1. Bhad Bhabie OnlyFans REVIEW! – ONE MONTH LATER!!! WAS $23 WORTH IT? (2021)
  3. I Paid For Bhad Bhabie ONLY FANS SO YOU DONT HAVE TOO????
  4. I Paid For Bhad Bhabie OnlyFans So You Dont Have To…
  6. Bhad Bhabie OnlyFans Review (One Week Later)
  7. The Videos On Bhad Bhabies Onlyfans Has Grown Men Bricked Up

Bhad Bhabie OnlyFans REVIEW! – ONE MONTH LATER!!! WAS $23 WORTH IT? (2021)

bro im actually about to admit this,when that baby just dmz bro,[Music],just,take much yo what is going on youtube,its your boys man its joey and today,im bringing you a brand new video,and guys one month has passed so that,means,we are officially gonna be reviewing the,first month of bad babies only fans and,guys,yes yes yes all right theres no,cap when i say this i only bought bad,babies only fans content,review purposes i only bought bad babies,only fans content,just for review purposes then we,happened to catch some,you know morning woods and we did some,you know internal thinking and we,realized damn,after being forced to consume all this,only fans content for you guys,bad baby found her fine ass into my,[ __ ] dreams that night bro once you,subscribe to bad babys only fans,content yo,theres no going back bro theres not,going im still subscribed and i cant,even cap like i thought the subscription,was gonna end after one month,but not i mean its a subscription like,that like you for real i subscribed like,until you,unsubscribe like you gotta unsubscribe,yourself i thought i had to like,approve a payment for like the next one,like you want another month of bad,babies only fans content i was about to,say no,but now we stuck in another mall with,bad babies only fans content,yeah but guys before i jump into todays,video i just want to take a second and,thank you guys for hitting 6 000,subscribers,we are now like 20 away from 6 100,subscribers so i mean i couldnt be more,thankful,like the channel is growing and i,generally appreciate it like from here,on out though guys im gonna try to make,my content a whole lot better im gonna,be improving as a youtuber,like every single freaking day for those,who dont care about it fine,but for those who do i appreciate you,thank you for hearing me out bro,but im gonna be posting vlogs ill be,posting lit ass content and im gonna be,posting every single week on this,channel so,and now once a week either that ass im,gonna start posting way more vlogs on,this channel im gonna be having a great,ass time reviewing more only fans,content,from other people so i think molly eska,might be next then we might do a twitch,streamer,so guys we are about to be subscribing a,lot of only fans content,so if you want to subscribe to me its,free all right i aint charging yall,go ahead hit that subscribe button,something my cat was fapping bro you,good yall hear that,what you happen to bro whos only fans,all right so ive been subscribed to bad,babys only fans content for a month,and for the entire month i was waiting,for a nude,and i thought she was gonna drop it like,i thought for real she was just going,dropping her only fans,you know just to create some hype around,it like if i was her bro im posting,like one new pick and like thats all,but i dont have an only fence account,she was probably just trying to avoid,leaks or something,but shes figured out a new way to make,a bad,like if yall paid attention to the,intro i saw when bad baby dms me,just yes when you subscribe to somebody,on only fans you get dms from that,person,and apparently you could talk to them,im pretty sure youre talking to some,dude whos like 46 years old who used to,be kinky back in the day,and just knows the right things to say,but but theres no chance in hell bad,babys the actual one dming you bro,theres no way,but it definitely looks like it right,and like the last bad baby dm i got from,her was like something about a nip slip,and like what these dms come with are,photos you got to pay for so youve,subscribed already for 23 dollars a,month,for i guess maybe roughly lets say,lets say so if you go over and,subscribe to bad babies only fans,concert right now,youre gonna get 39 photos and 16 videos,so is that worth 23,off the bat not necessarily but shes,posting pretty consistently,right but going back to this dm things,bro,like i swear im right here right now i,dont think im gonna get in trouble for,this i mean yall can barely see the,screen,but its just a bunch of content that,you gotta pay for it like a bunch of it,somewhere thirty dollars someone thirty,five dollars,yo i wonder theres like a fifty theres,a forty dollar one thats the last one,she sent me,and um apparently sometimes only 5 000,of yall get it sometimes 10,000 yall get these dms sometimes only a,thousand yall get the dms,and like yall gotta like a photo or,something but,pretty much if you want to pay for bad,babies only fans content you want to see,something,you want to pay for the monthly,subscription and then pay,for whichever dm like you dont even,know what youre getting theres no,preview whatsoever,so once you pay for it theres no way,youre gonna get your money back you,dont get to see whats behind this,little lock thing but youre not gonna,know whats behind this photo so,is it worth it in my opinion,definitely you know if i have to pay you,23 dollars a month then youre gonna ask,me to pay like,three dollars for the contact that you,know most of your subscribers want to,see,nah nah not for me not for me guys,like when im going back to it but the,contents not bad like for 23 dollars,youre getting some decent picks you are,not getting nudes you are not getting,anything like that,but theyre close to it right theyre,close to it like theres sometimes where,shes wearing something thats kind of,see-through,sometimes shes not wearing anything at,all but shes covering up her body parts,with either her hands or other objects,but i mean its tight its tight but god,i mean thats all i got to say,right its up to you guys if you guys,want to spend the 23 dollars,and a bunch of photos like that and,maybe,maybe buy a few of those dms every now,and then you know like spoil yourself,like hey youve been good this week im,gonna buy a bad baby,you might explore yourself a little bit,have fun with it yall splurge a little,bit if you are new here and you,dont know this yet we are about to be,reviewing other only fans content,that is right i think im about to do,molly eskim next like i