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Is Battlefield 2042 Worth Playing In 2022? (Review)

is Battlefield 2042 finally worth,playing in 2022. now its no secret,Battlefield 2042 has had a very rough,launch in a very rough year Ive been,very critical in my first review and,very critical in my second review which,was about seven months ago so now its,been added to Game Pass as well as all,the other battlefields in our game pass,because of EA play I thought now would,be a good time to go back check it out,and thats what I did Ive played about,10 maybe 15 matches something like that,in the last day so uh heres my thoughts,right lets start off with whats,actually been added to the game since my,last review so weve got a scoreboard,now a scoreboard,whoa thats pretty cool theyve also,added a battle pass I think this is the,first battle pass it might not be the,first battle pass I cant remember and,theyve added a new map yeah thats,about it from what I can tell so lets,talk about the Battle pass first so the,battle pass so far from what Im looking,at is actually quite good you do have to,pay for it if you want some of the,cooler stuff but from what Ive seen out,of the hundred tiers theres still a few,things you you can unlock for free which,are actually pretty cool but all in all,its not amazing its not like the best,battle pass Ive ever seen I dont,really like battle passes myself so you,know Im kind of biased in this case but,its okay its its its its its its,a live service so if they didnt have a,battle pass its not a live service so,they had to add it lets talk about the,new map the new map is actually quite,cool I quite like the new map its a bit,too open still Battlefield 2042 has,these really open maps and theyre still,really annoying to play in my opinion I,dont like how open they are theres,rarely any cover most the time youre,gonna be running for about 10 minutes to,get you one shot by a sniper thats,camping on the same rooftop they were,camping on 10 minutes ago so its its,the way that the game the maps are,designed so I expected this but the new,map itself is actually pretty cool I,quite enjoyed it I did have a good time,now from what I can tell there has been,some uh weapon changes weapon balance,changes I havent looked at the patron,notes I wanted to go in like a new,player thats where Im coming from this,time around I wanted to go in new not,look at any patch notes and the Gunplay,feels a lot better this time around uh,last time I played it seven months ago,there was still some serious hit reg,issues that I noticed that it was really,annoying but that seems to be kind of,gone there were a moment where I was,like hang on wait a minute I hit that,guy why isnt it registering whats,going on but it didnt happen nearly as,often which is a good thing it also,seems like the community is kind of back,now that its on Game Pass Im sure its,going to slow down significantly once,everyone comes back on Game Pass plays,it for a bit and then ditches it but,right now the community is back theres,a lot of players playing which is good I,dont know how many I havent checked,but its I dont think its anywhere,near what Battlefield one Battlefield 5,is right now but all in all the,community is back my biggest issue with,it right now is Battlefield portal that,was the big thing I was super interested,in when Battlefield 2042 got announced,with Battlefield Paul so I went on to,Battlefield portal and theres theres,that there doesnt seem to be any,official service for it so all youve,got is custom servers so when you go,into custom service by the way theres,nothing wrong with custom service I love,custom servers when its done right and,theres actually a variety of custom,servers you can pick from but here its,either hardcore or a bunch of servers,that are designed to boost booster XP,and thats not fun at all I was hoping,to go back you know experience,Battlefield 3 again about company two,but thats just not the case everything,is XP boosts or hardcore 100 blah blah,blah blah I just want a traditional,Battlefield experience on the old maps,with the old weapons thats just not the,case in my original review I did,critique Battlefield 4 quite,significantly because the reality is,Battlefield Paul is just a worse version,of the previous Battlefield games thats,just the reality of it if you want to,play the old Battlefield games guys go,play Battlefield 4 go play Battlefield 3,go pay Bad Company two play the original,versions obviously you cant do that if,youre on a PlayStation but if you want,to do that Id say get an Xbox or PC,because Im pretty sure theyre,backwards compatible now uh on Xbox,anyway with uh FPS boost or something,Im not too sure if that is the case for,FPS boost but you can play them on Xbox,I think I think but I would say get it,on PC PC has always been the place to,play Battlefield in my opinion so yeah,Battlefield portal isnt looking too hot,even after its been added a gameplay,now the base game itself is actually fun,it is fun but its not as fun as,previous battlefields thats the reality,of it there were a few moments where I,was like damn this really does feel like,Battlefield because I spawned into a,chopper we had a really good pilot I was,shooting everyone I dived out I I,started to skydive wow parachute bow,shot shot like four guys I was like wow,yes this is Battlefield and then you,know that was it there werent many,moments after that where I was like this,is Battlefield it just feels wrong to me,I dont know what it is but the movement,still feels really rough it just feels,like whats the word whats the word it,just feels uh tight I guess you could,say it feels tight it doesnt feel very,flexible youre just sprinting or youre,walking and you cant really move you,cant really peek Corners that well,things like that so the movement itself,its okay its okay but once again the,older Battlefield games did this better,Battlefield 5 as much as as much hate as,it got I think right now in its current,state is probably one of the better,Battlefield experience you can have the,movement feels good the Gunplay feels,good the customization options are good,the maps pretty good so you know just go,play Battlefield 5 is on Game Pass uh,customization for 2042 is okay you know,theres actual skins for weapons and you,know you can customize your vehicles and,stuff like that just like old,battlefields and thats pretty good its,there if you want to play Battlefield,2042 the brass there is stuff to unlock,there is stuff to unlock but you know,once again the older Battlefield games,did this better I cant really say any,different uh the massive negative in the,base game anyway is the the lack of,weapon Choice there is not many weapons,still its been a year since it released,and its still very very uh uh lacking,in terms of weapon variety Battlefield 4,has way more weapons of Battlefield 2042,and the weapons feel better in,Battlefield 4 they sound better in,Battlefield 4. you know Im basically,looking Battlefield 