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  7. Ted Lasso Season 2 Episode 9 Review!

Ted Lasso Reaction and Review | 2×9 Beard After Hours

going to watch season 2 episode 9 of ted,lasso i finally got around to watching,this one so thanks for joining if you,havent seen our videos before theyre,out there not gonna show you how youtube,works if nothing else thanks for the,view thanks for the curious click,where we last left off with ted lasso,i mean there was some heavy stuff in,that last episode we had ted,opening up about his fathers suicide we,had jamie tart who,doesnt have a very good relationship,with his father and there was sort of,that climactic scene towards the end,between the two of them,where we saw roy kent,hugging,really anybody,but especially,jamie which was a big moment right,there have been some people that have,criticized sort of the trajectory of,roy kents character and him becoming a,bit softer and not the person that we,thought in the first season that he was,supposed to be i dont know that i agree,with that i always thought there was a,reason they were doing it and they were,doing it well i think that moment,between he and jamie was one that,that sort of evolution,allowed us to have that was an important,moment okay enough about that lets see,what we have in store for us next,with this episode,my understanding it is a coach beard,centric sort of episode,thats really all i know,well see what we got,hey go heard my bird,its an interesting shift right which is,where we left off and that does not look,like a real moon thats because its,transitioning,okay its obviously the same we left off,with coach beard in the last episode,where,i assume he was rattled sort of by,jaimes father,that,conflict that occurred,yeah,somethings going on his mind other way,oh interesting they kind of,played the intro through that scene,not sure how i feel about going into,coach beards place i,think i like it but i also feel like,hes that character that we just,the less we know the better i mean that,in a sort of endearing way if that makes,any sense,nibbling lacking,look gary the man has no vavavu,does anything say sad single man more,than a chessboard coffee table,okay so this is in his,its head transition,you basically left sorrow back there to,defend by himself,in a semi-final,i may fine you drop his keys just there,my bed,dropped the keys,oh okay there were excuses,before you needed a hug these guys i,thought you needed a hug have you ever,been to vegas whats ted light behind,closed doors howd you cope knowing the,universe is infinite but your,consciousness can end in a second,hmm hes gonna answer all three cause,hes coach beard ive been to vegas many,times one night is good two nights is,perfect three,is too many ted is a man,just a man and as for the fragility of,life im so glad someone finally asked,if this is all indeed a simulation which,everything in my experience suggests,that it is,thats a club right she said,whoa whoa whoa whoa,i think theres a dress code,well thatll be interesting,its actually not that bad all things,considered lost and found essentially,i mean what do i know what am i look,what i got going on here this,got a lady in a red dress situation here,shell come back obviously this will be,an ongoing thing or at least for a brief,period of time in this episode,mysterious,which college are you,christ church,our main rivals,im american man myself nothing like,waking up every morning to the sound of,the dubs in oregon at 8 15. am i right,you merton [ __ ],yeah pretty impressive how do you know,what that stuff about oxford,i dated a professor at oxford and i,listen more than i talk,that ends up bad,i can understand why beard thinks that,he or we,live in a simulation i mean this is,it runs into some interesting situations,im sure you know but your trousers are,ripped,theyre designed that way,to make it easier for people to kiss my,ass,no no no,youre better than that,come on so restricted people come and go,for my life,ive always kept a pair of their,trousers,this rack is like my memoirs,she should fit shes almost perfect for,beard lets just be honest uh an old,lover,where is he now,that,you dropped your keys,yeah this is essentially his fantasy,right,it may very well be an actual fantasy,im not sure yet of course but im doing,it,its pants,thats what i expected out of the lost,and fountain box for the record,[ __ ],im gonna punch your [ __ ] teeth out,your face and feed them to your [ __ ],like that candy,oh boy so thats all this thats what,this is all about okay you could have,so shes getting a thrill out of this,[Music],oh my god no way okay,part of me wonders is this just a normal,night for beard or are we just getting,to witness something,up theres british day batista again,still got it,still got it i,that that makes me curious what does,that even what do you still got what was,that what does that mean,were not going anywhere,of course of course,my pleasure,his pants,sweat his keys his wallet is that all,i that ladies apartment i gotta think,that one through i guess well find out,could i please use your phone my,personal phone yes ive lost my phone,and my wallet and im just trying to get,back home there it is what would you be,using my personal phone photo,next thing i know my hard drive is being,confiscated by mi5 for illegal images,that youve tricked me into downloading,oh no,youll not make a fool of me not you not,a dick i mean he just jumped off of a,building into a dumpster and hes that,this guy is where he just,gives in,cant overcome that,that roadblock,for the story for the story its fine,[Music],um,jamie tarts dad,look who it is,or,[Music],by the way james tarp jamies dad,very well cast like he looks a lot like,an older jamie tart look into that just,take another look if you havent taken a,close enough look i assure you,im right on this,is,jamie tarts,dad really here in this moment,what are the odds right,blue moon playing,[Music],you heard me say tying into the last,episode of course,how do we call this a draw,[Music],this is not gonna no,no no no,this isnt real this isnt none of this,is real it cant be say good night,say good nights son,[Music],and mom,what is happening,no no no no no no no,hes bringing his phone away if things,are out flat,im sorry i lost my temper okay so he,really did lose his temper,and im not even a richmond fan but,that was tough to watch,i was wondering when someone would,acknowledge that he was a coach for afc,richmond right like,the guy that wouldnt let me use the,phone,the guy that was chasing him down i get,that it was a,fight or flight situation for coach,beard but,we got a lot of,text messages weve missed here,[Music],whats this limo doing,youre going to tell renee,beard said it was okay,thanks guys,i kind of wanted a side story about,their night we i feel like we missed out,on that one,clearly they hustled these guys but then,they became friends i still im just,saying i want it i want to see their,whole story now from tonight,the cross,should have stayed in the limo i think,when im with her the world just feels,more interesting,so this this episodes just wild,what is happening,coach beard sent us,turn them on,walk this way,what,is happening,[Laughter],it does say yeah,they get to go on the field,its a nice gesture from coach beard,thats actually a cool moment for these,guys to see this,so it was a club,are we about to,oh boy yeah,just let it out just let it all out,beard,try this on,im really not sure what lesson were,learning here,im not saying we need one,but i still wonder,what what,good morning fellas,whatd i tell you,you know,hell of a rebound,flat white coffee black peppermint latte,everything all right,yeah i just uh slept too late,must fell off the bed oh right yeah no,no thats the thing,i mean im ready to go to bed now after,just,experiencing that im exhausted just,witnessing it,on one hand theres a lot to say about,this episode but theres also,not a lot,let me explain,on one hand we get a bit of a point of,view of coach beard sort of a bottle,episode and i know this was one of two,episodes that were sort of padded on to,th

