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  2. Beyond Raw: Lit Pre Workout Supplement Review
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Beyond Raw LIT PRE workout REVIEW

what is going on guys welcome back to,the channel we got yet another,pre-workout review this time is gonna be,beyond raw lit pre-workout,[Music],you can see there this is the icy,fireworks flavor which is like,you know like that green white and blue,popsicle flavor,beyond raw so they have another,pre-workout called lit,af this is lit which is like their entry,level pre-workout,it just kind of its a pre-workout for,you to get you in the brand and then,once youre in the brand you try lit af,and you try all their different,different products ive tried different,products from beyond raw,specifically their creatine hcl tastes,absolutely awful but it gets the job,done,any creatine acl is going to taste so,bad because it has,you know that acidic that acidic,compound to it,so i dont knock them for it because,like i said,any brand is gonna taste like crap im,so excited to try it out,because its its a good pre-workout but,well get into some of the ingredients,so the first,ingredient that im going to be talking,about is caffeine,caffeine content on this pre-workout is,250 milligrams,okay 250 for some people thats on the,lower side for some people thats really,good,for me personally thats really good,just because i dont like pre-workouts,that are way too high in caffeine,because if i take,400 milligrams of pre-workout then i,cant really have any other drinks like,monsters or coffees or anything like,that,because my caffeine would just shoot sky,high 250 is like,the sweet spot for me this is kind of,the reason why i got this pre-workout,instead of like the lit af which was,more recommended to me,sales lady at gnc she was really nice,dont get dont get me wrong but,she wanted me to try and lit af first,because i you know i told her i was,taking total work,i was like nah let me let me get into,lit first and then see,if its not strong enough and ill go to,lit af,but let me tell you lit it gets the job,done man,its its a good pre-workout its more,of a clean energy,its not a jittery feeling so with that,250 milligrams,youre not gonna feel like a crackhead,youre not gonna feel,like really jittery and and uh like you,wanna,you know like i dont know its its a,strange feeling with some of these,pre-workouts that have,way too many stimulants this is,perfectly dosed,in my opinion its got three grams of,l-citrulline,which is pretty good dose there and its,got 3.2 grams of beta-alanine,beta-alanine like i said in my previous,video total war if you havent watched,it make sure to give it a watch,but its got 3.2 as well thats the,ingredient that makes you all itchy and,tingly and things like that so,3.2 pretty good dosage there its got,1.5 grams of creatine monohydrate,is that significant no are you still,going to have to supplement with other,creatine,like if you want to get the creatine,results yes because,you know you need at least five grams a,day 1.5,isnt really is isnt gonna cut it so,its there it doesnt hurt you to have,it,but its insignificant i i go more of,how i feel,all these ingredients can you know they,can have the perfect dosages and things,like that,but if i dont feel good while taking,this pre-workout im not going to,recommend it my main thing is,does that help me perform better and,does it make me feel good while working,out that those are my main things and,im sure some people care about,oh its got a business gotta have that,nah bro if it gets the job done it gets,the job done does it matter if its got,this many ingredients or this other,just if its good or not thats what im,going to be reviewing it also i do want,to get that out there it has 10 calories,for the calorie freaks that count,everything,track every single calorie personally i,dont 10 calories is really,insignificant,like you burn that while going to the,bathroom or something so 10 calories and,nothing,its coming from 3 grams of carb,not from sugars im assuming its from,artificial sweeteners or,something like that but just just keep,it in mind lets get into a taste test,and then were gonna go into an arm,workout so were gonna do bicep and,triceps,test out the pump and see you know how i,feel throughout the workout,it says here mix one scoop and eight,ounces of water this is about eight,ounces of water,so lets put a scoop in here we got some,ice in there as well,its its definitely not so powdy,powdery like total war that makes you,cough,smells pretty good like youre seeing i,can put it right to my nose and im not,gonna cough so,i guess thats good i dont know when,you first mix it in you get this green,color which is kind of cool and then,it turned into more of a bluish,i hope you see that that was pretty cool,so it was more green now its like a,light blue,like i said this is icy fireworks flavor,but lets lets get into the taste,which is important in my opinion for,pre-workouts,that is good bro that is a1,flavor they killed it with this flavor,thats unbiased,af i dont,im not sponsored im not paid to say,any of this the taste is really good,if you like really sweet youre gonna,love this if you dont like really sweet,youre not gonna like it,but for you know i see fireworks they,got it on the dot,it tastes like a popsicle kind of of,course you kind of get like a,pre-workout,aftertaste if that makes sense they all,have it uh,which is like all the all the different,compounds they have in there,for the flavoring they killed it,flavoring and presentation it looks,pretty good,the debate last time was would you,rather have,you know no coloring or would you rather,have coloring,i think id rather have coloring to be,honest it just looks cooler,about to finish this up change my shirt,and get an arm puff so lets get to it,so its been around 10,15 minutes im starting to feel it im,starting to feel the beta alanine so im,a little bit tingly in the ears,i got some tingles going out the arms,but were going to be working out here,in the home gym,just because my gym is closed its,around 6 30 p.m,and its saturday so it closed pretty,early,were gonna were gonna have to make it,work here uh but like i said were gonna,do some biceps