1. Beats Studio Buds Review after 1 Week of Use: INCREDIBLE
  2. NEW Beats Studio Buds Unboxing & Review!
  3. Beats Studio Buds 1 Week Later – Better Than the AirPods Pro??
  4. Forgot About Beats by Dre?
  5. Beats Studio Buds vs. Airpods Pro: Which Should You Buy?
  6. Beats Studio Buds Review (After 3 Months)
  7. Beats Studio Buds vs AirPods Pro/2: Ultimate Comparison!

Beats Studio Buds Review after 1 Week of Use: INCREDIBLE

Ive been using the beats studio Pro’s every day since I got them a week ago, and overall,they’ve really surprised me in multiple ways, and they’re so good that so far I,haven’t picked up my Airpods Pro’s even once!,With that, there are some limitations as well as 1 main issue that will be a dealbreaker,for many of you and cause you to not buy them or return them, and no its not the lack of,H1 chip features, but we’ll cover that in just a bit.,I want to start out by saying that these will likely be Beats’ most popular products in,years because of 3 reasons, and I think they will sell like crazy. Beats has had a bad,rap for many years now, at least with the tech and audio crowd because they were overpriced,for what you get, and the sound signature was way too bass heavy.,Thankfully the studio pro’s solve both of these. Coming in at $149 at launch, and likely,even lower when you’re watching this video, I’ll go ahead and leave links to the best,prices down in the video description, these things are really competitive.,Sure they aren’t $50 like off-brand earbuds, but compared to many new earbuds like Sony’s,$280 XM4’s or Samsungs $200 Galaxy buds Pro, and of course AirPods, $149 is a great,starting price for truly wireless earbuds from a name brand.,Its weird to see Apple slowly positioning Beats as a more budget brand compared to their,AirPods, but at the same time it makes sense to not be competing with themselves on the,high end and to stay relevant for Android users that can’t benefit from iOS exclusive,features.,And as far as sound, while it is subjective, I think these sound fantastic. After a week,of normal listening and comparing I do prefer them over the previously mentioned high end,earbuds.,Apple has done a great job toning down beats stereotypical sound into something that still,has good bass but is much more balanced. I personally like how Airpods Pro sound, but,I do wish they had a bit more bass and in certain songs toned down the highs, which,can at times be too sharp.,Well thats pretty much what the Studio buds provide and like many others have said these,are the best sounding beats earbuds ever, even better than the popular powerbeats pro,,and probably the best sounding beats headphones overall. Compared to the new Sony XM4 earbuds,,the bass is slightly lower which is what most people end up EQ’ing them too, and even,if you turn the high up on those, they still aren’t as clear compared to the beats, so,personally I prefer the beats.,I do like how the Galaxy buds Pro sound, but the mids are more accurate with the beats,and thats most apparent when listening to music like rock where you have a lot of instruments.,Thats probably where I’m most impressed with these. The bass is there and that makes,drums and bass guitar sound powerful but at the same time it doesn’t overpower other,instruments by sounding boomy.,To be honest, the tuning that Beats did on these reminds me of my AirPods Max. Now no,they don’t sound as good as clear or accurate, and the soundstage isn’t anywhere as big,,but the EQ sounds similar so it seems thats where Apple is going next.,Overall, if sound quality is most important to you, and you do enjoy bass, these things,sound really good, especially for $150.,Now lets talk about active noise cancellation, and this is one area that I really didn’t,expect.. Because overall, these do a much better job,than I thought they would. The processor and algorithm isn’t as good as AirPods Pro,,so in many cases the AirPods pro will outperform them if you have a good seal, especially for,voices and higher frequencies, but for low frequencies like HVAC noise and airplanes,these actually do a better job than the AirPods.,The biggest difference comes in with very loud sounds. I always use my Pro’s