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  2. Hotanu Slimming Patch Review and test! Is it scam? Does it help for weight loss? *BEFORE AND AFTER
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Tiktok *FAT BURNER* Weightloss Patches Completely Destroyed My Belly ūüôĀ

hey its faye she wanted to lose weight,the easy way out which never works and,here we are left with not a trophy,but a scar okay its not a scar let me,just not be so dramatic im left with,something to remember though thats 100,you guys all know that i get suckered,into weird all the time so i saw,this tic tac of course of all places so,i saw this tic tac stitch of this,product the one that were talking about,today the one that ruined me in this md,nodding acknowledging that this product,does work that was red flag number one,apparently the scammer hammer must have,taken two videos and made it look like a,stitch i dont know i didnt check okay,i was impulsive i saw it and i went on,to amazon and then i bought it the video,looked really real but someone on my,vlog channel was like hey that was a,fake video faker than your best friend,oops anyway thats word on the block i,did what 99.9 of us would have done,okay you know amazon is just so quick,amazon you should sponsor me got the,thing on prime dial i ordered these,patches immediately and it came in,within a couple days and its been about,a month now i checked my orders this,morning god the brand completely wiped,out not there no more they were taken,off the market and if that was not red,flag number two however because were so,lucky there were so many other brands,that literally replicated this product,you know so many companies are just,trying to sell this to dummies like you,and that,that makes me feel better know that some,of you guys would have done it too their,marketing worked weight loss patches,belly fat burner sticker without,exercise so take my money take it from,my back pocket dropping soon on spotify,i said how where why what if how,come,okay the soul box came with 90 pieces,and i didnt use half of that or a,fourth of that i was two weeks in you,can stick this on all of your,insecurities as it promotes jiggly arms,no problem i do that for you wobbly ties,no problem i do that for you jungle gym,tell me no problem i do that for you fat,ass no problem i do that for you you,cant stick these on,anything apparently for a good figure a,s slim figure how can you not buy this,come on the technical part of these,patches is that in the center theres,this circular,patch,part of the patch its called the hot,melt adhesive core if that does not,sound like some type of volcanic,science,fair then i dont know it says its a,magnet its not if you were wondering,so apparently this core is made of,natural plant ingredients and im not so,sure,what plants it could be grass for all we,know the patch penetrates into your skin,as said and its supposed to be,non-irritating mother trucker liar,theres internal circulation and shapes,your body it regulates your body and,promotes fat burning without exercise,fork that sounds good like at this point,i dont know i cant even be mad at the,product because i was dumb enough to,fall for it so like are we mad at the,liar or are we mad at the dumb ass,falling for it which one is it they,literally took a bunch of words that,people who are like you and i very,vulnerable smashed it into a paragraph,said here you go its magic try it and,we did i mean we were well fed for a hot,second with you know the marketing,listen,listen linda i started at 140 pounds,because i gained my fair share of,holiday love back i was excited i was,pumped i wore these patches morning to,night for two weeks straight red flag,number three yes im gonna admit you,know i am guilty of falling asleep with,these patches on like two times and then,one time i purposefully put on a new,patch at night to go to sleep with it,literally says you can have it on for,eight to twelve hours okay whats the,harm it should be fine piss off randy,tell me why i mean obviously the more,and more i wore these patches the,itchier it became you know its that,same feeling of a band-aid when you rip,it off youre just like itching around,it like crazy but i didnt think that,was irritation i just thought its like,me duct tape being my belly button of,course itd be itchy its like a,band-aid right,right i kept them on and this was my,normal ritual routine i you know lived,every day remind myself to stay grounded,gratifying myself i do some lifting,three times out of the week and my diet,was not the best i mean im trying to,get back into the leaner side of things,i am intuitively eating so i am mindful,of what im putting