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Beretta CX4 Storm

alright guys Ive got a little beretta,cx4 action for you its kind of a quirky,little 9 millimeter carbine its still a,little shooting well talk about in a,minute here alright,pepper poppers got to go down alright,lets see not bad,[Applause],75 yards yeah just like the size of a,grapefruit down there dude oh no that,was a malfunction of me not the gun,this large stop on here I keep writing,it down with my thumb because Im so,used to that thumbs forward grip on like,pistols but this is a neat rifle welcome,back everybody this is Chad with Iraq,veteran 8888 by the way these are kind,of quirky old guns and Im actually,happened by one of these at Mall spawn,recently and Michelle had one used on,the rack and I just had to have it,very very clean example this is a,beretta cx4 storm,now this is a Italian produced 9,millimeter carbine so these are kind of,older guns and for a while I thought,that they actually discontinued these,but turns out they actually were just,ceasing civilian sales for a while on,export because they were filling some,military and police contracts from what,I understand but these are still in,production today and there are available,actually on Big Daddy the other day,big daddy unlimited looking for,magazines and weve picked up some 30,rounders and some of the 20 round 93r,mags on Big Daddy and these guns,actually are available over there as,well were running a variety of,different ammunition today in the intro,there that was some Winchester active,duty this is some 115 grain just ball,ammo and these do have a NATO head,stamps us some pretty hot,nine-millimeter ball but as you can see,very very accurate setup,these guns have always been known for,just good reliability just very accurate,platforms it is a 16 inch cold,hammer-forged barrel mostly polymer,construction one sort of downside is the,hammer is polymer on these so there are,some companies that make some,aftermarket parts so you can replace the,trigger the hammer a few other internal,parts with metal components if you so,choose so far I havent had any trouble,out of them rather economic grip youve,got a very nice case that this things,comes in as a molded factory case,hardshell case comes with a spacer in,the rear for the stock the sights are,fully adjustable for windage and,elevation and on the rear you actually,have a couple of diopters you can go,from short range to long range and what,well do is well use the long range in,just a minute for the 75 yard target and,see if that makes a difference but I,mean it was hitting pretty much right on,where I wanted to be you know with the,short range setting but this cool thing,too is the sights will actually flip,down further out of the way and the,front side will flip down – and that way,youre out of the way for a red dot so,if youve got a low amount of red dot on,here and you dont want the rear sights,or the iron sights to KO witness you can,drop those down and get a really clear,picture on that dot and then you just,have to flip them back up which Im,gonna utilize my little micro tech here,is a tool flip the sucker up real quick,back to the short-range setting,full-length Picatinny rail on the top,here some other features of the storm,here you do have full ambidextrous,controls you can swap the magazine,release the bolt handle the safety and,such all from left to right side you can,swap the ejector and everything on the,bolt from side to side the bolt is very,very beefy I will pull it apart here and,I will show you got a little little lock,right here pull that thing out and then,the entire rifle just kind of slides,apart so just comes apart into halves,and then your bolt will actually pop out,here pull your charging handle out and,you can see the bolt is your typical,nine millimeter blowback style large and,very very heavy to contain that nine,millimeter but you know the barrels just,retained by a nut deep down in this will,chassis system here very lightweight I,mean just overall just an interesting,rifle lets get this thing back together,real quick and do a little more shooting,but you can see on the bolt here theres,a little retaining a retaining clip here,you pop that off and then you can pull,the ejector the extractor all the,necessary components out change them,from left to right hand eject I mean,very very universal,you know rifle I can see why a lot of,you know police forces and militaries,and such around the world would be,interested in this rifle and not only,the fact that its a good gun itself but,also that it shares compatibility with,the beretta 92 for magazines so with,that that being said youve kind of got,a perfect pair here between the 92 and,the CX for now also the CX 4 will accept,the the actual CX series magazines we,actually did a video on one of the px4,guns a little while back the,9-millimeter handguns so those actually,have an adapter I believe that will,allow them to take 92 mags Im not sure,if the 92 model has an adapter to go to,the px4 mags dont quote me on that Im,not sure one other neat feature here,youve got some little spots here for,accessory mounting such flashlights and,all that kind of mess these do come with,the rifle but also you have a little,rail that pops out in the front you know,for a weapon mounted flashlight of some,kind so you could pop like a little,surefire and 300 a little wide or,something like that on the front but,just a neat gun overall and really we,just brought it out here today just to,run these mags that we bought and just,make sure the things gonna function fine,with a variety of different ammunition,and the session Ill probably put a red,dot on at some point and yeah just play,around with it it might make a good,little home defense tool for my wife,because it is like I said relatively,lightweight easy to shoot she likes the,ergonomics of it so this is just kind of,taking you guys along for the ride and,testing this sucker out,but lets run another twenty round mag,with some more the Winchester Im gonna,take some more shots at 75 with the,long-range aperture so far so good lets,see if I can keep my thumb off that,slide stop and make sure that thing is,going to hold open on these magazines,you were quick so Im just gonna shoot,75 yards for several rounds and see