when,mowing the lawn or vacuuming, so when I put these in and got to mowing I was really surprised,that they did a much better job and cut out a lot more noise than airpods.,I think thats because the airpods Pro have a vent which equalizes pressure to be equal,inside and outside of your ear which keeps your ear from feeling plugged and makes them,really comfortable. That feature is amazing, but very loud sounds end up leaking inside.,Since the beats don’t have this vent, they keep those sounds out better which really,helps.,And because of that, sound leakage is almost non-existent even at full blast which is great.,So with that, how is comfort? While they aren’t as comfortable as AirPods Pro’s, they are,probably the second most comfortable earbuds for a few reasons. Beats said that the silicon,tips have been redesigned for comfort. The longest I’ve worn them for is 4 hours straight,and I didn’t feel like I had to take them out yet.,With Sony’s after less than two hours my ears were already aching. A big reason why,they are so comfortable is because they’re lightweight, coming in 44% lighter than the,XM4’s. Along with that, they don’t push against my ear anywhere because of how small,they are, and with that they also don’t stick out very far.,I’m personally a fan of the small stemless design, and I really like how clean they look.,Each earbud has a physical button on each side that you use for controls. This is more,reliable than a touch surface but since you have to push down you end up pushing the buds,into your ear canals more each time.,That may or may not be a good thing for you but for me its a bit annoying and I would,prefer a touch surface.,As far as battery life, its not bad but I expected more. Most earbuds over exaggerate,their claims. When I first heard of the 8 hour rated battery life I was really excited,,but that rating is only if you don’t use active noise cancelation, but why wouldn’t,you if you paid for that feature?,With ANC, you get 5 hours instead of 8, and the total charge with the case goes from 24,hours down to 15. With that I found them to last closer to 4 hours but that might be because,I usually listen at full blast.,And now with all these positives out of the way, lets get into the few negatives, and,lets start with by far the biggest one that will be a deal breaker for many of you, and,thats the microphone quality and this makes a difference in 2 separate areas.,Before I tell you my personal experience, go ahead and take a listen to how it sounds,compared to the AirPods Pro..,Yea that is a big difference, but keep in mind thats just sitting in a room with the,only other noise being a constant hum from HVAC so thats basically the best case scenario.,The microphones are almost useless with these. I’m not sure if thats because Beats wanted,to keep these small and light or what, but in multiple conversations at my desk I had,people complain that I was hard to hear and understand and I’d have to switch to my,phone.,And when I tried to use them while driving my high end truck which is quieter inside,than most cars, both my wife and my mom could barely understand me where I have no issues,when wearing my AirPods Pro.,If you take calls often with your earbuds, I wouldn’t buy the studio buds. Because,of this, transparency mode is also really bad. Now it doesn’t sound staticky like,others can, but they don’t bring in much sound at all and clerity isn’t good. Here,pretty much any headphones over $100 are better.,My other complaint is the lack of wireless charging. I didn’t realize how often I used,them with my airpods pro so that definitely took some adjusting. Thankfully beats finally,went back to USB and I have plenty of usb-c cables to use to charge them and they charge,quickly.,The other thing I have to mention is the lack of a W1 or H1 Chip. I understand that Beats,is trying to market these to android users and that chip wouldn’t do much for them,,and these also have bluetooth 5.2 so latency is minimal, but if you’re an iPhone user,you won’t get the extra nice features like icloud syncing and auto pairing to whatever,device youre using, audio sharing, or spacial audio.,Now you still get quick pairing without it, and hands