bought,i got a bunch of comments i had a bunch,of yall requesting that for me so i,dont mind doing that for you guys,and after that i might do like some kind,of twitch streamers or i dont know,whoever is clouded right now whoever i,want to do,or maybe whoever only fans i want to buy,i might just buy it,and then make a review out of it just,for yall just for yall,and for me but thats all i got to say,for today i do appreciate this review or,you guys appreciate me,make sure you hit that like button it,definitely helps me out and it helps me,stay motivated and it helps the,algorithm up too,so so if you end up hitting that like,button i generally appreciate you guys,if you guys if you did end up enjoying,this video today then make sure you hit,that like button,it actually like motivates to make more,content and better content so,if you want to help me out a little bit,go ahead and hit that like button and if,youre new here and you havent done it,yet,we are officially on the road to 10 000,subscribers im trying to get a 7,000 subscribers like asap so if you want,to subscribe and help your boy,out i would appreciate it but with all,that said though guys its your boy its,your man its zooey,and im going out,[Applause],[Music],so,[Music],you


what is good youtube [ __ ] about martha,and im back with another,hello hello,another banger man today man this is the,title of this video,im gonna be paying for a bad babys,only fan so yall dont got to,now yall clicked on this video,yall just some horny,or yall just,yall do some horn,yall just knows yall want to see,whats in her family,ima pay for it so i dont got to all,right,so im not even going to do a lot of,talking you feel me im just going to,get into this video so like and,subscribe get this video to 100 likes if,yall want me if yall want me to pay,for somebody elses only fan so yall,dont have to,and if so also comment down in the,comments whose only fans i should buy,next,bad,oh thats right theyre good bad baby,only,fans baby only fans,just for my safety,ima blur,my screen recording out,but if yall want to see it,if yall want to see all what im,looking at the link is going to be in,the description just click the link in,the description,its going to be somewhere in there and,then barely not going to see it but im,going to blur it out for my safe,but yeah,so we got this bad baby only fan leaks,what is this and she got tattoos,everywhere,yo bro it i dont know if yall heard,bro she broke the um,whats it called,she broke the only fans record she made,like,crazy if im wrong like over like a,million dollars or like her first like,day on only family song oh no thats,thats crazy,and she just turned 18 its like [ __ ],was really waiting until she turned 18,to make only fans to pay for that [ __ ] a,million bro [ __ ] be mad horny bro i,dont understand bro,get out get out the [ __ ] house my,[ __ ] that [ __ ] weird [ __ ] really be,paying for this [ __ ] though that [ __ ],that [ __ ] look he said,we got a video,oops the video has been removed,for violating our turn to service,[Music],i bet,i got some more pictures,bro she really doing the thing when she,using her hair like to cover her um once,i cut her nipples,she aint really showing anything now so,i think its really,people really pay like a meal for like,no reason shes not really showing,anything she basically its basically,like pick off her own like it basically,picks off an instagram really,if you want me if you want to be for,real,its a video nope that video got taken,down too,yo what is this,that just took me to a site i did not,want to be on,no,all right bro she mud bro nip slip bro,forget that shes mud bro,bro thats what i be talking about bro,my bad for my girl viewers,if yall even watching this,makeup really defines girls,like if you think about it,because,dudes dont wear no makeup if they sexy,if they sexy ass [ __ ] they sexy ass,[ __ ] if they ugly they ugly [ __ ],dont wear makeup but girls,mud without makeup but you got makeup on,totally different person,now some girls do look bad without,makeup im not going live but like,mostly i mean ill be catfishing im not,even gonna lie,but yeah like i said all of these are,just pictures like,shes basically posting on instagram for,real,[Music],she really made the only fans and made a,million off of it,all right,[Music],im not even going water her titties,looking big for she shes [ __ ] small,but her ticket is lucky big,you aint got it,i dont feel like you know,we got a video hold up,this video dont got no sound,bro,[ __ ] really paid,how about how much is her um,how much is her stuff,24 a month,for this 18 year old stuff for this 18,year olds instagram pictures people,really paying 24 a month for 18 year old,instagram pictures,[Music],what the [ __ ] what have we came to what,has the society claimed to,wait for real,she get her bag though yo something,about im gonna tell yall bro yall,girls,hear me out,after high school,some of yall,yall might go down the road with only,fans,stripping,on that road,and let me tell yall if yall do that,route,get your money but when you get your,money dont just load up money invest,your money do something with the money,you feel me if you getting your back im,not going to hurt nobody hustle they,getting a bag,i just feel like its down bad for the,people thats paying for it,but at the same time people going to pay,for what they want to pay for me,always a audience for some so,but get your back get your bag,but dang people really pay 24 a month,for this like wait i could easily,go on instagram and look at this like,for bro she got two pigs,tall pigs,she got the white nails though,yall know about the whiteness but not,let me start,bro im telling you she must she look,like i never in this picture bro she,looked like a whole [ __ ] in this,picture bro but damn like i said yall,if yall want to see what im looking at,the link will be in the description,somewhere,just click the link,if yall want to see me i know some of,yall horny ass [ __ ] want to see this,[ __ ] so,click the link in the description,got on the cheetah bathing suit,what is this bro man,[Music],yo,[Music],i think this is photoshop,if its not photoshop,it says edit it by the way if yall go,look at it it says edited by the way,yeah,i dont know it could be really good now,and see like this,this pic right here,she looked fine with makeup but when you,take the makeup off she looked like a,[ __ ] bro,like how bro that [ __ ] its weird bro,its weird what makeup does its not,i dont know bro yo,is this photoshopped,yo it says new topless leaks bro,it gotta be fun,yo it gotta be photoshopped,who is she kissing in this pool,she got right here eel hell no what the,[ __ ] she hey,who was she kissing in this pool i dont,even know who that is,all right yall i hope yall guys,enjoyed this video if you dont want me,to make this a series,give this video to 100 likes and um put,some people in the comment section yall,want me to um only fans i want me to buy,next i really paid twenty four dollars,for picks i really couldve looked up on,instagram,lucky down like 25 dollars but oh well,jam man we on the road to 5k after 4k is,10 cap to 10k its 100k at the 100k its,a meal we on the road man but ill catch,on my next video im out,[Music],you

