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  2. Benchmark Old Number 8 Bourbon + Backwards American Whiskey
  3. Is Buffalo Trace Bourbon Worth the HUNT and MONEY? Part. 1
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Whats the best NEW Benchmark Bourbon? Full lineup blind mash-up!

[Music],whats up everyone i am jason c,and today on the master drum we are,having ourselves a blind mashup,a benchmark series for the channel see,what i did there,buffalo trace has quietly released five,new versions of their bottom shelf label,called benchmark with new labels,ages and proof points today were going,to blind taste,all of them right now on the master drum,[Music],for years the benchmark like im holding,here had no age statement and was,watered down to only 80 proof,this is a great mixer its an easy,sipper but in true buffalo trace fashion,they decided that they needed to corner,the bottom shelf market even more by,introducing new expressions of benchmark,to reinvigorate the brand with some new,interest so as you can see all five of,them have different labels and they,actually all have different proof points,original benchmark is aged at least 36,months and theres no indication,besides the bottled and bond edition,right here that the rest of the lineup,has gotten any older so lets meet the,entire new vertical lineup from lowest,proof to highest,first off we have the top floor edition,which is only 86 proof,front of the bottle states that,elevation matters i guess we will find,out this one is only about 17 bucks,next up is the small batch coming in at,a little bit higher at 90 proof,and the bottle states select casks now,that refers to the select cast that they,are using to small batch to bourbon,for a consistent flavor profile this one,was also about 17 bucks,next up is the single barrel coming in,at 95 proof,and sporting the words hand picked on,the front these are the product of one,barrel and can differ from bottle to,bottle depending on what barrel is in,your bottle,this was actually the most expensive at,about 25 bucks,fourth up is the bonded benchmark coming,in at a hundred proof and because of,this,we know this bourbon is at least four,years old single season is stated on the,front of the bottle,referring to the distilling season,needed in order to call this bourbon,bonded,this was about same thing about 18 19,bucks,and lastly with that bright orange label,is the full proof this is 125 proof,of benchmark goodness the words extra,stronger on the front to tell you to,tread lightly and beware of that proof,point,this one was only about 20 bucks okay,guys so again the prices on these could,vary from state to state but for the,most part these are all really,affordable bourbons or should be,hopefully because theyre buffalo trace,products nobody out there,is you know marking these up too badly,also because these just released,last month im not really sure where in,the you know the united states these are,going to be dropping as well,these i got from a buddy in indiana who,uh who sent these to me so,i know they showed up in indiana first i,did see them post in a couple of other,states,so if youre interested in these,definitely keep a look out now for those,of you that dont know benchmark old,number eight bourbon was created by,seagrams in the late 1960s as a luxury,brand,and was originally named just benchmark,bourbon,now the story goes and the story is,actually here on the side of the bottle,where it says in 1773 three mcafee,brothers named james george and robert,left virginia westward,to explore the uncharted territory that,would later be known as kentucky,traveling by canoe at first the mcafee,company eventually followed a native,trail over land that led to the great,buffalo crossing where the brothers,surveyed the land now home to the,worlds most award-winning distillery,buffalo trace distillery so mcafee which,was added to the label,uh is basically a homage to the mcafee,brothers so mcafees,benchmark bourbon pays homage to those,three brothers that surveyed the land,that is now buffalo trace,also real quick i do want to mention,that remember this is buffalo trace,mashable number one in this bottle,same match bill thats in eagle rare,same masheville thats in regular,buffalo trace bourbon,colonel taylor also stag stag junior,so that same match spill is all in these,bottles all right so first what im,going to do is mix these up a little bit,so i have a sticker on the bottom of,each glass letting me know what bottle,is which,so again some of these are pretty low,proof some of them are higher proof,well see how they balance out if they,taste young if they taste a little bit,older,if the proof helps if the top floor,helps,i guess were gonna find out so lets,start with this one here,wow this ones very uh very light,vanilla and also kind of juicy fruit get,like a juicy fruit gum note here,light caramel a little bit of spice,yeah very sweet very typical buffalo,trace mashable number one,getting some light corn on the nose too,subscribe lets go for a sip,cheers guys,well that ones really nice actually,its not overly complex but theres,actually a really nice balance it,doesnt taste as,corn forward and as young as the regular,benchmark does its got a little more,viscosity to it,i think this might be one of the higher,proof ones i think its somewhere in the,middle,um honestly so lets go over one more,sip of that one,its that juicy fruit kind of candy type,flavor i was getting,a little bit of spice nice finish on,this one too,thats good so far number one,all right liking that one all right,lets go to number two here lets see,what we get,whoa so this one getting a big alcohol,punch on the nose,very rich vanilla and caramel i could,also get a little bit more barrel char,on this one,definitely some more oak presents here,man thats potent,i would put any amount of money that,thats got to be the full proof because,that thing is coming in hot,just on the nose alone lets try to whip,some air into this thing,all right here we go this is more just,rich,caramels vanillas nothing crazy,you know again nothing overly complex,its coming straight forward straight,ahead,theres some citrus spice in there a,little bit of a tobacco note,but a lot of vanilla caramel oak and,theres definitely some barrel char in,there so lets give it a go,yeah thats thats coming in hot,whoo,man that is uh thats potent thats,you know i like barrel proof but thats,like a younger barrel proof bourbon and,that thing is coming in hot,lets go for another sip of that one i,gotta watch myself with number two here,yeah this one is more brown sugar a lot,more spice,you know buffalo trace mashable one is,the low rye match spill but i feel like,it it drinks like a