NEW Beats Studio Buds Unboxing & Review!

whats going on guys its your average,consumer and today,were going to be checking out the brand,new beats,studio buds now these are just announced,today and youve probably seen them in a,few places lebron james has been wearing,them during nba games,theyve leaked a little bit but today we,are going to officially,take a look at them and first were,going to start off with the unboxing,experience,so here weve got the retail packaging,for the beats studio buds,and its actually a pretty small box,when you jump inside youre greeted with,a few accessories like the usbc charging,cable,which i was actually a bit surprised to,see instead of lightning,and you also get some extra ear tips and,behind those youll see a quick start,guide on how to use the buds,and some paperwork behind it nothing too,special with the paperwork here but,there is a beat sticker included if you,care about that,that charging cable looks really short,the way its presented at first,but when you pull it out its slightly,longer but it doesnt feel like the kind,of cable youd expect to plug into a,wall you also get a pair of small,and large ear tips while the medium is,already installed on the earbuds my,first impressions of the case is its a,good size,and i like the overall look but i really,wanted to see the buds and i gotta say,they definitely look interesting and,when i say that i dont mean theyre,low-key ugly or anything,ive just never seen anything designed,like this before but,lets forget the first impressions and,jump into the review,so thats everything that you get inside,of the box but now whats it like to,actually use these guys so first and,foremost lets talk a little bit about,the overall look the design the case,everything that you get inside,so first off weve got the earbuds right,and i will say the look of these guys,theyre different theyre not something,were used to seeing,its got a sim like when you look at it,from this perspective,its got a pretty familiar look weve,seen earbuds like this,but what makes it really different is,you see the way im holding it,youve got this bit of a stem that,sticks out over here,that is where the microphones are you,can see the microphones right up top,as well as the button so thats where,your,main control is for play pause you know,skip tracks and all that do we do we,like this,do we like the way this looks it looks,weird to me,it does look weird ive never seen,earbuds that look like this but,i understand why it looks like this and,the functionality that they went for,with this design when youve got these,parts over here it makes it so easy,to just put it inside of your ears and,when youre ready to take them out,youve got like this nice easy piece to,just grab onto,theres some functionality here guys,its just really easy,to mess around with the earbuds no,fumbling with them and when theyre,inside of the ear,theyre pretty low-key but these do come,in a few different colors,they come in black red and white so if,you want to stand out a little bit more,you can get the red or white options one,thing that i really do like about this,design as well,is the comfort having these inside of,the ear,it sits very comfortably and i,experience,no ear fatigue while using these and,they stay in the ear,very well like,its really good you guys sometimes even,with in earbuds,they start to slip a little bit over,time thats what happens with my airpods,pros,but for these they do a really solid job,so in the comfort department,i really really really like these and i,think even using the controls of them,pretty simple,the stem also thats them what what do,we call these,i almost want to call these the handle i,was thinking about that too,you were thinking handle you see okay so,for lack of a better word,were going to call this the handle,right now so on the handle we have these,big buttons with the,beats b logo on it and this is the,controls like,this is where you press everything its,very easy to access,because its a nice big button also its,the standard controls that were used to,for,play pause skipping tracks all that but,when you long press it you can cycle,through the different modes,so when its off and you long press,itll go to active noise cancelling,long press again transparency mode long,press again,and off and by off i mean no active,noise cancelling no transparency mode,its just regular would have been cool,to maybe get some kind of volume,touch slider thing going but thats not,here and when youre throwing them into,the case you got your right here,your left over here and boom now in,terms of this case,its a very you know simple design you,got like this,oval shape but i will say the material,that its made out of,is really slippery like i could see this,falling out,you see i didnt even mean to do that,but i can see this falling out of my,hand while im outside,and this hitting the concrete would be,super annoying im telling you see oh,theres,this is not slipping out my hand though,yeah you see its,this like matte like finish see no,like no friction those airpods theyre,jiggling but theyre not moving,so a little bit slippery just be careful,when youre outside with them but for,the most part you know its a nice,pretty basic,looking case not super big you can throw,this in,your pocket with no problem and you know,its all good,and while were on the topic of the case,lets talk about battery life,so these earbuds will give you five,hours of active noise canceling,and without active noise cancelling on,you get a total of eight hours of,battery life,but paired with the case you get an,extra 10 hours with,active noise canceling and an extra 16,hours totaling,15 hours of active noise cancelling all,together and 24 hours of,straight up listening with no active,noise canceling so its pretty in line,with what we come to expect from truly,wireless earbuds these days,and interestingly enough this time,around were using,a usb type-c cable to charge this guy so,no lightning,usb type-c all thats left is the iphone,right carl,so we talked about the design comfort,battery life all the standard stuff but,lets talk about the features,and what makes this thing special so of,course with this being a beats,slash apple product it works as youd,expect with apple devices,you pop the top next to an iphone and,then youll see it pop,up super easy pairing but what beats has,done this time around is actually pretty,nice,if you are not in the apple ecosystem,but you still want that like,nice easy pairing process you can just,throw this guy into pairing mode like,when you first open it up,and check this out it shows up right on,the phone,just like you would with an iphone itll,just pop up you hit connect,and boom youre all synced up ready to,go that is really nice now the,difference with android compared to,iphone is youre gonna have a beats app,here where you can kind of,take advantage of the features that,youll get from this whereas with the,iphone,a lot of that stuff is baked into the,settings you dont need an extra app so,whether youre on an,android device or youre just in your,iphone settings,youre gonna pretty much get the same,controls here within the app,versus the settings menu youll be able,to turn on active noise canceling,or go to transparency mode you get to,see like battery life that kind of stuff,one thing that you can do is,change some of the options in terms of,like the press and hold,so you can go from noise control to the,voice assistant,so pretty standard stuff outside of that,youre not going to be able to do much,more,but i like what im seeing here were,starting to see,beats even though theyre an apple brand,now,youre going to be able to still use,them with an android device,and kind of take advantage of some of,those same features and functionalities,that you get with the iphone so,its not like a completely different,experience where its like you get an a,pair of air pods you connect it to an,android device,yeah you can do it but you know the,experience is different w

