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Why I Didnt Love Belle.

Mamoru Hosoda is one of my favourite anime film  directors to date, his films always tackle an  ,aspect of human connection with simplicity, grace  and beauty. In Summer Wars, he explored the strong  ,bond between family through an extended cast. The  Girl Who Leapt Through time taught us the fleeting  ,nature of youth and that we should make the most  out of the time we have. Wolf Children showed us  ,the unbreakable bond a mother has with their  children, while also telling a touching coming  ,of age story about identity. Boy and The Beast was  a fairytale like story about fatherhood and Mirai  ,explored the many facets of sibling relationships  through the magical realism of shared memories.  ,While not all of his works may have had a deep  impact on me personally, there’s a strong and  ,sincere message to be found in all of them. His  stories aren’t grand or epic in scale as you  ,would normally find in a Studio Ghibli film. His  style is much more grounded and set in reality,  ,giving way to more personal journeys for his  characters. It’s no wonder then, why in each and  ,every one of his films, people are able to connect  on a deep and empathetic level. For me that was  ,Wolf Children and it’ll always hold a special  place in my heart. His two films after that didn’t  ,hit me the same way, but I could still appreciate  the messages and craftsmanship behind them.,So when I went into the cinemas to see Belle,  I wanted so desperately to feel the same magic  ,that I did for his earlier works. By no means do I  think that Hosoda is a bad filmmaker or even that  ,he’s made any bad films. He hasn’t. Ever since I  watched the Digimon Movie and cried to it when I  ,was just 8 years old, I always felt that there was  an aspect to his works that spoke to the heart.  ,When I watched Wolf Children for the first  time, I thought “This is it. This is going to  ,be my favourite film of all time.” It had so many  touching and emotional moments that felt like it  ,was a celebration of life. Both the good and the  bad. For many years it *was* my favourite film  ,of all time. And it only got dethroned because  another film spoke to me even harder than that.,I believe films that cut deep into your soul  and uncover a personal truth that you didn’t  ,know about yourself, will always be more  important than films that are technically  ,great in every aspect but don’t resonate with  you. Hosoda’s filmography is exactly that. No  ,matter what people will say or criticise from  his works. If they impact you emotionally,  ,then that’s really all that matters. But as you  could already tell from the title of this video,  ,Belle was not that film for me. Some of you may  be angry that I didn’t love a critically acclaimed  ,film that got a 14 minute standing ovation at the  2021 Cannes Film Festival. Or some might want to  ,feel validated because they express the same views  that I do. Whatever it is, you’re here because you  ,want me to explain, Why I Didn’t Love Belle. And  believe me when I say, I wish I could have loved  ,it. I wish that the problems of the film didn’t  take me out of the experience so that I could just  ,feel everything Hosoda was trying to convey. I  wish I could have made a much more positive video  ,about the film and sing it’s beloved praises.  But that’s not the reality of what happened. 
,Belle begins with the introduction of Hosoda’s  metaverse “U”, paying homage to his film Summer  ,Wars and even Digimon at times. The digital world  the film is set in, is clearly identical to the  ,one in Summer Wars and you can tell that Hosoda  has a very clear aesthetic of the world he’s  ,trying to build. It’s vibrant, colourful and  feels so expansive in nature. However to me,  ,that’s all there is to it. The majority of the  film, is set in this metaverse but I never once  ,got the sense that this was the next step in the  internet’s evolution. The setting doesn’t expand  ,beyond it’s surface level foundation. It’s a place  that exists but doesn’t feel interconnected with  ,anything else. There are elements to it that are  interesting, such as the biometric scan which  ,develops a personalised and unique avatar based  on your DNA and mental well being. It’s a concept  ,that sounds interesting as it’s implied that your  inner self will be shown through a fitting online  ,avatar. And this is even explored through some  characters such as Belle herself, the Beast and  ,a bratty baby who turns out to be a lonely woman.  But other than that, the metaverse was lacking a  ,lot of much needed world building. To me, it only  felt like a place where you could sing, fight and  ,have twitter arguments, there wasn’t anything else  much besides that. And if you’re argument is that  ,it doesn’t need any world building because it’s  a movie that is closer to a children’s fairytale  ,as it pays homage to Disney’s Beauty & The Beast,  I point you towards a children’s movie that does  ,have great world building. Pixar’s Inside Out.  That film takes place in two different settings  ,much like Belle. The first is reality and the  other is inside Riley’s mind. It plays with the  ,simple idea that emotions are the drivers of  human behaviour but explores the setting with  ,so much attention to detail that an adult could  appreciate. So why can’t U’s metaverse also be  ,detailed like this? I’m not even saying that you  have to match the level of world building as seen  ,in Inside Out but if a shorter film can have  little details that enrich the setting it’s in,  ,I don’t see why Belle couldn’t be written in a way  that has more world mechanics and details put into  ,it’s metaverse. Not only would U’s setting be more  realised, it would create an already colourful  ,world into an even more immersive one.

