1. Youtube scam ads exposed – BeatBuds Pro Scam
  2. Best Earbuds 2022: Sony, Bose, Apple, Beats, & More!
  3. Beats Studio Buds vs. Airpods Pro: Which Should You Buy?
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Youtube scam ads exposed – BeatBuds Pro Scam

dont get swept up in the hype dont get,swept up in the limited time discount,dont be forced by seeing all these,orders going through the limited,availability just doesnt exist just do,a little bit of research whats up guys,its unders and in todays video i want,to break down the art of how an,advertising scam works,so yeah you heard me right i want to,break down the art of how an advertising,scam works and i found one today that,has triggered me into basically,recording this video you know i usually,do these things around the music,industry this is headphone related and,my bs detector went absolutely wild when,i saw this particular advert within,about 45 minutes ive managed to,completely break apart this thing to a,degree thats probably gonna make you,laugh so if youve seen this advert,running at all which is this one right,here so expensive even though the,quality is so bad bad battery life they,feel uncomfortable in your ear what its,basically doing is breaking down any,negatives that might already exist in,your mind so people who already tell,themselves that story about these,wireless earbuds right you know that the,battery life might run out,etc,its picking on a couple of pain points,that might exist but theyre picking on,those pain points theyre trying to get,you to feed into it now thats all fine,like highlighting pain points and that,youve got a solution normal marketing,right where the thing that triggered me,is coming up in just a sec here they,dont want you to know about it this is,chris and damian two ex-employees of a,large tech company that makes very,popular earbuds all right why would that,trigger me these two awesome guys you,know these two entrepreneurs theyve,come together to build this amazing,business and the reason that shot,triggered me is ive seen that shot,before,thats complete bs those are not two,entrepreneurs thats not even their,names and i can prove that point pretty,simply as well if we just go here and we,go to getty images,youll see those two fine gentlemen just,here and you know i can,hit play and oh damn look its its the,clip the exact clip we just saw its,its from getting images,oh,right so so theyve lied to us within,the first 30 seconds theyve claimed you,know,these two guys,chris and damien ex-employees of a large,tech company fight the beast right have,uh yeah theyve come together to,fix all of these dirty secrets theyre,going to find out about their company,using fake batteries and all of that,jazz and you know the product theyve,made i miss this right here all right,cool thats okay we like that you know,theres some some new wireless,headphones pretty awesome right yeah,thats acceptable right well hang on,its got all the same features as,anything else again thats fine you know,were stuck with exactly the same pain,points from the start that they just,went over they were going to fit oh wait,i say they they dont exist its,completely fictional hopefully by now,you you get the point right yeah that,frame just there thats going to be,important in a bit you know lets just,dive into something else super super,quickly so if we go through on this,advert we end up landing on this page,all right so weve got,uh go beat buds pro all right all right,it looks pretty good product,remember how we froze on that shop,before yeah completely different,products on this page packagings,completely different dont worry theres,a story there i will come back to it,package slightly different you know but,they look like the same product thats,cool okay fine you know all these all,these great features exist we love that,they look like a good decent product,some stock images and oh boom look at,that you can buy them a huge discount,that it doesnt even say that it just,says get them for 49.95 instead of 83.32,it doesnt say its on sale it just says,it price and then another price do you,know what that is thats called,anchoring where they give a much higher,price and then a lower price regardless,of it saying like 50 off that gets you,the feeling of oh its a limited time,offer its a sale thats just called,anchoring gives you a high price and,goes this 50 pound price oh actually,yeah 50 pounds lower than 90 pounds that,must be a good deal just a price anchor,theres no other information behind it,whatsoever fast shipping 30 day two year,warranty its interesting because when,you try and buy them you have to pay for,the two year warranty but its cool,dont worry about that um to you yeah,get 50 off well hang on,we get 50 off,but,83 pounds down to 49,95 is its not 50 off all right its,another lie thats cool well roll with,that uh when we hit that firstly you you,saw that super quick we got,the product page its ready to buy but,then they give you this like have we got,any left in stock ah i might not get my,headphones thing and yeah of course we,saw the page already do i want my,extended protection um so theyre,covered for two years its an additional,eight pound,yeah we can get them in a bundle now and,it goes from 83 32 down to 49.95 yeah we,know that still not 50 off ah its 50,off if i buy three for my my extra four,ears that i dont use okay so firstly,fake entrepreneurs creating this product,well that led me to think right product,probably doesnt exist does it um,knowing what i know um i went and found,exactly these products that we just saw,pop up by the way for a fake purchase um,i cant be bothered to redo it but if,you keep going to a blank page like a a,private page it gives you the same,people buying in the same order uh yes,we go on here this this product is,licensed as,tw60 bluetooth headphones and theres,quite a few companies that make them as,you can see just here it has exactly the,same products lets just get it side by,side lets get an image up side by side,should we put a nice little aluminium,circle around the edge little headphones,theres no button or anything here its,got left and right written theres no,like markers across there all right,lets check you out shall we lets have,a look,there we go exactly the same design,little microphone port,left and right written on there you know,theres no charging icon or anything on,the front exactly the same product now,lets be clear theres nothing wrong,with this this is called purchasing an,oem product which basically means you,can buy a blank manufactured product to,order and rebrand it as your own thing,or you can do it for company things with,company logo on that sort of thing,um,thousands of companies do this you know,your local supermarket does this from,everything from tuna to cereal to,shampoo they dont own all the factories,that make their own brands they buy an,oem version brand it and put it on the,shelves this is the same principle im,not against that im against the lies,theyre using to sell it to you and,advertise it to you with a fake story of,fictional people not on if we dig into,this a little bit more i wanted to see,what the refund policy was like,and uh well if you go down firstly there,isnt one on the main page but there is,one if you dig around on the site a,little bit go go gadgets huh thats,funny um,yeah a completely different company,nothing wrong with that again company,that can do multiple brands one together,they could have this is their brand and,yes its their refund policy basically,saying they must be in the same,condition blah blah blah standard like,boilerplate with some emails and contact,numbers to contact premium contact,numbers so they cost you the call and,you know heres some of their other,products and there we are weve got our,beats buds pro okay so,im overly not against go go gadgets and,what theyre doing what i dont like the,marketing so i wanted to find out if,theyre doing that it turns out theyre,not theyre hiring out somebody else now,they have to be aware of this surely but,do a little bit of digging and we come,to,these guys here consumer trust alliance,if you actually search for this product,theyre even running ads on google,through their website

Best Earbuds 2022: Sony, Bose, Apple, Beats, & More!