what,happens,crossbolt safety pretty much common fair,so alright 75 oops might help if I flip,my front side back up all day long,alright good for 35 yards here alright,let me go back to my short-range siding,here yeah I mean its all in there dude,[Applause],okay I rode that dang release again,alright one more time Im gonna make a,very conscious effort not to ride that,sucker down all right my thumb is off,alright,[Applause],okay now one of these old mags did have,kind of a quirky follower on it so that,was probably that magazine not not,showing high marks for the beretta cx4,and locking that bolt open all right,lets try one of these 30s another,conscious effort to keep my thumb off of,that slide stop right there all right it,is a rather large slide stop it is I,mean maybe I could find an aftermarket,thats a little bit more low-profile,very big it is pretty big all right,never shot these thirty rounders alright,lets see,[Applause],all right we have success yes locked,open 30-round beretta mags now we just,need like a 93-yard go with them,those are factory mags whoo yeah I mean,they say PB Cal 9 para made in Italy Hey,[Laughter],35 yards and back lets see,[Applause],my ears are falling off get that man bun,shake that man bun,what a fun gun man that thing is so neat,all right lets lock it open all right,lets try some hollow points some horror,points we got some Winchester right now,Im sorry these are federal this 124,grain HST there was just a few of those,in there actually theres like 10 let me,take out those sodas some HSTs we got,some white box here that was shoot,really good earlier now thats your,factory mag so if its pretty flush you,open the grip all right yeah I dig it,I like bolt lock to the rear on that,last mag

Beretta Cx4 Storm – The 9mm Plinker

[Music],hey guys welcome back so today were out,the range to talk about the beretta cx-4,and the reason were doing the video is,because i had a lot of requests for,people asking me my opinion about the,gun,historically speaking ive not really,had much interest in the gun and it was,just simply because it didnt really,scratch any particular itch of mine it,seen very limited military and police,use around the world and its more or,less a you know just a fun shooting gun,in my opinion its not not something,that has some sort of military pedigree,to it which is generally what i,gravitate towards so,ive shot them in the past things like,that but i never really had much,interest in them and then they kind of,went away for a while they were mostly,available in black or black only,originally and then i think it was last,year one popped up in copper this one,that was flat dark earth i happen to be,a fan of flat dark earth and so i i,grabbed it to shoot it to see what i,thought of the gun ive had it for over,a year and done quite a bit of shooting,with it i want to talk about that,todays video some of my takes on this,gun,are a little bit different than other,peoples opinions ive watched a number,of different youtube videos that sing,this guns praises and uh again i have a,slightly different view of the gun so,thats what were going to talk about in,todays video but if you enjoyed the,content we produce here at the military,arms channel guys please consider,becoming part of our patreon family,thats how we primarily fund here at the,military arms channel so we can continue,to bring you honest as unbiased as,humanly possible information that we can,there is a link in the video description,below follow that link youll get early,access to videos like this one youll,have direct access to me i answer all,private communications along with some,other perks again theres a link in the,video description below with that being,said lets get started with todays,video in the cx4,over the years you guys have seen me use,a lot of primary arms optics everything,from red dot sights to magnified optics,and why do i do that well over the years,theyve offered very good products for a,very fair price they have fast shipping,outstanding customer support and thats,why youve seen me using those products,for so many years if you guys would like,to pick up a magnified optic like you,see on this daniel defense mark 12. you,can pick up an optic like this one just,put it in your cart over at pa.com or,primaryarms.com and if you use the code,mac at checkout mac at checkout youll,get a free scope mount with your optic,and that goes for any primary arms,branded optic if you pick up an optic,that has an integrated mount use that,code mac mac at checkout and youll get,a free kill flash ard for that optic so,please swing by check out,primaryarms.com lets take a closer look,at some of the features of the cx-4 now,this is an ambi gun it can be set up for,right or left-handed use and well go,over which those components can be,swapped to left-handed use,starting off on the rear of the gun we,have a butt butt pad here there are,spacers available that can extend the,length of pull we have sling mounts here,which are strap sling mounts and then a,sling stud down here like youd find on,your grandpas deer rifle from 1960,they did do a refresh of this gun this,is the updated version and absent from,the refresh is the implementation of qd,mounts i think that was rather poor,choice on brettas part so youre gonna,have to find a strap sling to rock this,thing with moving forward its a lot of,polymer used throughout the construction,of the gun moving forward we have the,thumb hole stock gives it a very,distinctive look to it the thing came,out in around 2003,the thumb hole stock really doesnt,interfere with the ergonomics or the,comfort of the gun but it is there,ive also seen people convert these and,i think they look pretty sharp converted,as well with,this thing removed,moving forward lets start on the left,hand side of the gun,we have a magazine release right here in,the same spot you would typically find,it for a handgun this is one of the ambi,components it can be switched to the,opposite side,here we have the bolt release and bolt,stop right now the bolt is locked to the,rear position,i can push down on that,and youll see the bolt will go home,when the bolt went home the charging,handle went home thats because the,charging handle reciprocates with the,guns firing,this is an ambi component it can be,moved over