal,vorgestellt,schon zuvor hat sehr vieles auf eine,rückkehr zum zweiten weltkrieg,hingewiesen ähnlich wie beim,konkurrenten call of duty ein jahr zuvor,der anschließende trailer zeichnete,jedoch ein eher ungewohntes bild mit,lustig angemalten soldaten welche,mitkriegt schläger schwingen den roboter,clown auf cool getrimmt ein gebäude,stürmen,szenen die er in ein hero shooter passen,würden als in ein kriegsspiel man wollte,mehrere aktuelle trends gleichzeitig,empfangen und brach sich dabei,versehentlich selbst das genick,na gut vielleicht nicht gleich das,genick er so die daumen oder keine,ahnung dass darum wein jedenfalls begann,hier eine so überproportioniert und,rahmen springende kontroverse welche den,durchaus angemessenen backlash gegen,battle von 2 und seinen micro,transactions überschattete ich will,dieses thema eigentlich wirklich nicht,ansprechen weil ich weiß wie schrecklich,die kommentar sektion danach aussehen,wird aber ja viele leute nicht alle aber,mehr als genug störten sich primär daran,dass man nun frauen im zweiten weltkrieg,spielen kann und sowohl lob als auch die,gesamte kritik am spiel schien über,diesen an sich eher kleinen fakt,hinauszugehen,doch anstatt diese reaktion welche sich,anfangs noch sehr in grenzen hielt zu,ignorieren schlug ihm mal so richtig,aufs reißbrett auf nachfrage bezüglich,der überzeichneten designs erwiderten ea,mitarbeiter öffentlich dass man,definitiv ein rassist sein muss chief,design officer von ea patrick sunderland,sprach darüber wie seine tochter an,fordert eine frau sein darf aber in,battlefield nicht nannte die eigenen,fans umgebildet und pushte die nachricht,wenn es dir nicht gefällt dann kaufst,dir nicht eine interessante empfehlung,die vorbesteller zahlen von battlefield,fünf waren sehr mager sunderland hat,daraufhin verlassen,um die wogen zu glätten und neues,interesse zu generieren musste einen,plan b her und so kündigte man auf der,e3 dem battle royale modus an,es ist 2018 alles brauchen battle royale,modus,man steckte mehr geld in die promotion,des single players und kündigte eine,kampagne an in welcher man auf der seite,der deutschen spielt kein neues konzept,an sich strategiespiele machen das schon,seit ewigkeiten bei shootern allerdings,noch fast eine premiere,es wurde zurückgerudert was die,individualisierung der eigenen soldaten,angeht und kündigte an bei release auf,unglaubwürdige charakter designs zu,verzichten,pressemitteilung gegen raus welche,verkünden das spiel wird nicht per du,ihn sein weil wir sind mittlerweile so,weit dass so etwas nicht mehr,selbstverständlich ist und so weiter,jetzt sind wir in der timeline knapp,zwei drei wochen vor release angekommen,das spiel wurde mittlerweile bereits um,einen monat verschoben,criterion games muss kräftig am spiel,anpacken die vorbesteller zahlen sind,weiterhin nicht die besten und plötzlich,kündigte ea voller stolz an battlefield,5 der launch ist nur der anfang,übersetzt heißt das der spieler scheint,unfertig mit weniger maps und spielmodi,als in den letzten teilen eine große,anzahl der waffen im spiel ist ein,überbleibsel aus battlefield 1 was ist,mit dem core modus welcher vorher noch,groß angepriesen wurde ja erst mal,nichts,was ist mit dem battle royale modus der,in direkter konkurrenz zum rest des,marktes stehen soll,ja da kommt irgendwann hoffentlich gegen,märz vier monate nach release manche,spieler tragen ihre sargnägel wo mit,stolz da war der aktienkurs von ea auch,schon im keller und er rutschte immer,tiefer,immer tiefer immer tiefer und da ist es,also battlefield 5 der zwölfte ableger,der battlefield 3 der prank der reihe,welcher trotz positiver reviews kurs die,erwartungen deutlich unterbot und,schlappe zwei wochen nach release schon,um 50 prozent reduziert werden musste,hey genau wie die aktie aber jetzt mal,ernst gefragt hat battlefield fünf,dieses schicksal überhaupt verdient denn,was das gameplay angeht so macht es gar,keine so schlechte figur,es spielt sich noch ähnlich wie der,direkte vorgänger was mit allen vor und,nachteilen kommen die man sich so,vorstellen kann wirft ein paar sachen,raus und fügt neue hinzu eine der,größten neuerungen ist zb das limitierte,befestigen der ziele was spielern mehr,gründe geben soll auch mal defensiv zu,spielen,das ändert am ende weit weniger an der,dynamik des schlachtfelds als ich,erwartete ganz gut,es ist unmöglich stationäre geschütze zu,transportieren was auf dem papier,richtig cool klingt aber kaum jemand,nutzt einfach holz die fummelarbeit und,die fehlerquote kaum wert ist um aus,magix weniger übermächtige punktefahren,maschinen zu machen hat nun jeder soldat,ein eigenes notfallmedizin bei das ist,gut,außerdem kann nun jede klasse die,eigenen squad mitglieder aufheben,ebenfalls gut,dafür sind nun die heil fähigkeiten des,eigentlichen magix weit weniger,effizient und vor allem umständlicher,mit langen sich ständig wiederholenden,häufig klickenden animationen schlecht,dafür ist der versorger nun