best earbuds 2022 weve got 13 pairs,that brings us to a total of over 30,over the past year we tested each pair,of earbuds identical tests to get a one,to one comparison lets dive right into,the reviews time stamps and links to buy,these products in the description,section below apple airpods third,generation comes with a mag safe,charging case pretty neat first,generation case was more tall and thin,whereas this is shorter and wide kind of,like the airpods pro case shorter stems,in the original air pods is kind of like,an in-between between the airpods pro,and the original airpods these are,designed to connect seamlessly with an,iphone and they do yeah light,comfortable,a little concerned about ear security,but i didnt have any issues with the,original airpods so im sure theyre,probably fine yeah all right thoughts,but they were pretty good everything,sounded really well balanced with these,my my primary criticism is that the,songs were the basis was more prominent,the beastie boys and michael jackson it,just felt a little bit,flat to me i could have had some more,bass there but overall really that was i,was like these were great yeah if these,had a better fit i think in the ear they,were a little bit more secure i think,these would be fabulous,i think they sound better than the,earpods pro yes definitely i think they,sound a thousand times better than the,original airpods i am very impressed,beats fit pro i like when the uh,the box and the color yeah the color,matching here ooh,box and color pretty good yeah they look,really good i thought that the purple,would be my favorite color after seeing,them all i think white is my favorite,color small case but not nearly as small,as the airpods case you should also,mention these are designed to connect,seamlessly to your iphone like air pods,would and and they do what you think i,think that these are,good sounding headphones the bass is,there but for me the treble the the,other sounds sound like theyre a little,bit far away almost like theyre 10 feet,away and so it creates kind of a dull,overall vibe what do you think about the,active noise cancellation i didnt think,it was nearly as impressive as some of,the other ones i hear but yeah i mean,really bother me theyre okay where,these really shine is the ear tip and,the fit right best fitting sport earbuds,i think so ive ever worn yeah i wish i,could take like the audio from the,airpods yeah combine that with the fit,and you got a perfect pair of earbuds,right there yeah beats studio buds sleek,got that nice beats look again beats a,really good job matching the color to,the box pop them out,small,light very beats very beats i always,have a some difficulty getting a really,good fit with with earbuds like this is,just these these dont fit my ears,particularly well uh what are your,thoughts i mean i think that might be a,fit issue for me these just these just,didnt sound,particularly great to me it sounded like,the audio was coming from,sort of far away really i thought it,lacked a richness or a clarity just,didnt sound totally full to me,and i dont really have a better way to,articulate it than that i think the,beats fit pro or a better fit probably,better overall,especially if youre going to the gym,yeah the bose quiet comfort earbuds,right out of the box that is a big case,its a big case this is the home theater,system of earbuds its its heavier its,heavy its thick its thats i mean,youre gonna have trouble fitting that,in your pocket yeah its got the same,type of wing tip idea but the beats fit,pro does it better noise can,installation out of the gate i can tell,its its uh its okay i do think bose,does a good job with the app these were,phenomenal they sound much better than,they did the last time and they sound a,lot like they did the first time we,listened to it its the firmware update,because they have to be yes we update,them before we do each test these sound,amazing if anything im gonna say that,they were a little bit thin in the,mid-range a tiny bit maybe the space was,phenomenal the balance and like michael,jackson and the the the stevie ray,vaughan song and the daft punk and the,steely dan i was just ive had trouble,reading it its gonna be tough i mean my,minor nitpick was that on some of the,songs the bass sounded maybe a little,bit more prominent sure um but i also,like that so,these these are phenomenal bose sport,earbuds these are my number one,headphones earbuds the last time we did,these reviews and uh well see how they,hold up big and heavy case but the,actual earbuds themselves are,pretty small definitely smaller than the,quiet comforts and they have a similar,wingtip design so uh lets give them a,whirl no noise canceling on these okay i,could definitely hear,the little bit of room noise that we,have here and if im in the gym i think,its going to be very very noticeable,its going to be a lot it felt like some,of the songs the bass is really,prominent i would want something thats,a little bit more consistent i think,otherwise i think they sound really good,they did sound great yeah they sounded,great its just the clarity on the the,sides was excellent,it was just just not quite as good as,the most quiet comforts yeah pixel buds,a series say what you will about the,sound quality thats a nice case nice,finish really small i dont really care,for the finish i dont know its its,like kind of this off gray eggshell type,thing im im glad that you it looks,like an egg i like the texture of it,kind of like the beats fit pro wingtip,pretty sturdy not like the bows wing,tips which are rather flimsy but uh yeah,really light and comfortable yummy yeah,cool maybe not so comfortable light,though so what do you think i thought,that the mid range and the high end was,very clear i thought that there wasnt,enough bass i mean thats my general,complaint yeah interesting it was a,little light on the bass i was impressed,these are a gigantic improvement over,the original pixel modes would you say,that android phones have some extra,features through the pixel buds app that,you can more like a lot of extra like,customize the sounds and get more out of,these earbuds where you cant set those,on your iphone right you cant do it at,all no cancelling isnt very good,because it doesnt exist doesnt exist,but they were pretty impressive overall,solid headphones jabra,ts what do you think so,pretty small case its a little heavy,though im a little surprised how heavy,that is i mean i can say personally im,not a huge fan of the blocky design of,the earbuds themselves but uh well lets,pop them in see how they sound well i,didnt like them the last time and,i dont like them this time well i liked,them last time i thought they were they,were pretty good so lacks high end bass,seems a bit much very mid-rangey no,super high end too much bass flat i,didnt think they were the most,comfortable either i didnt think they,were very comfortable either the noise,cancellation was fine,but i mean this type of earbud just it,is never comfortable for me and true,against the jobbers i i you know i,enjoyed the audio more than you did but,that was maybe personal,preferences and even though i like these,more than you my overall review is still,lower than the aggregate score on amazon,so take that for what you will samsung,galaxy buds pro so in terms of the case,itself really small yeah portable sturdy,stylish and very black i dont yeah this,is one of them that i dont know how to,put them in i dont think they sound as,good as they do the firmware update,claims another victim they didnt like,any of the songs in these earbuds yeah,they they just uh felt very dynamically,flat to me i felt like they were missing,some high-end clarity and i felt like,the vocals were getting lost in the,mixes but it just didnt sound natural,to me yeah the uh i felt like on the,wider ends of the stage again just,wasnt a ton of clarity and it was soft,i thought the bass was was kind of,inconsistent too it felt like a lot on,

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Beats Studio Buds vs. Airpods Pro: Which Should You Buy?

