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  3. Beretta APEX A1 Carry Review
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New Beretta APX A1 Carry Gun Review

the beretta apx a1 carry lets check it,out,[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Music],[Applause],now berettas been in business for over,500 years its the oldest gun company in,the world still in existence and they,produce really high quality firearms,theres a big following for beretta,this is the apx a1 carry now beretta had,come out with their apx series one of,the distinct features of that line is,the really aggressive slide rails,and well do a little comparison with,that with the new a1 the a1 trims down,those slide rails makes it really thin,its actually very lightweight and you,know made for concealed carry and it is,one of the modular systems you can take,this chassis out you can replace it with,different grip colors and theres just a,lot of advantages to the modular chassis,system now one of the things about the,a1 is that it is a single stack,and right now were seeing all these,double stacked really small concealed,carry options but its really thin and a,lot of people still like that really,thinness for everyday carry and we,really appreciate the guys over at guns,on deals for sending the beretta apx a1,carry,those guys help us keep guns on the,channel and we really appreciate it,[Applause],all right guys the beretta apx a1 carry,again this is a new gun from beretta but,it is really an upgrade over their,original apx carry,theyve done some different things to it,and honestly this is a totally different,looking firearm lets go ahead and check,the magazine make sure its unloaded,and it is,one thing about this pistol is that it,has a six plus one magazine and it also,has an eight plus one magazine with an,extended base plate,brings down the grip,and gives you really a full size grip,on the firearm,with the standard with this pinky rest,on here,it still gives you a really solid grip,on the gun there is a small base plate,fat flush base plate that fits thats,really going to just hang off a little,bit with your pinky,but for concealed carry this is a good,option to have,now one of the things and one of my big,questions is you know you do a lot of,work to upgrade this to you know its a,single stack pistol but at this point,right now were having so many of the,double stack small pistols,that are not adding very little uh to,the firearm and so you know really uh,this coming in as a single stack youve,got to be somebody that really likes,single stacks right now because honestly,with the double stack magazines which,get up to typically ten plus one up to,thirteen plus one,you know in pretty much the same size,im not sure,why beretta went ahead and pulled this,out but obviously the single stacks are,still selling because they are a little,bit thinner and some people just like to,carry that extra thinness now one of the,big things about this gun in particular,is the original,had kind of this,type slide,and this is the new apx slide as you can,see it has those large little serrations,i dont know if you even call them,serrations but one of the things i love,about this design is,is that its very functional doesnt,matter where you grab it i mean its,everywhere we can check the gun is,unloaded,and everywhere you grab it it has,serrations which makes it really nice,especially for a combat or a,self-defense type firearm now this is a,full-size i believe this is the,centurion,i had the original carry but it was a,prototype and i sent it back to beretta,they were going to send me the apx carry,back but i never got it so i cant,really compare it apples to apples but,you pretty much see that the serrations,here are definitely much closer to the,slide,and so it makes it much thinner,theyre deep,and theyre very aggressive,in fact i mean it is really easy to grab,these serrations,no matter where so i really like these,serrations i think its a smart move for,beretta,to go to this line because the other,even though this is highly functional,its just unorthodox and i think a lot,of people just werent getting it,but i really like it personally the,texturing on the grip is excellent its,its aggressive i mean itll really its,really tacky it holds on to your fingers,and then the serrations on the back this,checkering pattern on the front and back,strap are very aggressive not,uncomfortable just easy to hold,and i like that when youre shooting it,you feel like you have a solid handful i,mean its not going anywhere its,stationary in your hand and i really,like that especially in a concealed,carry piece that you may have to draw,this in different ways unorthodox ways,i like the memory pads right here as,well that are the same kind of texturing,just allows you to put your finger there,in fact if you take your thumb and rest,it it actually helps with recoil,mitigation so it keeps it even flatter,shooting,and then with the lip thats coming down,i mean it gives you a solid,grip on the pistol,uh we have our beaver tail right here,that kind of pops up,fairly low boraxes and that says,something because originally this came,out of the pico this was their original,single stack,and this one,same thing its the six plus one and i,believe theres an eight plus one,magazine it is empty,uh the pico,one of the things that i didnt like,about the pico is the high borax as you,can see i mean it is really high,the beavertail is not as pronounced,and ill tell you guys i mean it is a,considerable difference,so i wasnt really a big fan of the,picot now its funny my daughter loves,this gun in fact this is hers i gave it,to her because this was her first,concealed carry she has some of the,arachna grips up here to give her a,little bit more uh,grip right here on the back with the,serrations,but this is a really nice little pistol,but the one thing about the new a1,is that its definitely a lot of,upgrades,its more texturing,i like the slide serrations a lot better,and then also,it is optics ready so we can put any,kind of red dot on here if you want or,you can leave it just as it is it is,metal a lot of these optics plates are,coming in polymer which is kind of,strange considering the slide is all,steel,so it gives you the option of going with,a red dot the sights blacked out rear,white dot at the front which really,allows for a great psych picture and for,good accuracy one thing though is that,when you take off the cover plate it,takes off the rear sight im not really,a big fan of that i like to have my,sights on there even if i do have a red,dot it just gives you that redundancy,and i like to have sights because you,never know what could possibly go wrong,with a red dot whereas your sights are,solid the sight is actually dovetailed,into the front and so it just kind of,goes in and theres a set screw right,here and then of course,its dovetailed to the side,and again all metal sights theyre