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thank you for clicking on my face and,welcome back before we get started i do,want to thank the sponsor of this video,this video is brought to you by the,artist formerly known as trubill now,known as rocket money which has grown,from a bill management app to a full-on,finance empowerment tool really helpful,financial tools like setting up budgets,that automatically monitors your,spending category you get friendly,notifications if you exceed it financial,guard rails very important stuff when,youre you know adulting monitor your,credit score you get complete access to,your credit report and history rocket,money alerts you of important changes,that impact your credit score because it,was great that you found that ps5 but,you did put it on the credit card so,its going to be like hey you should pay,that off and canceling unwanted,subscriptions is going to be thats,always going to be the greatest tool i,will always think is amazing i actually,had two recurring monthly i wasnt using,this stuff adds up man so click the link,in the description go to rocketmoney.com,johns try it out for free and unlock,more features with premium and now the,finale of better call solas aired,about a week and a half ago its a week,and a half later so i do apologize for,that but i do still want to talk about,this i want to talk about better call,saul not necessarily the finales i dont,think im going to title this finale,review i do want to give my thoughts on,better call saul in general the,impression it left with me my experience,going through it generally speaking ive,done better call saul videos before so,im going to try to not be too redundant,and give you information ive already,given but i do want to give you my,thoughts on the show that i see as an,amazing character drama,and also it might very well be the gold,standard of a tie-in or a prequel,made from a property thats very beloved,by fans and not relying on nostalgia to,sell or drive the whole thing also,theres going to be spoil the free,review because i genuinely believe that,better call saul is worth experiencing,more importantly worth experiencing for,you without knowing how it all goes down,right even in my house of the dragon,video people who read the books like oh,you think its this its actually going,to be this im like thanks dick thanks,for telling me now i know i know,something im not supposed to know its,a [ __ ] feeling so im not going to give,you that [ __ ] feeling but i really mean,it when i say better call saul might,very well be the gold standard of making,a prequel or spin-off without relying on,nostalgia not to say it doesnt have,nostalgia in it but those moments that,are tied into nostalgia or tied into,something that you later see the,conclusion of or the fruition of in,breaking bad these moments in better,call saul generally speaking were,talking like 99 of the time 99 point,something like 99 and some change most,of the time it is to drive the,characters forward drive the plot,forward in a very organic way granted in,the last four episodes or so it was more,nostalgia-leaning than the show had done,before it but,i i gotta admit i did enjoy it and even,at a point there was a question a,hypothesis that was given and i was like,i hadnt thought of that but you can,tell vince gilligan and that crew like,they thought of it and they were like we,didnt even address that so im glad,they addressed it i really liked that,conversation like when i first heard,that they were bringing in giancarlo,esposito to play gus fring in better,call saul i was like oh yeah because you,have to do that because you know,nostalgia but its not that im just,used to that because most entertainment,does that theyre like were gonna bring,in this character cause is this button,too low i feel like i should button it,up to at least this one yeah whatever,well go full jeff goldblum in the show,better call saul youre seeing saul,goodmans past james mcgill as hes,known back then so why not bring in mike,ermentrout but because you brought mike,in you do have to show gus fring because,mike gets wrapped up with gus frank and,since youre showing gus fring you get,to show the tension with the cartel and,how that started to simmer how it,started to really boil because in,breaking bad it was walter whites story,and gus fring there was tension with the,cartel but i always felt like there was,a much bigger story there that we just,never saw im glad that in better call,saul we get to see that also enter the,terminator i know i talked about la la,salamanca before but im going to say it,again because hes amazing better call,saul delivered a couple characters where,im like these are the best characters,in the,what would it be called the breaking bad,verse the better call bad verse the,breaking solvers the albuquerque verse,there we go incredible characters lalo,salamanca nacho vargas i got to say in,the the previous season or part one of,this at first it was like oh season five,is going to be divided into season five,part one the season five part two the,reason i didnt do a video on season,five part one because i was like ill,just do season five oh wow now its,listed as season five and season six so,i just kind of didnt do a video on a,season of better call saul the point is,nacho has this moment where youre like,he is a legend forever but also with gus,fring you get to see,how,vicious how truly mean gus fring is you,saw the mask off,in that scene in breaking bad where he,had walter white in the desert and hes,talking about hes going to kill his,family i will kill your infant daughter,and in better call saul we got that gus,fring,more for longer and again wrapped up in,characters pushing characters forward,that had to do with nacho vargas where,youre like dude youre a bad guy i mean,we all always knew gus was a bad guy but,walter white was,clearly he wasnt as good a businessman,as gus frings so when gus fring when it,was walt and gus ring was like oh enemy,and my enemy kind of thing sorry gus but,you know were rooting for walt because,were a [ __ ] up audience that roots,for people like walter white i guess i,guess im talking about this so much,because im still impressed with the,fact that gus fring was brought in to,better call saul giancarlo esposito was,brought in and it never felt like,nostalgia bait it only fleshed out his,character more it only fleshed out more,characters by proxy around him more and,expanded the world expanded the universe,and expanded