some triceps,lets get into it lets get into it its,gonna be a hot one too its around 95,degrees which is,like 30 31 degrees celsius but its,gonna be a good workout man im feeling,good,[Music],im feeling damn good man im feeling,[Music],good,[Music],all right checking in here im like 30,minutes in the workout,no crash whatsoever still got that,little burst of energy,pretty pumped its not a very strong,strong pure workout it just makes you,feel good like you know what im saying,it doesnt make you feel,jittery it doesnt make you feel crazy,just makes you feel good like you want,to work out,i definitely recommend it uh but ill,finish my workout,and check in with you give you guys a,little summary at the end,so lets get some more cut clips,[Music],all right guys i just finished up that,workout it took me,around 54 minutes i still kind of feel,it,i still kind of feel the pre-workout you,know my hearts pumping but,i dont feel jittery i dont feel crazy,i dont feel a crash or anything like,that,if thats if thats something that,youre suffering from other pre-workouts,in my opinion this is not going to make,you feel that way so thats definitely a,plus thats good,i did some research on you know the atp,and other ingredients they have in here,im not a scientist i am not you know,very experienced,in terms of all these weird ingredients,theyre not weird but theyre just,complicated,i mainly go off if youve seen all my,other videos you know i mainly go off of,how it just i feel,and how how it makes me perform it made,me feel good,it made me perform well i you know i got,some gains i was,lifting lifting good weights and then,you know i i was feeling a good pump so,in terms of performance and how it made,me feel,im gonna have to give it a 8.5 out of,10.,you know it can get better but its,definitely not bad at all if youre,looking for a pre-workout that is not,very high in caffeine,but youre still looking to get o

Beyond Raw: Lit Pre Workout Supplement Review

hey whats up everyone welcome to the,Jim round world now if you didnt know,my name is Rob and this is the only spot,on the Internet where you can get fast,and simple submarine reviews Brian cover,what these supplements are supposed to,do for you the ingredients reviews and,the price for you all in typically under,five minutes for you not today Im gonna,be talking about this litte pre-workout,buy beyond raw now for those of you who,watch this review and maybe you feel,like you want to pick up this sub them,and then try it out you know I put a,link down below for you so just make,sure to use that but yeah lets just get,right on into this review,all right so first up you should know,that this supplement is by beyond rot,now beyond bronze parent company is G,and C now GNC is not too bad of a brain,now they are closing a whole bunch of,stores so well see if this brand six,around but either way you can at least,rest assured that the supplements more,likely safe now they brought out this,litt pre-workout and they say its gonna,give you some energy give you some,endurance and basically just help,improve your workout so lets get into,these ingredients and just see whats,actually inside of here alright so first,up you got to give props to beyond bra,and GNC for not hiding everything in a,proprietary blend so good on them for,that now the first ingredient that is in,here is beta alanine this is dose at 3.2,grams now thats a good effective dose,to actually have and if you didnt know,bit alanine is one probably the most,common ingredient thats in pre workouts,basically just because it works it helps,with your fatigue so you dont just gas,out early and leave the chip but thats,beta alanine now next ingredient after,that is micronized creatine dose at 1.5,grams thats a little controversial,theres some science kind of go with 1.5,grams is being effective and also saying,its not effective but I got to say hes,probably right about there as an,effective dose but either way if you,didnt know preteens just gonna help,with your muscle size and your muscle,strength and its going to help do that,by increasing your ATP production in,your body now another ingredient that,kind of works alongside the micronized,creatine in here is L of ATP now this is,also going to help increase your ATP,production and again that just has to do,with your energy so if you have low,production of ATP which usually is a,result after an intense workout a while,youre having an intense workout your,ATP production goes down so thats why,if youre supplementing with something,that can increase that you just have,more energy you can stay in the gym,longer you can do just a little bit more,and thats how they help ya,now next ingredient is caffeine now,obviously you know what caffeine is,gonna do for you you get 250 milligrams,of caffeine in here so thats the,equivalent to about two and a half cups,of coffee so just gauge where youre at,with that now you also have Nero factor,in here now this is gonna help with,brain health its gonna do this because,it is actually the fruit the rinds of,coffee beans now they basically just,found out that if youre able to ingest,this and they can actually,help with your brain health cognition,focus things like that so youre,actually paying attention while youre,in the gym now after that you get,l-citrulline you this is dose at three,grains now that is the effective dose so,thats good and l-citrulline its going,to increase those nitric oxide levels,for you its going to help increase,blood flow throughout your body for you,and thats just going to result in,better energy better endurance and some,Gazza last ingredient work similar to,l-citrulline and that is nitro surgeon,this is again just going to increase,blood flow throughout your body and that,does result in better energy 40-some,better endurance as well because you,just have that blood flowing throughout,and also some good pumps as well for you,and that is a supplement those are all,the ingredients that are inside of here,as you can see you know beyond draw do,not hold back they brought out some,effective ingredients which is a good,thing and they also properly dose them,as well which is not a lot of companies,do that now this is this actually shows,with the reviews because this