just,really good sight pictures,but one of the big things about this,pistol and honestly even about the pico,and the apx series is that it is,a chassis theres a modular chassis,inside,when i show you a field strip ill give,you a better look at it but it runs all,through here so theres a number of,different grip frames that you can,switch this out and theres black,theres wolf gray theres of course this,is od and then you have the desert tan,or fde that allows you to change out,your grips if you just want to go with a,different color or you want to do,something to one you mess it up you can,switch it out and the price usually is,really excellent very inexpensive the,barrel is,3.07 inches in length the width is 0.9,inches it is a very thin handgun,excellent for concealed carry its 5.63,inches in length and its 4.17 inches in,height so its a very small firearm the,magazine release has some texturing on,it its really easy to grab it throws,the magazines it really ejects those,magazines out and it can be switched to,the other side,but theres no frame safety which i like,a very small slide stop and this is a,slide stop,because it is very difficult with the,slide in the rear position to drop your,slide by hitting your slide stop and

Beretta APX Carry – Review

do,berettas new apx carry model this,is the same apx that i like,a great deal in the duty size gun it is,rugged it looks like its rugged,and it is this is a single stack,tiny version of the apx,perfect for concealed carry actually,very perfect for,deep concealment when youre going,somewhere in a hot,summer day and you cant wear a whole,lot of clothing to cover your gun,this is an excellent choice for that,standard magazine holds six rounds it,also comes with an,extended magazine that holds eight,rounds,and for those of you wondering how this,compares to the beretta nano thats been,out for a number of years,im gonna talk about that a little bit,and im gonna start by telling you that,this,is the magazine from a beretta nano,and it fits perfectly all right first,thing i like to do is just shoot a few,magazines and get to know the gun a,little bit,and im going to do that right now,i love the sight picture,blacked out rear,very nice anti-glare serrations,nice white dot out front,simple and effective,when you use the extended magazine which,is plus two this gives you eight rounds,it also gives you a full,fourth finger grip on the pistol,[Music],very nice so far,me like,[Music],the apx carry fits into a pretty,familiar category and footprint,this is a small three inch barreled nine,millimeter pistol,single stack very slim,overall length of the gun is under six,inches at just over five and a half,it doesnt weigh much more than a pound,at nineteen point eight ounces,one of the dimensions i always look for,in a carry gun is the height which is,just over,four inches in this case,as indicated it is a very skinny pistol,at under an inch,and its very well equipped with not,only a very good trigger,but a great pair of sights great,ergonomics and texture,and ruggedness not only of design but of,finish as well,it comes with two magazines a six,rounder and an,eight rounder and the msrp,is 349 which means you should be able to,find it,at just over 300 or so,[Music],pistol comes with two alternate base,plates for the six round magazine one,very very flat one like you see here,although i stole this one from the nano,but its otherwise the exact same,magazine,also has the pinky extension magazine,which is also six rounds i like that a,lot and,the plus two extension this is a,small self-defense handgun should be,tested at self-defense distance,traditionally we talk about 21 feet or 7,yards,ive moved my target back to 8 yards,lets give it a shot off hand just to,see how do i shoot it,that is my gauge how well do i shoot,this gun,the trigger is long but very smooth,the texture on this pistol is very,aggressive,it really bites into the skin it is not,going anywhere when you shoot it,which is going to be good for a stress,situation sweaty hands,field strip and general care and,cleaning is simple theres no take down,lever or external slide lock release,that you can use with just your fingers,youll need to rotate the locking pin,with a tool,but in a pinch the rim of a cartridge,can be used or just reach into your,pocket,for thomas jeffersons assistance we can,always count on mr jefferson,when it comes to our firearms,okay i know some folks like their,accuracy tests although i have to sort,of agree,with my buddy clay in that,they really dont tell you much however,you may want to know how this pistol can,perform,with various ammo under a,relatively controlled situation so,thats what were doing,i have four different kinds of personal,defense ammo here im going to shoot,them,in turn im going to start out with,federal,138 grain syntec jacketed hollow point,that target is 12 yards down range,huh,so,this stuff is peppier than the plus p,was,five shot groups of four prominent,self-defense loads,all of different bullet weight and,configurations yielded good results,looking at the best three shots of each,group really gives an idea what the gun,and ammo can do without some of the,shooter inconsistencies,the hornady critical defense made the,best group,but id carry any of these with,confidence in this pistol,the apx feels bigger than it is when,youre shooting it,the beretta engineers and designers did,a nice job,designing the ergonomics of this tiny,gun to better fill the hand,and give the shooter a full reach to the,trigger,although the apx carry and the nano are,clearly identical in most dimensions,the key changes are significant and,fairly inspired,they added a half inch or so to the back,strap that extends down behind the,magazine base plate in that area where,you normally would have a lanyard ring,this gives the user a lot more surface,contact for stability,comfort and control,an enlarged and squared trigger guard is,going to accept a gloved finger,much easier,[Music],i think theres always going to be a,place for the tiny,micro nine slim single stack,in this case six shot handgun,deep concealment is something that most,of us have to do from time to time,some of us have to do it a lot of the,time and a tiny gun like this,really fits the bill sometimes allows,you to carry,where you may not be able to otherwise,if all you have is a larger gun,add to that the beretta quality,the incredible ruggedness of this apx,design which i have loved since the,beginning i love this,all-terrain tread on the slide,i mean this thing looks like you should,go off-roading with it you know,anywhere you grab this slide you have an,incredibly good grasp on it,this really is the evolution its next,step up,from what they did with the nano and im,so glad that they added,the slide stop slide release which does,function,very nicely its a great shooter it has,been very reliable for me,its accurate gets the job done at,self-defense distance,with no problem