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All-New BFGoodrich Trail Terrain || Initial Review

hey whats going on guys josh from trill,build and we are super honored to bring,to you guys a first look and a first,drive review of bf goodrichs brand new,trail terrain so this would be a tire,for the majority of you that do spend,most of your time driving on the road,but there is the occasional off-road,adventure whether it be a gravel road or,a two-track dirt trail logging trail,maybe something like that but you dont,plan on spending a whole lot of time off,the road one thing you can notice too,guys right off the bat here is you can,see the traditional ko2 sort of sidewall,design on these side biters here,obviously theyre not going to be as,aggressive as like what the ko2 is but,if you do get into a situation where,youre in some mud or some sand or,something more loose debris on the trail,these sidewalls are also going to help,get you out of those sort of situations,and then another thing i really like,with what they did here is on the,shoulder lugs you can see here that,there is one continuous line of shoulder,lugs here and its not separated in,between the shoulder lugs and why they,did that is for on road quietness this,tire actually rides down the road really,quietly we just got these installed on,my highlander because thats the sort of,perfect in-betweener car where its,all-wheel drive and,wont see a whole bunch of off-road but,still here in wisconsin we get winters,we have two track trails up north and,upper peninsula we have snow we have ice,we have rain we have just a combination,of different things so were going to,put this tire to the test really give,you guys some great real world feedback,off-road and on-road as well in fact,right after we go through some of the,characteristics were going to go ahead,and were going to take this thing for a,drive and show you guys how well it does,out on the road but first of all when,were looking at the tread design on,here what bfg looked at most is,performance on the road so theyre,looking at quietness theyre looking at,traction theyre looking at braking,traction and theyre looking at severe,winter driving conditions the other,thing is too is they have plenty of,tread voids in between all of the tread,lugs the treads on here are designed in,a variable pitch pattern so that way the,treads are continuously contacting the,road giving it that nice smooth quiet,ride to it so with the continuous,shoulder lugs and the way the tread lugs,are positioned on the tread on the,center of the tread uh gives it that,really quiet ride performance and then,with all the siping the different tread,voids on here its going to give that,extra traction in that more severe,weather situation regardless if its,rain or even if youre off-road if,youre in the sand or mud or,dirt gravel whatever it may be the extra,siping and these tread voids in here are,really going to help with that extra,traction bfg i think they really nailed,it out of the park with this trail,terrain youre going to see it compete,against tires like the falcon at3 ws or,the toyo at3s to be really that,crossover type of tire but youre,spending most of your time on the road,and again by no means is it meant to,replace the ko2 as that is still the,pinnacle off-road on-road sort of,balanced tire whereas this is going to,spend most of its time on the road but,if you got kayaks on or you got the boat,on and youre looking to get to some,more remote locations or youre going,camping over landing this is a perfect,tire for those types of situations where,you still want to maintain that perfect,on-road balance of comfort and,performance and yet still get to those,sort of remote locations this is a,perfect tire to do that with and guys,were going to be doing a whole heck of,a lot more testing with this tire,showing you guys on-road and off-road,performance and were gonna start right,now lets go,now these particular ones that i have on,here now are,just passengers so theyre not light,truck or anything like that in fact the,trail terrains are not going to be,coming out in any type of lt rated,uh size anytime in the near future or,maybe at all because thats what the bfg,the ko2 all terrain is going to be for,that more heavier duty market,so,i dont really think were comparing,apples to apples here were more like,apples to oranges these are going to be,a lot quieter theyre more designed for,on-road use than anything else and i can,definitely notice it i mean right off,the bat here just getting up to highway,speeds for the first time with these,trail terrains on here i can definitely,tell theres a major difference between,the kenda cleavers and these bfg trail,terrains its a lot quieter a lot,smoother on the highway the cars,handling really nice im not feeling all,the bumps in the road so im really,thoroughly impressed already now,were going to be doing a few more tests,on these trail terrains i really want to,see how their performance is in the,winter time because they are three peak,mountain snowflake rated for severe,winter driving situations and up here in,wisconsin weve got about six months,worth of cold weather temperatures and,then within that about four to five,months of snow-filled months and i drive,about a half an hour to work its about,25 miles to work the road conditions can,get pretty darn nasty so its really one,of the main reasons im building this,highway lander up a little bit is to be,able to handle the winter months in,wisconsin i