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Mark Kermode reviews Bergman Island – Kermode and Mayos Take

okay so uh tell us something else thats out  and interesting bergman island which is a new  ,film by mere hanson love who made father of my  children goodbye first love eden things to come  ,this premiered in cannes last year weve just got  to the end of the new canon film festival vicky  ,creeps who was in phantom thread which you loved  i did uh and tim roth uh is it it is him again  ,chris and tony um hes not playing the fifa boxes  um theyre a filmmaker couple who go to stay on  ,bergman island which farrow off the swedish  coast theyre there for inspiration for work  ,to talk about work to talk about bergmans work  in private and in public everywhere they look  ,there are the ghosts of bergmans films there are  35 millimeter screenings of cries and whispers  ,there is a bergman safari which takes you around  all the places where bergman worked and shot and  ,looked at stuff there are conversations which  feel like real conversations about bergman and  ,his life and his work and whether its possible to  separate his life and his work and all the while  ,the central relationship between the two  characters central characters seems to sort  ,of be mirroring that bergman-esque thing  um we hear that scenes from a marriage the  ,birdman thing which caused thousands  of people to divorce and it looks like  ,it might be happening again is a clip  how was it it was pretty good actually  ,yeah but ive been feeling a bit years since i  got back why would happen must have been a burger,so where were you driving around oh yeah driving  around i met a guy oh you met a guy did you  ,a student oh student was he a  film student from stockholm huh  ,is it handsome was he sexy was he yeah was  he brilliant when he talked about bergman i  ,dont like you but um his clumsiness has  his trap thanks shut up so at that point  ,the crack seemed to be sort of on the surface  then as the film goes on you think okay well  ,the cracks are slightly deeper than theyre very  bergmannesque cracks what is a burgmanesque crack,its a piercing and often rather unforgiving way  at looking at the lies that we tell each other  ,under the guise of normal human behavior okay  thank you i was actually quite proud of that  ,thank you um and then at one point she says  to him look im writing my script ive got a  ,problem with the ending can you help me with  it he said i doubt it but you know tell me  ,she starts then telling him her script about a  doomed relationship and as she tells the story  ,we start watching the film that shes telling him  about in which mia vasikovskas character meets an  ,old flame who she was with and then they broke  up with a wedding and now the past arises again  ,and so were suddenly in a different film and now  past and present seem to intertwine as do fact  ,and fiction and it becomes clear that this film  is really of its a work of fiction but its a  ,veiled discussion of her own life and art and life  are in fact indivisible in just the way that they  ,had spoken about with is it possible to separate  bergmans life and bergmans art now it sounds  ,pretentious and boring its actually anything  but that i thought it was rather enchanting  ,rather seductive not least because the music  and you will love this as greatest hits radios  ,uh you know drive time host drive time host the  um the pop tunes include abbas the winner takes  ,it all and tina charles is i love to love which  plays a huge part in the drama of bergman island  ,i mean it could so easily have become naval gazing  theres one part in which one character in ireland  ,slags bergman off for being a nasty piece of  work and if anyone saw bergman a year in life  ,documentary its kind of hard to disagree  but actually the film is so much its so  ,much lighter than that its so much more whimsical  and profound but it wears that profundity lightly  ,and i think a lot of it is to do with just how  natural vicky creeps feels in that central role  ,that she really brings the audience on board so  it becomes a meditation upon life and art and the  ,interplay between the two but it never feels  like its hammering a point home or that its  ,ponderous or it never feels like what the title  implies that it would be which is lets just  ,stodge through a back catalogue of grief its  actually really enjoyable and rather lovely  ,and its and i love it for using i love to  love and before you tell us about movie of  ,the week if you had to spend this coming weekend  in midwich the village in men or bergman island  ,where would you go absolutely bergman island  its so much the weathers nicer for a start

Bergman Island – Movie Review

