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Connect Public Review | Nayanthara | Sathyaraj | Connect Movie Review

foreign,foreign,foreign,technical,they are good but not that much expected,but also okay some scenes are workouted,but okay one time,the sound effects,thrilling feelings,a Time duration of characters,foreign,foreign,[Music],thank you,so it is nice,so the newcomer of the daughter uh,and the full connectors,without the break it was nice,so I was just closing my hands,energy,[Music],um,[Music],foreign,[Music],foreign,Musical,s

Beast – Movie Review

[Music],beast stars idris elba and charlton,copely and comes to us from the director,of such films as two guns and everest,amongst many others so a father and his,two teenage daughters find themselves,hunted by a massive rogue lion intent on,proving that the savannah has but one,apex predator but before we get further,into the review i do want to thank the,sponsor for this video sony meet sonys,bravia xr a80k 4k hdr oled tv step up to,an immersive viewing experience with,vision and sound in perfect harmony,powered by the intelligent cognitive,processor xr surrounded by pure black,the vibrant colors and real world hues,of xr triluminos pro makes movies and,gaming pop off the screen since sony,makes movies they really know how movies,are best displayed for the home viewing,experience the cognitive processor xr,understands how people see the real,world to deliver intense contrast with,deep blacks which is great for those,darkly lit horror movies as well as high,peak brightness and natural colors,thats gonna look great for animated,films or family entertainment this,feature also preserves details and,clarity from any source making for an,all-around fantastic viewing experience,and with the acoustic surface audio plus,the audio comes from the screen to,simulate the movie theater experience i,have long been a supporter of oled,technology in my opinion there is no,better way to watch a movie at home to,learn more visit the link in the,description below to check out the sony,bravia tv thanks so much to sony for,sponsoring this video lets keep talking,about beast theres a special place in,my heart for a good old-fashioned,monster movie and even though a lion is,a real animal that exists on earth in,every way beast is a creature feature if,this movie was released in the 90s as is,it would have been rated r i wouldnt,have been able to see it as a kid and i,would have waited for a few years for it,to come on network television edited for,content and i would have ran to my vcr,to program the out of that thing to,make sure that i wouldnt miss it this,is exactly that kind of movie and if you,inhabit a space in which you really,enjoy watching a movie in which people,face off against something much stronger,than them a primal force of some kind,and cell phones and radios and all forms,of contact have to be removed from the,equation then beast is right up your,alley its idris elba versus a lion in,the african wilderness thats it dont,go in expecting anything other than that,and youll have a good time at the,movies im probably going to pronounce,this name wrong but the director,balthasar kormaker took a unique,approach to this movie and that a lot of,it is filmed in very long continuous,takes some of them are stitched together,with cgi to hide the edits but theres a,lot of really long takes early on in the,movie setting up characters setting up,location what this has added to the,movie is a very unique feel that i,havent seen from what could normally be,described as a very conventional movie,this technique made the environment come,to life i really felt like i was there,you see so much around the characters,behind them and in the distance it,really does feel sometimes like the,horizon stretches on forever and there,was one sequence introducing a pride of,lions where you meet very integral,characters and you go from wides to,mediums to close-ups,and i just kept picturing the first ac,standing behind the camera like sweating,bullets trying to make sure the focus,stays perfect it was actually really,impressive even the ways he introduces,the lion felt unconventional its,usually in a wide from the camera being,very close to the characters not quite a,pov but you feel as if you see what they,see ive only seen it once but i cant,even recall a time where the lions pov,is a shot youre almost always,with the characters and if the lion,shows up its because its head,rose over the brush or because its,running towards them and i thought that,was a great way of making us feel like,were in the characters shoes during,this horrific situation with movies like,this you front load the character you,know everything about the characters,their past the pertinent emotional,information within the first 10 or 12,minutes of the movie you have to know,all of that because once goes down,theres no time to talk about that stuff,you have to just be on the run and so,idris elba does a great job of,maintaining,a level of not just emotion and caring,about his daughters but theres this,fierce,consistent adrenaline that he has to,maintain and hes just fantastic in the,movie so is chalto copely i loved seeing,him in a film he doesnt show up that,much if i were to nitpick about this,movie i would start talking about logic,i would start talking about character,choices i would talk about the cell,phone signal and the radio signal and,how certain things are set up and youre,like yeah thats probably going to pay,off and its not like you,watch this movie hoping to psychoanalyze,it i mean maybe you do but i dont i,dont go to see a movie where the poster,is idris elba versus a lion ready to put,my thinking cap on and break down every,emotional beat of beast its a movie,where idris elba fights a lion in the,african wilderness and thats exactly,what i got and i was super excited about,it all that being said the eldest,daughter in the film seems to have been,written as the character that will make,the stupid choices that sometimes get,them in the middle of harms way theres,a few times the movie where she does,things that i think the writers goal,was to portray her being brave,but it just made her look kind of silly,and there were other choices she made,like randomly honking the horn in the,car,to get someones attention things like,that that just seemed like a very stupid,thing to do that i even heard audience,members begin to like talk to the screen,and be like why are you doing that there,were moments like that that did take me,out of it for a few beats when it comes,to movies like this its so important,that characters make choices that make,sense when you have a film thats,essentially one contained period of time,where its a group of characters against,some kind of primal force where the,entire goal is survive and protect the,people you love,its really all about choices how do you,get out of a situation and how does the,antagonist in this case a lion keep the,characters in that situation so the,movie doesnt end and you have to make,sure the character choices always work,in this case i mostly followed along,with it but there were a few times where,i was like come on dont do that thats,thats just stupid but honestly i left,the theater energized this is the kind,of movie i want to see more of i dont,always need to go to a theater and have,some,incredible cathartic experience that,challenges my emotions sometimes i just,want to see idris elba punch a lion in,the face,so check it out this weekend i do think,its worth your time if this kind of,film is up your alley guys thank you so,much as always for watching look forward,to more videos very soon and if you like,this you can click right here and get,stuck manized,[Music],you