high rye,this one is very strong very alcohol,forward very alcohol heavy on this one,im gonna need some water after this one,all right lets go to number three see,what we get now that my palates,recovered a little bit,oh this ones really nice on the nose,this is also very balanced,and some beautiful caramel in here some,spice,getting a little bit more of a grape,note on this one which is really nice,sometimes you get those on eagle rare or,even the stag junior get like a cherry,or a grape note,this ones definitely coming across in,this one,man i thought number one had a really,good nose,oh my god when you compare them this,literally smells like,fresh mash when youre walking around,buffalo trace,this one actually holds up its got a,little bit more of an oak presence to it,all right lets go for a sip of this one,i got a little bit of that cherry grape,note on that one,definitely very very flavorful very,balanced,good proof point i dont know that one,that one could be my favorite third sip,had a little slight,bitterness to it but very sugary sweet,really nicely balanced again i really,love the cherry and the grape known im,getting on this one,go along with the caramel the vanilla,the spice im gonna have a little bit,more water here,all right were moving on to number four,lets see which one is in this one,so this nose is very light compared to,these three i have a feeling were,moving down in proof a little bit,very very light vanilla a little bit of,honey here,getting like an orange creamsicle type,vibe on this one yeah,thats not super b

Benchmark Old Number 8 Bourbon + Backwards American Whiskey

[Music],welcome to the whisky vault Im Rex Im,Dan hes a thing and Im the most other,thing and this is how I cook so whiskey,thing this is a gift from the unknown,bastard Oh cuz theres no name on the,bottle okay yeah so if you are said,bastard then let us know it arrived to,us at the grand opening oh man that was,a while ago yeah okay in August of last,year yeah you unknown bastard you,magnificent unknown rare about that,remnant okay so this is okay benchmark,eight now its got an interesting,history but its essentially an entry,level bourbon okay right its a but,relatively a budget bourbon II its,coming from Buffalo Trace yes in the,nose immediately its a lot like that,junior Ewing we had yesterday yeah where,its just thats a bourbon now the,budget Bourbons have you ever had a,budget bourbon that wasnt basically,flirting with classic bourbon notes I,dont think youve ever had now an,outlier collection of flavors like a,remarkable broadly remarkable well I,mean doesnt even have to be like high,proof or whatever but just like just,weird exotic different flavors if its,budget and its bourbon its gonna be,the class theres a really narrow,bandwidth thats gonna live somewhere,inside a some variation of the honey in,the apple and the brown sugar and the,yolk and the radish area yeah so smells,like relatively low proof on the nose,mm-hmm thats because it is brown sugar,and a little bit of Apple I dont get a,lot of cherry on the nose there same,thing thats slightly watery slightly,flat bourbon flavor only this one is a,little bit more wood notes than the last,one its not bad yeah I like it its a,fine so it was originally created by,serums in the 1960s forty percent as a,luxury brand bourbon yeah look wait over,this yeah yeah Seagrams and this,procedure rooms I can bought it and I,created it as and read the side with a,little notice on the side right there,the bourbon by which all others are,measured sure so benchmark number eight,so basically the measuring is better,than benchmark well so heres the thing,when it was owned by Seagrams it was,produced at Four Roses distillery okay,and they were using four roses for the,product sure and then it got bought by,Sazerac right they added the name McAfee,McAfee mech they dont know how to,pronounce their name probably from,Wisconsin and then its a buffalo chase,tracer product the other thing with,budget bourbon more often than not are,the budget Bourbons going to be these,excess barrels that didnt quite make,the cut for the more higher-end public,really I think its the reverse yeah so,I dont think theres a ton of so and,Im you know Im guessing I dont know,how people are mentally doing these,things I think youre choosing in,specific barrels to protect the fancy,stuff right and then youre just sort of,pulling from your general stock and,blending to recreate a flavor profile,for everything else Im you obviously,Ive earmarked we definitely need ones,from this side of the Red Cow so we,definitely need one some of the floor,ones right and you get sort of a general,idea where youre pulling from yeah,theres a lot more forgiving because,theres so many barrels going into it,its easier to blend out variances yeah,go back to the nose the nose is more,interesting now it is after the first,sip I agree that becomes more saturated,and I start to find a little bit of,sherry and alas Asst yeah theres not,bad just a not bad bourbon yeah lets,move on theres another interesting one,here I want to try while you get that or,any of it well while you fight through,the tape we got a una mejor Mon who de,una minuta whatever image minutiae the,Scotch bylaw,single malt for exam will have to be,aged in newscasts no or can it be aged,in new charred oak like bourbon yes I,was thinking Dean stand virgin oak but,it seems like it,that is only finished in new cast so,there is no law it just says okay it,doesnt say used o new oak and this is,how the Scots have been ripping us off,for years so heres whats going on soft,Scots okay heres whats cool is that,the history of Scottish whiskey is,simply a search for easily affordable,barrels so for the longest time they,were just using,Merrills right because they were,already a barrel yeah I didnt have to,Cooper oh right they were already wood,shipped in with wine they drink all the,wine now they got this barrels like,shitless full of whiskey yeah right and,then all of a sudden around after,prohibition there was this there was a,law that got passed requiring new oak,for bourbon right and all of a sudden,there is a massive glut of first use,barrels just sitting empty that people,dont cant do anything with were,Scotlands like well take those off,your hands,yeah and thats when bourbon casks took,over used bourbon cask took over the,Scottish whiskey industry now the Scots,prioritize easily accessible and,affordable that now that being said,though whenever youre looking to have,something sit in a barrel for more time,to evolve and mature and change up and,really really you know cool and,interesting ways doing that in a new oak,barrel thats women in fact its a,limiting factor new oak is get