1. Best NCLEX Review Courses (Kaplan vs UWorld vs Hurst vs Nursing.com)
  2. NCLEX Study Plan Schedule Guide: Strategies & Tips to Pass NCLEX First Try
  3. Kaplan vs Hurst vs Nursing.com (Which NCLEX Prep Course Is Best?)
  4. Archer vs. Uworld! Which NCLEX Program Is Better?
  5. NCLEX Review 2021 Comparison // What NCLEX Review is Best?
  6. Mark Klimek Lecture 8-12 NCLEX COMPLETE REVIEW
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Best NCLEX Review Courses (Kaplan vs UWorld vs Hurst vs Nursing.com)

hey everyone john ross here from,testprepinsight.com and today we have a,very special episode for you,and thats because im joined today by,the very beautiful and talented elena,ross,who happens to be my wife and is also an,rn hazard bsn,and has been through the exact decision,that youre facing today trying to pick,an nclex review course,hey all thats exactly right ive been,through it before i know that studying,for and passing the nclex is not easy so,hopefully i can help provide some,helpful advice,yep so weve brought in elena to help,review and raid out all the best nclex,review courses on the market,and thats exactly what were going to,be covering here today so if youre,ready,im ready lets get to it,all right welcome back so before we dive,into the first course on our list i,think its worth mentioning that our,entire team,including elena has actually purchased,and personally tested out,all the prep courses that well be,talking about here today yeah weve used,each to prep and evaluated them based on,their features like video lessons prep,books simulated materials,and given them an evaluation based on,all of these categories,so hopefully we can give you some really,helpful detailed analysis on each course,and just a heads up because this is a,video review were going to be moving,pretty quick here today,so if at any point you feel like you,need some more information theres a,couple easy options for you,first ill have links down in the,description below over to each companys,website,where you can check out these review,courses for yourself and ill also have,a link over to our website where we have,full detailed written reviews on each of,these nclex courses,or easier yet you can always just google,test prep insight,best nclex review courses thats a great,way to get there too,okay lets start with the number one,nclex review course on our list,and that comes to us from nursing.com,ill just start by saying that after,reviewing just about all the different,nclex prep options out there i was blown,away by nursing.com,i seriously wish they were around a few,years ago when i was studying for the,nclex,they offer everything video lessons,problem explanations simulated nclex,exams cheat sheets and more,but personally i think the clear,highlight of this course is their,simclex the simulated nclex exam program,seriously no other prep provider comes,this close to providing a simulated exam,this realistic,their exam problems are just like the,real nclex in terms of content,difficulty and length and the adaptive,nature of their software is spot on,a lot of companies use software that,just didnt feel like the real nclex,but you can definitely feel the,nursing.com program getting,progressively easier,or harder as you go along and i totally,agree that the simclix probably is their,biggest selling point but for me,personally,i think the thing most worth mentioning,is the sheer amount of study resources,that they provide,i mean you get 300 plus high quality,video lessons with sharp graphics and,illustrations,6 000 plus practice problems which is,way more than any other prep provider,a digital ebook covering content review,cheat sheets and a whole bunch more,its just a ton of study material which,is super beneficial for different types,of learners,for example if youre a visual learner,their video lessons are perfect then,each is just 10 minutes or so in length,which is really digestible,and provides a bunch of great visuals,and for those that learn best by just,doing,you can hammer a near endless supply of,practice problems,okay so thats why nursing.com gets our,top spot,up next is kaplan but before we get into,that if i could kindly ask everyone out,there to please subscribe to our channel,like this video and drop us a quick,comment below thatd be really,appreciated,were the only test prep company out,here that does this much research and,gives you this much detail,to make sure youre making the right,test prep choices so any support you can,show us,really goes a long ways all right let me,kick it back to you for kaplan,all right so we have kaplan rated pretty,high for a couple of reasons,but mainly its for their live classes,unlike nursing.com who only offers their,content review material in the form of,pre-recorded video lessons,kaplan offers live classes and theyre,very very good,i found their nclex instructors to be,crazy knowledgeable,and good at what they do they were,awesome communicators broke down,subjects easily and had some really nice,tips and tricks,i was just really impressed i think for,students that need the accountability,and commitment,and structure of a class basically if,youre not great at self-studying,kaplans nclex package with live classes,is probably going to be your best bet,i totally agree with all of that but,just one thing that i want to note here,is that these classes are actually,pretty affordable,because the course option with live,classes is just a hundred dollars more,than their basic,self-paced option and you get about 18,hours of live class time,it makes each class hour just like 5,dollars and 50 cents or so,which is crazy affordable in terms of,live nclex prep classes,and just in case youre wondering in,terms of the rest of the kaplan nclex,prep package,we also found them to be rock solid,across just about every other category,we liked their video lessons the,practice problems were highly realistic,of,actual nclex questions and their nclex,algorithm was,very good as well id just say that they,were a close second to nursing.com in,those respects,alright so the third course today comes,to us from uworld,and the first thing ill just get out of,the way is that uworld doesnt offer,content review,i mean they sort of do but not in the,traditional sense,this prep package doesnt come with,video lessons live classes,or prep book or anything like that,instead u world only offers a practice,question bank,plus problem explanations but its a,very good package,especially the practice problem,explanations because they dont offer,content,review these answer solutions act sort,of like mini review sessions or learning,modules,theyre crazy detailed and offer a ton,of awesome graphics diagrams and other,visuals,and if i could just jump in for a second,because of this limited type of study,material,this package is generally only going to,be best for a certain segment of,students,if you need any significant level of,content review at all,we think one of the other prep courses,will probably