beats studio buds or airpods pro which,should you buy today were going to,answer that question with a little bit,of a friendly competition ive come up,with 10 different categories which,youre going to see on either side of me,right here and were going to go through,each of them one by one the earbuds with,the highest score out of 10 by the end,of this video is going to be the winner,and yes i did steal this idea from mr,whos the boss,dont tell him the first category is,design and were specifically talking,about the design aesthetic here nothing,really technical so its a little bit on,the subjective side for sure the airpods,pro take a more glossy approach to both,the case and the earbuds themselves and,while it doesnt pick up fingerprints,because theyre white i definitely,prefer the matte finish of the beats,studio buds the beats have the cleaner,look throughout here from the light gray,accent color to the stockless design,they dont look quite as goofy in the,ears as the airpods pro do either,theres a reason that the airpods pro,get memed on a lot the beats come in,three different colors black red and the,white that i have here so there are,options to choose from with the bead,studio buds whereas the air pods pro,only come in white the one advantage,that the airpods pro have over the beats,though is that the case is a little bit,smaller than the case for the studio,buds but other than that beats has this,category lockdown in my opinion next up,is comfort and this is an important one,if im traveling somewhere i tend to,have my earbuds in for long periods of,time so i need them to be comfortable i,will say that both of these earbuds are,comfortable to wear and neither of them,gave me any sort of trouble during long,listening sessions but there is actually,a clear winner in this category and this,surprised me,its the beats studio buds these are,among the most comfortable earbuds i,have ever tested they make a perfect,seal with my ears and i can barely feel,them in there now granted ive got some,pretty big dumbo ears but still its not,that airpods pro are uncomfortable,theyre absolutely not but the beats do,come out on top for a second consecutive,category win the third category is,charging and this is where things start,to shift a little bit the beats studio,buds have usb-c charging which i,freaking love its far more convenient,for me because most of my devices are,usb-c these days and i only need to,carry one cable around,but heres the thing even though the,airpods pro case has a lightning port,instead of usbc which is less convenient,the case has a coil for wireless,charging in it i will take wireless,charging over wired any day of the week,for something like an earbuds case that,doesnt have to charge quickly even if,you do prefer wired charging the,availability of the wireless charging,makes the airpods pro the better earbuds,in this category at least in my opinion,naturally the next category after,charging is battery life both the,airpods pro and the beats studio buds,advertise up to 24 hours of listening,time with the earbuds and the case,battery life combined however while that,would normally make this category a draw,the beats actually hold a lot more,charge inside the buds themselves which,in my opinion is a lot more useful you,can listen to music for up to eight full,hours in one sitting with the studio,buds whereas the airpods pro will only,give you a maximum of about five hours,theyll still get the same amount of,total listening time after charging in,their respective cases but being able to,listen to music for up to three more,hours in one session gives the beats a,slight edge in this battery life,category alright transparency mode,heres where things start to get,interesting for those of you that dont,know the transparency mode is where the,microphones in each earbud will activate,and take in sound from all around you,the idea is that youll be able to hear,your surroundings perfectly fine without,having to remove your earbuds and thats,pretty convenient unfortunately this is,where the beats start to fall behind in,kind of a big way the transparency mode,on the studio buds sounds very unnatural,and i had a hard time hearing my,surroundings properly theres also a bit,of a hiss to the audio coming through,and overall i wasnt very impressed with,the beats in this category especially,when compared to the airpods pro when,you turn on the transparency mode with,the airpods pro it comes very close to,sounding like you arent wearing earbuds,its very natural you dont get that,plugged up sound when you speak out loud,either which makes talking on the phone,super easy theres no contest here,airpods pro are the clear winners in,this category then theres the opposite,of transparency mode the noise,cancellation and if im honest i kind of,thought the airpods pro would be the,clear winner here but i was,sort of wrong so theres two different,elements at play here the passive,cancellation you get from the bud making,a seal inside your ear and then theres,the active noise cancellation element,where the earbuds will use the,microphones to help block out noise the,passive cancellation is going to be a,little bit different for everybody,because we all have different ear sizes,but the beats make a much better seal in,my ears than the airpods pro do im,going to call this category a draw both,earbuds do decently well at cancelling,out noises that are consistent in pitch,neither of them will fully block out the,sound of a person talking but theyll,help to reduce most unwanted sounds from,passing through next up is the,microphones themselves im going to do,half of this category with the beats,studio buds that youre hearing right,now and then the other half with the,airpods pro you should have no trouble,understanding what im saying with these,earbuds,but theyre certainly not the best ive,ever heard and theres a fair amount of,background noise and hiss going on the,airpods pro by comparison sound much,much better my voice comes through a lot,more naturally and theres very little,background noise in comparison to the,studio buds airpods pro get a solid win,in this category all right category,number eight this is the most important,category of all for probably most of you,sound quality like i mentioned in all of,my videos i am not an audiophile but i,do test out a lot of headphones and,earbuds so this is more of a personal,opinion rather than an expert analysis,both earbuds sound decent but there are,pros and cons to each of them the beats,studio buds