weit,nützlicher als jemals zuvor,das ist gut aber auch nur weil man eine,künstliche munitionsknappheit erzwungen,hat je mehr fähigkeiten und mit die,besten waffen des spiels gab schlecht,die folge daraus ist dass sich häufig in,scotts bin die ausschließlich aus,versorgern bestehen oder ich umringt von,team mitgliedern in meiner eigenen soße,liege und niemand da ist der den sani,mimen kann,das ist nervig aber ganz allgemein dass,das reine gameplay von brad pitt 5 in,ordnung,tatsächlich hat heute fehlt nämlich ein,grundgerüst welches sich den meisten,anderen shootern deutlich vorziehen,würde,diese chaotische und auch etwas freien,natur der spiele bringt grün hervor die,die woanders nicht hast eine sache die,mich bei der reihe aber jetzt schon seit,jahren stört ist wie unsauber sie sich,einfach immer wieder anfühlt und damit,meine ich noch nicht mal direkt wächst,aber selbst mit zwei jahren updates,unter der haube,hast du im battlefield 1 immer noch,diese bösen boden slider und in diesem,punkt setzte fünf dem ganzen ja mal,sowas von die krone auf deutliche spiel,einschränkende fehler brauchten über,einen monat angehoben zu werden,andere wurden bis heute nicht gekriegt,und existieren teilweise seit der beta,über den eigenen satelliten spot zu,können ist auch eher so eine glückssache,seinen verstümmelten körper zu sehen ist,ebenfalls nichts für schwache nerven,irgendwo stecken zu bleiben kann aber,richtig nerven eine abgesägte,schrotflinte oder wie wärs mit dieser,szene in welcher der turm um mich herum,gesprengt wurde,das so cool aus aber ich habe es,überlebt,na ja überlebt mein soldat hat sich von,diesem schock zu erholen können und,seine sicht wurde immer heller und,heller und heller war völlig von sinnen,sterben half da nicht ich musste,entweder meine kameraden zurücklassen,oder keine ahnung eine sonnenbrille,finden,die menüs seien aber alle noch völlig,normal aus ich konnte irgendwann einfach,mal gar nichts mehr sehen,aber ich konnte die gegner noch töten,ja das ist ein spiel und es ist jetzt,nicht so als wenn du hunderte stunden,spiel muss damit das einmal passiert,nein,mittlerweile bin ich schon gar nicht,mehr schockiert davon,[Musik],battlefield und seine tief hauses ein,unzertrennliches team für die vag 1 7,unter euch jetzt noch ein glück zum,selber nachmachen geht

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Battlefield V Review

– [James] Welcome, Battlefield fans!,Now that weve taken in-depth looks at the single-player,and multiplayer sides of Battlefield V,,its time for our final overview and verdict.,For the full picture, make sure to check out each part.,(dramatic music),While it is absolutely a massive and addictive shooter,,theres little question in my mind that Battlefield V,launched well before it was ready.,Between the brevity and lack of gameplay variety,in the single-player campaign, the problems that arise,when playing anything other than Conquest on certain maps,,and perhaps most troubling of all,,the frequent and sometimes game-breaking bugs are all issues,that seemed like they could have been solved,with a couple more months of development time.,As I said in my review of the centerpiece multiplayer modes,,the good news is that Battlefield Vs new design features,,like the attrition system which limits health,and ammo availability,,succeed in enhancing class identity and team play.,Meanwhile changes to recoil, time to kill, and spotting,have the effect of making the battlefield,a more lethal and immersive place.,Heres my verdict on the multiplayer.,(dramatic music),The feeling of getting in on the ground floor of something,that will inevitably be much better mere months from now,is unavoidable while playing Battlefield Vs multiplayer.,Squadplay and infantry combat, in general,,is taken in a very worthwhile direction,with smart tweaks to guns and resources,,but the same care hasnt been applied throughout.,Rampant bugs, wildly varying mode times,in similar playlists, and half-baked features,like Combat Roles take their toll.,The good news is that patches are already rolling out,,and with a year or more of free maps and modes on the way,,Battlefield V can only get better from here.,Elsewhere, the fact that only three,of four single-player campaigns are available right now,only adds to the feeling that Battlefield V was rushed out.,Its baffling that you dont even get,to drive a tank outside of the intro.,Whats here is decent, though the vignettes,are a little short at only about five hours,,and there are some moments that genuinely strike a chord.,Heres Dan Stapletons verdict.,(inspiring music),- [Dan] Battlefield Vs single-player campaigns,have a heavy reliance on stealth that doesnt always play,to the series strengths,,but they do tell some poignant stories,and deliver great-looking and sounding gunplay,in explosive battles.,A lack of enemy variety or consistent AI,makes it feel a little whack-a-mole,in the more linear segments, until it opens up,and