in my body im not,fully there with my diet but you know,what i wasnt being drastic with,anything and being like ruthless so you,know just me being me living life baby,girl i was just doing everything normal,because it says you know live your life,put these patches on lose some weight,you know i just did my everyday thing 8,p.m comes on grab some trips and put on,a new episode of new girl in proportions,so relax at the end of this intense two,weeks of training,i lost 0.2 ounces somewhere around there,so i can say that it does not,burn fat and also the biggest thing here,it ruined my belly button im not being,dramatic though its been two weeks,since quitting these irritating patches,and this is how my belly button looks,like its framed in the beginning it was,even more noticeable than this and i,have flaky skin dry skin and it was just,that patch so imagine my smooth belly,looks like a glazed donut and then you,reach literally the center this picture,framed belly button flaky dry itchy red,bumpy what i didnt take any footage of,this because i panicked and i was like i,cant be sharing this people are gonna,be like what the frick faye why are you,promoting this but here we are because,im bringing awareness dont trust those,stupid,picture patches obviously seeing this i,was like okay no no no no maybe its,just the sticker residue let me just,scrub a dab dig the surface of my skin,and really get in there in the belly,button you know like let me just try,maybe its just the residue come to find,out it was not the residue ive been,scratching this belly for two weeks now,actually im midway through three i mean,granted it has faded a lot more since,the beginning but linda you should have,seen me literally like took a gulp of,lotion and smeared it on my belly button,i oiled myself up i i saran wrapped my,belly button to keep the moisture it was,still flaky red and irritated the next,day looks so stupid and i know hes,noticed i,am convinced that this is just gonna,stay here its gonna look like a bat tan,and its gonna fade away like a bat tan,im not even being dramatic but it,literally is scarred on i swear and the,funniest thing is that you can literally,see every position i laid the bandages,on its ridiculous you can absolutely,see the traces especially on the bottom,portion so i didnt lose weight it,doesnt burn fat or s slim shape me,whatever it does not suppress your,appetite let me tell you i dont think,ive ever been so angry for two weeks,straight listen to jack schritt unless,you think its cute to frame your belly,button id stray away do not waste your,money on this this is a psa i almost,want to go and report every brand of,these because theres us and youre left,with this its dangerous im telling you,so far nothing i i,if this stays theres gonna be a problem,i will find you and thats it for my,review on this belly fat burner slim,shaped slimmer appetite suppressor,[Music],weight loss sticker patch yeah fat loss,no remember to do your research dont,purchase this im telling you now and,just lose weight the normal way weight,loss is mainly your diet anyway if you,follow me on my vlog channel lets live,together lets work out together lets,continue this journey okay together,forever lets go lets go i just thought,it would have been fun the curious cat,dies,something like that curiosity to kill,the cat,until next time im sending love by even,if youre trying you wouldnt understand,it maybe somethings missing inside you,[Music]

Hotanu Slimming Patch Review and test! Is it scam? Does it help for weight loss? *BEFORE AND AFTER

hey guys welcome to my youtube channel,im scam advisor and this video is about,yasumin japanese patches for weight loss,i ordered these patches and i tried them,and i want to make,such reviews so people can see whether,these batches really work or not so,watch this video till then to know,the result of this yes i mean japanese,patches,so first things first here is these,patches,that i ordered honestly i was surprised,when i received,this little package of patches with no,instructions or anything,and i thought that maybe i was scammed,but when i,searched for different reviews of these,patches i found out that lots of people,received the same patches even though on,the official website,they look completely different theyll,look like yellow patches but in reality,they look like this,one second i will show you okay here is,how these patches look in real life,please write in the comments if you,receive different patches maybe,uh the ones that you received to the,yellow ones,and maybe they actually worked but i,really doubt that they worked but,anyways what i want to talk about with,you,is about