1. Better Than The SBE3? Benelli Montefeltro 12ga Semi-Auto Shotgun Review
  2. Benelli Montefeltro Review | The Brand NEW Benelli Semi-Auto 2022!
  3. Benelli Montefeltro is a beast! (Sporting Clays)
  4. BERETTA vs BENELLI semi-auto shotguns
  5. If I Could Only Have ONE Benelli Semi-Auto Shotgun
  6. Unboxing a Benelli Montefeltro Sporting 12Gauge 30” Barrel
  7. Unboxing a Benelli Montefeltro Silver for Opening day of Dove season in Colorado

Better Than The SBE3? Benelli Montefeltro 12ga Semi-Auto Shotgun Review

hey whats up everyone welcome to target,focus life my names steve and did you,know that benelli actually has a shotgun,semi-auto shotgun thats less than,thirteen hundred dollars msrp it is the,benelli monofiltra today were going to,take a detailed and in-depth look to see,if this is your next shotgun ready lets,go,so if youre anything like me you might,be a little confused by benellis lineup,of shotguns you look at it and they have,the super black eagle three they have,the monofeltro they have the ethos they,have the ethos cordoba bass they have,just the m2 all these different seminal,shotguns what is the difference were,not going to get deep into that today i,will make a video down the line but im,reviewing a lot of the benelli,semi-autos to get a good feel of what,the difference actually is this is the,monofeltra msrp of 12.99 i was able to,get it from reeds my favorite sporty,good retailer for less than that but,this is quite a bit different than say,their m2 or their super black eagle 3,and the fact that it basically comes in,either a walnut and blued version or a,black synthetic and blued version it,doesnt have camo options this is,definitely one of their more affordable,options the monofaltrill is a 12 gauge,but its also available in 20 gauge,options it is like the rest of the,benelli line inertia driven the length,of pull is 14 and 3 8. thats the,distance from the trigger to the butt,end 14 3 8 is kind of benelli standard a,lot of their shotguns come 14 and 3 8. i,believe youre able to make most of them,longer by adding pads shim kits are,available on this gun but do not come,with this gun to the best of my,understanding dropout comb is inch and a,half drop it heel is two and a quarter,so you have three quarter inch drop,across the comb this shotgun comes with,three chokes your standard proof,cylinder mod in full ive already added,a carlsons choke on top of this one,because i need the smoke clays because,were doing this video and film aint,cheap man the gun i have here is a 28,inch barrel 26 and 24 options are,available as well theres several other,variations left-handed models compact,different size barrels and then whether,we go with the walnut or the black,synthetic one of the things i like to,take a look at with specs is the trigger,lets just feel it out,ah doesnt feel too bad a little free,travel,it doesnt feel super heavy though,a little spongy but not bad it feels,pretty decent lets put it on the,trigger scale its gotta be under six,pounds,its got oh yeah i knew it,five pounds five point five ounces,five pounds seven point eight ounces,yeah those are pretty consistent so,were right around,5.6 pounds 5.7 pounds in that area which,i im okay with im okay with and i,think when it comes to speed shooting,thats going to help me shoot this a,whole lot more efficiently than i shot,the m2 which had to trigger over six,pounds lets take a look at the,ergonomics of this shotgun its the look,the feel the function right off the bat,it does feel different than some other,other shotguns thats one thing ive,noticed among the different benelli,shotguns is usually their forearms are,all different the m2 is different than,the super black eagle 3 which is,different than the monofeltra which is,different than the ethos this one is,pretty straight,there is a contour on top but otherwise,its pretty straight checkering is,decent it feels okay in the hands i like,a little contour to get my hand around,its a medium sized grip i like them a,little narrower it feels a little rear,heavy,mounts okay i come up a little high on,this gun,yep definitely a little high on this gun,i would need some adjustments i would,need to get that shim kit balance point,is about right there on a lot