better suit you,and one other thing id like to point,out here your world is really pricey,given that its really only a question,bank,their premium package costs more than,nursing.com standard prep option,by about 30 bucks but it doesnt even,come with any of those video lessons,and only has about a third of the,practice problems but before we move on,on that point of pricing i should,mention that you world,and all of the nclex prep providers that,well be talking about here today,including nursing.com and kaplan,routinely run sales and special,promotions so make sure to check out the,description below,myself and the rest of the team here,will do our best to update that text,below the video screen,with any coupon codes and discounts that,might be floating around out there,to help save you some cash on one of,these nclex courses,okay so the last course on our best,lists and that were going to cover,today,is the hearst nclex review yeah and,theyre a preprovider that offers a lot,of value for less than 500,in fact theyre like kaplan in a lot of,ways hearst offers live classes a,workbook,a practice question bank and all the,other staples of a comprehensive nclex,course,that said our team also had them rating,out slightly below kaplan in all those,categories,for example if kaplan gets a b plus or,an a minus across the board,hearst is more like a solid b but where,i do see hearst being differentiated,from kaplan is with their lesson,workbook,they offer this really nice workbook,j

NCLEX Study Plan Schedule Guide: Strategies & Tips to Pass NCLEX First Try

hey everyone its sarah with,registerednessrn.com and in this video,im going to talk about how to study for,the nclex exam so first what you want to,do is you want to make sure that you are,prepping for this exam in advance you,dont want to start prepping for this,big exam a week or two weeks or even a,month before the day you actually take,it and the great thing about being in,nursing school is that whenever you are,prepping for the nclex exam in a sense,youre prepping for nursing school,because they really play off of each,other and for me what i did is i really,started buckling down studying about six,months before i actually took the test i,set a goal and i said okay whenever,christmas break gets here because i was,going to graduate that may i want to,start really studying so during that,christmas break i started studying and,every week i would have the study plan,that i followed and i would prep for the,exam and then i took it in june and i,passed my first try so whenever you go,to start studying you want to make sure,that you develop an individualized study,plan that targets your weaknesses and,one thing about nursing school is that,you have to take proficiency exams,throughout the semester and you know i,hated taking those but in the end they,are really helpful because after you,take them you get a printout that,reflects your weaknesses so what you,want to do is you want to look at those,weak areas and you want to develop your,plan based on those areas so you can,target that content whenever youre,taking practice questions now lets say,you went to a nursing school that didnt,really require the proficiency exams or,they didnt give you a printout that,told you your weaknesses how can you,determine what your weak areas are well,look back at your nursing school classes,which ones did you struggle in did you,get the lowest grades that gives you a,little hint right there,also you can access some review,companies like saunders comprehensive,nclex review guide it has software that,you can use to actually take a mock,nclex exam and it will tell you your,weak areas so what you can do is look at,that and then tailor your plan to what,you need to start studying now after,youve identified your weak areas what,you want to do is you want to practice,lots of nclex style questions and i,really really cannot stress this enough,this is something for me that was,fundamental in helping me pass that,nclex exam and i actually have a log i,created that you can see you can access,it in the youtube description below,where i show what areas i started,studying how many questions i practiced,today and youll see that i started in,december and went all up till the time i,tested so hopefully that can give you an,idea and how you should set up your,study plan now whenever you do go to,practice questions you want to make sure,that you are using different sources to,answer questions because theyre going,to give you a variety of different,questions to test you with easy,questions and hard questions so use your,review guide make sure you get a review,guide that comes with a lot of questions,and then access free ones and on my,website i have a whole bunch of free,nclex style questions that you can,take and help you study also you want to,make sure that youre not practicing,just multiple choice questions you want,to make sure that youre also answering,those dreadful select all of it apply,questions and those drag and drop and,all the other types because those are,really questions that trip up a lot of,students and i know for me they took a,lot of practice so you want to make sure,that youre definitely including that in,your study plan now whenever you are,practicing questions you want to make,sure that youre going back and,reviewing all of those questions and not,just looking at that score that you got,so you want to look at the questions,particularly that you guess on or that,you got wrong and go back in your review,guide and review that material,so you want to make sure that whenever,you do go practice questions that youre,not practicing too many like you know it,sounds great that you practice a,thousand questions that day but in,reality you cannot go back and review a,thousand questions worth of material for,me i would practice anywhere between 50,to 100 questions per day because that,gave me a great range of where i could,go back and recheck the answers to those,questions,for example lets say that youre,practicing pharmacology and you got a,question wrong about furosemide and the,question was something like this,patients receiving furosemide you notice,on their ekg that they had an inverted t,wave and a prominent u wave which lab,result below would correlate with this,finding and you got that wrong the,answer was a potassium level of 2.4 well,whenever youre going back and youre,reviewing the first thing what you want,to do is you want to look at frostamide,what is this this is lasix thats its,brand name its a loop diuretic you want,to look at how loop diuretics work,whenever theyre working on the nephron,to help diurese which means remove fluid,from the patient they will drop that,potassium level so the patient in the,sense is going to urinate all their,potassium out so whenever a patient,loses too much potassium it can cause,ekg changes and hypokalemia can lead to,those rhythm changes you would also want,to go back and review your electrolytes,and their normal ranges because