“Ted Lasso” Star Brendan Hunt Breaks Down “Beard After Hours”

[Music],hello everyone welcome back inside the,film room im zach owens and today i am,joined by the brilliant brynden hunt,coach beard himself one of the,co-creators of ted lasso brendan welcome,back to the show its great to have you,thanks for having me im delighted good,signage back there,i know weve got the believe sign weve,got the team photo were decked out in,richmond gear here so im excited to,chat with you its been a while since we,last spoke and a lot has been going on,for you and the ted lasso family first,off huge congratulations for continued,success into another awards season,season two came out well received youre,racking up awards the outstanding,ensemble at sag you best comedy series,at critics choice swept the pgas gearing,up for another emmys run,congratulations how does that feel as,someone you know has it sunk in yet as,someone who,was part of the creative process in,season one got that reception and its,still carrying on its still happening,um uh i mean its all its all super uh,gratifying um,uh but its also like theres theres a,great danger in caring too much you know,about about these things because then,yeah but but maybe that means it hasnt,sunk in too you know like we,maybe when the show is over therell be,therell be some fun in like you know,arranging all these shiny things people,give us you know some kind of a lovely,pattern on a wall somewhere but uh,but for now like we just were you know,the nose is very much to the grindstone,um,and,yeah,you know season one,went pretty well and we certainly,werent making that show,or making that season you know,under the mindset of like right it,wasnt how can we get these awards yeah,so,so i dont think it does us and,therefore doesnt do the show,too much good to like,you know like try to aim for them or,anything like that um so,so you try to just you know keep your,heads down,get to work um but also you know make,sure you take at least a moment to be,like well thats cool thanks everybody,well if you if you need any places to,arrange your shiny awards like you,noticed back here ill gladly take one,for the backdrop if youre handing them,out so i mean those funkos are spaced,perfectly,perfect size for an emmy in between them,i think but,is it better or do you find it,indifferent better worse to have the,award season happening while youre you,know actively filming a new season or in,the case of season two while season two,was airing you were getting awards for,season one is that does that make a,difference to you as someone whos a,part of the process,its 100 worse,worse,were busy enough,were gonna make this damn show and now,you keep you people keep wanting us to,talk about it while were making it,um,yeah it is,it is weird how much it adds to uh you,know,an already,uh heaving schedule,you know um,so,uh but yeah yeah gotta do it here we go,you know where its a sign that things,are going well that people want to chat,with us so lets lets lets have those,chats um but,yeah we had a full workload last week we,got full workload coming up and um,and yeah we just gotta,i just gotta stay awake man hes got to,stay awake,well i appreciate you staying awake for,this lets dive into season two here you,know last time we spoke you were talking,about how,ted lasso you know when you think that,were gonna zig were actually gonna zag,talking about like subverting,expectations i cant think of a better,zag than beard after hours obviously,youre youre a shining episode from,season two,so much is just zagging from what weve,come to expect with the show you know,from that that acoustic theme song to,the the main characters here you and you,and the boys from the pub the just the,overall tone what was the process like,as,youre in the writers room i know that,this was one of the quote unquote extra,episodes that you added in after you got,extended to 12. so when you were coming,up with these episodes initially,you know was it one person who was like,here heres the episode about coach,beard and his crazy adventures or are,you all kind of like okay now hes going,to go and do this now hes gonna go and,do that like how did the the ideation,process work there,um yeah so they added those extra two,episodes and and we you know we had a,bit of a discard pile of like you know,three or four that we that we decided,not to go with and,and um the christmas episode and the,beard episode were two that we could uh,add to the season that werent wouldnt,disrupt the flow of what we were already,building but we were pretty pretty far,into breaking the season by that point,um,and,yeah the idea of like what else does,beard get up to when were not seeing,him has been something weve talked,about in the variety of rooms from the,very very beginning um and weve just,never really followed through with,so,i think once you know and with jason who,was like were gonna do the beard,episode um and we didnt really know yet,fully what that was gonna be we knew it,was gonna be a bad night out,and it would end in hula hooping um and,and it would have at least you know one,or two nods to after hours which is,you know sort of a great example of of,that type of story of you know you know,one,one one bad decision sends everything uh,you know into hell um,but then i was,basically kept away from,uh from the script uh,they didnt let beard break it down,no no they they wanted it to be,you know all like as surprising as,possible um all right let me be as,surprised as possible um,and they probably didnt want me,you know uh,you know asking for you know beard to,not get punched as much um or anything,like that and really i probably would,have wanted to get punched more um,but uh but yeah like you know im im a,producer on the show i generally have,some pretty early input on these scripts,and uh and,and yeah it was finally like two weeks,before we were shooting where apparently,a conversation was like okay brendan,actually does need to read this now,and they finally left me um,uh,so,yeah you know it was it on the one hand,it was the same kind of group creation,that the writers room,does,but also i was excised for a great deal,of that,creative process and i think its for,the best,well im curious you know one idea that,about this episode that i want to,explore with you it actually kind of,ties more into eight,and nine because at the end of man city,you know how they had that overlap the,end of eight is the start of nine with,beard and ted talking um at the end of,eight beard asks ted,do you want to come with me as we go to,to walk this one off on the way home im,curious you know in this current era,where everything is a multiverse theres,alternate timelines and different,realities,is there what would a night have looked,like had ted said yes accompanied beard,would they have just ended up at the pub,drinking and thats it or would they,still have gone on this wild adventure,no i think theyre i mean the blue moon,was in the sky that night,uh no matter what anyone who made the,mistake of going out into it they would,be punished um so,yeah it wouldnt have been the exact,same,uh odyssey but it definitely would have,been a odyssey,and there would have been a lot of ted,uh begging for mercy and beard saying no,we go further,all right,um so yeah lets you know lets fan fake,that up,come on im sure theres someone on the,ted lasseter reddit thats done that,dived into that but are there any other,like i know youve spoken in the past,about at one point there was a,um you were gonna run into sam at like a,falafel cart and he was ordering two and,youre kind of okay whats why is he,getting two and then sam runs off are,there other,kind of elements that were cut are you,able to speak on those,um,i remember that one getting cut yeah and,i think even specifically it was going,to be,you know beard gets falafel and sam,oh yeah and then sam sees him and hes,like i gotta go yeah,dont explain or maybe even just sam saw,him and and went away um yeah there was,gonna,you know it was gonna be a