gives you some options,for how you want to tackle its objectives.,- [James] Make sure to watch those full reviews,for a deeper dive into the multiplayer,and single player features, and now,,the Battlefield V final verdict.,(inspiring music),Like a fresh recruit, Battlefield V was clearly deployed,into action without adequate preparation.,And a variety of bugs, underdeveloped features,,and placeholder menu screens remind you of that,at nearly every turn.,However, theres a great deal of raw potential here,that could, with time and luck, be forged,into one of the series best.,(gunshots fire),Bold changes to Battlefields traditional gunplay,,essential resources, and team dynamics,create a strong foundation.,On the single-player front, Battlefield V,presents three short but distinct vignettes,that weirdly focus on small-scale stealth,instead of bombastic vehicular warfare.,Their successful story moments arent really enough,to go out of your way for,,but theyre worth playing once youre here.,Overall, Battlefield V is lots of fun to play today,,even if theres still a lot of building left to do.,For more, make sure to watch our in-depth multiplayer,and single player Battlefield V reviews,,and check out the first 15 minutes of gameplay.,And for everything else, keep it right here on IGN.,(inspiring music)

Battlefield V… 3 Years Later

as i play more and more multiplayer,games im constantly drawn to older ones,because they are often so much more,complete than new titles the truth of,the matter is playing a game on day one,versus later on will often net you a,completely different experience almost,always its gonna be a richer one with,updates and time providing better,optimization better features and better,content too,and not ironically for a fraction of the,cost as the game will be guaranteed to,be on sale when the broader player base,assumes the publishers sense of,responsibility by pre-ordering the video,game games can adopt this unfortunate,finish it later mentality thankfully,some outlets allow refunds although many,especially on consoles just dont these,safety nets are often the root cause of,much of the release day troubling,because companies know they dont have,to fine-tune their game to such a high,standard as theyll get the income they,need anyway and this is especially easy,when a giant franchise is at the helm,review publication is heavily controlled,and extravagant marketing is played on,battlefield v is without question one of,the more heavily criticized battlefields,because it too fell victim to a variety,of issues now deemed synonymous with,launch day disasters these include the,politicizing of source material arrogant,public relations mishandling early ttk,patches and live service material and an,upfront dearth of content technical,problems also push back development on,free dlc accentuating the feeling of,content droughts as the years went on,the somewhat annoying part about this is,that if you decide to play battlefield 5,right now these things do not exist,theyre simply gone which is,theoretically great however for everyone,whos already quit the game that means,absolutely nothing returning players get,a much better game but theyll have to,relearn mechanics and be at the mercy of,acquiring all the in-game weapons and,items theyve missed which is a time,sync that can often be lethargic and,quite demoralizing especially if the,game is based around seasonal items the,prospect of playing a new game with a,new player base is something that has,also been spoiled when the game releases,too soon and most of the player base,just leaves for me its very exciting to,play a game on day one and i prefer to,learn game mechanics alongside others,rather than jumping into an ocean of,sharks who have been no life in the game,since release it can make for a very,different experience because in a,multiplayer game most satisfaction is,derived from performing well against,other people in winning matches have you,ever been killed by a pilot in a,battlefield game that goes 50 and zero,we all have time creates large gaps of,skill mechanics unlockables you name it,it can be frustrating to re-enter the,learning curve while dealing with these,obstacles so either way you look at it a,live service doesnt have as many,benefits as you would imagine even to,the group of players that see it in its,best light this past month i jumped back,into battlefield v the reasons that,compelled me to do so were twofold one i,quit battlefield 2042 about a week after,my review i really try to love that game,but now i consider it a complete and,utter disappointment,to me its soulless and utterly unfun to,play so i needed a new multiplayer game,to play and second because i owe it to,battlefield v my coverage of the game,overall was fairly awful and my attitude,towards making videos has changed a lot,since my idiotic preachy and overly,dramatic ways so if youve stuck around,with me i thank you and i hope you,appreciate