the tension that you see in,breaking bad to where you understand it,more and i got to give some love to the,character howard everyone in the show,should be proud of the job they did,theres not a weak link in the entire,thing but howard is an amazing arc more,importantly an amazing flip well i guess,generally this video is spoiler-free in,terms of talking about,the show and the finale and how the arcs,wrap up but for the past couple seasons,there have been goings-on with the back,and forth of saul goodman and howard and,ive enjoyed that back and forth and so,i want to talk about it because its,kind of like,you ever seen the fly you know,cronenbergs fly with jeff goldblum its,a weird comparison but i will get there,when we first meet howard hes a smarmy,guy he looks down on jimmy miguel you,know he doesnt like him at all what can,we do for you jimmy and youre like oh,okay hes the rich successful egocentric,[ __ ] so of course we hate him and,then a point saul goodman just,[ __ ] with howard so much youre like,yeah sticking it to him yes and then at,a point i was like,i think howards genuinely trying to be,nice to you,and now weve oh my god ive just,enjoyed you ruining his life so much it,reminds me of the flip in cronenbergs,the fly where you have seth brundle jeff,goldblum hes obviously the good guy,hes the one were rooting for and then,you have smarmy boyfriend guy and youre,like oh obviously hes the [ __ ] were,supposed to hate him then by the end,youre like nope smarmy [ __ ] is just,kind of,ye

Why Better Call Saul Has The Perfect Ending

biblical soul has come to a close and we,bid farewell to a universe that has been,in our lives for the past 15 years with,the final season that saw us close off,the story prior to breaking bad for gus,and mike and are seeing kim and jimmy in,the past present and future it certainly,took us on a journey for the final time,the show closed off to a respectable,response from fans and i for one agree,with the final season and ending,reception so with that i thought id,share why the ending to better call,sauls season six was perfect so lets,get into it here is why the ending to,better colossal season 6 was perfect,just to let you know this video will,contain spoilers the ending to better,call saul came in episode 13 of season,six and it was titled stolgon this,episode did a lot to complete the build,up from the final quarter of the season,to ensure that the landing enclosure was,met this video will address a few main,points that i believe contributed to the,ending success and the reason why it was,perfect the closure for the characters,other than jeff throughout the final,quarter of season six from episode nine,it was the final time that we saw the,four main characters in the show in the,same timeline this was gus mike kim and,jimmy this was two episodes after the,mid-season finale which at the time was,the highest rated episode of better call,saul the episode where we saw howard,hamelin being killed by lalo and an,episode that was an explosive one that,took you on a ride the pacing hadnt,changed up until the end of episode 9,and it had been on a continual ride,however episode 9 did have a sense of,closure to it despite not being the,final episode of the show gus was,meeting with don eladio mike was meeting,with nachos father and kim and jimmy,had ended their relationship for gus and,mike they got the appropriate closure,that they needed prior to their entry,points in breaking bad especially with,gus when he met with donaldio where he,was being exposed by hector for his,involvement in plotting against the,cartel he got away with it and it was,another moment that was similar in tone,delivery and mood like when we saw,hector kill max in breaking bad it felt,like the tension was building and,something could have definitely erupted,we even saw this referenced with gus,looking over the pool following this we,saw the drastic change in emotion on gus,and the yearning to be happy and the,want to let people be close to him but,he knew that this was something that,would never be possible due to the,damage that can be caused and the danger,it could put upon them showing the,drastic difference between himself and,walter wife he knows the hurt that it,can cause the final shot that we had of,him with him walking away from a moment,of happiness spoke a thousand words and,it was the perfect way for it to be the,last we saw of him in betical saul the,shot with the fire in his eyes and the,revenge that he would later get in,breaking bad in that exact spot when,meeting donna ladio was the perfect,place for gus to have some of his final,moments mike got another send-off in the,show that was rather appropriate meeting,with nachos father and him informing,him that his son would never return,whilst being told that justice would be,served yet the father calling it revenge,was something that fitted it perfectly,we saw mike questioning if he should,even go and meet with him but mike is,actually one of the more human,characters despite assuming hes the,least upon first glance justice and,revenge can serve the same purpose but,it all depends on which side of the,fence youre on and this was symbolized,in one of the final shots that we had of,mike almost mirroring like what we saw,with kim and jimmy at the end two,different pathways no matter how much,mike wanted to differentiate himself,from the people that he was associated,with he was one of the gangsters and,didnt fight for justice he fought for a,person and that was gus jimmy and kims,final moments were also perfect six,years in the future from beyond this,point after witnessing them break up in,episode nine we saw kim return to,albuquerque after seeing that she was,living an extremely mundane life,following the death of howard hamlin and,her slight involvement in the sense that,she witnessed it we saw that she was,living a life that was drastically,different to how wed seen her living,throughout the entirety of season six,she was living in a suburban,neighborhood in florida working a nine,to five for a sprinkler company and,couldnt make a decision anymore it was,like she didnt know how to be the,person that she was putting up a frances,her re-meeting with jimmy after going to,howards wife in the court about,everything that happened with howard,showed that she had a conscience and was,finally prepared to face the,repercussions if anywhere to go her way,we saw that she finally found peace upon,all of jimmys confessions and once she,met with jimmy in the