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Ted Lasso Season 2 Episode 9 Beard After Hours Recap

in episode nine you find out exactly,what beard did when he said he was gonna,walk this one off he ends up taking the,train home just sitting by himself but,when he gets into his apartment he turns,on the tv and he feels that the,commentators are just ripping him apart,even though theyre not tyrann henri,especially is going really hard at beard,and his tactics but once again its,really just all in his head they are,discussing the game though and they are,discussing how richmond really struggled,that day against man city so he decides,to go blow off some more steam at the,pub the bartender asks is jane,and he says no we broke up he told jane,that he loved her and she wouldnt,reciprocate but jane has really been,weighing on beards mind most of,richmond though have been thinking about,the game especially the bartender who,just like tier and henry in beards head,starts ripping him apart for all of his,tactics he decides to go just sit alone,in the corner with his beer when jane,texts him and says i saw the results you,want to come find me i think its what,you need and beard writes out this whole,message that he cant keep doing this he,told her how he felt and he doesnt want,to be strung along anymore but he ends,up deleting it the text message with,jane ends up getting interrupted when,the supporters show up and they start,talking about the match but beard tells,them you can sit down as long as we,dont talk about the match so over the,course of the night they throw back a,lot of beers and they start diving into,some pretty heavy topics like the entire,world being the matrix but eventually,they close down the bar now the,supporters are like yeah well just go,home but beard says no this night aint,ending where can we go and they let,beard know of a private club that is,really tough to get into even as a dress,code luckily for them though the,bartender keeps a lost and found of old,clothes so they put on some,hand-me-downs and head on over there but,right before they leave though jane,texts beard once again a selfie of,herself in front of a neon cross and it,says im atoning for all my sins beard,though once again doesnt answer because,now hes on a mission to get into that,club and beards honestly not that,worried about how hes gonna do it he,has a plan he goes up to the person the,front door he gets their name and then,he has one of the supporters call up and,tell her that her apartments on fire,and it works she ends up running out of,the place and they end up sauntering on,in one of the supporters feels pretty,bad about what they just did but beard,says no that girl will appreciate her,apartment tomorrow like shes never,appreciated an apartment ever as soon as,they actually get to the club though the,supporters feel like they dont belong,and beard tells them knock that off,right now you belong here if you could,be anywhere right now where would you,want to be right here right well act,like it beer then heads to the bar to,get everybody some drinks when one of,the women at the club catches his eye,and i understand why she is a smoke show,but beard grabs the drinks and heads,back to find the supporters where,theyre playing pool with a bunch of,oxford douche bags and the supporters,arent doing a really good job of,blending in beard however does a,phenomenal job at it he tells the oxford,d-bags that he was a professor at oxford,and that these three were the best of,the best that oxford has ever offered,but beard is unaware that these three,douchebags actually went to oxford so,they start quizzing beard about oxford,what college he taught at where he lived,and amazingly beard passes all of their,tests at the end of the night theyre,completely convinced that beard actually,taught at oxford and the way that beard,knew all this about oxford is the fact,that he used to date an oxford professor,and beard ended up doing this crazy,thing called listening as the supporters,and the oxford douchebags end up playing,some pool the woman in the red dress,that caught beards attention before,ends up catching it again he ends up,walking after her but ends up losing her,in a hallway so beard starts opening up,some doors and so beard starts opening,up some doors and the first one he opens,is a random room with a bunch of,television stacked up on each other,beards kind of confused by this so he,sits down and is drinking his beer when,beard starts imagining that all the tvs,are turning on theyre all to the game,and tyrion henry is once again,ripping coach beard going so far to say,that beard self-esteem is so low he,would need a pep talk to commit suicide,and tyron henry would love to give him,that pep talk when beard gets up to get,out of the room he rips his pants and he,yells and one of security guards ends up,hearing this comes into the room and,wants to know where beards membership,card is and obviously he doesnt have it,so he gets kicked out but the smoke show,that he was after is now outside on the,street she lets him know that his pants,are ripped but she doesnt live too far,away and she can fix them and when a,really hot woman offers to fix your,ripped pants you take them up on that,offer every single time and beard does,that he heads back to her apartment and,shes giving off some vibes thats one,way to put it like she could be a,complete serial killer psychopath,because she tells beard that she has a,bunch of clothes from ex-lovers that she,just keeps its her thing but shes just,hot enough where you go with it so beard,takes off his ripped pants gives them to,her to fix and she ends up giving him,some disco pants that he can put on for,the time being they start talking about,love and he says he thinks hes in love,right now with this woman who we cant,stop thinking about but then the woman,in the red dresses cell phone rings she,asks beard to get it and its a face,time with a guy who immediately,questions who beard is the woman,explains to the guy on facetime who,beard is but he is so enraged that he,vows to beat the hell out of beard when,he actually gets there and while the,woman tells beard that this guy on,facetime has nothing to worry about,beard suddenly isnt so sure when the,guy starts banging on the door so beard,tries to get the hell out of there he,ends up taking the fire escape to the,roof but the guy ends up in pursuit it,gets to the point where beards only,option is to jump into the dumpster,beard takes off running from the guy and,ends up hopping on one of the buses,where a cairn rats him out for not,paying and the issue is beard left his,cell phone and his wallet in that,womans apartment so he cant pay and he,ends up getting kicked off he wanders,into a hotel and asks to use the front,desk phone call for a cab but the,concierge says no its for guests only,he then asks to use the concierges,personal cell phone but the concierge is,convinced that this is all a scam to get,his identity so beard just ends up,wandering out of the hotel he goes down,an alley where he sees three guys,walking towards him and hes convinced,that these three are supporters but when,he actually gets close enough to see who,they are turns out its jamie tarts dad,and his two friends and jamie tarts dad,is out for revenge they end up chasing,after beard and beating the hell out of,them and jaimes dad ends up picking up,a pipe and is about to cave in beards,head when beard is saved by that guy who,is chasing after him from the mystery,womans apartment once he knocks out,jaimes dad and he chases off his two,friends beards thinking that hes about,to get the crap beat out of him some,more but the guy ends up just giving his,cell phone and wallop back and saying,here you forgot these at our apartment,ive been trying to find you as they,walk back to the street the guy explains,to beard that hes a little bit of a hot,head but his girlfriend mary explained,the whole situation the couples having,a baby and he was worried that she was,cheating on him because he used to be a,cheat so its just some

