1. Better Call Saul Season 6 Episode 4 Breakdown | Recap & Review
  2. Better Call Saul – Season 6 Episode 4 [Review]
  3. Better Call Saul – Season 6 Episode 4 “Hit and Run” Recap & Review
  4. Season 6 Episode 4 REVIEW + RECAP Better Call Saul
  5. Better Call Saul Season 6 Episode 4 Review “Hit and Run”
  6. BETTER CALL SAUL SEASON 6 Episode 4 – Breakdown, Spoiler Review & Episode 5 Preview
  7. Better Call Saul Season 6 Episode 5 Breakdown | Recap & Review

Better Call Saul Season 6 Episode 4 Breakdown | Recap & Review

youre kidding,i know,how great is that thats unbelievable,are we on a roll or are we on a roll,geez,hey guys pete here lets talk about,better call saul season six episode four,hit and run was a lively one and its,all fun and games until mike shows up,somewhere out of the blue to tell you,something we definitely shifted away,from the heaviness of episode 3 which,makes sense even if it didnt make for,the most exciting episode of the season,and that is not a knock on first time,director ray seahorn if i hadnt known,who was directing i would have never,guessed that this wasnt done by one of,the series regulars so great job there,604 had some fun some breaking bad,character returns and some main,characters officially meeting for the,first time no lalo but if youre keeping,score gus has a way cooler tunnel under,his house and hey he has a decoy too and,at least one long-running theory can be,put to bed kim will not be getting,hooked on meth and will not transform,into wendy there are transformations,happening though and ill recap things,and let you know what i think right,after this quick spoiler warning if you,havent watched better call saul season,6 episode 4 yet then this video wont be,for you and with that out of the way,lets get into it,last week kim advocated for stealing,howards actual car for their plan and,you saw jimmy getting huels help to get,inside his car this week we see howard,going to a therapy session and i loved,the touch of him unbuttoning his top,button to get into the spirit of things,after he sits down on the couch we get a,great shot of jimmy approaching the,parking lot in his howard hamlin suit,from the billboard stunt back in season,one and i have to agree with wendy that,his hair looks great the heel device,works jimmys able to get the car and he,leaves a cone to hold the parking spot,so he can return it and make it look,like nothing happened this is mostly,just fun to watch but you cant miss how,that even though hes stressed that this,whole situation brightens jimmy up in a,way that not much else does kim plays,her part by meeting with cliff maine at,an outdoor cafe you get to see her,attention to detail while shes setting,things up and that she has a little bit,of nerves as she taps her heel under the,table the plan is for jimmy to pick up,wendy at the crossroads motel and make,it look like howard is throwing her out,of his car where cliff can see it while,kim pitches him this idea about starting,a pro bono practice that part all goes,off perfectly minus wendys root beer,cliff recognizes the car and kim plays,it off and it looks like it all happened,by chance jimmy drives back to return,the car you see him smiling happily,listening to howards music now which he,turned off when he first jumped in and,then he finds out that someone moved the,cone and took the parking place he does,a quick audible and moves the patients,only sign over he gets it out just in,time and howard comes back and is none,the wiser and the sign falls over right,after he pulls away so their plan was,good and it worked but as jimmy warned,in the previous episode there were a lot,of ways it could go wrong and despite,all that planning it almost did when kim,brings wendy back to the crossroads they,notice a car pull up across the street,wendy thinks hes undercover cops but,then when kim leaves she sees that its,following her back at their apartment,jimmy tells kim the story and she tells,him that cliff fell for it that it,worked perfectly she also mentioned that,he liked her idea about what shes,trying to do and would probably help her,make it happen in some way jimmy goes,straight to are we on a roll or are we,on a roll but neither one of them take a,moment to consider their