at all and its actually,quite fun,handles plus ps handles everything i,gave it,and it shoots pretty flat for something,its size the trigger is very nice on,this gun it is long,like you want a self-defense handgun to,be but it is incredibly smooth,it has a very nice break and it has a,nice tactile reset,i didnt have any problems fumbling the,trigger you know when you get used to a,new handgun and youre trying to do any,kind of rapid,sustained shooting sometimes you can,fumble that trigger a little bit until,you learn the reset,i didnt have that problem at all with,this gun,like i said i think theres always a,place for six round single stack and,ill tell you what in my gun cabinet,there is always a place,and theres definitely a place for this,one,and of course it can also be an eight,rounder,the bottom line is that everything works,on the apx carry,and together all the elements and,controls make the apx carry work as an,effective and highly concealable,self-defense handgun,magazines are razor thin so carrying a,second or even a third for emergencies,doesnt mean having to sacrifice much,space,when it comes to the trigger dont think,like a triggered diva whos shooting a,idpa match think like a scared potential,victim,whose adrenaline is pumping pulse is,racing,and then youll appreciate the longer,stroke of this striker-fired action,but as i had mentioned it is silky,smooth,with every pull,you

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Beretta APEX A1 Carry Review


okay everybody welcome to the hideout,and today were going to talk about yet,another polymer 9 millimeter pistol,lets see if well go back,[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],okay guys welcome to the hideout today,and before we get started let me say,this you know i always like to say thank,you to all the subscribers but to be,honest with you thats the easiest part,of the videos i thought i do this,totally off the cuff no notes no nothing,just what i know about the handguns and,weapons and rifles but you know what,thats one thing i never have to worry,about getting right,thank you thank you for subscribing,thank you all of you if you have not,like i say click the ringy thingy get a,notification check out,sergeant1911 sergeant1911.com remember,part of what we do there goes to the,killed kids over st jude so lets be,keep that in mind today lets go talk,about another polymer 9 millimeter you,know we got an endless trail of these,things out there,and today were going to talk about the,beretta apex a1,carry,now,the apex has been around a little while,this is the apex a1 carrying specific,size,theres a lot of competition out there,in this size handguns,and we know why,you know polymer im assuming there,can be produced in mass quantities with,some type of injection molding and stuff,and,its a nice,act size round for self protection,theyre plentiful you can get them in,surplus the you know the ammo,prior to the mess was readily available,and inexpensive,per se,but,its just a lot of competition,competition is good competition does a,couple of things one thatll drive the,price down,two it demands a steady improvement in,products so before we get started here,lets kind of just go through a couple,of things in the box of course we got,our freaking bicycle lock,you know ive got a collection of,bicycle locks i need to try to make a,deal with swing see if i can get a,couple of bicycles for missiles starting,1911.,i got a little plate goes on one of the,magazines they give me,which they happen to give me a six round,magazine,and an eight round magazine,so lets have a look at the toy,all right here we go beretta apex a1,carry,kind of take a roll around a little bit,now im going to be honest with you,there this thing is kind of cool,its got a white dot up at the front,just a small set of sights at the back,now what you can do with the apex is you,can mount different red dot sights on,the top,my personal opinion is when i start,putting red dot sights up on something,like this ive lost my concealability i,mean i like the idea of having a small,handgun i just stick in my pocket but,lets just kind of start up here and see,and im gonna roll it i think you see,better when i roll it ive got,serrations,in the front,and the back and i like them,theyre not stupid aggressive and,theyre not so thin,that theyre not that theyre useless i,like the things i really do think,theyre cool you know its a striker,fire,hammerless,no safety,but it does have a little safety in the,trigger there in the middle like some of,the glocks in springfield and other,firearms pretty common now pretty common,it does have a reversible magazine,release here,uh i mean you can see its reversible i,can turn it so it does the other way so,i mean its pretty much,for the most part an ambidextrous gun,its got an external extractor out here,on the side,um theres not a lot to these little,things theyre pretty pretty nice the,trigger guard is squared out here and,gives you plenty of room to get you big,fat fingers through there i like that,but the one thing you guys know i like,to think im concerned about is does my,pinky hang off the bottom this thing and,my pinky does hang off the bottom of,this thats going to give me,a little bit of disadvantage because im,just thinking that the recoil in a,handgun this side could be substantial,now one of the other things i noticed i,got texturing all the way around it,and its more like sandpaper grit you,know its good its not stupid,texture but there is some texture on,there its going to be more than a glock,which you know i like that but theres,one thing that i do think that,as far as ergonomics i just dont enjoy,and im going to hold it up by itself,and see if you can tell,that im going to try to hold like this,if you see that this plate is at an,angle its not,see this does it look like its tilted,at an angle,you might think thats okay,but when i slip it in the handgun i want,you to see like this,can you see that against my shirt,it goes forward here,now unfortunately,that just is not as the most comfortable,thing my pinky will go on there but then,my pinky rides forward more and its not,as comfortable,as i would like i would have thought,maybe it would have just continued on,straight right here i hope youre seeing,this,im trying not to im trying to make it,make a good video for you fellas,if this would have went straight it,would have been a lot more comfortable i,understand why they did it that way,because it just does tuck your pinky in,there but to me its a little bit off,setting you can see how big that trigger,guard is where i stick my finger out,there how big it is its a its a pretty,interesting little gun now one of the,things thats really interesting about,this gun im going to,ask that the,mississippi 1911 take the camera up off,here off of my face for a minute,abracadabra,all right now what we got,and the reason i did this i want to show,you something look at that