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Beast Movie Review By Baradwaj Rangan | Nelson Dilipkumar | Vijay | Pooja Hegde | Selvaraghavan

[Applause],[Music],hello and welcome to galata plus in this,episode were going to be talking about,nelsons beast which starts vijay as a,raw field officer named veera raghavan i,kept waiting for a joke about,the viral government instinct but,nothing came to mind so i just said,lets leave it now the first few minutes,of this film really show much promise uh,the vijays introduction scene is very,pleasantly low-key,there is a very nice action stretch a,very pretty intensely choreographed,action stretch and we get a death that,is as unexpected as that of the little,boys and master now there the cause of,the death was vijays alcoholism that is,the heros alcoholism here the cause of,the death is a betrayal and it changes,vijays character forever at least i,thought it did because after this,incident he starts going to a therapist,the character,i mean a therapist and i was genuinely,surprised i was wondering are we really,going to see a vijay movie in which his,psyche or soul is as card as that of,daniel craigs in his bond movies but,five minutes later i was slapping myself,on my forehead for expecting all this,because the therapist starts making,tasteless jokes then we land up at a,supposed north indian wedding where,pooja hegde makes a sort of pass at,vijay and then they both launch into,arabic and then the mood established by,the opening stretch is totally gone now,i knew that beast would not be 100 a,genre movie right because in our,mainstream cinema especially one,featuring our biggest star hero you,cannot make a 100 genre drama here the,overall genre is action adventure and,the sub genre is the hostage drama so i,did not expect complete nail biting,thrills throughout the movie because i,knew they would dilute the genre with a,lot of comedy and with a lot of slo-mo,hero worship but what i did not expect,was that the rest of the film that is,the part after the opening stretch would,turn out to be so flat and so generic i,did not expect that the rest of the cast,which includes yogi babu reddin pooja,hegde and poor poor shine tom chako,would be so under utilized i do not,expect a total lack of interest in,exploring vijays trauma from his raw,days given how much of a dramatic kick,that could have given the rest of the,film between the action scenes and i did,not expect the other action sequences to,be so underwhelming at the beginning in,that opening stretch that action scene,theres a super cool kick-ass moment,where vijay actually walks on the wall,while hes killing his opponent but more,than anything i did not expect a nelson,movie to have so little flavor now,agreed that hes made only two films,that is column of cochlear and doctor,but those films have such a distinct,vision they have such a uniqueness about,them and theres such a wonderfully dark,humor in them and here the humor,consists of something like seeing yogi,babu from on the underside and noticing,that he does not wear any underwear a,bulk of the humor is given to the,character played by vtv ganesh and he,begins to grate on our nerves very early,on and he continues to do this till the,very end of the film in fact the biggest,laugh that i got was something from,outside the film theres a scene early,on in that opening stretch again this is,probably the fifth or sixth time im,referring to that opening stretch,because thats really the only good part,of the movie anyway vijay is referring,to a terrorist i mean hes talking to a,terrorist in hindi and after a time he,stops talking in hindi he says too much,about translate paneer comedy,something like that i mean not those,exact lines and i laugh because you know,how strange it is that movies can,sometimes,mirror our current day society even,though the current controversy about,hindi and tamworth and other languages,started long after beast started,shooting anyway back to beast why drag,these genre films to 2 hours and 40,minutes why keep repeating these tired,old characters like the corrupt,politician or the sikh child or the,muslim terrorists but anyway given that,there are bad muslims its a nice touch,that we have a good muslim in the silver,government character and server raghavan,gives the only good performance in the,film as a man as a government official,whos resigned to taking orders from,people who are far less smarter than he,is after a while the flap in the film,really begins to show and we see anirudh,desperately trying to lift the scenes,with the score but there is only so much,a music director can do beast is proof,that a really talented director needs a,really good script to take on a really,big start i mean one movie that does not,work is not a big problem right all,directors have had their bad moments,movies that dont work but what is,really frustrating and beast is the,apparent lack of effort many scenes play,as if the script isnt even trying that,its depending only on vijay to save the,day and he does but to a very small,extent because the scenes the script the,writing expects nothing really new from,the actor i was prepared for a 50 nelson,50 vijay experience but beast never,really reaches those percentages so,thats it about beast if you like this,video do subscribe to galata plus and,see you soon at the movies,[Applause],[Music],you

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பீஸ்ட் சினிமா விமர்சனம் – Beast Movie Review | Nelson, Vijay, Pooja Hegde, Selvaraghavan Anirudh

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Beast Movie Review by Sucharita Tyagi | Thalapathy Vijay | Nelson