plan against,howard even when kim tells him that she,thinks shes being followed jimmy just,tells her to relax because theyre the,only ones who know what theyre doing to,me this exchange seems significant and,while her meeting with mike is what,everyone will be talking about theres,some interesting stuff developing here,before that rearranges things here we,see jimmy step up to calm kims concerns,much like she did for him in the first,couple of episodes last week i said,nachos situation brought what they were,doing into perspective and hewlett did a,great job of pointing this out but,theyre both past the point of being,able to stop and reconsider kim has,evidence that she could probably do what,she wanted to do without forcing the,sandpipers settlement which jimmy was,always eventually gonna get that money,either way but after the end of last,season their relationship works in a way,that theyre way more likely to root,each other on than tell the other,theyve gone too far and its pretty,amazing how he doesnt show up for the,third episode in a row but lala still,manages to dominate the rest of this,episode,in case youve forgotten jimmy mcgill,never woke up one day and decided to be,a friend of the cartel he never intended,to represent lalo that happened when he,was scooped up on the sidewalk by nacho,and he wasnt even allowed to bring his,mint chocolate chip the word that he was,salamancas guy is out now and its made,him a pariah at the courthouse but on,the streets hes the lawyer every,criminal wants to have on their side and,it was a little sad seeing jimmy get the,cold shoulder from the beanie baby clerk,and even bill oakley seeing things turn,after all the effort he put in to get,people like hannah banana to like him,but maybe whats more interesting is how,quickly he responds to the attention,coming from spooj and the other,characters waiting for him at the nail,salon i guess we always knew that jimmy,wanted people to like him this was an,important part of who he is but now its,more clear that he doesnt really care,where that comes from if hes to be an,outcast in legal circles then maybe he,found his people on the other side of,the tracks while hes hijacking misses,in the winds cucumber water and racking,up a new client list kim is meeting with,her pro bono clients at the el camino,dining room through the window she,notices the car that was following her,pull up across the street and she acts,decisively she just goes over and,approaches it she comes on strong,writing down the license plate and then,asking the driver if theyre following,her these are gus and mikes guys,theyre professionals they dont give up,any information and eventually leave,when she threatens to call in their,plates as shes finishing up with her,last client we noticed that mike has,made his way inside and is now sitting,at the bar he came in after she spotted,his guys and makes contact when shes,paying her bill hes cordial i would say,almost friendly as far as mike goes and,he tells her that hell answer any,questions he can he assures her that,theyre not cops theyre not the fbi and,that hes watching anyone that is,connected to lalo when she brings up the,fact that hes dead he gives her a look,to know that he might not be its,notable that he refers to jimmy as your,husband rather than saying his name and,it dawns on you later as shes putting,who he is together that he might be,trying to play down how well they know,each other he counsels her to continue,to live her life and ignore his guys if,she sees them and eventually they just,wont be there anymore when she asks why,hes coming to her instead of jimmy he,says he thinks shes made of sterner,stuff this is probably about him seeing,her stand up to lalo in episode 509 and,his other interactions with jimmy after,their trip through the desert obviously,she stepped up to save jimmy in that,interaction with lalo and he was,listening and he watched it all through,his scope as hes leaving she realizes,where shes seen him before he worked at,the courthouse parking lot and as he,acknowledges that and leaves ray seahorn,does this great thing as both an actor,and a director i guess in this case,after she turns back to look terrified,at what she just learned she lets out,her breat

