1. BeFrugal Review: Pros and Cons, Cash Out Strategies, and More
  2. BeFrugal Review – Is This Cash Back Website Legit?
  3. BeFrugal Review | Is The BeFrugal Cashback App The Easiest Way To Earn ?????
  4. An Honest BeFrugal Review – Finding out is BeFrugal legit or not? (A Look Inside).
  5. Honest BeFrugal Review: Does It Offer the Best Rates?
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BeFrugal Review: Pros and Cons, Cash Out Strategies, and More

alrighty there folks logan alec here,with another cashback review today im,reviewing,be a frugal im reviewing it because i,just used it actually and i wanted to,tell you about it so what is be frugal,it is one of those online shopping,websites where if you make a purchase,through the website,you get cash back into your account,pretty much every time i make a purchase,online i see if i can get cash back,through one of the cashback sites im a,member of and be frugal is just one of,them,so basically i wanted to buy a,particular floor lamp uh to put back,here to kind of uh spruce up my youtube,studio,my wife found one on overstock.com that,she thought would work well she showed,it to me i liked it,uh so i was gonna buy it and naturally i,wanted to get some cash back on it,so i checked rakuten uh because,raccoontune is typically my go-to,cashback site for online shopping,so i checked the cashback rate on,rakuten right now for overstock.com,and it was four percent pretty good,right uh but its possible i could do,better so i looked around at other,cashback sites,and i found that the best offer right,now for cash back and overstock happened,to be at be frugal okay offering seven,percent cash back at overstock.com,and uh this brings up an important point,here with these cash back sites,at any given moment right rakuten may,give the most cash back,uh right now you know at some store uh,for another store,right another site might give the most,cash back for another store,might be another one for overstock right,now it happens to be be frugal,if you really want to maximize your cash,back with online shopping you have to,kind of look around,and see what the different sites are,giving out right now in terms of cash,back,uh for a particular retailer and then at,that point,its just about okay does this cashback,side accurately track my shopping trips,in the browser,do they record a uh you know a correct,amount of cash back and do they do they,pay out,right uh when you want to cash out and,thats it thats basically how i review,and evaluate a cash back site,like racketin or uh or b frugal so in,this video im basically going to walk,you through,uh how befrugal works and evaluate it,based on the criteria,that i just shared with you if after,watching this video you want to join be,frugal,be sure to use my link down in the,description below youll get a 10,bonus in your be frugal account once you,earn at least 10 dollars in cash back on,be frugal,within your first year of joining and,thats pretty easy to do,if you shop online a lot so after you,sign up for be frugal,which is uh super easy by the way you,can do it with your email or google or,facebook or apple,youre going to see the be frugal home,screen they have a lot of their,most popular cash back offers on screen,but what i usually do is i just search,the store that im looking for,right because im usually uh looking for,one particular retailer so in this case,i searched overstock,there it is seven percent cash back,click on that and then once you click on,the store you want to shop,at before you click shop now you want to,check the cashback terms because for,some stores,uh you might only get cash back if you,buy a certain kind of item at that store,right maybe you only get cash back,on appliances at that store uh or,something,like that so be sure to check out the,cashback terms uh for whatever offer,youre looking at i did that for,overstock,it says the cashback grade of seven,percent applies to online purchases so,thats very broad right theres no,specific category where the cashback,only applies to that category,so that basically this means that any,purchase on overstock.com through be,frugal,will get seven percent cash back uh at,least at this time so,i was happy about that i clicked on shop,now its taking me to overstock.com and,now i basically shop,on overstock.com like i normally would,so i searched for that lamp that my wife,found,there it is right there i clicked it she,suggested the brass variety i like that,one as well,so i bought that lamp you know i added,to my card i checked out,im not going to show you the checkout,process for obvious reasons but i just,bought the lamp on overstock and then,when i was done,overstock said you know thanks for your,order yay so uh then what i like to do,is i go back to be frugal,and make sure that befrugal has recorded,the shopping trip they probably wont,have processed,the order yet uh in be frugal this,quickly right immediately afterward but,i at least want to verify,that they saw that i clicked over to,overstock.com from be frugal,so after i was