of,semi-autos you find the balance point,closer to where the receiver meets the,forearm if you do that youre gonna see,its gonna tip back for me that causes a,little bit of whipping fast barrel,movement can over swing on clays some,people may actually like lighter barrels,so just want to point that out trigger,guard very similar to a lot of the other,guns its not oversized at all cross,bolt safety is that triangular cross,bolt safety,bolt release is this tiny little bolt,release kind of a pain to push loading,port just kind of standard looks like a,lot of the benelli semi auto shotguns it,does have it looks the same as their,comfort tech recoil pad,which i think is a pretty decent pad as,you can see if i,squish it does have some movement to it,nothing else fancy in the stock doesnt,have the chevrons or the comfort tech,cheek pad or anything like that,the rib is a flat rib it comes right off,the receiver its flat theres no step,up i like a stepped up rib,im just i dont peek as much and maybe,with my long neck i think that helps a,little bit but this gun,yeah every time i mount it,what i do is i have both eyes open look,at something the distance i mount and,then i close my eye,i can see im looking down on the rib so,i really need to get this gun into my,cheek i really need to,come in like that which then i notice,this guns actually feels a little short,for me too just depends where my thumb,lands i need to get my thumb probably up,a little bit more pistol grip affects,that im not in love with the grip but,overall feels pretty good in the hands,lets do some shooting lets shut up and,shoot lets look at recoil and,reliability of this shotgun curious to,see if it shoots any different than any,of the other benelli shotguns i,was just shooting at m2 i mean no more,than 30 minutes ago,so i kind of got the feel of that that,has the chevrons in it the comfort tech,stock a little bit different technology,jumps into my face a little bit these,are target loads these are ounce and,eight target loads so were not shooting,anything heavy,oh yeah,a little more recoil than id like ive,been shooting benellis all day so my,shoulder is starting to get beat up a,little bit,im not trying to bash on benelli but,these inertia guns they definitely have,more felt recoil into the shoulder as,far as reliability,you know i cant do an extensive test,id love to hear from folks that have,this gun have shot thousands of rounds,how is it handled,you have cycling issues these are again,out to the eight lets see what happens,if we were to,im pretty impressed honestly,im pretty happy that this gun seems to,cycle,no matter which way you hold it inertia,guns often dont operate well handed,over the head though,told you,so if youre thinking,you wanted to do a little one-handed,over-the-head shooting probably probably,not what about just one-handed shoot,could you do that,oh it ejected that,oh yeah you could do the one-handed,shoot and just know one-handed over the,head all right it feels,decent it feels decent not a whole lot,to talk about there theres lighter,recoiling guns theres heavier recoiling,guns this is kind of middle of the road,but as far as reliability really,impressed with how well this gun has,been cycling shooting the lighter target,loads um i think thats a great great,thing to see in the monofiltril so real,quick here were just going to break,this shotgun down now were going to,look at quality of build,as well as ease of teardown,ease of maintenance,four end cap,someday itll come off there it is that,took a while,for end cap four end,off barrel ah,its hot were gonna close the bolts,oh man,ive already cleaned this once,and that is a bugger,i dont this isnt the kosher way to do,it but were just gonna grab it with a,pliers,pro tip the bolt nice and simple like i,mean,same bolt as a lot of benelli shotguns,just simple design,highly effective design,pop out the pin take out the trigger,group hey look at that this looks,exactly,like every other benelli semiauto,shotgun theres probably slight,differences i might notice them side by,side but honestly guys when i look at,the monofeltra,i see,just a benelli shotgun a very similar,look as the m2 which i just had a part a,minute ago,very similar look is the super black,eagle 3.