prison after using,her old bar card that didnt have an,expiration date it showed that she was,prepared to break a rule in order to see,him their relationship had been long,gone but there was still something there,and the flame between them certainly,represented that her walking off wasnt,a walk off into freedom because i,believe kims day could potentially come,in the future but for the time being it,was her going off to be the person that,she used to be working in a voluntary,law firm and channeling the kim that we,all knew jimmy had the best closure that,we could have asked for looking like he,was going to channel his slipping jimmy,and soul goodmanesk persona in order to,work his way down to a shorter sentence,which he did he realized that he,couldnt move forward and live a life,that was built upon getting away with it,again he realized that by running away,from everything that had happened in the,past six years and not getting rid of,the character of saul goodman and,becoming jimmy mcgill again he was only,delaying the inevitable and the scheming,that found him when he was gene,tuckervig would find him again in seven,and a half years time when he got out of,prison we saw him fess up own his,mistakes give all of the information as,possible and took on an 86 year sentence,for the price we visibly saw emotion on,his face and the understanding that this,was the first time that hed re-entered,these places in a long while was clear,discussing the death of howard whilst,also talking about his regrets about,what he did to his brother everything,was coming out regardless of if it even,mattered the cost in his mind was worth,the reward in being free in his mind and,being able to be jimmy mcgill again like,we saw when he asked the judge to refer,to him as that hes behind bars he,accepted the price but hes not living,too bad of a life due to all of the,helping that he did as a defense lawyer,on the outside so he has the respect,inside it was a fitting end to the,character especially with the camera,panning around the corner and that being,the last we saw of him it was natural,and it lingered in my mind knowing that,the character would still be out there,still living day to day but inside of,prison walls where he was unable to be,the cunning con man and schemer that he,lived his life as the characters were,all written out of the show in the most,perfect natural and fitting way kim,didnt need to die nor did jimmy for a,powerful ending to occur they just,needed to end up worse off than when,they began and that happening allowed,them to feel the most human and real,that theyd ever felt ill touch on jeff,briefly as well there are a lot of,questions around what happened to jeff,but i think thats also the point jimmy,still managed to ruin one other persons,life in the short time that he,re-entered that part of his life as jean,talkovic jeff could wind up in jail or,he may not but the fact that jimmy,managed to ruin somebodys life one,final time is the thing that i felt,mattered walter white and j

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Better Call Saul – Series Review (So Far)

I know what youre thinking actually,youre probably not thinking it I am Im,projecting unto you that which Im,thinking but if youll permit me heres,what Im thinking is this a video on,better call Saul season 5 or the show up,through season 5 I dont know but I find,myself in what I call a an alternate,universe where movies dont come out,anymore and I have to think of things to,talk about and make videos on so I want,to make them about things I want to talk,about better call Saul is one of those,things so if youll permit me Im just,gonna ramble about better call Saul tell,you what I like about better call Saul,so better call Saul is essentially the,prequel to Breaking Bad it follows Saul,Goodman whos not Saul Goodman initially,hes Jimmy McGill James McGill is his,real name hes a hustler hes a swindler,hes a lawyer and by the end of this,hes going to be a bigger hustler,swindler and lawyer point is I feel like,calling better call Saul at Breaking Bad,prequel is severely undercutting it as,its own drama because it does stand on,its own two legs as its own drama,dont be honest with you Im just being,completely transparent first couple,seasons it took me a bit for the show to,hook me it just did maybe its because,my brain was doing that thing that it,shouldnt do is probably one of the,things that better call Saul has working,against it and that is people and their,brains are gonna go well Im gonna,compare this to Breaking Bad cuz you,know the universe its in then season 3,focused up and then season four more so,and now were into season five and I am,invested which is a very interesting way,for me to say the show just gets better,and better as it goes on like a good,show should I got to say in terms of the,characters this show has compelling,characters its well cast its well,acted Bob Odenkirk as Saul Goodman /,James McGill I loved him in Breaking Bad,so I just I loved him at the same,capacity here but you really do see his,side of it you know hes he puts on the,Saul Goodman face when hes hustling but,this is the first time you actually see,his home life I find that interesting,because Im Breaking Bad any time you,saw him he was in the office working and,Walter White would bust in with a,problem and solve try to fix it give him,a burner phone tell him to call a number,point is we never saw his personal life,now you see his personal life which gets,you more invested which I totally,recognize and understand that was what,the first couple seasons were supposed,to do and they did effectively and you,see that with a character named Kim,Wexler which is really this person who,cares a lot about him and he cares about,her,their relationship I feel like shes the,real tragedy of the show cuz she has the,capacity to make James McGill a better,person however his gravitational pull is,just a bit stronger so he has the,capacity to make her a worse person he,has the capacity to compromise her moral,compass more than she has the capacity,to make him better you know what I mean,you know what Im saying so really shes,the tragedy of the show just watching it,you know for a fact if he never met her,then hed probably still be Saul Goodman,doing Saul Goodman things wrapped up in,the cartel he would still be doing his,thing but if she never met him she would,have her little law office her pro bono,work and she would be helping youth out,for free cuz thats who she is