good evening to the oscar expert here at,the cannes film festival its time to,review,bergman island directed by mia hanson,love the film is about a couple played,by vicky crepes and tim roth both,filmmakers who go on a trip to bergman,island,to write screenplays the island is,generally a place where filmmakers go,for inspiration,or as a sort of pilgrimage its where,the legendary filmmaker igmar bergman,directed a lot of his films and also,where he lived,because he filmed so many of his movies,there the island is just coded with,references to his own movies,the movie actually pokes fun at people,who are just like so,pretentiously into igmar bergman and,theyre just insufferable because its,all they can talk about,most of the writers there are inspired,by bergmans dark,psychological themes and they want to,kind of mimic that or get inspiration,from the same colors that igmar bergman,shaped his films with but for our,protagonist,chris played by vicky crepes she kind of,wants to take inspiration from elsewhere,and the movie itself is about what,inspires us to make art and where we,draw from and for many who are drawing,from bergman theyre kind of drawing,from these ideas that great artists,cant have good personal relationships,or that art needs to come from suffering,and be a little bit torturing and vicky,crepes is looking around the island the,place where igmar bergman had all his,ideas and thinking,how could he make such dark movies all,the time,when this island to me is just so damn,pleasant and so the movies about how,the island becomes kind of a place for,her,to figure out what kind of feelings she,wants to draw from and how she wants to,write,and we actually get to watch her idea,for the screenplay come to life,in this movie within a movie and this,movie within a movie actually stars mia,osikowska,and angers danielson lee and the story,structure here with,watching the movie within a movie and,watching the movie itself is actually,pretty daring,the movie takes a long time to set,itself up before diving into that movie,but then that movie almost overtakes the,entire narrative and yet whats so,skillful about the way this movie was,written,is that the through line for our,protagonist seems to continue really,fluidly throughout both these layers of,story when were learning about the kind,of story that shes telling and the,feelings that shes evoking in there,even though were not watching vicky,crepes anymore were able to witness,what,shes wrestling with its a very risky,move but i think it really pays off,and the story within a story thats,being told is so warm and romantic,very anti-igmar bergmans philosophy,almost,it draws from places of optimism and,love and,fantasy and those kind of ideas are,often taken less seriously in cinema,because of the ideas that we have about,what great art is that come from,filmmakers like abrar bergman who,are undoubtedly great but theres more,than just their perspective obviously,mia handsome love shows us that maybe we,can find something more profound in,something thats about,joy or longing or romance after all,those emotions can be just as intense,as anything on the negative spectrum and,its not that the story doesnt have its,sad or conflicting moments,or even moments where vicky crepes is,tempted to take the story in a darker,direction,i actually felt very conflicted watching,it about where this protagonist was,gonna go with these feelings and how she,would feel resolved in the end about,them and the way that it ends i think is,maybe the part where im a little bit,most perplexed,because i do think the end works it,brought in an element of the story that,i think was,necessary but it felt a little bit of,like an external resolve,for the conflicts in the movie a lot of,people are gonna end up just missing,this movie as just being light and,breezy and therefore,its not really that impactful of a,story but i think thats the kind of,thing that the movies rallying against,like why cant a movie that,is lighter or sunnier be just as,profound the screenplay is a huge,highlight here its probably the best,thing in the movie,from the daring structure to just the,unique way that characters in this movie,are developed,vicky crepes is just perfect here her,performance is so smart and measured,shes just proving again that shes a,brilliant actress tim roth is also,really good and he has some really funny,moments,miya wasikowska is great in it the way,that she reflects a little bit of the,spirit,of the main character makes her,performance kind of layered so i really,enjoyed this movie and i had a lot of,fun,kind of thinking about it and piecing it,together i am very,close to a nine on it but i dont know,if im quite there with it so im gonna,give it like an,eight and a half i guess thank you for,watching thank you for subscribing,wheres the island dedicated to you,[Music]

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Bergman Island: Art, Love, and the Unbearable Process of Making

In almost two decades of being a filmmaker, Mia  Hansen-Løve has carved for herself a very distinct  ,and inspiring path. The characters she likes to  follow are people whose lives are in transit,  ,who feel untethered in one way or another from  their core desires. She questions the emotions  ,that motivate us, and the moments of in-between.  Those instances where we’re thrown from one event  ,to the next, and the places we go to seek solace.  Her films, deeply human, meditative, and firmly  ,grounded in our contemporary world, testify  to her abilities as a modern day philosopher.  ,I say modern day philosopher because, having  been born to two philosophy professors herself,  ,Hansen-Løve drives her films with  philosophical and intellectual  ,questions about everyday life. How can  we marry the sacred and the mundane? Or  ,the too-big-to-handle with the  minutiae of everyday existence?,It was through these questions that we arrived  at Hansen-Løve’s first English-language film,  ,Bergman Island, starring Vicky Krieps, Tim Roth,  Mia Wasikowska, and Anders Danielsen Lie. Taking  ,place on the Swedish island of Fårö, Bergman  Island would be a bit different from her other  ,films. This time, Hansen-Løve would take her  philosophical explorations to another level,  ,gently layering them onto one another  in a beautiful homage to love, creation,  ,Sweden, cinema, and Swedish cinema’s greatest  export – renowned director, Ingmar Bergman.  ,Hansen-Løve had had an idea brewing for a while of  a film about the ties between romance and artistic  ,practice, but it wasn’t until she spoke with her  friend Greta Gerwig, who had just gotten back from  ,a trip to Fårö with her partner Noah Baumbach,  that this idea would really come to fruition.  ,It’s story about a filmmaker being haunted by  the ever-cementing legacy of Ingmar Bergman  ,while on retreat with her filmmaker husband  in the place Bergman spent his final years.,Bergman Island is subtle and understated, but in  typical Hansen-Løve tradition it grapples with  ,big ideas – this time in a very metatextual  way. Hansen-Løve weaves together the already  ,overlapping elements of her personal life and  artistic practice to Bergman’s own – resulting  ,in a delicate dance of introspection, homage,  and critique. Bergman Island is a gem of a film,  ,and by detangling the intricate, metatextual  web that Hansen-Løve builds for us,  ,I hope to share my love for it, and  for Bergman himself, with all of you.,Women filmmakers are burdened with a question that  gets asked of them far too often – is this film  ,autobiographical? The insinuation being that women  creators are unable to distance their art from  ,their personal lives. Of course, sometimes this  is the case. Mia Hansen-Løve, for example, is an  ,artist who embraces this question full on. While  she’s never claimed the term “autobiographical”,  ,she acknowledges that many of her films are  implicitly drawn out of her direct personal  ,experiences and relationships. If it’s  the romance with her much older partner,  ,Oliver Assayas showing up in Goodbye First  Love, or the music-loving protagonist of  ,Eden being loosely modeled after her DJ  brother Sven who co-wrote the film with her,  ,or Isabelle Huppert serving as a stand in  for Hansen-Løve’s own philosopher mother  ,in Things to Come, – it’s clear that  Hansen-Løve is no stranger to personal  ,storytelling. But Bergman Island is, in  some ways, more explicit to her life:,The relationship between the protagonist Chris,  played by Vicky Krieps, and her husband Tony,  ,played by Tim Roth, very closely resembles  the co-creative and romantic partnership of  ,Hansen-Løve and her ex and director  in his own right Olivier Assayas,  ,from whom she had split up with shortly before  the making of Bergman Island. Chris and Tony  ,appear to have a functioning relationship,  but there’s a notable distance in the way  ,they interact with one another. Neither character  ever seems to fully connect on screen – with both  ,finding excitement in very different things: Tony  with the Bergman safari and his film screening,  ,and Chris with a gangly film student she meets  on the island. Of this, Hansen-Løve says:,“There was this idea of a couple who have  a real artistic complicity, they are still  ,in love with each other, they have a child,  they are still very close in many ways. But  ,as they are both writers and filmmakers,  they each have their own world – call it  ,a secret garden or whatever. They have  their own inner worlds, you could say.”,At one point in the film, Chris  discovers drawings Tony has done of  ,women in submissive and brutal positions.  She’s pretty taken aback in this moment,  ,as it becomes clear that she’s ignorant to the  depths of his interior life. On the other hand,  ,Tony is quite disinterested in Chris’s interior  life. She tries to bridge this gap by sharing  ,her idea about her next film with him, but  he is too distracted to truly listen to her.,Bergman also drew heavily from his  personal life. A child of divorce,  ,many of his films explore decayed intimacy. The  most obvious example being his 1972 miniseries  ,which was later condensed into a film,  Scenes from a Marriage – which explores  ,the increasingly alienated relationship between  a married couple. The series begins with the two,  ,Marianne and Johan presenting as an  aspirational couple during an interview  ,on the 10th anniversary of their marriage. As  Paisley Livingston observes about the series:,“in the ensuing episodes of the film, it is as  if Bergman takes up the interviewing himself: the  ,false harmony is disturbed, the marriage undergoes  a crisis and the tissue of deceptions is unraveled  ,to reveal the tension, insecurity, and disloyalty  hidden at the heart of the couple’s relations.”,Interestingly, Scenes From a Marriage is meta  in its own way – since much of it is also  ,drawn from Bergman’s romantic partnership  with Liv Ullman, who stars in the series.,But whatever similarities Bergman and  Hansen-Løve share here, their artistic  ,practices could not be more different, as  we’ll learn later on. Yet many still took  ,away from Bergman Island that Hansen-Løve  was using it as an opportunity to compare  ,the merits of her work to Bergman’s, which  she adamantly maintains is not the case:,”Its mostly a very personal film about what  writing means to me. But, because I decided to  ,set the film on the island Fårö, I know that  a lot of people could see the film as some  ,kind of dialogue that compares my work with the  work of Bergman. But Im not comparing myself.,This is one the most obvious metatextual elements  of Bergman Island. Hansen-Løve is using the film  ,to actively comment on the ways we are buried  by the legacies of our forefathers. And,  ,like she prophesied, she was buried a bit  by Bergman in the marketing of her own film.,THE BERGMAN HAUNT ,Ingmar Bergman is widely cited as one of  the most influential directors of all time,  ,if not the most. His body of work is vast  and spans the course of six decades. It  ,doesn’t take a trained eye to see how far  his influence has reached – you can see it  ,just about everywhere in Western filmmaking.  