to the other side of the gun,during disassembly and reassembly,when we pull the bolt to the rear and,lock it to the rear,youll see this little protective cover,come out and it kind of sort of blocks,the ingress of debris or whatever from,getting in from the left-hand side of,the gun and thats because this is an,ambi component you can switch from right,hand ejection,to left-hand ejection,the bolt stop bolt release will not,be one of those ambi components thats,absent from the right-hand side of the,gun and theres no provisions for it to,be able to be moved and then we have a,simple cross block safety which,is,move it to the left for fire move it to,the right,for a safe,rear sight,apertures,we have a long range and short range,aperture,so you can flip it,one way or the other,on top of the gun we have an aluminum,1913 rail this is bolted to the polymer,of the upper half of the gun,most of the construction of the upper is,polymer theres only a few metal,components like where the barrel,interfaces with the polymer upper and,stuff like that other than that this,makes extensive use of polymers,going forward out here youll see that,there are two little screw holes thats,because there are pick rail,attachments that are available that will,screw into those two little holes ive,put one on the left hand side of the gun,and i have one of the new metal enforce,pistol lights on it,so you can either leave it bare and,flush or you can put pick rails out,there,the front sight is adjustable for,elevation and windage and its also,something you can fold away,but you see the protective ears around,it so your windage adjustment is done,right here and your elevation adjustment,is done by either making the front sight,go up or go down,so it can fold out of the way for use,with different types of sites,im not sure i understand this because,it really wont interfere with much,and its protected,anyway so kind of weird speaking of,weird we have another sling swivel out,here in the front versus a qd,arrangement but this sling swivel you,can push in,and when you push that in you got this,little thing here that slides out,if i get a hold of it,and you can put a light right there,thats what its intended for kind of an,interesting solution,and then moving out the end of the 16,inch barrel youll see,theres no threads and again with the,update to the gun that doesnt make a,whole lot of sense to me why no qd,mounts,and why dont we have,threads because today people are buying,a lot of silencers and with the new,e-file system with silencers being able,to be transferred to the new owners in a,matter of weeks versus a year or more,youre going to see a lot more silencers,coming out and being used by more people,and it seems awfully short-sighted for,them to do an update to the gun and,leave that out one of the other updates,that they did to the gun that i dont,like is the inclusion of this fencing,around the safety earlier guns this,would be absent and youd be able to,easily reach up there and push that,cross block safety,on or off,now its fenced in such a way that you,have to break your grip to come back to,get your finger up here,to push on it and make a loud audible,click,takes a little bit of force that puts it,into the fire mode,also theres like a little bump here on,both sides of the receiver im assuming,thats some sort of an index for your,firing hand to keep your trigger off the,finger and something for you to feel,on the other side

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Beretta CX4 STORM PCC: Surprising Outcome

the other day i met a team peer at a,store,he was out of state great guy tnp,patreon member his name is mike,whats up mike we started talking,and hes very jealous of my shooting,places in the desert,i dont blame them a bit hard to find,such shooting locations,very hard to find you like it dont you,and hes asking me man that looks so,fun whats a desert like and i was,wearing this ball cap,and so i took this ball cap off and it,has about,four excursions in the desert under its,belt,it was completely clean before i started,those four,testing ventures with guns in tmp,and i took my cap off and i said the,best way to let you know what the desert,is like,is by you studying this ball cap,that will tell you everything you need,to know it is,filthy the dust is like talcum powder,everything gets dirty just like this gun,youll see it all over the gun,and im leaving it on its kind of cool,and he looked at the hat he goes dude,can i have that hat,i was like no you cant have this one,but i gave him another one,i had one of the shark cats so he has,that hat,thank you mike enjoyed visiting with you,thank you for being part of tmp patreon,or whatever donation service i may use,in the future it is a reason i work,so hard for you guys the hat says it all,yeah this ones the old school hat its,gone you can go to nuttin,fancybigcartel.com,same website same bat channel we still,have some of the other hats in,and to be honest theyre stronger than,this one they last better than this one,it has a better headband,so we have dumbass civilian i think,doodle has some of the shark varieties,in,and when those sell out we may consider,doing something else a whole i dont,know merch,push but like ive always said were not,about merch were about testing and,review,and systems philosophy more than,anything,yeah so the hat says it all this gun,will say it all because its so freaking,filthy,four excursions into the desert all the,testing is complete on the beretta,cx4 storm pcc are you ready,a buy request gun review video grv,a lot of tnprs have asked for this over,the years i want to give a big shout out,of thank you,to a tnp patreon member riley thank you,riley,clap for riley thank you very much he,sent me this gun hes been,very very patient with me and you have,to be because it does take,months for me to review your gun it may,take freaking six months,so i hope youre not i dont know,attached to it you aint gonna be seeing,it for a while,and i always say this please dont send,me your guns,i dont like it its a pain its a pain,to go get them from gunnys the great,american gun store and i do recommend,you go there if you do want a beretta,cx4 storm if they have it,ill talk about that um yeah its just a,pain its a pain to ship it back i got,to go ffl ffl