statements that on the official,website that sells yes i mean,japanese patches one of those claims is,that dispatches,helps your body to feel more energetic,also it states on the website that these,patches can boost,blood circulation in your body as it can,affect your,feeling of being full so basically they,should reduce in the appetite of person,and the last claim from their website is,that these patches,help to combat toxins in your body by,affecting hypodermic tissue i dont know,what does it mean but,its just what it says on their website,also lets talk about,ingredients of these patches on the,official website they say that inside of,these patches,there are such things as hokuto mint,leaves which is basically japanese mint,also it has lemongrass,and royal korean ginseng im not sure,that all of these,ingredients are inside of these patches,because if you try to open these patches,youll see,that inside of these patches there is,red circle,and there is a magnet and i can prove,that,this is a magnet one second as you can,see its a real magnet inside of these,patches,and on the official website there is no,information about,magnets pin in these patches so again,this looks like a real scam for me right,now and im not sure that you actually,can lose some weight with these patches,because they look,useless and i think that i have a right,to to say so,because we actually tried those patches,i tried one of them on my girlfriend,we just put one of those patches on her,belly and waited for,three hours as it says on the official,website of his mint patches,and after i took off the patch from the,belly of my girlfriend there,there were no any differences and by the,way,this night my girlfriend had pretty big,appetites,and ate like in the middle of the night,so i really dont think that,these patches can affect the appetite of,the person and also,there werent any effects on the energy,level,and on the weight so in my opinion this,is mean patches they,are from the same category as magic,beans because they,obviously not working this whole idea of,patches that could affect the weight,it just doesnt make any sense for me,anyways we will proceed with my,girlfriend,with different tests of dispatches and i,will post a result of this test,in my facebook group you can find the,link in the comment section,and also i think that after 10 days or,more,i will make another video about these,yes mean patches so you can see the,difference,uh up before and after of the usage of,these patches but anyways i have a,strong feeling that,this wont work because it looks like a,fake,and lots of people in different reviews,saying that there,werent any differences before and after,usage of these patches please write in,the comments what do you think whats,your opinion and whether you ordered,these yes mean patches whether you tried,them,and dont forget to smash like button on,this video because it helps to spread it,on the internet and subscribe to my,channel because i might help you in the,future im making video about different,scams,about different website about different,suspicious products so,i might help you in the future anyways i,wish you a great day i hope that,eventually you will lose the weights,that you want to lose,and that all is going to be good with,you goodbye

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Kilimall.com-weightloss slimming patches-10days|Review

Hi,welcome to this channel beautiful people and  today we are going to talk about the tummies  ,living patch so this is rates I think you can  see it clearly I bought it on from kilomole  ,and Im going to try it for tell me so that we  can see if at all are losing any weight or any  ,inches I suppose inches and if its worth trying  I mean well be working together so much you know  ,it is worth spending your money on so so the  instructions say you put it for three hours,so of course surface area the instructions  are here all the instructions said there is  ,it fun thats if it works where you will to  go you can try it as well so we are going to  ,take measurements Im still maintaining 831  kgs less you remember the readies journey  , ,when I was waiting 120 kilograms and no one was  telling me Im fat expect except like two friends  ,and my mom of course was like youre not my  daughter I need my daughter back get my daughter  ,inside this big body so yeah thats what I did  and Here I am but one cage is less its Johnny  ,still all because I want to go to 75 kilograms  and during this Valentine period men Im eating  ,Im eating but I hope Ill manage even with the  pouch let it work and Ive started skipping rope  ,and you can follow me and youll see the results  because