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Beats Studio Buds 1 Week Later – Better Than the AirPods Pro??

whats going on everyone my name is,jason and these are the beats studio,buds,what is going on everyone jason here and,today were taking a look at how my,experience has been,with the newest addition to the truly,wireless earbud space,and of course here im talking about the,beats studio buds now i was legit,excited to get these into my ears to,test out,mainly because i havent tested out a,pair of beats headphones since it was,acquired by apple,and considering that i deemed the,airpods pro one of the best devices,apple has ever made,i was psyched to see how these would,perform plus the beats studio buds only,cost 150 dollars,which is still a lot of money but a,significantly more affordable price tag,than the airpods pro,even though it shares many of the same,premium features such as active noise,cancellation,now ive had them for about a week now,and the best way that i can describe,them,is interesting let me explain now before,we get into the review,in case youre new here im jason i,would really appreciate it if you give,this video a thumbs up,it really does help me out and in case,youre tech junkie like me,dont forget to subscribe to the channel,so you can stay up to date with all the,reviews,okay first lets talk about physical,design its not hard to see that the,beats studio buds are inspired by the,airpods pro from a design standpoint,i actually think thats a good thing the,case is a bit larger you can see here,that its slightly bulkier,but not to the extent that i would say,would make them difficult to take on the,go,theyre definitely still ultra portable,the case has a nice matte finish that i,actually really like,its a bit cleaner especially in this,white colorway that i went with,love the contrast between it and the,blackbeats logo to me its more refined,than the polished finish on the airpods,case,the latch is well made and easy to open,it doesnt spring back or snap shut,easily,and you get a nice confident clock when,closing the case now the first thing,that i noticed when taking the earbuds,out for the first time,was just how strong the magnets on the,case are you can seriously shake the,hell out of this thing and the earbuds,are going nowhere,they give you a really satisfying catch,when putting the earbuds in as well,and the quality here is top notch the,other immediate observation that i had,when taking the earbuds out was how,compact they are,it could be because they lack the stem,that im used to on the airpods but man,they just felt tiny,that said getting them into my ears was,super easy to do and i was surprised at,how good the seal was,it angles comfortably into your ear,canal and even when i was vigorously,shaking my head,they stayed in with no problem you do,get a variety of different silicone tips,included in the box to find the best fit,but overall the earbuds have been,comfortable and easy to use,and in terms of overall design the beats,studio buds are pretty great,sure they have a striking resemblance to,the airpods but i dont think thats a,bad thing at all,theyre portable and easy to carry,around they fit in my ears really well,and theres nothing here that i would,say feels or looks cheap,now when it comes to functionality,though it still shares some similarities,with airpods pro,this is where we start to see some,noticeable differences first rather than,having apples proprietary lightning,port to charge,it actually is charged via usb type-c i,was a bit surprised by this to be honest,none of the airpods have made this,transition yet and frankly i expected,apple would take advantage of getting,more people to use their lightning,cables,so this is nice to see the earbuds are,also equipped with physical buttons on,each earbud,as opposed to having touch controls,personally i do prefer this setup,because i usually find touch capacitive,buttons to be more annoying than,anything else,but with the beats studio earbuds start,to show their cheaper price tag is in,their inability to wirelessly charge,something that the newer airpods and,many other competitors can take,advantage of,moreover they dont come equipped with,apples h1 chip which allows for other,things like cross compatibility with,other apple devices,siri support and features like spatial,audio but they do still have the ability,to pair instantly with the nice pop-up,pairing instructions when opening the,case,giving you kind of the veneer of an h1,chip and interestingly enough,it offers the same ease of pairing to,android devices as well and the more i,think about it,im starting to think that the beats,studio buds may be more geared towards,non-apple users,and to me thats brilliant because apple,knows that the hardcore fanboys are,gonna get the airpods no matter what,these take essentially the same,blueprint as the airpods but makes use,of the beats brand and makes them more,accessible to non-iphone devices,which ultimately means gaining a larger,market share of the wireless earbud,space,now thats pretty ambitious and look,lets face it just because you make a,product that is well designed and offers,unique functionality,isnt going to provide the results that,you need if the sound quality isnt up,to par,and to jump right into it the sound,quality is a solid good,and to unpack that a little bit one of,the things that i notice about the sound,profile is that its got a little bit,more pronounced bass when compared to,the competition,not the most surprising thing,considering that the enhanced low end is,baked into the beats dna,but its not completely overdone or,muddy like the beats used to have back,in the day,and its actually quite pleasant but,where the beats studio buds lack are in,the mids,theres not as strong of a sound,separation as i would have liked and you,have difficulty hearing some of the more,nuanced sounds,because the eq is prioritizing the bass,but again i dont want to give up the,impression that this is the beats of the,past where the low end was so strong,that it completely distorted the sound,because the beats studio buds sound good,its really great for listening to hip,hop and edm,and its still decent for things like,podcasts that sound better with a more,balanced sound profile,now another big reason why folks are,interested in the beats studio buds is,its ability to take advantage of both,active noise cancellation,which uses technology to actively cancel,out ambient noise in your environment,and transparent mode which uses the,microphones outside of the earbuds to,amplify,the ambient sound for you but you need,to be more aware of your surroundings,now when it comes to active noise,cancellation i was pleasantly surprised,at how well they worked,i wore these on a plane and i was,impressed at how well it did at,suppressing loud engine noise,it doesnt give you any uncomfortable,feeling in your ear canal when activated,and man it makes your listening,experience quite immersive its not as,good as the airpods pro,or the sonys but its way better than,most of the competition,and its a legit feature on these,earbuds the transparency mode on the,other hand,not nearly as good once you turn it on,the sound coming in through the,microphone sounds artificial and a bit,muddy,not nearly as clear or natural sounding,as i would want it to be,honestly its probably one of the poorer,performers in this area when benchmarked,against competition,but this is likely a feature that most,arent exactly make or break on,and that leads me to my last point on,the beats studio buds to me these were,never meant to try and take the top spot,in the truly wireless earbuds game,at 150 dollars we had to have expected,some trade-offs,though it may lack things like wireless,charging or a more robust bounce down,stage,or a clear transparency mode you gotta,ask yourself how much do you care about,these features,because to me youre getting a pretty,solid pair of very well designed earbuds,that are super easy to use,enjoyable to listen with and come pack,with an active noise cancellation system,that is pretty

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Forgot About Beats by Dre?