also,gonna have some some tannin elements,its gonna have some harshness to it if,youre not careful they used oak is much,more forgiving and can really round out,and add layers to flavors and beautiful,ways and the fact that bourbon has a new,oak requirement I personally feel is,very very limiting into whats possible,with bourbon ii what that even with that,limitation there are some phenomenal,Bourbons that exist Oh what is this this,is okay the American which is American,whiskey is what it is its a Wyoming,which gives us from Patrick so not the,brand we did a few days ago right from,Wyoming no this is Patrick Larkin and by,the way the patron saint patrons,Oh dizzy,all right through the drinkin in the,spin uh so its gonna be so this is a,little outside of Casper Wyoming in,Mills Lyon I mean this is a little,distillery yeah and they create a whole,bunch of new makes youre clear spirits,stuff like that yeah but one of the very,first things they did when they started,was fill some barrels that were gonna,turn into aged products okay and this is,one of the very first things its,actually not that young well and this is,batch one bottle 795 alright and theyre,putting it out at 40 now it does have,that sort of shiny note thats shiny,green note but as I live with it its,turning into vanilla candy so that that,theres a there are some notes and this,is something that have really much you,know enjoyed finding has begun you know,into the thousands of whiskey samples,there are some notes that you really,only get in craft yeah and I cant,figure and yeah some of those notes are,phenomenal other notes youre like oh,god Im glad this isnt a mass-market,note yeah but this theres a note in,here that is like initially in the first,approach not excited its like a musty,barn yeah like a green musty yeah in,fresh-cut grass but youre right the,more you live with it it starts to get a,little bit more sweet little bit more,caramel or vanilla,oh no the much more the palate is really,nice its a I wish it was a little,higher proof it does taste thin but uh,but but as the taste on the taste its,much prettier than those now theyre,calling this an American whiskey because,they were mixing a bourbon and a wheat,whiskey together nil on the finish yeah,on the pure vanilla shows up in spades,but not vanilla like fake sugar,sweetening vanilla right like the,natural Minoans of wood and it takes a,while to get there this say said I think,this is this is Chad Pollock commit is,it I think a blend of wheat whiskey and,bourbon if Im getting,thats what theyre calling it in,American whiskey now after you I did a,good job on the pallet after yeah after,you acclimate to the must eNOS now the,pallet is caramel I could see how you,working in that distillery would get,blind to the green note pretty quickly,and only get all the nuances because Im,already getting blind to it right now,y

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Is Buffalo Trace Bourbon Worth the HUNT and MONEY? Part. 1

hey yall my name is Kurt this is Trent,welcome to SLB basement bourbon bar and,as promised our very first episode of,the Buffalo Trace Distillery review and,Trenton for this video I only picked a,couple bottles seven,seven to be exact yes I think we can get,through it its gonna be rough well,luckily these arent too high in proof,right well 125 thats gonna be rough but,I saved that for last okay so lets see,now what I did here I picked all the,budgets right off the bat okay thats,what were starting with Buffalo Trace,budget releases I thought thatd be a,good place to start right so what I did,is I lined them up in order of proof I,did not line them up in order of cost,okay I thought that might be the best as,far as our tasting is concerned and our,palette yeah so we could be really good,on starting easy honest and then well,get trashed at the end itll just sip,real real carefully on that full proof,by the time we get down there,so what I have out here for you buddy do,you even know all these,I know I did not know that ancient age,was Buffalo Trace I knew about the,benchmarks I didnt realize that there,were so many benchmarks yeah because I,dont see I dont think theres any,liquor stores around us that have all of,them I think its like one has top floor,one has the full proof and theyre all,kind of mismatched but you know when I,was when I was putting all this together,theyre getting more and more and a lot,of them had all but one or something,like that so theyre getting more and,more of them around our area but right,John you got a ancient age Benchmark,eight,um you have uh top floor,you have small batch Single Barrel,bonded,foolproof Im impressed that you,memorized all this yeah I I would not,have I ran it through my head about a,dozen times before you came over I was,hoping its stuck it almost got I almost,got stuck right in here but I guess,well find out in uh editing after you,if you nailed it or not I hope so all,right buddy lets quit messing around,lets figure this out ancient H 80 proof,and its like twelve dollars thats it,12 bucks now is that in our area or is,that the one from Arizona because Ive,never seen it in our area yeah thats,the bottle from Arizona okay and,truthfully all the prices from the,benchmark,are I are current in our area Okay the,thats I looked this up online for MSRP,for ancient age okay thats what I did,for this I could remember what I paid,for in Arizona,so 80 proof though 12 bucks I bought one,at Arizona yeah that sounds right one,quick note,this is a Mashable number two,okay Buffalo Trace Mashable number two,which is a high Rye mesh Bill keep that,in mind you dont get any of that on the,nose which is not on the nose but you,get that sweet Buffalo Trace,quintessential yeah you its definitely,a sweet nose its its somewhat like,its its working its way towards the,Buffalo Trace nose right,not too much going on there in the,flavor Department the nose is a lot,better than the palette correct a little,bit light for an 80 proofer,to me a little vanilla a little caramel,I dont even get that oh yeah,for sure,but you know I was tasting these a,little bit before you came over just so,I can get the old palate going its just,a little just light a little caramel a,little vanilla my question to you though,is,being 80 proof do you get that little,bit of spice there I do I do get a,little bit on the back end correct,because a high Rye Mash bill yeah I do,get that its low proof but you still,get a little bit of the spice with that,high Rye so you know for a budget 12,bucks its not bad not bad all right,lets move on,Benchmark eight its another 80 proofer,now from here on the rest of these are,Mash bill number one okay Buffalo Trace,which is the low Rye Mash bill so