4s ass but thats,what Ive got to do here because its,just the truth Ive seen a lot of people,say Battlefield 2042 is in a great state,now its so much better its this is,what Battlefield,um theyre lying to in my opinion and,watch some of the videos I was just like,what are they all about this this is,still a bad game Battlefield 2042 is,still a bad game guys dont be tricked,into thinking any different but yeah,going back to the maps Ive said they,were way too open and that still is the,case I know one of the maps I think its,um the one set in South Korea got a a,redesign but going into it it doesnt,feel redesigned it just looks the exact,same it feels the exact same and so the,redesign really didnt do much for me,but that was pretty much the only map,that got redesigned I think so the rest,of the maps are the exact same I cant,say anything different from my seven,month ago review and my first review I,cant say any different than maps are,still pretty mediocre at best I dont,think I have a single map in here that I,I actually really like like I want to,keep p

Is Battlefield 2042 Worth Playing One Year Later? (2022 Review)

the thing that were really excite,players is the introduction of all this,Cutting Edge technology that were just,infusing into the sandbox I think that,having the comeback of the helicopter on,the battlefield that just introduces a,whole new layer to the sandbox it just,gives players so much more tools that,makes it more Battlefield than its been,in a very long time we really enable our,players to be really really creative,with the tools we give them and thats,what Battlefield is is kind of all about,being in a massive open War setting and,being able to say like hey theres a,problem over there go solve it and the,players actually choose how they want to,solve that problem and through that,process create their own Battlefield,moments,[Music],thank you,[Music],June 9th 2021 dice releases next to the,battlefield 1 trailer one of the best,trailers they have ever made and hyped,for a new Battlefield game is at an,all-time high,[Music],a modern futuristic setting crisp,beautiful visuals new weapons and,customization a variety of new gadgets,and vehicles sandbox elements and one,big Angry tornado a return to form,hearkening to the days of Battlefield 4,the sky was the limit with 2042 and the,future looked bright indeed four months,later and much like the Hindenburg the,sky proved to be too much for,Battlefield 2042 with one of the most,devastating video game crashes and,implosions Ive ever experienced the,following months provided disappointment,after disappointment for the fan base,and the future of the entire series,seemed to be in Jeopardy and now here we,are one year later somehow as the last,few years has made time lose all meaning,and the question remains as 2042,experienced a rebirth has it had a,comeback or improvements to the level of,Battlefield 4 my answer is a resounding,and definitive,no not even close well I think its,improved in many ways its still Falls,flat in many other critically important,ways that at this point we just need to,accept will never be addressed this is,going to be a brutal video but if you,find yourself enjoying it make sure to,like And subscribe for more or if you,dont a dislike and let me know why in,the comments Im always looking to,improve if you cant tell by my channel,content Im a battlefield Fanboy through,and through and these types of videos,bring me no joy outside of the joy,content creation its just really really,sad to see one of my favorite franchises,of all time in the current state that,its in Battlefield 2042 has turned out,to be a huge disappointment not only to,the legacy of the battlefield franchise,but just as a video game and FPS in,general a failure at launch a failure of,a live service model and a failure where,it matters most in our hearts admittedly,my initial Impressions were really not,that bad and I have had some fun and,still have fun in almost every mode over,the past 12 months as theres diamonds,to be found in this rough portal can,produce some genuine fun the shooting,and movement mechanics overall jankiness,and bugs aside are really not that bad,and some of the new mechanics were,pretty novel and cool like the wing suit,or grappling hook at first more,intelligent people than me recognize,though the Deep flaws almost immediately,and I admit I was a bit on the hype,train and although I was disappointed in,many ways I still had some good feelings,about 2042 immediately after launch,however as the weeks and months passed,with no new content being delivered,snail Pace fixes and new bugs being,introduced the lack of many staple,Battlefield features and horrible game,breaking issues such as optimization and,mouse input remaining unfixed those good,feelings faded slowly leaving me a,broken husk of what I once was okay,thats a bit dramatic but seriously the,deep-seated flaws in 2042 just kind of,ground me down over time and now its,really really difficult to return even,with some of the latest improvements the,game is nowhere near the quality we did,and should expect of a studio like dice,which used to be on the bleeding edge of,visual audio and animation design the,dice of Battlefield 3 4 and 1 is,apparently long gone and much like,myself these days a hollow shell of what,it used to be so with that joyful,transition whats happened with 2042,since launch well its at the same time,lots of things and almost nothing at its,core or its still a sad shadow of past,Battlefield experiences and that is,unlikely to ever change but that is not,to downplay some of the hard work of,those few remaining developers still,assigned to the support of 2042. I say,few because Im convinced that a small,Skeleton Crew at dice has been tasked,with the delivery and support of the,guaranteed Four Seasons worth of content,[Music],with the majority of teams being shifted,to the next Battlefield title dice has,denied that this is the case of course,but honestly I dont know what would be,worse if this is truly what the full,development teams at dice can deliver or,if support for 2042 is as thin and,lifeless as Jack Skellington dice has,seemingly all but abandoned 2042 at this,point and is apparently only interested,in delivering the bare minimum to avoid,liability and the complete destruction,of any Goodwill that may be left with,the community of course this hasnt been,explicitly stated but the proof is in,the pudding since launch of one year ago,2042 has had two new maps added I will,repeat that since launch one year ago,2042 has had two new maps in addition to,these two new maps weve seen 10 new,weapons six of which are just ported,over from Portal in broken buggy States,four new vehicles two of which are,essentially the same helicopter two new,Specialists and two new gadgets in,comparison at this point in its,lifecycle Battlefield 4 had received 20,new maps yes 10 times as many as 2042 22,new weapons 9 new vehicles four new game,modes and eight new gadgets