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  5. Beats Solo3 Wireless Review
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Beats Solo3 Headphones Review — Worth the Price?

hey guys this is Jake from Barb ENCOM,today were gonna be reviewing the beats,solo 3 wireless headphones were gonna,be discussing the pros cons price and,performance that come with them now,lets dive into the pros in respects the,pros of the beats solo 3 wireless,headphones I had 5 things that really,light now full disclosure I wear these,to commute in I wear them to workout in,and I wear them at work Ive had them,for about 7 months and theyve,definitely stood the test of time and I,can accurately tell you about the pros,that I find with these in both a workout,setting and just a day-to-day setting so,my first Pro is these have about 40,hours of battery life now that will vary,a little bit depending on how often,youre using them and how loudly your,listen to music but 40 hours is pretty,phenomenal for wireless headphones,number two is they kind of have a fast,charge feature if you plug them in for,about five minutes youre gonna get,about roughly three hours of playback,time thats awesome if youre on the go,and you just need a quick charge before,you hop on a train or something like,that or youre about to take off to the,airport,number three is theyre decently durable,so in a workout setting these have,fallen off my head many a times during,multiple deadlift rep sets and theyve,only minimally chipped there hasnt been,any issue with the full construction of,the headphone now that could obviously,vary but for me personally I havent,noticed any breakdown when falling off,of my head from like a lets say a four,to five foot angle depending on where,Im at during a deadlift set my fourth,pro with these headphones is the W one,ship that comes with them now if youre,unaware of that basically its the chip,that automatically syncs these,headphones to Apple products right near,these headphones so if you turned on an,iPhone right next to these headphones,its gonna sync up automatically the air,pods have this too and its gonna sync,up to any kind of Apple watch or MacBook,that you have on the same Apple cloud so,its really cool for Apple users I have,a droid so I have to use these and think,these like a normal bluetooth product so,I dont get the full kickback of them,but they do sync up to my macbook,automatically which is pretty convenient,my last pro of these headphones is that,they get considerably loud so if you,like loud music when youre lifting or,going for a top set and you really want,to blast that music which I dont,recommend doing all the time for your,health theyre really great for that so,they are very loud so again my five pros,battery life quick charge w1 chip,durable and loud alright so now lets,talk about the cons of the beats solo,through,wireless headphones I have three things,that are problematic with these,headphones and first and right off the,bat is their price,so at a normal retail prices around $300,and that is very expensive for this,headphone you can get a higher end over,your headphone for about the same give,or take on the brand so $300 is pretty,expensive granted you can find them on,sale for around 220 at other retail,outlets so if youre really looking into,this pair I would say explore your,options and look for the best deal,because 300 is a lot of money number two,is they are not the most comfortable,headphones to wear for long durations of,time they fit on the head very snugly,which is great in terms of keeping them,in place when youre moving walking,jumping doing any kind of like light,workout or just lifting for that matter,but if youre wearing them for long,durations of time just sitting down,doing work they are a little bit,uncomfortable so its a kind of give and,take in terms of how they fit they fit,very snugly but they are kind of,uncomfortable when you wear them for,long periods of time the last con I have,with these headphones is the sound leak,or the echo that they kind of produce,when theyre very loud these are an,on-ear headphone as opposed to over ear,so that means that theres gonna be a,little bit more tendency to have sound,leak out of the headphones to the people,around you when listening to music or,video is really loud for that matter so,if youre worried about others hearing,exactly what youre listening to then,you might want to be a little bit more,careful with playing stuff louder these,headphones loud is a good thing for some,but not in every scenario so again my,cons price comfort and sound leak so in,terms of performance Im gonna assess,three different scenarios that I like to,use these headphones for number one is,during my commute so my commute range is,between like 20 to 45 minutes give or,take on traffic Im up and downstairs,Im on the subway train all in all these,perform pretty great for that amount of,time theyre pretty comfortable on the,head I can hear things pretty clear and,also kind of somewhat of an awareness of,the things around me when Im up and,down the stairs they stay very firm on,my head so theres never any fear of,them falling off or getting broken by,falling down the stairs and whatnot so,in terms of wearing them for like lets,say a busy or just like a brisk walk,these are pretty great in terms of,sitting down at my desk,they are pretty great in terms of sound,quality and blocking out the sounds,around me so I can really focus but,again like I mentioned in the context,and