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Yogi Brand Bedtime Tea Review

well hello hello and welcome back to,another episode,of vulture reviews were being a little,quiet tonight you know as as it is,the night lets show you what lets show,you what were going to review today,so for this episode uh weve got a nice,little calming treat here,its going to be the the bedtime by yogi,it is a t and it says supports,a good nights sleep its uh looks like,its organic,looks like its a usda certified,caffeine free because,who wants to go to sleep when youre all,jacked up on caffeine,something like a spider monkey huh no,one wants that,so yeah lets uh lets get the water,boiling,someone throw the kettle on and im,thinking,its tea time for now its just a uh,a nice hot mug of water you know we,havent really added the,the sleepytime tea to our of course,little lovely like pokemon mug,its wonderful lets get that tea and,lets you know,give them some fs in the chat because,were hitting the teabag button,i know uh this is a sleepy time tea but,we really gotta wake the tea up,so that it does its job,oh a delightful smell right off the nose,fun fact here as we unwind this you can,actually compost the tea bags,and i see the key right here is well,youre getting very sleepy,okay that didnt work well maybe this,tea will,so hey cheers to that lets give it the,old,you know i just like to i like to teabag,it a few times,for for good luck good measure and,hopefully good night,lets uh let this steep for a few,minutes and well come back to it,okay so our rts been steep in here for,about two to three minutes uh color,looking great as you can see it is kind,of like a nice little,a nice evening gold oh,thats newly he says he wants some tea,as well,well one sip,oh wow what a delight,its like right up front you kind of get,hit with this,yeah right up front you get hit with,this kind of like herbal bitterness but,then,then as it fades and it starts uh i,dont know,hitting the back of your tongue it turns,into this nice,delicate sweet flavor and uh,on the nose you can definitely smell the,chamomile lets uh lets refer to the,box here,so on the box it says weve got passion,fruit extract,valerian root extract and a blend of,herbs,licorice chamomile spearmint skull cap,cardamom cinnamon rose hip lavender,stevia and apparently is this really,loud one,called nirnroot thats not really there,but i wish it was,so good,man i do kind of feel relax the,shoulders a little bit you know,take some nice deep breaths and,[Music],uh,[Music],whoops i guess the tea kind of worked i,was,feeling so comfortable i must have uh,dozed off for a bit,after a nice little nap like that you,know i think its time to talk pias,and so with this tea,now with this tea i think one thing to,note,is that it does have a little just a,little bitterness up front,but then just fades into this nice,sweetness that kind of,lingers towards the middle and the back,of your tongue and,im not sure if its that or like the,blend of,of the herbs and the seasoning in the,tea,but i do feel very calm i feel very,you know relaxed and sometimes when,you want to go to sleep maybe being calm,and relaxed is,all you need so maybe a cup of the yogi,hot tea,the bedtime flavor maybe thats all you,need and,maybe this just applies to all teas but,maybe especially this one so,and so i think for this one for this tea,i think were gonna give it,were gonna give it about 4.22 pias,you know it tastes great its very,calming,um the flavors its got a nice balance,its not too bitter or too sweet,i gotta say i am feeling,kind of sleepy,well folks i think its time for me to,hit the hay,or whatever those those horse references,about sleeping mean,lets do it and for you you know thank,you guys for watching thanks for coming,out and,sipping on down on some sweet bedtime,tea by yogi,and uh for this one i believe you can,get it at,probably any grocery store but as always,like subscribe follow,comment comment let me know what uh let,me know what you guys want to get,reviewed,as always thank you i hope you guys have,a wonderful night,a good night as well