its expensive time,consuming wow,so yeah its on a rare occasion i will,do it with you guys,if i cant find the gun and this is a,gun that i really havent seen around a,lot,the beretta cx4 storm like its been,scarce it has been on my radar,and i will be completely honest with you,and saying,i was not excited to review this gun,thats why ive waited till what what is,this year,14 yeah something like that,yeah its just insane i i was just,saying one day one day ill do a cx4,storm,i checked it out at shot show multiple,years i was like yeah thats kind of,cool,stock looks kind of goofy non-threaded,muzzle,im going to be honest with you i just,like yeah i wasnt digging it i wasnt,excited to get one and then,then riley contacted me hes like oh,please review my cx4 storm,it was on the list we made arrangements,here we are,testing complete again thank you to,riley you rock stay in tmp patreon,which by the way has four times maybe,three times the flow of the a channel,so if you join my donation service now,its patreon who knows where i go in the,future,make sure you go into the backlog of,videos,because dude youre missing out if you,think the a channel in youtube,is what dmv is all about im posting,maybe one video a week there,i take care of my donors thats what i,do they they pay the bills here,and so i super super work hard for you,guys i appreciate,all of you all of you you guys are,awesome in fact im going to scroll some,names across the screen,of guys i talk to all the time in,patreon thank you so much ill have to,go fast because there are so many of,them,sorry if youre left out ill try to get,you next time,on we go with the bretta cx4 storm,pistol caliber carbine,have you noticed whats going on with,pccs dudes,at your local gun stores have you been,paying attention okay so,thats right they are not to be found,if your gun stores are like like the gun,stores in utah,they are gone im talking every kind of,pcc thats good,you cant find it i do detect as im,filming this and all this can change,by the time i post this video i dont,know what the future holds but,right now i do detect that they are,starting to come back into stock,but man theyre flying off the shelves,why is that,okay were gonna go into a little bit of,pou here,thats correct because of vehicle,attacks youve been watching on the news,that is,exactly why so guys want something,compact,portable fast into action,yes a pistol fills a bill absolutely,thats my,go-to vehicle weapon in most cases,usually,but a lot of people a lot of smart,people are opting for a pcc,and think about this ive always said in,my pou discussions,in regards to pistol caliber carbines,that its a,great short distance distance weapon,and ive said like out to 50 yards im a,okay with a pcc,in some pous id much rather have an,ar-15,an ak under folder a mini draco,something like that,something like ar15 pistol they hit,harder,all the things ive talked about but you,dont have to worry as much about over,penetration,about ricochets as you do with a rifle,caliber or i should say a rifle,chambered self-defense weapon and that,is all were talking about its a,self-defense weapon,and theres some crazy crazy insane,stuff going on in this country as im,filming this,where police are nowhere to be found,either theyre not doing their jobs,theyre constrained for political,reasons theyre scared,theyre too busy kneeling yeah that,theyre not doing their jobs in the,videos ive seen,and so joe citizen appears to be,completely on his own,on her own thats why people are buying,pccs i mean they are,scarfing them up totally,and uh i say more power to you i think,its a great choice again,uh i hope hope i pray i pray none of us,ever have to use that i,say job one is trying to escape uh hold,on let me back up job one is,not going to the area that has problems,thats job one okay so if if it has a,without rule of law situation and you,know about it if it has a,civil unrest situation just avoid it if,you can,and i think people are doing that but,whats happening is these demonstrations,these riots are just cropping up so,quickly they are very organized and they,they muster a lot of people in a short,amount of time and you could just be,running your errands going to work,taking your aunt to the hospital and lo,and behold you run into one of these,violent,mobs that will attack your car and maybe,drag you,out of the car im not exaggerating,now im not going to roll video in of,this happening because,its just too negative just please,understand it is going on,and it may get worse it probably will,get worse,so i know for a fact people i know,personally,are traveling heavily armed,im talking pcc like i mentioned earlier,ar-15 ak variant uh definitely a pistol,and thats what theyre doing some have,some non-lethal options which i may,discuss in other videos,and uh its a shame it really is its a,shame that we find ourselves here in the,united states of america,in a situation where apparently rule of,law cannot be reliably,enforced and thats where we are i dont,know what your state legalities are and,carrying a gun such as this i dont know,thats up to you,um but here we go with the cx4 storm,were talking pou,would it be a good car gun to perhaps,regat regrettably c

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Beretta CX4 Storm Chapter 2

hitchcock 45 here got off the old 92,beretta 92 fs lets take a couple shots,with it you want to,lets go across the hill,did i miss or that a hit,i got a big mag you know what i need i,need a bigger gun,lets see if we can find one,yeah the same magazine look at this,this is made by beretta as well it looks,like,cx4 storm,have ever heard of that,i think i have lets try it with this,yeah thats more like it thats what i,wanted to hear how about the red one,over there,about another red one on the left,how about a gong,yeah thats more of the ticket this is,the ticket ill better leave it bowl,lets do some bowling,oh missed that one,got that one not that one,how about a red,[Applause],yeah i i found that i needed really if,youre gonna go bowling with it you turn,up the red dot a little bit so yeah the,cx4 storm chapter two,uh mostly shooting,you have seen the the first video im,sure,actually,some of you might not have been born,during the first video i forget the year,i think it was eight or nine