done shopping i went back,to be frugal i clicked on my account,then,shopping trips and i saw there that yes,be frugal recognized that i clicked over,to overstock from b frugal,at 3 34 p.m on march 18th 2021,so a few hours later i went back to uh,this section to be frugal to check that,be frugal had recognized that i actually,bought something on overstock,so i went to the same screen under my,account shopping trips,now theres a green money bag next to,the overstocked,shopping trip that means that beef,frugal has now recognized that i,actually made a purchase at,overstock.com,if i click on that green sack it shows,the order amount of my overstock,purchase as well as the cashback i will,earn so,thats awesome and sure enough that 6.83,cents,divided by 97.59 is seven percent the,seven percent i saw advertised now,i cant cash this amount out immediately,why because befrugal wants to make sure,im not just going to make this purchase,right cash out ill be frugal you know,and then close my frugal account,and then return the item to overstock so,you generally have to wait a couple of,months before youre able to cash out,and that makes sense right they dont,want to lose money on people playing,these kinds of games,with getting the cash back uh you know,from be frugal and then returning the,item so,uh now im going to show you how to cash,out on befrugal you click where it says,payouts on this screen you can see,what you can cash out for right now the,top line payable cash back thats your,base cash back rate right now,payable uh account bonuses thats for,referring people to be frugal well talk,about that later,in the video and the third line there is,for various bonuses you can get if you,choose to cash out via gift card,or rather than cash so lets talk about,the cash out methods now by scrolling,down,at the top here of the list of payout,methods you just have your typical cash,payments,theres no bonus with these you can get,direct deposit paypal,venmo but for all those you need a,minimum 25 balance in your account,then theres zell which has no minimum,essentially to cash out,uh then you have paper check which also,has a 25 dollar minimum to cash out,and then you have the gift card options,and these gift card options,give you a little boost ranging from one,to six percent,uh depending on what gift card you,choose historically ive done amazon,gift cards,which give you a one percent uh kind of,additional bonus on your cash back,but a new one i actually just noticed,right now is the visa prepaid card that,gives a five percent boost,obviously more than one percent the,thing to watch out uh with this visa,prepaid card is the,the expirations because they must be,activated within four months of when,theyre issued to you,and they must be used within seven,months from activation,so if you go this route dont forget,about your visa prepaid card the card is,actually delivered electronically,if you do want a physical gift card you,would have to pay a three dollar fee,i dont know why you would do that uh in,fact i prefer electronic right you have,to wait for it in the mail,and theres no fee involved um and the,good news is that the visa prepaid card,is accepted anywhere visa debit cards,are accepted now,because i tend to be forgetful sometimes,my plan is to get this visa debit card,and immediately use it to buy,amazon gift cards in my amazon account,because

BeFrugal Review – Is This Cash Back Website Legit?

hey welcome to this video if you arrive,here youre probably searching for a,view a be frugal so go over how it works,and give you my two cents whether i,think its a good use of your time now,most coming up videos like this so,consider subscribing and if youd like,my free training another one simplest,and fastest way to earn a full-time,income from home working part-time hours,all i have to do is click the link below,youll see my email opt-in page enter,your best email i could send you by free,training if you want all right be frugal,lets dive in so what this is basically,is the cash back website where you would,not so much earn money but save money by,purchasing stuff you would have bought,anyway,and you could see there they partnered,with different stores like nike,you know walgreens home depot over 5000,stores some are big brand names some are,lesser known but theyre all legitimate,stores now be frugal is actually one of,the better cashback websites ive come,across they have a 4.5 star rating on,trustpilot which is incredibly rare,um its for u.s residents only by the,way you can download their app on,ios or android if youre someone who,prefers to be on your phone,and what makes be frugal unique i think,that makes them stand out from the,competition is several things their cash,back deals are quite good first of all,between five and twenty percent uh most,websites offer you know one to five,percent maybe ten percent if youre,lucky,they offer uh lots of different payment,options thats another thing you can um,uh,you know check is one way you know uh,very old school but also paypal direct,deposit,um,venmo