with,potassium a normal range is about 3.5 to,5.1 milli equivalents per liter so to,really help you answer these nclex style,questions you cant just memorize the,material you have to truly understand it,and that requires you to go back and to,understand the pathophysiology behind,these disease processes and how these,medications work that we give the,patients now practicing questions like i,said is a great way to prepare for nclex,but its not the only way that you need,to study you need to also use other,strategies because if you just keep,practicing questions over and over,eventually whats going to happen is,youre just going to start memorizing,the questions and memorizing the,material and thats not how nclex works,its not really fact based they really,test your critical thinking skills so,whenever you find yourself practicing,really too many questions and youre,getting to that point where youre,memorizing or youre starting to get,fatigued its time to change it up a bit,so you want to switch and start watching,some lectures on topics that youre,really not understanding or hit the,books start looking through the books,reading little review summaries about,those topics that youre struggling with,now whenever actually comes to taking,the exam you want to make sure that you,take it relatively close to whenever you,graduate and the reason i say that is,because if you let months go by whats,going to happen is that you know youre,going to get tired youre going to be,burnt out because you just got out of,nursing school and who wants to crack a,book again because seriously after nclex,you never want to take another test,again so you want to make sure that that,information that you just learned out of,nursing school isnt getting fuzzy so,get it done after you graduate try to,sign up as soon as you can and knock,that test out and finally i know that,studying for this exam is stressful you,know if you ever look at those review,guides theyre like seriously this thick,and youre like how am i going to,remember all this material,for this exam and the thing is is that,you just went through nursing school and,nursing school prepares you for this,exam they focus on what they think is,going to be on that exam so you can pass,because nursing schools are really rated,based on their pass rate so they want,you to pass this exam so go in there,confident and you know study but dont,absolutely kill yourself with stress and,all those like negative thoughts that,you can start to have how well if i fail,this im the only person whos g

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Kaplan vs Hurst vs Nursing.com (Which NCLEX Prep Course Is Best?)

hey whats up everyone john here from,testprepinsight.com and today im going,to be comparing the nclex review courses,from kaplan,hearstandnursing.com our team has,purchased used and thoroughly tested out,all three of these courses and today im,going to tell you which one of the bunch,is the best so if youre ready lets get,to it,[Music],okay welcome back i should just mention,up right here that since ill just be,focusing on the big ticket items in this,video today if you find you need more,detail at any point we have a full,detailed written guide over on our,website that you can check out it has a,bunch more info an easy way to find that,is just a google test prep insight best,nclex review courses its a quick way to,find it,alright so a quick rundown of how im,going to organize this video lets start,with a quick price comparison of these,three courses so you have the lay of the,land from a cost perspective then ill,break down each course and tell you what,i like and dont like about each of,these three before finally ending with a,verdict of which one i would go with,so in terms of price kaplan has two,different packages a self-paced course,and a live online course that kicks in,18 hours of live class time those run,for 425 and 525 dollars respectively,then hearst has a number of packages all,with different features and access links,that range from around a hundred dollars,up to four hundred dollars but in terms,of direct comparison to kaplan the 400,package is the most direct comp thats,the price point youre going to want to,look at with hurst,then finally nursing.com has three,different packages for nclex prep the,first couple packages are limited time,access plans to their practice materials,and the third is their full course with,access to everything that plan builds on,a monthly schedule for 82 dollars a,month,so overall its a pretty level playing,field in terms of cost between these,three courses kaplan is about 125 more,expensive than hearst directly,comparable package and nursing.com is a,bit of a wild card with their monthly,billing but side by side theyre all,pretty close in terms of price,however it is definitely worth,mentioning that those are just the full,retail prices and all three of these,companies regularly offer deals and,special promotions so be sure to check,out the description below for coupon,codes ill drop any current discounts,that i can find down there for you i,frequently see 20 off sales so make sure,to check that out,all right so with our cost comparison,out of the way lets dive into our first,course kaplan and there are two big,things that i like about the kaplan,nclex course their detail problem,rationales and the live classes and,lets start with those rationales in,short i really like the explanations,that kaplan provides with all of their,problems not only are they detailed and,provide coverage around every answer,choice but they also offer very detailed,guidance beyond the explanation itself,they also tell you how you should have,used test taking strategies to eliminate,wrong answer choices as well as content,refreshers with detailed pictures and,animations for quick coverage of the,concepts being tested in the problem,basically kaplans explanations are rock,solid and i was a huge fan,then the other reason i like kaplan is,their live classes they are very good,the kaplan instructors are all long time,nclex tutors and teachers and know the,exam inside and out and theyre also,great communicators they do an excellent,job breaking down some of the tougher,concepts with mnemonics and testing,tricks for just a hundred dollars over,the price of the kaplan self-paced,course each class hour breaks down to,like five or six dollars which is an,awesome value really its the live,classes that make this kaplan course in,my opinion in a straight comparison with,the other two nclex providers on this,list we actually prefer nursing.com,self-paced material,but if youre the type of student that,needs the accountability and commitment,that comes with life class time and a,fixed schedule then you should go kaplan,their live classes offer structured,studying that you just wont get with,nursing.com,and speaking of nursing.com thats,actually a really good opportunity to,jump straight into my thoughts on them,and i wont beat her on the bush here,nursing.com