years ago,that we did the the first video with the,cx-4 story it was so long ago in fact i,looked at the first part of the video,forgot the year,2011 maybe its been a long time,uh maybe not that long ago and uh,and,it was a t and e gun testing evaluation,gun that we got on requests from beretta,and then sent back to them wow that goes,back to when we were doing that i was,wow i didnt remember that,and thats why i think in one of the,videos i mentioned about maybe tempted,to buy it and send a check instead of,sending the gun back,anyway,uh,uh,i,have,looked at these things and you see them,around,uh from time to time and i always,hearken back theres something in the,back of my mind uh about that first one,that we got and fired,uh that i liked i liked it okay there,were a couple of negatives but i just,liked it and its always been in the,back of my mind isnt that beautiful the,sound of gunfire,its not even me firing i love it i love,it,uh,and so,i saw buds had some,i said oh man thatd be fun to shoot one,of those again i looked at we just done,one or,two videos maybe a close-up in the main,video was great we havent even done a,chapter two a range two we havent gone,on a serious woods walk with one or any,of that kind of stuff lets get one and,shoot it some more because i just wanted,to not because weve had a thousand,requests for it i just wanted to is that,okay will you forgive me,and so yeah i got it from,budsgunshop.com,uh great supporter of the channel really,appreciate their help its really nice,just be able to you know email them and,and request one and then also to have,ammo to feed it from federal premium uh,just really nice so were able to feed,it okay and experience it again with you,we appreciate that and then we of course,appreciate snoring desert institute,sdi.edu where you can get certified,gunsmithing use your gi bill and learn,to,do stock checkering like this,antelope you can learn how to do it in,polymer it was a joke but in you know,wood and stock check ring and you know,building muzzle loaders just different,things like that you can learn to do and,get certified in gunsmithing so we,appreciate all their support,uh,so this is a chapter two i i will,definitely link you tell me if i forget,because i took it apart i dont know if,ill need to do that again show you how,it comes apart you just knock out this,pen pull it out and uh and then this,pulls off and the bolt slides out its,all just very very simple everythings,reversible,you can reverse the mag release so its,fully ambidextrous it can be right or,left same with the bold handle in fact i,moved the bolt handle this morning i had,it on the right im still not sure which,i where i preferred i guess on the left,but it was kind of handy i shot it a,fair amount with it on the right i just,put it against my shoulder and kind of,you know just not only just felt easier,in some ways except you have to take,your hand off the the grip and the,trigger you know if youre in a serious,firefight you need to work the bolt you,know youre probably more tactical to,everyone left,but uh so you can do that you can even,remember i went over this in the first,video you can actually change the uh the,extractor from the right to the left all,that kind of thing so it is very ambi,about as ambi as you can get okay,and uh,the other one we did was black and uh i,like this one better i think for in,terms of the looks of it and lets put,some fresh ammo in it okay its got a,stiff safety,ill tell you the negatives uh for me as,ive been shooting this a fair amount,okay and one of the differences in the,chapter two that make it a little,different is the color of the firearm,and that makes a huge difference ive,noticed in recoil,and uh and then how fast it will fire,its uh incredible the difference that,makes,all right all right,that was a joke so that makes no,difference in any of that does it but i,put a red dot on this one that is,different from the first video with one,of these and uh one of the reasons for,that was is,that both john and i,uh had difficulty,uh getting down it has pretty good,sights and i can i can do okay with it,you just its just getting your jaw down,on that stock and getting down on those,sights is a little uh problematic okay i,need to take a dremel tool and carve out,some of that,and ive seen other people that said,they had the same problem with it,and i thought well this would be a cool,gun to put a red dot on anyway and so,thats what i did and of course that,brings it up just enough to where thats,not an issue at all so uh if youre,thinking about one of these i would,shoulder one get your face down on it,for example if you,you want one but you do not want to put,a red dot on or an optic of any kind you,want to use the basic sites iron sights,which are good sites by the way,uh you really do need to shoulder one,because you might have the same issue it,may not be enough to prevent you from,wanting it but i would suggest you you,check that out okay,that was the biggest negative for us and,and really i dont know that we had any,other its a really kind of a quirky uh,weird firearm in some ways and so much,polymer,its blowback so you do know when youre,firing it you get a little bit and i put,this on here to extend it its not like,you get massive recoil with a nine,millimeter but this added length really,uh helps me a lot as you know i do that,all the time,all right lets take some shot and the,safety is really stiff now that would,loosen up i could put some baluster on,it its really stiff,okay,otherwise i like it uh,what am i gonna shoot,how about this target,let me get that turned up a little bit,there we go,now,ill hold above the red so i can put,them in the red,yeah at this distance you got a little,bit of a difference here between your,board and your sight line,all right,i will dream then took him out before he,fell,[Applause],really nice and that watermelons,bothering me,oh,whatd i do i run out of ammo i did the,bolt didnt stay back did it,that was a,bad sear yeah okay thats good well i,mean its not good thats the mag that,came with it too okay now weve been,shooting it a lot they havent cleaned,it but,thats the mag that comes with it,so,now im,corn fused i think it just has one mag,that comes with it it was that one okay,just see another this will go back to,buds for the e-gunner i bought these im,glad that happened so i can remind you,oh aimpoint,they come off my site,that was on but,uh but anyway,thats my and also it doesnt come with,this site thats my side,by the way oh you know what i think that,was a cover on the front oh thats what,it was yes the cover popped off there,didnt it okay,uh,so,the uh this comes with it uh i have,added of course the aim point thats my,aim point and then i bought these three,magazines i told that story in a sunday,video every sunday morning i post a,sunday shoot around by the way and i,catch some of you not watching them,because youll ask questions ive,answered in that those