the way i approach games,critique these days anyway on the bf5,the transition into battlefield v felt,so frustrating because 2042 is such a,mechanically and systematically designed,inferior game battlefield 5 is the best,feeling game in the franchise at least,the way the player interfaces with the,game and it is so irritating to think,that its subtleties were completely,abandoned ive come to the realization,that dice wants to start over with every,new game it makes without taking the,lessons learned with them for example,the mechanics it was a tool set that was,fine-tuned over the course of many,patches swimming and diving jump,shooting jump slides back laying,enhanced peaking leaning in a neat,combat role how about crouch running why,the hell was this removed you can use it,to dodge enemies sneak through,encampments without being seen and maybe,even ghost cap an objective,just stop and take a moment to look at,how all the cover in this game is at the,perfect height for crouch running its,really nice map design for infantry,players remember the days when you,werent automatically shown on the,minimap for firing your gun as well,youre telling me that i can flank,enemies in battlefield v yeah screw,2042s endless proximity grenades recon,drones pike skaters boris turrets robo,dogs and wing suit warriors did you know,you show up as a red blip on 2042s mini,map for 5 seconds if youre under 10,meters away even if you have a,suppressor on this might be realistic,but an absolutely awful feature for a,game when equipping a suppressor gimps,your range fire rate damage and,sometimes all at the same time,battlefield 5 showcases the proper way,to handle mini-map detection youre only,shown under three conditions suppression,from light machine guns with the correct,trait spotting flares or the spotting,scope for the recon class in every other,situation youre free to run around as,you please the only other indicator the,enemy has is audio with footsteps and,gunshots or to actually see you in the,game on their screen i mean is that too,much to ask it really does fundamentally,change the game when you can move around,the map without being shot from 32,players who all know your exact location,this was one of the reasons i,uninstalled 2042 the game seems to,punish you for wanting to play solo and,aggressively in battlefield 5 you can,actually stand still for more than a,tenth of a second without being killed,damn thats a pretty good feature for a,battlefield game dont you think the,important thing about battlefield 5s,movement mechanics is that they can all,be linked together with very little,effort and its very seamless for,example you can jump into water while,holding the crouch button which allows,you to dive instantly normally youd bob,your head to the surface before you can,dive down hell if you time it right you,can even fall off a hill and slide once,your ass hits the ground taking no,damage in the process bf5 feels buttery,smooth and majestic these are elements,that increase the skill ceiling of the,game and the style points which is to,say they expand the gap of skill,possible by those who pursue mastery of,that skill without disrupting the skill,floor or dumbing down the skill ceiling,again to squish the space in between,why would these elements be removed,after all the fundamental touch point of,a video game is the controls at which,players use to interact with it i swear,dices new motto is if it works do not,put it in the next game but really the,first thing i noticed when i went back,to battlefield v was that people were,actually helping each other out strange,that i have to mention this in a,team-based shooting game but 2042,literally has no teamwork due to its,specialist system everywhere i went,people were throwing me ammo and health,faster than snickers minis on halloween,and even if they werent actively,helping me i could run up to a sport,where a medic can grab those resources,right off of them i really like this,feature because it creates ad-hoc,gameplay but more importantly it has the,ability to draw people together at least,proximity wise if people are encouraged,even passively to stay close to each,other they can take more objectives,revive each other faster and help each,other out thus the sense of being on a,team is instilled and speaking of taking,objectives you can actually do this in,battle

Battlefield V – Multiplayer Review