zell or gift cards uh direct,deposits probably the most convenient,also they have a very low payout,threshold just one cent if you can,believe it,thats if you offer direct deposit or,paypal the other ones are are higher but,um but one cent thats amazing most,websites have a threshold of five ten or,even twenty dollars plus,the last one i reviewed had a threshold,of twenty dollars so another cash back,website,and um,and their support is very good they have,a live chat feature its available uh,from 8 30 to 4 30 monday to friday,eastern standard time,outside those times you can send a,support ticket to them if you want and,they get back pretty quickly so live,chat thats very rare in this industry,to get access to someone live,and uh and lastly they offer a very high,sign up bonus you can earn ten dollars,uh just for signing up and completing,your first cash back offer no matter how,much you earned on that so ten dollars,as far as um,earning offer as far as the earning,opportunity on here now how it works is,very simple uh once youre signed up you,and logged in you would click on one of,their partnered stores,uh then click on the deal you want to,purchase from that store and youll be,taken to the checkout page and just,purchase as normal and itll be credited,credited to your be frugal account,this process can take um,you know up to seven days so be patient,to get credited to your account,but even seven days is not that long,ive reviewed lots of other websites,that make you wait you know 30 to 90,days um so,you can also install their extension for,chrome that way you wont have to keep,logging in to be frugal every time you,want to shop you can just go directly to,the third party stores,and um,in addition to cashback offers they have,coupons and deals,these work basically the same,but um as the cashback but the nice,thing about coupons and deals is um you,can actually print them out and go,shopping in the real world and physical,stores uh including restaurants so,uh so so these are like your standard,coupons that you get in the mail,but just leveraging digital technology,lastly beef frugal has a referral,program,uh if so if you can convince someone to,sign up through your link theyd become,your referral and youd earn ten dollars,for their first ten dollars of cash back,earnings so but youre relying on them,to take action to earn ten dollars which,most people,very few people will take action on a,website like this,so its not a great way to earn in my,opinion,and ten dollars isnt that high of a,commission anyway but all in all its a,very good cash back website just,understand,its still just a cash back website at,the end of the day which means you,wouldnt be getting rich you wouldnt,even be earning money just youre just,saving money on stuff you would have,bought anyway thats the way to think,about it,um youre not going to cut your grocery,bill you know in half or anything like,that but you could save you know a few,dollars here a few dollars there,but look maybe youre here not,necessarily because you want to be,saving a bit of money maybe youre here,because you want to make more money and,maybe you want to make money from the,comfort of your own home if thats the,case i was in your position three years,ago i tried all sorts of stuff i tried,blogging freelancing domain flipping,survey websites you name it i basically,tried it all and none of the strategies,i was implementing seemed to be working,for me it was just a very confusing and,frustrating time after two years of,spinning my wheels not getting any,results i was very fortunate or maybe,just stubborn enough that eventually,stumbled across some incredible,information that taught me how to,find a digital product someone else,created how to find a group of people,whod be interested in that product,and when i connect the two together i,earn a commission its called freelance,digital marketing and the great thing,about freelance digital marketing is the,profit margins are incredibly high,between 40 and 80 percent you could be a,solopreneur just one person on your,laptop making really good money for,yourself,its a very simple beginner friendly,business model you dont need any skills,or credentials to get started,and my favorite part of it is theres,tons of leverage and automation in place,meaning you dont have to be there all,the time necessarily so if you want to,go hiking fishing,spend the day with your family you could,still be generating commissions in the,background on autopilot 365 days a year,now if youd like to learn how to build,out your own very profitable freelance,digital marketing business then i have,to do is click the link below youll see,my email opt-in page enter your best,email i could send you by free training,ill just detail everything if you want,and thats it so i hope you enjoyed this,review of be frugal i hope to see you on,the other side of that link and i hope,you have a great day bye

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BeFrugal Review | Is The BeFrugal Cashback App The Easiest Way To Earn ?????