all,the Benchmark Okay match bill number one,oh that smells so much different,definitely Nashville one,two one one two is the high rise was H H,these are all bench spill one,thank you,Im still drinking the H,[Music],I was like that that,I think you do that to me when I have,something in my mouth every time,man we got a lot of them to go through,and youre drinking the same whats sad,though is I I think I thought that nose,taste smelled different but it was the,same glass thats fun youll be all,right hell be fine,now to me,oh,this one here trend is another 80,proofer its ten dollars okay,Ive even seen this in in certain stores,for eight or nine dollars really super,cheap its good so this was super cheap,and in my opinion,for eight or nine or ten dollars I dont,know how you can go wrong I feel I feel,a little bit of astringency just a,little bit on the back end maybe a,tobacco note or a charred Oak of some,sort you know in the back end but other,than that its got some a little bit of,sweetness up front,but its fairly well-rounded do you get,any like a like a peanut note or is that,the the weird kind of back end yeah,thats what Im thinking youre getting,on the back and for me it seems more,like a like a like a charred Oak type of,a of a note but you could be dead on on,that one too didnt we do this in a,previous video and it ranked very highly,you know I dont remember I know since,since we have some missing out of that,bottle I know weve used it now and then,I think we put this in the very first,live stream it did oh its very positive,one yeah it did do well yeah it did do,well I remember that now,this is recommended by John to us all,right and that was the first Benchmark,we bought,so you know for 10 bucks bud thats what,Im saying thats hard to beat you know,its extremely hard to beat in my,opinion I I prefer this one over the,ancient age I do as well you know I mean,for a brand new bourbon Drinker ancient,age isnt a bad idea very light flavors,little caramel a little vanilla you know,here heres an introductory pour of a,little bit of bourbon not a bad idea but,moving forward you know somebody that,drinks bourbon a little bit this one,here is is pretty decent I think for 10,bucks yeah thats the price Points what,really gets me all right Im gonna move,on to top four now turn this top floor,as the name indicates it has been aged,on the top floor of the Rick house okay,so thats why never had this one so we,will see what happens with this one here,now all these are rumored to be aged,around three years so you know except,for the bonded of course when we get to,that one but,what uh,whats the price on this uh the price on,this one let me think here top four was,fifteen dollars okay it is a little,higher proof its 86 proof,foreign,flavor profile,[Music],what I find though,for me and this is a little bit unfair,to you because I was able to kind of,check these out last few days and you,havent,I find this one to be the flavor profile,is completely different than the eight,theres no question about that I dont,know if thats from being distilled at,the top floor whatever but,its creamier yeah I couldnt get that,its a little bit more viscous for sure,but for me on my notes and I know this,low and fair because Ive had Ive had,time to taste these Im really only,getting a little bit of vanilla and Ill,and just maybe hint of some brown sugar,I can get the brown sugar I think I,might be struggling with the vanilla,yeah but just a hit yeah its its a,little different I wouldnt I wouldnt,list that as one of my favorites so far,I think I like this better than that,okay honestly yeah I like the mouth feel,because it is creamier it is and this is,a little bit thin I agree its like 10,bucks yeah and its 80 proof yeah and,you know theres theres other options,out there for 15 I think that would beat,that yeah you know no problem there so,okay moving on down small batch all,right this ones 90 proof and it comes,in at 17 okay all right 90 Proof,whoa,[Music],nice nose huh thats a crazy nose thats,a butterscotch nose to me okay yeah I,dont like butterscotch yes but thats,thats like butterscotch candy like were,there that okay thats weird,because what is that I dont like it but,I mean it doesnt smell terrible,I l

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benchmark Full Proof: The Best $20 Bottle Ever? Breaking the Seal EP#211

thats best not your worst,that almost fits perfectly thats why,um,welcome back were the bourbon junkies,is that where youre gonna have your mic,until the intro it is,[Music],yeah did you run the intro yeah okay,this is foolproof from benchmark uh ive,already had this you havent not from,1792.,not,not from dont bend the metal cap it,doesnt go bad not from heller,i mean same company,true different mash bill supposedly this,is just this is normal bourbon okay not,weeded,one 125 proof which is apparently their,entry proof on the series yeah um,weve done the rest of the benchmark,lineup,now we now get to do this and then,eventually well do the the benchmark,blind next thursday this is the,last infinity stone in the gauntlet,right here this is it and im thanos i,got to try this on tuesday night and you,didnt it smells nice i had a little,heartburn then so it was real hot thats,125 proof its a little little tingly,oh youre just going right into it right,into it huh boozy blackberries oh man,okay,twenty dollars cant believe it i cannot,believe a 20 bill can get you any,whiskey like this um okay it smells a,little youthy little graininess i mean,whatever okay its still okay at some,point in time you have to give a note,that isnt its twenty dollars twenty,bucks you know what it smells like the,best 20 bucks i ever spent you said top,floor,yeah its got a little quick id like to,throw the disclaimer out here publicly,from my mouth that i might or might not,have had several drinks before i drank,top four yeah is it amazing im sure,its the best one of the bunch clearly,but we hadnt had this one so this might,be the new best i dont know well know,well all know next thursday together is,what well all know um,i dont know if thats gonna dethrone,bonded for me i bonded was so nice and,sweet this,definitely you feel the proof its odd,huggy hug she uh she starts about right,okay yeah and then gets down into here,so i imagine,the teletubbies hug like,its deep and warm um,so,theres so many things that i cant say,to that comment this uh okay nose,sample,its got um,so with the corn uh its got a little,bit of that corniness on there but its,got some like maple syrup on there,almost,maybe april its more or less okay you,know what it is maple syrup,it is mrs buttersworth,butter flavored syrup with,on cornbread or something though yeah,not on