hey whats up mkbhd here,beats by dre what comes to mind when you,hear that name it might have been a,while maybe you think of uh,large overpriced headphones with way too,much bass or,maybe you think about like small sleek,earbuds for sports maybe,either way whether its one of those or,something in between the arc,of how we got from these to these,is fascinating so one of the earliest,videos i ever did about,beats by dre was called the truth about,beats by dre,and you know i know pretty juicy,headline but this was back in 2014,when beats had a very different,reputation of high fashion,a very different set of products and a,very different,position as a company this week,beets just announced these new studio,buds and while i dont personally think,theyre perfect,theyre absolutely not the best at,anything,they do feel way more in line with the,rest of the headphone world now so,what happened a little history beats,started up in 2006 right,so the first eight years or so of their,existence,they built up a certain reputation with,their audio products,mainly their headphones which were a,stylish super cool,borderline fashion accessory and if you,did use them as headphones well,cool they had plenty of bass but audio,fidelity was not the number one concern,but these were the days when beats would,get,their headphones on as many of the heads,of the most influential celebrities and,athletes and pop stars as humanly,possible they were the kings of this,which made them super cool to anyone who,followed them or look up to these people,but it was also pretty ironic because,theres almost no chance anybody,who mixed and made music actually used,beats by dre at any point in that,process,they just didnt sound that great well i,should clarify uh they didnt sound,that good to audiophiles or people who,actually cared about sound quality or,accuracy,but to most people to most people uh,the boomy bass heavy profile of these,was actually a feature because,they were listening to bass heavy music,anyway and they were just listening for,fun,and so people were actually very willing,to pay extra,for headphones this cool that sounded,like that and extra money,they spent because this was the main,subject of my truth about beats by dre,video,but clearly beats spent way more on,marketing than they did on r d,and it paid off because they were able,to charge a lot,they were selling 2 3 400 even,500 headphones and that allowed them to,capture something like,70 of the high-end headphone market,which is wild,because beats buyers theyd never spend,500 bucks on,any other pair of headphones but beats,had just created this commanding,buying power this alert to them which,was super powerful,kind of like how tesla today can get,people who were never really into cars,to spend way more than they normally,would to get one so beats is eating up,premium market share theyre making tons,of money this is around the time that,they get on apples radar and so,apple at this point had not made any,wireless headphones at all,just the earphones that come in the box,with the iphone yeah,so uh after some weird dances with htc,and monster cable,apple ended up buying beats for three,billion dollars which today is actually,their still largest acquisition,ever so since that moment ive kept an,eye on beats,and the stuff that theyve kept making,because beats has,continued making stuff because you know,any number of things can happen when,one huge company swallows up another,with an acquisition sometimes they do it,for,the talent sometimes they do it for the,portfolio of products or the technology,or just the name with the case of beats,theres a couple things one they,essentially turned,beats music streaming service into apple,music,and two they started making wireless,audio products they introduced air pods,in 2016,then airpods pro and home pod and,homepod mini,and airpods max but curiously as youve,probably noticed,beats kept making beats headphones,they kept the name they kept the logos,and everything and they kept sort of,running the company,beats by dre as if its sort of now just,working closely with apple it actually,makes a lot of sense,beats was making a lot of money they,were making about a billion dollars a,year,with headphones when apple bought them,in 2014 and you dont just throw away,all that revenue,all that brand cache apples not stupid,but once apple started making headphones,they made sure beats didnt directly,compete with,airpods like some of the other clones,that ive made a video on,linked below they more lived alongside,them,as a high fashion alternative type of,thing and it would be fine if customers,picked beats by dre on the shelf,next to the apple headphones because,theyre all,its all apple beat success is apples,success so if youve followed,beats headphones since then theyve,slowly toned down,their image a little bit and theyve,actually toned down,their pricing a bit too uh but theyve,theyve definitely,amplified their headphone lineup so,their headphones started switching to,charging with,lightning ports instead of usb to match,the iphone they started adding,w1 and then h1 chips to instant pair,with apple products and they started,integrating more natively into the,iphones audio control features,basically they became better and better,alternative headphones,for the iphone which is cool more,options is always better,but they definitely lost a little bit of,their character a bit so that brings us,to this week when apple announced,these the new studio buzz these wireless,earbuds and these to me,these are the most interesting,headphones that theyve released,since that apple acquisition because you,know of course you know theres more,features and things and tech has gotten,better since 2014,but with these suddenly theyre trying,to be,dual native and work just as well,on android as the iphone,so right off the top android users are,overall a bit more price sensitive so,guess what,their pricing has gotten even more,competitive than ever these will go for,149 with active noise cancellation,now thats not cheap but that beats,airpods pro,that beats sonys mark fours and a lot,of others with anc,thats a pretty good price for earbuds,with anc now theres definitely still,some downsides ill get to those in a,second but overall,i think theyve done a pretty good job,and then theres actually even a couple,pretty big changes theyve made for,android users that i didnt expect,number one,they switched to usbc on the case like i,said they were on this streak of,lightning chargers but,this makes sense of course for the,android crowd and the case itself is,pretty compact which is something,i cant say about some previous beats,earbuds so,this is getting down to just be a little,bit bigger than air pods and,i do like this matte red here though you,can also get them,in white or matte black but then number,two these headphones actually,dont have apples h1 chip in them,so like i said theyre trying to be dual,native,and feel the same on either iphone or,android right so,a lot of these h1 chip beats in the past,would work,amazingly well for the iphone theyd,have all these features theyd instant,pair,but then theyd be missing a bunch of,those features when you try to bluetooth,pair them,to an android phone so these these still,instant pair with the iphone,and plug into ioss native audio,controls but,they lack the icloud connected switching,so if youre someone whos switching,headphones between,an iphone and a mac and an ipad all the,time,these dont do that so these probably,arent for you but now,they have an equally awesome and equally,quick pairing process,on android which is very much,appreciated so they connect to the beats,app,then you get all the same controls you,have your access to google assistant,the same control over noise cancellation,versus transparency mode,its great these these are the first,beats in a while that i feel like i can,actually recommend,for android users and yes i did say,noise cancellation these stud

Beats Studio Buds vs. Airpods Pro: Which Should You Buy?