there,not the most comfortable for long,durations of time I often find myself,having to adjust them and stuff like,that just based off of my personal,preference on feeling a little bit like,my ears are getting squished so now,lets talk about how these headphones,performed in the gym now I know theyre,not designed for the gym but I do wear,them for workouts and I gotta say Im a,pretty big fan of them for three major,reasons number one is that connectivity,very rarely have I ever had any,connectivity with these headphones Ive,had headphones cut out all the time in,terms of other wireless headphones but,these are pretty freakin phenomenal I,can leave my phone down at the end of,the gym do a set of walking lunges down,and back and I never have any issues,with connectivity my second Pro in terms,of working out with these headphones is,that like I mentioned in the context in,how its a little uncomfortable because,they fit very firm on the head in terms,of working out thats actually a pro I,dont want a headphone thats gonna fall,out on my head really easily or fall off,very easily granted they have fallen off,during some deadlift sets but thats a,very rare case and in the most part for,like lets say squats or just your,general fitness workout whether it be,like doing dumbbell rows or anything,like that which is the dumbbell or,barbell these are pretty great and they,stay very firm on the head so the last,point I want to cover with these,headphones working out is the material,around the earphone itself does a pretty,good job at resisting sweat now,obviously if you look like you just went,swimming you might notice some issues,but in seven months Ive sweated a lot,knees Ive actually worn them during,meats when I was warming up and Ive,just been poured in sweat and theres,not really any issues in terms of,breakdown or longevity of the material,it still looks like theyre pretty brand,new it doesnt look like theyre like,discolored or anything from my sweat,itself and they dont actually smell and,I could take that from my word but all,in all these are pretty great headphones,for working out theyre not the most,comfortable for long durations its,sitting down but for like lets say,commuting working out or shorter,durations these headphones fit the bill,pretty well,so in respects to price you can expect,to pay around 300 dollars for these,headphones at a normal retail value now,Im not gonna lie and say its not,expensive because thats very expensive,you can find over your headphones with,equal to probably better sound quality,for less than this and lets call it,what it is but when youre buying beats,youre kind of paying for that fashion,s

Beats Solo 3 Rose 2022 -Review

all right babes its 2022 im going to,be trying out the beats solo 3 wireless,for the very first time tap in subscribe,lets get this video to as many people,as possible and ill work hard on these,videos and i appreciate all the love,most importantly thank you for being,here lets get into it so guys youre,here because you are interested in,purchasing some some beats today im,going to be reviewing the beats solo 3,the wireless set ive been wanting some,beats for a long time and im happy i,finally got my hands on them i got mines,in the color pink im excited to see,what they look like outside the box but,i wanted us to unbox it together so,lets go ahead and do that the reason,why i want to beat obviously because you,know they look cool lets just keep it,100.,and two,im hearing like the sound quality,on these are amazing and i currently,have some headphones that i really like,from amazon,however the battery life is not that,great,when i saw 40 hours of battery life that,really got me excited,oh,pretty pretty pretty,so lets go ahead and take it out,this is,change the way you hear sound right here,lift that up and here are our beak,babies,oh,oh yeah one more pamphlet,nice okay so we have here,our,charger we have,a clippy i guess to keep our back,attached to something,uh we have our paperwork here,and we got us a,beat sticker and open it up,guys its pretty its pink its rose,gold,it is,literally giving me life,we have a little baggie here,okay so these are the headphones,just the instruction here this is how i,turn the volume up this is how you turn,the volume down and this is how i either,get siri or call somebody so this little,thing is good to show me straight,forward,i love the color,its really pretty these are the solo,number threes,and honestly i just think these are,really stylish the charger port is right,here it also has a port for an auxiliary,cord,and yeah so lets go ahead and take,these little stickers off,[Music],so,[Music],and then as soon as i press that button,right here on my phone im sorry im not,sure if you guys can actually see that,but i do get a prompt to go ahead and,set my beats headphones up so im going,to go ahead and press connect i dont,know if it was because it was apple but,the way that i just set that up that,easy,like it was straight seamless,connecting my beat solo 3 and they are,100 in charge so i let them charge for,an hour it probably took less to,actually charge it but,with an hour you got 40 hours of battery,life thats lit so im gonna hit press,done,now lets put them on for comfort and,then try them out for sound so lets see,i do have locks in my hair stick,okay so,i need to stretch him out a little bit,because you know i got alone a little,noggin or whatever,um,so just off the fit sorry guys if i got,loud like everything around me