situation a psycho girlfriend dancing,tons of slow motion action slapstick,humor imported cars one would think,these would make the perfect masala film,but listen i would love to see how even,the most hardcore vijay fans will defend,this one,[Music],hey hey welcome back to the channel,opening,subscribers,as soon as you subscribe this is yet,another movie review today im talking,about tarapati vijayas latest tamil,language offering beast directed by,nelson v raghvan is a raw agent who,lives outside the law a little bit he,dresses like he works at a tech startup,where chairs have been replaced by,beanbags in an early sequence hes,suffering from severe ptsd and somehow,finds himself the worlds worst,therapist possible who makes fun of him,for being too difficult to handle and he,jokes about needing a psychiatrist for,dealing with the stress veer gives him,as a patient,license revoked,though it gets better because the doctor,takes him as a plus one to a delhi,wedding just so they can both learn at,young women we could find someone and,the circus clown of a therapist and i,use the term therapist in the loosest,way possible would be able to move on,with his life side note i am once again,urging you to be sensitive about how you,depict therapy but moving on veer finds,a girl and also soon enough finds,himself in a mall which has been,hijacked which last i checked was a term,used for forcefully taking over moving,vehicles or social media accounts once,the mall is hijacked and veer finds,himself in a hostage situation his,training obviously kicks in and the rest,is a tale as old as time speaking of,time this film is nearly three hours,long with material which ideally should,have been limited and wrapped up in 45,minutes which is on screen in almost,every scene which is not a bad thing the,actor is looking pretty good but the,constant slow motion makes the runtime,feel longer than it is i experienced it,like a dream where you know youre,walking and walking and walking but,unable to reach a simple glass of water,on the other side of the room when,youre thirsty like a nightmare though,this film kept going on and on with no,end in sight at one point poor pooja,hegre for the lack of anything better,the film lets her do begins to get,jealous of a hostage because veer takes,a bottle of water from the hostage she,accuses veer of trying to seduce said,hostage and then blames him for not,being able to protect her to which he,says subco take a minute,i paraphrase,writer director nelson probably wanted,to create a genre bending action film,the likes of pulp fiction where even the,most dire dreary murderous situations,are made to look ridiculous and funny by,inserting in dark humor but he isnt,tarantino and neither is this film a,dwayne the rock johnson type no one,understood the assignment to make boppy,cheesy bagger music work in the middle,of a hostage crisis as an actor choose,gum and casually makes pop culture,references to make this work is not,childs play its not easy beast is,littered with these kinds of moments a,funny dialogue is immediately followed,by an old woman shot through the head,and over the top home minister jumps,around being silly figuring out his next,political steps scheming as a severed,head comes flying toward him a security,agency owner brags about his bravery,while telling a hostage to stop,overacting while generic superhero music,is replaced with happy chirpy pieces and,quickly cuts back to a terrorist with a,giant gun but hes being a complete dumb,ass none of this is remotely clever or,engaging or entertaining or even,possible as well time pass in any sense,of the word not one bullet hits vijay,throughout the action scenes whereas,every single one out of his guns have a,success ratio of one is to one he drives,a mini cooper a lot coffee marketing,flies a jet plane and even at one point,cascades down some stairs wearing roller,skates and yet goes nowhere with the,sham of a thriller which feels like it,was being written one page at a time,while on set shout out to actor lily put,super nice seeing him on screen after,that cameo in hardik mehtas delightful,kamehameha i also very much enjoyed,palawi singh and v size work as costume,designers and johnny masters,choreography for the song arabic kutu,the most original thing about this whole,film also fun news anchors in their,sardis and heavy jewelry getting more,extravagant with each broadcast i loved,it towards the end i expected a full,bridal look,movie star fans tell me this have you,watched this film are you happy with,whats served to you is it okay to be,treated this callously when you hang on,to every single word uttered by your,favorite actors and filmmakers you go,offer prayers in their names you,replicate their styles you give them,reverential titles and monikers and i,say this with all the love in my heart,demand better expect better hold your,favorites to a higher standard at one,point a character says in one scene this,is such an irritating situation same,buddy,same,beast also called raw in some markets is,playing in movie theaters covert cases,seem to be on the rise again so dont,take off those masks quite yet okay also,this week were talking about kgf2 so,make sure youve subscribed to my,channel and you click on that little,bell so just a review,im not going to read any comments this,week at all okay bye,[Music],you