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as i know we will be buying bad babies,only oh my god bro,i dont know what to expect im about to,pull up the screen recording we bout to,react to this only fans right here,[Music],[Music],last time we was on early fast man we,hit like 40k on that video so,i dont know what we about to do we,gonna hit that many views now,but hey yeah i have been gone for a,minute yall have not been on youtube,for,probably a month now you know i got a,little face with head down,you know what im saying got tattoos up,im like grown now,im back im back thats all you need to,know im back and im ready to post,mad content you know what im saying,forever that dog found i want to say was,gutsy i brought [ __ ] miss yall but i,really miss yall bro i missed the dog,pound man but before we get into the,video make sure you like comment down,below and subscribe but let me get you a,hip,to the brain you mess with my boy hush,man,hustle under secrecy if youre a hustler,peoples going to be,on your back because like you got money,you get upset you making it so you gotta,get so much you gotta,you gotta hustle under secretary like,you cant you cant be telling everybody,youre making this much money,because theyre gonna rob you little,dumbass you know what im saying he got,these new hats out too you know im,sorry i got a bus though i cant really,wear like that,and you know hes coming with the promo,you know we come with a promo code you,know what im saying,promo call dog pal all caps you know,what im saying im trying to get yall,to hook up,you know say you got different colors,everything man im trying to tell you,get with my boy,hustle under secrecy before i smack the,i cant i cant curse,but you know what i mean all right lets,get into the video lets go,as i know we will be buying bad babies,only,oh my god bro i dont know what to,expect im about to pull up the screen,recording we bout to,react to this only fans right here all,right so as i can see right here man,first of all we are in the only fans i,already bought it yall already bought,it but i didnt look at it yeah i,promise you,i paid a good amount of money i think i,paid like 25 dollars for this,you know thats 25 could have went to,some food because you know [ __ ] like,baby we be hungry,so lets all right lets start scrolling,man first of all she is 18 years old i,did not know she was 18. i thought she,was older than 18.,you know im saying okay okay bad baby,lets see,lets see lets see what you got oh all,right lingerie,we see that on all over instagram now,thats not nothing new,thats not nothing new yo she got 287,off tips off wow,these people bro this is the only fans,why am i seeing instagram pictures,i dont oh okay lord some yall say,hello,little cover up but like at the same,time a lot of people post that on,instagram like you can still post that,on instagram and get away with it like,they wont say nothing so,i dont know if shes showing off her,little ass tattoo or whatever but oh,and we gonna keep it pushed yo 500,off tips its crazy slow for you its,sophia bruh,its no way all right all right lets,see okay we got some,might got some here hello what happened,okay,bruh i know she aint just do this and,then leave,dont get me mad okay dont give me baby,get mad because i,i i paid 25 for this i didnt do that,oh okay,okay oh lord yeah but like thats oh my,god i like the tattoo the tattoo,fire you know what im saying but other,than the tattoo yeah yall know what im,talking about that,she got a fat bumper she dont you know,what im saying she got like a little,drawing like bony like its like my,elbow,look compare this to the photo right,here this is how she look right now my,elbow thats the instagram,uh instagram post instagram,not 25 for this bro yo,yo if we see this elbow again,you hit it because then she keeps trying,to hide the little thing thats not,showing us,if your ghetto only says what do you,think we expect,you know upset i dont expect im not,im not the horny one im not yalls are,the horny ones im not the only one,yall click the video and im saying im,just buying this for yall,but i would expect yall to you know,what im saying how you gonna get your,stuff,off looking at this [ __ ] im just saying,bro and then she got this wild ass,hairstyle,oh my god like you messing me up right,now where i was supporting you,you back in the 75th centurys,75th century i hope that made sense i,dont know,so all right all right lets see she she,better not she better show someone she,blast shows on come on,so what is it,[Music],what do yall really want please let me,know which i really want make up your,minds,one second i mean we definitely dont,want feet,we dont want to see your dirty feet,thats one thing that we dont want,we keep them dogs in a cage we dont,want to see them nasty toes,you know what im saying you probably,paint your toenails like blue not even,white you know what im saying them just,dont even look linkable,you dont say no so no we dont want to,see that obviously we want to see,everything else everything else you just,named i mean like didnt you sign up for,this,yo why should keep doing that though,just,okay okay okay,oh,[Music],bro what what what,what are you in heels just body arty,like oh what are you doing,this sucks i spent 25 dollars on this,young like,i could have gave me uh i could have got,me some food bro uh,chipotle chick i could have got me some,mickey ds nah you want to get the only,fans though 25,i know she aint i know [ __ ],look at her face full look at her face,full i,[Music],im really