online shopping has gained tremendous,popularity and all of us find ourselves,doing online shopping from time to time,we spend a lot of cash on it and we tend,to do our best to save that today many,cash back sites seem to provide a,bizarre way to earn and save some cash,back when shopping online be frugal is,one of the popular cashback portals,where you can earn as much free money,back as possible,you have probably checked be frugal,reviews online but you dont know,whether the site is legit this article,as an exclusive be frugal app review and,everything you need to know before,joining the site real quick before we,get into the content make sure you like,this video and subscribe to my channel,so you can get notified when new videos,come out also be sure to click the link,below the video to be taken to the be,frugal website so you can sign up and,get your bonus and now back to the,content what is be frugal be frugal as,an online-based cash back in coupon,website it connects online shoppers with,ways of saving money when shopping,online the site was started in 2009 as a,useful free coupon site and later began,giving cash back to online shoppers in,2011 the users sign up to the be frugal,for free the site quickly grew after,starting the cashback feature including,the money-saving and coupon features,today you can earn cashback when buying,products and services via be frugal at,over 5000 online sites these include,some of the favorite online shopping,sites such as Amazon Expedia Shutterfly,Target and Groupon how does be frugal,cashback work many people have doubts,believing whether a site like be frugal,is real because the deal seems too good,I also thought that there was a catch,when I initially joined as I get paid to,shop however be frugal works by,receiving a commission from all,retailers that they have partnered with,the retailers pay be frugal for boosting,their website sales and be frugal gives,a portion of that earning to the users,in the form of cashback,for instance if a retailer pays 10%,commission to be frugal for each sale,made using their backlinks be frugal can,give 5% of the commission to the online,shopper and keeps the 5% this ensures,every party benefits and its how you,receive free cashback be frugal sign up,process it is super quick and easy to,sign up for be frugal you only need to,be 18 years and above and have a valid,email to get started you can also join,by linking be frugal with your Google or,Facebook account after filling up your,details you will need to create your,username and password for your be frugal,account the whole process takes less,than five minutes once you have done,this you will get redirection to the be,frugal dashboard once you sign up you,automatically receive ten dollars in,your be frugal account however you will,need to earn up to ten dollars in cash,back for you to redeem the bonus how to,use be frugal once you have signed up,for be frugal you can begin earning,cashback when you purchase online sign,into your be frugal account and you can,access any retailer website from the,site if there is any coupon or cashback,available a notification will appear,click on the green button to activate,your cashback you can also access all of,the cashback deals via your be frugal,dashboard the quickest way to find deals,for a particular retailer as via the,search function or by category when you,find a cashback deal on a product that,you are interested in you should click,on it and you will be redirected to the,retailers website you will immediately,earn cashback when you close in the,purchase this similarly applies if you,want to use the retailers coupons at,what time do you get your be frugal,cashback be frugal cashback review is,essential to obtaining your be frugal,cashback after your purchase cash backs,appear in your be frugal account is,pending,the earnings remain pending until the,retailer confirms you bought the item,this part takes a few days to then show,up in the verified section the cashback,remains here awaiting the retailer to,pay be frugal the commission which takes,around 30 to 90 days this step is,necessary in case the customers cancel,orders or return items as the retailers,will not pay the commission once the,retailer pays be frugal your cashback,goes to the payable section and you can,receive it via any payment option stated,below be frugal payment options be,frugal provides several different,payment options including direct deposit,check PayPal and Egypt cards checks and,direct deposit are both restricted to,the US and need a minimum account,balance of $25 PayPal provides the best,payment option as it has no restrictions,on any location and requires a minimum,account balance of one cent Egypt cards,are delivered via email and they are,effective for both in store and online,purchases be frugal has not stated the,minimum amount required for Egypt cards,the period between when you cash out and,when you receive payments as about 10,business days but its more often,quicker than this depending on the,payment method be frugal referral,program be frugal has an easy-to-use an,an excellent referral program after you,create your account there is a,refer-a-friend button at the top of the,site you will get your referral link by,clicking this button be frugal also,provides convenient options for posting,the link on Twitter Facebook or via,email you can use a clickable banner if,you have a website you have the chance,to earn $10 for every be frugal referral,that you make you can earn this for as,many times as possible every time you,refer a friend to the site as the number,is not limited more so your friend will,be rewarded with a $10 welcome bonus you,will be able to access your reward when,a referral clicks on your link sign in,on be frugal and makes up to $10.00,cashback,in a year they can easily earn this,amount as the site provides excellent,cashback offers be frugal app review be,frugal has a convenient app for iPad,iPhone and mobile users to shop at,anytime and anywhere the app is free to,download from the App Store you need to,open the app search cashback deals and,click on them to shop it can never get,easier,conclusion Jenner

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An Honest BeFrugal Review – Finding out is BeFrugal legit or not? (A Look Inside).