Suzu  is a young high school girl who lives by the  ,countryside with her Dad. Everything looks and  seems fairly normal at first, however through  ,the use of subtle shots and zoom ins, we can see  the quiet loneliness that Suzu is slowly engulfed  ,in. And with the focus of a picture on top of a  kitchen counter, who is presumably her mom, the  ,implied message of the scene is subtly conveyed.  Suzu’s mom is no longer here and without the  ,presence of a warm and compassionate parent, Suzu  feels incredibly lonely. It’s moments like this  ,where Hosoda’s directing shines the brightest. He  has always been incredible when conveying familial  ,bonds as we don’t need words or dialogue to convey  the heavy emotion Suzu is currently feeling,  ,everything you need to feel is conveyed through  his brilliant cinematography. From her walking  ,down the mountains of her house, to the bus  stop, and then to the long and sombre train  ,ride. You can feel how lonely Suzu is. While a  lot of other films or series, would rely on inner  ,dialogue to set the tone and atmosphere, Hosoda  understands the importance of show don’t tell. ,
 Suzu is one of the most endearing  ,characters Hosoda has written into a lead role.  She’s deeply melancholic, quiet and suffers from  ,depression because of her mothers passing. You  can tell that her mom was someone who meant the  ,entire world to her, so who could blame her for  feeling this way. Losing someone important to you  ,is devastating, especially a mother at such a  young age. I don’t even want to begin to image  ,what it’s like, but Suzu to me feels as if she has  no one who can truly understand and empathise with  ,what she’s going through. Suzu feels absolutely  alone in this world and nothing could change that.  ,When she reminisces about about her mother, we’re  shown an absolutely touching and heartbreaking  ,montage that shows how much of a caring mother  she had but also juxtaposes her personality when  ,she was little. This is Hosoda’s signature style  of storytelling as he’s done this in the past,  ,most notably with Wolf Children. And it absolutely  delivers the emotional gut punch you’re meant to  ,feel. Hosoda is an absolute master

Belle Is Like No Anime You’ve Ever Seen

suzu a nothing special country girl who,lives in the middle of nowhere she,spends her days writing and singing,music with her mom and playing,uneventfully in a river with her loving,fans you really thought well deal,with loss and tragedy in different ways,some of us build model kits some of us,get told the gym and some of us engage,in self-destructive behavior suzu copes,like most of us would attending banging,rangers singing karaoke to songs of our,favorite b-tuber waifus yeah kazunai,goes pretty hard she sent a mysterious,link from her friend and clicks luckily,shes not pulled into an nft scam but,instead the vr world known as you a,world where your true inner self is,digitized a world where suzu becomes,bellew,bell is the newest film from legendary,director mamata hasoda known for,directing digimon our war game a film,about teenagers fighting in the,metaverse and summer wars a film about,teenagers fighting in the metaverse and,is crafted another masterpiece one that,earned him a 14-minute standing ovation,at the khan film festival and is about,teenagers,fighting in the metaverse but this one,isnt a barren grassland in some generic,vr mmo izukai oh you thought i wasnt,going to find a way to make fun of,isakai you is a gigantic endless,landscape stretching out into the,horizon composed of a rays of,skyscrapers that all meld together to,really seem like some kind of floating,computer chip which is really quite,fitting for a world in which everyone is,vying to become a niche internet micro,celebrity soda teamed up with iris,studio cartoon saloon to create this,universe and its positively,jaw-dropping but maybe you sitting there,in your epic gamer racing chair watching,on your pc with a totally legitimate,copy or unconvinced however seeing this,on a theater screen was a totally,surreal experience the scenery really,felt like it stretched out forever,swallowing you in your jumbo popcorn,bucket hole ive seen many an anime film,in a cinema weathering with you,literally every ghibli film perfect blue,now that was nuts but none were,quite like belle the infinite nature of,you reflects the infinite possibility,given to its inhabitants because you see,when you log in for the first time you,dont create a character a character is,created for you suzus personalities and,memories are analyzed to create her,alternate self and while in the real,world her voice has been lost to,yeah that the system of you knows,exactly what she truly wants she wants,to sing,if the visual spectacle of the virtual,reality sucked me into the screen bells,almost angelic singing is really what,kept me firmly planted in my seat mere,seconds of her performance seem like,they go on for hours as your eyes are,transfixed as these weird neopets things,in the background its epic its,awe-inspiring its cinematic cinematic,is a word thats rarely used in the,context of