thing,rates 4.5 stars over like 250 people,that have reviewed it people are digging,the taste of this supplement theyre,also saying it is effective theyre,getting some energy from it and theyre,just having better workouts and if,youre getting a pre-workout thats,probably what you want thats the end,result that youre actually looking for,now if you do decide you want to pick up,this supplement it is gonna cost you,about 40 bucks for 30 servings which is,actually pretty good most supplements,that cost around forty to fifty dollars,something like that only give you about,20 servings so its good that you,actually get 30 servings because that,means that your cost per serving is,super low and around somewhere around,the dollar per serving for you so it,kind of makes sense you get effective,ingredients you get properly dosed,ingredients from a decently safe company,and yeah again if you want to pick up,the sub men like I said I have a link,down below for you if this something is,not doing it for you and you got some,other supplement in mind just google,that name of that supplement gym rat,world and this face will more than,likely pop up because Ive reviewed,pretty much every single pre-workout,thats out there oh yeah,theres theres something out there for,you if this ones not doing it for you,but either way you know thanks for,stopping by I appreciate your time I,hope I made this fast and simple for you,and

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Beyond Raw LIT Pre Workout Review – LIT Pre Workout vs LIT AF Pre Workout Rundown

so hey guys welcome back to another,supplement review,if you guys dont know me im david,frederson 51 year old type 1 diabetic,ive been doing this a long time and,supplements are my thing,and im reviewing i got my hands on two,products here,i got lit,beyond raw and lit af these are both,products that gnc puts out puts out and,i have been doing this for a while,and have never been fond of gnc products,so when i got my hands on these,i had to run them i ran them both for,three to four workouts a piece,so im going to give you guys a,supplement breakdown and im going to,give you guys,my experience and my thoughts on both,these products,so lets get into this so first lets,get into beyond raw,lit now this product,is a 30 servings product,so you get 30 workouts out of this,product or 30 days,on it because they do say to take it on,training days,and non-training days and the reason for,that is because of the,beta alanine in it if you guys dont,know beta alanine,is not really a product that,you just take and it gives you instant,results you have to actually build it up,its kind of theres kind of like a,loading phase just like creatine,and the loading that you have to get to,is in between 90 grams to 180 grams just,individual specific but right within,that time frame,and at 3.2 grams you can get there,within about 28 days at 90 grams,if you decide to dose it twice a day or,multiple times a day up to the 6.4 grams,that they recommend you can get there a,lot sooner in about 15 days or so,so keep that in mind so if you are,taking a beta alanine supplement,the longer you take it the more effects,youre going to get off of it,so im going to put the supplement,profile here right to the right were,going to get right into the ingredient,profile because im doing two,supplements,and i want to make this video as short,as possible,with as much information for you guys as,i can,now first we have this is has an energy,and mental,intensity blend and that consists of,beta alanine at 3.2 grams now thats a,good dose,that is the clinical dose for most,products,like i said 3.2 grams to 6.4 per day is,actually for,loading is what you want to go for,and then we have micronized creatine,as creatine monohydrate so i mean,creatine monohydrate,is a great supplement we know its a,loading phase to it,this has only point 1.5 grams to it so,you are pretty much way below any kind,of gains that youre gonna get from it,but you know there are some studies im,giving them the benefit,of the doubt there are some studies that,suggest that when we train,we use up anywhere between one and two,grams of creatine,within our system so putting 1.5 grams,is pretty much possibly replacing,what youve already used through your,workouts so there could,be some benefit to the to that for those,who dont,want to supplement with creatine,separately but once again if you want to,make gains,and you want to have more power more,power output more strength gains in the,long run you do need to add,creatine to this product at least three,grams extra,to get to that three to five gram dose,next ingredient is caffeine caffeine,anhydrous,thats at 250 milligrams not bad give,you a good kick,at 250 there is no slow acting,ingredient in this so its just a,straight,caffeine caffeine anhydrous and thats,going to give you a quick boost its,probably going to last you its probably,going to kick in within about 30 minutes,probably going to last you for about an,hour before you start to taper down,then we have ella eight eleven atp,so this is there are a bunch of,different atp products out there and,theyre supposed to,actually increase the atp in your system,so all the research ive ever done on,atp i dont usually use atp products and,the reason why is because there is no,research,real clinical data done by any,source outside of the companies that,actually produce the product,to give you the information but most,information that you find,on atp supplements you will get,lengthier more energy in a lengthier,and a longer workout of high intensity,so even in,their own research from the companies,there was no initial strength gains or,power output it was more,longer workout efficiency as far as you,can go longer,through sets kind of like a beta alanine,type,setup to where you can actually push,through more reps but,with this you get more energy through,the workout atp,taking oral taken orally,does not get into the cells,of your body as atp because most of it,is broken down into,uh adenosine which is the first molecule,of adenosine,triphosphate of the atp so,when atp is living outside of the cell,its,broken down usually but there are some,benefits to,adenosine in your blood to where it does,actually give you vasodilation