Benelli Montefeltro Review | The Brand NEW Benelli Semi-Auto 2022!

[Music],hi everybody welcome back to the premier,Gardens YouTube channel and hot off the,press today weve got a new semi-auto I,want to show you new auto from Benelli,and now a little bit of background,obviously with Benelli is the reason,Bernays are so so popular worldwide is,because of the lack of maintenance,required so with Benelli you dont have,a gas operating system it is solely,based on inertia and due to that there,are no moving Parts here makers are,going a bit lighter and also ultimately,means youve got nothing to clean so,this is the new montefaltro so the,montefaltro,um it is a is a the Benelli single piece,action thats been around for probably,20 25 years now maybe even longer than,that I believe that montefalco was some,famous Italian person I think he was a,lord from the town of urbino which is,where the Benelli Factory is and that,was back in the Renaissance period so,theres a bit of History attached to,this gun as well,so one piece action and the reason,behind that is simply to reduce the cost,weve done videos on the raphaela which,is the two-piece action things like the,Academia the Super Sport which are,benellis kind of Premium models now the,most famous montefaltro uh model I can,think of is the M2 the M2 has been a,staple uh favorite for certainly game,Keepers for as long as Ive been in the,trade,um certainly from 2000 onwards from from,when beetroot equipment used to bring in,Benelli into the UK that was the uh the,wholesalers back then,and the reason for that is like I said,they just dont need cleaning they just,work and work and work the M2 is,available in a section one of five shots,so like I say for a Game Keeper or for,someone that shoots a lot of waterfowl,its absolutely spot on so what theyve,done with this new model its basically,a revamp so its got the same inertia,system as its always had which is,essentially a recourse spring in the,stock but what they have done is theyve,made the whole gun a lot Slimmer so if,you just look at the profile of it the,four end,has virtually nothing there altogether,and also theyve slimmed the stock down,and if you compare this to something,like an M2 the M2 is a lot more bulky a,lot more chunky whereas this is going,down the route of kind of the new,Raphael action which again is a lot,Slimmer a lot sleeker and you could,argue its just more modern looking so,this particular model is a 28 inch,barrel synthetic so this will be,marketed for,an all-round shooter bit of pigeons,bitter Clays bit of wildfowl they really,are a very very Universal semi-auto,shotgun so well take it apart so youve,got a standard screw cap,you see its uh occurs on this very,stylish Benelli cardboard box weve got,here,and take the four end off,and like I said because its a Benelli,because its a nursery operator theres,nothing to clean if you had the likes of,a Beretta a Remington a Browning,obviously youd have various pistons in,here some guns all the guns you have,piston rings piston assemblies and,ultimately those are the things that get,Caked Up with carbon and various,deposits and always need to be clean the,good thing is with the Benelli is it,gets the it will not get to the point,where it actually stops working because,of its clogged up whereas with the gas,operated Auto it would and thats why,theyre so popular with people like,gamekeepers,foreign,so here weve got a 28 inch barrel in a,very very high gloss finish I always,think the the blue in when I pick up a,Benelli is exceptional to be honest with,you obviously youve got some of the,matte finish versions um the cerakote M2,Etc but I always think that the gloss,the finish on Benelli belt is very very,good 28 inch three inch Chambers,Superior Steel shock proof which we all,are absolutely gonna have to have at,some point so like I said its a very,very Universal gun that weve got a,seven mil rib on there a ventilated rib,and this has got the Creo chokes now,with it being sort of a lower priced,Benelli I think you only get three,chokes with this but they are the,creochok so they are nice and long and,they offer very good ballistics and also,very good patterns which is good,so the action itself like I said its,just a lot sleeker than the old one the,old one was quite bulky and obviously it,was it was in line for a revamp,um that changed the size and shape of,the bolt release button the uh theres a,little bit early inertia driven system,which is like I said absolutely the way,it works is incredible really because,its just literally a recourse spring in,the stock and then in the stems of the,stock you have got again its a lot,Slimmer than the other one its sleeker,um they have built the the hole for the,slings of walls into the stock made the,um the actual grip nice and slim again,and its got one of the not one of the,Comfort Tech pads where you would find,on something more expensive like a super,sport but it is a kind of techno gel pad,so it does offer some recoil absorption,so thats that four end I really like,the four end they put these like groovy,grooves in there you remember I I think,I compared the raphaelo Super Sport,um 4 and 2s salmon this is not this is,nothing like that but it has got these,little grooves in here as well and again,the thing with Benelli its top top,quality you know the polymer the,Composites that they use the rubber is,always really really high standard and,thats coupled with the fact that as,Ive said in previous videos the,warranty now offer by Benelli is 10,years previously it was five years,we did the video on the Frenchie,Affinity 3 which is similar in design,and function to a Benelli semi auto and,we point out that they come with a seven,year warranty and because of that I,think Benelli have just upped the game a,bit because they are in my opinion the,worlds best semi-automatics and now you,get a 10 year warranty,again,Ill revert back to another video on an,auto which is better a400 that came in a,cardboard box and theres two theres,two schools of thought here yes its all,about saving the environment which I,completely get but I think sometimes,people like to have a presentation case,when they buy something just so they,feel a bit more special and theyre,getting a bit of added Extra Value,having said that nine times out of ten,theres end up in the Lost in the,covered in dust so it doesnt really,matter so inside your box,you have a book of words a proof,certificate now this is just just to,clarify this is a brand new model its,literally just in the UK markets weve,had this a day I believe,and inside this uh Aladdins Cave of,folders cardboard we have got,choke key,shims and actually believe it or not we,have actually got five checks so five,jokes all the way from four three chords,a half quarter and cylinder and the ever,important shim kit now for those that,know what a shim kitted this is all down,to the fitting of the stock so what,youve got is youve got these little,plastic shims and spacer plates,and they literally sit,in the back of the stock so you remove,the stock and these little wedges of,plastic fit on the but between the,action and where the the head of the,stock meets the action and whatever the,design of the shape or the cast of that,piece of plastic determines the height,and the drop and the cast of the stock,its extremely clever but extremely,simple at the same time so thats good,because it means even though youre,buying a semi-auto you know we cant cut,an adjustable comb in something like,this but its still infinitely,adjustable because you can change the,dropper comb change drop a heel and you,can change the cast Im not entirely,sure where they do a bigger recoil pad,for this as with most benellis they,usually offer you know adjustments that,you can make as the owner so for the,comfort Tech pads you can buy them in I,think 30 mil 25 and 32 so Ill be very,surprised if there isnt another option,for a longer pad shorter I wouldnt,imagine so because as Ive pointed out,before Italian semi-auto Benelli in,particular tend t