think theyre going to do,really well because they have a ton of,siping on them they have,plenty of tread grooves in between all,the treads plenty of tread voids in,between all the treads and i think,theyre going to be able to evacuate the,snow,um handle on the ice really well the,sipes that they have in these trail,terrains are a 3d siping which it just,means that so if you picture yourself,standing in a canyon and on both sides,of you are different layers of rocks,right so its sort of the same thing,thats going on in between the sipes,theyre not just a perpendicular,straight up and down sipe wall they,actually have different layers to help,with when the tread,block flexes,the,the 3d sipes sort of interlock with each,other to help with,not only like water and snow evacuation,out of those sipes but it also helps,with strengthening up that,tread block with the sipe in it so that,they can go deeper with the sipes and,being that they can go deeper with the,sipes pretty much down to the base of,the tread block it allows the tires to,be three peak mountain snowflake rated,throughout the duration or the life of,the tire there are,other tires out there that,claim three peak mountain snowflake,rated or three pms rated but after a few,thousand miles 10 000 miles whatever it,is and depends on how you drive,those sipes,no longer are doing their job,to get that three peak mountain,snowflake rating so you always got to be,careful with that and make sure that it,is a three pms rated tire that the sipes,go down to,basically the base of the tread block to,make sure that 3pms rating stays with,the tire throughout the duration or life,of that tire so thats another really,huge advantage to these trail terrains,because,they do the sites go down to the tread,blocks down to the base of the tread,blocks and these will be 3pms rated,throughout the duration of the tire,which these are warrantied up to 60 000,miles which is really great for a 3pms,rated tire because when,one of the criterias to getting a 3pms,rating is,the,tread compound and the bfg trail,terrains are mixed together with a blend,of silica,and rubber and they are going to be,more slightly on the softer side to help,with the tire from getting too hard or,brittle when it gets really cold out,just having a 60 000 mile warranty on a,3 pms rated tire is really good just,shows the quality of,the tire and the manufacturer making the,tire another thing too is we just turned,on,a little bit more of a bumpy road,theres a lot more,cracks in this road,and ive got the tire pressure set at 32,which is the

BF Goodrich – Trail-Terrain T/A | Tire Review

hi im matt mcmurray from campus,automotive in blacksburg virginia and,today we have the new bf goodrich trail,terrain ta now the bf goodreads trail,terrain ta is the newest tire in,bfgoodrichs lineup this tire replaced,the rugged train which is not really a,good tire at all its positioned between,the advantage ta sport and the ko2 so it,bridges that gap and its made to,compete with the cooper discover at34s,and the falcon wild peak at im not sure,i agree with that but bf goodrich claims,that the trail terrain is designed to,last 4 500 miles longer than the cooper,the trail terrain carries a 60 thousand,mile tread wear warranty its designed,to be on the road most of the time but,has the ability to travel in light,off-road conditions for people with,active lifestyles since itll spend most,of his time on the road its designed to,be quiet and comfortable first some of,the features of the trail terrain,include full depth 3d sipes a continuous,outer tread block for stability a ko2,style sidewall look and a tread compound,that reduces chipping and cutting on,gravel rows and it has a three peak,mountain snowflake rating the best,applications for the bf goodrich trail,terrain ta include a subaru outback ford,ranger jeep grand cherokee and a,chevrolet tahoe if youre new to campus,automotive we do tire comparisons tire,reviews and lots of tire talk so,subscribe and hit the bell to keep up,first thing you notice about this tire,outline white letter,just like the discoverer 4s that cooper,makes which i think is pretty cool not,everything has an outline white ladder,now,for some particular trucks that make us,look a lot better the tread wear on this,tire is 660 which is probably a little,bit higher than what i thought it would,be,heres your d.o.t number that all tires,have unique identifying number the,manufacturer date on this tire was the,30th week of 2021. next thing youll,notice three peak mountain snowflake,mud and snow rated so you see this m s,means mud and snow rated three peak,mountain snowflake so thats good,size,265 70-16 you also see that its made in,the usa,no rim protector on this tire because,its really not designed to be off-road,so the sidewall especially on this upper,sidewall its designed to look exactly,like a ko2 on purpose because they want,it to give it more of a kind of a rugged,look but,for the most part this is not nearly as,functional as the sidewall on the ko2,but it still wool,when its aired down itll still give,you the grip that youre looking for,first thing you notice,they made it to look a lot like the ko2,and theres a reason because the ko2 is,one of the best looking tires thats,available for sale but one of the big,differences is number one its a,completely different tire but number two,this outer rib is a continuous rib,thats how you know its more highway,oriented,than a ko2 or any other kind of tire,so these continuous ribs thats for