thinking about my life,choices right now im like this is crazy,bro this is nothing bro,the reason why im mad is because you,just robbed it like you shot like bro,and then okay okay okay,okay okay i aint saying you ugly,you aint got me yeah im saying you,know i,am i dont i dont know i dont i dont,know,got me speechless over here with that,one its like a lie,what are you doing like yo what are you,doing drop,drop bro you got dudes over here paying,you mad money to see that its unless oh,my god you get low as hell,oh how do you get that low,your knees got to be a hurting burger,damn,yo her ass on her ankle full,what do you be doing bro oh this is,nothing,what is this its like a saying to some,ph,[Music],bro bro,bruh bro all this suck,i wasted oh my god hold up,i thought that was dang aint nothing,either,ugh hold on you got a little hair right,there,say now let me start i aint gonna troll,i aint gonna i aint gonna do it like,that,but you got a little hair right there,im gonna do it,im gonna do it you know what im gonna,do it because i paid this money for,summer troll since you want a troll,without showing,[Music],whats going on gorilla oh,look at me mad like,[Music],she taking sophie she taking sophies,oh my god 45 hours down the drain like,that though,like whats going oh my god did you just,wake up,oh goodness brush your teeth,even brushes he dont know anything,you just wait imma post this on only,fans,no youre brushing no because im mad,im about to violate,did you violate in my pockets right now,thats why i might have violated because,you violated my progress,this is nothing thats been literally,literally this is nothing yall,you can see this anywhere anywhere bad,baby bad [ __ ] youre not even bad for,real,im done im done video is over im a,lot,good no no because im im im really,about to get emotional right now,you know why because i am big about my,money like,25 hours down the drain is crazy its,crazy,its crazy you know what ill you know,what i could have did with 25,i could have did anything i could have,bought me some socks,socks thats essential underwear i could,have bought me some ethicas,everybody wearing ethicals now i could,have i could have bought me something,because no because no i dont even make,money like that,i dont even make money like that bro i,dont even wanna,bruh this is probably my last only fans,video because yall scamming us,why are you scamming us you want to get,me mad yes im doing hand gestures just,because im m

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I Paid For Bhad Bhabie OnlyFans So You Dont Have To…

what is up youtube it yall boy burns,[Music],dang i aint gonna lie i forgot it damn,damn he should be getting and you know,im saying help me out real quick what,the,oh thank you and look today,oh my god i dont even know im getting,happy i already already know its gonna,be a scam bro im gonna start it off,like this,im im a bet hey everybody in the in,the comments below right now give me a,handshake emoji and make a bet with me,right now bro i bet every single one of,you guys ten dollars each individual you,got ten dollars,if theres only fans its trash i bet my,i bet yall is gonna be trash bro,make the bet bro look go in the comments,below comment down and make the bet i,already know its gonna be trashable,its bad baby but she boo,she bougie bruh and im gonna be real,this do not feel right bro,because first of all am i the only one,that feels like i dont care how old,this girl gets but i dont care if shes,in her 30s bro,she always dont feel like shes 14. bad,baby doesnt age shes a glitch in the,matrix,she does not age bro she stays 14 for,the rest of her life but i dont care i,dont know how many tests you i dont,care bro shes always 14. i dont even,believe she i dont think shes 18 bro,it feels like shes still 14. am i the,one that feels that way,but look today were going to be,checking out our only fans i look for,the in the comments like,bro youre not actually showing me,youre blurring it bruh for two things i,gotta blow it because,against youtube guidelines you already,know how that goes the real ones my real,supporters know how that goes,i got in trouble for that already im,not gonna get my my channel terminated,im on my last strike second of all its,also copyright i have copyright before,yes bro females get they have copied in,their own fans their thoughts are their,knowledge is evolving,like i cant im not going to deal with,that bro im not going to get,copyrighted,because i showed somebodys shoulder,like no im not feeling a girl come on,now bro but follow me on instagram,there will be a discord if you want to,get in the discord im only doing it for,the week of this video being out so,thats why you should subscribe and,watch these videos when i do them,like early im only going to be doing,that discord for the first week so,follow me on twitch,at the end of the week of this video,being over ill put the discord once,in my chat once and thats the only time,youre not getting it so yall better be,all day and just be in every stream im,just dropping randomly throughout that,week actually this im gonna do,im gonna drop the link randomly on one,of those days within the week of this,being posted,so yall better you better be on game,but im not dropping it anymore bro,i just want to say i just learned this,this bruh,she just she just made a million in the,first six hours of her making,dog yeah im gonna see what this type of,about this better be bro im gonna be,real this gotta be,you made bro a million,a million a million,uh she made a million within the first,im gonna we could have paid for this,boy lets see what we got going on here,all right bro we here you know what im,saying,that this is this is bro 24,a month bruh and look at all these other,thoughts that i subscribe to look at all,these stuff for,all these videos for yall because i,dont like doing these videos i know,its gonna be a rip-off,theres no doubt in my mind i just lost,the thing theres no down in my mind,this is gonna be she only got seven,posts,were often a paid 23 if i want to,update video like this video if i want,to update to i do the video again,and show you all the new content she got,cuz she only got seven posts as of now,because this is the day it came out,so im gonna need yall to like the,video and ill do a part two of that,behavior you know,she might have something you know crazy,but yeah like the video