Many of his films, Persona, Autumn Sonata,  ,Wild Strawberries, and the Seventh Seal to  name a few, are widely regarded as some of  ,the best of all time. Bergman’s oeuvre is  challenging and poignant. His filmmaking  ,style was incredibly experimental for the time,  playing with perspective and form to make for an  ,almost hypnotic viewing experience. His films  are nakedly psychological and bleak, and,  ,like Hansen-Løve, he deals in big questions. But  again, like Hansen-Løve, he frames them through  ,relationships and human minutiae. As Irving Singer  surmises, “Bergman’s films are outstanding because  ,they succeed in directing our attention to  ideas and problematic feelings that both  ,his narratives and the image that manifest them  portra

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Bergman Island movie review — Breakfast All Day

hey guys hows it going welcome to,breakfast all day i am christy that is,alonzo just the two of us today on our,own private island,we are talking about bergman islands now,the latest from mia hanson love and,alonzo is going to describe it for you,so yeah so this is set on the island,that was famously where uh bergman lived,and made a lot a lot of his films called,im going to get this wrong its like,photo i think it looks like f-a-r-o but,they probably,yeah fora thank you because its got the,little thing on the a and,sweden um,so vicky creeps and uh,tim roth play a married couple theyre,both filmmakers uh and they are doing,kind of an artist retreat on the island,uh theyve left their daughter with with,her mom while they go off and work on,their respective new projects and while,theyre there tim roth character is,giving lectures and doing screenings at,the at the bergman center which is a,real place um and over the course of the,film uh,we sort of,see where they are both big bergman fans,shes maybe not so much of a fan of,bergmans you know off-screen uh life,and behavior um,but as they are kind of subsumed in his,life and work uh they are kind of,figuring out what it is that they want,to do next together as a couple but also,separately as artists and she relates to,him the story of this screenplay that,she is in the process of writing that,dovetails in with their personal life,but is also you know this work of,fiction that also happens to be set on,uh on the island um,i you know i need to see more mia hanson,love because the ones that ive seen,from her i think are really great and i,like this one a lot as well i think,shes really smart about in the films,ive seen anyway,about how artists work and what the,process of writing is about not just in,the in the physical activity but,what writers go through when they think,about their own work or they theyre,making sort of decisions about,both the nitty-gritty and and maybe like,the larger aspects of their careers um,vicky creeps you know who you know from,phantom thread is really terrific in,this i just found her fascinating and,and um this is a really good role for,tim roth as well i think like you know,hes not playing a [ __ ] for once,um,and you know that you you if you are a,hardcore bergman fan like youll,probably get way more out of this united,in terms of like oh look thats where,they shot and thats the part where that,but the movie also kind of shows you,like this you know theyre staying in,theyre sleeping in a bedroom where he,shot parts of scenes for a marriage and,shes like that cant be good,no um and he goes on this like bus tour,where they point out different you know,areas of interest and stuff so if you,you you if you are a bergman fan there,are,treats to enjoy here but if you come in,knowing nothing about brighman you dont,really need to know that much more,beyond what the movie is telling you and,what they say to each other about him,and about his his impact on their work,um,so yeah i think you know by the end of,it,i was really kind of surprised where it,was going i found the film within a film,to be really interesting and in the way,that it does and doesnt comment upon,their lives together and um yeah i was,really into this i like the film within,a film better than the film itself,actually,and it picks up like right about the one,hour mark it really picks up,when you see because she vicky creeps,his character is so im going to say,subordinate to tim roths but she seems,secondary within this setting because,he is so adored right right hes so well,known and she is you know trying to do,her own work the writings not coming to,her she is struggling and he is thriving,and so when you begin to see the way,this place,sort of enchants her it inspires her and,it like it,unleashes a creativity in her and so to,see that happen and to see the little,pieces of her her day and the pieces of,her bike rides and the people that she,meets along the way to see them find,their way into the film that she makes,is really exciting um,both of them are about,relationships that are,if not