definitely have a bit of an,emphasis on the low end of the range as,is customary for most beats products,they dont exaggerate the bass too much,but there is quite a bit more low end,present than on the airpods pro people,that like genres like hip hop or edm,might enjoy the beats a little more the,downside is that i found that the treble,has quite a bit of sibilance that,hissing sound when the ss are,pronounced its not too bad when the,volume is lower but it can get very,harsh at higher volumes the airpods pro,on the other hand is a bit more,controlled throughout the range i found,the mids and treble to be cleaner,overall but it definitely lacks a bit of,that oomph in the low end people that,listen to a lot of vocal heavy tracks or,even podcasts will enjoy the airpods pro,more in general even though i do tend to,listen to a lot of edm i still prefer,the more clean sound of the airpods pro,overall and therefore im going to give,them the win in the sound quality,category its not like the beats sound,bad at all they actually sound quite,impressive for the price which were,gonna get into shortly,but the airpods pro are the better,sounding buds in my opinion another,important consideration for both of,these earbuds is the platform support,for example the beats studio buds have a,dedicated android app for android users,where you can change the noise,cancellation mode control what pressing,the button on the earbuds does and find,y

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Die besten kabellosen In Ear Kopfhörer 2022 (Deutsch) | SwagTab

hallo und herzlich willkommen bei sap,heute wird endlich zeit für das wohl,meist nachts gefragteste video der,letzten monate es geht endlich mal,wieder um die meiner meinung nach besten,kabellosen in ear kopfhörer,ja ich weiß das letzte video diese art,ist jetzt schon über ein jahr her aber,ich wollte einfach abwarten bis ich,wirklich eine vernünftige auswahl,zusammen hat bei da habt ihr ja auch,nichts davon wenn ich so ein video drei,vier mal im jahr hoch laden und im,prinzip einfach nur 60 70 prozent vom,letzten video eins zu eins wiederholt,aber jetzt habe ich eine vernünftige,auswahl zusammen und hier einfach mal,wieder der hinweis wenn ihr diese,bestenlisten nicht verpassen wollte,generell meine kopfhörer reviews nicht,verpassen wollte gern in den kanal,abonnieren und dann seid ihr da eben,immer wieder auf dem aktuellen stand der,dinge ich habe auch heute wieder für,jeden oder für fast jeden geldbeutel was,mit dabei für jedes betriebssystem was,mit dabei für fast jeden anwendungszweck,es ist wirklich eine schöne auswahl,geworden ich kann natürlich nicht alles,abdecken weil auch ich kann nicht jedem,neuen kopfhörer der so auf dem markt,testen aber ihr seht ja schon das ist,die heutige auswahl diese wirklich,ziemlich groß und ich habe mir in den,letzten monaten möglich würde ich mal,sagen 95 prozent der relevanten modelle,angeschaut und junge junge da hat sich,wirklich einiges in den letzten 13,monaten getan also ich wünsche euch,jetzt ganz viel spaß beim zuschauen und,sagen los gehts,[Musik],wir machen das ganze wie die letzten,male auch schon es gibt keine spezielle,rangfolge ich starte jetzt mit dem,günstigeren modellen und dann arbeiten,wir uns nach und nach zu den teuren high,end modellen vor die frage die mir im,zusammenhang mit dem kabellosen in ihrem,nach wie vor mit abstand am häufigsten,gestellt wird ist eigentlich wie viel,muss man den aktuellen so ausgeben um,ein vernünftiges modell zu bekommen das,bei den basics abliefert ich brauche,kein held ich will einfach nur was,grundsolides nicht zu viel geld ausgeben,da sage ich dann immer es kommt darauf,an weil die preise schwanken natürlich,aber aktuell würde ich sagen dass man so,70 bis 80 euro investieren sollte man,kann auch weniger ausgeben aber ich sage,euch hier wirklich schon viele modelle,ausprobiert und ich habe in diesem,preisbereich von so 20 30 40 50 euro,nichts gefunden was mich wirklich und,alle sagen sie mir schon überzeugt aber,nichts wie sie wirklich aus,langfristiger sicht weiterempfehlen,würde weil gerade bei so themen wie,soundqualität die verbindungsqualität,langlebigkeit muss man da halt,erhebliche abstriche machen ich lese,dann immer wieder in den kommentaren ich,habe mir diese kopfhörer für 30 euro,gekauft die sind auch gut diese,kommentare kommen dann meistens so ein,paar wochen nach dem kauf ich glaube die,leute würden das dann vielleicht ein,jahr später nicht mehr unbedingt sagen,aber mein tipp an der stelle einfach ihr,könnt ja auch anders machen aber mein,tipp ist investiert da lieber die 20 bis,30 euro mehr in die vier modelle die ich,euch jetzt gleich vorstellen werde weil,in dem zusammenhang gilt meiner meinung,nach wirklich wer billig kauft der kauft,einfach doppelt so wir starten jetzt,auch mit dem kreis leistungsgrad,überhaupt meiner meinung nach und das,sind die samsung galaxy platz zwei die,wurden vor ziemlich genau einem jahr,vorgestellt sind jetzt auch schon ein,jahr auf dem markt kosteten damals 150,euro und ich war ja damals schon im,review ziemlich positiv überrascht gute,soundqualität gute sprachqualität ein,hoher tragekomfort und eine sehr gute,bedienung zeichnen die kopfhörer aus,dazu kommt eine ordentliche akkulaufzeit,ein brauchbares angie und sogar weile,skating ist mit an bord ich habe damals,kritisiert das ziemlich viel kunststoff,in hochglanzoptik verwendet wird und es,so features wie eine automatische,erkennung halt einfach nicht gibt aber,mittlerweile bekommt in die kopfhörer,halb für um die 70 euro ich habe sie,teilweise auch für noch weniger gesehen,und dafür sind sie meiner meinung nach,wirklich neu trainer ich habe genau das,letztes jahr auch über die galaxy s plus,gesagt ich habe echt ich glaube fast 100,den nachrichten bekommen du mir leute in,china ich habe die geholt ich bin total,begeistert vielen vielen dank dafür und,die platz zwei sind dann meiner meinung,nach jetzt einfach der legitime,nachfolger weil die bad plus hat einfach,nicht mehr produziert werden und dann,dementsprechend die preise viel zu hoch,sind es gibt dann ja auch noch die,samsung galaxy s pro erste generation,die kosten aktuell so wie gesagt die,preise schwanken aber so 20 bis 40 euro,mehr die könnt ihr natürlich investieren,wenn ihr einen noch etwas besser cenci,und mehr software features wollt aber,kreis leistungstechnisch sind die platz,zwei meiner meinung nach aktuell nur,schwer zu schlagen und ich persönlich,glaube auch dass die galaxy s pro der,ersten generation nicht mehr allzu lange,verkauft werden