going to do that,lets just subscribe bro lets see what,you got going on here but,she was on here six minutes ago shes,grinding this bro she stayed grinding,this,twenty three dollars going watch all,these ads please twenty three dollars go,on lets see bro,all right bro first picture we got first,thing we got,yall yall are crazy in my dms here,but im kind of it with it,this pic of me in my bed with nothing to,do with it but i couldnt think of,bro so many people waited for her to,turn 18,for you know what and this is what we,getting,her titties are fat dog i can officially,say that now cause shes 18.,you know what im saying its crazy,because,bruh was really saying that,online before she was 18. im like bro,yall trying to get caught up but i can,officially say that now,lets see what else we got bro all right,what else right here,ill be wearing little to nothing ill,be wearing too little sometimes oh okay,[Music],[Music],so basically in this picture im going,to explain yall the pictures the first,picture she uses on her bed,and basically her underwear underwear,this picture is just a video of her,in a swimsuit basically yall yall not,missing out on anything i dont even,want to make the discord at this point,if yall still want to tell me in the,comment below if i should still make it,just so you can see,but theres a lot of disappointments,going on right now i aint a lot of,yall,what we got going on here have my girls,join me in here after we shot some pics,the other night i love hot tub nice with,my, shut up bro im not even trying to,lets just see the video,its another video of her in her,underwear she got a hundred tip whos,the sit back who,are you one of those ass thats,tipping her a hundred dollars for this,dog,a hundred dollars for this dog bro i,wish i could just bro so you tell bruh,if i could just walk around,in some swim trunks as a dude and i,cant even be shirtless if yall want to,see fizzy shirt on this,i leave all of us see me like on the,video you dont want to see me well i,was,bro this is some bs dog what else she,got,what is this,im going to call up my sisters and,theyre going to have to be somebody,asked,aint no way aint no bro shes in a,wife beater,i cant show yall cause a cockroach,shes it but shes in a wife beater,what the bro shes in a wife,beater that isnt even she bro,dog this is some snapchat what am i,looking at,[Music],having a poor day i dont even care,about that anymore bro i just want to,look at this bro,bro,[Music],the cherry on my homeboy deteriorate,told me to do this video youre blocked,you are blocked youre blocked,youre blocked dont dont even go check,your instagram youre already,blocked,youre not gonna find me bro this is dog,im its like i already knew i wasnt,gonna see but me actually not,seeing is pissing me off though,well then let me give you an,understanding of these pictures because,i cant see them,yeah i can kind of see them because blue,but everything she posted could have,been posted on instagram,everything she posted could have been,should have been posted on instagram,this is why i dont do these videos but,my my blood pressure bro i cant do this,i cant do this bro,[Music],dog why is she laughing this aint funny,dog,this aint funny thats twenty dollars,you know how much mcdonalds i could,have bought with that twenty dollar you,know how many of my subscriptions this,twenty dollars could have went towards,[Music],my my my netflix my hulu my gpo mag like,bro thats so much bro,okay hold up maybe this video will,redeem this video might redeem she looks,like she,might do something in this one,[Music],redeem yourself please,so,bro,your only fans is a worse disaster than,corona,[Music],like if god came down here and gave me,the choice of getting rid of,oh getting rid of not even all only fans,just getting rid of your specific only,fans account,or getting rid of or getting rid of,corona youre out of here,youre gone like bro you bro like dog,and it says bro im the real these nick,oh my goodness,this is another picture of a swimsuit,and thats the last picture,and she got 100 tips on that shes,getting 100 she got 500 tips on a video,of her just,just turning


yo whats good youtube man welcome back,to the channel,we are back like the bbw head over last,night its came to my attention once,again bro,uh that bad baby has made all these fans,just turned 18,people are saying that aint spit just,came out people are saying that she just,is that she just made a million dollars,in six days,shes learning from her thought friends,like ruby rose the thought queen,you know im saying malu ravioli that,you can make some bread on these fans,you feel me like once once mellow turn,18 what you do,man only fans and now we seen we seeing,a trainer we seen,you know when girls turn 18 guess what,they gonna do,theyre not gonna get their license,theyre not gonna get a job,you know get an apartment theyre gonna,get all the fans,and i mean im here for it man im on,the same the same way you feel me like,if i was a bad [ __ ],you know im saying if i was a girl with,some things or some things im just,saying,i will probably making only fans too im,trying to get this bread and trying to,get this moolah this guap,all right so this right here is the,picture thats going viral right now um,i dont know if its real you feel me,and me being,a connoisseur of things and me being,certified in photoshop,you know thats really thats thats,thats what i studying at school,i study graphic design so we we really,use photoshop a lot,i should be able to tell this is,photoshopping honestly bro i cant tell,like,i mean this look like her like you feel,me like i dont know yet because im not,i havent looked at our only fans yet,but hey i mean this hurt,you a bad man my gemma you a bad hey hey,hey,you feel me i know i know the old head,is going crazy for this one i know they,was going stupid they wasnt that big,oh hey that mean i mean old hair is,going crazy for my lou,i say like that ravioli and now they,going stupid foot,bad baby you feel me uh which i think,you all think is real,do i think its fake is it already,confirmed i really dont know i really,dont care to be honest,um i just want to say man bad baby keep,doing your thug this one you tell me,because,i mean if you come out the gate looking,like this doing it like that i see why,you made a million in six days,you feel me keep keep hustling you feel,me like keep hey,i also want to