high,speed stability,and cornering,and wear and life but youll notice that,even though theyre continuous ribs,theres tons of siping so when we talk,about siping,we always talk about winter weather and,wet weather and what that siping does,for,traction so they say,biff goodrich says that they use a,compound thats going to resist,cutting and chipping,however im kind of skeptical about that,because,when i start to move these i can take my,pen,and i can move,these tread blocks really easy this is a,really really soft compound now this is,not a lt tire,it is just a passenger rated tire but,man these are they squirm around a lot,so thatll give you good traction in the,snow and in wet weather but as far as,reliability and length,and mileage you know im really not sure,i think maybe this outer rib since its,continuous is supposed to make up the,difference well see youll also see,there are a lot of binding edges,on each of these blocks but these two,blocks are actually connected so as it,wears down theyll just be one,continuous block,you can see the siping full 3d stipend,you can actually,pull it apart and you can see the little,teeth inside,where that siping is,if you pull it apart,and,what those teeth are designed to do is,these inner tread blocks are so soft,what will happen is is that every time,they hit the pavement they squirm around,so when theyre on dry pavement,theyll squirm like this but then,theyll lock together so then theyll,have a harder time,moving laterally,so it gives it some stability from what,they say,these types are full depth too so they,go all the way until the tire is,completely worn out so that full depth,siping is going to give us traction,throughout the whole life of this tire,now in between these tread blocks there,are a few stone injectors thats going,to keep those stones and those gravels,from puncturing the tread,and having a flat tire,we hope,so i mentioned the cooper and that,thats trail terrain ta competed,directly with the cooper 834s so i just,happen to have one here in the shop its,a different size but you can see that,theyre definitely,a different style of tire even though,they designed this trail terrain to,compete directly with it i think this,probably competes more closely with the,ko2 than the trail train does but the,shoppers tend to shop back and forth,between the two tires but the biggest,thing that youll notice about this,cooper thats different,from the trail terrain is the trail,trains got this continuous rib,and see this is an open block design on,this cooper now obviously both of them,have lots of stipend and lots of biking,edges and,features that make them both three peak,snowflake rated but you can sell side by,side that theyre a little bit a little,bit different class of tire the trail,terrain ta comes in sizes from 15 inches,to 22 inches in standard load and xl,load but no lt rated tires ill be,curious to see if they introduce any lt,rated tires they actually might have,another tire coming to fill that void,the size of this tire is 265 7016 and it,retails for,179.99 you can pick these up at,tirebuyer.com tyrac or the amazon,affiliate link in the description below,on scale of try it watch it or trash it,i give it a watch it if youre in the,market for a slightly more aggressive,highway terrain tire the bottom line is,i think this is a decent tire time will,tell,well see how they last so if you have,any questions or like to see me review a,particular tire drop them in the,comments section below and dont forget,to like and subscribe,to see more bf goodrich tight reviews,and comparisons like this one check out,these videos thanks for watching and,have a great day,[Music]

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BFGoodrich Trail Terrain – Studio Review

gday,[Music],[Applause],[Music],today in the warehouse weve got the new,beef Goodrich Trail terrain tire so this,is their tile that sort of sits below,the ko2 in terms of aggressiveness so,theyre targeting this at your cuvs,SUVs so the smaller vehicles and some,Ute usage as well,for those that,are primarily on the road but they might,go off road it very occasionally so they,say theyre good for some soft dirt,usage and you know probably gravel and,that sort of stuff so theyre not your,aggressive hardcore all terrains that,you would you know used to seeing with,the ko2 but they do have some tread,depth and they do have some,aggressiveness and they do have,reasonable protection on the side walls,as well so,um again you know if youve got the,family car and youre commuting in at 99,of the time but you do go off-road or,you know on a trail to a surf spot or,something like that once or twice a year,or you know every few weekends or,whatever this would actually be a really,good choice for you because theyve,actually got a reasonably aggressive,look because we all know that look comes,into it these days,um but some of the tread pattern,features are actually interesting,because theyre its sort of a mixture,of that what we would classify here is a,proper all-terrain tire versus a highway,terrain or highway or way all-terrain,tire,so if we look at the tread face first,the first thing that I noticed was that,we have these really continuous,outer shoulders so there is no real,separate lugs here although they do have,these um what they call full locking,Sipes so the Sipes go all the way to the,to the carcass of the tire and they have,these little extra things in them to,lock them in so,when theyre actually gripping they will,actually lock together,but