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Ted Lasso Season 2, Episode 9 “Beard After Hours” Review | Cinespection

[Music],whats up guys welcome to cinespection,this is a review of ted lasso episode 9,season 2,titled,beard after hours for a second i forgot,about the name but i just remembered and,you just missed a fantastic round on,what show we should watch next,we should have just recorded for,posterity,um were joined as always by our friend,uh dives mr crockpot on twitter whats,up dives whats going on guys always a,pleasure,always a pleasure to have you and of,course john my co-host hows it going,john i just talked to you live,10 minutes ago,yeah its going great i cant wait to,talk about said lasso per usual,yes well be happier talking about dead,lasso than we were talking about our,disappointment with the lovely bones,um if you want to see some grief and,sadness just dont watch the movie just,watch us talking about,um,all right well i mean first let me lets,just acknowledge what happened last,night uh we were just talking about it,right before we started um,ted lasso just sweep the emmys right,like how do you guys feel about that,um i mean,duh,i i hate to say it like that but like,what else do you expect,for this show other than to sweep,the awards like its an amazing comedy,its a great cast the actors are amazing,um you have unknown people or little,known people that are putting out,amazing performances,and uh you know i i think that itll do,it again next year i think that this is,uh comparable to like shits creek,except shits creek hit its peak in like,season five probably right like thats,when everybody started watching it,and it took off but this is this is,taking off in season two so,um i i think that youll see something,similar,great comparison man i came into shits,creek late just like i did with ted and,shits creek has some of the best,writing ive ever seen i fell in love,with that show immediately we binged,that show in like two weeks i absolutely,adored,uh ted i mean the writing,the writing the writing the character,development the layers uh i i dont know,where this show is going how many,seasons im talking about im a little,worried about that but it seems like,theyre prepping for a lot a lot a lot,so,good or good or better good whatever you,want to call it um this show is just so,well done it has such amazing quality,im glad to see it get the recognition,it truly deserves,and it was it to that point it i felt,like i got the same feeling i get when i,watch like the cast of cobra kai,together it just yesterday when you saw,them receiving awards and the way they,talked about each other the way they,reacted when somebody else won you can,just tell that the show the cast and,crew have a great environment and they,really like each other and and if you,have some time go watch um,jasons dick is um,uh i forgot her name uh hannah some,british last name who plays rebecca,and uh um,brad goldstein who plays roy kent,received their awards because they were,fantastic like just delightful to listen,to like its,the the show has an environment it just,works really really well,and he says,and he says,they told me not to curse they told me,not to curse but that or something,yeah it was great it was great i mean,congratulations to everybody on the show,they definitely deserve it that first,season was just like top notch and,deserving all the the recognition and,got im still sad that cobra kai was not,recognized as much but i dont,mind that much award shows are just like,you know great for whoever won but im,not gonna be pissed because somebody,else didnt,um so,you know,moving on i mean today we i mean that,was the first season,but lets talk about the second one,because um,uh and this is wrong so lets talk about,the second one because,its different right yes second season,is very different its its different,and i think this episode was the perfect,like example of how its different so i,mean john lets start with you what do,you think yeah so,i i have to admit this is not my,favorite episode it definitely it,doesnt have the dartboard scene which,is is my favorite it doesnt have any,like uplifting really cheerful moments,it kind of does towards the end of it um,but overall like,i feel like it was almost i dont want,to call it a filler episode because i,love ted lasso so much,but it didnt progress anything forward,and it didnt give us that much,introspection into beard which i think,is what it was supposed to do,um it left us lacking and whether they,did that on purpose because beard is,just like this mysterious person and,they want to leave it mysterious or not,um there were some really funny parts uh,throughout the entire the,entire episode like when theyre like oh,um how do you know so much about oxford,and hes like,i listen more than i talk,and thats kind of like the beard,mentality right hes always listening,and and hes taking it in and hes,filtering it and hes remembering it,hes hes filing it away,um,my biggest complaint is,is that were on episode nine,and this would have been an episode four,type thing for me like or three like,it it it it didnt belong where it was,and i dont know if its out of place or,whatever but that was my my own like my,real big complaint like i wanted,something to get us towards the plot of,episode 10 which is the last episode of,the season like this just didnt,so remember remember in season two of,stranger things like also like the,episode right before the last or two,episodes before the last theres an,episode where 11 goes to like a city and,she meets like some other people with,powers and it just like completely puts,the brakes on the narrative i think this,was something like that um to your point,but but dives what do you think yeah uh,just to piggyback off of that monsters,at work uh me and lo did uh daily daily,weekly reviews of monsters at work and,like episodes i think those what nine or,ten episodes and episodes like six seven,eight were so good like some of the best,tv probably of this year they were,amazing and heartwarming then the ninth,episode happened enough it was like the,most filler episode ever you look back,at other shows like uh the bad batch,kind of had fell to the same fate the,middle episodes were like the best of,the season and then it just ended and it,was just kind of disappointing uh but,for me uh i dont know how badly i,needed to see coach beard dancing with a,hula hoop,hello,under a church,wearing sparkly green pens it was,awesome um,we talked about the writing we talked,about how,this show gives so much love to these,characters uh we saw a lot of contrast,yet again this week just like that one,episode with that with the dad episode,with roy and jamies dad and you saw,that stark contrast in love and hate and,all that kind of stuff here you have,beard going through the worst night of,his life and then the boys the hooligans,having the best night of their lives so,um for me like this was kind of like,watching mid-samara like i didnt know,if like what was going on was truly,going on it felt like a dream like,sequence i felt like i was on drugs or,beards under i kept waiting for beard to,like wake up thats what i kept waiting,for i kept waiting for him to like be,like just it was all a dream on the,couch or youre not tripping or,something because he had mentioned in,the episode before he had accidentally,done shrooms like,but i i will say and this is just to,interject a second i loved the storyline,with the hooligans honestly that like,out of this entire episode that was,something that saved it for me was like,theyve been in the background of like,every those guys i bet if you look at,the cast have been in most of these,uh like episodes like in the background,theyve been in most of the episodes,probably like 9 out of 10 on in both,seasons,and we never really knew anything about,them other than they just talk all,the time so we know okay i mean i got to,stop you there uh,i mean ill just say my overall thoughts,really quick i i didnt love this,episode i actually i think its my least,favorite whole series,i get what th