beats studio buds or airpods pro which,should you buy today were going to,answer that question with a little bit,of a friendly competition ive come up,with 10 different categories which,youre going to see on either side of me,right here and were going to go through,each of them one by one the earbuds with,the highest score out of 10 by the end,of this video is going to be the winner,and yes i did steal this idea from mr,whos the boss,dont tell him the first category is,design and were specifically talking,about the design aesthetic here nothing,really technical so its a little bit on,the subjective side for sure the airpods,pro take a more glossy approach to both,the case and the earbuds themselves and,while it doesnt pick up fingerprints,because theyre white i definitely,prefer the matte finish of the beats,studio buds the beats have the cleaner,look throughout here from the light gray,accent color to the stockless design,they dont look quite as goofy in the,ears as the airpods pro do either,theres a reason that the airpods pro,get memed on a lot the beats come in,three different colors black red and the,white that i have here so there are,options to choose from with the bead,studio buds whereas the air pods pro,only come in white the one advantage,that the airpods pro have over the beats,though is that the case is a little bit,smaller than the case for the studio,buds but other than that beats has this,category lockdown in my opinion next up,is comfort and this is an important one,if im traveling somewhere i tend to,have my earbuds in for long periods of,time so i need them to be comfortable i,will say that both of these earbuds are,comfortable to wear and neither of them,gave me any sort of trouble during long,listening sessions but there is actually,a clear winner in this category and this,surprised me,its the beats studio buds these are,among the most comfortable earbuds i,have ever tested they make a perfect,seal with my ears and i can barely feel,them in there now granted ive got some,pretty big dumbo ears but still its not,that airpods pro are uncomfortable,theyre absolutely not but the beats do,come out on top for a second consecutive,category win the third category is,charging and this is where things start,to shift a little bit the beats studio,buds have usb-c charging which i,freaking love its far more convenient,for me because most of my devices are,usb-c these days and i only need to,carry one cable around,but heres the thing even though the,airpods pro case has a lightning port,instead of usbc which is less convenient,the case has a coil for wireless,charging in it i will take wireless,charging over wired any day of the week,for something like an earbuds case that,doesnt have to charge quickly even if,you do prefer wired charging the,availability of the wireless charging,makes the airpods pro the better earbuds,in this category at least in my opinion,naturally the next category after,charging is battery life both the,airpods pro and the beats studio buds,advertise up to 24 hours of listening,time with the earbuds and the case,battery life combined however while that,would normally make this category a draw,the beats actually hold a lot more,charge inside the buds themselves which,in my opinion is a lot more useful you,can listen to music for up to eight full,hours in one sitting with the studio,buds whereas the airpods pro will only,give you a maximum of about five hours,theyll still get the same amount of,total listening time after charging in,their respective cases but being able to,listen to music for up to three more,hours in one session gives the beats a,slight edge in this battery life,category alright transparency mode,heres where things start to get,interesting for those of you that dont,know the transparency mode is where the,microphones in each earbud will activate,and take in sound from all around you,the idea is that youll be able to hear,your surroundings perfectly fine without,having to remove your earbuds and thats,pretty convenient unfortunately this is,where the beats start to fall behind in,kind of a big way the transparency mode,on the studio buds sounds very unnatural,and i had a hard time hearing my,surroundings properly theres also a bit,of a hiss to the audio coming through,and overall i wasnt very impressed with,the beats in this category especially,when compared to the airpods pro when,you turn on the transparency mode with,the airpods pro it comes very close to,sounding like you arent wearing earbuds,its very natural you dont get that,plugged up sound when you speak out loud,either which makes talking on the phone,super easy theres no contest here,airpods pro are the clear winners in,this category then theres the opposite,of transparency mode the noise,cancellation and if im honest i kind of,thought the airpods pro would be the,clear winner here but i was,sort of wrong so theres two different,elements at play here the passive,cancellation you get from the bud making,a seal inside your ear and then theres,the active noise cancellation element,where the earbuds will use the,microphones to help block out noise the,passive cancellation is going to be a,little bit different for everybody,because we all have different ear sizes,but the beats make a much better seal in,my ears than the airpods pro do im,going to call this category a draw both,earbuds do decently well at cancelling,out noises that are consistent in pitch,neither of them will fully block out the,sound of a person talking but theyll,help to reduce most unwanted sounds from,passing through next up is the,microphones themselves im going to do,half of this category with the beats,studio buds that youre hearing right,now and then the other half with the,airpods pro you should have no trouble,understanding what im saying with these,earbuds,but theyre certainly not the best ive,ever heard and theres a fair amount of,background noise and hiss going on the,airpods pro by comparison sound much,much better my voice comes through a lot,more naturally and theres very little,background noise in comparison to the,studio buds airpods pro get a solid win,in this category all right category,number eight this is the most important,category of all for probably most of you,sound quality like i mentioned in all of,my videos i am not an audiophile but i,do test out a lot of headphones and,earbuds so this is more of a personal,opinion rather than an expert analysis,both earbuds sound decent but there are,pros and cons to each of them the beats,studio buds definitely have a bit of an,emphasis on the low end of the range as,is customary for most beats products,they dont exaggerate the bass too much,but there is quite a bit more low end,present than on the airpods pro people,that like genres like hip hop or edm,might enjoy the beats a little more the,downside is that i found that the treble,has quite a bit of sibilance that,hissing sound when the ss are,pronounced its not too bad when the,volume is lower but it can get very,harsh at higher volumes the airpods pro,on the other hand is a bit more,controlled throughout the range i found,the mids and treble to be cleaner,overall but it definitely lacks a bit of,that oomph in the low end people that,listen to a lot of vocal heavy tracks or,even podcasts will enjoy the airpods pro,more in general even though i do tend to,listen to a lot of edm i still prefer,the more clean sound of the airpods pro,overall and therefore im going to give,them the win in the sound quality,category its not like the beats sound,bad at all they actually sound quite,impressive for the price which were,gonna get into shortly,but the airpods pro are the better,sounding buds in my opinion another,important consideration for both of,these earbuds is the platform support,for example the beats studio buds have a,dedicated android app for android users,where you can change the noise,cancellation mode control what pressing,the button on the earbuds does and find,y