now you,might pause here and say but punggols,what about quality versus quantity,surely those two new maps are as good or,better than the 20 Battlefield 4 maps,right well if youve played any of,Battlefield 4s DLCs you know that this,is not the case and in fact its not,even really close it is both less,quantity and substantially less quality,as the seasonal content for 2042 is just,as buggy and unpolished as the rest of,the game exposure is pretty good Ill,give them that Ill touch on it later,but I think that is genuinely a good,Battlefield map but stranded is complete,chaos locking any semblance of flow or,solid design of both conquest and,breakthrough and theres almost no,destruction to speak of at all on the,entire map its just an assortment of,indestructible and endless shipping,container assets strewn about to give,the perception of detail cover and,clutter its definitely not the worst,map in 2042 not by a long shot but,considering its our second one in an,entire year its a travesty every new,weapon introduced in season 2 was bugged,yes every single one its all free Ill,give you that but if this level of live,service is the result of losing premium,then dice please give me back premium I,didnt love how it could split the,player base but its certainly better,than this drip fed underwhelming and,underbaked level of content it would be,one thing if the new content especially,Maps werent especially needed because,of how high quality the bass content was,but we all know thats not the case here,with base Maps as horrendous as 2042s,something drastic needed to be added to,get us away from those empty Barren,Landscapes and while exposure and,Stranded are both better than the base,map certainly I was personally burned,out on both with just a few days of,playing them over and over and over on,season launch dice has actually,acknowledged this and updated three of,the base Maps renewal kaleidoscope and,orbital with additional assets and,detail work which is appreciated but,still disappointing as these Maps need,reworks from the ground up not just a,couple new shipping containers an

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Death of a Game: Battlefield 2042

this video is sponsored by microcenter microcenter  is one of the best places to shop for all of your  ,technology needs desktops laptops computer  components monitors tvs networking equipment  ,you name it youll find the best prices available  whether youre looking online or in the stores  ,for in-store pickup i actually built my first pc  at micro center and owe it a bit of a thanks for  ,helping start this career the houston location  was a bit of a home for me and i actually would  ,create a couple of my other builds at that same  micro center as well micro center even wants to  ,offer new customers a free ssd just see the  link in the description for more information  ,also make sure to check the pin comment and  the description for more information about  ,microcenter thanks for sponsoring this video  microcenter and back to the video detectives  ,battlefield a two-decade-year-old series spanning  dozens of mainline and spin-off titles a pillar in  ,the world of online shooters a favorite of mine  and many others for high-flying one-of-a-kind  ,battlefield moments which are perfect blends  of crazy novel and or exciting and all blended  ,together experiences while we have already covered  a battlefield title on the death of a game series  ,i didnt think we would so soon be returning  and with such a recent title battlefield 2042  ,developed by dice and published by electronic arts  shedding the classic 32 versus 32 gameplay for the  ,hardly touched 64 versus 64-person gameplay in a  attempt to do things bigger than ever before for  ,the franchise launched november 2021 and after  a mere few months the population has dropped  ,almost 97 percent to numbers lower than previous  battlefields even why are things going so badly  ,for the battlefield that was supposed to save the  franchise hows battlefield 2042 in such a short  ,time already badly faltering in this episode of  death of a game we tackle another high-profile  ,multiplayer shooter that failed to meet the  colossal expectations set by an incredible  ,marketing campaign and developer promises put away  the class kits and pick up these new high-tech  ,gadgets and your favorite specialist detectives  and lets gather enough clues and evidence to  ,solve this case stick around for the very end  where we put it all together for the final  ,deduction and at the very end of the video for a  hint on what the next episode is going to be about,the story begins with the developers behind the  franchise for a while now dice a swedish developer  ,subsidiary to electronic arts following the  launch and subsequent aftermath of battlefield v  ,there are plenty of great battlefield youtubers  out there like nick930 and jack frags who have  ,covered this games rocky history with fans  and who knows maybe someday we will as well but  ,battlefield 5 was a bit of a black mark not that  ford didnt do them any favors either but four  ,would eventually be balanced and fixed to a more  respectable state that fans would enjoy and often  ,lawed as one of the best games in the franchise  history unlike battlefield v following the failure  ,of battlefield v to meet ea expectations there  was a desire to right the wrongs and bring back  ,battlefield into the spotlight that desire made  dyson ea reach high for what would be dubbed  ,as battlefield 6 until otherwise noted which  they would tease june 19th 2020 during ea play  ,battlefield 6 was supposed to turn crazy ambitious  ideas into a reality according to ea but they  ,would release very little details concerning how  other than the fact that battlefield 6 would be  ,featured in a modern setting august 17th 2020 more  information concerning dices next big battlefield  ,battlefield 6 would be leaked by a reputable  leaker tom henderson who also managed to leak  ,about call of duty in the past as well as the fact  that battlefield 6 would indeed be in a modern  ,setting according to tom the maps in battlefield  6 would be designed with 128 players in mind  ,which would signify i jumped to 64 vs 64 players  for the first time in the series officially  ,before the commenters get mad at me though  according to tom the core game is still 32 vs 32.  ,ea would also confirm and set the launch for  battlefield 6 for the calendar year of 2021 all  ,of this in mind there wasnt any true gameplay  footage shown yet with nothing to show for and  ,big promises being made fans were waiting to  either be blown away or severely disappointed  ,in a now infamous press release ea would claim  battlefield 6 by february of 2021 was way ahead  ,of schedule and was set to release later  that same year in the winter ea ceo andrew  ,wilson would also state that battlefield 6  would support more players than ever before  ,with no details on how many that actually is  or was meanwhile eacfo blake jorgensen would  ,echo the sentiments claiming that dice was way  ahead of where we were in prior product cycles  ,while battlefield fans had been clamoring for  an update from ea or dice on the development of  ,battlefield 6 ea would eventually provide it  the updates and quotations were more of a we  ,promised more updates coming soon ea wood  announced that dice los angeles criterion  ,and e.a gothenburg were assisting dice on  the project making the battlefield 6 team  ,the biggest battlefield team in development  history now thats an interesting way to spin  ,a project ahead of schedule needing so much help  and development right but besides this and more of  ,the same air quotes we have been given in april of  2021 battlefield 6 was reaching a scary state of  ,almost being vaporware at this point no gameplay  footage and no trailers to speak of the same year  ,the game was set to launch so the biggest  team in battlefield history might be needed,the big reveal for battlefield 6 would finally  come june 9th 2021 now being dubbed battlefield  ,2042. the reveal trailer was an absolute  blockbuster perfectly encapsulating many  ,battlefield moments at an impressive graphical  fidelity with map-wide destruction on full display  ,in every explosion imaginable trailer or not so  far the marketing was really capturing the essence  ,of battlefield to players a bombshell would be  dropped in the midst of all this news though  ,and that was battlefield 2042 would be for  the first time since battlefield bad company  ,lacking in campaign this would make battlefield  2042 a fully priced multiplayer only game but  ,dice would reassure fans that campaigns still  technically existed it would take place in  ,the multiplayer world updated over the course of  seasons and overall allow them to really lean into  ,what were best at so no campaign for battlefield  2042 would certainly be a knock for many fans of  ,the franchise at this point but at least there  will reportedly be a narrative unfolding over  ,time battlefield 2042 features the united states  versus russia in a humanitarian crisis brought  ,by climate change but its not political dice  was yet again asking for faith from the fans  ,as they were treating battlefield 2042 like a  love letter to the long term fans of the series  ,battlefield 2042 would have a gameplay trailer  unveiled alongside the theatrical trailer and  ,the gameplay was impressive to say the least the  trailer seemed to yet again perfectly capture what  ,it meant to play a battlefield game what limited  pre-alpha footage as it was dubbed was showcased  ,was visually seemingly a step above where previous  projects had gone in the trailers were also these  ,catastrophic events seemingly caused by storms  and weather in the game or the map itself and  ,definitely related to the climate migration  creating warfare thing that dice mentioned  ,previously but thematically these dont really  follow in the trailers sure theyre impressive  ,at showcasing the gameplay engine and getting  people excited about the visual impressiveness  ,but fans noticed the incongruence when they  started accusi

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Battlefield 2042 is Good Now

its December 2022 in Battlefield 2042,feels like its having its second launch,the game has gone through a mountain of,changes since release dice knows its,better and they want people to give it,another chance so theyve got 2042 on,Xbox game pass now theres been numerous,free-to-play events the player count has,seen a giant Spike and for the first,time since launch Ive seen a shift in,the general reception of the game heres,some of the comments from yesterdays,video when I played the beta back in,last year I left hating the game with,the general impression of not being like,Battlefield after playing some matches,yesterday and today reaching level 15. I,was left wanting more it does feel like,Battlefield now as a battlefield veteran,I didnt buy this one after seeing the,bad news about it decided to give it a,shot for the first time and oh my God,that felt good coming back to,Battlefield definitely one of those that,started playing when it came out on Game,Pass been having fun definitely a lot,more fun than Cod God I just started,playing it and I havent felt this good,since Battlefield 3. I love it game is,huge fun right now definitely give it a,chance guys yep game is awesome veteran,Battlefield player didnt play bf5 ever,and didnt play Battlefield 2042 until,this weekend gives me Battlefield 4,Vibes now honestly Ive never seen this,many positive comments about 2042 on my,YouTube videos I think theres been a,lot of people really enjoying 2042,especially with the more recent updates,but it hasnt quite hit critical mass,until now people are clearly coming back,to the game or trying it for the first,time and having a good time however its,not to say that everyone has turned that,same Corner some are still waiting on,the next big update before giving it a,go Im excited for the specialist in map,reworks thats when I start playing and,of course there are still those who feel,the EA and dices treatment of the,franchise does not warrant giving the,game a second chance I get that Everyone,likes it now but Im never reinstalling,the game EA and dice have been doing,this since is the launch of Battlefront,they released an unfinished terrible,product and then use S as their testers,to fix the game its kind of pathetic no,one remembers this and Snoop Loop really,isnt wrong here the only problem is if,you actually decided not to play any,dice games based on their launch quality,well you would have missed that on some,fantastic games of the years so it puts,consumers in a bind of wanting good,games but not wanting to support bad,business practices and as someone whos,been playing this franchise since the,very first game and covering it in,detail for the past 10 plus years I have,to say that 2042 has had one of the,poorest launches and its had the,biggest hills to climb to get out of its,problematic state but I do think that,2042 is on its approach to this Summit,stability performance user interface map,overhauls game mode overhauls and more,have turned 2042 from an aimless buggy,title into something with much more,Focus purpose and a massively improved,fun Factor now I do say its on the,approach to the summit because were,still waiting on the last major revision,which is the specialist overhaul and the,last four map reworks one of which were,getting tomorrow with the 3.1 update,bringing us a new version of manifest,plus some new Portal Weapons and other,changes stay tuned tomorrow for that,video now someone whos been playing,since the launch of this game one of the,biggest changes for me was moving away,from the 128 player count modes on,breakthrough and even many of the,conquest playlists have been focusing on,64 players much more as well and in,general the flow has been a lot better,because of it I do still miss some