Ted Lasso Season 2 Episode 9 “Beard After Hours” Review *SPOILERS*

[Music],hey everybody welcome back to one mic,where i watch so you dont have to,and today im here to talk about season,2 episode 9 of apple tvs ted lasso,entitled beard after hours,title is based upon the scorsese film,called after hours which just like this,episode is basically about a bunch of, happening to a guy on his way home,from work uh im simplifying it a little,bit but yeah that its pretty much the,same concept,uh this is very kind of a,metaphysical kind of episode almost a,lot of happens in this episode it,doesnt really make a lot of sense well,im like i say doesnt make a lot of,sense but is a little bit uh,its not in line with how this show,traditionally tells its story put it put,it like that uh you know after the,christmas episode,someone put in my comments that uh this,was supposed to be a 10 episode order,and apparently apple decided like no we,want another uh we want another two so,that what kind of like created these,bottle episodes the the the,christmas episode and this one that,dont really fit in narratively with the,show and,i think ultimately thats going to harm,the perception of this season and i,dont know why apple would do something,like that like why would you take a,situation where you know uh someone,comes to you like hey heres 10 fresh,episodes of what is probably id say,most likely their most popular show,heres another 10 episode season,what cause do you have to say,put on another two i dont really give a, what theyre about where they fit,in with the show narratively just do,another two because we just want 12.,okay so youre willing to sacrifice the,quality of the show a show that is,probably going to win a lot of emmys on,sunday uh youre gonna sacrifice the,quality of that to have them shoehorn in,some bottle episodes that dont fit in,narratively,i found that i found that information to,be very interesting and then ive,confirmed it after this episode i,thought you know this seems like a very,much a bottle episode too like the,christmas episode,and sure enough this was one of the two,that uh,that they were essentially forced to,make uh now,from my perspective its not a knock,against the episodes themselves its,just something where its like you have,a show,where season one went a certain way,they planned out season two a certain,way and now,you shoehorn in these episodes that,dont fit in with the narrative,and it just makes it makes it far more,jumbled,and you see that like i saw it in um uh,the comments on uh within this facebook,group that im in the comments on these,videos people like this doesnt feel,right it feels very disjointed it feels,kind of weird at times and,thats what you get out of that and and,that was an interesting decision to make,and i think the show ultimately is going,to suffer because of that to some degree,as in like the reception of the show is,going to suffer for some degree because,i mean look at me right,in christmas episode im like what the, is this like you know i judged it,as a christmas episode like you know a,singular episode of television but um,up to that point that i think that was,like episode five maybe,up to that point we had all of season,one and the first four or so episodes of,this season that were structured a,certain way so for me,it was in in a serialized way right,whereas it it we progressed through the,season in a straightforward uh fashion,and so for me having watched the show,perform in that manner up to that point,to have it skip,months up ahead in time to christmas for,some reason,and,skip over a lot of things that happened,at the end of the previous episode that,i wanted to see,it made me think that the show just,skipped over that because like i said it,its progressed,uh forward through time up to that point,so and i didnt know that we were gonna,have like randomly inserted bottle,episodes so if i had known that,i might have judged the episode a little,bit differently or judge the show,as it pertains to that episode a little,bit differently and that kind of helps,here so uh,you know now that i know that im not,going to look at this as like,why didnt you show me what happened,with blah blah blah blah blah blah blah,like i felt with the christmas episode,why are you putting a christmas episode,in august that skips ahead all these,months in time like what happened here,like so but i didnt understand that,that was supposed to be like a a bottle,episode inserted so now that i see that,here,i could just look at this episode as a,standalone episode of television and,assume that we will pick up next week,with where we left off,in episode eight so,um like i said a very strange episode,theres a lot of interesting things to,discuss here um i got a list of things,that i kind of wanted to talk about uh,but,i im gonna do this one a little bit,differently because like generally i,kind of talk about,uh like like kind of kind of,recap the episode a little bit and give,my thoughts about it uh you know,traditionally is the same way as most,narratives go kind of like start to,finish like heres what happened here,heres what happened here um,this time i want to talk about things,from a little bit more of a thematic,perspective because this is such a,different episode,the actual events of the episode saying,this happened and this happened and this,happened arent really that important,because theres a lot of things that,happen throughout this episode that,dont uh that dont make sense within,this world and those things are done for,a for a reason and theyre trying to,tell a point so i kind of want to,discuss some of those things so,um,this episode is really just about uh,kind of like a journey through self,for beard essentially like you know,beard,beard struggles over jane we know,beers not i mean we know jane is not,right for beard the coaches know janes,not right for him higgins knows and told,him and beard knows that shes not right,for him and he says in this episode that,you know life is more interesting with,her and,i think thats uh,emblematic of the problems that that,beard suffers which are our,self-doubt,self-worth,um his value,uh loneliness,i think these are things that beard,struggles with,and hes he he kind of looks to jane to,to kind of like curb that a little bit,and i think that he needs to,uh,find other avenues to,uh for for for kinship or for for,uh,uh validation i think would be the best,yeah validation is the best way to put,it he needs to find other avenues for,that he should probably sit down and,have a conversation with sharon and i,think that that will probably happen at,some point later in the season where,hell have to sit down and talk to her,but,um,so the theres two main things that jump,out for me with this episode,one of thems kind of big ones kind of,small uh well,as they happen in the show one is kind,of big and one is kind of small but,thematically theyre both fairly uh,fairly important um but the big thing is,like i said beards relationship with,jane,um,he doesnt see himself as as worthy of,her and i think that not worthy of her,but i feel like he doesnt see himself,as worthy of much of anything but he,does,uh,we we we,get his uh,almost like his internal monologue,through those announcers that randomly,pop up throughout the episode,they talk about how uh he felt like you,know they say coach beard knows way more,than uh ted and the other coaches but he,let the other coaches make the wrong,decision like oh he doesnt think you,know like we know that thats to me that,reads as beard uh feels like he doesnt,uh,have enough of a place within the,coaching staff he doesnt do enough he,knows more he should contribute more and,we know that weve seen it from day one,when ted first arrived there weve seen,it who has it been every time teds like,what does that mean what is that who,its always been beer thats explained,it,but what did i say after the,um,i cant remember which episode it was,but it was the one where,they did a great job of comparing how,roy is good with the players

TED LASSO 2×09 *Beard After Hours* Reaction!