top portion,of this thing its not polymer here,its metal here the rails are metal now,the reason thats way is that way is,because this thing is modular and i can,change out,the lower receiver this thing to right,now four different colors theres black,theres od green,theres gray,and there is a,dark earth i believe is what its called,so i could change that now does it look,cool with od green and other things yes,i believe it does and something like in,particular od green i thought was kind,of nice,but,at the same time i think maybe im,losing my,concealment when ive got something,contrasting out there you know if i just,take something small and black most,people might even pass it on as a cell,phone but when i get something,contrasting it draws my attention to it,is that relevant of course not of course,not but i just wanted to point out that,there are four different colors of this,thing available the serial number,is down and youre not going to be able,to see it but theres a little hole here,the serial number is not out here the,serial number is down inside as a part,of this metal frame so this will come,off this metal frame and then you can,just swap it out and the serial number,stays with the metal frame modular,everybody does modular modular monitor,now without looking at my what im doing,in the end,im going to just simply go back,and uh,were back to where we started so is it,a nice little pistol yeah its a nice,little pistol is it going to be all of,this and all of that um i think it is,going to be a nice little pistol im,fixing to go outside and see is it,you know one of the key things i want to,tell you about this thing too is,you know we had the glock 43,i think it was a six round pistol and,then we had the glock 43 x im not,mistaken and i could be wrong i dont,have one you guys know,i think it might have been an eight,round so we went from,six to eight just like a glock 43 but,heres what i want to point out the,difference and im not trying to be a,glock basher i just know everybody has a,glock,the texture,on the hand grip,on the pistol grip the serrations on the,slide are in my opinion,far superior than the glock im going to,add that to the fact that i can change,out the colors,of the pistol grips or the lower if i so,choose to and then i must put in there,that youre talking about 400 or less,for this handgun compared to the glock,and i can get a red dot on top of it you,know i dont see any comparison,you know by me this right here is just,once again fart above what the glocks,si

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New Beretta APX Carry Single Stack : First Look

the Beretta apx carry lets check it out,[Music],Brett has just released their a px carry,model this is a single stack,9-millimeter pistol with that same slide,design as your standard ap X its very,unique of course its got the different,type steps that go all the way down the,slide one of the things though about,that is that no matter where you grab,the slide youre grabbing those little,shelves and its so easy to be able to,manipulate the slide its definitely an,Orthodox but very user-friendly now this,is going to be more of a first look than,a full review the pistol came in and,only had a couple of days to take it to,the range and to do the review we only,put about 200 rounds through the AP X,carry and so were going to go ahead and,look at all the features but then again,a full review is coming up beretta is,adding the a px carry – its a px line,whether its the full size the cinterion,or the compact those are all double,stack this is a single stack six plus,one and well look at that right now six,plus one magazine,I love these theyre stainless theyre,really nice does have a small pinky rest,and then we have the 8 rounder which has,an extended base plate and then you have,a flat base plate that you can add or,replace for one of these so it gives you,a few options its going to make sure,though that the gun is unloaded the,Chambers clear this has a really cool,design on the slide now a lot of guys,they dont like it because its,different then I understand that I mean,theres a lot of serrations that weve,been dealing with theres front and rear,cocking serrations but what I do like,about the AP X is that no matter where I,can grab here I can drive it the middle,I can even grab here the chamber I mean,everywhere our grab seems to be a place,that I can rack the slide and so it just,you know for press checks being able to,just anyway and so to me sometimes looks,which honestly I like the way it looks,and the more that Ive dealt with the AP,X line the more that I really think its,just a very unique design but its very,functional yes one of the things guys a,lot of times but,there are so many choices and we do live,in the golden age of firearms you know,that its nice to see some departure,from just the same old same old now one,of the big things about this frame,itself is that it is a fiberglass,reinforced tekno polymer and it is very,aggressive here with the texturing Ive,really liked the way that this feels in,the side but then they had these,pyramids in the back and guys when you,grip it I mean you know you have a solid,grip on the handgun and then we have the,pinky rest well youll notice that my,pinky does ride right here it gives it a,good full grip on the hand gun ended of,course when you throw on your eight plus,one definitely you just feel like youre,shooting a full size handgun except that,its thin and so its fairly suitable,and then of course if you wanted to go,with just a flat base plate they do use,a metal retaining plate in the bottom of,this magazine which makes it very,definite one of the things about a,polymer plate is that it sometimes it,gets caught it doesnt do right this,seems to just snap into place and so now,we have the flat base plate and of,course you know your pinkies gonna hang,off but it makes it much more,concealable but its very easy to switch,out but the frame detail is excellent we,do have these pads that you can little,memory pads where you can put your,finger slide stops very minimal and it,but it is solid of course it just locks,the slide back it is a slide release but,you got to really get a hold of it your,mag release right here and then of,course you could switch it to the other,side but the smoothness and the detail,of the frame are just excellent now the,slide itself has a black nitride finish,on it these are made in the US in fact,because of importation laws these would,not be allowed to be imported from Italy,its really funny because the beretta is,made in the US and then we have the,Fiocchi ammunition which is also made in,the US but both Italian companies the,sights are a black outline in the back,with a white front dot and then we have,a little bit of a cocking shelf here,where you,do one-handed reloads if you need to the,rear sight is adjustable for windage and,you have a small set screw right here,you can release