is my favorite nclex prep,package on this list when considering,everything that they provide,nursing.coms course is just more,comprehensive and effective and a better,value than the other two they give you,everything on-demand video lessons cheat,sheets a structured study schedule an,e-book six thousand plus practice,questions and simulated exams it is a,lot but its not just the sheer amount,of features and resources i also,specifically like nursing.com for two,major reasons their nclex simulator and,the video lessons and lets start with,those video lessons for one i really,like their video lessons because theyre,short and very digestible at just 10,minutes each they go by very fast and,are kind of fun to watch plus they have,sharp graphics and diagrams which are,great for visual learners not to mention,theyre all taught by practicing nurses,with practical tips and are stuffed with,helpful tricks for passing the nclex,bottom line i love the video lectures in,the nursing.com platform,but the clear highlight of the,nursing.com course is their simclex this,is their adaptive nclex simulator and it,is about as close to the real thing as,ive seen the questions in their program,get progressively harder or easier as,you take the test adapting to your,performance just like the real thing,its just the most realistic nclex,simulator that weve tested plus each,question is followed by a well-written,answer explanation id say these,rationales arent quite as robust as,kaplans but they do offer some nice,insights and clearly articulate why each,answer choice is correct or incorrect,and i know im running through this,pretty quickly so if you do want to see,a more detailed breakdown of any of,these features like the video lessons or,simclex make sure to check out that full,detailed written guide that i mentioned,ill have it linked down below in the,description for you i have more analysis,and screenshots over there so you can,get a better feel for what to expect,okay so last up here is hearst and they,offer most of the same features as the,other two live classes video lessons,practice problems and a handful of,simulated exams but heres what i would,say hearst is one of those companies,that does everything well but just,doesnt really win in any one major,category the best analogy here is that,they get a solid b in every category,so heres who i think hearst would be,best for someone who a wants in-person,classes or b really wants their hand,held throughout their study material and,heres why i say that of these three,nclex prep courses hearst is the only,one that offers in-person classes so if,youre more of a social person and want,that live class environment with other,students around to bounce things off of,and ask questions in real time then,hearst is great for that,or second if you really want your hand,held hearst might be a great fit and,thats because they rely heavily on,their course workbook to teach the,material this workbook is jam packed,with all of your need to know content,and deep problem breakdowns,however the caveat is that you need to,fill it out it is stuffed with fill in,the blanks making you watch the relevant,video lessons or attend class to follow,along and then complete the workbook,they basically walk you through the,material step by step and tell you,exactly what to write in your workbook,and memorize that might sound annoying,but assuming you do the work it makes,studying really straightforward and,helps with retention,in short we really like their written,print materials,and that about does it for the details,so lets get to my final verdict but,before i get to that i should mention,t

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Archer vs. Uworld! Which NCLEX Program Is Better?

hey guys welcome back to nurse shanks in,this video were going to take another,look at comparing archer review to you,world so we made a video like this a,long time ago when archer was first out,and at the time it was a free service,they were very new to the market i think,they were giving it away for free,because it wasnt quite polished enough,yet probably not ready for prime time,but theyre essentially beta testing it,giving it away for free in the meantime,which in my opinion was probably a smart,idea because of course youre going to,find out what the bugs are what needs to,be improved and nobodys really missing,out because its free so since that,initial video that we made a lot of,changes have happened behind the scenes,at archer review theyve done a ton of,work and theyve really fleshed out,their product to the point where now,its one of the best products that ive,seen especially when you look at the,value proposition because the prices are,absolutely ridiculous so i wanted to,take another look at comparing archer,with you world and see whether or not it,makes sense for you guys to choose,archer or uworld if youre trying to,decide between the two right now so,looking at you world nothing really has,changed youre still just getting,practice questions so youre going to,get 2150 plus practice questions it says,you also get two self-assessments but,thats only with select packages so for,30 days youre not going to get any,self-assessments youre going to have to,go up to 60-day access to get one,self-assessment and that is going to,cost you 159 so when compared to some of,the numbers at archer were already,seeing a difference here archer has 2,500 practice questions so they have more,practice questions than you world youre,also going to get self-assessments so,for 60-day access which is what we were,looking at with u-world right its only,29 versus 159 dollars you also just get,one self-assessment over here at uworld,but archer is going to give you multiple,self-assessments guys theres a really,big difference here though with the,self-assessments archer is giving you,computer adaptive testing built in so,its essentially mimicking the nclex,that is extremely valuable and not a lot,of programs are offering that url,definitely does not have this feature,and its extremely helpful because this,is a very unique style of testing that,you guys probably arent used to so if,you guys can get some practice using,this style of testing its going to help,prepare you a lot better for the nclex,versus just taking a bunch of practice,questions out of the pool and giving it,to you randomly archer is actually going,to give you the computer adaptive style,testing that you guys are going to see,on the nclex this is extremely valuable,and at 29,it is just unheard of that a program can,be so cheap now look thats just,practice questions so if we wanted to,include content review which you could,buy separately over here at archer or,you can get the discounted combo which,is my preference basically you get,everything for one price so for 79,youre going to get 60 days access to,the question bank youre also going to,get all of their content review now,were essentially taking uworld adding,in some hearst and now we get this for,79 