anime as few can really fit,that definition shonen flicks romantic,tear jerkers whatever the promere,was all look great on the big screen and,watching one with a crowd of your fellow,anime weirdos all cheering on for deku,destroying a villain adds a new layer to,that experience assuming nobody starts,screaming shitty tick-tock me aaron,jaeger eddie,but even still many still feel is just a,louder wider version of what you can,already watch on crunchyroll but bell is,cinema all the sights and sounds are,designed to be all-consuming the sheer,power of the sound design shakes you in,your seat glass doesnt break in this,film it shatters and before you can,really enjoy your newly found tinnitus,the shards feel as if theyre going to,burst through the screen and turn you,into an attack on titan character the,world of you is a sensory experience,beyond what is merely on screen and bell,is a film that revels in that,grandiosity and its also pretty small,suzus talent to say songstress turns,her into a sensation in you but back in,the real world shes just suzu attending,classes studying with friends acting,like a dumbass with a crush he obviously,likes you damn it the animation of the,real world is stunning and fluid but,everything is shot in a very,claustrophobic manner each frame is,either a close-up of characters faces,often just suzu herself or completely,flat static backgrounds that really,convey how motionless and insignificant,her everyday life is damn they really,made an anime about me ironically the,only time the cinematography changes is,when suzu starts singing as if shes,trying to drag the persona of bell into,her meaningless suburb its a stroke of,genius that really captures suzus sense,of being suffocated by her hometown as,if everything is closing in on her,because everything literally starts,closing in on her as everyone in the,world wants to know exactly who belle is,and that crushing weight of being an,overnight sensation really overwhelms,her we often see our true self and our,digital self as separate entities i mean,i show up to meetings at work in a,button-down shirt like i didnt,literally dress up as an evil dominatrix,in public for tick-tock views hosoda,pretty deliberately reflects in the,cinematography and animation the,difference between you and the real,world where in the vr world of belle is,open boundless and free the real world,of suzu is closed and static a situation,she created for herself following the,death of her mother its a brilliant,application of show dont tell to,communicate the dual identity that,suzus feeling and the conflict its,creating within her but isuzus online,life creeps into her every day the pace,accelerates whats going on oh my god,theyre gonna find out im belle did i,make any problematic tweets a decade ago,just as shes really on the verge of,having her ip dropped by 4chan the,worlds attention is turned to another,user dragon an outlaw within you hunted,by the worst villains imaginable reddit,mods dragon is quickly known by another,name the beast get it belle and the,beast yeah this film is actually,supposed to be like a take on beauty and,the beast you got the castle the rose,the ballroom dance scene,admittedly this is one of the weaker,aspects of the movie all of the subtext,of the film is built around suzus,conflict of identity and her journey of,coping with loss then kaimon from dora,hedorah rolls around and suddenly were,swimming in forbidden love or friendship,its not really clear the attempt to,shove in the classic fairy tale really,depressed the impacts of the events,coming out of the second act of the film,mainly because im not really sure why,these two characters even care about,each other in the first place beauty and,the beast is primarily a story about,prejudice and seeing past superficial,qualities but the vigilantes pursue,dragon because he basically ddos is in,the games pvp match is like some sort,of runescape hacker and technically,theyre not wrong their crew even,threatened to use a doxxing beam they,treat like ivada kadavra to,expose him to the world and frankly its,all just messy writing but id be lying,if i said i didnt cry like a of,this song bills voice actor kaho,nakamura has a singing voice so,hauntingly beautiful that it not only,overshadows the narrative issues with,their relationship but puts the story,back into the perspective it belongs,that being suzu learning to connect with,another human being through the virtual,world shes sequestered herself i hate,to sound like a jrpg npc on loot but,these songs are mixed in such a way that,they feel like they come from the,heavens and not from any of the,characters which only further reduces,everyone in the theater to a takamichi,kitty suzus motivation to discover who,the dragon is and find out what pains,him motivates her to better reach out to,the people in her life shes pushed away,she understands this person is,experiencing a deep trauma that she sees,in herself which is key to overcoming it,its this blending of grand visual,metaphor of bells world and parallel,development of suzus character where,this movie really s