it drift this over to,whichever way you need to now theres no,manual safety which I like but there is,the trigger shoe right here trigger,safety it just blocks your trigger,action there is a striker safety the,blocks the striker unless you pull the,trigger and then instead of having to,pull the trigger there is a place to,deactivate the striker theres not an,accessory rail but on most of your sub,compacts like this especially single,stacks they omit the accessory rail nice,ample trigger guard,now this apx carry will replace the,beretta nano weve had a beretta nano,for years in fact my daughter that is,her concealed carry will do us some,comparisons this again guys is just a,first look were gonna go through the,features pretty quick but I wanted to,show this its this is the day of the,release and of course this video will,continue to be up and then we will,release the full review one thing to,this unique with the apx line including,the carry is that it does have a,stainless steel chassis that is,removable so you can put different,frames on the apx carry Im sure that,these will be coming out and released I,know that the standard has a desert,color and then it has the grey and I,believe it has an OD color as well as,far as the trigger goes you do again,have that little blade safety then were,gonna pull it a little bit of take up,there is some stacking and then theres,a brake release right about there so the,release is not super fast and to be,honest with you the trigger is not the,best there is a lot of play there its,almost like a double action we,appreciate the okie for sponsoring the,ammo this is all made in the USA good,clean burning stuff and we shoot a lot,of ammo,now taking it down to the range one of,the first things that I noticed was the,grip it was just really solid I mean,its a nice texture II and it gives you,some good confidence with the grip and,definitely you know those slide,serrations it makes it just so easy to,rack the slide,now these slicer ations are very,purposeful theyre different than most,that you see of course you know its,really really easy to grab hold of those,serrations whether theyre front back,doesnt matter where you grab on the,slide you can get those serrations,either more Ive dealt with the apx line,the more that I really appreciate those,slide serrations now theres a lot of,guys that you know its just different,so they dont like it but guys its a,tool and if a tool can be used very,effectively and if this gives you even a,better advantage then I think thats,something thats worth looking at as far,as reliability it was a hundred percent,no malfunctions they just fed now we,were only using just Full Metal Jacket,Fiocchi 115 grain we will be doing some,more testing coming up as we get into,the full review again this is just an,initial impression I like to at least,shoot about five to six hundred rounds,through a handgun you know before I can,give it a full review and and also we,had rain come right when they got ready,to do my accuracy so thats also coming,but with this design its very unique,I like the thinness and to me this is a,huge step above the beretta nano I,really like this design much better,I want to thank beretta for sending the,apx carry for this first look this is,actually a prototype and Im getting,ready to send it back once they send a,standard production apx carry were,going to be doing a full review and,shooting quite a bit of ammunition and,doing some more comparisons between the,two were gonna also do a video on how,to remove the chassis how to change out,the mag release and because YouTube D,monetizes those videos immediately you,know that may go on ge

Beretta APX Carry – Not What I Was Expecting

[Music],whats up guys KS here thanks for,joining me today as always when I heard,that beretta was releasing a single,stack apx I was stoked,both the full-size and compact versions,were fun to review that lead didnt,necessarily blow me away keep in mind,that everyone will have different tastes,and some absolutely love the apx the,styling can take a bit of getting used,to with those over pronounced serrations,and somewhat thick slide but I will say,the overall look is good in my book now,looks arent everything in the AP ex has,it where it counts gooder goes decent,sights and a trigger that stacks up,nicely among its peers that brings us to,the AP ex carry a rather petite single,stack which carries forward the design,language but is just about pocket worthy,it replaces the beretta nano but oddly,retains several key features one of,which I was very sceptical about well,get to that soon lets jump in and see,if the newest AP X is a serious,concealed carry contender alright lets,do a couple of quick comparisons and see,how the AP X carry stacks up with some,of the popular competition like this,Smith & Wesson shield 2.0 you guys know,this is one of my favorite firearms its,a carry firearm for me I like it quite a,bit,so stack these two guys up neck and neck,as best we can now the overall length on,the AP X carry is 5.6 3 inches so that,shield is going to be just a hair longer,although not by much and the height on,the AP x is 4.1 7 inches Ill give you,an idea of what that looks like there,now the barrel length is 3 inches and,the width believe it or not is point 9,inches now that shield,I think the shield looks thinner than,that but it really isnt so its very,interesting and I mean these guys really,are lined up as close as they can be so,its not an optical illusion a px is,always just appeared to be will hider as,far as Im concerned now the weight,unloaded is 19.8 ounces so this guy is,definitely a light little gun now one,other popular carry gun I thought would,be very interesting to stack it up,against would be the Glock 43 X another,carry gun of mine so well,see how these guys stack up and once,again the slide on the 43 X is gonna be,just a bit longer maybe a quarter of an,inch almost a half an inch longer and,then height wise now youll notice Ive,switched out the magazine on the AP X,carry for the eight round magazine well,look at both of those a little bit more,closely here in just a moment,but all of a sudden well stack these,guys up a little bit better so theyre,neck-and-neck so its interesting that,the the AP X carry is almost just a,touch taller than the Glock 43 X now,that 43 X carrying ten rounds versus the,eight rounds on the AP X carry so I,dont know if that actually means,anything to you or not but still an,interesting side-by-side nonetheless,alright well take a walk around the AP,X carry here in just a moment but before,we do lets take a look at the magazines,again this is a six round steel magazine,and it does have a finger extension on,it it does come with a flat base plate,as well so I like that they included,that and I run with the finger extension,I just prefer that just a little bit,more grip on it is always helpful,especially in a small firearm but like I,said a moment