unsteady at least not,theyre imbalanced theyre not yeah,theyre not passionate theyre not,perfect um theres something a little,off there is perhaps not quite the,intensity or the darkness that we so,frequently see in bergmans work about,relationships but it is certainly aware,of that,vibe um i i love mia vashikovska in this,and,as shes trying to navigate how to,how to deal with her ex at this wedding,and um,it seamlessly bounces back and forth,between,vicky creeps telling the story to tim,roth and then the story itself and the,way those two begin to blur and the way,like the venn diagram kind of,increasingly becomes a circle is really,interesting the way those two things,mesh and then it kind of changes again,toward the end and i enjoyed the,seamlessness of that transition as well,that was really cool,as well um yeah you could look at this,purely as just,an escape as a travelogue photo is a,very beautiful place and it looks like a,cool place to go and visit um you dont,need to be a bergeron file i am not a,total expert in any way on bergman,but,picked up things here and there you know,um but as you say you can watch it from,any number of perspectives you know just,for the performances if vega creeps has,such an interesting presence about her,theres something kind of,chameleon-like about her something kind,of ethereal something kind of hard to,pin down but like shes really,intriguing,for sure yeah yeah and yeah i neglected,to mention in the the film within the,film is about a young couple that are,played by uh mia vasakovska and uh,anders,you cant want to get this right name,right danielson danielson leah uh who,was in uh oslo august 31st and personal,shopper and hes hes kind of a you know,art house it boy at the moment um yeah i,i you know again i think that so often,like filmmakers dont seem to know how,to make movies about filmmakers and it,very much leads to these these its,either too cynical or too obvious and,and and this is one of the smarter,movies ive seen about just like the,process of of trying to craft a story,and trying to,use your own life as,fodder but at the same time like being,creative and and and turning it into,something else entirely uh you know one,could argue,that this movie might be connected to,the fact that mia hansen love for quite,a few years was uh partnered with,olivier isaias you know and so and and,maybe you know his career was bigger,than hers at the time and so maybe they,went to things together where he got,more attention like who knows you know i,think all artists use their own stuff,but then they they generally just sort,of like make that a jumping off point so,you kind of get these,layer upon layer of,versions of that in this movie but i,think even just,taking out the whole notion about like,the aesthetics of it or whether you know,what it has to say about the creative,process i just i i found i found the,characters that were the creeps and roth,interesting i found the characters in,her screenplay interesting and and i,like how,with the,hanson love very delicately weaves those,things together and like you said then,goes a note to a whole other place at,the end that also feels of a piece with,the story yes um this is very much an,art house film though so i think if,youre not down for like its,understated rhythms,its very slow and very understated and,kind of quiet so you might be like what,the hell am i watching,fyi um,and if the people who live there dont,like tourism theyre really not going to,like this movie because it makes it a,place you really want to go to and stay,one of those cabins you know even the,rain is charming right even the rain,looks you know beautiful and inviting um,so im saying 7.4 uh i said 8.8 uh i i,really dug this and i hope people will,check it out right 8.1 is our number,where can folks see bergman island it is,currently uh only in theaters but um ifc,is releasing it

Mia Hansen-Løve, Vicky Krieps, and Anders Danielson Lie on Bergman Island | NYFF59

[Music],im going to start with the question for,mia,i mean the film is called bergman island,so lets just talk about the place,first about faro and um,what came first for you the story this,place,no it wasnt the place that came first,actually i think first came the idea of,making a film about a couple of,directors,but that idea was with me during many,years,and i i i think i waited for the right,time,and that happened when,for when the idea of fora came that,thats when the film became real to me,suddenly it was really like a,match i mean between,a place and an id for a film,so i went there i think it was in 2014,or 15 the first time and after that i,went there actually every year during,five years,but the first time when i came i i had i,already had the idea of a film but i,wasnt sure about how it would be when i,confront my fantasy of for to the real,experience of it,and i went there and i met hampus,who you,see in the film he plays his own part,somehow,and,hes the only one who does that actually,and im really happy that he agreed hes,basically playing himself yes thats why,i kept his name to make it really clear,that its really him,nobody i i went there and i was showing,one of my film and he was moderating the,q a and it actually drove me around the,island and i think its really thats,meeting with him,that that was a decisive step for me,that thats when the film started to,really,become real and the machine of fiction,really started when i met him can you,say a bit more about how