1. BetOnline Review: Should You Play At This Online Casino?
  2. Bovada Poker Review 2022-2023 – From a Real Player ♠️♠️♠️
  3. Bovada Vs Betonline.ag Review – Who Wins??
  4. Is BetOnline Safe For US Bettors? How To Get A Payout From BetOnline.ag
  5. Bovada vs BetOnline 2022 – Which Is Best?
  6. BetOnline Poker Review 2022 – Should You Play Here? ♠️♠️♠️
  7. Christopher Mitchell More LIES!-Betonline FAKE $4000 Withdraw EXPOSED! Affiliate account EXPOSED

BetOnline Review: Should You Play At This Online Casino?

bet online is one of the most trusted,online casinos for its tradition and,proven track record in the U.S gaming,Market many sites Focus entirely on,players in the USA but bet online,markets to Gamblers around the globe,with a safe and reliable platform and,over 295 casino games to choose from you,will never run out of options in this,video we will show you why bet online is,one of the top rated online casinos in,the industry,before we start give us a thumbs up,subscribe to our channel for more great,Casino tips and reviews and learn how to,win real money playing great games,bonuses are always a good starting point,for new players and a great way to keep,your bankroll growing give vet online a,try using one of the amazing bonus codes,that we have for you in the link on the,description below at BetOnline youll,find over 295 casino games the site,offers over 50 options for blackjack,craps baccarat roulette and video poker,plus specialty games like Bingo and Kino,if you love online slots at this online,casino you can find more than 160 titles,many of their games are powered by,betsoft Gaming software known for its,amazing 3D Graphics if you prefer,playing on a phone or tablet then youre,in luck to play at bet online you dont,need to download any apps or keep,software up to date you can easily play,your favorite titles from the web,browser on any of your mobile devices,enjoy casino games on the go from,anywhere you have an internet connection,BetOnline uses safe fast and popular,payment methods while maintain painting,a standard for reliability time and time,again crypto deposits often have some,additional benefits like maximum limits,or no fees charged at the casino level,when it comes time to cash out your,winnings you will find several quick,payout options with high maximum,withdrawals at this online casino,players will find plenty of deposit,bonuses and ongoing promotions new,players at bet online can take advantage,of the best offers on their first few,deposits like the one hundred percent up,to three thousand dollars welcome bonus,package or the 100 up to a thousand,dollars first time crypto bonus in,addition to the sign up bonuses the,casino also offers Sports promos Race,book deals poker packages tournaments,and monthly specials if you love that,authentic brick and mortar Casino feel,online at bet online youll find not one,but two live casino options each offers,the titles you know and love but with a,slightly different look and feel at the,live casino red players find a,straightforward and professional live,dealer Casino the game selection from,Visionary Eye gaming includes mobile,friendly Blackjack and Roulette in,addition to standard baccarat and super,6. the table limits range from five,dollars up to ten thousand dollars so,theres a little something for everyone,platypus gaming and Fresh Deck Studios,powered the live casino Black in a way,its an additional Casino within the,site offering additional live dealers,table games and real money slots the,graphics and video quality are state of,the art which makes for an exceptional,user experience,online gamblers arent limited to casino,gambling at bet online the site has many,more betting options in addition to the,huge library of casino games if you like,sports youll find a legit sports book,equipped with lines stats and even live,betting options video gaming and Esports,also have a space on this amazing site,you can bet on mobas sports games and,first person shooters dont miss out on,this trend with such a wide variety of,options bet online is massive they have,classic games poker rooms racing sports,betting live betting and even Esports,wagering pair that with their welcome,bonus up to three thousand dollars and a,mix of other promotional offers and its,clear why this site is the right choice,go now make a deposit and start,exploring this top-notch gambling site,if youre looking for a safe and legit,casino to play at ousc recommends,betonline.ag create your account make a,deposit claim your signup bonus and,start winning real money today,if youre ready to start playing and,winning visit,onlineunitedstatescasinos.com for the,best reviews latest promotions tips and,recommendations of the online gambling,industry dont forget to like and share,this video And subscribe to our YouTube,channel,foreign