Beretta CX4 Storm – Satisfaction (HD)

foreign,hey folks this is Chris welcome to yet,another in my series ladies and,gentlemen it brings me great pleasure to,bring to you this the Beretta CX4 Storm,[Music],okay so here it is on my natural wood,table Im a master wood Craftsman wait a,minute let me get some wrinkles out here,I fell the trees myself but this is on,my table here and I am very glad to have,gotten the plastic box for the Beretta,CX4 star because a lot of people were,getting cardboard,and here we go heres whats inside the,Box,of course theres gonna be your owners,manual,and I do believe that this has pictures,and stuff great for people like me who,cant read yep and of course you got,your warranty information all right,three years now thats pretty good I,will be sending that in three years and,of course all the Communist paperwork to,remind people of Massachusetts,California and whatnot that theyre not,free a nice cleaning kit with this gun,both a brush with a swab but a sort of,mediocre touch is the fact that you get,only one count them one,20 round magazines large capacity,ammunition feeding devices,so its fine its a 20 round magazine,but theres only one,and you would think for the price that,Beretta could have said two maybe three,but they didnt,but thats whats in the box pretty much,including,a magazine loader right here I would,call it a speed lower but those are not,speed loaders thats just the mag loader,and thats whats in the box thats how,it came in the Box okay folks so here it,is this is the Beretta CX4 Storm now,this gun has been out a long time and,you may be wanting to ask why did you,get the Cx4 Storm well for one Ive,always liked the Cx4 Storm I mean its,kind of a wonky looking gun to me but at,the same time I thought it also looked,cool so cool and Wonky can go together,but I always thought that this was a,really cool rifle and I always wanted,one so I just finally made the decision,to get it but for a variety of reasons,as well,[Music],foreign,[Music],foreign,fact is one of the key reasons that I,got the Beretta CX4 Storm is total,magazine compatibility with my Beretta,M9,busy here,thats my Beretta M9 and folks all the,guns in my videos are unloaded and,should the muzzle flash across like this,its impossible for you to get shot,during a video and it also fits in the,Cx4 Storm and this was by Design in my,head,so I can also use Beretta M9 magazines,last round hold open on that bolt thats,great the Beretta M9 magazine fits,really well in there so thats quite,groovy but now you may be asking,yourself yes but Chris which is a funny,thing to ask yourself does the CX4 store,magazine fit into M9 it does here we go,and so there it is,holds open now I didnt actually try to,shoot the CX for a storm magazine in the,Beretta M9 but Im quite confident its,gonna work and what that magazine,compatibility adds up to for me is sort,of the uh modern cowboy setup now if you,dont know what Im talking about in the,old west back when I was young,they used 45 Long Colton theyre six,shooters and they also use 45 Long Colt,and their lever action guns so they,could use the same rounds in their rifle,that they used in their pistol only,today its magazines and then plus after,all these years of stocking the Beretta,CX4 Storm quietly in the bushes I,finally decided to get it and what also,helped push me over the edges that Ive,been watching and lets face it I always,watch mix up 98s videos check out his,videos if you get a chance makes up 98.,but uh he and his son were shooting this,if he speaks highly about this rifle I,trust him and uh that was one of the,things that pushed me over the edge too,but make sure you check out their videos,[Music],foreign,[Music],but what that all means is that this,here Beretta CX4 Storm chambered nine,millimeter is a pistol caliber carbine,or is it carbine I actually got yelled,for that one time but it doesnt matter,because this ones pronoun is Carbone,speaking of Carbone lets get up close,for some sexy styling here wait,its not a very thick rifle its a very,curvy rifle with slight protrusions like,your host and it actually feels good in,hand I was looking at this a long time,ago and I was thinking boy this is an,awful lot of polymer and one would think,after looking at all this polymer that,this thing is going to be very very,light or kind of rinky dinky feeling not,by any stretch of the imagination this,is a very solid feeling gun and it,shoots very well and very flat,foreign,[Music],Ive seen the bullets that implose a,cx-4 storm is 29.7 inches long and the,barrel is,16.6 inches long so when youre shooting,nine millimeter out of a 16 inch barrel,youre getting a whole lot more out of,that cartridge and with all this polymer,you would think that this was going to,be a ridiculously light firearm and its,not its 5.8 pounds I mean its not,ridiculously heavy its a good,controllable 5.8 pounds are they heavy,yeah then theyre expensive put them,back,and theres a good deal of Versatility,to this rifle it looks like a very,simple rifle but theres a whole lot of,features in here that you just dont see,right off the bat and one of them of,course is gonna be you can see buttstock,its not telescoping or anything like,that but if you want a longer length of,throw if you want the sights to be,further from you you can get two spacers,theyre about this big theyre about an,inch long spacers you can get up to two,of them on here and I do plan to get one,of them because I feel like Im a little,bit too close to the sights and when,youve got eyes like Mr Magoo such as,myself you dont want to get too close,to the sights but you dont want