of,that 128 player breakthrough chaos it,really was fantastic for sniping and,people coming in now will never get to,experience that unless dice does a,throwback playlist in one of the seasons,or something like that but ultimately,dice making the tough call and realizing,that making the game work for 128,players was just not going to be,feasible and that shift has been one of,the defining moments for putting the aim,of the game back towards something more,classic now the other major change is,the quality of the new maps not just the,reworks but but the brand new maps have,all been fantastic and feel much more,like they were built with the proper,2042 theme in mind the flow of the maps,are great and they offer a lot of,variety in terms of just new gameplay,opportunities these have really breathed,a lot of fresh life into the game then,the quality of life improvements like,the scoreboard front end UI overhaul,removal of cheesy voice lines the new,vehicle class system overall and a lot,more have really just been nudging the,game into a much better experience for,me personally seeing a shift in general,reception of the game is super,encouraging 2042 is undeniably fun right,now sure you may queue up into one of,the old Maps like hourglass or discarded,and you might be having a lesser,experience but Ive been seeing those,maps less and less and mostly the newer,Maps or reworked maps are popping up in,the queue but the fact that this shift,in player perception is happening even,before the last major revision for the,specialist reward comes is actually a,lot more encouraging that specialist,rework is the last major sticking point,for 2042 and once its changed Im,envisioning a drastic shift in play,Styles and teamwork opportunities and,that revision is happening this season,which will be followed by at least two,more seasons of content of course Im,hoping for more content and support,Beyond season 5 but naturally dice isnt,disclosing their plans beyond what has,already been mentioned so far my hope is,that dice are happy with a lot of the,new player retention and feel that its,worth committing to even more seasons,the sooner they can announce plans for,additional content the better for the,player base and the retention in my,opinion plus I would allow the,battlefield player base to enjoy new,content on the long journey to the next,Battlefield game Ive always been,envious of the regular content,injections that Call of Duty players get,where Battlefield often has long breaks,between titles or content EA attempted,to have a second Studio make a,complimentary line of Battlefield games,with Hardline and visceral games but,alas it didnt quite work out that said,EA seems to be moving forward with the,multi Studio plans for creating,Battlefield content clearly tons of,plans are in the works perhaps well,find ourselves in a place where,Battlefield content is consistent and,always offering new experiences for,people who choose to make this game,their FPS of choice I think the free to,play component of Battlefield is also,going to become an inevitability the,free-to-play Warzone experience with,Call of Duty has completely changed the,business model for Activision and dice,has tried twice now and failed twice to,capture that market first with Firestorm,and then with Hazard Zone but I dont,think that theyre done trying even,leaks about 2042s development suggested,that the Specialists were initially,designed for a royale-like experience,which was later scrapped also rest in,peace Firestorm I think dice actually,had a winning formula with that game,mode but Battlefield 5s buggy launch,and the fact that it was trapped behind,the retail paywall never let it truly,breathe killed before its time,firestorms building destruction and ring,of fire were epic additions to the,Royale experience and I think its one,of those failures that will continue to,baffle me perhaps dices string of,failures will be coming to an end with,the new Vince impella leadership in,Marcus Leto leading the new studio in,Seattle on that front though only time,will tell anyway 2042s Revival in,progress has given me a lot to look,forward to what are your thoughts on the,state of Battlefield 2042 right now Ill,be

Battlefield 2042 Review

foreign,simultaneously running into Battlefield,2042s crowded War zones is a great,illustration of why bigger isnt always,better while chaotic gunfights are,undoubtedly part of battlefields charm,massive lobbies with that many players,eventually turns the series signature,modes frustrating instead of fun,thankfully its 10th view hazards own,mode provides an interesting strategic,alternative and its crazy customizable,portal tools are an exciting Glimpse at,how its future could Thrive With a,Little Help from the creativity of the,community,foreign,[Music],Battlefield 2042 on live servers this,past week Im not entirely impressed the,return between your future setting does,bring back some of the playground,feeling that was lost with Battlefield 1,and 5 but it also does away with even,the Meeker campaign stories Battlefield,5 had there are no single player options,whatsoever what it does have is the,Infantry and vehicular shootouts across,huge beautiful maps that Battlefield is,generally known for as well as a few,fresh ideas of its own but not all of,the Innovations it introduces are for,the better one thing Im not a big fan,of is the freeform class system theres,a roster of 10 playable Specialists but,those just represent one skill like,Maria falcs healing syringe pistol or,Webster McKays grappling hook anyone,can fill the traditional support role by,just equipping a medical kit and anybody,can be an engineer by just grabbing a,repair tool that makes selecting a class,feel less restrictive but it struck me,as odd since there also isnt really any,reason for a team to diversify their,classes anymore everyone is a jack of,all trades which disappointingly reduces,the need for coordinated Squad building,Conquest is the traditional Battlefield,mode where you compete to capture and,hold multiple points at once spread,across a massive map only this time the,map size player count and Chaos are,turned up to 11. as much as Ive enjoyed,Conquest in past battlefields and wanted,to do the same here this actually was my,least favorite way to play in 2042. it,felt like every point I went to take had,the entire enemy team defending it its,the kind of problem that takes a huge,amount of teamwork to solve and that the,teams as big as they are thats very,difficult to pull off at the same time,its easy to get stuck running for,excessive periods with no available,Vehicles its honestly a bit amusing to,see an entire Army of around 20 people,pitter-pattering to the nearest point,that feels like an eternity away but,probably not in the way its intended,the returning breakthrough mode focuses,the action a little bit better by,putting each team on either attack or,defense with the defending team falling,back every time a point falls again its,hard to execute