this full length shoulder block will,actually mean that the road noise is,less likely to actually come out the,side of the tire so that should make,them a nice quiet Tire,um and then if you look closely in the,middle theres these blocks that are,actually relatively locked together so,theyve got sort of a a half depth Sipe,here in the middle or groove or whatever,you want to call this in the middle and,so thatll that means you get better,steering response from from these tires,um otherwise if you look at it theyve,got these Sipes that run across the,center of the tire and so these are,again those full locking Center Sipes or,full locking Sipes these tires are,actually three Peak Mountain snowflake,rated as well so if youre watching this,and youre in a snowy territory or area,that gets more snow than um three Peak,Mountain snowflake means that theyre,more likely to stay conformable in low,temperatures so if youre on snow and,maybe on Ice,theyll perform better than a tire that,isnt three Pig Mountain snowflake rated,so again theyre not a replacement for a,full winter tire or a starter Tire or,whatever but they will give more,protection if you are going from the dry,up into the snow or whatever so if we,look at the side wall then first thing,that Springs out to me is that its,actually still got a real relatively,aggressive upper side wall here so we,have these alternating slightly raised,bits and versus the flat bits and so,they will help you dig out of a little,bit of soft stuff should you get stuck,and there is some protection here in the,supper side wall as well but again when,youve got it on the car at the shopping,mall its going to look particularly,excellent as well so its always a,consideration on the rest of the side,wall these dont come with white riding,and they are symmetric tires so they are,the same both ways and so you can mount,them either direction there is no rim,protector here as well,um so maybe I should talk about the,sizings for these so they at the moment,they come between 47 theyll come in 47,different sizes between 235 75 R15 and,285 45r22 this is a relatively new tire,as we make this video so they may add,more sizes as they go you might even,start to see some of these tires popping,up OEM to on new cars because thats,actually an angle of the market that,theyre looking for with this one if you,think about weight so we use the,26565r17 as our the tile we check weight,for and thats generally that the this,one in the 26565r17 is 16.9 kilos,tread depth youre looking at 9.9 mil so,thats actually a reasonable amount a,tread depth in comparison to some other,ATS you know ATS have a similar,inclination your more aggressive ones,youll start to see sort of 14 15 mil,but thats quite a lot of tread depth,the other thing to know about these as,well is that they do actually carry a,60-year warranty with a 30 30 day,satisfaction guarantee I havent looked,deeply into the warranty and if you care,about warranties you should probably,look deeply into that warranty to make,sure youre actually going to be covered,by it thats sort of a tire review top,tip to make sure that you obey what the,warranty actually wants from you before,you need the warranty rather than after,you need the warranty because,to get these warranties on not,necessarily saying on their size but on,many tires there are aspects of,management or ownership of the of tires,that you actually need to consider,actually before we go one other thing I,noticed about this tire is that the,carcass is actually a relatively stiff,carcass in comparison to some other,tires in this category so we have one of,the top one of the tires behind me,actually has a really flexible carcass,for a similar load tire so its,interesting to see it actually does have,some stiffness to it as well so,um something to consider there,right so thats the new BF Goodrich,Trail terrain,um if youve got any questions if I,forgot to mention anything ask in the,comments below if you want to sling some,mud because I forgot something then,let me know in the comments Im always,up for some rgbaji otherwise,um next video that well release on this,one is actually a comparison between the,trail terrain and the ko2 just to have a,close look at the difference between the,two uh see you there

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BFGoodrich Trail Terrain VS K02 All-Terrain

[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],gday today on Tire review we are going,to compare the new BFG Trail Terrain,which is this one here,and the new FG ko2 its,which is this one here,because I saw on the groups when the,trail terrain first came out people like,oh whats the difference between the,trail terrain and the ko2,and when you look at them there is,actually a fair bit of difference you,can probably see it right there in front,so,really the trout terrain is a,light all-terrain so BFG are really,pitching this as a tire for use on-road,most of the time and then for light,off-road so gravel roads,um bit of Soft Stuff nothing too serious,but think about it its the like the tie,for the family car where you might go,off-road or go camping you know a few,times a year or you know a couple of,weekends a year or whatever whereas the,ko2 is probably what we would almost,call these days a more aggressive,all-terrain so it has these big voids in,the tread doesnt have consistent and,tread blocks going no grooves going,around for wet weather and that sort of,stuff so uh think about this as a,proper four-wheel drive