Beast Movie Review & Analysis | Thalapathy Vijay | Nelson | Pooja Hegde

[Music],i was really looking forward to the,vijay startup beast as i slowly and,steadily understood and have appreciated,what vijay brings to the forefront as a,star and an actor to any film while i am,critical of his last venture master and,how the storyline got bogged down due to,his star presence it still accounted for,enjoyable moments that were contributed,by his undeniable charm and style,nelsons two films coco and dr fermi,were extremely unique and interesting,films representative of the creators,eccentric humor and style that is slowly,but surely a master fan base in the,tamil film industry with beast in the,collaboration with a big star like vijay,i wish nelson would have held on to his,distinct style by not getting,overwhelmed with the star like vj and,what the same canvas demands thats also,living in ignorance as such a perfect,world cannot exist beast focuses on,veera raag when played by vijay who is a,capable raw agent that resigns from the,force because he feels wronged by the,organization during a mission when fate,had it that he visits the east coast,mall with a new security company that he,has joined he notices suspicious,activity taking place in the facility,only to slowly realize that the,establishment has been hijacked by,terrorists demanding the release of a,dreaded terrorist however ragwan takes,matters into his own hands to ensure the,safety of the hostages and eliminating,the threat posed by the terrorists forms,the basic premise of beast heres me,telling you the good and bad aspects of,the film so that you guys can ultimately,decide whether to watch it in theaters,or not the good action set pieces the,introduction set piece of this film made,me so hopeful because it seemed like the,perfect synergy between a creator like,nelson and a star like vijay nelson with,his introduction scene aims to showcase,to the audience what a capable soldier,veera raghwan is this set piece made me,so happy as it presented when a star,like vijay surrenders to the stylized,and unique treatment of nelson the first,frame of vijay is not a slow motion shot,with a blaring background score but just,a character smiling as he connects with,the chirpy and happy child the set piece,boasts of long running shots with,minimal cuts and through many of the,complex choreography actually showcases,vijay performing the stunts rather than,clearly being a jarring body double,other than the introduction action set,piece many of the sequences are catered,more to vijays star image rather than,the attention to detail being put on how,to make the choreography more slick and,engaging whether it be a hallway,sequence where two shields come in and,out or a dark tunnel alley in which,vijay stands with the sword ready to,kill everyone in his way these moments,shine more because of vijay rather than,the choreography but i guess this is,partly also what we signed up for,talapati vijay and what he represents,the marriage of nelson and vijayan for,it to emulate collaborations like manado,and doctor is sadly not the case with,beast the film comes across as more of a,fan service by nelson to vijay than,making his storyline and writing,paramount the criticism of the same is,something that i will shed light on,later but what is undeniable is the,presence that vijay commands in front of,camera the most joyful moment from the,film has to be seeing vijay shake a leg,in arabic,not at all a dance anthem like bhati,coming but having its own charm,heightened by the light footwork and,ease with which vijay executes the dance,routine he has a charm and wit that,makes the otherwise lackluster script,also mildly enjoyable his sequence with,yogi babu accounting for the only funny,moment for me when yogi babu says i,dont do dicer and his altercation with,the antagonist account for why fans will,love this film but you have to be very,forgiving to think that this film is,enjoyable or impressive as it gets,bogged down by so many elements that