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Belle reviewed by Mark Kermode

bell is the latest anime from memoria,soda who made girl in that through time,and mirai and wolf children which of,course such an inspiration for wolf,walkers original title translates as,the dragon and the freckled princess the,best way of describing the film is its,ready player one meets beauty and the,beast it is technically an update of,beauty and the beast but its much more,like ready play once a suzu is a teenage,high school student,very shy very retiring very unable to to,speak her mind she signs up for you,which is a you which is a virtual world,um five billion members you can be the,new you you form an asb you get a like a,new online personality an online creator,so,in the real world you dont get a second,chance but in you,you do heres a clip,[Music],please put on your device,reading biometric information,[Music],initiating body sharing technology,sinking vision you may now see you,now synchronizing your cognitive,functions and registering sensations,from your limbs,please stand by as we transfer your,physical senses and body control over to,your ass,[Music],welcome to the world of you,so i should say obviously thats a clip,from the from the english dub i saw it,in the original language version i,havent seen the english stuff but there,was no point in playing a clip from the,original language version both are,available in cinemas if you want to go,and see it incidentally id advise that,you do um just check which version,youre getting and make sure you see the,version you want to so what happens is,she becomes belle in the world of you,who is a famous singer and uh she then,meets a dragon who is being hunted down,in the world of you but she feels this,kind of strange affinity so the beauty,and the beast story is is in the,background,and the story is about a number of,things you can see it as a film about,the blurring of the distinction between,the online world and the real world,in the same way that ready player one,kind of plays with those ideas and,theres a lot of ready player one you,know,kind of connection,you i think more importantly you can see,it as a film about the difficulty of,identity,the pain of being young of be just,trying to find out who you are and,trying and incidentally its a film that,doesnt shy away from the darkness of,that of of the abusive potential of,of youth the horrors of childhood um,its beautifully designed um eric wong,whos a british architect designed the,world of you interestingly tom moore and,ross stewart who are cartoon saloon who,may you know consciously made wolf,walkers,are involved in the creation of that,stuff that goes on in that world as well,so its a lovely kind of cyclical,connection,multiple composers involved in theres a,lot of music you know bando and lyric,for sale and tessai iwasaki um the main,theme is by,learning parade but theres a lot of,music,and the music actually really as you,heard from that clip its kind of quite,a driving force in the film,but i thought it was kind of sumptuous i,really enjoyed it i love the,characterizations its very sad and,heartbreaking in some places its very,poignant,really gets inside that kind of,adolescent experience of being alone and,being isolated and then discovering a,new world and then,discovering an identity that is not you,but then,has to be part of you and the whole,thing is nobody knows who the dragon is,either and theyre trying to search the,dragon down and its its just gorgeous,to look at and i thought it was really,the darkness was as dark as it needed to,be and the the lightness was bright and,uplifting and fantastical and like i,said beauty and the beast meets ready,player one and then some i thought it,was really,really fascinating and i really enjoyed,it its called bell check out which,version of it youre going to see,whether you want to see it i mean i,would recommend having seen the original,language version thats the version that,i would recommend but obviously if you,want to see the dub version just make,sure that you check out on the cinema,listings which version youre seeing