all the,time around me definitely canceled out,so if im really loud im sorry please,forgive me youre probably going to be,just like this so let me just kind of,get you to like get my voice down and,talk a little bit lower but like,literally all the outside noise has come,like canceled out now i had official,noise canceling headphones and the i,dont think these are actually marketed,as north cancel headphones but as soon,as i put them on,all the sound around me its gone like i,sound kind of like a little i can barely,hear myself speak so if im out again i,apologize,comfortable,you know i dont feel like its too,tight on my ears its actually a pretty,soft cushion lets go ahead and check,the sound out now,so im going to go to some music,favorite songs were going to listen to,kiss it more by doji cat or should we do,lovers in france by little john and the,eastside boys,lets do lovers and friends,oh,hello john,luda chris,okay so i got it low right now,and the music is smooth,i can hear,um like different parts of the beat,coming in from different parts of it,different parts of my ear so i can hit,like drums,like coming from different sides,be good but since i have the volume down,im going to turn it up a little bit,just to kind of hear the base so im,going to actually try to turn it up from,the hip from the beats solo 3 lets see,oh,all right so i went up three notches i,cannot hear anything around me bro ima,turn it down because thats like too,loud for me i dont know who would knead,it up like,for me,to level two or three is good i dont,think i ever wanted to be louder than,that but to each his own i have,sensitive ears so,at the base level two im good im gonna,go ahead and im going to take them off,okay yeah so i was i guess i was really,loud im sorry okay so im gonna see how,loud it can actually go,um but not on my ears because thats,just you know like literally at the,two point two to three point range its,really loud so,you know if you want some really really,loud headphones these beats will,definitely do it for you but lets turn,it up outside the headphones and see,what we can get with just being here,so im going to play the music,and im going to turn it up,you guys hear that,you know you like it like that so like i,guess i can like put these around my,ears,and like,vibe out and like kind of have like a,mini speaker going,all right so guys,i think these babies are legit,im gonna go ahead im gonna hit up the,gym im gonna wear them around im gonna,wear them while im working im gonna,work with them on my computer ill,probably be keeping the volume,a little bit to the to the,mid to low because these babies are,really loud like,if you want some banging headphones,these are definitely those,um my kind so far,i dont know about you mine didnt come,with a cord so thats the only thing i,need to follow up and see like if thats,normal,comment down below and let me know if,your beats headphones came with the aux,cord now i know i did buy the wireless,headphones for them to be wireless but i,did expect to have the aux core inside,the box,just in case i decided to hook it up i,dont see why i would but just in case,so maybe the wireless dont come with,that,and thats cool,but um as far as style i think these are,some fly,fly headphones i think theyre really,pretty,i love the fact that it cancels out the,noise around me i popped on here to give,you guys review of the beats solo 3,wireless comment down below subscribe to,my channel oh and also im going to be,doing a lot of different reviews on,technology merchandise all that fun,stuff and you guys also know i do locks,and fashion videos so if youre,interested in that go ahead and,subscribe but if you are audio file,particularly interested in headphones go,ahead and check out my homegirl natasha,herbert channel reviews on headphones so,if youre specifically interested in,that ill link her channel down below,and yeah go ahead and check my girl out,guys yes its always so good to see you,im so happy were back and im so happy,were together if you want me to review,something else technology based fashion,based or anything related to that go,ahead and comment down below and i would,love to create it for you if you havent,already go ahead subscribe and join the,tribe my name is judah blue you can,check me out on instagram and uh tip,talk reminding you to be blessed be,beautiful my love and most importantly,be you always be yourself and i cant,wait to see you next video,[Music],ciao,[Music],[Music],you

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Beats Solo3 Wireless – iPhone 7 Headphones

有一件事我在這個頻道上很長時間沒有发布了,那就是關於Beats™耳機的視頻,他們最近已經被蘋果收購,並且有非常多的改變,這就是這個視頻的原因,但前提是,它們價格非常不便宜,所以只有少數人才有,也就是說,Beats Solo3 Wireless是第一款可以利用蘋果配對的耳機,我們當然會測試,在耳機盒子後面你可以看見無線藍牙,電池可持續長達40小時,充電5分鐘,播放3小時,我覺得電池容量非常的好,限量特別顏色玫瑰金,看這裡,非常重的工廠味道在裡面,非常精緻的隨身袋,當我是一個小孩時,我的暱稱其實是一個很好的小手提袋Beans,現在讓我們回到討論部分,向Beans講hello,看能得到多少留言在下方,嗨(德文),Beans,然後這裡有一條充電線,你也許有需要用到它,除了Iphone之外,我喜歡在飛機上使用它,當然你知道在飛機上的服務系統不能使用藍牙,你就可以用連接線來連接你的手機,你不要帶哪些非常廉價的耳機上飛機因為他們會干擾訊號,買一個中等規格價錢也中等的也不錯,無論如何,我還是要維持我的世界最強開箱的稱號,工廠味重到超過一般程度,看看玫瑰金,玫瑰金的字眼,現在非常流行這種流線型的耳機,支持無線連接,也可以依照你的頭型大小調節你的耳機,????噢,看這裡有一個播放按鈕,這個洞口是當你使用連接線連接是,這個比我女朋友的還要小,這裡有一個Micro USB可以進行充電,然後這裡有一排燈顯示你的電量,給你們看我的耳機現在滿電,然後這個傢伙開始發亮了,假設它已經準備好配對手機,所以看這裡,哇,我的天啊,我完全沒有做任何東西只是解鎖就自動連接了,使用指紋解鎖后就會跳出電池容量滿電,我連接好了,這邊有個小常識,當你正在用相同的icloud賬號是,你的所有蘋果產品將會自動連接耳機,就好像筆記本,iPad,Apple Watch這些,就好像你個快樂的家庭????????‍????‍????‍????????,讓我們測試他的聲音如何,我們有聽歌軟件在這裡?,來吧Lew,一起來看你,看到我的robocop仍然在這裡(我不知道怎樣翻譯這段話),我已經告訴你了,Total Recall Terminator, Bloodsport, Van Damme在同一天(我也不知道怎樣翻譯這段話),DAHH!,我有必要告訴你關於beats的東西,超級流行,那麼你讓我們在互聯網上的人,我們都喜歡:,這個世界上還有另外一種耳機,你從來沒有聽過的就是Senheiser,他非常物所超值,和各種其他德國名字?HAHAHA????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????,技術人員只好冷靜一點????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????,因為你在做什麼是你把自己放在一個筒倉裡,而且你是,將自己與世界其他地區隔絕,世界其他地方像生活中的其他地方一樣複雜,感覺是現實的營銷有一些這樣的認可,整個包裝,你不要走到拿著Gucci包的女人身旁,然後把它從搶走:,‘’你應該帶一個環保袋”,這是一個包裹交易,實際上你只是在支付耳機廣告的費用,他們給大量的錢讓明星佩戴并出現在閃光燈面前讓你有那種明星買你就買的想法就好像LEBRON JAMES,就帶了一整年的耳機你就是付他一整年佩戴的費用,這很重要,那會影響我的感覺,也許我的咖啡是額外的,加強,OKAY!,我覺得這個產品,Beats品牌不如人們想像的那麼好,它不像人們認為,如果你知道我在說什麼,那麼壞強調在低端。 他們很貴,我會同意你的看法,連接的容易性將對人們將會有意義,對人有價值,他們就是那個騷擾著帶著玫瑰金耳機的人,享受自己就像你可以迷失在他的角色玫瑰金獨奏 翻譯:學裕 馬來西亞,好了,請別打擾我和耳機大人相處