like a pancake its got that fit,like theres something fake in there it,smells that way oh like an artificial,shape yeah sweetener honestly so here i,do go with you down the trail of like,something,funkily theyre,fake like i dont know if its my glenn,if food coloring had a smell this would,be it yes yeah if caramel food coloring,had a smell thats what it would be now,heres the thing its not bad it just is,different it is like a i think what it,is is its like the sweetness of the,actual distillate mixing with the,youthful parts of the whiskey i think,its if the corn part didnt exist here,i dont think would that be as much of,like uh,you wouldnt pay attention to that i get,like a toasted caramel off it too,i almost get like a shaved,coconut shaped coconut huh is that what,you know when you get um,whats an almond joy center,shredded coconut thats the word geez,i there there is something i keep,smelling because theres something,thats familiarly weird about it yeah,uh ive probably smelled this 400 times,by now and i dont know what it is,i cant put my finger on it but theres,something like a little,i dont want to say off like theres an,outlier nose on this and i cant put my,finger on it and i genuinely do think,because i keep coming back to like the,slight youth aspect of it theres not,its not super nutty its a little,youthy the youthy aspects are way more,ancient ancient age is way more usb than,this is for sure i think its a youth,based yeah no its definitely youthy um,i think this is what happens when you,leave youth at really high proofs,theres no i mean this is actually still,blended its not single barrel its not,theres nothing like super sharp about,it though it just feels a little off,like it feels like a whisper of what a,whiskey is trying to be at high proof,you know like,theres not a lot for flavor thats,coming with the the proof that im,getting its really really short and,then i just get proof,i dont know how this is peoples,favorites i think top floor is better,than this top floor is one of the best,wishes ive ever had in my life nope,bonded im definitely gonna [ __ ] win,though um,this even for twenty dollars i think id,rather have,bonded i get a ton of red apple,on the pallet okay not on the nose a,little honey some cinnamon which i think,is just youth a little bit of corn which,definitely is the grain ford aspect of,the whiskey i do like it and i think for,twenty dollars its still,an insane bargain if you want a high,proof for twenty dollars i dont know,that theres a better one,this is the thing as an equivalent,theres not one no because if youre,gonna get this proof with most things,that youre gonna be over 45 pretty,easily immediately yeah so makers cast,strength is one of the cheapest cast,rings i can think of except like rare,breed right and thats still theyre,both forty four fifteen yeah so um i,mean from uh maybe you could maybe you,could find a two year old craft,distillate thats barrel proof maybe but,thats probably still 40 bucks its not,bad its not great i think theyre,better in the lineup for sure i do too i,think theres better in the lineup i,think its great for 20 dollars this is,going to stand out like a sore thumb,its hot oh yeah yeah i almost get like,one of those um red hot cans its going,to be like drinking obtainium next to,you know normal whiskey yeah because,bonnies a hundred small batches 90s top,floors 86 or something like that,single barrels 92 or something too,theyre all super low so i will say this,isnt,this isnt the dark horse in the,blind for me,i do think for 20,just purely if were only doing this on,value i think its a great value,realistically what are you gonna do with,it drink it ugh,do you think cocktail it yeah probably,i think this is a good cocktail whiskey,its high proof,its,a little simple albeit,but itll hold up i think in a cocktail,i do agree with you that in this lineup,if we just compare them to their own,family there are other benchmarks id,rather have for twenty dollars yes,that being said if i was like i need a,high proof 20 whiskey yeah there is,something about it because i keep coming,back to it its interesting yeah i dont,think its not interesting i think it,almost reminds the i think you i dont i,think on buffalo trees you and i arent,used to that weird cinnamony note and i,think theres that weird cinnamony note,there the more i get into it the more i,think of like a jts brown theres like,dry woodiness about it yeah i think its,just woody and then also just really,really hot and it just saps the moisture,out of my tongue and thats why im,getting that like two by four note,i dont know do you get a grade that,reminds me of jts problem thats what it,is yes jts brown is nutty,yeah,this is the cinnamon aspect of that is,whats reminding me youre dead to me,whatd you create um,i think that because its 20 bucks i do,bump it up,im gonna go a b on the just a flat b on,the range c plus,wow for 20 125 i dont i dont like it,and at least four years old there are,three id rather grab from the lineup,that are basically the same price before,this 20,125 four-year-old whiskey hey buddy,now heres the thing i will give you the,ancient ancient ages like an,f,right,but thats like four proof or something,these days like they have ripped the,[ __ ] out of that you should be 10 years,old its not,its 10 stars years old now or whatever,so someone gave you a gallon of white,dog for 20 and theyre like you know,what its 125 percent okay thats fair,so im putting youre saying im placing,value way too high okay,so ill go b minus on that thank you,ill go,ill go b minus i was holding value on a,very high point,beca


[Music],hello everyone and welcome to the master,of whiskey room for whats on the shelf,Wednesday,welcome again for another week in this,series I do quick reviews of whiskies,that you could find on the shelf,including Bourbons Rhys Irish whiskeys,and Scotch so whats on the Shelf today,benchmark 8 so as you may already know,Buffalo Trace makes a lot of different,Bourbons but they only have a few mash,fills that they work with agent,placement in the warehouse is really,determine the rest there number 1,Nashville is a low rhyme Asheville which,is less than 10% rye and makes some very,well known names including Eagle rare,George tea stag stag junior Colonel,Taylor Buffalo Trace bourbon ol Charter,and McAfee benchmark maccabes benchmark,old number 8 bourbon is buffalo traces,most basic entry into the bourbon,category and is the equivalent of Evan,Williams Black Label from heaven Hill or,Jim Beam white label its a bargain,bourbon that delivers value without a,lot of depth and complexity but,sometimes thats just what you want at,an affordable price so a little history,about benchmark and