Ill post the results because Im sorry  ,jumping everyday 200 and 250 depending with the  a so follow me stick around so let me take the  ,measurements so that we get to see where I am now  and well also get to see the results afterwards  ,so the smallest area let me see how much I weigh  its 34 this is the smallest area that he for  ,Ive come a long way by the way so and then at  another point this is the novel so I did another  ,point Im trying to squeeze it in it Im a 38  38 and then the lower bill click the mummy Podge,Im at 41 Im trying to squeeze it in so that  I get to see make tight and slightly taken  ,measurements so that I get to see whether  the pressures are going to work so let me  ,take given the hips the hips we are still  big we have at 48 we have 48 so weve come  ,a long way and we cant complain we say thank  you you know you can just get fat without you  ,no way so okay I dont feel bad saying fat  because Ive been there Ive been too fat  ,so now Im overweight but Im still working  on it and hopefully this for the second day  ,of doing very much and Im going to take them  measurements of my waist and hips to see that  ,I lost any inches off my waist so so far you  can see Im still at the same 34 so basically  ,on the second day nothing really changed  because I remained on the same the same  ,measurements as the first thing that I started  but I noticed some changes on the flies my inner  ,plays are equally big but I noticed that they  started slimming but on my weight on scale the  ,weight remained the same so as you can see Im  trying to take measurements of the lower Bailey,lets see whether we have any changes but as you  can see there were changes it still the same IP  ,this measurements for eight nine days and because  Im doing the same patch for ten days I decided  ,to do this so that I can see whether there are any  changes so this is the last day day 10 and you can  ,see theres a bit of difference we started at 34  but now we are at thirty three point seven you can  ,see its thirty three point seven this is day 10  and Tech two accounts that have been eating just  ,normally and Im trying to do a bit of movement  and I in this quarantine period and you can see  ,the race has also reduced it was 38 but now its  37 now they another section it is 37.4 you have  ,seen and remember I did theyre very tight so that  we dont leave room for taking wrong measurements  ,so they said that Im doing here on my hips my  hips were 48 at the beginning and you can see  ,now its forty seven point seven so those are the  measurements so it means I know some inches but on  ,their wings ago its actually remained the same  I have not lost any weight but the engines have  ,gone and you can see my time is too big its like  it never worked on my tummy but my place I have  ,noticed from my place that there changes so thank  you so much for watching you can try this patch  ,this slim patch if you really want to cuz Ive  just done for ten days I dont know whether if  ,I continue for 30 days theyll be big improvement  but thats it thank you so much for thank you so  ,much for watching and you can try it if you so  wish stick around to see more videos on losing  ,weight and you know I dont normally exercise  but its what I eat and the timings so bye

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DETOX SLIMMING BELLY PELLET | As seen on TIK TOK | belly button detox patch

whats up yall its joe and im back,again with another video,[Music],so as you can tell by the title you,already know what this video is going to,be about its going to be about the,belly pellet weight loss thing that is,going around on tick tock now yall know,i always hop on the trends or do stuff,for yall to show you if it works and it,doesnt work and im just here to tell,you about this weight loss belly pellet,because,i dont think yall should do it and,this is like a warning because you know,i have done something like this before,it was the flip patch which is they said,you can use the belly pellet on your,foot too which is why i know it does not,work and yeah so if you dont know what,im talking about um if you have seen,these videos on take talk let me just,play it for you be mute,of course so i wont get copyrighted but,look,obviously the girl is snatched in that,video and theyre saying that if you put,that thing in your belly its gonna make,you get abs or get skinny,we all believe that if yall do i want,to see you guys try it because i will,not try it so back to my experience with,the foot patches so yall know if you go,into ross and stuff like that you find,stuff like this inside of ross in like,the little herbal section you know