to be,too far from the sights Im gonna get,one but you can get up to two,foreign,is that it has some degree of,ambidextrousness in that you can take,the charging handle from this side and,while youre breaking down the gun,youll be taking charging handle out,anyway but you could pull the charging,handle out just like that at a certain,point and put it on this side and you,can also change the ejection and another,Ambi feature to this gun is that the,mega leaves here you go you can see the,Magna Leafs right here right you can,switch it on over to the other side if,you want to and its supposed to be,designed so that somebody can reach it,with their thumb see that Ive got this,in my right hand and you have to its,really hard for people to get it with,their thumb Im keeping it on this side,because I can operate the mega lease,easier with my forefinger right,and get the magazine out like that I,dont have to worry about doing any,thumb stretching or anything like that,because Beretta did kind of put that mag,release in kind of a impossible for some,people location the cx-4 also has rail,section a great big long rail section,right here but youre not just limited,to this rail section on the top of the,rifle right here there are spaces right,here where you can attach other rail,sections and again on the other side for,lights and lasers and stuff like that,but thats not all you can also take,this thing and push it on this stud this,sling stud right here if you push in on,that you can pull this up,and youve got a hidden rail section,right here one slot but youve got a,hidden rail section let me bring it up,close so you can see it,right,and when youre done using it if you,dont want it anymore push this down,Sammy Davis Jr,another cool thing I noticed about this,firearm is that the front and rear,sights fold out of the way because if,you want to put an optic on the top of,this which many of you will,you can take your front sight lets get,it lined up over here right can you see,that I bring it up even closer,there you go you see your front sight,you can,drop your front sight out of the way and,again,with your rear sight sorry about peep,rear sight you see that you could drop,that out of the way which by the way the,rear sight has two apertures right long,range and short range,and you can take that,drop that out of the way in the event,you dont want either of t

The Beretta CX4 Storm: An Underrated Carbine

(rifle firing loudly),- [Voiceover] Hey guys, its Alex C.,with TFP TV, and today were showcasing,a fantastic little blowback 9mm carbine.,That is, of course, the Beretta Cx4 Storm.,This version is chambered in 9mm,and takes Beretta 92FS magazines.,They are available in other calibers,,such as .40, and .45 as well, and there,are some that take Px4 Magazines.,Anyways, I always found these guns,to be quite underrated, theyre really nice guns.,I found some the other day for under 700 dollars,,which I thought was an absolute steal.,They can accept large capacity magazines,,like the one I just showed, or 92FS magazines that,generally have a capacity between 15 and 20 rounds.,Theres two sight settings, one for short range,and one for long range, not unlike an AR-15.,And the front can be fixed with accessory rails,for mounting a flashlight, or anything like that,,a laser, I guess, if you wanted to.,They can come right off there,if you just want a smooth and nicely,contoured front end on your gun.,The safety is a simple cross bolt that is set,to fire easily with the index finger,,but you do have to use your thumb,unless you have an extremely long,thumb to put it back on safe.,Of course, there is a picatinny rail that runs,the full length of the top of the receiver, which is great.,The charging handle does reciprocate,,and you can swap it from the left to right,if you prefer it on the right side.,As well as the ejection, you can change,the ejection to eject out either side of the gun,,making it very friendly to left-handed users.,Well, lets shoot it a little more first.,(rifle firing shots loudly),So, the reason I originally bought this gun, actually,,was to run in two gun competitions.,I was using a Beretta 92FS for competition at the time,,so I thought it would be logical to go ahead,and grab a little carbine that took,9mm Beretta pistol magazines to run in tandem with that.,It was actually a good combination.,Some guy, once, actually called today,Modern Cowboy Setup, likening it to a gun,that would take .45 Long Colt in a revolver,and in a lever action rifle, which I could see that.,That makes sense.,The guns quick and easy to bring up on target,,and the sight pictures nice, really,,the trigger is decent, not great,,mind you, but decent enough and Im really not,going to complain about it too much.,(rifle firing loudly),(rifle firing loudly),Magazine changes with the Cx4 are quick and easy.,Really, its a very comfortable gun.,If you dont like the length of the pull,you can also extend it with a few spacers, which is nice.,Sights can also fold down in a way if were running,an optic a little bit more conveniently.,Now, for the accuracy part of the test.,I do always keep this little rangefinder in my bag.,I set up 50 yards on this one to shoot,a couple five shot groups with 124 grain ammunition.,I will say, one thing I dont like about this gun,,and this is gonna sound silly, it is a big,9mm carbine, but it does thump a,little bit harder than youd think.,Maybe its because I just so used to shooting MP5s now.,Whenever I get behind this gun Im always,reminded of how much more straight,blowback the 9mm carbine kicks then,something that is delayed blowback.,However, that doesnt mean that,its not a barrel of fun to shoot.,I really do like taking this thing out and shooting it.,Itll hold about a 2, 2.5 inch group at 50 yards,with off the rack 124 grain ammunition and,with me shooting, which is a testament,to the guns accuracy, actually.,This is a great little carbine.,Theres also a military version, its select fire,,of course, and it has a shorter barrel.,However, interestingly, that gun is actually,designed after the civilian semi-automatic version.,Thats something you dont see very often,in the world of small arms design.,Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed,this look at the Beretta Cx4.,Hope to see you next time.