say that uh can yall,stop getting on my head please bruh,like yall act like this is the hub yeah,i act like this tasty blacks i cant,show yall,certain stuff cause this is this aint,that you feel me like if you want that,you know where to go,i cant i wish i could trust me my,brother,i i wish i could show you it but i cant,im sorry,you know but this is more of a of a,review you feel me so,if you want to buy yourself you come,here watch this,right and then you you have confirmation,if you want to go do it,all right now this is our only fans um,okay bad baby verified you feel me she,was last seen 13 minutes ago,okay i see you know since she dedicated,um,now she look good i mean you know yeah,she looked good i could say that now,because shes 18.,all right shes legal uh you know,um say 18 with a butterfly crazier than,you think,dm me i am out here every night,responding okay so shes uh,shes dedicated she dedicated for sure,okay bet for 23.99 [ __ ],oh oh,i dont know about that you know you,know what i can do 20,thats gas two,mcdoubles from from uh mcdonalds,and one dollar sweet tea but now okay so,im gonna subscribe their stuff and,thats okay,dont trip i want yall you know uh,youll send because you paying for,technically if you think about it bro,im getting all this back in my taxes,like,no like real stuff like im using this,for creating so i can really put that,back on my taxes like yeah i paid for,anyway yeah all right lets get it im,ready lets get it,you did gonna sell it i gotta you know i,gotta get ready for this give her prayer,all right she got nine posts its say uh,need a bigger top,this aint doing this job my driver,being a creep too i see you,bad word in every mirror okay lets see,lets lets see hmm,okay okay is it worth it,so far no no it aint you know what im,saying i mean,i mean yall yall probably already knew,that im just doing this for you you,feel me on first picture,i mean you can see this on instagram all,right lets keep going,shes doing a lot of tweeting oh you can,see how much money they get is that new,say she got 263 tips just off a tweet,like what say yall look crazy my dms,here but i kind of messed with it,just picking me on my bed nothing to do,with that but i couldnt think of a good,capture,yeah i mean yall not missing nothing,yeah i mean im being 110,with you lets keep going she got two,hundred dollars again on that,ill be wearing too little sometimes im,gonna turn this down,hold up play that play that,dang i really want to know the all the,people that we think,smash smash like young boy,uh who else uh uh young bands,um who else adrian broner,say hey my girls join me in here after,we shot some pics of the night i love,hot tub tonight,with my all right i seen the rest of the,video on dm later after my flight im,gonna be,ill go wait im reading like flight,ill,what no im not reading like flight its,because she typing like flight like,it says ill gonna be on what,ill gonna be on wifi on the plane so,hit me up,dont call me that im not a im not a,im not a thought dont call me the h,word,anyway all right she got dave bro she,getting paid,let me see this little like uh theres,like a music video,but you dont know,hmm thats all i mean all she got is,them though like all she got is things,like what yall if yall,my thing is bro hold on let me let me,stop talking ill wait wait till you,see what i have coming on this page so,we reckon and i swear to god,oh she finna go stupid she better go,crazy,alien head looking i dont know if yall,play dc universe you like a spark,ill put it up on the screen you know,what a spark is uh having a pool day,today check it out and im gonna send,some pics,what do you think of the paparazzi will,say to me if i walk down sunset wearing,this today,let me see,skinny body big head,yeah she aint got no yeah i mean she,aint got no butt i mean,i dont know how does that is that it,im done im done,you know all right okay yeah um we done,all right its the final review of bad,babies only fans,um its trash you know 23 that could,have went towards something else,you feel me um i honestly brought all,the pics that was on her you could have,seen on instagram it probably is,pictures on instagram that she had,that she probably took down and posted,the only thing i dont know you feel me,hey,uh its gonna be dudes out there who,who who are going to pay for bad babies,things and ima say this to you bro ima,say this,if you think about it bro you really,only paying for,her brand youre not paying for her,things because her things,are the same things as on rihanna saying,things on your mama,same things as on your grandma your,auntie,you feel me saying things its on the,girl that you talking to right now,theyre the same,everybody things are the same nothing,different the only thing thats,different is the person theyre on a,different body,you know but same function they do the,same thing so theres really no point of,yall,paying you know that 23 dollars,to see some things you can see on the,net for free im just,keeping the book but i understand you,know some of yall like what aint,her things its not her think im a,jiggys,so thats dead i want to see her,thinking about jiggies you know what im,saying i want to see,sparks thingamajiggys i dont know man,yall let me know what yall think i,think it was regular schmearly one two,you know one too much about it and uh,yeah see you next video,you

Bhad Bhabie OnlyFans Review (One Week Later)

[Music],previously on sleepy ball set up here,im gonna be real with yall theres,only four,posts but uh im gonna say it looks,pretty promising say it looks pretty,promising,yeah this [ __ ] trash bro yo whats going,on guys its your boy sleepy,back at it again with another video for,yall today and today we are back at it,again with another,only fans review for bad baby and we are,doing the week later,review lets you know dive into what,shes done in the past,week has she broken the internet has she,done anything crazy,the answer to all that [ __ ] is no this,[ __ ] is lame,its really whack and i know in my first,video i was like oh man this [ __ ] looks,kind of promising you know who knows uh,maybe shell uh actually live up to what,shes saying but,she aint guys shes she shes really,not shes um,shes basically doing the the whoa vicky,type route where its just another,instagram,you know behind a paywall she basically,scams people into uh subscribing,thinking that theyre gonna