and she,still tries to do that but he just keeps,pulling her back in its shitty for her,I also find it fascinating shes not in,Breaking Bad so the whole time like you,know saw where Saul Goodman ends up but,shes not in Breaking Bad so youre like,where does she end up does she leave him,does she die also like I said you never,see saul goodmans personal life so in,the events of Breaking Bad she could,still be around we would just never know,although that really fascinates me but,from the get-go from the beginning I was,enamored with one of the characters in,here not Joe Varga played by Michael,mando or Michael mando I dont know,which one Im [ __ ] with names you know,that point is hes like stringer Bell,from The Wire but for better call Saul,hes the business mind hes a very smart,person hes not an evil person,I mean stringer Bell did worse [ __ ] in,the wire than this dude has done in,better call Saul but I still like the,business mind that both had but even,from season one I was like hes my,favorite character in the show but then,Lalo Salamanca Tony Dalton comes in I,believe it was season four hes amazing,hes the kind of villain I just like I,mean hes a true Salamanca hell kill,you and your family but what makes him,different is the fact that if he was at,your barbecue he would just be hanging,out with everyone everyone would love,him he would be the life of the party,not that hes loud hes just very,charismatic hes very charismatic hes,relatable hes likable you want to have,a drink with this dude that thats what,makes him different than Gus fring like,Gus fring I would probably not hang out,with I mean Id hang out with if we were,at some five-star restaurant,and you know and hed have his napkin,and hed be dabbing his you know like,Gus fring is you cant just hang out,with Gus fring you have to make an,appointment this dude would come to your,barbecue and hed be amazing and hed be,awesome and everyone would love him,however if he felt like you were gonna,backstab him you and everyone who loved,him at that barbecue youd all die dont,cross him hes just hes an electrifying,magnetic personality whos also a,ruthless son of a [ __ ] hes the kind of,villains I love and hes a complete,scene stealer I love this dude and its,kind of crazy for me to say like oh yeah,you know Breaking Bad loved the show,what the greatest drama on television,ever in my opinion and one of the best,characters ever in that universe is in,the spin-off show better call Saul which,is one of the reasons I say calling,better call Saul a spin-off show or a,sequel to Breaking Bad is severely,undercutting it because its not just,that its a compelling drama in its own,right that is to say you see crossover,you see characters from Breaking Bad,like Tito Salamanca hes not in the,wheelchair yet when the show stars how,does he get there Im almost like that,with tio Salamanca or Gus fring it could,just be like all right we need that,person in here because they were a hit,in Breaking Bad and we need them here,but all of it does serve the greater,story lines theyre telling because the,more Saul Goodman or Mike Ehrmantraut,get wrapped up in the worlds of Gus,fring or the cartel them are you gonna,see characters that orbit that world,logistically it makes sense to be weird,not to see those character what could,have just been fanservice thrown in here,for the sake of fanservice stands as,good storytelling elements for better,call Saul its a true testament of a,prequel standing as its own drama as its,own story and and I really mean this it,expands on some of the story elements,from Breaking Bad like theres a lot,that happens between Gus and the cartel,you know and Breaking Bad there was,tension there and that tension doesnt,just come from the fact that the cartel,killed someone close to Gus fring,decades years ago you know its not just,that you walk away from better call Saul,with a better understanding of why,things went down the way they did in,Breaking Bad but again it doesnt ever,feel like aura fanservice no its its,compelling storytelling you do run into,the thing were like I know what that,reference is because of Breaking Bad but,still the storytelling tension thats,there and that stands on its own also I,like how each season starts at star,out after Breaking Bad and he is indeed,a manager to Cinnabon and actually those,little snippets are kind of how the,seasons go down in general at first I,was like oh thats a neat peek into it,but dont need to see but its not like,its tense for me and then by season,five youre like oh my god whats,happening in that world and its

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Why Better Call Saul is Brilliant

『絕命律師』是目前最佳電視劇之一,創作過程與劇本身一樣具娛樂性,在目前所謂的電視劇黃金時代 也令人覺得獨一無二,一開始聽到 Vince Gilligan 團隊,以一個獨特但有點蠢的角色為中心 來製作『絕命毒師』的衍生劇,我不太有信心,但『絕命律師』本身成為一個 令人驚豔的電視劇,隨著第三季剛播完,我想談談這部劇為什麼如此獨特,探討的角度,主要以本劇如何跳脫現在電視劇的俗套,本影片會避開嚴重爆雷的部份,大部份例子取自前兩季,『絕命律師為何絕佳?』 翻譯:Leo Tseng,評論影片 作者:Thomas Flight,(視覺敘事),首先 我想以這個例子,來說明這種視覺敘事方式,使我愛上『絕命律師』,首播集裡,主角 Jimmy McGill 站在電梯前,地點未知,在這個遠鏡中,前景是一個凹陷的垃圾桶,Jimmy 瞄了一眼,所以我們知道它很重要 但還不知道為什麼,鏡頭繼續,我們發現這是一間豪華的律師事務所,Jimmy 似乎認識所有人,他們也可以用定場鏡頭交待地點,安排 Jimmy 從正門進入,但安排 Jimmy 從地下室乘電梯進入,我們已經從其中感受到,他對這個地方的沮喪感 甚至是憤怒,雖然 Jimmy 似乎對大家都很友善,隨著鏡頭運行,與其中幾分鐘的對白,我們知道了所在地點 以及 Jimmy 和這些人的關係,- 那是給 Chuck 的錢,- 那不是你要的嗎?,- 區區兩萬六?,另外短短一幕,不靠任何對白就提供了支線的資訊,然後五分鐘後,就在我們已經忘記的時候,洩恨,出色的運鏡拉遠 巧妙帶出另一個角色,僅僅再幾個鏡頭,就提供了角色關係的資訊,我們從視覺畫面 了解這些角色的關係與過往,幾乎不用任何對白,- 妳不能就… – 不行,我們已經知道很多了,這一連串的鏡頭告訴了我們,Jimmy 在這裡有一段過往,曾與這些人一起工作,而且之前在這備受挫折,但一句額外解說也不用,(攝影),也許大部份人一看到『絕命律師』就會注意到,它獨特的攝影,我可以整個影片都用來談,這齣劇對遠鏡的應用,始於『絕命毒師』的一些定景鏡頭之上,遠鏡產生令人驚豔的效果,在大部份的電視劇 甚至是電影裡,遠鏡通常用作定景鏡頭,但『絕命律師』大概是我看過所有的劇裡,把遠鏡用得淋漓盡致的,除了交待場景與設定之外,極遠鏡傳達一種孤獨感,用在強調戲劇性效果,很多劇都用特寫鏡頭,隨便找一集辦案類型或律政劇來看,通常會看到像這樣的鏡頭,一個遠鏡拍出兩、三個人在談話,接著是一連串過肩鏡頭拍攝的中特寫,『絕命律師』的許多角色是律師或助理,很容易掉入這樣的公式,但他們把取鏡與周遭環境連結,用這些遠鏡和極遠鏡,雖然遠鏡的使用是最明顯的,但並不是本劇攝影最特別之處,他們經常使用較長的單鏡、走位,在定位方面下更多工夫,來營造非常棒的攝影效果,(節奏),『絕命律師』有一種少見於電視劇 刻意的慢節奏,劇名出現後的第一個場景,是個安靜、氣氛尷尬的法庭,沈默的開場 完全沒有對白,接著是這個,開場已八分鐘,才從這幕的角色講出第一句對白,一般劇的首播集 通常在這時,會試圖以精采或緊湊的劇情吸引你,甚至『絕命毒師』開場都比較強烈,但『絕命律師』從一開始就定下了基調,著重以較安靜、緩慢的方式 來發展角色和劇情走向,比起許多其他電視劇 每集發生的爆點很小,比『絕命毒師』還小,但那種小片段最後令人恍然大悟 『絕命律師』處理得很棒,小故事也是值得拍攝的,只是需要不同的鏡頭來訴說,『絕命律師』提供了這樣的鏡頭,給予角色所需的時間與空間,來生存、呼吸與成長,本劇創作者並不直接 要我們關心 Jimmy McGill,或者同情 Mike Ehrmantraut,- 哈囉,- 我們在這,- 我們在玩粘土,讓我們直接看角色演出,好與壞,在過程中 我們禁不住對他們產生親近感,除了慢步調 也有使用得宜的蒙太奇手法,使時間快速推進,(角色設定完整),設定完整、有血有肉的角色,比較常見於電視劇,但要達成也不容易,『絕命律師』有人性化的角色,行為舉止符合角色個性,而不是只為了劇情需要,Jimmy 與他哥哥 Chuck 的關係是個絕佳例子,- 你臉色很糟,- 我沒事 坐吧,- 你不是有麻煩了吧?,許多觀眾討厭 Chuck,當角色衝突越演越烈時 選擇站在 Jimmy 那邊,劇情對待 Chuck 算是很公平,- 我知道你對 Jimmy 很有好感,- 很多人也是,- 但拜託!