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Benelli Montefeltro is a beast! (Sporting Clays)

thats better,come on guys all right,so in this video ill show you guys a,check ill be using my new,benelli monte paltrow ill show it to,you guys here in a sec,going so far shes really good im,really pleased with it lets check it,out,all right guys so here it is the benelli,montefeltro,or monte filter however however you want,to say it but this gun so far,has just been an absolute beast ive,only my first time shooting it,feels good shoots good sounds good this,right here,oh yeah that sounds,ill probably get this gun so far 10 out,of a 10.,its just all around awesome its,inertia driven,still kicks though like a normal any 12,gauge though,i got the 28 inch barrel with the wood,grain the wood grain is so nice,oh my gosh oh my god,china all right so go ahead and enjoy,the video let me know what you guys,think,ill check you later,cool,called a dead station,its pretty its pretty,good though,aint no baby oh,yo man this guy sucks,oh,you suck legendary,[Music],oh look at that ill give you the,same thing ready yeah cool,cool,damn damn it drives like an animal,what was that off of oh no off of the uh,billy madison damn guy drives like an,animal,i got to reload,breaker breaker breaker,it was a little slow clean i dont know,about that,cool,i cant be a camera guys hey guys let me,see,ford owners i still use that,no its five second rule cant use it,whats so funny five second rule,dude i cant remember where they came,from,thats what she said all right ball,clean,i give it the long wait make her think,shes going to get somewhere no,this is hard my glasses are getting,foggy,[Applause],ready,yeah wheres your safety glasses oh [ __ ],i cant get kicked out of here now he,takes the earplug out,four donors,guys this is the best part of the whole,trip i hate my glo,its the high tester,dont spit it out joel,some what fried chicken chicken fried,chicken,where are you serious trouble if they,ever see this video too bad i only get,like,21 subscribers so,cool,oh jump,pull,pull,[Applause],mine should i do it dont yeah im gonna,do it ill leave mine,can i shoot this cheap ammo through that,cheap cheap ammo,[Music],[Applause],damn,no i didnt put nothing on,i got,oh,oh we smoked it,oh,after two hour rain delay to finish four,stations,were gonna finish so,[Music],[Music],[Music],oh yeah,[Music],hey,[Music]

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BERETTA vs BENELLI semi-auto shotguns