Better Call Saul – Season 6 Episode 4 [Review]

What?,I really like your hair.,It’s not, thank you.,Better Call Saul, Season 6, Episode 4 – Hit and Run, yet another strong episode!,And I think we were given a couple of more clues in this one that do indeed strongly,suggest the possibility of Kim Wexler being a big player behind the scenes in the Breaking,Bad timeline.,Starting with Howard, he’s humming along to tunes and hes just getting warmed up.,Howard mentions to his therapist that he is deadlocked in his relationship with CHERYL,- presumably his estranged wife, and for me this was one of the most interesting revelations,in the episode.,So Jimmy is all tanned out looking like Howard, he’s got the hacked key device, and damn,,doesn’t he look an awful lot like Kevin Costner?,Goodman employs the services of Wendy, and she really likes his hair!.,Oh well, so much for the braindead theory that Kim becomes Wendy in Breaking Bad.,So they pull off the charade, and Cliff believes Howard violently ejected a hooker out of his,car in broad daylight, just where he happened to have an outdoor meeting with Kim.,Poor Howard!,He’s being framed as a hooker lovin’ degenerate nose-deep in the Devil’s dandruff.,Meanwhile, Gus has a home that has many working elements we never really knew about previously.,Indeed, his home has a secret tunnel connecting to his neighbor’s place, where he is on,the lookout for wouldbe attacks from Lalo.,Lalo was once again never to be seen in this episode.,And interestingly enough, Gus seems as nervous and unnerved as we’ve ever seen him regarding,the entire threat posed by Lalo.,But clearly that secret Bond villain tunnel predates the threat posed from Lalo, so this,is an entire layer of Gus that was never previously revealed.,So way back when Pinkman was having dinner with Gus, with designs to poison him, there,may have been more working pieces in motion than we knew.,So Gus has an entirely new dimension that was previously unknown, and Howard is having,problems with whom I assume is his estranged wife, adding a behind the scenes family dynamic,that as far as I remember never previously came into play in the story.,So how do these revelations relate to Kim Wexler?,Well, I believe this is another set of clues that strongly suggest the possibility that,Kim Wexler is indeed working behind the scenes as a major player in Breaking Bad.,The common theme here being, just because we don’t see all of the moving pieces doesn’t,mean they aren’t there.,Of course, further amplifying the idea that Kim may be a big player behind the scenes,in Breaking Bad comes from the scene with Mike and Kim.,This just expands on the possibility that maybe, just maybe Kimmy Corleaone was even,more deeply rooted in things than Goodman himself, because now the door is open for,the possibility that Kim has some kind of future alliance with Mike, and perhaps even,Gus, even if it’s indirect.,Mike seems impressed by Kim, she was quick to spot his men following her, she confronts,them, and Mike appears to hold her in higher esteem than Saul, noting that she is made,of sterner stuff.,Kimmy Corleone seems mighty nervous and unnerved herself over the entire Lalo ordeal, especially,with the new revelation that Lalo lives.,Even during their frame job on Howard, where tanned up Goodman throws Wendy out of the,car, Kim is showing dents in her armor and perhaps not as cool as an assassin after all.,She also seemed very perturbed by the men following her, but all the same she bravely,confronted them like a complete and total bad ass.,Sterner stuff, indeed.,With Kim and Gus experiencing a shared fear with the Lalo situation, and Kim now having,more of a direct-in with Mike, it will be interesting to see if they somehow combine,forces to stop the wrath of Lalo.,Meanwhile, McGill is being shunned by the good guys and Goodman is being embraced by,the criminal scumbags.,Goodman’s reputation as a cartel lawyer now precedes him, and he’s attracting the,scummiest elements around, including Mr Spooge himself.,You’d think Spooge might not need that level of protection one may receive from a cartel,lawyer, but there he is!,McGill was killing it as a tanned Howard, he was shunned by everyone in the courthouse,,he was revered and praised by the low life scumbags, and he even has his eyes set on,what we know will become his future law office in Breaking Bad.,Kim didn’t pick it out herself, but he chose this location based on her previous specifications,,and he sought her approval, which she granted him in Kimmy Corleone style.,I for one am still hopeful that Howard is going to provide some real resistance to Kimmy,and Goodman.,Howard was smart enough to figure out Jimmy smashed his car and was trying to embarrass,him with hookers.,Surely he should be smart enough to learn Jimmy planted the coke and somehow staged,the incident with Wendy.,Even if Howard requires some hints from Kevin or Cliff, he should be clever enough to figure,it out, and he should then be able to catch them perhaps red handed as Jimmy and Kim are,both arrogantly overconfident with their scheme to ruin poor Howard.,As a final thought, to reiterate, when you combine all of the hints this season that,Kim will indeed be a big player in Breaking Bad, the key theme this week was the revelation,of new dynamics previously unseen behind the scenes.,This is important!,Howard has a deadlocked relationship with Cheryl, and even though we’ve never seen,her before, we can assume that his troubled relationship has had a profound impact on,all of his decisions.,Gus has a secret Bond villain tunnel with neighbors who are clearly his people, trusted,people, where he has a fail safe measure for every conceivable obstacle.,And then even Kim, she sees an entire new element from her own personal perspective,,when Mike enters her life and they share their moment.,While there were no new reveals here for the audience, there was from Kim’s perspective.,Taken together, I personally believe they are HINTING that Kim is indeed behind the,scenes in Breaking Bad.,That doesn’t mean SHE IS behind the scenes, but the creators are, in my opinion, going,out of their way to re-enforce this idea as a strong possibility, and that alone makes,this season extremely captivating.,This episode may have been slow when compared to the shocking demise of macho Nacho man,,but I think a lot of important stuff happened, and incidentally, I’m expecting to see more,of Nacho’s old man, and I’m looking forward to the triumphant return of Lalo.,But whatever happens, I’m fired-up to find out, and I think Season 6 is off to a rocking,good start.,Tight, tight, tight.,Thanks for watching everyone, I hope you enjoyed, and have a wonderful night.,Cheryl still won’t talk about anything important.,What?,I really like your hair.,It’s not, thank you.,A Mr Spooge?,It’s just Spooge.,Right.,Just Spooge, duly noted.,I ain’t no skank.,Skank!,Skank!,Skank ass, skank!,Skank ass, skank!,Skank ass, skank!,Why are you telling me this and not him?,Because I think you’re made of sterner stuff.,Hey, did you hear all of that?,I heard enough to know she saved your ass.,Lalo Salamanca is dead.,Lalo Salamanca is alive.,And who do you work for?,I said I would answer anything I can.,You’re on our billboard.,You’re the lawyer guy!,Better call Saul!,What is this?,That my friend is Alberquerque’s public enemy #1.,Good to meet you.,Yeah!,Don’t drink and drive , but if you do call me.,Have an A1 day!,Spooge!,Oh.,Spooge and friend, okay.,Good.,This way.,Skank!,Skank!,Skank ass, skank!,Skank ass, skank!,Ska-,You’re done, you are done!