睜開你的眼睛!,我們可以了解他的動機,還有當他與弟弟衝突時 為何有這樣的感受,就像真實人生,在真實人生中 當兩個人嫌隙增加,一般來說 很難只歸咎一方,實情是,常常與他們個性不合有關,或是價值觀不同,而指責誰 取決於觀點,本劇的角色不是非黑即白,- 替我問候 Chuck,- 好嗎?,很難指出誰是劇中真正壞人,劇中經常兩方都呈現 讓我們評斷,- Kim 是怎樣啦?,- 開就對了,一樣的,Kim 和 Jimmy 的關係是很少刻意解釋的,我們不知道他們在一起多久,或現在的感情關係,但並不需要,因為看到的已足夠我們 來關心這兩個角色,(類型不侷限),- Kettleman 太太 – 很高興妳回來了,- 其實我現在連絡不上 McGill 先生 – 但我知道他…,如何歸類『絕命律師』呢?,劇情類?,喜劇?,警匪劇?,律政劇?,驚悚劇?,『絕命律師』似乎總是跳脫定義,位於任何類型標籤之外,隨著每集劇情需求轉換成不同類型,Jimmy 有些喜劇的場景,而 Mike Ehrmantraut 則有出色、安靜、偵探類型的場景,似乎來自兩種不同的劇,但每個場景不會格格不入,喜劇不覺突兀,嚴肅劇情不覺得悶,這是合理編劇支撐的恰當演出,來配合故事進行 而不是符合類型,你不會覺得特別加了哪段,來符合犯罪類型或喜劇,- 名片仙子給的小驚喜,(突出的主題),『絕命律師』處於一個特別的情況,在本劇還沒開演前 我們就知道結局,當然我們不知道細節,過程中肯定會有轉折,但從一開始,觀眾已經知道 Jimmy 會變怎樣,大家都知道 『絕命毒師』的 Saul Goodman,就算有人不知道,每季的開場片頭 揭露的冷酷未來,從一開始就提醒我們,Jimmy McGill 的最後下場,Saul Goodman 是 Jimmy McGill 無可避免的未來,- 我是 Saul Goodman,- 我會為你而戰,- 任何指控都難不倒我,- 當法律把你逼上絕路,- 最好打給我,有多少電視劇 在標題就透露了最後的結局,大部份的劇名只是主題的暗示,但『絕命律師』是刻意赤裸裸地呈現,不拐彎末角,我不認為所有的劇 對劇情走向都該如此直白,但『絕命律師』這麼做,在許多製作精良的電視劇中獨樹一幟,這種演繹宿命論的方式 在小螢幕很少見,以這方式,它成為『絕命毒師』成功的衍生劇,它不只是同個宇宙的劇,根本是一個模子裡刻出來的,『絕命律師』逆向拆解『絕命毒師』,『絕命毒師』帶給你的體驗是,一個角色變得罪大惡極 使你厭惡他,『絕命律師』則是呈現一個角色的過去,我們已經知道他會成為狡猾的罪犯,了解他為何轉變成 Saul Goodman 使我們同情該角色,(懸疑性),『絕命律師』讓觀眾們保持懸念,並不是使觀眾緊張到坐不住,或擔心壞人會從垃圾桶後跳出來,編劇用一連串的疑問與解答吸引你,我想這是本劇維持吸引力的主要方式,即使最大的疑問 算是已經有了解答,不讓觀眾把心思放在 Jimmy 的最後結局,劇本聚焦在 Jimmy 是如何走上那條路,編劇很放心讓你這個觀眾,在整幕或整集之中 對某件事一頭霧水,當解答出現,並不會覺得還需要額外解釋,解答是慢慢浮現,比如 Chuck 病症的真相,營造出一種懸疑的氣氛,即使在現今許多懸疑劇或探案劇也不常見,創作者真的明白『用演的,別用說的』,『絕命律師』更像是讓觀眾觀察和發現,而不是講述一個故事,對我來說,這是美好觀影體驗的里程碑,舉個例子,在這幕,Chuck 教 Jimmy 如何把膠帶撕下來,才不傷木質表面,Jimmy 想要一口氣撕掉,但 Chuck 既小心 又注重方法 行事精準,這顯露了兄弟倆個性的差異,然而,Jimmy 願意用 Chuck 的方法來做,- 輕輕的,- 左邊然後右邊,- 左右,- 我懂啦 就上下上下 (小子難纏的梗),下一集我們看到這一幕,沒有對白,但透露了很多,關於 Jimmy 潛意識裡想要遵循他哥哥的方式,以及他想反抗的叛逆性格,『絕命律師』總是吸引我,讓我一直想 到底這些角色在想什麼,很難說『絕命律師』 在許多很棒的電視劇中排名第幾,但肯定是最好之一,它總是別出心裁、有趣、合理,出色的攝影、配樂,鮮活的角色、有趣的取景、很棒的編劇,我發現自己很期待接下來的劇情走向,不像對大部份其他的劇,只是期待下一季不會比這季更糟,電視劇製作是了不起的成就 維持品質很難,尤其是劇集長達40、60小時 甚至100小時,所以這個團隊成功辦到,我非得讚揚不可,我是 Thomas Flight 這是談電視劇的另一支影片,本影片較長,請留言建議,若你想看更多類似內容 請訂閱,分享本影片 給可能有興趣的朋友們吧,抱歉這片拖了有點久,但近期會有很多很酷的內容,敬請期待 下回再見

Better Call Saul Finale – What It All Meant (Ending Explained)

[Music],with better call saw now officially,coming to a close its time to take a,look back at what it all meant and,determine whether this final episode was,the ending jimmy mcgill deserved or not,the finale written and directed by peter,gould is all about regret,throughout the episode jimmy proposes,the question what would you do if you,had a time machine which at its core is,about looking back at your life to the,key moment that could have changed,everything the moment that could have,saved you from this fate,mike said he would go back to the day he,took his first bribe accepting that once,you start you cant stop,walt says he would go back to the day he,let himself get pushed out of gray,matter believing if he had been rewarded,enough for honest work he never would,have had the motivation to begin this in,the first place but for jimmy he seems,to struggle to find the answer offering,up nothing but a petty slip and fall he,pulled at 22 that actually hurt his knee,which allows walt to conclude that he,was always like this so you were always,like this,but was he,throughout the series creators vince,gilligan and peter gould highlight how,many opportunities jimmy has to turn,back to change his ways where you can,visibly see him contemplating his next,step now that this path has yet again,led him to a dead end,but which moment truly would have,changed everything if he had chosen to,run away with him when they were holed,up in a hotel fearing for their lives,would that have put a stop to it if he,rejected the offer to become friends,with the cartel,if he never changed his name to saul,goodman and instead kept the name mcgill,so he would subconsciously still have,chuck watching over his shoulder,if he hadnt taken revenge on chuck by,having his malpractice insurance revoked,if he had just learned his lesson after,chuck manipulated him into breaking and,entering,if he had just decided that this was,enough when he got handed a fresh start,working in the mail room at hhm,or all the way back to when he was a,child and that slimy grifter conned his,father out of 10,if he had just never started stealing,money out of the tale so he could be a,wolf rather than a sheep,the black and white sequences that began,each season saw jimmy already living in,a prison of sorts the joy and colour of,life has been sucked out of him always,looking over his shoulder,the greats the tiles even the blinds all,mirror prison bars as hes living like a,caged animal and his daily grind at,cinnabun mirrors the same labor,performed in jail later in the finale,whether his assessment was fair or not,as he had restrained his brothers,potential at every turn chuck had always,pinned jimmy as a crook someone who,takes shortcuts and breaks the rules,that even if he means well,he cant help himself and everyones,left picking up the pieces,[Music],and that proved true once again that,even though hes barely escaped with his,life jimmy cant help but start thinking,of opportunities and once he gets,identified by a former cab driver in,albuquerque he could flee and start over,somewhere else but hearing it will cost,more money gets his creative juices,flowing and he constructs a plan that,will simultaneously incriminate his,identifier and benefit him it will just,involve one more risk,which is a theme for jimmy he tends to,live in the here and now and not view,his behavior as a domino effect,instead he has this undying faith in his,ability to control himself despite there,being zero evidence for it,this way he can always justify just one,more risk one more chance to prove to,himself that hes worth more than,everyone else thinks that he can,outsmart the system that his brother,props up so proudly,inevitably he cannot successfully pull,off a mall heist and stop there he has,to keep going as like mike indicated,once you do something small it tends to,snowball,into something bigger,sometimes those choices seem small but,they put you on the road you think about,getting off,but eventually youre back on it,so he and jeff start a new scam drugging,businessmen with impressive financial,portfolios and selling their personal,information for cash,the more crimes you commit and get away,with the more you adapt to that as your,status quo and suddenly the next step,doesnt seem so dangerous anymore as the,risk reward ratio becomes more skewed as,the stakes get higher,his colleague refuses to rob a cancer,patient but because jimmy has seen how,walter white was still incredibly,dangerous and capable despite suffering,from lung cancer he refuses