ago it does have an eight,round magazine as well that fully,extends that grip and I will say that,that if youre looking for a more full,size grip on a small gun this is a small,gun this magazine is fantastic I think,it feels really good it carries for the,texture and all of that good stuff,and speaking of texture as we move up,onto the grip itself we do have several,different textures going on one of which,are some small though kind of medium,aggressive a little texture here with,the beretta logo in the middle Ill be,honest with you I actually really like,this I think it looks good and its,pretty functional I mean its not,terrifically aggressive its not going,to beat you up but aggressive enough to,keep a grip on and then the front and,back straps so we have some really nice,checkering stippling whatever you want,to say I dig this quite a bit,same thing with its bigger brothers I,think the texture on this is really good,really bitey and its in the right place,as well and on a small firearm like this,man you need it you really do again,well talk more about the shooting,experience in a moment but but this,texture absolutely helps out and the,rest of the ergos are really nice its,actually a pretty comfortable gun to,hold especially if youve got bigger,and Ive got large hands and again this,is this is darn small now in terms of,controls we do have our magazine release,heres some checkering on it it is not,ambi out of the box though surprisingly,you can swap this around so thats,pretty cool not a lot of single stacks,can do that so kudos to beretta for,including that feature and then we do,have our slide stop slide release here,it is not ambidextrous though I would,not anticipate two single stacks,typically having that so still very,usable as both slide stop bands slide,release now it is absent of any takedown,lever or tabs or anything on the left,side which were used to seeing,there actually is just a screw on the,other side we will take this down in a,minute,but but a very different disassembly,ritual that goes on with this now as we,move around the frame couple of other,things we do have some lines here,forward on the frame but you dont you,know I dont find them to serve as any,sort of a reference because you can,barely feel them but I like the style I,think it looks good if nothing else but,not a lot of function there does say a,px no rail or anything for all of your,popular toys again I wouldnt expect,that on a small firearm and a squared,off front of the trigger guard no,texture or anything like that but it is,a big trigger guard so you could,definitely get a gloved finger in there,I dont think that would be a problem,and then one other thing it does have a,decocker now those who come in handy,when we disassemble this but but it does,have a decocker so again very,interesting functionality overall Ill,be honest with you I like the layout of,the frame on the apx carry now heres,where we get into love or hate territory,this slide and thats because of these,serrations the fowling serrations there,are some people that just dont dig it,at all Ill be honest with you at first,I didnt either but it grew on me and I,actually like the a px line because its,just something very different and I will,say these are usable Ive always found,these to be just fine I know there are,some people to say that theyre not,usable I havent found that to be the,case and then weve got our beretta logo,here and then on the other side pretty,plain Jane nothing too special going on,there but as we move up on top of the,slide we get our sights set up we do,have a front white dot and its very,simple very plain Jane its actually a,little bit muted its kind of hard to,see to be honest,you sew some fingernail polish something,like that might solve that issue or you,could replace that Im sure theyre,gonna have some replacement sites that,they dont already,now does say a px on top thats cool,doesnt bother me a bit and then we do,have our rear sights now this is where,things get different and I dig the rear,sights very cool they are blacked out,serrated rears not a lot of tiny guns do,that so kudos to beretta for that now,fit out an HD front sight boy Ill tell,you what this thing would be rocking and,rolling as far as Im concerned and then,we do have a little bit of a ledge for,one-handed manipulations and then we do,have our little protruding a little,protruding guy right here I know this is,part of the function of the trigger I,can never remember it as Im doing,videos some people complain about this,Ill be honest with you a lot of,Berettas have it and Ive never once,seen it when youre firing and so it,doesnt impede the sight line up or,anything like that so not a big deal,there but again the overall slide

Beretta APXa1 Carry

hey guys its jeff thanks for checking,out my video today this is going to be,on the apx a1 carry from beretta this is,a fairly new pistol its a redesign of,the apx and i want to talk about it with,you so stay tuned,[Music],all right guys welcome back so like i,said this ones going to be on the apx,a1 but before i get started with this,video i just want to say if you like,this kind of content you like what im,doing here please throw me a like a,subscribe a share you know any kind of,engagement you provide with this video,tells the people that control this kind,of content that you like it and you want,to see more of it so i also have a,donation button there too if you want to,you know throw throw a couple cents my,way i always appreciate that as well so,with that what do we got here well this,is the apx a1 this is the,redesign of the apx they did a full size,and then they introduced the carry,version this is going to be on the carry,version here so i i got this on loan,from a good buddy of mine thank you rick,if youre watching this video thank you,for letting me borrow this and im going,to do a quick unboxing kind of show you,whats in the box and then im going to,go into the review of the gun so what do,you got well,yeah i got the pistol right ta-da you,got a nice compact little,beretta pistol,comes with,a spare,magazine you got this little uh,information card youve got what looks,like a little spare base plate some,documentation youve got a very large,manual here if you guys can see that,its a very large manual on this,it goes into,some of the uh various features,including the modularity this is a,modular pistol so thats kind of cool,right thats something youre looking,for so thats in there you get your,obligatory light i do want to talk about,some things so first of all whos this,gun for well,you know with all the other uh micro sub,compact guns out there in the world,right now whos gonna want to buy a,beretta somebody that is a brand,loyalist somebody who,is getting their first uh subcompact,pistol they may be intrigued by this,pistol it is a beretta beretta does have,a a history of making a good quality,product,you know minus the m9 if you served