Beretta CX4 Storm 9mm Carbine

hey Hickok 45 here were doing a first,video the year 2042 we found this old,classic beretta cx4 storm this is back,when they put a little bit of stealing,guns still so it feels kind of weird,having stealing a gun as I can remember,even back when they put wood in firearms,you know but anyway this still has a,little bit of Steel and we actually,found at a flea market some of those old,I guess theyre antiques these old two,leaders and were going to feel a little,retro shooting and see if we can blow,some of them up,all right well it may not be 2042 but,this is a high-tech firearm it is the,cx4 storm by beretta and were going to,put it through its paces so I was kind,of flushing with antique two litres back,there in the woods and you can see we,have some other things to shoot thats,what were going to do its always fun,to complete ground down deep into the,woods with something I do a lot of that,and dont often take you with us,unfortunately but thats a cool place to,be and lots of skirmishers take place,down there as you know so this is the,beretta weve got its nine-millimeter,cx4 storm we have some ammo left in that,magazine so lets just proceed to put it,through its paces here take some shots,what do we have oh man we got everything,over here go 12 ounce can these be shot,Oh oh man funny funny stuff funny stuff,oh look down there I see some more 12,outs alright got to hit him oh boy oh,theres one right there I was a last,round here alright happiness more ammo,though well look at you alright 2 litre,sailing time nice dont you all tell my,wife Im shooting up her flower pots now,alright oh I see a two-litre over there,wow I see a couple of them see if I get,that orange one over there,come close to it okay lets get in,position look at this side and put some,more ammo in okay pretty cool pretty,cool lets first lets see where it a,whole lot long-range with it dont we,waste any more ammo on that Im going to,hit the gong get a feel for it see my,sight okay there alright mr. gong,alright now lets try that orange,2-liter there we go alright I got it on,it with a hole I think I know where to,hold pretty cool pretty cool,Im sorry mr. piggies he just had to go,he just had to go oh all the animals are,about well lets try some smaller,animals I see some chickens down there,oh cool theres a groundhog over there,holding too high I think I might carry,theres a two-litre over there too,another one okay more ammo please I hope,heres some right here cool this thing,takes Beretta 92 magazines I love it oh,there he goes rolling down the hill,Oh mr. Ram didnt fall did he yeah he,never wants to fall I see a little disc,up there let me see if I can show off,all right not bad not that old some 12,answers here,I miss almost all right,oh the shooting tree yeah 115 grain,bullets uh they hit a little harder,coming out that barrel,lets take a look out here for a second,see what we have as I said its a cx4,storm and Ive had a lot of requests to,take a look at this gun and it does look,rather spaced ages doesnt it you know,for someone who likes and admires steel,and iron and wood you think who and the,world would want this thing I solo in a,gun show and I kind of thought that,myself,but you know what it is,pretty cool I like it comes in I think a,9 of 40 and a 45 so let me show you,something else its kind of cool about,it real quick it its reversible in,terms of your righties and lefties and,all that the bolt release it comes apart,very simply you pull out the disassembly,pin here there you go yeah just right,through there comes out either side and,then as soon as nomad guys imagine you,got take the magazine out and you pull,it apart,theres your frame everything and pull,the bolt back pull the bolt handle out,and then the bolt comes out Ill be kind,of warmish alright theres your barrel a,little bit but look at that thats a,healthy bolt as I was impressed and if,you want to now you really dont hardly,need a tool but this is a new one and so,this little clip comes up get it started,just pop it off that holds in your main,spring okay buffer and here this little,springy is your ejector and this is your,extractor okay extractor is what,extracts the cases from the chamber,ejector Slims them out now you notice,those grooves look a lot alike dont,they on both sides of that bolt so if,you want to switch it around you just,put the ejector over here,and the H no the extractor and then the,ejector of their just reverse them and,you pop that little plate out all you do,is just punch it out with something,right there and you have it totally,reversed you put the bolt handle on the,other side and its ready to go for a,left-handed person pretty cool huh,so when we put it back together real,quick because I am NOT a left-handed,person get this in the right way yeah,okay thats a really healthy bolt and I,have to say having seen this thing at a,gun show or two sitting there I thought,wow and I think looks cheap look strange,but its actually seems like a really,quality piece once you get your hands on,it,I know its a lot of its pollen on,everything dont forget to anything in,the okay,and let into that too fast because I,just got this yesterday and it shot it a,few times and figured out how to take it,apart even read part of the manual I,know I forgot to do that I think you,better have to do it before you get the,stock back on just put the bolt handle,back in and again it can go in either,side see so good I like it on the left,I really do get that line just there is,a little notch and this is,nine-millimeter as I said okay now we,put the stock back on heres a lot of,polymer you folks in a problem with,polymer you would have a little bit of a,problem with this guy but me anything,thats functional and practical and,works I can put up with ugly a little,bit you know as someone who likes Glocks,and all those I H&K SIGs I like all,those guns okay I dont mind it and,there it is theres your bolt release we,put our empty mag in lock the bolt back,please,your safety right here see its on safe,now push that through and thats,reversible too so pretty interesting gun,lots of requests,over the last couple three years in fact,to get one of these and and shoot it a,lot of people are interested in theyre,not cheap thats a Sarah I think they,retail for around 750 $800 and Im not,sure what the theyre always going for,beretta contacted me and I want to know,if I wanted to review a nano and I,already had one coming from somebody,else and I said no I got a nano but I,got a lot of requests for this gun so be,glad to to take a look at one of those,if you want to send one and they did so,its a TNT gun alright so try to be,honest what I think about it so far Im,impressed its not had a malfunction,weve probably shot it oh no I have five,or six magazines through it messing,around with it John shot it we have not,had any trouble at all with it and as,odd as it looks and as short as it is,you know for me and my size you think I,wouldnt want anything to do with it but,it actually is not too bad I understand,theres two spacers you can put in here,to give it more length I think thats,just one I wish I had the other spacer,if I had one more spacer in there and I,may see if I can get my hands on that it,would really feel good to me but its,short its about thirty inches and,reliable its beretta it seems to be a,quality piece now again as I mentioned,earlier one of the beauties of it is the,fact that you know what I think Ive got,too many probably having a family here I,could be loading a mag but it uses the,92 mags and thats always handy because,like Glock mags these things are,everywhere and theyre not all that,expensive so lets take a few more shots,with it because I have some more ammo,here yeah its got a couple of 20-round,magazines even so lets put one of those,in in fact takes more shots with it,lets get that empty magazine that cant,do anything with one of those,oh we have a five-gallon jug down here,begging to be shot so we will obli

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