tire for those,who are going off-road with intent,this I believe is a two-ply sidewall,Tire,um whilst this here is a proper,three-ply sidewall Tire in most of the,sizes and even feeling,the difference in size of the side walls,is quite remarkable and this one is,going to be quite a lot heavier than,this one so this one is going to be,quieter because you see this consistent,shoulder block there are no gaps in the,shoulders to let noise out so its going,to be quieter its going to be more,comfortable its probably going to be,more fuel efficient because its lighter,as well which is pretty much the,opposite of this but again its the,trade-off you make for a more aggressive,all-terrain tire and even looking at the,shoulders youll see that the trail,terrain is cool because it does keep,some of this aggressiveness in the,shoulder and weve got some protection,in the upper shoulder which will mean,that its going to look good in the,shopping mall,but its not anywhere near as much as,the amount of protection that the ko2,offers in the upper sidewall in the,shoulder there is a lot of protection,there and there is this alternating uh,shoulder blocks here which means its,going to be more likely to be able to,dig out of the soft stuff which this one,has,actually interestingly,if we look at it,assuming Ive just put it straight onto,the camera you can actually see that the,the profile of this tire is a little bit,more rounded as well,whilst the ko2 is very much a sort of,square a profile and so itll be,interesting to see how this actually,fares for that tire once you get it onto,your cars and Im actually really,interested to see what people say about,the trail terrain because the ko2 has,been around for a few years now and its,got some love and its got some not so,much love,um Trail terrain is really new so if you,get this tire for your car make sure you,reveal it once youve got sort of three,four five thousand Ks on it give us a,review let us know what you think about,it because Im really interested to see,what people say,so again,the ko2 is an aggressive off-road tire,aggressive heading towards being an,aggressive all-terrain the trail terrain,is a light off-road tire so you know the,occasional weekend light stuff I,wouldnt expect a huge amount of action,out of it but it is a BFG so you can,expect some of that the other thing to,note as well is that the ko2 comes with,the lovely white sidewall riding whereas,the trail terrain doesnt have white,sidewall routing Im a fan Im a bit of,a show Pony sometimes so Im a fan of,having the white sidewall riding out um,some sad sex dont like having the white,side while riding out,um you know its all a matter of,personal opinion really so uh oh and the,other thing is that,both of these tires are actually three,Peak Mountain snowflake rated as well so,they will both perform uh so that the,the what that means is that the rubber,will stay conformable below freezing,temperatures and so its interesting,that theyve got you know across these,two tires now and so,the other thing to consider with these,tires as well is the tread depth and so,if we do a quick fingering of the tires,then,youll see that the tread depth in this,which Ive got it written up on the,board right there its about 9.9 mil so,youre looking most of the way up my,fingernail whereas this one here,goes all the way up my fingernail so,its definitely a few more mil of tread,depth here so both of these tires are,going to be really long wearing tires,um,these tires probably will end up on,heavier four-wheel drive rigs so again,thats where if you leave your reviews,itll be really interesting to see how,many Ks youll think youll get out of,this tire and how many Ks you think,youll get out of this tire as well so,again leave those reviews tell me what,you think what did I miss in the,comments what are you excited to see,about these tires um Trail terrain,represents sort of a a nice new addition,to the BFG family so again lets chat

TJ & BFGoodrich Talk Trail-Terrain T/A | Tire Rack

[Music],hi im tj campbell im the tire,information and testing manager at the,tire rack and this is tj talking where,we have the opportunity to talk to,industry experts about tires today were,fortunate to have brandon sturgis from,bf goodrich tires with us brandon thanks,for being here why dont you tell,everybody who you are and what you do,hey tj yeah thanks for having me yeah,im brandon surgis and im the global,product manager for bf goodrich on for,our recreation and off-road tires,excellent so recreation and off-road,thats exactly the category that were,talking about today we have a new on and,off-road all-terrain tire it is called,the trail terrain ta and even though,its an all-terrain tire its important,to point out right from the beginning,this is not a replacement for the,all-terrain tako2 it is a complementary,product it fits right alongside it so,well just start off with that brandon,why dont you tell us a little bit about,the way those two tires fit in the same,lineup,yeah thats a really really good,question um,and its something that was really,important to us to make sure that when,we launched this new product that people,understood the distinction between trail,terrain and ko2 people come to the ko2,when theyre really looking for you know,the toughest all-terrain tire that they,can get when youre looking for traction,and really i would say more significant,off-road type of usage,trail terrain on on the other side,though is really what we consider an,on-road all-terrain