some cool facts that,I found out before 1992 it went by the,name of benchmark bourbon and used to be,made of four roses back when Seagrams,owned them and originally benchmark was,sold in a decanter style bottle with a,black label Seagram sold four roses to,Kirin in 2002 so the sale of benchmark,to Sazerac predates that by a decade at,one detail I feel thats missed is the,name McAfee so ver the word benchmark on,the label after the 1992 sale of,benchmark the name was changed to McAfee,benchmark old number 8 bourbon in honor,of the McAfee Brothers who in 1775 were,among the first European settlers at the,site where Buffalo Trace stands today,this is bottle that 80-proof aged at,least 36 months is made by Buffalo Trace,and its available for about 12 bucks,alright guys so definitely wanted to,review this one that this is one,obviously I always see on the shelf but,I did find it interesting that I never,noticed that macca fees over the word,benchmark so I think itd be kind of fun,to call that out and,go through a little bit of the history,of it theres not much history about,this and said the brand kind of changed,hands so many times but as a basic entry,into the Buffalo Trace line of bourbon I,thought itd be interesting to tackle,this one so lets go into the nose,Wow so it only 80-proof it is very soft,on the nose but right out of the glass,youre getting very light caramels,light Vanillas but youre also getting,some orange peel which i think is,interesting considering this is a low,Ryan jand citrus something I normally,usually get with a higher Im Asheville,but definite getting some orange zest,here in the glass definitely adding some,corn sweetness you know its surprising,too because even though this bourbon is,on the younger side its not smelling,that way I mean there is some youth to,it obviously but you know Ive Ive,probably had some Bourbons that were,even younger than this or even some some,maybe a year older than this and have,smelt more youthful in the nose and this,one does getting a little honey in there,too just kind of nice yeah its actually,a pretty pleasant nose I mean its,vanilla caramel honey get some orange,peel which was a little bit unexpected,which i think is kind of interesting,maybe a touch of oak but not much,considering the age of it so lets go,into the pout see we get cheers guys,whoo that was way more flavorful on the,powell than I thought it was gonna be,this actually has a good bite to it on,the finish,mmm wow this is very this is the epitome,of a bourbon thats the the nose matches,the palate a lot of caramel honey,vanilla right up front get a little bit,of spice there on the on the middle of,the palate like where is that coming,from its a little rhyme Asheville,babies because with my first tip of the,day lets go further [ __ ] Wow,if this bourbon is actually 36 months,old which is only you know three years,old I think it drinks a little bit older,than that getting a little bit uh,getting a little bit more oak then I,thought I would on the palate good,amount of that citrus note is really,coming through,vanilla-caramel it also does not drink,like an 80 proof right that 80 proof,Bourbons that just disappear on the,palate this one is not disappearing on,the palate this one kind of stays a,little bit kind of gives you a nice,little tingle on the back end finish is,way longer than I thought would be go,for ownership yeah this combination of,vanilla citrus honey then its almost,like a like an herbal tea almost with,like a nice bite to it on the back end,its good I I am NOT hating on that at,all I mean I thought this would be like,an you know obviously its not my,favorite Buffalo Trace product it might,be my least favorite because its you,know its not that complex but at the,same time my goodness for $12 for 12,bucks this is a definitely just a decent,really good sipping bourbon Im not,gonna hate on this at all,Im at $12 benchmark old number 8 brand,so the number 8 on the front of this,bottle is very reminiscent of the George,Dickel Tennessee whiskey because they,have on their bottles they have the,recipe numbers they have the eight or,the 12 that you can get and I think a,lot of consumers will think that that is,the actual age of the whiskey with which,is not the case at all its just the the,recipe number so I want to give the,marketing guys at some of these,distilleries or like out lets look,lets leave the 8 or the 12 or whatever,it may be on the front label even though,its not the age maybe maybe consumers,will think that that is the agent will,sell more so guys are tricky man tricky,tricky but yeah just to reiterate the 8,on the benchmark is not the age of the,bourbon its just a recipe number so all,right so lets go for one last sip on,this one yeah even on that tip still,getting those same flavors its very,consistent min honey orange vanilla,light caramel Im still surprised at how,theres a little bit of a finish on here,theres some nice tingly a little bit of,a spiciness going on the back end I mean,hell yeah its its for $12 this is an,absolute steal alright so benchmark 8,what can I say for,twelve bucks this is way better than I,remembered it I think if youre looking,to get into the Buffalo Trace category,and you cant find Weller you cant find,and while ancient age is usually pretty,accessible too but thats the higher R,Im Asheville if you want to stay on,that lower ride Nashville yeah look for,the benchmark eight its its usually,pretty widely available I always see it,on the shelf it is from Buffalo Trace I,think it drinks a little bit older than,it in the thirty-six months would,indicate its got a good amount of,flavor like I said if you like that kind,of sweet tea type profile when youre,looking at when youre thinking about,orange vanilla caramel yeah definitely,some citrus in there there it definitely,drinks a little bit older than I think,it is I think its a its a hell of a,bottle good for mixing probably good to,just to have around the house if youre,you know I dont know lets see if,everyones at home right now during the,the quarantine you could be God knows,what youre doing doing yard work inside,doing a home project man pour a little,bit of this 80-proof could drink this,all day benchmark yeah go for it try it,alright guys well hope you enjoyed this,episode for whats on the Shelf,Wednesday as we looked at McAfee,benchmark 8 bourbon from Buffalo Trace,hope you enjoyed it if you did hit that,subscribe button below please hit that,like button if you havent yet follow me,on instagram and find me on Twitter let,me know what you think of benchmark 8 do,you like it do you hate it do you think,its a good intro bourbon is this,something you keep around the house and,as I always say its not about the,whiskey its the people you share with,so Cheers and Ill see you next week on,the master drum take care everybody,[Music]