any real kind of,strategy this time around since your,team is so big and theres no clear,leader but when all the action is,focused on a single Target it can still,be a lot of fun to run through the,middle of it however in my matches so,far Ive definitely noticed a problem,with the balance favoring attackers,because Defenders can only spawn in one,zone they can easily be surrounded Ive,already seen way too many times for my,teammates and I get obliterated by a,tank immediately after coming back onto,the map,Hazard zone is a brand new game type,that currently ranks as my second,favorite of Battlefield 2042s options,its basically dices version of escape,from tarkov 24 or 32 players group up in,teams of forward to scour the math,taking out both small storms of AI,soldiers and each other as they go,before extracting and while the first,opportunity to extract is towards the,beginning of the match the second has,every team fighting over a single Escape,vehicle throughout each match youll,loot data points but youll also loot,uplinks that allow you to call in robo,dogs ala TV for Recon vehicle and a,super handy team redeploy that allows,you to bring back any dead teammates all,at once if you didnt bring these in,your Loadout uplinks can still be,Lifesavers that create heroic moments,your options in Hazard Zone start out,basic but play a few matches and maybe,even successfully extract once or twice,and youll earn enough credits to buy,some sweet items for your next drop the,clever part about this is that steaks,keep Rising higher as you go thanks to,extraction streaks where if you manage,to extract two or more times in a row,youll unlock an extra Tactical,equipment slot for the next match if you,lose that streak however you revert back,to only one slot and having something to,lose really ramps up the tension a,couple of notches when youre wondering,if you can take out that group of,soldiers up ahead the teamwork needed to,survive and go from one data point to,another is crucial and since there are,only 32 players in a match it felt,slightly better paced and deliberate,than all-out warfares chaos I found,myself eager to cue in for another match,of Hazard Zone even if I had been,absolutely demolished at the beginning,of a previous game because I wanted to,rack up points to get my best loadout in,the next round one thing that bugged me,in both all-out Warfare and Hazard Zone,was that time to kill felt incredibly,inconsistent I dont know if its a bug,or what but no matter what weapon types,and attachments I use it feels like I,often have to hit an enemy with a few,more bullets than I should need to take,them down unlike Apex Legends or Call of,Duty Warzone where you can take on three,enemies at once and potentially pull off,an exciting outplay being surrounded by,even two enemies always feels like a,death sentence in Battlefield 2042 there,are plenty of other annoying bugs as,well and while its nothing crippling,something went awry a lot more often,than Id expected even for a newly,launched game,the real treasure of Battlefield 2042 is,Portal more of a massive playground than,a set mode it lets anybody create their,own game rules packing loads of the,series long history into one great,developer tool set it includes Maps,weapons classes and equipment from the,original Battlefield 1942 Battlefield,Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3 plus of,course 2042.,playing Bad Company 2s classic brush,mode in a match with 64 players using,that games actual rule set and Maps,built so so good I played a few game,modes in Battlefield 1942 and Bad,Company 2 but sniping there is fantastic,playing these games in Portal reminded,me of how fun Battlefield can be at its,best but the real fun comes from,tweaking things herself you can change,anything from a friendly fire is on to,how much headshot damage multipliers are,valued at two if you take fall damage,and way more you can make incredibly,silly stuff like the one where you have,a single rocket and a launcher as your,primary and in order to reload you have,to jump five times why because its,goofy Madness and there are no rules in,Portal thats why but it also means it,isnt necessarily the most accessible,custom mode maker and FPS has ever seen,But the good news is that you dont need,to learn any of it to enjoy the smartest,and craziest stuff out there because,finding Community created modes has been,made easy one of my favorite featured,modes so far is courage DDs VIP Fiesta,mode where two teams face off against,each other to eliminate each others VIP,and thats status rotates between,players the bonus twist is that every,time you respawn youre given a,completely different Loadout and class,character from Battlefield 1942 versus,Battlefield 3. portal allows for so much,of that kind of fun and creativity that,honestly its the Saving Grace of,Battlefield 2042.,[Music],Battlefield 2042 tries to do a lot but,only some of its experiments are worth,celebrating the 128 player matches of,its all-out Warfare modes definitely,feels like too much for their own good A,lot of the time but its more strategic,new Hazard Zone mode is incredibly fun,but the fact that the most fun I had,with 2042 was playing Recreations of its,pre

Is BF2042 *FINALLY* worth buying after Update 2.0..? | Update Review

so season two has officially kicked off,guys and last night when the update went,live i essentially locked myself into my,office and played for about nearly five,hours straight i played a bunch of games,on the new map both conquest and,breakthrough ive already unlocked the,m16 and the m60 as well as all of the,new weapons from the battle pass as well,ive spent a fair bit of time playing as,crawford and so ive got a fair idea so,far of how i feel about all the new,content and today were going to be,going over my thoughts on update 2.0 and,essentially just the start of season two,now before we get into it there is,actually plenty of really exciting,content on the way over the next couple,of weeks ive got about five or six,different videos planned all around the,brand new content ive got a couple of,actual like a rant videos that ive got,planned for some of the stuff that i,really dont agree with in this game but,luckily most of the stuff from this,update and in the game in general i,actually feel like its in a pretty,solid place so theres going to be a lot,of really fun content on the way if you,guys are new to the channel definitely,hit that subscribe button and turn on,those notifications but with that being,said lets get stuck into my thoughts on,season two so far so starting off with,for me personally the most important,element of this season so far and that,is stranded the new map as for me,personally the maps are pretty much the,most exciting part and theyre by far,the most important element of the game,especially with how you know poorly,designed some of the base maps are we,really do need some really good maps in,this game and so every time a new map,drops im always super super