Ted lasso season 2 episode 9 Dean the,reaction is right now what are you what,are you expecting for this one do you,know what this one is centered around I,think I have an idea I heard from a,lovely Patron that it is a beard episode,I gotta say if theres one character,that you would say this episode is all,about this person I reckon of the main,cast I reckon this would be probably my,least wanted is it because he is has no,personality its because the show is,this whole shtick is about just being,like quiet Im sorry that doesnt make a,great protagonist for a uh comedic show,or maybe this is the episode where he,gets all of the personality and the,storyline and then it will just feel,like hes going against type for this,one episode I dont know well wait to,see are they already running out of,ideas in season two hand though well,weve got how many more after this one,three more episodes to go after this one,I guess well find out in the next four,episodes then lets check it out full,length reaction is up on our patreon,links are in the description lets do it,I dont want to write back with you guys,Id rather go shake this off whos that,speaking is that Nate I think its beard,careful out there all right,okay so its real time its your turn,for uh coffee game film right yeah have,we already seen this scene yeah yep not,that kind of bird,oh so you didnt say that from the last,one were gonna get an angrier beard,maybe sicolaso I mean he has lashed out,at him he has lasso doubted him at,points and you could have done better,with that,[Music],I was legit about to say this scene and,this song could just come off scrubs and,Im like yeah Bill Lawrence made scrubs,blood will be and he also made this I,know that he did you when you did know,that when we spoke about it yeah of,course I knew when we spoke about it,[Music],was chasing him,[Music],oh my God Heaven youre too slow,Emily are we gonna see like mini beard,oh dont put that on its a real David,versus Goliath match but where Goliath,just curb stomped David in the back of,the school like in that Ed Norton movie,Moonrise Kingdom the Lions Kingdom I,think thats it yeah I think thats it,best episode yet Coach beard is Ted,lassos number two hes supposed to,challenge him not just be a sniveling,Lackey what look Gary the man has Nova,does anything say Sad single man more,than a chessboard okay,I hate coach beard Jesus,[Applause],whos gonna like yeah yeah but then,youve got to pick him up its true,straight to the pub Chan coming we broke,up shocking because I told her its hard,to know where I stand which it is,because she never says I love you could,you say it to her I did and she didnt,say it back she did not I think thats,where you stand yeah you must feel awful,glad Im married you know we need in,this episode Keely Roy Roy oh coming out,on the attack was a good idea okay he,doesnt want to hear about it,is he imagining this I dont know,that would be illegal wow,is she the only one that will speak to,him thats not about the game,[Music],reciprocate but then like what situation,are you like putting yourself into their,life yeah if youre not going to say it,then we cant be together yeah if you,truly loved her you would accept her,that she might need some more time am I,right hinder whatever you said how do,you cope knowing the universe is,infinite but your Consciousness can end,in a second geez bit deep I got a few,thoughts,[Music],but thats not the one he was drinking,yeah I thought that was cheating which,everything in my experience suggests,that it is,nice,[Music],because after a date with a guy who kept,correcting me were closed what on a,date with Richard I think youll find me,it was two dates,[Music],was that church it could still be a,strip club Pub shot 11 30 11 30. its,probably a Tuesday night theres a,soccer game on this is an AFL thats,true that only plays on the weekends,would you believe they did such a thing,let me take your acne out of that one I,think theres a dress code,foreign,[Laughter],oh come on