bucks for 60 days compared to the,cheapest program here at uworld which is,129 youre still saving 50 bucks just,going with archer and youre going to,get way more,not only do you get all the practice,questions with computer adaptive testing,but now youre getting content review i,cannot fathom how uworld can compare and,ive been asking my audience people who,have used both right what do you prefer,a lot of people are saying they really,think that archer is better even at,practice questions right because,specifically because of the computer,adaptive testing its just not a fair,comparison anymore because a question,bank to a question bank maybe u worlds,is better right maybe archer has more,questions but maybe u-worlds questions,are still a little bit better i dont,know theyre probably pretty much on par,but the fact that archer has computer,adaptive testing and url doesnt just,completely obliterates the argument now,all of a sudden archer is the only thing,i would consider looking at especially,considering that the price is so much,cheaper if you guys have watched this,channel for a while youll also know,that i really like when programs have,100 money back guarantee to me it,signifies that the company is standing,behind their product so does your world,have a money-back guarantee no they do,not does archer have a money-back,guarantee yes they do now it only,applies to this one right here which is,the surpass combo so if you guys get,that one that says sure pass you know,that youre going to get your money back,if you fail this is actually a really,good money back guarantee too because,not only do they have a 99 pass rate,which is also higher than new worlds,which is around 96.4 i believe they will,let you use your money back guarantee so,long as you are using this combo right,here with the sure pass so long as,youve also used the program its,entirety that you have gotten a pass on,four readiness assessments but they will,let you use this if its not a first,attempt now that is very different than,most everyone elses money back,guarantee everyone else pretty much says,this is only valid for your first,attempt but for archer it doesnt matter,what attempt youre on so if youve,taken the nclex three times archer will,still honor the money-back guarantee if,it doesnt work for you thats,incredible so 99 passing rate for a,repeat test taker is ridiculously,awesome and if you guys are repeat test,taker i mean this is probably the only,program you should be considering right,now because its probably the only,program thats going to actually give,you a money back guarantee at this point,its also coming in at the cheapest,price point and it has everything you,want it literally checks all the boxes,its got the practice questions its got,the content review its got the high,pass rate its got the money back,guarantee its got computer adaptive,testing guys if you want to save even,more off the already cheap price of 99,for this or any of their combo programs,you guys can use our discount code nurse,jinx at checkout just give you a little,show of this you apply the code and,youre going to take off 14.85,its going to bring it down to 84.15,i dare you to find another program that,has all these practice questions 99 pass,rate 100 money back guarantee computer,adaptive testing youre not going to,find it right for this price its its,unbeatable guys so in conclusion they,have come a long way since they first,debuted back about a year ago and i,suggest you guys check them out,especially if youre a repeat test taker,i would put them at the top of my list,if you guys have any questions about,archer leave them down in the comments,ill try to get back to you guys if you,liked the video please give it a big,thumbs up subscribe to our channel for,more videos and well see you guys next,time take care,[Music]

NCLEX Review 2021 Comparison // What NCLEX Review is Best?

hey guys welcome back to nurse janks,hope you all are doing fantastic today i,want to compare a bunch of nclex review,programs because theres so many choices,out there and,whats a nursing student to do ive,looked into a lot of these programs,before guys ive done trials ive made,videos about individual programs but,lets try to compare them all in one,videos to try to save you guys some time,get down to the details quickly so ive,made some notes,lets start with you world i want to,talk pricing first and foremost because,that kind of sets the scene i feel like,for,talking about a review program because,of course a review program that cost ten,dollars its probably not,expected to do quite as much as a,program that costs two hundred dollars,right so you world starts at 129 dollars,and that gets you access for 30 days,lets talk about what url does and,doesnt do uworld is good for practice,questions,pretty much thats it they have some,readiness assessments which tries to,simulate the nclex exam but at the same,time i dont think theyre that great,what i think url does well is practice,questions with good rationales,but there are some things that i do not,like about you world first off i think,theyre very expensive,so relative to the competition theyre,super pricey and i dont really think,they offer very much for that extra,cost so once upon a time i think u world,definitely had an advantage when it came,to practice questions i think they were,some of the first people doing that but,i think everyone else is caught up,but you world hasnt realized that and,lowered their pricing to be more,competitive,or maybe they have theyre still not far,enough basically they do it well but,others can match and probably at a lower,price point,another thing i dont like about uworld,theres two things actually one they,dont talk about a passing rate and that,doesnt sit well with me i feel like if,they had a good passing rate with people,who use their program they would love to,advertise it and it just makes me think,that its not that great,the second one is they dont have a,money-back guarantee i think that if a,program is charging you guys money,to pass your nclex i think they should,offer a money-back guarantee and if they,dont,i dont like that so those are two big,things i dont like about you world now,lets talk about kaplan,so that starts at 279 dollars for their,cheapest program so it certainly is not,cheap,this gets you about six months access to,everything that they have which is,review programs,simulated nclex exams and lots of,practice questions,ive made a review video about kaplan i,thought they were fine um but at that,price point im expecting a lot,basically because a lot of the,competition like i said a lot of these,programs are pretty even with each other,i feel like as far as the quality of,their content and it really does come,down to price and features that they,give you for that price,so for kaplan i feel like theyre on the,high end of things so i know that they,give you six months access for this,price point but at the same time i think,that its most valuable to just have