to view him,as a victim and decides to break into,his home himself its like he wants to,prove that he can get one over on walt,through this innocent man and once that,decision leads to him being trapped we,see his darkest impulse to date emerge,even though he doesnt have to go,through with it in the end jimmy decides,hes morally okay with killing to escape,if needs be it seems that being around,all these murderers and bloodshed has,chipped away at his soul and opened a,mental door that used to be closed,so we see again how one thing leads to,another from robbing a shopping mall to,potential manslaughter hes no longer,just slipping jimmy hes heading towards,murdering jimmy,as a viewer this is where he becomes,morally irredeemable so when he,inevitably gets caught in a dumpster,like the human garbage hes become it,feels right and although hes capable of,negotiating his life sentence down to a,petty seven years hearing that kim has,already confessed everything about,howards death changes things,when he called her in the penultimate,episode he was shocked to hear her,recommend that he turn himself in and,now shes personally accepting the,consequences of an expensive civil,lawsuit heading her way,kim is the only person who ever believed,that there was true good in jimmy that,accepted him for who he was so he looks,to her for moral guidance in a way he,doesnt look to others,this revelation causes him to pretend he,has something especially juicy to,confess regarding howards death this,way he can get kim in the room and use,this as an opportunity to redeem himself,in front of her,fact is walter white couldnt have done,it without me,he initially confesses to everything,regarding walter white expecting this to,earn at least a smirk of support from,kim but she gives him nothing she knows,that none of that ever meant anything to,him personally as that was all done as,saul goodman,this makes jimmy realize he has to dig,deeper and put the full truth out there,so its permanently on the record in the,legal transcripts,he states that after what happened to,howard kim had the guts to leave town,but hes the one that ran away,meaning that she followed her moral,compass and didnt feel she deserved to,show her face around town anymore in,essence she couldnt live the lie,whereas jimmy ran away from his emotions,away from his moral compass and lied to,himself and others for years just to,hide from the truth,he even confesses to stripping his,brother chuck of his malpractice,insurance stealing the only thing he,ever loved away from him and thus,catalyzing the chain of events that,would lead to everyones demise,his lawyer tells him this isnt a crime,but jimmy insists that it is because,even if its not on the books he knows,deep down it was wrong it was a crime,against humanity,after failing to answer multiple times,these are his real regrets,the reason this is a poetic ending to,jimmy mcgills relationship with the law,is that he had made a mockery of the,court while he performed as a lawyer and,chuck had always revered the law as,sacred,but here he is using it as a chance to,morally cleanse himself at his altar,finally recognizing its worth and,accepting whatever punishment they see,fit,all of this earns him 86 years in prison,instead of seven alongside kims respect,and attention and at least allows jimmy,to live with himself,throughout the series a lot of emphasis,has been put on the value of a name its,a

Uh-oh! I Was Wrong About Better Call Saul

funding for shaperless is provided by,squarespace the sponsor of todays video,from websites and online stores to,marketing tools and analytics,squarespace is the all-in-one platform,to build a beautiful online presence and,run your business,about a year ago i made a pretty mixed,review of better call saul and yeah you,know the response was pretty good,honestly i didnt mind the backlash too,much because half the negative comments,were legitimately constructive and,helpful offering valid reasons for why,my mindset when watching the series for,the first time was fundamentally flawed,thereby tainting my analysis of it and,the other half of negative responses,were just extremely funny my favorite,thing was when people contacted,surfshark and asked them to drop me as a,sponsor because i liked but didnt love,funny lawyer show like thats so petty,that i can picture chuck mcgill doing,that imagine being on the same level as,chuck mcgill truly embarrassing but for,the most part yeah this was a very,flawed analysis for quite a few reasons,i think one of the main reasons is that,i tried way too hard to find the,breaking bad equivalent to a lot of plot,lines and episodes which resulted in a,lot of unfair comparisons i went into,the series too hung up on the fact that,people told me it was better than,breaking bad which means i didnt really,give the show on its own a fair shake,for instance the stuff with mike is,definitely better than i gave it credit,for and adds a lot of dimension to his,character obviously hes not gonna go,through as much of a dramatic character,shift as walter white did and thats,okay its still evident that hes,compromising his morals as he works for,gus more and more and his arc over the,course of the series isnt meant to be,directly compared to walters ultimately,i still do prefer the jimmy plotline,over the mic one but i can at least,acknowledge that the mic stuff is strong,and deserves more respect speaking of,which i was very dismissive of nacho,even though he legit did have some of,that walter white appeal of a regular,dude who slowly gets taken in by crime,looking back on his role in the show and,how sad it is that he constantly got,used by the far more evil people around,him yeah i could safely say that he was,a more than worthwhile addition to the,show and ill talk more about him in a,bit i also neglected to mention a lot of,very positive aspects of this show in my,initial review for instance its just,shot a lot better than breaking bad the,show can get stupid artsy with some of,its cold opens and the cinematography,and lighting are both top-notch they,really give the show a cinematic feel,that puts most other television shows to,shame theres a lot of fun and memorable,side characters like the kettlemans the,nerd with the baseball cards and the,film slash theater kids who help jimmy,out with his scams speaking of which,theres nothing quite like watching a,slip and jimmy scheme unfold especially,when they dont explain what hes doing,or why hes doing it right away and you,have