this,place spoke to you and how it you know,crystallized your ideas id also love to,hear uh vicky and anders talk about,pharah because i think as much as,anything its a film about a a couple a,relationship a creative process but its,also a film about a place i think yes i,think places ive always played in a,very crucial uh role in in in my writing,since ever i started making films like,they are almost a matter of fiction for,me and for,i mean of course like uh as for many,many directors for had been uh you know,a source of fantasy for me because of,being connected to bergman and,and um,and uh because of the history of,love there is between forum and bergman,but i think,of course its not the only purpose its,really again when i went there,and i discovered i mean there was this,place haunted by bergman and it is the,case i you really feel burkmans present,and that was of course in the heart of,my inspiration but it was also another,forum where i could find a space for,myself for my own writing and i think,the magical for me was that it was that,it was both it was on the one hand it,was bergmans forum it was his island,haunted by,you know his presence and his work and,the films that he had been shooting,there but on the other hand there was an,um,there was a policy,in for a certain beauty,that i felt was still um,uh an experiment like a virgin territory,it felt you know because the photo you,see in bergmans film is is for,it its really influenced by his own,demons his own,um,uh his interiority,and when you go to the place you see,another place and yours is very,different from mine exactly i think mine,is actually very different and i,realized when i went there the first,time that there was that,that it was a territory for me to,explore that somehow bergman had not,explored and thanks to that i could find,my own you know my own language my own,my own territory,vicky,and anders do you want us to say a,little bit about,faro and what that place was like to to,work in to shoot did you know,did you know it before you made the film,i i had never been to florida um i had,um,i felt like i knew the place through,watching bergmans films but its as mia,says,when you get there you,you,you are immediately struck by this,special atmosphere,that the place has,its,partly because of the the landscape and,the light and,and i think mia,and dani lenoir,the cinematographer,have captured that atmosphere in a very,beautiful way,but,i think um,speaking as an actor i,i also felt that,we were standing a little bit in the,shadow of bergman or,its,you kind of feel his ghost being there,some some place and but you dont want,to make a film that that,imitates him or emulates him you want to,make a new film a,contemporary fresh story,and i think that was,important,for us as well at least for me,to uh to discover my own,photo and i i went horseback riding a,lot,its a very very uh beautiful way to,explore both photo and gotlam and the,french producer,was getting more and more nervous,that i would fall off the horse at some,point,but uh i did it still i even took me uh,vasikovska for a a ride and uh,and,yeah so that was my my uh way of,exploring for on my own,you never took me,you didnt even ask me i never knew you,went writing i love horse riding i was,part of the plan not to bring you,he spent more time with me i have to say,as you see in the film yeah,well i was probably busy with my kids,which is true um,[Music],so what was the question,just for okay,like always i didnt think,before going there because i,usually dont think,i do afterwards but i dont before,and i just went there,to open to whatever that place would be,and i remember that it was very strong,it reflected to me as a in a very strong,way as a like we have a really great,german word which is the insurrt,so and we also have a word called the,art so a place of zensort and zensort is,like a mixture of,longing and missing,so its like you long for something,youve known before maybe or something,you might know one day but you dont,know its,quite melancholic but more positive,anyway,so its like this is the kind of feeling,you have i find,a lot on that island um,and i think its also in berkmans,movies a lot this kind of feeling when,you,it just doesnt you dont,you know youre like married and you,have a house and you have a,family and everything but theres,something,you dont know,and um,so to me the island was really like a,lot about this,general,feeling um which i used a lot because in,the first year,we shot without tim,and so i had to explore the island,really without my husband and i didnt,know who was going to be my husband,so i couldnt you know think of someone,so i tried to concentrate on the island,and then this thing came up with what,you just said of the ghost,and i must agree like theres this thing,like there is like a kind of bergman,ghost,there i but i just cannot say it its,just its very strong when youre there,and especially of course when you see,his like,interior in his fridge and where he,would have breakfast and his toilet and,you know its like its pretty weird,because all the places are still there,um,so i think it was the island to me was,like a dialogue,an inner dialogue with,this kind of,birkman ghost but then also this feeling,of,longing missing zen zord,feeling so you shot in two parts was,there a reason for that,yeah it was,the,weirdest shooting,but,ever for me but also the,happiest,actually,i think,yeah i shot in two parts,its a,too long story but we