– [James] Hello Battlefield fans.,This year were splitting up the Battlefield V review,into its single and multiplayer components,with a full review to follow.,This video covers the multiplayer only.,Be sure to check out the single player,and overall reviews in the video description.,(“Legacy” by Johan Soderqvist and Patrik Andren),(soldier speaking in foreign language),With all the development muscle,behind EA Dices massive shooter, I didnt expect going in,that playing Battlefield Vs multiplayer,would feel so much like discovering,a very promising early access game.,Theres a sizeable number of modes and bug fixes,still to be delivered and it feels as though,the good will of free future DLC has led to the release,of a less complete product now.,To its credit, a cavalcade of clever gameplay changes,succeeds in changing the series standard,64-player warfare in a more tactical direction,,but the execution simply feels rushed.,Still, theres plenty of dynamic FPS fun to be had,in the Battlefield V today and I could see it becoming,one of the best in the series history,after some substantial updates.,(soft violin music),Across all of its current multiplayer modes,,Battlefield Vs default mechanic,takes a bold step towards the hardcore.,Health regeneration is limited,,the time to kill is reduced and the spotting system,is almost entirely removed.,But the revisions are more thoughtful,than simply adopting all of the hardcore rules.,For example, while time to kill is generally faster,,sniper rifles deal less damage than ever before,,letting a snappier feeling to gunplay,without excessively disrupting,the classs balance and power.,And in lieu of the entire removal of 3D spotting,,only a handful of gadgets and certain combat traits,can now place that infamous red circle over enemys heads.,These changes aim to emphasize team play,,satisfy gunplay and immersion,and all of them find their marks.,The incentives for coordinating,with your four-person squad are so strong,theyre borderline coercive.,The scarcity of vital health and ammunition resources,collectively dubbed the attrition system,succeeded in making me go out of my way,to work with my squad and strengthen class identity,,but felt a little heavy handed at times.,Retreating in search of a friendly medic or a supply station,rarely led to any interesting moments.,Being able to scavenge from enemy corpses on the other hand,encouraged me to take a lot of fun risks.,The ability for anyone to revive a squadmate,regardless of class is another welcome incentive,to stick together, glitching and awkward it may be.,(suspenseful music),Across the board, the 37 firearms,of Battlefield V feel fantastic.,Pronounced and predictable recoil replaces,the random-feeling spray of Battlefield 1.,Each class has access to an assortment of seven to eight,primaries, that with the exception of the medic,,who can only wield SMGs,,present a variety of playstyle options.,The support class possesses the greatest variance,with access to shotguns, LMGs, devastating MMGs,that must be deployed to aim, and the FG42,which in Battlefield V anyway,,behaves like an assault rifle.,And its fun to unlock flashy but period-appropriate,weapon skins that flaunt your achievements.,Battlefield V introduces a specialization system,which in theory allows you to further tailor a weapon,to your preferred playstyle, but most choices are,uninteresting stat tweaks that ironically,diminish the effects of Battlefield Vs,brand new recoil system.,Vehicle specializations are generally much more alluring,,offering more meaningful and visual alterations.,Each infantry class can now choose from two combat roles,that with the exception of the sniper and pathfinder,,feel like a total afterthought.,Battlefield V boasts 26 era-appropriate vehicles,,a number that absolutely dwarfs its predecessors,paltry eight at launch.,And yet part of me misses the rampant chaos,caused by the admittedly overtuned elite units,,cavalry and behemoths of Battlefield 1.,Tanks can be fun and whizzing around in a spitfire,is neat, but I cant help but feel that the relationship,between vehicles and infantry,in Battlefield V is overly binary.,Ive never enjoyed hate picking the assault class,to destroy enemy armor, but since Battlefield V tanks,are much more difficult to avoid than their BF1 ancestors,,thats exactly what I found myself doing.,Similarly, you will be bombed.,When you are, you will either choose to bring your current,objective to a grinding halt to track down an anti-aircraft,gun or tank or just keep going,and accept that bombings a part of life.,(dramatic violin music),Eight maps are available in Battlefield V,as of launch and while Im not a fan of the extensive,labyrinth of identical unfurnished apartments in Rotterdam,,I felt the other seven maps to be quite enjoyable.,Fjell 652 takes place on a high altitude Norwegian mountain,overlooking the entirety Norwich map,and is objected to intense and atmospheric snow storms.,Twisted steel is built around a massive bridge,that serves as both a spectacular landmark,and a functional mechanism to add a linear lane,to the maps familiar open environment speckled,with rural villages.,Fortifications can be constructed on any map,and are situationally useful.,And thats all I have to say about building.,Unfortunately, even the good maps dont always stand up,to the test of being ported to seven different modes.,Its spread across three playlists.,The modes themselves are all over the place,,especially