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Better Call Saul – Season 6 Episode 4 “Hit and Run” Recap & Review

well it only took five seasons and four,episodes but finally breaking bad fans,have the character return that we have,all been waiting for,[Music],[Applause],whats up everybody welcome back to my,better call saul reviews and now we are,at episode four of season six definitely,a downshift from last week which lets,be honest we all needed but still a very,fun episode so the cult open was very,interesting kind of gives these two,people that are bicycling around they,stopped to see this peculiar colored,house and then its revealed that inside,of their house is this little bit of a,security system going on and were left,to linger about what exactly that is to,about the end of the episode but uh,eventually revealing that gus has these,two houses conjoined with this little,secret batman passage which is just a,very gus thing to have and that hes got,the whole [ __ ] city of albuquerque,like under siege waiting for lalo,theyre really doing a good job at,slowly building up whatever the hell,lalos presence is going to be in this,season because weve now gone what two,episodes without even seeing or hearing,about what hes doing so whenever he,finally does show up its certainly,gonna be explosive cant wait for that,and it just continues to flesh out what,a badass that gus is and how much he,just prepares 10 steps ahead the fact,that he bought this house and likely,bought the house next to it created this,little secret tunnel between them just,in case he ever needed it and hes,certainly putting it to good use right,now and hes got these two people,basically on the payroll to look like a,normal functioning couple that just live,in the basement of this second house,that he owns so wild scenario they,didnt get too far into it they gave you,just enough but its just a wild extra,little puzzle piece to the picture that,is gus fring but the main thing that i,loved about this episode and i probably,am not going to be in the minority with,this one was when jimmy had to disguise,himself as howard hamlin,that was [ __ ] hilarious and it was,funny was a tease for a second because,howard hamlin parks his car he sits down,for his little psychology session about,his dad and he starts to talk about this,dream that he had that immediately cuts,to jimmy or saul i guess i should call,him at this point walking down the,street with the spray tan and the [ __ ],up toupee hair and the [ __ ] suit and,just looking as insufferable and looking,as cheaply classy as he possibly can to,mimic howard hamlin for a minute there i,thought that that was howards dream,that he was dreaming that he was jimmy,and i was like where is this going when,it showed him with the key and i,realized this was just part two of his,plan to take his car and do whatever he,was going to do with it i lost it i,thought it was absolutely hilarious and,the eventual plan,to finally bring back wendy a great,little recurring side character from the,breaking bad universe and staged this,whole thing like hes throwing a hooker,out of his car in front of ed begley,that [ __ ] was hilarious uh and i cant,wait to see how that relationship starts,to dissolve between ed begleys,character and howard hamlin because he,is just setting up all the pins to,destroy this guys reputation,but in a weird way,even though howard has always been,insufferable in the show to a certain,degree and hes always said the wrong,thing and certainly was a complete dick,to kim so a lot of us dont like him,even if he is not necessarily a guy that,deserves what theyre doing to him him,sitting there with his psychiatrist and,talking about his dad and you know doing,things to try to better himself as a,person uh it certainly makes it a little,bit harder it makes it to work like man,i wonder if its going to get to a point,where even though were enjoying seeing,him get taken down about 35 pegs that,were eventually going to see where it,takes him and were going to feel bad,for him and be like oh no jimmy almost,like whenever he did the whole scheme,with the old lady in season three where,youre like oh jimmy no dont go there,dont go there jimmy now certainly a,standout scene that we have all been,waiting for for a numerous seasons at,this point was when kim and mike finally,come face to face so kim has been,followed by these two people in this car,weve been speculating for a couple,weeks who that might be is it lalos,people is it somebody that knows,within the legal system whats going on,and theyre getting ready to take down,kim and or saul and it turns out its,actually just people that mike hired to,follow them in case lalo shows up very,plausible,certainly something that i dont know if,i saw that coming or not which makes me,feel stupid but whenever he sat down and,hes like look the people that uh you,caught following you youre not gonna,catch them anymore but i love the,conversation that he had which is always,some of the most human elements that you,get from mike whenever hes talking to,somebody that is not necessarily in the,game is not necessarily there trying to,be,tied in with the drug cartel and all,that and all the craziness that hes,involved with with gus if he talks with,somebody that is a byproduct like,nachos father or like kim the husband,of saul whos getting tied into all this,stuff,i like the fact that he really gets down,to earth and he gets human with them and,he does he really kind of connects with,him on a human level instead of being,like this mob enforcer or this badass,that we all know that he is hes just,like look like,i was doing this to protect you i was,doing this just in case he showed up,chances are he wasnt going to,but,this is a reason why,you are being followed so from now on,hopefully you wont find them you wont,see them in the rear view mirror but if,you do just let them do their job and,then you will,youll be beneficial for that and i like,the respect that he showed kim to where,shes like hey why are you telling me,this why are you not telling saul this,and hes like yeah i think youre youre,built a little bit sturdier than your,husband so its just something that mike,always knows so much more than he lets,on hes always able to just look right,into somebody hes always able to see,beyond the surface and even the fact,that you know to a certain degree he,likes saul and certainly they have a bit,of a continuing work relationship that,eventually dissolves since hes not very,friendly with him in breaking bad i like,the fact that hes able to see through,and kind of connect with kim on a level,of like look your husbands involved,with some [ __ ] im involved with some,[ __ ] but you should be steering clear of,this it was also a really interesting,development that,jimmy is kind of now this pariah within,the courthouse the woman that he usually,would give gifts or you know grease or,palms a little bit to get some good,cases didnt want anything to do with,him the prosecuting lawyer that he has,kind of butted heads with a couple of,times pretty much just calls him out and,hes like dude i liked you better,whenever you were just kind of a bottom,feeder but now youre just,youre scum,i thought that it was a nice point to,really,kind of hone in on how far jimmy has,fallen you know theres been tons of,times where hes done schemes but now,that everybody pretty much knows for a,fact that he has lied and created,schemes to get a murderer and a drug,runner and a psychopath back out on the,streets and hes being held accountable,for it i thought that was really,interesting and the other side of the,development which was absolutely,hilarious to me was that whenever the,streets find out that this is the guy,that got lalo salamanca off the guy that,got him released and all of a sudden his,nail salon is just flooded with all of,these bottom feeders and these criminals,and we get the return of spooge baby and,it tells you how much of a breaking bad,fanatic i am that i knew that was spooge,before he even said his name i mean he,is not all meth out yet he loo

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Season 6 Episode 4 REVIEW + RECAP Better Call Saul