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what is going on everyone welcome to,another video from feature tech in this,video im going to be doing my two year,review on the beats solo3 headphones and,if youre new to the channel make sure,to subscribe for more awesome videos,like this so lets get started so lets,begin this review by talking comfort,beginning with the ear cushions,themselves the ear cushions are not the,original cushions that came with the,headphone i did need to replace them,because they were getting worn very,quickly so i did replace those but other,than that as far as how comfortable they,are to have on top of your head it is,very comfortable the longest time i had,these headphones on my head without,taking them off was about three hours,and thats because i was using them to,edit on my macbook and ninety percent of,the time i use them wired and 10 percent,of the time i use them wirelessly to,work out in and i had no issues at all,one reason why these headphones were so,comfortable aside from the ear cushions,is how light they are now these,headphones weigh 7.6 ounces and theyre,one of the lightest headphones i have,reviewed on the channel and they are,also very flexible so if you have a big,head like myself,as you can see thats really how i was,wearing them,and theres no issues at all you can,just bend them back and forth,they fold up,i have no issues with the quality or,comfort of these headphones moving on,now to controls which is one thing i,actually think aged extremely well with,these headphones because,the controls for these headphones are,all built in,to the ear cup so if you want to,increase the volume you just,tap on here pause and play you just tap,on the b,and then volume down you just tap down,here otherwise you have a place for your,audio cable right here and then this,headphone uses a micro usb charging,cable but as far as the utilization of,controls i love the fact that its,hidden theres no bulky buttons around,the headphone and it just makes it look,nice sleek and clean,lets now talk pros for these headphones,beginning with sound quality i think the,sound quality for these headphones sound,very good they have very good bass,but i dont think its as competitive as,it is with the modern day headphones,especially for its price point which,were going to discuss later in the,video,but as far as sound quality i would give,it a rating of 5 out of 10 because it,still has a good amount of bass it still,has very good sound,but thats really about it,another pro with these headphones is,battery life now these headphones,feature 40 hours of battery life and you,do get a fast charge feature where if,you charge it for 5 minutes you get 3,hours of play time which is still very,competitive with a lot of modern day,headphones moving on now to the cons of,these headphones and there is two of,them starting off with active noise,cancellation these headphones do not,have any kind of active noise,cancellation now of course i knew this,before buying the headphones in the,first place but one thing after using,the headphone for a while is i just,realized that this,is a huge missing piece of the puzzle,and it would have made the headphone a,whole lot better if it did have it,another con of these headphones is how,overpriced they are currently theyre,being sold by apple or beats whatever,the case may be its being sold for 200,but of course i get people in the,comments section of my videos letting me,know that they got it a whole lot,cheaper than 200,but still if youre paying anything more,than 80 or even a hundred dollars for,these headphones,in my opinion they are not worth it at,all because you can get way better value,from a bunch of other headphones out,there on the market than paying 120 or,200 dollars whatever the case may be for,these headphones,it is really not worth it anymore now,that i shared with you the pros and cons,of these headphones let me share with,you now my thoughts on them and whether,i think theyre still relevant in,todays world with all the headphones,that are out right now and the short,answer to it is no i believe these,headphones are very overpriced,you are getting apples w1 chip in these,headphones and it does have decent sound,but it does not have,active noise cancellation it does not,have a improved battery life while these,headphones have 40 hours of battery life,without active noise cancellation,theres headphones out there that are,featuring 40 hours of battery life with,active noise cancellation turned on,theres also headphones out there that,are featuring bluetooth 5.0 technology,ldac smart wearing detection a whole,range of new features nowadays for way,less money than the beats 200 price,point because currently theyre going,for 200,you may find them cheaper elsewhere but,i think if youre paying anything more,than,80 or 100 for these headphones it is not,worth it at all in my opinion,so these are just my thoughts on the,headphone so this was my two year review,on the beats solo3 headphones i hope you,enjoyed the video if you did make sure,to like and subscribe it does definitely,help out this channel and if you have,any questions leave them down below hope,you have a great day take care,[Music],you