Benchmark Bonded Whiskey Review. Is there A New King of Budget? Breaking the seal EP#204

welcome back,were ready,we almost and im showing a different,bottle,someones dropped it,were gonna have to do something in the,new building because youre gonna break,so many bottles mark,bonded,good timing,[Music],well today were going to be drinking,benchmark bonded one of the highest,quality kentucky straight bourbon,whiskey hunter proofers ive ever seen i,know jesus has been killed in the,benchmark lately has he really yeah,on their uh livestream the other day,talking about already killing like two,bottles,casually he said casually hey lets,relax casually theyre theyre i mean,theyre cheap theyre 20 bucks 20 hour,ball whiskey,pretty available,that smells freaking fantastic dude i,think i just found my new davis does,this taste anything like it just smelled,i know this is going to bother about 14,people youre all going to leave a,comment im gonna drink it,five minutes later,oh thats your tooth thats a,you wanna do the grades what is this,should we just turn this into a youtube,short lets just create this off the rip,thats twenty dollars theres no,freaking way thats twenty dollars dude,thats better than single barrel,yeah way better its got a little bit of,corniness on it no its perfect peachy,its like uh its got that peach chino,no wonder griez is killing these yeah at,a hundred proof thats great okay okay,that cap sucks,what the [ __ ],well it didnt go into packaging oh it,doesnt work no you just have something,i poured too much for me okay thats,fair,unfortunately it doesnt work,its a cap daniel,let me get that for you let daddy get it,for you dont worry,okay we actually got a review again we,cant do a youtube short on this bonded,means that it was bottled and bond um,one single season one distiller in a,government bonded warehouse,hunter prover uh at least four i get,that peach like sweet peach note on this,a lot this smells honestly this reminds,me,of,why why are they quitting making ancient,age maybe hopefully because honestly,these are similar prices yeah this is,drastically better than h h this is,better than ancient age and ancient,ancient age and benchmark eight so i,wouldnt buy any of those anymore i,would just flock to this honestly i,dont get any of that,corn mealy note in the nose at all no i,definitely got a,little hint of it on the palate i get,berries but for 20,yeah it is very sweet um theres got,that a little bit of maple circle oh man,dude its like a stew its like a fruit,cocktail,thats just crushable thats honestly,crushable that um i get a lot of sweet,cornbread on that on the palette,i get,yeah in the finish,its oily,thats just thats just a crush you know,you cant find buffalo trace anymore,like most people cant yeah i just just,buy that,because its a little higher proof its,cheaper more available its great just,buy that,i i dont even at 100 proof this is,amazing i dont really love that,this is great summer whiskey this is,crushable why is that this reminds me,like a better version almost of blade,and bow,no blind bell slaps the hell out of that,no it doesnt go grab it just no just,you dont we dont need to pour it you,really dont need to,its not close,okay i mean if youre gonna do it dont,be a [ __ ],okay all right i got a small pour of,plain bow here,yeah its not close buddy,mind you this is i dont get a good nose,were not youre currently using glasses,as intended right now,um,the uh its only gonna lean this part,its way better no its not this is no,its not i get that weird note off of it,its sour green apple,with a little bit of like,unleaded no you dont get that,oh,id rather have blade and bow no shut,your dumb mouth dude you know youre,wrong blade and bow is like 90 proof now,heres a problem it is 50 bucks the fact,that were comparing these two and this,is 20. thats true its crazy um i do,prefer this yeah i will say theyre,closer than you would think they were,yeah it um go back to the benchmark yeah,the the youthiness stands out a lot even,on their nose yeah its more lemon,grassy on the nose now yeah dead down,there quite a bit of blood and bone,there you got your drink serious tasting,milk i already did that i know but i,never do,fruit cocktail no one expected,maraschino cheese,i know maybe its a welcome surprise,merry chili cherries fruit cocktail,peaches you say peach tea yeah yeah okay,its got a ton of that,because its its almost that tobacco-y,note that gives it the the tea like its,not herbal its just a little,little funkier on the peach a hint of,buttered sweet cornbread,with so youre just saying my nose a,little cinnamon on the tail okay,cinnamon was my note [ __ ] yourself i,said yeah on the fence you agreed with,me but it was my note so im just gonna,replay me saying its got a ton of that,sweet cornbread in there,another time hint a ton lot of nice,pre-ripe almost ripe red raspberries in,there all right,its kind of uh,this is a poor man kosher rye have you,ever had the uh the white sweatshirt,no yeah help yourself like strawberries,yeah,costco had them theyre like really,sweet though oh hello,send me yeah um all right you wanna grab,this uh,this is a really long video seven and a,half minutes,we shot an intro there was like a minute,in there too,uh hey,ill be excited to run the rest of the,benchmark lineup right now i think this,is my favorite one,eight plus,for twenty dollars yeah well lets,compare how much is a single barrel damn,theyre lets say i hate these are all,around twenty you like damn i know but,im saying im comparing them damn,terrible,feral barton when it was bonded was,really good it was really good one of,the best bonds anymore bond is gone,scratch it yep,if i have twenty dollars old charter,eight old grandad baldwin bond right uh,old fitzgerald bellamon heaven hill the,new white label or whatever no right,this beats all that stuff yeah ancient,age ancient ancient age benchmark,close its not no thats the best one,im telling you a plus thats the best,20. the closest thing to it is the old,forester 100 at 25 bucks its close yeah,thats the closest thing for me or maybe,wild turkey 101 depending on which ones,you like its like 30 though plus 131,yeah i know its not supposed to be we,live in this stupid place okay well,there you are theres our great fruits,and pork thats a great bottle i almost,flipped like come subscribe dont do,that theyre corkstalls the cap doesnt,work,id be wet,not a good way,chippa chicka,its like a turntable,[Music],oh,[Music],oh,[Music],oh,[Music],uh,[Music],bye

The (almost) Complete Benchmark Blind! Only one can be the BEST!