see a little,bit more than,the usual instagram post but it turns,out,its not that case at all um heres her,latest post,which is today is the uh the seventh,about a week later tomorrow would,technically be a week later but im,shooting it today because i got a little,time so why not,but anyways heres her latest post she,said aint even cracked open the secret,vault photos yet,you hoes think that youve seen some,good [ __ ] already just [ __ ] wait,nobody thinks theyve seen some good,[ __ ] already first of all i dont know,where shes getting that idea i mean i,guess you know what,let me correct myself theres a [ __ ] ton,of sims up here,that are just tipping her for nothing so,i mean,obviously shes got a bunch of people up,here that just got money to burn,i guess maybe they said oh i got that,stimulant im a [ __ ],burning on tipping bad babies photo,maybe shell notice me,i dont know maybe some really pathetic,[ __ ] like that because i mean she,shes literally getting tips on just a,[ __ ] update on april 4th it says just,took like five pics before bed that i,swear might get me banned from the,internet,one day im gonna dm them to like 20,random people on here and see if they,or if they leak ima quit only fans and,move to [ __ ] mexico,lmao so just on that post,shes got a thousand dollars in tips,thats just a post hyping you up,its its like probably some [ __ ],too shes never gonna [ __ ] dm,20 people 20 random people with five,picks thats gonna get her banned from,the internet,that [ __ ] isnt happening shes,literally just hyping guys up on here,definitely whack,she got people in there because they,were curious but its,basically another ig its another woah,vicky type page where,its just some [ __ ] that she can post on,instagram or twitter or wherever,and its not gonna blow anybodys mind,because its just some normal ass [ __ ],yeah shes uh showing a bunch of,cleavage which,i mean is that really that new i mean i,dont like i said in my last video i,dont follow a bad baby like that but,hasnt she always,shown cleavage like even before like she,made her page and [ __ ] like that like,im pretty positive that that was the,case,um but this is like the most typical,scam-like page where if youre expecting,anything more than just,an instagram photo youre not really,gonna get that its only been a week,dont get me wrong maybe shell change,it up maybe shell spice up the internet,like shes saying she would but right,now,its looking like its all cat man im,not gonna lie its looking like some,[ __ ] um,i would definitely hold the [ __ ] up if,you were thinking about,subscribing like i said my last video a,week ago,not worth it then still not worth it now,thats basically gonna wrap up this,video right there uh i,aint got too much more to say except,that shes basically capping,also shes sending these really,expensive dms to all her fans up here,and there are some crazy prices this,ones 25,35 25 25 18,40 and 25 some like really really pricey,uh dms in here,and theyre all for like 13 second video,14,14 second video for 40 and im gonna,tell yall right now i havent bought,any of these but,you can find these shits out there if,you really look people post [ __ ] theres,no getting around that,she already had to have known that her,[ __ ] was gonna get leaked but um,ive been on reddit trying to promote my,last video so,uh yeah ive seen the videos that shes,um,shes sending in these dms and they are,not worth it,at all like these are the biggest scam,of everything i mean shes already,charging 24,to get into her page but then she wants,to charge forty dollars for a 14 second,clip you gotta [ __ ] be out of your,mind,[ __ ] that i would never pay that [ __ ] in,my life im sorry not for a video unless,yall,uh unless i can get [ __ ] start,getting paid by youtube you know i aint,doing these shits for free all this,shits coming out of pocket man you know,im doing these for yall to look out,but uh yeah guys thats gonna do it for,this video i think i just want to give,you all a quick update a week later,aint nothing changed its uh still not,worth it,but we still got a few more weeks in the,in the month left so,well see if uh anything changes and if,it does,you already know where to go for the,update and uh,im gonna be doing some more content,here soon also quick shout out at the,end here,i appreciate all my subscribers that,have subscribed since my last video,means the world to me for real im gonna,be uh definitely on my grind dont even,worry about it im gonna be,posting at least once a week maybe twice,is the goal i aint trying to slip up,and go no weeks without uploading,anymore,so definitely appreciate all the love,and support,and ill see you on the next one,[Music],you

The Videos On Bhad Bhabies Onlyfans Has Grown Men Bricked Up

if you are a snowflake and get easily,offended by certain jokes or things said,this isnt the channel for you and you,have been warned at the start of this,video enjoy mugs bad baby Daniel bregoli,where are they and what are they doing,boys today I decided to try out,something different on my channel where,um I might make this as a series,depending on how it goes where we look,at females mainly females lets be real,I need my view,who will pop him back in the day and,have just completely gone M.I.A and,nobody knows where they are I thought,wed go and check up on them and see,what theyre doing now welcome to my new,potential series PF are they doing yeah,um theres no official intro yet because,I dont know if Im gonna do this Theory,so,7K likes if you enjoy the series and,want me to continue it,[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],whats going on guys how you guys doing,how you guys,bin let me know in the comment section,like challenge alert if I like the video,with an st card basically impossible you,cant do it you physically cannot do it,Im not even gonna show you that you,cant do it its just hard you cant do,it how are you gonna do it and dont,cheat and use your mouse do it on your,phone yeah we making it hard now guys,our new be sure to subscribe and put all,notifications on so guys dont miss a,single video like this,catch me outside girl bad baby bro in,all these hoes laughing like its not,fun shut the [ __ ] when did she go on Dr,Phil and decide to do that [ __ ] like,2016 2015. no back in the day the catch,me outside goal was the meme it was the,funniness she went on Dr Phil she was,like