Bedtime Yogi Tea Review

okay so,today i want to talk about,tea,my name is jeanette by the way,and this is a tea that i normally buy,which is the yogi,yogi anytime anything,but this one is the bedtime,support a good nights sleep tea,because i have difficulty i have,problems sleeping at night,i really do,so i decided to,find something that will,help me fall asleep,peacefully,okay,so this is just a review about,this tea which is the original bedtime,um tea as well as the soothing caramel,bedtime tea,and what i can tell you is that,um,i prefer,the bedtime tea because it has,a stronger soothing smell and flavor to,it compared to the,caramel tea i really didnt taste that,much i mean i always put brown sugar in,my tea so i be it just,tastes like brown sugar to me,it literally has caramel cinnamon,vanilla,so this,flavor here,in this tea i am used to because i have,these at home,these ingredients at home so i put it in,my porridge,so theres nothing satisfying with this,tea but this because of the,lavender,lavender and various ingredients in here,that i dont have at home,it is,intriguing to my palettes,very intriguing to my palette,but,lets go to lets focus on the review,does it work,thats what you want to know,does it work,what i can say is that the warm tea does,relax your body it doesnt matter what,tea you drink as long as it is,non-caffeinating,caffeinated it will relax your body,soothe you down,however does it support my sleep,its a no,[Laughter],it is enough,i will have to continue to try it,in the future,and of course i still will continue but,continue to try it in the future to make,sure that you know maybe im doing it,wrong,something like that i dont know,but these two i tried both of them,they really dont work that well,in regards to knocking me asleep,these are not,uh melatonins they will not knock you,asleep,but it will soon get you ready for bed,thats all i can say about it it will,soothe you let me warm you up because of,the warm water,and get you ready for bed,but it hasnt supported my sleep,im just going to open these individual,bags so that maybe you can see the,difference i,doubt it,this is the susan carmel,yeah its a nice smell to it,smell the vanilla,the sweet smell of the caramel that,smells really good,its like potpourri,and cinnamon,this smells great,im very used to that smell and this is,the regular bedtime,so i have here,theres a mint smell to this its so,nice,mmm lavender it just smells really good,so good,experiment that spearmint,licorice root,rose hip lavender flower,this is the i cant see what you can see,this is the back,anyways just go online to see,ingredients,just google it,i like this one better the bedtime this,just smells like,porridge,the caramel smells like porridge,okay thank you so much for watching my,channel my name is jeanette i hope to,see you next time bye

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#3 Bedtime Tea Review ♥ Yogi

hello everybody and welcome back to tea,gaps and blossoms this is our third,review and our 31 days of review,and today im going to be reviewing,bedtime tea from yogi,now i got this tea in a cozy mugs box i,think it was the last box that i,received,for march i think that was the box,and so i think this is going to be our,first bagged,tea of our t-series somebody said this,is a tea bag,it is a herbal supplement and its,organic,and if you couldnt guess by the name,bedtime its meant to be drinking,well right before bed its caffeine free,the dry leaves,are fannings and smell very strongly of,licorice and cinnamon,which i never really thought to put,licorice and cinnamon together so i was,like,thats kind of an interesting smell but,the longer that i,smelled it because i had the teabag out,and i was analyzing the leaves and the,smell and whatnot,the more i had the smell around me i was,actually starting to get pretty nauseous,so,that made me not look forward to,drinking the tea so much because i was,like,oh i hope it doesnt taste how it smells,the red liqueur is a bright shiny yellow,tone,unless its a white or oolong tea i tend,like my teas to be a,dark jewel tone so this one was kind of,interesting to me so the brewed tea,actually smelled a lot different than,the dry leaves im just gonna read my,notes right here it says,brewed tea smells of chamomile with very,slight hints of lavender,and cinnamon so,the head notes were chamomile the body,notes were cinnamon,end notes were licorice and chamomile,and aftertaste was licorice root and,cinnamon the mouth feels very watery it,pretty much felt like i was drinking a,glass of water,but as i drank it it had a slight pucker,at the back of my throat,it wasnt intense but it was still,noticeable,so i wrote in my tea notebook as you sip,you get that classic,chamomile then the spicy cinnamon starts,to push its way through,but before it gets overpowering the,licorice the licorice root comes in to,save the day creating a dance of sweet,and spicy,i read it i wrote it goodness rather po,i cannot speak,i wrote it rather poetically but thats,really how it was youre drinking you,have this chamomile,and then you can feel and taste the,cinnamon,starting to just push through the,chamomile just like,push its way through and then right,before it breaks the surface your mouth,gets washed over with licorice root it,was a really nice balance,the aroma of the brew tea was very,calming and very,unobtrusive it was i wouldnt say,way different from the dried leaves,but it was less nauseating overall i,would give this tea,three stars for rude aroma taste and,calming effect i would drink those tea,again and i would probably recommend it,to anybody looking for,a simple tea bag that should just calm,them down i couldnt really,picture myself drinking this tea,at night or right before bed i more saw,it as in my pajamas middle off,middle of the afternoon cut open bed,looking on pinterest or watching youtube,videos just calming down in the middle,of the afternoon,but yeah i just couldnt see myself,drinking it right before bed,because theres a tea bag i just feel,like i need to say this,is that i only recommend this tea if you,need,something right away to just calm you,down and go,just you need to go to the grocery store,and get some tea but,the price of a boxes tea,is almost exactly the same price as,a premium relaxing tea,so if you do get this tea im not,judging you because it is good,and it does smell good and it just calm,you down,but just the quality isnt that great so,there you have it that is your bedtime,tea from yogi,i hope you guys have enjoyed this review,if you guys have any other teas youd,like me to review,as i always say let me know down in the,comments,i hope you guys are having an amazing,day full of tea and happiness,and i will see you tomorrow bye