Beats Solo3 Wireless Review

I was going everyone Im Adam Molina if,you havent heard of the beats solo,headphones before you might be lying but,thats all right we wont judge you for,better or for worse beats is probably,the most well known Brandon audio right,now but they havent released anything,new in quite some time and now that the,iPhone 7 is out we know why one of the,headphones released the announcement,were these the beats solo Wireless three,and they come with a new Apple w1 chip,which is supposed to enhance the,Bluetooth experience if you have an iOS,device what if you dont have an iOS,device and what about that signature,sound quality thats so polarizing is it,still there lets find out when you open,the box you get the classic beats change,the way you hear a sound message pulling,that out youll get a small soft shell,carrying case and in there is where,youll find the headphones youll also,get a 3.5 millimeter audio cable with an,inline mic and remote a micro USB,charging cable a small carabiner clip,and of course a small sleeve with the,instructions of beats sticker and the,warranty information so were looking at,the glossy black color option here just,a fair warning they do seem to have a,thing for fingerprints but they also,come in a bunch of other colors which is,one thing that beats has always been,really good at the solo 3 Wireless are,pretty much identical to the solo twos,so if youve worn those before you wont,be surprised by anything these on yours,are still made of hard plastic all,around and have really nice leather ear,cups,I found the padding to be particularly,great because the headband fits a little,too snug for my taste but the plush ear,cups definitely make up for it now that,said these still are not the most,comfortable headphones Ive worn by a,longshot,one thing that Im still not a fan of is,the plastic padding on the bottom of the,headband in my testing I found that the,grippy plastic on the bottom sometimes,pulls my hair when Im adjusting the,headphones or taking them off but its,that same plastic that keeps them on,your head good and bad I guess while,these headphones do hold up to your,average twists and turns they still feel,very brittle the included soft shell,case is great for portability but not,for protection if youre thinking of,picking these up I would definitely,consider getting a hardshell case the,headphones do fold down to a very,compact size which is good news of your,computer on the side of the left ear cup,youll find a single multifunction,button with the Beats,be logo the bottom of that ear cup has a,3.5 millimeter input so you can hardwire,in the included audio cable one thing,that is a little annoying is that the B,logo on the right ear Cup is identical,to the B multifunction button on the,left ear Cup but it isnt a button and I,found myself pressing it all the time,with no results obviously what you will,find on the right ear Cup is the power,and bluetooth pairing button along with,a micro USB input for charging so this,is where things take a turn and the,beats solo 3 begins to show off all,their cool new features this section,might be a little longer than usual just,because theres so much to talk about,with this new w1 chip if this is the,future of Bluetooth Im pretty excited,pairing to an iPhone 6 was flawless and,when I turned on the headphones the,pairing card immediately popped up on my,phone all I had to do was hit connect,and the headphones were immediately,paired to every device on my iCloud,account its all pretty seamless I also,found that parents of the headphones,required to keep the iPhone within a few,inches if theres two phones in pairing,mode the connect card will pop up on the,iPhone thats closest to the beat so low,threes think of it like NFC but with a,longer range and the added benefit of,connecting to all of the devices on your,iCloud account at once,technically my iPhone 6s doesnt even,have a w1 chip so how does it work with,the beats solo 3 Wireless that does well,the w1 chip is only half of the equation,the other half was pushed through in a,software update with iOS 10 this means,that hopefully we could see that,software come to other devices in the,future making for an easier way to pair,over Bluetooth that most likely wont,happen since its Apple but which brings,me to the downside of this process if,youre on anything other than an iOS,device like an Android device you dont,get any of these cool features and,youre out of luck connecting to my,Nexus was the same old pairing process,with Bluetooth settings and menus which,isnt really a big deal but you are,missing out on some of the cooler,features of the w1 chip as far as,playback controls go youll get the same,experience on both Android and iOS if,youre using them wirelessly you can tap,the multifunction button once to play or,pause music or answer an end phone calls,tapping it twice will skip to the next,song and three times will return to a,previous song holding it down will,access Siri or Google now range was also,given a huge boost because of that w1,chip and we were