it,needs to be criticized rather than,protected under the guise of a star that,has a loyal fan base lets call a spade,a spade the underwhelming aspects sun,pictures strategy and visual treatment i,have to first of all say that sun,pitchers and their recent movies have,this distinct visual treatment to the,film that dont make it come across as a,slick product but more of an extension,of its tv serials its highly brightened,with saturated colors that actually,takes away from what nelsons previous,films looked like vijay is not really,keen on interviews and hasnt given one,since the last 10 years but usually the,man does an appearance in the audio,launch of his movie and it creates this,much needed buzz around the film i still,remember vijay dancing to vati coming,and the sheer hysteria that it caused at,the event this strategy taken by sun,pitchers to make nelson do an interview,with vijay as a part of promotion only,releasing ticket bookings in parts of,the country one or two days in advance,makes me think that the company itself,did not have faith in the product and,hence it wasnt even marketed enough to,the best of its ability especially what,a film starring vijay demands bad,writing the movie really suffers from,poor writing as quite contrary to,nelsons previous two films where you,are thoroughly engaged or entertained as,characters interact with one another in,this film the dialogues just seem to,describe the events taking place and are,not as nearly funny as his previous,movies both yogi babu and red and,kingsley are terribly wasted in this,film so well utilized in doctor both the,actors display spectators that come in,and out after every 30 minutes or so in,this movie they have the most bottom of,the barrel jokes and dont really,generate the hooting and cheering that,would otherwise be accompanied by such,hilarious actors a character that plays,an obsessive fiancee eventually gets on,your nerves he is loud obnoxious and not,funny in any way his obsession with,pooja hegdes character just comes,across as cringe worthy other than the,old security guard munnuswami no one,really generates the laughter that one,would expect in a nelson movie the worst,of the lord definitely has to be the,home minister in charge that deals with,the case from the control room he,constantly talks about his stomach,churning and his blood pressure rising,and neither of it generates hatred or,laughs from the audience just pure,irritation from his strail and squeaky,dialogue delivery the attempt to make,vijay come across as a man who connects,with the veiling of children and what,basically motivates him to take the,reins of the mission also gets lost,along the way making this film not even,have an emotional quotient that the,audience can empathize with wasted,characters and illogical set pieces,pooja hegde as i predicted from the,trailer of the film plays nothing but a,romantic interest in this movie she,barely has anything to do other than,being ogled at by vijays psychiatrist,being reprimanded for showing her curves,by vijay and dance on arabic kothu the,romance is so half big that eventually,she turns into that insecure girlfriend,while there is a terrorist attack,happening and it just generates the,ayus serious reaction from you shine,tom chaku is entirely wasted in this,film and has so many hindi dialogues,making me think that why didnt they,just cast a hindi actor for the same,everyone had so many expectations from,the antagonist but trust me it is one of,the most lackluster portrayals something,that doesnt even slightly intimidate,you as an audience there are many,moments that can make it into the matlab,kuch b episode from beast but the,interval block and the sequence in which,vijay dawns roller skates definitely has,to take the cake for the same this hands,down has to be the weakest nelson film,from his filmography there is no doubt,about it one bit completely losing out,on his distinct style in order to praise,worship and cater to a star-like widget,in the pursuit of trying