to piece it together for yourself,the mans a tactical genius and his,schemes make for great entertainment so,yeah a lot of great stuff in this show,and a lot of mistakes made in my,original video but none of these were my,reasons for wanting to make a follow-up,video rather than just an apology tweet,or something the reason i knew i had to,get this all in video form is because of,season six the final season of better,call saul didnt just stick the landing,it nailed it so hard that it made me,re-evaluate all of the previous seasons,and realized that i was such a fool for,calling this series anything less than,brilliant heres the thing an ending can,have such a dramatic transformative,impact on everything that came before it,can make everything that you previously,didnt see the purpose of finally,clicking your eyes making you realize,that the slow burn was absolutely worth,the wait as an example theres the movie,drive my car its three hours long and,for the entire first half i just did not,get why it had to be that way it was,slow and it didnt seem to be going,anywhere and while i thought it was,solid i absolutely didnt see the point,of every little detail but then in the,second half everything finally clicked,and came together everything that seemed,like overly long and drawn out setup was,paid off beautifully and i realized how,profound the commentary on loss and,grief was it shattered me emotionally,and i dont think it would be nearly as,effective without every little detail in,the first half that perfectly set the,second half up to just knock it out of,the park i was thinking of giving the,movie a 6 out of 10 during the first,half and i ended up giving it a 9 out of,10 when it was over better call saul is,in a similar boat its a deliberately,slow and methodical show and i rather,idiotically didnt appreciate the fact,that it was clearly built into something,because i couldnt see what that,something was i tried comparing it to,breaking bad which was dumb for a number,of reasons but one of those reasons is,that we already saw the full arc of,breaking bad story i know some people,think breaking bad should have ended,after season 4 with guss death,but i wholeheartedly disagree you need,that final season that completes walts,transformation and shows that hes,become the main villain of the show you,need the payoff of hank finally,realizing that walt is heisenberg and,trying to take him down you need the,deterioration of walts family life and,first crimes to finally catch up to him,and you need ozymandias which is still,probably the greatest episode of,television ive ever seen so to compare,a show with an excellent brutal,conclusive final season that pays,everything off masterfully to a show,that was still building to a final,season that was yet to come out,oh thats stupid especially because,better call saul was more clearly,building to the final season in order to,tie everything together than breaking,bad was honestly most of my criticisms,of the first five seasons are kinda moot,now like i said i didnt give nacho,enough credit and the thing that really,woke me up to how impactful of a,character he was is that final episode,with him his phone call to his dad,legitimately made me cry a bit and once,i saw that final scene with him and,realized that hes the one who set in,motion the deaths of all these [ __ ],around him it was simultaneously really,cathartic and tragic he never should,have gotten caught up in any of this but,as long as he did mocking hector and,calling him a twisted [ __ ] on his way,out was a genuinely incredible moment,and the fact that mike clearly regrets,what happened with nacho enhances the,part of breaking bad where he takes,jesse under his wing and tries to,protect him this is good ass prequel,writing right here and theres other,criticisms i had that have been,completely obliterated by this season oh,the process of how the meth lab was made,didnt feel necessary boom lalo,dedicates the season to investigating,and uncovering it and it becomes the,location of his final showdown with gus,and ultimately his burial place oh gus,doesnt do anything interesting in the,show boom he not only gets to personally,take out lalo but he gets a chance to,say the venomous words he never got to,tell don eladio during the pool,poisoning scene in breaking bad thus,rounding out his entire character,incredibly well oh the gene stuff felt,completely disconnected from the rest of,the show and didnt acknowledge that,walter white is the person that brought,jimmy to the place hes at now boom its,walter white there he is we are indeed,acknowledging that saul shouldnt have,put all his eggs in the water basket,thus offering some connective tissue,between the stories of jimmy and gene oh,the jimmy and mike sides of the show,feel incredibly disconnected from each,other well thats to make the moment,where the two sides of jimmys life,finally intersect as earth shattering as,poss

Better Call Saul: Series Recap & Review (Spoilers)

better call saul has adjourned the,breaking bad universe and ive got my,thoughts on the entire series right now,[Music],hello everybody im dan merrell and i am,here to talk about better call saul,which just wrapped up its run on amc,this previous week and its something,that people have asked me about a lot,even since i started the channel back in,2020 why dont you talk about better,call saul and its a show that i have,watched it was appointment television,and its a show that i really really,liked one reason that i didnt do a,whole lot about it on the channel even,after a season is that it was such an,interesting show and its structure it,wasnt so much about whats gonna happen,week to week oh this big plot twist it,was a character study at times it was a,slowly unfolding character study it,would be like pausing a movie for me,after 20 minutes,to talk about the movie,i just wanted it to play i just wanted,the movie to be over and then once the,movie was over then i would talk about,the movie and so thats kind of where i,am with better call saul so i want to,talk about my thoughts obviously for the,finale and the final season which just,wrapped up but also really my thoughts,on the whole series things that were,highlights for me from specific seasons,characters that i liked etc so if you,havent seen better call saul and if you,havent seen the finale of better call,saul then there are definitely some,spoilers ahead but for those of you that,have seen the show and want to hear my,thoughts lets dive in