[Music],[Music],[Music],in this video,you have a ringside seat at the slugfest,of the century,as two italian heavyweight champions go,toe-to-toe,to claim the belt is the best semi-auto,shotgun,in this corner we have the king of the,gas shotguns,loretta and in this corner,we have the king of the inertia shotguns,benelli,all right guys lets have a clean fight,and benelli,i dont want to see any finger biting,as dramatic and over the top as the,beretta versus benelli conflict,might sound people actually get into,heated arguments over which shotgun is,better,you know they always have some crazy,anecdotal evidence,to back up their claims you know often,bordering on the absurd,car guys are constantly fighting over,ford versus chevy mercedes versus bmw,and toyota versus honda and,in the same way shotgun guys are,constantly bickering over,beretta versus benelli semi-auto,shotguns,you know uh and this is a stupid thing,to argue about,because uh both of these,semi-auto shotguns have their own,strengths and weaknesses,and at the end of the day i have a,little secret for you,theyre both the same company thats,right,theyre both the same company you cant,hate the management at beretta,and simultaneously love the management,at binelli,because of the same damn people where,the real difference,lies is in the operating systems,used to eject and load shells in these,shotguns,beretta uses a gas operating system,and benelli uses an inertia operating,system,but there are some smaller differences,that can make either gun,seem attractive or unattractive to,prospective buyers,and before i start showing you what i,like and dislike about each gun,let me assure you that i have no skin in,this game,im not sponsored by either company and,i own,several shotguns from each manufacturer,the beretta semi-auto hunting shotguns i,own,are the 390 the a400 and an a300,the benelli semi auto shotguns i own are,the m2 two monofiltros,and i just sold my super black eagle,three so,i have extensive experience using,examples of both beretta and benelli,semi-auto shotguns,so in this video i want to dispel or,confirm a couple of myths,often cited in the endless,gas versus inertia gun shotgun argument,you know and in order just to dispel or,confirm these myths,i need two shotguns that are very,similar,in size and weight and that are,chambered in the same cartridge,so for this comparison well use,the beretta a400,explore action and the benelli,monofiltro,both of these guns are chambered for,three inch 20 gauge shells,and theyre specifically marketed,for upland hunters you know any serious,upland hunter,would be proud to own either of these,shotguns,while its true that most clay shooters,like a little bit of extra weight on,their guns most upland hunters really,dont,you know especially guys like me that,walk for miles on my upland hunts,you know since these are both upland,shotguns,you know cutting weight is a real,benefit,you know keep in mind that both of these,20 gauge guns,have aluminum receivers steel barrels on,them,and wood stocks so lets weigh these,guns,and see if gas guns weigh significantly,more than inertia guns,okay so now were going to weigh both,shotguns and,get an empty weight on them first,is the benelli monofiltro,and that comes in at almost exactly six,pounds thats six pounds,and point one ounces 0.1 ounces so,basically almost six pounds even on that,one,and then well weigh the a400,completely empty gun,and well see how much the beretta a400,weighs,thats six pounds 0.5 ounces so,the difference in weight is four tenths,of one ounce,so i guess for all intents and purposes,they basically weigh the same so,i think this myth is busted,so theyre both pretty much the same,weight but,whats amazing about this weight,test to me is that this beretta,has a gas piston system in it,its got the kickoff system in the stock,which basically has little tiny shock,absorbers in there,and uh its got a,two inch longer barrel,than the benelli does,you know so uh and it still comes in