it does,give you blood flow,of course more oxygen more energy,so you will benefit a little bit from,that depending on the product,so like i said this is l of atp and,through studies,its been shown to increase atp levels,in the body by 40,within 60 minutes so theyve taken blood,tests on individuals and at 30,30 minutes and then 60 minutes and 120,minutes and at 60 minutes,theyve theyve actually clocked it at,forty percent,higher after a dose of 150 milligrams,which is what this has in it,the next ingredient is neurofactor now,this is a neurotrophic,and its a very good neurotropic and all,the studies done,on this are at 100 milligrams and its,been shown to actually increase,your mental capacity by 140 percent,so its actually a very good nootropic,pretty much and then we got a pump,and no support complex here,this has l citrulline in it at three,grams,and nitrogen at 1.5 grams now,l-citrulline,is effective at dosages from three grams,to,five or six grams so of course the,higher you go up,the more arginine no,synthesis that you actually create and,the more vasodilation you can get the,more of a pump,so this is on a bare minimum right there,but coupled with nitrogen which is an,arginine supplement which has the same,effects theyre just two different,arginine pathways to the no process,and its a very effective product so but,very simple so its a very simple pump,product,and um what i noticed on this product,before i get into the next one,i actually like this this is actually a,beginner,product to an intermediate product i got,a very good mental focus which is what,were looking for in pre-workouts,at 250 milligrams it was a subtle,but nice smooth caffeine,energy kick so you know decent,got the tingles from the beta alanine of,course at 3.2 grams,and the pump the pump was decent it was,a dry pump so theres no cell,volume lets say volumization products,or ingredients in here like taurine,or betaine anhydrous,or glycerol so youre not going to get,that swelling effect but,what i mean by dry gains is you felt the,pump but you didnt feel this,i didnt feel a swelling type pump in it,this would be an excellent product,for someone who is just starting out or,anybody out there that is just looking,for,just a little extra theres a lot of,guys that i know that just drink,caffeine before workout they dont even,use pre-workouts im using pump products,and this would be a decent mild product,to start out with,and use and then 30 servings price wise,this is,ranging anywhere between 30 and 34. from,amazon,to gnc and gnc sometimes has discounts,so like i said decent but it is not,going to give you massive focus it is,not going to give you,massive energy and its not going to,give you,a massive cell swelling pump,kind of hard to say so keep that in mind,so if you,are someone whos just starting out i,want something mild decent product this,was the jolly rancher,im not much into flavors but it tastes,just like jolly rancher i got no,complaints on that,if you see the stuff that i put together,i dry scooped,it beteen anhydrous and beta alanine so,im not probably the best person to go,on flavors,but it was decent a little too sweet for,me but,if i can remember back when i had a,jolly rancher it sure tastes like it,so now next one is,lit af theyre advanced f

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Beyond Raw: Jolly Rancher Lit Pre Workout Supplement Review

yo what is going on guys michael here,from mp fitness thank you for checking,out the newest,video to the channel if you havent done,so please hit the subscribe button hit,that bell that will get notified,every time we drop a new video we are,dropping two to three videos a week so,appreciate,all the support as we climb towards that,100 000 subscribe marker,so to help this specific video grow hit,that share button,right now go ahead hit it while im,talking about it right now share with,your friends if you think they would,like this content i appreciate the,support you guys,so for todays video we are doing a,supplement review,thats been recommended by a lot of,people theyve been calling for it so,here it is so today we are looking at,beyondlits,jolly rancher pre-workout,so this right here,you know i was very i wasnt sure if i,was gonna do this one or not just,because im not,the biggest fan of of beyond lit,i dont you know its i dont know,the flavor is whats really intriguing,me uh,jolly rancher we got green apple flavor,uh this is gonna be pretty sick im,pretty pretty pumped to try this guy out,so first things first lets talk about,the nutrition facts gonna put those guys,right up here so as you see we got 250,milligrams of caffeine which is,its decent right its not a crazy high,stem which means,you could probably take it almost every,day if you feel like its a good,everyday pre-workout from a caffeine,standpoint now the red flags gonna,start coming out so,citrulline we got three grams which is,its not a lot not a lot i really really,look for,four plus really five to eight grams of,citrulline to really get,that pump benefit we got 3.2 grams of,beta-alanine which is totally fine,with that ill take that all day long,100 milligrams of the neurofactor so we,should get that,light bulb of a feeling so im really,excited to see how,that works but other than that its,its okay so to give this guy a rating,were gonna go,six out of ten all right its not the,best its not the worst,its a its very basic so yeah its a,good everyday pre-workout,so now this is it the taste test you,guys so lets crack open this guy right,here,and im honestly lucky they have like,you could just buy like the cans,right so instead of having to drop you,know 30 40 bucks on,a pre-workout that you may not like you,just buy one see if you like it,and then go from there so we got green,apple jolly rancher flavor,very specific green apple jolly rancher,flavor,wow it smells incredible,[Music],all right guys thats a 10 out of 10.,literally its like,having a jolly rancher in your mouth oh,my god,thats crazy jesus all right,10 out of 10 flavor for this thats,thats spot on,spot on all right,so im gonna take you guys through my,pool workout for the day today,im gonna break down the intro workout,feeling let you guys know when im,feeling during that workout and