hi my name is nicholas wood from internet  marketingmoney.net and today were going  ,to be doing a befrugal review so lets get into  it now here is the be frugal website um now it  ,is free to join ill just log in for you into my  account and show you inside as you can see you can  ,join with uh google though if youve got a gmail  account uh with facebook or with apple uh but  ,like i say ill just log into my account and just  show you okay let me just enter my email address,okay,just got to enter my password now two seconds,ah there we go okay so im in now in my account  okay so this is the be frugal as i say website  ,or the first page youll see when you sign up  um as you can see its just got uh different  ,cashback offers here different deals here and  well be talking all about this and you know  ,what each of these are in just a  second but ill just scroll down  ,and just show you the general um yeah home  page that youll see uh let me go back up,okay so lets look at the different uh  sections of the befrugal site now um so  ,if i go to stores this is where youll find  all your cashback deals if i go all stores  ,in here okay so this is all your cashback uh  deals uh with be frugal so um yeah youve got  ,um over 5000 retailers here i believe um yeah  5000 different retailers all offering cashback  ,as you can see theyre all listed alphabetically  here um let me just show you a few of them now um  ,here if we go here okay youve got walmart here so  you know walmarts a massive retailer uh offering  ,up to seven percent cashback uh of course theres  terms with this but um if i was to click shop now,just wait for this to load or let it load,okay so im taking to the walmart website  and if i was to buy something here  ,um then id be eligible for that  cashback anyway let me go back now,let me scroll back up ill just show  you some other companies as well  ,uh other names theyve got here lets go  down youve got adidas here and as i say  ,thats like a big retailer um offering up  to two percent cashback keep going down,youve got amazon here up to eight cashback um  which again you know amazons a massive retailer  ,um so you can earn cashback with them if i go  back up uh lets have a look at a few others  ,um ebay here again a massive retailer up to  three percent cashback if you shop online  ,through uh befrugal um but yeah like i say  theres over 5000 retailers and as you can  ,see theres a lot of big uh retail names as well  got macys there home depot so very big names like  ,recognizable retailers that you can get cash  back with um if you see here whats this earth  ,uh medicine theyre offering 75 yeah 25  cashback i mean you do get some companies  ,that could offer up to 30 or 40 cashback  but that is quite rare id say the average  ,is say about between four to five percent cashback  if you went through you know all the companies  ,um but you know yeah its still quite decent and  like i say if you shop with that company anyway  ,and youre gonna you know say go to amazon and buy  something anyway um you know you could be eligible  ,for cashback without knowing it so you know if  youre gonna like i say do um an online purchase  ,or buy someone anyway then yeah why not get cash  back for that purchase yeah but anyway thats uh  ,so yeah this is all the cashback section um i say  all the retailers are listed alphabetically there  ,um also you got in youve got all the retailers  listed by category so if you did want to find um  ,i dont know lets say you want to buy a computer  or something to do with computers youd click here  ,and that would show you let me scroll down that  would basically show you all the companies that  ,are to do with uh computers um if you wanted to  buy something you know lets say a new computer  ,or anything to do with computers um yeah so  you can find all the companies that way too  ,now lets go on to the next part of the site which  is coupons um i say weve got online coupons uh  ,restaurant coupons printable coupons and grocery  coupons first well start with online coupons,okay so what are online coupons oh yeah they  are as they sound theyre basically coupons  ,that you can use online so if you do a lot of  shopping online uh you can use these coupons  ,for different re uh retailers and get uh get  different deals um so theres one here for  ,walmart uh save thousand off uh rollbacks  um lets scroll down see who else is here  ,uh got one from macys here up to 55  off your favorite designer brands so  ,if you shop online with macys you can get  this coupon and then you can get that deal  ,uh ebay are up to two thousand dollars off  from watch uh box so thats yeah deal with ebay  ,another one from macys uh clarks so the shoes  25 off selected styles um yeah so if you do any  ,shopping online um here we go theres one  from home depot here buy a mattress topper  ,and get a comforter free so if you do any kind  of shopping online with any of these retailers  ,um i say you can get the coupon and yeah get the  deal um yeah so thats it for online coupons and  ,like i say theres you know big companies names  you know big names here or big retailers like  ,home depot macys you know uh names that you  definitely have heard of um if you shop with  ,them