wait jimmy jimmy,what,its all good man,one of the rare things about this show,is i can actually trace down to the day,my first involvement with it which is,back on september 12,2013 which is just under nine years ago,thats so hard for me to even kind of,wrap my head around we published a jokey,introduction to better call saul when i,worked at screen junkies i was an editor,there at the time and the show had been,introduced the day before and we kind of,fast tracked this thing throwing,together different clips and different,different seasons of breaking bad and,introducing gag characters and putting,it to kind of a sit commie theme and,its such an interesting kind of time,capsule into how we even thought the,show was gonna be because,its a comedy like we set it up as like,a sitcom thing and thats what the,character was saul goodman for eighty,percent of breaking bad was a comedic,character and so it seemed kind of,reasonable that better call saul this,new spin-off that had been announced,would be about the wacky saul goodman,and his crazy clients in albuquerque and,would be said you know before breaking,bad but shortly before breaking bad and,youd bring in badger and youd bring in,all these colorful different characters,and it would be mainly a comedic based,show and honestly if you look at just,the marathon that was breaking bad you,really couldnt blame vince gilligan and,peter gould the creators of better call,saul if thats the show that they had,done because it would have been an,easier show it would have been a show,probably more in line with what people,expected and thats something that i,loved so much about better call saul is,that it was not at all the show that i,thought it was going to be and yet it,was better than what i had kind of,anticipated so lets go back to that,first season which was back in february,of 2015. its crazy to think about just,how long ago,that was and where we started off with,better call saul and the first thing,that we learned is that his name isnt,saul goodman his name is james mcgill or,jimmy mcgill and even when we first,started meeting him i kind of felt like,okay well yeah this makes sense because,this is the show about how saul goodman,became saul goodman so the first part of,the season is going to be okay we meet,james mcgill and then by the end of the,first season hell be like hell be saul,goodman does a steaming pile of crap,scream payday to you huh,the only way that entire car is worth,500 bucks is if theres a 300 hooker,sitting in it but what i loved about the,shows first season and it set the tone,for the rest of the series was that it,wasnt really about breaking bad that,much at all and the first season,especially was so deep into this,relationship between jimmy mcgill and,his brother chuck and with chuck not,being in the last few seasons i feel,like some people have forgotten about,him but he was such a great character,and the fact that michael mckeon didnt,win an emmy first of all for his,performance is criminal but then when,you go back and look and see that he,wasnt even nominated outside of the,guest performer category for a cameo in,a later season of the show,that is just unforgivable because he was,so great in this show and when you go,back the awards have kind of been slow,to pick up on just how good better call,saul is even though its a spin-off from,breaking bad which is like you know the,immiest emmy show that ever emmied and,when you look at that first season the,dynamic between chuck and jimmy is such,it just keeps unwinding and you have,that heartbreaking revelation toward the,end of the first season that chuck has,been undermining jimmy this entire time,people dont change youre slipping,jimmy,and slipping jimmy i can handle just,fine but slipping jimmy with a law,degree is like a chimp with a machine,gun,and its really there that i started to,understand that this show wasnt really,about the corruption of jimmy mcgill it,was about the destructive influence of,saul goodman because saul goodman or,slip and jimmy this is something that,was a part of james mcgill from the time,the show started this wasnt another,show in the mold of breaking bad about,you know like the downfall of a good man,no its so much deeper than that and,theres so much history between these,characters and i guess it really,shouldnt be surprising but its yet,another show like breaking bad where you,have a protagonist that we have very,complicated feelings about especially,because bob odenkirk is such a likable,actor and you liked saul he was a slimy,lawyer but you liked him in breaking bad,here you understand that you should,probably have felt bad for liking him,because theres such a deep well of,darkness and pain underneath that,persona that we already know i remember,you saying something about doing the,right thing i know what stopped me,you know what,its never stopping me again,season one was a lot of chuck and jimmy,season two was really the emergence of,kim wexler who was played by ray c horn,she was in the first season but season,two was where ray seahorn was able to,slowly open this character up and we as,an audience began to realize oh theres,a lot more there,than there was last season and you see,that a lot in tv shows there will be a,character whos perhaps a supporting,character or a secondary character and,over time the writers realize they have,a great thing as you do with ray seahorn,you have a great actor in this role and,then you give them more to do and i,think that thats great with the show is,to have some flexibility to roll with,whats working and the strengths that,maybe you didnt see from the very,beginning who cares what it does to,jimmy right as long as howard hamlin is,okay kim i dont think thats fair fair,lets talk about fair ray seahorn is so,freaking good in this show and when you,look at kim wexler she is as complicated,and in some ways even more complicated,than jimmy mcgill and its not like,shes being manipulated and i think,thats another really smart storytelling,choice they made in the show it would,have been very easy to have it so that,jimmy is kind of pulling her strings,along with everyone elses but she goes,into everything with her eyes wide open,and that makes her character so much,more compelling and gives ray seahorn so,many different other notes to play were,gonna pull the plug and we are going to,live to fight another day,what other day she didnt really go big,in a lot of scenes i think thats

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