then,take you guys,at the end give you guys my final rating,let you guys know exactly,what i think who should buy if its,worth it or not so i appreciate all the,support if youre in the raleigh north,carolina area before we get into this,workout,looking for a trainer looking for,somebody to help you get in shape for,2021,cant believe its already mid-may its,beach season summer its getting the,best shape of our lives mentally,and physically so ill put all my social,media links down in the description,reach out to me on that ill be more,than happy to get back to you guys and,help you guys out so i appreciate all,the support,lets go have some fun,[Music],cash ive been living fast still far,from average real talk all this [ __ ] is,right outside what i get magic,young black and raspy catch me with the,lady young [ __ ] make the slap that make,her body do,magic wont stop to my bank account,magnets,looking like im still running paper,routes backwards money bags no advance,snap back like a rubber band,pretty thing but the suntan make it,bounce back when you do the dance call,my song we supposed to pick,see your thanks to a different lands,living fast only one chance never plans,how we do the plans,right,[Music],attention on the rig you make it really,hard i just want to be friends treat the,night like a vineyard for whats coming,next hard to see the end,yeah i tread water in the deep end ill,die younger like penny days on my,defense,in real life,[Music],used to see this in my sleep when i had,shipping my thoughts in the car i really,was lost,yo all right guys just finished the back,part of todays workout give you guys,that intro workout rating so,right off the bat you get that beta,alanine flush itchy filling which is,kind of like that i like that feeling it,makes me know the pre-workout is kicking,in,um the caffeine on it its all right,that neuro factor,aspect to it a little bit of a letdown,which im assuming its under dosed,uh to give this guy the rating were,gonna go 7.5 out of ten,um seven out of ten lets just say seven,out of ten,uh wasnt the worst wasnt the best uh,its a good everyday pre,so all right lets get into the rest of,this workout we got some mirror delts a,little bit of biceps,tell you guys my final rating on it let,me let you guys know,uh yeah what i think of it so before we,get going hit that subscribe button hit,that bell get notified help me out help,me grow this channel i appreciate,all the support lets go get it,now im public with the soundscapes,[ __ ] floss im really pulling strings,for the pound cake,i see you went for a puppet in the clown,face for a little wage that [ __ ] the,talk of the town is late,still me i never switched sides came a,long way with the gas tank running on,fumes wonder why you fall on the envy,when they saw love when i fought through,with the young bulls getting [ __ ] a,kidney but you aint mob you were up,must be lost in the sauce and head for,the earth and the jump start,wanted this mom pack the lunch box with,the cool leg jammers,and im still throwing tantrums im set,to roam around the plane yo all right,guys just finished with two days workout,skip biceps,elbow feeling a little weird so just,decided to you know,call it early i dont want to push it,but yeah rear delts awesome,love doing rodel flies gets crazy pump,in those,upper back muscles love it so im going,to give you guys my final rating for,this lit pre-workout right here like i,said its,nothing insane its a good everyday pre,i would say thats probably,the perfect pre-workout for a beginner,or somebody thats,new to taking any kind of supplements,honestly this is perfect for you guys if,youre an advanced lifter or,somebody thats taking a lot of crazy,stim pres probably want to avoid this,one its not going to do much for you,but other than that solid taste tasted,crazy good,uh underdosed with some of the,ingredients other than that,yeah pretty good so good job you guys,alright so i appreciate you guys,watching,hit that subscribe button hit that bell,get notified i appreciate all the,support,and ill catch you guys next time

BEYOND RAW LIT – PRE WORKOUT !#christianyoutuber

[Music],yogic,hey yall its your garnett it all,and today um im really going to be just,giving my little experience because,yall,this never happened to me so,im going to put a little clip right,here do not [ __ ] take this [ __ ],oh my god so i thought i would update,you because i just finished my workout,2 hours and 1 000 calories later i just,finished my workout,the plan was to go into the gym hit a,back workout and leave but i ended up,doing black,glutes core cardio jump rope and then a,leg burnout,it wasnt even the leg day and i did a,leg burnout and its all because of this,[ __ ] pre-workout ive never taken a,full scoop of this today with my first,day taking a full scoop i usually do,half a scoop because of the tangles that,it gives you,and oh my god i literally could i could,continue to work out right now,like i could literally go back into the,gym and hit a full workout i have,so much energy if you dont like tingles,this is not the,because this video oh my my cameras,going dead,but everybody was coming out how good,this pre-workout pre-workout was and all,of that it was on tick-tock,um its called beyond raw,lit,[Music],okay and i got the jolly rancher kind,and um i didnt,i didnt really have time and it has 250,milligrams of caffeine yall,im just now looking at that um,i didnt really you know read,how much im supposed to take because uh,i know if its like your first time,taking a pre-workout,you know im supposed to take a half but,i think i took like a full cup,and um okay yeah,im gonna post the back of it too so,yall can see what im reading,so anyway i go on a gmc because you,can get this you can get this from uh,gnc or whatever gnc you can get this,from gmc or you can order it off of,amazon,you can order alpha amazon and um,i took a half uh uh,i took a half of this i think i took a,full cup im not sure i took a half last,time i took out the good hat,and when i see like im driving to the,gym,things going good i started feeling you,know the little pump you know,going a little pump pump pump because,im vibing with the music so im like,hey,this its legit you know so then,i pull up i