regularly you can always have a look at  the coupons and see if theyre doing any deals  ,um yeah so thats the online coupons  now if we go to the restaurant coupons  ,okay so restaurant coupons are exactly as  they sound theyre coupons with restaurants so  ,if you like eating out or you like going to  restaurants you can get different deals with these  ,coupons you can see one at the top here one dollar  off any premium hamburger with email sign up so i  ,think if you give them your email address and sign  up to them um wendys theyll give you one dollar  ,off any premium hamburger um as you can see its  been used for 32 000 times so its pretty popular  ,uh must be quite good uh if we go down got one  from mcdonalds here again you know mcdonalds is  ,massive a massive like fast food restaurant latest  mcdonalds promotions and thats been used over  ,447 000 times so again you know you can see  its quite popular must be a good deal if  ,its being used that many times um keep going  down weve got one from uh red lobster here  ,uh specials at your local red lobster again thats  being used 348 000 times so again it should be  ,a good deal weve also got one from burger  king another massive uh fast food restaurant  ,uh buy one uh get one whopper so its a buy  one get one free deal so its pretty good deal  ,um weve also got places like pizza hut subway um  yeah applebees so again these are like massive  ,restaurant chains um yeah massive fast food  restaurants uh that you can get um yeah deals  ,with and if you do you know eat there regularly  or you do like going to restaurants or any of  ,these places you can look for these coupons and  um like i say you can go and get these deals and  ,um yeah take the offer to the restaurant and  get the deal so yeah those are your restaurant  ,coupons now if we go to printable coupons okay  so these coupons are basically ones that you  ,print out so you click the print coupon youd  physically print it out so you know you had it  ,you know physically had it in your hand youd go  to the place and then you could get the uh deal  ,so theres one for macys here uh 15% off um  any uh purchase thats over a hundred dollars  ,um so if you print out a coupon take it to macys  in the actual store then you should get that deal  ,um going down got one from staples here printable  coupons for staples um keep going down yeah so  ,again you know like theres some big names here  staples macys um and yeah if you want to print  ,out some coupons and you shop there regularly  then um yeah you can use that and yeah get that  ,deal now if we go on to the next one grocery  coupons okay so these are basically coupons uh  ,for grocery shopping so again theyre printable  so you clic

Honest BeFrugal Review: Does It Offer the Best Rates?

[Music],hey guys tom from lushdown here today i,wanted to review one of the many,cashback sites out there its called,befrugal.com they give you cashback,whenever you shop with a store online,its as easy as clicking on the link and,then getting a certain percentage back,um theres tons of sites,like this out here and i wanted to,review it and tell you if its worth,your time and how to,maximize these sites because these,arent always the best,option but be frugal in short is,legitimate and,the cool thing is right now is if you do,join you can get ten dollars but there,are terms ill show you down the screen,here the bonus terms as you can see to,qualify you must be a new member and you,must earn ten dollars in cash back,within one year as long as you do that,they give you a 10,bonus to sign up its as easy click in,the join now,enter your email address and then you,get to the dashboard,after you sign up youll be able to,access your dashboard and this is what,itll look like on your desktop youll,be able to sort by the stores theres,coupons or browse deals and so forth,most cashback sites look similar but 99,of the time youre gonna know where you,want to shop so lets say youre making,a purchase at best buy,you can search and in this case they are,available and,look for what theyre offering right now,under the shop now button and itll say,two percent cash back,in some cases they do have coupons in,this case up to five hundred dollars off,the lenses etc,most time i just focus on that shop now,right here but,before you ever use any of these,cashback sites i want you to use a,website to compare the other,cashback websites to make sure youre,getting the best rate possible so,its called cashbackmonitor.com and what,it does is when you search in this case,bestbuy.com,itll compare all the top cash back,portals,and tell you whos offering the best,deal right now,top cashbacks offering two percent,whereas be frugal,is offering two percent as well so in,this case be frugal is one of the best,only one i can see that may offer better,is,ebates rakuten up to three percent so in,this case,we can search so lets do that really,quick so if we were going to the rakuten,site,we do see that it is up to three percent,cash back but,its going to depend on the categories,that we want to get cash back in,in this case if we bought health fitness,and beauty or tv and home theater,then we would get three percent cash,back in this case,ebates would be better to use rather,than