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The secret weapon Drive! Wampler Belle Review

uh,[Music],do,[Music],[Applause],[Music],foreign,[Music],[Laughter],[Music],[Music],me,hmm,oh,[Music],um,uh,food,[Music],welcome you pedal people welcome you,people that like the tiny pedal,and heres a little bit of a story at,the beginning of,cobit last year we lost an integral part,of a small subsection of the guitar,community,uh if you are on the wampler,forum on facebook the oneplus tone,discussion group or whatever it is,or if you follow tone king or if you,were on so,different kind of social media platforms,about guitar stuff,the name alex abernathy clay might have,popped up,alex has been uh doing oneplus social,media and talking social media and a,couple of other things,for quite a while and,everyone freaking loved alex he was,just such a lovely guy and we had,discussions and we had,private chats so had many many people,that knew him,and um he was just a lovely guy and way,too early,in his life he was taken from us i dont,think it had anything to do with covet,but it came really fast and,brian wampler decided to help out his,family as did many other people with,certain gestures by making a special,pedal i actually did see a little video,of,his funeral where people drove and drove,and drove for miles,uh because they couldnt hear social,distancing and people were standing,four miles on the side of the road,waving because he,apparently in his real life community,alex was as big as he was in the guitar,community,so um makes me really sad to talk about,this im sorry,um so brian bomber decided to help out,his family by making a limited edition,pedal,and he called it the claymore and uh it,probably you know it sold out,fast and it was based on uh something,that brian,with his you know love of nashville,encountering all that stuff,wanted to do for a long time which is,his little spin,on the other classic green pedal,and that pedal was sold and the proceeds,went to,alexs family and im very very happy to,know great people like brian they do,stuff like this,for their for their employees and their,families and,a year has passed and uh people asked,you know,can we get this paddle non-limited so,brian decided here is the bell and it is,based on,the other green petal what is the other,green petal,thats the other green petal its the,odia one from nobles,nobody was around in the 80s early 90s,had had loads of petals,this is one that stuck this is one,thats stuck in the especially the,natural community,people freaking love this pedal its,a low gain-y overdrive its a creamy,overdrive,its for me has the function of a tube,screamer without being a tube screamer,it does,something else what it does some well i,dont know but its different,so i know bernhardt from nobles whos,behind this,its a lovely guy i really want to point,that out so im not gonna you know,chill the competition or the clone or,whatever you want to call it of this,pedal,um without pointing out that you can get,the audio one the original,three knobs you can get the audio one as,the mini pedal,three knobs i think for 80 bucks or,something or maybe 90,its a steel and now theres the audio,one base,which has a little you open this battery,compartment up,and then theres a little switch and you,can actually get more bass because it,had,just like the tube screen had a little,bit of a bass roll-off but,lets not call the bell a clone,or a clone a clone a clone clown not,call it a clown because it isnt a clown,its not even a clone its an,evolution and an homage to that pedal,okay thats the only way i can say that,say say that as thats the only way i,can say that and be ethically or,correct so here it is heres the bell,first of all its mini,and why should you get this over uh the,odl1 mini well if you just want the,original odr one sound then get the odr,one mini sorry brian thats thats just,a fact,but if you want that bass,to be controllable like the big audio,one with the it just has a switch it,doesnt really have a bass knob,here there is an actual bass knob on it,so you have control over that but on the,side,there is actually a switch and that,enables different clipping,and the way i experience it when we push,it in,which is the second mode its a little,bit more,precise a little bit more articulated,lets find out here we go and then in,different amps,and were good and im doing this with,this phenomenal guitar,that stanford sent me um no theyre not,paying me to say that but im making a,video,in trade for the guitar thats the deal,this is made in china in the same,factory where b and g makes their 16,1700,euro lower range models,this is,a semi hollow look at that stunning top,has a weird heel everyones writing,about the heel,glue down headstock theres going to be,full video about this,this is called the marquee build quality,is phenomenal,its semi-hollow so its got a very open,unique sound,plays beautifully its a phenomenal,guitar for 8.99 including a case and i,think for this kind of sound that the,bell has,its a good guitar here we go this is,into the tone king into the ox with the,412 cream back loaded cap,without the bell engaged,its beautiful,[Music],do,[Music],do,[Music],and,[Laughter],[Music],[Applause],baby,[Music],as you can tell its very dynamic moving,on on the game,[Music],[Music],[Applause],so,[Music],[Applause],[Music],so,[Music],um,[Applause],[Music],[Applause],okay,[Music],[Applause],so,me,[Music],so,[Music],so,[Music],yes it gets a little bit more theres a,high mid,kick which gives me a little bit more,attack and clarity,[Music],so,so,hey,[Music],oh,[Music],god,[Music],[Music],be,its creamy its everything that you,want a low to mid gain overdrive to be,and it does beautifully stack in front,of an amp thats already a little bit,cranky or of course in front of other,drive pedals if you want to kick him,so im going to stay in that second mode,kind of like around here and were going,to go into,the hampstead soundworks artist 60.,[Music],so,[Applause],gonna go into the morgan mvp66 which is,a gtm type thing so were gonna cover,that type of amp,as well,[Music],so,marshall sv20h is the miniflexi,and its mini its uh its over there,and it sounds like this its next to the,rick marshall thing,uh what were doing number nine,[Music],is number nine no its not number nine i,make this mistake every single time,[Music],[Applause],[Music],so,[Applause],[Music],so,[Applause],[Music],[Applause],the morgan ac20 is of course,a boutique type ac30 here we go,[Music],um,[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],martial jcm800 is already cranked,lets see how the bell can push that,so,those two are made for each other and,then the orange,rocker boop mark 350,mark orange verb 15 mark 3 orange thing,[Music],[Music],so,[Music],so one thing thats clearly special,about the bell,is it does maintain,fully maintain your amps character,and that with the marshall it cleaned it,up its its what that other green petal,is supposed to do,but i could dial it in i could dial out,the bass a little bit,a little bit more color all of a sudden,it had the clarity without the,the mud um on an amp that needed a,little bit more low end,like the orange i i could easily dial,that in,so yeah its its highly tunable,and thats where that modification that,brian did,um pushes that classic green thing,a little bit further and,its i really am amazed that there,havent been um,more iterations more china clones of,that,odr one because its such a popular,pedal,and interestingly it never really got,that status of oh my god you have to pay,hundreds of euros for it its always,been relatively inexpensive and the bell,is relatively inexpensive,for what it is its a little bit more,than the odr one,so you have to decide what you want if,you need that flexibility if you want it,as a mini pedal and all of that stuff,if made in the u.s matters to you you,have to decide that i can tell you,and i wont because then that would,me be pushing you on that variation more,than the other one i like both companies,i like both pedals,this has a little bit more features but,its a littl