keen to,jump into it the same was the case with,exposure that was the number one thing,in season one that i was looking forward,to and luckily for season one i thought,exposure was by far the best map in the,game and it was not only just a good map,for battlefield 2042 but it was just a,good map for battlefield in general i,genuinely think exposure would have,handled itself well if you put it in say,battlefield 4 for example its probably,on par with a lot of those maps and so,obviously heading into season two it had,some sort of big shoes to fill because,the last map was really really good and,the maps prior to that were all you know,i think wed all agree theyre not that,great so im not gonna lie i was a,little bit worried but after like i said,probably four or five hours of play time,i can safely say this is yet another,banger of a map and for me it actually,might be on par if not even more,enjoyable than exposure which i,definitely didnt think id be saying,but yeah this map is just essentially,designed exactly how i like my,battlefield maps now the key area to,that for me is that it is a lot smaller,than most of the other maps if not,pretty much every map would say maybe,like kaleidoscope might be slightly,smaller but without actually knowing i,dare say its probably one of the,smallest maps in the game and for me,that is where most of the enjoyment,comes from because you dont have to run,five kilometers to get to the next flag,and it just kind of condenses all of,that chaos into a much smaller area,which obviously makes it more chaotic if,youve got a lot of chaos going on but,its spread out across a massive map,then its really not actually that,chaotic but when you really do condense,that into a small area it makes it,really chaotic and it makes it like i,said a lot easier to actually get to,those engagements now the other area of,the map that i really do enjoy is that,it does have similar to exposure a lot,of different mixes of you know,engagement types so theres obviously,inside of the boat there is a lot of,really really close quarters combat,which is what i personally prefer most,of the time not all the time if youve,got maps that are just all super close,quarters it gets pretty frustrating at,times but considering we have kind of,been starved of those close quarters,engagements through all of the base maps,that is what ive been really itching,for is just some really close quarters,chaotic gameplay similar to stuff like,operation locker from battlefield 4 for,example and this map definitely has that,in spades the entire ship even up on top,of the ship even though thats a little,bit more open there is still a lot of,close quarters engagements there however,for those of you guys who dont really,enjoy that close quarters gameplay,theres still plenty of different,alternatives to gameplay styles on the,outside of the boat all of the other,four flags in conquest for example they,all have a lot of like open areas but,they do also then have some condensed,areas at those flags as well so its a,really good mix in my opinion of the,center of the map just being absolute,carnage but then on the outside it does,actually have a really good mix of still,some more close quarters areas but also,some wider open areas theres a bit of,verticality as well so if you like,sniping it is a viable map to snipe on,theres you know a lot of different,areas for vehicles and i just think,theyve really nailed that sort of mix,of having something for every single,play style if you like you know running,around with a shotgun you can do that if,you like running around the sniper you,can do that if you like playing as a,vehicle you can do that and if you,really dont enjoy vehicles and you want,to hide from them then you can obviously,go in the inside of the boat as well so,overall im absolutely in love with,stranded so far i do think this is,actually on par for me with exposure it,maybe doesnt look as nice and its,probably not as unique as exposure so,exposure probably gets a few brownie,points there but i think in terms of,just the flow of the map and the way,that it plays i do honestly think it is,as good of a map as exposure and thats,something i definitely didnt think i,would be saying heading into this season,now moving on to the weapons like i said,i played a hell of a lot last night and,i pretty much grinded my ass off to try,and unlock the m16 and the m60 and then,essentially once the battle pass went,live i actually just bought all the,tears to actually get through the,avensis which i know to a lot of people,probably sounds like a massive waste of,money because im gonna just unlock them,anyway but as a creator obviously its,just smart to get those out of the way,early i dont have to grind for them now,i can just try and level them up and,play with them so ive got all five of,those weapons unlocked ive played a,fair bit of time with all of them i,havent really used the advances too,much and i havent used the m60 too much,either but ive pretty much spammed the,am40 for the whole time that i was,playing the pf51 the new pistol ive,essentially equipped that on every,single class that i made because there,is essentially no point using any other,pistol at this point and then also run,the m16 quite a bit as well and that was,really enjoyable now in terms of pretty,much all of them they all seem pretty,balanced so far now granted i havent,unlocked attachments for all of them,obviously so maybe once i kind of,upgrade the weapons and they become a,bit stronger maybe theyll turn out to,be a little bit overpowered im not too,sure i have heard a lot of people saying,in the early play test that the am40 was,kind of feeling like it was going to be,the meta weapon so maybe that will turn,out to be a little bit overpowered but,at least as of right now they all feel,pretty balanced they none of them feel,weak and none of them feel too strong so,they feel like theyre in a pretty good,spot right now im sure they will need,some tweaks here and there but overall,very happy with them theyre enjoyable,to use theyre balanced and yeah theyre,a nice little variety as well because,obviously last season we got the bsvm,which yeah it can be used in close,quarters but it is a marksman rifle and,then we also got the cross

Is Battlefield 2042 Still Trash? (Season 3 Initial Review)