had to shoot in,two parts,because uh,vicky arrived very late,on the film,and we had to postpone uh the shooting a,bit so i could i could still shoot the,first pass with the uh with that,with mia and anders and some scenes with,vikki but i had to wait one more year to,shoot the second part which is actually,the first part of the film,but now when i see the film sometimes i,dont even know which one i shot which,here is like uh,it got really thats kind of appropriate,for the film yeah its better,i guess but so i ended up spending so,much time,there and i i actually i have to say,that my experience of of writing and,working on forum is very different from,the one you see of chris because for me,it was the easiest,experience ever of writing like chris,describes how painful it is for her to,write and it is for me too,actually most of the time except,for the time when i wrote this film uh,and and i still dont understand why,it was so,so so easy actually but i i really,had the feeling whe

Bergman Island isnt about his legacy | 30 Days of TWIR #18

day 18 bergman island suggested by phil,bates of the bourgeoisie,i have written two feature-length,screenplays the first ironically titled,family values,is trash like on a purely conceptual,level is bad for society,i havent read it since my first year of,college but i remember too much of it,too vividly like i i understand,why i wrote it,and im angry that i did the second ive,talked about more than a few times on,this channel daylight a cabin in the,woodsy little spookfest that ive been,writing on and off since 2014.,daylights not bad for society,id really like to make it someday but i,dont know what to do with that when,andrew garfield as jonathan larson,finally showed superbia to some broadway,hot shots and tick tick boom and then,talk to his agent about it,she told him to start working on the,next one,because thats the way it goes,yeah i i have spent years on this script,that at this point i have a deep,attachment to,but so what,mia hansen love had the idea for bergen,island rattling around in her head for,far longer than ive had daylight though,she knew she wanted to make a film about,married directors lets call it inspired,by her life and marriage to olivier,assais,but it wasnt until the death of ingmar,bergman in 2007 that she felt she had a,frame for it,but it would be another 14 years before,the world would see it,there have been,a lot of high profile deaths recently,some barely register while others feel,like real losses being a high school,student at the time and one whose,cinematic tastes were not nearly as,worldly as theyd become,i didnt hear about it,i hadnt even heard of him,but of course i would go on to write a,paper about through a glass darkly and,art cinema for a film history course,that im sure had some incredibly,obnoxious name but though i found the,paper its cover page has been lost to,time,i skimmed it,and it made me want to die,its a good movie though i mean theres,a reason bergman is so revered as a,filmmaker if not,necessarily as a human being as bergman,island points out fairly early on,the film is set on pharaoh where bergman,lived until his death and also shot,several of his films the first of which,was through a glass darkly our,protagonist chris has come because her,husband tony was invited to screen his,latest film and participate in some,panels and what-have-yous its unlike,bergman adjacent festival or something,but its not a vacation for her she is,trying to figure out her next script and,thought maybe this idyllic place would,help her get some creative juices,flowing,being married to a man who is so,successful and for whom writing seems to,come so easily is deeply frustrating for,her she looks secretly at the pages and,pages of words and notes and kind of,unsettling drawings that he has put down,for his latest project that he wont,talk to her about,while hers remain nearly blank,but she does come up with a story,eventually once set on that very island,and so at some point this film director,inspired by her creator begins to tell,the tale of,her own self-insert having a different,experience in the same place,and we see it,its a fairly jarring turn the,realization that the movie weve been,watching is kind of the framework for,this other different movie that were,watching now and at times they mirror,each other visually and others they just,seem to fill in each others emotional,gaps,hanson love has admitted in interviews,that each of these characters is like a,side of her,and you can tell,sometimes,it feels kind of like watching a therapy,session,interestingly while they had intended to,film all of this stuff together the real,scenes were shot a full year after the,movie within a movie because of some,last minute casting issues,and i would imagine that seeing,how it came together actually helped,shape the frame as well i wonder if,tonys early line to someone on the,phone about losing half the cast wasnt,a remark pointed at some producer,somewhere down the line,and while i imagined that it was very,stressful in the moment it doesnt show,i would have never known that tim roth,and vicky creeps werent hanson loves,first choices creeps is the standout,obviously given that she has to,almost single-handedly carry the films,dramatic weight but ive always liked,roth as a performer and i think he walks,the fine line of being a,you know helpful guy who wants to give,his wife the space she clearly needs to,be and express herself while