they,have like little foot detox plastic,patches they have these they have,anything you can put in your ears they,have anything yall so i tried the detox,foot patches because i think they said,something about it cleansing out your,body um youre gonna lose weight,so um i got the foot patches i put them,on i dont even remember the brand but,its from ross so you know its just,like miscellaneous stuff um i put it on,my foot and i slept with it overnight,because thats what you were supposed to,do,yo aint nothing happened they have some,stuff in the foot patches that you put,on your feet and when your feet sweat it,turns the color so it makes it look like,you are,stuff is coming out of the bottom of,your feet but if you think about it what,liquid is coming out of the bottom of,your feet like,the same with the belly pellet its like,they say you put it in your stomach and,i guess you can eat however you want you,dont have to exercise and youre gonna,lose a lot of weight,i dont know like somebody has to prove,me wrong because i did my own research,on this and im going to read yall some,of the comments i had im also going to,post them over to the side just so you,can read them yourself,or you can just google it because im,not going to read the whole thing like,yall see this,all of that is stating why it does not,work start with this one,the detox slimming belly pellet is just,another weight loss slimming belt,getting viral on the internet of course,these are just fake weight loss products,dont believe in any of their claims of,course,um,the biggest complaint to the federal,trade commission involves mass market,consumer fraud for overstated weight,loss ads supplements and products more,than 65 million people are reported,getting fleeced okay thats one and,almost definitely not reading this whole,thing but im just going to breeze,through it um the patches have been,taking the internet by storm these fat,last few weeks and let me tell you that,detox loss patches are one of the most,worst products in the industry,on one hand you get some people over at,places like tick tock who really defend,weight loss patches and claim that they,really are breaking weight loss solution,we all need,on the other hand you get people all,over the place saying that this is the,biggest scam since snake oil which i am,one of those people because like i told,you i used to foot patches so if you,were to go read through the person who i,showed you like the doctors i dont want,to drop his name because i dont really,care and i dont know how that stuff,works but yeah if you read through his,comments its like hes trying to sell,his own version of the product so i feel,like hes just making the videos just to,get a profit um,i even looked for the product on amazon,and on google couldnt find anything so,its just like i feel like its a big,scam and i will not be participating in,it because those things are,not cheap uh theyre like 49,for 30 patches,that you have to wear every day,and im not doing that i would rather,just work out eat good for 30 days than,put some magic pellet in my belly button,thinking that its going to drain all,the fat out of me or stop stop from,absorbing sugar so,like what do you guys think do you guys,think that im reaching or im telling,the truth please let me know but,i dont think im gonna try it if it,gets really big ill probably just pop,one in there and see whats gonna go,down but,i feel like they just put a little mint,on the ball they put it in your belly,button and it feels all cool and inside,because thats what the patch did on my,feet,and it makes you feel like youre doing,something when nothing is in reality is,being done,so yeah,if i would have to say if it was a hit,or miss this product would be a miss for,sure yall know im all for trying all,the little weight loss trends that be on,take talk or instagram but this one i,dont think im gonna waste my money on,and try especially not 49.99 that this,man is telling me and im supposed to,just believe,it works child hes probably deleting,all the comments that saying its a scam,but if you guys go on google,um of course or amazon and if you can,find the product you can just read the,reviews on there and,go about it as you will so hopefully,this video helped you um if you have any,more questions about the foot patches i,use,ill try to answer it just leave a,comment below um if you have any,questions about the little belly pellet,i cant answer anything because just,dont do it okay uh,yeah so hope you guys enjoyed this video,it was quick simple to the point dont,do it dont do it dont do it ill see,you guys in my next video bye,you

Magnetic slimming patch review? What the what?