catch me outside how about that,shes so bad she was known for going on,that bold piece of [ __ ] show that claims,my videos,and she told one of the [ __ ] in the,crowd you know what you know what you,laughing at me catch me outside how,about that you scared Daniel bregoli,actually her real name decided to say,[ __ ] it you know what I dont want to be,known as some little teenager that went,on a [ __ ] show and called out some,random female nobody [ __ ] will ever,know all right I want to do something,with this clout Im getting she decided,to become bad baby and who is bad baby,well shes a rapper,with all his ass she did very good her,music was going up her views were going,up as you can see and then after a while,we just didnt hear from her this,potential series what Im gonna do in,this video is Im gonna go to all her,social medias that she has to see what,shes doing thats literally it thats,literally what the series is Im not,gonna do with that Sunny V2 guy egg does,but he basically just,ships on how their career is basically,[ __ ] dead oh okay Im gonna do the,complete opposite Im gonna see how,their career is doing theres a,difference all right so without further,Ado were gonna get into it boys,all right so I thought wed start off on,Instagram first to see what shes doing,on Instagram nowadays in 2022 boys as,you guys can see this is her Instagram,bad baby she has a photo and she only,has two posts,we have this photo whats captions Im,not asking for the world Maybe,what does that mean what does that mean,[ __ ] just be saying anything in their,captions huh and its like a photo of,her lets see these photos boys,theyre just normal photos like theres,no more photos I do have I can tell boys,she has grown up as you guys can see I,got you right what I want you little,[ __ ] go ahead thank you second post is,nothing and she has a car,all right so her Instagram as you could,tell boys is pretty [ __ ] stale its,stale as [ __ ] dont worry boys she has a,link tree so were gonna go through all,of them were gonna go for the socials,to see,you are on Twitter,611k followers and her bio says text me,now at why does she actually have her,number or she do one of those like those,quirky like celebrity things where,theyre like text me guys and they just,get a burner phone and to order probably,simps that want bad baby they probably,texting like oh my God please I love you,and guess what the burner phone is,probably in a bin somewhere get a,[ __ ] job so as you can see we have,her tweets her most recent tweet is on,the 7th of April so she uses Twitter,okay she uses Twitter and what the [ __ ],does this say all right boys let me read,her tweets like in her voice if yall,would start thinking everything out past,about my ex then maybe yall want to be,so confused if you ever do that glad,baby had an X so she had a boyfriend and,um yeah bad baby why do we care about,you do realize majority of her audience,nowadays is gonna be [ __ ] 50 year old,men and probably trying to like you know,get one off no one gives a [ __ ] about,your ex anyway lets go read another,tweet why yall cant believe Im single,thats kind of weird oh my God who the,hell who cares you know what actually,were not here to rush their tweets I,just want to see what the [ __ ] shes,been doing so so far in 2022 she went,from going on Dr Phil,to complaining about X life is so,[ __ ] weird,oh his Twitters a bit [ __ ] guys guys,guys she posted a funny meme lets look,at this funny meme boys them girl you,act like you were addicted to him me so,as you can tell boys this is a woman on,Twitter that is hurt by uh a breakup,its a bit obvious,um you could just tell when females are,mad that theyre not with their ex,anymore they start posting like crazy,yeah to all you females I sussed you out,youre not smart youre not slick its,obvious,[ __ ] am I the only one who dont like,sugary cereal,Cheerios Rice Krispies and corn flakes,only,so shes got clout on Tick Tock why,point three million followers so were,gonna see some of her tick tocks,hopefully there isnt claimed music and,[ __ ] because um that would really piss,me off to edit yeah,shes into star signs boys weve lost,her weve weve lost her weve [ __ ],lost her shes one of those ones boys,I just cant do it I get thrown into one,of those women that think you know what,only Geminis cheat or you know only,Scorpios have big [ __ ] what shes grown,into one of those because you know that,always made sense lets go to our next,tick tock,when my mum sees Im,OTP Ill start saying group [ __ ] what,the [ __ ] does OTP mean oh she said it in,the comment section,OTP means on the phone when my mom sees,Im on the phone and starts saying,groupie [ __ ],so your mama,dont say that,okay,when everyones calling me bad baby and,then that one person feels the need to,say Oh you mean to catch me outside girl,thats actually cringe like its been,years who actually says that type of,[ __ ] are you serious my brother nice job,offers a [ __ ] face you really connected,the dust on that one,nice job office why does this have 4.3,million views let me guess its because,our [ __ ] teaser and if you thought,you had tea on when I wake up different,stories to tell to different people to,see whos telling my business,what what am I [ __ ] I dont know,what the [ __ ] any of that let me just,watch this be a [ __ ] youre drinking,piss whatever never heard that [ __ ],before and if you dont okay so I dont,know what she does anymore but its kind,of like she she gets this has 1.3,million views and basically she just,kind of like,makes tried to make she tries to make,like relatable content on Tick Tock its,I just dont [ __ ] get it I would,rather hear our music at this point me,wanting to do the its getting too loud,challenge but,this is all I got me wanting to do the,its getting to lab challenge but,this is all,honestly bad baby just get a BBL at that,point,um,yo what type of freak [ __ ] have I just,clicked on because,um white toenails equals good [ __ ] what,what,okay like what is oh look boys a little,throwback love me,its you bad baby,um you might want to escape it its you,sadly that is your life that is what,your career began with I remember my,Beginnings I basically got bigger can we,be honest like if it wasnt for Erica,costell allegedly getting [ __ ] nobody,know would know who I am we just have to,admit it som

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