Bovada Poker Review 2022-2023 – From a Real Player ♠️♠️♠️

[Music],foreign so I wanted to give an updated,review on Bovada poker as well as go,over some pretty ridiculous hands Youre,Gonna Wanna See Now personally Ive,mentioned I plan five or six different,sites currently but I am a regular on,the Bovada six Max cash games okay so,why should you plan both that up well,first theyre reputable theyve been in,business now for over a decade second,they always pay when you need to cash,out which is huge you know personally,Ive never had issues cashing out of,Bovada theyve also got great software,for playing at your PC or your phone and,of course theyve got some awesome bonus,offerings now as Im getting in some of,these hands well have some great,resources Below in the description for,first time player bonuses I would,recommend you jump on immediately,also if you have any questions about,Bovada as Im getting into some of these,poker hands feel free to message me,below and I will get back to you okay so,here we go one to No Limit its kind of,like my bread and butter but you know I,mix it up between two and five and every,once in a while I play some 5 10 but you,know the 510 games are pretty hard now,one of the great things about playing on,Bovada is obviously the players are,pretty weak at these Mid-State games and,its something I preach all the time,because thats the reality of it you got,a lot of players uh you know these 200,games that are basically the same,players that are playing at like the 50,games or even you know like the 100 cash,games,um so I mean the level of competition on,Bovada is very weak and a reason for,that is you know you get a lot of people,who maybe just play the slots or go,straight to the sport book so then,theyll throw some money into the poker,room and not really care and you do see,that quite a bit here so it is very,loose players and you know thats thats,a great thing for any of us who take,this you know seriously uh also you know,I play three or four times a week pretty,religiously,um switch it up to Bovada uh lately,because they had some good bonuses I,wanted to check out so thats why youre,seeing it but obviously ignition on the,channel as well Americas card room bet,online all those uh sites that you know,I do plan,all right check this hand out with the,Jack King Suited,all right so we missed this flop pretty,badly but I put a continuation bet in,you know trying to just take down the,hand with the bluff,but you know uh runner runner cards as,well we could also turn a king or get a,heart or a 10.,all right six bucks pretty standard here,now the turn card was actually really,good because it gave us a flush draw,and you know I didnt want to give up on,this so I stayed aggressive which is,something you should always do,and I knew I was probably behind here,making this move but if he has like a,pair of fours or sixes or something not,very strong I figured he might fold as,well and thats exactly what happened,here we bumped up this turn bet a little,bit he got sheepish and we took that one,down now you are going to want to stick,around because we had a really nice you,know double up in this session that um,you know Im gonna break it down Im,breaking down all these hands but there,is a pretty big one,all right here we go with pocket nuns,putting in a raised late position here,pretty standard,not a great flop for pocket nines but I,did the same thing here with putting a,continuation bed in and you are going to,see that you know uh just continuation,betting a lot of the time can get people,to fold their hand pretty easy,especially if they dont have anything,and if they do have something you know,you just back off a little bit you know,if uh you know like an ace hits like it,did right here,if this guy would have called me I,probably would have just checked it on,the turn because I figured I would have,been behind but check this out,Ridiculousness about to happen right,here,now hes going to follow were going to,see the turn card and dang guys