Belle is Studio Chizus Worst Anime Film

today well be taking a closer look at,studio chases fourth feature film and,the highly acclaimed mamoru hosadas,newest project,bell,not gonna lie i was going into this film,with pretty high expectations i mean,look at what were dealing with here a,film that got a 14 minute standing,ovation at the 2021 cans film festival,its directed by the same director that,brought us hood classics like wolf,children and mirai and it was the say,you debut of some incredible individuals,like yowasobis ikura rira that b stars,opening though sheesh now with all these,amazing heavy hitters involved i had to,100 experienced this in the theaters so,i called up some weeb friends and we,caught that movie in that bing bong new,york whack weather so time to get into,my thoughts ravi baby rev this machine,up,i mean lets get right into it did i,personally enjoy this film yes i enjoyed,it and theres many things i personally,enjoyed firstly the arts studio chizu,did not play around they perfectly,depicted the spirit of the japanese,countryside and man they were showing,these picasso level background art in,like two second intervals if i drew,one of these backgrounds i wouldnt have,sold it as an,nft now but for real though it didnt,even feel like i was watching an anime,it sort of felt like i was watching a,live action film now what was surprising,for me was the character designs for the,3d characters in the u dimension for the,people that watched this film yall,probably saw these characters and,automatically thought of disney well,youre not too far off because these,characters were designed by no other,than the legendary korean disney,animator jin kim who worked at walt,disney animation studios from 1995 to,2016 and brought light to characters,across household favorites like tangled,frozen big hero 6 and moana korea number,one the second obvious thing i want to,bring up is how good the music is that,millennium parade you song thank god i,was born in this timeline i sent the,song to my little brother and when he,listened to it i now call him my,oni-chan one thing youre going to,notice with this film is that all of a,sudden we get hit with that mid-scene,disney musical you rarely see this,happening in anime unless youre,watching love live or something and to,be honest sometimes belting out a song,mid scene broke the flow at times but,because the song production level is so,good by the fourth time belle does this,im like dozel by all means,when it comes to the music we of course,have to talk about the ending when,homegirl zuzu was singing this song a,million miles away nothing brings me,more joy than listening to a soul,cleansing song blasting in a huge ass,movie theater i swear ive got,goosebumps and i even forgot to breathe,at times,[Music],i miss violet i forgot,the last thing i want to touch upon is,that i like the characters firstly ikara,rira you killed your debut ro hiroka was,my absolute spirit animal and easily,best girl of this movie not only is she,the brainchild of belle the entertainer,she also got her 70 year old physics,teacher as her phone wallpaper thats,tough,i also really love the small subtle,details that chizu focuses on to bring,out more life with his characters such,as ruka turning her body away when,performing when her crush kami shane,comes through were seeing suzys,confidence taking a nosedive when she,sees ruka coming up to talk to shinobu,and of course we gotta talk about the,90-day character transformation of suzu,she deadass went from food wars megami,tadokoro to alice nakiri in a span of,two hours going back to the ending scene,i really applaud suzu for the insane,leaps she made as a character from,purposely doxing herself in front of,millions to save just two people to her,completely stepping out of her comfort,zone to mend her broken relationship,with her father and finally to her,overpowering a psychotic and mentally,broken middle-aged japanese man isuzu,shedded her shinji skin and twerked on,that like cardi bs backup,dancer yall know i always keep it 100,on this channel so i want to talk about,the number one issue i had with this,film which was,the writing there were plenty of times,where i was really immersed with a,certain scene and then a character says,the most corniest line ever and im just,like really for example when these,justice warriors were chasing belle and,the beast in the middle of the ass,weapon they stopped all the sudden and,theyre like hes scared such a wimp,,im flying at 200 miles per hour holding,a delicate 3d anime girl and getting,sucker punched by 10 grown-ass men being,a wimp is the last thing i would,describe the beast and belle if you say,who is you,one more time you go and get open hand, slapped by the beast himself and,this feeds into the pacing issues i had,with this film one second the beast is,throwing a domestic violence tantrum and,the next second these two are shooting a,recreation of the beauty and beast,dancing like what and wow,the world building of the u dimension,was horrendous all i got from this,universe was that it consists of hatsune,miku virtual concerts people replicating,star wars coruscant sky lanes and people,love flying around in knockoff power,ranger cosplays i just want to know more,about this world could he get married in,it what type of currency do they use,could i buy a huge ass anime titties nft,it was such a crime that this world,wasnt explored more enough now ive,seen some people online describe belle,as a golden turd and i wouldnt go that,far i would maybe describe it as a girl,with really heavily applied makeup and,when they completely remove all of it,you see their bare face and youre just,like oh i could easily say that belle is,director josadas weakest film but i,would still recommend it to people to,watch this film alright thats all i,wanted to say what did you guys think,about the film does it hold its weight,against cheeses legendary past works,like wolf children and be honest how,many times yall put that millennium,parade song on repeat let me know all,those juicy details down below thank you,guys for watching this is your boy you,man peace out