in the infantry-focused playlist,where Frontline lasts many times longer,than Team Deathmatch or Domination.,Theres a particularly messy portion in Frontlines,on Twisted Steel where the defending team,has a clear vantage directly into the attackers bomb spawn.,On more than one occasion on,the Frontlines version of Narwich.,I spawned outside of the boundaries,,at one point resulting in an unavoidable death,due to desertion and thats part of a disappointing trend,because Battlefield V is frankly littered with bugs.,Some are of the superficial and even comical variety,,but quite a few others have a major,,at times, game breaking impact.,In total, I had to exit a match or relaunch Battlefield V,more than a dozen times in my 60 hours because of menus,getting stuck open with no way to close,or match timers and objectives bugging out.,Also the all-too-frequent appearance of my glitches,and sticky geometry conveys a general lack of polish.,(soft violin music),the feeling of getting in on the ground floor,is something that will inevitably be much better,mere months now is unavoidable,while playing Battlefield Vs multiplayer.,Squad play and infantry combat in general,is taken in a very worthwhile direction,with smart tweaks to guns and resources.,But the same care hasnt been applied throughout.,Rampant bugs, wildly varying mode times in similar playlists,and how big features like combat roles take their toll.,The good news is that patches are already rolling out,and with a year or more of free maps and modes on the way,,Battlefield V can only get better from here.,For more on Battlefield V, watch our review,of the single player campaign plus the first 15 minutes,of gameplay and standby for the full review.,If you enjoyed the video, shoot me a follow on Twitter,@ThuggnDuggn and for everything else, stick with IGN.

Battlefield V Review – Worthabuy?

battlefield 5 is it worth about lets,read the words the words the words the,words the words the words death King,words enter mankinds greatest conflict,with battlefield 5 as the series goes,back to its roots in a never-before-seen,portrayal of world war ii you can tell,youre right about that because Ive,never in my [ __ ] Nach ever seen World,War 2 portrayed like this gradual take,on physical all-out multiplayer with,your squad and experiences like the vast,grand operations or witness human drama,set against global combat in the,single-player war stories as you fight,in epic unexpected locations across the,globe enjoy the richest and most,immersive immersive battlefield yet Ive,got a lot to cover here guys but I will,not be talking about the fact that this,game takes all the boxes its an sjw,fest of biblical proportions and it,totally Fox of history completely we,wont be talking about that Im doing a,whole separate video on that it deserves,it I will purely today be talking about,the actual game reviewing the gameplay,and letting you know what youre gonna,get if you buy this part this is this,game so battlefield 5 has released with,three single-player campaigns the fourth,one which looks like the fall of Berlin,is coming out and a later date but you,will get it with the actual game it,comes with a whole load of multiplayer,maps and multiplayer modes as well but,were gonna start with single-player the,single-player focuses on the British,operations in North Africa taking out,enemy airplanes on runways and blowing,up different buildings and stuff its,the SBS the special board service and,Im tempted to go and a big run about,why this isnt how the SBS was formed,but Ill save that for another [ __ ],video honestly its nothing to do with,the SBS its just you by yourself,running around like a [ __ ] bell end,with some explosives thats what it is,okay so lets carry on now almost time,men I thoroughly enjoyed the first,mission of this game where you go and,youre sneaking around its quite a big,map youve got three objectives you can,do them in any order you want its very,open worldly kind of map can go any way,you want this vehicles lying around this,patrols this Germans just like in,bunkers theres all sorts of stuff its,very atmospheric and I thoroughly,enjoyed it and I thought the gunplay was,fantastic the AI wasnt but it was still,fun and I just thoroughly enjoyed the,firefights that I had Ive thoroughly,enjoyed assaulting bases until I,realized that it was like Far Cry where,theres a a tower a radio tower and one,of the Germans will run to that tower to,call for reinforcements just like in Far,Cry but I got over it and I still had,fun,despite that the second mission had me,just defending against waves of Germans,it was [ __ ] rancid I cant even,remember if there was a third yeah there,was a third mission which was good the,third mission was very good actually I,really enjoyed the third mission as well,so so far I was really enjoying the,single-player and then I went to nowhere,Norway is the second place you go to,where you are trying to stop