we would,have hit that nine that would have been,pretty spicy right there,all right here we go with the king queen,gotta love it when its suited Spades,Im also curious because this hand kind,of bothered me a little bit do you think,I made the right play on this or not uh,because honestly I did look at it and I,was like,taking a look at a second time in a hand,playing it back youre like did I make,the right play there,all right anyways really nothing here,guys very ugly sadly um Runner Runner,cards again kind of situation,but you know whatever checked it Ace on,the turn,and I was okay checking this all the way,down what was interesting here was he,put in a bet and obviously you know uh,were losing to an ace were losing to a,pair,but I kind of regret this situation I,should have probably called here but I,folded it because I dont know but,taking a look at it again I wish I would,have called I feel like King High was,probably good there,oh well,cant get it right every time right okay,so heres the hand that uh we are going,to analyze with the pocket kings now I,got tricky with this hand uh for sure,very tricky,all right so raise it up to six bucks I,was hoping for somebody to three bet,this,all right so when you flop this,especially in this spot with this kind,of board,um you know I just went into total slow,play mode you know,just I felt like that was the best case,scenario and maybe one of these guys bet,at it,um but yeah I did not want a,continuation bite into this,now this guy bet two dollars which was,hilarious I just called it because like,I said I didnt want to kick this up I,didnt want to lose this other guy and,honestly I I could care less if one of,these guys has like a weird straight,draw or flush draw I dont care,doesnt really bother me because the,board pairs were good anyways all right,so once again were in a spot where you,know um King on the queen on the turn,was a good card for us,um this guy continued betting,with his two dollars which was funny,okay so I had to kick it up here we,couldnt let this hand keep going with,these little two dollar bets,all right and this was exactly what we,want to see and I figured you know I,dont need to re-raise this guy if he,wants to put in a big bet on the river,Im okay with that so basically all I,did here was,um make the call,okay Im sorry I re-raised it I thought,I made the call there,all right so the guy did um I mean the,only hand were losing to here is Jag 10,and I dont know if I could put him on,Jack 10 guys,so I I figured you know board didnt,pair unfortunately but I got to put a,you know a value bed in here so I bet,about eighty dollars and this guys,gonna like think about it a little bit,um I guess he probably looked at it like,okay he missed the flush uh you know the,guy could have had two pair something,weird like that maybe a set I didnt get,to see the hand unfortunately but I,think we got max value on that and I was,okay with how that one played out it was,it was fine,I didnt want to shove all in right,there uh the only hand we were losing to,was you know obviously pocket aces and,Jack 10. pocket aces would have been,sick if you had that but uh I put him on,like two pair maybe a low uh set I guess,and yeah I just thought that hand was,interesting okay here we go with pocket,fours putting in a little baby rays,right here,its a little baby,all right this guys gonna make the call,and another situation where we put in,the continuation bat,not a terrible flop for fours right,really all low cards,all right and uh kind of rolling through,this session you know making some good,plays,now here was another interesting,handmade Queen Jag Suited,you know I just made this call no three,bet,because we had people behind us you know,ready to act,didnt feel the need,okay grade flop for us right weve got,the up and down straight draw,to go with you know,um Runner Runner flush possibilities but,really we want to hit that eight or King,Without You know that diamond coming out,and honestly Im okay with seeing a fr