able to get to around,80 feet easily with a wall in the way,so beats claims that the battery in,these will ask you an insane 40 hours,for reference the previous solo twos,only lasted 12 and the difference is,again thanks to that new w1 chip these,get pretty loud and testing them on max,volume got us about thirty one and a,half hours so its not hard to believe,that you can reach forty hours if you,listen to music at normal human levels,if you do manage to deplete your battery,throwing them back in a charger for five,minutes is enough to get you another,three hours of battery life now this is,Beats were talking about,so naturally the solo 3s have a pretty,strong low-end that said I found it to,be more overpowering than I can usually,tolerate hip-hop and electronic music,which can usually benefit from a,stronger base felt way to Bhumi to me,and it made for a pretty unpleasant,experience overall because of this,emphasis on bass the mids also suffered,listening to generator second floor by,freelance whales really showcases this,issue when the consistent drum kicks,come in about 40 seconds into the song,as soon as they start the banjo all but,disappears as everything is pushed out,of the way even the vocals dont have,decent detail until the bass kicks drop,out considering how loud these gut beats,did a pretty good job at pulling back,the highs songs that normally have loud,piercing sounds arent really that,painful but the highs are also really,lacking in detail the finger picks,scratches and naked as we came by iron,and wine which usually lend a nice live,feel to the song is barely noticeable,here one thing thats worth mentioning,is that sound leakage is pretty real,with these if youre listening to them,above about 60% volume the people next,to you might be able to sing along the,beats solo 3 Wireless got me pretty,excited for the future of Bluetooth,headphones just not that excited for the,beats solo threes connecting to iOS,devices is a breeze and the benefits of,the w1 chip range from a longer battery,life to a longer range but there are,still some issues that cant be,overlooked the build quality is still,not the greatest and sound quality is a,huge issue in my opinion but lets be,honest these are going to fly off the,shelves anyway so at least they come,with some real tangible benefits still,$300 is not worth it to me and I will be,returning mine were giving the beats,solo 3 Wireless a 7 point 2 out of 10,and thats it for our review of the,beats solo 3 Wireless thanks for,watching if you want to know more about,these headphones or any of the other,products we review check out sound guys,calm while youre here subscribe to the,YouTube channel if you havent already,and sign up to our monthly newsletter so,you can stay up to date with all the,newest reviews and audio news here at,sound guys links to all of that down,there in the description Im out of,milena Ill see you later

Are Studio3 Headphones Still Good In 2022?

its been over five years since Beats by,Dre Studio 3 headphones were released in,2017. often on sale for a big price,discount you are most likely going to,see some major sales on these this,coming holiday season but should you,still buy it in 2022 were going to take,a look at that and more lets first look,at what the studio 3 offers before we,compare it to other options at similar,price points and Ill let you know my,thoughts on whether this is still a good,Buy in 2022 its made with an advanced,second generation Liquid Crystal polymer,in aluminum construction that weighs in,at only 260 grams the features you are,getting here are active noise,cancellation spatial audio and class 1,Bluetooth using the Apple W1 chip for,up-to-date Wireless compatibility it,also has comfortable ear cups and a,headband design with Advanced pressure,relief so you can continue your all-day,comfort and enjoyment you can get up to,22 hours of battery life with active,noise cancellation on and up to 40 hours,continuous playback with active noise,cancellation off thats its actually,really awesome and its really,competitive in the over-the-ear,headphones Market Beats by Dre says that,at a 10 minute charge you can get up to,three hours of playback time which is,really not bad at all the headphones are,compatible with Apple or Android it also,comes with a multi-functional B button,right here on the left ear that allows,you to turn the volume up or down play,pause forward or back to pause or play,Its one push of the button to go,forward press twice,to go back press three times,probably my favorite feature as well is,they are foldable so if you just click,here on one side you click here on the,other side they fold into a very compact,design which is awesome whenever youre,trying to put them in your backpack what,comes in the Box includes the headphones,a carrying case a 3.5 millimeter remote,talk cable a micro USB cable and thats,it all of this comes at a very,substantial retail price of,349.95 although I was able to get my,pair for,199.95 at Best Buy if you havent,already please subscribe to the channel,if youre interested in more Tech,related content in the future now lets,compare that to some other over-the-ear,headphones with similar features and the,prices they are ranging the first one,Ill look at in terms of options are the,Sony xm4 or more precisely the Sony,wh-1000xm4 that sell for,349.99 features here are similar to what,you get with a studio 3 including active,noise cancellation Bluetooth,connectivity and touch,very similar but