hey everybody welcome to my channel if,youre new here dont forget to,subscribe below and hit that,notification bit so youll know when I,have another video okay so today we are,going to be talking about magnetic,slimming patches yeah theyre weird its,a weight loss sticker okay so yeah I,said it theyre weird but I did try them,out and if you want to see my results,[Music],[Music],okay so if youre still watching you are,interested in the magnetic slimming,patches I have no idea how this would,possibly work but yeah Im going to try,it out so let me just read what it says,on the box so its got several different,languages on here and over here and,English it says usage method open the,individual pack remove covering paper,place the patch directly over the navel,area use one piece per day recommended,to use at night the use of time about 12,to 8 hours is perfect the function of,this okay is it can effectively prevent,and inhibit the synthesis synthesis of,fats accelerate the decomposition and,elimination of fat accelerate the,elimination of toxins from the body,improved constipation and keep diet,healthy is this a real thing is it,were about to find out so Im just,gonna open this up you can see it yeah,it comes with 30 pieces so Im actually,Ive been dieting and exercising and I,have been exercising for a good taking,classes about five times a week for,about six weeks maybe seven I dont know,and then I am dieting I do still have,the problem area Ive had surgery,actually on my back before and I have,like metal rods so I cant do really,crunches so maybe this will help with my,stomach that Im very skeptical that,this is going to do anything I just,dont get it Im gonna try it but I,dont get it I just dont understand how,it works and that is it those are the,directions on the box and then you have,all of these little magnets so much,stick this on my belly button and Im,going to take a picture actually my,stomach I actually already took one and,then Im gonna put this thing on my,belly button for every night for two,weeks Im not going to change anything,Im gonna continue to die it tuned,exercise two weeks and were gonna see,if theres a change at all,I just Im very skeptical but you know,what hey if it works cool I mean even if,it helps just a little thats cool,but like I said Im really skeptical but,Im gonna try it well just when I put,it on Im gonna take a shower and Im,gonna put it on before I put before you,go to bed and Ill show you guys what it,looks like to put it on so Im gonna go,take a shower,and Ill be back okay so Im gonna do,this oh lets get the camera right get,this thing over here,its pretty pretty simple all right,something in that part is what goes on,the belly button this is weird yall and,thats sticky sticky I kept my finger,all right no whoop over here heres me,in the mirror and lets see my stomach,so you can tell been working out,can you tell because I really I can tell,its sort of okay so here is a little,patch do do and Im gonna stick it on my,stomach,this is put it like right over your,bellybutton so Im going to do that up,see I got some extra jiggle,that you put it on the picture looks,different like this part I mean do you,just leave this whole thing on yeah I,dont know I thought like you just had,the little circle this is weird,Ill keep you updated hopefully it,doesnt mean okay so Ive been using,this for about two weeks now I have lost,about three pounds I dont know if its,because of the patch so I just dont,know I have been dieting and exercising,and I took time off and I still lost,three pounds so but Im gonna take a,before and after picture so we can you,know see if theres any difference,because I dont really see me,I dont okay but this is one thing I do,see youll see as you look at my stomach,and I put the same outfit on so you,could see you know how the pants fit and,everything theres definitely some,redness there,from the patch but does myself look,smaller yeah I dont know I dont know I,just Im going to keep using it Im not,done with this video Im going to finish,that box and were gonna see if theres,any change but so far guys three pounds,I mean but I didnt feel weird there was,yeah I read that some people felt weird,they got sick they had diarrhea all,these things nothing nothing I havent,felt different at all I do have a,strange shaped body though Im like,theres nothing here and then it goes,Boop thats just how Im shaped so its,what it is anyway,I will be back and week or two whenever,this box is done I dont know whenever,its done Im not even really sure me,how long Ive been doing this for but I,do have a really ugly tummy now because,of the red okay so Im ready to give you,my final thoughts about this patch so as,you can see I have this ring around my,tummy Im gonna say I dont actually,blame the adhesive but I would be in a,hurry and I just like to snatch it off,so Im gonna say its probably a big,reason why its like that doesnt look,too hot looks like Ive you know,ringworm anyway,does this patch work I dont know I do,feel like my appetite with suppressed I,do feel like I lost some weight around,my midsection thats harder to lose,weight with there a significant change,no I only use it for like three weeks,anyway but,yeah I dont know I cant I can tell you,thats weird I did feel like my appetite,was suppressed I didnt drop a whole,bunch of weight and I think altogether I,might have lost like five pounds but I,was exercising too I dont know I dont,want to give credit where credit is not,due but I do think that it was the,reason that my appetite was suppressed,so yeah thats it I hope you guys,enjoyed this video if youre considering,buying this I hope this helped you,I think individual results may vary and,you know talk to your doctor and stuff,before you do something like this if,youre breastfeeding or pregnant or,anything like that anyway if you guys,have a good rest of your day,[Music]