whos here to see saul goodman,youre him,your soul,yeah then youre the guy right,what guys that,salamoncas guy,[Music],hey guys kiwi here in this video ill be,breaking down discussing season 6,episode 4 at better call saul giving a,full review and recap like the video if,you end up enjoying it subscribe to the,channel and follow me on twitter for,more better call saul and breaking bad,updates and if you really enjoy what i,do here consider checking out my patreon,to help support the channel financially,with that being said lets jump into the,breakdown,so usually i discuss the cartel side of,the show first but theres not a lot,going on in that regard for this weeks,episode so lets start out focusing on,jimmy and kim since this episode is,mostly about them the jimmy and kims,side of the episode starts with howard,going to therapy while jimmy steals his,car dressed up as him with the custom,car key and remote that we saw he will,get for him in episode 603 the fact that,they planned this during howards,therapy is probably why they,specifically said this had to be the,18th in episode 603 funny coincidence,slash possible easter egg better call,saul season 6 premiered on an 18th,although it was april 18th and in the,show im pretty sure its may 18th so,ive already done two videos on this,situation one video about jimmys wendy,scheme in front of cliff along with kim,and cliffs conversation and the second,video being about howards family and,what he says to his therapist i think,both are really interesting discussions,with the kim and cliff convo paralleling,walter white in some ways along with,getting more info on the mystery that is,howards family check them both out if,you havent yet already ill link them,on screen and at the end of the video so,jimmy puts a cone in the parking spot,that he takes howards car from which,turns out to not be a foolproof plan as,well discuss in a moment i also think,its interesting that they used howard,going to therapy as the location that,jimmy takes his car from the location,also works great in regards to adding,tension due to where everything is such,as barely being able to see the parking,lot from the window along with the upper,walkway and staircase that howard walks,down to return to his car i always,thought that theyd take howards car,from the country club but as we saw in,episode 602 that proved to be unreliable,as its possible for howard to quit,golfing early with this therapy,appointment they knew exactly how long,they had jimmy goes to the crossroads,motel aka the hooker motel aka the,crystal palace to pick up wendy one of,the multiple breaking bad cameos this,episode i love how we get both the,return of the crossroads motel along,with wendy it worked really well here so,jimmy tries rushing wendy into the car,while wendy tries getting a root beer,from the vending machine which is a,callback reference to her liking root,beer in breaking bad jimmy brings wendy,to around the corner from where kim is,having coffee with cliff awaiting kims,signal to start the scheme while wendy,becomes mesmerized at jimmys hair not,only that but probably along with the,fact that jimmy used way too much spray,tan on himself with the corners of his,ears etc still peeing his original skin,tone while jimmy is waiting for kim to,give him the signal she gets caught up,in trying to sell cliff on the idea of,her opening an office with multiple high,quality lawyers with multiple high,quality lawyers all working on pro bono,clients which is a dream that she has,and why she wants the sandpiper money in,general now later on she tells jimmy,that she got caught up in the moment but,i think she did this on purpose in a way,cliff is giving her the possibility to,do what shes always wanted without,having to take down howard for the,sandpiper money in my wendy video i,already discussed this in depth but i,just want to emphasize the parallels i,feel here compared to walter getting the,offer from gretchen and elliot in,breaking bad season 1 where they would,have paid for his cancer treatments and,given him a legitimate job walts ego is,too big so he denied this and instead,made money illegally cooking and selling,meth likewise even though kim is given a,legitimate way to get her dream she may,still want to take down howard even if,she doesnt have to anymore due to being,so caught up in it feeling like shes,too deep now even when shes not these,characters getting a valid and,legitimate option to accomplish their,goals totally invalidates their excuses,and reasons for involving themselves in,criminal activity in order to get what,they want instead but they enjoy it and,they dont want to take the easy way out,so they choose the latter while giving,themselves excuses for it along the,entire way even when theyre given,viable solutions to their excuses they,dont take it anyways kim finally gives,jimmy the signal and he races around the,corner to kick wendy out of the car in,front of cliff and kim when jimmy first,starts speeding off i love that moment,due to his game face along with the fact,that wendy has to hold on to the dash so,jimmy frames howard for kicking out a,hooker from his car which may make cliff,think that the hookers who were sent to,their lunch in season 5 were real too,even though howard can prove that he was,at therapy at this exact time with,receipts cliff may not believe him from,his convo with kim he admits that his,son has a drug problem giving him a soft,side to seeing someone he cares about,struggle with addiction he may not be,willing to listen to reason when,accusing howard due to feeling like,theyre just excuses to deny what cliff,believes is the truth when you confront,an addict sometimes theyll swear up and,down that they arent still doing the,thing theyre addicted to even when the,truth is written on the wall the more,howard tries to convince cliff of his,innocence the more cliff may think that,howard is guilty due to cliffs past,experiences with his son cliffs son,having a drug problem is also probably,why cliff told howard that hes,unfortunately seen drug baggies before,back in episode 601 when jimmy planted,fake drugs in howards locker jimmy,tries to return howards car but freaks,out over someone moving the cone and,stealing the parking spot that he needs,to return the car in its kind of ironic,that jimmy says what [ __ ] moves a,cone when hes literally an [ __ ],dressed up like a knock-off stereotype,of howard stealing his car to frame him,for immoral actions also i think its a,huge missed opportunity not to make ken,wins be the one that moved the cone and,parked in jimmys spot this could be a,callback to the reason why walt hated,ken wins in breaking bad because he,stole his parking spot at the bank one,vanity plate screwing over another it,would have been hilarious in this,episode the creators might not have,wanted to do that due to jimmy having,already conned ken in better castle,season 2 so ken could recognize jimmy as,victor with a k then again it would add,tension that not only howard but also,ken could catch jimmy and if he did it,would be hilarious to see ken recognize,him and freak out at him for scamming,him on a bunch of expensive liquor so,after jimmy frames howard for pushing a,hooker out of his car kim ends up,driving wendy back to the crystal palace,does cliff know that kim drove wendy,back because we missed the scene of kim,picking up wendy so did they do it,secretly or did kim try to be a good,person in front of cliff saying that,shell help out the woman that howard,quote unquote ditched anyways when she,drops wendy off wendy says that,undercover cops are watching her and kim,gives wendy her card could this link,wendy and the scheme back to kim now if,cliff knows that kim drove wendy back,home then maybe its not such a big deal,also wendy isnt a rat if she ever got,questioned i doubt that shed just give,out kims card so kim realizes that the,undercover cops start following her for,a few blocks before turning off

Better Call Saul Season 6 Episode 4 Review “Hit and Run”