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Bovada Vs Betonline.ag Review – Who Wins??

yo dude it is bet Meister here and in,todays video Im gonna be comparing,Bovada versus bet online these are two,of my favorite places to play at in the,United States pretty much the only,places I play at nowadays and in this,video Im going to teach you kind of the,differences and what I like about them,but first guys just so you know there,are links below in the description to,Bovada to bet online as well as the,promotions and bonuses going on at this,time and if you end up signing up on,Bovada or bet online and youre gonna,consistently play on there make sure you,go check out the bonuses cuz theyre,extremely worthwhile alright so now,lets compare Bovada versus bet online,theres not that many differences,theyre literally the same they both,have an online casino a sports book live,dealers poker room like no joke,everything is the same it really only,comes down to like two differences first,is that this functionality behind Bovada,plays a little bit nicer and thats,pretty nitpicky like when I go to the,sports book I can place my bets like a,smidge easier okay second reason is its,a little bit easier to deposit on Bovada,so thats important for you because if,youre looking for just like the easiest,place to get going and playing well then,just go with Bovada go check out the,promos below and just go deposit because,its a little bit easier than bet online,in the remainder of the video Im gonna,tell you why I like to play on both,these places the first reason is both,Bovada and bet online payout fast you,can get your winnings in less than 48,hours usually takes 24 so that is sweet,because a lot of the other places youre,gonna be waiting a while as in like a,week or even up to a month to get your,winnings which is ridiculous so these,two places you get them fast the second,reason is theyre legit theyre safe,Ive been on Bovada for 11 years Ive,been on BET online for about six years,now Im good I have a bunch of buddies,who play on their tens of thousands of,people who place bets every single week,on Bovada and bet online everybodys,safe were all good if you deposit your,money at Bovada or bet online and you,win youre gonna be able to withdraw it,without jumping through a bunch of hula,hoops like youre a dolphin third reason,you can easily deposit I know I set at,the beginning bet on lines a little bit,harder but for the most part both of,Bovada and bet online are easy to,deposit in comparison to,some of the other casinos and sports,books out there the next reason that,they have everything you need they got a,casino,Ive dealers sports book poker room,whatever youre trying to do on there,whatever type of bet or whatever game,youre trying to play theyre gonna have,it both met online and Bovada and the,really cool thing too is that its all,under one account so like if youre,gonna be able to easily jump from the,casino to the sports book and they share,the same balance so its not like you,need an account for the casino an,account for the sports book no all under,one account my favorite thing besides,getting paid out fast on Bovada and bet,online is the live dealers and live,dealers are where you can play blackjack,baccarat or roulette over a live stream,so there is a web camera set up in front,of the blackjack table with a live,blackjack dealer dealing you real cards,over the web camera and then youre,behind your computer saying you know to,stay or hit DoubleDown whatever youre,just playing,its literally like you are sitting at a,legitimate table and of course you dont,have to have your web camera on they,dont want to see you so you can sit in,you know your anonymous state whatever,you do behind your computer I dont know,man but the point is this dude you can,play a real live blackjack no virtual, and sit at a real table just,like youre in Vegas but no free drinks,so I really like to go to the live,dealers and play blackjack and play,roulette last reason is that they have,good promotions and bonuses when you,compare their promo and bonus codes do,other casinos and sports books typically,Bhuvana and BET online have a lot more,value there this is a big reason why I,like to play there and speaking of if,you want to check out Bovada or bet,online as well as the promotions and,bonuses going on at each place Ive,looked links below in the description,and look if youre gonna consistently be,playing at either of these places,definitely use one of the bonuses,otherwise youre just leaving some money,on the table I hope this video has been,helpful in comparing been online verse,Bovada this has been BET meister and,ill see you guys later