Worst TikTok SCAM EVER! (Fat Loss Belly Button Patch)

i think i just found the biggest dumbest,scam ever on tick tock,so im not gonna lie ive been a tech,talker lately the sound of that ive,been watching a bunch of tick tocks so,we all know theres a bunch of weird,stuff but i came across something that,caught my attention and let me show you,what i mean,[Music],what so apparently theres this thing,you put on your belly button and it,makes you lose weight as dumb as that,sounds unfortunately people are falling,for it i feel like mostly its going to,be in the older side you know people,that dont really understand like you,could literally attach a video to,another video and then put them as one,and people will fall for it so it kind,of sucks but i guess people believe it,you can see all the comments people are,actually thinking this thing works,honestly im kind of jealous that they,got more views on their tick tock than i,do,so also i want to say good job to the,people that actually lost weight i dont,know who this person is getting the,videos from good job to that for obvious,reasons we know a seat in your belly,button its not going to do anything so,im going to give them the benefit of,the doubt lets say this thing worked,and i just want to see the website i,want to see what else they have and,just see if they have any type of,explanation for this magical seed or i,dont know what it is so apparently on,the website they label it as an ancient,chinese detox doesnt that just make you,im going to try to look on reverse,image to see if these are probably for,sale and if they are im pretty sure,theyre going to be a lot cheaper,this is so jacked up so i noticed all,the products im just searching through,everything and they literally have a,product for anything a person is,self-conscious about we have a product,for hair removal you can see the armpit,theyre pretty hairy with that product,comes right off that easy we have one to,make your armpits white a cream that,cures boldness a coffee that makes your,boobs bigger apparently everythings on,sale so you must buy it as soon as,possible so completely everything that,they have here makes you lose weight,which is so odd you apply a lotion lose,weight you apply a lotion on your,stomach six-pack apply a lotion on your,butt and you get a big butt and lets,just take a look at the reviews,apparently 59 are five stars and one is,four star hmm i love this belly bottles,so much i ordered a three month supply,from the same seller i took it as a,friend shes delighted and feels good it,sticks well and holds all day thank you,very much to the seller and not to your,friend that is actually helping you out,so i started taking this and didnt,change anything i was doing i use the,patch once a day i have lost about 10,pounds nothing else i have done has,helped me lose weight except this,product im so happy i tried it its,kind of weird because i feel like all,these comments are written by a person,that maybe english isnt their primary,language and um,sketch right i have to find an article,on this because this is so dumb i dont,so honestly i feel like all these,comments are just fake theres no way,all these people are falling for this,please store in the fridge so wouldnt,it go bad if youre getting this shipped,to you kind of reminds me of someone,does pink sauce need to go in the,refrigerator,[Music],its crazy because im not going to put,their name so that way you know you,dont bash from the people because you,know theyre trying to lose weight,thats something that you know i support,him you know good for that but um yeah,people legit asking if you know if its,real and please dont fall for this we,know its not real if itll be real,itll this will be all over the news and,yeah if anything this probably could,harm you i dont know what the hell he,had i mean if literally it could be,found for this much you could even,resell it if you wanted to so this is,what these people are doing theyre just,buying in bulk and just reselling it,they dont even know if it works im,sure its probably something from,overseas because the way they speak,english on their videos like written,english does not seem like its a first,language which is not always the case,but i feel like this is whats happening,here and yeah just be careful out there,everything you see the videos how the,way theyre put together its not always,true be careful guys and just take a,watch tech talk for just entertainment,dont buy stuff that is too good to be,true please alright guys see you on the,next one and just take care,hey,[Music],[Music]