Belle Review

[Music],hello everyone hazu here guess what i,have a gaming channel now hesi gaming,watch me suffer through hollow night and,many more to come anyway heres my,review for belle the 2d 3d anime movie,that was released a little while ago in,the us theaters anyway video contains,spoilers so if you dont want to be,spoiled then this video is not for you,a high school student becomes a globally,beloved singer after entering a,fantastic virtual world she soon embarks,on an emotional and epic quest to,uncover the identity of a mysterious,beast whos on the run from ruthless,vigilantes she finds the beast the,beasts hideout is located and destroyed,belle finds the beasts identity goes,back to the virtual world and reveals,her identity then she finds the beast,irl and protects him from his dad then,goes home the end doesnt sound too bad,right oh,oh boy were just getting started but,lets start simple the music was lovely,the english voice actress for belle had,gorgeous vocals and shockingly sounded,very much like the japanese version,animation was a mix of 2d and 3,sometimes the animation was pushed a,little far while other times it wasnt,pushed enough,some scenes look fine while others look,wonky otherwise this movie handled it,pretty well id say the character,designs were more stylized and look like,they were all truly part of that world,unlike something youd see in actual vr,japan is a huge stickler when it comes,to copyrights so their vr world is a,little unrealistic but were gonna let,it slide oh my god the pacing oh this,movie was especially hard to follow so,the movie starts off mid-story then,suddenly we are whisked back to seven,months prior without being told we are,suzu is at school then shes dragged to,a party then she goes home throws up,then signs up for the vr chat i mean you,virtual reality to become belle then,suddenly we are back at school and she,gets her picture taken then were back,to suzu signing up for the virtual,reality and using the picture she got,from school as soon as she gets into the,virtual reality she doesnt explore or,meet new people,she just immediately stands in place and,starts singing and shes like oh my god,i can sing again which was really really,weird what is happening shes just,setting up an account online,and theyve made it the most confusing,thing ive ever seen i guess the point,of her coming to this virtual reality,was so she could sing again without,feeling self-conscious but like the,audience doesnt care,we want to see this virtual reality,first a little world building and,exploration would have been nice also,what are these rings that surround her,when she sings is that just fancy,nonsense i dont really understand their,purpose but theyre there oh and then,people watch her sing and just start,insulting her avatar and her song,theyre like oh my god this song is,terrible and wow her avatar is so ugly,shes not her voice is gorgeous and so,is her avatar look at these idiots you,guys are literally the ugliest things,ive ever seen twitch streamer girls,have to ban so many people for being,creepy white knights and perverts all,the heck in time look me in the eye and,tell me people wouldnt immediately,thirst over her character then suzu,leaves and then like a day later all of,a sudden shes become this overnight,popular sensation despite the fact that,no one wanted to listen to her prior who,was recording this how did words spread,but then we get this sudden montage of,belles many concerts and suddenly suzu,is running over to her best friend,freaking out at bells criticism and now,we jump back to the seven months later,in present time without realizing movie,please tell me when we are time jumping,you do it constantly and i cannot,understand what is happening they,establish a lot in quick succession but,ironically because of how quiet it is,when we cut back to the human world,somehow it makes the pacing feel super,slow and boring so not only is your,brain trying to catch up its also,stuttering because of how slow the plot,is going during the irl sections of the,movie its super confusing later in the,movie bella has this massive concert and,the beast comes in interrupting the,performance with all these vigilantes,after him and he just destroys her show,and bell becomes obsessed with him and,tries to hunt him down why girl why when,belle tries to find the beast her best,friend is like i finally found his,hideout i know where he is and belle and,the audience are both like,how though and then she meets these,weird fairies that trick her and get her,lost a ghost child she met earlier leads,her the correct way allowing her to find,the beast the beast yells at her and,kicks her out and then she writes him a,love song and then we have an entire,weird game sequence of completely,useless school gossip that gives her a,panic attack but as soon as it starts,its over then she goes to see the beast,again and gets attacked by vigilantes,and then the beast saves her and then,she sings to him and they do the beauty,and the beast ballroom dance and it also,doesnt help that we spend like 40 to 70,percent of the movie going on this weird,among us goose chase of figuring out the,beasts true identity all the leads are,fake or dead ends and then all of a,sudden three quarters of the way into,the movie they just so happen to find,out who he is by chance convenient much,and even the movie doesnt know how they,found this one unpopular live stream of,the kids singing belles secret song,when they were tracking leads on the,beast the movie wasted our time and all,these weird shallow people that add,nothing to the story theres like a,dozen scenes of suzu just walking on the,same bridge over and over that scene,where belk first comes in and gets,criticized this isnt an isolated event,there is constant gossip throughout the,movie even at inappropriate times,theres a scene where suzu is watching a,live stream of these two kids getting,abusively yelled at by their father and,then after it happens three,random people show up in the live,watcher feed comment saying look at this,child abuse man call the cops should we,they laugh and then the live watcher,count drops to one again im sorry what,those people didnt see what happened hi,everyone sorry for the degrade in audio,quality but i looked back and discovered,something for the three guys that come,on stream one of them actually was in,there earlier and he told his friends,about it bringing them over but theres,still a problem the first guy leaves as,soon as the father breaks glass the boy,is barely even mid-fall before this guy,leaves the stream all this guy saw was,the dad knocking over a vase the three,guys come back to see two kids alone and,a vase knocked over the two guys the,first one brought in didnt see anything,and yet they all laugh about child abuse,later on the dad gets a message on his,phone someone sent him a recording of,him abusing his kids its impossible for,either of these three guys to have,recorded it and we didnt see bells,manager recording it nor posted online,so i have no idea,how this man ever saw this video i have,no idea who recorded this video i have,no idea who posted the video and i have,no idea who found it and sent it to him,this is just a reverse deus ex machina,situation the writers were just trying,to up the stakes i guess i dont know,its not good its not good praise and,gossip when it comes to celebrities is,not uncommon not to mention internet,trolls all that is very real but the,constant back and forth chatter in the,movie is not only weird to listen to but,also distracting good lord its,exhausting trying to keep up with the,timeline and all these characters here,speaking of characters lets talk about,them suzu our main character suzu is a,shy girl who lost her voice since her,mom died going into the virtual reality,world made her gain back her confidence,to sing again she becomes super popular,despite her self-consciousness suzus,parents suzu has this weird avoidance,re

I Watched the Anime Beauty and the Beast (Belle Anime Movie Review)