its more on-road,focus where where folks are maybe,looking at the ko2 and saying,that thats a bit too much for me i,dont need that much off-road capability,thats really where the trail terrain,really fits for the right for that,consumer,weve had the discussion several times,the just broad all-terrain category is,so all-encompassing if you had to put,you know a percentage of you know,on-road versus off-road would you say,ko2 is 50-50 and trail terrain is 80-20,or what would your you know your numbers,be i guess a good,uh percentage split right would be we,would say its a 50 50 tire right its a,50 off road used 50 percent on road use,and thats how we really designed it you,know in the end i think a lot of,customers still end up using ko2 a good,percentage of the time on road right and,thats why it does give you that,off-road capability when you need to,venture a little bit further off the,beaten path so thats if we had to put a,number on it yeah i guess i would say 50,50 but it it ill give you the,engineering answer to it it depends,then what about trail terrain ta what,what kind of mix would you give that,tire we say that that one is more of a,20 to 25 off-road use and off-road can,mean a lot of things to a lot of,different people right it could just be,oh i need to drive through this grass,parking lot or it could be im going for,a hike and i need to finish you know the,last couple miles on a gravel road or,youre going to a ski resort and you,need to finish the last five miles up,the mountain in the snow you know some,people consider all those activities,kind of off-road and thats really what,we designed trail terrain for is those,kind of off-road activities was chip and,tear resistance a big focus of the,design,oh absolutely we specifically took into,account gravel chip tears what we call,it really internally because we know,that people who will buy trail terrains,are going to take this tire down gravel,roads we actually promote it right we,want to let people know that this tire,is okay for that kind of usage what,other kind of focus is not just off-road,what is the focus of the new tire we put,a heavy focus on our mileage warranty so,the tire has a 60 000 mile warranty we,stand by that we tested and developed,the tire around that warranty we feel uh,that that is first and foremost the,number one priority for the tire line,was meeting that wear warranty,secondly its its around three peak,mountain snowflake and snow performance,so a lot of people buy four wheel drive,pickup trucks or all-wheel drive cuvs,and suvs so that they can get around in,the snow tires that are good in the snow,are really important to a lot of folks,around the us three peak mountain,snowflake was a must-have for this tire,line for us to launch we havent tested,it on the snow yet we drove it on the,ice actually just last week,relative to its competitive set it did a,very good job do you think that well,find the same thing when it comes time,for snow testing i mean weve already,done our own internal uh competitive,testing uh in the snow and im confident,in in the results that youll see im,happy to hear that when you designed,this tire were you thinking pickup,trucks or were you thinking unibody,crossover suv that sort of thing we were,actually thinking both you know back,when we started this project over three,years ago we started to see,this trend the popularity of ko2 on on,those cuvs was just absolutely,astonishing right but you know what we,did is we love to be engaged and wed,love to talk to our consumers and what,they told us is is kind of what i was,was talking talking about earlier when,talking about that distinction between,an on-road all-terrain and off-road,all-terrain in that,ko2 in many cases was a bit too much for,them we took that into account when when,designing trail terrain for those,cuvs and suvs,alongside of pickup trucks its just,amazing the the data thats available,today about about vehicles and what our,research and development team did,with the launch of trail terrain is we,know for each size how many of what type,of vehicle is sold for that particular,size the nitty gritty gritty data,for each and every one of those vehicles,by size and we can really design the,size around the type of vehicle that,takes it oh thats excellent yes yeah,what you have a size what type of,vehicle is this most likely to be,used on and then develop accordingly and,its very detailed right so for a,particular size we know,how many of vehicle type pecs and how,many a vehicle type y and how many a,vehicle type z you know you you cant,design the tire just for one vehicle you,have to design it for all the vehicles,that take that size but typically for,example a 225 65 17 thats going to be,found on a,on a cuv,and so we know,all of the cuvs that take that size and,we can design,that particular size for trail terrain,around the vehicles that use that size,and you know when we collaborated on,this design approach it was uh really,really cool to kind of see it come,together and and be used to to launch,trail terrain,thats all that i have for you so thank,you so much for your time brandon for,coming to talk about trail terrain ta,which is not the replacement for,all-terrain ta ko2 it is a complementary,product they will soldier on together,thank you much appreciate your time and,all of your knowledge thanks tj thanks,for having me,you

Best SUV Tire for Winter? || BFGoodrich Trail Terrain