weil da stehen die,nachfolger schon in den startlöchern so,wir machen weiter mit meinem zweiten,favoriten unter 100 euro und es sind die,google pixel bis juli bekommt ihr,mittlerweile auch schon für um die 80,euro für den preis sind sie meiner,meinung nach recht nur schwer zu,schlagen sie haben keine allen ceo und,auch kein wireless charging das sind so,die größten kritikpunkte eigentlich fast,die einzigen dafür bekommt ihr eine für,den preis wirklich gute soundqualität,einen extrem hohen tragekomfort,vernünftige materialien eine gute,bedienung und eine brauchbare,akkulaufzeit also wenn ihr sagt hände,gefallen die galaxy s2 optisch nicht,wirklich mir wird da zuviel hochglanz,plastik verwendet dann holt euch die,google pixel bei jährige ist gerade wenn,ihr auch auf einen sie verzichten können,ist es wirklich eine hervorragende wahl,und dann gibt es ja auch noch hier die,nachdenken über die haben wir hier auf,einem kanal tatsächlich glaube ich noch,überhaupt nicht gesprochen die sind,mittlerweile auch schon ziemlich genau,ein jahr auf dem markt und ich muss euch,sagen damals zum marktstart hätte ich,die nie und nimmer weiter empfohlen weil,klar sie sehen cool aus aber die hatten,so enorme softwareprobleme ist das ging,so weit dass die mit manchen smartphones,überhaupt nicht funktioniert haben und,sowas kann man einfach nicht,weiterempfehlen aber da muss ich,nachdenken logan also dir wirklich,investiert die software das mittlerweile,deutlich besser diese probleme gehören,fast alle der vergangenheit an und,bekommt den kopfhörer hat mittlerweile,95 euro und dafür sind sie echt ein,guter die das highlight ist natürlich,wie schon erwähnt habe dieses,transparente design das ist einfach mal,was komplett anderes und damit heben,sich deutlich von der konkurrenz vor,allem in der preisklasse ab aber auch,der sound ist ordentlich wenn auch etwas,basslastig die akkulaufzeit ist,brauchbar und ihr bekommt wireless,charging was für den preis auch noch,nicht selbstverständlich ist sie ist,ebenfalls mit an bord da sollte man sich,aber nicht zu viel von erwarten genauso,wie vom transparenz modus da sind die,deutlich heute sind modelle nach wie vor,besser persönlich finde ich auch dass,dieses case hier etwas zu groß und zu,sperrig ist also man muss es ja nun mal,vergleichen mit dem der gugl pixel but,says you es auch dass der samsung galaxy,s2 oder der galaxy s pro ist deutlich,kompakter aber davon mal abgesehen für,90 euro ist das meiner meinung nach,echten guter deal vor allem wenn ihr,sagt hey ich möchte man etwas andere ist,sie seien also da kann man mittlerweile,auf jeden fall zugreifen für etwa zehn,euro mehr und das so da bin ich echt,fast vom stuhl gefallen als ich das,gesehen hat für nur etwa zehn euro mehr,bekommt ihr mittlerweile die uhr bei,freebuys pro die haben zwar mittlerweile,auch einen nachfolger logischerweise die,frühjahrs pro2 die mich auch hier und,schon getestet und auch wenn da das,einst sie noch etwas besser ist die,soundqualität etwas verbessert wurde u

NEW Beats Fit Pro Buds Unboxing & Review!

whats going on guys drivers consumer,and today weve got a new pair of beats,let me introduce you to,the beats fit pro so these are new,earbuds by beets,it feels like they just came out with,the beats studio buds right it wasnt,that long ago but either way we got new,beats over here and these i really like,but first lets talk about what you get,in the box when you pick it up so of,course everything comes in a tiny black,box around the box you get a little bit,of information about what you get inside,as well as some of the new features,coming to the earbuds but we want to see,whats inside and once you pop it open,youll immediately be greeted by the,earbuds themselves inside of their case,of course but once you pop that case out,youll see it gives you a little tip on,how to go ahead and pair it but once you,get past that you get some of the,accessories in the back of this package,youll see some of the paperwork that it,comes with you even get a three month,trial of apple music included as well as,a beat sticker and some other stuff but,back to the accessories you get a pretty,short usbc cable and to the left of that,youll get your ear tips so youve got,small and large here in case the medium,ones that are included on the earbuds,dont work out for you but going back to,the case it actually reminds me of the,powerbeats pro but its actually a lot,thinner and when you open them up,you got the earbuds and here you have it,you guys these are the beats fit pro but,first lets talk about the design lets,talk about how these actually look how,they fit,like i said that case,its actually pretty flat carl you got,your powerbeats pro case on you on me no,its too big thats why i dont carry it,with me okay fair,uh but these are a lot smaller than the,powerbeats pro case you might like this,car ill feel that,okay felt,like,i just passed,anywho were talking about the beats bit,pro right now these look very similar to,the beat studio buds youve got the,small bud over here and youve got that,b on this like oval shape so that its,very easy to grab pop it in and out this,is a good design and now obviously it,has that new wing tip and this is,supposed to allow the earbuds to of,course stay in a lot better than without,it so as you guys can see these wing,tips kind of rest inside of the ear so,when youre doing activities and,movement youre,jumping all around doing whatever you do,its not going to leave your ears its,going to do a really good job staying in,place and from what ive seen,it is really nice sometimes my air pods,pro,they might start to wiggle a little bit,but with these i dont have to worry,about that they do a really good job,staying in place now im not the most,active guy in the world i you know might,do lift little weights here and there,but,jay come on man up here uh but from what,ive noticed so far you know i could,shake my head,all of this earbuds would have been,slipping out by now these,they dont budge one thing i will say it,does take some getting used to,having that wingtip just kind of chill,in there not gonna lie,used to tickle at first,so its weird to say but it it it just,its a little sensitive you know im a,grown med,your mother tickling my ears but its,true but for me personally im okay with,that as long as they stay in place,because it is so important to have a,really good seal so you get the best,audio quality out of your earbuds and,without having to worry about these i,know im getting the best that i can so,in terms of looks guys