be,frugal remember always use that cash,back website,cashbackmonitor.com to see whos,offering the best rate because be frugal,isnt always,the best so let me show you a quick,example here and why its so important,to compare,on lush dollar.com i did an in-depth be,frugal review,and i went to 20 retailers and i,compared the rates to see if they were,offering the best,out of 20 top retailers i only found,that they were the best straight with,two,amazon about bath and beyond they were,close in a lot of others top three,but they did not come in as the number,one rate a lot of the times this is why,its so important to compare,when you are getting cash back at any,retailers because,be frugal isnt the only game in town,now what makes,be frugal much different than other,sites is that they offer a cash back,guarantee,if you make a cash back eligible,purchase through the website and you,find a cash back rate on another reward,site that is higher they will match 125,percent of that,cash back rate so you can use that one,website cash cashback monitor website,and then what you can do,is you need to make the purchase to be,frugal and then you need to make sure,you submit your claim doing the,following you need to submit an order,receipt the store name,link to that competitor with a higher,rate and then tell them the rate,that they offered it does not cover,rates where there is not a direct,equivalent rate listed so example,if promotional rates are only offered uh,a certain amount of members,or theres a one-time use they will not,match that so if you do see a better,rate and you want to use be frugal,then you can use this cash back,guarantee so in the case of that best,buy one and you wanted to buy that tv,you could get an extra percent you just,have to make sure that you do this,uh list of requirements here and you do,it within the,24 hours so that you can get the credit,so to sum things up ill show you how,things work as well as how you get paid,in terms of how it works its as simple,as just clicking the shop now button and,doing your shopping,and then itll automatically get,credited to your account in which you,can see,on your dashboard and then when it comes,time to,get um paid most cashback payments are,sent on the next business date following,the payment request however,what youre going to find is that your,cash back doesnt come back instantly,instead,its going to take 30 to 90 days to get,that credit,this all depends on the return policy of,the retailer so for example if best buy,has a 30-day return policy you probably,wont get,your cash back credit until 31 days so,let it be known that when you do,get cash back itll be pending but it,wont be confirmed until,30 to 90 days when the time comes um you,do get paid the next business day as i,said,and as for your cash back payout options,the options are available right here if,you want to check you need at least 25,you can have a direct deposit to your,bank account you only need a penny,thats said with paypal,venmo and zell and you can also use an e,gift card option,as well and this will depend on the,amount and besides the cashback options,the company also offers a coupon section,where you can find a variety of coupons,so for example if you want any,restaurant,coupons you can see a list of the many,options if any look interesting you just,click on the get offer,they have other online printable,groceries and weekly ad circulars as,well and then they have a deals section,these are the best deals online that,they could find,via other stores so this is always as,fun to browse if you just want to look,at deals if youre a deal hunter in this,sense,and then they offer a bonus cashback,section which are the cashback rates,that they have,but their bonuses at the time so for,example if you look at this,hp um cash back option right now,it used to be three percent but is now,eight percent so its something to check,out i mean you never know what kind of,deal you can have but always use these,cashback sites when youre going to shop,online because you can always get cash,back at almost any retailer,online okay so to sum things up be,frugal is 100 legit ive found that they,pop up in the top three in terms of,rates worst case if you do find another,rate use that cash back guarantee,because theyll give you 125 percent,off your um rate that could be 25,more so youre going to save even more,whenever you shop always use these sites,we frugal is definitely high on my list,remember if you sign up you can follow a,link in the description you get a 10,bonus,that concludes this be frugal review,follow the links uh,in the description for more information,also check out lushdollar.com for more,ways to make money be,smart with your money and save money,also check out the video archives i keep,adding videos,to this day remember if you can like the,video,always subscribe that helps me out,tremendously and always tell your,friends,until next time,[Music],you

Befrugal Cash Back Site Demo and Review