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Is BetOnline Safe For US Bettors? How To Get A Payout From BetOnline.ag

hey guys smokey joe here uh we have a,great topic today,about one of our top sports books,bedonline.ag,are they legit can you trust them when,it comes to deposits payouts they have,good odds,um were gonna go into that and were,gonna give you guys a good breakdown,of been online uh first please subscribe,and um if youre enjoying the content of,our channel,we definitely are trying to build this,channel out and we,really appreciate your subscription so,were trying to keep bringing you guys,some good info about offshore sports,better,okay bet online bet online.ag um,sportsbetting.ig is also sort of a,sister sports book,same odds same support most of the same,promotions most of the same mods i,should say as well,um the sports book is is one of our top,sports books,we really um we really like them,ive used them personally for a long,time they,are very trustworthy theyve been in the,industry an extremely long time,for new bettors theres all sorts of,promotions like a free mobile,free play free live wedding free play,the bonuses are fantastic,um odds boost thats something you dont,really see in a lot of offshore sports,books but,its becoming a little more of a,trending topic with the regulated sports,books sort of doing it as well but bet,online offers odds boosts some of them,have a lot of value,so if you get a chance to check out,their odds boost each day theres a few,of them,that you can take advantage of betting,limits are extremely high,the the markets are fantastic theyre,great for us bettors but they also have,like chinese super league soccer and,pharaoh island soccer all sorts of,off-the-wall markets entertainment all,sorts of things in addition to u.s,betting where they have a huge amount of,props a lot and live betting and all,sorts of other things the live betting,interface,also really excellent um one of the,things,is one of the biggest standouts for them,is really large betting limits,compared to a lot of other sites and,their payouts are extremely fast,they have a high credit card acceptance,rate and their payouts with bitcoin are,really quick,um you also see people talking on,twitter about how they got a really fast,payout from bed online,and sometimes they say its 10 minutes,for crypto payout a bitcoin payout,usually i think its a couple hours but,uh one or two days is the absolute max,which is,well within the the fastest time frames,for us,in terms of um offshore sports betting,processing,times so for us,in terms of bonuses odds all sorts of,other factors theyre,a huge plus especially when it comes to,hockey and baseball where they have,timelines up to i cant remember the,exact number but oftentimes youll see,them with the most competitive prices,when it comes to those markets,closest to tip or um,closer to where the game starts so,thats our review of of bet online and,um payouts are extremely fast,[Music],you know theyre going to be a little,slower when it comes to things that,arent,arent crypto but theyre still faster,than most other sites so,the our recommendation for vet online we,highly recommend them theyre one of our,top three sports books,um you can read more about ben online in,the in the in the description we have,our full review we also have links to,some other,great topics that safest betting sites,thanks a lot and see you on the next,video,dont forget to subscribe to our channel,for more sports book reviews,free picks and predictions betting,experts advice and betting education for,pros and beginners,hit the subscribe button on screen and,start getting notifications for all your,sports betting needs,every week

Bovada vs BetOnline 2022 – Which Is Best?