also being,a self-absorbed creative who is mostly,focused on his own work,everyones great in this honestly which,is good because,a lot of it is really just pure,performance there are so many moments,where characters are alone or together,but in silence or what have you and its,just about existing there and you feel,the tension and the frustration and the,love and the happiness and the,everything in between because,while the stakes here are pretty small,they mean a lot to the people involved,stakes only really feel small when,theyre someone elses you know,but bergman island doesnt really dwell,on that,it doesnt dwell on much at all,characters certainly do but the film,continues on because theres always,something new to see,and if not that,then certainly a new way of seeing,something old,i should watch persona again,7.0 out of 10.,thanks so much for watching thank you,particularly to my patrons my mom,hammering marco cat serakata benjamin,schiff anthony cole elliott fowler greg,lucina kojo phil bates willow i am the,sword riley zimmerman claire bear taylor,lindis andrew madison design and the,folks whod rather be read than said if,you like this video its great if not,oh well if you want to see more suggest,what ill talk about in three days and,the thing,bye

Cannes 2021: BERGMAN ISLAND Review

hi im jason gordon from thatshelf.com,and were here to talk about mia hanson,loves the bergman island here in,competition,at the cannes 2021 film festival,they change so mia hansen love is a very,interesting director shes made a bunch,of films that are mildly,autobiographical,one of her first films if not her first,film eden i saw and i hated,it ostensibly about her brother in the,sort of dj community,it was one of those things that theyre,talking about daft punk and def punk,would sort of walk by in the background,and id be like i want to watch that,movie why am i watching this movie when,i want to watch that movie,um nonetheless shes sort of continued,along this,road and has made an english language,film um starring victor grapes,and uh tim roth as a couple that go um,sort of on a writers retreat,to faro which is an island off the coast,of uh mainland sweden,which is where bergman called his home,um its a relationship movie its a,movie within a movie me,wasikowska also shows up sort of in the,the meta movie,um that takes place here and its really,interesting how,on the one hand its its sort of this,sort of tangential celebration of all,things bergman which dont have an,overt amount to do with um,uh hanson loves own filmmaking but,nonetheless,its a really interesting and engaging,um exploration of what happens when we,have an artist,and we sort of freeze them in place,remind me a little bit about the um the,travelogue that we saw in jane,um uh where we see,uh serge gronsborgs sort of um uh his,studio and his apartment sort of locked,in place,the the bergman estate as it were where,he lives,very much is keeping things uh as it,were but also as a place where new,writers and new expressions can actually,be made,and the film very much touches upon that,its its a story of marriage a story of,relationships of challenges of affairs,and all of this stuff,um and yet thanks to this sort of,bouncing back and forth between the two,narratives that actually,ends up being quite quite enjoyable um,uh,dare i say entertaining um for a film,like this,and its and its and its its its,quite an extraordinary film,um i enjoyed it very very much were,sitting here trying to navigate as,everybodys getting in for another film,but nonetheless ill go find this corner,here,so so i i think for me that what works,are really strongly about it is,obviously the incredible performances,tim roth is such such a treasure hes,hes beautifully aloof and he,and and he totally takes it on um i,think krebs,does a decent job sort of as a standing,in for,for the author as it were and um,has just uh sort of not not surprisingly,anybody has emerged as a really,tremendous tremendous talent,and the way that she sort of navigates,both the sadness and the joy,the slight quirkiness that shes taking,on of the meta character i think is very,enjoyable,dare i say one author that will not be,compared to,favorably unfortunately um or whatever,your point of,view on contemporary matters is woody,allen frankly if theres one artist who,does this very much,films about filmmaking films about,characters about scenes for marriages,and borrows from bergman,theres an obvious illusion here which,obviously will be underplayed given um,the circumstances uh surrounding that um,that that particular director again,i kept not delving into the to all the,complications of that,but it was interesting to see this film,that very much sort of borrows,much more so from woody allen frankly,than it does from bergman,itself um and a very interesting way,nonetheless i think the film is very,strong i think its a very uh good,contender,and for me it shows that uh handsome,love is is is committed to doing,something i know some people are,complaining the film is somehow lighter,but it just feels for me,that shes more engaged with an audience,than she has been in a long long time,and i think this is definitely a film to,seek out,so there we go uh bergman island by mia,hanson love,uh please uh check it out when you have,a chance to see it,for that shelf.com im jason gorber,please follow us subscribe,and uh well see you next video all the,best

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