as,at the same weight as the benelli,so i think if they took off if the,barrels were the same size and it didnt,have that kickoff system,the beretta would probably be lighter,than the benelli,so i think this rumor is busted you know,just because you have a,gas gun doesnt mean that you have a,heavier gun,you know this rumor is obviously a,holdover from the old remington 1100,days,when it was heavy it was basically the,heaviest of all the autoloading rifles,but,in modern times this isnt true anymore,and uh,especially not with the berettas,so both of these guns have been used,extensively on quail and dove hunts,this season so far and im gonna clean,them,you know and time how long it takes from,start to finish to clean them,for your convenience ill speed up the,video so you dont get bored with the,whole process,you could see that my a400,is extremely dirty i mean thats,thats just pure dirt on there,was out this things actually been,through a lot here you know,between cleanings its uh,its really dusty too its uh,been out clay shooting a couple boxes of,clay,it went through an entire dove season,shot a lot of doves with it,and uh its basically been uh,hiking around in the out in the desert,up in the mountains and out in my local,hills quail hunting,and uh even a chucker hunt in the last,couple weeks and,i have a little rack in the back of my,jeep and i actually have the,the top off my jeep right now and ive,been rolling around with this in my jeep,and its just,dusty as hell but it hasnt misfired,there hasnt been any issues but,its definitely time for a cleaning,[Music],[Music],okay so now im going to clean up this,benelli this benelli is probably,shot uh about one box of clays,and maybe went out two days for dove,and uh spent one day out in the field,chucker hunting,so hasnt seen that much but im going,to clean it anyways,okay remember how i warned you that,sometimes the shotgun,bull handle doesnt want to play on,berettas and benellis well,its like im going to have to use the,old noose technique on it,there,so you got to remove them a lot of times,i have berettas that do that and i have,a lot of benellis that do that,now back to the cleaning,[Music],[Music],so,so really as you saw in the video,realistically,the only extra step you have between,cleaning a,bread and a benelli is just to,remove this gas piston right here and,spray that down,thats clean,im gonna wipe off the piston,really good,you dont want any type of lubricant or,film or anything on here thatll attract,uh,carbon and dirt so youre gonna,gently push this piston back in and bam,its done i mean,realistically what thats a minute,i mean this is the only extra part you,have to clean,between the beretta and the benelli,really so i mean,what a minute so the people running,around,i hate burritos because it takes too,damn long to clean them,i mean really a minute,so the beretta only took about one,minute longer to clean,than the benelli you know the only extra,step,was to pull out the piston wipe it off,wipe out,you know wipe out the piston housing and,put the piston back,in i mean thats it you know,thats what all the benelli people go,crazy over one minute of extra cleaning,time,i mean i dont really get that so,technically,this myth is confirmed the beretta does,take longer to clean than the benelli,but that you have to ask yourself is,one minute really an issue,so in this portion of my testing were,going to try to figure out,if uh gas guns cycle light loads,better than inertia gun so for this,comparison i didnt want to go with a,super light hand load i wanted to be,realistic with it you know i didnt want,to,just go down to where the load is so,light no one would ever possibly use it,in the field,so im going to be realistic in this,comparison,and ill be shooting these really weak,three-quarter ounce,low brass loads and this is basically,the cheapest,steel ammo i could find so,lets go out for a day of clay shooting,at the range,and see how they function in both,shotguns,pull,w