the Germans,produce hard water sending a back to,Germany to produce a an h-bomb now these,raids were done by the British commandos,in association with the Norwegian unit,underground but obviously in electronic,access games you play here what looks,like a 15 or 16 year old girl who takes,on the entire German army yourself so,yet again you have zero feeling of being,in a war certainly nothing to do with,World War two youve just got this,stupid little tart running around the,place totally and utterly nothing to do,with what really happened in the it does,a total disservice to the Norwegian,resistance it totally does the mission,is just kind of like a stealthy sneaking,around but the EEI is so bad they cant,see anything unless its directly in,front of them again the gunplay was fun,but throwing me little knives around the,place wasnt so yeah I didnt really,enjoy it at all it was just being awful,and to be honest and the story was,tragic,where I dont mean tragic as in sad I,mean tragic as in bad the third mission,the French mission no it doesnt deal,with French people it deals,with the Colonials who were fighting for,France this was the best of the of the,three campaigns I thoroughly enjoyed,playing the Somalian one simply because,I felt for once that I was in an actual,war because there was loads of other,people on my side with me charging and,fighting so this was great yeah you have,to assault different German bases and as,you see tanks the Lords of bonus trench,warfare theres all kinds of stuff and,it was thoroughly thoroughly enjoyable I,really enjoyed it,the storys awful but hey it just ticks,boxes its just a big virtue signal sin,look at this look at this look at this,lets talk about the multiplayer guys,because battlefields always been about,multiplayer battlefield is about playing,in these big games with lots of tanks,and vehicles and aircraft its the only,game ever thats made you feel like you,were in a war and unfortunately guys,thats not in battlefield 5 because what,battlefield 5 is lets get make no,mistake about it it is Call of Duty,battlefield 5 is Call of Duty Ive only,ever seen in one battle guys and Ive,played this for I think nineteen hours,now in multiplayer the most tanks Ive,ever seen in one battle was one and a,half because the other one was only half,a tank it was one of them little armored,car things so Ive only ever seen one,King tank on my team at a time one one,yes thats right if this is battlefield,god this isnt cold this is battlefield,one can tank one tank in a couple of,planes I mean thats disgusting for a,battlefield game guys what this is this,is Star Wars Battlefront to progression,running around a battlefield,pew pew II thats what it is and I find,it so own immersive guys the battlefield,actually sounds like a hen night gone,wrong,it really does it just sounds like,youre cooking and night its its,tragic it really is but whats the,gameplay like well lets talk about,these grand operations ones you will get,maybe three or four different maps to,play and youll start on the first,Marvin L itll be about maybe operation,Market Garden or some real event that,took place in World War two and you will,have different stages to go through now,whoever wins the first map will get an,advantage in the second ever wins the,second gets an advantage in the third,and so on and so forth so you have real,objectives to go to which is nice which,is good and some of them are really good,its all capturing old stuff but thats,what battlefields been about all the,time but where it fails is it its the,lack of vehicles the lack of tanks and,and all of the other stuff that you,would have in a normal battlefield game,which made the game feel like youre in,a war is just missing completely missing,when you watch a World War 2 movie and,you see all them tanks and change you,dont get any of that in this none you,are on fetch Call of Duty so lets just,carry on its called you the best thing,about the multiplayer is the class,system you have four different classes,to choose from,youve got you recon which has a sniper,rifle youve got a support which has a,pretty heavy weapon and you have a medic,and you have a assault now Ive been,playing the medic most of the time and I,found the medic grid from the player you,hand out first-aid kits because your,health does not regenerate fully in in,the multiplayer you rely on a first aid,kit and every player has a first aid kit,but once youve used that its gone but,a medic can give you another one a medic,can revive anybody on the battlefield as,well really fast whereas a non medic and,only revive somebody in his squad and it,takes twice as long so a medic is,grateful and Ive got a shitty machine,gun though its not that good in fact,its awful to be honest with you but,its grateful and playing America also,get a smoke bomb and you also get this,smoke grenade launcher and that,obviously your

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