the Sony xm4 headphones,are a lot harder to find on sale even so,the xm4s are well known as a benchmark,when it comes to over-the-ear headphones,they are foldable as well which are,absolutely luck another competitor is,also owned by Apple which is the Apple,airpods Max coming in as the newest,competitor and one maybe not quite fair,to compare to but were gonna do it,anyways however they do have similar,features to what we have mentioned,previously but come in at a whopping,499.99 so they are super pricey even the,newer Sony xm5 headphones come in at 100,cheaper at 399 so the airpods max are,ridiculously expensive but they are also,the top of the line they do have active,noise cancellation spatial audio as well,and they have the newer and better H1,chip you are getting less listening time,though at what Apple estimates at 20,hours with active noise cancellation and,spatial audio enabled a negative for me,here is the price obviously Lee and they,are not foldable and theyre quite bulky,over-the-ear headphones are already,bulky enough so foldability is a plus in,my book the last one we will look at is,the Bose 700 series which is retailing,for about 399 dollars very similar,features active noise cancellation touch,controls uh 20 hours of battery life,ambient noise features that are similar,to spatial audio these arent foldable,but they come with the carrying case,similar to the others while I would not,consider the Beats By Dre the best in,this list by any means I do think that,compared to the features you are getting,with these other brands they are very,very similar will there be sound quality,differences most definitely but at least,youre getting the same features even,with something that is five years old at,this point so lets get to my thoughts,on this product my first thought when I,opened the box was that I absolutely,hated the case that it comes with I mean,look at this thing look how round it is,its just its not convenient its not,portable if I was going to put this in,my backpack it would definitely take up,a lot more room than I really really,want if it was a flatter design I could,definitely see myself using it but its,just not worth the extra space in my bag,right now but like I said before I do,absolutely love that they fold and they,make a nice clicking sound when you pop,them into place like this,I think for song this might be a problem,though as I can see individuals who are,rough with their belongings to quickly,wear these out and end up breaking the,brackets that fold over time but you,know like any other electronics you take,care of them and its not cheaply made,its going to last a long time I dont,feel any differently with these and I,think that two three four five years,down the road if youre taking care of,your stuff youre not going to have any,issues when first putting them on I,absolutely loved how cushiony the ear,cups are they really do feel fantastic,like little soft pillows on your ears I,do think though that the ear cups,themselves theyre a little on the small,side if you have really large ears these,might not work as well for you like,usual when I get something new I dont,always read the instructions so I have,no idea where exactly the power on,button was and honestly even now its,pretty tricky to find when youre trying,to do it one-handed they definitely,could have made this more convenient and,easier to turn on and off sometimes can,be a pain to find the button it does,have lights that let you know the charge,level on the outside of the headphones,although once you have them on obviously,that doesnt help you you have to look,on your iPhone or your Android device on,the left side of the headphones is where,your controls are to play your music I,found this one to be quite clicky and,overall not a very pleasant feeling to,be honest I would love for this button,to be a little more robust and smooth,instead of the hard clicky feeling and,sound it provides today I also hated the,fact that I only could do it on the left,side I dont understand why I cant use,it on the right side and because Im so,used to that with my earpods Pro I have,trouble all the time where I do it just,you know trying to make it work and it,doesnt work right those are pretty much,the only negatives youre going to hear,from me because the sound you get out of,these headphones is actually really,really pleasing and the active noise,cancellation it works really well I,wouldnt say they quite compete with the,sound that comes from my airpods Pro but,theyre still really really good also,beats in my opinion are always a little,more Bassy compared to other brands and,these are too which is fine I honestly,dont mind that I feel like the,Powerbeats Pro I have are worse in the,studio 3 just gives a more mild bass,than most Beats by Jade products Ive,tried in the past overall I have no,complaints with the sound quality in my,experience with these headphones has,been nothing short of phenomenal to be,honest so would I recommend these,headphones if you are looking for an,over-the-ear headphone in 2022,Im very pleased with my purchase,especially considering I was able to,find these on sale for 199 dollars does,it feel like a steel or a huge bargain,no not really but compared to other,products on the market with similar,features even though they are newer and,yeah maybe do have some audio,improvements over the studio 3 that are,missing but I didnt break the bank and,Te

Beats Solo 3 Review – Are These The BEST On-Ear Headphones Ever?