If I Could Only Have ONE Benelli Semi-Auto Shotgun

what is up everyone today i have four of,the top benelli semi-auto shotguns from,their most expensive to their least,expensive and some of the most popular,options in between todays video is if i,could only have one benelli which one,would it be its an ultimate shotgun,showdown im putting them all head to,head to head to head,to see if i can only choose one which,one would it be,so buckle up its gonna be a good one,lets go,[Music],on this ultimate showdown we have,implemented the proprietary tfl sosa,test youre probably wondering sosa test,what does that stand for and to a lot of,you i know its obvious sosa stands for,steves official shotgun assessment to,effectively save time i dont think that,acronym saved much time however anyways,heres what were gonna be looking at so,with this ultimate showdown theres five,different categories plus a bonus,category were looking at everything,including the looks the recoil and,reliability the ergonomics slash feel,breakdown,and vibes vibes is those shooting vibes,just like how well does it mount how,good does it feel to shoot trigger all,these things coming together we just,couldnt think of a name so just vibes,we came up with shooting vibes plus a,catch-all bonus this is like if theres,anything i just want to give bonus,points for because i like to make stuff,up all these things are ranked on a,scale of 1 to 10 each shotgun but we,start with the handicap the handicap is,price right so i want to evaluate all,these things relative to price so for,example we have the benelli ethos,cordova best thats a mouthful msrp is,2349,well it wouldnt be fair to compare that,gun to the monofeltro which has an msrp,of 12.99 the super black eagle 3 1899 in,the camel the m2 comes in at 15.59 much,different price points so weve given,each gun a little bit of a handicap,based on its price level so if youre,wondering where do these points come,from the negative handicap did we just,draw them out of a hat no in fact any,gun less than 500 has no handicap then,500 to 750 has one handicap 750 to a,thousand has a negative two so on and so,forth thats how we arrived at it so,lets jump into that first category this,is all so vain because its just about,the looks im told that i can look but i,cant touch,and if i just look at these guns and im,just like,i want you,its its a little bit of a challenge,because you have a wood grain you have,some camos and you have some blacks but,if i throw out the colors to be a 10 you,have to be a knockout dynamite stellar,just like,thats tough but ill give this a 9.,ethos cordova best i love the lines i,love the look the way it all comes,together its a slick looking shotgun,super black eagle three,a little bit lower its an eight,the m2,is so so similar to the super black,eagle three there are some slight,differences if you look here i love the,curves of the super black eagle three,just the lines how it all comes together,looks a little bit more classy so im,going a seven on the m2 and the benelli,monofaltro strikes me as kind of just,the plain the plain jane i like the wood,i kind of like some of those classic,looks a seven on that as well so we got,seven seven eight and nine for the looks,category next category up is recoil and,reliability which i love because now i,get to shoot and put these guns to the,test lets kick it off with the,monofaltro but lets see how she feels,recoil,i like it pretty moderate i am shooting,target loads im just gonna pop a few,quick rounds recoil felt good straight,back to my shoulder,nice cycling from the hip you know what,time to move up to some heavier loads,these are ounce and a quarter waterfowl,loads 1450 feet per second,oh shes got some pop manageable recoil,slog time,dont want to do that too often but,still not too bad reasonable okay,benelli montefeltro,through my reviews through my testing,very reliable gun not a whole lot to say,lets compare that to the m2,m2,honestly i think it feels slightly,better right off the bat could be,because i just went from shooting a slug,to target loads again,no problem from the hip with the m2,oh i like that a lot lets go to some,waterfowl,loads,pretty much straight back,in to my shoulder going to the slug,i think i just shot one of my trees,stick it,it definitely handled recoil a little,bit better than the monofilament trail,either that or im going numb from,recoil already super black eagle three,this uh i dont know this but it seems,like this is the name i hear all the,time i would venture to guess this might,be their number one selling semi-auto,shotgun,weird this gun uh,has a few rounds through it it was used,in shotgun trick shots lets uh,shoots from the hip just fine,what happened from the shoulder i got,one target load two waterfowl loads,i think this and the m2 are probably,right in line which sort of makes sense,they have the same comfort tech stock,very similar there the super black eagle,3 is six pounds 14 ounces the m2 is,seven pounds two ounces so one more,waterfowl round,in that gun one in this gun,okay,okay that settles that,super black eagle three slightly more,recoil which would make sense they have,the same stock a lot of the same,configuration uh biggest difference here,is weight should make a big difference,probably within a half point to the,ethos cordoba best,all right,this gun comes in at seven pounds,[Applause],interesting i uh thought there would be,a little less muzzle jump with that,ported barrel,hmm,surprises me a little bit same type,issue i had with the super black eagle,3. i have shot this gun review it was,very reliable in that,review,lets try to slow,it,down that can be the problem with these,inertia guns they dont operate quite as,fast as the gas gun can actually outrun,these guns so from the hip,the triggers not resetting thats,interesting lets try it from the,shoulder i dont know if well have the,same effect from the shoulder,we did interesting take that into,consideration,it actually surprises me and were doing,this video right in front of yall i,dont recall having these issues while,shooting the review,in fact i thought i was super impressed,with the cordoba best because it even,cycled really well,over the head as you can see not the,case,today,this gun is not dirty should be,lubricated well,well give it a little extra boost of,liquid courage called otis dry loop,i havent tried the heavier water foul,loads and the cordova kill them,i felt that in my face going to the slug,this is tough but as far as recoil,and reliability the lightest recoiling,gun,was the m2 im actually gonna give the,m2 an eight why not a nine you might say,well these are inertia guns and they,kick quite a bit heavier than gas gun so,i got to leave that margin for some of,the gas guns that i know are a lot less,recoil or at least perceived recoil so,were going to go eight were gonna go,seven and a half on the super black,eagle 3 had slightly more recoil,although i know this is a super reliable,gun the ethos cordoba best im going to,get a seven it had a little bit more,recoil than i noticed out of the m2 and,super black eagle 3. there was some,reliability issues generally i didnt,see that in the review ill be curious,as we go on throughout this video to see,if theres still issues with that but i,know the monofeltra was the most,reliable that i shot super impressed,with the reliability of this maybe it,had a little bit more recoil than the,cordoba very very close but im gonna,give both these a seven,next up were gonna take a look at the,ergonomics this is the look to feel the,function this is one of my favorite,categories because i just feel how a gun,feels in your hands and how it mounts up,and all those things are are super,important looking at the monofeltra you,know nothing fancy with looks but you,grab in the hands nothing fancy there,either but it feels good its just it,doesnt feel great it feels good i mount,this gun up its pretty spot-on its got,a flat rib which isnt my preference i,like a stepped up rib i got that long,neck