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Review For New Yogi Teas they really work!!! |hannahonline99

hey guys if you want to know about these,teas just keep on watching,hi guys this is hannah with,hannahonline99 and today im going to do,a review on the,yogi tease so i have,the roasted dandelion spice detox and it,looks like,that um,then i have the bedtime soothing and,spicy sweet,just like that and then i have,the berry detox its like that,and my favorite which is the honey,lavender stress relief,it looks like that so um,these are really good for people who,need like calming things and they really,do what they say like this is a detox,and a detox,will um clean out your system and it,works really really really good,um it makes you feel like refreshed and,i love drinking this one in the morning,so its almost like a daily thing so,like this one i drink in the morning,um the bedtime one i drink at bedtime,and it really does make you,sleepy um,it like like if you for some reason,cant sleep that night,if you if you for some cares and cant,sleep that night,if you like make your cup of tea within,like,10 15 minutes of drinking it youre,already ready to go to bed its really,nice,um the berry detox also feels like makes,you feel really really refreshed,so i go between the roasted dandelion,spice and this one,um the roasted dandelion spice is,actually extremely sweet,and its weird for a natural tea because,like you wouldnt think that that would,happen,but its like nice because that way you,dont have to add sugar its all natural,and its really nice,um and then the honey lavender stress,relief one,um its really really,like calming like it really does like,whenever im doing like an essay,if im like really stressed out ill,drink this and it makes me like wake up,and like be like okay with it like all,of a sudden i want to write that essay,so its really nice for that um i think,that this one is my favorite though,because it does,taste really really good and it is,really sweet,so like the way to use them is,boil the water and then i make like a,really big thing of it because i cant,just drink one glass,so i boil like a whole bunch of water,and then i put in tea bags and sometimes,i even mix them,because theyre all like really really,good together and um you let them sleep,for five to ten minutes,and its really really good you can make,it stronger by adding like two tea bags,but you dont have to,like like theyre their own flavors,theyre so good,its so so good um,and it is a yoga tea like,a lot of people that do yoga will drink,these,and i do yoga and it is like very like i,said like calming of the mind like it,really does just make everything okay,so like thats what i like to drink when,im trying to um,calm down and all that kind of stuff,so yeah i just wanted to do my review on,this and im not being sponsored i just,like really love these teas,so but if you want to sponsor me im,right here,but yeah so if you guys have any,questions down below about like,the tease or anything like that just let,me know okay all right bye,subscribe