[Music],okay everybody this is my spoiler review,of better call saul season six episode 4,hit and run,this review is going to be more of a,quick,thought reaction lets say because they,did not send this episode out before the,actual episode aired to critics which is,the first time theyve done that in my,time reviewing the show the past three,seasons which maybe got me over hyped,for the episode because usually when,they do something like that when its a,later release to critics something big,happens like last week with nacho that,episode was released the day of to,critics so we had just one day to kind,of prepare our review but this time they,didnt send it at all so i was like okay,like whats going down here i was,excited seeing ray seahorn directed this,episode the first one she did at better,costal which is awesome kim wexler,herself actually interviewed ray c horn,last year check that out its one of my,favorite reviews ive ever done it was a,dream to talk to her thats my quick,plug but lets get into this so this,episode i have you know mixed feelings,about it has a lot of stuff i love a lot,about saul in it and a lot of stuff that,frustrates me about better coastal in it,and,what frustrates me about this episode,is where were at again in the final,season and were at episode four it,still feels like its just tip toeing,along here and,if i look at this season as a whole,besides episode three one two and four,still feel that soul of work just pick,up a little bit to where we are and im,not someone where comments are gonna be,like oh well watch walking dead or,watch a marvel movie you know i dont,get comments like that im talking about,how i feel im watching it and what this,team is capable of behind this show and,it feels like theyre still stretching,things out you have events that move the,plot forward a little bit but theres,almost too much fan service at points,and i think its cool you know to see,finally how he got his office right and,its like okay everyone at the,courthouse doesnt like him anymore and,then now hes getting all his criminal,clientele cool but then its like the,reveal of whos following kim its just,that its one of mikes people and that,was the cliffhanger in episode two that,seemed more exciting at the time but it,really doesnt amount to anything that,interesting what did really work is a,suspense in it waiting for lalo right,waiting for lao to make his appearance,hes been gone for a while now and i,just hope they dont drag this to the,midpoint of the season that we get lalo,back here sooner rather than later,because we need a little bit of,something to shake things up a bit here,because it goes back to what ive been,saying where this howard story with kim,and jimmy will just keep going and going,and going and that again we already saw,jimmy for a whole season screwing with,howard where now its kim and jimmy,doing it and that,its just so many little scheming things,we see jimmy do like in the beginning,this episode with the fake tan and the,howard moment but he gets away right and,still howard hasnt caught on to it and,thats just gonna keep going and its,like it feels so redundant seeing scenes,like that with jimmy planting something,against howard so thats where i feel,like the boredom sets in uh and where,the disappointment lies but again,disappointment america saul is still,really good because the show is really,good im impressed with racy horns,directing i really like theres this,underlying suspense in this episode,about whats happening with lalo but,also the best moment i think weve been,waiting seasons for which does pay off,was kim meeting mike that was huge,because youre like you know these two,our main characters in the same show,havent met each other yet so,that was surreal to finally see but then,if you look at the other way now that,nachos dead,you see the show and i also wonder,is there enough connective tissue,between sauls storyline and the cartel,and gus and mike i dont know i didnt,think i dont know if im that satisfied,well see by the end of the show but i,think thats one of my complaints about,saul and why i still put it under,breaking bad i think people are crazy,that say this is better than breaking,bad i think thats just recency bias but,so be it you know i i just think that,this episode moves things up a little,bit gives you moments you remember but,its also one of those ones where if,someone missed it i would say watch,three scenes you know,kim meeting,mike and,saul getting his office and then kim,kind of just catching on now that lalas,alive and that shes further into this,than she thought,um and that hes getting his new,clientele but again its this is stuff,thats just,really okay its not super interesting,so thats where i feel like they hold a,lot of weight on things that are kind of,exciting to see but youre like oh my,god and what worries me is that they,released early on that you know jesse,and walter coming back you know i dont,get that either as a business move yes,they want to get the breaking bad fans,in to watch but i just hope thats not,the big thing were left off on on the,midpoint until we take a break i hope,because we already know its coming so i,i just dont know whats next and even,the promo for next week,i mean its interesting but we know lalo,is going to show up at some point we,know that,this whole howard thing still isnt near,its end i i wish it would be but well,probably wont get that resolve to,midpoint at least hopefully um but yeah,im probably gonna get railed for this,because it sounds super negative but i,did enjoy the episode and i think its,just one that is ultimately not one you,remember though it is there to put,little pieces in cool gus connects his,houses and hes super paranoid about,lalo great but again at the end of the,day not much happened here and,i think when were in the final season,im still just feeling like this happens,with every season of saul or the first,couple episodes im like ah come on you,know and im a patient person i can pay,attention,again but,theres got to be a point where it cant,just be so many fanboys in this breaking,bad barricosaur universe that like,everything is perfect nothing is wrong,with it and its amazing and they they,kind of over exaggerate little things,like a criminal making a cameo from,breaking bad we havent seen in ages,like okay cool like not all that is that,amazing so i think kind of sometimes it,gets in its own but a bit this show and,maybe too much but overall im gonna,give this episode an 8.3,enjoyed it it was just solid but nothing,too memorable here but again theres,that good feeling of suspense going on,and always great acting and im excited,to see horn possibly do another episode,and direct one so let me know your,thoughts id love to hear them i read,every comment i try to respond as many,as i can please make sure to subscribe,so it was one of my reviews of saul i,just did a review of ozark so make sure,you check that out as well and please,follow me at steverlyshow on twitter,instagram and tick tock for more of me,and ill see you next time

BETTER CALL SAUL SEASON 6 Episode 4 – Breakdown, Spoiler Review & Episode 5 Preview