GET SKINNY FAST? SLIMMING BODY PATCH | First Impressions ‚ô• Leaders Hot Summer Belly Patch Review

guten morgen everyone so today I hope,you guys add a little bit of a different,angle Im actually standing up in this,video and you guys are pushed back a lot,further than normal because Im going to,be reviewing a product that is going to,be on my body so the product that Im,going to be reviewing fashioning a first,impressions on today is this this is,from liters and this is the hot summer,Glasgow body patch dont ask me why I,black skull I guess because the patch,itself it doesnt resemble black skull,at all so Im not really sure why its,called black skull but I have no idea,how this is going to work the concept of,this or what its supposed to do is its,supposed to deep bloat your tummy slash,kind of tighten the skin on and just,make you look nice and toned and ready,for the summer season so I have no idea,how this is supposed to work but I am,wearing loose-fitting clothes today Im,wearing yoga pants because Im going to,be wearing this all day I know that you,can wear this overnight because I want,to explain to you guys how it feels,throughout the day because Im gonna,have to have this on for eight hours I,figured Ill just do this during the day,and suffer a while I am coherent and not,asleep so the first step that youre,supposed to do is number one take,appropriate amount of hot summer burning,gel sounds Pleasant of burning gel and,evenly spread all over tau skin to allow,the formula to get absorbed to your skin,doesnt a tie my shirt up so it doesnt,get in this gel okay so this is what my,tummy looks like before,beside,in the back,alright okay so this is the number one,step the hot summer burning shell,apprehensive about burning because,burnings usually never a good thing your,gel and if you guys can see that just,like such a weird video okay so at this,point Im pretty sure is that this is,pretty much dry on my skin like its not,sticky at all so this is what it looks,like its literally just black this side,completely dry which is nice and this is,the side with the film so you smell kind,of minty oh its cold,oh alright its almost belly the,instructions say you have to keep this,one for a minimum of four hours and up,to eight hours Im going to go for the,pole you know Im an overachiever so Im,gonna go for the hole eight hours its,about nine oclock right now so Ill,wear it for eight hours and yeah already,well right now its again its not a,burning sensation its kind of a menthol,II kind of feeling like you know like a,Vicks VapoRub that kind of feels so its,nothing too crazy I dont think its,gonna get any more like Im gonna feel,any more sensation I literally just had,like five minutes ago I didnt think,that this thing would intensify in the,sensation like the tingly burning not,burning its like menthol kind of,sensation like that minty feeling well,its its gotten a lot more tense oh Im,like sitting here and Im like whew like,feeling the burn but yeah also its,already kind of peeling off which is,annoying because Im gonna have this on,for eight hours and its already kind of,moving around but Ill try my best to,keep it in place and yeah so Ill check,in with you guys if I notice any,differences but boy I can do it ready,sex weve been a little bit more than,eight hours because its been about,eight and a half hours thats my cat,opening the door by the way so lets see,how this hot body patch turned out as I,was wearing it throughout the day all,right what do you guys think just pretty,much lost all of its stickiness its not,really sticky anymore its pretty much,Denso my overall thoughts on dis,basically I am on the slim side so I,dont have like cellulite on my belly or,any skin that needs to be tightened or,anything like that but honestly I think,these are a bit gimmicky in my opinion I,know a lot of different companies and,brands make these and they also just,make the gels that are burning but to be,completely honest,my whole qualms fees are youre better,off just working out or eating healthy,if you are trying to lose weight or,tighten up your skin,[ __ ] let me know in the comment section,down below if youve ever tried one of,these swimming patches I know they have,them for like your legs if you want to,try them for that or like your arms and,just different parts of your body if you,want to slim or tighten or help with,cellulite or anything like that so let,me know in the comments section down,below if you tried any products like,that that it worked for you in the past,Im actually very curious to hear and,Im sure other people are very curious,here as well I hope you guys had fun,trying at this hot bunny sub patch with,me but as always I hope you guys are,happy and healthy and dont forget to,rate comment subscribe share with your,friends family and I will see you guys,in the next video that guy by the way,look at all the cat hair that got stuck,on this like

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