Beast Review Thug Life ???? / Beast Review Troll / Troll na Nangathaa

[音楽],voodoo,アレ,アレ r,ザッハーこれこれこれを破るという,パターン待ってりゃグッズ4は試作出番が,マークでペアリングでっぽいバージョン,ソウルいいme,頑張ってください,だってあるだろこれはてるわこれ,パッド有村バードアフロ2ゲージです,[音楽],その後メーカーたくプレゼン老犬中でアポ,ニーはポルティエーレがある大根名義で,ムーン,car奥年ボールのラグランジェんで r,vs あるほど頑張ろうーっ,carない某土産選びば前今からねデ,マールの兄るってんだ,[音楽],ブーブー,sr 1本いるロレーヌ peaper,[音楽],[音楽],ブーバーよ,ランチジョブ,[音楽],あっがバコーンのいずれかのようなんだ,けどやりレザーファー揉んでるぞ,さっきそんなまでになるわけなんだ水は,許さば合わせてターンっ,tee,俺ね ver 4素材も登れ,まぁまぁだったらやるはだよならーん,nan,一神論者ロンバケ山田はああ見えんチャー,フェンダー諦めます,[音楽],ダメそうから大野芝できるネーミン貼っ,てるなあそれ以外をロポサーバーください,飯田,プーパターンあらまりぶお店ボディた,ラブリーなんだろあれあれ,ああ,はでめっちゃ目から手を振る言えるは悪く,ねえやめリキャ出るば卵や俺だろう,あああれやれるんだ web tv,レーガン旗ベルギー,rarabai by cat 見せれば,れるんだろうけどららぼんどバラエティの,多いのはパダ溺れず layer,me,んだがビスでヴァーグナー cr が我々,経緯36個ともます,until ウォーカーでこれもドラ,ヴァーレがこれからチャラマドゥライだ,プロールモローナ晴れですけど,パウダーできるかそれでだんだんそりゃあ,ばっかりだしやっぱり4階 seン,スってないんだラダーレールがベリーない,あんま誰が年産米がべスタッフ,[音楽],販売数3月火木が相談に行ってくれたら,バンディジェリークってポイント処分で,ございます,rardare,[音楽]

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