pull up in a drive-through,getting my stuff together then my hands,started itching real bad like,yall i got pre-workout in the house and,i got like the herbalife kind,when i say my hands were like itching,then muzzled itching i thought about,getting some money so im like,my daddy already gave me some money so,like am i about to get some more money,like my hands start itching real bad,then after my hands start itching i,start feeling like this tingle sensation,in my feet so,i just automatically thought uh oh,thats probably just like a little,kick or whatever that im getting from,the pre-workout,tell me why i go in the gym i go in the,gym,everything going good you know then i go,in a restroom,because i normally like when im done,like with everything or,i go in a restroom to get ready like put,my stuff on like you know,so i mean im in a restroom because i go,to the gym at la fitness so,im in the restroom right im like my,hands just started itching real bad and,they started turning like red because i,was scratching them,and when i say my whole body just,started burning like,it wasnt like itching like oh i gotta,itch like a mosquito bite,like oh like itching like tingle,sensation like it never happened before,so im just like i just started freaking,out and my ears like my ears never,itch so my ears started itching im like,oh my god like whats going on like my,whole body just started itching,like the tingle sensation like because,it never happened to me before like when,normally when i take stuff,it dont be like that but,im just now looking at this how much,caffeine is in here,and im like whoa and then i heard,somebody saying uh,how you say nuclear factor,thats kind of like a coffee thats like,100 milligrams,yeah and they said they put something in,here,something else in here too im have to,read look at the video again,but yall when i say my body just,started like,i thought i was having a really lucky,reaction i got i got like tons of energy,from this yall like im sorry if im,like talking past and you know,stuttering im sorry like that that,normally happens in most of my videos,but anyway,i like i just started freaking out yall,like,i was like okay so then i walk out the,restroom,im like okay lets see well work out,cuz i was gonna do,dead lifts today because i bought me a,little uh back or weight,a weight a weighted belt or whatever,from my back so i wont hurt my back,so i bought that and i bought some,gloves so im looking and it was already,full because people,started already lifting weights so im,looking im like okay what else can i do,so then i go over to this roll machine,like you know when you roll the boat you,wanna canoe you like,roll roll roll your boat like that so um,yeah and when i i sit down,my hands everything just started itching,like my whole body just started getting,this tingle sensation my ears started,like,they were like tingling because like i,want to say itching but they were like,tingling because i never,like you know had that feeling so i,automatically call my mom i call my mom,for everything yall like my mom she,she understands so im like oh my god,let me call my mom so im like,mama and she was like what whats up and,i was like i think im having allergies,she was like to what she started,freaking out stuff like,this pre-workout she was like nana you,know youre sensitive you know you cant,be taking all of that,so i got home yall im i,like i couldnt even drive straight,thats how bad my body was tingling it,was just so inching like it was itching,to the max,and um i got home i immediately took off,my shoes,i took off everything and i hereby got,in a tub and i just soaked my body in,some warm water,because yeah and then as soon as i like,i started taking off all my clothes my,face started it like everything was just,like tingling,so i looked it up i was watching a video,while i was in a,tub it was saying that it gets the blood,flowing,so it gets the blood flowing before you,work out,and i was like oh i didnt know that i,thought it was like,you know making muscles all big and,what not looking like a man and stuff oh,hold on flex,but anyway like uh you know i thought,that,like yall ima start especially when it,come out to working out if you did not,read this like i did,please read it okay do your research,because,people are just saying bro i worked out,good i burned so many calories blah blah,blah they were like hyping this up on,tick tock so im like let me try let me,try out for the one time you know i mean,because i had to bang,and i was acting like like i just had,the jitters a little a little bit but,the bang theres some good stuff i like,that bang but anyway,yall make sure you read this okay,read this if,you dont normally take pre-workout,please,read this because im telling you when,you take some of this lit,raw uh whats this beyond raw lit you,you really gonna be lit because im a,little lit right now and im thinking,about going to the gym,but im trying to wait and see like in,my is my tingling sensation going,because like,yall my body was like itching like i,just started itching scratching,thinking im about to like i thought i,was about to swell up i thought im,about to get,pox like i started freaking out thats,why i caught my mom its like no lie,yall,im not lying to yall like i already,opened it,just to let yall know and its yall it,really tastes like yall like this,this most people workouts dont taste,like them because theyll be so nasty,but i guess because they got caffeine in,it,and it is jolly rancher dish through a,good bread like,i aint gonna even lie to you i aint,gonna even stunt they had cotton candy i,wont get the cotton candy at first but,i like now im gonna get the jolly,rancher because the girl was saying like,the,jolly rancher was good and im like yeah,im gonna try the dollar intro,im opening up at gnc im like yeah im,gonna take this