in,iraq or afghanistan but you know before,that it was a really good pistol right,so,somebody thats looking for something,like that may consider the beretta apx,a1 thats all you got guys very basic,very simple construction on the,packaging this is an inexpensive pistol,so you kind of have to expect that its,not going to be very elaborate all right,so heres the start of the show guys so,this is the beretta apx a1,carry this is in gray wolf thats the,color theyre calling this it comes in,various colors,od green fde and black i think are the,other three colors so theres four color,options for this gun so just kind of,going around the gun on the left side,you can see forward serrations and your,typical rear serrations these are pretty,good feeling theyre kind of uh,i wouldnt say sharp but you could,definitely feel a grip on those those,are those are getting your attention,there is no,under you know light rail accessory rail,or anything like that but you do have a,very large,trigger guard here uh you have the,glock style trigger there with the,little blade in the middle there some,forward serrations on the front these,are kind of grippy but not too,uh you know cutty or anything i guess,thats a term these are a little less,abrasive than the front um this is your,typical kind of granular texturing here,youve got the beretta logo there lets,see if i get that in focus the breda,logo there you have a little pinky,extension on the six round magazine and,that is a six round magazine its,beretta branded its thats really all,that matters,so going around the back here youve got,your serial number plate inside there,thats your modular pistol that whole,modular piece is going to come out so,obviously they just have a little window,there so you can see it engraved nothing,going on in the back just a little bit,of texturing on the rear of the grip and,on the left side or on the right side,rather completely smooth i dont know if,this is reversible but it looks like it,might be because theres a screw there,so maybe you can reverse the magazine,release i dont know not going to take,this gun apart because its not mine,this is on loan so anyway thats the uh,basic features of these left side and,the right side the back nothing going on,on the bottom but on top it is an optics,ready pistol so you do have these two,screws and,the apx,see if you can see that there get that,in,the apx engraving on the top,uh,pretty basic three dot sights or uh im,sorry a black rear and a front dot so,you can see that there lets see if i,can get it for you,there you go,black,bladed rear with a white dot front so,thats the outside of the gun guys,nothing really too elaborate there,but it does have some shortcomings and i,do want to talk about those real quick,so obviously it doesnt have an,accessory rail is that necessary i would,say arguably not it is not necessary,its a nice to have but you dont have,to have it the other downside is is the,fact that youve got,single stack magazines now with all of,the dual stack magazines that are you,know guns that are out there now the,hellcat the 365,the glock 43x the,smith and wesson um,shield plus you know theres just all of,these guns now are coming out,you know these subcon these micro sub,sub compact guns like the shield plus,you know with a double stack magazine,and a very small form factor type gun,here,the apx is actually,a bigger gun than,the the smith wesson shield so is this,is the apx a1 carry late to the game i,would argue it probably is i think i i,dont know why they came out with this,when they came out with this with such,competition out there in the world now,its not a bad gun but it does it does,have that limitation of capacity right,this is an eight plus one this is a six,plus one and then you know when you get,into the extended mags on like the,shield plus its my carry gun every day,you get the same amount of footprint you,know side footprint but youve got five,more rounds why would you want to do why,would you want to limit yourself right i,mean theres better options out there,anyway thats interesting to me now this,is a modular gun so that does bring in,the modularity aspect of it so you buy,ones cry once you get the the modular,fire control group and you can take that,out and put it into another chassis,maybe you get a full-size grip maybe you,get a new slide option and you get a,full-size slide,i dont know where theyre going with,this right now but,that modularity is a kind of a cool,feature i just dont know if it has the,market share for it and if its,worthwhile in the future,i dont know if this is going to be a,good hit for them but it is beretta,sometimes they put out flops sometimes,they put out home runs so anyway one,other concern that i have with this gun,uh while i was at the range shooting it,and ive you know ive rolled in some,various range footage but when youre,and just double check real quick this,gun is clear,just to make sure theres nothing in,there i am checking the,the bore theres nothing in there i just,want to do this real quick so you can,see here,when you pull the trigger,it doesnt break until its almost all,the way back and i had some instances,where the brake on this thing you had to,actually crank down on that trigger to,get it to break now i dont know if,thats a manufacturing defect i am going,to let the owner know uh that that is a,concern of mine and he can engage with,beretta to find out if thats a warranty,item or not but that is something that,identified on this the trigger was uh,you know the trigger break was all the,way to the rear and sometimes you had to,actually crank down on it to get it to,break so thats this model i dont know,if theyre all like that but just,something i witnessed with when i was uh,using this one at the range so,thats pretty much it g

New Beretta APX Carry: Single Stack 9mm EDC Pistol Review

[Music],[Applause],[Music],welcome back everybody as you guessed,from the intro this is what were going,over to this little pistol here it is,the beretta apx carry so as the name,would imply its designed for concealed,carry weve been shooting it out here,today and the reason were doing a range,review is because unfortunately this is,not my gun beretta sent it out to me to,actually get the video done so that way,when they announce it because as of,right now when Im filming this its not,announced but when they announce it that,way theres some information out there,on the pistol so it comes with two Megs,we have our 8 round mag here and it also,comes with a six round mag were gonna,see here in just a second has a lot of,the same features that youre used to,with the APX well get into those here,just a second as well but I know a lot,of people are gonna say how does it,compare to the Glock 43 right thats,kind of this gun is competing in that,wheelhouse so were gonna load up this,gun and a Glock 43 and kind of do a back,to back comparison at least from my,perception anyway through