you dont give a guy a dress,like that looking like that University,of Barcelona class of 2004. I went to,Warwick 2007. oh sorry you looked older,look come in Mrs bones and honey you are,very rude not really,yeah Im on her side here hes being an,ass its very important that we get in,touch with uh Sarah Coombs oh thats you,Im very sorry madam but your flight is,on fire wow you need to come down here,immediately thats extreme this is very,Breaking Bad isnt it Orions belt,so you did it,oh good elevator music the elevator,design is odd I I quite like the decor,tomorrow will be the most beautiful day,of serakums life her problem will look,more amazing to her this is so good so,you could be anywhere where would you,want to be,a pub I think this is a pub fancy Pub,this is a club a fancy Club feel free to,strut,Im getting massive in between his Vibes,right now look at those guys oh I am a,man,[Music],oh that was Lisa though,figment of his imagination if you paid,attention in trig youd do better douche,whats the trick what trick,so youve met my protege Im Professor,Declan Patrick nice which college are,you whered you live right across from,the travel nothing like waking up every,morning to the sound of the dubs in,Oregon at 8 15. am I right,is he making this up and they just dont,know it you Merton mother,and yeah we beat Cambridge in the boat,race by six and a half lengths lest we,forget I was on that crew,Harry Gill is here oh he knows his stuff,jeez Professor McGonagall taught us a,lot oh God 20 pounds youre on 17 18.,nice howd you know all that stuff about,Oxford Dade and a professor doctor and I,listen more than I talk he doesnt talk,a lot,well what is this place you just step,into a brothel,step into Oceans Eleven,you know what will help going to see the,woman you love was she in his mind was,that Jane you will need the pep talk to,kill himself and I would like to give,that pep talk whoa that got dark is,there a problem here yeah theres nail,on your faux Persian Flea Market coffee,table just tore my pants sir can I see,your membership card please put,attention to yourself,my friends are in there dont say that,Im sure you know that your trousers are,rich who is this who do you think it is,oh yes I do unexposed ass can bring down,the monarchy itself,and there you speak of prince Andrew,that way,was that moon on the sign take your,trousers off youre not in charge of me,oh Im still not convinced shes not,gonna charge him because for this and I,would love her where is he now dead,you dropped your keys thats twice hes,dropped his keys have a look back on a,relationship and regretted it ended Ive,been doing it all day,have you ever been in love even theres,someone in my life now who,its like a therapy session yeah,could you get that,who says that hi babe Im here but I,forgot my case who the [ __ ] are you oh,its just a trouserous man I met at,bones and honey,you could have warned me dont mind him,hes just a little jealous oh she loves,that [ __ ],run,[Laughter],[Music],oh no oh,[Applause],geez,that was a pretty big drop yeah,[Music],wow how did he catch up to him when he,cant run for [ __ ],[Music],oh you snitch,oh no oh in his other pants piss off,your [ __ ] scrounger wow definitely a,full moon,oh hes making a witch and all of a,sudden you and fight Melania have,downloaded all my bank details and,youre using my identity to shift more,poppy seeds to your own private island I,feel like this happened before not,anyone,anyone you so good night do you do that,when doors open no do you ever since I,started watching some more Star Wars,give me a little Jedi Mind,look at the no dont go down there look,at the sign,why would you go down the back alley,well when you stay in the main streets,where the lights are,but it was the drugs pretty well oh my,God is that,American History X fight club and,Clockwork Orange reference in one thats,insane oh,[ __ ] Jamie Todds dad did you throw it,before thats,well thats illegal oh well it lo

Ted Lasso Season 2 Episode 9 Review!