one,month,in my opinion trying to give you guys,more time than about a month is a clever,way for a business to try to make more,money by offering,what sounds like more value to you you,think wow one month versus six id,rather have six for a little bit more,money,but in reality i really dont think you,need more than about a month,of actual hard dedicated time spent with,a program,and i think if you guys are paying for,six months youre really not gonna get a,whole lot out of it i think your,value is in one month so guys whatever,you can get for one month or so,thats pretty much all you need in my,opinion this is for most nursing,students of course okay,so guys im not sure if kaplan has a,passing rate if it does ill try to put,it down in the description i just cant,find it,on a quick google search here but they,do offer a money-back guarantee so i,definitely like that better than new,world who offers none,okay so thats pretty much my final,thoughts on kaplan theyre pretty good,but the price is high and they try to,give you a lot of time to justify that,price and in my opinion its not,necessarily worth it so i think for your,money there are probably better options,out there but i dont think its a bad,program by any means,all right guys now lets talk about,saunders now saunders is actually what i,use way back in the day before taking my,nclex basically i bought a book which,was a,long kind of condensed textbook of all,of nursing school,a long review book if you will and,basically also it came with a cd yeah,thats how old it was it was a literal,cd,that had a bunch of practice tests um,and questions on there so basically what,i did,is i used that to take tons of practice,questions our school also had us buy,something called hessie and so i had,access to that which is also just,practice questions and so,between the two i just had access to a,bunch of nclex practice questions and i,just took those for a while,getting used to taking a lot of practice,questions i think is super useful,theres definitely something to that as,far as having a lot of repetition,getting used to taking practice,questions that when you sit for your,nclex its nothing new,youre like im used to taking questions,i can do this in my sleep all right so,lets talk about how much saunders cost,so typically,saunders is 68.95 although it is,currently on sale for 55,and 16 cents now those are some weird,numbers right there but it doesnt,really matter the point is its pretty,cheap for a good program,its going to give you a good review,book of pretty much everything that they,think is important for you,and youre also going to get access to,all of their practice questions im not,sure about any money back guarantee or,any pass rate associated with it but the,money is low and so i dont think people,are going to be too afraid to give up,that amount of money in exchange for a,better chance of passing the nclex,like i said i used it myself i think,its a good program and a good price,point too,now whether or not you guys also care,else cyber which is a big name in,education,they actually own saunders i believe so,i dont know maybe that speaks to its,quality as a program as well its not,just some,random online review program its,something that is actually appreciated,by a big publisher,in education that is used a lot for,nursing school all right guys now i want,to talk about a budget option out there,its called archer nclex review,originally they got their start doing,usmle which is the medical student test,prep but now theyve moved into nclex,and theyre still new to it and i dont,think its the best program out there,but for the price its pretty good,youre going to get a lot of practice,questions for your money,right now its only 22 for 60 days,access and you really cant beat that,anywhere you look,now i did do a review video about this,already and ill put a link here so you,guys can check it out,basically i thought it was a little,unpolished at the time they told me that,they did improve on the editing and,everything on the questions to make it a,little bit more polished a little bit,more professional of an app,but for the money i mean its hard to,get too mad at it i mean how much are,you really expecting for 22 dollars,essentially if you guys are in a bind,and you really just want access to a lot,of practice questions and even if,theyre not the best of the best,practice questions out there some is,better than nothing and so for 22,dollars,i cant get too mad at archer and they,have a free trial so you guys can check,it out in case you want to,i would probably only use this if youre,really tight on money and you really,want a good budget option only for,pretty much practice questions,now lets talk about nursing.com so this,is one of the newer kids on the block,too although they have been making,products for a while theyre still not,one of the big

Mark Klimek Lecture 8-12 NCLEX COMPLETE REVIEW

and well start on page 35 lab values,you have to know your lab values,but the good news is you dont have to,know them all,just certain ones that everybody else,knows,the only,well theres kind of more bad news and,that is not only do you have to know lab,values but you have to know which lab,values are,more dangerous than what other lab,values so if you knew 10 lab values you,need to know which ones are high,priority which ones are middle priority,and which ones are low priority,because they will ask you to prioritize,people according to their lab values,like theyll give you four different,patients a patient with a potassium of,7.4 potassium with a pH of 6.8 a person,with a hemoglobin of 10 and a person,with a bun of 54 and they want to know,whos your highest priority patient that,kind of thing so its not good enough,just to know the values themselves,because they will give you four people,all of them have abnormal lab values all,of them do,so what you have to do is then rank them,you know on Whose highs to his lowest,priority so,what I want to do is teach you that,because I dont believe,any school I know of,teaches students how to prioritize lab,values they teach you the lab values,they teach you the numbers the ranges,whats normal whats abnormal they teach,you what high means what low means they,teach you the significance of the test,but they dont teach you that a,hemoglobin of seven is a higher priority,than a person with an INR 3.4,you see what Im saying they dont they,dont get to that now does am I mistaken,are some schools doing that,are any schools doing that,they just say potassium is bad and,thats probably probably on boards,thatd probably be the least you should,know at least that but well Im going to,give you a scheme here do you see the,legend at the top of the page where it,says ABCD,a means that its not a priority,I mean its a low priority its not a,big deal yes its abnormal,the lab is abnormal but really theres,nothing you need to do about it in fact,in real life,if,see what Im going to do is let me look,back up what Im going to do is Im,going