Beats Studio Buds Review (After 3 Months)

i really think apple might have made a,mistake by releasing the beats studio,buds theyre 50 cheaper and similar if,not the same sound quality why should,anybody buy the airpods pro well in,todays video ill be sharing my honest,thoughts on the beats studio buds after,using them instead of my airpods pro for,the last three months if its the first,time here my name is noah and i make,videos on the best health and wellness,tech you should be paying attention to,so lets dive right on in into the beats,studio buds now one of the first things,i recognized was a new design its a,very different approach from the recent,powerbeats pro that apple put out and i,did a review on a little while back it,comes in three different colors of black,white and red and it comes in a smaller,case very similar to the airpods pro,design but i would say its maybe a,little bit less on the build quality,perspective the headphones themselves,are now this new bud type design without,the ear hook and it comes with three,different sized ear tips including small,medium and large the beats studio buds,now come with a new usb-c charging port,which allows for eight hours of,listening time and the case itself will,give you around two full charges so you,can have up to 24 hours of playback and,it also has the fast fuel charging where,you can charge for five minutes and get,an hour worth of playback and lastly it,comes with the ipx4 sweat and water,resistance now from a functionality,standpoint the beats studio buds work,with both apple and android devices it,also has active noise cancellation where,you basically get to hold the beats logo,button and you can switch between,transparency mode and noise cancellation,mode and you can actually control which,headphones activate each one in your,bluetooth settings now it also has a,couple of gestures and fun features that,you can use on the actual headphones,themselves such as any type of voice,assistant like hey siri or google you,can also control your music so playing,or pausing songs or skipping a track you,can answer it in calls and lastly you,can locate your beats with the find my,app now there are a few key features,that are missing from the beats studio,buds this includes not being able to,control the volume with the actual,headphones themselves similar to how the,powerbeats pro have their volume up and,down on the actual device itself and,theres also no h1 chip which means no,sharing audio you cant do the ear fit,test theres no auto switching between,devices and what i think is the biggest,bummer is actually when you take out,your headphones it doesnt pause the,music or whatever youre listening to so,you can see there are definitely a few,sacrifices made from the functionality,standpoint now what you guys probably,really care about is sound quality now,im not going to be technical im just,going to share my personal experience,and opinion from a music perspective it,does have a good bass and clear levels,its not so overly powerful on the bass,like old beats headphones which i do,like and i didnt feel like i had to,increase the volume of my music or,podcast so loud just to hear it now from,an active noise cancellation perspective,the airpods pro are a bit stronger in my,opinion but i still feel like i can get,into my own world when im riding on a,train and only hear faint noises in the,background and then when in transparency,mode its pretty decent when it comes to,me trying to be aware of this different,sounds around me whether im in an,airport trying to hear about my gate,it works pretty well and then lastly,from a call quality perspective i didnt,really experience any issues when i was,talking to anybody on the phone i did,get the feedback that if i was cooking,or doing dishes it does seem to pick up,a little bit of those background noise,anyway you let me know what you think in,this test,this is a microphone call test for the,beats studio buds let me know in the,comments below what you think of the,sound now a big question that i get a,lot is it good for fitness well its not,terrible after biking through the city,jump roping weightlifting playing,basketball they only fell out maybe once,or twice no more so than my original,airpods pro the bead studio buds are,also sweat and water resistant which is,good theyre definitely not fit for,water sports so i wouldnt be submerging,them in any water and the noise,cancellation at the gym can be okay i,would rate it maybe a seven out of ten,it just depends on the noise levels at,your gym mine gets pretty loud because,people carry around speakers all the,time but overall ill definitely approve,of these being good headphones for your,day-to-day fitness needs now the,ultimate question are the beats studio,buds better than the airpods pro or the,powerbeats pro well unless you really,like having the hook over your ear or,you feel like you really miss out on the,features that come with the h1 chip i,think the beats studio earbuds are the,better value you say 50 and you still,get the 85 90 of the sound and build,quality you also get double the,listening time on one charge less,connection issues which honestly my,airpods pro i experienced that so much,where basically my left side would be,able to listen to music and all that and,then the right one just would never work,so i really did like the stability of,the beats studio buds but if you want a,more secure fit especially for fitness,purposes you could go with the,powerbeats pro which also have the h1,chip you will be sacrificing a bigger,case a couple of the software issues and,its a little bit more expensive being,at 199 or i think maybe 175 on other,sites like amazon but i definitely say,its a better buy over the original,airpods no question just for the new,features and the noise cancellation,alone so yes i think apple did a great,job with the beats studio buds and i,definitely recommend you consider them,if youre in the market to replace or,get new headphones for working out or,even just day-to-day living if you are,wondering where the best place to buy,these headphones or any of the,headphones that i mentioned make sure to,check the links in the description box,below just as a heads up those links do,give a kickback for her channel with no,extra cost to you anyway i hope this,video was extremely helpful for you if,it was go ahead and compile that like,button subscribe if you havent already,and as always embrace the hype,[Music]

Beats Studio Buds vs AirPods Pro/2: Ultimate Comparison!