[Music],okay so im going to be doing a,comparison on bovada versus bet online,now these are two giants in the online,betting arena they both offer great,poker software a big sport book and have,been around for quite some time in fact,bovada has been around since 2011 but,its backed by bulldog gaming which has,been around for over 20 years then,youve got bet online which has been,around since 2004. so they both have,that credibility now im going to start,things off talking about bovada and of,course if you want to check either of,these out ill have some bonus sign up,and resource links in both the,description and comments now bovada has,a ton of games now the sportbook covers,everything from traditional sports like,football all the way to esports and even,madden sim betting if youve ever done,that before now they also have over 130,plus casino games in a poker room that,is amazing they have millions millions,of dollars a month in tournament payouts,the other thing i want to point out is,that the payouts on bovada are extremely,fast in some cases ive been paid out in,under an hour uh you know withdrawing,via crypto now i do want to go over a,couple of hands here actually three,hands specifically that were pretty,ridiculous on a one to no limit session,now we are a poker channel so i mean i,do play on bovada quite a bit for the,poker,and i do the occasional sport bet when,its like a big maybe like a,championship game or maybe an mma fight,those are the kind of things i bet on,bovada but you know like i said i play a,lot more poker obviously now this first,hand really nothing but the next couple,hands youre going to see were,absolutely ridiculous and i kind of,sucked out on somebody on one of these,hands so try not to judge me too hard,you know thats the thing uh it doesnt,really matter,how you play sometimes when youre,playing online poker obviously to me,its a skill based thing but there are,those times where you get lucky thats,just how it is and with this 3-4 i got,absolutely,lucky it was uh this was just kind of a,funny hand but then weve got a hand,right after this which im going to,break down as well and i forgot to,mention if you have any questions about,bovada or bet online specifically feel,free to message me below in the comments,ill get back to you,all right get ready for this one,im almost laughing just thinking about,how ridiculous this hand was,now youd think i would have folded this,but i decided to make a,call with a 3-4 off suit,i guess you could say i was just getting,stubborn with his hand for whatever,reason,okay so,really were looking for the miracle six,thats about all we have in this spot,and you know figuring we had uh a three,bet,and then we had somebody call clearly,my three four now if it was suited if i,had a three four uh you know suited to,diamonds then yeah dude like im,definitely gonna possibly just re-raise,all in here wed have the um straight,flush rub that wasnt the case,now this guy put a relatively small,continuation bed in here usually this,could be a sign of weakness or maybe he,has you know a set of kings,its a 50 50. now my gut instinct here,was telling me to you know either,re-raise this guy put some pressure on,or just really just go for that bluff,you know what i mean so thats what i,did here,just shoved,he immediately called me with the nut,flush draw and we hit the six on the,river,that was probably one of the worst beats,ive ever put on somebody and i gotta,say,i dont even know what to say definitely,fell for that guy but dont even worry,about it guys because the next hand im,immediately gonna lose you know,basically all those winnings back had an,ace king i over played it and thats the,problem with ace king sometimes you,overplay it you get too aggressive then,you end up losing you know your whole,stack or all the profit you just made it,definitely happens for sure,now i was actually looking for a queen,here um heart was no good obviously,and then we lost it okay but anyways,thats a little bit on bovada now i want,to talk about bet online,okay so like i said earlier bet onlines,been around since 2004 which gives them,a lot of credibility just like on bovada,now personally i open up an account here,in 2011 and i still play here to this,day now they have a lot of the similar,games as bovada sport betting wise i,would actually say bovada has a little,bit more going on as far as some of the,sim game options in the esport games as,well other than that casino games,theyve got a ton of those the slot,games on here are really good then the,poker is awesome as well they got some,big tournaments every single month and,the software is a little bit different,which were going to take a look at in a,second here now the thing about bet,online they had a big update on their,poker software i want to say like a year,to a year and a half ago they also,recently updated their website so it,looks a lot cleaner,and i got to give them props for that i,do always feel like bet onlines a,little bit behind the times but,eventually they do update their stuff,now youre going to see me playing some,pot limit omaha the nice thing about,playing poker on bet online is you get,custom avatars and screen names they,dont have that on bovada theyve got,the anonymous tables but ive kind of,come accustomed to it um anyways uh you,are gonna see a couple uh pretty decent,hands i would say that i played here,now with the king queen jack this first,hand and that was a really good flop for,it guys i mean we had uh,lots of outs here,lots of straight possibilities,even re-raising this would have made,sense but i decided just to call,and that was a terrible turn card for us,so i checked it and um he also checked,it making me think maybe he had the same,type of hand but i decided to go with,the big bluff bed here on the river,and because we were a heads up i felt,like maybe it would get through so i bet,pretty big,77 into it,and we took it down which was good so uh,we went a hand right there,theres two more hands were gonna break,down i believe um but yeah you can,clearly see the difference here in,software i do like the fact that you get,the custom avatars you can you know,switch up the color of tables card decks,you do the same thing on bovada,all right this one we had the ace king,10.,i like playing pot limit omaha too i,feel like this is a game that,you can definitely get an edge over,people because a lot of the time they,over play their hands,especially if youve got somebody whos,switching from texas holdem to playing,pot limit you know a lot of people,overplay pocket pairs,especially on really bad flops you know,like draw heavy flaps whether its flush,draws or straight draws and you dont,have any of those cards but youve got,like pocket aces or kings a lot of the,time people overplay those hands and you,could really,you know,take advantage of them and win a lot,more i mean thats just what ive seen,now i put in another bluff so back to,back bluffs are going to get through,here which is nice,just staying aggressive,all right that was a weird uh a weird,flop to bluff at too,all right this next hand i just mucked,it,all right flush draw a straight draw out,there,red men put in that bet,got a re-raise,lots of draws out there,and he folded it red man gave it up,all right so this is going to be the,final hand with the poker heron bet,online and i do want to say you know,personally i would say bovada overall is,better especially if you want to do,sport betting uh you can make an,argument about the poker,right now uh but there is more traffic,on bovada for the poker as well,and then you know i would say the the,cash outs getting paid you know youre,not going to find an issue there both,sites are going to pay you it always,ive never had issues um you know and,theyre credible and honestly too uh,theyve got perfect a ratings both of,them amongst the community for getting,paid so thats not the thing,um and yeah i just think bovada overall,is the better option