the magic of,editing the mags are loaded up here for,our Glock 43 this is one of my personal,carry guns,we havent loaded up with 124 grain,federal HST this is sort of my default,go to self-defense round and were gonna,see how it shoots obviously I know,others from shoots but were gonna see,how it compares rather to the AP X carry,here and Ive got a target downrange is,to shoot steel duck on target right over,there its about 1314 yards away Im,gonna try to shoot it as fast as I can,kind of hope to keep it on target to,10-inch plates so well see not bad,the Glock 43 is a great pistol I think,everyone kind of accepts that at this,point so we will grab the AP X carry I,have here just off camera and once again,we have it loaded up with six rounds of,federal HST 124 grain and one thing I,should mention while were talking about,the mags is that it comes with again the,eight runner that you guys should just,saw and then it comes with a six rounder,that has a flush baseplate so thats,what Im using here its exactly the,same one I used I used to flush,baseplate on the 43 as well however they,also give it a rather include a base,plate with a pinkie extension so if you,want to get your pinky on there you can,do so for me with this magazine,I kind of cant so you guys can see,there I have relatively large hands as,folks who watch the channel know and I,kind of Im a little bit under it there,so same thing same target same distance,well try to keep it on target and see,how it does so I can tell you recoil,impulse is almost identical if not,identical one thing this gun does though,better than the Glock 43 without,question in my opinion is the front,stippling so the front stippling there,as that gun is flipping in your hand in,a recoil really does stick to you its,very aggressive in the front as is it,here on the rear however on the sides,its about the same texture in terms of,aggressiveness as the Glock 43 itself on,the sides but its much more aggressive,on the front in the rear and that does,really help you kind of be able to dig,in and get some leverage on that pistol,to mitigate that recoil I didnt intend,to make this a comparison video but I,figured since I already started you guys,are gonna ask me about it so there they,are,size-wise in terms of length of 43 if we,lined the rear of the slide up there is,a little bit longer its approximately,three eighths of an inch longer there,you guys can probably see that as well,theyre on the slide and if you take a,look there at the length in terms of the,grip youll see the Beretta as a touch,long or maybe an eighth of an inch there,as they are lined up and the widths Im,not sure on it looks pretty darn close I,will roll it in though because I dont,have that measurement with me handy and,Ill also roll in the weights of each of,these unloaded or probably roll in,photos of them so you guys can see for,yourself that nobodys making it up but,well load some more mags and do some,more shooting outside of those HST,rounds that you guys just saw as fire,the only thing weve put through it so,far has been 124 grain Minuteman,munitions stuff they are an ammo sponsor,thank you to Minuteman munitions check,them out if you guys are looking for a,good ammo good practice them all we,should say now in the gun we have some,federal aluminum cased ammo because,were going to try to see how it feeds,with a few different loads here so lets,put some rounds downrange,[Applause],the slide is locked back every time and,if you guys were counting that was nine,rounds we are brother we have tested it,several times with 1 in the chamber plus,a full mag some guns dont like that,this one so far is not complained at all,it does have a slide release slide lock,lever here on the left side of the,pistol it is not present on the right so,you have to use their just either gonna,have to come over the top or use your,index finger the mag release is,reversible its not ambidextrous I do,prefer that Ive said that in many many,videos and the reason for that is if,youre you know gripping the pistol,relatively tight your hand if youre,right-handed obviously the exact same,thing is gonna be reversed if youre,left-handed but your knuckles and your,hand as youre gripping here can,actually release the magazine I its,happened to me countless numbers of,times with guns that have ambi mag,releases so I much prefer having that,reversible mag release simply because it,avoids that issue and still lets the,lefties out there have their mag release,where they want it so thats a good,thing theyre going strong we switched,up the loads again this time its gonna,be some winchester super clean what this,is is lead-free ammo so its really,lightweight for caliber I think its a,90 grain so this is gonna be coming out,of this little pistol smoking for sure,but for those of you guys stuck in,places where you cant shoot ammo that,has led in it thats a little I would,imagine most folks will want to train,with so were gonna give it a whirl here,see how she runs in this pistol cant,complain one thing I want to talk about,actually before we reload here is going,to be the trigger so I have a full-sized,apx and then I have the 15 round version,I think its the compact they make a 12,round version sort of like the Glock 17,19 and 26,so those pistols both have better,triggers in this one and I dont know,why that is so lets talk about the,trigger its not that its bad its just,not quite as crisp as the other ones so,the trigger on this as you guys can see,has our little trigger safety there so,have to actually actuate that for the,trigger to go back like so but like I,said its not quite as crisp as the,other triggers are so you have your take,up almost immediately we have pressure,sort of like a double action trigger we,kind of feel a spring engaging and,thats happening all the way to the rear,and it breaks all the way at the rear as,well so well walk up to the camera here,so you guys can see a little bit better,so right here we got that spring,pressure app it in and you feel it the,whole way through and then back there at,the rear very rear is where it breaks it,breaks right at six and a half pounds of,my scale and thats the reset right,there so some pretty long reset as well,its not that its a bad trigger its,just the other two again the other,larger size ap Xs are definitely better,in my opinion theyre much more crisp,and one thing youll notice too is that,we still have this little indicator on,top there as you press the trigger it,goes up as the safety is moving out of,the way to allow the striker forward so,thats whats actually happening there,for those who are wondering what the,hecks going on on the top of the slide,speaking of the slide something they did,better than the bigger brother ap Xs so,when you look at the AP ex pistols it,looks like with these serrations there,that are built into the design of the,slide it looks li

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