hi everyone this is Elinor fryer and,today Im going to share with you a site,called be frugal that I am enjoying,using and Im gonna be a review and demo,of the site so lets just kind of go,ahead and share screens and we are so,this is be frugal calm and right now,they have a special there you can earn,$10 for a refering of friends and thats,just gonna go check out what that Intel,so when you refer friends you get $10,and then that friend also gets $5 and,this is how you get your referral link,so after youve created your account and,you click on that button I showed you,earlier or click over here where it says,get 10 when you refer a friend itll,bring you to this page and you can just,grab here link I always click my link so,mine is Eleanor loves comm /b frugal or,you can choose to do a social media,share by clicking on the Twitter or into,Facebook its real easy itll pull it up,and then you just log in and tweet it,theres that then you can also just say,you wanted to email it to somebody you,can just type in their email address and,send it another way is if you have a,website you can actually grab the HTML,code here and there are other banners,besides this one and as you can see,theres this cute lady the 7 percent,cashback and there so you can either get,the quote code click to get the code or,you can also right-click it in case you,want to share it media in any of your,social media images and theres that so,now let me show you why,besides the $10 I like using it so lets,go to my cash back so right now Ive,been,being after Disney Store Hawass fides,and Disney Stores 3% and bed and bath in,p.m. so when I place these orders this,is my opinion cashback and these are the,referrals from people that Ive referred,to join be frugal so let me show you how,it works for when youre actually,shopping and youre looking for some,cash back lets go to a Walmart were,going to go find Walmart it has a to 4,percent cash back so lets just choose,rollbacks I always I dont think it,really matters which one you choose and,so now it brings up this other window,and and youve been portal into Walmart,through be frugal ignore if you have,Ebates set up your one percent so as you,can see why one reason why I love be,frugal is Im getting closer sent back,from Walmart versus 1% with eBay so,dont activate that just do your little,search so say oh I dont need to,actually just do candy and say Im gonna,buy chocolate and just go through the,whole process of how many items Im,going to add to my shopping cart and,then after Im done with that I just,click Add to Cart and then I can go and,do the checkout process Im not going to,show you all the you know what go,through and check out through Walmart to,pay out thing payment process you can,thatll show up but thats all you have,to do I am now cookie through be frugal,so oops wrong place go back to be frugal,so what will happen is usually or date,you after youve purchased it will show,in your account and you just come back,over here to your account with my,account,and it will show you your pending cash,and as of right now my pending cash is,77-68 because of referring friends and,also the cash back so I hope this was,useful and that you join be frugal and I,would be ever so grateful if you did it,on my link we all know I cant spell,so its Eleanor loves loves is Lu vs,comm /b frugal all lowercase Im going,to go ahead and stop sharing the screen,now and thats it,so enjoy be frugal and enjoy getting,cash back from shopping online

Be Frugal Part 1 – Website Review

all right well hello lets give this a,try this is be frugal review I just,wanted to give you a overview of the,website and the benefits of using be,frugal if youre familiar with Ebates by,rokutan then youll be familiar with be,forego essentially its the same concept,just slightly different same thing so,were on their main webpage here and as,you can see they have faced outlets that,you can go and purchase things so for,example is going JC Penneys through,their website now to actually get the,deal what you have to do is either use,their shop now button so click there,and it will reroute you to their website,ill just take a second and tada there,it is,now you should be at about 12% if we,call it to the be frugal pin here it is,called percent cashback cashback,activated all right,so there you go thats how you would use,it this is just a quick overview and,then once you check out it should,automatically be applied along with any,rewards that you also qualify for with,your JCPenney rewards alright as you can,see we can contrast aged excuse me we,can contrast be frugal to Ebates so I,will open in Ebates there we go,and well bring up JC Penneys just for,comparison and as you can see typically,be frugal is trying to outdo Ebates so a,lot of times if I Bates has a certain,percentage off be frugal be a little bit,higher Id have to be careful it seems,like it takes you baits a little bit,longer to pay out their cash back and if,you need the cash back right away dont,expect it back right away lets see if I,can find your bonuses so I dont have an,exact timeframe what I will do is I,maybe Ill post a second video with the,exact amount of time between for example,purchase was made in February and its,not payable to May so thats a good two,months of time between the time that you,actually make the purchase and the time,that youll actually be eligible for the,cash back all right so thats been an,quick overview on be frugal all right,thank you

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