[Music],[Music],so,[Music],my hey everybody,welcome back to my channel if youre new,dont forget to hit that subscribe,button,today i want to dish out some tea with,you,i recently have been having a hard time,sleeping,so i decided to try a few different,types of bedtime,tea i got three different kinds,so i got the celestial seasonings,sleepytime tea im sure a lot of you,have heard of this,um im a dummy and didnt save the box,for this other one,but its the medicinal,uh traditional what is it traditional,medicinals,and its the organic 99 extra,and then the last tea i tried is the,yogi its the bedtime tea,now these are all pretty good my,overall favorite was the,one from traditional medicinals the,organic nighty night extra it has,to be the extra it has a,lot more valerian root this one has 450,milligrams of valerian root which is,has sedative properties and,the others did not have nearly that much,lets see well,sleepy time doesnt even listed in their,ingredients,and then the yogi,had 20 milligrams so 450 milligrams,versus,20. so this one definitely helped me,fall asleep,more than the other two as far as taste,goes,honestly overall i prefer this one,compared to any of them,although i do like the sleepy time as a,comfort thing because as a child i drink,this growing up,and so i do like that the yogi,it was kind of sweet for me like a,natural sweetness that i just didnt,like i guess if you like sweeter teas,youd like this um it was okay,but uh yeah it wasnt,it wasnt a favorite plus it has i think,it had licorice in it,yeah it has licorice roots in it and i,could really taste it and i really just,dont like the flavor of,licorice so yeah definitely,wish i had saved the box because this,was my favorite,recommend it highly highly recommend,ill try to find some links to these,three types of teas,um i have also sleepytime does make an,extra one as well with valerian root in,it,and i guess i thought i had that one but,i dont,so i will try to link that one,as well just so you guys can compare how,many milligrams of valerian what there,is like,so yeah i do prefer valerian root to,help me fall asleep at night,it is definitely works for me so maybe,itll work for you too,and then on nights when its been really,hard,and then on nights when its been really,hard to fall asleep,i do like to do the z quill and i just,do the full 30 milliliter,little cup of zekel just one cup and i,dont do that every night because i just,it makes me kind of groggy so,anyway that is my little bedtime,tea review i hope you guys enjoyed it,if you did make sure to give this video,a big thumbs up,and if you want to see more review,videos if you have anything you would,like me to do a review,on let me know down in the comments,and until then i will see you guys,next time thanks for watching bye


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Bedtime Yoga

a good day begins the evening before,especially if you experience it with a,fragrant cup,of yogi tea bedtime which helps us to,relax,at the end of the day by introducing a,regular self-care routine,you also help to reduce the stress level,in the body,before going to bed be gentle be kind,as kindness is the essence of life,lets start this evening practice by,laying down on the floor,come all the way down lay on your back,and close the soles of the feet,in front of your pelvis so your knees,drop out to the side,take your arms out to both sides with,your palms facing up,stay here just to find your breath,and slowly start to relax anything,that has built up on tension throughout,the day,stay with your breath and slowly lift up,your knees,place your soles of your feet on the,floor take a hold of the,back of the right thigh and stretch the,right foot up towards the ceiling,flex your toes engage your leg muscles,and slowly,stir to elongate the left leg out in,front of you,soup to padding gustasana,on your next exhalation relax your,shoulders,and then release this side turn over to,the other side take a hold of your left,back thigh stretch the left foot up,towards the ceiling,elongate the right leg out in front of,you you can,close your eyes if you want to if you,want to keep them open and just,find a really soft gaze,slowly return this foot also down to the,floor,turn over to your belly,come on to your forearms here on your,belly,and then cross your left arm just in,front of your body so its parallel to,the front of your mat,bend your right knee and take a hold of,your right foot with your right hand,draw the heel towards your side this,pose,releases all of fear and stress buildup,in our fascia of the body,which you can find a lot in the thigh,here flex your toes to,get even more sensation throughout the,front of the thigh here,breathe,and slowly release this side to the,other side,bend the left knee take a hold of your,left foot and draw the heel towards your,butt,watch out that your knees stay together,and you can use this also to really open,up through your shoulders,open up through the heart space,focus on the exhalation to really,release and let go,release this foot place your hands to,both sides of your ribs tuck your toes,and push back into downward facing dog,using this pose to release any tension,in your legs,you can pedal your feet out behind you,stretch once more here through your,spine and your arms,and then slowly release the knees down,to the floor,coming into childs pose with your knees,wide apart,the toes touching and then you take,your forehead to the floor in front of,you,relax the arms,and surrender the whole weight of the,body,into the floor letting go,of everything all the decision making,all the thinking all the problem solving,and just surrender to your breath,were staying in childs pose but were,gonna add a little twist to it,come up on the fingertips of your right,hand lift your head,and then twist your left arm,through to your right side so youre,laying,on your left outer shoulder and the left,side of your face,lift up your head switch over to the,second side,lift your head once more stretch one,last time,out with your fingers in front of you,for full childs pose,surrender everything exhaling through,your mouth letting go of,everything that the day brought to you,to prepare for the night,and then come up to seated position let,your eyes,still close here,and then take your hands in front of,your heart,finishing up the day closing your,self-care practice,thank you

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