hey guys its max we just got in the,brand new beast studio buds and today we,will be comparing it to the airpods pro,and the airpods 2 to see is it worth,spending the extra money,or how much of an upgrade is it if you,already have airpods,and were not only going to compare the,sound quality and features but also,things like,active noise cancellation transparency,mode microphone quality,comfort and more now as i get these out,of the box lets talk about prices these,come in at 150 bucks,which seem cheap for beats now of course,the airpods 2 with the wireless charging,case,comes in at 200 but you can now get,those for about 160,and airpods pro you can get them as low,as 190,right now instead of 250. well leave,links down in the video description for,the best prices to,all of these so at those prices it makes,these new ones,maybe a little bit of a tougher sell,than what you initially,look at with the msrp prices now i got,the case out of the box,it does seem a little bit larger than i,expected,does also have some weight to it so if,we compare it to the airpods,pro case it is longer is also,taller and it does seem like its a,little bit thicker as well and the,difference is even bigger if you own,the original air pods those are even,smaller and thinner,than the airpods pro lets do a quick,pocket test,shove these in all right i definitely,feel them and these pants are a little,bit tighter,and lets see if they can fit into the,pocket watch,pocket no well got them in it is a,little bit tight,definitely better than some other,alternatives but not as good,as these yeah the airpods pro definitely,seemed thinner you could tell now one,cool thing is that beats is finally,starting to use usb,type-c instead of lightning so it is,more universal i really like that and,one thing i have to point out,is just how cheap this case,feels and looks you actually can see the,seam,of the plastic when it was injected,molded right in here,that is interesting for a beats product,or a product by,apple you could tell that this is a,budget product,but the case itself feels like a case,for maybe a pair of 50 dollar wireless,headphones and another way you could,tell these are budget earbuds is the,fact that theres no wireless charging,like you have,with these other two now if you dont,need wireless charging,instead of 160 you could probably pick,these up for about 109 with our link,below now i use wireless charging all,the time for my earbuds let me know if,you guys actually care about that or not,now theres one thing that i was really,excited for,with the new beats studio buds and now,that it looked further,into it they are being kind of sneaky,and that is the battery life these,things are rated for,eight hours and i was thinking man eight,hours with active noise cancellation,thats amazing,the airpods pro theyre rated 4.5 hours,and of course the airpods dont have,that theyre rated for five hours,without it,but when you look further into it if you,enable the active noise cancellation you,go from eight hours,down to five hours so you lose three,hours right there,compared to going from five hours to 4.5,with the airpods pro now the same thing,goes with the case both airpods are,rated over 24 hours,with the case included thats with,active noise cancellation on the pros,and with the beats studio modes you go,from,24 hours down to 15 with active noise,cancellation so no,these are not battery life monsters now,you also dont get the h1 chip and well,talk about the limitations without it in,just a bit,but lets go ahead and pop it open and i,want to see if we still get that pop up,yes we do beats studio buds lets hit,connect so you can still pair it,very easily now lets go ahead and pull,one of these out,okay that is actually a very strong,magnet i was not expecting that,wow okay i dont think ive ever felt,magnets that powerful,and look at that this is pretty small,this is one thing that intrigued me with,the beats,just how compact it is and of course we,dont have that long,stem so barely anything sticks out of,your ears and a lot of,third-party alternatives if they dont,have a stem,they have a really big bud a lot of,stuff thats sticking out so,im excited to hear how they sound and,also have the microphones,pick up without that stem see how the,sound quality compares,lets go ahead and put these in my ears,i made sure to have it in,off mode here so im not going to hear,the noise cancellation,just yet so they do stick out a little,bit but not that much and one other,interesting thing is,for the controls there are actually,buttons on these its not a touch,surface now that could be a good thing,if you want to be more reliable,but when i press in it actually pushes,the butt in my ear more so so i guess,its a win or lose now im going to pull,these out,im going to put my air pod pros in and,one thing i absolutely love about the,airpod pros,is on the stem you actually have the,surface that you press and you hear an,audible click,now for controls this is my all-time,favorite its reliable it is very easy,with the original airpods if you guys,have these you actually have to just tap,on,the surface itself its fairly reliable,but its the same kind of thing where,youre pushing it into your ear more and,then sometimes it wont pick up so i,have to redo,the command and now lets talk about,comfort,surprisingly these dont seal in my ears,as much as i expected im not getting a,super you know plugged ear type of feel,that i would with some other,alternatives but of course you still get,a little bit of that and i dont know if,apple maybe changed the design a little,bit to reduce that,but with the airpods pro they actually,have this vent so when you pop them in,you actually feel a plugged ear kind of,a feel and all of a sudden you,feel like this little release and it,releases the pressure and it makes it,feel,more like earbuds that dont seal in,your ears but of course,the original air airpods as long as they,fit your ears these are the most,comfortable they dont go into your ear,canal they just sit there and rest,and you dont get that kind of a plugged,feeling now of course i will be talking,about long-term comfort in my full,review so if you guys want to see that,make sure you guys are subscribed,that also will help us reach our goal of,1 million subscribers before the end,of the year that would be awesome,now lets go ahead and talk about active,noise cancellation,this is something that most new,headphones especially higher end ones,have to have,im gonna start out with the airpods pro,i mean i use these pretty much,every single day bam the active noise,cancellation kicked in,my ears dont feel plugged and that ac,is on right now its super hot outside,most of it is gone most that sound is,gone just the higher end kind of,vent noise the air coming through the,vents i can hear but the low end rumble,is all gone,its not the best noise reduction the,new sonys that are more expensive those,are definitely better,but they do do a good job now this is,the moment of truth we know the original,airpods dont block anything out at all,lets try these out,and you know what just even without the,active noise cancellation,uh turned on these are blocking out more,so than the airpods without active noise,cancellation turned on,not as much as with it on but just,because theres no vent there,and maybe these ear tips might also be,bigger i know apple said they redesigned,them,now moment of truth lets go ahead and,enable active noise cancellation,okay whoa my voice got higher,that is that is weird my voice,uh i still hear it but the low one got,taken out let me let me take listen to,that vent,all right guys this is this is crazy um,so this is taking out more of the low,end,rumble than the airpod pro not as much,of the high end i hear the high end,wind coming out a little bit louder but,that low end it is taking,more out than the airpods pro and thats,probably why the low end of my voice is,gone too where it isnt with the airpods,pro,now t

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