to for every lab value I give you,Ill tell you whether the abnormal is an,a a b a c or a d Ill assign a priority,letter to it are you understanding where,were headed with this and when I tell,you that a lab abnormality is a level a,what Im trying to communicate to you is,that yes it is abnormal,and yes it could mean there is the,presence of disease but in the scheme of,things this is really no big deal,in fact you dont have to do anything,about it in other words if a lab report,came back,and its an a level,you could ignore it all night long and,have the doctor Discover it in the,morning and you wouldnt be in any,trouble for having that happen,do you understand what Im saying,however if I tell you its a c level,level C letter C and you do nothing,about it all night long and the doctor,finds out about it in the morning you,are in major trouble,so Im trying to give you a feel for how,important it is that you must report,these or do something immediately so,when a is abnormal yes but you do,nothing about it its no big deal a,letter b,it is abnormal and you need to be,concerned but theres nothing you need,to do you just kind of watch them closer,have you had the experience where you,had a lab value that was abnormal but it,really wasnt all that bad,so you didnt have to do anything but,you but that lab abnormality said to you,watch them closer watch them closer,thats what Im trying to tell you A B,is,when I tell you that a lab value is a c,weve now crossed a line from low,priority to high priority,when a lab reaches a c value it is,critical you must do something about it,you cant just sit on that lab value and,do nothing if I tell you that a lab,abnormality is a d Im trying to,communicate to you that it is the,highest priority that you can possibly,have with a lab value so whats the,lowest priority,followed by and then what are two high,priorities and the highest of all is D,okay its just as everybody know where,were headed here okay now lets start,into this lecture,in the First Column theres the name and,anything I want to tell you about it in,the middle column youll write the range,the normal range,and in the last column well assign the,a the B the c or the D alrighty,lets talk about creatinine I told you,two days ago that it is the best,indicator of kidney or renal function,now in this case I am talking about the,serum creatinine because they will not,talk about they will not give you the,values,for a creatinine clearance,24-hour creative clearance they arent,going to test you that on that but they,will test you on the serum creatinine,now the serum creatinine is 0.6,to 1.2,which is actually the same numbers as,the lithium range if you recall that,from yesterday the lithium and the,creatinine are the same range,okay in the middle column I you have,that in the last column,an abnormal creatinine is just a level a,you would never prioritize a person with,a high creatinine as your highest,priority,now do they have kidney disease,if they have a high credit yes,but are they going to die in the next,four hours,no,the next morning the doctor could come,in and go oh its creatinine is high he,must have,kidney disease and thats fine youre,not going to be in any trouble for it,probably the only time that I would ever,make a high creatinine something that I,would actually make a phone call to a,doctor about is if they were going for a,test,that had a die in it,that next morning like for example if,theyre having a cardiac catheterization,where they put the dye in if they if the,question tells you that theyre to have,a Dye procedure in the morning,I might make a high creatinine something,that I would report but it wouldnt be,in the next hour it would just be,sometime like for example if you got the,high creatinine back at midnight,I wouldnt call the doctor till five or,six in the morning at the earliest,I might wait till seven,I certainly wouldnt call him a one in,the morning,but there are certain lab values youre,going to see you call them right away so,this would even then it wouldnt be a,super high priority but it would be,higher than,just a plain high creatinine does,everybody understand that,okay,the INR the international normalized,ratio it monitors Coumadin,therapy its like the PT,its a variation of the Prothrombin time,its normal range should be two and three,in the twos and threes in other words,you want your eyes and our inrs to be in,the twos and the threes,like 2.1 3.8 thats what you want,in the last column anything thats above,four or four and above,is a c,which means its high priority,you have to do something,this is not one you can ignore you can,ignore the creatinine,but you cannot ignore this one,an INR of 4.2 would defeat would be a,higher priority than a creatinine of 30.,now,when you when I assign something a,letter c,what do I say are the implications of,that its critical and you have to what,do something now the question you should,be asking is well whats the do that I,should do,well whenever you get a situation,where they want to know what are you,going to do about something,theres a protocol you need to follow in,order because this would be a dragon a,click and drag,you always hold thats the first thing,you do,what do I mean by hold,if theres something thats causing a,problem stop it first,after you hold,then you assess what would you assess,a whole complete head to toe physical,exam yes or no,no,a focused assessment focused on what,the area that the lab value is telling,you theres a problem with,but do a focused assessment,then you prepare,which means you prepare to give,now you dont always give but you,prepare to,and after you prepare,then you call,meaning call physician or call,respiratory or call whomever is,appropriate,but before you call the physician you,always hold assess and prepare,now if we apply this,to the INR,of 4.7 lets say you get an INR of 4.7,and they want to know what ar

How I passed the NCLEX-RN in 75 questions during my first try | Angelica T