Unboxing a Benelli Montefeltro Sporting 12Gauge 30” Barrel


hello everybody,welcome to my Channel Cars guns and fun,and tonight we Im going to be unboxing,my new Benelli montefeller that I just,got a few days ago,so lets see whats on the box okay it,comes with,congratulations on the purchase of your,new Nelly,the owners manual well well this is,super thick like a half an inch I wonder,why,oh yeah its because its in Italian,English Spanish yeah thats thats the,reason,same thing that all the information is,here,okay Im gonna put this here,this small bags,with a full chalk extended chalk tubes,by the way,on the food truck it says not to shoot,Steel,then we have a modified,its okay to shoot Steel on this one,then we have the wrench,okay,okay and now they do pink,the stack,super nice finish,setting finish super nice and shiny,the receiver is super nice with a,montefeller in gold,the nice Chrome handle,10 years warranty the foreign with,Benelli nice checkering by the way,then weve got the barrel Im gonna put,these lights on the floor,so,28 inches on the barrel extended shock,too its with improved modified,this is the sporting model so you can,see the rear,and then a ported,Im wondering how the smoke is Gonna,Come up right here okay lets try to,assemble this,nice okay I think,[Music],the foreign flag,okay okay,put this one kind of careful,you now have to align this one,get it through the hole right here,make sure its all going in okay I think,here we click,yeah okay,make sure you start but not that much,okay thats enough,right there,right there,super nice let me turn it around,[Music],like this game over here,the other side,this side is kind of plain but it says,maybe in Italy,clear barrels,7.2 pounds,we have a dummy,right here,so lets just put it in,oh really nice crease,and there you have it guys,keep turning to my channel and I will be,posting a lot more videos,1911s engraved guns,some rifles,and then also Im gonna be taking this,one,to the Turing range to,shoot some place with my daughter and my,son on the weekend,then Im going to be putting the videos,on the channel,I have a lot more to come and then also,some collection of vehicles,Sports I have some friends here,thank you for watching and please,comment if you like this beauty thank,you

Unboxing a Benelli Montefeltro Silver for Opening day of Dove season in Colorado

[Music],hey folks big d here from the faded,channel and,tomorrow is opening day for uh hunting,season its going to be dove season here,in colorado so,really excited looking forward to it i,just wanted to show you my brand new,benelli here that well be unboxing its,a benelli monte feltrell,its new for uh this season i cant wait,to use it so check it out here,all right lets open it up and see,whats inside,oh yeah man its got a uh,wooden stock here the barrel has,engravings on one side its got,looks like a,pheasant right,so its got a wood stock here so lets,take it out and look on the other side,so,on the other side,oh its got here lets make it,on the right side here,looks like its got a bird dog huh,this is a beautiful beautiful gun all,right so let me put it together,all right look at this huh,man,what a beautiful gun this is,wow oh yeah sure,okay,nice nice gun here,all right,okay,push this down,and itll stay,okay safetys right here,so,remember folks if you see red youre,dead so make sure its always on safety,when youre out there so its a 12 gauge,it can use a,two and three quarter shells uh as well,as a three-inch shell so,man,i cannot wait,to get this out there tomorrow uh to go,dove hunting here ive got greg rodin,showing us a secret spot tomorrow check,out his channel on youtube a great guy,and uh yeah hopefully we uh can get out,and,get some doves out there huh,awesome,well,i guess the next thing i need to do is,uh,you know kind of get my um hunting dogs,motivated here ive got one there,sitting on the,uh on top of the couch shaking at the,window,and then the other one is roaming around,looking for food somewhere,hopefully i can get him motivated and,well get out and uh do our dove hunting,there he is theres my hunting dog,here he is you ready to go hunting,heck yeah huh youre a bird dog thats,right you are a bird dog huh,just kidding folks youre not gonna go,out there with me,well folks the sun has risen but we,havent seen any birds,its september 1st 2021,opening day of dove season here,look at that big red,giant orb there in the sky,so got the benelli,montefeltro here,all set up and ready to go,just need to see some birds,pops is out there,were hearing uh,shots go off but we havent seen any,birds,all right hopefully our luck changes,missed him i think you got him,you got one,i was grabbing my drink,see right when i go grab my drink they,start coming in,heres one heres one,i think he was down already,oh thats funny,did you get him,all right i got the skunk out,all right we need more thats right you,start to move a little,its wonderful,yeah i see him,a little slobbery but hey,thank you piper,yeah right,here birdie birdie,i think this is the slowest ive ever,seen it,[Music],maybe not enough water,not enough food,dont know,[Music],you

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