what are we what,are we saying,clean,clean i like it now these actually come,in four different colors they come in,black sage gray stone purple and white,im not gonna lie after seeing the white,one i was like did i make the right,choice i mean black goes with everything,but that white looks super clean i kind,of kind of feel like i missed out but,you cant have them all right now beyond,the wingtip what else did beets add what,other features are there well first and,probably the most important thing is,these have apples h1 chip so if youre,familiar with like air pods like the,airpods 3 airpods pro thats the chip,that powers those and allows all kinds,of cool features like being able to,speak to the earbuds by saying hey siri,it also allows it to connect to your,icloud account whatever your apple,devices may be itll automatically,switch between them without you having,to press,pretty much anything so if im playing a,song right here and then i pause it and,i start playing something on that imac,is automatically going to send the audio,straight to the earbuds,without touching anything so if youre,in the apple ecosystem these are going,to fit right in unlike the beats studio,buds that had a different kind of chip,this is going to work perfectly now even,though this is fully integrated with the,apple ecosystem the android operating,system isnt being left out theres an,android app that you can download,thatll give you pretty much all of the,features except a few like you wont be,able to use the find my feature so you,can find the earbuds through the find my,app because,that doesnt exist on android and youll,also lose out on of course the hey siri,the icloud account that kind of stuff,you wont get any of that but,that makes sense but if you have an,android device and you still want to get,the beats fits pro youll have the app,that works so you can get all the,features that come with it and still,have a good time now these also have a,feature that we just saw come to the,airpods 3 and that is that skin,detecting optical sensor now thats huge,talked about it in our airpods 3 review,if you havent seen that ill have it,linked down below in the description but,basically it has that optical sensor so,it knows when its actually in your ear,now the reason why thats cool is,sometimes you know you take out your,earbuds and you know when you take them,off your ear they automatically pause,with the optical sensors itll know when,its in your pocket or against a surface,that isnt actual skin itll work in,your hand,interestingly enough because its skin,but most importantly itll only really,work in your ears so that should also,save on battery because its not just,playing music while in your pocket or,your backpack or something and these,also have active noise cancelling as,well as the transparency mode that we,like to see with apples earbuds,and they work very very well here,transparency mode,active noise cancelling very good now,lets say you dont have active noise,cancelling or transparency mode on you,get adaptive eq itll detect the audio,that youre hearing from your ears with,microphones itll adjust the medium to,low frequencies to basically give you,the best audio quality to fit your ears,so that mode is only going to be,available when active noise cancelling,and transparency mode are off but when,its in this mode itll actually give,you about seven hours of battery life,and when you have the active noise,canceling or transparency itll drop it,down to six so ill just throw up the,numbers so you guys can see,make life easier but battery life is,decent now of course these also have,spatial audio i feel like weve talked,about spatial audio a lot on the channel,so basically what this does is with the,device that youre listening to lets,say its an iphone it can detect the,placement of the phone it uses the,gyroscope and the accelerometer to,understand your head position and the,device position and you can move your,head around and the audio will pretty,much stay fixed so kind of like if you,were speaking to someone in person its,gonna be the same sensation its pretty,wild at first you guys but its its,really cool now theres also another,side of spatial audio when it comes to,music it basically creates like the,spear of audio is actually pretty,interesting it definitely feels,more immersive so its there you should,give it a try see if you like it its,definitely going to be something a lot,of people will enjoy but im just a fan,of normal audio

Forgot About Beats by Dre?

hey whats up mkbhd here,beats by dre what comes to mind when you,hear that name it might have been a,while maybe you think of uh,large overpriced headphones with way too,much bass or,maybe you think about like small sleek,earbuds for sports maybe,either way whether its one of those or,something in between the arc,of how we got from these to these,is fascinating so one of the earliest,videos i ever did about,beats by dre was called the truth about,beats by dre,and you know i know pretty juicy,headline but this was back in 2014,when beats had a very different,reputation of high fashion,a very different set of products and a,very different,position as a company this week,beets just announced these new studio,buds and while i dont personally think,theyre perfect,theyre absolutely not the best at,anything,they do feel way more in line with the,rest of the headphone world now so,what happened a little history beats,started up in 2006 right,so the first eight years or so of their,existence,they built up a certain reputation with,their audio products,mainly their headphones which were a,stylish super cool,borderline fashion accessory and if you,did use them as headphones well,cool they had plenty of bass but audio,fidelity was not the number one concern,but these were the days when beats would,get,their headphones on as many of the heads,of the most influential celebrities and,athletes and pop stars as humanly,possible they were the kings of this,which made them super cool to anyone who,followed them or look up to these people,but it was also pretty ironic because,theres almost no chance anybody,who mixed and made music actually used,beats by dre at any point in that,process,they just didnt sound that great well i,should clarify uh they didnt sound,that good to audiophiles or people who,actually cared about sound quality or,accuracy,but to most people to most people uh,the boomy bass heavy profile of these,was actually a feature because,they were listening to bass heavy music,anyway and they were just