who moves cones welcome to this video on,his christian from being premiere and,the fourth episode of vertical soul,season six is here title hit and run,directed by ria who placed him in the,show she did a phenomenal job in this,episode throughout it we see kim being,followed gus and mike are in high alert,the continuation of jimmys flan and,more were breaking down episode 4. so,episode begins when another code open a,bicycle showing two people and the way,theyre going blue and green the flower,in the previous episode was blue as well,the song of this episode is the best,things in life but the dreamliners now,we arrived to a red house we continued,with these two bikers they arrived to a,house that had been watched these two,people being secured and also there was,a man sitting at the table,we continue with howard in the car and,as we know jimmy is able to open it he,even locks it isnt that moment where,jimmy start his plan well howard talks,with a psychologist wanting to be a,better man this part is the life of,howard and the different things that are,happening in his life okay so this is,the first part of the episode jimmys,dressed as howard had looked alike and,this was,this was super funny hilarious and i,just love this frame of howard talking,about his life and to the psychologist,and jimmy outside in a way ruining his,life where the beginning of this timmy,then takes the car and go to the motel,as a way to confirm that hes using the,white powder and as well as well as hes,having wendy and we get to see why in a,moment this is the beginning of the,episode was absolutely hilarious kim,goes to lunch and just about the,conversations shes gonna have with,clifford and the plan that is happening,also wendy is back you know she was an,associate of jesse in breaking bad as,well and she also wanted that root beer,that we can see here something that this,is as well is from breaking bad but the,plan is that jimmy drives so clifford,sees that wendy was in the car now this,conversation of kim and clifford is to,make it seem that something reporting is,happening that but shes recording all,of this during this clifford cetus,thinking is howard so this is the,beginning of that plan kim clarifies,that it maybe was him when jimmy takes,the car again the cone has been moved,and someone parked where he did the,episode again was absolutely hilarious,and this moment was one of those but the,plan goes bad in a way jimmy decides to,park it somewhere else but hey is,paiges only sign that he tries to move,only jimmy does this kind of things and,i just love this episode without seeing,him howard then ignored this as nothing,happens so this was the beginning of the,episode as well as the sign dropping,which was absolutely funny now in the,motel kim pays wendy and this is where,we see the undercover cops close to the,motel thats what wendy thinks but i,have another theory but by when they see,you in breaking bad now the undercover,cop star following kim this is the,tension of the episode shes worried and,the car goes in another direction moving,into kim and jaime having a nice,conversation the moments before,everything go into chaos this season,jimmys still mad about someone moving,the cone and this is just again so funny,between the relationship that kim and,jamie have they move the cone they talk,about clifford taking the bait and,theyre celebrating the win jimmy says,about being in a row but hey jimmy how,long are you gonna feel that youre in,this world they talk about being follow,and what happened with the car i love,the conversation a bit about them being,wicked and jimmy using a pickup line but,i believe this is the beginning of that,wickedness that are gonna be in their,life now jimmy says no one knows what,theyre doing but lets see if is that,true and for how long the next day jimmy,goes and asks for a change of trial and,we can see the change in the office that,they have as we know theres worry that,he scammed the judge and the da office a,conversation that we he has with bill,now jimmy talked with the lawyer who we,know bill he is also from breaking bad,in the stairs they have a discussion,about the events of the,lalo salamanca he tells a bill that to,prove it that hes doing that he says,that theres a difference between,improving and knowing theres proving,and then theres knowing oh snap i,believe this is a warning sign now kim,missy is a car that is following her,from episode two she goes and starts to,write at the license plate but she stops,and goes to them and we can see who are,these mens confirmed by mike himself so,it was nice confirm confirmation of who,they are and what theyre doing and we,can see why as this is gus instructions,as we know mike and gus have a plan,about having this guy guys protecting,those that londo will be able to go now,we continue to jimmy eating his lunch,break while nobody wants to sit with him,this is why he gets approval and respect,from those like stooge that obviously he,since he worked with lalo they want this,lawyer who did this as they are gonna be,okay we can expect why uh the character,of jimmy decides to be a criminal lawyer,something that jesse says in breaking,bad but inside we can see everyone who,has a sense of respect for him and they,want him as his lawyer this is why in,the next episode we can see that jimmy,is going to go ahead and start with the,office something that happened at the,end of the episode,now kim is again doing pro bono sees has,a conversation with mike where mike,talks with kim this was a huge surprise,in this episode as something that i,wanted to see since the beginning uh,better cause we have never seen them are,talking directly now its mike who has,protection of kim and jimmy because as,we know gus has a is really scared about,everyone and is having a plan a secure,plan against lalo in this case he wants,him to be safe we have confirmation,about the house that we saw at the,beginning of the episode,is that of,is out of gus and what hes doing to,protect himself and also during this we,can see how kim was happy he was not the,fbi and she was scared that it was going,to hurt them in a way also this is the,first time that we see gus house and he,has a fortress of solitude to protect,himself now at the end of the episode we,can see how the character of jimmy goes,to the location that is going to become,his office something that we can see in,breaking bad and then i cannot wait for,more of the transformation of the,officer is something that we i believe,were gonna see in the season finale is,just that transformation of the office,that we see in breaking bad gus is,scared and mike asked where its lolo,then doing this and,you know everyone is scared kim in this,episode was scared washington during her,back but we get confirmation that it was,the demands of mike in this episode we,see the character of gods being scared,about lalo and how lalo has a plan so,where is alado thats a big question and,i hopefully we see more of him in the,episodes going forward i will go ahead,and do my episode seven i will go ahead,and do my episode five preview in the,next episode in my next video so stay,tuned for that but what are your,thoughts on this episode absolutely,hilarious and amazing thank you so much,for watching my description from beyond,premiere and ill see in the next one,bye-bye i could put more guys on the,place if thats what youre thinking,open for business,but youre doing the help for little guy,its incredible im just getting started,i just need you to know that i know it,wasnt me cliff sounds like money okay,great,who is this salt goodman,you got it,you