hey tv fans welcome to tory talks tv im,tori and im dr,in this video well be discussing ted,lasso season two episode nine and this,episode is called beard after hours,this is like the blue moon episode of,ted lasso it was very beard-centric,kind of cinematic in tone yeah so this,was did you ever see,um its actually like a reference to one,of my favorite martin scorsese movies,called after hours so its very very,explicit no easter egg needed,after hours was in the title,and it pretty much so griffin dunn was,the star of this movie who i love,and he basically has this crazy after,hours adventure,after like having a rough day at work so,pretty much it was uh right on the nose,kind of reference to it yeah so it was,really good i appreciated it for that oh,thats so cool this is so bizarre,bizarre is a good word it begins with a,nice somber cover of the theme song to,ted lasso uh while hes writing the tube,and then he gets home he considers,calling jane,hes really still upset about the loss i,dont blame him and then hes listening,to the tv,and theres those commentators talking,about the game and then he starts having,auditory hallucinations,and hearing im going to say their names,wrong theory henry and gary lineker who,call him out for not challenging the,fellow coaches decisions and then that,just,kicks everything into gear yes hes like,im out of here yep goes to get a beer,at the crown and anchor pub theres the,owner mae who is so funny im glad we,get to see more of may yeah and the fans,yes they have names the pub guys oh good,and now i cant find their names but i,will and ill get back to you,but we i always thought they were so,entertaining so they got their own,episode i like that just like beard,yes so theyre there asking random,questions of beard um,i like that there was a shout out to las,vegas,um if you know you know um but yeah so,then hes its closing time they all got,super saucy yes and then here we go here,goes the adventure so off to this club,with by the way the clothes that was,great the lost and found the lost and,found clothes yes they have to spruce,themselves up and you know look and,suave boys they looked pretty good,in those random clothes so they have to,sneak into this swanky members only club,and they do it kind of in a malicious,way to that lady,uh saying that the house is on fire,its okay i these secret underground,clubs always crack me up though so i,love that they played with that like,yeah theres like who who goes to clubs,like that i dont know,some elite people but snooty people yeah,beard um pretends to be,irish,an irish professor from oxford,and that was a pretty good irish accent,not that i would know but it sounded,like it sounded good,yeah i mean it got them in with those,those people they totally fell for it,yeah and then in the background theres,this lady in red,very very random,story line um okay so the lady in red he,follows her,and then he ends up outside his pants,are ripped and shes like oh i can fix,those i thought it was going to be very,it seemed very sexual well i think,thats what we were supposed to think it,was all very,comical it was a dark comedy it was a,dark comedy but yes the way she was very,mysterious and and now kind of out of,place like out of time like she looked,like she was from the 80s yes like after,hours which was from 19 oh there you go,and she she takes a lot of pride in,peoples pants having them trousers,right in her living room or living space,too its just like a rack of peoples,pants oh i know like tokens of some sort,so this burly man comes knocking on the,door and then,beard has to have this whole sequence of,i dont know hes jumping off of,buildings off a building into a dumpster,a dumpster he got to do a lot this,episode,a dumpster that was definitely a,dumpster but he he he makes it on the,bus and hes feeling really good about,himself until he realizes he doesnt,have his wallet in his phone tries to,get help but this guys all suspicious,that hes gonna steal his information,um that was funny yes and then,so,obscure he runs into jaimes dad,that was really sad i was so worried for,him i thought they were gonna beat the,crap out of it i thought so too yeah,like pulp,yeah,there was this ongoing recurring event,where he kept dropping his keys he kept,dropping whats that old-school key does,anyone use a key like that to open their,doors,no way,please tell me because then i dont want,to be talking smack about the keys,but that no i cant believe that thats,a key modern day key that kind of makes,me think that the whole thing was,hallucination because remember when he,was accidentally on mushrooms,is he accidentally on mushrooms tonight,i,wondered the same thing i dont know,especially when you ran into jamies dad,i was like of all people its a bit much,yeah which by the way is totally,outnumbered and blue moon was playing,yes but it was a cover by marcus mumford,and sons who sings the theme song lovely,and then the burly man comes to save him,and kind of apologizes says i have some,issues,well he had just come,the second dairy pursuit was just to,give him his phone and wallet oh i know,that was really nice i know im still,trying to find these the pub guys names,man it was baz in somebody else all,right anyway so the pub guys speaking of,which they find him,and then they pick him up they drop him,off at home he breaks his key i just it,never ends not that i want it to end but,i just i keep thinking like oh weve,reached the end of this yes and then,they go he goes and ends up in a church,what so when he i remember when we saw,jane send that picture she had the neon,cross behind her,yes so then,which i thought okay so shes in some,club thats like doing some satanic,kinky stuff oh,and then he goes to this church and so i,did actually think oh wait i think,theres going to be a thing here some,weird thing well he surprised me he kind,of started praying he said are you there,god its me marks a little boy long,time listener first time caller you know,are you there god its me margaret right,no its this book a judy bloom book that,i read when i was a child and its all,about this girl whos like coming of age,and she gets her menstrual cycle going,and all the girls want to have big boobs,and they do this exercise stop it i must,i must i must increase my best,so when yeah so when they reference are,you there god its me margaret i was,like all right i like this episode,man im missing all of these little,nuggets oh man youre younger thats,awesome a little bit younger yes well,hes confessing his love for jane to god,and he doesnt know if its just,chemical if its pheromones or whatever,and then all of a sudden he ends up in,the back of the church with this rave,and hes hula hooping wait what jane,was sublime like watching him hula hoop,i was i wanted to be there with him yeah,i would have been there like clapping,dancing cheering him on oh i know he was,pretty good,was it,its cgi because it was levitating in,this slow-mo,it had to be on wires,unless hes just really good unless,unless its a hallucination yeah,because just just not that im a,physicist,but i just feel like the velocity of the,hula hoop was a little slow,it could not have stayed up,i mean not that i hula hoop often but,ive made attempts and i felt like i had,to move faster yeah,okay with the motion yeah i get that,somebody tell me if im right,i think youre right actually now that i,think of it he was really relieved to,see jane because she had been trying to,get a hold of him this whole time he had,lost his phone and he makes his terrible,sound and weird,motion with his body when he when the,phone dies yeah so,it was a little weird but so he scrolled,really quick and it said i love you,right yes but how far up right it was,pretty far up so then i we couldnt,obviously read everything that scrolled,by but because he didnt reply i dont,know if it became like now i hate you,yeah i dont know she seemed to be okay,with it yeah at the end right im not i

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