it is mid-january up here in wisconsin,and it is absolutely freezing out in,fact you guys have probably been seeing,me wear my carhartt hat a lot more,lately in the videos and i do that,because well one i want to stay warm but,two i want to keep myself protected from,the elements and its,not a lot different than running these,bfg trail terrain tires that i have on,my car that are three peak mountain,snowflake rated now ive been running,these on my highlander for about,oh its probably been about four months,now and i think i got right around that,honestly i lost track its probably,right around that 7 500 miles or so on,these tires,and the last couple of months have been,in temperatures,that are averaging in between that 10,and 25 degrees or so and,these tires i mean up here in wisconsin,or any northern climate where it gets,below freezing quite often and,consistently tires go through a lot of,abuse i mean you got to think about it,theyre sitting there,overnight on your vehicle in the,freezing temperature sometimes,well below zero degrees hence the reason,im running a three pmf rated tire three,peak mountain snowflake rated tire like,these bfg trail terrains so even just,like a regular mud and snow rated tire,wont be able to,be as pliable as like the 3pmf rated,compound that are on these bfg trail,terrains and you guys have seen some of,the videos that weve done before on the,bfg trail terrains if not definitely,check them out but one of the things,that we wanted to do,is some real world testing in,snow and ice and weve been able to do,that,here a couple different times just a,little bit ago we had a pretty nasty,snow storm come through and i was really,able to put these bfg trail terrains to,the test and some pretty nasty,weather snow blizzard wind icy slushy it,was a mixture of all kinds of stuff we,had a,basically a snowstorm and then it rained,and then a snowstorm and then it froze,so,theres still some slushy stuff on the,road but it was,ice layer underneath that and,and then snow on top of that so it was,uh definitely like a perfect scenario as,far as testing out these tires and even,through those types of situations these,trail terrains definitely exceeded my,expectations i mean i thought they were,going to be good right because they,should be theyre,a tire thats designed for those types,of situations and severe,driving conditions in the snow or ice,and,or even off road and they still are,designed to have,an ample amount of traction in all of,those different types of situations and,they definitely do theres plenty of,siping throughout the tread,when youre looking at the tire you can,see that all across the tread,you dont even go an inch without there,being more siping going across all of,the different tread blocks plus theres,definitely plenty,of voids in between all of the tread,blocks and speaking of voids in between,the tread blocks one thing i did want to,address to you guys is weve we have,had some inquiries about,um,what well call like the closed off,shoulder logs and i contacted the,engineers at bfg to find out exactly why,those shoulder lugs while theres no,void in between the center treads and,the shoulder lugs and and even with that,closed shoulder lug area with that,lateral void space that,its its its not necessary to prevent,hydroplaning you dont have to have that,void there if the tread pattern tread,design was engineered with enough,void ratio and tread void depth along,with the combination of siping to,evacuate enough of that water that its,not gonna,allow the,water to make the tire hydroplane if,that makes sense now,with that being said guys,if youre going too fast,for any type of,situation where theres a lot of water,on the road or slush or snow,or ice,regardless of whatever tire youre,running,its going to put you in a situation,where that tire may lose contact with,the ground okay so,even though bfg did absolutely take into,consideration,the combination of the sipes the void,ratios the,tread depth the positioning of the tread,blocks the compound that theyre using,to make it 3pmf rated,if youre going too fast in the scenario,and you lose traction,its not going to be the tires fault,its either going to be,maybe negligence of replacing the tires,in a timely fashion maybe theyre just,too worn out or its going to be youre,just driving too fast for conditions,because i i did have that happen with,these um,in that same day where we had that,snowstorm i was driving too fast i was,overconfident which,i mean these tires were really gripping,and grabbing and i was extremely,impressed with how well they were,sticking to the road even with ice on,the road and i just got into a spot,where the road was um,basically had trees on both sides,so the wind wasnt able to push the,the built up snow and the slush and all,the crap that was on the road wasnt,able to just clear the road off in that,particular section and it was just i,dont know it was maybe,two inches of slusher so and well,i did start floating on top of that,slush but i was driving,a little too fast i was driving about 60,miles an hour which i probably should,have been doing about 35 miles an hour,so i do not blame these tires at all,in fact i dont even know if a mud tire,like i dont even know if the km3s on my,scout,would have stuck to the concrete on in,that situation i mean probably i mean,the scouts definitely a lot heavier,than than this vehicle and theres,obviously a lot more space in between,the tread blocks but either way,i was going too fast for those,conditions besides that one little,situation,in every other,circumstance that i