oh boy watch out studio ghibli theres a,new master of contemporary fairy tale,storytelling and her name,is ranking of kings so bills the hot,new anime movie everybodys talking,about and a lot of you have been asking,my thoughts on it so is it the second,coming of mugen train not exactly is it,overhyped oh yeah big time i guess ive,just become the guy that hates the,things everybody else likes uh which is,a bummer but thankfully ive also,developed a reputation for backing up my,arguments because the thing is i never,go into a movie wanting to dislike it i,was hyped for belle hell i even saw it,on my birthday i could not be in a,better mood to enjoy an anime so imagine,my disappointment when i found out that,the most talked about anime movie of the,year had all the depth of an icarly,episode okay that might be a little,harsh and i am getting ahead of myself,bell is essentially a cross between,disneys beauty and the beast and ready,player one its about a socially anxious,high school student named suzu who,doubles as a globally beloved pop singer,named belle on a popular social media,app called you use an app that allows,users to enter a virtual reality world,where they,fly around i guess i dont know thats,all you ever see people doing in this,world i dont know if they play any,games you dont get to see any,activities they do they just,fly around and occasionally listen to,bell sing bell comes across another,mysterious user known as the beast and,like bell nobody knows his true identity,the biggest problem with this movie is,that the more you think about it the,less it makes sense and thats because,nothing about this u-app is ever,properly explained theres no stakes,because any time the characters are in,trouble youre just like hey but what if,he just logged off theres a character,in here that has a laser beam thatll,expose the true identity of any player,it hits and at one point he threatens to,use it on bell which is a big deal,because she doesnt want anyone to know,her identity but the whole time im just,like,just log off what happens if you just,werent in the app anymore then whats,he gonna do the same sentiment extends,to the beast as well like in beauty and,the beast it makes sense that the beast,is an outcast oh because hes a literal, monster the villagers are afraid,of him and want to keep him exiled,inside of his castle and so it makes,sense that the beast lashes out against,the townsfolk here its said that the,beast has won like 370 fights against,other players and thats why everyone,wants to take him down but like its a,video game what is the game not pvp it,seems fine that hes fighting all these,people arent you allowed to fight other,players or is everyone just supposed to,fly around waiting for the next bell,concert to happen also if the beast is,getting bullied so much,just stop using the app i know its like,a shitty response to cyber bullying but,like,maybe this game isnt for you dude i,dont know and like i know these sound,like weird complaints but its why i,couldnt take anything in this movie,seriously everybodys so over dramatic,in this film and like i get it its an,anime movie people expect it to be,overdramatic but its so hard for me to,feel connected to these characters,emotions because everything in the movie,is so poorly explained the film is two,hours long and yet it feels like nothing,happens in it because the movie doesnt,take time to flesh out either of its,worlds the digital world feels hollow,because we never get to see anyone not,flying around in it and the real world,feels hollow because all suzu ever does,is sit around and cry theres a part,where susu is about to risk exposing her,identity and her friends like no dont,do it were gonna youre gonna lose,everything we built up but like,what did you work so hard to build we,never see suzu enjoying her fame we,never get a moment that shows that she,enjoys being belle because it makes her,more confident or because it inspires,other people shes just like a,wreck the whole movie and obsessed with,exposing the beasts identity it just,feels like belles character stays,stagnant the whole movie and then,suddenly develops right at the end and,granted when she develops it doesnt,feel unnatural but it does make her,character feel really boring for the,majority of the film speaking of which,every character is super two-dimensional,in this movie belles so overly anxious,that i have no idea how she functions in,society none of the supporting,characters really do anything,interesting or memorable i just feel,like there arent enough meaningful,character interactions or moments of,character development in the film until,the very end and its because a lot of,the run time is taken up by these really,long musical numbers which are cool but,i really would have rather the film,spend more time fleshing out the,characters or plot like the relationship,between belle and the beast is so thin,which is unfortunate considering its,like,you know the the plot of the movie like,why is belle so obsessed with the beast,he causes a ruckus at one of her,concerts and then all of a sudden shes,trying to dox him hey suzu you also have,a secret identity okay why are you,trying to expose this man like why are,you harassing this man hes just trying,to play on this dumb app the two never,have any meaningful conversations she,just likes them because hes angsty,there is a twist towards the end of the,film that ill talk about more when i,get into spoilers and to be fair,its a really good twist its the most,unique and interesting part of the film,and its really well done but it comes,like 15 minutes before the end credits,and so youre just left with a movie,thats 90,ready player 1 ripoff and 10,interesting social commentary ive heard,a lot of other reviewers say that they,also felt like the beauty and the beast,parallels detracted from the films,story but that they were able to look,past it enjoy the film for its visuals,and score but like,i dont know the film doesnt really,look that good to be fair im pretty,biased against cg anime like i just,really dont like it most of the time,and in all honesty this is the best,looking cg anime ive ever seen but even,so this movie is just constantly,fluctuating between looking really good,to really not so good and even when it,looks good i dont know if its gonna,blow you away its not your name no,mugen train and its definitely no boy,and the beast it just looks,you know pretty good okay so now im,gonna get into spoilers so if you,havent seen the movie or care about,being spoiled uh skip to this point to,get my final wrap-up so like i said the,twist is really cool it turns out that,the beast is actually a 14 year old boy,whos being abused at home by his father,he spent his whole life being let down,by people whove sworn to help him and,so hes learned to push people away the,part where suzu confronts his father is,really well done and just as intense as,hed want a scene like this to be but,like i said to me this was the most,interesting part of the film and it,happens way too late the whole movie the,beast just acts like your classic anime,edge lord hes always turning his back,on people and shouting get away from me,every time someone gets close and its,just not interesting enough to make me,care about his character or his identity,it would be so much more interesting if,the twist came like halfway through the,movie and the rest of the film is about,suzu trying to find and help this kid,then it would make suzu contemplate the,parallels between her secret identity,and his though both she and the kid use,the app to express themselves in ways,they cant in the real world she becomes,belle because shes insecure and he,becomes a beast for safety she wants to,keep her identity a secret he has to,this such an interesting parallel the,movie never explores the movie never,really gets that deep with its themes,and i think leaning away from the weird,beauty and the beast parallels and,leaning mo

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