[Music],[Applause],hello everyone and welcome back to my,channel in this video im gonna be,talking about how i pass the nclex rn in,75 questions on my first try,[Music],first im going to be talking about the,resources i used the first resource i,used it is the saunders book i went,through it and made a general overview,of each topic and i organized it by,fundamentals med surg maternity,site and then for med surg i did it,first system and then per system it is,adult and then pediatric so the second,resource i used is mark clement,and im gonna add here clement it was,super helpful at making things easier to,digest and he had a lot of memory trick,that really helped me actually and also,if you guys plan on using it i would,recommend to watch it asap because i,think online those are copyright so,theyre slowly taking it down already,and then yeah i dont know why its,being taken down because when you listen,to it he actually says you guys can,record because its for educational,purposes you know,the next resource i use resource number,three is you world and i got u world for,i think it was 60 days it includes,the question bank and two,assessments so,what i did was i took one assessment,first and sort of used it as like a,pre-test to see where im at after using,saunders and listening to mark lamech,then after doing that pre-test i went,through all the questions in their q,bank which is more than 2 000 questions,i went through all of them and then i,did all of those that i got incorrect,until i got them correctly once i was,done with that i did the last assessment,so that you bank you guys would get a,percentage and i read online that if you,get 56 percent theres like a 92 percent,pass rate or something like that and,then for you world i really recommend,reading the rationales i had a notebook,that i used first for my saunders notes,and then the remaining pages i used for,my world rationales and basically every,single question whether you got it right,or wrong you really write the rationale,so that you can you know commit it to,memory so,i really recommend,discussing with your cohort because you,guys can get a group discount our vice,president in our nsa,marissa organized our u world discount i,dont remember how much exactly but you,know every dollar counts um,anyways and the last resource i use,resource number four is archer review,im gonna add a picture here okay,forgotten about the logo what they did,to study and class anyway so archery,review compared to you world is much,harder i feel like the questions but,you world has really good rationale so,you world is more of,learning and then archer review is more,of practicing i can definitely say,archer is a better determinant of how,you will do in the nclex because its,much,harder and more vague its kind of,tricky,and,yeah and if you do archer before,taking the nclex you would feel much,more confident so in archer i did,readiness assessments and computer,adaptive testing computer adaptive,testing because thats how entrance,works and the world doesnt do that you,get to,have sort of the feel of it and that,really helps and it could make you feel,much more confident going into the nclex,they also have readiness assessments,and how it works is that if you get four,consecutive readiness assessments,um scored as,high or very high it is a good,determinant that youre gonna pass the,nclex,archery rationales are not,the best thats why i said that u world,is more for the rationales and learning,compared to archer archers rationales,are more like d is correct because blah,blah blah a and b are incorrect because,because they are right so you dont,really you know get to see the bigger,picture compared to ebro so my tips for,you all number one make a study schedule,so after i graduated i really you know,made a study schedule like this is my,first study day and then this is my,estimated nclex test date and its not,super sure yet because its going to,take a while for you to get your,authorization to test or your att so you,wont really know for sure if thats,your ncx test date but its good to have,a general idea of what you want your,goal to be each day or each week how,many questions you want to do and what,resource you want to use yes and also an,important part to put in your schedule,is a day,for a break to be honest i didnt really,take the break because this is just our,secret sometimes i didnt reach my goal,for a few days and i would use my break,to make up more,so im kind of a scam but you know the,thought was there the thought was,counted,guys i think i have a cake i i ate papia,before this okay,okay so,um next tip is getting a notebook as i,told you earlier i had a saunders book,and then it had my new world rationales,afterwards,but i got a smaller notebook basically a,summary of everything i knew i needed to,know for the nclex see i put vital signs,important lab values i organized it by,by system really these parts are the,ones that i knew i needed to really,remember yeah so dont just put every,single thing ever same goes,for,pharmacology i i put pharmacology,separately because i dont know the,struggle is really talaga with,pharmacology guys so,i,um put all like antidotes here all,cardiac related stuff obviously youre,gonna need to know more,medications than what is written here,but i just put those that i thought were,super important for me to remember my,third tip is to change your study,environment you really need to change,your study environment at least for me,because when i take the test im gonna,be like,i remember that i studied this in,the corner of the room,things like that it helps me remember,because again im a very visual learner,okay and not only in your house if,youre able to you can go to a library a,coffee shop whatever works for you um,sometimes you just want to stay at home,so that you know you can take a nap when,you want to,and last but not the least its,important for you to find a study buddy,and my study buddy was rikako bsnrn so,rika bayaran,starring madito venmo rika if you dont,know her already,so i studied with her a lot we called,literally every single day to study,together and then we would start each,day by saying like what our goals are so,that we both you know keep each other,accountable and my last and most,important tip behind the,most important syllable this is,important so,the important,important test tip for you find a way to,manage your anxiety because,everything that will be in the nclex im,sure,99.99999 percent you know,but,sometimes our anxiety gets on sabbah our,anxiety gets the best of us,our anxiety is,over,and that is what cloud your decision,making during the nclex like you know,all the information but sometimes our,anxiety gets the best of us so that is,the most important preparation managing,your anxiety and really being confident,so now im gonna move on with our,question and answers that you guys sent,to me on my instagram and my facebook so,i wont say names now because this is a,safe space what was the nclex tip that,was super useful during your actual test,taking for me it was really,dont overthink the question because,just answer whats there you know dont,make things up like patient a is so and,so and patient b is having like a,medical emergency who are you going to,prioritize first and then you think oh,my gosh patient a what if theyll have,like this and this and this and this but,if you think about it patient b is the,one having that medical emergency right,now next question is the pvt trick real,if you dont know yet pvt is the pearson,view trick where you re-register to take,the nclex at least two hours after you,take the nclec and if they allow you to,re-register it means that you have,i l you know we cant say that word but,if it says something like a record show,that something something means that you,pass um for me i tried the pvt trick and,it worked i got the good pop-up but i,heard about some instances where if you,took more than 75 questions it becomes,less

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