[Music],foreign,[Music],welcome back to my channel if you are,new to this,channel hi my name is adriana and i hope,you stick around for the long run,um im actually pretty excited and i,want to like get things moving so im,not going to take too long on this intro,but as you can see by the title of this,video im gonna go ahead and be trying,something complete,was my head cut off the whole time im,so sorry,so im gonna be trying something,completely new,im gonna be starting a new journey and,that is me,working out and being healthy and being,happy and just,you know taking care of myself as much,as possible so,i think one of the things that could,really help me start,that journey is you know just kind of,like working out here and there and of,course im going to be working out from,home,so obviously i wanted to like,start here,at my house because i would feel more,comfortable anyways thats besides the,point im going to get straight to the,point of this video because i can,literally talk forever basically im,going to be trying this,beyond raw lit pre-workout,mind you i have never had pre-workout,ever in my life um i do not like,red bulls or monsters or anything like,any energy drinks i dont like them,because i know its clinically proven,that theyre not good for you,so for me to take this it just tells me,that i am serious about this and that,im ready to,you know start this and im excited to,share with you guys because,im you know ready for this,i have opened this already because i did,try,to record this vlog about two days ago,and i just didnt like how it looked i,really wasnt feeling myself and so,whenever i was recording that video i,was like super nervous and super scared,to the reaction that i was gonna have,because like i said i dont like energy,drinks so i,not sure how my body would react to,something that would,you know give me energy in that video i,only did take,half a scoop and it didnt do anything,for me,at all like it only helped out for like,the first,30 minutes but it wasnt like intense,and,i was feeling super super itchy in my,hands so i know that it was there,and it tried to do something but i just,dont feel like it did enough,for me to really get that experience to,see how it really is,so today im gonna be taking a full,scoop of this pre-workout,and im not too educated on how,pre-workouts work other than,knowing the super basics of it helping,you,be energized and focused on working out,so yeah this has 250 milligrams of,caffeine it has three grams of,l-citrulline i dont know if i said that,right i probably didnt and then 3.2,grams of beta-alaline,im not really good at pronouncing words,like,this but um yeah thats pretty much it,and its strawberry lemonade flavor,it tastes really really really good so,thats a plus,but um yeah enough of me rambling i need,to take this pre-workout because,um i actually need to stretch,and im going to do that for like about,15 minutes,so it looks like this i dont think you,can see it but yeah thats how it looks,and this is a scoop,so im gonna just take a full,scoop of this i dont think im gonna,take it all at once because,last time i had like this gritty,um well actually you know what lets,just do all of it,lets just do all of it so yeah this is,the full scoop,but yeah thats a full scoop and im,gonna chug it down with some gatorade,here goes nothing oh my god im kind of,nervous to be quite honest,oh my god the only reason why i did that,was because it is like super sour so,it was intense but it wasnt that bad,and i have a little bit,left right there so im gonna take it,i did it i did it i did it,and so were gonna get this workout in,what im gonna do basically,im not gonna be recording myself like,working out because i still need to,learn,how to work out so im not about to,embarrass myself like that,so yeah ill just like you know check in,in between the little workout and i plan,on working out for like at least,30 minutes or more because,ive heard people say that they worked,out for like two hours which is crazy,um but yeah so ill just check in here,and there,and ill let you know how i feel but,right now im gonna go ahead and stretch,and then ill be back i just got done,stretching and doing all that good stuff,preparing my body,for this intense workout now im joking,um and im actually i think im starting,to feel the pre-workout hit a little bit,because im starting to feel itchy right,here and then i felt an itch on my ear,which was,kind of weird and i already looked for a,video on,youtube so its going to be this one 30,minute full body,burn hit workout no equipment at home by,mad fit im going to go ahead and get,started and,kind of check and we would kind of check,in with you guys,uh periodically to see how im doing and,if i feel more intense or,throughout the workout or if i dont,feel anything at all because,honestly like the itch started and then,i it just went away,like right now i dont feel anything um,but,yeah im gonna go ahead and get started,and ill see you guys,in a second bye wish me luck wish,me luck im scared,okay guys so ive been working out for,15 minutes so half of the video,and lets just say i feel super itchy,all right here sorry im like breathing,super hard but,um i have two kids and i havent worked,out,in a very long time um so this is new to,me,but were gonna get through it i just,wanted to let you guys know that,as im working out i feel like,itchy right here and i feel like a lot,more,energized right now im just want to,like run a whole,mile but um obviously im not going to,do that,but yeah i just wanted to like let you,guys know how im feeling,just really itchy other than that,let me get back to working out okay guys,so,i genuinely had to stop because,i got nauseous,like super nauseous like bad nauseous,i was doing push-ups and i know this is,so,ugly but sorry and by the way i had to,put my hair because it was getting super,super hot so,yeah but um i was doing push-ups i felt,like something went,up here and then i was like i got like,super nauseous,let me stop before i really do throw up,but um i have like,probably like five minutes left of the,video so im gonna try to finish it,but honestly like even though im,feeling nauseous and everything,i would have already stopped i swear i,would have already stopped if it wasnt,for the pre-workout like,i was like no like for a moment i felt,like my heart was in my throat,um im not gonna lie like i dont know,if its because of the pre-workout but,like i dont feel as tired,like im hot and im sweaty or whatever,but i dont feel,as hard as i did before whenever i tried,working out at home and i didnt have,pre-workout,and i just worked