BetOnline Poker Review 2022 – Should You Play Here? ♠️♠️♠️

so im going to be giving you my review,for bet on lane poker for 2021 and,talking about if its worth playing here,now bet online has been around since,2004. ive been a member since 2011.,so whats crazy about that is its,actually been a decade for me playing on,bet online,now this is one of about five sites that,i currently plan i also plan bovada,ignition americas cardroom global poker,just to name a few,but you know bet online they have some,of the best mobile software right now,the competition for playing on here is,also pretty easy at the mid-state games,and im gonna be breaking down some,hints ive played on a one-two,pi limit omaha session here for real,money now if you guys could smash a like,but on this video as im going over bet,online and if you want to get started,here ill throw some,bonus and resource links in both the,description and comments,and also if you have any questions about,playing here feel free to message me,below,as well um but yeah well uh well see,some hands,now they have auto mucking features on,here theyve got,you know chat features theyve got that,custom avatar i actually had a polar,bear at one point thats why my names,polard,but uh you know dont have them anymore,i kind of need to bring that polar bear,back,but you can multi-table you know four,tables at a time when youre playing on,mobile and what youre seeing right here,is the mobile software,wasnt playing the desktop you know,these days with it,you know being 2021 i just think that,its a lot more ideal for people to play,on their phone than to be sitting on,like a laptop,uh you know or a desktop i usually play,my phone probably like 90 percent of the,time these days so having good mobile,you know software is like a must,um and then you know of course cash outs,i got to mention that here,cash outs from what ive experienced you,know if you win anything you can get,your money,out in under 24 hours in most cases via,bitcoin but they do do bank wire,um but bitcoin is definitely like the,preferred method now i popped it here,because i had the nut flush,um unfortunately to get any action on my,hand but you know i felt like i put a,good raisin right there,and it is what it is you know what i,mean i had to try to see if i could get,anything right there just uh,trying to squeeze a little bit of money,out of people all right so this next,hand um,not really the greatest cards now i,typically do play more,texas holdem but paul limit omaha you,know i feel like the competition for,parliament omaha is just not,as good basically anywhere that you play,so i feel like you can definitely get an,edge in it,its just that you have to like really,focus because obviously,you know youre dealt four cards instead,of two so youre gonna be making a lot,more combinations of different hands on,the flop so theres like a lot,more thinking that goes into it plus you,have to put people on ranges and uh,a lot of focus in pot limit omaha for,sure i mean you got to be like,be on your game at all times but uh but,yeah i mean you can see the software,is really good um you know the thing,that i like about playing here honestly,is the fact that they do have those,custom avatars which makes it more fun,you know you get your screen name uh and,honestly you can make friends with,people here ive,actually done that you know ive played,with some people more than once and im,like whats up,whats going on you know whatever the,guys name was whether its uh,reindeer or luke or you know i think,those are actually two people i played,with,so thats why im kind of mentioning,them all right next hand here,we uh basically didnt have anything,but we were on that nut flush draw right,here,ended up giving it up though i didnt,really want to get involved with that,hand and you know on to the next one,okay king queen jack on this next hand,and uh,nothing suited unfortunately but well,actually the jack,six is suited but you know king queen,would have been better,and i think were gonna go four way into,this one,all right three-way okay,that was a great flop that gave us so,many outs i mean soho,its hard for me to even figure out but,weve got the jack queen we got the king,jack the king queen,um you know a lot of cards could make us,here so,in this kind of spot its definitely,okay to call a raise its okay,to even re-raise honestly,but that was a terrible turn card for us,so we didnt want to see the 10.,like of all the cards man the 10 was the,worst,only way to win this hand would be to,put a bluff in at this point,which is exactly what i did and we ended,up taking that one down and that was,actually a pretty scary situation for me,right there to be honest with you,now if youve watched any of the,previous videos on the channel you know,i do play uh one two no limit two five,and five ten those are usually the,stakes that always stay with,and i would say you know like the mid,state games on bet online,uh for the poker i mean its pretty easy,the competition isnt that good,you know i i feel like uh i feel like i,went on here quite a bit in the cash,games you know in these mid state games,okay uh next hand we had an ace king uh,with the with the suited ace 10.,very pretty looking hand,but talk about an ugly flop right,all right so a small bet you know a,friendly tiny bet right here,kind of inducing a call honestly,a couple different ways i could play,this i could put some pressure on and,you know try to see where hes at in the,hand,so i did opt in for like a min re-raise,right here,to see if you know he wanted to you know,battle,yeah that was a really good play by me,honestly i thought that was uh that was,pretty slick right there,you know he was kind of showing weakness,with that bet and i kind of just,picked up on that right away like he was,just trying to test me to see what i had,and,you know we got him now,bet online you know theyve been around,for so long,and if you really think about it its,what 17 years,you know anytime youre looking to play,on an online poker site or a betting,site in general,you want to go with someone that has,credibility you know you dont want to,be putting like,money in a site thats been around for,like a year or two years or even three,years,you know they have that credibility here,theyve got that trust factor built in,and i think thats important you know,what i mean you wanna you definitely,wanna be playing somewhere reputable,you wanna know the games are fair you,want to know that youre going to get,paid you know getting paid is obviously,the whole point and you know ive always,been paid here,and you know if you try to search any,like online chat,forum or any chat board online you know,youre not going to see any bad reviews,because they take care of their players,you know the good betting sites do that,the good online poker sites do that they,dont screw over their players,okay uh next hand here we had uh pocket,queens were gonna see a couple more,hands here guys but like,im just letting you know i play here,and you know ive been a member since,2011. theyre reputable,theyve got good bonuses too i would say,the software for mobile right now is,some of the best as well,theyve updated it quite a bit and,thats another reason i like playing,here,i just i love the software all right we,paired the jack,we didnt have the any kind of like,flush possibility here unfortunately,deuce on the turn and we ended up kind,of like checking that one down i played,that hand really weak but it is what it,is you know what i mean sometimes that,just kind of happens,all right 10 9 with the jack 10.,this hand was pretty rough to be honest,with you guys,okay um you know uh,we have some possibilities here if we,want to make a call which i did opt in,doing i think it was a small,or was it a check i think okay hold on a,sec i i put in a bet,we had an insta call right there but i,mean we made this straight on,the river here,unfortunately there was a flush out,there,he bet 34 dollars into it and my gut,instinct was telling me that he,obvi