foreign,hey guys Anders here welcome back to,another video uh if you celebrate,Thanksgiving today is Thanksgiving hope,each and every single one of you are,having a fantastic time I hope you all,are having a great turkey induced trip,to fan coma uh after dinner thats,always the best feeling and todays,video is going to be sort of a early,season three review my initial thoughts,my Impressions about season three the,content the additions to the game all,that stuff obviously season three is,just starting but I just want to give my,initial Impressions on what we have so,far I will also go over whether I think,the game is worth trying so if youre,interested in that I will definitely,answer that question a bit later in the,video so if you liked the video hit the,like button and subscribe to the channel,I also stream every single day at,twitch.tv Enders if you want to drop by,drop the channel follow first link in,the description and if you want to cause,chaos on my Discord link is also in the,description for that so first and,foremost lets talk about the new map in,season three the the new map is called,spearhead and its located in the,Swedish Lapland and in my opinion its,the best map theyve added to,Battlefield 2042 so far it is very,interesting to see the evolution of,Competency from Dice from the base Game,maps all the way through season one,which is a little better than season two,which I would consider to be a little,better than season one and then season,three which I would consider to be a,little better than season two its just,very strange seeing this gradual,increase in dice actually potentially,listening to what we want but I digress,in my opinion like I said this is the,best map theyve added to the game so,far the reason I think its the best map,theyve added to the game so far is it,resembles previous Battlefield Maps a,little more there are more undulations,there are well thought out areas there,are close quarter areas there are areas,with long sight lines vehicles are more,balanced on this map it doesnt feel,like theres 5 million Vehicles,everywhere for no reason and last but,certainly not least the size is a lot,more tolerable this map is just properly,sized for Battlefield 2042 I dont feel,like its a chore to go to another flag,believe it or not and some people might,scoff at me in the comments for this I,straight up leave games sometimes,because I dont feel like running to the,next flag so that hasnt happened yet,with this new map and its because the,sizing is better with all that being,said dont get me wrong here this isnt,the greatest map Ive ever played in my,entire life its just a decent map that,doesnt really have many downsides,moving on from the map onto other things,about season three many people are,claiming that season three has actually,increased their PCs performance and,that is great but they had to get the,performance from somewhere and it makes,you think because recently Ive been,thinking this game has been looking,blurrier ever since they updated to,season three to me the game seems a,little blurry here comment down below,are you guys experiencing the same,phenomena where you you feel like the,game is slightly blurrier than it was,before or am I just going totally insane,and maybe its just the foliage of the,new map that maybe just messes with my,graphic settings that makes me think the,game is blurrier now content wise its,roughly the same amount of content we,got with the previous Seasons which is,of course disappointing when you compare,it to the amount of content that we,received in previous Battlefield games,especially Battlefield 1 or Battlefield,4. so the amount of content is never,going to be satisfactory unfortunately,with that being said the content that,they added the new weapons I mean the,railguns absolutely absolutely hilarious,to use against infantry and vehicles the,velocity is totally and completely,overpowered zero drop insta kill sniper,in the head from across the entire map,so that weapon is hilarious to use the,an91 and the xm8 lmg are also quite good,I was using both of them earlier today,the AC 40 she was actually in my opinion,overpowered now that buff was completely,unneeded because the ac42 was already,completely nuts uh just in the way it,was so the burst per minute upgrade it,just you get insta killed by the ac42,now even faster than you did before as,for the sidearm and the shotgun Ive,died to the shotgun I think a couple,times in game its just a shotgun,theres not much to report there and the,sidearm seems mediocre at best the,throwing knife Gadget is actually funny,like I was using it earlier today I,think its pretty good uh the throwing,knives insta-kill people that dont have,armor I think across the map so theyre,going to be some ridiculous across the,map throwing knife deaths that Im sure,will all happen to me so stay tuned And,subscribe to the channel to see those in,the next Battlefield 2042 experience,installation But to answer the question,is Battlefield 2042 worth picking up now,and were you know were in season three,the next season is technically the last,advertise sized season four from the,beginning of the game so I would say the,game for the price is probably worth,picking up right now dont ever pay full,price youd be out of your mind you can,find this game for cheap you can find it,Im sure online for 10 or 15 dollars,potentially less uh I would say its,worth it for that price because at this,point the amount of content is obviously,lacking but for someone thats never,played the game theres probably a lot,of stuff to do and its just its,something to blow time off you know,theres a lot of bad games right now Im,not saying this game is good theres,still a ton of insanely terrible,fundamental problems that will never get,fixed but for 10 or 15 dollars its,worth it just to mess around with your,buddies and I think and who knows maybe,down the line theyll confirm more,seasons because as we know they are not,canceling Battlefield 2042s content but,they didnt specify whether or not,theyre going to continue with the,season system so well have to wait for,further and information to see what,theyre actually going to do after the,end of season four but Battlefield 2042,is in a very strange place right now,because I think in the eyes of a lot of,people I public opinion is sort of,shifting on Battlefield 2042. in my,comments section uh in twitch chat on,Twitter theres a lot of people that are,kind of taking notice to the things dice,have been doing over the past Id say,nine months and for some crazy reason,people are forgetting how bad this game,really is and are being convinced that,its totally fine now Im of the opinion,that the game is getting better but the,main issues have yet to be addressed I,mean the mouse input is still broken the,movement delay is still terrible uh the,maps the base Game maps are never going,to be saved no matter how many reworks,you do to them the there is no,coincidence that the best maps in the,game are also the newest maps in the,game okay that is not a coincidence at,all so all in all Battlefield 2042,season 3 Id say is probably the best,season so far,um Im having a decent time with it I,just wish they would get their heads out,of their Collective asses and fix the,major fundamental problems with how the,game feels that is killing gameplay for,so many people and I would just really,like it if they finally did something,about it so thanks for watching I really,do appreciate it I hope you have a,wonderful Thanksgiving if you celebrate,that at all and hey Ill see you guys,later you know Im gonna go eat turkey,and pass out,foreign

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