put these tires,through that day it was on ice it was,cruising around corners a little too,fast and these things were grabbing they,were sticking to the road they were,doing their jobs theyre evacuating in,the snow theyre,definitely def there was definitely,plenty of adhesion to the road,and uh,and i wanted to give you guys that,feedback for any of you that are,questioning if these tires are really,good,in the winter absolutely yes they are,now keep in mind these are pretty new,yet i mean like i said i dont think i,even have i should have kept track,honestly but,um i probably have,maybe lets just say 7 500 miles or so,on them its probably a little bit less,than that so i do want to you know,continually,keep testing these tires as they wear,down,one of the things bfg does is they,run their sipes they have 3d siping in,them which the 3d sipes mean that there,are different,levels of ridges inside of the sipes,that help with the,structural rigidity of the tread blocks,themselves and also help evacuate water,out of them faster,but with that said,bfgs sipes do go all the way down to,the base layer of the tread itself and,what that does is that allows,that 3pmf rated tire,to be three peak mountain snowflake,rated,all the way to the wear bars which is,right around that,two thirty seconds or so,of an inch before you start to get to,that wear bar so you do get the full,life of the tire as a three peak,mountain snowflake rated tire now there,are other,three pmf rated tires out there,that,dont have sipes that go all the way,through the tread block itself and down,to the base layer so you do end up,losing that 3pm sf rating,actually after,those sipes have worn out whereas on the,bfg trail terrains though theyll remain,that 3pmf rating will remain throughout,the life of the tire which is pretty,cool so they do have the 60 000 mile,tread wear warranty on these which is,phenomenal as well,you can definitely feel confident in the,fact that these tires are going to last,you,you know of course that comes with the,manufacturers suggested not even,suggested with the manufacturers,standards as to maintaining your tires,to make sure that if anything does,happen,to these tires throughout the life of,them or within that 60 000 miles that,you can get them replaced under warranty,so,another thing too guys is these tires,right now these trail terrains are,available in 27 differe

BFGoodrich Trail Terrain Tire Review 

[Music],all right guys we are back today and,this is going to be a video and a quick,review on the all-new bf goodrich trail,terrain tire here,so this kind of slots right under the,ko2 its not as aggressive,but its still all terrain tire as you,can see so,um getting started here this is on my,2022 maverick which i think this,application is going to see a lot of,so this particular size is a 245 70 17,and again free maverick people out there,this is obviously the biggest tire you,can put on this in a stock form without,cutting as you can see right there,theres just an ever so slight gap um,you just have enough just enough room to,kind of full lock it,again when you go maybe on some mud or,some snow its gonna probably slice it,down the side there but you know,whatever it doesnt rub so,but anyways so looking at the tire here,its really nice its got a nice,sidewall,see the sidewall is pretty aggressive,looking again not like the ko2 but,youre not buying this tire to have a,ko2 you want something thats like the,ko2 but not like the ko2 its hard to,explain but you get what im saying,um,the tread design is super nice,you can see,there,driven it in some rain some pretty heavy,rain not a lot of hydroplaning theres a,lot of,bfgs tend to do this is actually pretty,clean,it rides really smooth it improved the,ride quality like almost 100 over the,falcons that were on this so,um,you know probably 500 miles on the tire,so far so,but other than that thats just a quick,little review of the tire,not a lot to go over but just kind of,showing you the tread design the,sidewall,and they do really good in the mud i,actually had these off-road the other,day and,they look they worked great so its what,they were made to do they handled the,rocks,i,dragged these on the side of some rocks,as well and um,they handled it really well especially,with these,thicker trunks on the side but just,looking at it thats again,gives it kind of a beefier look,and for you white letter guys,you can also get your white lettering as,well its not the full white letters but,something i have definitely considered,doing but i figured a black would look,better on this vehicle,so theres that,so guys thats just kind of showing you,the bfg trail terrain,hope you enjoy i hope you found this,helpful but um for the ford maverick i,definitely recommend this tire maybe on,a truck like this,or even your f-150 but um super nice,tire i think its going to be a real,nice one hopefully they keep this out,for a while so,um as usual guys thanks for watching and,well talk to yall on these bf goodrich,trail terrain tires as you can see right,now,theyre a little caked up so you cant,exactly see the pattern but well get to,that in a little bit but uh just kind of,kind of show you how these do,in the muddy dunes,as you can see theres a lot of people,out here today so were gonna go ahead,and try to get a few clips of this right,here how these tires do,and uh were gonna send it a little bit,[Applause],[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],foreign

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