listening for,fun,and so people were actually very willing,to pay extra,for headphones this cool that sounded,like that and extra money,they spent because this was the main,subject of my truth about beats by dre,video,but clearly beats spent way more on,marketing than they did on r d,and it paid off because they were able,to charge a lot,they were selling 2 3 400 even,500 headphones and that allowed them to,capture something like,70 of the high-end headphone market,which is wild,because beats buyers theyd never spend,500 bucks on,any other pair of headphones but beats,had just created this commanding,buying power this alert to them which,was super powerful,kind of like how tesla today can get,people who were never really into cars,to spend way more than they normally,would to get one so beats is eating up,premium market share theyre making tons,of money this is around the time that,they get on apples radar and so,apple at this point had not made any,wireless headphones at all,just the earphones that come in the box,with the iphone yeah,so uh after some weird dances with htc,and monster cable,apple ended up buying beats for three,billion dollars which today is actually,their still largest acquisition,ever so since that moment ive kept an,eye on beats,and the stuff that theyve kept making,because beats has,continued making stuff because you know,any number of things can happen when,one huge company swallows up another,with an acquisition sometimes they do it,for,the talent sometimes they do it for the,portfolio of products or the technology,or just the name with the case of beats,theres a couple things one they,essentially turned,beats music streaming service into apple,music,and two they started making wireless,audio products they introduced air pods,in 2016,then airpods pro and home pod and,homepod mini,and airpods max but curiously as youve,probably noticed,beats kept making beats headphones,they kept the name they kept the logos,and everything and they kept sort of,running the company,beats by dre as if its sort of now just,working closely with apple it actually,makes a lot of sense,beats was making a lot of money they,were making about a billion dollars a,year,with headphones when apple bought them,in 2014 and you dont just throw away,all that revenue,all that brand cache apples not stupid,but once apple started making headphones,they made sure beats didnt directly,compete with,airpods like some of the other clones,that ive made a video on,linked below they more lived alongside,them,as a high fashion alternative type of,thing and it would be fine if customers,picked beats by dre on the shelf,next to the apple headphones because,theyre all,its all apple beat success is apples,success so if youve followed,beats headphones since then theyve,slowly toned down,their image a little bit and theyve,actually toned down,their pricing a bit too uh but theyve,theyve definitely,amplified their headphone lineup so,their headphones started switching to,charging with,lightning ports instead of usb to match,the iphone they started adding,w1 and then h1 chips to instant pair,with apple products and they started,integrating more natively into the,iphones audio control features,basically they became better and better,alternative headphones,for the iphone which is cool more,options is always better,but they definitely lost a little bit of,their character a bit so that brings us,to this week when apple announced,these the new studio buzz these wireless,earbuds and these to me,these are the most interesting,headphones that theyve released,since that apple acquisition because you,know of course you know theres more,features and things and tech has gotten,better since 2014,but with these suddenly theyre trying,to be,dual native and work just as well,on android as the iphone,so right off the top android users are,overall a bit more price sensitive so,guess what,their pricing has gotten even more,competitive than ever these will go for,149 with active noise cancellation,now thats not cheap but that beats,airpods pro,that beats sonys mark fours and a lot,of others with anc,thats a pretty good price for earbuds,with anc now theres definitely still,some downsides ill get to those in a,second but overall,i think theyve done a pretty good job,and then theres actually even a couple,pretty big changes theyve made for,android users that i didnt expect,number one,they switched to usbc on the case like i,said they were on this streak of,lightning chargers but,this makes sense of course for the,android crowd and the case itself is,pretty compact which is something,i cant say about some previous beats,earbuds so,this is getting down to just be a little,bit bigger than air pods and,i do like this matte red here though you,can also get them,in white or matte black but then number,two these headphones actually,dont have apples h1 chip in them,so like i said theyre trying to be dual,native,and feel the same on either iphone or,android right so,a lot of these h1 chip beats in the past,would work,amazingly well for the iphone theyd,have all these features theyd instant,pair,but then theyd be missing a bunch of,those features when you try to bluetooth,pair them,to an android phone so these these still,instant pair with the iphone,and plug into ioss native audio,controls but,they lack the icloud connected switching,so if youre someone whos switching,headphones between,an iphone and a mac and an ipad all the,time,these dont do that so these probably,arent for you but now,they have an equally awesome and equally,quick pairing process,on android which is very much,appreciated so they connect to the beats,app,then you get all the same controls you,have your access to google assistant,the same control over noise cancellation,versus transparency mode,its great these these are the first,beats in a while that i feel like i can,actually recommend,for android users and yes i did say,noise cancellation these stud

Android Dah Sailang Beats ! ????