out by myself i was,like exhausted within like,less than 10 minutes by the way sorry,for the lighting im on my phone,and the sun is going down but let me get,back to the workout,and then i will let you guys know how i,literally have to,throw up oh my god,i hate myself i cant do this,oh my god im about to legit start,crying,the heck oh yeah my eyelashes are,super messed up ew um dont mind them,im so frustrated hold on let me get,myself together,give me a minute im not going to give,up im going to try,to finish this breakout because,im a bad [ __ ] what the [ __ ],let me try to finish it if i dont,finish it then,im gonna come back crying okay so i,finished it,im not proud of myself though i could,do so much better but im not gonna be,hard on myself because,its my first day like um,im still shaking i dont know what to,think but its not the pre-workout it,might be the,pre-workout but maybe,i should have taken like a half a scoop,because,i am feeling it but its just like my,body is like not used to this,hardcore stuff hey guys i ate subway,before i started waking up,and i dont know if its because im,like full and then i took the,pre-workout and started working out,but i dont know like i want to continue,working out like i swear i want to i,want to keep it going,and i might but its just like,i just feel nauseous and then im still


whats going on guys,I have beyond drawers lit coming up next,we got a full review taste test and pros,and cons we about to get lip,[Music],welcome back guys its David with whats,up best online supple reviews today,again Ive got the ondraw lid from GNC,now they did have a prior version in a,yellow packaging that I reclaim did not,taste good so actually Ive never tried,it this would be my first time trying GN,Cs be on Raw live super excited to try,it,Ive read the ingredients it does have a,great lineup first thing were to talk,about is the caffeine 250 milligrams for,me thats right the sweet spot I do like,my caffeine to be right around 200,milligrams but nothing more than the 300,milligram range now they do say a,tobacco label built by science driven,through obsession elevated through,innovation and everything is clinically,dosed Im going to talk about that right,now,first ingredient next to it is bit,alanine 3.2 grams that is going to,combat fatigue when youre working out,all your muscles produce lactic acid,its going to sort your muscles and kind,of fight off that burning feeling,allowing to do a few extra reps maybe,more the Krait same monohydrate 1.5,grams Im definitely paying about,creatine you want to get extra water to,cells a little bit more strength that is,a good ingredient to have in there as,well the new greedy is Ellen LOV ATP now,its doing some research on that it says,its supposed to increase ATP production,allowing you to get even more reps out,of it now with that being said youre,going to build a lot more lactic acid if,this does work,therefore the 3.2 grams of beta-alanine,and next one is the neuro factor which,is the coffee fruit and bean they used,to just put the coffee bean in there now,they include the fruit and what they,said that would do is actually give you,more mental stimulation in the gym and,now for the pump l-citrulline in,nitrogen which is arginine and silicate,bonded together now they are claiming,that there is a 200 to 300 percent,increase vs. and normal arginine,hydrochloride so Im actually going to,test that out Im very excited to find,out if thats the case if this is a,better form of arginine or not now were,going to taste it right now see how it,tastes,gummy worm flavor they do have Ill let,you guys actually look inside they do,actually have a dry stick inside that is,for when they are transporting to lets,say GNC or especially down in the south,of your Florida there is massive amounts,of community down here its a nice,air-conditioned warehouse it gets put in,a 90 degree truck and then it gets put,back into a G and C which is 70 degrees,or so and then you get the heavy build,up from that rapid change of temperature,alright guys see how this tastes,this is the new gummy worm flavor yo,that is so good that is very good well,done,Im definitely a definitely fan of this,flavor I will definitely be getting this,next time all right guys Im going to,finish the rest of this Im going to go,hit the gym and then come up next Im,going to tell you what you expect from,Beyond Rawls lids new pre-workout see,you guys,you,whats up guys its David Im ready to,finish that beyond wrong lit review,lets go over some pros first earlier in,the video I talked about the LAV ATP,being able to produce more ATP in your,cells giving more energy I did notice,when I was finished with the workouts I,did have a shorter recovery time I did,notice I guys next the arginine silicate,they say that it is 200 to 300 percent,more effective than an arginine,hydrochloride I did notice on a few,exercises only I was able to lift a few,more reps but I did get a little bit,more strength out of this workout and,lastly lets talk about the mental focus,which comes from the cup caffeine,Arabica fruit I did not really notice,anything as far as mental stimulation so,theres nothing really to report there,the price per scoop guys 39.99 on the,GMC website at the time of making this,video and I believe Amazon has it at,$39.99 as well 30 scoops such a dollar,33 a scoop that is over a dollar but,considering what the spear about is all,the ingredients in here its a great,view workout its definitely worth a,dollar 33 of scoop overall rating of the,pre-workout I loved it guys including,the tapes the gummy worm flavor taste is,awesome its definitely an intermediate,pre-workout if youre thinking about,trying to workout youve never tried one,before I would hold off and to get more,experience with it because it does have,a lot of extra ingredients that a normal,pre-workout does not okay guys thank you,so much for watching the video and,hanging out with me today,I left a link in the description for,this pre-workout you guys want to check,it out make sure you hit like and,subscribe I do do weekly video,and remember guys I try before you buy,see you next time on the next whats up,review,[Music],you,Oh,[Music]

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