Christopher Mitchell More LIES!-Betonline FAKE $4000 Withdraw EXPOSED! Affiliate account EXPOSED

hey everyone hope everyone had a great,day and that seems ill be working,overtime this week making some videos,but before we get to the main show,exposing christopher mitchells fake,money affiliate account and fake,withdrawal again lets now have some,laughs at this mentally,delusional scammer uh once again in his,claim that tom brady gave him a call the,other day tom brady he called me on the,phone yesterday,and uh he said christopher listen man,were playing the saints later today,and uh,he said its that time again,he goes im going to lose today,on purpose of course,he said im gonna lose and i said the,reason why im calling you he goes,i watch all your videos,he said i think it would be good for you,to have a losing day as well lets lose,together on the same day its halloween,you know lets just have a losing day,i said tom listen man you know i dont,take that lightly i hate losing im a,poor loser i dont accept losing i said,i dont know he said listen man,he goes im the go to football,he said youre the goat of gambling he,goes were the greatest he goes theres,nobody in the world that can come close,to what we do in our industries he goes,were so far above and beyond anyone,else in our industries its not even,fair,he said so all the fans that come to the,stadium and watch me and he goes all,your fans around the world that watch,your videos on youtube,he goes they cant relate to us,because we win all the freaking time,he said so every once in a while its,good for us to lose,that way the fans know were actually,human beings,they can try to relate to us they can,say oh my gosh tom brady actually lost,oh my gosh christopher mitchell actually,lost,he said so christopher will you lose,with me,he said christopher listen man i know,your business man i know everything you,do its all about making money,he was having a losing day once in a,while will actually make you more money,than winning every single day because it,attracts more people and more money will,be generated from it,so when he said that,im like all right tom youre right,so tom brady and i agreed yesterday on,the phone when he called me that we,would both lose yesterday okay there i,said it now you may not believe that we,lost on purpose,so again were not going to tell you,that we lost on purpose so,whatever but,now out of all the delusional lies and,delusional claims this,made,by far this is by far the most,delusional up there and proves hes a,mentally delusional scammer not,living in reality so with that said,lets get to the main point of him,exposing his,fake withdrawal today and his fake,affiliate account okay,now again like i said yesterday and ill,continue to say pay close attention,because youll learn something okay hes,gonna say everything thats what a,scammer does,he doesnt work,all day people work people do this and,they dont understand his job is to,create these schemes and create whatever,it takes to make people believe what,hes saying is true okay now were gonna,go touch base on this clip today of his,fake withdrawal were gonna hes,he could have showed something different,and but he skipped he purposely skipped,things uh to make it look like it was,real but were gonna nail him,right to the wall right here,so again pay very close attention to,what im about to educate you all on,i just want to point something out since,today is day two,yesterday if you watched day one video,of my bankroll challenge,this is my balance i took a screenshot,of my online account last night thats,what youre looking at right here,at the end of my day one video which was,yesterday my online balance was around 8,800,800 and something,throughout the day i had a busy day,yesterday but i went back on my account,and got my balance up to nine thousand,and four dollars which you can see right,here this is a screenshot of my balance,last night,nine thousand four dollars,since its day two i said you know what,i might as well withdraw some money now,because i have not made a withdrawal in,the last month since i started the,roulette challenge,so you have to pay yourself for your,hard work so i said you know what,i want to leave a good amount of money,in my balance to work with but i also,want to pay myself and increase my,gambling account so,last night my balance was nine thousand,and four bucks i decided to withdraw,four thousand and four dollars that way,it would leave an even five thousand,dollars in my account so thats what you,see right here,i withdrew four thousand and four,dollars,now let me show you the next screenshot,that i took,now pay close attention as i educate you,all on the dead giveaways and this fake,scripted withdrawal that he pulled all,right dead giveaway number one he claims,he has to withdraw to make pay himself,something you know for his time and,whatever but yet hes a,multi-millionaire he claims and all,theres hes got money hes got all,these businesses what the hell is four,thousand dollars to a multi-millionaire,all right dead giveaway that was dead,giveaway number one,number two,hes taking screenshots okay,typical typical that i dealt with,mike morgenstern its hes following the,same playbook taking screenshots its,all a fake scripted,withdrawal and were gonna keep busting,his ass okay so he he did the screenshot,and now its five he makes it look like,he went through four thousand again its,all screenshot anybody anybody with a,half a brain can do a better job than,christopher mitchell does and again keep,paying the click tension as i continue,to educate you all,right there your withdrawal request has,been received and it will be processed,shortly,new people all the time ask me,christopher when you make a withdrawal,from the website how long does it take,to get your money,it doesnt take long at all i usually,get my money literally within 15 to 30,minutes,so,right down here you can see requested on,11-2 that was last night november 2nd,last night,now,now pay attention everyone because it,just keeps getting better as i educate,you and fill in the blanks of the scam,this fake uh withdrawal that christopher,mitchell tried doing its the exact same,thing michael morgenstern did four years,ago the same beta fed online affiliate,scammer that i busted his ass wide open,okay he tried doing it multiple times,the same thing same thing christopher,mitchell did its its so ironic,okay,so what anybody can do when you have a,bet online fake affiliate account you,can submit a,withdrawal you could try to withdraw all,you want you could submit the withdrawal,you could take screenshots or whatever,and it will go immediately,go to the cashier as being,labeled as its being processed okay,that means all it does all he did was,try to send it over to the cashier okay,and its being processed and it all gets,rejected okay,now a withdrawal thats been processed,that means its gone through is youll,see something like this this is,something christopher mitchell will,never show you and the reason why i keep,bringing up mike morgenstern because,hes going to play a big factor in this,video of bus and chris christopher,mitchells fake account or fake,withdrawal and affiliate account okay so,again it never was processed okay or,its just being processed,now you would think,its being processed,if it went through,you would show you christopher mitchell,would show you its been processed on,his bed online account he doesnt show,you that watch what he does next,let me show you the next screenshot that,i took,15 minutes,after i requested the 4 000 four dollar,withdrawal i got a confirmation from,coinbase that said i just received the,four thousand dollars here you can see,it says four thousand and one dollars,they took three dollars for,the transaction whatever coinbase has,got to make their money right,so,15 minutes and then from coinbase thats,where you can convert your bitcoin to,united states dollars or whatever fiat,currency the country that you live in is,so i pressed a button and i transferred,this money into my chase bank account my,

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