welcome back were verb Junkies,that clipped the audio today were gonna,review benchmarks no were not were,gonna blind them and top floor is,winning 100 no its not,[Music],so weve got top floor small batch,bonded foolproof and Single Barrel,which well be running in a a Five Blind,here but our board only goes to four,yeah the fifth one we have an e in this,one yeah uh when top four comes dead,last danielcraft will know that I was,plastered during that review yeah thats,what well know and then when uh,foolproof does way better well know we,both had covet during that review I,didnt but I was given kova during that,review so interestingly I think it were,so anyway as you all probably know the,rules we started a go all the way down,the E take a break come back through and,then we rank them damn still is playing,with the bottles whoa this is the first,time probably both either of us have,realized this is the only one thats a,different bottle yeah,thats crazy,this is a ribbed neck,346 minutes later so we didnt weve,reviewed all these if you want our,thoughts individually without comparing,them so much to others then you can go,back watch them but that all being said,these are the new error-ish benchmarks,all around 20 bucks,oh my gosh it smells incredible okay,yeah this is a whiskey glass yeah thats,a whiskey those are the best sjs you,ever have yeah dude the base nice and,thick you need a nice thick base for a,good recipe all right so I went through,and noted them all one of them smell,very weird well one of thems a lot the,only the theres only one thing that,makes me sad about this entire blind is,that one of them is such a significant,proof jump,todays video brought to you by school,Bliss lets see whats in the box we,have a entire skull oh yeah some very,long horns some would say youll be able,to see hopefully in the b-roll but its,like a metallic gold like sprinkled with,like its gonna fit the the vibe that we,got going on the castle really really,well yeah um but right now theyre,running sales with uh up to 500 off you,can use code bourbon j50 to get an,additional 50 on anything if no matter,if its already 500 off you throw that,you get an extra fifty dollars off there,you go school Bliss sources these,ethically so you dont have to feel bad,having one of these in your house its,not like they went and took an animals,life just to get the skull thats not,how it works which is awesome,um they have huge Longhorns they have,Rams they have yeah weve got uh every,Bowl they have everything thats cool we,got two of them now and I cant wait to,have this one up in the castle as such a,cool like talking point for people to,see yeah Im gonna be honest if you have,a big wall I go like long the wide horns,are so freaking cool its awesome and,they got a bunch of different colors,um not only with like the the horn,coloration but they do different,finishes on the skulls themselves yeah,you can so that was an op the the light,bulb is an option in the back theres,different mounting options theres,literally desk mounting options you can,put them literally almost about an hour,or so all the lights off in the castle,yeah when you walk in but yeah head on,over to school Bliss today chop around,see what you cant find theres uh,something for every Decor up there yeah,you can find something yeah I think your,skull Bliss youre working with the,channel as always School Bus has been,great you guys the people who picked up,some school bus products have loved them,so thats super cool to hear we love you,guys thank you guys very much back the,video cheers hey we I believe in our,review we liked all these no we didnt,like foolproof that much yeah I liked it,quite a bit,um you really [ __ ] on it really really,good like this like normal Buffalo Trace,yeah its got a lot of Sweetness in,there I get a ton of butterscotch in,vanilla I would,off the nose confuse this with Like an,Eagle Rare or something like that for,sure real quick because you guys if you,guys are gonna leave a comment some of,you guys are going to come here and be,like you didnt bench America aint in,there we didnt because its not good,comparably while youre here leave a,comment down below which ones your,favorite do that,so thats not foolproof youre saying no,I think I found them foolproof and that,is my first whiskey why is that the,first wish weve had all day and shes a,burner it is nice though oh I do like is,it better now man it has a lot better,than that yeah lets just say if you,were gonna regrade it,so far for 20 bucks a lot better not a c,or whatever man that really Id give,that a solid B minor thats fair it,doesnt just taste like ethanol no no,its full proof okay,you said B minus yeah damn thats a,harsh grade still okay well see I could,be wrong you know what Im Im not gonna,move on because I only had one tip and I,feel like thats not giving it,the the the,I dont know satisfaction so it is still,like a little punchy,ethanol wise,um and theres like a a little bit of a,raw ethanol on the back of the palette,but the rest of its good you know the,um like the Blackberry jelly you can get,at diners yeah it comes in a little bit,I know yeah and you took that and just,dissolved it in alcohol yeah thats very,close to that but but like vodka yeah be,like a harsh more harsh alcohol yeah,yeah just a little something its a,little harsh it is a little harsh,honestly all right oh this smells,incredible yes it does this is fruity,Jammy its got a lot of honey yeah those,are good its got a little tobacco,Runner I think maraschino cherries,um,this is almost like uh spring its like,refreshing on the nose wheres the,wheres my whiskey at though itd be,very interesting going this direction,since we had 125 proof first maybe we,dont know,wait until we get to like e and hes,just like lights are Monster oh no no,two of them,um yeah I like that one it feels so,light though its very crushable oh the,definition of it 100 almost Canadian,whiskey-esque yeah um on the Finish,where its like really light,it feels uh feels like they used whiskey,sparingly in that one you know what I,mean,um,I mean whats there is pretty good,whats theirs I like but you really,gotta like wash her around a little bit,let your tongue marinate in it and then,youre like oh whiskey this is like if,you wanted to say goodbye to somebody,you liked but they didnt like you right,thatll get someone into whiskey so they,ran out the doors you were yelling by,because theyre just gone,fleeting wood kind of like mac,diet whiskey is what that is ah whoa,hello,this smells older oh oakier definitely,like a lot of Oak spicy nice though not,like,I dont want to put it in the wrong,space not like too much Oak not like,that I almost get a little banana runt,no out of it,I yeah I would go more tropical-esque,than this more classic Id say this is,classic Buffalo Trace B is classic,Buffalo Trace flavors B for buffalo,C is,see for catastrophically Tropic dude,thats got some oil to it and it rolls,around that sweep that is my favorite I,will give it another taste it smells,great but I remember Bonnet being this,reminds me more of a brown Foreman,almost I know but taste it its got that,like sweet banana flavor its got a lot,of sugar then you get the tobacco and,Oak its so well-rounded,thats a cookie cat,okay so theres were back to a little,more proof than b for sure I even get,some uh red apple skin on there too and,linger is nice and actually I like that,linger a little bit its almost like a,black pepper linger like a little spicy,but in a nice way,kind of like that yeah were 100,guessing on all these I cant wait till,were wrong and everything yeah Ricky,Porter for those of you who havent,watched these Ricky came out Sean and I,went into the office Ricky came out,poured all these we came back in and and,the answers are on the bottom of this,board right here so real quick,the color on D is significantly,different than a b and c yeah thats,wild,um dude shes good this feels like it,was finished i

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