hey guys today we will take a look at,the beats solo 3 headphones links to the,beat solo 3 will be listed in the,description below for a chance to win,these headphones comment sound quality,down below lets start introduction to,the beat solo3 beats are a phenomenally,popular brand that has been instrumental,in changing the shape and nature of the,headphone mark,having already created a strong and,loyal customer base with apples,takeover and involvement their future,looks very strong indeed the beats solo3,wireless headphones are one of the first,beats products to benefit from the,introduction of new technologies and,expertise from apple,take a closer look at the solo 3 and,there are clear signs of apples,influence and clear signs of,collaboration between the two companies,so just how good are these latest,headphones and just how good is this,apple and beats hookup,the headphones are already sleek and,well designed its best to leave the,design alone and thats exactly what,beets and apple has done you get a large,color choice the colorways are diverse,enough that it shouldnt be too,difficult to find something that matches,your style they have an on-ear fit with,fox leather material on the ear pads and,headband cushion all beats headphones,used to feature brash bright red b logos,on them but they now come color matched,to whatever shade you pick,if you wear glasses with chunky stems,youll likely find that after a few,hours you start to feel a bit of gnawing,discomfort in your ear cartilage,however this is a problem over run,already on ear headphones in general,rather than specific to the beats solo 3,wireless in this specific class the,headphones are actually fairly comfy too,thanks to ear cups that shift to fit,your heads contours in order to spread,out the pressure as evenly as possible,you also get a carry pouch in the box,making them portable and a great travel,companion,the right ear cup houses all of the,buttons you need to control the headset,including a noise cancelling and ambient,listening switch power and bluetooth,pairing button and volume and playback,controls it is easy to find the raised,multi-function button for accessing,google assistant which is supremely,useful for setting timers while baking,also the controls for answering and,ending calls volume and skipping tracks,forward and back are on the ear cups,the solo3 wireless sounds very good for,an on-air bluetooth headphone and will,appeal to bass lovers who prefer a sound,profile that accentuates the bass but,manages to avoid being too boomy whether,this is something to care about largely,depends on the type of music to which,you listen contemporary pop and hip hop,sound great but detail rich electronica,and classical music can sound muddy of,course beats is aiming straight down the,barrel at millennials with mainstream,faces and a bit of disposable income so,the sound quality in the beat solo3,cant compete with a handful of,expensive wired audiophiles headsets,its pitched very well for modern,popular music the beats solo3 wireless,sound is lively and energetic feeding,the beats brand image well the pounding,bass beat sounds suitably juggernaut,like through the pair with much less,unwanted boom than the earliest solo,headphones,as with all stereo bluetooth headphones,this model has a built-in microphone for,making calls and call quality is very,decent all in all,one of the cool things about these,headphones is that you can use them,wirelessly or wired we love the,versatility of being able to have both,choices ideally its great to be able to,use them wirelessly but sometimes this,isnt always possible,the solo3 uses apples new w1 custom,bluetooth chip which improves battery,life drastically and makes pairing the,headphone with apple devices that simple,theres also a new found range on offer,here thanks to the inclusion of class 1,bluetooth the headphone works just fine,with android and other bluetooth enabled,devices and the battery life rating is,the same for ios and android a hooping,40 hours thats a huge jump over the 12,hours that the beats solo 2 wireless is,rated at and this has the best battery,life of any bluetooth headphone ive,tested so far,it also features beats fast fuel feature,which gives you 3 hours of battery life,from a 5 minute charge happily what i am,going to tell you is that beats are,being straight up about their claim,amazingly 40 hours is a realistic figure,in fact when tested i got longer battery,life thats stunning,apple w1 chip the w1 chip is apples,proprietary addition to their models of,bluetooth headphones specifically its,an airpods beat solo 3 beats studio 3,power beats 3 and beats x headphones,apple has developed it themselves so,its not currently available to,any other manufacturer,pros full-bodied bold sound clear clean,mid-range excellent battery life and,range simple pairing intuitive and easy,to use controls whereas for the cons lag,subtlety and detail quite expensive they,have a flat mid-range and sound not to,everyones taste,verdict,looking at the sound quality on its own,may leave you questioning the price tag,but beats has never been about sound,alone the argument used to be that,youre paying for fashion but with the,solo3 youre paying for a lot more than,that youre also getting great battery,life and the exclusivity and ease of use,of apples new wireless audio technology,despite the beats solo3 premium price i,think this is a product that will,continue to sell like hotcakes alright,guys with that being said we reached the,bottom of this video do not hesitate to,subscribe to our channel for more videos,like this and of course im gonna see,you in the next video until then stay,safe take care and peace out

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