[Musik],yo yo,[Musik],guys welcome to my video karena biasanya,teknologi teruji baru orang Lili ini,Jelly akan enemies tanda orang kenal,media yang tak daripada ini dari mana,Tapi dia sesuai di Ali dapat artis,LeBron James sapu tak Kenapa suara the,clear okenite pada mereka yang like,Pondok Labu apapun itu Fadli Pondaag,atau nama the beach Yes this is the,zachs yang like dekat sosial media,dekatis Instagram doang orang satu dunia,dikenal Sabtu orang tapi berani macam,good hand of case untuk peternakan pada,Oh yang tak berapa nak tahu passage ajak,sangat sebab disebutkan terkenal dengan,di punya sini cewek Pisces Enno orang,Belibis sih semata-mata artis pakai tuh,biasanya Hai sob karena jika pasal by,studio baca Aku mau beli ini,kyoso Maiden Time acoustic Nampak,penindas tak cangking dengan dia punya,target untuk dijual Oke apa-apa sama dia,Aku suka dulu sebab bisnis serius untuk,orang designer like tak positives kalau,kena DB ini dia sini kali ini lagi kecil,ebase,hokej kecil kalau kena aku ada satu bis,punya heboh juga dislike 2016 20 ataupun,Engking berani like Oke oke kalau muat,pun katanya What is the boom gitu atau,benda lain how big is this thing called,komplit komplit bener nih Kamu macam,airport Pro size,nampak kali komplit tengok di punya Size,is almost identical Cumanya Yani lagi,bersaksi keju enak base kontak boleh nak,BG kantor besar antara epoch,ingat2 beats ending kalaupun jika dalam,dibelah dia punya finishing dia punya,waine di punya desain ditaati stem,suaminya berita di Steam akan apalagi,needful etika dalam tim netral dalam pot,macam belinya pakai epos Pro epos macam,the junta dikeluarin design ilike,ontouchstart suka effoxpro nih,sebagaimana putih jadi keluar disemen,ada tiga one warna putih warna hitam,orang yang suka bgt kalo an1 fotonya,handphone this When you get one hitam,ini merah macam aquades Keane swpt aku,beli pulsa Bali Shanti beach full warna,merah bendera diubah jika dekat bisa,diobati kali ini adalah di punya pot,sambungan ataupun cacing pot jika bawah,nih Sudah dihias pita isi kalau kenal,adegan big sebelum-sebelumnya di memang,automatically akan pakai lain itu Sebab,di Najwa dekat pengguna iPhone Betul tak,sudi iswadi pakai USB type-c suntuk nya,pakai Android akan bersyukur,ybd sebagai Elisa sekali dengan ataupun,flash dengan,tak salah kesini tapi bukan Tujhe Jana,sedekat bisturi obat nih deadheading,sambel macam airport sebagai compact and,dekat dengan waktunya Android jangan,lupa Pak kenek yogs studio batch Thats,really nice beach untuk ikut sekalinya,fitur Aldo Kosti pelukan X dalam Andro,untuk tengok di punya tips ntd punya apa,status tamarin asli ataupun tak,hack4mobile,= FX Pro Which one is better Aku kate,dunia hampir sama cuma,karena untuk effoxpro dipakai tips,custom.id one pakai tongkat tenome punya,atau pada media Pak jenis baik jangan di,dekat Beats Audio basket sini PDKT,Kompleks guna menebas masukkan dalam,dicuri basket sini takdir masalah kalau,pakai apa punya effoxpro koplo beli DVD,apel juga untuk pekan dengan sebab,dipakai custom tips tuh yang penting bgt,yang paling kita kalau berjumpa adalah,dia punya,station untuk nasional sedih Endi punya,existed sebagai sini ko asli perlu tekan,butang secara fisik ke mungkin tak,berapa ramai orang suka tapi untuk harga,mechanized nobert sebab l kami channel,ytcrash news untuk aku sih masuk ke tapi,Untunglah lain mungkin akan AC lebih,sakit militer kayak B untuk aku pakai,sekarang ini Adapun selama aku pakai,tari masalah sakit dalam thing even,pakai dalaman sempat jam biasanya untuk,modem SMS ataupun in your bila ada,hutang macet nih dia akan rasa sakit,tapi sebaik Andita deadline for you to,control is just new Britain tapi tangan,kalau kau anak tunggal lagu ataupun,ajobthing gila tuh jago bgt sob nih,macam mana dengan di penyesal,fase-fase Aku udah di kleo Aku ini bukan,oedipal sangat aku pakai handphone biasa,aja tapi aku op korban ini dengan epos,Pro NF spesial dinas milik Allah,tersilap disebut lagi mahal daripada,minta biasanya untuk menyuci Aku akan,coba dengar punya suara demi instrumen,Ema capainya sang stage untuk sebuah,headphone this one each stage bukan aka,the perfect tadilah macam tuh aku jus,company dengan effoxpro apa yang biasa,Kais di punya suara Isak Liquid lantang,untuk aku dengar ditakdir SMS sensor,sangat Italia Selca pecah sangat untuk,cuman aku suka inget2 E5 nih Which is,Gita Encup untuk drum biasanya obviously,the penyedap bopes dengan bunyi skilled,and disebabkan benih beach the best is,required lagi pronoun Sedang pada ep10,beli konon tapi masuk Rega untuk bisa,adanya penyakit accompli dengar Orang tu,main airbrush macam lantang labeling 13,Tapi posuere ABC antara dua nih qisas,Liquid lo yang paling kuat paling jauh,besok kalau dirasa-rasa,uh pakai bisnis n untuk orang yang suka,Entertaiment lagi suka dengar Kabid,Sebab di Tak rasa macam bunyi itu sirih,sangat kalau dekat epos Pro komplit,dengan lain begitu macam terlalu sinis,terlalu macam onpoint Subway sipil kalau,ke pasar lagu denganku with this one is,when you should get to jacuzzi comment,pasalnya punya audio,are sedang sudah tahu dia cerita ada,chip apa yang aku pakai dekat epok you,want,this one is using dengan macam masakan,tapi lescott,d&n itu Kompleks well as the best,websites di takadeli autopost bila kau,buka iPhone mining kalau kau buka fase,nih entek rambutan nih dia akan,automatic Rifle Cole tak diketahui pot,suami sih kalau kurang buka aja qne,mencabut iPhone dia akan bagi tahu dia,akan pilihkan lagu tuh secara automatik,setengah macam masakan tapi setengah,orang juga tak kisah sangat Lepas tuh,kita pusing dekat belakang di pulau di,tak dawnless Charger aku paham n Akupun,tak guna sangat wahyi especially dekat,epos Flo pun aku tak Bapak gunek sebab,biasanya akan channel ini kinetij,suvalmas mane boleh Polri tak lagi bisa,diobati engkau anak beli flash back to,you guys one more thing lah di tak ada,special macam epos Bro aku paham penting,macam tak berapa tak berperan penting,sebab bisanya akan ada dekat musik,beberapa aja ataupun apa Muzik telepon,pakai spotify tidak sport ini sesuai,darling habit Alex kau beli effoxpro,Enno disebabkan penyanyi noise,cancelling headphones,Ten2Five dengan Apple iPhone sample,x-deal Asri tak ada calibration macam,effoxpro biasanya berapa,Nji beli helm dengan lagi bete bila adil,software diswan Datsun happy dalam iOS,segala NW sama tadi Ride 21 pasal bisa,diobati ramai orang Tanyaku,subyek-subyek not a competent in apa,epos epos Pro akurat Edition is really,good choice untuk beli telepon tak mampu,nak beli iPod Pro event Kalau boleh beli,iPod biasanya tuh,adenosin selling ada reaksi kalau pakai,Android babi yang Apple BKB yang nih ada,yang,untuk pengguna air es ataupun iPhone,sebagai,ini memanglah hadirat kontak tapi tak,menyusahkan tidaknya bawa2 keyboard Hai,Ken Arok kalau nabi aku akan Letakkan ke,bawah harga dia IMEI 99 tapi harga Shade,is 630 aku belinya herdinanti gosok see,you Betul lah kenapa aku pilih aku mahal,sekali semua hak pilihmu smile,jadi guys subscribe,bye bye,[Musik],hai hai,[Musik]

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