Better Call Saul Season 6 Episode 5 Breakdown | Recap & Review

because,you know,i know,you know whats coming next,hey guys pete here its week two of lalo,haunting everyone whos ever met him in,our main story when you try to pull off,a big plan its important to know your,enemy but what about when your enemy,knows you howard knows whos behind the,latest attempt to destroy his reputation,and gus knows that lalo cant move,forward with his plan until he has the,blessing of the cartel two different,worlds two different chess matches and,since this is a prequel two different,sets of stakes this was not my favorite,episode of better call sauls final,season to sit through but they are,setting up some fascinating maneuvering,on both sides of the story well get,into all of that right after this quick,spoiler warning if you havent watched,better call saul season 6 episode 5 yet,then this video wont be for you and,with that out of the way lets get into,it,before this season started it was hard,to imagine gus losing his cool let alone,breaking under pressure now its hard to,imagine a scenario where he doesnt put,a definitive end to the threat that is,lalo before this season concludes,because he cant be the character we,know from breaking bad and still be this,worried about him in black and blue we,see him trying to distract himself from,the threat by going about his normal,business at his restaurant you see him,check his ankle holster before going out,front and then see that hes completely,distracted while dealing with a customer,this has all been building up since he,knocked over the glass a few episodes,ago and when he goes outside and looks,into the distance here you can see that,hes starting to crack later mike is,snuck into his house to tell him that,theres still no news and that its,become a waiting game this not knowing,is what is really getting to gus his,lack of control over the situation him,using his time to clean the grout in the,bathroom with a toothbrush is a great,illustration of this they visit the,superlab site where mike reassures him,that no one can get inside gus then goes,and has a look around he finds a marker,on a cord thats laying on the ground,and counts off paces to a spot where he,stashes a gun at first this feels like a,backup plan just in case lalo discovers,the lab but if you think about it this,is probably him taking back some control,he knows that lalo needs to discover,this place as proof to show that hes,acting against the cartel so what if he,just uses that against him and well,come back around to this at the end,after i finish the recap kims attempt,to take back control at three in the,morning is a little less dramatic but,its coming from the same place putting,a chair under the door handle is fairly,useless but you have to think of,something when youre so worried you,cant sleep jimmy is lucky and that he,still believes lalos dead but he still,cant shake off the fear either he gives,kim the perfect opportunity to let him,in on the secret but she decides that,keeping him in the dark is the best,course of action this is interesting,since they could be going through this,together and it does make you wonder,about her motivation is it what mike,said is she worried it will break him,more or is she just concerned with his,being able to play his part in their,continued assault on howard im not sure,if she knows just like im not sure how,she feels about what viola tells her,when they meet up at the el camino she,starts out there with an apology for how,she left schweikart because she imagines,her old assistant had to clean up some,of the mess then we find out that viola,has been moved from the mesa verdi,account to sandpiper when kim casually,mentions shed heard that too we,understand that this isnt a social,visit that she set the meeting to try to,gather some information she does get,some of that she finds out who the judge,on their first mediation session is and,then the conversation turns to how much,viola admires what kims doing sometimes,she questions all of what she does and,thinks its great that kim could walk,away from that to help the little guy,when she says she makes her feel better,about the law kim gives her a,half-hearted smile and takes a sip of,her coffee sort of looking away its all,a good reminder of what theyre risking,in trying to push the settlement ahead,and the disconnect between how people,see kim compared to what shes currently,doing and just how unnecessary taking,down howard seems,we get to see him in his glory when he,picks up the ball that aaron fumbled at,sandpiper and runs with it hes able to,convince his clients the tenants there,who are all getting tired of waiting for,this settlement that its worth it and,this is impressive considering their age,and the fact that they dont have,forever to wait whats funny is that,cliff had noticed some nervous energy as,he was bouncing his leg in his seat,before he stood up and so he takes this,moment to confront him about having a,drug problem it gets better when howard,who cant believe what hes hearing,denies it but cliffs been primed by his,attic sons lying so he doesnt believe,him he tells them theres no harm in,asking for help and by this point howard,has put it all together in typical,howard fashion he stops to thank him for,his concern since he knows he came to,him as a friend and it must have been,hard and then tells him he doesnt have,a drug problem he has a jimmy mcgill,problem he excuses himself to make a,phone call and then delivers one of the,best howard lines ever when he tells his,secretary to cancel his week we catch up,with jimmys continuing transformation,into saul as he fills francesca in on,all the changes that have been going on,since he last saw her yes theres no,more kim and hes standing in the middle,of an office that is just one step up,from a burn out abandoned building but,hes really busy and willing to double,her salary with an additional signing,bonus i love that she drove up listening,to a wilson phillips song that is 15,years old in the shows timeline and,that she negotiated to have a say in the,decorating that point is curious,considering we know what this office,ends up looking like and it makes you,wonder because it always seemed like she,had been worn down by her time with saul,when we first meet her in the main,series her quick negotiating skills here,seem to be consistent with other,instances where we saw her extracting,cash from people so maybe theres more,to francesca than meets the eye later,that night she sends jimmy to a boxing,gym to meet a potential new client named,mr ward it turns out to be howard who,challenges them to a boxing match this,is a meeting that we knew was coming,from the trailers and i honestly never,thought that there would be any actual,boxing but there is and its an awkward,affair which is kind of why i didnt,think it would happen the way its shot,points out the ridiculousness like,theres how it looks in your head when,you hand jimmy a beating and then,theres what it really looks like which,is what we see here and i guess thats,an interesting point to make even if,its not a lot of fun to watch whats,more interesting here is what they say,to each other of course howard was,always going to figure out jimmy was,behind this and he points out that they,didnt even try to cover their tracks,which he thinks means that they were,trying to get caught after its over he,tells him that hes mistaken his,kindness for weakness and that hed like,to think that this would be enough that,this would be the end but he doesnt,believe thats the case when he goes,outside he meets with his private,investigator telling him that he needs,to know everyone that he talks to and,everywhere he goes and when jimmy leaves,we see him follow him this brings up a,lot of questions because we know that,mike has people following jimmy that he,never noticed theres potential here,that mikes guys will notice howards,guys or vice versa and that their two,worlds will come in contact with each,other kims waiting a

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